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Pack Meeting #213

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Meeting Notes

March 30th, 2023

  • Rune is now Lead Caretaker of WolfSpirits
  • Fianna is now Lead Guardian of WolfSpirits
  • Saskia becomes Guardian of WolfSpirits
  • Kova and Rune become Spirit Sisters
  • Fianna and Saskia become Spirit Mother and Daughter
  • Fianna announces she’s expecting a litter this season
  • Panther and Sanek become Spirit Brothers
  • Rikiwulf becomes Pledge
  • Tide (Mystic Rain) becomes Pledge
Number Of Wolves Present


    +Fern +Ophaelos +Rowan +Ragaire
    Leora Grimwolf Shukie Maikoh

    Pack Meeting Begins

    <Kova> Her path would take her in the direction of the Alpha’s stone with a swiftness that carried her for now was the time for their calling. Her paws lithe, ears forward and eyes observant to who was around and make a mental note of each.

    As she reached the stone she’d gently leap to it’s surface and head to its end where her paws would reach the rocks edge. There, she would rise her head up and let loose a low howl. A calling for a gathering.



    ⊰✲ Rune approaches the Clearing’s southeastern corner, the scents of some other wolves brought to her nose. Kova and Fern’s scents somewhere to the northeast. She couldn’t be sure which direction they were headed in, but Rune elects to stay the course and continue into the Clearing, padding slowly towards the Alpha Rock. It would quickly become clear to her that the day’s warmer weather and greater amounts of sunlight had brought together much of the pack. Her ears perk to the small figures of wolves peppered across the space in front of her. For now, there seemed to be nothing dramatic occurring, and thus, Rune would continue at a leisurely pace towards Alpha Rock. ✲⊱

    <CwnAnnwn> He was tavelling through southern sections of the hunting grounds and could now see the trees that bordered the hunting grounds and clearing. He was keeping a steady pace until the sound of the alpha faes call for a gathering reached him. He quickened his pace, it would not be long before he would reach the trees and begin weaving his way between them on his way to the gathering.

    <Leora> the yearling hadn’t been far from the clearing and even more so wolves started to come in after she heard a howl. She was busy working up the course real nice n pretty! Oh man, this was going to be fun. It was there, hark, the howl and call for a gathering and so she would swiftly drop (literally) what she was doing and bound out of the eastern woods towards the clearing!
    When she reached the openness, she looked around swiftly. She’d see her brother and sister near a gathered few but would she notice Daithi? Ragaire? Anyone else? Surely so! She would bound over to the gathered but seemed to head in Kova’s direction knowing what the call meant.
    <Saskia> The brown fae would hear the call to a meeting, and would turn to see Kova approaching the alpha stone. She’d turn back to the small gathering group and would hum before trotting towards the Northern edge of the rock, seating herself close to the stone. She’d quietly glance around to see who was about.
    <Panther>The brute had previously left the carcass, and now he would be entering the clearing. Unaware of the newcomer that had come up on the carcass, he would keep on padding towards the Alpha Rock, having heard a howl – likely a signal for a meeting. His gaze scanning the area as he made his way in from the eastern treeline.
    <Fern> ears swiftly shot up to the sound of a howl, and close by. Her paws began to hurry faster, up to a quick paced trot as if she was going to miss anything by not being at the stone right on time! She would glance to her left, down south to see Rune taking a more laid back approach. Oh my gosh! Rune’s alive~ Fern gave an excited wave of her tail to the ivory fae before continuing on with determined strides. Of course, she would offer her signature gentle chuff to the ones out there already before her.
    <Fianna>would look to Saskia, and for the fae’s sake more than anything else, feeling the nuzzling the fae had done earlier as if belatedly, she allowed her demeanor to relax a small bit, perhaps noticing her brother heading their way as well.
    Before she could speak again, Grimolf startled her with his next words, and the sentiments conveyed therein. She blinked, head tilting and took a moment to consider what lay beneath his words. This. This was the most obvious attempt and sign of change she had seen. It would not be unanswered.
    “I am glad you have returned unhurt, Grimolf, I do not wish any ill, unless they truly hurt my home, Kin, or pack. “If you do not mean ill then I have no further quarrel with you.” She offered in a blunt but slightly softened way. “I accept your apology, and I am glad for it, but know that I let action speak louder than words. At least within our pack..” Fianna would perk to Kova’s howl.
    “It seems a meeting has been called, ” She offered curiously. She’d offer Saskia a knowing glance and her tail swayed some.
    “You are welcome to join us and sit nearby if you wish.” She turned to offer Grimolf, trying, now for his sake as well as Saskia’s, to let things smooth over, if only a little.
    She would spot Ragaire as soon as the young one could be spotted and she’d chuff to the fae, worry wrinkling her brow. “Ragaire would be a good one to apologize to as well.” She offered lightly to Grimolf, then, carefully, she’d press her nose to his shoulder and depart toward the stone, leaving him to decide if he’d like to join, gesturing for Riki as well, if she’d like.
    <Sanek> had fallen asleep just on the outskirts of a Clearing, but the loud howl had caused him to stir. His head rose sleepily, his eyes half-closed, looking like he was about to sneeze. Instead he shook out his fur and slowly rose to his paws to heed the call to gather. As he neared the stream he eyed it wondering if the ice was still enough to hold his weight. Carefully, he placed his forepaws on the very edge of the stream and used them to push himself off into a long leap to the other side. His hindlegs barely skimmed the ice on the other side but otherwise his landing was quite graceful. He continued forth towards the Alpha Rock.
    <Rook>  Well, a few things would happen in the intervening moments that would ultimately lead him to turn from his present course toward Fianna and the others. The two simplest events were a capitulation of sorts from Grim…a withdrawal of form and his sister’s response to such. The other was simply his court’s call for a meeting. Time ticked on, and he’d not hold up the proceedings any further for things that should take place outside of it. Rook would turn and make his way toward the circle of wolves stationing themselves near the Alpha’s rock and would sit back upon his haunches to hear and observe news of the pack’s progression.
    <Rikki> Riki wouldn’t pay much mind to the conversation between Grimolf and Fianna though a loud howl would reach her ears, upon Fianna’s explanation the little wolf would gasp. She understood now, maybe this was how she could join the pack? With that in mind the adolescent nods following after Fianna and Saskia with an eager mind towards the Alphas Stone. She was more then excited to see how this gathering may go.
    <Rowan> had found herself further into the hunting grounds last night, and she had continued her venture towards the clearing in the early morning. Now, she would likely be at a vantage where she could watch the unfamiliar wolf and what seemed to be Ophaelos darting towards the clearing. She hummed softly, perhaps she also noticed the howl? Either way, she would pick up her pace and trot quickly after the pair of wolves – and the clearing.
    <Rune> ⊰✲ The Caretaker licks her nose apprehensively, there were far more wolves up ahead than she had originally anticipated. Kova’s howl confirmed the thought she had begun to form, glad that there was nothing of dire concern bringing the pack together. Taking stock of who was within the Clearing, Rune looks for her mate. Upon seeing that the brute was not there she settles on her haunches to the south of the rock, dipping her head to Kova. Every time she took note of a wolf, a new one appeared, flocking to the Clearing in droves. At the sight of Fern, Rune dips her head to the pearl-colored fae, offering a chuff in return. Once again, a passing gesture, but very little in the way of passing knowledge. She still had much to teach Fern and Fern had much to learn. ✲⊱
    <Kova> her hues would drift to each wolf who was present within the clearing. She would take a mental note of each wolf who had heeded the call and morphed out of the woods. “Thank you everyone for attending this evenings proceedings and meetings call.” she dipped her head to each of the wolves she would count. Her ears were forward and eyes locked ahead now scanning each wolf. Her hues would befall the caretaker Rune. She swung her tail and smiled lightly before chuffing to her to step forward. “Rune, will you please come forward”
    <CwnAnnwn> Silver male slipped into the clearing from a spot slightly east-northeast of the alpha rock, eyes scanning the clearing to see whom was present, noting those who were there and those who were arriving just as he was. One wolf stood out, his mate. Tail swaying happily behind his frame, he trotted towards her, nodding to those he passed on his way. Before he could reach the fae, Kova called her forward. Head tilted slightly, he would reach the spot that she was settled at before settling himself, curious about what she had been called up for.
    <Calder> he had been just outside the southern edges of the clearing, having begun to make his way back into the fold when he heard the howl just at the fringe. His paws quickened and the pace would spurr him forward and into the open expanse to see that he’d just slipped in, in time to hear the call and now the gathered. He’d look among them all and seeing his mate, he’d close the distance swiftly to her. A nosing was offered but he’d seat himself proper.
    <Ragaire>  was off to the back of the group that was forming, though she would have not yet found a place to plunk her hindquarters down. She was pacing and hovering around the edge of the gathering group, wanting to avoid a few of the wolves present. Ugh, Rune, her momma, and that creepy, scarred, staring-contest-losing black brute were all here! How was she supposed to stay away from all of them, huh? How inconsiderate of them, it was like they were in cahoots with each other. She watches as all of the wolves settle slowly. Her amber eyes perk up momentarily and her tail wags when she sees her puppa, but it doesn’t take long for her to remember that he was also in cahoots. As Kova begins to speak, Ragaire finds a spot to the west of the stone, sitting just close enough to hear what was going on.
    <Fern> Wait a minute… Is that Grimolf-? Her golden hues narrowed in on the dark brute before she forced them away. Nope! Nope! Don’t even look.. For the stars above, she hoped it wouldn’t turn out like the last time Grimolf was at a meeting, he must have changed for the pack to even consider letting him join in one again, right? Oh well, she’ll just have to deal with it. She would have found her seat before Kova started speaking, probably near Saskia or someone she knew best of course if they weren’t already crowded, but after comfortably in her place she would listen closely as Kova called on her mentor’s name.

    <Rune>For a moment, Rune was surprised, not expecting to be called forward. However, it was just for a moment, as her memory wound its way backwards to a moment shared between herself and Kova some months ago. Her tail wags lightly as she rises to her paws, approaching the large stone at the center of the gathered wolves. The Caretaker pauses before the rock, remaining on her paws and looking up towards her Alpha with a soft expression.

    <Panther> As Panther trotted closer to the Alpha Rock, he would spot his mate. Immediately, he would head over to her, seating himself next to her as Rune was called up. He’d nose her shoulder, then focus on the meeting.
    <Kova> When Rune approached the stone, she would dip her head with admiration for the fae and had taken stock of how she looked and fared. Hoping she was well, she knew she’d be told otherwise. “Rune, I call you before the stone with admiration in my heart and with a humble request.” she would feel her paws hold firm to the stone. “For many moons, you have been this packs caretaker. You’ve led, guided, healed and tended to the pack and it’s man wounds over the years. Your knowledge is immeasurable as is your heart for this pack. You’re attention and your devotion is like no other, and I would like to ask you, Rune Caretaker of WolfSpirits, if you would do us the honor of continuing to lead and guide, with the role of Lead Caretaker.”
    <Leora> the yearling would’ve seen her brother and sister among the crowd and le-gasp. Was that Ragaire!? Oh! Her expression seemed so excited, so happy, and changed to see so many gathered. She knew the rules, and she knew the decorum and would silently but swiftly speed her way towards the direction of her brother and sister and Ragiare. If there was a spot she’d squeeze in and seat herself like a little marshmallow.
    <Rowan> would be a few lengthy strides away from the two males, though considering she was trailing behind them, they likely wouldn’t notice her presence. Her tail swayed as she continued to trot along behind them, if they were stopped then she *may* catch up before they began towards the clearing again.
    * Sanek he saw Panther join those gathered, and if his gaze happened to meet his he would offer a smile, remembering what they had talked about. This glance would be brief, though, and his attention was right back on Rune. His head tilted in curiosity, having never heard the term ‘lead Caretaker’. Perhaps this meant there could be more than one herb wolf?
     <Rune> Surprise again, but this time a surprise that prompts Rune to lift her posture. “The WolfSpirits pack has guided me and healed me more than I can express, and to be this pack’s Caretaker has been an honor. I humbly accept the role of Lead Caretaker and look forward to continuing to protect our path forward.” She dips her head, tail swaying gently behind her. Lead Caretaker… how far she had come.
    <Fianna> wouldn’t mind Grimolf following them, “of course, that sounds a fine a plan.” She’d have responded to him and she would have found a place among the group as the meeting got started. When she saw Ragaire see them, and choose to sit somewhere else her heart would fall and yet she knew perhaps her daughter needed time, after the news was shares.. Yet it ached all the same. She would nuzzle into Calder when he’d arrive as well, her eyes moving to Grimolf occasionally, but mostly curious as Rune was called up. Her suspicions were proved correct with Kova’s next words and she’d feel her tail begin to sway, happy and heart full for the caretaker. It was well placed, the lead role for Rune had tended them all many many times. She would ready her howl for the high rank! Quietly she’d listen for the opportunity to celebrate.
    <Rook> would nose at his little sister and look to the others surrounding the fray. The bean counter, Grim, would be met with Rook’s gaze as he counted those that had interrupted meetings past. Had he caught an exchanged look between Grim and Fern? Would it matter? Rook would depart from his little sister’s side and move to sit directly beside Grim like a father in church just waiting. Here, he’d stomp his paws to the earth below for Rune. He wondered if the others would finally acknowledge her mastery of herb lore or if WebMD would remain the vogue.
    <Kova> As Rune would accept the position, she would smile and wave her tail ever so softly behind her. A humbleness held true in her heart and her eyes for the fae and the knowledge she’s shared for the pack and with the pack. “You honor me and WolfSpirits, Lead Caretaker of WolfSpirits.” her head dipped and she’d gently paw the stone before she’d rise her muzzle skyward and let loose a low, deepened howl. One that would sing the congratulations for such an advancement for Rune, their Lead Caretaker. As her song would lyrically twist into the sky with a beautiful harmonic, it eventually would settle into the far distance with those who added theirs, to. “Rune, will you please remain here for a moment more.”
    <Saskia>Saskia hummed as Fern and Panther approached, and would nose both. She’d nuzzle her mate compassionately before licking Fern’s cheek softly. “Hello, you two.” She whispered. As Rune came forth to the stone, she’d be curious as to what she was being called for. When the fae was named Lead Caretaker, she would stamp her paw firmly and wag her tail. Such a fitting promotion! When she was called to remain, Saskia would listen.
    <Calder>he would listen to the proceedings and when the first event was named and howled, he would offer a howl as well for Rune. He thought a very fitting and fine role for the fae.
    <Grimolf> It was no secret that Grimolf looked EXTREMELY out of place here. The scarred brute was looking left to right trying his best not to be — himself ? That’s when he raised his expression at the sight of Rook walking over towards him, taking his place directly beside him. ‘ Lore master ? ‘ he questioned not knowing why Rook went out of his way to sit by him of all wolves.
    <Rikiwulf> The little wolf followed closely behind Fianna, keeping close to her, feeling safe with the kind guardian fae. She would choose to stay beside Fianna though keeping a close enough distance so she could stay beside her mate. She sat still, staring up at the Alphas Stone, watching as the caretaker got her promotion of sorts, she felt an overwhelming sense of happiness for this wolf, an unknown wolf to her but she could tell the wolf seemed well loved. The little wolf remained quiet, making sure to remain as respectful as possible while she sat still.
    <Fianna> A howl was lead by the Alphess and so Fianna would join in the song! Her tail..swayed and if if she was close enough to Leora, she would nuzzle lick the fae’s shoulders and muzzle briefly. Trying to catch Ragaire’s eye. She would tilt her head and offer beseeching eyes that said I miss youuuu to the fae, even as she perked to Kova’s next words.
    <CwnAnnwn> Silver male listened as Kova spoke to Rune about the role of Lead Caretaker, his heart swelling with pride for his mate, he knew that she well and truly deserved the role now being bestowed upon her. When Kova named her as Lead Caretaker and howled for her, he tilted his head back and let out a howl of congratulations for his heart, his voice full of pride and happiness for the fae. He lowered his head, his voice fading as Kova asked Rune to remain for a moment longer.
     <Rune> paws do not move, and her tail continues to sway behind her as she watches Kova. The ivory wolf nods her head to Kova’s request, remaining at the base of the stone.
    <Panther> His tail swayed as he listened to the Alphess, he’d nuzzle mate, dipping his head. “Hello, dear.” He offered in hushed tones, dipping his head to Fern as well. He hadn’t even noticed her approach, he offered an apologetic smile. Panther looked back over, offering a howl, and a stomp of his paw.
    <Sanek> once Kova let loose her howl he joined in with a song raised to the sky for Rune, expert on herbs and hardworking packmember, from Caretaker to the noble position of Lead Caretaker.
    <Rune> ⊰✲ Her eyes scan the wolves around her, noting a few that had filtered in quietly since Kova’s howl. One of the wolves present was Rook, whose own promotion to the lead of his rank spoiled by insubordinate quarreling. She felt sorry for the brute, her own advancement seemingly going without interruption. ✲⊱
    <Fern> would definitelyyyy not look at Grimolf once more, keeping her mind and eyes forward like he wasn’t even there. A joyful grin would appear on her maw for Rune as she picked up her head to join in the chorus of congratulations for the new position. Wow! To be lead of anything must be an amazing feeling, and she was happy that Rune got to experience that tonight. Her tail continued to beat at a comfortable pace when Kova asked her to remain at the stone, definitely curious on why.
    <Kova> As Rune remained at the stone, she would slowly turn to descend it as she had done in a previous meeting. The howls and calls of joy for Rune would be heard and her heart would swell a little more. When she reached the base of the stone she strode up to Rune and gave her a swift, but knowing nuzzle. “Rune, I would like to also ask at this meeting, an honorable request.” her tail gave a single sway then stilled. “I have known you for many moons. Since I’ve known you, there’s always been an unspoken connection with one another. A bond. I would love if the honor could be mine, if you would accept my Spirit Bond request to be my sister.”
    <Rook> Rook hadn’t lost sight of those things that truly mattered. This wasn’t a grudge toward the brute, this was a way to ensure that those who might egg him on were accounted for and held accountable. When those that would consciously pay the brute no mind did so, then he gave Grim a sidelong glance. Had Grim been given the proclivity to speak over assessing the silent language? Rook’s posture was like a wall, silent, broad, and conveniently stone colored, but it was not one taken to obstruct or to guard another. It was very much in guarding of Grim, and whether the brute knew that or not was not the right question to ask…was their peace and decorum? Yes…good.
    <Rowan> She would come into the clearing shortly after Ophaelos, and the unknown wolf, would she see her mentor? Probably not as it didn’t seem the Lead Huntress was gathered. She hummed softly, stopping near the back. She glanced around, noticing Sanek, she would pad over and settle near him if there was space.
    <Rune> ⊰✲ Rune’s gaze would be knowing as well, returning the gentle nuzzle to Kova’s ruff. “We have come a long way since I first growled at you following my arrival.” Her tail wags and a wolven grin blooms across her face. “To become your Spirit Sister, forming that bond, seems a welcome title to speak to our journey together. I gratefully accept your request.” Her posture was soft but proud, happy and content for herself as well as Kova. ✲⊱
    <Kova> Her tail would usher several waves before stilling. The lightness in her hues would remain and when she would give her response, she dipped her head in a soft, but gentle bow and stood a few steps closer, pressing her chest to hers. “Though we are not bound by blood, we are bound by spirit. Forever unto my last breath, we will forever be bonded Sisters by spirit. Now, unto my last breath, you will have a part of my heart as my sister.” She’d take a few steps back, gently stomp her paw in the snow before rising her muzzle skyward, howling for their spirits now bonded by what blood couldn’t break.
    <Fianna> would feel her heart tighten and swell as Rune and Kova, her own spirit sister made and forged new bonds of Kin. Her tail would sway, and her eyes swept to Saskia briefly then back again as the bond was stamped with a howl, one Fianna would chorus to, keeping her voice softer for their own to be heard more, happy for the both of them.
     <Leora> the light fae would watch the proceedings and when Caretaker of Masters was announced for Rune, the pair remained. She perked her ears and listened intently to the next proceedings. Spirit sisters? Oh, that sounded like a fun thing! She’d have to ask about that later to. How where those made? Questions abound and aside, the yearling would swing her tail and when howls where given, so would she! AWaoooooo!
    ⊰✲ Rune lifts her head to howl with Kova, her spirit sister. The ivory and russet fae’s protracted alto tones rising into the sky above, the clouds painted by the beginning of sunset. Their bond honored a great history, one she looked forward to telling stories of. When the chorus of the pack ends, she noses Kova softly. “Thank you, sister.” Her voice was quiet, sharing the words briefly before vacating the space at the center of the gathered group. She was certain she couldn’t be the only wolf of attention at this evening’s meeting. Hopefully they would have their turn now. ✲⊱
    <CwnAnnwn> It seemed this was a very special meeting for his mate, he smiled at the thought. He was so very happy for her, for her advancement to Lead Caretaker and now to be named as Kova’s spirit sister. He was also happy for Kova, knowing that this meant a lot to her as well. With the naming of the pair as spirit sisters, he would stamp his paw and add his voice in celebration for the pair.
    <Grimolf> ( What did I do this time ? ) Grimolf said to himself staring at Rook with his best attempt at a neutral expression. The scarred brute felt like he was being put under guard, and he couldn’t blame Rook for doing it. He had a terrible temper, and last meeting would probably still be fresh in everyone’s minds. That neutral expression would drop just slightly before he returned his attention back onto Kova. To be honest, he was so consumed by his thoughts, Grimolf hadn’t been paying much attention probably better start listening.
    <Kova> She would dip her head and smile to Rune as she would then retake her place as Lead Caretaker and her sister. Turning on lithe paws, she would slowly make her way back to the stone and leap up to it with little effort. She’d walk back to the edge of the stone, before turning and looking to the wolves present. Seeing Fianna among the gathered, she would chuff for her. “Fianna, please come forward”
    <Sanek> his tail thumped happily on the ground for Kova and Rune. He had felt pretty jittery about it earlier but was now feeling more confident in becoming part of such a bond. When Rowan sat beside him he offered her a dip of his head in acknowledgement of her presence. With Maikoh coming into the Clearing, he would probably sense the brute’s scent and perhaps recognize it as the scent he had found in the forest if he indeed was the same wolf he tried to track.
    <Saskia> would catch Fianna’s glance and would be returned with a subtle grin and a twinkle in her hues. She’d lift her muzzle into the air in celebration to the newly appointed bond made between Kova and Rune. She didn’t expect this, but knew her presence had only been with the pack briefly and there were trials of lore and history behind every door. She’d feel the wind beside her brush against her pelt and would turn and glance at the white brute. She quietly dipped her crown towards the male and lifted a paw in celebration. It was pure excitement and gathered love. Her gaze would sweep all present, no doubt finding Rook and Grimolf in the crowd. She turned back to the meeting at hand.  When Fianna approached, she would wave her tail. What is Fianna being called for? Was it something to do with her being with-pup? Probably not!
    <Mystic Rain>wanders into the forest and hesitatingly makes her way first toward into the clearing. With all the strong wolf scents she slow comes closer and closer until she can see individual wolves. Insecure she watches from the little distance in a way she wants to join but after yesterday who’d want Her. And aren’t such gatherings for those pack and about to be? She isn’t entirely sure and thus hesitates to approach
    <Fern> would just spot out of the corner of her eye, Ophaelos? Oh yes he is here! She was afraid he would miss the meeting! But who was he with? She would have comfortably gone over to sit next to him but the sense of a newcomer seemed to scare her away just a little bit. Her tail would sway for the loving bond of the now spirit sisters, giving a stop of her paw and little congratulation “Yips”
    <Rook>Rook’s side-long glance only lasted a moment before his attention went to the bonding of his court and her new spirit sister, Rune. Their history and places within the pack’s story were not lost to him, but he had to admit that he was pleasantly surprised by the bond they would announce here. With yet another firm stamp to the ground beneath him, he would congratulate them both. Fianna was called next, and although he had witnessed several things along the journey west, he did not wager on what was to be spoken of next.
    <Rune> ⊰✲ A careful eye trained by many years and many springs looks over Fianna, copper and amber eyes narrowing with curious scrutiny. The more she looks over the Guardian at the base of the Alpha Rock, the more Rune feels certain in her assessment, call it years of expertise. This prompts a sinking feeling of dread to cloak Rune, clawing at her insides and pulling her ears outwards. She had settled next to her mate, CwnAnnwn, and she looks to the brute with worry, a silent image of concern painted across her face. Oh, their timing was not what she had hoped it to be. ✲⊱
    <Fianna> When the celebration over the spirit bond had faded away, Fianna perked to hearing her own name called, rising almost instinctively. Padding quietly forward, perhaps oblivious to Rune’s expert eye along her frame she would park herself by the stone and look to Kova with a respectful dip of her own head, listening in question. “Yes, alphess?”
    <Panther> Lead Caretaker and Spirit sisters with Kova? Rune seemed quite the popular wolf tonight! He offers his voice on again, and stomps his paw. Then, he’d look around. Rook was sitting beside Grimolf, Ophaelos had come in with an unknown wolf- wait, unknown wolf? His eyes narrowed, a darker coated wolf by the looks, he’d aim to greet him at the end of the meeting. His gaze settled on Kova once more, unaware that Rowan had also entered the clearing. He’d watch as Fianna was called up to the stone.

    <Kova> a lightness and knowing would befall her expression when she approached. She’d clear her throat enough to project it to the others now present.

    “Fianna, you have been Guardian of WolfSpirits for many moons now. Your prowess, guard, and strength knows no bounds and the desire and will to see our home safe and secure is ever present within you. Burning and pure. You have mentored and continue to do so to each wolf you meet, and have mentored another in the way of guardianship.” she’d pause for only a moment before she’d continue.

    “I would like to ask you now, if you would accept and honor me and WolfSpirits, as taking the role as Lead Guardian to WolfSpirits? To continue to foster, care, and protect our home but as well lead and guide those under you?”

    <CwnAnnwn> He watched as Fianna approached the alpha rock before turning to his mate as she settled beside him. He tenderly ran his muzzle along hers and into her scruff and spoke just loud enough for her to hear. “Congrats my Heart, your advancement to Lead Caretaker was well deserved and I am happy to see you and Kova named spirit sisters.” He perked to the alpha fae and Fianna as Kova spoke of the role of Lead Guardian.


    <Saskia> Saskia let in an inward gasp. Lead Guardian! Saskia’s tassel thumped gently behind her as Kova asked the betrothal of such rank. It was fitting for Fianna, whom had given so much to guard their home. She had the same mindset as Panther, the meeting of the newcomer would come after the meeting, but her guard would be up and her peripheral set on the male. In her mind, the newcomer would be seen as a distraction from all those who found the spotlight of the evening. She would try to look past it, but sent Ophaelos a questioning look. Who is this..? not waiting for an answer, she’d return her attention to the Guardian at hand.



    Fianna’s eyes would widen, and her heart would fill to the both the knowlege that her work thus far had been deemed well done, and that her Alphess would desire to allow her to shoulder the responsibility of the lead rank. She felt momentarily overwhelmed, and yet eager and ready to step into a role to which she had felt herself mold to over time and with many trials.
    Bowing her head to Kova she would let sway her tail, unable to betray her feeling. “I am the one honored by such a request, and I accept the role with a full heart, and fervor for the role to which you grant me. I will do all i can, through body and spirit, to ensure the safety of those I call pack and kin.” Her words would ring with the fire in her spirit she held and would always hold for the guardian’s call. A call and song that she held within her.


    .ೃ࿐ Ophaelos was a little late to the meeting, and thus he’d be slightly behind on the news. Lead Guardian was obvious, considering how well Fianna conducted herself, and perhaps he would have caught the tail-end of Kova and Rune being named each other’s spirit sister. So many spirit siblings lately… he’d have to ask about their meaning, next time he has time with his mentor.
    Speaking of his mentor, he’d catch her possible greeting, and perhaps even Fern’s if he were looking in their direction. He’d try his best to smile at them. When Saskia would give him a look, he’d shake his head subtly and there may be an evident expression on his face that likely reads… vexed, and possibly a little exasperated. A sort of… ‘I’ll tell you later,’ look in his eyes, as he refocused his attention back on the Alpha stone. He’d hoped Maikoh was paying attention. *ೃ༄
    <Mystic Rain> seeing lots of New or almost unknown wolves she can’t tell the difference. When fianna moves forward though her curiosity becomes too much and closes hesitatesly to within earshot just in time to her the promotion and her banner starts swaying as she real happy for the new lead guardian, surely the older deserves such a position.

    <Kova> to her sisters heartfelt words, she would dip her head and bow it with an admiration for her. She would then address the rest of the pack and smile.

    “As all have heard witness to Fianna’s pledge to the pack as Guardian, I am honored to name you Lead Guardian of WolfSpirits, Fianna.”

    When she was named, she would lift her muzzle and allow her soft , sweet harmonic tone to reach the skies above in a howl for Fianna and her Lead role!

    <Saskia> Saskia shrugged at Ophaelos’s look and would return to Fianna’s words. They were true if anything was. She’d stamp her paw and lift her muzzle into the sky for her mentor, dear friend, and much more, releasing a soft, low-toned song into the sky for her. awoooooo…


    <Ragaire> ✩☾ She had stamped and howled for the tree-wolf, it was only polite to do so. When her momma got called up however, Ragaire’s attention would be piqued. Hmm, what was her momma doing up there? Lead Guardian? What was that? She didn’t know her momma had such a fancy title. Ragaire was picturing it now, ‘Ragaire, of Starfall and Earth, Lead Guardian to the WolfSpirits Pack.’ Mmmm, yes… the yearling quite liked the sound of that… She was now determined to get as many words after her name as possible. The ebony fae lifts her voice to howl with the pack, congratulating Fianna, even if Ragaire didn’t particularly like her right now. ☽✩


    <Rune> Rune had become Spirit siblings with Kova? What did that mean? She wondered. A subtle smile appeared on her maw, she dipped her head to Sanek, to. Though, her gaze snapped back to Kova as she announced Fianna was to be Lead Guardian. Guardian.. that was a valuable rank within a pack. She would have to seek her mentor and gain more information about WolfSpirits, and their ranks – though, she guessed most were self explainitory. She’d offer her own howl, allowing her voice to be heard alongside the pack.


    <Rikiwulf> Rikki would let out a small howl of her own in congratulations, tail swaying happily behind her. She was happy for Fianna, such a wonderful rank indeed. She had authoritar now. Yes, how great that was, she was hoping she would see Fianna fighting some coyotes at some point.


    <Rook> Rook, harbinger of old, bringer of fate, and stealer of joy…the great gray raven pecking on carcasses long devoid of meat had perched himself near grumpy Grim like a horrid creature that stood watch above the threads Grim walked upon. Rook would not break that old façade of his, turning his gaze just enough to speak quietly (not softly) to Grim in tones of distilled truth like an omen come from the hells that spawned him. “A moment, fast approaching, will be given you to make a choice. You’ll either take the path granted you be speaking up and putting yourself forward, or you will not. I’m not here to encourage you; I’m here to see what I shall tell when I tell the tale of Grimolf.”

    Rook then would raise his muzzle and howl, having had one ear on the proceedings and his sister’s advancement…but when he lowered his head in silence, one gold and one amber hue looked a moment longer to Grim before they turned with his head to see what else the night would bring.
    <Ophaelos> .ೃ࿐ Luckily, Ophaelos would have been around for such an exciting title and event. Indeed, what true words, and what a title to bare. He’d lift his head and offer his voice to the sky, singing his song in ‘grats to Fianna! *ೃ༄
    <Fianna> would feel the tide of song rush over her and would let her own voice join them, not to congratulate herself, but because it was these moments that tied them all together, and she would miss such an opportunity. When the howl was settled, she would look to Kova and ask softly, “Might i have a brief word?”
    <Kova> She would look to her sister and when she would offer a brief request for a word, she smiled and gave her a nod. “Please” she would invite her to speak what she wished.
    <Sanek> he had always known Rune and Fianna as having been their Caretaker and Guardian roles since he had joined the pack and he had always looked up to them so seeing them shift ranks felt perfectly natural like they were meant for their new roles. He offered a howl for Fianna’s advancement.

    <Fianna> would not wish to derail the meeting, but perhaps it was in keeping with proceedings and she would turn to face the group, her chest swelling in tightness and joy at her news to share, and she would first find Calder with her eyes and rest them upon him as she spoke. “It is my great and humble pleasure to first share with you all, that Calder and I will be expecting pups soon.. when spring blooms, hopefully there will be the yip and call of pups to greet it.” Her heart swelled and she would look to Ragaire then, her eyes hoping the fae would greet the news as she intended, with anticipation and joy to new siblings, not to replace the old, but fill hearts ever more.

    After a brief pause to allow her joyful news to settle into minds, she would look to Saskia and chuff to the fae. “Saskia, I have a question for you, much akin as Kova had or Rune.” She would allow the fae time to come forth.

    <Calder>he would offer a low but gentle murmur from his tones and a sway of his tail to Fianna’s advancement and to her announcement. He would continue to look to her with confidence and to share such. He bowed his head warmly and smiled. He would then turn to Saskia and Fianna. Curious and intent eyes following. Perhaps he could feel the prickly tension of even a look given to GrimWolf and Rook nearby, but he remained focused now on the pair.

    <Saskia> Saskia would smile as Fianna wished to share yet another word with the pack. When she announced the joyful surprise of pups, Saskia would wag her tail and pin her ears contently as if this was her first knowledge of such. Then, a dread would gnaw at the pit of her belly. Her tail came to a slower wag, but when Fianna caught her attention, she would push it downward and quickly ascend the rock to her side, nosing Kova in the process! She had an idea of what Fianna was going to instill but wasn’t completely sure. She’d look to both fae with a light expression. “Yes?”
    <Leora> oh she could burst with JOY. Her sister would be named Lead Guardian, wow! That was so amazing! She wanted something neat with her name to, but her name was getting long. That’s ok. She liked a long name! She had her own inner thoughts and goals now, and her own insights into what she might seek. She wanted to talk to Rune later, but later it would wait.
    When her sister was named Lead Guardian, she would’ve howled for her, but when Fianna mentioned that she was going to have pups, well, let’s just say her reaction was @o@. She’s going to be an AUNTIE?! Oh… surely if she wasn’t grounded by gravity, she’d be doing laps over the moon. Would she hear the later words?
    <Rune> ⊰✲ A war raged inside of her, joy at the image of pups frolicking in the Clearing this spring and dread at the thought of being unable to help. Fianna’s words confirmed Rune’s suspicions, shared within the warm embrace of the pack. Rune, however, would not be inclined to share her own news, the knowledge buried inside of her like a secret. She doubted her fear was misguided, not wanting to alert unfriendly, strange eyes to their most vulnerable and precious life. Her tongue passes over her nose anxiously, watching now as Fianna turned her attention to Saskia. ✲⊱
    <Panther> He would’ve offered his voice to Fianna’s advancement, them give a stomp of his paw. He looked over to his mate at the announcement of pups, he’d nose her shoulder, smiling softly. Then, she was called up by Fianna, he hummed softly, looking up towards the stone at the two.
    <GrimWolf> stared blankly at Rook taken aback from his strange words. Why did everyone from that pack had to speak in riddles or rhymes ? Surely by now, Rook must’ve noticed that Grimolf didn’t do well with this type of speaking. ‘ Uh huh. ‘ Narrowing his orbs, he turned back to listen to everyone howling not joining in due to fact, he didn’t feel like he had earned the right to howl with them.
    <Fern> Few- There were so many great things being announced tonight that Fern didn’t know if she would have a voice by the end of it! Her ears surely perked to the sound of pups, finally softening her gaze on Fianna.. Wow- Saskia? Before she had the time to even ponder the idea she heard the dark fae’s name be called. What was she going up there for..? Ohhh! Soon Fern released and it only made her tail sway faster with an expression of pure joy across her face.
    <Fianna> When Saskia stood beside her she would reach to nuzzle the fae fondly, her tail unable to remain still for tonight was a night of much overflow from within. “Saskia, through your time here among us, first as pledge, then moving up the ranks until I became your mentor, you have slowly and surely found my heart. You have bound it to your own as well and truly as I feel a bond to my kin and my other son’s and daughters. With Kova’s blessing already given, I would ask before the pack if you would do me the utmost honor of being named the daughter of my spirit.” Fianna had already received an answer in the quiet moments they had shared, and yet, she would wait with baited breath nonetheless.
    <CwnAnnwn> The silver male would offer his voice in celebration of Fianna’s advancement before he glanced towards his mate when she didn’t react, he realized something must be bothering her and would have to talk to her after the meeting to be sure that she was all right, wasn’t common for her to ignore him. Fianna’s own announcement of Calder and her’s expecting of pups gave him some idea of what might be bothering his mate. He perked as Fianna called up Saskia and spoke of being her spirit daughter.
    <Ragaire> ✩☾ Ragaire’s face screws up in a grimace as her momma shares the news of new pups to the whole entirety of the pack. Ick. It was as if a bad dream had become a reality, words spoken into truth. Her muzzle was wrinkled, but her disdain would likely be hidden from eyes not keenly trained on her. The fae was off to the back of the group and seated alone, extremities kept close to herself. When her momma calls Saskia forward, she tilts her head to listen, unsure of what foolery was going on. At her momma’s next words, Ragaire’s ears flatten squarely against her head. Spirit Daughter? Her momma and puppa were replacing Navariin with new pups. Now she was being replaced too? The Pledge rises to her paws and turns around, creeping quietly away from the meeting, making as little sound as she could. Her body low to the ground, she slinks gingerly to the treeline and vanishes into it. Once hidden from view of the Clearing she bolts north, streaming towards the Ancient Forest. If wovles could cry, she would have. ☽✩


    Prickly? I dare say not, and lest any other judge the words offered out of anything near animosity, let there be an understanding that it takes investment and sentiment for anger and hatred to kindle. This fire was without oxygen.
    As to the dichotomy of a talking Grim and a nontalking Grim; either one was an egg or one was a chicken…Grim couldn’t have it both ways like a chic stuck in a purgatory of pecking its way to freedom. The long skinny? Grim spoke to him first. Grim questioned him first. Grim needed spoken word and so the great gray carcass feeding raven spoke and spoke so plainly that there would be no disguising the moment when it came. What was it about truth that folks just didn’t get? No one in their right mind liked what hell spoke to them, but truth was truth, and Rook would didn’t think Grim stupid or in need of the cliff notes. There’d be a moment, and he’d either take it or he wouldn’t.
    <Sanek> he barely held in a yip of excitement at the mention of more pups. It was always great having newborns with their youthfulness bring life back into the pack. He continued to watch with curiosity as it seemed there would be yet another bond formed this evening, this time between Saskia and Fianna. This was quite an eventful meeting!

    <Saskia>if she could’ve blushed, she would have. Fianna had also found a special place in her heart and filled it with guidance, trust, and courage. “I have been traveled great lengths alongside you, Fianna. Each and every paw step forward, you have guided me and instilled a much needed strength within. You have reminded me of my own mother at times, and that has stuck with me for many moons. I will gladly take the honor of sealing our bond with my word, and with that I would be truly grateful to become your spirit daughter.”

    There was much more she wanted to say but surely not enough time upon the stone to spare. She would nuzzle Fianna fondly and remain there for a moment, the comfort and warmth of a mother was there, indeed. She’d await any response.
    <Rowan> Pups? She thought, she would be sure to aid in guarding the territory then. She glanced towards Sanek, hearing his yip, she allowed a grin of amusement to spread across her maw. She held back her chuckle at his excitement, her tail swayed as she looked up towards Saskia and Fianna, was it? Saskia seemed to be becoming Fianna’s Spirit daughter. Her grin fell into a small, content smile as she was surrounded by pack and watching the forming of bonds and advancements.
    <Fianna> With her own words said, her news given and a new daughter bestowed, Fianna would feel her heart full, even as her gaze caught sight of her blood daughter looking crestfallen and angry, bolting toward the dark sentinal of trees beyond. Her heart shattered and was mended over .. and over. For now, she would steel that part of her that wanted to crumble at not being able to heal the hurts of Ragaire’s heart for her, and focused instead on the joy of Saskia’s agreement to their bond. She would give a heartfelt stamp of her paw, and a howl a short but heartfelt song of thanks. Brief as she would keep it, she would then look to Kova , pausing to dip her head in thanks to the Alphess for allowing her the time within the meeting shoulder to shoulder with Saskia.
    <Fern> Daughter of the who’d what? Fern’s head would tilt with confusion at Fianna’s first words. That was a new one! Definitely not what she expected at all either. But nevertheless she would add her own yips into the mixture!
    <Kova> She would look to Fianna and to the announcement, she swung her tail and an admiration in her hues would be found. To the later inquiry, she would look to Saskia and when the fae would approach, she would hold her strength true and happiness for the pair. She would look to Saskia now and to hear the fae’s return tone and acceptance. When they shared their hearts sentiments, she gave a soft swing of her tail before she’d gently press her paw to stone. “As all have lay witness to the creed between Fianna and Saskia, I would like the honor to name you Spirit Daughter to Fianna, Saskia…. and Fianna, Spirit Mother to Saskia.” to that she would offer a sweet howl for the pair. When her tones would echo and reverberate across the sky, she’d make note of each wolf there, and now perhaps not. For now, she would look to the pair and continue. “Saskia, please remain here a moment more.” she would invite the fae closer and turn to look to Fianna then to Saskia. “You have been named Guardian in training sometime ago. You’ve traveled great distances, and you’ve learned the way of our pack in more detail and intricate meaning. I would ask your mentor, Fianna, now to speak on your behalf and advancement to full Guardian of WolfSpirits.”
    <GrimWolf> Perhaps, he wasn’t ready for this truth. Grimolf understood the meaning behind his words; but outright avoided them, he wasn’t ready to walk this path. Conflicted two sides of the brute constantly wrestled for control never letting him progress any further ! It was plain uncertainty not knowing what said moment would bring him, and he grew to expect the worse with everything Grimolf experienced during his life. Of course, Rook wouldn’t understand this if he could just step into the brute’s mind, but he couldn’t do that. Grimolf’s facial expression harden hoping Rook wouldn’t press this any further .
    <Mystic Rain> tilts her a bit at that announcement, that’s an option too? O well at the others howls shee stomps with first one paw then the other to show instead of sound her approval. As soon as she sees where fianna is going she starts easing her way towards her, without disruptive ofcourse. If she can she just wants to be near fianna.
    <Ophaelos> .ೃ࿐ At their union, Ophaelos would have offered his own song of approval once Fianna had lent her voice first. As Kova got out her later words, the brute would smile. Did he call it, or what? He should have placed a bet… with who, or what, is a different question though… he looks toward his mentor with a curious gaze. *ೃ༄
    <Leora> she could just burst out of her skin. She would kneed the earth, pat pat pat EEeeeee! She would howl swiftly, quickly and happily for her sister’s bond to Saskia and the announcement to! When Kova would announce more was to come, she would snap her jaws and listen with intent, big eyes. Did she notice Ragiare run off??

    <Fianna> First, she had spoken to Saskia as a mother, as a friend full of heart. Now, her demeanor would shift and grow more serious in nature, to Kova’s words she would draw herself up, now in the role of Lead Guardian to speak.

    “Saskia has grown, having a nature that see’s much light in all those around her, she has grown into the heart needed to protect that very light she sees. She is strong of heart, and through trial of water and earth, through fang and claw she has proven her mettle and her heart aflame. I fully support her taking on the mantle of full Guardian now, and the responsibility that comes with it.” She would pause, looking to Kova, then to Saskia, “If she accepts this mantle, I will speak the call of the Guardian, to light the flame.”
    <Sanek> he had certainly never witnessed the naming of this bond between Saskia and Fianna, though it made sense especially with those two. Now that Saskia was being considered for the role of Guardian he thought of how he was scout and Panther was hunter and now that Saskia would be a guardian they could form a sort of trio each with a different role and couldn’t help but grin. Perhaps..

    <Rook> The whole world was a field of small fiddles played by a thousand littler Nero’s while a million Rome’s burned. His own little fiddle was sitting there with worn strings and one too many nicks on the wood to be of any use now…What Rook had lived and would likely understand was a matter of knowledge gained by those who had lived alongside him; he didn’t need to wax on any further.

    The sharpest of the points to get to was whether Grim had it in him to find out those things by living beside him and beside others of the pack, or would this little fiddler think himself alone in an ashen field of a million little Romes? The great gray raven looked on to the proceedings, stamping his paw to the sounding of a bond between Fianna and Saskia and to the sounding of a guardian made new but knew the moment spoken of was soon arriving; the raven needn’t push it only needed to see the moment…never more

    <Saskia> would forever be humble to such words, but in her heart she knew them to be true. The last year had challenged her, more specifically the last few moons. She’d given her heart, strength, and physical being to her family. She knew in her heart that she was ready to become a protector to their home.

    “It takes many trails and tribulations to recognize one’s strength and ability in it’s fullness. Like I said before, you have carried me to each and every point of test there has been.-” Her hues would find the stone brute in the audience. And to him, she’d tip her invisible hat. “Rook had been a steady stone in my journey since I first arrived, and to him I thank. He has brought forth self-trust and confidence to me and my heart.” And that’s all there was to it. Fianna knew her place in the fold just as Rook had, but she hadn’t outwardly praised the brute for his part in it.
    She turned back to Fianna and Kova. “If you will grant me such a title, I will be Guardian of WolfSpirits, I will protect our young, sick, old, and healthy for whatever comes in our direction.” She’d give a firm nod and hun in thought.
    <Kova> To Saskia’s words and Fianna’s blessing she gave a sure nod of her head. She knew and trusted their Lead Guardians words for the one who desired to step on the path of Guardian. When Saskia gave her agreement and acceptance, she turned to Fianna, giving a dip of her head to invite her to ignite the flame. The acknowledgment to her court would be given a glance in his direction seated near Grim.

    <Fianna>Her heart would listen to Saskia’s words, as much as her ears had for they were steady and true. With a fervor in her voice, she would lift herself at Kova’s permission to proceed and she would let her voice take on a cadence of something almost akin to song, a rythm she felt in her own heart and would now put voice to for Saskia to hold to as well.

    “Restless heart, paws to earth.
    Let sense of duty rise
    The Guardian’s Call , a soul on fire,
    Never fades, Never dies.
    A sleepless ember waits,
    It watches all, it sees.
    It guards most often silently,
    But when comes time,
    It bleeds.
    No more a restless heart,
    Born to purpose sure and steady.
    Paws to earth, heart aflame,
    The Guardian watches,
    When danger springs,
    Harrowing, and with its jaws it bites,
    It is met with a soul of fire,
    Unflinching, paws to earth,
    It fights.
    Scars born true,
    Heart of courage and duty sighted,
    A steady heart, paws to earth,
    The Guardian’s Call,
    With that she would press her nose to Saskia’s shoulder, and fall silent.
    <Saskia> The Guardian’s call, Ignited.. A physical feel of warmth and accomplishment filled her heart and she would beam. Like her mother, and her grandmother, she was now a proper Guardian of her home. She knew her mother would be proud, and now her Spirit mother could be proud. She lingered in her nosing and would step back, accepting her role with a stern and strong gaze! She was honored. Her gaze found Kova, now.
    <Kova> The song of the Guardians creed would be sung true. A spark and inspiration would burn in her eyes and in her heart. She would stomp her paw firmly upon the stone and there, she would let loose a knowing breath. “Then it is my honor to name you, Saskia, Guardian of WolfSpirits. Your flame ignited.” and with that she would pull her muzzle back and howl for the song of another named Guardian to WolfSpirits. Her heart full and joyful.
    <GrimWolf> felt truly alone even if the brute felt like he was surrounded by everyone in the pack. He really did want to embrace this moment, and learn to live again from the pack, but something deep down inside held him back. It was true, Grimolf had left to tackle the worse parts of himself, but some aspects of the brute needed to be forced out by wolves like Rook. All of these thoughts would be thrown off by Fianna’s gentle song completely distracting Grimolf from himself. ( He never expected someone, so / fierce / to also have a calming voice. )
    <Rune> ⊰✲ Rune had noticed Ragaire spin around and slink off, wondering what creature the fae was off to chase. Regardless, she howls and stomps to congratulate Saskia and Fianna. Their bond was admirable, and she was sure of Kova and Fianna’s judgement in moving Saskia among the ranks of the Guardians. ✲⊱
    <Panther> His tail swayed, his first thoughts to Saskia being named Spirit daughter to Fianna, would be Rikki. What if Sirris never returned, or Rikki’s uncle? Rikki wouldn’t have anyone to look after her, kin wise. Though, his thoughts would take time and discussion. He stomped a paw for his mate, as Fianna spoke up again, it seemed like the hunters, the Guardians had a creed to go by as well. He allowed his voice to be heard as Kova lifted her muzzle.
    <Ragaire>✩☾ The yearling could not decide whether to be angry or sad, so she decided she would be both. Her long, strong legs were carrying her quickly through the forest. She expertly navigates the Ancient Forest, the deep and shadowy dark her dearest home. The eerie feeling that often raised the guard hairs along a wolf’s spine would not plague her, she was a creature of Starfall and Earth. She was home. The ebony fae darts around trees and under great arching roots. She was heading for Navariin. ☽✩
    <CwnAnnwn> He frowns before turning away from his mate and would add his voice in congratulations to Fianna and Saskia for their naming of spirit mother and daughter and for Saskia’s advancement to Guardian. As his voice drifted off, he glanced to Rune beside him before turning back to the Alpha fae as he awaited the next part of the meeting.
    <Ophaelos> .ೃ࿐ Just as the others, Saskia’s union with not only her mentor but her rank, would be well earned. He’d tip his head back and howl, giving a stamp of his paw to follow it. This meeting was full of surprises, and many different events… he’d wondered if anyone else would be called upon the stone, or if they would leave it on that note. Would any wolves gathered around pledge, or would more wolves step up into their leadership positions? The mind boggles… would Maikoh be present, or did the wolf fall asleep or scamper off without him noticing? Neither seemed like good ideas to Ophaelos… nonetheless, his eyes remained fixated on Kova. *ೃ༄
    <Calder> he would let loose a low and deep howl for his mate and Saskia, and then to Saskia as she advances to Guardian. The tone and creed would hold a special place for him, and to the words shared between the pair. He stomped his paws and turned his ears forward to the proceedings.
    <Rikiwulf>Riki would happily let out her own howl of congratulations Saskia’s way, excited for the new Guardian. Rikki hoped she could be strong like Saskia someday, like her mama was for Rikki. The little wolf let out a yip of excitement and wagged her tail.
    <Fianna> Would feel her heart swell for Saskia as the howls rose around them and she would join her voice to theirs to welcome the new Guardian of Wolfspirits, letting it linger for a moment, before bowing her head to Kova, nuzzling Saskia once more, and pausing briefly before she would finally move to take her place back among the others, this time finding her mate to settle by. She would spot tide as well and her tail would sway encouragingly to the fae even as she leaned in to nuzzle Calder.
    <Kova> When the howls of congratulations where sundered to the skies, she knew that their ancestors where full of news this evening. She would scan once more across those in attendance before giving a swing of her tail and a chuff to Panther and Sanek. “Panther.. Sanek.. please come forward” she would usher in eager but happy tones.
    <Mystic Rain> ears twitch slightly at the song and she stomps a couple of times with just the one paw her banner shifting a little behind her at the same time
    <Rowan> Her ears perked, tail curled around her flank, and her voice offered to the winds. Saskia was a Guardian! A full Guardian! She knew the fae could do it. She stomped her paw, looking back over towards Kova as Saskia and Fianna found there places back in the crowd, however, Sanek and Panther were called up which would make her pay extra attention.
    <Fern> Fern would release her most joyous howl yet! Wow.. She had watched Saskia come into the role of guardian in training not too long ago but she knew that the fae definitely earned her position as a ranked wolf amongst the pack. “Congrats Saskiaa!” With a high waving tail she happily awaited what was to come next.
    <Sanek> listened to Fianna’s poem intently, feeling the guardian spirit in its rhythm and rhyme. He howled with joy, celebrating Saskia’s advancement into full on Guardianship. When his howl ceased he heard his own name called. He glanced towards Panther and quietly made his way up along with the brute, feeling so many emotions at once.
    <Saskia> Saskia rejoiced for her own ceremony, taking it in before moving downward towards the flank of her mate and dear friend, Fern. She nosed the fae on her cheek before turning back towards the meeting. She gave a warm smile to Fern’s congratulations, and she’d hum. “Thank you, Fern.” Would she notice Rowan? If she did she would linger a moment more before recognizing her, then her expression turned into a light one. She chuffed softly, inviting her over to their small group. When her mate and his close friend got called to the rock, she’d lift a paw in curiosity. What was this? Was it what Panther had spoken to her about?
    <Panther> As Saskia found her place beside him, he’d nuzzle her in congrats. However, just as he got comfortable to the warmth beside him once more, he was called up to the rock. Unsure if it was what he spoke to Saskia about, he’d rise to his paws quickly, and approach the rock with a mix of nervousness, excitement, and happiness for the other wolves that had had a chance to approach the rock.
    <Kova> Her eyes would be light and knowing to the pair and when the both of them approached the stone to settle, she would bow her head and look between the two. “Panther and Sanek. I bring you forward to the stone this evening, before the pack, to share a bond. One forged with time and with heart. I would ask you to please speak your request and let it be shared.”
    <Rook> Energy swelled around the clearing like the breath of the wind itself, but this was not born of the uneven heating upon the Earth’s surface. Its serpentine movements around each wolf was not like a writhing of pain but a coalescing of joy, and as much as Rook enjoyed donning this raven’s mask, his namesake, he enjoyed the fulfillment of stories at a chapter’s end. So many wonderful endings to chapters were being told, and he’d listen to them all while keeping the preface of another’s story open.
    <Fianna> would perk as Sanek and Panther were called up, her own heartbeat’s quickened rhythm from the recent proceedings calming some and she would settle further into Calder’s steady frame, both longing to follow after Ragaire and knowing she would remain firmly rooted here. What would the next announcement be? With Kova’s words, she would likely guess, waiting eagerly to hear what they might have to say.
    <Sanek> * Sanek took a deep breath, looked once more to Panther, then let his gaze settle on all those gathered. “Panther and myself have shared a friendship since the very start, when we started our journey to becoming pack together. Since then our friendship has grown as we experienced these beautiful lands and all they had to bring together. When I was very young my brother had passed away, and I had closed off that part of my heart. But Panther has helped me open it up once more. So may it be known to the world: we will always stand, Panther and Sanek, shoulder to shoulder, hunter and scout, and I hope to see that now our interwoven paths will be continued as Brothers in Spirit.” his tail was wagging softly behind him as he spoke.


    she couldn’t hardly contain herself at Fianna’s news and then Saskia’s, but her hues would fall to Panther and Sanek now. She would swing her tail feverishly behind her for the two of them. Oh, Sanek! She’s missed him tooo! At the mention of them wanting to be named a spirit brother, she would tilt her head but curiously look on. What was this spirit bond? She kinda felt a little feelies for Panther and Sanek to. Just like another brother? She looked to Rook for a moment, then turned back to Panther and Sanek, listening with wide light eyes.
    <Rune> Rune ⊰✲ The ivory and russet fae leans into @CwnAnnwn, pressing her shoulder against his. It was lovely to see the pack growing together, strengthening their connections. She was honored to have her own story so closely intertwined with that of the WolfSpirits and the others who walked with it. @Sanek and @Panther, the brutes two peas in a pod from the very start. Rune had not seen much of the Scout lately, the earth-toned wolf likely off on the Territory’s outskirts, patrolling as his rank’s duties saw fit. However, it wouldn’t mean his presence was any less missed. ✲⊱
    <Panther> A nod was given to Sanek as the two exchanged a look, he looked first towards Kova then those gathered as he listened to Sanek’s words, once the brute was finished with his well put together and heartfelt thoughts, Panther opened his maw to allow his own, not as intricate words to be heard. “I grew up as an only pup to a large pack, I never felt any sort of connection with them – as far as siblings go. Once I arrived here, and started spending time around the pack and Sanek, I started to realize kin is not just blood, kin can be bond to. Which led me to realize my bond with Sanek is much like Fianna’s and Kova’s, or Kova’s and Rune’s. So, I ask that, we may continue our journey shoulder to shoulder- Hunter and Scout, Brothers by Spirit.” With his own words spoken, he’d look to Sanek, then Kova.
    <Kova> As Sanek would share his heart, equal to Panthers as well, she could feel the tone of each bond be given and woven to one another, and as well for them to acknowledge and witness. She dipped her head to both and her eyes expressed the lightness she had for them and for their request. “As all have lay witness to Panther and Saneks bond shared between brothers, and between the pack, I would like to have the honor now, to name you Panther brother of Sanek, and Sanek, brother to Panther.” she would stomp her paw softly. “May your bond be ever truer now until your last breath. To share as brothers.” and with that she’d offer yet another sweet melody and howl for the pair. Proud and happy for them both. She knew how long they’ve been together since the beginning and she was so humbled to see their bond grow now.
    <Saskia> A stamp of her paw was given to Panther’s words, and a nod to Sanek’s. She knew this meant much to her mate’s heart, as he’d gone great lengths to find ways to put his bond to seal. She listened to what else was said. When they were named brothers, she would wave her tail behind her, happy for the brute pair. Her mate finally got what he wanted.
    <CwnAnnwn> He perked as her felt his mate lean into him, he turned to nose the fae tenderly. He still worried that something was bothering her, but for now would keep his attention to the meeting. With a loving lick to the fae, his heart, he turned back to Sanek, Panther and Kova as the two were named spirit brothers. He would lift his head and let out a howl of congratulations for them.
    <Fianna> When Sanek and Panther both shared heartfelt words Fianna would listen, nodding to the sentiments offered and shared. She would join in Kova’s sweet howl with one of her own for bonds, like a great tree, linking and bonding lives. Her gaze would look around at all gathered, taking in each and every one, and happy to be here with them all.
    <Calder> he would brush into Fianna lightly nosing her frame but would he pick up on the scent of blood from a wound? His eyes did a >.> narrow but of concern. But to the howl his attention drew and when the pair of wolves named brothers, he’d stomp his paw and let loose a gentle howl in kind for them to.
    <Rikiwulf> Rikki wasn’t entirely sure what spirit bonding was, though she would join in on the howl of congratulations regardless. She held a respect for Panther, especially since her mother seemed to care so deeply for him. She would respect him too, to respect her mothers heart and soul.


    Rook would listen first to Sanek’s words toward forming a bond in spirit and then to Panther’s. Would he catch Leora’s glimpse toward him? He had a brother, Kokuro, already and three grimy, goobery sisters. That would do him, but he’d think no less of those bonds formed outside of blood. These were the anchor points between memory and of memory; such were potent events and bonds deserving of the hearty stamp he offered into the snowy ground beneath him.
    He once more took stock of those around and looked to Grim to see just how the lad was fairing.


    .ೃ࿐ One, two, three spirit bonds? Ophaelos was more intrigued than ever now. Sanek’s words would resonate with the brute, whose brows would furrow at the thought of his own brother he had lost. In truth, all of his siblings had entered into the spirit realm, but his brother was who he was closest to. For Ophaelos, he would feel empathy for the brute—despite not knowing him well—and found himself almost envious of Sanek, who was able to open his heart up to Panther in such a delicate way. Part of him was melancholic that he’d likely not be able to form a bond that strong with anyone here, at least not strong enough for anything official. He had wounds a bit too fresh for anything like that.
    However, he’d put aside his own personal feelings and join in on the howls. How much more eventful was this meeting going to get? *ೃ༄
    <Kova> As the howls from all the others would reach her and beyond, she would allow their voices to carry a little further as she took a breath of contentment and a brief glimpse to her court. She observed silently in those few moments before turning back to the rest. “I would like to now open the floor to any who wish to come forward with a request.”
    <Sanek> at Kova making it official he nosed Panther’s scruff as howls went up around them. He looked up to the sky with a sad smile, missing his older brother. When he looked down at Panther once more he offered a stamp of a paw. Now he would know how it felt like to have a younger brother. This time he went back to the gathered wolves to seat
    * Sanek himself closer to Panther and gave a wag of his tail to the black brute’s court, Saskia, as he passed her. His heart was beating so hard with excitement it was practically trying to leap out.
    <Rikiwulf> The little wolf would step up, her letting legs moving towards the alpha stone upon Kova’s final words. She wished to join the pack and do her mother proud, her breath would go erratic, nerves hitting her at every step that she took. She would move to stand in front of Kova, yellowish-grey eyes nervously staring up at the alphess. “I would like to join the pack please, miss alphess Kova.” The wolf spoke respectfully and gently, gentle gaze on the alphess.
    <Rook> The gray raven perched upon the carcass and watched Grim a moment longer to see if recognition would spark in the lad’s eyes to the sounding of someone moving forward to join the fray and come in from the metaphoric cold. Rook would do nothing else in that moment.
    <Rowan> Her tail swayed, she’d offer her howl after Kova and stomp a paw. Would she notice Saskia? Yes, but would she approach? Not until the meeting was over. However, when Sanek and Panther return to the group, Sanek seated closer to Panther. She didn’t blame him, especially now that they were bonded siblings. She sat, content, as she watched the meeting. A wolf, approached the rock, a wolf unknown to her, a visitor it seemed. She hummed softly, watching.
    <Fianna> When the fae she had just met – Rikiwulf would move forward, hesitant but looking excited, Fianna would sit up a bit from where she leaned against Calder. The fae’s polite words struck her again. Someone had at least tried to raise the pup right. Fianna thought back to what she remembered of Sirris, but wouldn’t know her well enough, for how things ended. She was glad for the fae, and hoped a home would be found amongst them. Time would tell if the fae would linger long enough to make her heart a home here.
    <Kova> She would remain a top the stone peering to the wolves present. When Sanek and Panther took their desired places to seat, she would wave her tail happily behind her then turned now towards the newest wolf step forward. When she did and offered her request. As the fae was already forward, she would dip her head to her. When Tide approached she would look to the fae. “Tide, do you also request the same as Riki?” the fae couldn’t speak, but she could at least wager as much.
    <Panther> Panther, although he had a sibling, he grew up as an only pup. His paws shifted as his tail swayed, he nosed Sanek’s scruff as howls sounded around them. He looked to Sanek with a stamp of his paw, appreciative that the brute had agreed to the bond. He smiled, he would have to get used to having a brother, just like he got used to the feeling of having a mate. Returning to the crowd, he’d settle once again, beside Saskia. He’d watch as Rikki approached the rock, asking to join the pack and become a pledge. It seemed Tide wanted to as well, and so he’d watch with interest.
    <Saskia> A warm smile would find Sanek as he passed her. She’d grown to find friendship in the way of proximity in bond with her mate. When Rikki asked to join the pack, she would tilt her head. It was early to ask such things. Had she spoken to Kova since she’d arrived? Saskia was in no way against such a connection being formed, but this early Saskia wasn’t sure about. She looked to her mate, questionably. What she did like, however, was the respect in her young voice. Saskia smiled, happy to see it. Would Tide try to speak of her desire to join the pack? For now, her gaze remained on Tide.
    <Mystic Rain> sitting onto her hindpaws and lowering her front half just a little as well. Holding her breath she looks up at Kova hoping the Lead fae understands her intention. And when the question does come she out a breath she was unaware of holding in and attempts to nod respectfully even if there is a little hint of excitement there.
    <Kova> She would gather as much from Tide and look to now the pair of them. She would wait a moment more, just to see if any others would step forward with the same request. When none approached, she’d continue. “You stand before the pack to pledge to join us. As a Pledge, you will learn and grow with the pack but most importantly, you will know the ways of our pack and the way of your heart. This is a time to ensure that this pack is your home and where you desire to belong and call home. Are in agreement to this and are willing to walk this path forward?”
    <Sanek> he hadn’t met Rikki yet and the name Tide was unfamiliar to him.. though as he followed Kova’s gaze he found himself looking at the small wolf he had met earlier. She hadn’t spoken at all during their interaction but her motions conveyed a polite and friendly wolf. He hoped to get to know her and Rikki better after the meeting’s conclusion. For now he remained seated and listening.
    <Rikiwulf> The white wolf listened closely to Kova’s words, her gentle eyes following along as excitement trailed through her. She couldn’t be more certain of her decision. She knew what she wanted. Her home was no more, both her parents were long gone. Her father she knew for certain, her mother.. not so much. Though she hoped in her heart that Sirris had made a safe journey to wherever she was right now. Rikki would look up at Kova, eyes glowing with excitement as she nodded her head and bowed in respect. “Of course, miss alphess Kova. I long so in my heart to join this pack, find a new home and form new bonds with wolves. I have nowhere else to go, I so seek to make this place my home. I pledge my heart to WolfSpirits and I pledge myself to you as packs alphess. I wish to walk this path forward and join this pack to call it my home.”Rikki would confirm, keeping her head bowed low, a soft wag of her tail as happiness flooded her heart.


    Rook would look to the new fae and to Tide; the latter he would look with great curiosity. He had not promised to find her a home here. He promised to find her home, but one might say the smithy of words had neglected to define which. That suited him…she owed him a story, and he come calling soon enough.
    Above the tendrils and passages of memory from past to present, from present to future, the gray raven had seen all he’d need to see for the night. The cover of one book closed as he watched two other tales beginning their telling.
    <mystic rain> tilts her listening intently at the alphesses words and when rikki speaks up she nods just a little in agreement before bouncing, briefly from one front paw to the other while other wise remaining seated and nods her own agreement to the question her banner moving just a little.
    <Kova> A knowing nod would usher forward at the pair of faes, especially to the shared tones and words of their heart. The pair where new, Riki being the newest of them, but she looked forward to knowing their tales and especially Tide’s when she spoke if she did. “As the pack lay witness to Riki and Tide’s request, then I shall make it so. From this forward on, you may present yourselves as Pledges of WolfSpirits. May your journey be true, and your heart truer to it’s path with us.” she’d rise her paw and stomp the stone.
    <Fianna> would hold herself quiet and intent as she listened to the two young fae’s began a new journey. Tide.. Fianna was a bit confused, happiness that the fae wanted to stay with them warring within her about *why*. Did she not hold out hope of returning home? Fianna would stomp her paw to Tide and Rikiwulfs new pledging and feel excited as she looked forward to seeing what and who they would become.
    <Rune> ⊰✲ The evening was beginning to wind down, wolves settling into comfortable places with friendly company. Rune lifts her maw to howl for Rikiwulf and Tide, two faes who she had not yet met. Well, she’d have to be sure to find them in the coming days to congratulate them. ✲⊱
    <Grimwolf> ‘ Thanks for the wise words, and wiser company, but I need to sleep on something night, Lore Master. ‘ Grimolf would stand up firing, a short glance towards Alpha rock before turning around to walk off into the woods. It wasn’t time for that moment, he needed to do a lot more before stepping up to those rocks to ask for the opportunity. Besides, everyone deserved to rest their orbs from the broody sight that was — Grimolf.
    <CwnAnnwn> He had not yet met either of the faes that had requested to begin the journey to becoming pack, but when Kova named them as Pledges, he would stomp his paw for them. He leaned lightly against his mate as he waited to see if there would be any other announcements at this meeting or if that was the last.
    <Kova> As the last of the evenings events would come to a fold, she would dip her head and wait for them to move back to their desired places. She to, was curious for both the wolves but more so to know of Tide’s story. Her hues would cast long to each wolf now before she would offer another note before closing the meeting. “I would cast a friendly reminder of those who have a mentor, to seek them out soon, so that knowledge can be shared and given from mentor to mentee for the next meeting.” she would bow her head and offer a wave of her tail. “A wonderfully strong night for bonds and celebrations. Congratulations to everyone, and thank you to all who heeded the call for tonights meeting.” her paw would softly stomp the stones surface before she would turn and make her way off the stones surface and land easily in the snow.