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Want To Join WolfSpirits?

We are excited to have you take interest in our pack and look forward to meeting you both in and out of character! WolfSpirits is a close-knit group and many of us have gained community here.


Joining WolfSpirits is a three-part process. 
Part 1 – Reading the WolfSpirits Guides for Visitors and Newcomers
Part 2 – Submitting a Character Application
Part 3 – Membership Journey


Please continue reading below to learn more about each step!

Part 1

Please make sure you have read our pack’s Guides. Reading and applying all of the information on all of the linked pages is important for the approval of your application. This information is important to your understanding of WolfSpirits and our ways. Links to the WolfSpirits Guides can be found below!

Part 2

The next leg of your journey will be to submit an application. This will be reviewed by the Alphas and/or Betas before your character can begin roleplaying with us. This is to ensure your character is suitable for our roleplay environment. There are two ways of submitting your character’s application.

OPTION 1 : Join the OOC channel and private message an Alpha or Beta with a brief description of your character’s design/appearance and history/back story. The Alpha or Beta will approve or critique your character as needed!

Submit Character On IRC or Discord!

OPTION 2 : Submit the join application located below! Please allow us some time to look at and consider your application.

Now accepting new members!

Request To Join The Pack

Part 3 – Membership Journey

Visitors and Newcomers

After your character has been approved, when you first arrive in our channels you are considered a Visitor or a Newcomer. This is your time to decide if the pack is right for you. If, after roleplaying with and meeting the Pack, you decide you would like to pursue membership, you must ask an Alpha or Beta in character to request to join the pack.


Once you have requested to join the pack in character, you must attend the next pack meeting, when you will be named a Pledge. At this point, you may make an account on the website and your wolf will be added to our Meet The Pack Page.


If you successfully complete the Pledge stage, your wolf will be advanced to Assessment, the final stage before membership. The Assessment stage will take longer and ask more of your wolf than the Pledge role.


Finally, if your character has proven to be a devoted Pledge and Assessment, your wolf will be named a full member of the pack. Congratulations and welcome to WolfSpirits!

You are not taken lightly into the fold and you are not lightly released. WolfSpirits considers its members to be family and friends, committed to the pack. The journey to becoming a member of the WolfSpirits is designed to earn this commitment to the pack.

To read more about the duties, responsibilities, expectations, and requirements of each stage, please visit our Roles and Ranks page. Check our Meet The Pack page to see and learn about our current Pledges, Assessments, and Members.

We look forward to meeting you and your wolf, and welcoming you into the WolfSpirits Pack!