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Coyotes Chased from Clearing

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In recent days, two coyotes have been observed scavenging in Clearing. The first was successfully driven out by Atraya and Kova. The second coyote, which appeared a few days later, was chased out by Panther, Sanek, and Sirris.

Did a surplus of carcasses attract the nuisance scavengers? Clear the cache to be sure and keep an eye out!

Profile Pages Bugged

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After the website was updated after a loss there’s been some kinks here and there. One of them seems to be that you can view profiles but when you attempt to make edits or anything else to them it just comes up a blank page (or unable to load the page). I’m working on this as fast as I can to figure out what’s causing the problem. Below you will find a list of known bugs. Let me know please if you see any other bugs! ( fill out the form below )

Thanks all for your patience!


Fixed Bugs


Forms where not submitting properly. This is fixed as of 9.17.17.

Known Bugs

Edits To Profile

When you try to login and edit your profile or view your account information you're taken to a blank page

wolf chases coyote

Coyote Chased Out

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wolf chases coyote

Lately the pack has experienced intruders wandering in and out of the hunting grounds. Today Ayaka, Shukie, Kuroi and the Alpha’s pups chased off a coyote from the hunting grounds. Only minor injuries where reported.