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Excellent! The next leg of your journey will be to submit a join application. This will be reviewed by the Alpha(s) and/or Beta(s) before your character can begin role playing. This is to ensure your characters backstory is suitable for our rp environment. There are two ways of submitting your character.

  1. OPTION 1: Join the OOC channel and private message an Alpha/Beta with your brief history / back story and it will be approved or critiqued as need be!
  2. OPTION 2: Submit the join application ( next page ). Please allow a day or so for review
Submit Your Character Now On IRC!Submit Your Character Now On IRC!
Make sure your wolf has realistic eye colors! No Blue!
Your wolf cannot have any piercings of any kind. If your wolf is “tagged” that is fine as long as humans do not have the ability to trace / find your wolf.
Your wolf can be radio collared as long as it is NOT active and humans CANNOT track you to our territory. Example: Your wolf has a collar but the battery died.
Your wolf color / pelt have to be realistic colors
Things To Keep In Mind For Your Character
  • Your wolf cannot have any ties with humans except for being born/found in a sanctuary and released into the wild. Zoo’s don’t count.
  • Radio Collars / Tags: Your wolf can be tagged or radio collared as long as both are ‘in-active’. This means that humans CANNOT track you.
  • Your wolf cannot have blue eyes
  • Be creative with your backstory / history! We enjoy reading something new and refreshing!
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