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Alpha Female Of Canyon Pack Dies

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The 12-year-old alpha female wolf of Yellowstone’s Canyon pack, photographed here in January, was found severely injured and was subsequently euthanized near Gardiner, Mont., on Tuesday. Park officials are investigating the events leading up to her death.

12 Year Old Alpha Female From The Canyon Pack Found Severely Injured

The well-recognized white alpha female wolf that led Yellowstone’s Canyon pack for nearly a decade was found severely injured and was euthanized by park officials earlier this week.

Although the 12-year-old wolf was discovered and put down Tuesday, her demise wasn’t well known until Friday, when Yellowstone National Park officially put out word.

Longtime Yellowstone wolf-watcher Laurie Lyman said that, leading up to her final days, the alpha female was acting unusual, almost as if she had a canine version of dementia.

“She was doing sort of these erratic things, and she was by herself a lot,” Lyman said. “It was almost like she didn’t know what she was doing or where she was going.”

Yellowstone officials have shared few details about the circumstances of the wolf’s death, but have said she was “in shock” and “dying from the injuries.”

Hikers near the town of Gardiner, Montana, discovered the ailing animal, and park staff who investigated believed the famous wolf could not be saved and ended her suffering.

Yellowstone officials are seeking tips about the incident, which can be phoned into 307-344-2132 or emailed to

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