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WolfSpirits 17th Year Anniversary!

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Dear WolfSpirits Family,

Today February 25th, 2019 marks WolfSpirits 17th year sense it was born and forged from two sisters Kovo & Spirit looking to share their love for wolves and the spirit within.

How can one even begin to put into words the grandeur of humble and happiness that WolfSpirits has brought to so many in such a long time.



Atraya / Kovo
Alpha of WolfSpirits

Pack Meeting Log Begins

* Atraya had fallen asleep a top the Alpha’s rock and only now did she begin to stirr from her brief slumber. She yawned and shook her pelt out quietly before she rose to all fours and looked about her to see just who was near or around. There would be a wag of her tail to indicate, perhaps in a while, some excitement. She would let loose into the air a howl for a gathering.
* Darth would hear a howl that sounded like t had come from the stone structure; He got up and stretched out before starting to head toward the stone to see what was going on. He looked back to his sister for a moment and called to her; “Kamaitachi, wanna come with me to check out the howl?” He would ask.
* Shukie stirred slowly, a long wide-mouthed yawn escaped her muzzle as she rose, stretching everywhich way, ears focusing upon the direction from which the alpha howl was, as expected, near the alpha stone. Once she stood fully she answered with a howl of her own, taking a slow visual..what was visible, of the clearing moving toward Atraya.
* Kajika woke up with a start and his heart racing. He made it to the edge of the stream earlier when he was about to go about circling the edge of the clearing to see if anyone was stirring, but this was now hours ago he realized as the light was already starting to fade from the sky. The howl that woke him was close, very close and he whipped around and his head made half of a rotation around before the figure at the top of the Alpha Stone caught his attention. From the white pelt alone and position on top of the stone, he could already tell that it was Atraya calling the Pack together for a meeting. He stretched quickly, releasing the snow that wasn’t shaken off with his initial jump. He took a place close to the Stone and would watch as others would trickle out of their nearby surroundings.
* Kwa`ani flattened her ears at the sound of the alpha call and not long after the beta’s. With a brisk shake she followed the well worn path around the southern end of the lake that would lead her to the clearing. The scent of Shukie would meet her first, then that of Atraya. Once she reached the two fae’s she lowered her head in respectful greeting. The odd male she’d roamed a bit with was near to which she moved over near Kajika, perhaps spotting one of the huntress’.
* Kova wouldn’t have been far from the pack’s clearing now and would have heard her Alpha’s call. She promptly began to make her way towards the clearing and in. Once there, she would smile to any and all who resided before taking a gentle seat near the front, tail waving at the potential festivities.
* Atraya as her howl would die she would take note of all the wolves whom where present. She would smile and dip her head, seating herself on the rock surface. “Salutations and well met all. As you know tonight is a special night. Tonight is a night where we recall the past and embrace all that has been from then, to now. The evolution and growth of this pack. The continuation of this pack and so much more..” her hues scanned across all the others before she saw Kajika among them. She smiled and chuffed for the male to step forward. Her ears turned to Shukie and she dipped her head warmly to her Beta.
* Darth would arrive at the stone and would find a place to settle down in among the other wolves of the pack, same he had met, and others he had not. atop the rock was the alpha he had met, He would sit on his hind quarters.
* Shukie settled beside the alpha rock, dippign her head to Atraya and as she listened to the fae call forth Kajika she gave a slight nod, ears perked forward also taking in the current arrivals, a male she didn’t yet know andone of the alpha pups.
* Kwa`ani watched as Atraya began the meeting wondering at the comments made, her eyes the only thing moving which watched Kajika
* skydancer perking her ears at atraya’s howl she blinks the sleep out of her eyes and rises to all fours before padding out into the clearing and toward the Rock ears swiveling alertly though with the amount of wolves around at the moment not even a bear will be silly enough to come near them.
* Kajika blinked as she greeted them all and would first motion for him to step forward. Raising up from where he was seated, he made his way over to the bottom of the Alphas’ Rock, aware that there were eyes on him from nearly every direction as his excitement warmed up his chest considerably.
* Atraya would dip her head to the male as he would approach before she continued. “Kajika..” she began as she adjusted her paws before her in a more comfortable manner. “You have been a pledge and assessment with us for a very long while now and I would like to ask you now… throughout your time here in WolfSpirits, do you feel that this pack is in fact your home?”
* Shukie paid quiet attention to both wolves, the tip of her tail moving slightly as she awaited the male’s response.
* Darth would watch as the male he had seen a few days ago walked up towards the stone as the alpha began to ask him her question. he waited to hear what the brute had to say as he observed the occasion.
* Kwa`ani watche solemly as Kajika was upon center stage at the moment. The fly in the spider’s trap came to mine then a brief shake of her head dispelled the thought
* skydancer ears swivels forward as she spots kajika moving forward and picks up her pace a little o close he distance in time before picking a spot to sit.
* Kajika nodded his head and even though he felt like nothing needed to be said, he still affirm that he believed that he found his new home. “Yes, it is my desire to be called a member of this Pack, and to proudly call all of you my packmates.” As he said this, he glanced around him and a breath of contentment passed his muzzle. “As I seek to better myself to assist the Pack in whatever ways I can.”
* Atraya offering a quiet nod of her head to his words she would smile before addressing all the others in the pack “My mother formed this pack 17 years ago today and her dream was to continue a legacy and creed for years and years to come. With that dream came asking all the prospecting wolves these very things.” she turned to Kajika “As you have shown yourself and proven yourself worthy with true heart and spirit, I would like to ask you Kajika, if you are willing to uphold and reinforce the rules and creed of our way. To be true to yourself and to your heart. To your family and to your pack. Are you willing to uphold these ways of our pack?”
* Kwa`ani blinked realizing she knew that but to hear it said, her mother’s mother began what she has always considered home. It was the fact of it being this very day years ago making a mental note to do her best to remember. A wide smile stretched across her muzzle.
* Shukie noticed skydancer’s arrival and at Atraya’s words, the significance of todays meeting, a celebration to be had for sure.
* Kajika listened to her words, each one falling to his ears as if he were getting a brief history of the Pack that he hoped would now be known to him as the day he became a member of it. He understood the gravity of the question and still he was able to breathe in and reply in a voice that resonated his assurance in his answer. “Yes I am willing to follow and ensure that these rules are carried on throughout these lands.”
* Atraya another nod was given in the wake of his words as she would smile all the same. “As all lay witness to Kajika’s heart and pledge to this pack, I would like to have the honor of naming him a full member of WolfSpirits. Welcome home Kajika. You may now introduce yourself as such to all you meet.” there would be a slow breath taken before she rose her head up and let loose a howl for Kajika, the newest member of WolfSpirits!
* Shukie ‘s tones echoed right after Atraya’s, tap tapping her front paws upon the snowy grounds. Once her tones ended, “Welcome! WolfSpirit!” Stepping forward to nuzzle the male before stepping back into her place once again.
* Darth would look to the wolf called Kajika and he would bow his head in respect to the new member of the pack.
* skydancer lifts her muzzle to let out a congratulatory howl.
* Kova would smile and let loose a howl for the new member of WolfSpirits! She was excited to see the pack begin to rebuild it’s numberss!
* Kwa`ani sang out congrats, suddenly all bouncy from the ceremony. He was now pack. One day, perhaps she too would be. She noticed both skydancer and Kova entering the throng of howls as well. She kept an ear toward the stranger tho, attention still upon the alphess
* Kajika wagged his tail enthusiastically as she named him a member of the pack and as others joined in on the howling, he would only wait a moment before he lifted his muzzle for the joyous occasion. Just as it would start to die down, he would make his way back to join the rest of those gathered, brushing a few shoulders with his own or his nose as he passed. This was only the first event of the evening and he couldn’t wait to see what else was next.
*kamaitachi realized from all the howls something was going on and when she saw the gathered wolves she paused til she saw her brother and snuck through to sit by him “what’s going on?” She said nervously
* Darth looked to his sister who had just joined in the gathering; “Some kind of meeting of the pack. The wolf they call Kajika was just announced as a new pack member.” He said to try to catch her up.
* Atraya when the howls of excitement would die down she would offer forth to the others and look to all that where gathered. “Does anyone wish to request to join before I continue on with this meeting?” silvery hues would leer out with a thoughtful gaze.
* Darth would once again look to his sister; he gave a nod asking if she was ready to approach.
*kamaitachi would stand up with her brother and move forward
* Darth would look to the alpha as they approached the stone. “My sister and I would like to join the pack; if you will have us. I think I can speak for both of us that we would like to call this pack and this family as our home.” He said before bowing his head in respect as he awaited the alphas response.
* Atraya an ear flicked towards the sound of movement against the snow that still held it’s icy grip upon the landscape. She would perk her ears forward seeing two figures making their way to the rock. She glanced at Shukie before turning back to the pair. “I’m sure that you both can speak for yourselves” she said in a light tone. She didn’t mind the eagerness at all, and in fact, was excited, but her hues would be light all the same and curious “Tell me, why do you wish to join WolfSpirits?”
* Shukie watched as the two wolves moved forward knowing no one could truly speak commitment for another. So they were brother and sister, she deduced from the request. The fae would need to make her own declaration to join, presuming the male intended only to include her as he spoke. She took in the two new comers scents nodding to both as she gave attention to the alpha, tail swishing
* Shukie across the crusted snow. The season at hand always made for contensious times and attitudes with strangers. Outwardly none of her thoughts would show.
* Kwa`ani perked, sensing she was not going to be the only pledge any more with Kajika’s promotion to full member.
* Kajika as Atraya’s eyes scanned over those gathered, Kajika took notice of the two that stepped forward. He could recognize the scent of the wolf that he briefly got to see not too long ago, but this new wolf that was with him, he couldn’t identify from scent nor sight. Maybe he would get the chance to greet them after the meeting concluded. But for now, he just took a seat and would
* Kajika continue to watch the proceedings as they unfolded in front of him.
<`Raven> <Larka> *kamaitachi sipped her head ” we never had a home or wolves as family. We only know cages and death. But I like what I’ve seen and though I have a lot to learn about surviving in the wild, I think I can learn that here. And hopefully become more confident.” She would look up to the alpha. Nervous of all the eyes upon her and the attention
* Kova an ear turned towards the two new wolves. She met Darth but would not have met the female beside him. She flicked an ear curiously at the fae but would watch none the less. She would be excited to see more grow and evolve with the pack.
* Darth would listen to the alpha and would think for a moment before he spoke his answer to her. “In the short time that we have been here in this territory, and meeting and speaking to many of the pack members. This pack is everything that I could dream for a pack and a place to call home. I have tried to make myself available to help the pack whenever possible and have done my best to try and learn the packs way of life. I have tried to I have tried to learn what I can, never knowing the wild until recently. but I have the will to learn everything I can.” He said, as if trying to plead his case to the alpha. He kept standing and would no doubt bow his head once again.
* Atraya would look between the gathered pair and would offer a nod to them quietly. “As pledges of WolfSpirits you will learn our ways, creed and our pack. You will better familiarize yourself with those you wish to call family and a place to call home. Are you willing to do what it takes to learn our ways and rules, to uphold our laws and to ensure that you follow your heart to ensure this is the path it desires to take?”
<Larka> Kamaitachi bowed her head “it is alpha.” It was all she could say
* Shukie nodded as she listened to the two newcomers’ responses and the interchange with Atraya, many she had witnessed in the past. It was always good to see the pack grow.
* Kwa`ani listened to the alphess noting the differences between Kajika’s promotion and the acceptance of the two new wolves as pledges, so very similar to her own pledgings, ears pointed forward even as cast anothher congratulatory glance to Kajika, recalling her days fighting for the top of the alpha rock with her siblings.
* Darth would listen to every word the alpha spoke; thinking for a moment before speaking. “Yes, my alpha. I am willing to take that journey and learn about the pack.” was all he was able to say; now realizing everyone’s eyes on them.
* Atraya gave a nod to both Darth and his sister, Kamaitachi. “Then as all lay witness to their words and heart to this pack, I would like to name Darth and Kamaitachi pledges of WolfSpirits” her paw would rise up, much like her mates fashion, then come down upon the stone and stomp, making it so.
* Shukie taptappered her own paws in welcome to the two wolves that she’d not yet met but would in short order.
* Kwa`ani yipped as the two strangers were welcomed, tail wagging excitedly. She wondered where they came from.
* Kova would let loose a few barking chuffs to the pair, welcoming the new pledges into the fold!
* Kajika smiled as he heard the request of these two, deciding to leave the struggle of having just each other in order to join the Pack and become part of a family again, one that he knew very well at this point. His tail would be getting a workout all on its own as it started to sway back and forth at the newly made Pledges. He would enjoy getting to know each of them in time.
* Darth would feel excitement as he heard the alpha accept him and his sister’s request. He looked around to the gathered wolves, making a mental note to who he still needed to meet and looked upon his soon to be family
* Atraya as the howls and chirps of excitement would fade she would offer forth a lightened dip of her head allowing the pair to take their place back among the others before she would look out “Usually during this time, we enjoy stories and sharing lore form the past and even present. Is there anything anyone desires to share?”
* Kamaitachi would nose her brother and wag her tail. she was happy to be accepted hopefully
<`Raven> <Larka> *larka would be nearby snoozing and listening. She had felt weak as of late and as she listened she looked to atraya. She slowly stood up and padded to The alpha. “May I speak?” She said politely. Her age was catching up to her and she sat looking to the alpha for a response
* Shukie let her gaze travel from one to the other of the pack and pledges, catching movement off to the side. She recognized the vocals tho rarely saw the fae.
* Kwa`ani ‘s head snapped around at the sound of a voice thinking another newbie was within their midsts. Now where’d this one come from she wondered,… not 1, not 2 but THREE stranges were here without her knowing it. She must have missed their tracks and scents when they arrived. For now, she’d remain quiet and just observe.
* Atraya would perk an ear towards Larka. She would not have noticed her even enter and so she would simply nod “of course”

* Kajika looked around amongst everyone else. He hadn’t come prepared with anything and wouldn’t share a half-thought out story or experience so he shook his own head slightly in response. But as he didn’t come up with anything, another wolf stepped forward and was yet another wolf that he didn’t recognize right away. But he sat up and leaned in a little closer as she was granted her wish of telling a story either of her past or of dreamed encounters.
<`Raven> <Larka> *dipped her head ” thank you. Now I have been around a long time and I called this home long ago when I was a pup. But now I am old and feeling less like a pup anymore. I might not be around much longer but it brings my heart joy to see this pack survive and bond through all the hardships. I’ve watched wolves come and go and have loved so many of them.but I fear this is my last season. I wish to let you all know that I could have asked for a better family then this pack here. So I wish that from now on if I’m allowed, I would spend the rest of my days telling my stories and just spending time with all of you. I’m stepping down now as an elder. I just want it known this pack will thrive forever. And I say don’t take anything for granted. Do what you want, follow your heart.” She paused as a tear streaked down her nose “and please never forget to say I love you to those you love. Don’t put it off til it’s to late. Live for today.” She would wrap up for the time being as she couldn’t think of more to say. “I’m glad to have you for family Nd I love you all” and with that she would move slowly back to her spot and curl up again looking to the alpha.
* Atraya would listen intently to the story that larka had to share. She would let loose a soft nod of her head and one that held the same sentiments she felt as well. She was sad to see that Larka was feeling the last of her days, but she was glad that she would revel in them, share them and love “Thank you for sharing that with us Larka. Who knows how many seasons we all truly have, but it is good to see that your heart has stayed true to your spirit. Thank you for doing what you have done for this pack and for so long. I know my mother would be proud to see one of her own” she smiled softly and dipped her head once more but as well sadden to hear that Larka felt she had not another season left.
* Kova would offer a look as well that held a saddness within them. Did a wolf really know when their time was near? She frowned at the thought an in that moment thought of her own mother, her sister. She would look ahead and peer towards Larka and then Atraya with softneed hues. She herself thought on sharing her own story.
* Shukie thought over the elder fae’s words nodding in agreement to much of what was said by larka and by atraya. As if sensing it, the bond with her sister pulled her eyes toward Kova, tail beginning to wag. “Well said, Larka. A good lesson not to take things for granted nor the time we are given”
* Kwa`ani cocked her head to the side at the old one’s words wondering just how one knew they were going to croak. That thought had formed overshadowing the rest of what the fae had said and by then the alpha spoke causing her to lose her concentration blinking several times.
* Kajika listened as this wolf gave them her words of advice, and even though this was his first time seeing her, he found that he could live up to these words just as he could everyday he was here to call this place home. He gathered that she was an elder by her appearance and regard that the others had for her and was overall delighted that he would also get to meet her and listen to her stories that she had to share as well as anyone else here for as long as she was able to tell them. He tried to memorize her pelt coloring so he could pick her out from the background of the Clearing or other nearby areas.
* Atraya would look towards the rest gathered and offered a curious chuff to the rest, her mind still upon Larka’s words. “Anyone else desires to share?”
* Atraya would offer a warm smile before dipping her head “I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you. Without your dedication, heart and soul we would surely not thrive and my mothers dream would have faded when she too had fallen to the earth and risen to the stars and sky. I look forward to seeing where this new year takes us. I feel that it will be a strong one yet!” she’d let loose a gentle howl, a howl for heart and spirit alike. For her family and for her pack. She knew they would live on forever.

Header Wolf Artwork created by tehchan