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Pack Meeting #210

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Meeting Notes

January 19th, 2023

  • Ophaelos named Pledge
  • Fern named Assessment (Rune mentor)
  • Calder Pack Member
  • Rowan named Pledge
  • Saskia Guardian In Training (Fianna mentor)
Number Of Wolves Present


    +Calder +Fern +Code
    Cajun Leora Ophaelos Rowan




    Pack Meeting Begins


    * Kova the time would be now as the winds offered what it would and who it would, but greetings would just have to wait. She would smile and walk towards the direction of the Alpha’s stone, there to ascend it’s surface and end at it’s peak. She would let loose a low howl, one that would offer the tones of gather. A pack meeting now called to those who would heed it. (( Gives enough time for wolves to gather! ))
    * Panther As he was making his way towards the clearing, he would hear a low howl. Ears perked as he picked up pace, now trotting towards the clearing. He had kept his paws wandering within the hunting grounds, eager to see if the bison the Alphess tracked had remained, and it would seem they had? Unless he had found a different herd. Either way, he would focus on making his way to the clearing.
    <Ophaelos> As the three wolves sat in the clearing, Ophaelos would look up at Kova as she sounded the meeting. His head would swivel a few times, perhaps he would see even more wolves he had not yet met. As Fern would approach, the brute would offer a kind smile, though remain in his place. “Evening, Fern,” he would greet. His own pack never really had
    <Ophaelos> meetings, or at least not often. Most of the time when the pack gathered, it was for some type of ceremony or hunt. What would today have to offer? Whatever it may be, he would hope for it to end with his belly full of bison meat.
    <`Raven> <Fern> Fern playfully nosed Saskia back and sat next to her. “Mhm to you as well.” She paused and glanced once again back to where Fianna and Calder went of to. “Who was that…?” But it seemed before the question could be answered a low calling howl would be sent out across the clearing, it was familiar. Her instincts bubbled up and she swiftly added her own soft gentle song into it.
    * Rowan A low howl would cause the fae to stir, waking shortly afterwards. She shook her coat out as the snow seemed to pile on top of her frame, she rose to a seated position, perhaps noticing a few seated wolves? She rose to her paws, trotting towards the Alpha Rock where Kova seemed to be standing, or seated.
    <Saskia> Saskia would watch as Kova took her leave, approaching the Alpha’s stone. A howl would ring out to all that would heed, and a warm smile appeared on her maw. She turned to Ophaelos, “It is time for a meeting.” She informed the brute before standing to approach the base of the stone. Fern’s questions wouldn’t be lost to her, but it would have to wait to be answered until after the meeting. She didn’t see her
    <Saskia> court yet, but perhaps he would take a seat next to her if he saw her.
    * Code had been wandering, enjoying some much-needed ‘me time’. She’d best get back to the pack sometime soon though as she didn’t want them to think she’d left… again. At the sound of a howl, she smiled. Perhaps this was her sign to get back to civilisation? At the thought, her anxiety spiked a little – okay maybe a lot – but she nonetheless
    * Code pushed through the cloudy web of fear. The pack had changed since she was last there but it was still the pack, filled with friends. Still, the thought of newer, strange wolves terrified her. Would they accept her? Would they think she was weird (rightfully so)? Code brushed it off. She was overthinking. Starting the trek to the clearing * Code approaching from the north, she lifted her gift from Fern to the wind, a sound filling the air around her as the sticks clanked together to let those who recognised the sound know she was still very much alive.
    * Fianna wouldn’t wait to be told twice before moving in on the hare. She ate the whole thing rapidly, crunching on the bones too. Breaking them open to lick at the marrow. Her jaws made quick work of measly hare bones and soon she’d be licking her chops, a sense of peace stealing over her again at long last as she felt her belly stop aching. When Kova called the meeting not far off, Fianna perked, then nuzzled Calder. “Thank you for the
    * Fianna help mo chuisle. I wouldn’t have gotten it without you.” She held herself against him for a moment, then stepped back to turn toward the clearing. “We better head back..” She murmured, moving off at a trot.
    * Kova when the others would start to gather, she dipped her head and addressed each. “Thank you for attending this evenings meeting. First, I would like to invite the wolves who have desire to be a part of this pack and fold. To join WolfSpirits as a member.” her hues cast long to each wolf who heeded the call, who was present, and whom might be missing.
    <Calder> He would have been beside Fianna when the call and howl would reach them in the hunting grounds. It was a call for a gathering. His tail drew slowly behind him and waved before nosing Fianna lightly. ~ Aye, let us head back~ he would say and would move to close the distance back to the clearing.

    * CwnAnnwn The call of the alpha fae reached his ears from the alpha rock to the east. His pace quickened at the call for the gathering. He slipped into the clearing from the west, his pace slowing somewhat as the gathering place came into view. He trotted across the open terrain at an easy, ground eating pace towards the alpha rock. He scanned the clearing, taking note of the wolves whom were present, seeking out one wolf in particular, but  not seeing her yet.
    * Panther ‘s ears swiveled as he continued at a brisk trot, entering the clearing quickly and casting a glance to Kova as she began to speak. His tail swayed once as he spots his court, he immediately edges towards her quietly. He settles beside his court, tail stilling as his attention is directed to Kova.
    * Fianna would make quick work of.the distance, new energy moving through her now that she had food to fuel it. The clearing opened up before her and she would trot within, ears perked to find Kova atop the alpha stone. She noticed Panther and Cwn slinking in at the last minute like herself and Calder, and she would find a spot to.settle to quietly turn her auds toward the lead fae, listening as she allowed her heart and  lungs to settle.
    Fianna would make quick work of.the distance, new energy moving through her now that she had food to fuel it. The clearing opened up before her and she would trot within, ears perked to find Kova atop the alpha stone. She noticed Panther and Cwn slinking in at the last minute like herself and Calder, and she would find a spot to.settle to quietly turn her auds toward the lead fae, listening as she allowed her heart and
    <`Raven> lungs to settle.
    <Saskia> Saskia listened as Kova asked for the new wolves to step forward, if they chose to become a part of the pack. A gentle breeze whooshed by her and she turned her head to see a black figure take their seat beside her. Her amber gaze met emerald and she settled into his frame, “My heart..” was all she said as she turned her head back to Kova. Another few figures were seen out of the corner of her eyes, and she would see
    <Saskia> Cwn, Fianna, and Calder all arrive right on time. She flashed then quite smiles before turning to look for Ophaelos. Was he near? She wondered if he planned on pledging tonight.
    * Rowan would have settled near the Alpha rock, paws shifting as she glances around. She had heard Kova’s howl, and she heeded it, just like the members of this very pack. Had she been here long enough though? She looked towards the Alphess, she would let someone else speak before she did, as she was trying to figure out what exactly she wanted to say.
    * Kova she would make note of all the wolves who would heed the call and give a nod of her head to each if any happened to look in her direction. She would remain seated a top the Alpha’s stone and would wait to see if others would speak up on their desire to join the pack.
    * Fern The timid fae would shuffle closer to Saskia as more wolves began to gather. She’d turn to her for a moment, whilst she scanned each wolf who showed once a thought swiftly popped into her head, “What’s the next step in this whole… joining the pack process for me again?” Her voice came out in hushed mumbled to not disturb the ones
    * Fern around her or talk over Kova.
    * CwnAnnwn reached the alpha rock and silently located a spot to settle upon his haunches, leaving room in case his mate arrived part way through the meeting. He would give a quiet nod to Saskia, Panther, Fianna and the others as he moved to his chosen spot near the others. Turning to face the rock and Kova upon it, he would bow his head to the fae before settling upon his haunches and listening.
    <Saskia> Saskia would turn her head to Fern as she spoke timidly. She smiled and leaned over to her, “You have to tell Kova you’re ready.-“ She said, but then again Kova had asked if there were any who wished to join the pack. She hummed in thought and made a quick decision, “You could make your point now… Worse she can say is no.” She advised. Fern was looking to join the pack, so what could hurt.. right?
    <Ophaelos> As the clearing fills, the brute would find himself surrounded by the pack. New faces, old faces… though, even the ‘old’ faces are still quite new. At Kova’s words, Ophaelos glanced at Saskia for a moment before looking up at Kova, who stood tall on the Alpha stone. “I’m interested in joining the pack, Kova. If you will accept me, that is,” he
    <Ophaelos> says.
    * Kova her hues would cast along each wolf. To those who would greet her, she’d offer her own in kind, giving a gentle dip of her head to Cwn before turning to hear the tones of another who spoke above the rest. Ophaelos. Her gaze fell to him and when he requested to join, she would give a low chuff “Ophaelos, please come forward”
    * Fianna saw more than one new face amongst the group and so many new scents that she tried to tie to faces as she looked about, listening quietly to Ophaelos rising to pledge to the pack. Her eyes moved toward him, quietly assessing his sincerity. There seemed to be nothing troubling, and Fianna was glad to see their numbers growing once again. She settled her frame against Calder more comfortably, her tail draping over his.
    <Ophaelos> At Kova’s words, Ophaelos would rise from where he was seated on his haunches before stepping forward. He’d look up at the fae, tipping his head at her when he would approach. How would this go about? He wondered. He had not yet asked any questions about how rank and the like work. Perhaps at the end of the meeting, he would ask the Alphess about
    <Ophaelos> it—or Saskia, if the fae ended up busy.
    * Code silently slipped into the clearing, a little overwhelmed by the number of wolves she didn’t recognise. She fretted for a while, just standing there looking over the gathered wolves. How many new wolves would she count? How many threats? Her eyes darted around looking for exits if they were needed. She calmed herself and listened to the
    * Code meeting unfold.
    <Calder> He would’ve settled beside Fianna and gently leaned into her frame and groomed whatever bits of hare and debris clung to her coat, all the while keeping a respectful eye on the others and a kind dip of his nose to those who he would greet. When Ophaelos spoke of his deesire to join, he’d now watch curiously. He’d only just met the male.
    * Kova as Ophaelos approached the alpha’s stone, she would watch him carefully but more quietly in thought. When he was at the base, she would look upon his frame and to respond in kind to his request. “It is not unusual for us to find and serve wolves of the wilds, looking for a home, and come across ours in hopes of such. To that, we welcome and extend that opprtunity to all who desire to seek
    <Kova> it. Are you willing to pledge yourself first to us? To ensure that this is the pack truly for you before making the next steps?”

    * Rune The fae was late to the festivities of the evening but did not yet know. She had recently woken up from an early evening nap and found the scent of her mate to be far too faint for her liking, she’d not seen him or any members of the pack im a few days. Hauling herself to her paws, she hops down the pile of boulders which was home to her cache, and strides off towards the Clearing. She sniffs the air and is pleased to find that his scent was not too far off, nor was that of a few other wolves. So, off she goes, to the northwest to hopefully find a few of her chosen family members lounging together. ✲⊱
    * Panther ‘s gaze met Saskia’s and he nosed her shoulder, his tail swayed then stilled. At the quiet nod of Cwn, Panther would offer his own to the brute, and to any others he might’ve missed. He allowed his court to lean into him, his attention turned to Ophaelos, then Kova as the male made it known that he sought to join the pack.
    <Ophaelos> His ears would twitch at the fae’s words. The brute would feel the eyes of all the wolves gathered in the clearing and despite this, he would remain calm and settled. “I would be honored to have the opportunity to pledge to your pack, Kova.”
    <Kova> “As a pledge, you will learn the early steps of becoming a member, but more importantely, you will follow your heart and ensure that this is your place to call home.” she would look to the wolves now gathered. “Those who are here this evening, bare witness to Ophaelos’s words and pledge to WolfSpirits, in his first steps on joining the pack. From now on, you may have the privilage of
    <Kova> naming and calling yourself a Pledge of WolfSpirits. Welcome to your beginning.” her paw would rise and gently place itself on the stone in a light stomp.
    Saskia watched as Ophaelos spoke up, and was called to ascend the stone. When the pledging process was done, Saskia would stomp her paw gently into the snow beneath. She hadn’t known him long, but in their short time together she’d learned a lot about his history as well as his intentions. She was confident of his words. Ophaelos, Pledge of WolfSpirits.
    <Calder> He would watch the proceedings and when Ophaelos was named a pledge of the pack, he would give a nod and swing of his tail before watching the others emerge out of the woodwork. The male was just new to him, but, he was well versed in what the pack had to offer new wolves including himself when he first joined.
    *CwnAnnwn Silver male was unaware of his mate’s movement towards the clearing from her cache. He listened as the unfamiliar male requested to begin their journey into membership. When Kova named the male as pledge and stomped her paw, he would stomp his right paw for the male. He then listened for any others whom might wish to make the same request or for the next stage of the meeting.
    * Ragaire  This yearling was off in the clouds, enjoying the night air. It was well below freezing and the sky was an inky black color, her coat would blend in well if she walked the skies and not the snow. A gentle breeze tickles her fur every so often as it dances between the trees and past her. She was perusing the Hunting Grounds, but found nothing of interest. Ughhh, when were they gonna go ahuntin’ again? Boring. Maybe there were brothers to bother in the Clearing? Worth a shot, she guessed. Off she trots towards the clearing, not knowing that her momma AND puppa were there. The not-so-little Pledge bumbles off to the west. She was a very large wolf for her age, good nutrition had done wonders for her growth in her early years. Ragaire was a lucky wolf indeed, though she was not yet aware of the harsh realities most wolves faced.
    * Code didn’t know this wolf who was pledging but she smiled anyways as he did so. She was still tense, a prickling of fear ever present in her actions. She wondered if she might rejoin today – she’d been back for a month or two already. Her gaze caught on two familiar pelts – Saskia and Panther. She walked over to them trying not to disturb the
    * Code meeting and nudged Saskia gently on the shoulder if the fae didn’t notice her at first.
    <Ophaelos> “Thank you, Kova. I am honored,” Ophaelos says, dipping his head at the fae. When she would stomp and the pledging seemed to be over, Ophaelos would return back to where he once sat. A new beginning… this would be the third time in his life that he would call upon the phrase in his internal monologue. The brute hopes, for the sake of his health
    <Ophaelos> and well-being, this would be the last time he would have to start with a clean slate. He would listen closely at Kova’s words for the rest of the meeting, curious of what it may entail. Beside him were the wolves he was most familiar with—Fern, Saskia, Panther, and beside them, a fae he had not yet met would approach quietly.
    <Saskia> Saskia would be silent, content with the contents of the meeting thus far. Suddenly, a nudge to her fur was given and she turned her head with a soft ‘Hmm?’ To her luck, a creme colored fae stood low right beside her and Saskia’s tail went absolutely WILD. She pinned her ears back and started licking the fae’s cheek, allowing a quiet whine to leave her maw. She tried to not speak, to not interrupt the meeting. Boy,
    <Saskia> was it hard! She warmly invited the fae with her gaze to a seat near her.
    * Panther listened as the pledging process had taken place, and completed. He stamped a paw, the snow crunching under his foot as he did so. He smiled as the male found his place back in the group of wolves that were attending the meeting. His ears perked as he noticed Code, she had been gone for some time. He also noticed another familiar fae – Rowan – Another who he hadn’t seen for some time. He looked back towards the
    * Panther Alphess.
    * Kova as the celebratory chuffs and conversations would transpire, she gave a nod of her head to Ophaelos, allowing him the moment to step back into the fold of the pack as their newest pledge. She turned then towards those who have gathered together. Near Saskia, Fern, and then her hues fell across the other wolves gathered just to make a mental note. To that, she would offer a low breath in a
    <Kova> chuff, calling Fern forward.
    *Rune The Caretaker was filled with joy to see her family gathered, but together for a meeting, Kova perched atop Alpha Rock. She returns a furious tail wag to Fianna, who had noticed her emerge from the treeline. Keeping low to the ground and her volume low, she trots to join the group, not meaning to cause any sort of commotion. If possible, she’d brush her muzzle against Fianna to greet the Guardian before continuing to
    <`Raven> join her mate, CwnAnnwn. The ivory and russet fae settles quietly in the snow to watch the proceedings. There was a new wolf, it would seem, front and center to join as a Pledge.
    * Fern hesitated for a moment which gave Ophaelos the opportunity to voice his own desires before her. She felt a bit of relief that it wasn’t yet her turn but knew she would have to call out after the brute, once it was said in words she offered a few soft stop of the paw as well for the newly Pledged brute. But now that they were finished she
    * Fern was second guessing if she should offer her own voice out before she made eye contact with the Alphess and quickly it seemed after the soft chuff she was calling her up. Her eyes looked around just to make sure Kova wasn’t speaking to anyone else before she cautiously stood up and stepped her way forward to the stone.
    * Kova as the fae would approach, she would make note of her posture and her attentive nature to the calling. Her tail would swing once to allow a comfort to the fae in her approach should she feel nervous before giving a dip of her head, welcoming her forward. Once she reached it, she would give a light but knowing smile. “Fern, you have been a pledge with us for a good while now. I call you to
    <Kova> the stone and before the wolves of WolfSpirits to seek an answer from your heart. Are you ready to continue your journey to join WolfSpirits?”
    * Code giggled with a big grin at Saskia’s antics. Her tail wagged a little held back by her nervousness and tucked beneath her. As the newly pledged wolf glanced over at her, even if only for a second, she shrunk back slightly. Her distinct lack of confidence would be something to work on. As Kova called Fern forward she smiled, happy for her friend.
    Ragaire Indigo UM, EXCUSE ME? Who were all these smells? What on earth was going on? As the pup came closer to the Clearing, it would become apparent to her that there were a great number of wolves gathered in the Clearing. They were having a meeting without her? How dare they, the audacity! Was there no respect for a Pledge anymore? Cause, if you didn’t know, she was a Pledge. Very important, one could say the most important, even.
    <`Raven> Ragaire was the most important and they gathered behind her back. Shame on them! The black and ebony pup bursts into the Clearing at a sprint, head high and eyes wild. What had she missed? This was truly a tragedy. Very quickly she scans the group and her heart leaps out of her chest when she sees her momma and puppa, being model pack members. As quickly as she can she moves towards them, not caring about the meeting nearly as much anymore, but knowing better than to interrupt it. Whispery whines squeak out of her as she crouches near her parents, tail wagging, and licking up at their faces.
    *CwnAnnwn Cwn Male stirred slightly as a familiar scent reached him, his heart beating faster as he recognized the scent of his beloved mate. His gaze shifted from the alpha rock to the frame of Rune as she approached him. His tail thumped against the ground behind him as he let out a quiet whine as he leaned in to run his muzzle along hers tenderly. “Hello my love”, he spoke quietly, loud enough for her to hear, but quiet enough not to
    <`Raven> interrupt the meeting. Oh how he had missed the fae that completed him.
    * Fern exhaled the tension rising up before her own voice called back, clear enough for the Alphess to hear. “I indeed wish to continue the path I am on to joining your pack, wherever it might lead me from now. If you allow me to…” Her crown gave a deep bow to the fae atop the stone, seeming calm and collected, while her mind had to
    * Fern consciously tell her to take slow deep breaths to calm down while all eyes seemed to be upon her.
    * Kova as Fern would respond in kind to her request she would smile to the fae. Her eyes would be light and welcoming in hopes that it could hel pease the nervousness the fae felt. “As an assessment of WolfSpirits, you will grow fonder and closer to those who are to become your family. You will know and learn the ways and intricate workings of our pack and uphold our creed. To know our rules and
    <Kova> to grow with those you desire to walk alongside as family. Are you willing to continue your journey to understanding the ways of the pack? Additionaly, you will be assigned a mentor from the pack members. From this wolf, you will further hone your skills and understanding of our ways, rules, and to follow in the steps of those who’ve come before you in following their heart and spirits desire
    <Kova> for home.”
    * Fianna Pink Fianna had had a lot of heartache in her day, and Calder went along way in soothing that ache. As did her spirit sister. And her pack. Yet nothing could soothe a mother’s achy breaky heart quite like the sound of her child’s voice asking for love. She turned at the sound and her eyes went wide. She had barely taken in Ragaire’s scent when her daughter was there, wiggling and squirming and – so BIG! Fianna was beside herself,
    <`Raven> but years had tempered her demeanor and so her tongue would wash and sooth and her jaws would tug gently and pull on bits of her pups fur to get her to calm and plunk her butt down beside them. Fianna’s trial swayed her joy at seeing her daughter again at long last, and she would keep moving to brush her muzzle over the fae’s crown as she listened, her gaze finding Fern, catching the name and committing it to memory. Fianna didn’t even know her
    <`Raven> own pup was already a pledge, surprises awaited, it would seem..
    <Calder> There wouldn’t be much to hide in the way of excitment when Ragaire seemingly burst into the clearing. Any other time, he would leap up and join her but the meeting would endure and so, decorum had to be upheld no matter how long they’d not seen her. Especially Fianna. He did his upmost and best to keep that decorum true as he would quickly nuzzle and lick at Ragaires frame. He to more excited
    <Calder> than he could truly express at the current moment but would do his best to pull Ragaire in, and allow the meeting to continue with little to no disruptions.
    * Rowan had listened when a newer wolf had spoken up about being pledged, it seemed his name was Ophaelos. She had paid attention to his words, listening to him then the Alphess. She would’ve offered a subtle stomp of her paw and then looked back to the Alphess on the rock. It would seem another had been called forward, but by Kova’s choice as Fern hadn’t spoken out before being called forth. Rowan would settle herself near
    * Rowan the middle, or the back of the gathered, paying close attention to the Alphess on the rock.
    *Ragaire’s large, gangly body flaps around like a plump salmon, shimmying from side to side between her parents. Oh dear, why was there so quiet she could HOWL. Ugh but noooo, she’d just have to be like her momma and puppa. But, oh how hard it was. Her body trembling she stares at both of them with adoring eyes, large amber orbs staring at both of them. Who cares what else was going on, she had everything she needed.
    * Fern With one last exhale Fern gave a determined nod. “I am willing.” Her breathing now calm, she contently looked up to the Alphess, Kova, waiting for her answer. She was a step closer now to what she wished to achieve for a long lonely year out in the wilderness by herself, the thought of it almost completely pushed out her thoughts of
    * Fern anxiousness with ones of longing and excitement.
    * Kova would give a few swings of her tail before stilling it. She gave a firm nod and a knowing smile to the fae’s heart offered and shared, now moving forward on the path to their home. “As all have lay witness to Fern’s pledge to the pack, I would like to have the honor now of naming your Mentor to be Rune, Caretaker of Wolfspirits, and you Fern, you may now introduce yourself as Assessment
    <Kova> to WolfSpirits. May your joureny be true, and your heart filled.” she’d rise her paw up and gently stomp it to the stone as was customary for all new assessments to their fold!
    <Saskia> Saskia watched as the timid fae was named an Assessment, and her heart swelled for her. It felt like just yesterday she was supporting her on her journey, as she did now. When Fern was also assigned Rune as a mentor, she searched the crowd and found the russet caretaker. With a smile on her maw, she stamped her paw on the ground and gave soft hues to the newly assessed fae.
    <`Raven> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ Her ears perk at the mention of a mentor. It had been some time since the pack had had the numbers for mentorship. Nonetheless, it was something she was glad to see even if it had been some time. At the mention of her name, her ears flick forward, not expecting to be summoned by the Alpha. This was a surprise to her, but she quickly rises to her paws and trots forward to nose Fern on the shoulder, tail swaying behind
    <`Raven> her. What a lovely surprise. “Thank you, Alpha Kova. I am honored to show Fern the ways of the WolfSpirits.” She turns to the pale-coated fae and gives her a wolven smile. Rune stomps her paw and lifts her voice to howl, congratulating Fern. The Caretaker had an apprentice! How wonderful! ✲⊱
    * Kova when Rune joined and greeted her new apprentice, she smiled and gave a nod and a fond expression to Rune. “I know she will learn a great deal through your knowledge and care.” she would look to Fern and smile in kind before allowing the pair to settle back to the rest of the wolves. As those who where named in their succession to joining the pack, she would then turn her gaze upon
    <Kova> Calder. To him, she would offer a low chuff and call him next to the stone.
    * Fern gave a big grin of pride and one last deep bow to Kova. When her now mentor stepped up she gladly returned the friendly nosing, before making her way with a little bit of excited bounce to her step back to her friends. Her tail, releasing its calm and collected demeanor to an absolutely ecstatic one, waving side to side faster than ever now.
    <Calder> He did his best to ensure that Ragaire was greeted well and close, but the meeting progressed and he’d ensure that he would not miss anything, either. Giving a low breath he nudged his daughter softly and when Fern was made an assessment with mentorship to Rune, he smiled and gave a stomp of his paw in kind. It wasn’t until he heard his name did he turn and look to Kova. He’s demeanour seemed
    <Calder> to change to a more serious one. He nosed his daughter and Fianna before slowly making his way to the Alpha’s stone. Once Rune and Fern had departed, he would finally step forward fully.
    <CwnAnnwn> Head tilted slightly as his mate made her way to the alpha rock as she was named to be Fern’s mentor after he greeted her. He turned his attention back tot he rock and listened as Kova spoke about the mentorship. He would stomp his foot for Fern’s advancement to assessment before Calder was called up next. His tail wrapped about his haunches.
    * Kova when Calder approached and stood at the base, she would give a dip of her head before her hues fell to the wolves present, first to the members of the pack. “Calder, you have been amongst our pack for some time now. You’ve found a heart amongst us, and a home, but not yet truly named as such. You had requested time. Time to ensure your heart and paws desire to remain and be called home.
    <Kova> I would ask you now, as I asked you sometime ago, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits as your final home? And if it is your desire, please, express to those you wish to call family, why.”
    <`Raven> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ The fae returns to her mate’s side, mind racing with this development. It was a wonderful one, but a development either way. A journey she was excited to embark on. As she and Fern depart the center of the gathering, she watches as Calder is summoned forward. Their pup Ragaire, seemed to have settled her flailing enough to let her father approach the base of Alpha Rock. ✲⊱
    <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Fianna had missed so much, out seeking her lost son, and then trapped on the mountain, but home now she felt her heart swell with each new proceeding, with the squirming large ball of floof that was making big eyes up at her and she couldn’t resist licking her muzzle a few more times before trying to tuck her close. It was hard because the little fae wouldn’t stop moving. Still, Fianna stomped for Fern’s new role, and swayed
    <`Raven> her tail, excited to see how Rune would do with the role of mentor. Fianna knew she was well-suited to the role. That reminded Fia of Loumacy, and her heart sank as she realized the fae wasn’t around. What had become of her? She had hoped that maybe the fae was just away for a time. But would she come back? Fianna had begun to become fond of the odd fae. Now, Calder was called forth and Fianna’s felt her tail fan once more, she nosed andnudged her
    <`Raven> mate as he stepped forward. It had been a long road for him. For both of them. She wondered what he would say..
    <Calder> There would be a long moment of silence to allow Kova to offer her words. His respectful gaze remained and when she inquired about his advancement, he would give only but a few moments of pause himself. His heart could be felt jolting against his chest. Was this to be it? The reveal of his decision. There was much to ponder, and much to think on. How he would respond in this moment.
    <Calder> Confliction and heart would clash like thunder. He’d turn to Kova and answer simply, but heartfelt. ~ I know my beginnings in this pack where of not humble origins. My journey and my life had led me to moments that would otherwise forsake my pledge now. A past is past. A life I will never forget, but gladly leave behind….~ his gaze shifted to the wolves behind him, namely the members of
    <Calder> the pack. ~ … I Calder, would like to have the honor and pleasure… nae…. privilege, to call WolfSpirits my final home. A place where the last days of my years will be spent among friends, and spent with family. In both laughter, protection, and life. To finally rest.~ he turned his amber hues to Kova, and would allow her to place the final judgement upon his
    <Calder> convictions.
    <`Raven> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn Turned his gaze to his mate as she moved back to his side, he wondered if something was on her mind beyond being named as mentor to Fern, was not usual for her to ignore his greeting, especially after being apart for any amount of time. He turned back to to the alpha rock as Calder responded to Kova’s question.
    * Kova her hues would remain upon Calder. The male had been with the pack for a better of 3 years now. Upon his final words she would give a soft expression. “You have seen this pack shift, change, grow, evolve through it’s struggles. All in which you have proven yourself able, willing, and most of all true to yourself and to this pack that you wish and want to call family. Whatever past
    <Kova> transgressions have been made, will find itself absolved by your will alone. WolfSpirits is a place of renewal of both mind and spirit. Of a chance at a home for all. Even those who’s place was not as smooth like a calm lake as others.” her gaze fell to the pack members, then, to Calder. “Who will speak for Calder’s advancement to WolfSpirits?”
    *Rune She leans agains the silver brute, nosing his scruff lightly. Rune had arrived late and was glad she hadn’t missed Kova’s summons. The Caretaker fully intended to check in with CwnAnnwn once the pack dissolved into smaller groups in the time following the meeting. ✲⊱
    *Fianna If a wolf could tear up, Fianna would have found her own welling, yet instead her heart gave a tremendous squeeze, to know finally and certainly that her mate had found his home where had always known hers to be. She found herself rising to all fours, a howl rising, waiting to burst forth but she held it back, tail.swaying until Kova would give her own determination. Had Calder shown his diligence and heart? To her, he had,
    <`Raven> but he had had her heart for some.time now. When Kova asked who would speak for her mate, she bit her tongue, quietly waiting. She was biased, she knew, waiting a heartbeat to see who else might speak on his behalf.
    *Saskia There was a long suspense between Calder’s reply, and Saskia had to lean forward in anticipation. Calder may have only been an assessment, but had been here for far longer than Saskia. She knew there were mysteries buried somewhere in his history. When Kova asked who would vouche for the brute, Saskia would keep quiet. Not because she deemed him unworthy, but because she wasn’t as close to him as a few others in the pack. When
    <`Raven> she didn’t see Fianna speak, she would hum and offer her voice. “I have known Calder for around a year now. He has always been respectful, and is kind to all he crosses. I, Saskia, welcome him as a member if it is true to the pack.” She comments, humbly. She knew the brute had always given her warm smiles, and never ran from conversation. This was his home, she knew.
    *Fianna would shoot Saskia a fond glance before her tail swayed and she would step forward, unable to keep from saying her piece. “Calder has proven himself to be loyal and true. In every regard, he now embodies what a wolfspirit is meant to be. He puts the welfare of the pack over his own, and he is always ready to lend a shoulder or a paw, should the need arise.” She could say so much more, but she kept it brief, settling back down for a moment and nudging Ragaire to pay attention. This was a big moment for her papa!
    * Ragaire Indigo ✩☾ Oh they were all speaking now? Fantastic. The pup pops up and shakes out her pelt. “My puppa is the greatest wolf. He is my family and he deserves to be a Pledge too, like me.” Ragaire missed the mark, but hopefully Kova wouldn’t punish her puppa and demote him as a result of the black fae’s mistake.
    * Panther ‘s ears perked as he tuned back in upon hearing Fern being assessed, it would seem the timid fae would be Rune’s apprentice. He also heard Calder being called forth. He remembered the brute had been asked if he wished to advance in ranks a few times, though each time he gave a good reason and declined. He looked to his court as she spoke up, he smiled. “Calder is a kind spirit, who has been here longer than I have,
    * Panther offering help where help is needed. Even if he isn’t officially a member of WolfSpirits, he will always be family – not by blood, but simply by bond.” Family is what this pack was, and the members gathered here proved that.
    * Kova as those of the pack would see their names be cast for Calder’s promotion, happy to hear Ragaire among them for she knew the pup had been gone for just a little. She would give a stomp of her paw and a swing of her tail. The air would be light, airy, and true with heartfelt words. “Those who stand before you as WolfSpirits, have cast their names to you Calder, and have accepted you as
    <Kova> family as I, Kova Alpha of WolfSpirits, accept you to our home and family. Welcome home, Calder, member of WolfSpirits.” and it was there she would offer her voice to the sky. A howl of congratulations for the male and brute who had done much for their home and pack.
    <Calder> He would watch Kova and not leave her hues and when it was inquired to the pack of WolfSpirits to speak for his behalf, he would eagerly but patiently wait to hear. When Fianna rose his eyes fell to her with a soft, knowing expression but to Saskia’s words caught him to now look upon the fae. He gave a respectful nod in her direction, a humbling one, for her vouche to his ascension. Then
    <Calder> Fianna’s would be added and a gaze of admiration for her spirit would be well upon his features. Then to Panther and his daughter. When Kova would finally announce his membership, he’d feel the blood in his veins go warm. The care and love of the pack was unmatched, and truly like no other. To this he would rise his head and howl for the pack. For his family.
    * CwnAnnwn He relaxed as Rune leaned into him, easing his mind. His attention turned back to the meeting at hand as he listened to those whom spoke up for Calder and then Kova named him pack. He would first stamp his paw and then tilt his head back to let out a howl of congratulations for the male.
    * Saskia would smile to his mate, as well as her courts vouch. When Kova named him member, and allowed her voice to ring through the territory; Saskia would eventually give her higher-pitched tones to the sky in a short song. Becoming a member was a celebration worth howling for!
    Fianna  At last she could lose her song, and it would be even more sweet because of how lonely the mountain had been. Pack around her. Pack song. The sound of the howls would swell and she would match her voice and heart with them, for her mate. And a new pack member! would sway her tail to young Ragaire’s words too, sweet a – wait. She was a pledge? As soon as the song was o ver Fianna would pull her head close to.her daughters and whisper. “And I am so proud of you too. For pledging, even if I wasn’t here to.see it.” Her eyes would shine for the fae, for family.
    <Ophaelos> The happenings of the pack meeting go by quickly. Fern advances and so would Calder. Perhaps one day, Ophaelos would find himself lucky enough to call himself a member. But for now, Pledge suits him just fine. His nose twitches slightly and his throat would tickle as Saskia began to howl. When the others joined in, he could not help but begin
    <Ophaelos> howling with them. Excitement was in the air and any remaining tension he may have had left in his body would leave as the pack gathered and sang their songs.
    * Kova as their songs would be heard and held together, cast long to the horizon and beyond, she would hope that all could hear the joyous tones in their voices. When the howls would settle, she would allow another moment for Calder to seat himself back amongst the gathered before she would cast her hues now to the rest. “Before I continue, is there any who desires to speak?”
    * Panther smiled as it was deemed so; Calder, member of Wolfspirits. If anyone deserved the title, it would be him. Panther offered his voice to the sky, harmonizing with the pack, the new found pledge and assessment. Soon, his voice would end and he would offer his attention to Kova once more.
    *Rune  The Caretaker lifts her voice in song, howling for Calder joining their ranks as a full pack member. She recalled fondly the brute guarding his young pups and caring for them diligently. The brute was a force to reckon with during the hunt, bringing down prey for the good of the pack. Calder was WolfSpirits, and she was glad his paws now walked with theirs in name as well.
    * Fern too offered her voice out to the brute, though she didn’t know him that well she was still happy for his great achievement that she too hoped to receive the honor of becoming fully a part of the pack one day.
    <Calder> He would feel his heart pour into the howl and call to the wilds and beyond. How humbled he felt in this very moment. Never had he ever imagined that life would be complete as it was now. Never had he ever thought to belong somewhere. To have a home. A family. When the howls would subside, he would bow his head respectfully and addressed the wolves ~ Thank you, family. ~ and with that he
    <Calder> would quickly make his way back to Fianna and Ragaire with pride welling in all of his being. Could that be emotion caught upon his face? Even for a stoic and generally regale disposition, he was reduced to a feeling of pure and untameable warmth.
    * Rowan ‘s paws shifted as she listened to the wolves howl after a male had been named member, she would allow the songs to end. Her attention was still on Kova as the fae, the songs ending as the Alphess spoke. She rose to her paws, perhaps drawing attention to herself. “If I may, I am also interested in taking the first paw steps of joining this pack, Kova. If you’ll allow it of me, that is.” She casted her voice forward,
    * Rowan hoping she had answered in time.
    <Saskia> The sounds of howling died, and another voice was given that caused Saskia to perk her ears and search the crowd. Rowan? She hummed contently and listened as the fae spoke. She turned to Panther to catch his reaction.
    * Kova her hues would turn to the gathered and Rowan would come forward. Her eyes light upon the fae but curious all the same. She had known her for sometime now, and to her request she would give a soft expression, but one sharp as well. “Rowan, you have been with us for sometime now, and as you come forward with your request, then I would ask you the same as I have to Ophaelos. Are you willing
    <Kova> to uphold the ways of WolfSpirits, to learn the basics of our stewardship to one another, and to ensure that your heart desires to pledge yourself to the pack and home of WolfSpirits?”
    * CwnAnnwn Silver brute uncurled his tail from his haunches and wrapped it around his mate’s haunches as he watched Rowan move towards the alpha rock after being called up by the alpha fae. He listened as as Kova spoke to the fae.
    * Fianna wouldn’t know this Rowan, but she took stock of the fae, matching name to face to scent and committing her to memory so that she could introduce herself later. It would be good to spend some time among everyone again, to familiarize herself with new faces, get to know them and their hopes, so that she could more fully guard the pack.
    * Rowan stepped forward, looking up towards the Alphess as she listened to the words, her expression light yet serious. Her paws would be planted underneath her as she held herself in place, she had already spoken up, no shying away from this now. “My paws have caused me to wander, and I have missed my chance many times now. I am willing to uphold the ways of this pack, and to learn the basics. My heart and paws may wander,
    * Rowan but I have found that I will always return here; I desire to pledge myself to the pack, and home of WolfSpirits.” Tones are light, and serious, much like her expression. She offered a glance to all, then looked back to the Alphess again.
    * Panther ‘s own voice died down as did the others, though Kova’s voice was answered and it would seem to be a familiar voice that had answered the Alphess. Rowan, he had expected her to ask at the beginning, but it would seem she had waited. He was just glad she had requested to pledge, he’d turn his head towards the fae, listening. Then, he’d look to Kova, curious.
    * Kova when Rowan offered her pledge to the pack her expression would be light, but still expressive. “As all bare witness to Rowan’s pledge, Rowan, I would like to have the honor of naming you Pledge to WolfSpirits. May your path be true, your heart and spirit pure in it’s equal path to finding home and family amongst us. Learn and grow with your fellow WolfSpirits, to know your journey and
    <Kova> find your true self.” her paw would rise and in customary fashion, she would gently stomp it upon the stone as Faolan had done for those in equal measure and place.
    <Calder> His eyes would fall between Fianna and Ragaire, nuzzling the pair before he would withdrawl his expression now to Kova, the meeting continued and so would his attention. There was a pride welling within him, something he never thought he’d feel. He would look to Rowan, and when she requested to pledge he would smile. He’d seen the fae about, and she like many, have helped and been a true
    <Calder> presence amongst the pack. When she was named pledge, he would give a swing of his tail and a few chuffs in her direction.
    <Saskia> Rowan had helped in many aspects of pack life, and so who was to deny her now? Saskia happily stomped the ground for the fae.
    <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Fianna would lean close to Calder, pride in her eyes for him as she nuzzled his ruff in congratulations. “Welcome home, Mo chuisle.” She whispered, happiness in her eyes. She would turn to pay attention soon enough, stomping her own paw in echo as Rowan was edged. Her words heartfelt.
    * Sanek lied on the outskirts of the Clearing, just waking up after a nap. He took a moment to look around drowsily and get his bearings. In the distance he saw the dark speck of the Alpha Rock against the bright snow. But not only that, he saw the silhouettes of gathered wolves surrounding it. He was awake and on his paws in an instant, his ears
    * Sanek perked with curiosity. Was there a meeting taking place? In a quick trot, he started toward the boulder, hoping he hadn’t missed too much of what had happened.
    <`Raven> <Code> Code would cheer alongside the others. Saskia seemed to deem these new wolves safe which made her feel a little more at ease. Perhaps enough to voice a question. She stood and made eye contact with the alpha and began to speak. “Kova, I have been away for quite some time – time enough for my pledge to the pack to be revoked I assume. I have been returned for a while now and wish to take a step towards joining once more if you will accept
    <`Raven> me.”
    * Kova she would smile and watch Rowan make her way back to the gathered, among the pack as a pledge. She turned now to the rest of the pack before shifting her paws slowly beneath her and it was there she turned her hues to Code. The fae had been a pledge for sometime, indeed, and she would address her with curious, but sharp hues of thought. “It is true, you have been a pledge for sometime. I
    <Kova> would not revoke it, but instead encourage you to be present among the family you desire to join. If this is still your wish, and home to belong to by the will of your heart and spirit, seek me at the next meeting and we will see you named properly to the next step.” she’d dip her head to the fae before turning to the rest of the pack. “Does anyone else desire to bring something to the
    <Kova> stone?”
    <Calder> He would nose Fianna gently and offer a warm and knowing smile to her. ~ Thank you~ his voice rumbled ever so lightly to her before nosing Ragaires crown. He would look now to the gathered and made note of Sanek approaching. He gave a dip of his head to him before turning his hues onto Kova.
    * Rowan ‘s ears had swiveled once then swiveled towards the fae on the rock, her tail swayed for a moment as she smiled. She dipped her head to the silver fae. “Thank you, Alphess. I shall carve my own path as I journey within this pack.” She replies, then disappears within the crowd, settling beside Panther, Saskia and the others nearby. She would offer a quiet nod to the courted pair nearest to her, then look around the
    * Rowan gathered wolves. If she saw Sanek, she would dip her head to him as well.
    *CwnAnnwn He listened as Rowan spoke of their desire to begin the path to becoming pack, he remember feeling the same way when he had pledged to the pack. When Kova named Rowan as pledge, he would stomp his paw carefully so not to unbalance himself with his mate leaning against him.
    * Saskia hadn’t noticed the scout that arrived a tad late, but instead was focused on the ones at the stone. She gave Rowan light eyes as she took her seat and a comforting smile. She was happy for her. She least expected Code to speak up about her desires, she when she did Saskia would perk her ears and watch the interaction. She wondered what Kova would have to say about her friend repledging. It seemed Kova hadn’t
    <Saskia> revoked her pledge, which she was glad for the creme fae.
    * Code nodded, glad she was still a part of the pack. She stayed silent as the rest of the meeting unfolded, carefully eyeing the unknown wolves and trying (pitifully no doubt) to judge their character. Perhaps she would meet them in the coming days. Until then her stilled tail and drawn back ears would betray her discomfort, though far less than the start of the meeting.
    * Kova she would smile and dip her head to Code. As she returned to the gathered comfort of friends, she would see Saskia among them, to her she would chuff. “Saskia, will you please come forward.”
    * Saskia would smile to all gathered, and upon hearing her name she would rise and slowly walk, ascending the stone. She gave Kova curious hues and dipped her head, respectfully. She wondered what was happening.
    * Fianna would sit quietly, grooming Calder and Ragaire who was a puddle at her paws, ears perking as Saskia was called forth, her eyes keen as she watched Kova as well.
    <Kova> “You have been a member of the pack for moons and seasons. You’ve grown and learned the ways of our home and the ways of your own heart. With it’s continued growth, we are finding the needs of those skills that have come forward in the interactions and trials that have been placed upon themselves, and of the pack.” she’d begin before her hues fell towards Fianna a moment, then back to
    <Kova> Saskia. “With the increase of numbers, is the increase of potential threats. You have always been a force and greeting to those and many who find our home first, and I would like to ask you if you would accept the role as Guardian in Training.” she would look to Fianna, calling her forward with a low chuff. “Fianna will be your mentor and your guide as our current Guardian. Do you accept
    <Kova> this role, and do you accept Fianna as your mentor?”
    * Sanek soundlessly he would join the meeting, sitting nearest to Calder who was one of the first to acknowledge him. He would read the body-language of each wolf as he tried to figure out what had happened already, while also following what was currently going on.
    * Fianna would perk as her own name was given and she rose, half expecting this. She had known Saskia’s heart for the pack by now and she was excited to see the fae hone the skills she already had. She would move to stand beside the fae and brush her muzzle against her shoulder briefly. She said nothing yet, only waited to see what Saskia would say.
    * Panther stomped his paw, containing a howl as he knew those were reserved for members. His tail gave off a happy wag though, which would still shortly after. He would offer a nod of greeting to Rowan as she settled nearby, he smiled when he noticed the approaching Sanek, he’d offer a kind smile and a dip of his head. All quiet greetings until the meeting had subsided. His attention would be then given back to Kova, as his
    * Panther court left his side due to her name being called. His ears perked, gaze settling on her and the Alphess. He smiled as he knew his court had been speaking about the role of Guardian for some time now, and he also knew she would do great in said role, but he waited to see what she would say.
    Saskia listened to Kova’s words, her eyes following her gaze to Fianna, and then back. When Kova asked if she was ready to accept the utmost important role in her life, Saskia’s tail began to slowly sway. Her mom, and her grandmother before her had both been Guardians and she wanted nothing more than to uphold that legacy. The chocolate fae watched as Fianna’s name was given to be her mentor, and her heart warmed. She
    <Saskia> had a strong admiration for the Guardian, and when Fianna nuzzled her shoulder she would lean into it. She looked towards the silver Alphess, “I have always had a deep sense of protection in my heart for my family – my pack. I’ve looked up to Fianna in more ways than one, and though every wolf has their own path to follow, I strongly push mine adjacent to hers. I would be honored to become the next Guardian in Training
    <Saskia> with Fianna, The Great Guardian, as my mentor. If she will have me?” Saskia meets the gaze of the strong fae before her. She was nervous, waiting for the response.
    * Kova when Saskia offered her heartfelt response, she turned then to Fianna after Saskia’s request to the fae then back to her sister, she looked with a knowing expression. “Fianna, do you accept Saskia as your apprentice? To guide and foster the knowledge and truth of what it means to be a Guardian for the pack?”
    * Fianna would watch Saskia, then Kova, then looked back to Saskia. “I have watched you grow from a pledge to a member in your own right, not once have you looked back, you heart has been steadfast. This steadfastness, and desire to push beyond our own comfort, through fear, is a mark of a great guardian to be. I will gladly accept my role as your mentor, and one day no doubt you will surprise myself.” She wagged once.and
    <`Raven> dipped her head to the fae, looking to Kova.
    * Kova there would be a well of pride within her and for her family. How strong they where growing, and growing more they would. For that much she felt true in her blood. When Fianna would agree to mentor Saskia, she gave a dip of her head before a stomp of her paw followed. “Then I would like to have the honor to name you, Saskia, Guardian in Training, apprentice to Fianna, Guardian of
    <Kova> WolfSpirits. May your paths be true, and your paths be met with heart and spirit to any and all you met.” she would grin “Congratulations, Saskia.”
    <Calder> His eyes would follow Fianna as she made her way to the stone. It was then, in that moment, the stone meant a great deal to him and to many others. It was a place named and proclaimed to be of WolfSpirit, of heart, and of soul. He felt no finer fit to mentor than Fianna. His eyes full of pride as he watched.
    * Fianna happily bumped her shoulder against Saskia’s when the fae was so named, her tail swaying. She nipped the fae’s ruff in a quick gesture of solidarity before she rose to return to her own seat, likely parting ways from the fae halfway down the aisle
    * Code grinned from ear to ear when Saskia was named Guardian in Training. She knew this had been a dream of her friends for a long while and was glad it would finally come true. “Go Saskia!!” she said congratulating the fae, tail wagging and vibrating with joy as if the achievement was her own.
    * CwnAnnwn He listened as Saskia was called up and offered the role of guardian in training and Fianna was named as her mentor. He smiled and stomped his paw when Kova named Saskia as Guardian in Training.
    * Fern tried to contain her howls of joy for her friend but it soon came out as small yips for the new Guardian in training. “Woo! Congratulations Saskia!” What an important sounding job it was, guardian. She knew Saskia exactly fitted it though, she was very protecting and just as loyal to her pack. Her tail offered plentiful wave’s to the
    * Fern fae from the sidelines as well as a proud grin.
    * Saskia’s tail to curl in jest. When Fianna returned to her seat, she too would take her leave from the stone and seat herself back between Code and Panther, looking for the expression her court would give. She also licked Code’s cheek multiple times from the ever expanding warmth and excitement in her heart. To all that were congratulating her, she would feel a sense of family. And would speak with them after the meeting.
    * Kova she would allow the congratulations be shared by all and would make that the final request for the evenings stone. She would give a light swing of her tail then still it. “I plan to have a Lore Night soon, so if there is a bit of story or lore you desire to share, please feel free to bring it. Also there’s been a Bison tracked.” her hues fell to Panther for a moment and she smiled in
    <Kova> his direction then turned to the rest. “They’re presence is ever constent in the hunting grounds, so I will leave it up to Panther on when to seek out the meal either tonight, or tomorrow during our hunting schedule. With that will conclude tonight’s meeting. Thank you to each of you for heeding the call and congratulations to each of you. Especially to our newest members, assessments
    <Kova> pledges, and Guardian In Training! ” she would lift her muzzle and offer a howl to conclude the meeting and celebrate the WolfSpirits

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