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Story-line Conclusion – The Northern Cull

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July 1st, 2023

  • Wolves who heeded the northern call where Kova, Rook, Shakira, Rowan and Ophaelos

The Farewells

Kova As she remained in the clearing her hues fell to the time of day. The sun would be pulling in and out between some clouds as the sun cast it’s light sparingly. She took in a few deep breaths before she swiftly shook her frame and coat. Now was the time. Now they would rid of their fire. A deep breath escaped her lungs in a long , drawn sigh before she would take another full gap of air into her lungs and let loose a deep, low howl.

:howlingwolf: awwwwwwwwooooOOoOOOOOOoooooo

A call to those who would be headed north was made as she now faced that direction and would hopefully see each she’s named.

* Rook While others were deep in conversation and conjecture, he would press deeper into the clearing via the river’s shallow crossing. Rook would be on the southern bank by the time the fated call came to gather, and gather he would. Farther south and closer to the Alpha’s stone, he might catch sight of Ophaelos and move to find his spot upon his path and side. What then of the others? Rook would cast his gaze about the clearing and note many who had been present at the naming of the north-bound few…

* Leora the howl would reach her well and clear as she was in the clearing by now, to. She would look out across the horizon and to each wolf who was present. At the howl more began to gather and among them she saw her brother. Her paws quickly ushered beneath her as she aimed to close the distance to him and rather quickly. A low chuff was offered, if only to announce herself.


*Ophaelos When Ophaelos would arrive at the stone, he’d turn his head to observe who was in attendance and who was not. It would seem Rowan and Rook had appeared in time, save for the Lead Huntress who was likely approaching not too far away now. To those who were part of the group, including Kova, he would dip his head toward. However, it would seem it wasn’t just the wolves called forward for the journey to be gathered around the stone, but rather, he would find the frame of Grimolf in the string of wolves. A suspicious brow was quirked his way, but his glance wouldn’t last longer than a few seconds before he would focus on the Alphess’ figure upon the stone. Upon the request of final words, Ophaelos would simply say, “To the North we shall go.” Simple words, short words, yet enough to communicate that the brute was ready for the journey. He would look toward the wolves gathered to see if they held the same sentiments, and would keep his ears pricked should they or should they not

* Rook Regardless of whether Ophaelos felt or noted his presence beside him, Rook would have taken the path to assemble nearest where those going north were. This would likely take him near enough to Leora, and even if not, she seemed keen to be near him at the last. When light met dark in the growing presence of the Alpha’s rock and what decisions were to be handed down from it, dark would take solace in the other’s presence; Rook would be made better for Leora at his side.  A kindness was gifted him from her that he could not fully repay, but he hoped that he could in time.  Now came the time to listen as the last of the details unfolded. The last of the preparations were to be made, and he would keenly listen to mention of the mask tied to Shakira. It was something he had not fully investigated and so was only slightly less ignorant than most. Others had gathered near the stone that had not been called to the north, which would cause Rook to grant the same suspicious gaze toward Grim in particular before looking to those that were not present. Just how many had made themselves ready should the pack lands come under threat? How could he know when they were not present?

* Shakira Drawing near the Alphas Rock, she would notice a fair amount of wolves near or at least recently near, their scents lingering as if to taunt those that were meant to leave them behind. As Kova approached, she would nose her scruff gently in greeting, giving a firm nod to her words. “I will carry it, the burden was my mothers, then brothers, and now mine.” She responded softly, still unsure of what purpose the mask held within her family, but she would carry the heirloom all the same. Looking to those gathered, she would wait for the next step and move as the Alpha bade.

* Leora She knew the time was now, and the time would tick regardless of how her heart had hurt for it to not feel so pained. She would pull her nose into her brothers chest before stepping back. “Brother… take this tale with you before you go…?” it would be a soft question, but with a following gaze that would hold an eagerness to share.

*Vesper could hardly hear a word or two from the Alphess’ lips, but she saw dark and creamy specks of wolves as they gathered to the Alpha Stone…perhaps any that glanced in the direction of the den-hill would see a faint blob of creamy fur watching from above as well. It pained her to not be down there with them, and she’d let a quiet, anxious whine leave her own maw. How many goodbyes would she miss for good in her whole life? She’d missed so many from her own pack, and now this…

*Grimwolf The scarred brute wouldn’t be surprised to find a few suspicious glances towards his direction, he did make somewhat of an scene back at the meeting, and really wasn’t called upon . Grimolf didn’t pay any mind to them only waiting for Kova’s reaction to the unexpected guest . When her head dipped towards the pair, it didn’t seem like the Alpha was implying that the pledge wasn’t welcome, so he’d stick around until one of them chased him off . “ May warriors fortune shine upon us . “ A traditional Far Northern saying that dated back thousands of moons, it was something that brought confidence to the brute . Grimolf would harbour no regrets or second thoughts . Whatever happened on this trip, he openly embraced it .

* Rook The task of the mask and its keeping were not his, but he would keep an ear trained to what conversation remained thereof while turning a pensive gaze toward his younger sister. With a dark understanding, he spoke quietly and as gently as he could through the resolve his tone likely carried. “I will hear it, dear light. Speak it and I will hear it.”


She reclined herself back just enough so that she could look up and into her brothers eyes. The light pure. Her heart shared along with the soul and tune of her soul. Perhaps he began to see the small welling in her eyes before she even began.
“In twilight’s gentle embrace, we stand, As sorrow weaves it’s tendrils through the air. A sisters heart, heavy with a farewell so grand, For this may be the last time we’ll share.”
“Brother dear, our souls entwined in fate, Through laughter, tears, and cherished days. Now destiny knocks upon your gate, and we must part, treading separate ways.”
“But now, a chasm yawns between our paws, And silence fills the voice that once we knew. Time’s relentless march, playing its qualms, Yet love transcends, eternal and true.”
As you embark on uncharted seas afar, May courge be your compass through the night. Know that my light will shine as your guiding star, Guiding you through darkness, towards the light.
So brother dear, as we bid our fond adieu, In whispered memories forever we shall be tied, Until we meet again, dear brother of mine, Go with the light. Know that it is safe and that it shines.”
* Kova to Shakira’s agreement of the token and burden shared, she bowed her head and nosed her. “You can share this burden should you need, Shakira. You are not alone.” to that note she ushered another firm nod and nuzzle to her before turning to look to the other wolves gathered. “Those who have been named, I ask you now to heed the call. We head north on swift paws and we do not stop until we reach our destination.” She would now take a few strides forward before her gaze fell to those who would remain. “You all are not alone, together you stand. I believe in the strength to those going and staying. Ignite the fire in your souls and hold to your truths and to your spirits. Will shall not be but a few days. You shall seek the guidance of those who hold a lead role in my absence.” With that she would stomp her paw swiftly to the earth and gave one last look to the other wolves who gathered for any final thoughts shared before they headed out.
* Vesper would leap down to the foot of the hill and offer a mournful yet hopeful, a reverent howl to those gathered below. Farewell for now, good fortune to all, a warriors’ and family’s fortune be to the journey and the hearth alike. She’d bound back up the hill with lightning speed, resuming her previous position guarding the singular pup that remained awake, playing in the dandelions. She’d chuff kindly to Stick, moving a bit closer to watch him play–but not too close, should Rune wake and find her at the den-site. Still, she wouldn’t leave the pups unguarded by waking eyes–not now especially, of all times.
*Calder as he would make it down the hill he would look towards the direction of the pups but his attention would then be drawn to Kova and the rest gathered. He gave a dip of his head to any who where near and a polite greeting before he would hear the end of Kova’s words. They would be off. A slow but firm stomp of his paw was given for no words needed to be shared until after. “Happy hunting and may the spirits of those before us protect and guide you. Please, come home safe.” his deep reverberating tones would resound to the party now leaving.

* Rook What did physicists know of the mass of light? What of its weight as felt on a warm summer’s eve or a cold winter’s morning? No, perhaps the bards and poets knew this one a little better…that light lightened hearts and made burdens to be endured. Still, the chasm that had opened between them had done so with merciless abandon. Absolution resided in that chasm, and he was bade to fall within its depths… Although her tones and words wrought the foundations of this conviction they had gifted him what may be a final mercy and opportunity. “Feicim thú, solas, agus tá aithne agam ort. No matter where I go, I will see you and I will know you. You, who have given and fated name, daughter of starfall and earth…I name you heir of your father and mother in my stead and against all other claim.” Rook would lower his head and press the crown of it to Leora’s, whispering, “Should it try, know that death will not divide us so long as a tale lives within your voice.”

So much was left unsaid, but the parting words he used were thus “I see you…and I -know- you.” With that, Rook departed from his sister’s side and moved to join those likely already on the northern path.
* Ophaelos Ophaelos had nothing much to offer in terms of words, simply stamping his paw with approval once the Alphess had finished her speech and guidance to those gathered. When she would hop off of the stone, he would feel a tinge of electricity from his heart that went through his body and split down his limbs to touch the soil beneath. He had plenty of time to reflect, but it would appear that it was only now that the brute felt the depth and realness concerning the journey. If Kova started moving off to lead the charge, he would follow behind. No goodbye’s were heard from Ophaelos—he intended to return to the pack quickly. A farewell was simply unneeded.
* Leora she would press her head firmly into her brother’s crown, whispering sweetly and tearfully. “I know you, brother. I will see you again soon. I better.” she ushered in more defiant but heartfelt tones. When he removed his crown she would watch him move off with the others and slowly, every carefully the thread of her kin would be spun beyond her sight and reach once more. One she’d hold onto and ensure with all her heart he’d return home soon and safe for all of them. “Be well and be safe, all of you!” she called out to the rest.
* Shakira She would look to those that had heard and gathered to their Alpha, a warmth in her heart despite the journey ahead that would lead the chosen far from home, a gentle fire within her own heart to know such a family and to be lucky enough to call them her own. While she had never been one to delve into heartfelt speeches or long goodbyes, she would relish those spoken between the others and offer a soft look to each who were to be left to guard the packlands. When all words were exchanged and heard, she would set her paws to follow those chosen northward, hesitant paws carrying her towards the Ancient Forest though she would not enter unless requested to do so.
* Kova it seemed as though she didn’t mind Grim’s sudden appearance, but if he wanted to offer anything she had not heard it. So, when no others desired to share words or questions, she would swiftly move to lope off towards the north. However, her path took her quickly towards the ancient forest where she gave Shakira a knowing nod and one that would indicate “I will return but a moment.” Paws ushered quickly beneath her and as the others continued down the path she’d call out to them. “I will be but a moment, continue forward to the great crossing and I will catch up.” she looked to her court for a brief moment before slipping into the ancient forest. It wasn’t very fair in, only but a few padfalls but to another wolf it might take them ages to find. Digging through the thick hemlock, the fae would have tucked the mask away in a very tight location. Moving brambles and branches aside, she found it nestled where she left it. It’s silvery surface gleamed against the pale light, even here, it seemed to hold to it. She gently and carefully picked it up and would turn immediately on her haunches and dart back out of the ancient wood.

* Rook when the first of a few junctions in the path swiftly arose at the Ancient Forest’s border, Rook, along with those other nearby would stop and listen to Kova’s command. He would not advocate for the others to move through the Ancient Forest, even if guided; so, Rook would begin along the second shortest path toward the Crossing outside of the western edge of the Ancient Forest and north until the sound of stream offered the clearest path northwest.The northwesterly stream would cut through and alongside poplar and other birch forests on its path toward the Great Crossing. The sound of such water might cull the edge from the task ahead or it may hone it to an atom’s thickness like flinted obsidian. Rook would look to those around him to see which of those two options was likely…best to have a lay of the land before climbing the mountain, so to speak.

* Kova once she held the mask firmly in place she would have slowed to a steady, even trot beside Shakir and would’ve given it over to her. Another firm nod of her head was given before she offered once more.
“You do not have to carry it alone, remember.”
and with that she would brush her shoulder into hers gently before loping towards the others and now, greeted with the paths ahead of them.
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For the wolves who remain in the territory of WolfSpirits would be blissfully unaware of what the Olc of flame had conjured in the thralls of shadow and darkness. Darkened clouds gathered, their billowing forms twisting and churning with an ominous energy that was on the very near horizon.
One piece was moved and in an almost unfair play, a handful of pieces were now moved in kind. Even the sky turned a somber hue, as if mourning the impending storm. Whispers of warning seemed to echo through the air, but from who and from where carried by the shifting winds.

To Cull The Olc

The Northern Group Sets Off

As the wolves would press on forward to the north, it would take them a few hours to get to the crossing and slightly beyond it. The landscape would stretch far and wide, as it always did in this part and area of their homeland. They would be greeted by a small family of Elk. Upon their arrival they would quickly screech and dart off to the south and away. Once they moved along the meandering stream, beyond the shallow hills and up, they’d ascend the familiar path to the great crossing but which one would they choose? To the left would be a more clearer path but it was ascending rather quickly with more stone in their way. The other meandering like a stream with shorter switchbacks, but was less of a short path but at a run, could they cut their time in half?
Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ So it begins…
The journey toward the Great Crossing and beyond would be an easy task, albeit a slow one given how much ground the group had to cover. A fleeting image of a herd of elk would be noteworthy to Ophaelos, who would watch as they flee as soon as the pack crests their horizon. He would wonder if even prey had to go on an expedition such as the one the wolves were on—did they ever get themselves into grave situations as the wolves did? Something told the wolf that nae, they did not, and to that he was envious. Upon reaching some sort of summit, two pathways were carved ahead. Ophaelos had no title nor clout to say which one was best to travel on, and so he would look toward Kova for such guidance. Perhaps he would glance at Rook for a moment to see how the brute was holding up after his tumble with the wry doe from some days ago, but it would seem the stone was well and stout. A brief overview of the entire group would allow Ophaelos to conclude that everyone was indeed healthy and as right as the rain that had befallen them only a day or two ago. Perhaps the grass up here still maintained a sheen of dew, scintillating underneath the setting sun. Soon, the wolves would have the advantage of being under the moon’s cloak, but depending on how much distance was between them and the Northerners, perhaps they might not be able to make use of it. When Kova gave the word and headed on one of the paths, Ophaelos would follow suit, harboring no dispute about her selection *ೃ༄
* Rook The meat of the day would be hewn with a few hours travel northward, and at some point the course of a southwest flowing stream would no longer present an ever-present companion along the wolves’ path. The babble of a water across and through stone would be replaced by wind flowing down from the Roghas and finally then by the bugle of bull and barks of cow elk. In simpler times, such an observation would have been a call to hunt, but they were hunting something far more dangerous. Rook would delve to memory while he followed alongside the others; the memory of his own trek north to spy upon the Olc therein. He wondered, as he knew the others must, what devilry awaited them. What had these northern wolves concocted, and would they suspect a strike? Rook would assume the hills and mountain flanks near enough the crossing were alive with eyes and ears regardless of the small numbers he had seen. Furthermore, he’d look for growing sign of early snow this high up. Had they gone beyond the treeline yet?

Beyond the tree line and further up the path the wolves would go. As the party moved along the familiar path to the great crossing, they where afforded a swifter pace for most where indeed familiar with this trail in and out. Nothing of the landscape changed beyond the roaring of water.

A familiar rock outcrop, fresh with fallen rock fall would come into view. Those who where around to see the demise of the three black wolves who didn’t make it out of their home alive, would know what gravely lay beneath. Perhaps a skeleton or two could be seen amongst the rubble, laying just positioned to be in view on purpose. Scavengers having already done their work left nothing but the bone.

* Grimwolf  During the long journey that seemed to stretch far and wide the brute was silent not speaking only scanning the horizon for any signs of other wolves . Grimolf’s attention would briefly be displaced by the sight of the large family of elk, he wouldn’t pay them much mind returning his iron focus back onto keeping alert. The scarred brute would be near the back of the group making sure to keep their rear flank guarded whilst the others at the front worried about making decisions on where to go and how best to approach .

* Kova as the group of wolves would continue along their trek towards the north, she would slow when a wayward wind would afford her all the smells of the party, but one that wasn’t called and one not named. The scent was tailing behind. She would begin to slow her pace from a lope to a trot, then she finally peered over her shoulder at Grim who was behind the rest. She narrowed her hues if only to shield against the wind already blowing in their path. She barked low so he could hear. “Grim, you where not called to the north. Are you here to see us to the end of the great crossing?” she only slowed a little, for she would not hinder their progress unless absolutely needed.


* Shakira She would follow after the group, grateful that there wasn’t need to go through the eerie forest she avoided thoroughly, following as the Lore Master curved their path just sidelong of the Ancient Forest and northward along the stream. As Kova rejoined them and took her rightfully assigned place at the lead, she would retrieve her mother’s mask from Kovas maw before again following in silence, her teeth holding the sturdy yet somehow delicate trinket with a gentleness that made her heart pang slightly. When Kova would turn to address the brooder male, she would pause as well and step slightly sideways to look to the male as well and to offer clear vantage for the pair to speak.

* Rook only picky scavengers let bones lie, but Rook might catch sight of the skeletal debris of a once living wolf. Whether it was an Olc or some ill-begotten soul sold on the narrative of fire’s promise was not his concern. Today, ignorance would not be the means of salvation; all under that banner would meet an equal fate if he had his way. Imagine, then, that mindset when someone came along the path they had traveled -hours- on. Rook would take cues from Kova and from Shakira, but his posture would speak less of a neutral pose. What had Grim come to do this far away from the clearing? For Grim’s sake, he hoped it was not to defy Kova’s word.

* Ophaelos the chilly breeze that swept from behind the group would be welcoming against his hot skin, cooling his nerves, yet wouldn’t last long when the undeniable scent of Grimolf accompanied it. Perhaps it was Kova, leading the charge, who noticed it first, but as his head swung behind his shoulder, his eyes would narrow just as sharply as the Alphess’ words. Aye—he was not called to the North, nor did he offer or ask to attend, and even if he did, Ophaelos would feel a certain way about it regardless. Grimolf had shown through many encounters, including this one, that he was insolent and reckless. Although the white wolf had seen some growth in him and had played nice, he was certainly not entirely trustworthy. In fact, his inability to control his temperament—a temper that was impertinent—was seen as a hindrance to Ophaelos, who couldn’t help but furrow his brows at the brute who had followed them so closely behind. Why invite him to such a serious task, when he was proven to be unreliable? When Shakira would step away for Kova to access him, he would too, his gaze shifting back toward the path ahead of them, yet his ear remained swiveled in their direction to listen to their exchange. He wouldn’t interject his feelings on the matter. After all, it was Kova’s call alone.

* Grimolf “ I understand that, Alphaess ! “ Grimolf barked back in equal volume getting closer towards Kova . “ I’m aware of my rank and status within the pack, but I ask you to consider allowing me to named to go North . “ Grimolf’s tone was filled with determination despite the wind muffing most of his sentence . “ Let me prove to you and the rest of the pack that my warrior ways can be of use here . . . if not I’ll accept whatever your decision, Alphess . “ The scarred brute knew following them this far to the great crossing could be seen as disobedience but his heart burned with resolve !

* Kova she would give Grim the benefit of the doubt and not assume the brute would have followed without asking first, for the howl was not an invitation for any to join along. She’d not fault him for that not being clear initially but would she invite another? Rowan having already requested to join had pulled the numbers a little more balanced. But would Grim? He had been present during the meeting when those named, where named, why not speak then of his desire to go?

To his tones where not lost to her, nor the determination he had in them. She would furrow her brows before giving a low breath back, still not slowing her pace much for she could certainly talk and walk.
“I have named the wolves who will be going. This is the my final decision. I would seek the same from you as I have the others. To be keen of eye, sharp nose, and hold true to your spirit for those here. I know not what’s been planned in our absence, but I would like as many able here to stay.” she looked towards Rowan a moment, then back towards Grim. She would give another firm nod of her head as she continued to trot along the path up and over the great crossings main vein.
The landscape was rugged and untamed almost the moment they would pass beyond the tall and towering gorges to either side, fed by a free falling waterfall. Here is the mark of going beyond now. No turning back for the northern wolves, but would Grim follow her word?
* Rook listened with intrigue Grim’s reasoning and premise. The brute had traveled all this way to question a decision already made. Had he not been named? Had that not been the decision already made, he wondered? He did not know Ophaelos’ mindset, but Rook shared it; from what the gray raven had seen, Grim was prone to this flippant indecisiveness and disregard. When the second of final decisions were said, he’d remain behind to see Grim take the hour-long trek back toward the clearing. Rook could catch up with the group if Grim didn’t give him a reason to tarry. They didn’t need a loose cannon disregarding the orders, and if Grim hadn’t accepted the decision before, what trust did Rook have that he’d accept it again?
* Grimolf “ . . . . “ Grimolf would follow her word not saying anything else that would further insult the brute and add to the mockery Grimolf had made to himself . Where they saw disobedience , indecisiveness , and recklessness , he felt something else . That obviously didn’t matter, of course . The scarred brute turned back heading back into the territory not ever looking back on the group
* Shakira With mask in maw, would be unable to utter anything aside from a low breathed growl at the males rashness, while his intentions appeared outwardly pure, to defy the Alphas word was intolerable. Narrowing her gaze as she looked between the other two males and females, she would cut a last glance to Grimolf before turning alone with the Alpha and not looking back. The purpose was set and the plan was in motion, and she would not be one to hinder the Alphas lead and direction.
* Kova  When Grimolf would proceed back the way he came, she would have given but a glance to watch him move off. A hardy heart, and one willing to protect the pack could be done in many forms and fashions. That also wasn’t lost to her. For now she would be focused once more on their trek. Another short skip in the time zone would see the wolves along an unhindered trail. Sanek and Rook’s scent trail where now lost to the recent rains. Had their purpose been for not? Or did her small plan work? Time will tell. Rook would know these steps well for they where traversing the same path that he took to scout. Towering cliffs sculpted by the hands of time would begin to meet the wolves on either side. Slowly, one by one the path began to get narrow. The surface of stone would be a testament to the delicate dance with water and stone, and the snow melt was vicious this year around. The wolves would surely need to be careful with their footing as they where about to be forced through a narrow gorge.
.ೃ࿐ Unfortunately for the brute, his actions, even though they did seem to be out of good intention, would not garner any sympathy from Ophaelos, who thought of Grimolf with a lack of acuity. He was a young wolf—perhaps too underseasoned for such a journey in general. A glance at everyone, while three-fourths of the group were not on their deathbeds, had a certain grizzled appearance beginning to grace their features and the clout to match it. Ophaelos was spared only for his pelt cloaked in white already. Again—Ophaelos saw the young wolf as reckless. When dealing with such a wretched and unpredictable threat, one would be shooting themselves in the foot bringing another unpredictable spirit into the fray. Another glance at everyone and it would seem that most of the group were in agreement and shared a similar view, though it would seem it was only Shakira and Ophaelos himself that showed their disdain so incredibly outwardly; the Stone as stoic as always, and Kova just as forgiving. Rowan was silent, but such was typical. Once Grimolf had been sent away, the group would waste no time dilly-dallying and would once again push forward. The cascades of cliffs and rock were intimidating, encasing the wolves with a frightening height and fierce outcrop. Had this been the trail Rook and Sanek traveled upon? Ophaelos had been met with similar terrain before and would hold the utmost amount of care traversing the stony path. His leg, although healed, gave the wolf more than enough reason to tread with caution. The sound of small pebbles bouncing off the stones and perhaps some shale sliding down the cliffs was the only music to Ophaelos’ ears aside from the harsh wind that blew so brazenly. His ears had turned forward, perked so that he could listen to anyone should they speak or fall, the angle of which wrinkled his forehead from such acuity.
* Rook would watch Grim a minute or two before returning to the trail. Acceptance was all that Rook required, and if that was apparent in Grim’s withdrawal, then nothing else needed to be done or said. It was a difficult task to find that place and carve out a niche for oneself, but there were less disruptive ways of doing it. Perhaps, in time, such a purchase among the stone could be found for Grim… Rook could expend an extra bout of energy to catch up in this leg of the journey without risk, but if he didn’t make it to the group before the danger presented by water and stone, then he would sorely behind. His memory of this place was nearer to winter than it was to the snowmelt that greeted his paws, and even his own scent path had been wiped from the slate. Would he catch up to the others in time?
*Kova The path would be clear for them all and as the gorge came into view, the resounding rush of water would greet them. The creek here had swelled much higher then last she saw. Her paws would usher a slower pace now as she would skirt around one side for as long as possible before turning her head to look behind her. “Watch your step and your footing. The water is angry and hungry…” she called to the party before she would look ahead. Her paws now eager to find footing as best she could but it would be difficult. The ground was slippery and the stones moist. The wind would be something else in this gorge as well. Harshly screaming through when it could meander along the jagged edges. Was this what prey felt like in the jaws of a wolf?
Everyone please roll a 1d20 ❤️ ( )
Kova: 14
One by one they would single file through the gorge, and every now and then her back hind leg would slip on a rock but quickly find purchase. Her ears drew back several times to ensure the others made it safely.
Rowan: 13 (safe)
Ophaelos: 13 (safe)
Rook: 14 (safe)
*Shakira When the situation seemed handled and the sands of time sped up accordingly, she would find herself among the chosen as they entered a deep gorge, the walls seeming to narrow ever further until the group came to a rushing stream turned river, the water clearly having overflowed its original banks to create a torrential current. Listening to Kovas words of warning, she would grip the mask tighter in her jaws and brace for her turn to cross.
Shakira: 17
, Rowan ,and would find that their paws would slip and slide equally so as Kova’s had, but they lucked out in that none would find themselves soaking wet and carried by the torrential waters for they made it safely through. seemed the most sure-pawed of all the group for she would find no trouble at all. In fact, she might even have enough prowess in her skillful steps to nearly out pace the others. Time as a skilled huntress treated her well indeed! The mask would remain cold and unmoving in her jaws, but every now and then she’d catch a tiny glimpse of her refelection. It’s refelection would be of Shakira’s face, but was that a hint …. of another wolven coat color in the background?
*Rook Stone kin be true, he thought to himself when he took his place among the line. He focused on the stone beneath him but would also think back upon his time west and to Manannán na abhainn. He wondered if such a wolf here tended to the raging course as Manannán did in the west? He wondered how terrible the sound of Manannán’s wrath had been and how similar this water’s rage sounded. He wondered…slip and wonder along with other thought was wiped from his mind while he momentarily fought for and regained purchase upon the path.
* Shakira Would feel the pounding of the waters push and pull, but would be seemingly less wobbly than the others as they trudged through, the determination in her step seeing her and the appointed mask safely across. Though, as she reached the opposite side, she would catch a glimpse of movement in the metallic face of the mask, a reflection cast even in its weathered and aged state. Was that…? Surely not, perhaps a trick of her perception, imagination? Giving a light shake of her head, careful not to disturb the mask too much, she would look to Kova and the others with a slight sway of her tail. They had all made it safely.
* Kova her leg would give one final slip on a bigger stone before she would leap to the otherside safely. She gave a deep breath before promptly turning her hues then to the other wolves who where following suit. She ensured each made it safely, and held baited breath until each one made it. A sigh of relief was given and she ensured to pad a few paces forward to give them all room before her eyes fell to the horizon.
.ೃ࿐ Ophaelos would have not been as surefooted as Shakira, but luckily, all wolves arrived on the other side unscathed—for now. He would glance around to ensure such an observation was true before moving forward, though his eyes would not catch the glimpse of certain other colors shining against the walls near Shakira. All seemed quiet and still, but was it too quaint of a time? The brute would remain on guard—not for danger lurking in the shadows, but for the terrain they had just traversed. *ೃ༄
The wolves with long strides of purpose and synchronized rhythm, their tracks would be made in the verdant meadows of open space the north often provided, but now they would be lost to a gorge and the rushing water. One by one, they all made it safely across the stone’s eager grip. Once they where out and safely on the other side, they’d notice they had climbed higher into the towering heights of the mountains. The wind began to change. The warm air leaving and the cold air and wind carrying whispers of secrets to this land yet undiscovered.
The familiar jagged peaks Rook traversed in his scouting where slowing coming into view. In the fair distance would be the cavern now in their sight. At it’s entrance would be the lapping of a familiar amber, golden hue against the jagged surface. Flame. In the distance they could make out at least three dark figures.
:blkwolfstare: Wolven sentries upon the stone, same as last Rook saw and reported.
* Rowan When the howl for the journey sounded, she would’ve hoped Grimolf could come. To prove himself. She didn’t see him like the others did, for she was always no where to be found when it came to Grimolf’s outbursts. Though, she understood, he was a pledge and still learning. She would’ve watched him march back to the clearing, but afterwards focus back on their journey. Her trial. She was the silent observer, for now. Her yellow gaze observed the gorge as it came into view, her ears perked then pinned as she heard the rush of water. Melting ice, and water never mixed. As Kova slowed, surely the rest would to, and so she slowed down. She kept close, not wishing to get lost. When the wolves ahead of her made it across, she would carefully make her way across the gorge. It may have been slippery, but she was safe. She looked up, counting each wolf ahead of her. Once they were out and on the other side, she glanced around the group, noticing the mountains and the clouds above them. Her eyes widened, slightly amazed they had made it this far up. The wind was no longer warm, instead it was cold and eerie, as it carried whispers along with it. Then, a cavern. It seemed lit up, she looked back towards her group, is that where they were going?
* Rook Only once firmly on the other side would Rook’s heart seek to slow. He did not remember the crossing being as treacherous the time before, but he knew that the snowmelt could change all manner of things, the nature of this gorge being one. One padfall after the other was taken in living recollection of memory until the very last padfall took him to where a ledge of sorts led up to where one might view said valley below…where one might view the flicker of embers of a tended flame? He would look to that ledge to see just how it had changed and then would ascend quietly and carefully to look upon the future field of battle with one golden and one amber hue…
* Shakira The landscape would be unfamiliar to her as she hadn’t traversed these lands of the north, only having followed the clear path of the pack years ago now for the battle of the Morrigan. Keeping her eyes trained on the terrain and the horizon before them, she would be sure to avoid loose stones and slippery patches as the temperature plummeted, a stark contrast the the WolfSpirits territory. As they neared an outcrop of jagged rocks, she would feel her ruff prickle as she took note of the dancing flicker of what she knew to be fire, a raging heat that brought nothing but death and destruction, she would fight against her battling instincts; one telling her to run from the danger while the other goaded her to follow her Alpha regardless. As they came ever closer, yet another danger would make itself known as three wolves forms could be seen atop the stone in the distance, a low growl emitting once more though she would remain in her place for now behind her Alpha and the Lore Master.
* Ophaelos ࿐ As the group meandered their way out and away from the gorge without much trepidation or damage, Ophaelos would find himself greeted by the sight of even more mountain ranges that towered equally as intimidating as the last, though perhaps not as unnerving as the cavern below them. With snow scattered about and the bitter cold chilling the air, he would scrutinize every detail of the landscape before them. The three wolves posted up were note-worthy, but what was especially intriguing was the light that flickered from within the cave they seemed to guard. A flame, perhaps, dancing, but out of view from the wolves watching from afar. How had they acquired a flame? Ophaelos had only ever seen it manifested from the lightning that beamed from the sky and onto forests with relentless power. Kaylus was one of the Northerners—a ringleader, perhaps—and yet despite this, Ophaelos had a sneaking suspicion she wasn’t here. Her quarry of followers, however, was as large of a threat as she, and currently, they loomed in the distance, seemingly unaware of the group with eyes on them from afar. Ophaelos would hope the wind was on their side, and wouldn’t blow their way and, in turn, blow their cover. He would glance toward Kova to see if she had anything to offer. What was their plan? *ೃ༄

* Kova A deep breath escaped half parted jowls as the confidence from her soul reached their ears once they where all re-grouped.

“Here is where we make our stand.” Her nose pointed upwards to the narrow pathway. “I came across this place before and found it to be our best chance. We will use the rocks and terrian to our advantage.” her hues fell towards Shakira.
“Shakira, you will be the one to draw them in. Your swift skill as a huntress against the terrain will be your ally and the mask will be the key. We’ll cover you in the thick, dark mud of this terrain to disguise you. You will approach the cavern, but not to close. You will get their attention then lead any who chase you back to the gorge. I hope Kaylus is a part of them.” her eyes confident to the fae, ensuring she knew the plan but as well there was a knowing expression on her face to the ask she would ask of her.
“The rest of us will be up on those ledges ready to set loose the stone and close this gap permanently.” she would point back behind them. There where strong slopes up either side, but enough purchase for the wolves to get upon. There where a bunch of loose looking boulders that would go with some force. Fortunate for them.
Her hues fell to Ophaelos, Rowan and then to Rook. “There should be enough of us to secure the stone’s loose. I observed their weakness sometime ago when scouting in winter. Rook and Sanek provided equal report on the conditions and I am confident we can do this. I am confident we can surprise them, and end this quickly and with great haste and number.” her gaze fell to the terrace of stone and melting snow on either side of them. Each wolf would notice that it made the perfect funnel but as well a natural tomb.
“I do not wish to flex our power honed by generations of instinct and adaptation from those who’ve come before us with equal strife, but should it come down to it, we finish this here and now… no matter what it takes.” there was a starkness in her voice, a tremble that quaked like thunder. Not for fear, but for strength and the confidence she knew each wolf could hold their own. They where in it together.
*Shakira As the Alpha spoke, she would feel her ruff settle only momentarily until the plan was spoken, fear would be a fleeting emotion before she would set the mask down and give a dip of her head. “I trust you, Alpha. I will not fail.” She said with an equally confident wolven grin, though in her heart a cold ball of dread settled. She could not fail, but what if she did? Looking to the mask at her paws, she would nose it gently, almost affectionately as if the symbol it bore of her mother could manifest the she-wolf into the trinket. Listening intently to the plan for the others to follow through with, she would ready herself for the fight to come and, perhaps, her fate should she fail. “No matter what it takes.” She echoed softly, dark grey eyes taking in each wolf as if it were the first time she was seeing them, or maybe the last.
* Rook His observations remained much the same as they had before, and the threat below remained present. The keepers of the fire were there, but no sight of their Olc leader. What of the other fae? What of the ravens? These questions swirled in his mind while he listened to Kova’s plan.

“The stone-kin will prove worthy, but we should be ready for what devilry is in place. If stone alone does not kill them, then let us force them to use their tricks from a distance and close the gap swiftly afterwards. Guile, cunning, and steadfast will, will, see us through…” He could only agree that death be the only option.

* Kova there would be a heavy feeling of many things in her stomach, but she couldn’t help but know and feel the warmth of pride for those of her pack and those of her family out weigh most. How strong and true they were. She trusted Shakira’s prowess and her skill and she placed equal to those now present. To Shakira’s words, she’d feel it’s strength. To her courts suggestion, she would give a firm and agreeable nod. “Agreed.” she would look to each wolf in turn. “We see the end of them either by stone, or by jaws.”

There was a moment of pause as she kept her voice low and ensured they were not in sight of any lingering scouts.

“I trust each of you, and I trust your purpose here and now.” she gave a firm, knowing nod to Shakira and then to each wolf now with their charge. Her plan revealed she would wait to hear should another desire to offer insight or

“We will rest here for the evening. I believe there was a cavern just on the other side. We’ll be out of sight, scent and mind.”

To Cull The Olc

The Following Evening

July 2nd, 2023


* Kova as the wolves sought refugee within the smaller cavern, it was enough for all of them to fit rather comfortably. By mid-afternoon the air was growing warmer but still not as warm as the valley below in the clearing itself.
As the day was growing older, the sun was setting just enough to still provide enough light for the wolves and the path made very clear. The fae hadn’t slept much either and she would turn an ear to those who awaited and now their day had come. “Is everyone ready?” she would turn to each wolf now approaching the mouth of the cavern to call those either near or around it. Her limbs would be caked in a small layer of mud. “Shakira, there’s a small mud puddle just nearby I dug through enough to be moist and allow a good coating.”


* Shakira Her ears would perk to the Alphas words and her paws would instinctively lift her to heed the words spoken, a sure nod given as she turned to scoop the mask gently into her jaws before venturing out to where the puddle could be seen dug out. “Ready at your word, my Alpha.” She responded as she set the mask to the side before plunging shoulder first into the mud, not one to shy away from a mess she would quickly roll to her back to cover as much as she could without assistance. Rising to her paws once more, she would resist the urge to shake the thicker clumps from her, relying on those clumps to be her cover.

* Rook

Rook’s attention upon the valley would be broken with the sounding of Kova’s voice. He would carefully and quietly descend the ledge to meet the gathering of those present and there listen to the plan once more. Much like the carcass of the elk had been his veil to the northland wolves, mud would be Shakira’s. In addition, Ophaelos would be the one to accompany him around one arm of the ledges. This was said. This would be done.. A baptism of mud would see Shakira raised as another wolf. He wondered what baptism awaited the others and how they would be different after this…His thoughts dared not turn to the ashen baptism he had received and recanted from. Quietly, he would help the lead huntress by covering her nearby shoulder in the mud his court had dug and stirred.

* Ophaelos

.ೃ࿐ Ophaelos’ gaze would linger but for a moment as Shakira got busy rolling around in the mud, something he wasn’t envious of, but likewise with the she-wolf, would have taken on regardless of his tendencies to stay clean. Nae—this was a battle that was possibly going to get gruesome and bloody. Ophaelos would only hold out hope that Kaylus’ hounds would be the oil spilled upon the canvas of war by the artists gathered around each other right now.
When his post would be called to Rook, the snow wolf would take up at the Stone’s flank, giving either an assured nod. “Let us finish this—and do it with cunning,” he would say assuringly. Another glimpse would be thrown toward Rook when he tended to Shakira’s shoulder, and his gaze would soon shift back toward the ledge from which the Stone had come, if to see where the wolves were, and to see if the flame still flickered in the distance. *ೃ༄
* Rowan With the others awake, and ready, she would rise to her paws with Shakira. The mask was unfamiliar to her, but her mentor seemed to carry it around like a lifeline, so she wouldn’t question it for now. Instead, she’d watch as the huntress coated herself in the dark soil, her light tawny pelt disappearing under the mud. She then looked to Kova, the two brutes were together, which meant she and the alphess were together. She hoped they would get it in one shot, loosen the stones and watch them fall. She would step over towards Kova, glancing towards Rook and Ophaelos. Then back to the Alphess.
* Shakira Once she was certain a fair amount of her was covered, she would look to the others, offering a grateful dip of her head as Rook helped to cover a spot she couldn’t quite reach. Cloaked in dark brown and black, she was a transformed wolf, for once able to blend with the night instead of stand out. Listening to Kovas instruction given to the others, she would look to the mask once more, moving to circle it until she picked it up in her jaws once more, unsure of just how to put it on herself without guidance.

* Kova

she would look between the gathered and gave a firm and strong nod. When Shakira made her way to the puddle, she would’ve also helped assist in covering whatever portions might’ve been missed but Rook had aided well enough to see the work done. Her hues fell to where she had placed the mask and looked back to Shakira. When the fae would aim to put the mask on, she would step forward. “I’ll press it to the mud. It should hopefully stay on long enough for the deed to be done. Run through the gorge and use your strong footing and get to saftey.” she would press her forehead lightly upon the mask, “pressing” it to Shakira’s own face. She would find that it oddly felt comfortable? Kova would continue. “You run as fast as you can. We will buy you but a few moments before we send the rocks down. But only a few.”  She took a step back to look to ensure the mask would stay.  “We will get to our positions now. Wait a few moments, just when the sun is near behind the mountains just on the horizon, and we will be ready.” she turned to Ophaelos, Rook, and Rowan. A strong, encouraging nod was given to them and a longer more endearing look given to her court.  “We end this, here and now. Your strength is ours. Together, we will quench this fire for good.” It was here and in this moment she would wait for Shakira to move forward towards the cavern

* Rook After the deed was finished and Ophaelos drew to his flank, Rook would regard the assurances given. “Cunning, and if that is not enough then a ferocity that rips them limb from limb. I will not hope now this close to death, but I will look for the necessary path to see you safely home.” It was all he could say before he turned his entire focus to Kova and the prelude to a dirge.

He would await his cue, gazing quietly one last moment to his court before the Lore Master resolved himself to deal death. Such a look was not one he wished to give to any present here and so turned his gaze northward toward the ledge he would take alongside Ophaelos. These are not they of Nenana, he reminded himself. He would internally see the flames from across the bridge, but instead of pups and mothers drowning in water or a sea of fire, he would see those he had witnessed in this northern pack of Olc. The Crone was not sending him…Kova was…his need for atonement was…

* Shakira She would release the mask to Kova as she smothered it in the sticky mud as well before pressing it to her face, the mold of another wolf’s face seeming to fit almost flawlessly to her own, as if it was meant to fit her. Dark grey eyes would peer out from the mask as she took in the wolves around her for what felt like the last time, her heart swelling with pride. “I will not fail you, we will see this done, together.” She spoke firmly before pressing her mask clad forehead briefly back against Kovas in as much of a nuzzle as she could offer without disturbing the mud. “I will see you all on the other side.” She said with a last gaze cast to the rest before she would slink off towards the enemies lair, determination in her stride as she kept her eyes trained on the flicker in the distance and the shadows that might conceal enemy wolves.

* Kova she would give a strong nod to Shakira, and her gaze held the fae’s for a moment more. She would find strength in Shakira’s eyes and the determination she had would fuel her own spirit. A heartfelt emotion rampaged through her. A fire and a kinship she’d feel strengthen her own resolve.

Not another word was spared before she would nod to Rook and Ophaelos, then turn to Rowan and give her a nod before swiftly running up the slope of their side. She would take great care to not go to fast least she lob some stones and give away their secret.
Up, up, up the slope they would go until they would come across a fairly loose stacking of large stones. With the press of their frames on several sides looked as though it was ready to fall with this years erosion and snowfall.

:pawbutton: would notice the same three sentry wolves remained a top the cavern. The familiar lapping of amber light would still caress the dark cavern walls, suggesting that whatever they where protecting, remained so. No sign of Kaylus or sound of her either, but the wolves a top seemed to be relaxed enough. So far… unaware of what was about to happen. She would be greeted with the same howling wind as before and the earth dappled with a late snow.

* Rowan Rowan looked to her own pelt, then her mentors transformed frame. She sighed, knowing that their plan was soon to be put into motion. She stared at Shakira, she truly was transformed, especially with the addition of the mask. She would listen as Kova spoke, more of the plan forming. Then, her gaze shifted to Rook as he spoke up next. So many emotions, she thought. As Kova looked to her, a firm nod was aimed towards the alphess. She followed behind her swiftly, tail stilled behind her. She would match Kova’s pace, though she would likely be slower as she was behind the fae. She would station herself beside the alphess, on the opposite side of the large stones.

* Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ “Aye, we will see it done,” Ophaelos says to Rook. His silver, smokey eyes would capture the vastness of the landscape before them with a certain determination sheening against their color. May Fenrir be on their side tonight, and may all of their ancestors grant them their strength.

Ophaelos wouldn’t comment nor look at Shakira’s mask for very long. He recalled the day he had found it—the day the pair had met each other for the first time. The brute had wished for a do-over of their unpleasant encounter and received it many moons later on a random afternoon within the hunting grounds. He knew naught of her deepened connection to this mask, only what he has heard in passing through this journey. A deepening in his chest wished to know more, but he knew it was not his place to pry—certainly not now, perhaps not ever.
Ophaelos would keep close to the Lore Master at their post, focused keenly not on the wolves in the distance, but what was around them. To have a reenactment of The Huns Attack scene from Mulan would be less than ideal. But it would seem that it was the same barren wasteland that the brute had observed yesterday. *ೃ༄

* Shakira She would move swiftly and silently through the landscape of rocks, carefully weaving through until she drew near the opening, keeping to the shadows as best she could as she noticed the sentries still in their place. They knew the WolfSpirits were coming, surely, though surprise was still on their side with Kovas plan in motion. Pausing as she was within a few hundred strides of the opening to the flickering cavern, she would take a few moments to steady herself, looking to the rocks above as if she could see her packmates, but the distance would be too grate and the lack of light unforgiving. Taking a deep breath, she would wait only a moment longer before stepping from the shadows, the dark mud covering would likely only offer her a few strides before the enemy would notice her.

As Shakira approached the cavern, perhaps she’d feel the very ground becoming harder and strong with each approaching pace. As if warmth of summer didn’t even unfreeze this landscape. Suddenly a low bellowing chuff was given to break the silence. A clear and resounding call of “WARNING” the moment they would notice the dark wolf stepping out from the shadows. Tension would be felt like a fresh storm of electricity in the air ready to strike. The Lead huntress would no doubt cast her eyes to the wolves, she would find that upon observation of the wolves in their sentry positions, there would be a particular wolf that would reach out in remembrance to Shakira’s long lost memories. Shakira would recall this being the very same male her former Alpha female ran off with. What was he doing here? Could it really be him? Just then the mask against her jaws would almost humm? Was that the wind again? A cold chill would reverberate along Shakira’s spine but then grow warm with familiarity.

Was a piece of her past now shared in this mask with her? She’d suddenly see a play on light within the masks reflection. A familiar tawny hued wolf, more straw in color, would come into view running with the mask in maw. Safety is what she felt, then followed shortly in vision would be her brother Syfka with the mask, carefully placing it in a secure place in the territory of WolfSpirits.

Shakira knew this to be a sign of warning and connection.

Before Shakira could have time to think..
:blkwolfstare: “State your name and business quick then be on your way!” the brutes tones would be harsh and lapped with a deepness to it.
* Rook The stone’s path ahead was fraught with opportunity to fall, dislodge stone, or otherwise prematurely end all manner of surprise. The stone here and elsewhere could likely be his kin just as much as stone that was touched by the ashen whose padfalls marred whatever they touched, wherever they went. Rook had climbed this path once and only to this very point before turning back; now, he led Ophaelos to their allotted place in the given moment. Now, fate and their paths to this very thread would see them through to the next anchor point…be it death or otherwise; now, they waited.
* Shakira The Huntress would hear the warning, her next paw hesitating for only a second before she would continue forward to where she deemed fit to stop, bracing her paws strongly to the firm, cold earth as she stared down the nearest wolf. A flash of memory would take her for a moment as she recognized the dark wolf, his harsh tones bringing her back to a time that swirled with pain before the sensation would be replaced by peace and love, safety and security. As her mother before her and her brother after, she would feel strength surge through her heart and into her voice. “I am Shakira, Daughter of Kastria, my business is to see your blood stain the snow that clings to your land.” Her voice booming and echoing with a power not simply her own, bracing herself for a chase.
Shakira might feel a mental unease within her as the tone and voice would confirm the wolf from long ago. A page buried deep in her past, resurfaced.
:blkwolfstare: To the fae’s defiant tones the black wolf would grow strangely rigid and shocked in expression. “Kastria… ” the male wolf would utter in an almost disgustful tone. There would be an evil expression that washed over his face. “Fate is funny, then, for I’m afraid that your foolish endevour will see you stain this earth well before our own. ” his tongue lashed across his teeth. “… and how kind of you to bring me another trinket for my Alpha. Most pleased indeed.” The brutes head snapped and he barked. “AFTER HER!” suddenly all three wolves, each black and darker then the last would hesitate not even a second and off they tore, including the big dark brute from Shakira’s past.

* Kova

she would remain upon the hill-side, her eyes following the horizon as she could see the cavern in the far distance but as well the lone figures therein. She could feel the tension even from here and when she heard the very subtle and distant growls and the chase now ushering it’s tidle wave, she would quickly feel her frame press against a particularly large set of boulders that would hopefully cascade down with the rest. “Give Shakira enough time to get out of the way… then we push.” she ushered to Rowan.

* Shakira A Huntress by nature and call, she would feel the rush of the hunt urge her paws to dig in and wait for just the right moment before she would turn and race away from her pursuers. She would have only a moments glance to see the gleam of fangs flashing before she would be off, the male who stole her former Alpha away would see his demise this day, her heart boiling at the thought.

* Rook Rook would listen to the valley between what bouts of wind came whistling across the ledges. Even here, he could rightly hear the raised voices and see the muddy wolf confront her fate. Bravery and wisdom…come now, sell it and run, he thought before seeing said muddy wolf make a dash for it. Rook would turn to Ophaelos and refrain from dipping his nose in the silent exchange. Just a little more, he hoped his eyes would say before they turned to the stone and the task. Just where would be best to dislodge this part of the ledge?
* Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ The sight of the three wolves tailing Shakira would cause the brute to narrow his eyes. He had faith in their Lead Huntess, who led them to plenty of quarries and defeated them as quickly as they were found among the wind. Her dexterity was unmatched, perhaps surpassing even his own, and such showed yesterday during the journey through the mouth of the ravines they traversed. Ophaelos would look toward Rook as they had a silent exchange, unmoving, yet both knew of their task and what lay ahead. Perhaps in unison, the brutes would look toward the stones beside them. His frame was rigid and undeniably unbowed, readying himself for when it was time to unleash the hell that was promised upon the hounds. *ೃ༄
* Rowan Rowan could feel her anxiety creeping up on her, she wouldn’t let it get to her though. Her yellow gaze had followed Shakira’s disguised frame, she had faith in her mentor. She knew the fae would lead the hounds to their doom. Her orbs narrowed, noting three, perhaps four, wolves behind the Lead Huntress. She would look to Kova, nodding as she subconsciously moved closer to the boulders, but kept in mind not to actually push her weight into them yet. Not until Shakira was out of the way. Her yellow gaze would watch the wolves, an ear swiveled towards Kova listening for orders.

* Shakira

She would feel the storm chasing her, the breath of hungry wolves at her heels and understand the panic of her prey she had hunted innumerable times and would again. She trusted her pack to act when the time was right, but could she trust her own paws to carry her to safety? As her confidence began to slip, she would feel a vibration below her jaw where the mask held firm, a soft caress as if from another’s muzzle against her own and then..”Run my sunshine.” The voice, she had heard it so many moons ago within the WolfSpirits territory, and had grown to cherish it in her puphood. Her mother, she was here. Her paws would dig harder, faster, claws extending for firmer grip as she felt the air around her grow light, her body weightless as a dream of running through a meadow in spring. “Run.” Her brothers voice encouraged her further, reminding her of his own strength keeping her safe, he had never left her. Aiming for the gorge where she would filter the enemies through, she would growl low in her chest to hear the males words, a silent promise echoing in her mind for her mother and brother. ‘He will never touch this mask.’

Shakira would see the gorge’s entrance and make for it swiftly and with speed. The water would still be turbulant as it would continue it’s meandering course with fresh snow melt. The fae’s skillful paws would see her safely through the narrow passage, and the wolves above in their positions would see her enter first, with 4 black wolves at her heels. There was just enough space between, however, that would afford Shakira a small break before the stones could fall. The time was now.

* Kova she would feel the racing of her heart as her hues fell to the gorge and then back to where Shakira was leading their prey. Swiftly, now, swiftly and carefully she would whisper in her mind as if it could some how touch Shakira.

Her shoulder would then slowly press further against her pile of stone, waiting. The resounding paw pads hitting water and stone beneath her would be the tell she safely made it to the gorge. She would peer below and see the fae running and the wolves quickly behind. She would then bark out.
“NOW!” hoping that Rook and Ophaelos where ready and heard her. She ducked her head and shoulders into the stone, slowly pushing them forward. Over time, the stability of the rock is compromised, and eventually, the gravitational force acting on the rocks exceeds the resistance holding them in place. She would be that force.
A few small rocks would let loose, falling down into the gorge, and slowly one by one, smaller more rounded stones fell and in a moment more, hopefully the bigger ones where to follow.

* Rook

Whip crack came the lightning and soon after the command, like thunder, tore through the distance. Rook had found his spot behind and slightly beneath his boulder of choice before he turned to watch the last few moments of Shakira’s flight from her pursuers. Kaylus was not among them…the Olc was not among them, but he could spare no moment for that disappointment. Rook would spurr his frame with the molten straw-hued brand of hate to push the stone and hopefully free it from its rest. Awake my kin. Awake and may you come to rest only after sending those worthy to the depths.
* Ophaelos Shakira would more or less thread the needle on the wolves, and Ophaelos would be prepared when Kova called them forward to push the stones. With brute force, the wolf would collide against the rock he was near with his shoulder, curving his head against the side to use part of his neck to further move the heavy rock off of its stable placement on the earth. He held not much brawn in his body save for his shoulders, and so he would hope they would be able to carry the larger burden of the boulders weight. When the stone would loosen and tumble off the side of the sheer slope, the brute would look over the ledge to watch it fall, hoping that the rock would become one of the hounds’ headstones below. Would his timing and aim be true? His eyes couldn’t help but shift between the rock he had pushed and the others that had begun to fall, hoping that, at the very least, theirs would be.

* Rowan

Shoulder pressed carefully against the stone, she didn’t lean into it. Her orbs were following Shakira as she ran towards the gorge. Four wolves ran after her, four wolves that would meet their doom hopefully. Her ears were perked, one swiveled towards the running of the wolves, and the other behind them. She would wait, listening for Kova’s signal. The sounds of paw pads hitting water would find her shoulder firmly against the stone, at Kova’s command, she would lean into it. She ducked her head and shoulders into the stone, leaning and pushing into it. The stone would loosen with pure force, and if she was strong enough, fall to the depths below. Hopefully, she had managed to take one of the wolves with it.
* Shakira She would enter the gorge and spot her packmates above, relief fluttering in her chest though she knew the battle wasn’t won yet. As she raced through the gorge, she would send water flying in her wake, the liquid washing away a good portion of her lower half to reveal her true color, though on she would go until she heard the echoing crash and tumble of rock against rock, picking up speed even as her breath came ragged, not wanting to be the victim of friendly fire though she knew she was well enough away that the rocks would miss her.
Where sheer cliffs tower and rivers dance with relentless energy, a breathtaking drama unfolds: a rock fall, an event both awe-inspiring and perilous was set into motion to see the end. Here, amidst the rugged grandeur, nature unveils its raw power brought on by the wolves. Each side would rumble and stones would be set loose and free. Shakira would feel a few PINKS and PANGS against the mask that protected her face from falling stone. She would find her footing true as she raced through the gorge. Pink… pank… pooo……. prooooo… RO…OOROROOROOAORROAORAOROROAROAO! A cloud of dust would sweep swiftly down into the gorge and the black wolves only had time to look up and see what was coming upon them. A single few YALPPSSS would break the sound, echoing off the walls, and all the black wolves disappeared with Shakira as well.
The stones that would be let loose in grandeur would do so at the help of Rowan, Kova, Rook and Ophaelos. There would be a deafening silence that would wash through the gorge and the cloud would whirl about, masking their view entirely. She would franticly search for movement. The water would be momentarily blocked with the sudden fall of stone, damming up it’s flow. When motion was noted, it would be water with a steady stream of crimson meandering slowly, tauntingly downstream. No black wolves in sight and nor was Shakira. Breaths held and hearts beat heavily. Where was their lead huntress?
There….! A glint in the rubble could be seen from the wolves vantage.
* Shakira Feeling the sharp plinks and plunks of smaller stones hitting her frame and, graciously, the mask that shielded her face, she would run until the dust enveloped her and blocked her vision, praying that she would survive this. When the dust finally began to settle, she would stagger to her paws where she had crouched for cover, her coat now a mix of dark mud, patches of her usual red gold, and ashen dust. Shaking away what she could, she would feel a round of hacking coughs as she breathed dust and air, her gaze tilting upward to ensure she could see her pack above before peering into the cloud where the wolves had chased her. Success it would seem, then why still was tension so thick?

* Rook

Earth would be sundered and stone would shatter but not before bones and sinew were crushed beneath the weight of both moment and choice. Rook, not the raven, looked down to the path of the boulders and watched as Shakira’s frame vanished in the cloud of near-atomized stone and snow. His heart lept with the destruction of the dark wolves…whether Olc or not, death was dealt; however, Rook’s heart sank when he was near certain that they had just killed one of their own.
Part 2
“Kin of stone do not betray our intent. Release what is not yours to hold; bind what is to be bound in death!’ Rook would rage against the emptiness of the valley…but wait, had he caught sight of hope in the settling of the veil?

* Kova

when the dust settled and she saw no movement save for the red tint flowing from the water as it forced it’s way through the new dam, she would not see Shakira or the black wolves. Her paws would quickly pull into the earth. “Shakira!!” she called out with clear, emotional tones. Her heart felt as though she’d easily swallow it within her throat as she quickly began to descend the slope. They would have to climb up and over the recent fall now to get to the other side. She did so with as much haste as she could. Tripping over rocks and getting a leg stuck every now and then as she did. Scrapes and cuts from the jagged stone freshly cut with fall, she’d press up and over.

* Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ Indeed, it would seem their aim would be true… but at what cost, when the sight of their Lead Huntress was not standing amidst the settled dust? When Kova and Rook would begin to leap down the narrow corridor leading toward the present graveyard, Ophaelos would follow quickly behind. His voice would call out between his pad falls, his eyes searching the area as the wolves try to make it down as quickly as possible. “Shakira—!” Had their aim been too true? *ೃ༄

* Rowan As stones fell, her heart would hammer in her chest. The cloud of dust rose, and the yelps met her ears. It all seemed so.. satisfying. Until, she noticed her mentor was no where to be found. Had the stones caught Shakira too? No. That wasn’t true, she was safe. They just couldn’t see her, right? She was safe. Yellow orbs never wavered as she searched beneath the cloud of doom for movement, she held her breath. Her heart hammering in her ears, almost deafening.

When Kova, Rook, and even Ophaelos turned, she did too. She quickly raced down the hill, hope etched across her features. “Shakira!!” Shakira was to return home with them, and she would call out, hope in her vocals and faith in her yellow orbs as she searched for her mentor.

* Shakira She would see the tint of red as it flowed through the water, the stream undeterred by the rocks in its path. With a a soft snort through her nose, she would narrow her eyes to the pile of rock. “May you never know the grace of a gentle spirit, and forever find pain and darkness in your next path.” She uttered under her breath, sealing a closure she never knew she needed. As she heard the cries of her packmates, she would make to move towards the cliffside and offer a loud bark that ended in a strangled cry of her own. As her body stretched to move, she would feel white hot pain along her left ribs and center of her back, her legs crumpling as the adrenaline wore off. Unable to see the gash along her ribs, she would be left immobile for now, though she would find breath enough to emit a low howl so the wolves would know her location.

* Kova the stream continued to flow the red streamers down the meandering vein, and the water cared not for it continued it’s life giving waters. It would be evidence enough that there was no survivors.
As she would peak a top the rubble, she would descend with as swiftness as the fae could muster without continualing slicing herself up along the way. It seemed as though her heart and spirit cared not for the incovnencine of it’s slashes, as she would quickly get down to the other side.
“Shakira??” she called and as the cloud whirled about a howl would reach her. It was faint, but it was there. “Shakira!… We’re coming…!” she called out in barking tones. The fae would no doubt hear them.
Shakira would see the silvery hued fae emerge from the settling cloud of rock and dust and the distance was closed quickly. She looked over her shoulder. “Here!” she called out knowing they heard the howl in kind, but ensured to pin point her location.

* Rook Several small fragments of time like shattered glass lay strewn about the fray represented in the hues of stone and blood-washed water. Rook, like his other compatriots, would be caught trying to scramble toward the semblance of hope not dared…scrambling toward the killing field in hopes they had not done the unthinkable. Rook would be halfway down the ledge when he heard or thought he heard Shakira’s howl. It needn’t be questioned, for soon after his court called out. Could Rook hear the desparation in his court’s voice? Had she seen Shakira or the extent of the wounds, or would they each come to her position to see for themselves the cost of their forray into the north?

* Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ The blood sheening against the water like dew upon grass would be one of the most noticeable things about the scene, aside from the absence of the huntress. Following quickly behind at the Lore Master’s flank, his ears would prick sharply in the direction of Shakira’s song—one he has been accustomed to hearing at the end of many hunts. The noteworthy tones of her stress, however, sank the brute’s stomach further as they pushed toward the howl. Would the injured frame of Shakira come into view? The gash across her ribs was perhaps noticeable if it bled enough, and a glance would be shared among everyone from Ophaelos. Did they have enough clout to determine whether or not her injury was severe? Was she standing, were her breaths as labored as the wolves who chased after her? Time would perhaps tell once his eyes landed on her physique, where ever it may be. *ೃ༄
:blkwolfstare: As the wolves would scramble down the side of the slopes, they would see equal dust and equal clarity from behind them. However, the fae wolf who had attended the three wolves who encroached on the pack’s territory, who saw their end, was attempting to escape the cavern. Unfortunately for her, the wolves at the top of the rubble had a perfect vantage and could see the female wolf dragging something out of the cavern? She was attempting to escape with a token, it seemed. Just before Ophaelos, Rowan, or Rook had made a decision to press on the females movements would catch both their attention and give them enough time to break the distance before the wolf noticed any of them. Would they go?
* Shakira There would be a deep gash leading from the center of her back about a quarter of the way down her left ribs, the area still cloaked in mud and dust though now as well seeped crimson. She would lay crumpled on the ground against a boulder, her breath coming in ragged pants as the pain and exertion caught up to her. As Kovas silvery pelt came into view, she would give a weak few thumps of her tail to the earth, licking at her Alphas chin if she drew near enough, the mask still pressed firmly in place. When the others would also draw near, she would lay her head down to conserve her strength that was left.

* Ophaelos

.ೃ࿐ Ophaelos had been eyeing Shakira’s wounds, but that natural feeling… that feeling you get when you know you aren’t alone—that is what the brute feels around him. The wind, howling, chills his skin, billowing the long strands of his fur and his cheek tufts as he shifts in his place—yet his hair was already standing upon guard. When his eyes would leave Shakira’s frame to glance at the horizon, the silhouette of something or someone was moving in the distance. Narrowing his eyes on the figure, he would emit a low growl in their direction. What on earth was that thing they were dragging? A body, a pelt? The way the darkness shrouds the group and their surroundings makes it difficult to see the wolf, let alone what their token was. He couldn’t tell if this was a wolf part of the original group they had just crushed to death, or if this was a new wolf, but regardless, it would appear as though she didn’t see them yet. Exchanging a glance with everyone to see if they had seen what he saw, he wouldn’t act brazenly, looking toward Kova to see if they may have the opportunity to surprise them.

* Rowan Her yellow gaze observed the very detail that supplied them evidence, the red stream. She was glad the northern wolves had fallen victim, but the worry was had her mentor fallen victim too? She would let the wolves ahead of her guide her, flanking Ophaelos as her thoughts flew through her mind. She held her breath, her paw pads hitting the ground beneath her. Her ears perked, a howl, familiar to her, rang out. “Shakira!?” She whispered subconsciously, head raising as she also noticed Kova’s vocals.

As the tawny, red gold frame of her mentor came into view, Rowan would pause. Had they pushed the rocks too soon? Had they not taken something into account? Her eyes narrowed as she looked over to the pile of stone, she knew that those wolves’ death was likely instant, she couldn’t tell if it was fortunate or unfortunate. She looked back towards Shakira, stepping up to Ophaelos’ side to get a good look at her injured mentor. Her gaze was soft, ears pulled back as she stared down at her. Would she be able to make the journey back? Did any of them know any Caretaker knowledge to make sure- No, Shakira would make it back.
Though, as she looked up from her mentor’s crumpled frame, she would tense, noticing someone in the distance. An unfamiliar wolf, her eyes narrowed, seeing that perhaps she was attempting to drag something.. someone? She’d share a look with Ophaelos, and Rook to, if he also saw it. She wanted to go, but she would wait, looking to the alphess instead.

* Rook Movement beyond the fray would be caught before recognition swiftly came after. Would the others know this fae as he had; an unknown but lowly piece of Olc design, or would any know her more than he? Regardless, the Lore Master had settled into the mindset that he had when leading Ayaka toward the Morrigan’s gambit: Fate had taken its turn with the choices they provided.

Rook would perhaps not see the full extent of Shakira’s wounds before he made his choice to pursue the fae at the cavern…none of them survived this, he resolved. As swift as his paws could gather, he’d be off.

* Kova as she was already down the slope and approaching Shakira, she would quickly lick the fae’s ears and crown before looking her over quickly. She would be able to make out a gash of some sort along the fae’s back and down the rib, but it didn’t look to troublesome for the moment, for she couldn’t see with the mud in place. She nosed Shakira again.. “and the rock said unto thee, I cannot crush a WolfSpirit.” she ushered to the fae before sighing quickly. “Let me help you with the mask.”

Slowly she pressed her nose along the masks edge, near her crown, before gingerly taking it in her maw. She would slowly and carefully pull it back. It took at least a few tugs before she could actually get it free for it seemed almost cemented on? Surely it was just some mud. Eventually the mask would be set loose from her face and she’d gently set it beside Shakira, nosing her. “Do not move. We will assess your wounds and get you what you need. Well done, Shakira. The task has been done. You did as you said you would.”
She did not see the wolf in the distance or was afforded the vantage. If Ophaelos and Rowan had made any indication of trouble, she would quickly exchange a glance that would urge them to ensure it was safe and secured.
“No one left.” she would see her court move off after said wolf.

* Rowan

The fae was unfamiliar to her, for she hadn’t been around when the attacks were set. Her wandering paws caused her to wander more frequently than she would’ve liked, that was why she wished to join the named wolves. To prove herself. She observed Shakira, unaware of just how bad her wounds were. She would dip her head to the fae, and then Kova.
The glance in her and the snowy brute’s direction, along with the three words, was all she needed. The chosen didn’t want anyone left, and she would help ensure no one was left. Her tail was still, ears perked and swiveled forward. Rowan would follow after Rook, as quickly as she could, to match his pace.

* Ophaelos   No one left. Without one more glance nor any word spoken, the brute would see it done. Ophaelos wouldn’t be very far off from the Lore Master in terms of strides, having only sprinted after him but a moment or two after he initiated the chase. What distance had befallen them was soon made up by Ophaelos’ haste, his slender toes spreading into the slush that encased the North as each powerful movement of his leg would swing forth like a pendulum. He wasn’t neck and neck with the Stone, but shoulder to flank, unable to truly close the full distance their strides put from one another and Rook’s fleetfooted headstart. Whether Rowan had followed behind them was a mystery, for Ophaelos was too focused on aiding the Lore Master in sealing this apparent ‘Olc’ of their fate.


:blkwolfstare: The wolves would have the advantage on their quarry for the wolf continued to drag something from out of the cavern. The light of amber flickering across the cavern wall was now, no more. The she wolf who would go by no name now, would continue to attend to whatever finally saw her out of the cavern after the call of warning was made. The wolves would get fairly close before she even had a proper chance to react or run.
Artwork by gavinodonnel

Into The Ice Crown | Chapter 10

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Role Play Notes | May 22nd, 2019

The wolves of WolfSpirits where held at another temporary stop, waiting in hope that the missing wolves of their beginning party would re-join them. Including the Beta. Darth and Nightshade finally rejoined the pack after a few days and now they aim to keep going. A new wolf, Okkezzon, had joined the group, a wandering male who was looking for a place to call home?


Artwork by OnlyChasing

To The Myrkeer | Chapter 9

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Role Play Notes | May 16th, 2019

The wolves of WolfSpirits where held at another temporary stop, waiting in hope that the missing wolves of their beginning party would re-join them. Including the Beta. Darth and Nightshade finally rejoined the pack after a few days and now they aim to keep going. A new wolf, Okkezzon, had joined the group, a wandering male who was looking for a place to call home?



The Beta Returns | Chapter 8

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Role Play Notes | May 13th, 2019

The wolves of WolfSpirits where held at another temporary stop, waiting in hope that the missing wolves of their beginning party would re-join them. Including the Beta. Darth and Nightshade finally rejoined the pack after a few days and now they aim to keep going. A new wolf, Okkezzon, had joined the group, a wandering male who was looking for a place to call home?