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Pack Meeting and Pup Naming Ceremony #215

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Meeting Notes

June 5th, 2023

  • Amoux pledges to WolfSpirits
  • Vesper pledges to WolfSpirits
  • Maikoh pledges to WolfSpirits
  • MysticRain becomes Assessment
    • Panther becomes Rain Catcher’s Mentor
  • Plans discussed about the wolves in the North
  • OOC announcement about assessments
  • Ophaelos advances to Member


Pup Naming Ceremony!

The pack welcomes Ceol, Maeve, and Keegan! Fianna and Calders pups!

Number Of Wolves Present


    +Fern +Ophaelos +Rowan +MysticRain +Salem

    Maikoh Vesper Amoux

    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Kova as she stood at the edge of the stone, she would make note of each wolf heeding the call. One by one the wolves would gather and there she would slowly seat herself and dip her nose to each who had appeared. “Salutations each and all.” she said in low, but key tones. “Thank you for heeding my call. I know this is of shorter notice than usual, but there’s a lot to discuss and with time being as it is, it will not wait.”

    * Panther He had noticed the tense frame Vesper reacted with, but he wouldn’t connect it with Maikoh, instead he’d assume she wasn’t used to eating around a bunch of wolves. Either way, he didn’t comment on it, and instead made his way towards the clearing, and quickly too.

    * Amoux~ — looked at SIR and nodded, starting to blink somewhat at the big difficult words. He watched as the brute moved towards the Alpha’s stone and just stood there deciding if he wanted to continue to sleep or not, or maybe to go eat. His stomach grumbled a bit and he shrugged as he was fatty anyway and started to move those limbs towards the gathering group of wolves. Going straight to the back as usual, where no one could watch him….Just incase of falling asleep!

    * Saskia As the wolves entered the clearing, perhaps a bit quicker than proper, Saskia would gaze around the clearing. Her amber gaze settled on the silver Alphess atop the grayish stone. She turned to Vesper, “It seems Kova has called a meeting. You can sit next to us if you wish.” She invited with a warm gaze. Quietly, she moved towards the stone and sat at it’s base, looking around for other wolves while her auds stayed focused on what Kova had to say. If her mate sat next to her, she’d scoot to be closer to his frame.

    * Vesper – ”Thank you,” Vesper replied quietly, moving to sit beside Saskia, tail waving slightly.

    * Maikoh: As the obsidian brute sat in the clearing with the others, he watched as the alphess ascended the stone. He’d listen attentively as the alphess spoke, always eager to hear what the alphess had to say and to hear about what was going on at the moment!

    * Sanek The trail he was taking to the Clearing was one he had taken a few times before so he was quite familiar with it, allowing him to travel it faster. Even so, the Lake of Solace and Clearing were pretty far apart from each other, so when the meeting began there was no sign of him. He could already see the hills in which the second Alphas Den was in, though, so it wouldn’t be much longer.

    * MysticRain   hearing the call she takes a couple of quick laps of the water then quickly trots towards the Rock where the rest of the pack is already waiting and she sits down some place in the rear.

    *Kova  As the wolves would reach the stone in the time given, she would proceed. “First, I would like to start this meeting by inviting those wolves new and old, to the front and beneath the stone should you have request to join the pack.”

    * Rook  Well, look at that! Amoux would have sidled up next to him and when Kova asked about joining, Rook would look squarely at Amoux. It was the same look he gave Grim all those weeks ago…the great gray raven would sit upon his perch above the threads of fate and look to see which way the old wolf went…

    * Saskia  Her gaze found Vesper encouragingly, and it quite so reminded her of Fern. She smiled and looked around for others as well. If Maikoh was about, she’d pause for a glance his way. Did her gaze narrow just a hair in his direction? None would know why except her, and it would likely go unnoticed.

    * Vesper stood, trembling a bit as she walked to the foot of the stone, head bowed, tail and ears laid back in submission as she moved to sit before the Alpha’s stone, steadying herself as her hopeful gaze found Kova once more.

    * Maikoh: He’d listen to the alpha, and when she said her next message, his heart pounded. He would walk up and sit beneath the alpha’s stone, fixing his posture and giving a polite nod to the alpha above.

    *Rowan Her ears perked, her yellow gaze swept over his wounds. He didn’t seem to be paying too much mind to them, they were only a couple days old by the looks of it. “Well, I am glad you both are still of this earth at least. I’m sure it sent you off with quite the bruised ego.” She grinned, teasing the brute. Her tones barely above a whisper. “I’ve seen Shakira a couple days ago, but we’re both quite the elusive wolves. I’m sure she’ll teach me quite a bit when we actually settle down and allow ourselves the time.” She smiled, if anything it was mostly her fault, she kept wandering off. With that, her attention was placed on Kova. An ear swiveled as she listened for others to approach, dipping her head to them if they settled near her and Ophaelos.

    * Amoux~  was about to slide his paws away from underneath his chest in order to flop onto his belly and lay down but perked his auds somewhat at the sentences of the fae. He canceled the sliding and slowly moved his butt off the terra instead, starting to move towards the front. It was a long walk but could happily flop down his butt against the terra once again reaching the front, looking at all the new woofs and at dem brute who was looking at him just before once again.

    * Sanek —  sure enough, he was now entering the Clearing from the west. He was about to chuff out of habit but stopped himself since he didn’t want to interrupt the meeting. Instead, he quietly made his way to those who were gathered and once there he sat in an open spot.

    * Panther – No doubt, he would settle beside his mate, giving a glance towards Rowan and Ophaelos. He ‘hmmed’ softly at their close proximity to one another, he hadn’t realized the two had met before. Or maybe he had, and it slipped his mind. He smiled lightly as Vesper padded towards the front, along with Maikoh, and who was this? An older wolf for sure, but one he hadn’t seen before. He glanced towards Saskia, had she met him? He glanced back towards Kova, listening and putting all of his attention towards the meeting.

    * Saskia Her gaze loosened once the brute made the effort to approach the stone. Nothing more to say there. In her peripherals, she’d likely see the entrance of another chocolate wolf, one of Panther’s Spirit brother. He was back! Saskia waved her tail behind her and nuzzled her mate in a quiet attempt to get him to notice – if he hadn’t already? She politely dipped her head in the Scout’s direction.

    * Kova — She would cast her gaze across all the wolves whom where in attendance so far. Vesper, the newest fae to their homeland would slowly begin to make her way forward. There was a knowing, but soft dip of her head given to her before her silvery like hues would fall forward to any others who where to join, and so it would seem Maikoh had also approached and then shortly followed by Amoux. Her tail would wave to the elder wolf with respect and admiration.

    She would wait a few more moments and when no others joined, she’d begin.

    “Wolves of WolfSpirits, presented are Amoux, Vesper, and Maikoh, those who desire to join our home and pack.” she would turn then to the trio.

    “As a Pledge of WolfSpirits, you will continue on your journey to joining us. As a pledge, this is the time for you to explore your heart and ensure that this path is your true path. You will take this time to become more familiar with the territory and the wolves who call it home. I would ask you three now, do you agree to the time of pledge?”

    * Fern found a cozy spot beside the group of friends she had arrived to the meeting with, still keeping her frame alert and attentive to not show any disrespect to Kova while she spoke. It had been a minute since the last meeting as well, not to mention she hadn’t exactly been the most social throughout these past weeks, so the amount of wolves that surround her kept her senses heightened.

    * Rook Perhaps that gray raven would offer a few wooden sounds to the sight of which thread Amoux picked, but Rook the wolf remained quiet if not internally pleased to see the artifact one step closer to being in the museum, so to speak. At this, he would move from the back and see Sanek make his way into the clearing. So the Olc hadn’t taken him after all? One, especially he, wondered just what took the scout this long to return and what report he’d give that could make or break the last-minute prospects of the venture ahead.

    * Vesper’s voice did not waver or shake as she spoke, though she did not shout, for fear of seeming disrespectful of the Alpha. Raising her head, Vesper replied. “Yes, I agree to such a time, and to such a pledge as this.”

    * Ophaelos a quiet chuckle would follow her tease, a soft simper offered in her direction as she continued. He’d only hum quietly in response before adding, “Aye—I hope all goes well with your apprenticeship—perhaps something a little less daunting than fighting cougars. I am sure she has plenty of things to teach… here is hoping more time will be shared between you.” With that, he’d quietly reside beside her, looking up at Kova and then at those approaching the stone to pledge. Perhaps a slightly narrowed gaze was upon both Maikoh and the new fae—if only out of caution and scrutiny as his eyes swept their figures, ears perked to listen to their words offered to Kova, and more so sharpened toward the fae, who he now knew as Vesper. Even old Amoux had pledged—an interesting sight to the brute, considering his age. Would he find a rank among the pack, or would he settle into subordinate-ship? Ophaelos was eager to see how the old wolf manages in the upcoming year, if that.

    * Maikoh: His heart would stop for a second, he was very excited if he was to pledge! “I will!” He’d speak out, a tone showing that he was excited to pledge. “I am honored to pledge along this pack.”

    *Saskia The wolves present would find a smile resting upon her maw though none of them would draw a stamp of her paw, even as happy as she was for the start of their journey. She hummed contently as they pledged, but would remain silent otherwise.

    * Amoux~ — listened to the words of the fae as she began, shifting his hues towards her. Yea here we go again. Familiar? He knew every piece of grass and sand already! If his memory didn’t forget that is… His grey colored muzzle in the air somewhat as he looked up at the two while listening, giving a nod at those final words, not speaking much more than a “Yes”, out of the brutes muzzle and a swish of his banner behind him. He wanted to go back already, getting nervous being infront of a bunch of wolves like he always did!

    * Sanek It would seem that a few wolves were being Pledged right when he seated himself, all of which he had yet to meet, one which looked like they’d been around since the beginning of time. He could feel all of their excitement, some of which he shared for them. A small smile could be seen on his maw.

    * Kova when each wolf would offer their agreeing pledge, she would rise her paw slowly and stomp it to the smooth surface of the stone beneath her paw. “As all hear witness to Amoux, Vesper, and Maikoh’s pledge, then I to will heed and hear it and would have the honor to naming you three Pledges of WolfSpirits. May your journey home be swift and true.” She would dip her head to the three softly, a gentle but knowing expression offered. Perhaps even more so to Amoux. She’s heard many ‘ a story of him and wished to know each of theirs in turn.

    * Panther was too focused on spying on Rowan and Ophaelos, and then focused on the meeting. Panther glanced towards his mate, then looked towards Sanek.. wait, Sanek!? His brother! Panther’s tail swayed behind him as he barely contained his joy, it had been a while since the two had seen each other and so he was eager to greet him after the meeting. Panther focused back on the meeting, it appeared both Vesper and Maikoh were ready to pledge. And Kova said the third one was Amoux? He’d commit the name to memory, stomping a paw for the three new pledges.

    * Saskia As the newly appointed pledges found their way back to their seats, Saskia would gently nose Vesper on her shoulder. “Congratulations, Vesper.” She whispered, quietly. Her gaze and ears would find the likes of someone crossing the stream to the … West? She narrowed her gaze if only to get better visage and sure enough there was her Spirit mother bringing across what looks to be a rabbit – no.. a pup! She could hardly contain her excitement, but it wasn’t only excitement… she scanned the new and old wolves present, a bit worried for the pups. Was there a reason to be? Not really. She refrained from interrupting anything and turned back towards the meeting just as Rain was called forth.


    * Amoux heard the stomping and words as he once again was pledged. A second time. He smiled somewhat remembering the first time slightly and vaguely. He dipped his cranium in respect and smiled towards the two. He then looked at the new woofs he didn’t met yet before raising his butt again, turning around. “Congratulations, younglings.”, he would offer to the two before starting to move towards the back again. Nervous as he was, that was going faster than going up to the front. He would fastly reach the back, dumping his butt down again and hear what more was to offer in the meeting by the fae, or perhaps two. Wait, did he see blurry little woofs in the distance? Oh dear…

    * MysticRain head comes up in surprise. huh what? she wonders but she doesn’t dally and quickly rises onto all fours and keeping her head appropriatly lowered with ears angled back she pads up to the Rock and sits down in front of it before raising her head just enough to look up at her alphess.

    * Fern would give a congratulating stomp to all the new pledges, happy to see some new faces and learn from them all in time! But sadly, she would likely be too distracted with all the wolves here to spot the pups making their way across the River north.

    * Sanek For each new Pledge he would stamp his paw, wondering if any of those here present would later decide to stay here for good. His attention then turned to Rain, one of the only newer wolves he actually had met. If her gaze happened to meet his he would offer a wag of his tail in encouragement.

    * Kova When the fae approached, she would dip her nose lightly before ushering a greeting to her, but as well a welcome to the stone. “Rain Catcher, you have been a pledge to the pack for a full moon’s cycle. Your next path is Assessmentshp. As an Assessment you will grow with the pack, learn the pack ways and rules. You will take more dedicated time in understanding our way and history. I would like you to please indicate to the pack that you have found your path true, and your heart truer in that you still wish to join WolfSpirits.”

    *MysticRain as kova continues she tilts her head ever so slightly to indicate she is paying attention then turns her had slightly, hrmm interisting choice. she is super curious but this is hardl the point to start questioning things and she likes panther. however that banner of her,just, won’t, stop.. she lifts her hindquaters briefly and stuffs the appendage under her frame to physicly sit on it. there. far more approapriat looking. at the question she can manage a far more dignified nod in response even if her muzzle opes into a small wolven smile. truth to tell she’d have liked to wolf smile harder but that seems inappropriate, her eyes if anyone bothers to notcise are shining in excitement.
    * Kova She would follow Rain Catchers movements and motions carefully. Trying her best to pick out just what she meant and how she meant it. The expression and body language expressed would be that of agreement. She smiled to Panther then to Rain Catcher. Her paw would slowly rise and stomp the stone. “Then, as all lay witness to Rain Catcher’s heart and truth, I would like to name you Assessment, Rain Catcher, and mentored by Panther, Hunter of WolfSpirits.” She would give a sure wave of her tail before nodding to both, allowing them to return to their places.
    * Vesper So many things happening at once! New smells, a new role, new wolves and pups alike—Vesper cringed inwardly in embarrassment as the tip of her tail waved in hopeful excitement, but should any look to her face, her olive eyes would certainly betray the joy and hope within her heart as she beamed, attentively watching Kova with keen eyes.
    * Ophaelos As Rain Catcher ascends to her assessmentship underneath Panther, the brute would add another affirming paw stomp to each of the two wolves. Another assessment, and even more pledges. His eyes would scan for the other two pledges; Riki and Grimolf, but it would seem they didn’t make it to today’s meeting. A small tinge of disappointment would be felt, as he knew they’d be excited to further themselves in the pack, but everyone moves at their own pace… at least it wasn’t so lonely being an assessment now—there were loads of them!
    * Amoux looked towards the backs off all dem woofs infront of him. He shifted his paws into the snow rather comfortably, being fine with being in the very back of the group. Why was everyone stomping on the ground instead of howling. Did his memory gone that bad? Whatever. He started stomping his paw onto the terra a few times as the unspeakable yearling was made assessment of WolfSpirits before growing too tired. His hues kept shifting into the direction of the little brats, watching, making sure and hoping they wouldn’t come closer.
    * Ophaelos would also make note of the small pups being ushered around by Fianna and Calder. They were chunky—perhaps enough to finally be introduced. A fond smile would find his features as he thinks back to his own days when raising pups that small before his eyes settled once again on the stone. From the way the time seemed to move lately, it may very well be them pledging soon enough in front of that rock. Of course, they probably don’t know that yet… and considering how young they are, it’s probably for the best they don’t worry about their growing and disproportionate heads about that just yet!
    * Sanek Two stomps of his would be added to those that were given, one for Rain Catcher and one for Panther. In all this excitement he missed the forms of Calder and Fianna that had neared which he only now noticed. He offered them a dip of his head but then had to do a double-take when he noticed the pups frolicking around at their paws. Puppers?! It was challenging for him to contain his joy. He had been expecting some to come out this spring but to have this confirmed was thrilling.
    * Rook Rook would offer a firm stamp of his paw for Rain’s advancement and would watch as she and Panther made their way back to the group.
    * Panther Panther dipped his head to Kova, thanking her for the opportunity. He nosed Rain Catcher once more, allowing her to either come back and sit next to him and Saskia, or return to her previous seat. He’d stomp his paw for her making assessment, and would settle next to his mate. His gaze settled on Fianna, Calder, and their brood. Panther grinned as he watched the two parents herd their three pups towards the rock, tail swayed once behind him before looking to Saskia, had she noticed them as well?
    * Rowan She smiled, Panther was to mentor an assessment! Little did she know, his mate had been his apprentice when she was assessed as well. She stomped her paw lightly, then looked to Ophaelos as he done the same. She followed his gaze spotting Fianna, her mate and their three pups. Her tail swayed, gaze returning to Kova as to not get distracted.
    * MysticRain shouldr muscle twitches only slightly in surprise and figuring he is supposed to do that she returns the nosing as seems the appropriate thing to do. not sure if she is suppossed to go sit with panther now. well time to see if she can prove herself wrong and she starts moving away from panther to return to her previous spot keeping a close eye on panther to see if he disapproves if so she’ll quickly follow instead. one shouldn’t be rude after all.
    * Salem Arrived just as he could make out the paw stamps in approval from one wolf to the next and he picked a spot on the side of the group but respecting the barrier that Fianna and Calder had kept around the forms between the two of them and focused his attention on the meeting as it continued. He didn’t know who the paw stamps were for, but Panther and Rain were stepping back to join the group again with his ears perked to not miss anything else but would make a note to go around and congratulate those he knew already on any possible advancement while also meeting some of the wolves he had yet to cross paths with.
    * Kova It would be hard to miss the arrival of her sister, and in tow the new pups welcomed to their home this season. She would do her best to not draw to much attention for there where just a couple more things to attend to. But the eagerness and excitement would not be lost to her, nor her expression as her tail swung but stilled. Her demeanor falling a little more silent and while Saskia’s human was off for a short moment, she turned to the gathered with a deeper more connected tone to what she would follow with. “Next I wish to discuss the north and the wolves who have haunted us for to long. Rook and Sanek have returned from their scouting trip north.” she had yet to hear of Sanek’s return report, but she could shed light on what Rook shared with her. “They are settled in the far north. There where seen 3 wolves lay sentry, a female wolf who would come and go into the cavern with crows in maw, and Kaylus was not seen so it’s safe to assume she’s part of the numbers as well. No others came or went inside, but we can assume that is all that is left of them. The question is… what we shall do next.”
    :pawbutton: OOC Meeting Announcement :pawbutton: I will ensure the website reflects this, but I wanted to post here as well (this isn’t really IC news).
    Assessments Moving forward, we will be ensuring that those who are assessments, remain so, but commitment to the pack when you can is also important to move forward. Below is a chart for duration on how long you can sit as an assessment before we’ll ask you to re-pledge.

    The duration is as follows:

    • 2 month absence with NO LOA announced = Will need to repledge
    • 6 month absence WITH LOA announced = Will need to repledge

    Remember, if you need an LOA that’s absolutely fine, but please make sure to post it in loa-notices <3 I do worry when I don’t hear from folks for a long while, and I want to make sure you all are ok.


    * Rook

    Right as rain and only ashen touched from one Olc now dead. Those of the north had not laid claim to him, but he did not give them opportunity to either. He was relieved to see Sanek had indeed returned, but it had been some time; he wondered what had taken him.Kova had given the news to give and followed it with more of a statement than what the words betrayed. He knew what he needed to do and what he wanted to do, but what would the others say of the danger in the north?
    * Sanek Although crows could get annoying at times, the image of a wolf carrying limp crows was not one that he liked. Who knew what vile things those wolves were up to. He listened curiously to Kova’s retelling of Rook’s report. Although the two had traveled back together, not much had been exchanged.
    * Saskia When the celebratory sense was done for the time being, Saskia looked to Kova for news of the North. “Three wolves is but a small problem for a whole pack. I see no problem with an ambush, if that is something in the air.” She wasn’t quite sure where things were going with this statement, but it seemed everyone else was quiet so what did hurt to offer?
    * Kova Her hues fell to Saskia and when she offered a suggestion, she’d give a light expression, but one of thought and contemplation. “Ambush in a sense, yes. I had Sanek and Rook deliberately place tracks back here and for good reason. To test the landscape’s integrity for tracks this time of year, but also to ensure that if they followed, they’d have to split up, and very much the same I want to suggest. With this years snow melt, we’ve seen a cascade of water. An over abundance. The north is still clinging to some snow from what Rook had reported.” she glanced to Sanek for a moment, no doubt eager to hear of his own findings, before turning back to the gathered. “My plan is to head to the North with haste, and surprise them while we still have it. There are several area’s with narrow cascading walls of mountains, where I hope we can use to our advantage before all the snow melts. If all plays out as it should, we bury them in the north where they belong.”
    * Saskia Finally, something she can smile to! The northern wolves had enough warning – enough chasing. They’d no longer suffer the pack, and poor, poor Leora with the evil they so brazenly harbored. “Great observation.” She’d say nothing else until further elaboration on the topic was had.
    * Rook would listen to Saskia and Kova before speaking up. “What of their tricks and what of the powder? Although I did not see the pouches like those shown before, they were preparing for something. Does this plan take us face to face with them once more?”
    * Fern Fern stayed quiet and listened, her tail frozen still and tucked beside her as the topic of the north was discussed. Who would stay and who would go in this ambush of sorts? She hoped Saskia wouldn’t but knew she likely wanted to, being a Guardian after all. She couldn’t help but glance once or twice at Fianna’s pups, in a curious manner as, in all honesty, Fern has never even seen pups before! She was very fascinated by their little antics and how small they were! So cute… but yes- Back to the serious topic!
    * Amoux would perk his auds at the words of an ambush and would love to see that happen. Though, all he could think of was sleeping. He was already dozing away slowly, sliding with his paws over the snow and onto his chest. He kept his head up as long as he could. Sadly his cranium went too heavy and it laid down onto his front paws soon enough. He kept listening to what those had to offer, but it soon became one blurry mess. Echoing through his mind as his orbs close and feel a sleep.
    * Vesper Were the northern wolves mentioned the ones that Vesper had sighted and avoided on her way through the Crossing? Vesper whined quiet and low in her throat, anxious at the thought of having inadvertently dodged the enemies’ fangs.
    * Kova Sounds and viable questions would fall to hear ears from her court, and to him she would turn. A sure and confident nod was offered. “I have thought of that danger, that is why I am hopeful that we can get them all together in a single narrow area, and quickly see to their demise before they can exact the same danger and tricks to us as last time. At least we know what to potentially look for.” it would perhaps have her thinking. Did they pre-game pouches elsewhere or around the area? Would it be noticed? All things to consider indeed — important things. “If I am honest, I do not have an answer for I have not seen my sister, Rune, to inquire, so we must go on what we know.”
    * Sanek He liked the plan that Kova proposed. It was cunning and could potentially keep them from engaging in an actual battle with the wolves. Although, he thought, would the Northern wolves not try to do this same exact thing to them if they ventured there?


    * Saskia Mmm, Good point, Rook. She ponders in thought but her mind can’t help but drift to the laboratory atop the saddled mountain. She wondered if it could have something to aide them into battle? She thought about masks – if the pouch could keep it in, it could keep it out! But then again, the wolves needed their powerful jaws in the long run. Kova was right; they would simply have to trust their luck.


    * Rook Time, fleeting as it was, would be offered to them to prepare. “Lugh of the long paw, felled Balor of the Baleful eye with cunning. We, who are kin of the long paw and other such skilled wolves, will fell lesser wolves with equal guile. If you wish to bury them beneath the snows and quench the embers, then we will find a way.” Wishes and butts were akin to “only ifs.” Only if they could have Rune’s skill…but the Yule of this metaphor had come and wishes and butts were never candies and nuts, so they’d just have to make their own merry little christmas…complete with buried snow wolves.He could see his sister and family waiting on the wings, so he allowed this heavy and needed topic to rest.


    * Kova There was much to discuss, much to deliberate on, but she would share a meeting with the members in time to go over more intricate the details of her plan and execute it with haste – as well as hear their thoughts. For now, she offered to all gathered the thoughts of where she desired to go and what plan was to unfold in time. To her courts words, she gave a sure and confident nod in agreement. “In a day or so time, I will meet with the members of the pack, and we will discuss who will go and who will stay. There is much to protect here as there is out there. For now, that is what I have to share as I learn more from those who have to share more news. Listen for my call.” her hues fell to her sister with endearment. She wondered on her other sister, Rune, but duty would pull her to the now. It was there she turned to each wolf in kind, when her hues fell to Saskia and then to Ophaelos. Her paws settled beneath her as she remained risen to all fours before she gave a change in pace and tone. “Speaking of call…. Saskia, I would call you and your mentee up to the stone.”

    * Saskia A hum of agreement was to be had on the burden of the North, one she intended to be involved with whether it be here or there – wherever she was needed. When her name was called, the Guardian stood and moved to the base of said stone. Her eyes cast along the crowd, searching for the white wolf before they returned to Kova with eager eyes.

    * Ophaelos Caution would no doubt be conducted throughout the journey to the North and what lies ahead of the pack when they reach it. Now, Ophaelos was no ranked wolf, so he didn’t expect to join the others up the mountain, but he was content holding down the fort in the meantime, should the pack depart from the land of WolfSpirits to finish what the Northerners started—long before Ophaelos even set paw in this place. A focused ear and trained eyes would pick up both his name and his mentors. Quiet, he’d glance over at his mentor. The tension in his chest was palpable, to say the least, but despite the tension between his ribs, his outward disposition was calm as he met at his mentor’s side before settling in front of the stone with her.

    * Kova Her gaze fell to the brute, Ophaelos. “Ophaelos, the journey to join our pack is as long as the heart, paws, and knowledge shared is given and received. I would ask you now, is it still your desire to be part of our pack and our fold?” curiously did her gaze wait and eagerly watch for his response.

    * Rook

    When the matter settled for another day, he would be surprised by the next order of the meeting. Would he be surprised to see Ophaelos and Saskia being called forth? Perhaps a little, but he would listen for that is what a ‘teller did until a tale was to be told. His younger sister’s absence had not gone unnoticed. She was important in all of these matters, but he was relieved to have her out of earshot from the plotting. Dealing in death could be left to those who had long since sullied their paws in the mire…
    * Sanek Ophaelos was an Assessment, was he not? This meant there could be a new wolf joining their fold tonight! Although the subject of the Northern wolves still loomed in the background, his excitement for the new advancements within the pack returned.
    * Ophaelos His ear would turn at her words as he listens, his eyes drifting toward Saskia’s once she had finished with her question. Was he surprised, relieved? Perhaps a mixture of both? Either way, whatever emotion that was held in his eyes was cast to his mentor—perhaps feeding off of her excitement—before his gaze returned to Kova’s. “I have been without a pack and a place to call home—to truly call home, for a very long time. I cannot deny the chemistry with you all, how you have all grown to find places in my heart quite quickly, and thus I cannot deny such an opportunity, either,” Ophaelos tells her, dipping his head deeply toward the silver fae. “I would be honored to take the next step—to formally join the pack, and especially more than ever, now that we have an important journey on the horizon.” His silvern eyes would find Kova’s, head tilted subtly in eager to hear her next words.
    * Kova When Ophaelos would share his desire to still join, she turned then to Saskia and Guardian of the pack. “Saskia, as Ophaelo’s mentor, I would ask and hear your pledge and heart on where he stands – is he ready to be named member?”

    * Saskia Excitement was to be had, aye. Saskia met his gaze equally so and would return to Kova when she asked her to vouche for the white wolf. She stood to her paws and spoke loud enough for all to hear;

    “Most of you know Ophaelos, most of you have formed bonds with him as well. I know I am not the only one to stand here today and say.. Yes. He is ready to run with the pack as one of us. There are those here today who can recount numerous times in which Ophaelos has come to sacrifice for the pack, whether that be a sacrifice of risk or of pelt. He has brought down food for us to eat, he has chased off more predators with me than most within my visage, he has shared his culture as well as accept ours as his own. He has learnt and continues to do so. I have no doubt he will make a fine member amongst the pack.”
    With that, the Guardian seats herself and awaits further verdict.
    * Kova When response was given by the Guardian, she would feel her words true. Like an anvil striking forging metal. Shaping and grinding with devotion. She shifted her paws beneath her but continued with a curious, but even more serious tone as she looked to each wolf in turn before looking back to Saskia then to Ophaelos. “As all have lay and heard witness to the Assessments heart and to the blessing of Saskia his mentor, I would now ask those of the pack who will vouch for Ophaelos in his advancement?”
    * Fern’s eyes widened as her tail knew no bounds in its swaying back and forth at top speeds. Ophaelos was going to become a member? Oh my goodness! Despite the nervousness she felt inside about all the other wolves she stepped up to speak before overthinking it too much!
    “I believe Ophaelos is more than ready to become a member of the pack. He has always shown great kindness and humbleness to all, no matter what rank or stature.” She smiled looking to Ophaelos now, “He’s the kind of wolf to stay behind in even the coldest blizzards to keep those close to him warm, and the kind of wolf to run into danger if there was a hint of chance that one was to get injured. He’s the wolf all of us need to be.” She finished with a soft chuckle at the corniness of it all, but even though her mini speech was jumbled together she was happy to vouch for her friend.
    * Salem Kept an ear towards Kova, Saskia and Ophaelos in front of him but one would be turned sideways towards whoever might be the first of the Pack to speak. His own muzzle remained closed but the tip of his tail picked up a steady rhythm of a quiet thump against the ground in front of his paws, just keeping the time and his emotions in check.
    *Vesper hadn’t had the privilege of meeting Ophaelos yet, so she chose to remain silent, yet the fae found her tail waved slightly as Saskia and Fern praised the hopefully soon-to-be member. She wondered, silently, if she could live up to such examples as him, as Saskia, as Panther, and become a wolf that Kova would welcome to the pack in such a way. She’d taken the first step, though, and as a pledge, she promised to herself, she would support the others in the ways she could–pack members, assessments, and other pledges alike.
    * Panther Panther would gaze ahead of him, he’d have watched as his mate and her apprentice were called forth. A smile graced his maw, although it faltered slightly. Would the new wolves want to stick around, even despite their pledgeship, now that the northern wolves have been brought up? He knew Rowan would remain, she’d be storming into battle eagerly if she went North. Panther glanced towards Vesper, then Maikoh, Amoux, and lastly.. Rain Catcher. He shook his head, no more dwelling on the enemy. An ear turned towards Saskia, then Fern as they spoke up. Panther wanted to vouch for Ophaelos, he truly did, but he didn’t know what to say that the others hadn’t already spoke up about. So, he would just listen.
    * Rook Now this…this was an important junction in the threads of fate, and the gray raven would roost upon. Unlike his objective manner in which he watched others make their choices in the vacuous space of they and the path ahead, he listened as Saskia vouched for Ophaelos. Rook had seen some of these attestations but not the others. He had known Ophaelos to frequent the company of some, but wondered what that meant in regards to the older wolf’s tale. Here was a wolf that seemed knowledgeable from experiences beyond the pack, which were a boon to many, but what of the pack did he know through experience and investment? Rook was not omnipresent nor omnipotent, so the little he knew was little enough…Rook, not the gray raven, would listen before standing to his paws. He’d look to Ophaelos and speak as kindly as he could given his own mindset. “I’ll not stand in the way of a path laid before you, for I have no sway to direct your fate; however, I will ask you in private four sets of questions, the answers of which a member should know and your answers will be my answers.”  Rook would not take more time than that before leaving the decision to who it always belonged to. He would take his seat and await the allotted time when those questions would be asked.
    * Kova She would feel the heartfelt tones of each wolf and their vouche for Ophaelos’ advancement. She would look to Rook, then towards the older brute to who stood before the rest of the pack. A moment more in pause and in thought, and to his answer given not in the moment, she would finally nod after several moments of thought. “Then we will wait for the answers to be given and I would ask now that the time and stone given to my sister, Fianna.” she would now cast her gaze outwards towards Fianna, Calder and the litter at her paws. Dipping her head she would eagerly await her arrival to the stone with her new family. This would hopefully give Rook and Ophaelos a moment to ask and hear the answers first before she’d proceed.

    * Ophaelos

    The brute was relieved and, frankly, glad that the trust he has put in his friends had not been settled falsely. The love was quite real, and he felt it in their words, and the way they looked at him. He’d have quite a lot of wolves to speak to after the meeting was done with! As Rook began to speak, Ophaelos would listen to him with inquisitive nature in his eyes. Soon, he’d nod, offering the brute a smile. “Aye, I will answer any questions that you or anyone else has for me. I have been meaning to talk to you as it is, but you were absent in the North for a little while. I am glad that you are back and well—for more reasons than inquiries or vitality,” he replies. “There is still much for me to learn. I am eager to hear you out, storyteller.”
    * Leora the yearling would look swiftly to each wolf present. A meeting was going on, so, she would hunker herself reaaaaal low like and tip-toe in and seat herself near the closer back wolves. But alas… hark… oh my… was was that her sister? and OH MY… was that PUPS? Truly she had to contain herself, for she could sense the air and tones of those around her. This was not a moment to burst out of your fur.
    * Saskia The kind words were received and Saskia would be thankful for them. Then there was Rook; the frequent bringer of news that wasn’t always so good but it was inevitable and much needed. Her gaze unwavering from Kova as her paws shuffled beneath her. Whatever it was to be had between Ophaelos and Rook was not of her business but the pair’s alone. She nuzzled Ophaelos and moved back to her spot beside her mate quietly, awaiting the words to come from her spirit mother and – PUPS!
    * Rowan Her ears perked once more, tail curled around her flank as Ophaelos and Saskia were called forward. She smiled slightly as Saskia vouched for her apprentice, and then Fern. She had always knew Fern and Ophaelos were close, so it wasn’t a surprise to see the golden colored assessment vouch for the male. She hummed, then Rook stole her attention as he spoke up. Ah, what was this? She gulped, she best be speaking with her mentor about the pack when she had time, for fear this might happen to her when she did have enough knowledge to pledge herself fully and become a member. For now, she would look onward, it appeared the pups would be snagging everyone’s attention now. She grinned, watching on as Fianna would climb the stone and offer her own words.

    * Rook This was not what he had in mind, but he would not question his court’s judgement nor his own in retrospect. Would he fault Ophaelos for others’ absences including his own? No, but he would see just how much the older wolf had learned or could learn given the space to do so. This was like a mirror of sorts…had not Rook learned much outside the pack? Had he not endured to connect his tale to those here?

    His questions were reasonable, he thought, and the trial to becoming a packmember was more than just perseverance…though he did admire that quality in Ophaelos. He would simply dip his nose to the brute and listen a moment to his sister before slipping from his own spot in the meeting to a spot to its side. He’d wait there in earshot of his sister’s voice but out of earshot of a quiet conversation.
    —– Return from the pup naming ceremony—–

    * Rook When the naming ceremony came to a close, he would offer his sister and Calder a firm round of paw stamps, reserving his voice to the quiet turn of closing conversation with Ophaelos.

    “I will not fault you for not knowing a tale I told more than once, but I thought you were there to hear it. I will caution you on the ghosts of your past…Much as I and my kin are of the Mean Oíche, they, as a pack, are dead. What I’ve learned of them, what I’ve learned from them, what I’ve learned in the distance beyond is the breath of a ghost. You have a store of knowledge, but do not let the breath of a ghost replace the gaining of primary knowledge from voices of -this-pack.”
    Rook would give Ophaelos a gentle dip of his nose and turn to Kova, giving her a gentle nod of sorts as well. As was said before, he’d not stand in the brute’s way. Membership in the pack was something sacred; Ophaelos had to learn from primary sources, but he had learned what he could given the foment of the pack’s ranks.

    * Kova She would smile to her sister and when the pups where being wrangled to head to a place of rest, she would give a warm swing of her tail and a dip of her head as the family moved off to settle. There, she would turn her hues then to Rook and Ophaelos. When he gave a nod of his head, she would give one in kind and turn; understanding. To that note she would look to Ophaelos and usher him forward. “Ophaelos, please come forward.”

    * Leora she would look to Keegan, and when the pup seemed to stare at her, she would stare back but it to was short lived when the parents began to usher them away. If a wolf could give the biggest pouty lip, she surely would. Quivering bottom lip and all. Ooooo she wanted to play! A whine was given but a knowing gesture to her sister. She nuzzled her swiftly. “Until tomorrow, Sister! Congratulations.” she would sway her tail and giggle at the pups. “Don’t worry, auntie will be here tomorrow… just you see!” and in those moments passed, she saw her brother, Rook and quickly bounded in his direction.

    * Ophaelos

    “Aye… I apologize, Rook. I mean you or your family’s history no disrespect. I will remember better next time,” Ophaelos says, dipping his head to the brute respectfully. His head would rise, offering a soft smile to him. “I keep saying this, but… perhaps now that you are back, I will finally give us both the time to sit down with you and discuss such histories—one on one, so it can get through my thick skull,” he says. Once again, his tone was arid, but his words humorous. His gaze would sweep the area around the alpha stone, his ears flicking forward as he studied the area, finding the pups and their parents had begun to carry them away. Such big activities in one day—they must be so tired!  Such conversations would come to a swift close, and his presence would soon be requested once again. Quietly and respectfully, he’d approach the stone before settling in front of it. “Yes, my alpha?” He’d draw.

    * Vesper watches as the pups leave, bowing her head respectfully before returning her attention to Kova and Ophaelos’ verdict.

    * Rook Much was to be excited about and much was going on in the span of such a meeting that he found himself simply dipping his nose to Ophaelos before the current of the moments took him away to be placed among the others of his kin. Should Rook survive long enough, he’d exchange tale with the older brute. For now, however, Rook had been remiss in saying hello to music, determination, and fire. Perhaps tomorrow he would have that chance? Perhaps…
    * Kova She knew the hour was growing late and there was much to absorb from evenings events, but there was one last matter and she wished to see it through once all had vouched or offered their words and questions. To Rook’s nod, she knew the answer. When Ophaelos approached there was a soft expression upon her features. Her tail risen high but waved ever so. How heartfelt she to would feel from each word shared, carried and heard. To his assessmentship and now his advancement seen through. To that note, she’d begin. “Just as we hear the names of new stars born to our fold, those who stand beside you this day, Ophaelos, speak your name and with it, their blessing to see you family. To know you as family.” She would allow her words to linger for but a moment. “I would like to have the honor and privillage to name you member of WolfSpirits, Ophaelos.” there would be a stomp of her paw. “Welcome home.” and to that note, her muzzle would lift and she would offer a howl for congratulations to their newest member!
    * Leora the yearling only got a mere tiny itty bitty taste of the pups, to, and as she seated herself beside her brother, she nuzzled him softly and happily in greeting. She had missed him! Oh, what stories did she have — what would he have to? Time would tell indeed and when the proceedings of the meeting continued, she’d fall silent.
    * Saskia As the naming ceremony came to a close and the white wolf was called forth, Saskia smiled in anticipation for what was to come. It would seem Ophaelos had passed Rook’s questionnaire! When Kova named him a member of the pack, Saskia pulled her head to the night sky in a celebratory howl; one in honor of her friend.
    * MysticRain listens with interest if she tries to sneak looks at all them little puppies. so cute so exciting so. oh ophaelos actually just made member at that point it just becomes too much so inspite of the kowledge she can’t she too lifts her muzzle and instinctively tries to howl fully expecting for only some hot air to come out. instead there maaaybe a mild disturbance as an actual sound comes out. not a howl o no nothing near as pretty. the sound that emits is more akin to that of a Fox being strangled. and that is beig genrous indeed.
    * Panther It would seem the pups stole the show for a moment longer, he would’ve gave them stomps as a celebration. Before moving his gaze back to Kova when Ophaelos was called forth. His tail swayed behind him, and he allowed a howl to rise into the night sky, welcoming Ophaelos into the pack as a member.
    * Vesper Family… now that was something to celebrate, even if she wasn’t truly a part of it yet…but perhaps, someday! For now, today was Ophaelos’ day to celebrate, and a jubilant howl left the tawny fae’s lips, her tail wagging happily, the stars reflected in her joy-bright eyes.
    * Sanek He was indeed far too distracted with the pups to notice Rowan sitting closer to him, but when the distraction was taken away he noticed and acknowledged her presence with a dip of his head. Back to the meeting, Ophaelos’s advance to membership had resumed. Did this mean he had answered correctly to Rook’s questions? He was quite curious as to what they were. He was happy for the brute, even though they had never met. A low howl of his would join the chorus of a shared song with the pack in celebration.
    * Rook Now, let’s not equate his list of soul-searching questions as a leaflet on how you feel about the current political landscape. No, it was more like a quizzlet…slightly more drama but much less biased polling! That aside, when Ophaelos was named as member, Rook would offer his voice and beckon his part of the Song to heard.

    * Fern

    Fern watched fondly as all the pups were wrangled up and taken to bed before Ophaelos’s name was spoken! Right, oh how she wondered what questions were given to him by Rook, but she was too distracted by all the puppy cuteness to hear! The words were spoken, Ophaelos had become a fully fledged member of the pack. Fern’s tail knew no bounds as it swayed back and forth at top speeds! She was so happy for him, the wolf she had known since he first arrived to the territory, the wolf she had shared stories and cold blizzarding nights with, one of her best friends was a subordinate! She gave one of her loudest howls of joy to finish off the night for him.

    * Kova Those who joined in would feel the chours of each tone, each howl, and each song. A song for their newest member. When the howls died, she would lower her muzzle and stomp her paw. “The hour is late, and I thank each and everyone of you for celebrating tonight’s events. Rest well, for tomorrow is a new day, and we are stronger than before.” she would dip her head and conclude the meeting.

    Pup Naming Ceremony - Fianna & Calder

    * Fianna would feel the weighty silence and the depth of word shared in contemplation of adding a new wolf to their inner folds, close to heart and adding the weight of responsibility was no small thing. Fianna would give a subtle nod to her brother’s words, then to Kova’s she would feel a course of excitement. It was time.
    Reaching to nuzzle Calder she rose and nosed all three pups, gathering them around her and a stern eye to follow, likely something they understood far better than words at this point.
    With that she would rise and, heart beating a tad bit faster she would parade her pups through, choosing a path closest to Rook or Leora, or Saskia if they were grouped at all to avoid those she did not know as well with the pups. As she moved she kept an eye out for Dáithí or Ragaire and tried not to feel the pang in her heart when neither frame were there.
    Part 4
    Hopefully the pups trouped along and kept close, but they would eventually arrive at the base of the stone regardless, even if it meant carrying one or two wayward pups. At last she would turn to ussure the pups between herself and Calder to face the rest of the pack, remaining below the stone, pride in her eyes for the little ones at her paws.
    Lifting her muzzle she took a breath and would begin.
    “It is good to see you all again, and with good tidings to share – three pups ready to greet the world and all it contains, under watchful eyes.” She would take a moment to nose each of them, pausing to collect her thoughts before continuing
    * Calder when Fianna was called to the stone, he would rise up slowly and carefully to ensure the pups didn’t think the gate was lifted and freedom had. Oh no, he had an eagle eye on each. He would nose Fianna ever so lightly providing strength and support before looking to the rest of the pack. He would follow beside her and still. Listening now to the shared words.

    * Leora

    the yearling had made it just in time, it would seem! When she saw her sister with all the pups, her heart would literally burst. It could, surely so! When she approached their brother and Saskia, she would eagerly and swiftly move herself forward to close that distance she could make out that she was trying to close.
    “Sister, it is good to see you!” she would say in happy tones now coming to seat herself before Saskia and watched her brother momentarily drift off a few paces.
    * Saskia Ohhh, her heart. As her mother came parading the pups by, she would lower to her belly for a moment just as they passed perhaps to get a better perspective of them. When the little floofsters passed, Saskia’s nose would stretchhhh out a bit in curiosity but she’d be wary of Fianna and her protectiveness over the little ones. When they passed, she sat up straight and admired what her mother and her mother’s mate had created; perfection. 💜
    * Kova She would swing her tail ever so gently behind her as she watched Fianna approach the gathered and family closer to her as the pups followed. Her eyes would hold a fondness and a strength of a thousand hearts to ensure they where safe. Well. She could see their eager paws wanting to dart out, but held fast. She could see there were more to her sisters, words and so she’d wagerly await what followed suit. How proud she was of her sister and to Calder’s new roots.

    *   Vesper perked up–Saskia’s family? Regardless, the meeting was going on, so she gave the other fae that came to sit by Saskia a polite nod and wag of her tail before returning her attention to the approaching pups and their parents.


    * Ophaelos As Fianna took over the meeting, Ophaelos would slip away from the alpha stone. His previous spot beside Rowan would no longer be occupied, and instead, the alabaster male would find a spot near Rook—he was the first wolf he’d need to speak to, after all. All would work out well, considering he was also part of the list Ophaelos was tasked with by his mentor, Saskia. Whether he ranked up tonight or not wouldn’t cause such a task to magically snap out of existence—he was far too responsible to simply dismiss his assignment. For now, his eyes would settle on Fianna and her pups, a softness in his expression as he watches them from his spot near the storyteller.

    * Sanek He had zoned out for a moment and had to take a moment to understand the words spoken during his inattention. He didn’t really know much about Ophaelos so the wolves vouching for him helped grow his understanding about who the brute was. Rook did not seem quite ready to vouch for him, though. Although it was odd to him, Sanek had come to know the Lore Master’s judgment as wise, so he trusted that it was made with a good amount of thought. He now turned his attention to the pups. Such small and rambunctious bundles of joy they were!


    * Fianna would look to each of her pups, to Calder, and then beyond at those she knew well, close to heart, and those she did not but would hope to one day. The pack had grown!
    “Time as gone by quickly, and yet not quickly enough, for these little ones are a pawful.” She chuckled,”yet each of them a light in their own right, a ray, a star in Calder and I’s sky. They have each earned a name. Names carry weight.. Meaning.. And as such I do not choose them lightly. But these firstnames we now wish to share with them… And with you to know them by. Names can grow, as can a wolf’s character.”
    With that, Fianna would nose and nudge her firstborn son out from the other’s a small bit and stand beside him to give him courage.
    “This little brute has been courageous from the moment he was born. Eating as much as he possibly can in between his frequent bouts of noise.. He.. Is my music. His name shall thus be Ceol.” She stamped a paw and nuzzled Ceol. “Wear it well little one, and grow into it.” She looked to the group then, excited to see how they would welcome him, giving a sing song yip and stamp to show her joy.
    * Rook A welcomed spot next to him was open for Ophaelos while they witnessed the first of the names be told. Ceol…a name within which to find harmony, melody, or discord…music, afterall, was a source for most of these. He would stamp his paw and ask his first question softly and in private.
    * Saskia couldn’t help but feel a prick in her heart when she say Fianna surrounded by these little bundles of joy. She pushed her shoulder into her mate’s, at an attempt to find an anchor from her burden so that perhaps she could muster the courage to enjoy this ceremony without said burden. When the first pup was named – Ceol. When the little male let out a version of his own music, Saskia couldn’t help but hum in delight. “Ahwww..” She murmured, looking between her friends surrounding her. Isn’t that just adorable!
    * Leora her eyes would go big and wide :wolfpog:. The name of the first pup, a male, would be given and shared by her sister and now, named to the world. Her tail would not seize it’s swaying, Oh my oh moyyyyyyyy. “Welcome, Ceol!” she gruuuued to her nephew. Oh, she was gunna be the best aunt.
    FiaPup2: The middlest pup, also keenly interested in these howlings, would offer her own awkward ‘Aruuruoo!’, what in time she might recognize as encouragement for her brother, for now was being on the same page as her eldest, and wanting to join the sounds, then joined by their Puppa Calder!
    * Salem Now came the moment when his tail started to wag as Fianna and Calder led the pups to the stone, all of them seemed to be healthy as they kept up easily with their parents, even if one to one and a half steps were needed to cover the distance they did with just one. They would continue to grow, he was sure of it, but his tail didn’t sit still in the moment that Fianna stepped forward with the one she declared as the oldest who let out a howl that sounded practiced and in time, it would be pitch perfect. He lifted a paw and stamped it to the ground for the first of the three pups to be named.
    * Vesper Ceol. A beautiful name for a beautiful pup. Vesper’s tail waved happily, and her forepaws patted the ground one after the other in happiness–she couldn’t hide her excitement at the sight of these new lives, and especially the new stage of life that these pups were now entering, the hope and joy that they brought to the pack.
    * Sanek He couldn’t contain it anymore. All of this excitement was about to explode out of him! Ceol looked like a precious little furry ball of cuteness. His howl would be louder than anyone else’s, welcoming young Ceol to his first meeting.
    * Panther Panther watched on, curious of these little ones and their names to be. Panther glanced towards his mate, smiling softly as he masked his concern. He nuzzled her, allowing her to lean into them as the burden they shared pricked at his mate’s heart. He stamped his paw, and much like his spirit brother, he would’ve offered the loudest howl he possibly could.
    * Fern Oh my goodness, oh my gosh! How adorable! Her tail couldn’t help but sway! Ceol, what a lovely name indeed, beautiful but strong sounding! Looking like the perfect match for this little guy before everyone. She too gently raised her voice high to the new, but mighty pup of Fianna!
    * Ophaelos It was fascinating to Ophaelos to see how the naming ceremony was conducted. Considering how small his pack was that he formed with his mate, such formalities weren’t necessary. Perhaps there was a permanent simper glued to the brute’s face as he watches the pup from afar, the way he sings into the sun that churns into the west. Agh… his time rearing pups was much over, but there was no doubt that puppy fever was quite the contagious thing. Coel, oh—what a wonderful name, too!
    * Rook A curious expression would fall over him, but not necessarily a bad one. He waited the second pup to be named while he asked his second set of questions of Ophaelos.

    * Fianna would chuckle and nuzzle Ceol one more time, looking to her mate to see the same emotion in his own eyes. Her eyes would drift over her other family one by one, grateful for each of their presence and their soon to be influence in the lives of her pups.

    Nudging Ceol back toward Calder now, with a lick to his ear she would us sure her daughter out next, nosing the darker female close to her side but where others could see.
    “Not to be outdone in any situation, my daughter has a spark of life that exudes confidence and curiousity… she is my bold one, busy and playful – and perhaps a bit too mischievous for her own good.
    “She shall thus be named Maeve.” Fianna bent to lick at Maeve’s ear and crown and stamped a paw happily, excitement and pride within her. “Wear it well little one and grow into it.” She added once more before giving another bright yip and stamp!
    * Saskia The female that Fianna ushered out very much looked like herself! Saskia felt a warm emotion whirl in her chest as the little fae was named. “Maeve..” She repeated in hushed tones, excitement breaching her voice. She was beautiful, as dark as the night.
    * Calder he would gently nose Ceol closer and when their next was to be named, he smiled to the dark fae that looked very much like himself when he was young. When Maeve was announced and name was given, he would let loose a deepened howl for her.
    * Kova When the young fae was named, Maeve, she would give a stomp of her paw as well to the strrength of her spirit already. Each one holding true and well to their names already, she would feel in her heart and sway her tail high behind her. Giving a few yaps and yips in kind to her sisters voice and named daughter.
    * Ophaelos Ophaelos had left her side, and as he padded over towards Rook, she would’ve scooted over towards Sanek. She hoped he didn’t mind, and there she would settle, less the Scout protested. She hummed softly, watching the ceremony curiously. Her paws shifted, she stamped her paw, offering a soft howl for both the named pups. Ceol and Maeve, she smiled, both of them were adorable, she thought.
    * FiaPup3 As Ceol stepped forward and let out his best howl after Fianna’s own which was joined by Calder and his sister, he felt like this is what they had been brought up to do and it sounded so similar to the one he was awake to hear only some time ago. It was show-time! He took in a deep breath and lifted his muzzle, something he found made it sound even louder as was the case near the den, so he wasn’t opposed to continuing to follow that pattern here as he joined in on the song and when it was drawn to conclusion, he was the only one still holding that note for as long as he could. When Fianna gave a similar introduction to Maeve, he wasn’t the last one to join the short howl, but his previous one left him winded as his lungs put everything he had into the last one.
    * Maeve The little fae pup would be next to be brought forward, from the stone she could see all of the other wolves! Interested and curious, but stood by her mother’s side. The pup now known as Maeve would stomp her little front paws forward! She would hear the start of her father’s howl and would join in a repeat aruuruuu!
    * Vesper Maeve…a pup as beautiful as the stars in the night sky. A small whine of excitement left Vesper’s throat, and the joy on her face was unmistakable as the pups “introduced” themselves with all the vigor they could muster. They were positively adorable.
    * Ophaelos Maeve, Coel, Ragaire, Daithi… what tongue do these names belong to, Ophaelos would wonder. Encompassing beauty and of course, the strength that came with the blood of Fianna and her kin, the brute would continue to listen closely, smiling contently, and taking in the meeting in between the quiet conversation between him and the storyteller—a wise and respectful amount of attention given to both.
    * Ceol Hey! Where was he being pushed off to? Fine finee, he’ll give his little sis the spotlight for nowwww. Ceol wouldn’t exactly have the patience within himself to sit down next to his puppa but couldn’t really fight back against his nudge anyways. But… maybe when he’s busy howling for little sis Ceol could sneak away? Good plan!

    * Rook and the second named was Maeve. Oh, how that name was given power and determination…though he would feign to say it lest one be intoxicated. Several connotations were wrapped within such a name, but a queen was not named such easily. He’d see how this little fae grew into such a name should he be graced with years of life ahead. Rook would visibly frown as much as one wolf could to the next of the answers. It was a tale told within the confines of a Lore Night. The story itself was of little consequence to those outside, but to those who wanted knowledge of corvus, of the observatory, of song-born sickness, of the seeds, and of the song would find a little solace herein. Rook would skip the second half of the set and move to the next after stamping his paw for Maeve.

    *Leora oh, her light would be super bright as her eyes lit like the stars themselves. A new kissed morning with the warmth of the very sun she was! Maeve! She would look like a baker making a dozen cookies with the amount of dough she was makin, with her slappy paws to the earth for each wolf! Sanek’s voice would out do them all, and she giggled at his expression. She never realized just how much he seemed to like pups.
    * Sanek Maeve drew out of him an equal amount of celebration as he had for Ceol. Oh how he looked forward to actually meeting the newest life of the pack! All of them had their own distinct personalities and their antics he could watch for days.
    * Fianna would allow the time due to welcome the fae before nudging and nuzzling Maeve back toward Calder, all of them still at the base of the stone, for she had not ascended. The base was the place!
    Last by most assuredly not least she would reach to tenderly nudge her final son further out and beside her, nosing him and licking his crown.
    “My last son is a thoughtful one, not timid.. Nae.. But curious in a way that is keen and careful both. He is my trusting one, of sweet nature and big heart. Thus, he shall be named Keegan.” Fianna’s tail was swaying in earnest now, unceasingly and she would stamp a paw and reach to lick his crown and ear. “Wear it well young one, as you grow into it.” Fianna would howl out another song, brief but heartfelt and fill of joy.
    Each pup named, and so beginning a journey of which she was eager to be part and to see each unfold.

    * Calder he would gently nose Maeve across her crown, his little star added to the fold. When Keegan was the next to be named, he would feel his heart swell and there, a howl escaped once more through parted jowls.

    What an honor for the evening. How humbled he was by each presence , each tone added, and each here. He would not forget all the names and frames he saw this evening to celebrate with them and their new litter.
    * Saskia A sweet brute, you say? Saskia gives a gentle gaze in the little male’s direction. Was he smaller than his brother and sister? Hmm. He was quite adorable! The brown fae smiled and let a howl ring for all three of the pups; well done.
    * Leora her eyes would light up at another nephew! Keegan. How sweet he looked. “Welcome, Ceol, Maeve and Keegan!” her paws would once more stomp before she rose up to all fours; unable to control herself she bounded around in several circles before whinning, lowering her frame, her ears pinned and began to scoot closer towards the pups — hoping perhaps she’d be able to snuffle love them to “fake” death.
    * Salem Ears perked to the sound of the howl as it was picked up on by other members of the pack after the first son had been named but by the second he had caught on that it was appropriate to do so and his joining in was one among the myriad of unique howls emanating from the Clearing now. His attention remained fixed on the third pup as he stepped forward and was named just as he saw the other two and a howl was given for him too.
    * Vesper A distant memory flashed briefly in Vesper’s mind…Keegan reminded her of the brother she’d lost as a pup. She vowed to herself that as much as she would be trusted to, she would ensure that these pups wouldn’t suffer the same fate as her own littermates, that the bellies of them and their family would always be full, that they’d have a safe and warm den to return to at the close of the day. This was the least she could do, as a pledge, as a survivor herself. She howled quietly in celebration, joyfully, and full of hope.
    * Ceol Oh? Calder was busy howling? Then the plan was in action! Ceol would lower down to all fours in a stalking motion as he tried to pretend he was an ant while sneaking away to the closest wolfie to give them a sniff if not stopped first!
    * Sanek It was hard to hold up this amount of excitement for any stretch of time, so his initial cuteness overload was now beginning to dim down. Nevertheless, he still gave as great of a welcoming howl as he could to the newly named Keegan. Was the meeting about to conclude with each pup having been named now?
    * Maeve Once off to the side she would likely spy Coel trying to slip away in the confusion! But wait, there was another time to howl coming up! She will snap her teeth after his tail but won’t pursue just yet, stopping to turn and offer her awkward little ‘Aaaarruuuruu!’ to the winds! She liked these ‘Meetings’!, They let her get her howling practice in! Surely Coel wished to howl too?

    * Rook

    The third of the answers would draw a dip of his nose, and the third of the named pups would draw a slightly cocked head. Was this a homage to Calder’s kin or did they simply not know of this name’s derivation? Surely, they knew…cheeky, cheeky…The child of Aodhagen…the child of Aodh would have a fire, but he hoped such a thing was just a metaphor for a stout heart and not for the flame that should never be wielded. He would stamp his paw yet again for this little fiery son of starfall and ash.  Now, to his last question…

    * Keegan Just as bath time came around in sets of three, so did he when he was gently nudged forward. Now standing in front of everyone else, his tail whipped back and forth and he took in another deeper breath this time and let out a few yips that turned into a howl as his own voice join in celebration of his name being given, the equivalent of one’s first birthday candle. If Leora got too close, he held back a moment before letting his muzzle extend out towards hers with a but wasn’t further than his wagging tail could hit his mother’s legs to know that he was safe.

    Kova When Fianna would announce the final pup, Keegan, she would stomp the earth and offer her own low gruuuuing woooof sounds. The pups now introduced and seemingly eager to see their paws aloft to all the new and amazing smells. She swung her tail and ushered to her sister. “A beautiful family. Congratulations again, Fianna and Calder.” she dipped her nose. “I look forward to seeing them learn, grow, and become one with the pack and in their own time, their own paths.”