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Pack Meeting – #216

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Meeting Notes

August 3rd, 2023


  • Ophaelos advances to Scout In Training
  • Vesper advances to Assessment
    • Calder is her mentor
  • Ada becomes pledge
  • Grimolf advances to Assessment
    • Rook is his mentor



Number Of Wolves Present


    +Fern +Rowan +MysticRain +Vesper +Grimolf

    Cairdeas, Ceol, Maeve, Ada, Leora

    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Kova the distance to the stone was closed in short order, and once upon it’s base she would rise up and stand at it’s end. There, she would howl for a pack meeting and gathering. :howlingwolf: AWooooooo!

    *Rowan The Scouting Trail, and into the woods. She would be unknowingly heading towards Rune’s cache. She was briskly trotting along, eager to speak with other wolves. She had been alone with her thoughts for too long, and she was heading specifically for the clearing due to it being a popular place amongst the pack.

    *Saskia A dark head rises from the brush as the Guardian’s auds register a howl within the clearing. She’s hidden in foliage at the moment but the sound of Kova would draw her from her slumber, paws carrying her quickly South and towards the clearing.

    *Vesper gaze would follow the Alphess and others as they passed, her ears and tail pricking as the howl was raised–a howl familiar, a howl of meeting! She’d rise, looking back to Cairdeas and Panther as she rounded the stone, seating herself not too close, not too far–she’d be able to see and hear all that went on, with hopefully no need to corral rowdy pups! Surely, the shorter ones would take the front-row seats–Vesper preferred not craning her neck up to see, anyways 😛


    * Ophaelos  had been resting in the southern tree line after greeting the newcomer, who had made herself scarce, and seemingly far too soon, for a distinct howl would rouse the wolf to lift his head from his paws. Having been here many new moons, the snow wolf had memorized the call for a meeting well enough to know that was it. The brute wouldn’t be too far away from alpha rock when he had begun to approach, likely taking a seat by himself at the southwest of the rock. If one wished to make themselves comfortable beside him, he wouldn’t complain, but would simply focus his eyes upon Kova until otherwise. *ೃ༄

    * Fianna Time would seem to slow as Ceol made his way firmly down the log, better this time that the last. And yet still, the going was tough! Fianna would move closer as he fell a second time and her tail would sway. “You will get it in no time, with a bit more practice.” When the howl rose up and Ceol followed suit she’d feel her fondness rise and she’d nuzzle him. “I am glad to hear your music, little one. Let us go! It seems Kova has called a meeting.” She would nuzzle Leora too as they moved that way, bumping shoulder to shoulder. “Thanks for all your aid in the course sis. The pups love it.”
    *Cairdeas was still with Panther and Vesper a tail wave evident. Panther’s praise was not lost to him which made the pup appreciatively offer a few nuzzles. He liked the fact he saw so many adults exchanging scents, he wanted in on that, plus his dome loved a good grooming, scratching or nuzzling so that just sweetened the deal. At least till a song nearby captured his attention, “What that for?” He asked tilting his dome. He knew of the meeting today but did not know it was going on now. This would be Stick’s first witnessed meeting.
    *Klara ༻❁ Youch! What was all of that racket about, anyways?? The dandelion pup would leap from her sleep, having made herself comfortable right beneath the alpha stone to sleep off her food coma delivered by Anna yesterday evening. With furrowed brows, she would tilt her head up at the stone to get a good look at whoever’s noggin’ she was gonna chew on… actually, now that she’s reallyyyy lookin’ around… why are there so many wolves here?? ❁༺
    *Ada was angered by Grimolf’s insensitivity and stared at him in utter disbelief. But before she could dignify any of his statements with a response, she heard a loud howl and decided to follow it. What was going on? She padded on through the clearing to reach the source of the howl and settle down. Was this a meeting? Her very first meeting! She could only hope so. She knew at least that she would be welcome. Perhaps she had found her real home at last—right here among these wolves in their pack known as WolfSpirits.
    * Rook The Lore Master would follow in the shadow of his court until he found an open spot to the right of the alpha’s stone. Should any be near this spot, he’d give them a quiet dip of his nose and ensure that his left flank was open for a certain, toxic plant gifter.
    *Grimolf A scoff replied to Ada’s departure watching the Fae walk away from him . ( “ I guess some wolves can’t handle brutal honesty ? “ ) It wasn’t his fault that the brute has never met any Fae’s without packs maybe these wolves needed more consideration ! Grimolf shook his head annoyed by Ada’s behaviour, he dismissed it following the sound of Kova’s howl . It had been a hot minute since their last meeting, he wondered who’d show up today .
    * Ceol Ceol was definitely intrigued by the howl and the thought of a meeting.. but he wanted to try again! “Can we stayyy?” The pup would whine, though still following his mother out as he already knew his grumbling would probably not work that well. “Can’t Kova just have the meeting here instead so I can play more?” Maybe a compromise would do better?

    * Saskia As the she moved along the trees, she’d perk her ears and pause as she caught the sound of another howl. However, this was one quite smaller and less urgent. It sounded like a pup. Saskia gently chuckled and continued until she finally broke into the clearing, her gait slowing significantly.

    Her amber gaze shifts towards the Alpha’s stone where she’d see the silver Alphess atop, watching the wolves of the pack gather round. She huffs, continuing forth until she reaches the bottom of the rock. Her gaze softens as they come in contact with Panther’s dark frame and the Guardian moves to find his side. “My hunter-” She nosed his cheek and murmured. She’d also take note of Vesper’s frame nearby but not Ophaelos’s – not yet. “I smell more new scents, tell me they are friendly?” She ponders, amber gaze searching his green.
    If Kova began talking before she could find an answer, she would remain quiet. For a moment, her hues wander the gathered group, resting upon the stone-hued Storyteller to the right of the stone. She politely dips her crown towards him, one of respect and friendship.


    Fianna would be quick with light steps back through the remaining trees and then the river’s course where she picked a shallow spot to wade. She would nose Ceol along if he flagged at all while turning an ear to his whining. “You’ll have to bug your uncle Rook to take you back to the clearing another time, or perhaps our great hunter Panther, he’s fun.” She would offer in light tones. “For now the Alphess has called we must always heed her call.” She would put emphasis on the word as they made it across the stream and she would look beyond to see all the gathered wolves! She would chuff to the pups as they headed closer, hoping to gather them all near the back so they’d not be too loud.
    *Panther He looked down at Cairdeas, the call for a meeting wasn’t lost to him, in fact it pulled his attention away for just a moment. He looked up towards the stone, Kova standing where she usually does. “That call was for a meeting, c’mon.” Like Vesper he would find a spot in the middle, being able to see and hear just fine without craving his neck up. His steps weren’t hurried, and instead he would slow his approach for the pup to follow him. If he spotted his mate, he would offer a dip of his head, allowing her to take a seat next to him or someplace else of her choosing. It seems she was heading in his direction though, and so he would settle on his haunches and await her approach. “My guardian.” He greeted, nosing her shoulder. “I have not met the newest scents yet, only recently have I spoke with the brute named Redwing.” He offered in quiet tones before focusing back on the meeting. An ear swiveled towards her, and his gaze shifting towards Stick a moment before falling to Kova again.
    * Leora she would have heard the howl from Kova, and quickly turned to trot after her sister and Ceol. She would wave her tail happily towards them before she would make to join the group.
    *Redwing It took some time, but he got rid of the evidence well enough that even Tony gave a shake or two in appreciation; that bush… He’d make his way back out of the southern treeline in time to watch a crowd gather by the stone, which itself felt like a weird thing to be doing. He wondered if one of the pups would be thrust up to the sky and he be made to sound like an oliphant. What was an oliphant anyway? Either way, it seemed important, so he was sure to make his way to where Rook waited. Would he see those he knew or had met along the way?
    *Grimolf A painfully familiar figure headed towards the Alpha’s stone . Grimolf had missed his last meeting, so he intended to be present to this one . The brute silently begged Fenrir for someone to be there that he got along with because sitting through this meeting alone would be difficult . Grimolf glanced around the wolves that were present or the others that were joining deciding where to sit himself down for this occasion .
    *Rowan Briskly trotting through the woods, she may have missed the howl. If the wind favored her, perhaps she would note all the scents coming from the clearing. Regardless, she would quicken her pace. She attempted to weave in and out of the trees, watching as they zipped past her due to her quickened pace. She would reach the stream that separated her from the clearing, and without much thought she would jump over it, it didn’t seem anyone was near the Caretaker cache, not that she even knew that’s where she was. She would slow her pace, still trotting. Perhaps now she would spot the gathered frames in the distance?
    * Vesper As Grimolf approached, Vesper would chuff quietly to the brute, inviting him to sit next to her—in truth, she wanted to see how he had been fairing since the pheasant hunt in addition to helping him find a place to “fit in,” so to speak.
    * Rook Others would begin to gather around the stone among which were those he had longed to see or talk with. One such wolf would be Saskia, to whom went a quiet dip of his nose. He hadn’t seen Redwing just yet as he was approaching from his blind spot.
    * Ceol Leora’s floofy swaying tail would do well to keep Ceol’s mind occupied while they made their way down towards the Alpha Stone, as he was having a fun time trying to jump and nip up at it a few times until they were there in no time. Little amber eyes would scan the gathering for just a moment before he spotted Stick beside the so-called Panther his mother had just mentioned, not hesitating to seat himself beside the other pup. “Guess what.. I got to go to the Course~” He would whisper-not whisper as every pup does.
    *  Kova she remained upon the top of the stone there to wait for the others to gather. She would offer a gentle sway of her tail before stilling it and as the wolves would seat themselves, she’d begin.  “Thank you to all who have heeded the call. We’ve much to discuss and much to share.” she said in kind, but light tones. “First, I’d like to welcome and invite our member, Ophaelos forward.”

    * Ophaelos

    The brute would watch as the rest of the pack flocked to the stone, lightly dipping his head to each who had found their seats among the pack. Perhaps he saw Klara lounging in the shady part of the stone, attempting to tune out whatever commotion was sounding around her? Nothing he would be surprised about, coming from a young pup. Mayhaps he would smile in jest.
    Ophaelos would be watching and listening keenly, however in truth, he would perk his head up sharply to his name. He hadn’t expected to be called forward to the stone so soon—at all, at least for this meeting. He would heed Kova’s call nonetheless, lifting off his haunches and approaching the stone beneath her before dipping his head at the fae. “Yes, my alphess?” He inquired, tones solemn and posture courteous.

    * Kova

    when Ophaelos would make his way forward, she dipped her head in his direction before offering.
    “Ophaelos, you have been a member to our fold for some moons now and before that, you had learned and gathered strength and knowledge from the pack.” her tones light but confident.
    “The realm of our home has strong guardians to protect the closeness of our borders, but with the recent events, you have proven yourself a strong ally in both sight and sound. Both tracking and seeing to those who would do us harm, or not. I would like to offer to you the role of Scout In Training under my guide. To ensure our borders are secure, and the eyes of our pack extended beyond the here and closeness of our home. Do you accept this training role?”

    *Calder the brute would make a hurried pace towards the direction of the clearing for the howl would be heard from far and wide, at least into the hunting grounds. He would break the eastern woods and there enter into the clearing as silently as he could, to ensure he not break protocol or the respect it deserved. If he saw Fianna near, he’d seat himself near.

    *Leora she would have nosed Ceol softly, happy that he had a chance to try the course a few times. He’d get it, they all would, in time! For now though she would focus on the meeting and find herself moving towards her brothers if they where close. A seat there to be found, surely !


    Well, he fully intended to sit next to his brother and sister, but look at this dude! He looks like he needs a friend, all beat up…were those chicken scratches, he wondered? Anyway, he stopped short of joining those that offered him a spot and promptly sat beside Grimolf to listen to what was to be said.
    Part 2
    Ah, was Ophaelos going to be named? Was this where names came from? Hmmmm, he’d look to Grimolf shortly and wonder whether this poor stogy had earned his name? Oh, certainly with those scars he had. Hen hater…rabid rabbit…something cool.
    * Fianna would nuzzle Calder as he arrived and she would curl herself up next to him, still perking toward the stone and a new trainee to be in rank! She would be glad to hear and would eagerly wait to see if Ophaelos would accept the role, an ear turned to the others around her and she would quietly watch

    * Ophaelos

    .ೃ࿐ Ophaelos had discussed, although not at length, his intentions on figuring out the lay of the ranks among the pack before stepping forward as a ranked wolf. Even while in training, he would remain so, but learn all the same. A scout… a role he had been curious about for a long time, in truth, the rank he yearned to explore the most but alas, Sanek had escaped his nose too many times for him to question his ear off about it. Perhaps now, he would have this opportunity; and it is now that he would sink his teeth into it before it managed to escape him.
    Part 2
    He would have plenty of time to learn the ways of a ranked wolf during this training period. Likewise, he would have the opportunity to know whether or not it was suited to him. With Sanek more or less missing, he would wonder if a wolf of another rank would mentor him, as he recalled Saskia mentoring under Fianna… nonetheless, his head would nod, and he would stamp his paw at the she-wolf. “Becoming your Scout-in-training is a high honor that I will certainly accept, Kova,” he tells her. Would his heart be racing? Of course, but his outward disposition was stoic enough to last him through this spotlight! *ೃ༄


    A / slow / head turned towards the wolf that decided to join him and Vesper . Grimolf shot that plain gaze towards this newcomer wondering why of all the places, they chose to sit next to HIM !
    Part 2
    Their gazes briefly met with Grimolf pondering if he should introduce himself to this cheeky brute . Instead, he just sat there staring at him waiting to see who would break this silence .


    when Ophaelos offered his tone of heart and the willingness to see to the training of a role that was vital to ensuring their borders where safe, she dipped her head ever so lightly. She turned a moment to look at the members of the pack then back to Ophaelos.
    Part 2
    “As a training wolf to the role of scout, I will guide you and share with you the wisdom and the ways such a role and what it means.” her tail ushered a light wave. Perhaps her hues had glanced for Sanek’s presence, but not finding him among the gathered, she returned her hues to Ophaelos.
    Part 3
    “As Ophaelos has accepted the role of Scout In Training, let him be known throughout the pack as so.” she would stomp her paw onto the stone and smile to Ophaelos, dipping her head allowing him to return back to the others.
    *Klara ༻❁ Blahblahblah, scout, blabhbalhbalha, honor… the fae pup was simply too rotund with a potbelly from overeating to be listening to everyyy word that came outta their mouths. Maybe once she saw her brother in the crowd, she would quietly crawl away from the stone to arrive at his side to appear as though she had been listening… 🎶 don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious! 🎶 ❁༺
    *Saskia Saskia nodded, the name of the brute being connected with his presence as she watched him move towards Rook. She felt a shudder slink through her spine from the ground beneath her – a chill. Why? She narrowed her gaze for a split second before tearing it from Redwing’s pelt. Scooting closer to Panther, she returned to attention towards Kova as she called forth Ophaelos. Scout IT? Saskia beat her tail behind her gently. She was happy that the white wolf was being considered for such an important role. She looked around for Sanek, the only wolf with the proper title of such a rank. He was nowhere to be seen. Turning back towards Kova, she gruued lightly in acknowledgment of Ophaelos’s new journey. She was proud of him.


    Vesper would remain silent, tail waving as Redwing joined her and Grimolf (hoping they wouldn’t speak over the Alphess) and stamp her paw in celebration of Ophaelos’ accolade and path before him—the path he’d find for those who followed, given the title of Scout, she thought to herself.
    *Ceol “Mhm, I think they played a trick on me and made the log extra slippery, you know?” He stated before his ears would perk up when the congratulating stomp off began. What was happening again?- Oh yeah, a meeting! Did Ophaelos win something? Good for him! Ceol would add his own stomp in, followed by a yip!
    * Rook Rook would watch Ophaelos approach the stone when summoned. What was he to feel other than relief and joy to see a much needed rank be filled by a capable wolf? That relief folded into the firm few paw stamps he placed to the ground beneath him at Ophaelos’ acceptance of the task to become a Scout of Wolfspirits
    *Fianna would stamp a happy paw to Ophaelos’ words and his next step, for their pack sorely had need of a full time scout. She would eagerly watch his training progress as well. When Saskia gruued, perhaps not far off Fianna’s ear flicked and she caught sight of her spirit daughter, tail swaying to see the fae and glad to see her happy beside her own mate.
    *Leora when Ophaelos would be named a training scout, she gruuuued and stomped her own paw for him! She would make a note to see to him afterward for congratulations. She did wonder where Sanek had been?
    *Redwing Oh! Was this a staring contest? He wasn’t all that great at that, but he certainly didn’t mind the silence. Besides, this looked like a formal-wear shindig that he wouldn’t willfully spoil. He was just about to lose the staring contest when a bunch of paw stamps escaped a few wolves around him. Oh! How’d they know what his father did? Wait, did all the wolves do this now? Well, he wasn’t going to be left out so he’d stamp-stamp stamp stamp-stamp…stamp stamp to add a little bit of rhythm to this mix.
    *Ada Ada watched and listened to the interaction between Kova and Ophaelos. She wasn’t sure just what to make of it since she wasn’t a part of the pack yet and didn’t know anybody well thus far. But she felt happy thinking that the male had clearly earned his rank. She wondered what would happen next, how the rest of this meeting would pan out. Who else would be called to the stone? She kept her eyes and ears focused on Kova, allowing her curiosity to take the reins of her mind.


    If Panther noticed Fianna, which was likely, he would offer a smile and dip of his head. Cairdeas was safe with him, and it seemed the brute was fixated upon the meeting ahead of them. Then came along Ceol, a pup he wasn’t as familiar with, that didn’t seem to matter to the young pup however. The meeting hadn’t started just yet, so he wouldn’t scold them about talking. Instead, his gaze would shift from them to Kova as she mentioned Ophaelos. It seemed Ophaelos was being offered a rank, Panther grinned slightly. His gaze shifted, observing the group gathered. His spirit brother? No where to be found. A sigh escaped him, he dipped his head, acknowledging Oph’s newly named rank. His maw was lowered towards Cairdeas, and Ceol. He wouldn’t speak over the alphess, but instead take this opportunity to answer Stick.
    Part 2
    “Scouts in training are wolves training under Scouts, however Sanek has been rather elusive, and so Ophaelos will train under Kova to become a full ranked wolf. Ranked wolves have authority over visitors, pledges, and assessments. Though, they are still lower ranked than the Betas and Alphas.” His voice was low, a whisper, but it would be heard by Cairdeas and Ceol. Perhaps even Saskia if she was listening for his voice. Panther’s gaze would shift to Grimolf, seeing Vesper and Redwing near him. His gaze would linger a moment before falling to the alphess.
    * Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ Ophaelos would dip his head deeply to the fae, mannerisms attempting to convey the highest of solemnity, yet his wagging tail would likely throw a wrench into such an endeavor. When Kova would bid him away from the stone, he would return her smile and find a seat beside Panther, Saskia, and the others, instead of his lonesome. Perhaps he would give them a quiet gruuu to express his happiness! There was much to celebrate, certainly for him, for honor among ranks was important to the snow wolf. When he seats himself, his eyes would subconsciously search the crowd for the aforementioned scout, but alas, his presence eludes them once more. If he were honest with himself, however… mentoring under the alphess was certainly the better option for now, and an even higher honor! Would anyone else be ranking up tonight, too? Perhaps then, his eyes, hopeful, would fan toward the pledges… *ೃ༄


    she would give a brisk swing of her tail and a smile when Ophaelos accepted the role to train as a scout, and she’d allow him the time to with drawl from the stone and back to his place of seating.
    Part 2
    There, she turned once more to the gathered wolves and saw Vesper among them. She would chuff to the fae.
    Part 3
    “Vesper, please come forward.”
    *Grimolf the “ chicken cut “ brute’s stare would be unwavering until the sound stomping paws torn him away from this brute . Out of respect and an excuse not to have to pay attention to this new wolf, he’d stomp his paws briefly sighing loudly . ( “ Why I am getting punished ? “ ) Grimolf again asked himself wondering why higher powers sent these challengers to him . Kova’s loud tone again caught his attention making his orb dart towards Vesper . “ Seems like you’re up, Vesper . Try not to panic . “ He added teasingly feeling the dread of having to be left with this other brute creep in subtly .
    *Rowan Ack, she was late! She realized this as she entered the clearing, still trotting towards the alpha rock. She remained silent, perhaps she had made it just in time to hear Ophaelos be named a Scout in training. If not, she would certainly hear Vesper be called forward. She settled in the back, glancing around for her mentor, not finding her or noticing her tawny frame, she would look towards Kova.


    Part 2
    Vesper would rise to her paws with a nervous tremor to her frame, though she’d do her best to conceal this fact as she padded forward past wolf and pup to stand before the Alpha stone, before the Alphess. She’d bow her head and figure before Kova—she was unsure of what proceedings were usual, but would slowly rise back to her feet, looking up to Kova. Oh yes, she’d try not to panic indeed.
    Part 3
    “Yes, Alphess?” Vesper’s respectful tones weren’t fearful, but certainly a bit of surprise could be noted in her expression—she felt more than a bit of surprise, but was determined not to let it show.
    *Redwing Hearing what Grimolf offered Vesper caused him to lean in and whisper “Panic? So, is this the part where you guys sacrifice someone to ensure the bloodless moon is sated?” his tones were deadly serious, his hues darkly set like the churning of chaos in the dark ichor of a faceless void.
    * Cairdeas Cairdeas was not ignoring Ceol but his attention was on the meeting and Panther more. Though he would say, “Stick want tell mama he thought she was a bit hard to Ceol, but Stick was Scared.” His attention returned to the conversation, wait that wolf he called Alpha, that was not her name? Well this brought more confusion, “Who Alpha?” He was more asking for her name but how would Panther know that? So he might have just pointed her out to him. Quite ironic how things could be lost to assumptions.

    * Kova as the fae would come forward she seemed a little timid, or perhaps questioning the reason behind her call. There would be a lightness to her expression, conveying there was not a need to freight. “Vesper, you have been a pledge of our home and have learned and grown with us. You have done much for the pack, including helping to care for the pups.” she’d smile. “I would like to ask you now, do you still desire WolfSpirits to be your home?”

    *Grimolf Vesper hadn’t even left for an minute and this new brute already was starting to annoy him . “ What ? “ Grimolf said quietly not an ounce of amusement in his tone . His voice was painfully dull and impatient wanting to get this answer from him quickly . ( “ Bloodless moon ? What on earth were they talking about ?! “ )

    * Vesper tawny form would relax at Kova’s expression and words, but her question would stir the butterflies back into the fae’s stomach—these butterflies held the answer, as she still knew, perhaps after these last moons, now more than ever. “I still wish, Alphess,” Vesper replied surely, a soft, small smile taking its place on her own maw. “I do still hope to call this pack my home.”

    *Saskia her mate’s tones were drowned in her own thoughts for a moment before coming back to reality. As Ophaelos joined their flanks, Saskia nosed his shoulder in her own way of showing her happiness for him! “Congrats, O..” She whispered with a warm gaze. Then, Vesper was called forward. Saskia shifted on her paws and listened intently to their conversation. Vesper had truly shown her intent on making this place her home and these wolves her family in many more ways than one. For a brief moment, she caught the scent of her earthen spirit mother, and turned her head to find the gaze of the bear. She waved her tail and perked her ears to show she was excited to see her, perhaps she was engulfed in an array of little ones. Her head turned to meet Grimolf’s and.. Redwing’s frames. Would she find the annoyance upon Grim’s features? If so, she’d leave it for now.

    *Redwing Well, he could tell by the context of the proceedings that preceded part of Grimolf’s response that this was not to be a ritualistic sacrifice. Good, it wouldn’t do for the pups to see such a thing. Now, whether he heard the lack of amusement in this one’s voice or not didn’t matter. Grimolf didn’t look amusing in the same way unbuttered toast didn’t look appetizing, that was the point! Redwing was prescient enough to not respond to Grimolf while the others were talking, but he did look at him a few more times. If he didn’t know about the bloodless moon, which was just the regular moon by the way…that was the low-hanging fruit, then that must make for some dull cloudless nights!

    *Kova she would look to Vesper and offer a swing of her tail to her response. “As an Assessment of Wolfspirits, you will learn and grow even beyond just what you’ve already gained in your heart, in knowing that WolfSpirits is the home you desire. You will be given a mentor.”

    She would pause a moment to gaze to all the wolves present near and around the gathered stone.
    “Your mentor will be Calder” her hues fell to the brute a moment then back to the rest. “He will show you the ways of WolfSpirits, guide you, and will speak for you when the time comes.”
    her paw rose up and stomped the stone. “I am proud to announce you, Vesper, WolfSpirits Assessment.”
    *Panther “The alpha is named Kova, her rank is alpha, some call her Alphess.” He gestured towards her as well, figuring it would help the pup better if he explained. Again, his tones weren’t loud enough to disrupt the meeting, he was only offering insight to the pup. Then, Vesper was called forward and Ophaelos settled near him and his mate. He dipped his head to the snowy brute. He would congratulate him and Vesper as it seemed she was ascending ranks towards Assessment. Panther stomped his paw for her, and he would glance towards Calder, before his gaze shifted back towards the Alphess. He would listen for any questions from Cairdeas as well.

    *Calder he would be seated beside Fianna and the others when he heard his name called. He rose a curious brow. Perhaps not thinking his name would be mentioned to mentor, but, he’d rise and bow his head. He looked to Vesper, giving to her a sturdy nod. “I would be honored to mentor Vesper.” he said in deep tones.

    * Rook Another would approach the stone and another would accept advancement. Rook would stamp his paw to the earth below in congratulations to Vesper and to the choice of mentor. The Son of Ash would be a fine mentor to see Vesper through to membership. Could he see Calder’s reaction to this news? For that matter…could he see his own charges present among the group? In that passing scan of those gathered, he caught sight of Redwing beside Grimolf and sighed.

    *Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ He would glance Vesper’s way when she was called, his eyes turning toward Saskia before he offered her a smile and a quiet, “Thank you…” so as to not interrupt what was about to transpire. His gaze would turn and meet Vesper and Kova once more. Perhaps he had tuned out Redwing and Grimolf, or he simply didn’t hear their banter? Ophaelos would offer a gracious paw stomp, smiling lightly when the fae would be appointed an assessment under Calder—something long overdue and most certainly deserved! Yet another stomp would be pressed into the ground when the dark brute would accept her apprenticeship. *ೃ༄

    *Vesper  heart leapt into her throat and back again at Kova’s words. Assessment! Mentor! Calder! Home… hopefully! Vesper’s tail would wave gently, and she’d bow her head to the Alphess once more. “Thank you, Alphess,” she said, entirely failing to conceal the hopefullness, joy, the surprise in her tones. “I will learn and do all I can to be worthy of this title.”

    *Grimolf If wolves could grit their teeth Grimolf would be doing so ! It took every piece of him not to react to this brute despite his burning anger telling to do otherwise ! The scarred brute turned his head back towards the meeting blinking slowly hoping the other had their fill of amusement for one meeting . He wasn’t in the mood to be dealing with wolves that thought they could jest and play the fool especially during meetings . Grimolf started to notice those who were present starting to look in their direction . Just wonderful, he was getting attention without lifting a paw ! Another sly comment and that was it for them !

    *Fianna would be there, listening quietly as Vesper moved toward advancement, being placed beneath her own mate to be mentored! She would give Calder a brief nuzzle and ear lick and her tail swayed for them both. He’d not mentored another before, other than their pups and she was happy to see him gain this opportunity. He was certainly equal to the task. Fianna would let her gaze travel over those around her, enjoying the pack scattered but close about, spotting Grimolf beside her youngest brother and his frame tense, his expression dark. Fianna would feel her fur prickle some, but she would relax it soon enough, her gaze lingering on Redwing and his own demeanor. A sigh would slip from.her, unbeknownst to her an echo of her brother’s. She would perk back to Vesper and her words!

    *Redwing Mind you, quotations mark dialogue in the standard style of common writing, so when these little doodads were slung together to make words and syntax, they were done so using the inside voice. He’d be thoroughly impressed if that old grandpappy stogy, Oph could hear his thoughts from here, but those new belltones were technological wonders of modern time; maybe there was a mindreader setting? He’d have to get those sweet AARP discounts and soon.  Redwing was not amused in the slightest either. Grim was not amusing, amused, or both? Maybe just buttered side down? Regardless, this one who looked like he had a name already wore scars like words, but he wasn’t one to say just what those meant, so why should he care? Well, he did, but Grim was far too selective in the strangers he opened up to. You know what we do with stubborn cans? We get the can opener!  Mind you, he just infrequently continued to cast dark glances toward Grim as though he was investigating a crime scene.

    * Cairdeas had listened, all he wanted was Kova’s name he already knew her as Alpha, but not Alphess… Interesting… As he made notes he was glad to learn it was still ok to call her such so he had not made a mistake per se, but yet he had, “Kova, I see.” He decided to just make Panther think he did not know any of it. He knew he would feel like an idiot giving someone information they already had. As Vesper was called an assessment Cairdeas stamped his paws and emitted a puppy howl, perhaps a bit late, because learning and stuff.

    * Vesper

    when Vesper would accept the role of Assessment, she smiled and dipped her head. “May your path to home be swift and true.” she said in gentle tones before allowing her to take the place she desired to seat herself. She would then turn her hues towards the direction of the gathered once more and gave a light swing of her tail before pulling it around her. “I wanted to take this moment to thank each of you for all the dilgence you’ve done for the pack and for home. I know these past few months have been a trial to all of us, but we continue to prevail and so does the strength of those of WolfSpirits.” she dipped her head and smiled lightly. “As some of you may know, or not, we ventured northerward to see the end of the wolves who would see our home harmed. Ophaloes, Rowan, Shakira , Rook and myself saw to their demise swiftly but unfortunate events transpired that saw our home pulled ablaze. I am hopeful that the demise of Kaylus will be the end of the darkness that haunted us for sometime. Now… now is a time to grow.”
    *Leora her hues would smile happily towards Vespers advancement. She was happy for the fae! Her ears turned to Kova when she spoke of the Olc and the darkness to the north snuffed out. Oh, how she couldn’t help but feel still responsible for it all. What had happened to her brothers and sister to the east? Beyond the hollow wood? More tales to share and hear but she dipped her head.
    *Grimolf Dark glances that were ignored ! Grimolf was using all of his experience here in the WS’s pack not to lash out . Why was this brute giving him, so much trouble ? Probably just another pup bored out of their mind, and decided to come over to bother him . Although, if he didn’t pay attention to this brute maybe they’d get bored and move onto their next target . Narrowed orbs watched the meeting feeling Redwing’s gaze burning into the corner of his orb . One more bad jest about moons or the sacrifice of pups would make Grimolf act . . .

    *Vesper  would pad away from the Alpha stone on light-padding paws and with an even lighter heart, her eyes scanning for Calder in those gathered—he’d be by Fianna, yes, there he was, indeed—and she’d make her way to the two, hopefully seating herself close to them if there was room. She’d dip her head to both Fianna and Calder, but words could wait until after the meeting—for now, her joy would simply be apparent in her shining gaze.

    * Rook The situation behind him seemed contained enough, so he returned his attention forward. The report of the north did leave out the east, but he was thankful for missing part. All that was needed to be known was that the pack had dispatched with Kaylus and the Olc at their doorstep. To that and to his court’s words, he would stamp his paws.


    *Calder when Vesper would make her way over to himself and Fianna, seating nearby he would dip his head in a mutual greeting to her before his hues fell back to Kova and the words shared. A deep weight would fall to his stomach. The mention of his sisters demise and the packs vanquished from the north, he hoped now the Olc can be put behind them and something new could and will come of it.


    *Ada  was happy to hear about Vesper’s advancement. Vesper, by her measures, seemed like a friendly and kind she-wolf who deserved to be here. Then she listened as Kova made a long speech. What was going on now? She was as curious as ever, like she was a little pup begging her parents for a story all over again. That was a sad thought, in hindsight. What would happen now? She maintained her focus on the Alpha far ahead of her.


    *Redwing didn’t know that questions were trouble. He also didn’t know that Vesper was a pup or that he, for that matter was a pup. He was as old as Leora, but contextural clues from inner monologue…ah, ah, ah I caught you takin’ a peek, were likely enough to give an unsuitable impression. No, Redwing chose to be a sweet and spicy dichotomy, or, at the very least, a blazingly clear mirror. Peek a boo!  Redwing had likely would have had enough of Grimolf if Grimolf would’ve…oh, almost gave the secret away. Nope! Instead, Redwing just stamped his paws again to the news of whoever it was dying in the north. Good, they likely deserved it!

    *Fianna Fianna would stamp a paw for Vesper’s new status and when the fae moved to sit by them she would reach to nose her briefly in greeting and congratulations, her eyes happy for the fae. She wouldn’t speak for now however as she listened to Kova words, offering a long slow nod to them. She was grateful more than words could say for those who had risked life to see the north less threatening and ominous. Was it safe now? Now that the Olc were gone (or were they…) who would hold dominion over it? Fianna would muse to these thoughts, wondering if their own pack held enough sway out that far. She would shrug off these thoughts for now and reach to nuze Calder. Looking to him for his reaction of his sisters death. She knew they had not been on good terms..

    * Kova she would make note of each wolf’s notions and their responses in kind. A strong dip of her head was given again before she would turn once more to the gathered. Her eyes scanned the wolves and those present before offering. “Should any desire to come forward and speak, I open the earth for you to step forward and let your voice be heard.” Ada was a new wolf among the group, and she had only recently just met the fae.

    *Grimolf Questions weren’t trouble depending on the situation or circumstance . This being one of the circumstances where questions could be seen as trouble . Grimolf’s body language was tease with his fur starting to stand on end from Redwing’s very presence . The scarred brute again brought his paws down to stomp in celebration of the news noticing the brute beside him doing the same . When was Vesper going to come back ? Surely, she’d see that this brute was doing this on purpose to get a raise put him !
    * Ada  got up and stepped forward to where everyone could see her. She approached the Alpha, keeping a short distance. She dipped her head to be respectful before tilting her head upward again. “May I pledge myself to WolfSpirits? I still desire to join now as I did the day I came upon this land.” She hoped she would be allowed to, though admittedly she was worried she’d be told to sit back down.

    *Kova she would continue to look over the wolves present and those who would remain seated, and those who might approach. Her tail ushered a gentle wave before stilling when Ada would come forward.  Heer hues watched her and to her request she’d respond.   “Ada, welcome.” her nose dipped. “As you have requested to join our fold, I would say to you that your first step to joining us is to become a Pledge. This is the time where you seek for your hearts purpose and ensure that you desire it to belong to WolfSpirits as your home. As this is your current desire, then, I would like to name you Pledge of WolfSpirits.”

    * Calder he would look to Ada, a fae he only briefly met throughout his time here. Her scent lingered but he hadn’t formally talked to the fae. When she requested to join, he smiled. He stomped his paw lightly for the new pledge of their home.

    *Fianna Fianna’s tail would sway to Ada’s first step in joining their pack! She would be eager to see how her paths would draw her on.
    *Cairdeas was a bit confused to what Kova meant as she talked about Pledge, “Why seek hearts purpose? What that mean?” He looked back at Panther hoping he might enlighten him. Though in this case experience might be a better teacher than words
    *Vesper So Ada would pledge!! Vesper’s paw would stamp in celebration for her first step—she hoped that the new fae would gain confidence along with the title, as it was something the fae surely needed, judging from past interactions. Still, Vesper was happy, and her tail waved joyfully at the meeting night’s air.

    * Redwing

    Raises, in this economy, were just a none starter. He’d not be giving nor getting a raise this year! Again, he’d not say anything and hadn’t said anything for quite a while now. Sure, he had been giving Grim dark inquisitive glances, but was that something this scarred brute really bristled at? He couldn’t handle the investigative glances of one curious to all the words written on his frame? Oh, don’t let Redwing know…he might enjoy these otherwise droning social events if nothing more than to bring Grimolf great joy…wait, no, not joy. It was to give Grimolf great torment!  As it was, Redwing listened to the exchange between Ada and Kova quite intently now. So, one pledges themselves to the pack. He wondered what the exchange rate was on this pledging deal…

    * Ada  couldn’t believe what she’d just heard. She’d done it, she’d really done it. She had taken the first step to joining this pack. She was a pledge now, this was the beginning of a wonderful journey she’d undertake. She wasn’t an outsider anymore. She was starting to belong here. Ada couldn’t wait to see what else would happen as she continued forward during her time here. One thing was for sure, she intended to stay. When she had said she wanted a real home, she meant it. This was going to be her home, so long as all went well. She realized that in all the excitement, she had forgotten to respond. “Thank you! Oh, thank you!” Then she stepped away and settled back down where she was seated before, in absolute awe and disbelief that she really was on a brighter path now, her life’s course on a better trajectory than it had ever known before. Her world was only just beginning to change, and she was already in love with that

    * Kova she would grin and stomp her paw once more. Would she hear Cairdeas speaking throughout the meeting? Questions of course abound for a pup, but a chance to perhaps learn that one will also listen in quiet patience for those things to be shared later. When Ada would be announced a pledge, her hues fell to Grim. “Grim.. please come forward” she would call to the brute.

    * Kova she would grin and stomp her paw once more. Would she hear Cairdeas speaking throughout the meeting? Questions of course abound for a pup, but a chance to perhaps learn that one will also listen in quiet patience for those things to be shared later. When Ada would be announced a pledge, her hues fell to Grim. “Grim.. please come forward” she would call to the brute.

    *Rook The first step was often the hardest, especially if taken backwards. Ada had done what she could to pledge herself to the pack, which was an important first step. As such, when she was named and accepted as a pledge, he would once more stamp his paw to the ground. Curious now, he’d turn to look to Grimolf and then to Kova. The Lore Master hadn’t much of any tale of this wolf other than ill reports. He, in fact, watched initially as Grim turned away from pledging only to turn about the next meeting. Back and forth…that was the motion he sensed in this torn wolf. Was Kova going to end that here and now, he wondered, or would this wolf be set upon a narrower path where backsliding was met with harsher penalties?

    * Grimolf

    It wasn’t that he couldn’t handle it or that one lone brute was enough to bring him such frustrations . Grimolf wasn’t in the mood to be dealing with one or hundreds of these Redwing’s that threatened to send him over the edge . Redwing had managed to annoy him, but that would be instantly be shot down by Kova’s voice . Grimolf felt his heart stop hearing his name being called forward . Now, everything had changed from petty inconveniences to the real deal . Kova hadn’t called upon the brute ever and now the brooder was put into the spotlight . This could be his moment or something much worse . Grimolf stood up approaching the stone stopping in front of Kova facing up towards the Alphess .
    * Fianna a new pledge and a good start for her, too. Fianna would stamp as the fae was so named and then her ears would shoot up as Grimolf was called forth? Curiosity to what may be to come next would lift within her. He would face the music one way or another, and find his path.. Or not. Fianna would wait and watch, noting to see Ceol had fallen asleep, and Klara too perhaps. But Cairdeas seemed as alert as ever. As she kept hearing his questions piping up she would perhaps try to pin him with a quieting glance though she was not right next to him for now.

    * Kova when the brute would come forward below the stone, she would look to him with serious hues. Her tones would match her expression which would be light, but toned. Her eyes perhaps searching Grim’s more closely than others. “Grim, you have been a pledge to our home for the duration in which it would take to seek a home. I would ask you now, Grim, as your time as a pledge, do you still desire to call WolfSpirits home?”

    *Panther listened, nodding to Cairdeas. His gaze trained on Kova as she continued, she didn’t call anyone up this time. Instead, she spoke on the North. That topic had bugged him ever since the fire’s, but now having learned a few ‘Teller wolves had been in the territory, that bugged him too. He reminded himself to ask Fianna about it, if she wanted to share. The darkness in the North seemed snuffed out, and so he would allow a sway of his tail to show before it stilled. Then, Ada, a wolf unknown to him was named Pledge. He looked to Stick, smiling a bit, he nosed him. “A heart has its purpose, my hearts purpose was to pledge myself to WolfSpirits and become the rank of Hunter. Just like my heart had pledged itself to Saskia, to be her other half.” He paused, “One day, your hearts purpose will make itself known.” He added, and his green orbs settled on Kova as she called Grimolf forward. Then, he waited, is Grim going to be named an assessment?


    *Redwing Didn’t yet have old stogy’s mind-reading belltones, so only had the physical cues to go off of, which indicated that Grim was about as serious as heart disease. Redwing likely lacked the patience to know why Grimolf was the way he was. Anyone who didn’t like questions or took themselves too seriously, kinda like his brother, were wolves that had far too easy weaknesses to exploit. Loss of control was a weakness his dark hues saw in Grimolf, but he’d not push him farther. When the brute went up to be named, he’d steal away to go and sit by Leora. She was better at living life!

    * Saskia

    Saskia had lost her focus to some scurrying within the tree line but had now returned her attention to the here and now. Her amber gaze would find the new female as she moved in to pledge herself to the pack. It was a wolf she’d not greeted yet and they were already pledging to the pack?! Of course, it was her own fault for her own absence but one could still be shocked. She watched Ada with curious hues, and as she found a spot back within the crowd, Saskia’s gaze returned to Kova. Grimolf’s name was one not often heard and especially wasn’t expected tonight. Her tail stills behind her and she tilts her head as Grim approaches and in her left ear she finds the words of her mate as he speaks to the smaller pup. An almost momentous sway of her tail goes out to his lovey-dovey words but her gaze is steady on the broody brute.


    Any previous expressions or demeanours caused by his own actions or outside parties were put to rest . Grimolf’s own orbs met Kova’s ; a burning look igniting in his yellow coloured hues ablaze . Judging by the question maybe one of his worse fears were snuffed out, but another hidden challenge revealed itself to him . Was he really ready to abandon his former life and commit himself to another pack, fully ?  “ I do . “ A simple and short answer was given to the Alphaess . Grimolf had made up his mind accepting whatever outcome was to brought before the brute . WS’s had been good to him even when he had done them wrong . . . that was rare for any pack and Grimolf wouldn’t forget that . This was his honest response and one he’d stick to whatever the reply .

    * Kova she would look to Grim and await his response with curious but close eyes. When he offered the tones of a heart wanting to continue on a path to home, she would nod. “As an Assessment of WolfSpirits, you will follow the path of not just your heart, but the ways of the pack. You will learn and grow alongside those you desire to call family.” She would wait a moment more before she’d continue. “You will learn the ways of the pack from a mentor.” she looked to the gathered wolves, in particular, the members of the pack. “Your mentor will be our Lore Master, Rook.” her hues fell to her court a moment before turning to Grim. Perhaps gauging his reaction to the mentor chosen. “Are you willing to uphold the rules, learn the rules and ways of our pack and accept your mentors guidance?”

    *Leora when her brother, Redwing, came closer to her she gruuued softly, nuzzling him in a greeting before her hues fell back to Grimolf. She watched carefully and some how she felt the tensions from the others? She waited for his response to Kova’s words and now, mentor.
    *Ophaelos would have watched Ada pledge herself soon thereafter, offering a stomp, and his tail would flick and then still as he muses to himself. He hadn’t the chance to formally greet the fae, but knew her name and was around her while Fianna carried out the civilities. Perhaps he shall greet her soon after the meeting ends if she still lingers. Now that he was named Scout IT, it would serve in his best interest.  Careful eyes would fall toward Grimolf now when he was called to the stone. Here, his gaze would become a little sharper than before—not with ire but with perception. The brute had been here for quite some time. Ophaelos was a fresh pledge when he first made his way into the packlands, brewing up trouble with an over-ripe attitude. Some may say that nothing had changed, but it was clear that it had, albeit slowly. He was still here, after all. Should Grimolf have remained the same brute he was when he first arrived, his hide would be decorating a den by now or narrowly attached to his frame, dozens of miles away from the territory. So now, the snow wolf simply observed the brute from afar. Kova deemed him worthy enough to stand under the Lore Master, so Ophaelos would look on with the same sentiment. Would tonight be the night that the brute finally restores his standing in the pack?
    *Calder he would watch the proceedings and smile to Ada when she was named a pledge, but his hues now fell to Grim. His stature seemed to draw a little more inward now. He would gauge his reaction very carefully. When Rook was named his mentor, he quietly held his own thoughts.

    * Fianna wwould be glad to hear Grimolf’s simple but effective answer. As she had told him earlier today, time and action would show and tell his heart far better than words or brooding looks. Fianna would look toward Rook as he was named mentor once more. Perhaps this assessment would be more eager to learn? Fianna would hope so.

    * Rook For Rook, words were a trade and a way of life. He bartered them, wove them, and respun them in such a way to preserve what was for those that were. He hadn’t the full tale of what Grim had done or not done…what he said or what he hadn’t said. That, frankly, didn’t matter to Rook. Troubled or not, the standards were the same. If he were tasked to bringing Grim up to those standards, then the challenge was a welcomed one. Those others under his direction were busy seeking out the tales he bade them to find. Whether they would return with those tales or return empty mawed was their choice. Could the same barter be given to Grim? The Lore Master gave no indication or reaction to his naming. One golden and one amber hue simply turned to Grim as though the Gray Raven sat perched atop his nearly lifeless corpse. Would the lad breath, or would he give up the ghost?
    *Redwing Perfect match, he thought. A bunch of overly serious, no fun having brutes that couldn’t see the fun in the viscera…all business. What’s life without dancing in the rain, he thought? He was happy to sit beside Leora and thought better of the choice for the next social function these wolves might invite him to.
    *Rowan In the back of the crowd, all by her lonesome. She had been silently observing, her gaze attempting to pin point each wolf she knew. Vesper, Panther, Saskia.. Grim? Grimolf! Her eyes widened seeing him at the front of the crowd, she looked to Kova having heard the fae call him forward. She took a deep breath, hoping he wasn’t about to be chased away. But, what was this!? Assessment! She would wait a moment, eager to hear his mentor. Her gaze shifted towards Rook, she nodded, looking back to Grimolf. How would he answer?

    *Grimolf Kova’s words rang in his ears not fully letting the brute comprehend his current situation . Formerly a pledge to the WS’s pack and now an official assessment to the pack ! Grimolf had been so worried about his current standing from his behaviour that he completely lost any hope of raising through the ranks during the following moons . The scarred brute stayed silent listening closely to Kova explain his new rank and title occasionally nodding to show that he was fact listening fully. The next sentence definitely caught his attention ! A mentor that was mentioned by one of the pack members moons ago and now it was actually happening !  Then came the name of his mentor : the lore master rook . A careful gaze followed Kova’s staring at the future teacher . “ I’m willing to uphold the rules and learn the ways of the pack , accepting my mentors guidance . “ He repeated , adding his own touch to the vow .  So, mr story teller was going to be his mentor, huh ? This was going to be interesting .

    *Fianna Fianna would perhaps feel fatigue wash over her, but not wanting to slink off mid meeting she would curl beside Calder and cozy up beside him, basking in his scent and strength as she listened to the murmur of voices and paths carried on. She would sleepily but with no less interest, stamp at paw for the new assessment once he was so named.
    * Kova her eyes fell to Rook for a moment more then back to Grim. When the brute would offer the words and affirmation of his desire, she would nod her head firmly but there was still a lightness in her hues. “Then as all who are witness to Grim’s pledge to move forward, his mentor to guide him, I would like to have the privilege of naming you Grim, Assessment of WolfSpirits. May your path be true, your heart truer, to a home you wish to call your own and those who would see you family.” She would stomp the stone beneath her pads and dip her head to Grim. There was a knowing expression therein, one that would convey lightness and truth. Hope.
    *Leora would gently nudge her brother softly as she swushhed her tail beside his own. When Grim was named an assessment, she would gently paw the earth before looking up to Redwing, nosing his shoulder softly with a smile. Oh yes, she was good company indeed! She’d listen and wait to hear of any other doings before the meeting would be named ended.

    * Ophaelos would stomp his paw on the ground when Kova would name him an assessment and a breath would release from his lungs soon after. Things were looking up for the broody wolf, and now that he was under Rook’s guidance, he felt sure enough that his behavior from here on out would be pleasant enough. Becoming an assessment is a testament to this already. Reflecting on previous feelings, the brute would not necessarily feel proud of him for achieving basic decency, but he would most certainly be relieved, and happy on his behalf. He remembered the day he was assigned to Saskia as an assessment and how happy he was, and the snow wolf would simply hope Grimolf felt the same about his new mentor. When things would wrap up with Grimolf and Rook, his eyes would sway across the gathered wolves and return to Kova. Would anyone else be fortunate enough to step up to the stone tonight, or would that be all? Quietly, he would await the alphess’s next words.*ೃ

    * Rook

    The Gray Raven had heard all that was needed; a breath among the carrion. The words themselves were whatever the ear deemed them to be. What was true was the binding that had now been completed. The road hereafter narrows, and the journey through it was perilous. For now, however, a modicum of hope, joy, and all those tailings of associated things may freely be enjoyed. Rook would stamp once more to the completion of this task and Grimolf’s advancement. There, he’d wait and remove the gold and amber gaze from his newest apprentice to see just who else remained among the gathered.

    * Cairdeas had waited for the others to react and stomped both paws, almost jumping forward, but more in place. He may have looked up to Panther seeing if that was alright?

    * Grimolf The broody brute for once couldn’t help, but let himself smile . Not just any smile, but a genuine smile in front of the entire pack . Showing them a more positive side that wasn’t common for the brute reveal . Grimolf had prepared himself to be exiled or torn apart for his recent behaviours, but this he couldn’t of predicted ! Grimolf bowed his head letting the moment / really / sink in for him . This was real and this was happening for him ! The brute had found his purpose — he had found a reason to live again . Although, he was overwhelmed by this joyous occasion ! Grimolf truthfully didn’t know how to properly react only offering that smile . Stepping away from the stone, he’d return to his original seat beside Redwing .

    *Vesper So Grimolf would be named as well! Vesper had taken her first step as pledge, and now the two of them would step forwards, forward to a future, to hope. She’d stamp her paw, a forlorn, sorrowed look filling her eye as she remembered one who had pledged beside her as well, one named Elder, one named Amoux… the sorrow would leave her gaze as quickly as it had arrived, but an aching hope and remembrance would remain.

    *Kova her head dipped when Grim would move from the stone, a freshly named assessment. She to would cast her eyes to the other wolves who where still awake and gathered. There was a moment her hues fell to her court. Her heart gently beating against her chest. Not in nerves, but of a union she felt when she looked to him. Just as the delicate lunar flower would wait for the moon’s gentle embrace of light, they’d wait just a little longer for the hour drew nearer later than anticipated. Much to celebrate and much to share, she would turn once more to the gathered. “Does anyone wish to share or bring anything forward before I conclude this evenings meeting?”


    Redwing would sway idly and bump into Leora somewhat playfully. Man, was this thing dragging on! Back and forth…back and forth like a game of ping pong meets non intuitive AI. When at last Grimolf was given words after his name, Redwing felt a pang of joy! What from was his own secret. What wasn’t secret was that this Redwing was in a different castle! He had moved away and sat by Leora. If Grimolf actually insisted on sitting next to him, then he’d sign them both up for a revised clinical study on the Stockholm syndrone.


    when she felt the nudge to her shoulder in a playful manner, she would lean into Redwings and griiii lightly before she’d offer one back. If Grim did happen to head on over, she would dip her head a moment to watch him carefully, but gave a smile none-the-less. See? The fun corner. She turned to Kova and when she announced an open floor once more before the close, she would think a moment but remain reclined. Her thoughts can be had for an update next meeting!

    * Rook turned his gaze to his court after the brief survey of those still here. Those present seemed keen on celebrating their advancements, and he was not one to dissuade that. He also had nothing to add, having given only the opening thoughts to a Lore Night. He’d find the time to schedule one soon, he thought. Much lore was to be shared.

    *Grimolf a nod was returned to Leora on his way back over to the “ fun corner “ . Internally, Grimolf had been so insistent about this annoying brute leaving him alone or better yet moving away from him, but here we was sitting back down next to him . The dark brute was many things and stubborn was definitely one of them ; this was his spot and he wouldn’t leave it because of some brat .Grimolf would stay a little longer before calling it a night .

    *Ophaelos With nothing left to add, Ophaelos would simply remain quiet for the rest of the meeting. Perhaps for a moment, he would think of Redwing, though his eyes would not find the comical brute. It seemed like he wasn’t in the market for pledging tonight—how curious indeed. Like the wind, the thought would move elsewhere and out of his mind, and his eyes settled upon Kova.

    * Redwing

    Yep, he was signing them up for that clinical study right now. Poor Grim didn’t realize that Redwing had moved and must be blinded by the sweet, sweet positive feedback haywire response to his torturous inner monologues. Very well. More joy could be had! “See? The sacrifice to the bloodless moon has begun and you’ve found some sort of additional words to your name, Grim, assessment of Wolfspirits. Not bad.” The use of the informal variation of his name might be grating, but to be completely consistent…and annoyingly so, Grim was all Redwing had heard this far.

    * Kova

    when it would seem that the world fell silent for the time being, she gave a light smile rising to all fours. Her paw came up and she stomped it upon the stones surface. “Well met and good e’ve all, thank you to each who heeded the call. Until next we gather. Enjoy peace, food, and company. Learn and grow.” she would bow her head before concluding the meeting with another final stomp before she effortlessly lept from the stone’s edge , landing rather sourly on her paws. She would almost trip, forgetting the bruises momentarily but hopefully the finesse she had would save her and she’d trot forward in an effort to catch herself.

    Pack Meeting #201

    By Meeting, Pack Meeting No Comments

    Meeting Notes

    July 5th, 2021

    • Panther is promoted to full pack member
    • Sanek is promoted to full pack member
    • Ankha advances to Assessment
    • Traeiri becomes a Pledge
    • Accalia becomes a Pledge
    • Lore Night scheduled for July 9th, 2021 @ 6PM PST / 8PM CST / 7PM MT
    Number Of Wolves Present


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      Traeiri Accalia

      Pack Meeting Begins


      * Atraya the smell and sense of many seemed to tickle her nose, and as such, she knew that it was time for a meeting. Long over due, really. Reaching the edge of the Alpha’s rock, she would feel her way across the stone. Careful and tentitive eyes would look ahead. Though she could not see, she could smell. When she reached the edge of her stone, she would lift her muzzle and howl for a gathering. A  call to a pack meeting.

      * Traeiri smelled of rich earth from digging and exploring in the ancient forests, of dampness from the water that still clung to her fur from an earlier attempt at fishing and faintly of the other wolves from the last times she had seen them. “I’ve been exploring these lands I can’t seem to get enough…there are so many things to see and to smell”. Her eyes were bright excitement almost
      * Traeiri dripping off her form. “How have you been kov…”. She silenced herself as the call rang rich and loud through the air. Looking confusedly at Kova for a moment, hoping to follow her lead on what she was supposed to do next.
      * Kova would dip her head to Traeiri. “Indeed, there sure is.” her tones light and to her wellbeing, she would respond in kind to “I’ve been well, thank you-” considering she was already within the clearing she saw Atraya move to the edge of the Alpha’s stone. To the call for a meeting, she would swing her tail behind her slowly and nose Traeiri warmly “Looks like a meeting” ears drew forward as she smiled, nosing her again before moving alongside her until she reached the Alpha’s stone. She’d allow the fae to get to her own place. She looked around, wondering where Shukie was and frowned not seeing her among the gathered.
      * Accalia perking her ears up to the calling she listened intently following in suite with the others that had gathered.
      * Sanek would see Panther arrive in the Clearing. A joyful chuffing yip resounded from his maw. He’d stand and wag to his friend. He’d also spot Traeiri, the wolf who stuck around the territory for a long time. He’d also note Atraya and Kova within, perhaps he’d spot a few others? “Well, it seems plenty of wolves are gathered around here. With who should we start?” he hoped there
      * Sanek would be a meeting, he told Sirris that he thought if enough wolves showed up in the Clearing, along with one of the Alphesses or Beta, they would probably have a meeting. HIs ears perked to the howl. He began to rush to the Alpha Rock at its call, then turned back to Accalia. “A meeting is about to begin. Take a seat around the rock and perhaps you’ll be called forth!” he
      * Sanek said with a few happy wags, then resumed his course to the rock, searching for a fine place to seat himself.
      <Calder> He would be within the densite area when the howl came. He would feel his body tense just enough to be jarred by the call, but, it would be one he’d heed. He would dip his head, perhaps breaking the silence again. ~ Well looks like I’ll find out for you. I will be back soon ~ he said warmly and dipped his head to his mate and turned to make his way towards the clearing. Luckily for him, Fianna hadn’t made the den to far from the clearing itself. A good place indeed. Eventually he’d reach the clearing’s edge and there peered around to who was present.
      * Traeiri accepted the noses gently a few soft tail wags emitted as she followed dutifully behind Kova, seeing the other wolves begin to move in a circle about the rocks and find their own places she would move to do likewise. Settling around the circle on the northwest side she would look up to Atraya and the rock excitedly. She knew nothing of meetings other than what had been told to
      * Traeiri her by Kwa and Sanek and looked forward to being a part of it. She waited patiently to hear what would happen.
      * Shakira finally worked the second chunk free just as the Alphas howl reached her, a summoning howl, perhaps a meeting? It had been quite some time since the last pack meeting, and many more wolves had come forth to join the fold since, this should be a very eventful meeting indeed. Using her paws to position the two chunks of meat so she could awkwardly but adequately arrange them in a way that she could carry in her
      * Shakira jaws, she would set off for the Clearing, head hanging low as she seemed to waddle as fast as she could with the extra weight. Was this perhaps similar to how Fianna had felt not long ago?
      * Panther heard the howl and began padding over to Sanek and Accalia, He was thinking of sitting beside his friends. After reaching Sanek’s side he nosed him, Then seated himself. He gazed upon the Alphess. He still wondered where Shukie was though.
      * Sanek would sit and watch as his friend, Panther came to join him and Accalia. His heart beat strongly, while he listened for what the Alphess would say. Sirris.. where was Sirris? Hopefully she wouldn’t be missing a meeting like this. He glanced around then looked back up at Atraya again, his tail thumping the ground lightly.
      * Atraya the movement of bodies seemed to overload her senses. She could make a mental note of who was there, and who was present. Shifting her paws beneath her, she would lower herself down onto her haunches and would wait for a few more to show. It took some time to get there, depending on where in the territory they where. There would be a few wolves she sought out by scent and it would seem, »»
      <Atraya> »» those wolves where present. Letting loose a low breath, she would offer a chuff to Sanek, Panther, and Calder. “Panther, Sanek and Calder.. please come forward.”
      * Kova would watch Traeiri take a spot near the others and it was there she saw Panther, Sanek and a few others enter. She swung her tail behind her before it stilled. Having taken her place at the mantle beside Atraya, she would ensure that she knew she was present. Still wondering where her sister Shukie was. She cast long a glance now to the trio who where called forward. Her eyes seemed to scan »»
      <Kova> »» once more, if only to see whom else might be present or in the shadows.
      * Panther knew Sirris was missing..He gazed around for a moment. Then, He gazed upon Atraya again as she called for the assessments to step forward. He rose to his mitts, Then did as she told him, He padded forwards.
      <Calder> Suprisingly enough, he’d hear his name called among the fold. He would make note of wolves he’s met, those he has yet to meet. Careful and more calculated where his eyes and his own steps and his paws shifting equally so to move along the path to the Alpha’s rock. There, he’d stop and look to Panther and Sanek briefly. He’d no doubt carry a myrid of scents but looked up to Atraya now.
      * Sanek quickly stood and nosed Panther gently as he padded towards the boulder. He dipped his head lowly to Atraya, tail tucked submissively, ears down. His tail was hard to keep down, but he managed. He’d glance around for Calder, wondering if he was already there or still coming. That brute was like a shadow. Slowly creeping in without Sanek noticing. Then he lifted his head back up
      * Sanek and waited.
      * Atraya feeling the emptiness of the air grow with frames of wolves, scents accompanied to, she would shift her paws again and slowly rise. “Wolves of WolfSpirits…. Sanek, Panther and Calder. I bring you trio forward for your journey with us has been long, and as well, earned. I would like to ask you three now, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits as your home? As your pack and as your family?”
      * Fianna would have listened with curiosity to Calder’s words, and when the howl rang out, close enough to be recognized as her mother’s voice she would perk, a bone in her maw as she looked to the east. When Calder spoke again and headed off she would nod to him and wag, longing to go but knowing her place was here. Soon, all too soon she would introduce the pups to the pack. But not yet.. Eyes first.. Then names. She had been mulling over names, thinking on the pups as personalities would soon begin to blossom. As Calder went to to the clearing, she would go with in him spirit, but finish her meal and move in to warm the pups and feed them their own meal.
      <Calder> He would look to Atraya and then to her inquiry. He had left Fianna promptly, but, with purpose of finding out how the others where doing. How they were doing. Upon her question, he thought. He wasn’t as quick to respond as previous meetings. He furrowed his brows again before he bowed his head, dipping it if only in respect and thought. ~ I am honored, Atraya, that you and the pack feel I »»
      <Calder> »» am ready to ascend to the next place. To be family. But…. ~ his tones a low timber, rumbling now with the usual depth they held. ~ I would like to request to hold off, if I may. At least.. until Fianna can be present. It’s an asension that has great weight, and, I would feel very light without her to share in that moment. ~ he would keep his head low. He’d await Atraya’s »»
      <Calder> »» response.
      * Kova would look to Calder for a brief long moment. His words sinking in to the depth they would hold. She would make an ‘awe’ gesture in the belly of her throat in the form of a rumble before nodding. An admirable request, she thought, and would know her sister would be glad to be present to.
      * Sanek it was the moment he had been waiting for since he had started as pledge. The pack kindly took him in and treated him well. Now he hoped he could repay them for all that everyone had done. He’d nod to Calder at his choice, a thoughtful and considerate one, then took one step forward. “Every single pack I’ve known had only shown hatred and resentment to me. WolfSpirits though-
      * Sanek my paws and heart have found home. It is the greatest pack I’ve ever known and ever will know. Never would I choose to leave here. I have good friends now, something I’ve been searching for tirelessly throughout my life. Indeed, I still desire to join WolfSpirits.” he took a deep breath.
      * Panther nosed his friend back, gently. His gaze would wander to Calder for a second, Then again to Sanek. He dips his head to the brutes, Then listens to Calder’s words, He slightly wondered why Fianna couldn’t be present. He smiled at the though though. Perhaps they were mates? They did spend a lot of time together. Panther shrugged, not really
      * Panther knowing. He then listened to Sanek, Panther personally wasn’t prepared with his words, So he allowed them to go first. “I have grown to love this pack, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I would be honered to travel in this pack’s paw steps. I would be lost if it weren’t for you kind wolves.” He attempted to speak in a ‘poetic’ way, But
      * Panther felt like he failed, He wasn’t good with words and it showed.
      * Atraya turned her ear towards Calder first. There was only a moment that passed by before she gave a nod of her head in his direction. She would recall such feelings before, and, knew them well enough to understand why he’d request such. “Of course, Calder. You may seat yourself.” her tones light but still serious. “If you must attend to others things, please, do so as well.” a knowing »»
      <Atraya> »» nod was given in his direction and admiration for his desire to wait. Turning, she heard Panther and Sanek’s words. Heartfelt and true. Like a spirit tied to this home, it was familiar words she too shared when she pledged and joined so long ago. “As a WolfSpirit you will embody what it means to be pack, to be family, and to be true to yourself. To allow your journey to grow with us and »»
      <Atraya> »» alongside us as both family, and pack. To defend your home and to yield your knowledge to those who will come after you and before you. To enforce the ways and rules of our home. Are each in agreement to this pledge to WolfSpirits. To this pack and family?”
      * Shakira would finally break through the eastern treeline into the Clearing, a strange sight for anyone who happened to look her way though she hoped unlikely as the meeting seemed to be underway. Readjusting the two uneven hunks of meat in her jaws, she would waddle a short ways north along the treeline before pausing to tuck the meat beneath a well sheltered pine with thick needled branches hanging heavily on the ground,
      * Shakira she would show the stash to the new father after the meeting if he was present. As she padded swiftly towards the heart of the Clearing, she would now take notice of those that must have been called forth by the Alpha, her tail swaying as she settled near the back of the gathered group, nosing any of of those that would notice her but remaining quiet out of respect for the Alphas words and the wolves that were
      * Shakira being asked of their dedication to the pack.
      * Ankha would begin trapsing about in the woods, a bit of cobweb stuck to her good hear. She’d flicked it off a bit, having perhaps rested a bit too long!~ She couldn’t help but think she was missing something with all the residual bits of pollen that had built up where she’d dug out a little hole. Hustling out she’d begin heading for the clearing, hoping to make good time, and find good times therein! Perhaps indeed, something was
      * Ankha about? If she was able to detect such a thing through as much pollen had gathered in her little flowery dust pile she’d decided to rest in.
      <Calder> His head would offer one final dip before large timber paws turned and moved him back towards the edge of the clearing, just behind all the others. His black frame settled as he would look out across those gathered – if only to gleen what might be talked about further and what he could relay to Fianna who was preoccupied with more pressing things.
      * Panther listened once again, His ears forward. He was curious as to what will happen in the future, but he could only focus on the present right now. He’d go before Sanek this time, If only to allow his friend more thinking. “I pledge myself to remain here for as long as this pack needs me.” He allowed the words to flow freely off his tongue,
      * Panther Feeling confident with his words, At the moment at least.
      * Sanek did not feel Panther failed in his poetry, he liked the way the words tied around each other, one by one. As he watched his friend speak he smiled, then after Atraya’s question he again listened to his friend. He was glad they were doing this side-by-side. “Aye, I promise to give all that I am into keeping this pack well and thriving.” was all he could think of to say. He
      * Sanek looked down to his paws.
      * Atraya a smile crept across her features as she would dip her head in the wake of each wolf’s words and pledge of ownership to themselves and to the pack. “Sanek and Panther.” her hues fell towards Calder for a brief moment, then she’d continue. “I would like to have the honor and pleasure of naming you two, pack members of WolfSpirits. Welcome home!” a paw came down to stomp, then her »»
      <Atraya> »» nose would slowly draw to the sky, and she’d howl for Panther, Sanek and Calders continued journey with her family and home.
      * Kova would see Shakira move in from the edge of the forest to join the others. Tail swung behind her as she watched her approach. She dipped her head in her direction before turning then to Atraya, Panther and Sanek. When the announcement was made for their journeys next step, pack members, she would lift her muzzle up and howl in unison to Atraya’s own howl. Her voice heard along her pack. Two »»
      <Kova> »» new wolves to the fold. Two new wolves to mold further into being strong members of the pack. Both showing great promise.
      <Calder> He’d smile towards Panther and Sanek’s direction. The two males having grown so much sense he last saw them, and, when they first joined even. They would be fine assets to the pack and he was glad they where joining the fold. He’d feel his throat rumble before he to would howl. Proud of the two males.
      * Ankha would hear the howl of the alpha, and those in the clearing and would hup-to, joining in the howling celebration of what appeared to be Sanek and Panther, judging likely only on where they had stood. Though she’d gladly howl for them as well, having found friendship in both. She only hoped her congradulating howl wasn’t odd way to join into the seating near the clearing.
      * Traeiri grins happily from her spot on the edges of the circle and howls in joy, she did not know Calder well but she sang as loud for him as she sang for Sanek and Panther. Whom she had the pleasure of getting to know more and more as time went on.
      * Shakira would listen intently to the words given by the Alpha and the two newest males, and with their naming as pack members, she would lift her voice for the pair, glad to see the growth of the pack and the newest additions to the family.

      * Accalia wagging with excitement for the trio being excepted into the pack wanting to join their howl but waiting to cheer along with the rest.
      * Atraya when all the howls of excitment drew to a close, she would shift her paws again in thought. Allowing the joyful tones to pass before she cleared her throat then continued. “I would like to open the floor ahead to me, to allow any who desire to join the pack to step forward and make yourself known.” she would turn her head if only to allow her good ear to listen for any forward padfalls or chuffs. She would take note of Ankha’s scent as well as Traeiri’s. She wondered if perhaps Shukie might appear, to.
      * Sanek with Atraya’s words that named them both members, and the howls louder than the beating of his heart, he yipped and howled happily for Panther and Calder, and simply to let go of all the excitment bunchd up inside, and bouncily spun around in a circle once and he nose bumped Panther. He fully agreed with his words. He’d spot Ankha in the mass of gathered wolves. Ankha! He looked
      * Sanek to the Alphess then padded back to seat himself near Ankha. If he remembered well, he hadn’t seen her since that musk oxen was taken down.
      * Kova when the howls of the others also died down, she would look towards Atraya and then back towards the gathered wolves. She wondered where Sirris might’ve been, but, kept her hues forward and a light swing of her tail made before it stilled around her haunches. Careful but joyful eyes looking ahead. More wolves added to the thick and rich history of a pack.
      <Calder> He would smile watching Panther and Sanek rejoin the pack as members. He was proud and happy for them. He then looked out to those who made up the rest of the meeting – wondering whom might speak up, if at all.
      * Traeiri would perk her ears forward suddenly at Atrayas words, almost doing a double take in disbelief that this moment was finally happening. She had been haunting the forests and creeks for so many moons she wasn’t even fully sure what to do with herself as she stood up and tentatively moved forward. Her frame seeming very small in the shadow of alpha rock, she kept her body soft and
      * Traeiri submissive even though her excitement that was usually set to explode was racing through her veins like lightning right now. The fae offered a soft chuff slightly unwieldly paws making her presence known.
      * Panther gave his friend a nose bump, before he left. He’d then follow Sanek’s gaze. He’d nose Accalia to show it wasn’t too soon for her. “Go ahead.” He said to the fae in hushed tones. He had seen Ankha, but didn’t want to overwhelm the fae at the meeting, So he gave a subtle dip to his head.
      * Atraya the unfortunate truth would be that the fea was entirely blind, but she could still see with the senses she did possess. Her nose would wiggle quickly while her ears twitched left and right, picking up the intricate steps of two wolves. Her head looked out and she would recognize Ankha as one “Ankha” she’d say aloud if only to affirm, before turning to smell Traeiri. “And Traeiri” »»
      <Atraya> »» her head dipped again. “Please, offer to the pack and myself what request you might have” tones light, equal to the temper of her steady heart.
      * Sanek smiled to Accalia, and if her gaze might’ve found the dark brown brute’s, he’d beccon for her to step forward with the others. If she wanted to of course. She’d have to wait some time before another one of those chances would present itself. He then returned his own gaze to the front, watching the two other wolves, his smile still there, now for them.
      * Accalia with the nudge of confidence from panther she stepped forward her nerves on high but without anything holding her back she proceed following the other two wolves
      * Traeiri had never been before. She took a moment, took a deep breath and spoke “Alpahess, for many moons I have had the pleasure to wander these lands as a visitor. I have met many of your family and have been met with nothing but overwhelming kindness and acceptance. I have known only one family before this and that was the family of my birth. I would like to pledge myself to this
      * Traeiri pack and this family. To accept the lessons they have to teach me, to help provide where I may and to further my knowledge and skills so they benefit the pack..this family…the one I choose..and hope one day will choose me back”. She dipped her nose respectfully, even if the fae could not see Traeiri believed she still knew everything that happened before her.
      *Rook Cad e an sceil a buachaill? The rumpus was a meeting, of course. He had missed a good portion of it, or so it seemed, owing to his gallivanting. There was a purpose to such gallivanting beyond the simple pleasures that the proverbial road offered him–where there was a road, there was a story. He had not gone far these weeks; his presence at the east end of the clearing now and the scents he carried were truth enough of the matter. Not one to interrupt, he quietly made his way to the back with the rest of the rebel rousers to listen and watch the rest of the proceedings.
      * Atraya a single breath of wind would pass between her and Kova who was not far from her before she spoke again. The words and convictions of Ankha’s tone would reach her heart and her spirit well enough. Despite her age the knowledge and experience she’d gained throughout her time in the domain of her mothers legacy would be fulfilling and still even to this day, more so. The pack was strong, true, »»
      <Atraya> »» and full of wolves with lore and stories to share with their own. A journey made new and written again. “Ankha, you have pledge to us and have been such for sometime now. Though your presence has been few, I still feel the strength in your words. If WolfSpirits truly is a home you desire to continue to join upon, to follow your path and lore here with us, then, I would not deny you the chance »»
      <Atraya> »» to continue to succeed in your quest.” her paw would lightly come to stomp the stone, feeling its chill beneath her pads “Let it be known to those who call WolfSpirits home, to those who visit WolfSpirits, and those yet to come, that Ankha is today named an Assessment of WolfSpirits. May your journey be true, your heart strong, and your spirit free.” she stomped the stone again before »»
      <Atraya> »» Traeiri’s words would fall to her. She would smile and nod to her “Traeiri.. please, step forward.” would be aware of Accalia’s closer proximity.
      * Accalia My journey is never ending of growth, improvement and adversity, I have learned I have to take it all in and do what is right to grow. I would like to further my growth and find sanctuary and a home here if you would take me I will be willing to do what ever is needed to show you my loyalty
      * Kova upon the advancement of Ankha, she would swing her tail and stomp her paw as well. She too would be glad the fae was and had pledged herself to the pack. She had great promise as well. She wondered to, where Hati might be, but perhaps a familiar black shadow caught her eye moving among the fold to settle in the back. She’d remain attentive to the meeting and when Traeiri was called forward »»
      <Kova> »» after her heartfelt words, her attention now drew to the fae.
      * Traeiri stepped forward quickly her attention locked on Atraya. Waiting to see what would occur.
      <Calder> Was that pan’s shadow? Or another wolf. Seeing he was occupying the back end of the meeting gathered, his amber eyes would narrow if not enough to allow him insight into the male’s approach. Rook’s scent lofted to him and he’d rise his brow to Fianna’s brother’s apperance. Ever the elusive one. Perhaps more so then himself? Regardless, if he happened to look in his direction there’d be a »»
      <Calder> »» polite nod given before he turned to Atraya and now Traeiri. The fae he’d have to get familiar with as well. Happy for Ankha’s assessmentship.
      * Atraya an ear turned to Accalia and to the wolf’s words she would dip her head ‘Accalia, please come forward’ she’d add.
      * Atraya feeling Traeiri close and then Accalia shortly after, she would shift her paws again if only to settle old bones that desired so much to be bed into a nice mossy bath. For now, she’d hold her pillars tall and her body rigid. “As a member of WolfSpirits, you will find that your journey with us will be both for the pack and for yourself. To discover your purpose both within yourself, and »»
      <Atraya> »» beyond yourself. Are willing to begin that journey, to learn the ways of the pack and of yourself?”
      Fianna would amuse herself as the time passed by working on her story skills, first telling the pups how she had met their papa and the adventure to the north to rescue their grandmother. She kept the tail upbeat, not focusing on the darkness that had been so present. Eventually she fell silent and gazed toward the entrance to the den, where she could just see the evening light. Who would be now joining their pack?
      <`Raven> She wondered, for likely it had been a meeting howl, since Calder had not yet returned. The pups wiggled, twitching in their sleep and she nosed each one, humming a soft lullaby.
      * Ankha pleased with the results, and interested to sit in for the others, she’d head back to her seat near Sanek, flopping cozily and giving a nod to both Panther and Sanek, who’d greeted her when she’d arrived. Her tail swaying low behind her, giddy as a plum.
      * Accalia “I am willing to begin my journey learn the ways and grow myself with the pack” she lowered her banner in submission with light wags her head still bowed her heart raced as she longed to join the pack
      * Traeiri the young fae stood and though keeping her gaze below atrayas gaze looked up in direction, taking in the weight of the words. And with a loud clear voice, strong with the confidence of this moment finally happening answered “I am willing to begin my journey, to learn from my packmates and find myself and my place within these lands”.
      * Atraya offered a knowing smile to the pair, nodding then to their sentiments and agreement to the pack’s journey. A new page for all. If WolfSpirits was known for, it was for allowing those who have found themselves lost to the wilds, but found anew here. Something she was honored to continue. “As all be witness to Traeiri and Accalia’s pledge to the pack, I would like to have the honor now, to »»
      <Atraya> »» name you both pledges. To those you may come across in the wilds of WolfSpirits and beyond, you may introduce yourselves as such.” her paw came up and stomped the stone.
      * Panther Happy that Accalia and Traeiri are, perhaps, getting a chance at pledgeship he seated himself. His gaze wandered to Ankha, whom’s taking her first paw steps in assessmentship. The male smiled, thinking of a new way to greet visitors, Panther was content with his new pack..His new family. He’d give a nod towards Ankha after she nodded
      * Panther towards him. His gazed turned towards Accalia, Traeiri, and Atraya. He was ready to howl, and after the pledgeship of them both, He did.
      * Panther + Panther also stomped his paw as he howled.
      * Shakira , also seated near the back, would notice the dark form of another male, one she knew vaguely as the Alphas son. Sidestepping slightly to offer more room and space, she would let her gaze fall briefly to the opens of the Clearing as if searching for any others that might come out of the woodwork, the call of a pack meeting always seeming to drag out even the most elusive of wolves. At the next promotions of
      * Shakira Assessments and Pledges, she would lift yet another howl in congratulations for those on the journey towards membership within the pack.
      * Traeiri beamed with a grin the markings around her maw just adding to the cartoonishly large grin. She was a pledge, offically. There was no better feeling on earth. She trotted back toward the spot she had settled herself on, moving slightly closer to the wolves around her. Perhaps feeling a kinship there she had seperated herself from before.
      * Kova would stomp the stone again as she had for Ankha, and now for Traeiri and Accalia, the newest pledges! “Welcome!” her tones light but heartfelt! She was glad for the fae, Traeiri and would look forward to getting to know Accalia more as well. The fae’s having the story indeed to weeve. A lore she might be able to tap into.
      * Accalia howling with appreciation to be part of the pack this would be the start of her new journey as she was glad to be welcomed into traveling many miles to get to.
      * Sanek sang into the sky, let it be known to all around that these wolves take their first pawsteps along the path to becoming members, let it be known Ankha was named Assessment on this special and wonderful evening. After he finished he glanced to Ankha as she sat next to him and smiled.
      Rook He would not be as intrusive to make or have others assume to make space for him. He was fine where he was, even if that goober, Calder, happened to catch wind and sight of him. Amber hues drifted across the few wolves he knew like embers aloft on a late summer’s breeze…fresh from a charred landscape. He wasn’t as rude as to not acknowledge Calder, but he wasn’t as kind as to give him the requisite bro-nod. There was an indifference in the gaze he offered before turning his attention, happily, back to those before his mother; new pledges if his ears hadn’t deceived him. In keeping with his papa, he stamped the ground but otherwise remained silent.
      <Calder> When the announcement of the assessment was made and now the two pledges, he would smile and give a low gruffing ‘chuff’. A happy type bark for the trio. The pack seemed to be growing ever more, and he’d be glad for the additional help. He’d catch Rook’s gaze and would be fine in the mutual exchange. He expected not much more from him, for he barely knew him. But… did he finally know his »»
      <Calder> »» name? Stay tuned.
      * Accalia Turning back to the alpha’s “thank you for accepting me into the pack,” her banner high with her tail wagging happily as her feet danced with excitement she chuffed followed by a joyful bark.
      * Atraya when the congratulations where made in the form of stomping paws and howls, she’d allow the joy of it to settle before she would smile towards Accalia, Traeiri and Ankha. Allowing them to step back to the fold of the pack in their new roles. Though she could not see, her direction was almost perfect when she addressed them. Perhaps the senses of loosing one ability would enhance others. »»
      <Atraya> »» “Does anyone else desire to bring up anything for this meeting before I conclude it?” her head now looked straight ahead as she awaited to see if others desired to speak.
      * Kova would look towards Atraya and when she offered any other words to be added she would slowly slip herself forward from her ledge if only to be more presented. “I just wanted to announce that I wish to hold a Lore Night in the coming days (July 9th). Please come prepared with a piece of lore if you desire to share.” she said with a grin before taking a slow step back. Her heart thrummed with the potential excitement of shared lore amongst family and pack.
      * Accalia finding her place she sat beside Panther a tooth smile on her face nodding at the announcement of lore night.
      * Panther perked at the mention of Lore Night. He smiled briefly, His gears being put to work now. He gave Accalia a gentle nuzzle of congrats before looking back towards Kova and Atraya. He wondered who all would be there. He’d then dip his head to the beta and Alphess.
      * Atraya would find the announcement of a Lore Night a fine surprise indeed. Not knowing the Beta had it in her fold to do so, but was glad for it. She even had a piece of story to share with the pack. A piece of history woven to lore. A smile creased her lupin lips before she reclined back on her haunches. Seeing no others desired to bring up anything else, she decline her muzzle a little in a nod »»
      <Atraya> »» before calling out “Thank you all who attended tonights meeting. Congratulations to the new members of the pack, Sanek and Panther. To our new Assessment, Ankha, and pledges Accalia and Traeiri.” her head rose before her paw came up again and stomped the stone. The end of a meeting well made, coming now to an official end. The wolves now able to mingle!

      Header Artwork by the talented AlectorFencer

      WolfSpirits 20th Anniversary

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      Meeting Notes

      February 25th, 2021

      • Fianna and Calder courts
      • Atraya’s daughter, Leora is named
      • Rune promoted to Member and Caretaker
      • Ankha named Pledge
      • Calder named Pledge
      • Sanek named Pledge
      • CwnAnnwn named Pledge
      • Hati named Pledge
      • Crimson named Elder
      • Nightstalker named Elder
      Number Of Wolves Present


        @Atraya @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Shakira @Shukie @Rune
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        Raven Ankha Anya Crimson CwnAnnwn Leora Nightstalker Sanek Timber

        Pack Meeting Begins


        2/25/21 – 3PM PST


        * Atraya as the day seemed to settle into its own, there was much to celebrate, and much to be thankful for. She could feel the ebb and pull of those celebrations, and things needed to be said and so she would slowly rise herself up to all fours and shake off the remains of the snow drift she found herself nestled in, but after interacting with Fianna and Shukie, she had settled herself upright a little more. She would swing her head violently to the left and right if only to propel herself forward and give her momentum for movement. There she would limp towards the direction of the alphas stone. It didn’t take her too long to reach it and when she did, she ascended it to it’s end where she lifted her muzzle and offered a howl. A call for a gathering for those who would heed it. Anyone who was within the territory, would eventually hear her howl. Even those just coming into their home.


        * Kova would be within the hunting grounds, but when the howl reached her from Atraya’s tones, she would turn her head and look out towards the direction of the clearing. She swung her tail quickly and would now make her way towards the direction of the clearing. She would start at a slow trot, but would quickly start to lope towards it, heeding the call.


        <Calder> An ear turned to the sounds of a howl, and so, he rose up to all fours again and would start off towards the Alpha’s call.


        * Sanek every day in the WolfSpirits territory brang something new, and this day the land brought him many unfamiliar scents of wolves. His ears swung around to a drawing howl. From the west of the hunting grounds it took him only a few moments to be in the clearing.


        * ShukieAFK gave a nod of her head adding her own tones to the alpha fae’s and would then moved to stand beside the stone. As their howls faded she’d inquire quietly to Atraya, “How are you?” her tail giving a slow wag as the meeting had been called, and a meeting led by the alpha, a long time she Atraya had led one. Mostly, she asked her question so Atraya knew her position at the side of the alpha rock.


        * Ankha would turn her head to the sound of the dowl, having been preoccupied with– nothing actually! So instead of zoning out in the bushes she’d begin to approach the source of the howl, intrigued to see what was up, having not been made aware of the specifics of the meetings in these lands.


        * Rune perks her ears at the sight of Atraya leaving the Ancient Forest’s cover. By the time the Alpha Fae was halfway to the rock, Rune was already on her paws and trotting after her. Her hopes confirmed, the elder wolf climbs Alpha Rock and howls to summon the pack to the Clearing. It had been some time since there had been a meeting, she chuffs in greeting to Atraya before settling herself a comfortable distance away from Alpha Rock, intending to take up her spot at the rear of whatever group accumulated.


        * Kwa`ani jumped up at the sounds of her mother’s call which was joined by Shukie’s own tones. Giving her frame several rapid shakes she made her way to the clearing proper from the lower fringe of the ancient forest. As she drew closer she offered up a respectful chuff of greetings.


        * Crimson would begin to cross past the tree line at her leisurely pace, a smile spreading across her muzzle, hearing the howl of her old friend. “Seems we’re right on time, I told you as much” Crimson would note with no small amount of pride as she’d begin to approach the meeting grounds, settling into a seated position toward the back where she often had been, noting the wolves that would also begin to approach, she didn’t wish to cause a

        * Crimson fuss so she’d keep largely out of their fur, but attentive and confident enough that she at least appeared to belong here.


        <Fianna> Taking the hunt from their mother, Fianna would nose the Faepup into a respectful seated position as she licked her chops, done with snarling the meal. Perking, she was curious as to her mother’s purpose. “A meeting has been called little sis. We must be quiet and respectful now..” She took time to murmur. Perking to Kwa’ani she’d chuff gently back from.her position near the stone.


        * Fae`pup would blink at the howl, tilted her head but when Fianna reassured her this was ‘normal’, she would swing her tail behind her and nod. “ohtah!” she said with little tones before she would look out to see suddenly a plethora of wolves arriving all of a sudden.


        * Atraya would have responded in kind to Shukie’s inquiry, that she was as well as could be, perhaps more so this day than pasts. When the wolves began to gather, she dipped her head to welcome them. She could feel the air change with the different vibrations of movements and could gauge who was present and who was yet to appear. “Thank you all for attending this meeting and gathering of many more »»

        <Atraya> »» to come today. Today is a special day. A celebration of many things will be had this day, and I would like to start off with the first of such. WolfSpirits celebrates its 20th year anniversary. A milestone not achieved by many, if at all. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 20 years. I’ve given much of myself to this pack, and to this family no matter how big or small it may seem or be. I am »»

        <Atraya> »» humbled beyond words, truly, for the continued support and devotion for something not only I, but so many enjoy. I’m humbled by those who have made their mark here as a family member and continue to do so even if it’s sparingly, once in a while, once in a blue moon, or all the time. I’m humbled by all of you. Those who keep this old wolf’s dream alive for so many years. Without you, we would not »»

        <Atraya> »» be here, and for that I’m eternally grateful for.” She swung her tail ever so while human and wolf speak in one unison voice. “So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support and devotion to WolfSpirits. Big or small, it’s all appreciated, and I appreciate you all. You are family, truly, and I thank you.”


        * Kova would’ve finally arrived within the clearing just as Atraya began to speak. She had taken her place closer to the Alpha’s rock, seating herself and nosed Shukie along the way.


        * Sanek dipped her head to all that might be already at the stone and bowed to the Alpha and Beta.He sniffed at Rune from a distance, wondering what position in the pack this wolf might hold. He seated himself to the side of the group of wolves, and listened to a speech.


        <Timber>  had already been making his way to the clearing and when the Alphess sounded a call he’d move deeper within and toward the back of the group gathered, where he settled onto his haunches casually. This was curious.. What was afoot? He would remain seated there to watch, hopefully out of the way..


        Fianna felt her heart swell with her mother’s words. They ‘had’ all been together for so long.. Far longer than even she’d been in the world and she was thankful for the legacy she had been born into. Her tail would sway and she beamed at rhe others around her, licking the pups head as well. Her gaze would sweep those gathered, wondering if Calder were present? She didn’t see him yet and wondered idly if he was okay..


        * Rune ’s nose twitches to two strange scents in the Clearing, unsure if she recognized either of them. Turning her head her eyes land upon a pair of faes, appearing to be very different in age. The older of the pair seemed confident in her attendance and Rune glances Shukie, hoping the Beta had notice who the russian fae thought to be a newcomer. Sanek was also a new face, though Rune had noticed the brute’s scent mingled among th

        * Rune ose of the pack for long enough to not raise suspicion. She tentatively returns her attention to Atraya, her tail sweeping the snow in a single wag at the Alpha fae’s words, there was nowhere she would rather be.


        * Shukie interjected briefly, “The pack ebbs and flows, contracts and expands just as a pack in the wild. Some have developed bonds beyond the chars played. Everyone, old and/or now gone, present and new to the pack. It’s a family born of the same interests tho each has their own story. Thank you! One and all!!!” Her voice quieted once again and would have nuzzled her sister as Kova took her place.


        <Calder> Was within the clearing, and at it’s edge. But when Fianna turned herself up in his view he would’ve risen and walked to her, seating himself beside her and nosed her while listening. He thought quietly upon her words, upon what it meant to really be a pack. Not just of the pack, but to be it. He hummmed and dipped his head to the shared words.


        * Atraya when all had settled she would smile with a humbled expression. Her head bowed ever so towards her family, those who truly keep the spark and blood flowing throughout their world. She slowly seated herself before turning towards the others as she continued. “Next, I would like to have the official naming ceremony of the youngest fae born some months ago, only now to be named after such a time.” she often thought of her sons, of their names, her daughters, and of their names. To her it was important to hold meaning, but as well allow them the chance to carve out their own future, their own paths, and write in their own books. They were just the foundation of that very building. “Please come forward, little fae.” she would say chuffing to her youngest daughter.


        * Kova would swing her tail slowly to her sister, before her eyes fell to Atraya and now to the young fae. She was excited to know of the new fae’s name!


        * Shukie ‘s eyes brightened at the first of what would likely be many such announcements and changes within the pack.


        *Fianna ‘s heart leapt with excitement over her mother’s last words, having listened with equal intensity to the beta’s interjections, til swaying. She nuzzled her little sister as the fae was called forth, her eyes excited, then turned to lick once at Calder’s muzzle as he joined her, nosing his fur and allowing her tail to continue waving gently.


        * Kwa`ani gave a yip yip at her mum’s pronouncement of her sibling being names this day as she settled beside both sisters, pup-to-be-named and Fianna.


        * Fae`pup would hear her mothers tones and without hesitation her big paws would leap up and carry her towards the rock. Her silvery tail swung loosely behind her while her eyes followed the details of the rock up to her mother. She wasn’t really sure what she was supposed to do when she got there, so, she sheepishly lowered her rump in the snow and made more noise than needed, but this was how she communicated with her mother often. “Heeere!” she proclaimed.


        * Rune ’s eyes and ears eagerly train on Atraya and the fae-pup, her tail wagging at the pup’s exclamation upon arrival at the base of Alpha Rock.


        * Anya would watch intently, settled close to Crimson, her eyes out for the young fae. She’d remembered her own naming ceremony. Who would this little fae be? What would her name end up meaning to her, or to her path? As she’d watch the pup she’d give a bit of a smile. So cute!


        * Atraya offered a smile to her proclaimed announced presence before she herself adjusted herself on the stone. She stood from her seated position, chest out, tail high, and her voice clear and loud enough for those to hear. “Today is a special day. Not only for celebrating the longevity of this family, but also, the beginnings of new ones, and new names added to the many chapters of this packs history. It is a tradition to have a naming ceremony for the newest additions to this pack, and I would like to have the honor to do so for my youngest daughter. My youngest son, has been named, and she too will now be named.” her gaze seemed to diver ahead as if the moment caught her.”This fae found herself into this world of light through the vicious storm that tempered the air. Through this light, her name should be fitting as such, and I would like the honor of announcing to you, to the pack of WolfSpirits, it’s newest addition, Leora of WolfSpirits. Of the Mean Oíche and Isilraica. Of starfall and earth.” her head would rise and she’d be the first to howl for the honor of a name, now given and chosen for her youngest.


        <Fianna>  Feeling as if she finally could know her little sister beyond a frame, she lifted her muzzle and happily poured her song to the skies, Leora! A beautiful name for a beautiful pup, a name full of meaning and good tidings. She stamped a paw, remembering her papa, and her heart panged as she wished he were there…


        * Anya would join in the howl to honor the name given to her apparent youngest sister, Leora. She was glad indeed to be able to be here for her sister’s naming ceremony.


        * Shukie looked to faepup, now named Leora. “Welcome to WolfSpirits, little Leora!” Her muzzle lifted to the heavens to celebrate this most momentous of occassions.


        * Leora the world around her suddenly became loud. Very loud. Louder than she’d heard before. Her ears pinned if only to drown it for a short moment, but instead of causing a vibration of annoyance, it was the tones of pride. She felt proud. She felt home. These were howls of her family and soon it became a hymn to her, a melody she’d no sooner forget. Instincts would kick to the forefront and the »»

        <Leora> »» young fae would lift her muzzle and howl with the adults. She’d make sure she put her vocal mark to the sky too.


        * Rune lifts her muzzle and voice in song, howling with her pack in congratulation of the little fae-pup. Leora, such a lovely name.


        * Kwa`ani lept up at the name her sister would receive and of it’s meanings and the reasons for it. Howling her love for Leora.. “Welcome lil’Leora’sis”


        * Crimson would join in on the howl song to welcome Leora to the pack of Wolfspirits with her new name, her howl as long lived as her light-of-breathe frame would allow


        * Sanek let out song of rejoice, starting at a higher pitch down to the deepest notes he mustered.


        * Atraya when the howls subsided, her milky hues fell forward and she swung her tail quickly behind her before it stilled. “Join your place among your family, Leora.”


        Calder hadn’t really thought about a naming ceremony, or why it was even needed. He thought all wolves would be given a name upon their birth, but perhaps this was yet another token of the pack’s ways he’d not known of until now. He thought long and hard about the name, rolling it in his mind alongside it’s meaning, and he perhaps even thought of his own name and what it meant. A low rumble of a hmmmmm escaped his muzzle, much like the witchers usually displeasure tone, but instead it was of admiration for such a thing. He thought Leora of light was fitting , so gave a firm nod of his head of approval. He’d not join in the packs howl, not yet.


        Timber would perk to the proceedings, to the chorus of howls and most particularly to the pup who he had yet to meet. She had a name now did she? He would watch her, curious and an odd feeling swirling within he had yet to name for himself. He would remain silent, but his tail would sway.


        * Atraya a long breath escaped her, a sigh of expression to a heart that was gleeming with delight and pride of her pack, for her family, and for its growth. Her nose would flare in and out, huffing deeply to the winds and more so to the scents she could pick up. Finding her daughters, Fianna, and Calders among them, she would let loose a low chuff for them to approach.


        * Shukie ‘s pulse increased just a little, tho she attributed it to Leora’s naming, when she spotted timber in the distance as well as perhaps Calder. There were many a wolf this day after so long with only a scattered few. She did not acknowledge timber as seh waited for Atraya to continue

        <`Raven> <BreezyDawn>  Perking to her mother’s call, Fianna looked to Calder a moment, then rose and nosed him gracefully before moving to the front of the pack where she stood and raised her head toward her mother, her eyes scanning Kwaani, Shukie, and the others before falling on Calder. “We are here mother.” She would offer softly.


        <Calder> Would look towards Fianna first and nose her before he rose to all fours and followed alongside her lithe frame. He listened intently to the wind, and more so the whispers and eyes fell upon his visage as he approached the stone of fate for all who approached. He bowed his head and stopped at it’s base, waiting then for the Alphas words.


        * Atraya shifted her paws if only to some how realign her thoughts and when the pair drew closer, she dipped her head “Calder and Fianna, you both have requested to solidfy your bonds of beyond friendship, to the pair of hearts in the name of Courtship. I would like to ask you both now, to please express why you desire to be courted to one another to your family and to your pack.”


        * Kwa`ani shifted over closer to Leora, her tail wagging knowing what was about to happen just from her conversations with Fianna. “Big sister about to become really ‘big’ sister” she let the pup know, “Listen for this is the first time in as long as i can remember of such occurring.” nosing the young fae.


        * Leora would swing her tail quickly behind her as she brushed her nose along Kwa`ani’s own brow before she blinked, peering up to the wolves who where now gathered. Her other sister, Fianna, appraoching she leand in to Kwa`ani and whispered. “ooo’s happenin?”


        * Rune watches the proceedings in interest and could not recall if she had ever seen a courtship among the WolfSpirits. Her mind drifts back to Azaelia and Nova, wolves long lost to the WolfSpirits by now, for a brief moment before returning her attention to the pair before Atraya now. What a momentous meeting, indeed.


        * Fianna Feeling inexplicably nervous, Fianna took a few long breaths to steady her heart, her eyes resting on Calder for that time as she took in his expression. This step felt larger to her than she had ever expected it to, and she felt a momentary fear. Was this the right choice? But following on the wings of that thought her joy over Calder and their new relationship coursed through her. She knew they would have time to learn. Raising her voice at last she addressed her mother, and the others. “Calder and I have been through trying times together. We have seen each other change and grow, and I for one have taken Calder’s own growth to heart. He has become a male who looks to the betterment of others, to growing roots and holding a steady heart.   I wish to learn alongside him what it means to be together, to shape our hearts to one another. I have come to truly care for him, as much as family and in a new way as well.. ” Her voice trailed off and she looked again at Calder, her tail swinging once. She hoped her voice would hold all the fervor of her meaning.


        * Shukie smiled as she watched the duo before Atraya, having expected this for the two had clearly bonded over the past years despite the male not being of pack. It surprised her Atraya approved the match without Calder first becoming pack. There are times where pack ways are bent at times to make allowances for things being done out of order. Her gaze was fixed upon the two wolves,

        * Shukie studying their reactions and words to be spoken.


        <Calder> When the question was inquired upon by the Alpha. He thought for a moment, if only to collect his thoughts and more so, his heart. He would give a slow nod of his head before offering in kind. Fianna had found the words he to shared. ~ My sentiments are well matched by Fianna’s own. To learn, to grow, to salvage a life that has known no sense of true family beyond my brother who is no longer with me. I wish to flourish in a way beyond just my presence here, but…. to have a court to whom I share those thoughts, feelings, and life with. To truly learn and grow from.~  he said with lightened hues. A more sense of his heart showing than ever before, and he nosed Fianna and looked back up to Atraya.


        * Kwa`ani lowered her head a fraction and whispered quietly, “Fianna and the male, Calder, are starting the formal process of their bond with each other. A bond like that between your mother, Atraya and your father, faolan.” She was sure there’d be more questions about that.


        * Atraya would shift her paws beneath her if only to resettle herself. She gave a gentle nod to both Fianna and Calder’s tones, to their hearts. There would be a smile upon her features, and she could feel her own heart growing warm with said emotions, and perhaps wishing she could feel the presence of her mate, of Fi’s father, to be present in such a moment, but she knew in some way he was there. “As Calder and Fianna have shared today their hearts, their commitment, I would like to have the pleasure of naming both a courted pair and to be recognized as such within the pack.” though Calder wasn’t of “pack” yet, she knew of where he desired to go. Perhaps a prelude?


        * Kwa`ani lifted her muzzle high to the sky and howl’d as she’d never howled before for this was her sister, and a momentous step indeed. They’d been through thick and thin and that is why, perhaps, their bond developed as it had.


        * Fianna  Relieved to have reached that monumental step, in getting her mother’s, and sister’s blessing she would offer an excited yip and lick Calder’s cheek as she pranced her forepaws, tail wagging a few times before she bowed to the Alphess and the pair would retreat back to her original seat. There, she nosed Kwaani, her tail still wild and her eyes sparkling. “Now we just have to find you someone.” She whispered with amusement.


        * Shukie lifted her muzzle with a soft howl to the pending couple, tamping her paws upon the earth as she did so which caused a vibrato to her voice as she gave the pair her own contrats. As her howl faded she would then move up beside Atraya and take the next few items on their burgeoning agenda for today. As she waited for things to settle, she’d then gaze about the clearing and call for Rune to step forward.


        * Rune had just finished howling for Fianna and Calder’s announcement of courtship when Shukie’s voice beckoned her forward. Rising to her paws she pads forwards, looking up to the wolves settled upon Alpha Rock she dips her head in respectful greeting.


        * Leora would no doubt enjoy the narration from Kwa`ani, and when howls where given she would give her own little chuff yipping howls as well for her sister and Calder. She’d no doubt have to ask about what all this courting stuff was.


        * Shukie waited for the chorus to fade and she’d then continue, “Rune, you’ve been in the pack before, ranked to caretaker when your path diverged from ours for quite some time.” She smiled to the fae, “You’ve returned once again to the fold, to the family.” Her tail wagged some, “You currenlty hold the rank of caretaker even though you are not pack. If you feel your life and path are

        * Shukie fully with those of WolfSpirits, I ask now if you still desire to join once more.” her gaze was locked upon Rune. “Is this the path you are prepared to commit too?”


        * Kova would smile as she dipped her head towards Fianna’s direction and then to Calder. She knew such a connection was viable and there, but glad to hear it finally said to the others. It was a side of Calder she really hadn’t seen and it was refreshing. She looked now to Shukie and Rune, her tail swong behind her.


        * Fianna would settle down as the meeting continued, her gaze going to Rune as the fae was called up. She would listen closely, excited for the growth and development of her family.


        * Rune nods in response to Shukie’s address. “Yes, my life and path are fully with the WolfSpirits and I am ever to fully rejoining my family once again. I am grateful for the opportunity, it is an honor.” On her face would be a light, wolven smile. This was where she belonged, after all.


        Timber had watched the pair become courted with great interest, his ears perked and his gaze moving around the group. So.. This was how things were done on that regard. He would file away the information, watching the dark pelted male for a moment, quelling the season’s urges and annoyances. As Shukie took the lead he’d sit up straighter, watching how she handled matters as easily as the alpha had. She seemed well suited for the role.


        * Shukie would smile softly first to her alphess tho she’d not see it, leaning in to brush her shoulder against Atraya before responding to Rune. “Then, As Beta of WolfSpirits, I welcome you home as Rune, Packmember and CareTaker of WolfSpirits!” Straightening up, when her gaze passed over Timber noticing his posture she quickly averted her gaze back to Rune after a glance to Fianna and

        * Shukie Calder. “You may present yourself as such to all whom your path crosses.” With a solid tamping of her paws she cemented the advancement once again.


        * CwnAnnwn slipped silently into the clearing, having returned to the packlands earlier in the day. The silver pelted male noted the gathered wolves within the clearing, he noted those who knew and noticed a few wolves he was unfamiliar with. His gaze finally drew to a very familiar fae who was now at the alpha’s rock and his tail began to sway gently behind him. To avoid disrupting the meeting, he settled upon his haunches just beyond the threshold of the clearing. When Rune was named packmember once more, he tilted his head heavenwards and let out a low howl for the fae.


        * Rune ’s tail sways behind her, ears turned outwards in almost sheepish thanks. She chuffs in departure and thanks to the pair atop the rock and trots over to Kwa’ani and Leora, nosing Kwa’ani in greeting and touching the pup on the top of her head with her nose. She was happy to relieve Kwa’ani of pupsitting duties, especially after tonight’s development for Fianna.


        * Atraya would let loose a howl for Rune. She was so proud and honored to have the fae, skilled and talented, back in their fold!


        * Kova would swing her tail quickly behind her as Rune would be named a member, but also their new caretaker. She wondered where Kajika was, but was glad for the new addition! She would’ve howled as well for Rune, before stilling and waiting to see if any others desired to join.


        * Ankha would have offered her own howl to congradulate Rune before she’d take note of Shukie’s next words. This seemed to be a general call for anyone wishing to call WolfSpirits home, and so she’d begin to step forward at the call.


        <Calder> As Shukie inquired to those who desired to call this pack home, he paused for at least a moment, his mind whirling with thoughts and emotions not yet truly explored, he rose and slowly stepped forward following behind Ankha. He seated himself just a little behind her and gave a nod of his head to Shukie.


        * Sanek stood, looking around. His soul belonged here, he knew it. He lowered his head slightly as he walked towards the stone, feeling his tail swirl in excitement of what might come next.


        * Kwa`ani stilled watching the next promotions

        * CwnAnnwn found himself at odds once more, he wanted to begin the journey to becoming a member once more, but he also knew he had spent too much time away from the packlands. He closed his eyes a moment as his thoughts travelled to his ailing father and the decision came to him. Opening his eyes, the male stood and began to pad towards the alpha’s rock, he had decided to begin the process

        * CwnAnnwn while his father was stil around, knowing he would travel beyond the veil soon.


        * Atraya would swing her tail slowly behind her as the new named fae would come back to their fold. She dipped her head proudly in her direction before she would turn an ear and tried to gauge who stepped up. Ankha, Calder and now Sanek’s scents seemed ‘closer’, she wondered if those where the chosen to advance.


        * Shukie looked to Ankha, Calder, CwnAnnwn and Sanek, meeting each wolf’s gaze trying to peer into their minds before seh continued, “If it is your true desire to embark upon the first phase of your journey to becoming a part of this family, becoming a WolfSpirt in more than just name alone, “I ask each of you why you feel this is your home?” A smile was evident upon her muzzle as she

        * Shukie awaited each to respond.


        * Kwa`ani watched as the visitors moved to make their pledge to the pack before the Alpha and Beta.


        * Nightstalker had been slowly following his sons scent towards the clearing, though he was not as fleet of foot as he had once been. If the wind was blowing towards the clearing, it is possible that those within the clearing might pick up his faint scent upon the currents. It was not long before he would step out into the clearing, his once midnight pelt faded with the greys of age. As he

        * Nightstalker stood silently at the boundary, he would seep his gaze across the clearing at all the wolves present.


        <Calder> As he remained settled, his eyes upon Shukie and then to Atraya. He thought quietly upon her condition as she seemed more frail in recent times he recalled her, but still strong. All the same he was honored to be there and more so, glad to speak the words that followed. ~ I’ve not belonged to a place where sense memory can truly serve. This pack has shown a great deal to me and with it, I’ve »»

        <Calder> »» found a great deal to offer as well. I’ve roamed here for a year if not more, and… I think at my age and temper, it deserves a place to rest, and I don’t think anywhere else would suit me.~


        * Leora interesting workings this pack had. She’d be keenly aware of her surroundings when two new wolves, and another new wolf, where among the gathered. Was the pack -really- this big?! She would draw herself closer towards Kwa`ani and Fianna for comfort.


        * Ankha would listen intently to Calder’s words first, her good ear flicking to him as he’d speak. As her time would come to speak she’d do so after a pause “I have traveled long and far for a place to carve my own path, a place to call my own. I’ve spent some time in these lands and found kindness and warmth at every turn. I more than hope that this is the place in which I belong, I want it to be, and believe it to be.”


        * Atraya if Crimson and Anya had made their way into the clearing, she wouldn’t see them, but perhaps just now their scents started to drift to her. Long lost scents, and ones she thought she might not have smelt again, especially one belonging to her lost daughter, Anya.


        * Sanek eyes lightly watered if from happiness or sorrow “My life was spent skipping pack to pack, whenever I seemed to settle in, and they’d suddenly start to resent me…this is the longest a pack has held me in a long time, you’ve offered me kindness and so I wish to settle down my tired paws to a home” he’d say


        * CwnAnnwn padded by the gathered wolves on his way towards the alpha’s rock before stopping and looking to Shukie. He took a moment to organize his thoughts before responding, “Not only is this my home by birth, this is the only place amongst all those I have visited that I feel that I belong. This was my father’s, my mother’s and my uncle’s home long before it was mine. Not only is this where I feel the most at home, it is also my wish to follow my father’s paw steps and do my part to ensure that the pack continues to survive no matter what the winds bring our way.”


        * Nightstalker slowly settled upon his haunches as the words of his son who was pledging himself to the pack reached his ears. His heart warmed at such words and brought a soft smile upon his lupine lips. He would remain where he was until the meeting was over and then he would maybe approach those he knew.


        * Shukie nodded to each as they spoke, “I shall expect each of you to learn the ways, the pack’s laws and rules, meet and greet new visitors and assist with the pack in all ways needed as proof of your commitment.” She paused letting her words sink in, “Each wolf will progress at their own pace, some being promoted to the next phase sooner than others. It is the effort you put into the

        * Shukie pack that shall see you attain the next step to becoming fully family, full pack.” she paused again, “This is the time to see if the WolfSpirits is the right pack for you, and the Pack to see if you are right as a WolfSpirit. Each must be met and found to be true.” Each wolf’s words seemed true of heart. Only their actions would show the true commitment. SHe nodded to each wolf,

        * Shukie her gaze soft and smile big. “Then as Beta, I welcome you, Calder, Ankha, Sanek and CwnAnnwn, as Pledges of WolfSpirits, You may present yourselves as such to all you meet.” her tail wagging and she tapped her paws firmly upon the stone’s surface. Pausing to give her Alpha a moment to speak to the newest wolves seeking to call WolfSpirits their home and pack.


        * Atraya would stomp her paw lightly and smile, dipping her head “Welcome!” she let loose a low chuffing bark to the gathered who’ve pledged themselves to the pack.


        * Kwa`ani ‘s tail swayed, tho she had become distracted first by CwnAnnwn and then by Crimson and Nightstalker’s arrivals. Two wovles she’d not seen in a long while, offering a soft howl of welcome

        * Rune watches as wolves continue to step forward at Shukie’s call. New faces and old ones, finding their way home. After each of them respond to Shukie’s query and the Alpha and Beta welcome them to the fold, Rune howls to welcome the Pledges.

        * Nightstalker heard the naming of the new pledges, including his son once more. His muzzle tilted skyward as he let out a howl for the new pledges, would anyone recognize his voice?

        <Calder> His tail would wave behind him as he would look around to those who recently pledged. He couldn’t truly recall CwnAnnwn in most recent memory, however, he did remember him during their ‘quest’. He’d remind himself to talk to him once more, and it was there he would retreat back to Fianna’s side and seat himself, pride (for once) truly welling.


        * Crimson would stomp her paws in congratulations, a smile clear on her face as she’d look to those lined up, the new pledges to WolfSpirits. Beside her, Anya would offer her howl to the pledges in congratulation

        * Kova ‘s paws would lift up and stomp for the newly named pledges! So many, she thought, but a good sign indeed. The pack growing and she only hoped it would continue to do so.

        * Ankha would listen to the words of Shukie, then to the song of howls from the pack. Her chest would swell with definite pride before she’d return to place where she’d been seated before.

        * CwnAnnwn bowed to Shukie and Atraya before he turned away from the Alpha’s rock and padded back towards those gathered. He would find a spot nearby Rune, but until he had a chance to talk to the fae, he would give her some space, it had been so long since they last spoke. He turned back towards the alpha’s rock and settled upon his haunches. He was aware of his father’s presence, but

        * CwnAnnwn would allow the old wolf the chance to hang back until he was ready to come forward.

        * Sanek jumped slightly in excitement. Was this a dream? He just couldn’t stop wagging. He bounced back to his position his ears up then going down feeling so many feelings at once.


        * Shukie looked to Atraya to see if she wanted to take over for the next round of possible promotions or news to be told giving the fae a soft nuzzle. It was at that moment the prior beta’s tones rang out causing her to look in his direction. Her gaze afixed to the elder male she’d not crossed paths with in some time along with the fae, one she recalled tho not well. She briefly whispered

        * Shukie to Atraya and then continued… “Among us this night we have two returning wolves, wolves of old, wolves that can relay the stories, trials and tribulations of this pack, the WolfSpirits.” she paused again looking towards Nightstalker and Crimson, each in turn. “Crimson, Nightstalker, If you would be so kind as to come forth, I have a question I would ask of each of you.” her

        * Shukie smile wide, her obsidian gaze sparkling like black diamonds twinkling beneath the sun’s rays.

        * Kwa`ani smiled and gave a nod to CwnAnnwn, the brute being one of the first she’d met here. Offering a howl for all and a special one to CwnAnnwn for his return to the fold. She then turned her attention back to her mother and Shukie, tail swaying happily for all whom had been acknowledged in some form thus far. Her gaze might connect with the others as well with a welcoming dip of her

        * Kwa`ani head to all 4


        * Nightstalker lowered his muzzle as his howl faded and his ears perked as his name was called by Shukie. He tilted his head slightly as she summoned him and Crimson to the rock. He slowly stood upon all fours, he didn’t do anything quickly besides fall asleep anymore. The old male moved towards the rock, pausing a moment to run his muzzle along his sons before padding the last bit to the rock

        * Nightstalker where he stopped and looked between Atraya and Shukie.


        * Crimson a smile of her own would sneak across Crimson’s muzzle before she’d stand and approach Shukie, it would be clear enough now that she was closer that she had a long scar along her chin down to her front left leg, likely something high impact as opposed to claws or the like. She’d look to Nightstalker as she’d approcah the Rock, giving him a gentle nod beofre turning her attention back to Shukie.


        * CwnAnnwn perked up as his father was summoned forward, turning his gaze to the old male. He smiled and returned his fathers nuzzle lightly before watching him move up to the rock. He was curious as to why the two had been called up.


        * Shukie smiled to the brute and fae. “You each have, in the past, but the bulk of your lives into the continueance, guideance, safety and training of wolves here now, those which have departed or passed on into their next lives.” Her tones soft, with the utmost respect in her voice. “It is the wolves of old, those which have seen all there is to see, that can help aid and guide the new

        * Shukie wolves here, the pups and those of us that think we know everything (herself).” Her tones were most respectful as she asked each, “Will you accept the honour of being named as Elders of WolfSpirits?. The only request is for you both to pass on the pack’s history that other’s can continue the legacy of the most awesome and legendary pack, the WolfSpirits.” Her tail swayed, “In

        * Shukie doing so, The Pack and myself shall see to it you are each taken care of as best we area able until such time as you may depart in which ever way happens. It’s time for an Elder’s Club within WolfSpirits.” She expected them to perform no duties other than beign themselves and sharing of lore.

        * Atraya would turn an ear towards the direction of Shukie’s voice. Did she say Nightstalker and Crimson?? She would tip her nose to the air, sniffing quiet deeply until those scents long lost to the wilds and antiquity of the world, where renewed. She swung her tail quickly behind her and she would dip her head in their direction. Formal greetings will be had soon enough.

        * Crimson the white furred fae would listen intently before pausing for a moment and giving a light hearted chuckle, though her lack of breathe made it come off a bit raspier than it otoherwise might have. “I hardly expected to be noticed this evening, but I’ll gladly welcome such a request. I’ll gladly share what I know to those of you who don’t mind some embellished stories now and again” She’d reply earnestly, a light hearted smile still
        * Crimson stuck to her face. An honor she’d not anticipated, but one she was glad for all the same.

        * Nightstalker looked to Crimson and nodded to the fae before turning to Shukie as she spoke. Before he could respond, he caught movement and looked to Atraya as she dipped her head towards them and he smiled. Turning back to Shukie he would take a short moment to contemplate the offer before speaking “I feel that my time here will be short, but it would be my honor to be considered and elder
        * Nightstalker of the pack. This is my home and the pack is my family.” He like Crimson had expected to go unnoticed, but was honored by the request.

        * CwnAnnwn listened as both Crimson and his father were asked to become pack elders, he knew his father would be honored by the request. He frowned when his father mentioned how short his time would be, but he knew his father had lived a long life and was almost ready to follow his ancestors to the next plane. He shook off the frown and looked to his father once more with a smile.

        * Shukie had trouble containing herself for the acceptance by the pair newly returned for in their doing so, shows the depth of heart that the bonds of family formed within WolfSpirits. “Nae, Crimson, Nightstalker. It is my privilege and honour to recognize you for all you have done here, for all the family, past, present and furture.. ‘I welcome you home, WolfSpirit’s Elders.” her pride
        * Shukie in all her family was clear from the husky tones she spoke with for she was truly the privileged one here. She gave each wolf before her a deep, low bow in respect. “Walk with full pride in your family.” Her tail swished and swooshed as she lifted her muzzle to the heavens for their safe return to the family!!
        * Kwa`ani lifted her muzzle and howled for one and all in recognition of their new positions and her excitement of the newly returned Elders

        * Rune perks her ears, one of the unknown wolves, Crimson, coming forwards to accept the role of Pack Elder. Nightstalker appears from the shadows to do the same. She took note of both of the wolf’s ages and at the brute’s response to Shukie, concern crosses her mind. The russian fae lifts her voice in song, welcoming the return of their Elders.

        * Nightstalker bowed his head to Shukie as she named them Elders. He turned to Crimson and reached over to give her a light nosing before he would turn to slowly make his way to his sons side. Upon reaching the young male, he would turn and settle upon his haunches beside him.

        <Anya> would raise her muzzle to join in the howling for the new Elders, having been taken a bit by surprise that Crimson had come here and gotten recognized as an elder. If she hadn’t known any better, she’d have thought Crimson planned this all, but she took her word on not having expected this.

        * Crimson would give Nightstalker a nosing of her own as she’d begin to return back to the side of Anya, giving Shukie and Atraya a gentle nod of respect, glad to see her old friend again, though she’d note that the Alpha appeared to have some kind of eye injury.

        * Shukie saw a fae that she wasn’t sure she recognized or not and would whisper to Atraya inquiring of the fae if she’s known or not. The scents were mixed somewhat with the huge gathering. As she dug deep into her memories, a vague rememberance was surfacing. “Is that not one of your daughters?” her whispered words would not carry to anyone else. Rather than leave anyoe out she looked
        * Shukie in Anya’s direction.. “Whom might you be?” a smile upon her lips.

        * Anya would be a bit startled to have been called out, looking to Shukie before lowering her head gently in aknowledgement. “I am Anya, daughter of Atraya and Faolán. Sorry to intrude, I didn’t want Crimson getting hurt on the way here” She’d reply, clearly a bit uneasy especially with having been called out.

        * CwnAnnwn perked as Anya was questioned by Shukie, he turned his head towards the fae. He couldn’t remember if he had met her before.

        * Rune bends her her head down to lick the pup’s cheek, before rising to her paws. Seeing as Leora was still leaning against her sisters, the Caretaker trots over to CwnAnnwn and Nightstalker, chuffing in greeting. “Hello Cwn, glad to see you’re on your way back.” She dips her head before turning to the Elder brute. “Nightstalker, welcome home. It has been some time. How have you been?”

        * CwnAnnwn perked as Rune approached and greeted them, a smile played upon his maw as his tail swayed behind him. “Hello Rune, it is very good to see you and thank you. Congrats on your advancement to member.” He watched the interaction between her and his father.

        * Nightstalker looked to Rune as the young fae approached the pair. “Hello Rune and thank you.” He glanced at his son with a knowing smirk before turning back to the fae “Age has finally caught up to me it seems, as it does all of us eventually.”

        * Shukie nodded and smiled broadly..ahhh…yes… Now she put the scent in her memory to the face. “Welcome home and thank you for taking care to see Crimson home. I’m sure your mother will be glad to spend time with you.” Her tail swayed as she glanced to Atraya beside her. She then looked to Hati` who’d only now wandered in during the ongoing meeting. “Hati, come forward please.” putting
        * Shukie the wolf on the spot.

        * Hati` had only just stepped up onto Alpha Rock, behind the many others and keeping her distance some as many of them appeared to be well known. She didn’t want to intrude so she had been sitting on her haunches, hazel/yellow eyes observing quietly. Her brown ear twisted in the direction of Shukie as she heard her name and then asked to step forward. Her eyes darted to the Beta and she
        * Hati` quickly nodded and trotted forward. She offered a soft smile before lowering herself in a submissive way to the Beta and the other higher ranking wolves around her. This was unexpected and she was caught off guard. She figured she would be watching from the back. “Greetings, Shukie – everyone.”

        * Rune chuckles, “It does seem to do its fair amount of sneaking up on us but I’m glad to see that spring is well on its way. Should there be anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to let me know. Kajika is our other Caretaker, if you cannot find me.” She dips her head to the Elder before turning to his son. “Thank you, I am happy to have returned in full to the WolfSpirits. I’m glad to see that you’ve decided the time
        * Rune is right for your own return as well.” If her memory did not deceive her, she and CwnAnnwn were first Pledged at the same meeting some time ago. A new, timid voice catches her attention and she looks over her should. A fae she did not recognize had been beckoned forward by Shukie, a late arrival?

        * Anya would nod gently before heading back to Crimson’s side, her eyes on her mother idly, not wishing to interrupt things with formal greetings just yet.

        * Shukie stepped back slightly as Atraya would take over for her giving a nod to Hati` and Anya after swirling her tongue around her muzzle, smiling with pride at the pack before her, tail swaying gently

        * Atraya would shift her paws beneath her and when the named wolves of old having returned to their fold in the form of Elders, she would dip her head with an expression that would well with pride. She would have to save her excited expression to their return for after the meeting. She’d not seen Crimson in many many years, Nightstalker nearly the same, but when Anya was called up her heart would »»
        <Atraya> »» nearly come screaming from her chest. “Anya…?” Having had no idea what had become of her (by now) eldest daughter, what had brought her back now? It would seem as though she had stewarded herself with Crimson, and she took a step forward before her tail swung quickly behind her, whines emitted if only to convey her joy. She would no doubt offer those needed greetings, until the need for »»
        <Atraya> »» the continued progression of the pack’s events. She nosed Shukie lightly wondering if she’d call out who else was present, those left to progress.

        * Leora would have swayed her tail at Rune and nuzzled the caretaker, remebering this fae, but now there where moreeeee wolves. She would stick close to Kwa`ani and Fianna, unaware she had another sister. More sisters? Suddenly the small nature of her world was becoming much bigger.

        * Shukie nodded to Atraya, informing her of who was left on the checklist of promotions before going silent once more

        * Atraya cleared her throat if only a little before she would look ‘out’ across the horizon, taking in the winds, the world, and the smells that transpired beyond her normal senses. Hati’s scent reached her and it was there she chuffed for her to continue to move forward and approach the rock.

        * CwnAnnwn listened to Rune talk to his father before she responded to him. “I am happy to be back amongst the pack.” He perked to the new fae that was being called up and turned his head to watch. While he listened to the alpha address the fae, he hoped to get a chance to catch up with Rune sometime in the near future.

        * Hati` heard the Alpha’s chuff and would step forward to approach closer. Before Atraya, she would lower her head and body before her, as one would before an Alpha. She gave a soft, happy whine from her throat before speaking softly, “Alpha, greetings.” She would whisper, it good seeing her after it had been a few nights since she had last seen her.

        * Anya the intent gaze of Anya would watch her mother for a time. Had she said something? She seemed excited perhaps? She’d set herself down for now, though her nervousness would begin to wash away. Her mother had noticed her, it seems. At least, she hoped that was why.

        * Atraya her head dipped in Hati`s direction as she smelt the fae near and close. Her tail swung lightly behind her before it stilled. “Hati, you have been with the pack for several moons now, and it has come to my attention that you’ve desired to be part of the pack. I ask you now… is this still your desire?” though she was blind, she could still look to a wolf almost directly.

        * Kova there was quiet a bit going on this evening, and she tried her very best to absorb it all. She would look to Atraya and now to Hati` who approached. She swung her tail at the proceedings.

        * Kwa`ani was kind of feeling left out with all the promotions tonight yet she knew she wasn’t ready for full guardianship or so she felt. Her sister was busy talking with Calder, thus she simply smiled to Fianna before returning her attention to her mother and Hati`.

        * Hati` gave a nod, then peered up at Atraya, “Yes, Alpha, it is a deep desire of mine to be a part of this pack.” she replied, smiling up at her before closing her eyes and giving a respectful bow of her head.

        * Atraya the words and convictions of a heart willing and wanting to join the pack would be heard, and so she would dip her head to the fae’s words shared and offered to her family. “As a pledge you will learn of our ways more deeply, our rules more carefully, and form bonds with those of this pack and those you wish to call family. As you agree to these, and as all who lay witness to Hati`s »»
        <Atraya> »» desire to join the WolfSpirits, I would be honored in naming you a pledge of WolfSpirits. May all those you pass either new or old, recognize your new role amongst us. Welcome, Hati!” her paw would rise up before lowering to the stone in a stomp.

        * Kova with the announcement of Hati`s advancement, she couldn’t help but feel her own chest well with pride and let loose a few barking chuffs for the fae and her progression to family.

        <Calder> Would have to make it a point to become more familiar with all these wolves. Never had he seen so many. He was particularly curious of the Elders. For now his eyes fell to the proceedings and when a new pledge was named, Hati, he would give a dip of his head and a low ruuuing sound.

        * Shukie tamped her paws to the alpha stone, giving the fae a welcoming nod, “Welcome to WolfSpirts, Hati` and your journey to becoming a member.” her tail swayed back and forth

        * Kwa`ani issued a soft howl for the fae in welcome aboard. She noticed Calder perhaps fidgeting beside her a little. “Anxious to have time with yer intended?” she teased giving him a playful nip for he was on his way to becoming part of her immediate family.

        * Hati` couldn’t help but to let her tail sway in happiness as it had been so long since she was among others. She gave a large smile as she looked up now at Atraya and bowing once more before her. “Thannk you, thank you so very much. I look forward to forming tight bonds with all in this pack.” she said, whining and giving a small huff of excitement before sitting up and looking from
        * Hati` Alpha to the others and nodding to them all in greetings and in thanks. She took a step back, never turning at all and always facing the Alpha in respect. She gave a yip of joy and shook her coat out now. Finally, a family she could have again!

        * Atraya would dip her head and smile in Hati`s direction, allowing the fae to join them and the others as a Pledge. She shifted her paws a little if only to get herself comfortable. While all settled, she would tip her nose up and scent the air carefully. Finding Shakira’s scent, she would chuff “Shakira, please come forward”

        * Kova would swing her tail quickly behind her as she watched Hati`. She was excited for the fae, and even more so, excited to build important relationships with new wolves! Her gaze however glanced to Crimson and Anya. Was Anya really a lost fae pup of the Alpha’s? How many more lingered in the wilds? She swung her tail once more before it stilled, thinking on her own legacy but shook the thought »»
        <Kova> »» as she refocused on Shakira.

        * Leora kept beside Kwa`ani and Fianna, but her curious nature just couldn’t handle it. She haaaad to know. She nudged Kwa`ani on her way past, but she seemed to be making her way towards Anya and Crimson. Her eyes more set on Anya. Something seemed…familiar? Large paws and a lithe weight carried a top the snow with little struggle. Still not really keen on meeting etiquette yet.

        * Kwa`ani rose when Leora did, recalling how she and her siblings fidgeted at long meetings. It was a lot to ask of a young one. Giving Calder a dip of her head after he’d respond, if he did, she tagged along with Leora giving both faes a respectful nod with a dip of her noggin. “Welcome and Congrats! I’m Kwa`ani, the other fae i was with is Fianna, and this is Leora. We are daughters of
        * Kwa`ani atraya and »»
        <Kwa`ani> »» faolan.” her smiled to each, Anya and Crimson.

        Header Artwork by the talented AlectorFencer

        Pack Meeting #200

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        Meeting Notes

        August 1st, 2020

        • Kova is promoted to pack Delta!
        • Rune is promoted to Assessment!
        • Rune is promoted to Caretaker In Training
        • Nightshade returns to the pack as a Pledge
        Number Of Wolves Present


          @Atraya @Faolan @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Shakira @Shukie @Skydancer
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          +Nightshade +Rune
          CwnAnnwn Raven Fenrir Amoux Ryker

          Pack Meeting Begins


          * Atraya it didn’t take long for her to reach the clearing from her new found location. When she did she would make quick work for the distance from the treeline to the alpha’s rock, and there, she would let loose a low howl. A howl for a gathering.
          * Kova an ear turned to the sound of a howl and there she saw the owner. Atraya would approach from the eastern edge of the forests treeline and there she would slowly press her paws int othe soil to rise. There would only be a few grimaces of displeasure to the movement as she would make her way towards the rock now. She was again a three legged wolf as she hopped along the tall brown grasses to make her way to the rock. When she was there she would recline down nearby and dip her head softly in a greeting “My alpha, I am here.” she announced now taking stock of anyone else who’d appear.
          * Shakira would also be resting fairly near the carcass just within the wooded area that divided the Clearing from the Hunting Grounds, unaware yet that Nightshade had come to help guard the packs kill, though as she roused herself from her slumber she might catch sight or scent of her as she rolled from her side to her stomach and pushed herself up to a slouched sitting position, rolling her shoulders to work out any kinks
          * Shakira that had set in during the night. Just as she was about to make her way back out to the kill site, the Alphas unmistakable howl rang loud and clear from the direction of the Clearing, a summoning call that could not be ignored. With a quick glance around the area where the kill lay to ensure no predators were near, she would perhaps notice Nightshade and give a short nod in greeting before turning to make her way
          * Shakira towards the Clearing.
          <Faolan> Fitting that he should be returning from the north to the tune of his mother’s call. He had left at the close of the previous meeting with an urge to find a story of his own. Whether that had been a success was a matter of telling; something that he might or might not do. The sound of his mother’s voice urged him to speed along the grassy path through the meadow and forest between him
          <Faolan> and the clearing.
          * Atraya would wait the needed time for the wolves to find her call and heed it. She would flick an ear to the sound of another and Kova’s scent greeted her. She would offer a gentle dip of her head and a smile in her direction to greet the fae. The smell and scent of others started to greet her now and she remained seated there until she could be sure there was ample time for those who wanted to heed the call, would and could get there before she began. She did her best to keep herself situated on the top of the rock.
          * skydancer lying near the Lake just simply watching across the Lake when she suddenly hears atrayas howl. perking up her ears for a moment she doesn’t only needs a moment to get to her paws and quickly starts towards the Clearing
          * Kova smiled to Atraya and then returned her gaze out towards the others who where slowly starting to make their way to the clearing. Her hues momentarily glanced at her leg then back up again. “I can sense skydancer near, as well as Nightshade and Shakira to.” she uttered to Atraya. Trying to help give her count.
          * Nightshade would noticed a scent of Shakira next to her, a howl was sounding the surrounding, loud enough that make her awake and raised up on fours and would follow her to the clearing as she would lead
          * Atraya she would wait a few more padfalls, allowing the others to get to the clearing before she began.
          * CwnAnnwn had been in and out of the packs territory since his return and now found himself returning just in time for a pack gathering it seemed. Though he had not got around to requesting to rejoin the pack yet, he still picked up his pace to at least be there for the meeting. The silver male loped along the creek leading towards the clearing from the west side of the territory.
          * Rune At the sound of Atraya’s howl it would seem as if the Clearing would come to life, Rune’s own ears perking to the call. Picking her frame up off the earth she shakes her pelt free of any debris that it had gathered from the forest’s floor. She hadn’t been directly on the Clearing’s edge but was near the pond, tending to some of the herbs she had planted. She had last seen Atraya when they found the patch of m
          * Rune int some time last week. Loping towards Alpha Rock, she slows to a trot when her ivory and russet frame breaks through the treeline of the Clearing. Not wanting to be any later than she already was, she moves quickly towards the back of the group of gathering wolves.
          <Rook> The nearer to the clearing he came the more he drew upon the scents therein. If the wind was favorable, then he would have at least one sense to gauge the lay of the land. Surprises were fun in regards to birthday parties and sometimes the mail; he never liked them when entering a mix of others. If scent alone was not enough, then he would have the width of northern clearing and river
          <Rook> cut»»
          <Rook> cont»» crossing to take stock of those gathering wolves. He’d be fashionably late, but it did not seem that he missed the main course.
          * Atraya when the wolves began to gather and she would hear the count begin to rise she would gently stomp a paw before stilling. Her frame would shift as well and the litheness she usually held was not as present. She’d eaten a great deal from the Oxen cache that still had a fair amount of meat left on it – surely would feed the pack for a few more days yet. “Hello and thank you all for attending »»
          <Atraya> »» this meeting.” she said with a swing of her tail. “I would like to begin with calling Kova forward.” white stary eyes would peer ahead as she would wait to hear Kova move forward and stand before her.
          * Nightshade would entrance the clearing with a draft and slowed up now to come closer to the point of where alpha Atraya was calling to the pack.
          * Kova took in all the smells and scents offered therein to her. She would swing her tail seeing so many wolves starting to appear out of the woods. She was happy to see the numbers. Among the scents, if Rook was downwind to her, she might pick him up and her tail gently swayed but stilled now as she would hear the call and blink with surprise. Rise to the call she did and turned her frame limping »»
          <Kova> »» ahead of the stone and would remain standing out of respect. Her left paw would be slightly keeled to the air if only to disallow any pressure on it. “My alpha” her head would bow.
          * Atraya when she heard Kova’s words she would smile and dip her head and begin. “Kova, you have been Delta in training for sometime now and under the guidenace of myself and Shukie, you have proven yourself worthy of such a role and of such a title. Our ranks are stable much like the braided streams can sometimes change. The Delta’s role is to take the mantle should something befall the Alpha and »»
          <Atraya> »» Beta, but I would like to continue to extend this position to you, if you are in agreement. Do you accept the role and responsabilities as Delta to this pack?” her tail would be level with her frame and the seriousness in her tones would be met.
          * CwnAnnwn crossed the threshold of the clearing just as Kova was asked to step forward. Not wishing to interrupt, he picked a spot behind the others gathered to settle upon his haunches. He quickly swept the gathering place to see whom was present before his attention turned to the Alpha’s rock and Atraya and Kova.
          * Kova would remain standing before Atraya and when the words were offered to her she would take a long pause and moment to allow the words to be written into the forefront of her mind and what they meant; what they entailed. Only a moment would pass before her lips parted and she would rise her head up from her respectful position to offer her response. “Sense I’ve known this pack and this »»
          <Kova> »» place, it has been a strumm constant in my heart and in my soul. A sense of purpose and a sense of duty. The love and dedication I have for this pack will never change, only grow more fierce with the changing seasons. Yes, my Alpha. If you deem me worthy of such a role and title, I will honor you and this pack, by doing all I can to uphold my role here as Delta.” her head would once more bow. »»
          <Kova> »» She could feel the pride well in her chest.
          * Atraya Kova’s words would reach her and she would offer a wolven smile of pride. She thought quietly on Shukie, wondering were she had been, but gave a simple nod of her head before she would address Kova and the rest of the pack. “Then I would like to make it known to all who are witness to this event today and by Kova’s words of acceptance of duty to Delta, it is with great honor and pleasure »»
          <Atraya> »» I name Kova… WolfSpirits Delta!” her paw would rise up from the surface of the stone before lowering back down again in a stomp. She’d allow her words to reach the wolves who where present to hear it before she offered up a short and honorable howl for the newly ranked fae.
          * Rune was interested in what was to come for Kova, their Alpha wasting no time at the start of the meeting. Listening to Atraya explain the duties and responsibilities of a Delta to Kova, Rune couldn’t think of a wolf more worthy of the title. Noticing a slight hitch in Kova’s step, Rune would attempt to check in on her after the meeting, should time and circumstances permit it. Hearing Kova’s acceptance of the offered
          * Rune position, Rune’s tail gently sweeps the ground behind her. At Atraya’s stomp and howl, she would lift her voice in congratulations as well.
          * skydancer approaching the clearing she only pauses briefly before heading towards those gathered and quietly picks a spot
          * CwnAnnwn tilted his head back as Kova was named Delta and let his voice join the others in congratulating the fae on her new role within the pack.
          * Rook would be crossing the river when Kova was called up to the stone and would have all but missed the question offered her as he shook himself free of the water weighing him down. He was far enough removed from the meeting to have been afforded the action without being an obnoxious distraction, but he would soon slip in just in time to hear the congratulations given to Kova for an
          * Rook official cut»»
          <Rook> cont»» Delta title. He could not help but momentarily think of Ayaka before stamping his paw in the grass.
          * Kova her heart would strumm and beat with the pride she felt for the role she was bestowed and those there to witness and support her. One she would uphold to the best of her core and being. To honor her pack but also, Ayaka as well. It was a mantle she too held and didn’t get to see through. She would keep her left paw risen from the earth before letting loose a howl in unison to her pack and family. If Rune took a moment to observe, she’d no doubt see that Kova did a half attempt job at caretaking herself, and wrapped some leaves in a grotesquely gaping wound. The result of a wolverines fierce bite. Someone get this fae some bubble wrap. When the howls would die down she would turn her frame and start to limp back to her place right to the left of the Alpha’s stone. A mantle her sisters would usually be seated but as she was absent, she would respectfully warm the seat.
          * skydancer lifts her muzzle and joins in the chorus to congratulate kova with her promotion
          * Atraya would allow the howls of congratulations ring true and high before the wilds would take their voices and carry them to the winds. She shifted her paws yet again, trying to get comfortable a top the warm stone. She would continue to ‘look out’ all the same before she would find Rune’s scent among the gathered. She would turn now to the fae’s direction, chuffing for Rune. “Rune, please come forward”
          * Rune notices the arrival of two other wolves, Rook and Skydancer, glad that they had made it. She would be sure to greet everyone at the end of the meeting. As Kova makes her way back to her place, her limp was obvious to Rune now that she had noticed it. Her ears perk forward at the sound of her name being spoken from the height of Alpha Rock. Rising to her paws, she weaves between the wolves seated in front of her pausing before the large stone and Atraya upon it. “My Alpha.” She says, dipping her head.
          * Atraya would’ve heard Kova move to the left side and she dipped her head to her. She missed Shukie and as well, Ayaka. The mantle she hoped the fae would be at as well, but knew that Kova would honor that chosen path and follow in the paw steps as well and strong as Ayaka did. When Rune approached she dipped her head and offered to the fae. “Though the nights sometimes draw long enough for our »»
          <Atraya> »» paths to cross on occassion, you have always shown great heart and dedication to this pack. To it’s wellbeing, and comfort. I would like to ask you Rune, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits?” her paws would shift only a little between her.
          * Kova ears turned to Atraya then now to Rune as she would approach. Her tail would swing quickly behind her at the fae. She was fond of her and her abilities as a caretaker though she wasn’t properly put in the role. She took it up regardless. She would still herself and look now to Rune as Atraya asked of the fae her desires to still join their fold. Inwardly, she really hoped she still desired it. There was a brief moment to where she saw Rook gathered among the other wolves and her tail once more swung behind her in the brown grasses to his presence. She gave a dip of her head in his direction to acknowledge his arrival before turning then to Rune.
          * CwnAnnwn perked and turned his gaze towards Rune as she was called forth. He watched the fae as she made her way towards the alpha rock, a smile playing upon his muzzle. He hoped to eventually get a chance to cath up with her, but knew she would most likely have other things to attend to after the meeting, so he would wait.
          * Nightshade stepped careful to kova and nuzzled her “congratulations kova ” she said and would sit down to listening to meeting.
          * Rune “I do, Atraya. My heart belongs to the WolfSpirits and it will always call me home. I would be honored to be welcomed back into the fold once again and to rejoin the pack.” It had been some time since she had last stood before Alpha Rock, but she was ready to return to the pack in full.
          * Rune “I do, Atraya. My heart belongs to the WolfSpirits and it will always call me home. I would be honored to be welcomed back into the fold once again and to rejoin the pack.” It had been some time since she had last stood before Alpha Rock, but she was ready to return to the pack in full.
          * Atraya tail would wave once at the mention of desiring to continue her journey in joining them again. The fae was dedicated and eager to always lend a paw to the wellbeing of the pack and she’d recognize that. “Your next step is to become an Assessment to the pack. You will learn further and more intricate our ways as you rejoin us from your previous place here. Though you are familiar, you will »»
          <Atraya> »» grow with the new wolves who call this place home.” she paused for only a moment. “I also wish to extend another role to you, Rune. The pack has one caretaker, Kajika, but you have proven yourself well over that you are also versed in the herbal remedies of this world. This is a position we usually save for those who are of pack, but this will allow you to grow not only with your family, »»
          <Atraya> »» but your role here. Would you accept the role as Caretaker in Training? To continue to learn and gain knowledge from your soon to be family? To garner knowlege from your mentor, Kajika?”
          * Rune was shocked to hear the roles that had been offered to her. “I humbly accept your offer, Atraya, and I am greatly honored to be able to grow with the pack again and to learn from our Caretaker, Kajika.” It was a shame that Kajika was not here today, but she would certainly have to track him down now. She looked forward to learning from him and from all of those around her.
          * skydancer head comes up just a little higher in surprise. both assessment and in training? that’s unusual even so she remains quiet and watches rune curiously for her reaction
          * Atraya would give a slow nod of her head to Rune as she would offer to the rest “As all lay witness to Rune’s words and acceptance of her role here, I would like to proudly name Rune, Assessment to WolfSpirits and Caretaker in Training.” her paw came up to stomp!
          * Kova an ear turned to the sound of another and when she would see Nightshade step closer she would give the fae a light nosing back in a ‘thank you’ before she resumed to pay attention to the meeting. She’d be sure to also greet the others. CwnAnnwn being one of them she hadn’t seen in sometime, but was glad he was present. Hearing Atraya’s final words on Rune’s advancement she smiled and would »»
          <Kova> »» let loose a few chuffing barks for Rune, stomping her own paw as well! a role very well suited for the fae and she was proud of her.
          * ChanServ sets mode: +h Rune
          * CwnAnnwn was happy for Rune as she was named assessment and caretaker-in-training. Once more, his head tilted back and he let out a low howl for the fae.
          * skydancer after atrayas final words she too lifts her muzzle and let’s out a congratulatory howl of her own
          * Rune couldn’t help but wag her tail at the howls of the others. “Thank you, Atraya.” She says to the Alpha fae before dipping her head and departing from the space in front of Alpha Rock. There was nothing quite as wonderful as rising through the stages of joining the WolfSpirits. While walking back to her previous spot, she instead changes course to go sit beside Kova, hoping to eliminate the possibility of Rune not
          * Rune catching her at the end of the meeting. She gently noses the Delta in greeting and congratulations.
          * Rook sat back upon his haunches and listened attentively to the magnitude of changes that would affect the pack’s future. He was curious if he had missed a swell of numbers in his absence or if these familiar wolves were to be the spear head for new activity? Curious or not, he offered the fae a congratulatory stamp of his paw to the grass beneath him.
          * Atraya when the encouragments and happy chuffs were made and silenced to the winds she would allow the air to settle before her attention drew ahead. As she tasted the winds once more she could smell her son among the gathered and it caused her to smile and the happiness to his presence caused a brisk wave of her tail. Her head dipped warmly in his direction before she turned to once more ‘look »»
          <Atraya> »» ahead’. “Nightshade, please come forward.”
          + Nightshade stepped forward to the alpha as it was asked from her, “Yes alpha?” She asked and sat down.
          * Kova would feel the presence of another and turned to see Rune. She would smile and nose the fae warmly in a greeting and offer to her congratulations as well. She was happy for the fae for both roles suited her very well and she was glad to know that there might be another caretaker in their fold. Something she seemed to personally need more and more of as of late. To bad Fenrir wouldn’t taste the souls she’d give. She turned then to Atraya and now Nightshade.
          * Atraya would wait for the fae to acknowledge her and let her know she stepped forward before she would continue. “Nightshade, you had been absent for sometime but only recently returned back to our fold. You were a pledge with us and as well an Assessment, but I would like to ask you now, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits?” she’d weigh the fae’s answer carefully.
          * CwnAnnwn draws his gaze away from Rune and Kova as Nightshade is called up next. He cannot remember if he had met the fae or not.
          * skydancer as nightshade is called up she shifts her attention to the larger fea her ears drawn slightly forward with interest.
          * Nightshade “Alpha Atraya, I like nothing more, I still desire to become one of the pack, I’m deeply sorry for my absence ” she responded to her question and continued “I want to say something more Alpha, if it’s okay”
          * Atraya she would dip her head to Nightshade “Please, share” she would extend the invitation to the fae to offer more.
          * Kova an ear turned to Nightshade now as she would request to offer more to the others. She would shift her weight a little, if only to keep it off her left leg as her gaze fell to the fae, curious to what she wanted to add.
          * Nightshade turned her head to Shakira as she got permission from the alpha. ” Shakira, our last meeting wasn’t pleasant I’ve acted rude, disrespectful towards you, I want to apologize my behavior” and would look back at Alpha Atraya ” I’m also deeply sorry for the actions and would accept punishment for being disrespectful”.
          * Atraya ‘s eyes fell ahead of her as she could gauge where Nightshade was standing based on the scents and when she offered her additional thoughts she would respond in kind. It was something she was not privileged to knowing or knew what transpired, but if the fae felt bad about her behavior to apologies, then, she’d accept it for what it was. “Punishment would entail knowing the full story, and be that I do not, and you are apologizing now means you are willing to accept that responsibility. For that I simply offer a thank you for your honesty and I hope any displeasure between you or anyone else can be settled; which I am sure they can be. I appreciate the honesty, Nightshade and no punishment is needed now.” she didn’t know the context of what she said or did to ‘warrant’ a »»
          <Atraya> »» punishment, but if it was something they needed to discuss she would do so not at the open junction of a meeting but more privately. “As a pledge of the pack this is the time to search your soul and heart to ensure that WolfSpirits is the right home for you. Again I ask with this in mind, do you still wish to join?” she’d wait again for the fae to respond.
          * Nightshade ” I’m sorry for my absence, I felt a little disconnected with the pack I’ll prove my loyalty and my stay, ” and sat down back await for alpha’s response and from everyone else”.
          * Atraya would give a slow nod of her head to the fae. “I look forward to your presence, Nightshade. As you have offered your words and heart to the others, it is felt. You’ve made it known you desire to continue to join us, and so I would like to have the privillage of naming you a pledge of WolfSpirits. Welcome back Nightshade” her paw came up to stomp and she swung her tail once before it stilled.
          * Kova ‘s tail swung behind her once as well upon the naming of Nightshade, their newest pledge. She was happy to see their pack growing once more and she couldn’t help but stomp a paw as well but her’s was a little… lopsided? She had to rise her good one up and then ‘hop’ it down on the ground before stilling. She was happy for the fae to return.
          * CwnAnnwn despite not knowing the fae, lifted his muzzle as he had for the others and let out a howl of congratulations for her.
          * skydancer takes note of kovas odd pawstomp even as she lifts her muzzle in concratulation for nightshade
          * Rune wasn’t sure what had transpired between Shakira and Nightshade, though it did not seem as if Atraya was going to ask the full story of her. The fae’s responses puzzled Rune but her remorse seemed genuine. Regardless, it was Atraya’s judgement that she trusted so she raises her muzzle in a howl to Nightshade.
          * Atraya there wasn’t much more on the agenda of her mind to offer just yet, besides the obvious thing that would be before them now. If anyone had even garnered a notice that was up to them, otherwise she’d remain silent on the matter for as long as she was able but observations would be as they would. There would be no hiding the light. She wanted the chance to offer the news to her son and »»
          <Atraya> »» remaining daughter but whatever kept them to the wilds did so at it’s will. Time was a fickle thing. “Is there anything else anyone desires to bring up before I close the meeting and open it to a few stories?”
          * Kova ‘s eyes fell between Nightshade and then to where Shakira had seated herself nearby. She tilted her head quietly in thought wondering if she could even recall what happened. Was she around? Hm, regardless the fae offered her apology and she felt that it should be enough; but she wasn’t the other fae. She turned then to Atraya and swung her tail at the mention of stories. She had prepared one »»
          <Kova> »» for this afternoon’s telling and was hopeful she might be able to share it. But of course would wait to see who else wanted to offer their lore. A story for a story.
          * CwnAnnwn turned his attention to Atraya as she asked if there was anything else. He contemplated making his request to rejoin the pack now, but felt that he had not yet earned right to begin the path to rejoin. So, he kept silent and would ask later and maybe begin the path the next meeting.
          * Nightshade looked puzzled at the Atraya and asked ” sorry alpha Atraya, did you asked something?”
          * Rook listened to this newer fae offer herself up to the pyre of sorts. He chuckled to himself at the thought of someone asking for punishment from his mother or from his father…ouch. He was happy to have avoided the drama that killed you slowly. It was much better to die from the drama that had the decency to kill you swiftly and…well…dramatically. The meeting would end without
          * Rook objection, cut»»
          <Rook> cont»» and the call for a tale or two would be made. He too would wait…afterall, it was his schtick to offer a story for a story (copyright pending).
          <Atraya> »»»( XD )«««
          * CwnAnnwn had a change of heart, but Nightshade spoke up before he did. He would wait for the fae to finish before he would speak up.
          * Atraya would shake her head to Nightshade; perhaps she had missed the question herself? She would offer in kind “Nae” she continued to ‘look’ out ahead of her towards the sound of Nightshade’s voice. “only what you already answered” she added.
          * Rune did not have anything to add on the meetings front but at the mention of stories, she was intrigued. The ivory and russet fae could not remember the last time she had attended a Lore Night, it must have been some time ago. It was now that she would begin to think of something to share, she was not usually one to share but if there ever were a time, it was now. Both Nightshade and CwnAnnwn seem to stir at Atraya’s fin
          * Rune al question and Rune looks to them, interested to hear what they would have to say.
          * CwnAnnwn stood where up from where he sat and looked up to Atraya “I do have something that I would like to say.” The male would wait for the alpha faes acknowledgement before he would speak futher.
          * Atraya there would be another voice added t othe fold but this one belonged to a wolf whom she hadn’t scented in sometime. She perked her ears forward and looked out across the ‘gathered’ smells before she would try to look in CwnAnnwn’s direction. Nightstalkers son. “Come forward CwnAnnwn and offer your thoughts.”
          * Kova would turn between Nightshade and Atraya but then CwnAnnwn offered to speak. She would remain seated there but found that her right limb was starting to shake from having to bare her weight for as long as she had, but do it she would. She waited then for the male to offer his thoughts; it’s been a while sense she’d seen him to, but glad he was also back.
          * CwnAnnwn bowed his head to the alpha fae before stepping past the others to close the rock. Once he reached the rock, he would speak “I wish to return to the pack that is my family and once more make this my home. I have been gone a long time and have not be as present as I should be since returning, so as such, I know I have not earned the chance to take that path at this time. I do wish
          * CwnAnnwn to make my wish to rejoin my family known at this time so that when it is felt that I have earned it, I can start down the path.” He looked back at each wolf present for a moment before turning back to Atraya as he awaited her response.
          * Rune ’s attention would be drawn away from CwnAnnwn when she noticed the occasional tremble from Kova. Turning her head to look at the fae for a moment, she suspected the Delta wasn’t fairing as well as she appeared to be. Shuffling closer to the silvery fae, she touches her own shoulder to Kova’s, offering it to be leaned against to hopefully alleviate some of the pressure she was currently placing on the injury.
          * Atraya waited for CwnAnnwn to offer his words and as he spoke she was able to pick him out of the crowd of wolves nearby. She would listen to his request and offer a dip of her head. “I’m honored to hear that you desire to rejoin us again, CwnAnnwn. Your request has been heard and, would offer to extend that chance to rejoin us at the next meeting. It’ll allow your paws to settle more firmly »»
          <Atraya> »» with us again and if you still desire it at the next meeting, it can be made so.” she said with a swing of her tail. It often made her think of Nightstalker. She had missed him dearly but felt a lot of his presence in CwnAnnwn. Lineage and lore.
          * Kova felt the relief of Rune’s frame against her own and she’d feel a significant amount of weight being pressed against Rune, perhaps so much so she’d almost have to dig her paws into the soil to help be a stronger barrier. Her paw stopped shaking as the load of her frame was distrubited and she nosed Rune gratefully across her cheek. She was fond of the fae and her heart to the pack. It was there she returned her attention to Atraya and then CwnAnnwn. She swung her tail at the thought of another rejoining them, and was glad t ohear CwnAnnwn’s request.
          * CwnAnnwn listened to her words and bowed his head to her “I look forward to being home once more, thank you”. He turned to make his way back to where he had been seated, he looked to Kova and Rune as he padded by them and nodded to them in silent greeting, his silver tail swaying gently behind him. He himself often thought of his father and though he wished to find him, he knew his father
          * CwnAnnwn would rather he spend his time and energy with the pack that was both his birth home and his fathers home for so long. The pack was family as much as his father was, and now it was time to follow in his father’s paws and do his part for the pack.
          <Rook> Ah, another male to steal away the annoyances of too many faes; another target for Calder’s name-asking quandaries. He was careful not to let on that he cared -too- much about what his mother said or how this played out. He did, afterall, have a fair bit in common with this one whether he knew of CwnAnnwn’s story or not.
          * Rune is unbothered by Kova’s weight against her, relieved rather, that the fae was not straining as much to keep herself upright during the meeting. The Assessment was glad to hear that CwnAnnwn was looking to return to the pack, hopefully the next meeting would not be so distant in the future. Rune dips her head in greeting as he looks to herself and Kova before padding past them. It didn’t seem like anyone else had so
          * Rune mething to add to the meeting so Rune wondered who would share the first Lore. She had managed to come up with something and would be happy to share first, should the others not want to.
          * Atraya ‘s head dipped towards CwnAnnwn’s direction and she continued to hold a smile. “Of course” It was there she would remain seated atop the rock. Her disproportionate frame would shift as she soaked up the warming sun. By now a lot of the areas of the clearing and wildlands were drying from the previous rain. As the matters of the meeting came to a close she would stomp a paw softly (Faolan™). “Thank you to those who attended the meeting and congratulations to those promotions. Now, I would like to open the gathering for some story telling”
          * Kova when the offer to share a story was extended she would swing her tail and slowly begin to rise. She would nose Rune whom was seated just next to her before she would limp a few steps forward and pause. “I would love to share a story, my Alpha.” 6her eyes light but eager. She loved to share a story and hoped to gain another from one who where gathered. In all honesty she was still trying »»
          <Kova> »» to recall a few that were lost to the darkness from her previous hunt snafoo with the Ram. The thing that won’t be named!
          * Rune peers around at the others, none of which seemed too keen to share yet. When Kova hops a few steps forward, saying she’d like to share, the Russian fae remains prepared to rush forward to support the Delta if need be. For now, though, she was looking forward to hearing Kova’s Lore.
          * CwnAnnwn turned back to face the alpah’s rock and once more settled upon his haunches, wrapping his tail about his hind paws. He would perk as Kova spoke up and approached the rock, listening to what the fae had to say.
          * Atraya hearing Kova approached forward she would smile and dip her head allowing her to share.

          Lore Night Begins

          * Kova she began “This is an ancient story passed on from many generations and was told to me much in the same breath as I tell you now. Long ago there was a young wolf who was about to become an adult and it is told that he or she must obtain a charm or good medicine after having their ‘dream’. It is sometimes said a wolf will not eat or drink for days and only spend the time invoking the great mystery of »»
          <Kova> »» the boon of a long life.” she would pause before she continued, standing now as she would mimic “padding” or walking the best she could with a limp leg.” After traveling great distances that wolf must choose a special place or spot to dream. It must be meaningful, but also, sometimes dangerous or equally uncomfortable places! Surrounding terrors impress themselves upon the mind, and even in »»
          <Kova> »» slumber to add vividness to the dreams. However not all dreams are easily obtained!” She would strike the earth with a paw before her voice drew with eagerness. “The wolf’s father led their young one into the forest and pointed to a rocky cliff face where a golden eagle’s nest lay. “You must ascend and stay in that nest until you dream” said the father. There was only a moment shared more before »»
          <Kova> »» the father left in order that the young wolf might reach the nest without coming too close to his conductor. Obediently the young wolf climbed and reached the nest. There to lay a top in hopes to find that dream. That boon for a good life. Days would go by and there was nothing but vast landscapes to observe, but on the fourth night the wolf was greeted by a terrible thunderstorm with lightning »»
          <Kova> »» and furious wind. The wind would feel as if it rocked the very mountain cliff the nest clung to, daring to blow him off. The sounds were like screams. Terrified the wolf curled up and closed its eyes, unbeknown to it, sleep over took an exhausted frame. The young wolf was brought to darkness but soon, a small stream of light began to reflect in the distance. The veil began to peel away the »»
          <Kova> »» shadows and reveal a beautiful landscape of green grasses, wild flowers and clear blue streams.” she would pause if only to allow that imagery to sink in for that moment until she continued. “The wolf would feel peace. In that moment of peace a lone figure began to approach the wolf not from the earth but the sky. A white raven. It circled the wolf a few times before landing with ease beside it. »»
          <Kova> »» Something was obtained in its mouth and only a moment later would it be dropped to the ground. It would be a talon, small but recognizable. A raven talon.” she paused and would rise her bad paw up if only to extend her one claw out, hooking it like a talon. “The raven stared at the wolf and cawed. It was so loud to the wolf’s ears it felt so real, as if it shook its very frame inside and out. »»
          <Kova> »» CAW! Again, the wolf felt it! It was like the dream started to become real, shaking the outside. CAW CCAWWW! It was there the young wolf was pulled from the dream and brought back to reality. The cawing mimicked the clacking of thunder as the storm began to leave the area. With this new found knowledge and new courage inspired upon the wolfs soul, the young wolf carefully descended the cliff »»
          <Kova> »» face. Elated and filled with new found energy and purpose the wolf set out to find the trinket. Searching long and far until the wolf came upon a ravens carcass settled just at the banks of a stream that during the storm had flooded. The poor creature must’ve succumbed to the rising waters. It was a fledgling , unable to fly just yet to escape it’s demise. She would give pause now allowing the story to wash over before she’d continue.
          * Kova her tail would swing behind her before stilling as she remained standing as she continued “It was a reminder to the wolf, a thoughtful one. Not only did he find his trinket, but insight into what it might mean to the wolf. To always appreciate the life you have for even as young as you are, you may not always have the chances to learn and grow. The wolf gave a moment of thought and »»
          <Kova> »» honored the spirit of the raven before gingerly taking free a talon. The young wolf returned to it’s pack fulfilled and with a heart filled with purpose. The wolf would never be too far from the trinket (maybe that’s why those humans long past wore things around their necks to) and it is said this wolf lived a long and fulfilled life – searching for many more trinkets and precious things in life »»
          <Kova> »» to hold close and dear.” she would slowly dip her head and smile, stomping a paw lightly as she would limp back over to her place and seat herself beside Rune, but this time she would lower down onto her stomach so as not to keep anymore weight on her limb then needed. Her hues cast long to the wolves present to see how it was received.
          * Rook would ruminate on the talon for a moment, and he would not be able to contain a smirk of sorts at the thought of what Phoenix would call it… the gris gris. What a curious tradition. He would not linger too long in thought so as to miss the cue to deliver a grateful and approving stamp into the grass for a story well told.
          * Atraya upon the ending tale she would remain seated and thoughtful. She swung her tail behind her before giving a few stompings of her paw towards the end of it. She would be encapsulated throughout the entire story and would admire the telling gestures to each motion of the lore. “Thank you for sharing, Kova. A fine story” she continued to look out across the gathered and allowed that moment »»
          <Atraya> »» for reflection and thought as well. It would bring to her the stories her mother used to tell her of the native folk and their own backstory. Of trinkets. She often thought of her own trinkets, gifted to her by her mate. Ones she held very near and dear. A token of love and perhaps of dreams fulfilled to. “Does anyone else wish to share a story?”
          * Kova she often thought of it’s meaning and the wolf who told it to her. A lesson woven into the thread of her story; sometimes one must climb heights and endure dangers for the things they long after and are willing to protect or hold onto. She thumped her tail once more before stilling and looked around the gathered to see whom might offer a piece of lore.
          * Rune had seen many trinkets such as theses, perhaps one or two within the possession of other members of the pack. She had never thought to find one as she had always traveled so frequently. Perhaps now was the time? Rune wags and noses Kova upon her return, glad that she lowered herself to the ground completely. “If I may, Atraya.”
          * Atraya would turn to Rune and smile nodding ‘Please’ she swung her tail once before she would remain seated.
          * Kova would look to Atraya then to Rune as she offered to share. Oh! Wide eyes and curious paws would wiggle into the earth as she continued to settle in the moist grasses, waiting for Rune’s story.
          * Rune rises to her paws and takes a few steps forward. “I will share the story of the Shamans from my home. It is brief but it is the wolf’s personal journey to build upon it.” She pauses for a moment before beginning. “The levels of our worlds are held together by a magnificent, intertwining tree. The Tree connects the spirit worlds and souls exist throughout them. The levels obey the laws and balance of nature, and
          * Rune do not conform to the good or the evil. Upon the the Tree’s birth, Wolves and the Birds were made the guides and keepers of these worlds, capable of becoming Shamans to save and heal souls. The first Shamans, one raven and one wolf, reached the Tree together. They traveled to the top of the Tree, where their task was to defeat and destroy an extra sun and moon, which were making the Tree too hot and cold. The raven
          * Rune was turned to gold, to protect him from the cold of the moon. The wolf was turned to silver, to protect her from the heat of the sun. Successfully completing their tasks to protect all of the Tree’s spirits, the raven and wolf returned to their worlds as Shamans, transformed. Each guide completes their own journey before returning to the earth as Shaman, venturing into the spirit worlds to guide the souls of those th
          * Rune at walk the earth today.” Allowing the legend to take hold before continuing with a story. “A wolf I have known, the Elder, was a simple healer long before we ever met. One night he was approached by a mother who brought her pup. Something ailed the pup and the Elder tried all that was possible before being faced with a final option. Venturing into the three to save the pup, The Elder also became a Shaman, transfor
          * Rune med after warding off the spirit Chil to rescue the captured soul of the pup, who had been trapped in the moon.”
          * Atraya ears would remain perked forward as she listened to the tale Rune would offer to the pack. She swung her tail before it stilled but as the end of the story drew her brows furrowed with concern. What of the pup? The mother? Did the elder find the pup’s soul? She would wait to see if it was truly the end of the story.
          * Rune dips her head, signaling the end of her turn sharing. She had not spoken of the Elder among pack wolves before, but The Elder was the only shaman Rune had ever met and thus the only story she had ever heard. Taking a few steps back she sits beside Kova once more.
          * CwnAnnwn listened to Kova’s story and nodded as she gave her explaination. He was reminded that he never had any stories passed down by his parent, his mother vanishing not long after he and his sisters born and his father busy. He shook the thoughts from his head as Rune stepped up and began her own story.
          * Kova would swing her tail quickly behind her and when Rune indicated the story was to it’s end she would stomp a paw and let loose a few chuffs in the wake of it’s end. “What a great story, Rune.” she thought upon it’s meaning and the woven intricates of other worlds. It seemed the pack itself was touched by the very mysterious unknowns; she wondered how much truth to the tree and their world there might be? “Thank you Rune” she offered to her in a light but warm voice. Perhaps she’d inquire later to the potential Elder whom she spoke of.
          * skydancer listens attentively to both tales ears swivels ever so slightly now and then when rune steps back she dips her muzzle gratefully at the larger wolf
          <Rook> What another interesting tale. The structure of another world, not wholly apart from this one, told in the briefest of morsels was enough to make any collector salivate. They, being mortal, could only ever experience the physical manifestations of such places, he thought. They were, afterall, flesh, muscle, bone, and sinew. His mind raced through the parallels of connected stories before
          <Rook> he cut»»
          <Rook> cont»» thought upon Ayaka and his father. There would be a time where his thoughts did not stray to them, but for now they could not stray from them.
          * Atraya when it was clear the story had ended she would smile, stomping a paw as well glad to have heard the story shared and offered to the pack and those who would hear it. “Thank you Rune” she smiled. Her paw came to stomp down as the end was indicated. She’d wait now to see if there was one more story offered before the evening would be let loose to the wild wanderings. “Anyone else?”
          * Kova would strumm her tail across the grass before stilling it. She cast long a glance to those wolves who where present to see if any others had a story to share before the day was cast to them.
          * Rune knew that there was much more to the Elders rescue of the pup, arduous and challenging, than what she knew of the story. Unfortunately, she had been young when the story was first shared with her and didn’t give much thought to it but now, with Faolan and Ayaka elsewhere unknown to them, she wondered how much of what had been shared with her was possible. “Of course, I am glad to have shared.”
          * Rook had a few stories at the ready, but he ultimately kept them to himself. He was happy to hear these stories, and he was happier to have heard them without the precondition of having to dole out the currency of his kind. Were there any others that would offer a free tale?
          * Atraya there was much to think on and the inner weavings of both stories would strike a cord within her. Thought provoking and some what hopeful. She too thought of her mate and Ayaka’s role in their own veil. What part of the world did they really steward? There was still little to be known about the old crone and Morrigan, and what really played into their own stories. She would have risen to all »»
          <Atraya> »» fours slowly before making her way off the Alpha’s rock now. Usually she’d land effortlessly in the grass but she’d be slightly off kilter. When no one expressed a desire to share further she’d simply dip her head gratefully. “Thank you Rune and Kova for sharing” she’d wait a moment longer to see if anyone else wanted to share.
          * Kova tale waved slowly behind her before stilling. Seeing Rook once more among the fold of wolves she was happy to see him; it was the story she had shared with him that she some how couldn’t recall after her rock incident. Perhaps seeing him now would help jarr her memory. Bits and pieces came and went an inner frustration she tried to keep to herself as she was one who very much held stories to »»
          <Kova> »» her heart. She gave a dip of her head to Atraya’s thanks before she’d wait to see if anyone else spoke up. “Of course Atraya. I live to share knowledge as well as gain it.”
          * CwnAnnwn looked to the others to see if anyone else was going to share any stories. His tail swayed idly behind his frame as he waited.
          * Rune dips her head. “I am happy to share what I can.” She says to Atraya, glad to have been given the chance to share and grateful that she was able to attend tonight’s gatherings. As Atraya makes her way off the rock it would seem that no one else would have a story to share, she would greet them in a moment. Rune rises to her paws and moves towards Kova, as they had moved apart a little in the process of telling the
          * Rune ir Lores. “Kova, would you mind if I had a look at your leg.” It was obviously that the wound was uncomfortable but for now Rune did not know the extent of the damage.
          * Rook remained perched within his little patch of grass to dry out from his crossing of the river. When no other volunteer came forward to offer a tale, he would rise and shake out the matts in his fur. He’d not depart just yet, sensing either correctly or not that a purpose held him here for a little while longer.
          * Kova would watch Atraya come off the rock and give a knowing smile in the wake of her presence before turning then to Rune as she approached. She was a little embarassed about her ‘attempt’ at cleaning the wound. SHe did her best based on the what knowledge she had garnered from her previous injuries. “Of course” slowly she would remove her limb from beneath her other as she extended it out. »»
          <Kova> »» It was some what loosely packed with leaves and other debris, but mint was made into a paste and applied. It by now had already begun to dry and flake off exposing a good chunk of her flesh missing. The female Wolverine had gotten a good bite to her for sure. In a humans world she would’ve been darted, sedated and stitched but alas, the wild was as it was. Wild. She didn’t complain however. »»
          <Kova> »» “When you’re finished here you might want to check on Fianna. She received a pretty ferocious bite to her shoulder and frame. Then perhaps the Alpha.”she’d sense motion and turned to see Rook rise, she finally offered a chuff greeting to him having not been able to do so more properly before the meeting.

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