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Pack Meeting #209

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Meeting Notes

November 15th, 2022

  • Saskia and Panther named courts
  • Rune and CwnAnnwn named mates
  • Ragaire and Fern named pledges
Number Of Wolves Present


    Sara Daithi Leora Cajun




    Pack Meeting Begins

    <Kova> she would watch the interactions between Rook, Calder and Ragaire. The reunion a happy one and she’d feel their energy shared. Her tail swung a few times behind her and while others started to trickle in and take their seats, she would dip her head and begin. “Thank you to all who have heeded this evenings call. A gathering to enjoy one anothers company, but also, to share in a meeting and proceedings that need tending.” she shifted her paws just a little before slowly turning her gaze across the expanse. First, her eyes fell to Panther and Saskia. “Panther and Saskia. Please come forward.”
    * Ragaire ✩☾ The “little” wolf, plunks her rear down in the snow right next to her puppa, leaning against the brute and staring up at him. Ragaire was not little by any means, she had been well nourished for the entirety of her life thus far and had grown like a weed. She still had her awkward phases, but the fae had grown tall and well muscled and was truly no “pup” anymore. However, when it came to maturity of the emotional kind, she still had some growing to do. Ragaire takes her eyes away from her puppa when Kova begins to speak, way up on that rock. Huh, that looks fun. ☽✩
    <Leora> eventually she strode into the clearing and when she did, she would appear at the fringe of the clearing. Oh, so many wolves! So many scents and smells and…. her brother?? Still a pup at heart, there would be no quenching this young fae’s spirit in the light of family, especially her kin. It would seem as though a meeting was in progress, so she would do her best “subtle and sneaky” ..
    <Leora> .. bounding motions towards Calder, Ragaire and Rook.
    * Rune
    ⊰✲ The Caretaker dips her head in silent greeting to those gathered, Panther and Saskia had been summoned to the front. Rune’s ears perk, it was not so long ago that she and CwnAnnwn had spoken with them, but she wags her tail in happiness. She settles in quietly, seating her haunches in the snow and shifting for comfort, leaving room in the depression in the snow for her court. Out of the corner of her eye, the bounding of a pale coat catches Rune’s attention. Leora was moving swiftly towards Ragaire, Rook, and Calder. She dips her head to the young wolf and smiles at her, Rune still remembered when the fae was quite young. Looking back up to Kova, Rune gives the pair in front of all of them her attention. ✲⊱
    <Panther> ‘s ears perked when he heard his own name alongside Saskia’s, he slowly rose to his paws. He glanced towards the dark brown fae, a smile on his maw. He carefully padded forward, Saskia at his side. He had watched Rune and CwnAnnwn take these same steps, and he was prepared to take them himself now.
    <Calder> He would nose Ragaire gently again before he resumed to hold his gaze up to Kova. When Panther and Saskia where asked to come forward, a brow would rise but his attention would not wander until he felt Ragaires eyes. To which he’d swiftly nose her and turn his gaze back up again.
    <Saskia> Saskia would smile and stand, making her way to the front alongside the brute. She dipped her head to Kova, respectfully. She would look out among the others, looking at all the wolves gathered in the clearing.
    <Fern> watched as her friends stepped away, leaving her with a sting, even for just a moment, as she was now sitting all by herself. But nevertheless, she gave an encouraging smile to the both of them once they were up there.
    * CwnAnnwn
    The silver male would nod to those present as the pair reached the gathered wolves. He would settle to his court’s right side so she could lean into him and take weight off her left hip should she need to. He turned his attention to the pair that had been called up, Panther and Saskia and a smile played upon his muzzle as he whispered to the ivory fae, “Seems we were right”. He still fondly remembered the meeting that they themselves had been called forth to profess their wish to be named courts, a very happy moment for him given that he had thought he might have lost the chance after he disappeared for a long period. His tail thumped lightly behind his frame as he waited with anticipation to hear what the pair would say.
    <Kova> “Panther and Saskia. You stand at the threshold of the stone after request of hearts to share. Once in your life, you find another whos path walks along your own, not just in this waking world, but in the dreams and hearts of one another. You both have requested to become a courted pair. Is this still your desire?” her eyes light but thoughtful to them once they reached the stone’s base. ..
    <Kova> .. The wind chilled, but with the presence of so many she felt comfort and warmth.
    <Saskia> Saskia would feel her heart warm even in the coldest of nights. She looked over to Panther, making sure his expression was still steady. Turning back towards Kova, she nodded firmly. “It is still my desire to walk the same path as Panther. My heart is true, and belongs to him..” She said with a wag of her tail and a smile on her face. She looked out, noticing the nervousness on Fern’s face as she was alone for just a
    <Saskia> moment among a couple of strangers to her. She would send a light smile her way.
    * Rook
    📖 A quirked brow and piqued interest was momentarily supplanted by the arrival of his young sister to whom would be given his full attention and the breadth of quite greetings. He bore the disquieting scent upon his left shoulder, so he would position himself in such a place to be at Leora’s left flank. There was another pair present–Rune and Cwn–and his gaze would be lightened further to see them present.
    <Panther> stood before the stone, occasionally glancing towards the gathered wolves, there were a lot present. He looked back up towards the Alphess, he held a subtle smile on his maw as he listened intently. He listened to Saskia as she spoke. “It is still my desire to open a new chapter, and walk along the same path as Saskia. My heart belongs
    <Panther> to her, and it always will.” After speaking himself, he would offer a firm nod, his tail swaying behind him.
    <Kova> would give a soft expression to the pair before her hues fell across the horizon and to the gathered.” It is a time of celebration, and witness the naming of Panther and Saskia’s,a courted pair. May you strengthen your bond with one another throughout this time, as you journey along the path of heart and soul with one another to meet as mates at the end.” she would gently stomp her paw ..
    <Kova> .. and give off a few chuffing barks to them in a celebratory fashion; happy for the newly named courts.
    <Leora> weevin in and out of the fray of wolves, she would give polite gestures and chuffs to any who came near and those she brushed past. She quickly sought her brothers side and gave a “^.^” expression towards Ragaire and Calder. Happy to see the pair reunited before leaning into her brother and licking up at his cheek a few times. Would she notice the scent upon his coat? Before she had time to ..
    <Leora> .. even wonder, she turned to see Panther and Saskia up at the stone and named a courted pair. She didn’t really know what all that meant, but, it seemed something to celebrate so she gave stomps of her paw to.
    <Calder> A favored wind might tickle his senses, and perhaps it was there he picked up the soot and ashen smell from Rook’s coat? Turning to Kova’s announcement and naming of the two pair, he gave a knowing and soft expression. He was happy for the two and happy for the growth of hearts in the pack now thriving with vibrant life with the change of season. He gave a nod of his head to the pair, happy ..
    <Calder> .. for them both.
    * Rook 📖 A firm stomp to the snowy ground and a light chuff to follow were given for the naming of the courted pair. Joy upon joy to see the sprigs of spring before the coming winter. The scent he bore was evident to those that knew it; although he only briefly rolled that shoulder into the substrate that carried it he knew it was pungent if he could still faintly smell it after the two days he carried it upon him. It was a sullen reminder of the time he was covered nose to tail in such a substance…a tale for a tale.
    <Saskia> Saskia listened to Panther as he agreed, and felt a sense of change upon her being as Kova stomped her paw. A new chapter. She gave a lightened chuff and nosed Panther on the cheek before dipped her head to Kova. “Thank you, Kova.” She spoke lowly before leaving the rock, her tail swaying slowly behind her. She took her spot back beside Fern and nosed the fae on the shoulder.
    <Panther> smiled as he and Saskia were then named courts, his tail swayed behind him as he nosed her shoulder affectionately. He dipped his head to the Alphess. “Thank you, Kova.” He offered, his nervousness melting away. He looked to Calder, offering a nod in kind. He would follow Saskia back to their seats, where he settled in beside
    <Panther> her again. A new chapter had just begun.
    <Kova> gave a gentle expression to the two, and a smile that would convey her joy for them and their new journey. She would allow them the time to settle back to their places among the wolves before her hues quickly scanned once more those present. Leora would be among the new and she smiled to the fae settled by her brother, Calder and Ragaire. It was there she cast her hues then to Rune and ..
    <Kova> .. CwnAnwnn. To which she chuffed for them to approach.
    <Fern> had her own suspicions that they seemed a littttlee too affectionate to just be good friends. A joyful smile would be sent their way as well as a pleasant tail wag. Once they made their way back Fern returned the nosing back to the brown fae, “Congratulations you two.”
    * Rune ⊰✲ The Caretaker gives a light howl in congratulations to the newly courted pair, a wolven smile on her face. She would have to wish them luck on their journey ahead. When Kova chuffed to her and her court she’d perk her ears in surprise, nearly turning to look if there was someone seated behind her. It would seem that she and her court were mistaken, but she gladly rises to her paws and noses CwnAnnwn’s scruff before padding forward to settle below Alpha Rock. Looking up to Kova, the fae dips her head. ✲⊱
    * CwnAnnwn The brute smiled at the pairs words and stomp his paw for their courtship. He perked as the Alpha fae asked for Rune and he to approach. As much as he had hoped this might happen, he was still surprised to be called forth, turning to his court and nosed her back tenderly before standing and approaching the Alpha rock at her side. When they reached the rock, he would look to Kova, his shoulder touching Rune’s.
    <Kova> when the pair would approach her attention withdrew from those gathered to them. Her head would dip and welcome them forward. “As we celebrate heart and kinsihp this evening, it would only be fitting to bring you, Rune and CwnAnwnn, forward. Your path has tredded for sometime as a courted pair. To court another, is to know another more deeply and truly. To walk the same path in heart, and ..
    <Kova> .. to live and desire to call one another their soulmate. I would ask you now, Rune, do you still desire to be named mated to CwnAnnwn?”
    <Calder> He would watch as Saskia and Panther returned to their places near Fern, before turning his hues now to Rune and CwnAnnwn. He hadn’t had much of a chance to speak to either on occassion, but, he would feel the warmth and wholeness of the evenings events.
    <Panther> glanced towards Fern, smiling softly. “Thank you.” He whispered towards the fae, then glanced back up towards the Alpha Rock. He noticed the other courted pair had been seated nearby, and when they were called forth, he paid close attention. He looked to Saskia, then back towards the pair who had been called forth.
    <Leora> her nose would wiggle to the senses that where around her, mostly her brother as she was seated close. If she happened to pick up on anything, she’d perhaps inquire but now wasn’t the time. She would give a swing of her tail and a nudge into her brother, happy to be with him again before looking up to Kova, then to CwnAnnwn and Rune. The terms of such bondship still lost to her, but, ..
    <Leora> .. celebratory is how she felt.
    * Rune ⊰✲ She smiles warmly at Kova and then looks to the silver brute beside her. “Yes, Kova. I wish for our paths to continue walking together. He is my heart and I wish to walk forward with CwnAnnwn.” Rune’s tail wags behind her and she noses the brute’s scruff before looking back up to Kova. How lucky she was. ✲⊱
    <Saskia> She would hum and chuckle, whispering back to Fern. “You’re next..” She joked with the fae, nuzzling her ear as she leaned over and touched her flank with her court. Her court, Panther. She was courted to the great Hunter of WolfSpirits.. it felt so good to hear it in her head. She watched as Cwn and Rune moved forward, and as they were about to be named mates Saskia had a smile brighter than the sun. What a lovely
    <Saskia> meeting, this was.
    <Kova> she would smile towards Rune and to her response. Before turning then to CwnAnnwn. “CwnAnnwn, I ask the same of you. ” she would turn to him now and dip her head.
    * Rook 📖 A gentle nudge would be exchanged with his sister before he continued to listen to Rune’s answer to Kova’s question, intent on simply observing the two pair of wolves.
    * CwnAnnwn Silver male smiled to Kova as she addressed Rune and turned to look to the ivory fae as she looked to him and responded to the Alpha female. His tail swayed happily behind him as he listened to her words and nosed his scruff. Now Kova addressed him with the same question and he kept his eyes to Rune as he responded. “I fell for Rune a few cycles of the seasons ago, but then my paws wandered in search of my father. She was never far from my mind though as I travelled the lands, a force helping to draw me back here, to my home, to my pack.” He paused for a moment, his eyes full of warmth as he gazed at the ivory fae before him. “Upon returning to these lands, I worried that I had missed my chance to spend the rest of my days with her by my side, but that was not so. It brought me great joy to know that she felt as I did and wished to travel the path before us together, heart and souls intertwined.” He felt his heart bursting with love for the fae he spoke of, his heart racing in the moment. “I know that since we were named courts nearly a full seasonal cycle ago, we have spent time apart. Time where I felt incomplete, empty without her by my side. Rune is my heart and without her, I am not whole. Yes, it is with my whole being that I wish to be named mated to Rune, my heart.” He would lean forward and tenderly run his muzzle along hers as he finished speaking.
    <Panther> grinned as the brown fae joked with Fern. He smiled as his court leaned into him, he leaned and brushed his shoulder against hers. He was courted to Great WolfSpirits Saskia, as Loumacy would likely call her now. He directed his attention back to the Alpha Rock, listening intently as the courted pair were about to become mates. Panther
    <Panther> held a smile on his maw, he would have to congratulate the pair after the meeting.
    <Kova> to his words and shared heart, she would smile and offer a gentle expression to the two. To both their words, and their true hearts. “A courted pair learns and grows together, and all have been witness to Rune and CwnAnwnn’s hearts, I would like to have the honor to name you Rune mate to CwnAnnwn, and CwnAnnwn, mate to Rune. May your bond continue to grow, be strength, and be true to one ..
    <Kova> .. another. May you challenge one another, love one another, and share the path together as one heart.” she would gently press her paw into the stone and offer up a quick, but heartfelt howl for the pair.
    <Calder> He would sway his tail ever so softly to the two, now named mates, before offering his own quick howl in congratulations to the pair.
    <Fern> ‘s eyes winded at the thought, and she gave a slow shake of the head before letting out a chuckle to the humorous brown fae. But deep inside through all of the joy she had for the two she wondered, would she be a bother to them both if she continued to follow them around? Her mind would quickly return the focus to Kova and what was going
    <Fern> on in front of her, giving a few soft yips for the couple.
    * Rune ⊰✲ A wolven grin spreads over Rune’s face and turns to face her court, nosing his scruff and putting her head on his shoulder. Her tail wagging behind her she steps back to lick the brute on the cheek. She was grateful to be brought together with him and to have their pack present to celebrate with them. “Thank you, Kova.” Rune says to their Alpha, nodding her head in sincere thanks. She returns her gaze to CwnAnnwn, her mate, and noses him once more before starting off to return to their previous places. ✲⊱
    <Saskia> Saskia would chuckle at Ferns reaction, and then turn back to the pair at hand. When they were named courts, she gave a stomp of her paw. She saw the love they had for one another, the pureness of it. She longed for, even if she was already achieving it. Howls reached her audibles and she lifted her head in a short moment of song for the pair that were mates, and for herself and Panther. She lowered her maw and gazed around
    <Saskia> at the others before shifting on her own paws.
    <Leora> still unaware of what all these special things meant, she could feel the warmth, the love, and the feelings shared. She let loose a gentle breath before howling for Rune and CwnAnnwn! Everyone seemed jovial, happy, and she’d not let that fall away!
    * CwnAnnwn He places his head on her shoulder as she places hers on his. He offers a tender lick to her maw as his tail sways behind him happily. This was a moment he had dreamed of for a long time and he was happy to be here with Rune, joining their hearts and souls into one. He turned to look to Kova and bowed his head to the fae, “Thank you Kova.” He smiled and turned to his mate, returning her nosing softly before moving at her side back to where they had settled before for the next part of the meeting.
    Ragaire ✩☾ What on EARTH was going on?? Pairs and couples, two-by-two. Maybe she was imagining it, but the saccharine smell in the air made her sick. She makes a grumpy face and looks to her puppa. What was the meaning of this and why did it exclude her? He was howling too! What gives? She look, with a perplexed face, at the pair of wolves who had approached Kova and then returned to their places. ☽✩
    <Kova> there would be a knowing and soft expression to the two. She knew how long they had walked together, and knew their hearts stronger now than ever before. Much love and dedication to continue to hold true to another no matter what. She smiled to their thanks “It is my pleasure, congratulations” she swung her tail then stilled it. Once the mated pair returned to their seats, she would ..
    <Kova> .. turn then to the others gathered. “Is there any whom wish to speak or approach for this meeting?”
    * Ragaire ✩☾ Oh, yah, yah. It was her turn. She picks her rump off the ground and marches forwards, her paws moving before her brain had time to catch up. Ragaire then finds herself at the base of the Alpha Rock, looking up at Kova with an expectantly raised brow. “Yes.” The yearling pauses. “It’s mine turn.” Though she was fumbling with what exactly her purpose was. Well, she didn’t mind the spotlight, but maybe the Kova was on her same wavelength. ☽✩
    <Panther> glanced towards Fern and Saskia, grinning, and chuckling quietly. Though, looking back towards the Alpha Rock, offering a quick and happy howl of his own. For the two new mates, and for himself and Saskia. His voice came to a stop though when the mated pair returned to their seats. When Kova asked if any would like to speak or approach, he
    <Panther> glanced towards Fern.
    <Kova> her eyes would divert from the collective gathered to the smaller frame of Ragaire approaching the stone. She would tilt her head just a little but welcomed her all the same. “Of course, Ragaire. Please share what you wish to”
    * Rook 📖 Courted pairs got paw stomps, whereas named mates was surely a reason to beckon the Song forth. He would offer his tones when others did and would quiet when the others did; his tone of the Song a gentle low tone in the remembrance of his father and mother. Only after the call came for other matters would he then turn to his young niece and once more listen.
    <Leora> shew ould look between Kova, Rune, Cwn, Panther and Saskia, but Ragaire stomped forward and she rose a brow wondering what the fae wanted to ask?
    <Saskia> Saskia tilted her head as Ragaire requested her time on the rock, though she listened intently. When she said she wanted to pledge in her own little way, Saskia offered an amused smile. Of course, it was a serious thing to be pledged. To pledge that you wish to learn the ways of the pack, and everything surrounding it. Ragaire already knew a lot. She turned to look at Calder to see his expression of his pup wanting to
    <Saskia> pledge to the pack.
    <Panther> tilted his head as he watched Ragaire, he was curious what she would ask. Once the small pup asked to be pledged, his gaze turned first to Calder, curious what he thought of this. Perhaps proud that his daughter wanted to pledge so quickly? His gaze then turned to Leora, curious if she would ask to be pledged as well. His gaze would then
    <Panther> turn back to the Alpha Rock, wondering if Kova would grant Ragaire’s request.
    <Kova> her brows would lightly rise, but, there was an assertion there that would affirm the thoughtfulness in her hues. She swung her tail once then stilled it before grinning. “Are there others who wish to pledge this evening alongside Ragaire?” She would turn to Ragaire for a moment with a soft expression, then to the others she looked to.
    <Calder> his eyes fell towards Ragaire as she ran up to the stone inquiring upon pledgeship to the pack. She wasn’t a pup anymore, but in his eyes, she’ll always be a little fae. To her inquiry, he seemed momentarily surprised, but also, not so for this was her home and growth pack. He turned his gaze around quickly to perhaps see if Fianna was near, then turned back to her at the stone.
    <Fern> Noticing the question pop into the air she decided she had put it off long enough. With an exhale to relieve the tension, she raised her voice to be audible among the others. “I would like to, If I may.” Fern would sit up but not approach Kova, standing beside Ragaire. “It’s been almost two moons now that I’ve been here… and I
    <Fern> have already grown so fond of these wolves…” she would mumble, pausing to try and find the right words. Her gaze would be averted only glancing up at the Alphess once in a while to gauge her reactions. “I would like to ask if I could possibly stay, and be a member of your pack. I fully understand this process will take time but I
    <Fern> will do whatever it takes on my part to achieve that, if you would let me.”
    * CwnAnnwn Silver brute would settle upon his haunches on Rune’s right, allowing his mate to lean into him once more to stretch out her left hind leg if need be. He would run his muzzle along her scruff and the underside of her jaw before pulling back with a loving lick to her cheek before turning back to the meetings goings on as Ragaire asked to pledge. When Kova asked is any one else wished to pledge, he would sweep his gaze over those gathered, eyes settling on the unfamiliar fae who had helped out during the hunt the other night as she announced her wish to take the first paw steps down the path to becoming part of the pack.
    <Kova> when Fern slowly approached among Ragaire’s place, she would give a dip of her nose to the pair of fae’s who stood before her, for their desire to join the path and fold of their home. “As a Pledge of WolfSpirits, you will learn and grow with the family you desire to call home, but more importantely, you will search within yourselves to confirm this is the home you want to be a part of. ..
    <Kova> .. Are you willing to uphold the ways and rules of WolfSpirits and our creed of truth for your truth to follow the most true path for you?”
    <Fern> , giving one last determined nod, spoke. “I am willing.” Her heart was now racing, this was it. She had been without a home and a family for what seemed like forever, and now she would be making her first steps toward becoming a part of this wonderful pack, where she wouldn’t be seen as an outsider but as a friend.
    * Ragaire ✩☾ Um, excuse? Who was stealing her thunder here? But, as Kova spoke to them both. Wow, okay! It worked! She listens to her Alpha earnestly, ears perked and weight leaning onto her front lets. “Yes, yes. I do, Alpha Kova.” She wags her tail behind her. Responsibility, family, and learning. The yearling’s enormous amber eyes look up to Kova and then glance to her puppa enthusiastically. Hey! Look at me! ☽✩
    <Kova> her eyes fell to both Ragaire and Fern. Pledgeship was one of the first steps of several to reach membership, but she had no doubt of eithers hearts, but she’d hear their words shared with those gathered and the family they wish to join. “As all have heard the pledge of both Fern and Ragaire to this home and pack, I would like to have the honor of naming you Fern Pledge of WolfSpirits, ..
    <Kova> .. and you Ragaire, Pledge of WolfSpirits. You may now introduce yourself as such to all you meet.”
    * Rook📖 Now came the answers, not in word but in deed. The sentiment heaved a cache of memory to the fore, and he thought then upon his father’s creed, Ayaka’s creed, and now Shakira’s…turning then to where the latter had gone before returning to hear Fern and Ragaire’s honest answers. Only after hearing Kova confirm their newfound position would he offer two paw stomps to the ground, one for each pledge.
    <Leora> would remain seated near her brother and when Fern also approached and asked to join, she felt her heart swell with happiness. Oh how could this day get -anyyyy bettterrrr-! Her rump would visibly wiggle left and right, for her tail could almost not stop swaying. She did her best to calm her presence to ensure not to be disruptive, remembering her mother and fathers teachings. To the naming ..
    <Leora> .. of the two, she stomped her paws to mimic her brothers own.
    <Calder> He would have nothing but admiration and love for Ragaire as she pledged herself to her birth pack. He would stomp his paw lightly, but felt that his heart would no sooner hold in his howl than the falls in the hidden falls to their pools below, so he gave a quick and short prideful howl for her and her advancement. A pride no one could fault him for.
    <Panther> listened, and watched as Fern slowly approached the rock. He also noticed that Leora remained in the crowd, he hummed in acknowledgment and turned his gaze to the front again. He looked to Saskia, glad that their newest friend was becoming a pledge. He stomped his paw where he sat, his gaze looking towards Calder as he offered a howl for
    <Panther> his daughter’s advancement, he smiled, gaze returning to the front.
    <Fern> “Thank you.” And with a bow to Kova, she made her way back to her friends with a big, proud grin on her face. She had done it, she had taken her next step in the journey in of finding the family she so dearly yearned for that lonely year on her own. All she could do is look forward to the future and beyond, now being able to picture
    <Fern> herself with this pack she found so unfamiliar only a little while ago.
    * Rune⊰✲ As if her night could not improve, two new wolves began their journey with the pack, one of them a pup she had watched grow far too rapidly. With a chuckle at Ragaire’s confidence and Kova’s acceptance. The Caretaker lifts her voice in song, howling to the sky joining Calder. ✲⊱

    <Kova> her tail would sway slowly behind her to the two newest pledges and allowed them to return to their place among the gathered. She turned now to address the wolves once the stomps and howls settled. “There is still fresh meat in the hunting grounds if any is hungry. The pack secured it several nights back.” a prideful expression on her face. “This was an evening of true celebration, of heart, and of warmth. I welcome you to good company and comfort. Thank you everyone who has attended tonight and heeded the call. It was a most joyous occassion and one our hearts have needed this, and I speak for my own, that it is very full.”





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