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Pack Hunt Secures a Bounty

By News, Pack Hunt

The cawing of ravens and crows and the scent of a kill call you to the Hunting Grounds…

The pack’s Huntress Shakira, led the pack in an elk hunt, tracking down a cow and her twin calves in the Hunting Grounds. Among the hunting party was Shakira, Assessments Panther and Sanek, and Caretaker Rune. Rune and Sanek sustained minor injuries but were able to complete the hunt despite the cow elk’s fight. Shakira and Panther, did an exceptional and skillful job at weakening and distracting the elk cow. One of the calves was taken early in the hunt by Rune, the cow elk was felled by Sanek and finished off by Rune, and the second calf was downed by Shakira. Critical hits were made by Shakira and Rune, both hits worth 20 points.

The cow and one calf lie in the Hunting Grounds for the pack to feast on.

Congratulations and well done!