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Basic Information
Alpha Female
Alaskan Timber
Wolf Photo
January 10 2013
Caeyln, Adsila, & Anevey
Navdi, Baroke, & Chamook
Leora (9/2/20), Kwa`ani (6/11/16), Fianna (6/11/16), Nalani (6/11/16), Anya, Farfala ☠ ,Arwen ☠, Ayreh☠
Anfir(9/2/20), Kokuro, Rook (6/11/16), Ciuin ☠, Ossian☠, Adaen ☠
Daithi & Navariin
Light silver
Two large bear scars going down the front of her face, where it's evident she no longer has sight. Three scars down her left cheek. Three scars going down her left shoulder. Three scars wrapped around her left ankle.

Standing 32" tall she appears as a stoic yet kind figure. Her fur is of a beautiful moon silvern hue with tints of black and white all around her haunches and back all the way to the tip of her tail. She has striking cerulean hues just like her mother Kovo did. Due to her current position as Alpha, her frame has become more muscular and lengthy.


June 15th, 2010 - Atraya was born

October 2013 - Atraya becomes mates with Faolan

June 21st, 2014 - Atraya becomes Alpha Female Of WolfSpirits along side her mate Faolan

June 21st, 2014Kovo, Atraya's mother, passes away

x / x /15 - Atraya gives birth to her 2nd litter. Anya, Ciuin ♂, Ossian♂, Adaen ♂

June 11th, 2016 - Atraya gives birth to her 3rd litter of pups. Fianna , Nalani , Rook  and Kwa`ani .

September 2nd, 2020 - Atraya gives birth to her 4th litter of pups. Leora and Afnir

August 7th, 2021 - Atraya and Faolan become grand parents

Wolf Biography

She holds true to her loyalty to her duties, her rank and her family. Upon first approach she would seem bold and inquisitive and almost command a demanding presence, but upon further and closer inspection there was something distant in those eyes. Something that would convey an understanding to all wandering wolves. The very thought of "you are not alone" would no doubt come to mind as you gaze upon her. Though she may seem to hold a great deal of compassion, do not mistake it for weakness. She has the strength of many and the wisdom to carry her. Should you put her pack and family in the cross hairs of danger she will not hesitate to enforce herself upon you with teeth baring.

The year would be 2010, the month June, day 15th, Atraya would be brought into this world alongside 4 siblings within the territory of WolfSpirits. Her mother, Kovo, barely made it to her den site, tucked away within the confines of the pack's first territory ancient woods. The night would be unforgiving to a laboring wolf, as a storm broke the otherwise calm skies. Rain began to pour from the sky and the winds where mighty and fierce.

After all the pups where greeted into the world, Atraya would be the first of 4 siblings. 1 of them unfortunately did not survive the first few hours of it's life and would gently be tucked away into the earth while Kovo attended to her other three. Kovo was aware of the storm but had no way of knowing what would transpire next. Kovo's mate, Cherokee, had been missing for the past week and even up until she had her pups and the pack did their best to help but in the long hours of the night, there where few who where around or who could get to her in the wake of the storm. The waters where near torrential and the den site that Kovo had chosen would be a sturdy one, but there was a river just on the other side. Normally it wouldn't be a danger but the rains where unforgiving and the river quickly spilled over it's flood plain and up and over the den site. Water from the storm began to pour into the den and without warning the walls collapsed under the immense pressure and weight of the soggy earth and buried Kovo along with her new born pups.

Frantic and panicked Kovo managed to dig herself free and when she went back for her pups, the earth had already refilled itself and the water started to pour over from the swollen river. The tree no longer had any integrity or grip on the loose, moving earth and started to topple over. By this time Kovo had called for help and when the pack reached her, it was too late. The tree had fallen and the pups thought to be buried alive. Kovo quickly lept for the den, but was dragged back by her pack mates in fear of loosing their beloved alpha to drowning.

Her mother mourned for weeks but little did she know, two of the pups where saved by an unseen force that would not show itself until later on in her life time. Atraya along with her sister, Caeyln where raised by a she-wolf named Nahala. A younger sister to Kovo, and the last offspring from Kovo's mother and father. Together the pair would learn the ways of the wolf and would be told of great stories and legends of Kovo's pack for it was watched over by the ancients to which Nahala had a great bond to.

Many years would pass and Atraya would be guided back to the home of her mother Kovo. There Atraya would live and grow beside her mother and pack and would learn the ways of WolfSpirits. She would later request to join her mothers pack and make it all the way to membership. A year later, a young male meandered into the pack's clearing and territory by the name of Faolan. She formed a strong bond with this male and later would begin courtship that eventually led to mateship. The following season Atraya would bare a litter of pups with her mate and only one male survived from a litter of 4 siblings. They would come to bare a second litter but none would survive after the long trek to the new territory, once WolfSpirits where forced to move out due to a dangerous fire that ravished their beautiful land due to humans.

They would have reached their new territory and many adventures and trials would befall the pack. Atraya ran alongside her mother and learned from her all up until her beloved mother and alpha of WolfSpirits took her final breath in June, 2013 where Atraya would be named Alpha female of WolfSpirits, along with her mate Faolan, Alpha male. She now leads proudly in her mothers paw steps and her does her best to live not only for her own self, but in the wake of her mothers aura as well.

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