Lost Spirits Of WolfSpirits

Here you will find a list of wolves who have come and gone from WolfSpirits in some form or another. Whether they passed away (in character), left the pack or have gone missing. This is a tribute to them. Those who have pledged themselves to the pack and for some reason can no longer uphold it.

Artwork by Dark Sheyn

Wolves Who’ve Passed

These wolves have been killed In Character

These are wolves of the pack who have either died of natural causes, old age, or because their wolf was involved in a story line that killed their character. No wolf character is killed without permission from the role player.

Name: Kovo
Rank: Alpha / Elder
Membership: February 25th, 2002 – June 2nd, 2014

Name: Loupelless
Rank: Female Subordinate
Membership: 2004 – July 17th, 2013

Name: Faite
Rank: Female Subordinate
Membership: 2003 – 2004

Name: TimberWolf
Rank: Pack Pledge
Reason: From illness
Membership: February 22nd 2003 – April 11th 2003

Name: Mica
Rank: Male Subordinate & Guardian
Reason: From illness of old age
Membership: 2008

Name: Coranoir

Rank: Female Subordinate, Stealth Wolf
Reason: From of old age
Membership: 2017

Name: Kyara

Rank: Female Honored Visitor, Spirit Sister of Kovo
Reason: Succumbed in the fires of the battle with Morrigan
Passed: Fall of 2018

Background Artwork by Tarkheki

Wolves Who’ve Left The Pack

These wolves have left WolfSpirits

These are wolves who have left the pack for personal reasons or because they desired no longer to be with the pack.

Background artwork by dalkur
Wolves Who’ve Gone Missing

These wolves are missing from the pack

This is a list of wolves who have gone missing from the pack and have not been heard from since or within a 6 month span. The duration can be from 6months – years. We just hope that one day our paths will reunite once again. Wolves who return can re-assess as an assessment to rejoin!

Background artwork by dalkur