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Pack Meeting #202

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Meeting Notes

December 9th, 2021

  • Shakira is promoted to Lead Huntress
  • Panther is promoted to Hunter
  • The pack mourns the loss of their elder Nightstalker
Number Of Wolves Present


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    Pack Meeting Begins


    * Atraya the time and hour for a gathering had come for she could feel the ebb and flow of a day falling close to it’s rest in the sky and night to take over. She nosed Kwa`ani lightly and said nothing in regards to Sirri’s presence to the woods or the warning Kwa`ani had re-issued on her behalf. Simply she nosed her before approaching the Alphas stone. Her body moving in a slow manner, indicating the trouble she had with the cold and her old frame but she still managed to hold onto a dignified presence. Once at the peak of stone, she’d let loose a howl. She’d call a howl for those to gather for a meeting.
    * Loumacy spotted Panther and the pup she met last night Leora and chuffed, but then she smelt and heard Salem and turned chuffing to him, making a beeline for the brute and nosing him excitedly, licking his maw, bouncing around him and over him and wibble wabble. She was just a little hyper. She then paused and looked back towards Panther and Leora giving a yip, but she kept closer to Salem,
    * Loumacy not sure how the other wolves of the pack who she hadn’t quite met would accept her. Come to think of it how many did she know. Fianna she met briefly as well as Shakira, and there there was Kova, and oh pretty Alpha on the alpha rock who howled. She unaware of pack dynamics, howled back.
    * Leora ‘s paws danced a little and she would nose Panther again, pawing up at his scruff in a playful manner. “Of course! That’s what best friends and packmembers do!” again she’d lick up at his muzzle, ears back and tail waving in respectful manners. “Thank you Panther!” she’d add to the compliments given. It wasn’t until she’d hear her mother howl did she pause all motions and turn to ..
    <Leora> .. look at the Alpha’s rock. A barking woooooooo was resounded as she attmpeted to howl, but nosed Panther “Meeting!”
    * Sanek seeing as though there were many wolves scattered around the Clearing, he would be making his way towards the Alpha Rock. When Atraya let loose a howl for a meeting, his pace would speed up, and he would soon sit down nearby the rock, looking around for his friends.
    * Shakira , still seated along the Clearings eastern treeline, would rise swiftly to her paws and turn to look in the direction of the Hunting Grounds as calls rang out for a successful hunt, eerie to say the least as a hunt had been on her agenda for the past few days. Just a step behind the seasoned Huntress now Beta it would seem, a small wolven smile crossed her muzzle for a moment as she knew one of the voices for
    * Shakira certain. Shortly after the calls faded, the stronger voice of the Alpha rang out from within the Clearing, her attention diverting once more as she made to heed the call that could not be resisted, her paws finally carrying her tawny frame into the Clearing and towards the Alphas Rock.
    * Shukie gave a nod over her should that Ayaka should come as well, it was night and little would be out and about to do much damage to the bison yet saw ayaka retreat and eat her fill. In short order she breeched the forest leading into the clearing beside her sister Kova heading towards the stone. Just as Atraya’s call echoed they would come into the clearing proper and to the stone
    * Shukie she’d head. Once there, she delicately placed the heart down. “Alphess, Sorry for the delay, the bison has been slain.” she offered as she lept up beside Atraya.
    * Fianna would have spent the last moments enjoying the presence of Calder, and watchimg the goofball pups antics as he wiggled and squirmed about. She took heed of Atraya’s call.tjen and nudged her family each, heart rising at the strong call in her mother’s voice, tail waving. So many pack were here, so many newer faces. She remembered her mother’s words to herself and Kova.. Grow the pack.. Keep it strong. Here it was thriving..
    * Fianna Wasn’t it? She would feel her heart full as she wandered closer, tucking Navariin by her side so she could keep an eye on him, and found a spot next to Calder to wait and watch.
    *Rook Much like the shape of a wing could lift the avian into the heavens or drag it to the earth, the shifting story dragged and pulled him here and there. Such was the pull of the story now that it led him within and subsequently towards the sound of a hunter’s and then his mother’s howl. Perhaps now a chapter would close? He followed in the padfalls of those very hunters as they undoubtedly made their own way back to the clearing.
    <Calder> He would smile to Navariin and nose him once more ~ I trust you all are well? ~ his black tail fanned behind him all while taking in the many many scents. So many wolves about this evening but the meeting soon to gather was lost to him for he knew not of it. It was there he heard the call from Atraya and would nose the others, following after into the clearing. Once there he’d settle to ..
    <Calder> .. listen as well.
    * Kova would come in from the hunting grounds with the smell and scent of a kill. Slipping along the other wolves to whom she’d acknowledge as many as she saw on her way in before moving towards the direction of the Alpha’s stone. There she settled just near the Beta’s spot to look ahead.
    * CwnAnnwn froze as he paced along the lakes shore at the sound of the call for a gathering. He considered whether he would remain here to watch over his father or join the pack for the meeting. With a last glance at the greyed midnight form further down the shore, he decided that he could attend the meeting for a brief time. The silver brute turned and loped off towards the clearing,
    * CwnAnnwn despite his health suffering a bit due to his anchoring of himself to the lake, he still made good time towards the clearing.
    * Panther chuffed towards Loumacy, dipping his head to her. He smiled softly at the young fae, as his gaze switched over towards Leora again. His tail wagged behind him. He’d nose her shoulder gently and respectfully. He nodded at her ‘Thank you’. He then glanced towards the Alpha Rock at the howl, He’d chuff towards Sirris, and nose Leora again.
    * Panther “Go ahead, I’ll catch up. I’m going to get Sirris.” He whispered, and then would look around for Sirris.
    * Kwa`ani repositioned herself to the side of the stone and to the front sitting quietly as the two alpha fae’s moved atop the stone, shifting to see who was present nodding to those she saw then waited patiently for the meeting to begin when Kova arrived giving the fae a respectful nod and wide smile scenting the blood.
    * Navariin tilted his head as he heard his grammas howl, the sound bringing back the clouded memory of his and his siblings naming ceremony, were they to be put on display again?! Oh nonono! He squished in close to mumma as he looked around for his fellow squirmies, hoping they too would find the safety of mumma and papa before they were slapped onto the chopping block.
    * Ayaka wasn’t so sure she should be there, at the meeting. Not so sure as her sister’s seemed. She didn’t like to leave the large frame of the bison, and yet perhaps it was just reason for her to find the silence that had become so easy.. Something of the true Aya whispered within her, *don’t you want to see the pack as it has now grown? Strong hearts added one to another? Don’t you want to feel the song around you? To
    * Ayaka know, perhaps one last time?* There was that battle again, and she stared at the caress for a long moment, as if a silent conversation was taking place within. Finally, the beat of her heart decided it, and she would mark the area around the kill well, rolling in the snow and digging a clear barrier around the bison for any who wanted to tempt her scent. Theives would have her fangs to deal with. That accomplished,
    * Ayaka she would think of Fianna and the pups and nab a hunk of Bison before she turned and loped through the night, a flash of white, on a landcape of white.
    * Leora would have nosed Panther softly “ok!” she said now turning to all the wolves. Woah. Lots of wolves. She looked around for all the scents and smells of so many and made her way to her bigger sister, Kwa`ani. She seated herself matter-of-factly next to. Unaware of her lurking brother.
    * Salem he exhibited when her right side was closer was much more considerate as he didn’t want to do anything that might disturb the special friend that he has yet to see her without. “Hey, you’re here!” To anyone else it might look like they hadn’t seen each other in a few days even if the actual amount of time was something less than 24 hours and their energy fed into itself
    * Salem before Salem would start to settle down seeing that the mood changed and more found their seats within close listening range of the Rock. When he looked up on top of it, he could easily make out Atraya’s form on it and he would gently use his nose to point up to her as he whispered to Lou. “It looks like something is about to happen so we won’t be able to work on our project
    * Salem today, but this might be an opportunity to make even more than one of these safe spots for your special friends.”
    <Faolan> He was not one prone to waiting for an answer. It was either done or not done, and the law of the world was cause and effect. His purpose, regardless of when and where, was often slated to be the effect. Both the hunters’ honor and his mate’s call were heard and heeded regardless of trespasser. When he answered said calls, the veil of undergrowth would no longer shield him from sight. The stone-hued frame of the Son of the Mean Oíche would stand and be counted among those of his kin, and he would make his way to the clearing to do just that.
    * Fianna would be feel the huddle of Navariin at her side. Indeed there were a great many wolves to know and be known by here and she didn’t fault him for being a bit nervous. She caught sight of that new not new male who’d said he had known her parents from before.. Salem.. That was his name. Andthe other fae who was kind but strange. Loumacy. Other frames were found as well and Fianna’s gaze lingered on each. When her father arrived
    * Fianna she would perk, the beat of her heart singing to see him there,proof that the veil was not impervious, was not necessarily forever.
    * Atraya perhaps for a moment she would feel shadows from the old forest pull from her frame, though it was not her own. Her sight momentarily broken to all the wolves present. Sensing her mate, her tail swung loosely before stilling. Keenly aware of all she dipped her head gracefully. “Thank you all for being here this evening. I’m honored and humbled by all the warmth and scents of those of ..
    <Atraya> .. family here. Those yet to be, and those who have remained with us.” she would turn to Shukie and nose her then turn to the rest. “First tonight..” her gaze once more lingered ahead “Shakira…” she called out “Please come forward.”
    * Loumacy was happy to play but as his voice lowered she leaned in next to him to listen, her tail wagging as her eyes went from one wolf to the next. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! So many wolves! AND PUPS! Aww they were so cute! Could she go greet them!? She looked to Salem, who seemed more calm, and more settled in where they were. She settled next to him, as he, in all his wisdom, seemed to be
    * Loumacy the fae’s rock, and tether and despite her excitement she seemed keen to follow his lead. Her ears perked to the rock where the alphas sat, then to the other wolves, then to the cute widdle pups, then back to Salem. She was overflowing with energy! Then the Alpha spoke. Loumacy’s eyes and ears locked in on the rock and she froze. The suspense was real.
    <`Raven> <Sirris> c/Sirris Sirris rushed off towards the Hunting Grounds, heading the words of the unknown. It had appeared that Sirris’ memory had shattered as she stepped towards a place she had no business in being, not being her intention to cause such a ruckus, anger the alphess and her daughter. She didn’t wish to cause a fuss and offend anyone. She rushes off in hopes that she would not hurt anyone else because of her reckless behaviour,
    <`Raven> ignoring the distant howls she heard in the distance as she steps towards the woods which lead to the Hunting Grounds. Sirris stops in her tracks upon hearing Panther’s chuff, giving into her longing to call out to him as well. “Panther..” She spoke, letting out a chuff for him to know that she was just fine. She looked behind her and searched for the black fluff ball.
    <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Timber on the outer edges of the pack he would move around until he spotted Panther, perhaps even Sanek. Both of whom he had met though it had been some time since he’d spoken with them. He would quietly lower his frame nearby and there he would perk to the words offered as this strange thing called a meeting began
    * Kwa`ani perked when Shakira was called forth, spotting a few late arrivals including her father which made her breath catch, tail thumping loudly as the snow would allow for that is. Speak she didn’t just a happy gaze to her papa before paying attention once more.
    * Fianna would catch sight of Timber, and CwnAnnwn arrive as well and at the sight of the male who had recently lost his father, her heart fell for a moment. Even if she didn’t know the pain of losing a parent to death, she knew the pain of losing a parent. When Shakira was called forth, Fianna would sit up higher and perhaps lean into Calder, if only lightly to feel his frame against her own
    * Panther chuffed once more for Sirris to come into the clearing, He had only hoped that she would answer to his calls and come to the meeting. He then rushed off towards Sanek, and Timber? He sat opposite of Sanek, on the other side that Timber wasn’t. He offered a kind smile to the white-ish male. Offering a kind smile to Leora, and then Kwa`ani.
    * Panther Also towards Shakira as she was called forth.
    * Shakira had come to seat herself just along the edge of the gathering, a fair size comparably to recent previous meetings, her tail swaying as she thought it now looked like the first meetings she had attended with the pack. Shortly after seating herself, she perked to the sound of her name, hesitating for only a moment as she wondered if she’d heard wrong though quickly rose to her paws and approached the Rock, her
    * Shakira ears drawn back and tail lowered in a sign of respect as she paused at the base of the Rock, careful not to touch it’s surface. “Yes, my Alpha? I am here.” She answered, her eyes lifting to address the elder wolf atop the stone.
    *Rook – Oh what a tangled web we weave when we rp with I, myself, and me. Thankfully, this bookend stayed upon the right end of the stack and his father stayed upon his own. For this black wolf’s part, he closed in on the clearing and proceedings perhaps a few moments after Shakira had been called. Not one to disturb the unfolding of a tale, he merely observed. Of course, if quantum physics was to be believed, then his observation of said events untangled the uncertainty of a million other possible universes and made this one true. Ah, what a grand thought if the mind of the Storyteller were grand enough to think it.
    <Atraya> “Shakira… you have held the mantle of a huntress within our home for sometime now. The pack has survived a great deal of seasons with you at the helm of such a role.” she began with light and thoughtful tones. “You have shown your prowess not only in the hunt, but to those wolves you lead. You have shown great courage and great teachings to those around you. Traits and attributes to ..
    <Atraya> .. those with a strong will to not only be a hunter, but to lead…”she’d pause for a moment, allowing her words to filter to the fae.”… It’s been sometime sense we’ve had a lead huntress… and I would like to ask you now, if you would give us the honor of holding such a role?”
    * Leora would be near Kwa`ani, nosing her lightly but perhaps she had to resist the urge to run after her father as he entered into the clearing. Hold. Hooooold. Her tail would not sieze it’s wave as she watched him but her attention was torn. She remembered she had to be respectful. Eyes reverted momentarily to her mother and Shakira. When Panther came back she gave a soft smile in return before ..
    <Leora> .. trying to focus on the meeting. Perhaps it was there she might pick up her brother, Rook to. Her paws dug into the earth now if only to steady herself from leaping about.
    * Kova watched the proceedings and to the wolves who came shortly after the call of Shakira’s approach. She swung her tail to the fae and to the position offered her. A fine fit indeed, she thought. A momentary glance was made to Timber, Salem, Panther, Loumacy and then to Rook. Her tail swung slowly behind her and she’d give a gentle nod in the direction of those who entered before returning her ..
    <Kova> .. focus onto the meeting.
    * Shukie nodded to Shakira, “You have shown strength and wisdom. Long ago you came to us yet never saught to join knowing the time was not right for you to do so. Still, you gave all without needing to be considered pack. That, of itself, shows wisdom and thought to others aside from yourself. That is a quality needed in a leader.” she gave a dip of her head, not as elloquent as Atraya
    * Shukie of course. “I greatfully would welcome you to such a position should you feel you are ready for it.” her eyes smiled as did her lips after she’d spoken.
    * Sirris hesitantly answered back, wishing to come to Panther. But her heart also begged her not too, her black nose twitching as she sadly lowered her head and headed in the direction of Panther’s chuffs. Slowly but surly she arrived and sat just behind Panther, trying to hide from everyone else as she lowered her head to stare at her paws once more in thought. Blocking everything out she would just listen to her rapid breathing, trying her best to calm her racing heart.
    * Salem looked about among the head and ears of all of the wolves present. He realized as Shakira was called up that this would be a good chance for him to see and at least familiarize himself with some of the names of those within the Pack. It wouldn’t guarantee that he would know them, but it would hopefully make introductions from here on out a little easier where he could hear the
    * Salem names now and try to memorize them now to confirm them later. Since this was the first time in a long time for him, he found his attention completely on the wolves who were talking or being addressed for the groups’ eyes and ears to witness though his tail did thump against the snow though he mentally tried to still it.
    * Loumacy had never been to a pack meeting, she had never been apart of the pack, she had never had other wolves want to befriend her, so needless to say the past week or two had been quite an exciting little adventure for her and Coneward, oh and Coney. So needless to say, when Alpha Atraya posed a question to Shakira, Loumacy was truly on the edge of her nails wondering what the femme
    * Loumacy would say. Yes? No? Who knew! Anticipation took place in the form of drool and a twitchy tail. Lead Huntress, wow! That Shakira must be some kind of fae, she thought to herself. What’s she gonna say!?
    *Ayaka would arrive with a hunk of Bison in her maw just as Atraya and Shukie offered Shakira the role of lead huntress. There on the fringes in the dark was Rook, and there Ayaka quietly took her seat, letting the bison fall to the earth as she quietly licked her muzzle clean. So.. A new story would unfold. The passing of one rank unto another. She was glad for the fae, and for the pack, even if a small trickle of melancholy ran through her. It was that same restlessness. The pack would be fine.. Even once the veil called again.
    * Shakira ‘s breath caught slightly as it seemed yet another honor was being offered to her, one she had never dreamt would be one gifted to her. A leader. She felt the pull of emotion rise in her throat in the form of unsheddable tears, a warmth blazing in her heart stronger than the suns surface for the words spoken on her behalf, but was she ready? Was this who she was meant to be? “My Alphas, I am humbled and honored
    * Shakira to be awarded such a role, and to know that you believe in me so deeply to entrust the wellbeing of your family-my family to me. If you believe in me, then I would be honored to uphold this mantle further and continue to serve as Lead Huntress.” She said in a wavering voice as she tried to contain the excitement as it threatened to boil over.
    *Faolan Remiss would be the very definition of missing the shared words and call of a hunter to become what he was in a past life. His vision, shared between the triad, saw the proceedings from those angles and from his own as he approached the alpha’s stone from the north and his river’s crossing. Thankfully, he could shake himself free of water and make for a presentable entrance enough to echo his other Alpha’s words. ”The valiant deed done in name alone is as hollow as old bone; hollow as the feeble bone that in age breaks asunder; hollow as the distant call that dies amidst hooves’ thunder…’tis the start of a creed that was born in a hunter’s heart before your own and should be passed to you as it had been to hers.” He did not ascend to the stone’s upper surface but chose to stay upon the earth and look to Ayaka. ”What say you, keeper of a flame past and passed? Is she ready?”
    * Panther had heard Sirris’s call back just as he had bounded off, He listened intently to the pack meeting. The huntress was offered the lead huntress role, He smiled softly, She deserved it. He gave a small tail wag as he listened and watched, He then watched as Sirris’s scent flooded his nostrils, was this his imagination? He’d look around, then
    * Panther look behind him. He gazed softly at the fae, and pat the ground net to him. It was alright if she didn’t want to come up and sit by him, he would just go and sit by Sirri instead!
    * Fianna At her father’s words surprise would pass through Fianna and she would look around through the gathered wolves to see the ghost like frame of Ayaka in the shadows at the back. She had been the last lead huntress. What would she say? What could she say for she had been in the veil?
    * Atraya would turn an ear to her mates words and a resounding tone of a creed long sense passed between Faolan and Ayaka. She’d wait for the response of both for she too would feel the strength of both between the pair. A mantle passed from the two who held it before, to Shakira.
    <Calder> His eyes would fall to all the gathered but had remained upon the proceedings. It was there Faolans voice would cull from the very shadows as he appeared. He remained still like the stone and mountains behind them as a backdrop. He would listen carefully and observe with great care.
    *Rook A quick and dashing smile flared in his eyes to the sight of his little sister, Leora. There would be no need to have her bounce across the distance; he would close it and tilt his ears to hear his father’s stroke of theatrics…he always one for the grandiose. If Leora was still sporting the cape, then a quick turn of his tail would be the slightly silent show of appreciation for such fine garb.
    * Sanek nodded to Timber then to Panther when they sat next to him. He hadn’t seen Timber in a while, and he would try to find out where he had been by the scents of his coat. Seeing the role of Lead Huntress offered to Shakira, he would watch quietly, readying a howl of congratulation. To lead a hunt was an important role, and no wolf better for it than Shakira.
    * Ayaka would hear the words of Faolan as if she had spoken them, heard them through Atraya’s ears, and finally her own. Her white frame would rise silently, her silvery gaze intent at th question as she passed from Rook’s side, passed the rest of the pack and came up alongside Shakira. She would circle the fae, gazing across her form, hearing the beat of her voice and the fervor of her heart. She judged the stance, the weight of
    <`Raven> that gaze and the mettle that she could see residing in the fae’s frame, present, despite the few scars. Scars would come, but from what she had known of Shakira, te fae had as true a heart as any. At last she stopped her circling and looked up to Atraya, to Shukie, then to Foalan. “She is ready. It is seen in deed and heart.” She knew what Atraya knew.. That Shakira had felled many a beast for the pack by now. “She had the song and the creed within.” Her words were simple and a nod was given her forehead moving to brush Shakira’s own forehead before she stepped back, moving away as quietly as she had come, to settle once again on her haunches.
    * Kwa`ani spotted her brother in the shadows, her tail wagging excitedly before remembering the meeting. It was so good to see him! At her father’s reverent tones she snapped back to attention awaiting the final transferring of the provervial baton in solemn oath shared. She’d not witnessed this before and was in awe of how this was done, committing to memory.
    * Leora fancy is as fancy does and boy was she sparkly. Not literally but if she could ever feel what it was like to sparkle, surely she did in this very moment. When her brother came to close the distance her tail would swing a mile a minute. He’d feel her nose gently press into his chest as she nuzzled against him several times. Smothern him good. If it wasn’t for the meeting tethering her down, ..
    <Leora> .. she’d be bounding bout, but mothers words and fathers own kept her well focused.
    * Faolan ”Past and passed…” He looked to Shukie and then to Atraya. ”We of the past request that the creed be known and passed to the one who will carry it.
    * Timber The white wolf. He hadn’t seen her before.. But surely she held some weight if she were the one to pass the mantle.. And then there was another male who stood near the alpha stone. It could be none other than Atraya’s mate, the Faolan he had heard tale of. This pack had such rich history. Such noble wolves made up its ranks. His low rumble escaped Timber’s chest as he tried to quietly breathe out. Did he have a place amidst
    so vast a tapestry?
    * Atraya would feel the presence of Shakira very close, despite not being there. Perhaps feeling the vibrations of Ayakas tones and movements and Faolans words in her own ears. A smile creased along her muzzle, and with Ayakas blessing shedipped her head. Shakira’s response in kind would provoke a kind smile that would gleem across her muzzle as she rose her paw up, then stomped the stone like her mate had done at previous meetings. “As all lay witness to Shakira’s pledge to the pack in favor to her new role, and to the promise of a creed from the past be passed that not only I and Shukie uphold, but to any who come after. To this I ensure and to this you will be asked of as well, Shakira. Then on this night I would like to have the honor of officially naming you, Shakira, WolfSpirits  pack Lead Huntress. May you go with a strong heart and skilled paws to see to it that our home and family is well fed.” upon the end of her words she would offer a quick howl for Shakira’s advancement.
    * Loumacy tail wagged in a blur as Shakira accepted and her bound up energy had her practically vibrating, but she stayed quiet and listened on. She accept, the femme accepted, the femme had said yes and– quiet, quiet she had to stay quiet. Still, quite exciting, oh another howl. Could she how now?! She looked to Salem, pale yellow eyes as big as a blue moon in twindom. Tail wagging
    * Loumacy frantically, there was even a little whine. Containing such excitment was SO difficult.
    * Kova would be keenly observant and to Faolans words and request brought forth Ayaka forward, she’d listen. A creed passed to one who will carry it. A confident nod would fall lightly as she would listen to both the heart of all who stood before her, and what Shakira would carry with her forever more. Her tail swung before stilling. A great deal she learned this evening and a great more in the coming future. To Atraya’s final words she’d stomp her paw as well and offer forth a quick howl in honor of Shakira’s new role in the pack!
    * Rook– Little pebbles among boulder kin…He felt the enormity of those around and before, and he was made glad that they lived in the waking realm, not upon the unseen terrane of his stories. It was enough to make his own heart race adjacent to his sister’s. He would stamp his paw against the ground several times in his congratulations to Shakira, the new Lead Huntress of the Wolfspirits.
    * Leora when her mother howled she’d feel the tickle in her own throat. The urge and desire to sing with her family but she paused when seeing her brother stomp the earth. Like a child, she would mimic his movements and stomp the earth three times with her growing paw, if only to mark the earth just beside his. Momentarily she would be immortalized alongside his own before she gave a few yapping ..
    <Leora> .. barks for Shakira.
    * Shukie ‘s paws came down upon the stone in several hard stomps. For this was no ordinary promotion, the creed passed from past to present. “I welcome you, Lead Huntress of WolfSpirits for it was in action you have proved your true heart, spirit all of which is needed to assume the path you have now taken.” Her gaze went to Atraya, Faolan, Ayaka and Kova, hunters pawprints the fae now
    * Shukie follows creating her own for others to see the way.
    CwnAnnwn from the clearings edge would offer a quick howl for Shakira’s appointment of lead huntress. As he lowered his muzzle and his voice was carried away upon the ever changing currents of air, he would once more survey those gathered.
    * Sirris’ tail made a soft wag as she looked up at Panther, her eyes almost seemed as if they were glowing while she stared into those beautiful green orbs. She’d look down at her paws sheepishly as she stood up low as to not attract attention and lay in the spot Panther pet with his paw. Upon hearing of Shakira’s new role in the pack she too couldn’t help but release a howl into the sky as a congratulations, her nerves slowly calming.
    <Calder> Upon the joyful tones of the pack, joining in the celebration of Shakira’s new role, he would dip his head and offer a single wave of his tail before it would still.
    *Faolan There was, of course, an actual creed that he would recite to Shakira when all was said and done. For now, the newly crowned lead huntress could carry an unbridled joy that he would help make known through the low tones of his call.
    * Fianna The words of her mother, her father, Shukie, Ayaka, they were all so beautiful and…. Weighty. What must it be like to carry such weight? She nosed the crown of Navariin’s head, her eye catching upon Rook’s frame perhaps as he moved nearer to Leora and she felt then as if this night couldn’t be more complete. Home. They were all… Home. In honor of the new Lead huntress she would join her voice and allow to howl into the night.
    * Timber As the songs rose around him,Timber would bask in its sound. So this was what a pack was truly meant to be. Yes.. He would very much like to have a place within it. His own voice rose, rough and rumbling and low along with the others.
    * Salem watched the unique exchange between Shakira, Atraya and Ayaka which he was on the brink of piecing together what the three of them had in common. Even hearing Shukie’s and Faolan’s input was more than he expected but showed the unison between these members and even though he hadn’t yet met Shakira, he would lift up his muzzle to howl out the new advancement within the Pack. He
    * Salem wasn’t aware of Lou’s eyes falling on him for the moment as his eyes were closed while his lungs filled with air and let it out in his own howl to join in the chorus of the others.
    * Loumacy yipped and wagged her tail as she went to get her howl on following Salem in salute. In the aftermath of the howl she seemed to relax some as it let out that excess energy that had been boiling over.
    * Shakira would still be a bit shocked to see the Alpha male returned as she hadn’t crossed paths with him since his return, as if a ghost had joined the crowd, but then stranger things had happened in these lands. Feeling the scrutiny of many former Hunters of the pack and those that had held the title of Lead Hunter, she held a firm stance but still respectful as she felt the powerful presence of the former Lead
    * Shakira Huntress, another she did not realize had returned, a right of passage into her next journey with the pack. As the white wolf brushed her forehead against her own, she’d offer a gentle nuzzle in return as well as a breathy “Thank you.” Only meant for the Huntresses ears. As the Alphas bestowed the name upon her, she felt it drape like a second pelt over her, one she would need to adjust to, but a welcome new
    * Shakira sensation, her head tilting back to join the voices of her family as they offered congratulations while she offered a promise of her dedication to them.
    * Kwa`ani tapped her paws upon the earth, muffled by the snow as her voice rang out in congratulations to Shakira, such an honor, in deed
    * Ayaka would rise onto all fours again nearly as soon as she had settled for the passing of the past called for the decorum of it. She howled so much in what felt like an eternity as she had this day. Heart restlessness yet proud, Ayaka too would join her voice to her packmates as she heralded the new beginning
    * Kova would swing her tail then turn an ear towards Panther. She would smile and wait for him to approach the stone. Her frame pulled in as she would momentarily glance towards CwnAnnwn’s presence. Nodding in his direction she returned to those within.
    * Sanek joined the chorus of howls then quieted down again, hearing Atraya’s voice again. This time calling Panther. He would perk. His attention once again on the Alpha stone, he would see a wolf he only barely recognized from earlier. He had seen the wolf lurking in the shadows then, but now he was the center of attention. His head tilted ever so slightly, thinking.
    * Loumacy tail thumped for Panther, her attention now on the black wolf, though she resisted singing her little song for him.
    * Leora eyes would light up bright like a star when Panther was asked to step forward. Her tail proceeding to wave. Ohhhhh what was he gunna do? Maybe become?
    * Sirris would nuzzle the black wolf back sheepishly as she nudged him gently towards the alphess as she called. “Go ahead, Panther. I’ll be here watching.” She smiles wolfishly, trying to encourage him.
    * Shukie quietly watched the brute approach, tho her gaze went to another in the shadows before returning to the here and now as she awaited her alpha to continue.
    *Fianna moving right along, it would seem Panther was next on the agenda, and Fianna would turn to scan for him, curious as to her mother’s plans. As she waited, she looked again between Faolan, Atraya and Ayaka, confusion swirling within as she tried to mentaly unravel the mystery. Sometimes, it seemed as if they. knew things. Those faraway looks in Aya’s eyes.. What hold did the veil still have on them? What did it mean?
    * Shakira , returning to her place on the edge of the group, would nose and nuzzle any who she came passed along her way, a small wolven smile parting her muzzle as Panther was called forward. What was in store for the young male?
    * Ayaka When Shakira would find her seat, Ayaka would move to settle near the newly named lead huntress, her gaze answering the whispered words the fae had shared, understanding there. She remembered how she had felt when she had been named thus, the creed written into her heart and path. It was momentus, it had seemed to make her even more sure of who she would become. Other would look up to Shakira now in a way they might now have before. It was a strange feeling indeed.
    * Atraya would allow the songs and voices to muttle in thought and scent as she would wait for Panther’s response. A few more minutes, perhaps, before they would press upon what was needed to be tended to this evening. An ear turning in the direction of CwnAnnwn.
    * Faolan duty was to remain where he was and accept or reject what decisions lay ahead. He would, however, dwell upon the creed and form the words in a mind that spoke in chords. Would Ayaka translate those thoughts to words so that the creed lived on to be passed along when time demanded it of Shakira?
    * Navariin snuggled in close to mumma as he watched the big wolves, they sure like to make noise when they feel like it, but thankfully he wasn’t on the menu for tonight so he would yowl and yip along with them as best he could whenever they made the howl sounds.
    * Salem let his howl die down well before Shakira make her way back and would make a mental note to include a congratulations in his meeting her for the first time. He tried to keep a tab on her right before she settled in again amonst the other wolves who were gathered but when she called Panther forward, it was a familiar name that he recognized and he was quick to turn his attention
    * Salem to the Alpha Rock and those on it once more as Panther was called up.
    * Panther ‘s ears perked as he was called forth, He hummed in thought, Why him and not Sanek? He wondered to himself. He rose to his mitts and padded forth. He kept a respectful air about him, ears slightly perked, tail still. “Yes, Alphess?” His tones light, and just as respectful as his posture.
    * Atraya would have continud to wait to sense Panthers presence and when he was near, she’d begin when she felt him close. “Panther, you have been a strong force and true spirit during your time here with us. As we have now named a new Lead Huntress, I would like her to have one to lead, and one to follow.” her tones light but thoughtful. “You’re prowess in the hunt is strong. You’re ..
    <Atraya> .. attention to the packs well being is and has been noted. You are eager to help, learn, grow, and to share your knowledge with those still growing to.” she’d not forget Sanek and Panthers lessons to her daughter growing up. “A lead huntress needs hunters, so I would like to ask you, Panther, would you accept the role as Hunter of WolfSpirits? To be guided and guide under Shakira’s lead? To ..
    <Atraya> .. help feed the pack and ensure it’s well being through full bellies.”
    * Shukie leveled her gaze upon Panther. “Long ago I started you on the path in teaching you the ways of hunting within our realm. My skills are not that of Atraya, Faolan, Kova, Ayaka or Shakira.” Only a slight pause she continued, “You’ve witnessed the passing of the creed to Shakira. This is no light duty you are being offered to become a pack hunter, much responsibility comes
    * Shukie with it.” Her tones had grown serious. “Be sure you are ready for this and not just accepting to have rank, but indeed, feel the call only a true hunter can hear?” A long pause ensued, “You will be tutored by Shakira, our Beta Kova, Faolan and Ayaka while they are here. Her black gaze would hold his green one as she awaited his answer. “Now is the time you truly begin
    * Shukie to learn what it means to be a true hunter.
    * Kova her eyes fell to Atraya first, then to Ayaka, Faolan and then Panther. She would smile thinking it was a great honor to be asked for such a role. She would eagerly await his response.
    * Leora eyes followed after Panther and she swing her tail behind her all the same. Eager and happy to see Panther ascend a role. Hmmm, she’d have to ask what they really meant. But for now she was focused on what her mother had to say.
    * Kwa`ani listened quietly remembering when she was offered that of Guardian that seemed so long ago now. She’d sacrificed much in the performance of her duties.
    * Ayaka wouldn’t need to hear the creed for she knew them, from one hunter’s heart to another she would think the creed as Faolan did. The words a melody she had run to for years. They had been markers to measure herself by, and now.. She would pass them to another. Time seemed to shudder, to ripple and yet, somehow very little seemed to change. How much a moment seemed to hold. So much and so little. Shakira would go on as she
    <`Raven> had likely been, but now she would be measured against something more. Before she shared the creed however, she looked ahead to the initiation of one she didn’t even know into the ranks of the hunters. She trusted her family to know the calling of those well suited.
    * Loumacy looked to Salem, looked to Sirri, looked to Panther. Was he going to accept too? The bundle of nerves that rested under senew and fur sent an electrifying current of energy through her as she once again waited. The suspense was killing her! Even Coneward was trembling with the anxiety of it all.
    * Fianna Ahh.. A hunter well suited. She had seen the desire to keep the pack fed and cared for within Panther in the time she had known him. She would look forward to seeing his journey. Bending down she whispered to her son, “watch well young one. Some day, perhaps your journey will call you to a role such as these..”
    * Rook he thought the addition of “while they are here” was an apt, if not subconscious observation. Never a soothsayer, he could only assume what the tale would likely tell. The likely ending to said chapter would be like his favored coffee…For now, he took joy in seeing happiness unbound within those of his kin, and he remained observant of a new hunter’s beginning.
    * Faolan Much like Ayaka, he deferred the choice of filling the hunter’s ranks to those with greater more recent knowledge. He would remain beside the alpha’s stone and gauge the lad’s reactions alongside his chosen words. A hunter was fluent in the unspoken tongue…
    * Shakira ‘s tail swayed over the snow packed earth as the former Huntress approached and sat beside her, her heartbeat still hammering in her chest as if a celebrity had come to shake her paw. Many questions and hopeful thoughts ran through her mind, but all ones that would need to wait for now as others were called on to answer their Alpha. Her heart continued still to pound as her tail picked up speed for a fellow
    * Shakira Hunter to be named, and a deserving one at that as she had seen him in the hunt and knew he held the fire within.
    * Panther listened intently to what the Alphess had in store for him. He was thinking about his answer as he listened, He had watched the finest hunters, and he had also hunted with them. His gaze shifted towards Shukie, he nodded keeping that in mind. “It would be an honor to hunt with WolfSpirits, just as Shakira did. I’ve looked forward to having a role the moment my paw stepped into these lands. I assure you I am ready to become a hunter for WolfSpirits, I will provide for this pack..For this family.” He spoke, his tone serious, not the usual light tone he uses. “I am ready.” He reassured, not only the others, but himself. “I hope to fulfill the pack’s hunger at all times.” He concluded. His tail betrayed a small wag.
    * Timber Ahh, so the path to a true role among the pack wasn’t as distant or unattainable as Timber wondered. Panther had not been part of the pack for much longer than Timber had, though the male was sure that Panther had been much more present. Lending a paw,lending a heart. Presence and a will to see fit oneself in to a place needed. Each new thing Timber observed here felt as if it fit into some large puzzle he was only no beginning to see the image of taking shape. Silent, his breathing would rumble only slightly.
    * Sirris lay still in her place as she watched Panther and the alpha’s talk. She waited patiently for Panther’s response, praying to whoever was out there that he would accept. Sirris knew that Panther loved hunting, she felt that it would have been a waste if he refused with skill such as his. But she knew he would choose to become one. With his response she was so very happy for him. Wagging her tail she would let out a chuff and a harmonious howl for her wonderful friend.
    * Sanek his heart beating proudly for Panther as he stepped up to the role of a hunter. The heart practically bursting now he would let his feelings out in a howl, harmonizing with Sirris’s. His tail thumped the snow excitedly.
    * Loumacy didn’t wait for Salem’s que this time. She knew how this went, it went howling good! She tossed her head and released her song, letting it drift away in the crisp night air as it died away. It felt good to howl, it felt good to celebrate her new friend. She nosed Coneward, “Exciting, I know, to see how the tide of one life does flow.”
    * Atraya to Panthers words she offered a dip of her head. She’d allow the others to share in their thoughts and words. There was much to be said for a growing pack and roles where keenly important to it’s success, but more so each wolf despite a role and to those who would fit them. “To all who lay witness to Panthers words, and to his vow to uphold the oath of a hunter, I would like to have the ..
    <Atraya> .. honour of naming you, Panther, Hunter of WolfSpirits. May your paws be true, your heart filled with the wild hunt, and your teeth sharp for hungry bellies to be filled.” her paw would come up and stomp the stone before she to gave a short howl for Panther.
    * Salem listened as Panther was brought forward and the reason that he was summoned. He tried to keep up with some of what was news to him that distracted him for a moment from every detail of what was being said. He was caught up to speed even briefly with Shukie being made one of the Alphas, as he got to see tonight, but Kova being named Beta was news to him though he could tell when
    * Salem his mind was wandering and he would shook his head to listen in once more on the words that were being said at that very moment. The list of late congrats and future formalities was slowly growing and he wouldn’t let himself fall behind on who held what position within the Pack. He got to hear the affirmed answer from Panther and the howl that even if it rang out a little earlier
    * Salem than the rest, would only be because one must have been overcome with joy at seeing a friend within the Pack advancing beyond the subordinate role that they held though he was so used to waiting for the howl from any of the Alphas to signal to howl before he would as well.
    * Shukie nodded at the brutes response and the time it took him to consider it. She gave a tamp of her paw, “Welcome, WolfSpirits Hunter.” She knew time alone was the true test of one’s mettle in a rank. Some accepted and then recanted finding it not right for them. “Should you find this role is not one you are suited for, never hesitate to come to us and let it be know. To hold a rank
    * Shukie and not pursue it to one’s fullest abililites keeps others from doing so.” She paused only briefly, “May your paws be steadfast, your nose keen to the scents upon the winds as you endeavor to fulfill your vow.”
    * Kova her hues would fall to Panther and to his words, then to Atraya’s stomping of her paw and anointing the new hunter. She would be proud of Panther and let loose a quick howl. She believed in his prowess and knew under Shakira’s guidance would become a fine hunter.
    * Ayaka’s tail would sway for the newly named hunter and her eyes would be keen upon him momentarily, assessing this male. Panther. She would have to speak to him. She had hunted alongside him,only briefly but he had seemed focused and ernest. A brief howl was offered then before she would look to Shakira.”Well named.” She offered softly.
    * Faolan He was keen to listen to the words offered in closing, but a few early howls cut through the order of the proceedings. A few mishaps like that in the synchrony of the hunt ought to whip that kind of disorganization out of them, he thought. Perhaps, in his younger days he’d make more of it but for now he just hoped the slight embarrassment was enough. He would not rob the lad of his choice and ascension to the ranks of his kin and would give several firm stamps of his paw against the earth beneath him to signal future prey of one more hunter to the fray.
    * CwnAnnwn once more let out a howl, this time for Panther’s advancement to hunter.
    * Fianna would lift her voice in welcome to the new ranked wolf! It wasn’t easy, to fill a role, for the responsibility of it held tight even when sometimes it seemed overwhelming.
    <Calder> He would dip his head in Panther’s direction, proud of the male and his ascension through the ranks. He’d remain observant and watched all the wolves.
    * Panther listened as Sirris bursted into a howl, He chuckled softly as he glanced towards the arctic fae he came to care for, He then glanced towards Sanek. He dipped his head towards his friend with a small smile. His gaze quickly fell back to the Alpha’s. “Panther, Hunter of WolfSpirits..” He whispered to himself, tail wagging
    * Panther softly. “It has a ring to it. I am honored to be within this pack.” He said softly. He dipped his head towards Shukie, letting her know he’d do so if the rank wasn’t right. He’d then listen to all the howls, He’d smile softly as he listened.He was proud of himself. Panther would make his way back to Sirris, Sanek and Timber. He’d nod towards Timber with a smile. He’d then dip his head towards Shakira, eager to train under her. He’d nose Sirris’s shoulder as he sat beside her.
    * Timber All this howling, it made his rough voice even rougher and yet he would rumble it out with the best of them, his own timbre easygoing and low, brief before falling silent again. When Panther would make his way back, Timber would give the other brute a nod.
    * Shakira threw her head back and howled a song for the newly named Hunter, the first Hunter named since her own beginning in the role.
    * Atraya would dip her head in Panther’s direction and allowed him to take his step back into the pack with his new role. She would turn her head to Shukie and nosed her softly. “Onto the next”
    * Leora gave a few yapping howls and barks for Panther, waving her tail quickly as she watched him come back “Yay, Panther!” she whispered in hopes of not disturbing the meeting before turning back to her mother and father.
    * Sanek would realize he had howled early much too late. He would tell himself to pay more attention to the meeting next time when someone was called up, then nose Panther as he came by in congratulations, his tail still wagging wildly.
    * Atraya ‘s tail would shift momentarily before turning ahead to the rest. “CwnAnnwn, please come forward” she’d await for him.
    * CwnAnnwn perked, having not expected to be called forward. The silver brute stood and began to pad from the clearings edge towards the Alpha’s rock, he glanced to the others gathered as he walked by them. He would stop a few paces from the rock and look up to those whom were at the rock before bowing his head to them before rising back up.
    * Loumacy had not met this next wolf called up and her eyes followed CwenAnn, putting him to memory as her tail wagged, but she wasn’t quite as excitment, her energy having been drained from early sufficiently enough to make her loose a bit of steam. Still she gave CwnAnnwn and Alpha Atraya her full attention.
    <`Raven> <Faolán> c/Rook 📖 A firm stamp to the ground would be his own chosen manner to congratulate Panther before the meeting turned to focus on CwnAnnwn. Rook had been absent and would not yet know of Nightstalker’s passing…not all surprises were kind. 📖
    Sirris watched as Panther moved back towards her, nuzzling him back as she moved closer to him once he sat down to get comfortable. Once CwnAnnwn was called by Atraya, Sirris would watch him quietly, tilting her head to the side patently.
    * Shukie dipped her head to CwnAnnwn as he approached. “Tonight we celebrate the life of NightStalker.” Her gaze going to CwnAnnwn. “He was a strong guiding force of the pack along side first KovoWolf and later her daughter, Atraya and her mate Faolan.” She was not good at this kind of thing yet at the same time, “His teaching and ways shall forever be passed on in lore and more
    * Shukie so, those he taught shall pass on his knowledge and ways just as the mantle was passed from Faolan and Ayaka to Shakira.” As she thought back, “Many a time he showed me the error of my ways and more importantly, the right way. Many of you did not have the privilege of meeting him and it is through those of us who knew him, learned from him you will in fact come to know of
    * Shukie NightStalker, Beta, Elder.
    * Atraya would await for CwnAnnwn’s approach and when she sensed him near, she’d bow her head and remain standing firmly upon her paws. “You stand before the pack, the son of an Elder of WolfSpirits, Nightstalker, to which we are honored and humbled.” she now addressed the rest of the pack. “Nightstalker was a wolf who ran as a pack member within WolfSpirits during my mothers reign. He was a ..
    <Atraya> .. Scout to the pack and eventually named Elder. It is with a sad heart that Nightstalker has left the earthly realm of this world, but with joy to know he is now among the stars and ancestors, and joined to those who’ve come well before us. To be reunited with those who forged WolfSpirits in it’s beginning, along with my mother, Kovo. He will be woven and immortalized in the lore and story that ..
    <Atraya> .. will pass on from one wolf to another. From new generations to old, he will not be forgotton.” she’d pause for a moment before she continued. “It is an honor to have you here with us CwnAnnwn, and, I would honor your fathers passing within our home and realm. As such and with your permission, CwnAnnwn, I would like to return the honor and pledge your father gave to my mother, and bury him ..
    <Atraya> .. here within WolfSpirits, at a new makeshift place of ceremony and celebration of life below my mothers own hill.”
    * Leora felt the air grow from a more spriteful spark to a more somber tone. Her mothers words reaching her as she learned of Nightstalker. She had met him perhaps in passing, but she was very young to remember. A saddness fell over her for she’d not really imagined what it was like to loose another in that manner. She knew of loss. She knew of longing but it was never easy. She pressed her frame ..
    <Leora> .. into her brothers quietly and listened.
    * Ayaka would close her eyes as Cwn was called forward, allowing herself to experience this memory through the bonds of those she shared. To remember Nightstalker ad Atraya did. As Faolan did.. She would listen to Atraya’s voice as she honored one who had passed into what came next. Next…. next. Ayaka opened her eyes before she strayed too far and began to wonder what was next for them.
    <Calder> The news of another wolfs passing within the realm of WolfSpirits caused him pause. He could feel the tones of a somber nature reach his own frame. Quiet and pensive he was as she’d allow the pack to offer their words where he currently had none.
    * Timber shifted as he remembered that sorrowful moment he’d witnessed several days ago from across the lake. He hadn’t yet truly met Cwn, thought he’d seen the brute in other meetings.. Soon he would make his own condolences. For now, he would share the sorrow the pack even if he couldn’t say he had memories of the one who had passed.
    * Kwa`ani bowed her head to CwnAnnwn in acknowledgement of his father’s passing. She’d not lost anyone she knew or was close too and could not begin to imagine what he must be endurouing. Thus, she let her expression convey her thoughts to him should he look her way. She remembed that Nova and Kyara, two wolves she had known during battles but did not really know them. She hoped he’d found
    * Kwa`ani the river »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» otter she and Panther had left for him.
    * Sanek ‘s eyes widened. He had not know Nightstalker well, merely saw him in a few pack meetings. Nightstalker seemed like a wise, kind, and knowledgable wolf, and he had been a packmate. The world was cruel in times like these, and the meaning of a life’s passing would cause his ears to lower further along with his head. There was an emptiness now. One that he had never noticed, never
    * Sanek moved to fill, to make acquaintence with the elder Night. Now, there would never be any opportuinity to do so.
    * Fianna From joy and exultation, to sorrow and remembrance. Such was the cycle and one they would all.follow. Even as she had the thought though her eyes drifted to her father.. To her mother.. To Ayaka. Was the Morrigan different? Did that force not have to contend with the stark reality of time? She knew something was different within the veil but the mystery hadn’t truly been shared. Maybe it couldn’t.. For now she set aside the mystery and focused on joining her heart with the pack’s and lowering her head as she saw Kwa’ani do to CwnAnnwn.
    * Shakira felt her heart meld with the packs own as the mood shifted to one of mourning, of remembrance for a wolf passed who had served the pack well in life and deserved a fair place in the next. She had met and seen the elder long ago in her first months with the pack, but hadn’t had the opportunity to truly talk with him, still the heartache of a pack member lost was a heavy one and one she would feel as harshly as
    * Shakira those that had known him well.
    * Faolan He dwelled on memory and in it for a moment when sentiment was shared from Atraya and Shukie. His own was passed to CwnAnnwn in the privacy of their own conversation. It wasn’t needed for others to hear or know, but he was comforted to know the rest of the pack would share in the knowledge and ability to offer their support for the son of his friend. For now, he could do little other than listen to CwnAnnwn’s response and potential request.
    * Panther smiled softly at Leora and dipped his head her way, then nosed Sanek as he sat between him and Sirris. He’d nuzzle Sirris back, He smiled into the crook of her neck. Tonight was full of events, one being his own promotion. Panther didn’t really know what to think of it, but he knew he’d settle into the role. He’d then listen as CwnAnnwn
    * Panther was called forward, He dipped his head when NightStalker was mentioned, his head remained dipped for some time as he listened. He knew what it was like to loose a mentor, a friend, but worst of all, a father. He would lift his head up and listen, unaware of comforting words that would help in times such as these.
    * Salem heard the familiar name of Nightstalker and remembered meeting the male at some point likely when he was an Elder of the Pack. If he would have seen the wolf more recently then it might have stirred up more memories, however brief they might have been, of the time that he got to know the wolf that was the subject of the proposal that Atraya offered to Cwn. He let Atraya’s and
    * Salem Shukie’s words paint the rest of the picture of the wolf that Nightstalker was before he had met him and now that the journey was being shared as coming to a close, he was at a loss of words even within his own mind. Still, this was the first time that he was witness to such proceedings and his attention was focused on Cwn for his answer.
    * Kova would shift her paws if only to allow the moment to pass and her mind to reel the thoughts and emotions of the weight of words. Of passing. Mourning and loss, but also rejoice in a life well lived and to be honored. She’d look now to CwnAnnwn and like the others, feel the shared loss and support.
    * Rook d not known Nightstalker as the others had, but stories had been told and remembered. He would steady his frame and breath if nothing more than to offer his little sister a firmer shoulder to bury into. Yet another wolf of old would join those already present upon the misty hills and terrain of tale and legend and there live on in those that recalled said stories.
    * CwnAnnwn looked up to Shukie as she spoke of his father and closed his eyes. Atraya’s words reached him next and he opened his eyes to look to the fae, it took him a moment before he could formulate his response. “I have been thinking over where my father would wish to buried, I believe he would be honored to have his final resting place be near to your mother, one whom he held a deep
    * CwnAnnwn respect for. I am honored as well to have the offer to place my father to rest near your mother, an offer I humbly accept. I cannot think of a better place for him.” He was struggling with how to respond and hoped that his response was respectful enough for the honor that was being bestowed upon his father. The whole time he spoke, his tail had held still behind his frame.
    * Atraya when CwnAnnwn’s words would reach her she would take a light breath and give a sure nod. “Then it will be done. When you are ready, call upon the pack and we will aid you in bringing your father to his final place of rest.” she would lightly brush her paw against the stone instead of stomping upon it’s surface. She’d have some tasks for the members of the pack. Sanek, Panther, Shakira, ..
    <Atraya> .. and if the others not yet joined desired to help it would as well be appreciated. She felt that CwnAnnwn’s words where honest, sincere, and she was honored he felt so.
    * Shukie remembered her mother’s death in the fires. There were never words to fit the passing of one’s kin, blood or otherwise. “CwnAnnwn, You will likely mourne his passing. I hope that instead, in the not to distant future, you will celebrate his life and legacy he has bestowed upon us all, his selfless giving to his family and pack.” As her mind turned backwards in time, “He was upon
    * Shukie the first quest to the original packlands when I was young and newly arrived. A strength for us all. Just as his heart beat in life, I offer this heart of the bison killed this night to be placed with him as he journeys to the next realm.” the organ had cooled in the night upon the snows below the stone. “I offer my frame to help him to his final resting place, to honor him and
    * Shukie all he’s done for me, for this pack, and for you.”
    * Sanek Kovo’s hill.. a magical place well deserved by a wolf who had been in the pack and supported it in times probably beyond his. He would gaze up at the twinkling stars and see his mother and brother, and the shadow of his father, and the place where the stars would part and the skies would rejoice, welcoming the spirit of Nightstalker.
    * Kova would dip her head slowly in rememberance of Nightstalker and would as well offer herself to the shared words of family “I to will honor your father and help wherever needed. For Nightstalker.” she softly brushed her paw to the earth.
    * Kwa`ani stood as the two alphas and CwnAnnwn spoke. “I would very much like to assist however possible, if I may.” there was no need for flowery words or long discertations.
    * Fianna As Shukie spoke, offering her frame as needed. She took one step forward as well. “I too will honor an elder of this pack by lending my paws and frame. It is the least I can do for the service of family and pack.”
    * Panther would love to help with NightStalker’s burial if the Alpha’s and CwnAnnwn allow it of him. He’d glanced towards the dark brute who had been called forth due to his father’s passing, he listened as he spoke of Kovo’s hill. He nodded, and stood. “I would like to help as well, if you allow it of me.” He spoke his thoughts, looking
    * Panther between the brute and the Alphess’s.
    * Leora felt her brothers embrace and would pull into him lightly. Her cape slowly sliding from her back onto the base of her tail like a small blanket. When the others offered their services, she to wanted to help. She was big now, right? She wanted to help make stories and good ones for her own. Stories worth a worth. “me… me to!” perhapes not as well gilded in tongue as the others, she meant well.
    * Loumacy was not the most tactful wolf or even the most diplomatic despite her words having a tendency to rhyme. As the meeting went on her furry form waned in excitement and soon exhaustion krept in. At first she started to doze with her head falling forwards, but she’d realize, shake her head, and pop back awake. Moments later however she was back to sagging into a world of dreams. Finally
    * Loumacy her body slumped against Salem, and she was out cold. He could walk off and if her body hit the snow she wouldn’t rouse. The Pack Meeting, such an exciting event and an exhausting one.
    * Rook Stories were nice to tell, but some demanded more of an active role. When all of his sisters declared themselves fit and willing to help, he too would chuff his own willingness ”I too will offer my paws and frame to the task.”
    * CwnAnnwn bowed his head as Atraya spoke once more “Thank you.” He perked to Shukie as she spoke “I hope to one day honor his life and legacy by following in his pawsteps and I thank you for your support.” He intended to follow through with his statement, but would not put forth the request now, he did not know if it was the right time to ask. His ears swivelled as others that were gathered
    * CwnAnnwn offered the support and help in placing his father to rest. He turned to face them and bowed his head before speaking “I thank you all for your offers and would be honoured to accept as I know my father would.” It was hard to remain collected, but he stayed as strong as he could knowing that when he returned to the lake, he would grieve some more.
    * Sirris whined softly at the mention of a wolfs passing. She knew all too well of the pain of losing all the ones she loves. Sirris didn’t have anyone, it was just her and she could sympathise with the wolf. She too stood for a moment, clearing her throat softly as she stood there hesitantly. “Um.. I know I am not a member of this pack.. and it’s none of my business. But I would be honoured to help, it is of my desire to help those in need and help heal those in pain.” Sirris spoke, a hint of sadness in her voice as she looked up at those who stood on and before the rock. She bowed as she lowered her head down.
    * Faolan The lad had given his request and it was accepted. It was now only a matter of when the deed was to be done rather than if, and he was proud to see his daughters and son offer service. He too would join in the toil but let those who wished to be vocal, be vocal. His was the path of doing, and he needed only a time to begin.
    * Atraya gave another dip of her head “Then those who have spoken to help, I will call upon you soon to begin the foundation of a new tradition.” her gaze stared out again, the hour growing late now and emotions felt from all, especially her mate and Ayaka would temper her tones. “There is much to celebrate this evening, and much to honor. If no one has anything they desire to add, then, I ..
    <Atraya> .. would like to conclude tonights meeting and ask all to prepare for the next, for it will be called in a few days time.” she’d wait now to see if any others desired to speak.

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