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Basic Information
Alaskan Timber Wolf
Althaia (Greek: Healing)
Alasdair (Gaelic: Defender Of Mankind)
Moon^Shadow (deceased), Kaltag (missing), Cherokee (missing)
Spirit & WolfMoon
Iceblink, Kyara, Silverlune, Nakomis (deceased), Charme, Hinaezuu & Tala
Atraya & Caeyln
Loupelless (deceased) & Lupa
Kokuro, Adaen (deceased), Ossian (missing), Rook
Farfala (deceased), Arwen (deceased), Ayreh (deceased), Zianna (missing), Anya (missing), Fianna, Kwa`ani, Nalani
Northern Alaska

Kovo stands 32 inches tall and 6.1 feet from nose to tail. Her frame was the testament to a long lived life of battle, dedication, loyalty, love and loss. Her strength knows no bounds for she displays it well despite her eldery age. Along her sleek visage the markings of war and battle would carve along her once pristine frame and body.

Most notably would be three crescent moon scars going down her left eye half way down her cheek. She has a large scar that carves along her chest and various marks that looked like they belonged to a wolf's canines all along her muzzle and throat. She was a wolf of time and wisdom and it showed in her ever alluring eyes.

Wolf Biography

She holds true to her loyalty to her duties, her rank and her family. Upon first approach she would seem bold and inquisitive and almost command a demanding presence, but upon further and closer inspection there was something distant in those eyes. Something that would convey an understanding to all wandering wolves. The very thought of "you are not alone" would no doubt come to mind as you gaze upon her. Though she may seem to hold a great deal of compassion, do not mistake it for weakness. She has the strength of many and the wisdom to carry her. Should you put her pack and family in the cross hairs of danger she will not hesitate to enforce herself upon you with teeth baring.

A long time ago, deep within the thick timber of northern Alaska , the sound of soft squeaks emitting from two young pups would break all silence. They were the only two to survive that seasons litter out of five. Their other siblings had passed during the cold, wintery night despite their mothers efforts to keep them alive. Kovo was the first to be born, her name meaning "strong spirit, free spirit", followed closely by her sister Spirit. Spirit being named after her pure heart and her true spirit, would open her small eyes and peer around at the new world that lay before them just at the entrance of the den. Escaping the darkness and safety of the den they would emerge. Neither of them would realize the journeys that lay ahead of them. The trials they would face and the defeats they would have to over come. Their journey was just beginning while others would end. The test of life had begun and for them, it would be to early for any young one to ever have to endure. Their hearts were pure and innocent, untainted by the harshness of reality and the life they would have to live. The paw steps they would have to full fill and the legacy they would create.

Kovo's parents were the Alpha pair of the Isilraica (Is-ill-rah-I-ka meaning the the moon) pack. Life seemed peaceful for them during their first few months of life, but all would change due to the mind of one who sought death born of greed.

After the massacre of their pack, Spirit and Kovo where forced to live alone and allow nature to teach them the ways of living well before their parents where able to instill within them important lessons such as hunting and surviving. One day while Spirit was scrounging for a meal while her sister rested from a hunting injury, Spirit stumbled upon the boundaries of a wolf pack. The pair where hesitant and all to cautious to hang around but before they could properly depart unnoticed, a member of the pack found them. Destined to be run out, the pair quickly readied themselves to flee but instead, they where embraced in welcome and greeting. They have found the Sweet Mystics. Soon, after much dedication and show of loyalty, both Spirit and Kovo where accepted with open hearts into the pack as pack members. While learning the ways of the pack and pack structure, Kovo was named Sweet Mystics Hunter/Ambusher and Spirit taking on the rank of Caretaker. They learned many things within Sweet Mystics under the wisdom and care of their alpha, NevaPaws and beta and soon adopted sister, Nakomis. They learned valuable lessons in a pack which they did not learn being on their own.

Later during Kovo's time in Sweet Mystics and going on 2 years of age, she meet with Lupa, a young pup who had stolen hear heart. It took no time at all before the pair would recognize one another as mother and daughter, so, Kovo adopted Lupa as her own. Later within the same year she spent a lot of time with one of the newer members of the pack, Moon^Shadow. After long days shared with one another, after that winter, they became a mated pair.

As life within the Sweet Mystics was full of joy and true family there was something that stirred within the two sisters blood. The fire of their ancestry was not yet stoked but soon enough would know the flames once more. There was an admiration for what was taught to them during their time in Sweet Mystics. Their hearts wanted to bring the gift that Nevapaws had bestowed upon them, to others whom may not have found it, who sought the chance to find a place to call home, like they once did. They needed to follow their hearts and their hearts told them a dream, a dream in which to start their own pack. After sharing their heart with their Alpha, Nevapaws would grant them their leave and soon both Kovo and Spirit began their long journey in establishing a home for themselves and their new family or so Kovo had hoped. Moon^Shadow was disgruntled at Kovo's decision to leave but would respect it as it was but decided that he would not follow Kovo on her path to her new home. Lupa stayed with her adopted father and decided to remain with Sweet Mystics.

Together Spirit and Kovo set off to traverse the landscape and vastness that was Alaska in search of their new home. They came across a beautiful landscape which shortly after, established as their home. The WolfSpirits pack.

After forming the the pack a year would pass before Kovo would take on a mate after Moon^Shadow. She met a wolf named Kaltag and shortly after they became mates he left without any word. A few years after, Kovo decided to intrust her heart to another male by the name of Cherokee. They formed a seemingly everlasting bond and for the first time the pack would have the first season of pups. The day after Kovo's first and only litter of pups where born, Cherokee disappeared without a word and was never seen or heard from again. Kovo gave birth to 4 pups but only two survived through a harsh rain storm. Without her mate, she was unable to protect them all when the den was flooded. The two males slipped beneath the waters and were never seen again. After clambering out of the submerged den site, Kovo stowed the two females safely within a log high above ground while she turned back to look for her two sons. Unable to find them admits the dark, murky water all the while the den collapsing within itself, she made the decision, despite her desperate efforts, she turned and emerged without them. When she returned to her two daughters they where gone.

Much time would go by for Kovo. Growing and building the foundations of both the pack and for herself. Trying to rebuild her heart from all the loss she had suffered. The lessons she's learned and the trials she's faced have all molded and fashioned her into who she is today. Several years later, fate would change it's course for Kovo and she was once again reunited with her daughters Atraya and Caeyln who told of their own great stories and who had taken them.

What stories she has to share and continues to share and experience with her dedicated and loyal family. A family built on trust, loyalty and love.

Wolf Tokens And Trinkets Collected
Tokens and Trinkets