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WolfSpirits’ Setting

In character, time passes just as it does in the real world. For every day and year that you age, your wolf ages too. The information below can be used as a rough guide but falls second to any direct information from the pack’s leadership.


Please refer to this clock when looking for the time of day IC. This will help keep day/night cycles consistent among all of our characters.
The timezone WolfSpirits uses is Pacific Time (PT). This time will always remain consistent.

The Pack’s Territory

Please visit our Territory Page. There you will find a map of our lands and descriptions of some key locations.


The WolfSpirits territory lies deep in the northern taiga landscape of North America. Mountains, coniferous forests, patches of deciduous trees, and flat and rolling plains are decorated with plentiful lakes, ponds, rivers, and streams. The region of the pack’s territory experiences heavy snow during its long winters and warm weather during its long summers. The seasons of spring and fall come and go swiftly.


Please use the information below as a rough guide.
Always refer to Alphas or Betas for the weather and temperature when possible.


Current Season: Winter

October – End of Autumn
– Weather turns cold and rainy.
– Northern Lights become more frequent.
– Salmon runs have ended.
– Days shift to rapidly shortening.
– Snow remains in the mountains until end of the month.

– Snow is sparse at the beginning of the month.
– Bears begin to hibernate.
– Temperatures drop below freezing.

December and January
– Short days and long nights.
– Snow is thick upon the ground.
– Most wildlife is difficult to find.
– Prey is weakened by difficult weather.
– Northern Lights are appear often.

– Hours of daylight begin to increase.
– Temperature rises slightly.
– Mating season begins.

March – End of Winter
– Northern Lights are most easily seen.
– Thaw begins at the end of the month.
– Snow begins to melt.
– Ice covering water cracks and.
– Daylight hours rapidly increase.


New life flourishes around the territory. The scent of flowers fills the air and lush grasses sprout from the ground. The herds are plentiful and they welcome their young into the world. Rain falls from the sky frequenty, washing the territory and nurturing the lands' flora.


Sun and rainstorms fill the sky of the WolfSpirit's territory. Prey is strong and full of vitality, roaming across the grand, open expanse of the Hunting Grounds. The days are hot but there is refuge in the shade of the territory's trees and the cool waters of the territory's lakes and streams.


Grasses pale from green to gold. The territory's few decidious trees turn to shades of yellow, orange, and scarlet. Snow begins to creep down from the faces of the Roghas.


Snow quickly piles up across the territory. Little traveled paths carved into the snow are quickly covered in a matter of days. The deep, dark green of the territory's coniferous forests stand out against the plains' white blankets.