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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Need more information? Read our FAQs below!

How do I join?

Joining the WolfSpirits Pack is a three-part process. Please visit our Join page to learn more about each part and how to join WolfSpirits. Creating an account on the website does NOT mean you have joined WolfSpirits.

Is this site/pack still active?

Yes! The WolfSpirits pack is still alive and thriving! We have active roleplay nearly every day among our vibrant, closely-knit community. Our pack isn’t going anywhere, so be sure to stop by and introduce yourself and your wolf!

How do I get started?

Start by reading our WolfSpirits Guides! They will give you a good idea of how WolfSpirits works. After you read the pages linked within the WolfSpirits Guides, continue to our Join page to look at Part 2 of your journey.

How much does WolfSpirits cost?

Nothing! Joining, participating, and roleplaying with WolfSpirits is completely free! This extends to any and all of the services we use, you shouldn’t have to pay anything to visit our channels or roleplay with us. WolfSpirits is a project sustained by our members’ commitment, passion, and love for the pack. All of our members contribute to the pack, but money is not involved.

How do I make a wolf?

WolfSpirits is a wolf roleplay pack, thus, our characters exist in our writing. The basics you need to create your character are simple, written descriptions of their appearance and backstory. Read more on our Creating your Wolf page.

Is my character allowed to have ______?

Characters in the lands of WolfSpirits must be natural wolves with no unrealistic qualities. To learn more about what real wolves look like and how to create a character that fits this description, visit our Creating your Wolf page.

How do I delete my account or change my email?

Accounts on the WolfSpirits website are reserved for Pledges, Assessments, and Members. If you have not been promoted to a Pledge at a Pack Meeting, your request to create an account will not be approved. If your account is not approved by an Alpha or Beta, you cannot log into your account, delete your account, or change your email.

I am having trouble with IRC. How do I fix it?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) uses a system of servers and channels where channels are located inside servers. Think about a server like a book, and a channel as a chapter. WolfSpirit’s server is and our channels are #WolfSpirits and #WS_OOC. To access our channels on IRC, please visit our Roleplay with us Now! page and our About IRC and Discord page for links and information.

Are you currently accepting new members? When do you accept members?

Yes, we are always accepting new members! We never close our doors to new wolves looking to join our pack. You are welcome to stop by and visit us at any time and we hope you decide to stay a while. Learn how to visit us on our Roleplay with us Now! page.

Why can't I rejoin the channels? Was I banned?

We ban or remove players from our channels for a variety of reasons, but it is always used as a last resort. Bans can be temporary or permanent. To prevent being kicked or banned, please make sure you have the right sever and channel names, are following the rules, have a stable connection, and that you check back in a few hours/days. If none of those work, please reach out to us so we can solve the issue!

If the information above and the attached links have not answered your questions, please feel free to contact us below!

Please allow us some time to get to your questions.