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Elk Hunt – 11 November 2022

By News, Pack Hunt

The cawing of ravens and crows and the scent of a kill call you to the Hunting Grounds…
Panther and Fern spent the days prior tracking the elk herd with Panther leading the hunting party. The elk was a difficult quarry to chase and bring down, but the pack was successful. No wolves experienced major injuries, but bruises and stumbles were felt by all. The elk made two attempts at escape, but both were prevented by Panther. Saskia dealt the killing blow.

Fern: Health -5
Code: Health -5
Cajun: Health -3
Ragaire: Health -5, Damage +2
Leora: Health -2, Damage +11
Saskia: Health -5, Damage +10, Killing Blow
CwnAnnwn: Health -3, Damage +6
Rune: Health -6, Damage +11
Panther: Health -4, Damage +5
Kova: Health -4

The elk carcass lies in the Hunting Grounds and wolves should take care to guard it.
Congratulations and well done!