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The Social Pack Member

Keeping WolfSpirits safe and welcoming.

1. Greetings (OOC)

When newcomers first join, greet them and ensure they have joined the proper channels. If a newcomer has only joined #WolfSpirits, briefly introduce yourself and then direct them to #ws_ooc to keep the IC channel free of introductions and questions. Proceed with introductions in the OOC channel and explain to newcomers what each channel is for.

“Hello newcomer, my name is ___. Welcome to the WolfSpirits Pack. This is our in-character channel, please join our out-of-character channel #WS_OOC. Type /join #ws_ooc to join us there!”
“Hello newcomer, my name is ___. Welcome to the WolfSpirits pack. This is our out-of-character channel, our in-character channel is #WolfSpirits.”

2. Introductions & the Basics

Once newcomers have joined the OOC channel, they can begin to meet other pack members, assessments, and pledges. If there is a higher ranking member of the pack online, defer introductions to them.

Introduce the Alphas and Betas if they are online! If none of the pack’s leadership is online, provide the newcomer with their names and let them know the Alphas or Betas will be online at a later time.

At this point, there are a few more questions we have for them…

  1. Have you visited our website and read our pack rules?
  2. Have you submitted an application to join the pack on our website?
  3. Do you have any questions about joining the pack?

3. The Website

The website contains much of the information newcomers will need. Don’t worry about explaining every rule and guideline, provide them with links and encourage them to ask questions AFTER they have read the provided resources.

  • The Join Page (This page contains most of the links below and lots of helpful info.)
  • WolfSpirits Guides
  • Rules
  • The Territory & WolfSpirits’ Setting
  • The Pack

4. Getting Started (OOC)

Once newcomers have been introduced to the pack and been provided with the website’s resources, we can begin discussing roleplaying within the pack’s channels.

Ensure that the newcomer knows…
1.   their character must be approved by an Alpha or Beta and follow all guidelines before they can begin roleplaying.
2.   roleplay only happens within IC channels. Keep roleplay out of #ws_ooc.
3.   their character must request to join the pack in-character, by speaking with an Alpha or Beta.

Character Creation

Try not to discuss a newcomer’s character with them. Information a newcomer receives from you may be different from what a pack leader may tell them. Direct newcomers to information provided in the WolfSpirits Guides and feel free to reiterate what is written on the website. Avoiding miscommunication is important when we want newcomers to return to the pack. Feel free to answer obvious questions, but if you’re not sure, have them save that question for an Alpha or Beta.

5. Getting Started (IC)

Newcomers are permitted to watch IC before their characters are approved. Encourage newcomers to sit in #WolfSpirits to get an idea of how the pack interacts while in-character.

When it is time for newcomers to start posting, discourage them from teleporting their wolf next to characters already IC or from teleporting between locations. Encourage them to start roleplaying at the edge of the territory and to take their time traveling from one location to the next. Remember: it takes 30 minutes at top speed to reach the Clearing from the Great Crossing.

6. Greetings (IC)

Getting newcomers IC and roleplaying as quickly as possible is ideal. When a newcomer is starting to roleplay with the pack, it is important that they roleplay alone as little as possible. Get IC with them!

When your characters are separate…

1. Include clear details on where your wolf is in the territory within your post. This provides new wolves with an idea of how to describe their progression and movement.
2. Use your experience and resources to include details about the weather and scenery. Familiarize yourself with how to describe the different parts of the territory.

When your characters are together…

1. Introduce your character and include their name and role/rank.
Example: “Hello visitor. My name is _____, member of the WolfSpirits Pack.”
2. Provide their character with information as to where they are.
Example: “Your paws currently stand in the lands of the WolfSpirits Pack.”
3. Ensure that they know their character is welcome and communicate some basic rules to them.
Example: “We welcome newcomers of all kinds to our territory as long as you are respectful of our territory and our ways. You are permitted to hunt small game only as long as you are here.”
4. Provide them with the next steps.
Example: “Should you wish to join our pack, you will need to seek out either an Alpha or Beta. Our Alpha is ___ and our Beta is ___. You will be named a Pledge at the next meeting within the Clearing.”
5. If possible, introduce them to other pack members and keep roleplay interesting.
         Find ways to encourage roleplayers to return to our IC channels.

Regardless of the rule broken, always be respectful of others. Keep your communication clear and concise. Offer to provide more details/explanations in PM/DM if there is confusion. If debate or argumentation occurs, contact an Alpha or Beta. Do not interrupt a higher-ranking member’s explanation or enforcement of rules. Do not attempt to address a rule break if it is beyond your authority/capability. In your explanations, make sure that rules/expectations are clearly differentiated from advice.

When in doubt, always ask!


Where to correct…

OOC: If the rule break applies to multiple players, OOC corrections is appropriate.
PM/DM: If the rule break applies to only one player, private messages are appropriate.
Alphas/Betas: Non-compliance, disrespectful behavior, and serious infractions.

Minor Rule Breaks

OOC Examples: Swear words, excessive capitalization/punctuation, flooding OOC chats, etc.
IC Examples: Teleportation, auto-hitting, meta-gaming.

Response: Gentle reminder to change specific word choices, take conversations to PM/DM, or make edits to an IC post. Provide a warning in OOC or contact the individual in PM/DM.
“Hello Luna, just a reminder that our channels are PG-13 and we request that language used matches this expectation. Please do not use swear words like this again. Thanks!”
“Hello Luna and Silver. This topic seems pretty specific. We’re glad to see conversations among members, but please continue it in PM/DM. Thanks!”
“Hello Silver. Keep in mind that travel in our in-character channels are not instantaneous. Please try to roleplay out your character’s travel and/or account for the amount of time needed to get from point A to point B.”

Moderate Rule Breaks and Escalation

Example: Disrespectful/argumentative behavior and non-compliance following a warning.

Response: State or remind the player that the behavior is against the rules in OOC, contact the individual in PM/DM, and contact the Alphas or Betas.
“Silver, you have been warned previously that this content is not acceptable. Please correct your post/refrain from using that language.”
“Luna, this post violates a WolfSpirits rule. Please rewrite your post.”

Consequence: Conversation with Alphas or Betas, temporary ban, demotion from Rank/Role, and/or delayed progression.

Severe Rule Breaks

Examples: Explicit content, violence and threats, and material of a similarly serious nature.

Response: Contact an Alpha or Beta immediately. If pack leadership is not available, be expressly clear in a single post that this content is unacceptable. Suspend and/or kick the individual or contact a pack member who can. Warnings are not appropriate for this, the pack has a zero-tolerance policy.
“Luna, this content is not permitted in our channels under any circumstances and is a serious infraction.”

Consequence: Lifelong ban from the WolfSpirits Pack.