The pack’s hunting grounds
Kovo’s Burial site
The Clearing
Lake Of Solace
The Great Crossing
The Hidden Falls
The Alpha’s Den
The Rocky Crags Of Rogha
Scouting Trail Head
Fountain Of Passing
The Sweet Valley
The Ancient Forest
The Alpha’s Second Densite
The Hollow
A fairly large and bulky tree and one that the wolves probably have never seen before in their own territory.
Along the journey to the north one would find themselves among tall mountains towering over the landscape. Taller then the rest surrounding it.
The path leading through the mountains up
A nice place to rest before reaching the furthest point of north
Crossing into this area a wolf is greeted by the sound of falling water from great heights. It would be a sight like no other and perhaps even take their breath away. Their eyes would cast long upon a beautiful fjord. It seemed almost unearthly to be here.
Up and up the mountain you would go until finally cresting over a natural ridge.
The Ruins
Claws would dig in to the cold frozen waters and when the ‘fog’ was no longer visible they would be greeted with a beautiful jetted and jagged crown of ice that exploded out from a frozen lake.
The “Leap”
The backside of the Rogahs coming from the NORTH
The Beta’s place
Widows Creep. This is the path that is taken to come in and out of the territory from the North. A narrow walkway accessible only when coming and going. This makes it an ideal path into the territory and is easily defended should intruders desire to come in.

The Great Crossing

The pack is well known for being housed in the dense and remote parts of the wilderness. Outside the clearing and immediate area of the pack, the wolves are surrounded by monstrous mountains that are unforgiving. There is a mountain pass that allows wolves and wildlife to make safe passage and it is indeed a beautiful route to take. The soft call of roaring waters can be heard well before one reaches them. Rare flowers of all sorts bloom all around during the spring time. Many traveling wolves would find themselves in a peaceful solace as they found their paws to march alongside the river and creek that would eventually bring them into the heart of the packs hunting grounds. From there you would head west to the clearing.

The Hunting Grounds

The migrating herds of Bison, Elk and Moose for long and hard paths to ensure they have a good place to rest their wary bodies and have a full belly. The alpha would lead them to such riches and one that would prove to be ever constant. Despite the world changing drastically around them, it seems as though the pack has settled into a beautiful sanctuary where all animals could co-exist due to the supply of food. The hunting grounds of WolfSpirits seems to always provide at least some sort of medium or large game throughout the year. The spring time would harbor a lot of large prey but at winter, the weak from the spring herds would prove to be a buffet for the pack.

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The Clearing

During the spring time the clearing suddenly erupts with life. The Chumani (Tear Drop) creek slithers near the clearing pumping fresh mountain water into the area. Seeing how spring and summer is so precious to life within Alaska, each moment is spent enjoying every minute of this warm gift of the sun. Baby fawns are being born, rabbits multiply by the hundreds and birds chirp happily into the air. The snow has melted, and the long, lush green tendrils of grass begin to grow higher and higher making for quiet a comfortable pillow for any wary wolf. The water sparkles inviting a wolf to come lap up the refreshment of a hot summer day. A large ray of wild flowers grows, all around the clearing and inside it as well. It sends a wonderful aroma into the air, being carried by the wind. It tickles your nose, and plays around with your senses only sending the best fragrance into mind.

The Lake Of Solace

North east of the clearing through a thick canopy of trees you will find yourself among a path that carries you towards the large lake. It brings solace and calm to any wolf and offers a great refreshing dip if one wishes a calm, unmoving water. It is widely whispered that this is a grand place to watch the sunset and northern lights.

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The Forests Of WolfSpirits

The forest holds a great mystery and all wolves can sense this. The surrounding forest where the pack resides would hold a gentle whisper almost as if the very breeze herself could not find her way through the winding obstacles of tall timber. Sun would shine brighter in some areas, that where light could actually penetrate the tall canopy above. The thick woods would provide pristine shelter and greener grasses throughout the year. When one enters these sacred woods they will find themselves in sheer awe and a tingle of being alone and surrounded by nature herself would bring you back to the very roots of your birth. Who you are. A wolf among a overwhelming world.
Perhaps your next den site will be found in these beautiful, humbling woods.

The Rocky Crags Of Rogha

If a wolf dares to venture to new heights, the rocky crags of Rogha would prove to be a formidable challenge. However, it should be warned to all who try this trek that it is not for the faint of heart. During the winter sometimes this is the only path in and out of the territory and it is not forgiving. The pack’s journey to this territory at one point, brought them through this harsh environment and there where few who where lost along the way. Do you dare to adventure here?

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The Hidden Falls

The roaring sound of water cascading down ancient and old rocks resounds in the far distance. The closer you get, the cooler the air becomes. Rainbows in the distance mark the arrival to a sacred and humble place.

Many wolves come to the falls for sanctuary and peace. It offers solace and a tranquil place for one to loose one’s self willingly.

The Ancestors Dance

The WolfSpirits territory is well known for its location and the beautiful sights therein. It is prime land and territory that not many get to experience all in one place. One of the most beautiful, and possibly arguably, the best scenic wonder to see in the lands is the constant Northern Lights that shine and dance across the night sky. During winter, the colors of blue, green, red and purple reflect off the virgin white snow and with it, cast such a brilliance not seen or witnessed by many anywhere else.

It is said by lore and passing of elder wolves that our ancestors like to remind us now and again that they’re ever watchful and to remember to look up and admire the sky and stars beyond.

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The Sweet Valley

This valley is known for its sweet aroma during the spring and summer times as it is a haven for a wide variety of vegetation and flowers. This is also a favorite spot for a lot of the wildlife around and near the territory. During the late end of summer, early fall one could find a great number of herds and grazing animals. As evidence by the bones, picked clean by all carnivores, laying around scattered.

The only remains to what once was living. Giving its life to the pack and well being. This is also one of the more favorable spots for pups to play and romp around.

The Northern Valley

The northern valley is as far north until one reaches the pack’s great crossing to go beyond the territory itself. It houses a lavished valley full of beautiful wild flowers that offer a sweet scent throughout the spring and summer seasons.

During the winter the mountains behind are snow caped and beautiful. A solo tree sits at the top of a knoll, overlooking the valley’s below. It provides a nice quiet sanctuary.