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Caretaker’s Guide

What Is A Caretaker’s Role?


The Caretakers of the pack are wolves who tend to the sick, injured, wounded, and have a disposition of great care for those of their family. They are also around and help tend and care for any pups or pack pups throughout the season.

The Caretakers are responsible for the well-being of the pack, being it physically and sometimes mentally. They are there to listen and offer guidance to other wolves who might need it. The role of a Caretaker is to also have knowledge of the flora and medicinal plants that are within the territory that might aid in the recovery of injured wolves.

Herbs, Treating Wounds, and Treating Fevers

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Remedy For: Headaches, Bruising, Pain, Digestive Issues and Fever
Remedy For: Antispasmodic (relieves muscle strain) and relieves stomach aches
Milk Thistle
Remedy For: Anti-inflamitaory
Remedy For: inflammation, promotes healing of wounds, soothes skin, and soothes irritation
Alder Tree
Remedy For: Alder tree’s inner bark can induce vomitting in case of bad idigenstion
Birch Tree
Remedy For: Bark is chewed up and applied to broken or bruised bones, prevents cuts from becoming infected, and helps with general ill health
Yellow Cedar
Remedy For: Burns and skin trouble
Bunch Berry
Remedy For: Leaves are crushed up and applied to cuts and scrapes to help promote faster healing
Devils Club
Remedy For: Arthritis, broken bones, burns, cold/flu, coughs, cuts/scrapes, infections/inflammation, internal pain, nausea, sore muscles and tooth-aches
Remedy For: Stomach troubles, internal pain, and eye problems

Healing With The Bot Fenrir

As a Caretaker of the pack, you have the ability to heal wolves who are injured in hunts or otherwise.

When wolves hunt the possibility of a wolf getting injured is very high, so the Caretaker is encouraged to either be nearby or hunt along with the rest of the pack.

Healing A Wolf

!heal (wolfname) - This will heal a wolf during a hunt/battle

How To Heal A Wolf Mid-RP

When a wolf is injured the caretaker can simply drop themselves out of the chase if you're hunting or fight to tend to the injured wolf. This can be done via role play. Once the wolf is "healed" then they can either choose to return to the hunt/fight or stay to rest.