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Basic Information
Lead Huntress
Born June 1st 2014
Arctic Wolf
1, died at birth
Canadian Arctic Wolf Pack, June 2014
Very faint scar on right shoulder, and scar circling the tip of her left ear

About 3 feet in length, slim, with a usually glossy white pelt. Very light silver/grey scar on her right shoulder fur grown back slightly discolored.


Found her current and well loved pack WolfSpirits.

Bonded as Spirit Sister to Kova, huntress of Wolfspirits.

Made Lead Huntress of Wolfspirits.

Made Delta of Wolfspirits.

Wolf Biography

Though having led a life which began in upheaval and a dose of sadness, Ayaka is Bright and cheerful by nature, loving excitement and all kinds of adventure.  She can be impatient and impetuous, but has grown into her own wisdom and maturity since being adopted by Wolfspirits and given the role of Lead Huntress. Memories of her late pack and of her mother, which once brought sadness, now serve to remind her of duty, and what she will do with her future. 

Born into an arctic wolf pack, settled on the southwestern most tip of the Canadian archipelago, Ayaka's birth pack was chased out of their home by a larger pack. The pack's alpha, wounded and weak, moved them northwest into the northern coastal area of Alaska. The alpha died on the way, his mate staying at his side, causing the pack to disband in search of new territory and a stronger pack.  Ayaka's mother kept Ayaka close, the pup near 8 months old, and kept her alive by nearly starving herself, giving her most of the food she could catch. During a heavy storm, wayward and curious pup Ayaka wandered away from her mother, who was then lost to her.  

Nearby a pack of coastal wolves called the beautiful area home, feeding on seals, fish, and caribou, and avoiding the occasional polar bear. Only a few days after losing her mother, Ayaka was adopted into the pack, under an alpha named Hawk. Growing and thriving with the pack,  memories of her mother and the chaotic first months of her youth faded.  Ayaka was taught the code of the wolf and learned to hunt with a pack though she was far from adept. Just before her 2nd year, wolf hunters tracked and killed most of her pack, capturing the youngest few and sending Ayaka, shoulder wounded from a bullet deeply grazing her shoulder, south and away from the coast in a dazed panic, the smell of death stinging her nose.

Tired and starving Ayaka continued south, a fog settling over her and completely on her own she only had occasional success at finding a few morsels to eat. Eventually, her paws took her through the Great Crossing and there, amidst the beauty of the Wolfspirits territory, she found a place she could call home, far from the scent and deaths of her old packs. Adopted once more, Ayaka has been thriving and learning new ways of life, given duties, strives to help keep this pack safe and healthy, and to avoid repeating her past.