about the pack

Each pack has its leaders known as the Alpha pair or a single Alpha may run a pack ( male or female ). The Alpha pair submit to no one and uphold the peace and law within the pack by constantly keeping aware of the social status of each wolf. The Alpha(s) also keep charge of the territory, ensuring no one intrudes. Alpha’s express their feelings through dominate postures such as raising their tail high like a dominate flag, ears always locked ahead, eyes keenly aware of the surroundings. Alpha(s) also force other wolves into submission, keeping peace within the pack. Without the Alpha(s) there wouldn’t be a pack. There would be no leadership and no one to uphold the rules and enforce them. The Alpha ensures the pack is safe at all times and upholds the law and order. Wolves submit on occasion to the Alpha(s), showing respect and affection to the Alpha(s), considering a wolf pack is a tightly nit group of family members (and in our case friends as well).

Betas are the right paws of the Alphas. They speak with the authority of the Alphas, and, as such, have an intimate understanding of the direction of the pack and of its history. They are the leaders of the pack in the absence of the Alphas and help guide role play when the Alphas are not or cannot be present. To become a Beta a wolf must have been ranked and must have shown diligence within that rank. Betas are active in the guidance of the pack and actively give advice as to its direction. Betas have the ability to enforce the pack rules both in IC and OOC, and have the ability and interest to spark role play when others are present.

Deltas of the pack are wolves who are in the process of being trained to fulfill the potential rank of Beta.

Elders are those wolves who have the necessary experience within the pack (5 years minimum) to lend advice to the Alphas and Betas. They have consistently shown a dedication to the wolves of the pack both as players and people, and have consistently shown leadership through their actions. This rank is both a badge of humility and honor, worthy of reverence. Elders give counsel to those in need and speak with authority from a place of experience and wisdom. This position is not lightly given and remains with a wolf from time immemorial to the last memories of the pack itself.

  • Hunters
  • Guardians
  • Scouts
  • Caretakers

These are members of the WolfSpirits who have diligently maintained the standard of membership and who have displayed an understanding and enforcement of the pack’s rules. It generally takes time and experience to become comfortable enough as a member to enforce pack rules both out of character and in character. To be considered for any rank, a wolf must be active in roleplay and must be able to display an understanding and ability to enforce pack rules both IC and OOC.  A ranked member MUST display the ability to begin roleplay when others are present. Rank is also considered based upon how a wolf has roleplayed. If the characteristics of that wolf lend themselves towards being a Guardian, then they might be considered for such a role within the pack. This is the same for the other ranks offered. Rank is not a position of privilege. Rank is a badge of dedication and of leadership within the pack.

“We are WolfSpirits, now and forever.” You are not lightly taken into the fold and you are not lightly released. A member of the WolfSpirits pack is considered family and, as such, must have displayed devotion and care given to such a consideration. A member of Wolfspirits interacts with other members, assessments, and pledges during times of active roleplay. A member of Wolfspirits has the ability and interest to start roleplay when others are present. A member of Wolfspirits gives notice of any extended absence. A member of Wolfspirits is intimately aware of the pack’s rules and is able to enforce them without extreme guidance.
Membership is a lengthy process and a milestone once achieved. This, however, does not give way to idling and lack of participation within roleplay. To remain a standing member, one must continue to display the same standards that gave them that right. Members who are inactive for a prolonged period of time (2 months without notification of a leave of absence) and are no longer interested in roleplay will be notified by the Alphas and Betas and potentially dropped to Assessments for reconsideration of membership.

Pack pups are either born or adopted into the pack. Pups are ages newborn – 12mo. If a wolf pup is born into the pack it does not mean that they instantly become a member. They will have to go through the membership process.

Assessments are wolves who still desire to join Wolfspirits and have gone through their pledgeship. This is the last trial before becoming a member, and should be taken seriously. The bottom line in becoming an assessment is to have interacted with the other pledges, assessments, and members of Wolfspirits when roleplay is active. During the assessment period (4-8 weeks) a wolf is given the task to learn the rules and history of the pack. To do this, an assessment should interact with members of the Wolfspirits. This task includes starting roleplay when members are present but roleplay is not active. This task also includes looking up or listening to old stories to be familiar with other characters as well as the history of the pack. Extended periods of inactivity will result in either remaining an assessment or being placed back as a pledge. Assessments should notify the Alphas or Betas of any extended time they will be absent.

Pledges are those wolves who desire to join Wolfspirits. An accepted application and regular attendance within the clearing (roleplay) is a must. This period generally lasts for one cycle between meetings (about 3-4 weeks). During this time it is expected of a pledge to roleplay with other wolves of the pack and meet them in order to both introduce themselves and to get to know whether this pack is right for them. Extended periods of inactivity will result in remaining a pledge for another cycle or removal from pledge status.

Alpha Female

Alpha Female of WolfSpirits Since 2015

In the Vail

Alpha Male

Alpha Male of WolfSpirits Since 2015

Alpha Fae

Delta 3/24/17; Beta 8/31/2018, Alpha 3/4/2021

Previous Pack Betas: Iceblink, Anubis, Etienette & Nightstalker

In the Vail


Beta Fae

Delta IT 5/30/2020, Beta 3/4/2021

Founder Of WolfSpirits

First Female Alpha & Founder Of WolfSpirits


Elder Of WolfSpirits

Spirit • Founder Of WolfSpirits

First Female Alpha & Founder Of WolfSpirits


Elder of WolfSpirits


First Member & Beta Of WolfSpirits


Elder of WolfSpirits


Guardian IT: 5/30/2020
Member: 7/22/2019
Assessment 3/14/2019
Re-Pledged 2/1/19
Born 6/11/16 to Atraya and Faolan, Alphas


Guardian IT: 5/30/2020
Member: 7/22/2019
Assessment 7/27/18
Pledged 12/1/17
Born 6/11/16 to Atraya and Faolan, Alphas

Huntress In Training


caretaker hr



Male Subordinate 2/25/2019



Male, Retired Guardian


Female Subordinate



Male Subordinate



Honored Visitor of WolfSpirits


Female • Caretaker In Training

Pack Pups

Pack pups are either born or adopted into the pack. Pups are ages newborn – 12mo. If a wolf pup is born into the pack it does not mean that they instantly become a member. They will have to go through the membership process.