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WolfSpirits Guides

Welcome to WolfSpirits!

Please ensure that you have read through all of the pages linked below before submitting an application to join or visiting our channels!

Learn how wolves interact and behave, how to introduce your wolf to roleplay, and more!

The rules and guidelines for creating your wolven character at WolfSpirits.

Read and follow the rules and ways of the WolfSpirits Pack during your visit.

Confused? The answer to your question may be here! No? Feel free to contact us!

Read about the two instant messaging platforms we use to roleplay and connect.

If you have read all of the links within the Visitors and Newcomers Guide please…

Continue HereContinue Here

Learn how to hunt within the lands of WolfSpirits with our hunting bot, Fenrir.

A guide to tending to the young, ill, and wounded for Caretakers of the WolfSpirits Pack.

Welcoming new wolves into the pack, both in and out of character. Coming Soon.