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Registration Now Available!

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Profile’s Now Live!

I’m happy to announce that profiles are now live. After fiddling around with several pieces of software and plugins, I think I’ve found the one that will suit us. I know it doesn’t look very pretty right now, but I’m working on a template to be more fluid with our current theme! I’ll add your profile link to your icon on the pack page as soon as you register and are approved!



Alpha Female Of WolfSpirits

How To Register

  1. Click Here to register
  2. Fill out the application
  3. You will need admin approval before your account can become active. This takes at least 1 day.
  4. Once you’re approved you can go ahead and start editing your profile!


Profile How-To’s

There is a known bug where once you set your profile photo you cannot edit it. I am currently working on fixing this bug! But in the meantime, once you upload a photo you cannot edit the profile photo. You should however be able to edit your cover photo!


How To Edit Your Profile

  1. Click on the gear icon ( bottom right corner of your cover photo )
  2. Hover over the center of your cover photo and click
  3. You will be prompted to change your cover photo – upload whatever photo you’d like! ( PG -13 please )

How To Change Your Cover Photo

  1. Click on the gear icon ( bottom right corner of your cover photo )
  2. Scroll down until you see your profile
  3. Start filling in the blanks
  4. Note: You can use HTML in your descriptions and use emotes/icons as well! Just don’t go crazy!