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Lore Night – April 7th, 2023

By Lore Night, RP

Lore Night  – April 7th, 2023


Hosted By Lore Master Rook

Enough wolves had gathered around the stone that his attention drew out from Leora and Fern. “Quite the crowd!” he’d chuff out and sweep a gold and amber-hued gaze across the small gathering. “Such a gathering ought to be an opportunity to share a tale or two, so how about it? Who wants to start us off with a tale, song, poem, or lyric?”
He’d let the tale of the concoction rest a moment while getting a night of lore underway.
.ೃ࿐ His head would dip toward Fianna at the moment they pass each other, however, unlike her, he wouldn’t take a seat beside the gathered wolves. Instead, Ophaelos would end up seeking some sort of refuge in the shade of the Alpha stone, laying in the small shadow it cast from the sun’s glare. His head would settle on his paws as he releases a long breath, his eyes sweeping the fields once more as he tries to decipher if there might be anyone else running amok. His mentor said to stick close to the clearing, but that was days ago… where was she? *ೃ༄
Fern gave a soft nod, appreciative of the little info Rook gave both her and Leora about the mystery herb and berry. But her attention was taken away from the gathered group as well when Kova and who she knew as Tide approached the stone. Once Rook officially proposed something of a Lore Night, her tail began to pick up pace! “I want to hear the one about the metal birds..” She whispered to Leora with a giggle. Now, settling herself into her spot to prepare for a plethora of stories and tales, some she hoped to be about the trip Rook, Fianna, and the missing Saskia went on. They must have tons of things to share
she would look to her sister then brother and to the mention of the berries, she would comitt it to memory, and when the Lore Night was called, she would eagerly weave her tail! Oh how eager her eyes drifted to the wolves who approached. Who would share? She had her own mind on a story. When Fern would offer a suggestion, she gave a nod and grin. Perhaps tonight she would!

as she came into the clearing from the eastern woods she would hear her courts call for a Lore Night. She swung her tail happily behind her and would usher herself forward to the gathered where she would seat herself near him and the rest. She would perk her ears to see who would be the first to share?

as all seemed to fall silent, she would look to Fern for a moment then looked to her brother and waved her tail. She rose up to all fours and chuffed.
“Brother, I have a story. A story from Mama I wanna share.”
Rook would just about be ready to offer his own before Leora stepped forward. Rook would chuff in turn and beckon the young fae forward before he stepped aside to listen with the others.
.ೃ࿐ As Ophaelos basks in the shade, his head would pick up from his paws at the mention of Lore Night. He’d only barely caught it between the mingling conversations only some distance away from him, but considering how the pack begins to gather, it appears that it wasn’t just a casual mention in their topic of the current conversation. Subtly, the brute would raise from his position on the snowy ground to come closer to the group to listen. He didn’t have much to share for Lore Night, so he’d stick to being a quiet observer for now, offering a chuff and a dip of his head if the gathered wolves noticed his presence. If not, he’d lower himself upon his haunches to listen carefully to their stories. The clearing seemed rather empty, and the brute would wonder if anyone else in the pack would gather to listen. The last and first Lore Night he participated in was full of now-familiar faces, though many of them were missing currently. *ೃ༄

Leora Shares A Story

She would look to Fern for a moment, then back to her brother and sister. She swung her tail and would clear her throat just a little before offering. “I have a little story to share. One from Mama.”

Her light hues would fall between the wolves who where gathered as she would stand up between them. She’d begin by simply stating. “Imagine big silver birds in the air!” she would seat herself then gather some snow and toss a few bits here and there. “Their wings so strong that it could push all the snow out of the way and reveal the brown earth below.” she’d make more “Whooshing” motions with her paws as she did her best to mimic her mother when she first recounted the tale.

“Such a bird had come to the original territory, long ago, when my great grandmother was Alpha.” she turned to the others as she would sweep their gazes. “A quiet afternoon befell the wolves of the pack long ago. A wolf would not find anything unusual about this day. Each going about their own, until suddenly in the great distance a speck in the sky. It grew closer… and closer…. ” she wiggled her toes into the snow.

“and it became clear it was a flying silver bird, with noise and sounds never heard by our kind. It’s metallic body glistened in the sun, so much so it could blind a wolf!”

She kept her toes in the snow and would wait for the right moment. “The noise was droning, loud, and hard on the wolves ears. Awe… and excitement would befall those who witnessed it. But that joy would be short lived for when they looked up, and the big silver bird was overhead, it kicked up the very earth! Whirling and blinding both sight and sound!” she would then kick up some snow in a volley towards each wolf present.

She bark and yapped like the wolves who where excited, but then ducked downwards to avoid the snow flakes now falling. “Mama said that one day they came back and took many wolves. That -they- took them. To always be alert of things not just from the ground, but the sky, to.” she huffed and reclined on her haunches, peering to Fianna and Rook. “The rest of the story was not given to me while mama was here.”


Shakira The Huntress had found herself meandering within the dividing trees between the Clearing and the Hunting Grounds after her rounds about the Hunting Grounds, having carefully checked the bordering trees to ensure all was sound. As she wandered, she would perhaps take note of quite a few scents as they lingered within the Clearing. Had a meeting been called? Or perhaps just happenstance of various others gathered for the sake of gathering? Either or, she would turn her course to lead into the Clearing from the south east and towards the heart of the Clearing, a fair bit of distance to cover though soon she would catch many more scents and even soft voices on the breeze.
Fianna had perhaps lapsed into a bit too much silence and her moment to present Rook with the gift passed her by for now. She remained there alongside them all, listening as Leora would launch into a tale, a tale she would keenly listen to for she longed for more memories of their mother.
When Ophaelos would be drawn closer, she’d send him a canine smile and gesture for him to come closer still of he wanted. This lore night seemed to be the cozy sort. Where was her mate? Her pups? She wondered.
Fianna would be drawn into Leora’s tale. Immediately her mind was drawn to the big bird like carcass to the north they had found, was the one in the tale like that – only alive? They took wolves? She was even more glad the one they had so innocently padded around had been dead.
Kova to Leora’s tale, she would swing her tail ever so softly and would duck her head enough to avoid some snowflakes, but not all. She’d chuckle and admire her weaving before giving a light press of her paw.
“A curious and insightful bit of history, Leora. Thank you for sharing.” she’d offer firstly then turn to the Lore Master then to the others. She to would recount the silver metal objects from them to the north. She was more curious to know more of the details of the silver bird and what happened after it soared over their clearing. Lore that might be lost to time itself.
Her attention would be withdrawn again as Ophaelos would come into view, to whom she nodded and as well to Shakira. To her, she’d offer a greeting and welcome to gather.
Fern’s tail swished and swayed once she realized Leora had taken her suggestion, as she was very eager to hear that story. Her eyes lit up in an animated way while Leora told the tale with much so much emotion and ‘pizazz~*. Fern was placed right in the splash zone for snow flake flurries, but she let them come all they want!
She couldn’t imagine what the wolves from that time must have thought, seeing a bird so bright and silvery like she described! Did the bird just scoop them up off of the ground as if it was fishing in the water? How odd! Once the story was finished she would give a soft yip and a stop of her paw for the light fae. “What an amazing tale! And you tell it so well.” She smiled while her tail was beginning to settle, waiting for the next wolf to tell their story.
Rook didn’t miss Fianna’s entrance, nor the strange yet familiar object in her grasp. He hadn’t missed Ophaelos’ entrance before the start of the sharing of lore; being occupied was simply that, and sharing of a tale before lore night had kept him focused on the two fae’s that had asked such to be shared. More wolves seemed to enter the fray, and he’d dip his nose to all before listening to the rest of his sister’s tale.
Rook would give a firm stomp of his paw to the snow for a rather terror-inducing tale of the silver-winged monstrosities he had seen out in the wilds beyond this bubble. Had Kokuro been present, he’d likely had added to such a tale…his brother was not and only those alive during that time had the full tale to share.
“Silver winged creatures like that do exist, but it has been some time since we’ve seen one in the sky. They are as dangerous as young Leora says…A spooky start to tonight’s festivities! Who else has something to share?”
Shakira As she would spot the sizeable gathering surrounding the Rock as she drew near, she would quicken her pace to close the distance in short time, finding a spot near the back she would likely catch only the last bits of Leoras tale. Who was ‘they’, she wondered. Did she mean the wolves that had nearly snatched her? A curious and sympathetic tilt of her head was given and as well a light huff of encouragement for the she-wolf to offer a tale even if she hadn’t heard its entirety. Looking to the gathered, she would would wonder and even guess that with the open speaking it was likely a Lore Night underway, the atmosphere still structured though more relaxed than a Pack Meeting. She would wait patiently for the next story weilder to speak.
Leora her eyes where bright and curious, to. Each of their reactions she’d swing her tail to. She would paw the snow lightly again before looking to Fern.
“Mama didn’t say more then that, but warned of other dangers that came from far away places on wings.” she looked between her brother and sister then to the others. “I think and hope they are long gone!” she huffed, pawing the snows again. She knew not of the world left behind by the two-leggers to the far North, but inwardly she hoped they would be gone to. When her brother called for more to share, she would recline back and look now with eager eyes to those who would share.
Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ The brute wouldn’t miss the invitations to join the pack. He had closed much of the distance off between him and the others, but would raise once more to come closer once looks were exchanged with him. He’d keep quiet, offering a polite smile to each before settling closer nearby. Ophaelos wouldn’t speak much and his focused and inquisitive expression would likely give off the impression that he was too absorbed in listening to everyone rather than putting in his own two cents. Leora’s tale would be quite intriguing, and his tail would sway in the snow behind him with interest at the mention of her mother, whom he gathered was Atraya, and the ominous mention of them. Does them refer to the band of wolves the pack encountered earlier?… *ೃ༄
Calder moments more would pass before he would break into the clearing from the ancient forest, from the north eastern side. There he’d look about the gathered few on the distance and see they where rather close in conversation. Had he missed a calling of some kind? Swiftly he moved to close the distance.
Rook would dip his nose to Fianna and the extension of her tale before once more taking his place among the listeners. He wondered where the fourth verse bearer was, but there was plenty more night to be had.
Shakira She would look to the gathered as they seemed to fall silent for a short time before her ears would perk to Fiannas voice, a brief thump of her tail would be had as her eyes landed on her midsection as if expecting a substantial change so early, a small smile curling her lips as she was eager to hear more tales to come.

Fianna Shares A Story

Well… Saskia wasn’t here and Fianna didn’t think the tale could rightfully be told in full without the 4th verse bearer, but.. Perhaps some sharing of the trip there? She would clear her throat and rise tail swaying.
“My sister share’s a tale in method that shows she has been taking tips from the Lore Master himself.. I have a tale of journey to share, but only in part, for I see things through only one lense, and that is my own. Often times a single story is best heard multiple times and by different wolves, for knew lore can be gained by each…”
She settled onto her haunches and thought back. “My tale, I will keep fairly brief….
“It was a dark and stormy night, a storm blew from whence I know not – where do storms come from? That answer I cannot give you but this storm held an anger. From my place nestled within the clearing’s fold, tucked ‘neath a bush, I slumbered but lightly, when ‘LO! A mighty ROAAR split the night, rending even the storm in two it seemed and with the tremendous sound – the very earth beneath my paws seemed to shudder.” Fianna looked around having lifted her hackles and made herself look bushy and scary for a moment during the exciting part, then smoothed herself and cleared her throat.
“After finding our wise alphess, and learned Lore Master, it was soon decided a search for the roar and trembling’s origins must be sought – or at the very least, knowledge about it.” Fianna thought this tale might be better told as a round robin, and paused to look at Rook with bright hues.
“And so our expedition was born.. layer upon layer our journey west was begun and sought, up a scarred mountain, to the very spine of the world it would seem, to where we had a bird’s eye view of the lands beyond.. and there – THERE – a light. It seemed to flicker and hover where no light should be…”
She wouldn’t tell all of it, she couldn’t yet, but a taste was given and she would seek to find a satisfying and yet mysterious place to end it..
“The light beckoned us, mystifying bright, flame but not flame, star but not in the skies.. What was it? Was it from them? Had the great rumble caused it? Often from just asking questions, great discoveries, and greater journey’s are born.” Fianna would nose Leora to make sure she’d not been too scary.
“The next morning – the light was gone. But we remembered where it had come from and off we went, journeying across the spine, with almost no mishap. But you see we are unscathed, and so said mishap needn’t be the focus of this tale. On the far side.. around the horn of the mountain, there.. there is where the light must have come from. Rook, Saskia, And I bravely set forth and behold – dwelling places unlike any we had seen before rose into the sky, dark and torn asunder – but from what?” She looked around, meeting gazes. “And beyond these.. in the distance as if set apart for a very specific purpose – was and eye, towering and strange, held in place by stone and not stone and looking west – over these very lands it seemed. We crept closer.. closer! Nothing seemed amiss but all the strangeness our eyes beheld. No light still… just as a paw reached the etched stone pathway that led up to the eye – the eye shone with a brilliant glow, casting shadow and light both. And somehow.. it still didn’t seem to see.
She huffed a breath, seeming to settle back with a sly smile. She’d leave it there for now.
she would look to her sister and when she began her tale, she would scoot in a little closer. Her eyes bright, wide and curious. When she would extenuate her words and tones, conveying the loud boom, she yiped and jumped back some. Fianna looked fierce and scared. She would give a low whine but pulled her ears forward when the tale of their journey began shortly after.
The mention of a light she would cast her eyes beyond all the others. Could she see it here?? Where was the light? She peered up and over the other wolves a moment more before looking back to Fianna then to Rook. She was eager to hear more of their adventure and what they found.
she would look to Fianna and when she began to weave the tale, she would as well lean in to listen intently. Carefully. The details struck her true and well, and she would wish for more of it to be told. She knew in time it would, but how curious she was to know of their venture, in detail.
would catch the glimpse and shifting gaze of Leora as Fianna spoke her part of the westward tale. This part was slightly spooky as was inherent of the task they took upon themselves, but Rook would smile lightly at his littlest sister so as to assure her that nothing was indeed coming to get her.
Rook would wonder what Saskia’s part of the tale would be, and so would hesitate to give his own part of the tale. “From the roar of a fallen mountain, the spine of a treacherous mountain’s saddle, and to the cusp of an ever-opened eye that awoke but did not see wolves in the night…Well spoken and well heard, Fianna” Rook would offer as he once more took his spot in front to see who else might wish to share a tale. Would there be a continuation of such a tale, or would they brach off for the time being into calmer waters of this metaphoric river?
he would break for the gathered wolves, moving with a stillness but a silence that hopefully would convey his respectful approach. He could tell something was happening and heard the end thralls of tone from Fianna’s words. A story shared. He would swiftly come to the others, and say nothing but seat himself nearby. He didn’t want to interrupt.
she would look with big eyes at the mention of their venture across mountains and spines. When reassurance was offered by her brother and sister, she would keep her eyes focused. The story unfolded and the details offered. Oh, how she wanted to go venture with them to the west! She wanted to see the light, to! Maybe it was kinda like hers.
When her sister finished and her brother added, she gave a swing of her tail. “What a wonderful story, Fianna! I can’t wait to hear more of it.” she turned to her brother as he added his own parts to it, and gruuued.
The brown fae strode into the clearing at the promise of a gathering – by scent alone, of course. Her gaze swept the expanse and in no time they found what scent put to mind. Who would be gathered tonight, and for why, Saskia wondered. Her paws made quick strides to reach the circle, and she would hum softly as she reached it with her tail swaying slowly behind her.
“My, my – what do we have here?” She’d ask, her voice holding amusement. It didn’t seem like a meeting, but perhaps she was mistaken? She’d find her place… where would she sit? Ah – her spirit mother! Was there a place alongside the older fae? Likely not, as Calder and another probably took the placement long before she arrived. The question is – would they allow her a spot at the table? What had she missed?
.ೃ࿐ Ophaelos would listen intently to the stories being shared. He hadn’t heard much about this journey the trio had together, the only bits and pieces heard and seen is the amulet that Saskia showed him. He expected his mentor to share more about her journey with him, but time seems to escape them. Because of this, Ophaelos would tilt his head up as he listens to Fianna, an observative gaze swayed upon her as she tells her stories. How peculiar—an eye that cannot see… one would love to be a fly on the wall to witness what they may have.
A glance would be thrown at Saskia as she approaches, though his gaze would wander slightly behind and around where the fae came from. It seemed she approached alone, and that this lore night would remain cozy. Politeness would be shared, however, with a chuff and a dip of his head, though his eyes would wander back to Fianna, wondering if she had more yarn to spin this tale with herself, or if the other two would put their two cents in as well. *ೃ༄
As Fianna told the story with similar theatrics as her siblings, she couldn’t help but give a soft chuckle at their similarities and storytelling expertise. As the tale drew on, she would feel herself seem to get sucked into it as if she were living it over alongside Fianna from her vantage, and then from Rooks as he offered his own of their voyage, her features shifting and ears drooping or perking in time with their intertwined words until the tale stopped abruptly. A sense of a missing end would seem to linger until it seemed the third and last of the trio that had ventured west joined the gathering, a silent dip of her head would be given to any other who would join as even with the more relaxed setting she wouldn’t break her own customs, waiting silently and patiently for any other stories to come.

Azalia Shares A Poem

Kova she would look between the gathered and those who’ve appeared as well. She would be eager to hear another story from another of those gathered. Curious what more threads where yet to be woven.
Rook would chuff to and to her entry into the Lore Night festivities. He wondered just what the fae would offer herself but was also curious as to who else had something to share. “You come at the tail-end of tale offered by Fianna, leaving us on the threshold of an eye that peered east and into the void but never saw wolf below. Would you offer us a tale to continue, or shall I offer something to fill in the space? Or…has anyone else something they wish to offer?”
Fianna Fianna would welcome her spirit daughter with a fond nosing and a quick lick to her ruff and an eye cast over her to make sure all was well, – all in a quick moment. She settled more fully now that her part was told and she would cast her eye to see Calder too, nosing him if he was nearby? She caught Ophaelos’ lingering gaze, as well as Shakira’s inquisitive one to her frame, and she’d just feel an inward smile that cast from her eyes. Time would tell on both accounts.
Fern listened to the story Fianna gave with eager ears and when she finished she would offer a well deserved paw stomp! It was probably going to be a long while that she will hear the many tales the trio had to offer, and she would not get bored!- Speaking of the trio! Maybe she would notice Saskia’s approach? She gave her a warm chuff in turn and looked to her with hopeful eyes that she might tell her own story of the journey west, but for now she was now content with what Rook had to offer next!
Calder he would’ve seated himself beside Fianna and listened to the stories shared of their venture. He was eager to know of those details and of what lay ahead for them and in the future.
Fianna would settle against Calder, excited to hear Rook’s tale and enjoying the scent and warmth of pack gathered close. Fur on every side, close and cozy like.
Loumacy the bush wolf made headway from the obstacle course to the clearing as the scent of many wolves lingered in the air, as she reached the tree line she gave a chuff and headed towards the group giving a yawn. At first she went to approach her mentor, Fianna, but seeing Calder slinked the opposite direction settle next to someone else who didn’t want to eat her alive.

Rook Shares A Story

would close his eyes as if to see a painting laid bare only on the canvass upon the back of his lids. There, he’d see darkness outstretched and shown in hues of black before a sightless sight like ink upon ichor. With eyes still closed, Rook would draw to all four paws and whisper in a voice still audible to those around him “Darkness, my kin, not too unlike the space before a dream. It’s cold here, friends, but such depth and void holds promise of something…more.”

“ALIGHT and AWAKE!!” Rook roared in such stark contrast that not only was his voice the dichotomy but also the stillness of his frame gave way to a twisting, spinning motion that flung as much snow from his paws as possible; this snow born aloft was not a wave but a glitter of a thousand million points of brilliant white light…and Rook’s eyes would open–one gold and one amber. “Awake and be seen…awake and be heard.” Rook’s voice quelled to a narrative tone, and his body completed just one spin before he stepped out and beside the spiral design such a motion made in the snow.

“Memory is a fickle thing. The hues and tones of its recall are a veil through which we view things that happened afterwards, a filtered lens through which the past is relived…and yet, we see it in our eyes, we feel it in hearts, and we hear it in our minds. See the lights as they race and fall beside you, hear the wind of a breathless void, and feel the thrum of your passage as you race into the arm of spiraling light.” Rook would say this as he looked for a wayward and manageable stone next to the Alpha’s rock. He’d take hold of it and begin to clear the snow canvas, smoothing over where a once spiral was drawn. He’d begin making a circle of sorts and within it such an odd design that even he and this story could tell nothing of. Once the design was complete, Rook placed the stone beside it.

*”In the time of their youth and pride the Mean Oíche, the sons of the northern midnight, suffered no sky above them. They were the voice of the Earth, unchained by the limits of the horizon and of the great circle above. The sons of the Mean Oíche were born of the stones of the earth in a time where the great fires were absent from the eastern and western horizon. Such was a time before the great wolven stars lit the night sky, where the legends unfurled its tapestry and there secured a place for the migration of the seasons.”

Rook began to inch closer to the stone he had placed beside the circle and began to speak with great anticipation in his voice, drawing upon a tension that he built with the mirror of tension in his frame. “Until, that is upon one night a twinned golden light began to shine in the distant cool ponds of Loch Oíche…until the thrum of a song coursed through sightless sight and fell and fell…and…” Here, Rook took hold of the stone into his mouth and with a whip-like motion throw the stone down into the circle, destroying what image he made. “CRASHED down upon the lands of the Mean Oíche and upon lands to the east. ” Rook would look to his drawing destroyed and a rock that had cleaved in two upon impact with hardened earth beneath snow.

“I have told this story from the perspective of a wolf…from the perspective of the son’s of the Mean Oíche who raced after one of the golden, fallen twins only to find faes of argent beauty in a valley now long lost to furthered story and tale. I have spoken before of how this union forged the creation of my…of our kin in the union of starfall and earth, but now you know it from the veiled perspective of a fallen song; for some distance eastward the golden vale began to grow from a song fallen from ink upon ichor.”

Leora she would turn to her brother as he began to weave the story. Her eyes where light and bright, just like the distant golden aura from a far away land. A destination to reach. To know. Her gaze would not leave her brothers, and to his change in tone and voice, she’d jump back just a little but swiftly settle once he began in his narrative tones. She wondered, quietly, about the light in the dark pond. Her mind would dwell upon the hidden lake and the dark surface it held and had. What she saw within. Oh how curious she was to know more! This was a bit of their past, a bit of their story, and how intricate it was to be shared and had by others. “Wow brother!” her eyes didn’t leave his as she held that same brightness, just like the light to fall into the pond of Loch Oiche. Her paws would make a few stomping motions in delight.”I want to see such a light!” she’d call out as if this was a thing to be in the physical sense.
Loumacy took in the stories as she went to settle down as far from Calder a she could get while still maintaining physical contact with pack members. Her ears perked to the story Leora told, but honestly the femme seemed happy to just lay with the others and let the stories carry her away.

Fianna would take note of Loumacy’s arrival. She had found the fae after she’d run and explained Calder’s apology, but she couldn’t force trust back upon the fae, Nae she would have to find it for herself, and perhaps it wouldn’t happen right away. For now she would remain steadfast at her mate’s side, drawn into her brother’s telling of tale, and in her minds eye she saw the drawings from the strange material she’d found, the shooting star not star… Was that how her mother’s Kin came to be? She’d heard a similar tale from her father of course, but she’d known or seen as much as she had now, and the thought was no less grand. She feel her heart beat and thrum as she looked up to search for Loch Oíche, rising to settle by Leora, shoulder to shoulder as she shared in her sister’s awe.

“Yes, it would amazing to see such a sight – to follow it and find the fae’s of Lore!” She said softly.

Mystic Rain ears perk up at the origine story of the mean oìche her uncle is an awesome story teller, suddenly she sits a little straighter for this is part of Her past H er history. One whose existence she never even suspected. So much having been lost. Due to circumstance. Would there be others beyond her birthpack and this one ? Why not. Things can get lost so easily. Paying very close attention she tries to memorize it all even she’ll never be able to reproduce it. She wants to remember.

Kova she would listen intently to the story woven by the Lore Master and her court. Admiration in her hues would follow the motions of his words. To each pitch and note, she’d react in kind. Her gaze fell momentarily to the others as Loumacy appeared, before her eyes would fall back to her court as she would be brought back in.

Often she thought about their story, about the vale and how it might’ve come to be or had come to light and his story would uncover a great deal in her mind. She would linger a little upon the faes of argent light. Those who had captured the stone hued frames of the son’s of Mean Oiche.

To the tale’s end she would let loose a few stomps of her paw as well before giving off a deepened chuff.

“Well spun and well told, Lore Master.” her tail ushered a wave and to Fianna’s inquiry, she would nod in agreement. What a quest indeed.

Calder to the tale told, he’d give a sure nod of his head and a stomp of his paw. How intricate and woven the stories where here. It would cause him to even think on any he could recall growing up.

When Fianna shifted, he would nose her lightly before looking back too the gathered. Fine stories shared thus far, and he’d be eager to see anymore.

Rook would dip his nose to his court and sisters. Again, the Lore Master only told part of the story; he hadn’t told of the felled golden tree in the observatory’s atrium that induced such a dream for the trio…nor did he tell of the disembodied voices of those scientists speaking in such earnest about their cosmic discovery…such things were even outside his perspective. For now, he’d wait and see if any other wanted to speak and carry them along different waters.

Kova  she would brush her nose along her courts shoulder as she had seated herself beside him. She took note of the others who gathered and smiled in kind to their presence. Welcoming them to the group before turning to see if any others desired to share.

Fianna would stamp her paw to her brother’s tale, and glance around her to the other’s. If Lou looked their way at all, her eyes would be warm and inviting, her tail beckoning should the fae find any courage. She’d spot Tide too, and if she could reach the fae, she’d give her noggin a nuzzle and lick

Loumacy lay across the blanket of snow, amber eyes looking far and distant, not looking at anyone in paticular but her ears still perked and twitched and rotated like radars to sounds both near and far, real and seemingly unreal, occasionally settling on the lore to be told. She seemed a bit out of it, but was trying to be present atleast physically. Some days were better than others, today seemed one for the worse in regards to her psychosis.

Ophaelos  .ೃ࿐ The brute would tilt his head as he listens to Rook’s tale, adding further to the layers of the story. When Fianna would stamp her paw, he would too—mostly out of habit, perhaps. There was a large amount of thoughtfulness in his gaze as he looked over everyone, curious of what they, too, felt about the tale. If he were honest, he was sort of jealous of the trio. A seasoned traveler such as himself has seen plenty of sights, some of them being unbelievable and bizarre, and others simply breathtaking. From the way they describe their journey, Ophaelos can’t help but feel a mixture of all of the above. But, considering his explorative nature, one couldn’t help but be envious of their travel. What a sight to behold, and what a burden to bear, being a verse-haver and all… his eyes would find Saskia’s dark frame, his gaze thoughtful and curious all the same. What weight did these three carry, and what does it mean to bare their verses? Questions o’plenty, all to be reserved until he can get some time with her . *ೃ༄

Rook The extended silence would be as much a sign as any that the time to share story, Lore, and song had ended at least for now. “Well, I think that concludes tonight’s Lore Night then. We may have a few added tales here and there as the night progresses, but I will not keep you” Rook would stamp his paw to the snowy ground below and make to depart from the gathered few and find a spot nearer the river to the north.