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Pack Meeting #203 – A New Dawn

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Meeting Notes

January 11th, 2022

  • Salem Pledged
  • Loumacy Pledged
  • Rook Pledged
  • CwnAnnwn Assessment
  • Skydancer Assessment
  • Timber Pack Member
  • Timber / Shukie begin courtship
  • Discussion on new member roles for IRC
    • Ranked members = @
    • Members = %
    • Assessments = +
    • Pledges = No mark
  • Announcement from the Alphas – Ayaka, Atraya, and Faolan will return to the Vale
Number Of Wolves Present


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Pack Meeting Begins

c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ His path was meant also for his daughters, but the stone of Sisyphus now must roll uphill, and roll it shall for one final time before Zeus himself was made to recant. When Fianna and Kwa`ani paused, he could not help but dwell richly and sadly upon the metaphor unfolding. They would remain and he would depart. Perhaps it was not he rolling the stone…perhaps he was Zeus slowly becoming undone? He felt the metaphors entwine and escape like a tapestry beginning to unravel with every padfall he took to the Alphas rock. Shukie was just a few padfalls ahead of him and perhaps nearly to it before he chuffed to her in the voice of one who could now only remember… the one who had saved one last spot in his memory for an image that would not yet be this. ”Time to herald in the dusk so that dawn may be all the more sweetly seen” And there, he would leap up to the stone’s upper surface and await his mate.
* Atraya had remained near Ayaka and her son and when she felt her mates movements, despite being not near him just yet she rose to all fours. She nosed the pair beside her before turning and making her way to the stone as well. A weight would be heavy upon her but outwardly, she seemed to hold the harlod of calm. Her paws would tap the earth lightly before her as she would slowly lead up the stones surface to stand shoulder to shoulder with her mate. Only a moment longer before she’d howl for a gathering.
* Rook To be simultaneously uplifted and crushed in the foment that was life at this very moment. It was enough to make him want to stop feeling, but he was the awestruck observer to the recedence of ocean’s front. He knew the tsunami was coming, but his proverbial paws remained fixed lest he miss an observation to recount later. ”The white wolf awakened…you, above all others, will reside upon the hills and stones of my kin in the hallowed terrane of my memory. You will have an honored seat next to my mother and father. “ Much more could be said and should be said, but his voice caught in his throat and he tarried too long…The moment and the wave was upon him.
* Shukie gave a deep and respectful nod to Faolan and rather than ascend the top most layer of the stone she navigated to the slightly lower ledge, a knowing look in her gaze when she turn again to him. Adding her own tones to Atraya’s howl of calling hte meeting to order. “Once more, together a meeting you both herald, proud to be by your sides.” and with that she fell silent leaving
* Shukie the gavel and events to the alpha pair.
* skydancer upon reaching the frozen stream where it enters the forest dividing hunting ground from Clearing she turns her paws even further west and continues along its bank in a steady unhurried gate until she reaches the Clearing eastern treeline. Drawing to a halt she quickly noticed the scent entire pack gathering around. Droppingg her prize she sets to digging a hole in the snow with quick precise motions before dropping the
* skydancer meal in init then covers it up by shoving it she with her muzzle. Only when she is happy with the arrangement does she pad out into the open. It won’t be good if she too late for a gathering afteral.
* Sanek before he could think, his paws were instictively carrying him to the alpha stone after hearing Atraya’s howl. He would seat himself in a place that both spaces to his sides were empty, so that his friends could sit there if they arrived soon enough.
* Panther would move towards the eastern cache, he made near the northeast corner, but not quite there. He’d remain in the shadows of the trees as he discarded the meat into the cache and covered them up, but upon hearing the howls of the Alpha’s, he’d finish up in the eastern treeline and trot quickly into the clearing, heading towards the Alpha
* Panther Rock.
* Panther + If he arrived quickly enough, he’d seat himself beside Sanek, the other spot next to him likely empty unless someone filled it.
<`Raven> <Faolán> c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ Only when his mate offered her voice, would he too beckon the Song ever nearer to those that reside within the clearing. When all was once again quiet, he would look to his mate and offer her the first words.
* Ayaka knew Shukie was likely busy and the meeting had been called, thus, as Rook spoke she moved back to his side to settle, the ebb and flow of his words pulling the chords of her own heart and when he faltered, she felt the welling of her own emotion and dipped her head over his shoulder a moment in a brief wordless response. “It is all, and more, than I could ask for.” She offered simply once she straightened again. To be
<`Raven> remembered was an honor, and even more so be remembered well and in a good light.
Fianna had waited for Kwaani’s response, but it seemed the fae had been lost I thought from whatever conversation she had shared with their father. A lick to Kwa’ani’s snout would give her love and then Fianna would rise and pad in her father’s wake, having somehow missed the import in his earlier words. She had longed in the past to have a chance to follow in his footsteps, and now if only in the physical sense,she
<`Raven> would, settling near the stone to perk to the song of her parents voice entwined together. Heart rising to the crescendo, still unaware of the true import of what was to come, she would wait with baited breath.
* Kova she would hear the call of a meeting and her lids began to slowly open. She could at least see part of the clearing from her vantage. “If anything… I would like to get closer.” she would usher towards Rune and giving Rune little time to protest, she slowly pressed her paws into the snow and began to crawl herself forward. Luckily for her, wolves have come and gone and had allowed the ..
<Kova> .. snow to smoothen out so she looked like a penguin, sliding on her belly if only to be at the tree’s edge, in the clearing proper if she was not stopped. She did her very best to keep her head low and not swing.
* Leora just as she was closing the distance between herself and Sirris she heard her mothers howl. Seeing her big sisters and brother, she would give a happy yip! None the wiser to anything going on, she would lope in their direction. When reaching Fianna, Kwa’ani and Rook, she would nuzzle them if they remained closer. She would seat herself nearby.
* Sirris would hear the call of the alphess from her rock. A pack meeting has been called, the white fae was curious, much to her excitement she would sprint towards the direction of Alpha rock. She wondered who will be called this day? Who will join the ranks and who will be promoted? Oh, what an exciting day! Sirris would have thought as she attempted to sprint a lot faster in hopes of arriving much sooner.
<Calder> He wouldn’t be far but fairly close to the clearing when he heard the call. Drifting up from his resting place, he began to slowly make his way to the clearing and to the heeded howl.
* Atraya as the wolves began to gather she’d wait for the familiar scents of those who where to be called, enter the fold. Her paws shifted beneath her in thought. There was much to talk about this meeting and so she would begin. Her gaze was on the horizon and there she’d chuff for both Loumacy , Rook, and Salem to approach.
* Cwn The male perked as the howl for a gathering was made by the lead pair. He turned to Kova and was about to bow his head to the fae to take his leave, but he saw the fae attempting to rise. He moved to her side, knowing Rune would not be happy with him, but he doubted Kova would listen to him. He would attempt to use his body to help keep her steady and allow her to move closer to the gathering.
* Timber chuff to Salem and Loumacy seemed to go unnoticed, perhaps it was because of the throng of wolves now within the clearing, but whatever the reason he would understand. Instead of pursuing his greetings he would turn at the sound of the voice of the one who held his hopes, and the voices of the other alpha’s. A strong trio, full of wisdom no doubt. He would move to seat himself amongst the others.
* Kwa`ani had been lost in thought until the alpha howls rang out and there too she followed and would settle beside her sister and fellow guardian. “Sorry my sister, I was lost in thought of papa’s words and wisdom.” returning the lick then settling, a smile forming when the odd fae was called forth along with Salem, a returning member if she recalled correctly.
* Salem stood up straight and looked at the group now growing more and more everytime he checked. “You’re right, it does sound like a good way to learn about a few of them or find possible avenues of conversation in the future,” he said thoughtfully. “There are definitely some here that I have gotten to know for the first time and some I’ve once known but not for a long time.  And still I’m sure there are a few more that I have yet to meet for the first time, and the first time is a special one!” he said with more enthusiasm. When he would approach the gathering of wolves, he was surprised that he would be getting there just as he and Lou were being called. As if on some sort of queue. He quickly stepped forward to stand in front of the Alphas with
* Salem a bow of his head before raising it hoping that Lou would do the same.
* Shakira had moved off to the far eastern woods bordering the Hunting Grounds the night she had led the tracking excursion, curious if perhaps she could push the herd further into the Hunting Grounds if she could find them, however, it was not to be. After finding neither scent nor sight of the herd that she, Panther, and Sanek had nearly tracked down, she would have made her way further south and into the wooded areas bordering the southwestern Hunting Grounds. Now seated near the small pool at the streams end, she would be lost in thought until the rich tones of the Alpha female would ring clear to the northwest and then shortly after the Alpha males tones would join to harmonize as she hadn’t heard in years, her body instinctively rising to heed the call of her Alphas, paws carrying her swiftly towards the Clearing from the south east.
Fianna would have found herself settled fairly near Rook and Ayaka and her eyes gleaned as she scanned them, tail waving, wondering what import they shared between them before her youngest sister arrived and she’d nuzzle the fae, happy to see her as her tail told, swaying faster than ever as she licked the young wolf’s muzzle in find greeting. Turning to see Kwa’ani had followed her she would nose her and her gaze spoke
<`Raven> of no harm done!
* skydancer padding across the snowy expanse in a jog her ears draw forward at the double howl summoning the pack to the meeting though it doesn’t look like many are missing. I fact it seems rather busy just like when she first arrived. Approaching the back of the group she sits onto her hindpaws silently wondering how many and whom would still be there a year from now. Or two. Not that many she figured but only time will tell.
* Rook He first listened to Ayaka’s words as one who now only had moments to feverishly write down the annals of events untouched yet by stone or page. It was deep in and from that recollection that both his parent’s voices stole him. The wave had reached its critical height, and no amount of running away would now save him. Instead, he drew himself towards them and the alphas rock in hopes that he would find salvation
<`Raven> from the truth he knew crashing towards him.
* Loumacy watched as wolves gathered and settled, and she too was about to find a place among the masses of fluff but then she froze as her ears caught the chuff and her pale yellow eyes honed in on Atraya. She paused wondering if she indeed saw and heard what she saw and heard infront of all these other beautiful souls. Ears perked to attention, then a little tell wag, and like a spring
* Loumacy her body seemed to hipe itself up before turning to bounce around Salem she then lept forward nosing all the wolves along the way as she yipped and pranced and jumped til she skidded to a halt infront of Atraya herself. Ears up, ears flat, ears up, ears flat. Whine. Whimper. YIP! She was so excited that she seemed to forget why she was standing there, and this much would perhaps be rather
* Loumacy obvious to those who watched as a look of confusion dawned on her features and her words said, “Is Coneward in trouble Alpha Atraya? I was sleeping and unable to watch him…” She admitted an apologetic whine.
*Sirris The white fae would move closer to alpha rock, wondering if she would in fact arrive on time to see who would be called forth. Not long after the fae would arrive at the meeting, looking around to see who was called towards the alphas. Was she on time?
*Rune The ivory fae frowns at Kova’s movements towards the Clearing, Atraya’s howl rising into the air, summoning the group. She watches as CwnAnnwn goes to help Kova move, and the Caretaker uses those few moments to return to gather the herbs she had left with Kova. One safely within the bundle, she lopes over to Kova and CwnAnnwn, supporting Kova’s other side, the Caretaker doing her best to lift the fae above the snow.
*Timber Seeing another white fae (Sirris) approach their gathering, one he felt he’d seen if not truly met before, Timber would shift to show she was welcome and nodded her way with a wag of his bushy tail before his attention was called to the stone and two wolves to be ussured forth. His ears perked and he would soak in the dramatic flair this pack possessed which so richly added to all their lives.
* Faolan He awaited the trio of wolves to approach and looked to each one, including his son with a gaze to melt through steel and façade. When Loumacy, the odd fae he had only met briefly spoke, he turned and with what gentle tones he could, ”It is customary to remain silent until you are spoken to when come before this stone and the stewards of this land. Be at peace and be quiet until called upon to speak.”
* Sanek he set down the piece of meat and nosed Panther happily. He watched as Lou was called up with Salem and Rook, and was once more speaking in riddles. When he saw Sirris nearing the stone he would wait till she would see him and would point to the spot next to him, inviting her to sit there if she wanted.
* Atraya she’d wait for their scents to loft to her and when she could sense them, her nose dipped. To Loumacy’s question and vibrant tones she would simply look ahead while holding a light but serious expression. Perhaps mirroring her mates sentiments. Perhaps to later answer her question. “Rook, Loumacy and Salem…you three have been a constant presence within our home or born within it. ..
<Atraya> .. Threads in a very large tapestry and perhaps to grow even bigger. You have approached me in requesting to join our pack and family and I would like to ask you now, before all whom you desire to call family that if you still desire to join and why.” she’d allow the pair to offer their words to the pack.
* Ragaire  Upon returning to the Clearing last night with Kwa’ani, she had returned to her and her siblings’ den. She’d been snoozing for most of the day, emerging every so often to snuffle around the densite before lounging around again. The pup was in the middle of one of those snoozing naps when a howl rouses her. She picks her head up and perks her ears, nose trying to gather the scents in the Clearing below. Lots and lotsa smells! Oh fantastic! Maybe there would be another hunt! Could she participate this time? ☽✩
* Kova with the pair on eitherside, the helped slide her along with little to no effort on her part. Grateful for their attention and help, she would finally stop moving when she was within the clearing, near her favorite blue spruce. Once settled, she would look to the pair and quietly uttered “Get closer if you need, I will be ok here…” finally she would once more lower her head again, ..
<Kova> .. finding the sprigs taste still in her mouth, but did start to provide some comfort.
* Panther listened as he seated himself near Sanek, he nosed the brown brute in return, the other spot beside Panther was empty. Perhaps he smelt the white fae, but if he did, he didn’t show to much interest at the moment. He watched as Loumacy, Salem, and Rook were called forth. Panther smiled softly glad Lou might be becoming a pledge. He had
* Panther found himself in the same spot, among the two faes as they gazed down at him. Though now it was different and their was three alpha’s upon the stone. He’d glance over his shoulder, perhaps seeing Timber, if he did he’d offer the spot next to him, since the brown brute offered Sirris the spot next to him.
* Leora bright eyes would fall to her mother and father. How nice they looked wayyyy up there! To her brothers approach to the stone, she would tilt her head and look up at her sisters with quiz-like eyes. Turning then she listened. Remembering to be quiet and respectful at meetings.
* Shukie would give a dip of her head to the trio before them. As in times past she stood beside the alpha pair, Beta then, now Alpha as well. Tonight was theirs to be had and lessons for her to learn yet no doubt. A wide smile to her muzzle given to each. Her nod that of approval as she listened, hearing this many times yet still took mental notes.
*Cwn Turned his head to look over as Rune suddenly joined them and helped Kova move closer, he gave her a sheepish smile, expecting to hear from the fae later. Once Kova got as close as she wanted and told them to move closer should they wish to, he would once more lightly nose the fae before he did indeed approach closer to the alpha’s rock and the gathered wolves. Silver brute found a spot close enough to hear what was being said and settled upon his haunches, he was a bit anxious, wondering if he would be granted his previous request this night.
* Kwa`ani would have given her brother a nudge to get him moving when he was called forth for she had not known he requested to join the pack at long last. A soft, ‘go bro’ was giving tho likely not heard.
* Salem prepared himself for what he thought Atraya might say though he didn’t miss the brief exchange before he heard her speaking. He waited for his turn or would let any of the others speak before he offered his response. “I have once called this place home and after many years away, I would like to once again call this place home and it’s inhabitants my family.” He said, his
* Salem tone and words maybe a little wiser as he spoke them as he now knew better what both meant.
* Sirris Upon her arrival the fae would notice the brute Timber offer her a nod. Sirris would give him a kind wolfish grin at his acknowledgement, moving to pad over towards Panther and Sanek. She let out a sigh as she sat with the brute, giving them each a nosing while she turned towards the alpha’s and watched the gathering take place.
* Fianna Pink As her brother and the other two were called forth she would feel a happy surprise to see her brother taking the first steps to put down roots of his own in the story that she had always lived, that was her home. Was he truly going to stay, if at least a bit closer? Heart warming she watched, leaning to nuzzle Leora again and press her shoulder to Kwa’ani. Family. +Oh yes! If Ragaire’s scent was to be suddenly stronger, she would perk to the advance of her daughter and mate as well as she would seek to corral the little one before she dusrupted the meeting, she would rise and gingerly make her way to meet Ragaire, nudging her joyfully with licks, and Calder too, before returning to find a seat and whispering to Ragaire to be quiet and listen!
<Calder> He would have found himself near all the gathered. Finding his mate among them he’d seem to head in that direction and it would seem as though his wayward daughter also joined in. He was silent and respectful when he seated himself near. Hopefully drawing no attention to himself.
* Rook – He would be pulled once more from looking upon the wave by Loumacy’s question, his father’s answer, and his mother’s request. What a time to be alive…the once proud frame lowered in stature to accept the weight of the task and request given, but his voice remained as that of the storyteller…”A story for a story and a tale for a tale has long been my creed and wager to those I infrequently saw yet frequently missed. The tale I tell comes near its end, and although I find myself saddened by it, there is a tale I wish to live and be player and teller to here. The land crafted by stories and from stories…a land and pack to whom I am indebted to. A story for a story and a tale for a tale if one finds me worthy enough of telling it.” He would wait his turn, speak, and then bow his head and gaze to the base of the stone before him.
* Rune The Caretaker remains by Kova’s side, allowing the Beta fae to lean against her should she choose. She was not to be pledged this night and would remain by the side of those who needed her. Out of the corner of her eye, she watches one of Fianna and Calder’s pups zooming down the hill towards the gathering wolves. Another one to keep her eye on, it would see, though she was glad to see both of the pup’s parents
<`Raven> nearby as well.
* Loumacy despite being a bit of stocky femme, shrunk some under Faolan’s words, showing more fear the pleasure at where she stood now. Atraya’s tone, though a little lighter, seemed to seal that fear directly into the marrow of her bones. When Atraya stopped speaking, big amber eyes dared a glance at Faolan for a moment, but she would let someone else dare to speak first not wanting to risk
* Loumacy another reprimand, even if only by word. Her ears remained flat, even as Salem spok, though she still listened, his seemed simple enough. Then there was Rook’s, his was beautiful and poetic, but verse seemed to escape her in that moment. A moment of silience passed and deciding not to look at either Alpha, in an effort to regain some guts, her gaze turned to the rest in the pack. Bright
* Loumacy and perky Leora, always helpful Panther, brave lead huntress Shakira, admirable Kwa`ani who she still owed a pine cone, and still many others she had never met. The words slipped from her maw like a stream of thought, “I’ve never had a family before. I’ve never had other wolves look at me and see me as one of their own. Why, for the longest time it’s just been me and Coneward singing a
* Loumacy tune only the wind could follow.” She then tunred back to the Alphas, “I want to have a place where I belong, where the labor is shared, where the hearts are warm, where there is no need to chase after the lights in the sky, because Wolfspirits is a place where the sun will always rise.”
*Ragaire The pup gasps. Momma and puppa?! Hooray! This was fantastic! She barrels towards the gathering wolves despite Atraya having already begun the meeting and the invisible talking stick of formality being passed around. As she nears the gathering wolves she skids against the snow, Fianna having noticed the pup approaching at meeting-ruining speeds. She whines, licking up at momma and then puppa’s faces, tail wagging furiously down near her hocks. Oh this was fantastic, they were gonna be so proud of her. But, oh, what’s this? Quiet? Ugh, that wasn’t fair! She had so much to say and show! For now the pup hops along beside her parents, setting beside puppa, leaning into Calder’s shoulder to do her best to watch.
* Kwa`ani watched the proceedings yet moreso watched the wolves around her, their reactions, actions and inactions. When her sister slipped off to wrangle her daughter she smiled remembering the night prior. Giving a nod to Loumacy if the fae looked in her direction during her speak she remained quiet, the quiet observer.
* Faolan In the silent language, he listened to the beat and cadence of restless paws or tails. In the silent language, he dwelled within the moment of the flinch or downturned gesture. It was the order made from the Alpha’s will, but not one done to make one languish. He judged the words like a hunter judged its prey, and when he found none wanting, he dipped his nose. ”I find sincerity in each and would know them as the wind knows the bough of the tree it whistles by.” He, like they, would await his mate’s voice.
* Shakira , as she drew within sight of the thinning trees that would lead her into the Clearing, would take note of the various scents of wolves who had traveled recently into the Clearing from a similar direction, her tawny form finally emerging and continuing on towards the Alphas Rock, the gathering already quite large and the proceedings underway. Quietly finding a spot near the back, she’d offer no more than a sway
* Shakira of her tail or a nod of her head to any who might notice her, not daring to take away from the advancements being made.
<`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Fianna could tell something exciting held her daughter’s attention, but she knew it was a well learned lesson to allow any news to wait until it could properly be savored or given thought. As such she would watch Ragaire out of the corner of her eye to make sure the pup was on her best behavior, while she allowed herself to settle once more, seeing others still trickling in. Her eyes would pass over Kova’s still aching
<`Raven> looking frame and she would hope the fae was at least healing, if slowly? But now wasn’t the time to inquire, pledging was a serious step even if it was the first, and Fianna listened to the words offered with care and weight.
* Atraya to the heart felt words she’d rise a paw up lightly before lowering it to the stone beneath her. “True words, and truer felt.” she would dip her head to the three. Heart felt and truly forged from their desire to join made known, she’d now look ahead to those who bare it’s witness. Pressing her shoulder to her mates, she’d continue. “As all lay witness to Salem’s returned pledge, to ..
<Atraya> .. Rooks pledge and Loumacy’s pledge to this pack and their journey to join us, the new chapters to unfold with us..”she would pause before she’d continue ” I would like to have the honor of naming you pledges of WolfSpirits. To those you cross and new paths forged, may you introduce yourself to all you meet.” her paw would rise again and she’d stomp it lightly. The joy and pride that would ..
<Atraya> .. radiate off her fur and frame would be immeasurable.
* Faolan He would stamp his paw upon the stone for each of the new pledges before his eyes showed true the happiness he felt at seeing the trio named.
<Calder> He’d remain quiet and when Ragaire would approach he would be quick to offer a nosing and a low gruffing “hush” tone if only to ensure she would still, then he turned his gaze back to the wolves at the Alpha’s stone. To Atraya’s paw stomping, he would dip his head and offer a chuff in the wake of the three new pledges.
* Ayaka too would remain settled and silent, her heart beating in chords now and her thoughts often gathering the flavor of others, her heart swelled as the pack welcomed three new threads to weave into song and story, and she would lift her muzzle to chuff her own seasoned tones in welcome and glad tidings.
* Shukie watched each wolf as they spoke, “Salem you have returned a past valued member, may you be so once again.” To Loumacy, “You fought for this pack, protecting a member without out thought to yourself.” To Rook, “You return to the pack, your tales for a tale, a story for a story. I look forward to all your progression to pack and welcome you.” She too tamped her paw upon the stone
* Shukie with a nod of her head.
* Panther watched as all the wolves gave a speech, he smiled softly when finally Loumacy spoke. His tail giving a subtle wag as his name was mentioned, he’d gaze towards Shukie as she spoke to Lou about helping a member. He’d dip his head towards them both, and offer a paw stomp gratefully.
* Kova the meeting’s joyful tones would reach her and it was there in the thrawls of joy did she see the three wolves to whom now where named pledges. Rook being among the gathered who pledged themselves to the pack. Though she wasn’t to not mind the Caretaker and rise her head up to chuff bark in return, she’d settle for a rapid wave of her tail and a gentle whine that escaped only her and would ..
<Kova> .. be in earshot of any who was near her.
* Kwa`ani lifted her muzzle with a soft howl for the trio, so excited to see her brother take the step. His path had been far different from theirs tho now it seemed to be a path that convereged once more.
* Rook   A reprieve, a moment’s mercy afforded him saw him named by his mother and by his father. It was not the end, but the beginning of the name given him when the world became mute. He would dare his tail to wag furiously to even the mean old bus lady’s words to him…yes, sometimes he still referred to her as such but would never tell. He knew that this moment was short lived, and so quietly returned back to Ayaka’s side when the congratulations had passed.
* Fianna Pink Fianna would lift her own voice in a chuff, for her brother – remembering the excitement of when they used to be pups, thinking about when they might become Lemon Pledge, now the time had come to welcome three into the fold and she wouldn’t be silent, her bark would be happy and welcoming.
* Leora her tail swung quickly behind her and she gave yapping barks to her brother! ‘Yay!’ she would say for all three, but a lil special ‘yay’ for Rook. She would have to investigate all this new and great advancements.
* Sanek poetry true from the heart, Lou’s riddles and rhymes would be woven and heard like a bird’s song, clear and beautiful in it’s own way. One didn’t need to understand it to know and feel it. His tail thumped the ground happy for the three wolves.
* Rune At the announcement of the addition of three pledges, Rune chuffs in congratulations, her tail sweeping the snow behind her once. The ivory fae remains at Kova’s side, keeping an eye at the wolf while watching the meeting respectfully.
* Salem waited for a moment until they had all finished speaking and for their own howls to ring in the air before joining in, adding his own just like his footprint to the Pack around them. His tail finally felt free to wag behind him and it did so with all of the pent up energy he had been withholding until that moment. He bowed to the three of them before walking back among the gathered
* Salem wolves to find a place, nosing anyone who offered or that he recognized before finding a spot to observe the rest of the meeting.
* Ayaka would welcome Rook back with a dip of her head and the sway of her tail, silvery eyes bright before she caught sight of Shakira joining the group as well and she’d sway her tail to the lead huntress, before turning to once again allow her eyes to remain to stone and star, and to what New lineage Shukie might bring to the table with her own role and right.
* /Ragaire Indigo ✩☾ The pup’s head slowly rotates into a tilt, her amber eyes trained on those above the rock and those below it. What was goin’ on up there? It didn’t look like too much fun, much too quiet and stiff. Ragaire tears her attention away from gramma and grumpa to look around her, spotting many wolves she knew and many wolves she did not. She’d have to go say hello later! ☽✩
* Shakira would offer a low howl for the newest Pledges to the pack, all of which being ones she would make note to become better acquainted with as two were known at surface level while one was unknown to her.
* Atraya when all the howls and joyful tones would subside, she would turn to her mate and brush her nose along his lightly. Next order of business…
* Loumacy ears perked, and this time they stayed perked with her tail moving a mile a minute. She wanted to jump, to yip, to howl! But could she? Was that allowed? When Salem howled, the questions in her mind ceased and she let one rip, a howl ofcourse! Before bouncing around in circles and heading down towards the rest of the pack playfully bowing here and there before moving towards the
* Loumacy back, yipping at that one pup that was peaking around adult paws, and then, once she had made it to a quiet spot, out of the way, she flopped over, tail quietly thumping the snow. No doubt listening to Coneward, the pinecone attached to her side, words of congratulations.
* skydancer chuckles slightly at rambunctious youngster antics though her attention is quickly drawn to the pledgings. When the others lift their voices in congratulations she adds her own to the mix for the first time in far too long
* Cwn The male would tilt his head back and let out a howl along with the others for the trio of new pledges. Lowering his maw, he would look toward the alpha’s rock and await the next topic to be covered.
*Faolan   A few moments were given for the new pledges to find their paws and racing hearts and for them to finally return to the fold after the swelling celebration. He felt the sturdiness of the rock beneath him and the two beside him. With that strength, he looked to CwnAnnwn and then to Skydancer, calling to both to come forward.
* skydancer head comes up despite half expecting something along these lines still caught, once again, of guard. Quickly rising to all fours she approaches with her head and tail appropriately lowered though that sneaky banner tip does a little wag. Upon reaching the Rock she settle onto her hind paws waiting for the alphas words.
* Cwn The silver male perked as Sky and then he were called up to the rock, taking a deep breath, he would stand and pad forward at a steady pace. He glanced at those gathered as he padded by them and then stopped below the rock and bowed before his gaze fell upon the three who stood upon it.
* Timber Absorbing the knowledge that wolves who wandered must once again forge new roots even if memory had kept them, Timber’s tail would have swayed in congratulations to those who had taken the step, looking now to the small fae he had recently met as she and the silvery grey male made their way forth. What steps were now to be taken? If he’d had a notepad and a way to write upon it, he would he turning to a new page.
* Shukie cast a glance toward where her sister, kova, frowning for she’d moved. Further scanning would show her the fae had joined as best she could the meeting, a quiet nod given to her before pulling her attention back to the meeting and the next event. When the duo was called she smiled broading for the additional return of the horde, nodding to each.
* Ragaire Indigo ✩☾ Mischievous eyes look around, from wolf to wolf, all of them sitting very still and quiet, only moving when called forward. The pup shuffles and boops Calder’s shoulder with her nose before leaning against him again, looking up at her puppa with big amber eyes. She had many questions but would clamp her jaws shut, looking to grumpa up high on the rock. It had been some time since the pup’s naming ceremony and
<`Raven> Ragaire likely wouldn’t understand her own need to pledge for quite some time.
* Kwa`ani leaned over to her brother with a whisper..’You forgot to wear your cape!” then straightened up once more.
* Salem made his way into the group but would quietly stand up to go and make his way to sit beside Lou so that he would have someone else to whisper to during the meeting and perhaps explain customs and traditions further. “Congrats,” he whispered to her even though he was also made a Pledge to while his attention was still on Sky and another wolf who had been called forward that
* Salem he had a slight tilt in his head to determine if he remembered meeting the wolf at one point as well.
* Faolan  Amber hues watched the two wolves make their approach to the stone, and a moment yet was given for them to collect themselves upon the trodden snow beneath them before he spoke. ”Both of you come before us with roots almost as deep as the Roghas in these lands and among my kin. CwnAnnwn, your father’s padfalls still echo in those I and you take. Although you are not your father, you find yourself casting the same steadfast presence he once had. Skydancer, long are the stories within which you dwell of pack, kin, and deed. Both of you have come to us or have returned to us having honored the pledge and oath to become Assessments. Tell us here and true, do you wish to continue on the journey to becoming full members of this pack. If so, tell me who will vouch for your words. “ to the last of his requests, he looked up and to those gathered to see if any would come forward for Cwn or Sky when they had spoken the words of their hearts.
* Loumacy nosed Salem as he settled next to her, and then rested her head lazily against him as she continued to lay there like a patch of snow under a shedding tree. Still, she didn’t say anything just quietly watched with those big curious amber eyes. Her tail lightly thumping against the snow. She herself wasn’t exactly good at sitting still unless she was asleep and even then she would
* Loumacy twitch as she dreamed. Her gaze occasionally slipped over to the pup who she had yet to meet, amused, before looking back to those who stood up front. Listening, waiting, learning, and compling questions for Salem.
* Atraya to her mates request of the pack, she would hold herself stedfast beside Faolan as she awaited for the others and to those whom might speak for both CwnAnnwn and Skydancer.
*Rune The fae’s copper and amber eyes rest upon CwnAnnwn and Skydancer, Faolan’s words as best put as was possible. From her first moons among the pack, both wolves had been present, and Rune was glad to see them taking steps to return to the pack in full.
* Shukie could easily vouch for both yet prefered a pack member do so, just as her sister spoke up glaring at her briefly for being up and about. Instead she gave a nod to Kova’s words as she looked to each wolf present.
* Leora didn’t know if she counted or not, but her tail swung happily behind her as she rose a paw. “I like them both!” though she’d seen either one a few times now, all her encounters where very nice, pleasant and if anything perhaps she wanted to add her voice to the mix.
* Ragaire  Hmm, grampa’s new words were different his eyes lookin’ up and around. “Yah!” She pipes up, hopping to her paws and loping over to Skydancer, leaving Calder and Fianna behind before they could snatch her scruff. Looking up to Faolan, who had asked for her option, obviously. “She’s very fast and good at hiding. Right, Kwa? Good to watch with the beasties too!” The pup wags her tail, looking to Sky and then back up to grumpa.
* Rune The Caretaker’s ear swivels out to listen to the Beta fae’s words. Raising her head she repeats them louder for the council of wolves before them to hear. “Kova vouches both for CwnAnnwn and Skydancer. Both are true to themselves and to the WolfSpirits.” The fae noses Kova gently, hoping she did the wolf’s words justice.
* Cwn would nod his head to the lead pair and Shukie before speaking. “I know I have been here before and made this pledge and failed to keep my word and set out upon wandering paws.” He took a moment to collect his thoughts, “This pack is my family”, he would turn around and sweep his gaze upon those gathered, addressing them as much as the Alpha’s, “This land is my home, both by birth and because it is where my heart lies”, his gaze settled a moment on Rune before he gazed to the others and then turned back to the Alphas. “It is also where my father now rests eternally and to whom I have made a vow to pick up his mantle as defender of these lands and the wolves who make it their home, the wolves both he and I call family.” He looked up to Atraya, Fao and Shukie, “It would be my honor to set paw upon the path to officially becoming a member of the pack. I CwnAnnwn, son of Nightstalker, pledge myself to the pack” He looked out to those gathered as he thought over who would vouch for him, but he did not get a chance to name one when Kova through Rune, spoke out on behalf of Sky and himself. He would bow his head to the fae before turning back to the three upon the rock.
* Salem kept his attention on Faolan as he spoke, finding the brute of few sentences chose them carefully enough that one didn’t want to miss a word. He knew Sky from before and now he saw her stand before them now. While others would speak and offer their voices, he would do the same, maybe even surprising himself. His tone was not over any of theirs and might have been a voice that
* Salem only affirmed what was being asked. “I remember meeting Sky as one of the first members of the Pack before and seeing her here again has been wonderful.” Maybe he was speaking of Cwn as well if he had met the wolf in the past since it would have been in his first walking of this land that he would have met him.
* Panther took a deep breath, he glanced towards Kova and Rune, agreeing with them. He’d gaze towards Skydancer and CwnAnnwn now. He’d gaze towards the Alpha’s now, gaze set specifically on Faolan. “The two wolves that you three, and the pack see before you have been true, for as long as I’ve been here at least, Sure Sky might have wandering
* Panther paws but we all do, and she returns ready to apply herself again. As for, CwnAnnwn, He’s been there for the pack, joining in whatever he can. I’d be happy to see them both become members of the pack.” He’d offer his voice at last.
* Loumacy watched and listened. Her gaze moving from one wolf to the next, pup included, and her head even jerking up a bit in surprise when Salem spoke. She settled back down though, tail continually thumping, a soft drum beat all it’s own. She listened and waited. Did the whole pack need to agree? Did everyone need to voice? Still, she kept quiet, tallying her questions for Salem, glad
* Loumacy she had him as a friend, and ever curious about that boistrous little rag-a-muffin of a pup. A griggle escaped when the tyke spoke up.
* Sanek his tail would beat its agreement to Panther’s words. Sky and Cwn had proven themselves, once more it seemed. He would look around the gathered wolves to see how many were there, and if he didn’t recognize some of them to make a note and meet them later.
<Calder> Ragaire would be off like a flash and before he even had time to react to snatch her back, he would turn to Fianna then back to the young one. Decorum and respect is what he’d learned through his time at meetings. One couldn’t blame the young one to have the energy she did, but, she’d also know the ways of the pack. He’d wait to see if Fianna rose to go after her before he did. Doing his best ..
<Calder> .. to pay attention to each carefully placed word from all.
* skydancer listens quietly to faolans words which are pretty much as expected though the last part catches her more then just a little of guard. As with all things one step at a time.”I, I would, if allowed , return to these lands and this pack which provided a home and a safe haven in my time of greatest need. And then went on to prove as I strived to proof that we are one pack and though my own curiosity and urge to wander proved
* skydancer to strong for the past coule of seasons I stand here now in hopes of returning to the fold once more.” She fals silent not sure whom to name even she dares to do so. Asking someone? Here and now? That seems a bit sudden. But then the pup from last night is bouncing around and others aslo speak up maybe if she holds still she will mistaken for a bit of snow…?
<`Raven> <Fianna> c/aya Ayaka would sit up, more focused if possible on this step she had not seen before, yet one full of import and meaning. Was she – a wanderer herself now- allowed to vouch? So many memories would flit through her mind of Skydancer’s role in the pack and truly she had much wisdom to offer, if not always around. When the fae and the brute would both speak, Ayaka would rise and look to the stone and those presiding. “I have had many
<`Raven> a chance to observe Skydancer’s loyalty to this pack, in body and bone, in spirit and song. She has given much to this land and it’s denizens, and I would vouch for her in a heartbeat, glad to see her desire to come back and hopefully remain.” She wished she knew CwnAnnwn better and so to vouch for him as well, but hopefully others had those words to offer. Truly, skydancer had gnawed her own paw nearly off when trying to help the pack..
<`Raven> Surely that must count for something?
<`Raven> <Faolán> c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ It would feel like long and tense moments between his question and the response of his kin, but it was only a fleeting moment. Perhaps it was less than that for his granddaughter and his youngest daughter, but he regarded their words with a brief wave of his tail. To those others that vouched, he offered his customary quiet regard and gaze. ”So my kin have spoken, and so you are named as Assessments of
<`Raven> Wolfspirits. Our voice is one. May you both find purchase, cause, and creed to be numbered as one of my kin when next you are called before the stone.” He would stamp his paw against the stone beneath him in congratulations towards Cwn and Sky.
<`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink at the same moment (though she couldn’t post it sooner) ad Ragaire leapt off with her coy and sassy boop to the father figure, where had she got the sass anyway? Surely not from her! Fianna would rise and move forward to stand beside Ragaire, reaching down to nose her as she whispered, “pups are meant to listen and be silent until they have grown and learned how to be respectful. You have not lived long enough to
<`Raven> understand of what your grandfather asks. Come.” She tugged the little fae’s pelt and gave her a Stern look before turning back, expecting her to follow.
* Shukie nodded to CwnAnnwn, “If the heart is not true the vow is meaningless. Create your own pawprints for others to use as a guide and show in deed.” Her gaze turned to skydancer, her spirit sister. “Long has your path been here and given to the continuance of the pack before venturing out and now to return.” Looking to both now, “I welcome you home once more.” She too tamped her paw
* Shukie upon the stone giving each wolf a dip of her head.
* Atraya when she felt her mates movements and the words he shared, she too would stomp her paw softly to the stone for both skydancer and Cwn. Honored for their return to their home and fold.
* Kwa`ani yipped in resonse to the acceptance adding her voice to the welcoming howls and wishing a successful journey
* Rune The Caretaker also watched Ragaire dance off to Skydancer’s side, taking advantage of the chorus of voices around Alpha Rock. Rune raises her voice, howling softly in congratulations to CwnAnnwn and Skydancer. Fianna was swift in addressing the pup, attempting to whisk her away in the transition.
There was more to do and little time now to do it in. He would turn to his mate and relinquish the floor so to speak.
* Fianna Once she made certain the little fae was following, Fianna would raise her voice for the returned pack assessments, offering a short howl!
* Atraya to her mates ending words she would proceed onto the next. Her ‘gaze’ would remain looking ahead and then to Timber, she did chuff for him to come forward.
* Loumacy liked the howling bit, and truly was happy for the wolves who had taken their next step. She tilted her head back and let out a howl, releasing it to all who would hear, both above and below.
* Ayaka too would offer a chuff which slipped into a short howl of congratulations and welcome, the knowledge that a path was found and followed.
/Ragaire Uh oh, that fun was short-lived. Her head and tail droop, puppy eyes looking around her for the sympathy of a kind, kind soul? Would anyone help the poor innocent fae? Crawling away from the spotlight, she follows her mother, ears out to the side and tail tucked. She sits between momma and puppa again, though this time, a little more sure she’d be snatched in time.
* Cwn The brute would bow before the Alphas at their words, he would turn and nose Sky in congratulations before padding back towards where he had been seated before, nodding to those whom he passed, and turned to face the rock, sitting upon his haunches again.
* Rook  – He was thankful that none needed to vouch just yet. He was also thankful for the fair warning his father gave him of the expectations of the road ahead. He would turn his attentions toward creating bonds with the others in order to find those that would vouch for him when the time came. To Sky and Cwn’s advancements, he would stamp his own paw in the snow and chuff; he favored his father’s perchance toward quieter gestures until a voice was needed.
* Salem realized it was something he had done out of turn though he now took to Lou’s tactic of observing and listening more as things had changed since he last was here and now was the perfect time for him to learn. He knew the cue to howl better than anything and would join in the howl for the pair of them loud and proud.
* Timber The pages of his mental notes were filling fast and he’d stamp his paw and wave his tail for the returned wolves and their true hearts. When his name was next called, a rough rumble would be caught and he’d rise, hefting to all fours as his large paws brought hi through the ranks to the front where he dipped his head to the three who held his path here in their paws.
* Panther would wait for the Alpha’s and then he’d stamp his paw against the ground, his tail wagging. He smiled happily, glad to have five new members added to the pack. He’d howl as the Alpha’s and the pack raised their voices, but his would cease as Timber was called forth. Would he be made a member? Panther wondered, for he knew the brute was an assessment. He’d watch quietly as he observed, curious.
* Atraya when Timber approached she would turn her head momentarily towards Shukie then, to Timber her ‘gaze’ fell upon. “Timber, you have been with the pack for sometime. Your paws have found it’s root and grit here. You’ve proven your prowess to the pack by providing for my family and for those to whom you desire to call member and family. As you continue your journey with us, as an Assessment, ..
<Atraya> .. you have gone through the trials of becoming a member. What it means to be a member of this pack and home.” she’d pause if only to allow her words to be offered in kind and thought upon. “I would like to ask you now, Timber, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits as your home? To not just join a pack but a family? Are you willing to uphold the ways as well as enforce them should you need ..
<Atraya> .. to? To learn and deeply root yourself in our lore and history.”
* Shukie ‘s tail swayed her gaze fixed upon the silvered brute, giving a dip of her head becoming quieter than the church mouse caught stealing the wafer. She heard all Atraya had to say, asking of him. At last she broke her gaze that he could look to the other Alpha’s beside her, holding her breath.
* Faolan The same quiet regard focused on Timber when he was called forward and especially when he was known to be on the cusp of membership. Was this male worthy of the name? The silent language and the timbre of Timber’s response would tell.
* Timber And here it was. A moment he had been thinking on since the moment he had challenged Atraya and been met with mercy. With head still bowed he would slip into a deeper bow before rising and meeting the gazes above if only to proffer his earnest thought more fully. “It is a desire that many months ago I never thought to have. A desire and a challenge that was sparked when I found your home. To you Atraya I would first like
<`Raven> to offer my thanks. If not for you, a place here would have never been possible. I challenged your right to lead when sight could not be had, and you in your wisdom and experience offered me the chance to learn, to grow, to observe and learn from my ignorance. I hope to continue that path and learning as one of your own now, as pack. ” he looked at shukie then as he finished, “and as family.” He looked to Faolan too and dipped his head in respect.
* Atraya her shoulder would run along her mates if only to adjust her stance to be more comfortable and to listen intently to Timbers words shared and offered to her home, and, to her pack. To the resounding tones of Timbers pledge to the pack and to the family that he was to join, her head dipped slowly in a nod. In these moments she would gauge a wolf’s heart. Their spirit. Their resolve. What ..
<Atraya> .. they’ve done for the pack and what they would do. All deserved a story to write and all deserved a home to lay their head. Their confrontation when Timber first came to these lands was met with a challenge, but it was to the option given to him was what she sought most. Did he learn? Did he find a fold he wanted to belong to rather than over throw? “Life is about learning and to flourish. We ..
<Atraya> .. find ourselves drifting, but it’s those with the ability to see clarity and a better horizon beyond pride for oneself and learn of pride for others and a family to join.” she finally rose her head up and addressed Faolan and Shukie. “I accept Timbers pledge to the pack as a member. What is your vouche?” she’d await the pair.
* Kwa`ani listened to the brute’s words not aware of any of what he’d said, shocked to learn of it. She just kept blinking. What a fool he’d been to challenge her mum.
* Leora would be paying close attention as she watched Timber at the stone. She swung her tail slowly behind her as she remained near her sisters and brother (if they hadn’t moved).
* Kova the tones of those who spoke before and after would be felt. To become a member, she thought, was an honor and so was the path to getting there. Many things where learned and new paths forged. She would be excited for new beginnings. Her lids where closed as she’d allow the sprigs to hopefully help ease the pain in her head while she listened.
* Ayaka didn’t know Timber well and his words would surprise her, more so that he would admit to such here in the open at the meeting no less. It spoke of humility. An acknowledgement of a mis-step was better than slipping it under the pine needles to rot and mildew. It took guts too, and Ayaka found herself respecting the gesture even as she looked to the stone and those upon it for their judgements. What would the verdict be?
* Shukie looked to Atraya thinking of her words, “I did my best to drive him out, not knowing why, evenually learning the truth from his own maw. He bears the wounds of fighting for the pack and blood from hunting to feed us. Timber has met each of my challenges and continues to do so, as all must.” she paused, “My judgment however is tainted.” though in a good way. “He has and continues
* Shukie to prove his sincerity in his actions and not with flowery words.” Her gaze had leveled upon the brute for she had not made it easy for him in any nor would she in the future. “No slack has been given him to reach this point.” A nod to Faolan was given.
* Rune Listening closely to Atraya and Faolan above the pack atop Alpha Rock, the fae wonders who would vouch for Timber. Rune had met the brute before, she was certain of it, but had not spoken with him in some time. Looking over to Kova for a moment, it seemed as though the fae was deep in thought, trying to listen to the meeting. The Caretaker rises to her paws and leans over to nose around the herbs she had brought with her, plucking a few fine curls of twig bark, turning to place them at Kova’s paws. She noses the fae lightly and in a hushed voice speaks just to the Beta beside her. “Only chew.” There was no need to share more than that, not wanting to talk over the Alphas nor Timber.
*Cwn Listened as Timber answered that which was put before him and as Shukie spoke out about what the male has done and how he has met the challenges put before him. he cast a glance towards Rune and Kova a moment, he must remember to thank the fae for speaking out on his behalf, as well as the others, before turning back to the Alphas rock to witness the rest of the meeting.
* Fianna ‘s eyes widened at the proceedings and she’d bend to brush her muzzle against Calder’s shoulder as she watched, listened, and learned. Such difficult choices the alpha’s faced sometimes, would they Allow Timber true and unfettered entrance into their family? She had fought and bled with him, and was confident by now his intention were true, but was that enough? She waited, listening to first her mother, then Shukie speak, looking last to her father, heart thudding some in anticipation
*Faolan A survivor, the thought. No other would have survived an exchange. He took stock of Timber for signs of a mongrel or taint of the lesser kin and found none. ”Lucky and unlucky that you deemed it wise to think yourself equal to Atraya. The fact you survived and were found worthy of mercy is beyond my judgement, for I have killed without prejudice for equal offenses. I defer my judgement to Shukie.” He would look to Shukie, unaware of her feelings toward the brute until she states it so. ”Then you have found mercy in two hearts.” he said as he turned his gaze from Shukie to Timber. ”I grant you clemency from the shadow of your past and would name you Timber, Member of the Wolfspirits.” He would then await any objection if any from the other two Alphas or from those of his kin.
* Atraya when she would receive the approval from both Shukie and Faolan, she turned once more to address Timber. “I grant you, Member of WolfSpirits.”there would be a seriousness to her words but as well, that familiar tone of mercy hung well therein. A chance to be new. A chance to forge from past mistakes.
* Sanek he hadn’t known Timber had done anything that would raise an eyebrow, or that Shukie had wanted to drive him out at first. Hearing this, he felt like he was eavesdropping in some way. But, these actions were in the past and he would hope for a wonderous future for the brute in the pack as a member. He would prepare to howl after the Alphas approved Timber as a member and let the
* Sanek pack celebrate this.
* Shukie rose a bit more, “Welcome to WolfSpirits, Timber. Continue to prove your value to the pack.” She was glad to have Atraya and Faolan accept him.
*Faolan He would stamp his paw firmly to the stone and here offer a long low howl to warn the denizens of their land that a new member had been forged this night…beware, beware ye beasts of the field another of my kin draws nigh.
* Timber He had hoped and hung his pride on the laundry line as he requested and desired something that he wasn’t sure he would ever truly feel deserving of. As one after the other of the alpha’s laid their judgements before him he would wait with baited breath and a head lowered. He knew well that if the alpha male had been there the challenge likely would have gone far different. If there had still been a challenge. Timber knew
<`Raven> that he would continue to learn and grow until nature ended his course upon this earth, and he felt a wild gladness rise within him at the feeling of, at long last, and for the first time – belonging. He had found a home. He had stumbled and made mistakes and found mercy and wisdom offered. When he spoke his voice and Timbre were rough and deep. “I thank you all, and I will not disappoint, in as much as I am able to uphold these vows and honor
<`Raven> the pack with my actions.” He looked again to those gathered and to Shukie and dipped his head to her again before at last lifting his head to find his howl joining a song he had never sung in his life, one of import that he would always remember.
* Loumacy ears would perk to Sanek, once he howled, and she too would release a howl, her own voice a haunting song, not that she meant it to be, being a happy go lucky walking bush of floof with quite a few wolf like tendencies. Though to herself she wondered what kind of brute would want to think themselves equal to the Alphas. The thought of Faolan’s light reprimand made her want to
* Loumacy shrink, she was not the sort to challenge such rank. As her howl died down she let her head rest back of Salem, though as she lay there serenaded by the howls and the words of the Alphas her lids began to close, and she began to dose in full comfort and security, knowing she was home.
* Kova would give a low breath, a chuff if she could make one for Timber’s advancement to a pack member. She’d come up with some ideas on what he could help mold and shape during his time. Hearing Rune’s words she would look to the bits offered and lean in to nibble at it. Chew only she would.
* Cwn Upon the naming of Timber as member, he would tilt his head back and let out a howl for the male in congratulations for his advancement.
* Ayaka would lift her voice in song and gladness at the strengthening of the pack, for what was a pack but an assortment of lessons learned and a chance to help each other thrive? She was glad to see he had had the wisdom to see mercy when it was offered.
* Shukie her own howl joined in with the others, front paws tamping the stone’s surface, tail wagging excitedly to say the least. Her heart fluttered for some time before calming at least some. Her gaze was soft upon the brute before looking out to the pack once more.
* Fianna lifted her voice too before the song would end! Welcome Timber.. Welcome!
* Salem ‘s eyes would focus on the wolf as he stepped forward, hearing some of his actions as if on some sort of trial, ones he would not have been aware of. Him standing in front of the Alphas at this very moment and being made a member only meant that he was now among those who he had on a day much earlier than today sat right where he was and he howled as if he were howling for his
* Salem future self. He momentarily felt Lou rest her head against his and he nosed her as he watched over her and onwards to the rest of the meeting.
* Rook He had watched and listened, as a storyteller would, to the tales woven and interwoven this night. It was only after he dared to look about him that he noticed Kova and the odd state she was in. It appeared by all judgement that she was injured. Perhaps…just perhaps he’d betray something of his thoughts and depart from Ayaka’s side to go and see Rune and Kova. The celebrations would be a good cover for his short jaunt and chuff to the faes. ”What tale did I miss that I find you like this?” he asked Kova and Rune.
* Atraya she would fill her lungs and offer forth a howl as well for the newest member of their pack. Timber! When the joyful tones where said and shared, howled and sung, she would wait another moment longer before nosing her mate then turning to Shukie. “Shukie.. please join Timber before the stone.”
* Panther hadn’t known Timber had been a threat to WolfSpirits, he wondered if that might be why he was pledged later than himself and Sanek, if he remembered correctly. He thought he remembered either them pledging around the same time, or Timber was after? He shrugged. He allowed his voice to join in with those of the pack. Welcoming Timber as a
* Panther full member of WolfSpirits. Though his voice ceased quickly after when Shukie was called under the rock beside Timber. He tilted his head slightly, and he’d listen. Curious now more than ever, he’d glance towards Sanek, head tilted still.
* Shukie ‘s tail began to sway faster as her pulse raced once more, “Yes, Alphess.” A knowing look exchanged as she gleefully leaped from the stone in a graceful arch, her ashen form meshing quite well against Timber’s silvered one. With a quick and soft lick to his ear, “Welcome to the pack, dearheart!” After a gentle and tender nuzzle she gave her attention to the alpha pair before
* Shukie them, eyes sparkling, fangs showning in a sheepish but happy smile as she bumped her shoulder to Timber’s.
<`Raven> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ Shukie joining Timber beneath the stone? What was this? But, she’d be drawn away by the appearance of another wolf in the corner of her vision, Rook. Listening to his words, she dips her head and in the hopes of saving Kova’s voice and effort, answers for her. “Kova injured her head during a struggle with a coyote. She is doing her best to rest.” Should Kova wish to add anything to her brief tale, she was welcome to
<`Raven> but assumed the fae would be glad for Rook’s company regardless. ✲⊱
* Timber would shift his paws as the feeling moved from welcome, to anticipation for something new and exciting and even more frightening perhaps than his request to join the pack. He wasn’t one well used to fear or worry, but it would now temper him if only for a time as he waited Shukie move down to join his side. When she arrived he too would sneak a lick to her cheek fur and his tail fanned in a goofy manner, his paws
<`Raven> dancing a brief rhythm against the earth. To her words he would nose her again, then look up once more toward Atraya and Faolan.
* Atraya feeling her mates expression, she would offer to him a fleeting nuzzle. When they where close enough to scent and Shukie responded in kind, she would begin.”Shukie and Timber.” her voice began with serious but light tones as what would follow would be a request from the pair. “You are brought forth before the Alpha’s and the pack of WolfSpirits, to request that you begin ..
<Atraya> .. courtship.” she’d wait only a moment, turning to her mate then back to the pair again and began. “Courtship allows time between two hearts to truly get to know one another. To feel the ebb and flow of each path, though separate, comes together always. This is a time that is precious, but as well important before mateship can be announced. I would like to ask you both now, Shukie do you ..
<Atraya> .. desire to be courts with Timber? Timber, do you desire to be courted to Shukie?”
* Kwa`ani had seen the way the fae acted around the brute and avoided discussing him at times. Now she understood why. SHe was very attuned to Shukie’s mannerisms yet this caught her totally off guard especially after the brute’s admission of his initial time here.
* Leora oh man, she had so many questions. She looked bright eyed up at her sisters then to Shukie and Timber. Her nose wrinkled like a disney cat confused at a cucumber. “… Courts??” she almost blurted out.
* Fianna hadn’t really seen this coming but for the latest glimpses of what was in the works. Shukie had hidden it well, and knowing the fae,perhaps as she fought the whole idea? With a wave of her tail, eyes gleaming she’d nose Leora absentmindedly as she watched things unfold
* Shukie looked to Atraya and Faolan both, a smile to Timber then back again. Looking deep into Timber’s eyes, “In the beginning I was blind to the wolf within, seeking to only see you gone from our lands. The challenge within your frame was clear. Or so I thought. At every turn I rebuffed you. You knew not the ways of pack, a loner I thought needed to remain alone. Time went by, the
* Shukie stony exterior slowly being chipped away with your words and actions. You fought for what you wanted, meeting the demands I gave while I gave naught in return; you asked for nothing and that is what you received. Respect I showed you not but the minimum required and grudgingly so. Nothing worked to send you away from our lands.” Her tones were hard and steadfast……
* Shukie …As she continued her tones would change, softening, a lilt unheard by any save her sisters. “You searched where others did not. You were met with disdain and loathing yet smiled in return. Conflict reigned supreme for me for what I knew or so thought I did. Your perseverance and determination to meet head on all the obstacles I placed in your way proved you were not seeking
* Shukie just to be mate to the pack’s Alpha.”…
* Shukie …Softer and softer her tones became, more musical, “Each challenge met endearing me to you more each day. It was not those things however which stole my heart and made my spirit soar. Rather, When you talked of the never-ending song, the verses you heard, a chord did play within me crumbling all from the clarity found. Parts of the song that had been forever missing, a stanza I did not know existed until you played it for me and we sang together, the Llano. You knew what it was without explanation and that, Song of My Heart, is why I know you are the wolf I was meant to share this life and the next with.” *Leaning over she unabashedly licked his muzzle, scratches included before looking to Atraya and Faolan once more, for her words were spoken to
* Shukie Timber and none other. May our song ring out for all time.” Her head coming to rest upon his shoulder in a tender wolven embrace.
* Shukie looked upon the Alpha’s now, leaning against Timber. “I would that you grant us permission to court. Time was lost to us that we would, otherwise, now be mates.”
*Rook It was no more embarrassing than knowing his puppish mannerisms would be remembered by the fae he spoke to. The originator of the flippy cape had much to be embarrassed over, but he took pride in his youthful days. The weaver of tale would do his best to veil the spell cast upon him with a dismissive chuckle. ”Do I want to see the other guy?” What a minute. His heart caught up with his thoughts… “Do I need to
<`Raven> see the other guy??”
* Sanek he had seen and heard enough exchanges and snippets of conversation to infer that Timber and Shukie were drawing quite close to each other. Still, to hear it announced that they would be courting felt like a surprise. What about the brute had caught Shukie’s attention so? He would listen to the co-Alphesses explanation with interest.
* Cwn Cwn Perked up as Atraya spoke of Shukie and Timber becoming courts. He watched the process silently, keeping his thoughts in check. He hadn’t seen it coming either, but had not had much dealings with Timber, just Shukie. He would be happy for the pair if they were granted such, and deep down hoped one day he would be in he same position.
* Timber would listen to Shukie’s sylven tones, and the words shared from her heart as she spoke of their history. When it was his turn, he returned her weighted gaze with her own, acknowledging Atraya’s question with a glance and a nod. “If I may.. Shukie MoonSong I have prepared my thoughts for this moment, because of the song you so love, and it is a poem that reminds me of you, and our path together. “Long ago my
<`Raven> caretaker once spoke of taking the road less traveled.. Well, I didn’t. When the time came, I blindly went and took the safest road. A very long path where the pitfalls were plenty. I stumbled in the bracken. Stymied by the darkness that fell quickly as I ambled along. The soul bruised, battered and exhausted at every infrequent stop. It was not apparent then that in this venture there was a bleak dead end ahead. I plowed on even though
<`Raven> something inside was telling me again and again to turn back. But, slowly, a gleaming light of hope crossed my vista beckoning me home. I crawled. My strength regained as the light intensified, as clarity was won. Then the end was in sight – the portal was within grasp. And so, yes, I now take that road less travelled. Standing tall and proud as I gleefully stride down its glowing thoroughfare. Smiling at the diverse and playful changes
<`Raven> that cross my pathway. All told, it’s never too late to trust your instincts and make a difference. Just ask me….” Timber’s grey eyes would settle with an emotion far from indifference upon the fae who was that very light of hope for him. “Shukie you have shown me the true valor of a heart steady to pack. To role and bond and Kin.. With you and beside you – with your alpha’s permission,- I hope to now discover what it means to have a
<`Raven> heart true to one.”
* Kova did her very best not to chuckle to Rook’s antics and tones. Often was his presence warm and light to an otherwise shadowed weeping willow. ” He lay there…. here…. to pieces…” she’d be sure to flash a few of her fangs but alas, it would not be the wisest of things for little did the fae know some of Runes remedy, bark bits stuck from a few but before any could look awkwardly upon ..
<Kova> .. it, she closed her muzzle as her eyes slowly opened. She very much was aware of what was transpiring with her sister and Timber, and perhaps the thrumm of her tail would be an indication of her inner thoughts.
* Faolan What else could he do but remain silent for a time longer and listen to both Shukie’s and Timber’s testimony toward and for each other? These sneaky faes had played upon a momentary lapse in his otherwise tungsten-carbide laden veneer, and he’d have no more of that. ”Timber of the Wolfspirits, you thanked me for my judgement. I recant and place your thanks back before your paws!” Would one even care to look to
<`Raven> see if his hackles had raised when the boom of his voice was as prominent? If they had, they would wager rightly on the next words that followed in a much more gentle and even tone. ”Instead of your thanks, I ask that you thank me by keeping this fae safe, loved, and protected. Do this and nothing less to thank me…you have my slightly willing blessing.”
* Ayaka would never have the opportunity to experience what her spirit sister now was, but she would find a gleefulness of heart bubble within that time had afforded her sister this next step and path of her heart. It was as it should be for one as steady as Shukie and as strong of heart. She only wished she could have had the time to get to know the other half better.. Time.. Restlessness would pool within Aya.
* Atraya each word spoken would be felt from the hearts to those who shared them. Intricate and delicate they where. There was a brief moment to where she felt the strummm and chours plucked and sung to one another, a familiar feeling she knew well enough. Long ago remembering her own moment shared with Faolan. To her mates words and the tones spoken, she offered to him a nuzzle. “You have my ..
<Atraya> .. blessing, Shukie and Timber. You may now be known to all you greet, to be a courted pair.” she dipped her head and looked towards Timber. “May your bond grow stronger and your love true.”
<Calder> He would nose Fianna lightly as the proceedings went on. He rose a brow curiously to Shukie and Timber. He’d not expect that either, but, was happy that a heart wandering could be found again in the midst of so much. He’d give a dip of his head to the pair.
* Fianna listened to the words of her father and mother, and the barely veiled if at all warning he’d issued to Timber and she was echoing it in her own heart. If any wolf played with the feelings of her family they wouldn’t be able to atone for enough. But she would feel the happiness well within too, for a new pair, and new hearts finding their own harmony. Remembering her own ceremony with Calder she would lean to
<`Raven> nuzzle him.
* Leora she had sooooooo many questions. Speaking of “sap”, it was getting sappy, no? Her nose wiggled and her eyes focused on what was going on. What was all this mushy stuff. She turned to her sisters for reassurance they saw the same thing, then turned to her mother and father. They seemed ok and happy about it, at least mama, and she’d be happy to.
* Shukie ‘s jaw dropped, a loud whine heard by all as Faolan began speaking, glaring in his direction at his calousness. As the male alpha contiuned to speak she snapped her jaws shut and once again began to smile, light little yips now sounding. As Atraya spoke she leaned once again into timber’s frame. In a light hearted tone, “He’ll have his work cut out, Faolan!” her tail wagged as
* Shukie she dipped her head to the alpha pair. “May our time together, our bonds formed be as strong and fulfilling as yours and Atraya’s.”
* Rook She smiled with all the grace of a picket fence that had long missed a few posts. Still, the spell lay unbroken, and he could only chuckle lightly and draw near enough to enjoy her presence but not encroach upon the caretaker’s tending. Upon hearing the demise of said creature he would find some peace. ”Then all is well and on the road to recovery…I am sorry that I was not there to help, but the feathers are
<`Raven> nearly in place. Get well soon, and I will let you place the eagle’s feather in its place.”
* Atraya she would stomp her paw lightly for both Timber and Shukie. Her tail gave a single wave for the pair. Happy for the love found. She’d allow the joyful tones to fall across al lthe wolves before the last bit of news to be shared for the nights meeting.
*Timber would have expected nothing less from those who cared for this fae worthy of all the protection and love in the world. He met Faolan’s gaze with an un ruffled one of his own though he did chance to sneak a peak for those hackles. “I will lay my own life on the line if it should be needed in order to protect Shukie’s heart and frame. I know what immense worth has been offered to me, and I intend to keep it safe and
<`Raven> secure.. And cherished.” He turned as he spoke to meet Shukie’s eyes and to brush Shukie’s muzzle with his own and licked it before rubbing his head over her nape and couldn’t contain a brief rumbly yip of joy before he would make sure to back soon out of the spotlight, his excitement dancing within.
* Panther ‘s ears perked forward, he was oblivious to how the courting things worked, and so’d watch carefully. This pack was different than his family pack, but it was a good different. Panther would stomp his paw for the courting pair. Dipping his head to each.
* Ragaire Yuck, yuck, and guess what, yuck again! What was all of this? Even at momma and puppa’s exchange of a nosing, the pup would roll her eyes and tap momma and puppa with her nose. Hey, hey! What happened to paying attention, huh?
* Cwn would let his voice be heard for the pair, he was happy for them, and though he would not voice it, he held the same feelings as the others, Shukie and Kova being the first wolves he had really got to know after his return to the pack the first time. As his howl subsided, he caught himself glancing over to Rune, Kova and now Rook a moment before turning back to the rock to await the next part of the meeting should there be one.
* Faolan Another cause was given for him to lift his voice with his mate and beckon the Song to draw nigh its completion. It would be dangerously close in doing so, but such was never fated to be whole again…He would quiet then and move to the next part of their agenda. ”We will discuss our next part of the meeting in the OOC”
* Rune The Caretaker offers a gentle howl, so as not to aggravate the ears of the injured fae beside her. Would she perhaps be busy assisting at a den-site again this spring? Only time would tell.
* skydancer too lifst her voice in congratulations for the pair though she is contemplating a few choicr words for timber after all she’ll probably never get another chance. To make That particular speech. Still it doesn’t need to be done now or even today.
* Kova her smile still creased along her muzzle if a wolf could truly ‘smile’. To his offered words she would respond in kind “I look forward to it, Rook… and congratulations…” her tail strummed across the snow before stilling. Perhaps it was what Rune gave her, or the presence now accompanied to her own, but she semed to be doing better than before.
* Salem found himself looking back and forth between the two of them as they each took turns in speaking about the other and he watched though that was all that he did while Lou rested. It was the only reason his paw didn’t stir once he realized that everyone else’s had and he made a mental note to congratulate them as well as everyone else who had advanced in some way this evening.
* Panther would raise his voice for the pair, but afterwards went silent. His tail wagged as he added his voice to the song. His voice ceased afterwards.
* Fianna would lift her song too! “Shukie and Timber sitting ‘neath a treee..”
* Shukie remained beside her court, “To the first day of the rest of our lives and beyond!” her tail wagged as they would relax against each other, her glance casting towards her sister and Rook, an ear twitching thinking back to words shared. “Now begins our time to truly learn of each other, Keeper of our Song.” She didn’t have fancy words or phrases, in many ways a simple wolf.
* Ayaka would feel her own howl to be chorded and she knew that if Timber stepped out of line where Shukie was concerned there was no vale that could likely keep her spirit from finding is vengeance. Timber had chosen a dangerous path… But a good one! She’d join her voice to the other’s.
* Kwa`ani smiled for as long as she’d known the fae she’d never given a brute even a first look let alone a second. She’d tease the fae good naturedly when next met
*Faolan  With that bit of business out of the way, he turned to his mate and nudged her gently to both feel her frame nearer his and to allow her to feel his own.
* Atraya a long moment and pause would strike a particular chord in her heart as would the time that passed. She could feel the weight in her throat once more as she knew the next stroke of words would be felt hard. So much to say, so much to do but time was precious and now, short. She turned to her mate for comfort and guidance and leaned in to nose him briefly before turning her head forward again ..
<Atraya> .. to address the pack. “Change is always ever burning at our heels, ever glowing, growing, and ever thriving in each of us and around us. As witness this evening, all that has transpired is from growth and movement of the water down a steady stream. It’s what allows us to grow and thrive, even when we think we cannot in the hardest of times.” she would pause for but a moment until she ..
<Atraya> .. continued. Her words chosen carefully, but she had to share the news and now better then ever. The pack needed to prepare and she to. “In the coming days…. I will depart with my mate and Ayaka back to the vale. My time upon this plain is coming and I have been offered a chance to fulfil one last vow. The thread woven and ready to be tied at it’s end has come, and..”another moment would be ..
<Atraya> .. given if only to quell her emotions. A monumental moment. “Leaving my mothers pack in the capable paws of your Alpha, Shukie with her right paw, Kova and newly appointed Delta Fianna. I have no doubt that this pack will thrive and continue to thrive in the ways of pack and family sense it was forged so long ago. Without you all to see it through, to keep it’s story and purpose alive, we would ..
<Atraya> .. not be here today. It is not simply one wolf to keep this heart thriving but it is all.” she’d allow her words to reach the stretches of her family.
* Faolan Many questions would certainly await them, but he moved swiftly to quell the rise of them too soon by joining his mate in her sentiment. ”Ayaka and I have been given a gift in our return, but it is not meant to be forever. The oaths broken by the Morrigan are made whole by Ayaka’s, Atraya’s, and my place within the vale. I will not give hope where fate will steal it with cruelty; when we leave we will not
<`Raven> return. Much like the closing days of Kovo’s life, we have been given opportunity to spend the close of our chapter with family and kin. The recounting of deeds, the partaking of a hunt, and the stewardship of a meet have all cemented the last and final memory this old mind has room for. Long shall I dwell upon this very image…Long shall I know happiness in the face of my kin…”
* Atraya she could feel the emotion well and rise. Her shoulder pressed more firmly into her mates as the words of what it meant to go to the vale, truly meant. What they where telling the pack now. What she was telling her family. Slowly her gaze fell to her offspring first and she’d feel the subtle vibrations and shared feelings between all. To the later of her statment she would wait to address.
* Rook  – At least he found the part of the beach where another onlooker was, and it was in good company that he was swallowed whole by the crush of events having long led to this moment. A breath like one wholly enveloped in the water escaped him, but perhaps unlike others, he found his breath. He knew what was coming and had paddled his little aching heart out once the wave crashed upon shore…just keep swimming, just keep swimming…
* Salem focused on Atraya’s words, finding truth in them in his experience enough that he now found himself at the starting point of this journey again. His head tilted slightly as she spoke about going back to the vale, his knowledge not going as far as to know what that is, though it didn’t sound like it was a place that many came back from, if any did at all. It didn’t sound like it
* Salem was something that he could protest so he simply took a deep breath and let out a gentle huff. He felt some sense of relief wash over him that he got to see them even if the moments were brief, but he knew as well as anyone that they would be missed though they would live on in the breath of those that they now shared this news.
* Sanek the vale.. the place that exists within past present and future he had heard a while back from Kwa’ani. The way the alpha phrased it, it wasn’t the afterlife, since others were to accompany her. But it sounded permanent.. like he wouldn’t be seeing the Alphess again. He looked to the others to see their reaction to this.
* Rune had been absent in the times of the Morrigan and the Vale, her paws having carried her northwest, away from the WolfSpirits. At Atraya’s words, the fae was shocked, though only a furrowed brow would reveal the Caretaker’s apprehension. The pack was capable, yes, but what of Leora? The yearling had much to learn from her mother and father, who had only just been returned to her. Rune looks among the gathered
<`Raven> wolves for the pale-coated fae, had her parents told her? The Vale was beyond Rune’s understanding, but from what little she had gathered, it was a force which called their Alphas to protect the pack they had helped to build. Many questions, indeed. Atraya and Faolan, held together by one another address their family and kin, both found and born, settled with what lay ahead. For now, the ivory fae does not move nor speak, merely gathering what
<`Raven> she could from the visages around her.
* Kwa`ani looked between her parents totally blindsided, a violent shaking of her head making her entire frame shake in the process. Her gaze narrowed and she looked down lest anyone see what was within her eyes as her ears flattened back. A flow of emotions ranging like a tsunami of unbelievable proportions flowed over her, at last turning away hurt beyond belief she’d been given no clue
* Kwa`ani of what was »»
<Kwa`ani> »» to come. Her entire posture drooped, fighting the urge to run off to the northlands and just keep running. Stealing herself for now, she turned back, head still lowered and would listen in mute silence. After much effort she looked up again, her face a look of ice and stone, emotionless, frame stiffly held.
* Kova when Atraya and Faolan spoke, she could feel the joyful tones of all previous engagments start to wane as worry, fear, sadness began to fill her vessle. She was almost stirred up to seat herself if only to address this more head on, but she’d not risk the ire of Rune or a throbbing headache and stars. She shot a glance to her sister, Ayaka, then to Faolan and Atraya. Gone…. forever? There ..
<Kova> .. was a visible shake to her otherwise unshakeable form. She knew not of what awaited them, and the news of it no matter how softly laid, would quell the now longing she felt. Time was so precious. So short. It was there in the thralls of warmth did she feel Rooks presence and to the son of his parents announcing their final departure, she would slowly reach over and brush her nose to his scruff ..
<Kova> .. to impart her support and equal warmth.
* Cwn Sat up a little straighter as the lead pair spoke of their departure to the vale. He wasn’t sure that he was hearing them right, he couldn’t imagine them not being with the pack, but neither had he imagined a time where he would be without his father. His heart sank back down into the same pit it had when he had to say farewell to his father only recently. He closed his eyes to steel himself, he couldn’t afford to let his feelings overwhelm him, he had to be his own rock for the time being, having no one left to be his anchor. After a few moments, the silver pelted male wolf opened his eyes again, but maintained his silence.
* skydancer at both atrayas and faolans words a soft whine escapes her throat although hads the foggiest of notion of what this’vale’ she knows what their saying. Keeping her frame close she inches forward only long practiced disabling keeping her from doing anything stupid.
* Leora she would look to her mother and father as they both spoke. She had a clear and visible expression on her face of interest to what they where saying, all until her father spoke of things that where beyond her comprehension. ‘Silly papa! Silly mama…. You will come back! you always do! You always promised mama…. you will come back!” she stood up and that light in her eyes would not be ..
<Leora> .. quenched by said waves, not yet.
* Fianna felt as if her very breath had been stolen and her stricken gaze would sting her mother and father, back and forth.. Back and forth. Then to Ayaka, then to mother and father.. All three???? She had known to prepare for her mother’s eventual fade, but she had hoped for time. MORE TIME! A storm cloud and clap of thunder seemed to resound in her ears and her heart and she just… Stood there. It seemed as if the very
<`Raven> core and soul of the pack was about to be stripped back and laid bare. What would wolfspirits be without any of them? Her limbs shook and she settled lamely onto her haunches, wishing she had brave words to share. Should she have know? Guessed? And then Fianna remembered how her mother had faded, had missed that other half of her stolen away too soon. Now… Was her chance? How could Fianna, who had found the half to her own heart, feel so
<`Raven> hurt that her mother chose to find the vale with her own? And papa.. Time with him had always felt stolen.. Granted as a boon rather than earned or deserved. Quiet she remained, unsure which of her feelings to hold to.
* Ragaire  An adventure! That sounded fun, maybe this was what gramma was talking about? But, as a hush falls over the Clearing, the pup looks to those gathered. No, this was no joyous excursion. The pup looks up to her momma, ears back against her head with uncertainty and eyes wide with concern. She looks then to her aunts, Kwa’ani and Leora, the fae’s faces carrying the burden differently. Ragaire crawls over to her
<`Raven> mother, pushing her head into her mother’s scruff. Why was everyone like this? What had happened?
* Rune  Her eyes would be drawn immediately to Leora, the fae’s voice the first to be heard following the news. Nosing Kova lightly, Rune rises to her paws with caution, so as not to jostle the silver fae should she be using the Caretaker for support. Moving like a shadow on the snow, Rune slips away to the outside of the group returning only to its center to seat herself beside Leora. She’d say nothing to the young fae nor
<`Raven> offer any touch, her presence quiet behind the Alphas’ youngest daughter. ✲⊱
* Panther listened and watched, and once the Alphess spoke the vale, he sighed softly. He had no understanding of the vale, yet it didn’t sound like a pleasant thing. There, just existing? Why, what for? He shook his head. Why couldn’t they just stay? He’d gaze up towards the two Alpha’s, his expression showed his confusion. Time. A precious thing
* Panther it seems. Panther came to understand now, that time wasn’t gifted, it was earned, along with the ranks in the pack. His ears perked towards Leora, at that his ears pinned sadly. The poor yearling was about to loose her parents. Panther sat, unaware this has happened before. He glanced over towards Sanek, wondering how he had took it?
* Panther Panther’s expression shown that of confusion, and sadness. They weren’t coming back, or so they said. He sighed softly and would glance towards his paws. He was glad he got to know at least a bit about Atraya, and at least briefly Faolan and Ayaka.
* Timber took the news, surprising as jump into an icy lake, with a stilling of his own frame. His gaze slid to Shukie next to him and he’d press his frame more solidly against hers, ears turning back slightly. So.. She would be left to Alphess alone then? And a pack stripped of much of the wisdom that had made it strong? How would they recover? Despite these thoughts Timber knew they would – they were wolfspirits now and
<`Raven> forever
* Shukie had been ready for the news and was not surprised by it, knowing for some time and keeping the pending path unknown. She’d wanted to share and be comforted in doing so yet that was not her path nor her choice to be made. For now, she leaned heavily into Timber’s side, her head bowing before returning her gaze to the alpha pair giving a curt nod as Faolan added his own words to
* Shukie that of his mate, Atraya. It’d be a rough time for a while as the pack adjusted to all the changes taking place. That which always was would be no more. “Just as when Kovo crossed over the rainbow bridge, no one felt things would ever go on. Yet they have and shall again when Atraya, Faolan and Ayaka take their next path further fulfilling their oaths. Let us honor them in seeing
* Shukie this pack continue and thrive as it always has and always shall.” her tones were heartfelt and full of memories, only a few days had she seen the great fae, Kovo and she was no more, a mere pup at the time. “Let us no send them with sour faces to their next destination but celebrate it and the time we have all been given with them.” As she looked out, “We can rejoice in what we
* Shukie have been given or we can weep and hide away. Each will make their choice. I choose to rejoin in the lessons learned, the wisdome freely given and the stolen moments.” As she spoke her voice a soft yet calm tone, offering a shoulder or her entire frame for support. “All that was continues to be.” her tail swaying tho admittedly it was forced action.
* Fianna Seeing her little pup look up with such soulful eyes, confusion there, and then hearing little sister’s denial of such Fianna would bolster her own nerves and tuck her selfishness away to March herself forward and set her shoulder against Leora’s to look up at her mum and dad. “You will be missed. More than..” She broken off trying to get hold of her voice. “More than I can say.” She continued when she could, “But your
<`Raven> wisdom will not depart with you forever. Your memory will remain too, and I for one have written those lessons on my heart as if it was engraved upon stone. I will care for Leora, will teach her and protect her, as I will my pups and guard the pack as diligently as I ever have.” She broke off again and this time couldn’t go on for the idea of doing her job without the oversight of her parents. She looked to Shukie and nodded her head.
* Ragaire  Glued to her mother, it was impossible for the pup to take in Shukie’s words. Amber eyes fixed on gramma and grampa, the pup stumbles as momma stands up and sets off towards Leora. The pup lowers her body, huddling in the snow. What was this talk of departing and leaving? Who was going? Where was momma going? The pup cries, a high-pitched and wavering noise. An uncertain shiver courses through the pup before she musters the courage to crawl over to puppa, crouching beside him. The world was suddenly very cold.
* Rook – He was unresponsive for a moment even after Kova’s touch. Just keep swimming…He had only ever ventured once to the western coasts, that with papa who would no longer guide him to the far flung realms beyond the packlands. Now, he was left with his sisters and the kin they called home. Upon hearing his youngest sister’s exclamation, he tore himself from the tempestuous thoughts and feelings and went to stand by her
<`Raven> side, giving Kova a kind but sorrowed glance. ”We have time still to make sure they are well prepared for their journey and for our memory of them to last until our understanding of their sacrifice grows. Will you help me make sure that mama, papa, and Ayaka are well prepared for their journey?” He strove to hold back the catch in his throat that would betray the molten sorrow that had long eaten at his core. It was time to swim and stand when the wave inevitably receded.
* Leora she would look to all the other wolves as they offered up ‘goodbyes’. She felt Rune near and then Fianna. She would tilt her head to her sisters words before stomping a paw. “No… No….” she looked up to her mother and father. “I… You…. you promised.” she turned to all the others with what could only be described as a vicious stroke of denile from a yearling wolf, new to the ..
<Leora> .. world and not understanding of the gravity to which she was feeling. “Stop saying goodbye…. It’s until I see you tomorrow!” her gaze fell back to her mother and father, the waves daring to breach the shore. “… Tomorrow. Right Mama? Papa? Tomorrow? We still have tomorrow?” she turned and look to her sisters. ‘Kwa…. Fi…… ” then to her brother. “Rook…? Tomorrow?” she ..
<Leora> .. turned then to each packmember asking, no, pleasing the same question over and over.
* skydancer seeing the pup so distressed steadies her own heart a little and she moves up next to Ragaires shaking form her own not exactly still and nuzzles the pup having ,apparently, completely forgotten about calders presence
* Ayaka The emotions sprang hot and cold, shock and denial, silence that fell thick and heavy at tidings. Ayaka shifted her forepaws, heart aching at what they must now face for she felt the hurt and pain on those faces threefold. She took in a breath, held it, then another, and held it. Still she maintained her quiet, never having wanted the place of an alpha and the hard news they now had to share, she would send them what strength
<`Raven> she could through the ties that bound them.
* Rune Glad to see Fianna and Rook come to Leora’s aid, supporting the pup on the either side, Rune takes a step backwards and allows the Alphas’ progeny more space. She noses the yearling gently, allowing her siblings to come to her rescue. At seeing Kova unsupported, the Caretaker turns to move quietly back to the outside of the group, placing her paws in packed-down snow to avoid disturbing the silence. To the Beta’s
<`Raven> side she went, hoping to return before a dizzy pawstep landed the fae in the snow.
* Sanek his ears flattened down, what would the pack be like without Atraya? Someone who was a friend to him when he was feeling down, and a strong leader to the pack despite years and scars trying to weigh her down. He would whimper lightly at Leora’s reaction. He whispered her name to her, although she wasn’t exactly next to him and he didn’t expect her to hear it. This would be very
* Sanek hard for everyone but especially the young Leora.
* Atraya she would keep her gaze ahead as she could feel every word. Ever vibration. The saddness, the unknowing. Perhaps the flow of the meetings joyful turns would allow for sorrow. Reflection. It took all of her strength not to crumble at the weight of their words, to her daughters words. She had yet to have a talk with their youngest, Leora. How could she expect it to be received any other way, ..
<Atraya> .. but she would do her best. She always did her best but even now that didn’t feel like enough. To Faolans movements she would not be able to spry herself off from the rock and so she too, turned and would pat her paws to the stone until she found purchase into the snow. She then moved after Faolan, and allowed the others to come closer as well, after she had joined Faolan and their ..
<Atraya> .. kin.
* Kova she could feel the tremble of emotions and she couldn’t help but feel it a little extra from the gathered wolves to it’s center. A joyful meeting to end on a note of such sadness, but, and understanding tone that needed to be said. She was at least grateful to know they now had borrowed time with the Alpha’s. Her gaze remained on the gathered and when Rune rejoined, she would nose her ..
<Kova> .. offering a hushed whine.
* Ragaire The pup looks to Sky, the wolf she had unknowingly vouched for coming to nose her. Ragaire’s tail wags lightly, greeting the wolf, but her ears and face remain downturned. “Where they gonna go? Is my momma going too? When they coming back?” This was perhaps the first adventure the pup was not excited for, whether or not she knew who was going. She watches as grampa and gramma gather with Rook, Fianna, and Leora
<`Raven> beneath the stone. Kwa’ani seemingly frozen in place, like a stone among the sorrowful.
* Rook – What else could he ask for…what else could he give? The face of his younger sister was as the sun and her voice the cosmic tendrils of a solar flare that lay bare all in its wake. If only he had a magnetosphere… The molten core of emotion within him certainly threatened to produce one if it were made of ionized metal in motion. It was not, and he was left trying to quietly console the welling grief they all
<`Raven> shared. Would Kwa`ani come? This was the only time he’d ever seen papa do group hugs….the world was truly ending.
* Fianna Well.. Fianna was already standing there bolstering Leora before Rook arrived, and she wouldn’t move then, but would remain as her father approached, his frame visibly shadowed, but the stone couldn’t crumble.. Could it? She shook, but tried to keep her frame strong against Leora’s. “And let us remember you.. Papa.. As the stone that holds up the sky.” She said softly.. Her own gaze and muzzle dropping and as her mother
<`Raven> approached too, Fianna would drape her head over her mama’s shoulder and hold it there, not wanting to let go as her frame brushed the other’s of her family.
* skydancer unable to keep a soft whine out of her voice as it’s choked with grief. The pups question forces her to control it as best she can.”I’m not sure. But it’snot a place you can return from.” Then shakes her head her voice steadying a bit more before trying to adress the fear that speaks out of the question”No sweety. Your, mum will stay.”she offers what is no doubt only weak comfort
* Salem knew each would take to the news in their own way though he knew most followed a few patterns, fighting until the last possible moment or running from it though he knew that the wolves that were mentioned for going on this one-way quest were ones who likely fought hard enough to get a brief second chance with the promise that they would return to some sort of beyond. Still, he
* Salem was sure that the news would have been harder to accept if he weren’t here and had to learn it from someone else so he found comfort especially in Shukie’s words of sending them off in the best way possible. He didn’t move towards the group just yet, sensing that pups were the momentarily focus of the group and he didn’t want to get to close. Being made a Pledge didn’t immediately
* Salem grant him the same level of closeness that one would trust around pups but he made up for it with both of his ears pointed forward to catch any moment shared that he might take and learn from.
* Kwa`ani remained sitting, unmoving, barely breathing, her features had become that of stone, hard and unfeeling, blocking all emotion. Of starfall and earth she was born, forged into ice and stone through life’s lessons. WIth a dip of her head to all she rose and retreated into the shadows. She would take her time alone to hopefully adjust
* Leora her lip began to quiver as her father and brother would reaffirm that she had to be strong and that she needed to help with a journey. Why couldn’t she go on this journey? Why would they have to be stolen away. Death had been explained to her by several of the pack, but this some how seemed different but…the same. When her father asked her to be strong and her brother offered up the chance ..
<Leora> .. to help on the joureny, she was torn. “I.. I….” when the others began to huddle closer she slumped to her haunches and began sobbing. “… Don’t go….. not again papa……I know you…..”if a wolf could cry, the poor thing couldn’t hold them back.” I don’t want to loose you and mama… I…. ” her head hung low and finally she said “I.. help…..” finally she’d stutter. ..
<Leora> .. The little solar flare doing her best to not burn all with her emotions, but to be the light instead. The warmth.
* Shukie lightly groomed her court, leaning quietly against him, now and again giving him a lick to his muzzle. “Let us give the alpha family time to themselves, my hearts song.” Rising she would give a dip of her head to all around and move off with Timber, the excitement of his advancement to pack and their courtship dimmed in the news shared.
* Atraya would do her best to project the same sentiment she shared with Fianna and Kwa’ani, even her son Rook when she had offered bits and pieces of herself. “Remember the stars, Leora. Remember that no matter how dark it may get, or lonely it may feel, or the cold chillding you from the inside out with sadness…” she nosed Leoras crown “You can look to the stars and find that I will shine ..
<Atraya> .. the brightest of all. For you… for all of you.” she’d look up with her head to address those around. It would be said to all. “You are all part of my mothers foundation. You will keep the threads spinning and weaving. I am proud of you all.” her tones light but filled with what emotion could be had there. “I think that will settle this evenings meeting. Thank you to everyone who’s ..
<Atraya> .. attended. Congratulations to each new step on the generation to come, and the promise of great things soon…”

Pack Meeting #202

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Meeting Notes

December 9th, 2021

  • Shakira is promoted to Lead Huntress
  • Panther is promoted to Hunter
  • The pack mourns the loss of their elder Nightstalker
Number Of Wolves Present


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Pack Meeting Begins


* Atraya the time and hour for a gathering had come for she could feel the ebb and flow of a day falling close to it’s rest in the sky and night to take over. She nosed Kwa`ani lightly and said nothing in regards to Sirri’s presence to the woods or the warning Kwa`ani had re-issued on her behalf. Simply she nosed her before approaching the Alphas stone. Her body moving in a slow manner, indicating the trouble she had with the cold and her old frame but she still managed to hold onto a dignified presence. Once at the peak of stone, she’d let loose a howl. She’d call a howl for those to gather for a meeting.
* Loumacy spotted Panther and the pup she met last night Leora and chuffed, but then she smelt and heard Salem and turned chuffing to him, making a beeline for the brute and nosing him excitedly, licking his maw, bouncing around him and over him and wibble wabble. She was just a little hyper. She then paused and looked back towards Panther and Leora giving a yip, but she kept closer to Salem,
* Loumacy not sure how the other wolves of the pack who she hadn’t quite met would accept her. Come to think of it how many did she know. Fianna she met briefly as well as Shakira, and there there was Kova, and oh pretty Alpha on the alpha rock who howled. She unaware of pack dynamics, howled back.
* Leora ‘s paws danced a little and she would nose Panther again, pawing up at his scruff in a playful manner. “Of course! That’s what best friends and packmembers do!” again she’d lick up at his muzzle, ears back and tail waving in respectful manners. “Thank you Panther!” she’d add to the compliments given. It wasn’t until she’d hear her mother howl did she pause all motions and turn to ..
<Leora> .. look at the Alpha’s rock. A barking woooooooo was resounded as she attmpeted to howl, but nosed Panther “Meeting!”
* Sanek seeing as though there were many wolves scattered around the Clearing, he would be making his way towards the Alpha Rock. When Atraya let loose a howl for a meeting, his pace would speed up, and he would soon sit down nearby the rock, looking around for his friends.
* Shakira , still seated along the Clearings eastern treeline, would rise swiftly to her paws and turn to look in the direction of the Hunting Grounds as calls rang out for a successful hunt, eerie to say the least as a hunt had been on her agenda for the past few days. Just a step behind the seasoned Huntress now Beta it would seem, a small wolven smile crossed her muzzle for a moment as she knew one of the voices for
* Shakira certain. Shortly after the calls faded, the stronger voice of the Alpha rang out from within the Clearing, her attention diverting once more as she made to heed the call that could not be resisted, her paws finally carrying her tawny frame into the Clearing and towards the Alphas Rock.
* Shukie gave a nod over her should that Ayaka should come as well, it was night and little would be out and about to do much damage to the bison yet saw ayaka retreat and eat her fill. In short order she breeched the forest leading into the clearing beside her sister Kova heading towards the stone. Just as Atraya’s call echoed they would come into the clearing proper and to the stone
* Shukie she’d head. Once there, she delicately placed the heart down. “Alphess, Sorry for the delay, the bison has been slain.” she offered as she lept up beside Atraya.
* Fianna would have spent the last moments enjoying the presence of Calder, and watchimg the goofball pups antics as he wiggled and squirmed about. She took heed of Atraya’s call.tjen and nudged her family each, heart rising at the strong call in her mother’s voice, tail waving. So many pack were here, so many newer faces. She remembered her mother’s words to herself and Kova.. Grow the pack.. Keep it strong. Here it was thriving..
* Fianna Wasn’t it? She would feel her heart full as she wandered closer, tucking Navariin by her side so she could keep an eye on him, and found a spot next to Calder to wait and watch.
*Rook Much like the shape of a wing could lift the avian into the heavens or drag it to the earth, the shifting story dragged and pulled him here and there. Such was the pull of the story now that it led him within and subsequently towards the sound of a hunter’s and then his mother’s howl. Perhaps now a chapter would close? He followed in the padfalls of those very hunters as they undoubtedly made their own way back to the clearing.
<Calder> He would smile to Navariin and nose him once more ~ I trust you all are well? ~ his black tail fanned behind him all while taking in the many many scents. So many wolves about this evening but the meeting soon to gather was lost to him for he knew not of it. It was there he heard the call from Atraya and would nose the others, following after into the clearing. Once there he’d settle to ..
<Calder> .. listen as well.
* Kova would come in from the hunting grounds with the smell and scent of a kill. Slipping along the other wolves to whom she’d acknowledge as many as she saw on her way in before moving towards the direction of the Alpha’s stone. There she settled just near the Beta’s spot to look ahead.
* CwnAnnwn froze as he paced along the lakes shore at the sound of the call for a gathering. He considered whether he would remain here to watch over his father or join the pack for the meeting. With a last glance at the greyed midnight form further down the shore, he decided that he could attend the meeting for a brief time. The silver brute turned and loped off towards the clearing,
* CwnAnnwn despite his health suffering a bit due to his anchoring of himself to the lake, he still made good time towards the clearing.
* Panther chuffed towards Loumacy, dipping his head to her. He smiled softly at the young fae, as his gaze switched over towards Leora again. His tail wagged behind him. He’d nose her shoulder gently and respectfully. He nodded at her ‘Thank you’. He then glanced towards the Alpha Rock at the howl, He’d chuff towards Sirris, and nose Leora again.
* Panther “Go ahead, I’ll catch up. I’m going to get Sirris.” He whispered, and then would look around for Sirris.
* Kwa`ani repositioned herself to the side of the stone and to the front sitting quietly as the two alpha fae’s moved atop the stone, shifting to see who was present nodding to those she saw then waited patiently for the meeting to begin when Kova arrived giving the fae a respectful nod and wide smile scenting the blood.
* Navariin tilted his head as he heard his grammas howl, the sound bringing back the clouded memory of his and his siblings naming ceremony, were they to be put on display again?! Oh nonono! He squished in close to mumma as he looked around for his fellow squirmies, hoping they too would find the safety of mumma and papa before they were slapped onto the chopping block.
* Ayaka wasn’t so sure she should be there, at the meeting. Not so sure as her sister’s seemed. She didn’t like to leave the large frame of the bison, and yet perhaps it was just reason for her to find the silence that had become so easy.. Something of the true Aya whispered within her, *don’t you want to see the pack as it has now grown? Strong hearts added one to another? Don’t you want to feel the song around you? To
* Ayaka know, perhaps one last time?* There was that battle again, and she stared at the caress for a long moment, as if a silent conversation was taking place within. Finally, the beat of her heart decided it, and she would mark the area around the kill well, rolling in the snow and digging a clear barrier around the bison for any who wanted to tempt her scent. Theives would have her fangs to deal with. That accomplished,
* Ayaka she would think of Fianna and the pups and nab a hunk of Bison before she turned and loped through the night, a flash of white, on a landcape of white.
* Leora would have nosed Panther softly “ok!” she said now turning to all the wolves. Woah. Lots of wolves. She looked around for all the scents and smells of so many and made her way to her bigger sister, Kwa`ani. She seated herself matter-of-factly next to. Unaware of her lurking brother.
* Salem he exhibited when her right side was closer was much more considerate as he didn’t want to do anything that might disturb the special friend that he has yet to see her without. “Hey, you’re here!” To anyone else it might look like they hadn’t seen each other in a few days even if the actual amount of time was something less than 24 hours and their energy fed into itself
* Salem before Salem would start to settle down seeing that the mood changed and more found their seats within close listening range of the Rock. When he looked up on top of it, he could easily make out Atraya’s form on it and he would gently use his nose to point up to her as he whispered to Lou. “It looks like something is about to happen so we won’t be able to work on our project
* Salem today, but this might be an opportunity to make even more than one of these safe spots for your special friends.”
<Faolan> He was not one prone to waiting for an answer. It was either done or not done, and the law of the world was cause and effect. His purpose, regardless of when and where, was often slated to be the effect. Both the hunters’ honor and his mate’s call were heard and heeded regardless of trespasser. When he answered said calls, the veil of undergrowth would no longer shield him from sight. The stone-hued frame of the Son of the Mean Oíche would stand and be counted among those of his kin, and he would make his way to the clearing to do just that.
* Fianna would be feel the huddle of Navariin at her side. Indeed there were a great many wolves to know and be known by here and she didn’t fault him for being a bit nervous. She caught sight of that new not new male who’d said he had known her parents from before.. Salem.. That was his name. Andthe other fae who was kind but strange. Loumacy. Other frames were found as well and Fianna’s gaze lingered on each. When her father arrived
* Fianna she would perk, the beat of her heart singing to see him there,proof that the veil was not impervious, was not necessarily forever.
* Atraya perhaps for a moment she would feel shadows from the old forest pull from her frame, though it was not her own. Her sight momentarily broken to all the wolves present. Sensing her mate, her tail swung loosely before stilling. Keenly aware of all she dipped her head gracefully. “Thank you all for being here this evening. I’m honored and humbled by all the warmth and scents of those of ..
<Atraya> .. family here. Those yet to be, and those who have remained with us.” she would turn to Shukie and nose her then turn to the rest. “First tonight..” her gaze once more lingered ahead “Shakira…” she called out “Please come forward.”
* Loumacy was happy to play but as his voice lowered she leaned in next to him to listen, her tail wagging as her eyes went from one wolf to the next. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! So many wolves! AND PUPS! Aww they were so cute! Could she go greet them!? She looked to Salem, who seemed more calm, and more settled in where they were. She settled next to him, as he, in all his wisdom, seemed to be
* Loumacy the fae’s rock, and tether and despite her excitement she seemed keen to follow his lead. Her ears perked to the rock where the alphas sat, then to the other wolves, then to the cute widdle pups, then back to Salem. She was overflowing with energy! Then the Alpha spoke. Loumacy’s eyes and ears locked in on the rock and she froze. The suspense was real.
<`Raven> <Sirris> c/Sirris Sirris rushed off towards the Hunting Grounds, heading the words of the unknown. It had appeared that Sirris’ memory had shattered as she stepped towards a place she had no business in being, not being her intention to cause such a ruckus, anger the alphess and her daughter. She didn’t wish to cause a fuss and offend anyone. She rushes off in hopes that she would not hurt anyone else because of her reckless behaviour,
<`Raven> ignoring the distant howls she heard in the distance as she steps towards the woods which lead to the Hunting Grounds. Sirris stops in her tracks upon hearing Panther’s chuff, giving into her longing to call out to him as well. “Panther..” She spoke, letting out a chuff for him to know that she was just fine. She looked behind her and searched for the black fluff ball.
<`Raven> <Fianna> c/Timber on the outer edges of the pack he would move around until he spotted Panther, perhaps even Sanek. Both of whom he had met though it had been some time since he’d spoken with them. He would quietly lower his frame nearby and there he would perk to the words offered as this strange thing called a meeting began
* Kwa`ani perked when Shakira was called forth, spotting a few late arrivals including her father which made her breath catch, tail thumping loudly as the snow would allow for that is. Speak she didn’t just a happy gaze to her papa before paying attention once more.
* Fianna would catch sight of Timber, and CwnAnnwn arrive as well and at the sight of the male who had recently lost his father, her heart fell for a moment. Even if she didn’t know the pain of losing a parent to death, she knew the pain of losing a parent. When Shakira was called forth, Fianna would sit up higher and perhaps lean into Calder, if only lightly to feel his frame against her own
* Panther chuffed once more for Sirris to come into the clearing, He had only hoped that she would answer to his calls and come to the meeting. He then rushed off towards Sanek, and Timber? He sat opposite of Sanek, on the other side that Timber wasn’t. He offered a kind smile to the white-ish male. Offering a kind smile to Leora, and then Kwa`ani.
* Panther Also towards Shakira as she was called forth.
* Shakira had come to seat herself just along the edge of the gathering, a fair size comparably to recent previous meetings, her tail swaying as she thought it now looked like the first meetings she had attended with the pack. Shortly after seating herself, she perked to the sound of her name, hesitating for only a moment as she wondered if she’d heard wrong though quickly rose to her paws and approached the Rock, her
* Shakira ears drawn back and tail lowered in a sign of respect as she paused at the base of the Rock, careful not to touch it’s surface. “Yes, my Alpha? I am here.” She answered, her eyes lifting to address the elder wolf atop the stone.
*Rook – Oh what a tangled web we weave when we rp with I, myself, and me. Thankfully, this bookend stayed upon the right end of the stack and his father stayed upon his own. For this black wolf’s part, he closed in on the clearing and proceedings perhaps a few moments after Shakira had been called. Not one to disturb the unfolding of a tale, he merely observed. Of course, if quantum physics was to be believed, then his observation of said events untangled the uncertainty of a million other possible universes and made this one true. Ah, what a grand thought if the mind of the Storyteller were grand enough to think it.
<Atraya> “Shakira… you have held the mantle of a huntress within our home for sometime now. The pack has survived a great deal of seasons with you at the helm of such a role.” she began with light and thoughtful tones. “You have shown your prowess not only in the hunt, but to those wolves you lead. You have shown great courage and great teachings to those around you. Traits and attributes to ..
<Atraya> .. those with a strong will to not only be a hunter, but to lead…”she’d pause for a moment, allowing her words to filter to the fae.”… It’s been sometime sense we’ve had a lead huntress… and I would like to ask you now, if you would give us the honor of holding such a role?”
* Leora would be near Kwa`ani, nosing her lightly but perhaps she had to resist the urge to run after her father as he entered into the clearing. Hold. Hooooold. Her tail would not sieze it’s wave as she watched him but her attention was torn. She remembered she had to be respectful. Eyes reverted momentarily to her mother and Shakira. When Panther came back she gave a soft smile in return before ..
<Leora> .. trying to focus on the meeting. Perhaps it was there she might pick up her brother, Rook to. Her paws dug into the earth now if only to steady herself from leaping about.
* Kova watched the proceedings and to the wolves who came shortly after the call of Shakira’s approach. She swung her tail to the fae and to the position offered her. A fine fit indeed, she thought. A momentary glance was made to Timber, Salem, Panther, Loumacy and then to Rook. Her tail swung slowly behind her and she’d give a gentle nod in the direction of those who entered before returning her ..
<Kova> .. focus onto the meeting.
* Shukie nodded to Shakira, “You have shown strength and wisdom. Long ago you came to us yet never saught to join knowing the time was not right for you to do so. Still, you gave all without needing to be considered pack. That, of itself, shows wisdom and thought to others aside from yourself. That is a quality needed in a leader.” she gave a dip of her head, not as elloquent as Atraya
* Shukie of course. “I greatfully would welcome you to such a position should you feel you are ready for it.” her eyes smiled as did her lips after she’d spoken.
* Sirris hesitantly answered back, wishing to come to Panther. But her heart also begged her not too, her black nose twitching as she sadly lowered her head and headed in the direction of Panther’s chuffs. Slowly but surly she arrived and sat just behind Panther, trying to hide from everyone else as she lowered her head to stare at her paws once more in thought. Blocking everything out she would just listen to her rapid breathing, trying her best to calm her racing heart.
* Salem looked about among the head and ears of all of the wolves present. He realized as Shakira was called up that this would be a good chance for him to see and at least familiarize himself with some of the names of those within the Pack. It wouldn’t guarantee that he would know them, but it would hopefully make introductions from here on out a little easier where he could hear the
* Salem names now and try to memorize them now to confirm them later. Since this was the first time in a long time for him, he found his attention completely on the wolves who were talking or being addressed for the groups’ eyes and ears to witness though his tail did thump against the snow though he mentally tried to still it.
* Loumacy had never been to a pack meeting, she had never been apart of the pack, she had never had other wolves want to befriend her, so needless to say the past week or two had been quite an exciting little adventure for her and Coneward, oh and Coney. So needless to say, when Alpha Atraya posed a question to Shakira, Loumacy was truly on the edge of her nails wondering what the femme
* Loumacy would say. Yes? No? Who knew! Anticipation took place in the form of drool and a twitchy tail. Lead Huntress, wow! That Shakira must be some kind of fae, she thought to herself. What’s she gonna say!?
*Ayaka would arrive with a hunk of Bison in her maw just as Atraya and Shukie offered Shakira the role of lead huntress. There on the fringes in the dark was Rook, and there Ayaka quietly took her seat, letting the bison fall to the earth as she quietly licked her muzzle clean. So.. A new story would unfold. The passing of one rank unto another. She was glad for the fae, and for the pack, even if a small trickle of melancholy ran through her. It was that same restlessness. The pack would be fine.. Even once the veil called again.
* Shakira ‘s breath caught slightly as it seemed yet another honor was being offered to her, one she had never dreamt would be one gifted to her. A leader. She felt the pull of emotion rise in her throat in the form of unsheddable tears, a warmth blazing in her heart stronger than the suns surface for the words spoken on her behalf, but was she ready? Was this who she was meant to be? “My Alphas, I am humbled and honored
* Shakira to be awarded such a role, and to know that you believe in me so deeply to entrust the wellbeing of your family-my family to me. If you believe in me, then I would be honored to uphold this mantle further and continue to serve as Lead Huntress.” She said in a wavering voice as she tried to contain the excitement as it threatened to boil over.
*Faolan Remiss would be the very definition of missing the shared words and call of a hunter to become what he was in a past life. His vision, shared between the triad, saw the proceedings from those angles and from his own as he approached the alpha’s stone from the north and his river’s crossing. Thankfully, he could shake himself free of water and make for a presentable entrance enough to echo his other Alpha’s words. ”The valiant deed done in name alone is as hollow as old bone; hollow as the feeble bone that in age breaks asunder; hollow as the distant call that dies amidst hooves’ thunder…’tis the start of a creed that was born in a hunter’s heart before your own and should be passed to you as it had been to hers.” He did not ascend to the stone’s upper surface but chose to stay upon the earth and look to Ayaka. ”What say you, keeper of a flame past and passed? Is she ready?”
* Panther had heard Sirris’s call back just as he had bounded off, He listened intently to the pack meeting. The huntress was offered the lead huntress role, He smiled softly, She deserved it. He gave a small tail wag as he listened and watched, He then watched as Sirris’s scent flooded his nostrils, was this his imagination? He’d look around, then
* Panther look behind him. He gazed softly at the fae, and pat the ground net to him. It was alright if she didn’t want to come up and sit by him, he would just go and sit by Sirri instead!
* Fianna At her father’s words surprise would pass through Fianna and she would look around through the gathered wolves to see the ghost like frame of Ayaka in the shadows at the back. She had been the last lead huntress. What would she say? What could she say for she had been in the veil?
* Atraya would turn an ear to her mates words and a resounding tone of a creed long sense passed between Faolan and Ayaka. She’d wait for the response of both for she too would feel the strength of both between the pair. A mantle passed from the two who held it before, to Shakira.
<Calder> His eyes would fall to all the gathered but had remained upon the proceedings. It was there Faolans voice would cull from the very shadows as he appeared. He remained still like the stone and mountains behind them as a backdrop. He would listen carefully and observe with great care.
*Rook A quick and dashing smile flared in his eyes to the sight of his little sister, Leora. There would be no need to have her bounce across the distance; he would close it and tilt his ears to hear his father’s stroke of theatrics…he always one for the grandiose. If Leora was still sporting the cape, then a quick turn of his tail would be the slightly silent show of appreciation for such fine garb.
* Sanek nodded to Timber then to Panther when they sat next to him. He hadn’t seen Timber in a while, and he would try to find out where he had been by the scents of his coat. Seeing the role of Lead Huntress offered to Shakira, he would watch quietly, readying a howl of congratulation. To lead a hunt was an important role, and no wolf better for it than Shakira.
* Ayaka would hear the words of Faolan as if she had spoken them, heard them through Atraya’s ears, and finally her own. Her white frame would rise silently, her silvery gaze intent at th question as she passed from Rook’s side, passed the rest of the pack and came up alongside Shakira. She would circle the fae, gazing across her form, hearing the beat of her voice and the fervor of her heart. She judged the stance, the weight of
<`Raven> that gaze and the mettle that she could see residing in the fae’s frame, present, despite the few scars. Scars would come, but from what she had known of Shakira, te fae had as true a heart as any. At last she stopped her circling and looked up to Atraya, to Shukie, then to Foalan. “She is ready. It is seen in deed and heart.” She knew what Atraya knew.. That Shakira had felled many a beast for the pack by now. “She had the song and the creed within.” Her words were simple and a nod was given her forehead moving to brush Shakira’s own forehead before she stepped back, moving away as quietly as she had come, to settle once again on her haunches.
* Kwa`ani spotted her brother in the shadows, her tail wagging excitedly before remembering the meeting. It was so good to see him! At her father’s reverent tones she snapped back to attention awaiting the final transferring of the provervial baton in solemn oath shared. She’d not witnessed this before and was in awe of how this was done, committing to memory.
* Leora fancy is as fancy does and boy was she sparkly. Not literally but if she could ever feel what it was like to sparkle, surely she did in this very moment. When her brother came to close the distance her tail would swing a mile a minute. He’d feel her nose gently press into his chest as she nuzzled against him several times. Smothern him good. If it wasn’t for the meeting tethering her down, ..
<Leora> .. she’d be bounding bout, but mothers words and fathers own kept her well focused.
* Faolan ”Past and passed…” He looked to Shukie and then to Atraya. ”We of the past request that the creed be known and passed to the one who will carry it.
* Timber The white wolf. He hadn’t seen her before.. But surely she held some weight if she were the one to pass the mantle.. And then there was another male who stood near the alpha stone. It could be none other than Atraya’s mate, the Faolan he had heard tale of. This pack had such rich history. Such noble wolves made up its ranks. His low rumble escaped Timber’s chest as he tried to quietly breathe out. Did he have a place amidst
so vast a tapestry?
* Atraya would feel the presence of Shakira very close, despite not being there. Perhaps feeling the vibrations of Ayakas tones and movements and Faolans words in her own ears. A smile creased along her muzzle, and with Ayakas blessing shedipped her head. Shakira’s response in kind would provoke a kind smile that would gleem across her muzzle as she rose her paw up, then stomped the stone like her mate had done at previous meetings. “As all lay witness to Shakira’s pledge to the pack in favor to her new role, and to the promise of a creed from the past be passed that not only I and Shukie uphold, but to any who come after. To this I ensure and to this you will be asked of as well, Shakira. Then on this night I would like to have the honor of officially naming you, Shakira, WolfSpirits  pack Lead Huntress. May you go with a strong heart and skilled paws to see to it that our home and family is well fed.” upon the end of her words she would offer a quick howl for Shakira’s advancement.
* Loumacy tail wagged in a blur as Shakira accepted and her bound up energy had her practically vibrating, but she stayed quiet and listened on. She accept, the femme accepted, the femme had said yes and– quiet, quiet she had to stay quiet. Still, quite exciting, oh another howl. Could she how now?! She looked to Salem, pale yellow eyes as big as a blue moon in twindom. Tail wagging
* Loumacy frantically, there was even a little whine. Containing such excitment was SO difficult.
* Kova would be keenly observant and to Faolans words and request brought forth Ayaka forward, she’d listen. A creed passed to one who will carry it. A confident nod would fall lightly as she would listen to both the heart of all who stood before her, and what Shakira would carry with her forever more. Her tail swung before stilling. A great deal she learned this evening and a great more in the coming future. To Atraya’s final words she’d stomp her paw as well and offer forth a quick howl in honor of Shakira’s new role in the pack!
* Rook– Little pebbles among boulder kin…He felt the enormity of those around and before, and he was made glad that they lived in the waking realm, not upon the unseen terrane of his stories. It was enough to make his own heart race adjacent to his sister’s. He would stamp his paw against the ground several times in his congratulations to Shakira, the new Lead Huntress of the Wolfspirits.
* Leora when her mother howled she’d feel the tickle in her own throat. The urge and desire to sing with her family but she paused when seeing her brother stomp the earth. Like a child, she would mimic his movements and stomp the earth three times with her growing paw, if only to mark the earth just beside his. Momentarily she would be immortalized alongside his own before she gave a few yapping ..
<Leora> .. barks for Shakira.
* Shukie ‘s paws came down upon the stone in several hard stomps. For this was no ordinary promotion, the creed passed from past to present. “I welcome you, Lead Huntress of WolfSpirits for it was in action you have proved your true heart, spirit all of which is needed to assume the path you have now taken.” Her gaze went to Atraya, Faolan, Ayaka and Kova, hunters pawprints the fae now
* Shukie follows creating her own for others to see the way.
CwnAnnwn from the clearings edge would offer a quick howl for Shakira’s appointment of lead huntress. As he lowered his muzzle and his voice was carried away upon the ever changing currents of air, he would once more survey those gathered.
* Sirris’ tail made a soft wag as she looked up at Panther, her eyes almost seemed as if they were glowing while she stared into those beautiful green orbs. She’d look down at her paws sheepishly as she stood up low as to not attract attention and lay in the spot Panther pet with his paw. Upon hearing of Shakira’s new role in the pack she too couldn’t help but release a howl into the sky as a congratulations, her nerves slowly calming.
<Calder> Upon the joyful tones of the pack, joining in the celebration of Shakira’s new role, he would dip his head and offer a single wave of his tail before it would still.
*Faolan There was, of course, an actual creed that he would recite to Shakira when all was said and done. For now, the newly crowned lead huntress could carry an unbridled joy that he would help make known through the low tones of his call.
* Fianna The words of her mother, her father, Shukie, Ayaka, they were all so beautiful and…. Weighty. What must it be like to carry such weight? She nosed the crown of Navariin’s head, her eye catching upon Rook’s frame perhaps as he moved nearer to Leora and she felt then as if this night couldn’t be more complete. Home. They were all… Home. In honor of the new Lead huntress she would join her voice and allow to howl into the night.
* Timber As the songs rose around him,Timber would bask in its sound. So this was what a pack was truly meant to be. Yes.. He would very much like to have a place within it. His own voice rose, rough and rumbling and low along with the others.
* Salem watched the unique exchange between Shakira, Atraya and Ayaka which he was on the brink of piecing together what the three of them had in common. Even hearing Shukie’s and Faolan’s input was more than he expected but showed the unison between these members and even though he hadn’t yet met Shakira, he would lift up his muzzle to howl out the new advancement within the Pack. He
* Salem wasn’t aware of Lou’s eyes falling on him for the moment as his eyes were closed while his lungs filled with air and let it out in his own howl to join in the chorus of the others.
* Loumacy yipped and wagged her tail as she went to get her howl on following Salem in salute. In the aftermath of the howl she seemed to relax some as it let out that excess energy that had been boiling over.
* Shakira would still be a bit shocked to see the Alpha male returned as she hadn’t crossed paths with him since his return, as if a ghost had joined the crowd, but then stranger things had happened in these lands. Feeling the scrutiny of many former Hunters of the pack and those that had held the title of Lead Hunter, she held a firm stance but still respectful as she felt the powerful presence of the former Lead
* Shakira Huntress, another she did not realize had returned, a right of passage into her next journey with the pack. As the white wolf brushed her forehead against her own, she’d offer a gentle nuzzle in return as well as a breathy “Thank you.” Only meant for the Huntresses ears. As the Alphas bestowed the name upon her, she felt it drape like a second pelt over her, one she would need to adjust to, but a welcome new
* Shakira sensation, her head tilting back to join the voices of her family as they offered congratulations while she offered a promise of her dedication to them.
* Kwa`ani tapped her paws upon the earth, muffled by the snow as her voice rang out in congratulations to Shakira, such an honor, in deed
* Ayaka would rise onto all fours again nearly as soon as she had settled for the passing of the past called for the decorum of it. She howled so much in what felt like an eternity as she had this day. Heart restlessness yet proud, Ayaka too would join her voice to her packmates as she heralded the new beginning
* Kova would swing her tail then turn an ear towards Panther. She would smile and wait for him to approach the stone. Her frame pulled in as she would momentarily glance towards CwnAnnwn’s presence. Nodding in his direction she returned to those within.
* Sanek joined the chorus of howls then quieted down again, hearing Atraya’s voice again. This time calling Panther. He would perk. His attention once again on the Alpha stone, he would see a wolf he only barely recognized from earlier. He had seen the wolf lurking in the shadows then, but now he was the center of attention. His head tilted ever so slightly, thinking.
* Loumacy tail thumped for Panther, her attention now on the black wolf, though she resisted singing her little song for him.
* Leora eyes would light up bright like a star when Panther was asked to step forward. Her tail proceeding to wave. Ohhhhh what was he gunna do? Maybe become?
* Sirris would nuzzle the black wolf back sheepishly as she nudged him gently towards the alphess as she called. “Go ahead, Panther. I’ll be here watching.” She smiles wolfishly, trying to encourage him.
* Shukie quietly watched the brute approach, tho her gaze went to another in the shadows before returning to the here and now as she awaited her alpha to continue.
*Fianna moving right along, it would seem Panther was next on the agenda, and Fianna would turn to scan for him, curious as to her mother’s plans. As she waited, she looked again between Faolan, Atraya and Ayaka, confusion swirling within as she tried to mentaly unravel the mystery. Sometimes, it seemed as if they. knew things. Those faraway looks in Aya’s eyes.. What hold did the veil still have on them? What did it mean?
* Shakira , returning to her place on the edge of the group, would nose and nuzzle any who she came passed along her way, a small wolven smile parting her muzzle as Panther was called forward. What was in store for the young male?
* Ayaka When Shakira would find her seat, Ayaka would move to settle near the newly named lead huntress, her gaze answering the whispered words the fae had shared, understanding there. She remembered how she had felt when she had been named thus, the creed written into her heart and path. It was momentus, it had seemed to make her even more sure of who she would become. Other would look up to Shakira now in a way they might now have before. It was a strange feeling indeed.
* Atraya would allow the songs and voices to muttle in thought and scent as she would wait for Panther’s response. A few more minutes, perhaps, before they would press upon what was needed to be tended to this evening. An ear turning in the direction of CwnAnnwn.
* Faolan duty was to remain where he was and accept or reject what decisions lay ahead. He would, however, dwell upon the creed and form the words in a mind that spoke in chords. Would Ayaka translate those thoughts to words so that the creed lived on to be passed along when time demanded it of Shakira?
* Navariin snuggled in close to mumma as he watched the big wolves, they sure like to make noise when they feel like it, but thankfully he wasn’t on the menu for tonight so he would yowl and yip along with them as best he could whenever they made the howl sounds.
* Salem let his howl die down well before Shakira make her way back and would make a mental note to include a congratulations in his meeting her for the first time. He tried to keep a tab on her right before she settled in again amonst the other wolves who were gathered but when she called Panther forward, it was a familiar name that he recognized and he was quick to turn his attention
* Salem to the Alpha Rock and those on it once more as Panther was called up.
* Panther ‘s ears perked as he was called forth, He hummed in thought, Why him and not Sanek? He wondered to himself. He rose to his mitts and padded forth. He kept a respectful air about him, ears slightly perked, tail still. “Yes, Alphess?” His tones light, and just as respectful as his posture.
* Atraya would have continud to wait to sense Panthers presence and when he was near, she’d begin when she felt him close. “Panther, you have been a strong force and true spirit during your time here with us. As we have now named a new Lead Huntress, I would like her to have one to lead, and one to follow.” her tones light but thoughtful. “You’re prowess in the hunt is strong. You’re ..
<Atraya> .. attention to the packs well being is and has been noted. You are eager to help, learn, grow, and to share your knowledge with those still growing to.” she’d not forget Sanek and Panthers lessons to her daughter growing up. “A lead huntress needs hunters, so I would like to ask you, Panther, would you accept the role as Hunter of WolfSpirits? To be guided and guide under Shakira’s lead? To ..
<Atraya> .. help feed the pack and ensure it’s well being through full bellies.”
* Shukie leveled her gaze upon Panther. “Long ago I started you on the path in teaching you the ways of hunting within our realm. My skills are not that of Atraya, Faolan, Kova, Ayaka or Shakira.” Only a slight pause she continued, “You’ve witnessed the passing of the creed to Shakira. This is no light duty you are being offered to become a pack hunter, much responsibility comes
* Shukie with it.” Her tones had grown serious. “Be sure you are ready for this and not just accepting to have rank, but indeed, feel the call only a true hunter can hear?” A long pause ensued, “You will be tutored by Shakira, our Beta Kova, Faolan and Ayaka while they are here. Her black gaze would hold his green one as she awaited his answer. “Now is the time you truly begin
* Shukie to learn what it means to be a true hunter.
* Kova her eyes fell to Atraya first, then to Ayaka, Faolan and then Panther. She would smile thinking it was a great honor to be asked for such a role. She would eagerly await his response.
* Leora eyes followed after Panther and she swing her tail behind her all the same. Eager and happy to see Panther ascend a role. Hmmm, she’d have to ask what they really meant. But for now she was focused on what her mother had to say.
* Kwa`ani listened quietly remembering when she was offered that of Guardian that seemed so long ago now. She’d sacrificed much in the performance of her duties.
* Ayaka wouldn’t need to hear the creed for she knew them, from one hunter’s heart to another she would think the creed as Faolan did. The words a melody she had run to for years. They had been markers to measure herself by, and now.. She would pass them to another. Time seemed to shudder, to ripple and yet, somehow very little seemed to change. How much a moment seemed to hold. So much and so little. Shakira would go on as she
<`Raven> had likely been, but now she would be measured against something more. Before she shared the creed however, she looked ahead to the initiation of one she didn’t even know into the ranks of the hunters. She trusted her family to know the calling of those well suited.
* Loumacy looked to Salem, looked to Sirri, looked to Panther. Was he going to accept too? The bundle of nerves that rested under senew and fur sent an electrifying current of energy through her as she once again waited. The suspense was killing her! Even Coneward was trembling with the anxiety of it all.
* Fianna Ahh.. A hunter well suited. She had seen the desire to keep the pack fed and cared for within Panther in the time she had known him. She would look forward to seeing his journey. Bending down she whispered to her son, “watch well young one. Some day, perhaps your journey will call you to a role such as these..”
* Rook he thought the addition of “while they are here” was an apt, if not subconscious observation. Never a soothsayer, he could only assume what the tale would likely tell. The likely ending to said chapter would be like his favored coffee…For now, he took joy in seeing happiness unbound within those of his kin, and he remained observant of a new hunter’s beginning.
* Faolan Much like Ayaka, he deferred the choice of filling the hunter’s ranks to those with greater more recent knowledge. He would remain beside the alpha’s stone and gauge the lad’s reactions alongside his chosen words. A hunter was fluent in the unspoken tongue…
* Shakira ‘s tail swayed over the snow packed earth as the former Huntress approached and sat beside her, her heartbeat still hammering in her chest as if a celebrity had come to shake her paw. Many questions and hopeful thoughts ran through her mind, but all ones that would need to wait for now as others were called on to answer their Alpha. Her heart continued still to pound as her tail picked up speed for a fellow
* Shakira Hunter to be named, and a deserving one at that as she had seen him in the hunt and knew he held the fire within.
* Panther listened intently to what the Alphess had in store for him. He was thinking about his answer as he listened, He had watched the finest hunters, and he had also hunted with them. His gaze shifted towards Shukie, he nodded keeping that in mind. “It would be an honor to hunt with WolfSpirits, just as Shakira did. I’ve looked forward to having a role the moment my paw stepped into these lands. I assure you I am ready to become a hunter for WolfSpirits, I will provide for this pack..For this family.” He spoke, his tone serious, not the usual light tone he uses. “I am ready.” He reassured, not only the others, but himself. “I hope to fulfill the pack’s hunger at all times.” He concluded. His tail betrayed a small wag.
* Timber Ahh, so the path to a true role among the pack wasn’t as distant or unattainable as Timber wondered. Panther had not been part of the pack for much longer than Timber had, though the male was sure that Panther had been much more present. Lending a paw,lending a heart. Presence and a will to see fit oneself in to a place needed. Each new thing Timber observed here felt as if it fit into some large puzzle he was only no beginning to see the image of taking shape. Silent, his breathing would rumble only slightly.
* Sirris lay still in her place as she watched Panther and the alpha’s talk. She waited patiently for Panther’s response, praying to whoever was out there that he would accept. Sirris knew that Panther loved hunting, she felt that it would have been a waste if he refused with skill such as his. But she knew he would choose to become one. With his response she was so very happy for him. Wagging her tail she would let out a chuff and a harmonious howl for her wonderful friend.
* Sanek his heart beating proudly for Panther as he stepped up to the role of a hunter. The heart practically bursting now he would let his feelings out in a howl, harmonizing with Sirris’s. His tail thumped the snow excitedly.
* Loumacy didn’t wait for Salem’s que this time. She knew how this went, it went howling good! She tossed her head and released her song, letting it drift away in the crisp night air as it died away. It felt good to howl, it felt good to celebrate her new friend. She nosed Coneward, “Exciting, I know, to see how the tide of one life does flow.”
* Atraya to Panthers words she offered a dip of her head. She’d allow the others to share in their thoughts and words. There was much to be said for a growing pack and roles where keenly important to it’s success, but more so each wolf despite a role and to those who would fit them. “To all who lay witness to Panthers words, and to his vow to uphold the oath of a hunter, I would like to have the ..
<Atraya> .. honour of naming you, Panther, Hunter of WolfSpirits. May your paws be true, your heart filled with the wild hunt, and your teeth sharp for hungry bellies to be filled.” her paw would come up and stomp the stone before she to gave a short howl for Panther.
* Salem listened as Panther was brought forward and the reason that he was summoned. He tried to keep up with some of what was news to him that distracted him for a moment from every detail of what was being said. He was caught up to speed even briefly with Shukie being made one of the Alphas, as he got to see tonight, but Kova being named Beta was news to him though he could tell when
* Salem his mind was wandering and he would shook his head to listen in once more on the words that were being said at that very moment. The list of late congrats and future formalities was slowly growing and he wouldn’t let himself fall behind on who held what position within the Pack. He got to hear the affirmed answer from Panther and the howl that even if it rang out a little earlier
* Salem than the rest, would only be because one must have been overcome with joy at seeing a friend within the Pack advancing beyond the subordinate role that they held though he was so used to waiting for the howl from any of the Alphas to signal to howl before he would as well.
* Shukie nodded at the brutes response and the time it took him to consider it. She gave a tamp of her paw, “Welcome, WolfSpirits Hunter.” She knew time alone was the true test of one’s mettle in a rank. Some accepted and then recanted finding it not right for them. “Should you find this role is not one you are suited for, never hesitate to come to us and let it be know. To hold a rank
* Shukie and not pursue it to one’s fullest abililites keeps others from doing so.” She paused only briefly, “May your paws be steadfast, your nose keen to the scents upon the winds as you endeavor to fulfill your vow.”
* Kova her hues would fall to Panther and to his words, then to Atraya’s stomping of her paw and anointing the new hunter. She would be proud of Panther and let loose a quick howl. She believed in his prowess and knew under Shakira’s guidance would become a fine hunter.
* Ayaka’s tail would sway for the newly named hunter and her eyes would be keen upon him momentarily, assessing this male. Panther. She would have to speak to him. She had hunted alongside him,only briefly but he had seemed focused and ernest. A brief howl was offered then before she would look to Shakira.”Well named.” She offered softly.
* Faolan He was keen to listen to the words offered in closing, but a few early howls cut through the order of the proceedings. A few mishaps like that in the synchrony of the hunt ought to whip that kind of disorganization out of them, he thought. Perhaps, in his younger days he’d make more of it but for now he just hoped the slight embarrassment was enough. He would not rob the lad of his choice and ascension to the ranks of his kin and would give several firm stamps of his paw against the earth beneath him to signal future prey of one more hunter to the fray.
* CwnAnnwn once more let out a howl, this time for Panther’s advancement to hunter.
* Fianna would lift her voice in welcome to the new ranked wolf! It wasn’t easy, to fill a role, for the responsibility of it held tight even when sometimes it seemed overwhelming.
<Calder> He would dip his head in Panther’s direction, proud of the male and his ascension through the ranks. He’d remain observant and watched all the wolves.
* Panther listened as Sirris bursted into a howl, He chuckled softly as he glanced towards the arctic fae he came to care for, He then glanced towards Sanek. He dipped his head towards his friend with a small smile. His gaze quickly fell back to the Alpha’s. “Panther, Hunter of WolfSpirits..” He whispered to himself, tail wagging
* Panther softly. “It has a ring to it. I am honored to be within this pack.” He said softly. He dipped his head towards Shukie, letting her know he’d do so if the rank wasn’t right. He’d then listen to all the howls, He’d smile softly as he listened.He was proud of himself. Panther would make his way back to Sirris, Sanek and Timber. He’d nod towards Timber with a smile. He’d then dip his head towards Shakira, eager to train under her. He’d nose Sirris’s shoulder as he sat beside her.
* Timber All this howling, it made his rough voice even rougher and yet he would rumble it out with the best of them, his own timbre easygoing and low, brief before falling silent again. When Panther would make his way back, Timber would give the other brute a nod.
* Shakira threw her head back and howled a song for the newly named Hunter, the first Hunter named since her own beginning in the role.
* Atraya would dip her head in Panther’s direction and allowed him to take his step back into the pack with his new role. She would turn her head to Shukie and nosed her softly. “Onto the next”
* Leora gave a few yapping howls and barks for Panther, waving her tail quickly as she watched him come back “Yay, Panther!” she whispered in hopes of not disturbing the meeting before turning back to her mother and father.
* Sanek would realize he had howled early much too late. He would tell himself to pay more attention to the meeting next time when someone was called up, then nose Panther as he came by in congratulations, his tail still wagging wildly.
* Atraya ‘s tail would shift momentarily before turning ahead to the rest. “CwnAnnwn, please come forward” she’d await for him.
* CwnAnnwn perked, having not expected to be called forward. The silver brute stood and began to pad from the clearings edge towards the Alpha’s rock, he glanced to the others gathered as he walked by them. He would stop a few paces from the rock and look up to those whom were at the rock before bowing his head to them before rising back up.
* Loumacy had not met this next wolf called up and her eyes followed CwenAnn, putting him to memory as her tail wagged, but she wasn’t quite as excitment, her energy having been drained from early sufficiently enough to make her loose a bit of steam. Still she gave CwnAnnwn and Alpha Atraya her full attention.
<`Raven> <Faolán> c/Rook 📖 A firm stamp to the ground would be his own chosen manner to congratulate Panther before the meeting turned to focus on CwnAnnwn. Rook had been absent and would not yet know of Nightstalker’s passing…not all surprises were kind. 📖
Sirris watched as Panther moved back towards her, nuzzling him back as she moved closer to him once he sat down to get comfortable. Once CwnAnnwn was called by Atraya, Sirris would watch him quietly, tilting her head to the side patently.
* Shukie dipped her head to CwnAnnwn as he approached. “Tonight we celebrate the life of NightStalker.” Her gaze going to CwnAnnwn. “He was a strong guiding force of the pack along side first KovoWolf and later her daughter, Atraya and her mate Faolan.” She was not good at this kind of thing yet at the same time, “His teaching and ways shall forever be passed on in lore and more
* Shukie so, those he taught shall pass on his knowledge and ways just as the mantle was passed from Faolan and Ayaka to Shakira.” As she thought back, “Many a time he showed me the error of my ways and more importantly, the right way. Many of you did not have the privilege of meeting him and it is through those of us who knew him, learned from him you will in fact come to know of
* Shukie NightStalker, Beta, Elder.
* Atraya would await for CwnAnnwn’s approach and when she sensed him near, she’d bow her head and remain standing firmly upon her paws. “You stand before the pack, the son of an Elder of WolfSpirits, Nightstalker, to which we are honored and humbled.” she now addressed the rest of the pack. “Nightstalker was a wolf who ran as a pack member within WolfSpirits during my mothers reign. He was a ..
<Atraya> .. Scout to the pack and eventually named Elder. It is with a sad heart that Nightstalker has left the earthly realm of this world, but with joy to know he is now among the stars and ancestors, and joined to those who’ve come well before us. To be reunited with those who forged WolfSpirits in it’s beginning, along with my mother, Kovo. He will be woven and immortalized in the lore and story that ..
<Atraya> .. will pass on from one wolf to another. From new generations to old, he will not be forgotton.” she’d pause for a moment before she continued. “It is an honor to have you here with us CwnAnnwn, and, I would honor your fathers passing within our home and realm. As such and with your permission, CwnAnnwn, I would like to return the honor and pledge your father gave to my mother, and bury him ..
<Atraya> .. here within WolfSpirits, at a new makeshift place of ceremony and celebration of life below my mothers own hill.”
* Leora felt the air grow from a more spriteful spark to a more somber tone. Her mothers words reaching her as she learned of Nightstalker. She had met him perhaps in passing, but she was very young to remember. A saddness fell over her for she’d not really imagined what it was like to loose another in that manner. She knew of loss. She knew of longing but it was never easy. She pressed her frame ..
<Leora> .. into her brothers quietly and listened.
* Ayaka would close her eyes as Cwn was called forward, allowing herself to experience this memory through the bonds of those she shared. To remember Nightstalker ad Atraya did. As Faolan did.. She would listen to Atraya’s voice as she honored one who had passed into what came next. Next…. next. Ayaka opened her eyes before she strayed too far and began to wonder what was next for them.
<Calder> The news of another wolfs passing within the realm of WolfSpirits caused him pause. He could feel the tones of a somber nature reach his own frame. Quiet and pensive he was as she’d allow the pack to offer their words where he currently had none.
* Timber shifted as he remembered that sorrowful moment he’d witnessed several days ago from across the lake. He hadn’t yet truly met Cwn, thought he’d seen the brute in other meetings.. Soon he would make his own condolences. For now, he would share the sorrow the pack even if he couldn’t say he had memories of the one who had passed.
* Kwa`ani bowed her head to CwnAnnwn in acknowledgement of his father’s passing. She’d not lost anyone she knew or was close too and could not begin to imagine what he must be endurouing. Thus, she let her expression convey her thoughts to him should he look her way. She remembed that Nova and Kyara, two wolves she had known during battles but did not really know them. She hoped he’d found
* Kwa`ani the river »»
<Kwa`ani> »» otter she and Panther had left for him.
* Sanek ‘s eyes widened. He had not know Nightstalker well, merely saw him in a few pack meetings. Nightstalker seemed like a wise, kind, and knowledgable wolf, and he had been a packmate. The world was cruel in times like these, and the meaning of a life’s passing would cause his ears to lower further along with his head. There was an emptiness now. One that he had never noticed, never
* Sanek moved to fill, to make acquaintence with the elder Night. Now, there would never be any opportuinity to do so.
* Fianna From joy and exultation, to sorrow and remembrance. Such was the cycle and one they would all.follow. Even as she had the thought though her eyes drifted to her father.. To her mother.. To Ayaka. Was the Morrigan different? Did that force not have to contend with the stark reality of time? She knew something was different within the veil but the mystery hadn’t truly been shared. Maybe it couldn’t.. For now she set aside the mystery and focused on joining her heart with the pack’s and lowering her head as she saw Kwa’ani do to CwnAnnwn.
* Shakira felt her heart meld with the packs own as the mood shifted to one of mourning, of remembrance for a wolf passed who had served the pack well in life and deserved a fair place in the next. She had met and seen the elder long ago in her first months with the pack, but hadn’t had the opportunity to truly talk with him, still the heartache of a pack member lost was a heavy one and one she would feel as harshly as
* Shakira those that had known him well.
* Faolan He dwelled on memory and in it for a moment when sentiment was shared from Atraya and Shukie. His own was passed to CwnAnnwn in the privacy of their own conversation. It wasn’t needed for others to hear or know, but he was comforted to know the rest of the pack would share in the knowledge and ability to offer their support for the son of his friend. For now, he could do little other than listen to CwnAnnwn’s response and potential request.
* Panther smiled softly at Leora and dipped his head her way, then nosed Sanek as he sat between him and Sirris. He’d nuzzle Sirris back, He smiled into the crook of her neck. Tonight was full of events, one being his own promotion. Panther didn’t really know what to think of it, but he knew he’d settle into the role. He’d then listen as CwnAnnwn
* Panther was called forward, He dipped his head when NightStalker was mentioned, his head remained dipped for some time as he listened. He knew what it was like to loose a mentor, a friend, but worst of all, a father. He would lift his head up and listen, unaware of comforting words that would help in times such as these.
* Salem heard the familiar name of Nightstalker and remembered meeting the male at some point likely when he was an Elder of the Pack. If he would have seen the wolf more recently then it might have stirred up more memories, however brief they might have been, of the time that he got to know the wolf that was the subject of the proposal that Atraya offered to Cwn. He let Atraya’s and
* Salem Shukie’s words paint the rest of the picture of the wolf that Nightstalker was before he had met him and now that the journey was being shared as coming to a close, he was at a loss of words even within his own mind. Still, this was the first time that he was witness to such proceedings and his attention was focused on Cwn for his answer.
* Kova would shift her paws if only to allow the moment to pass and her mind to reel the thoughts and emotions of the weight of words. Of passing. Mourning and loss, but also rejoice in a life well lived and to be honored. She’d look now to CwnAnnwn and like the others, feel the shared loss and support.
* Rook d not known Nightstalker as the others had, but stories had been told and remembered. He would steady his frame and breath if nothing more than to offer his little sister a firmer shoulder to bury into. Yet another wolf of old would join those already present upon the misty hills and terrain of tale and legend and there live on in those that recalled said stories.
* CwnAnnwn looked up to Shukie as she spoke of his father and closed his eyes. Atraya’s words reached him next and he opened his eyes to look to the fae, it took him a moment before he could formulate his response. “I have been thinking over where my father would wish to buried, I believe he would be honored to have his final resting place be near to your mother, one whom he held a deep
* CwnAnnwn respect for. I am honored as well to have the offer to place my father to rest near your mother, an offer I humbly accept. I cannot think of a better place for him.” He was struggling with how to respond and hoped that his response was respectful enough for the honor that was being bestowed upon his father. The whole time he spoke, his tail had held still behind his frame.
* Atraya when CwnAnnwn’s words would reach her she would take a light breath and give a sure nod. “Then it will be done. When you are ready, call upon the pack and we will aid you in bringing your father to his final place of rest.” she would lightly brush her paw against the stone instead of stomping upon it’s surface. She’d have some tasks for the members of the pack. Sanek, Panther, Shakira, ..
<Atraya> .. and if the others not yet joined desired to help it would as well be appreciated. She felt that CwnAnnwn’s words where honest, sincere, and she was honored he felt so.
* Shukie remembered her mother’s death in the fires. There were never words to fit the passing of one’s kin, blood or otherwise. “CwnAnnwn, You will likely mourne his passing. I hope that instead, in the not to distant future, you will celebrate his life and legacy he has bestowed upon us all, his selfless giving to his family and pack.” As her mind turned backwards in time, “He was upon
* Shukie the first quest to the original packlands when I was young and newly arrived. A strength for us all. Just as his heart beat in life, I offer this heart of the bison killed this night to be placed with him as he journeys to the next realm.” the organ had cooled in the night upon the snows below the stone. “I offer my frame to help him to his final resting place, to honor him and
* Shukie all he’s done for me, for this pack, and for you.”
* Sanek Kovo’s hill.. a magical place well deserved by a wolf who had been in the pack and supported it in times probably beyond his. He would gaze up at the twinkling stars and see his mother and brother, and the shadow of his father, and the place where the stars would part and the skies would rejoice, welcoming the spirit of Nightstalker.
* Kova would dip her head slowly in rememberance of Nightstalker and would as well offer herself to the shared words of family “I to will honor your father and help wherever needed. For Nightstalker.” she softly brushed her paw to the earth.
* Kwa`ani stood as the two alphas and CwnAnnwn spoke. “I would very much like to assist however possible, if I may.” there was no need for flowery words or long discertations.
* Fianna As Shukie spoke, offering her frame as needed. She took one step forward as well. “I too will honor an elder of this pack by lending my paws and frame. It is the least I can do for the service of family and pack.”
* Panther would love to help with NightStalker’s burial if the Alpha’s and CwnAnnwn allow it of him. He’d glanced towards the dark brute who had been called forth due to his father’s passing, he listened as he spoke of Kovo’s hill. He nodded, and stood. “I would like to help as well, if you allow it of me.” He spoke his thoughts, looking
* Panther between the brute and the Alphess’s.
* Leora felt her brothers embrace and would pull into him lightly. Her cape slowly sliding from her back onto the base of her tail like a small blanket. When the others offered their services, she to wanted to help. She was big now, right? She wanted to help make stories and good ones for her own. Stories worth a worth. “me… me to!” perhapes not as well gilded in tongue as the others, she meant well.
* Loumacy was not the most tactful wolf or even the most diplomatic despite her words having a tendency to rhyme. As the meeting went on her furry form waned in excitement and soon exhaustion krept in. At first she started to doze with her head falling forwards, but she’d realize, shake her head, and pop back awake. Moments later however she was back to sagging into a world of dreams. Finally
* Loumacy her body slumped against Salem, and she was out cold. He could walk off and if her body hit the snow she wouldn’t rouse. The Pack Meeting, such an exciting event and an exhausting one.
* Rook Stories were nice to tell, but some demanded more of an active role. When all of his sisters declared themselves fit and willing to help, he too would chuff his own willingness ”I too will offer my paws and frame to the task.”
* CwnAnnwn bowed his head as Atraya spoke once more “Thank you.” He perked to Shukie as she spoke “I hope to one day honor his life and legacy by following in his pawsteps and I thank you for your support.” He intended to follow through with his statement, but would not put forth the request now, he did not know if it was the right time to ask. His ears swivelled as others that were gathered
* CwnAnnwn offered the support and help in placing his father to rest. He turned to face them and bowed his head before speaking “I thank you all for your offers and would be honoured to accept as I know my father would.” It was hard to remain collected, but he stayed as strong as he could knowing that when he returned to the lake, he would grieve some more.
* Sirris whined softly at the mention of a wolfs passing. She knew all too well of the pain of losing all the ones she loves. Sirris didn’t have anyone, it was just her and she could sympathise with the wolf. She too stood for a moment, clearing her throat softly as she stood there hesitantly. “Um.. I know I am not a member of this pack.. and it’s none of my business. But I would be honoured to help, it is of my desire to help those in need and help heal those in pain.” Sirris spoke, a hint of sadness in her voice as she looked up at those who stood on and before the rock. She bowed as she lowered her head down.
* Faolan The lad had given his request and it was accepted. It was now only a matter of when the deed was to be done rather than if, and he was proud to see his daughters and son offer service. He too would join in the toil but let those who wished to be vocal, be vocal. His was the path of doing, and he needed only a time to begin.
* Atraya gave another dip of her head “Then those who have spoken to help, I will call upon you soon to begin the foundation of a new tradition.” her gaze stared out again, the hour growing late now and emotions felt from all, especially her mate and Ayaka would temper her tones. “There is much to celebrate this evening, and much to honor. If no one has anything they desire to add, then, I ..
<Atraya> .. would like to conclude tonights meeting and ask all to prepare for the next, for it will be called in a few days time.” she’d wait now to see if any others desired to speak.

Header Artwork by the talented AlectorFencer

Lore Night: July 9th, 2021

By Lore Night, News

* Kova her trinkets stowed, she would step out of the blue spruce, and her eyes fell to the horizon as she also took stock of the wolves who where within. She might’ve picked up on Panther and Leora firstly as she stepped into the dying sun’s light.
* Sanek still snored at the base of the small hill at the south side of the Clearing, unaware of any wolves in the Clearing or around him. His ears had stilled, his dream ending, allowing him to fall into a deeper sleep.
* Rook What a weave of tales to untangle; what a thread to pull throughout the day…The teller laid in the shade of his father’s tree upon his father’s knoll that overlooked his kin’s hunting grounds. A thousand wolves gathered along the ridges, swales, and rocks of the hunting grounds. Each were his kin of old, wolves he would never meet outside the tales his father told. All of them were placed there from his imagination and in his imagination while he recounted his chosen tale. He was no fortune teller. No, the “teller” of his name came from the place he held beyond these borders as the Storyteller. Even then, he gambled using his preferred currency of a “story for a story” when he chose this as the likely tale to tell. He was to offer a tale titillatingly close to those that would explain it all. The sun, now behind him, had fallen deep enough int the western sky to be partially filtered by the pines at his back. The wind and what light shown through the clouds created enough movement of shadow to force him from his mind and to leave the thousands of his kin exactly where he would later place them again…in a tale. He would gather his dark frame upon his paws, shake loose the stubborn foliage, and begin the deliberately slow path back into the clearing.
* Shakira chuckles lightly at Rune’s words. “No, I suppose not.” She said, a curious tilt to her head as she watched the she-wolf scale the boulders and poke her head into the spaces between, a strange sight for one who didn’t know what exactly was concealed within. “Indeed, it’s been awhile since there were pups around aside from Leora and, well, ehem…” She paused with a clearing of her throat as she hadn’t thought of
* Shakira the one lost pup from the Alphas last litter in a long time, the sudden memory of the pup bringing back others that she had managed to suppress for many months. “I still remember when Fianna herself was but a pup all those years ago, funny how time flies.” She added, suppressing a laugh as Rune’s head once more disappeared into a crevice. “Prey has been very easy to come by with the abundance of calves and fawns
* Shakira that were born this year, the herds have remained well stocked. Speaking of, a few of the ones gathered for the hunt sustained some fairly decent injuries, nothing that seemed entirely detrimental, but then again I’m not a Caretaker.” She said with a wink if Rune happened to glance her way. “If you have the chance and time soon, I’m sure they could use some tending for their wounds.” She finished.
* Atraya having already been within the clearing, she was resting just below the Alpha’s rock. She would gauge the time by the sky above, and offer a low breath before pressing her paws into the soil and rose up in the shade.
* Rune wags her tail at the mention of the pups again. “They are lovely and the pack is lucky to have such new life. Diligent eyes are upon them.” She dips her head to the fae, her face and voice always calm and soft when speaking about or to any pups, when their usual expression was firm and reserved. She hadn’t intended to linger at her cache, she was needed back at Fianna’s den, as she’d not seen Calder before she’d left. Rune was glad that the den was well within the safety of the WolfSpirits borders, and she and Calder had been careful to ward off any potential curious creatures. However, the Caretaker felt more comfortable nearby. At the mention of a hunt, Rune was pleased to hear there was a carcass within the Hunting Grounds. Unfortunately, her head turns round to look at Shakira when injuries accompany the mention of the hunt. She was just
about to hop down the boulders, but turned round and poked her head back into the cave she’d just emerged from. “My duties are to the injured as well. I will go to the Clearing to look for the injured. Do you know who they may be?” The Caretaker’s head then proceeds to vanish in and out of multiple crevices as she makes her way back around the cache. When she returns to Shakira on the forest floor, in her maw would be cylindrical roots and a variety of dried plants, all delicately secured in her jaws.
* Kova making her way to the center of the clearing, she would pause to take note of all the wolves present. She smiled, swinging her tail slowly before she’d lift her muzzle skyward, howling for a gathering within the clearing! The Lore Night to begin.
* Accelia decides to bring some of the bull to Rune for the Lore night she rips a good chunk off the beast looking to the birds above she wonders if she will be allowed to go once they call, does someone need to guard the carcass at night when the birds have left, she did not know she wined to herself the question. Setting down the piece of meat looking at the last three remaining crows who sat in waiting for her guard to be down to steal from the carcass. She charged at them causing them to fly away she marked the area around the bull looking at the gash it had inflicted upon her in the hunt which was healing well but would leave a reminder to her of the first pack hunt she has been on. The agouti tan she-wolf gazed at the burn marks that peppered her pelt that overshadowed the gash which held the truth in the story she would share with the pack and how the spirits she followed were her only hope.
* Leora the young wolfess was squirrely indeed. Her own little adventures took her further from her mothers care and into the wilds to explore and learn. She was, however, ‘home sick’ and had made it back to the clearing at some point. She had her cape about her, draped in a nice fashion of course. Her tail swung behind her before she made her way to her mother at the Alpha’s rock. A little less »»
<Leora> »» than half way there, she heard the howl from Kova and bark yipped to join in. She still had to get that down.
* Sanek the howl made him stir. Slowly, his head rose from the grass and his legs helped him up. He looked around, wondering what was up. He’d spot the Alphess and Beta at the center of the Clearing, then saw Leora howling, perhaps spotting Panther too. In a light and slow trot he made his way to join everyone at the Alpha Rock.
* Rook Almost as if on cue, the call for Lore Night rang out. He could hear Kova’s voice resonate within the copse of trees he found himself in, and he knew it like one knew the melody of a favored song. While it still could, his tail betrayed the would-be stoicism he placed upon himself and countenance when he entered the clearing. A quick exchange of pleasantries, the warmth of a gaze to the alpha’s rock to the silen reverent regard to the one atop it, preceded him and his padfalls both into and through the clearing. The sight of his youngest sister would be the final straw atop the camel’s broken back…the stoic facade melted to a chuckle and a quickened pace.
* Panther perks to the howl, sounded by the beta. He smiled, and perhaps even spotted Kova and Leora? He didn’t go to Kova right away, instead he made his way towards Sanek, To help him if he needed it. His friend could indeed spot the black brute.
* Atraya would smell her youngest daughter approach from the eastern wood. She would swing her tail lightly behind her as the anticipation of being reunited was well upon her features. She chuffed in her direction when Kova’s howl emitted from not to far away. The lore night called to play. She would nose Leora, closing the gap. You are in for a treat, Leora. A lore night is about to begin. Listen »»
<Atraya> »» carefully to the stories shared and told. she waited to seat herself to see if the stage was as good as it needed to be for those who would , well, need it. It was there in the thralls of voices and scents, did she pick up her son. Her tail would not still, in fact, it would wave quicker now as she too reached a low chuff in greetings.
Sirris’ head turned at the sound of Kova’s howl, she smiled where she lay on her place in the grass. She wondered what she may do, she wasn’t really much for company though she liked the wolves here and was willing to sacrifice her strange habits for them. It seemed Lore Night had began, she thought she might as well share the story passed down by her ancestors. She limped hurriedly to join everyone as they all gathered for
<`Raven> this fun occasion. She smiled at them and took her seat not too far from the group. She could not wait for the stories to come as she waited patiently.
/Rune A howl from the Clearing sounds out across the landscape and, looking to Shakira, Rune starts off towards the large glade at a lope. There was no way that her pace would leave Shakira behind, the tawny fae was a huntress after all. If anything, Rune’s lope was slow, so as to keep the herbs in her maw as safe as possible from jostling. The Clearing wasn’t far from her cache, and the path between the two was well-traveled
<`Raven> by Rune’s own paws, the fae likely able to travel the trail in her sleep. Upon reaching the Clearing, the ivory fae looks to see where wolves were gathered and then checks back on Shakira to see that the fae was still nearby. Continuing towards Alpha Rock at a trot, Rune moves to the back of the crowd and sits back on her haunches, so as not to disrupt anything which had already started. As she looks around at the wolves in her
<`Raven> company, her tail wags furiously at the sight of Leora. She’d not seen the little fae pup, who was no longer so little and such a pup anymore. Oh, how fast they grew. Flattening the grass between her front paws, Rune gently places the bundle of herbs on the ground. The dried stalks, woven and wedged together, resist rolling or drifting away with any wind that came through the Clearing. Her keen copper and amber eyes survey the wolves
<`Raven> who had arrived or who were arriving, looking for those Shakira may have mentioned.
* Kova the joyful tones in her voice would relay the excited nature of a tale or two to be shared this evening! Who and what would be shared? The eagerness could hardly be contained in her kneeding paws. She would see Sanek and Panther, chuffing warmly to them before her hues fell to the dark lore master, Rook appear to. Her tail would also not sieze it’s wave as she would bow her head in a warm »»
<Kova> »» greeting to him “I look forward to the lore shared this evening!” proclaiming with the same amount of joy that her tail could not contain. Sirris’ scent lingered, as well as Accalia’s and now Rune’s. She would have made herself to Atraya’s side and seated down, starting to form up a ‘circle’. Allowing the others to take their own spots.
* Sanek winced lightly, he had nearly forgotten about his cut. Luckily it was not on his side where his pelt moved and stretched whenever he made his way somewhere. He slowed even more before reaching the rock, and now found himself a good spot to watch the stories of others being told. He nodded to Panther and motioned for him to sit next to Sanek. His ears turned, hearing many wolves
* Sanek talking about Lore night, his tail showing his excitement.
* Panther chuffed towards Kova, Panther dips his head to Sanek. He sat beside his friend, If he seen Sirris, He’d motion her to come near, and sit beside him..On his other side, Unless someone else would sit there? Panther didn’t care who sat beside him, If he was being honest. Panther listened to the other wolves talk about the Lore Night that was
* Panther happening.
* Shakira had seemingly become distracted once more in her own thoughts until a howl rang crisp and clear, not quite the same power behind it as the Alphas when calling a meeting, but instead the clear tones of the Beta summoning a gathering. She had nearly forgotten the Beta had issued for a Lore Night to be held, and so with quick paws she would make to keep pace with Rune as they headed for the Clearing. As they broke
* Shakira through the treeline into the expanse, she would finally answer Rune’s question as she noticed the bundle she carried and her gaze as it takes over the wolves within. “Among the hunters was Panther, Sanek, Skydancer and the new wolf Accalia, I only saw the latter three get hit, but if you could check over Panther just to be sure, it’d be appreciated.” She’d say with a brief and gentle nosing to the she-wolfs ruff
* Shakira before she would find a spot near the back of the gathered to listen and maybe even partake in the storytelling.
* Kova would smile as all the wolves began to gather. Her tail thumping a few more times before stilling. She would bow her head and offer “Thank you all who have heeded this call. I look forward to the lore shared this evening.” she smiled, turning momentarily towards Rook, a passing glance really wondering just how much payment he might get this eve! Her hues then turned to all the others as »»
<Kova> »» she offered ” I would like to open it firstly to all of you. Would anyone desire to go first? ”
* Accahalia he bowed her head to the carcass and sprinted off to the clearing at the call for the lore night, as fast as her legs could carry her with the chunk of meat in her mouth she hoped that Rune would be there and accept her offer, she also hoped that she wouldn’t get in trouble leaving the bull unguarded, she managed to reach the clearing and find the gathering of the wolves. She spotted panther and snuck in beside him, hoping he could tell her where the caretaker was perhaps she could find her after the stories and hers had been shared
* Leora oh man oh man oh mannnn! Her mother hyped it, but she was even more excited to be among pack again and her brother was there to! Hey… where was her sisters?? Little yaps where given and before her mother could coddle her with licks to many, she would lick up at Rook’s before he took his spot. Maybe she wanted to sit next to him? So… she would wait to see just where he might sit just as »»
<Leora> »» Kova opened the floor.

* Rook Began taking stock of those many wolves that entered the clearing and began sitting near or next to him. Like Panther, he displayed no prejudice. Whoever wished to sit next to him would and could. He would listen to Kova and offer a light grin in the embers of his gaze towards her before waiting in silence. It was a story for a story, afterall…not a story before a story.
* Sirris smiled at Panther’s offer, but stayed where she was. Her paw was in pain, didn’t wish to show any sign sign of weakness. She could only move but a distance before she fell next to Rook. She sent Panther a sorry stare, sat up so she was comfortable in her place. “Sorry..” She spoke to Rook, moved away to give him space.
* Rune It didn’t seem like Loera had seen Rune’s tail wagging at her and for now, she’d allow the older pup to gather with her family members. The fae looked to be well, and the Caretaker wondered if Atraya’s youngest daughter knew of the pack’s newest arrivals. Turning her attention up to Kova, the Beta answers the question in the eurasian fae’s mind, tonight’s gathering was a Lore Night. The fae was aware that she had missed a meeting since the pups’ arrival, but was glad to see that a Lore Night had followed. Had she not already departed from the den, Rune wouldn’t have left for Lore Night, but while she was here looking for injured wolves, she may as well listen to the stories too. One of Rune’s ears would remain trained behind her for the entirety of the night, listening for a howl from the trees.
* Sanek grinned, thinking about his stories. He wished others would go before him though, so that he was fully ready and the mood was already set. He sometimes told stories to pups and their care givers if they happened to be around. Rarely to a full pack. He pawed the dirt and offered a quick nuzzle to Panther.
* Leora scattered all over she was! Wolf there, wolf here, wolves all over! She did see Rune now, though, and would wag her tail and chuff to her before she had found a spot beside her brother. She’d ensureeeeee she’d get a seat. She’d look out with longing eyes. Who would tell a story?
* Kova had remained where she was seated her Atraya. Anywolf who would settle beside her, she’d also not mind either. Her tail would wave a few more times as she would look between the wolves present. She’d wait a few more minutes before the wolves would settle, to see whom might want to share first.
* Panther smiled, then dipped his head to Accalia, He would signal towards Rune, Indicating she was the caretaker, He assumed Accalia was trying to find her. He nuzzled Sanek quickly and dipped his head towards Sirris, As if saying it was okay. Panther’s ears perked, He showed no signs of sharing first, As he was still slightly thinking. He looked
* Panther around, Listening to who would share first.
* Atraya her blind eyes would ‘look’ ahead as she would turn an ear left and right, wondering whom might be the first to offer their lore. Their story.
* Shakira looked between those gathered, wondering at the many stories that could be shared, but would they? The initial ‘breaking of ice’ could be a potential spigot to open the floor a little more readily for those that were nervous as she had been the first time she spoke at a Lore Night. Stepping forward with surprisingly confident paws, she spoke up. “Alpha, Beta, if I may?” She asked, not wanting to speak out of turn.
* Kova would turn an ear to Shakira’s tones and smiled, her tail thrumping the ground a few times before she would seat herself further back allowing Shakira the first “Please” eyes bright, curious and eager to hear.
* Leora her eyes where -all- over. Wolf to wolf to wolf. So many wolves! She would swing her tail behind her quickly that her cape dared to fall off her but stilled when Shakira was the first to speak. She’d scoot herself forward if only to get a -better- look-see. Oooo this was gunna be good!
* Rook Ah, to be chosen by his youthful sister was a blessing he’d not soon forget. She would be rambunctious, yes, but curiosity was a fragile thing that age often wore down. He’d not seen it in his time, nor would he, he hoped, see it in hers. He was thankful for Shakira, because she had bought him enough time to gather 10 nearby stones and to place gently upon them a star-shaped, yellow flower. After his preparation was complete, he would listen closely to Shakira’s offered lore.


* Shakira gave a light nod and a smile in turn to Kova as her tail swayed once, twice, and then stilled in anticipation of her own Lore, not her own, but one that seemed desperate to be shared and spoken aloud. Turning to those gathered, she would take in a deep breath before beginning. “This is less of a story and more of a general pondering shared with me by a packmate from my birth pack.” She said as a simple
* Shakira introduction before continuing. “Here, at the End of the World,
* Shakira The flowers bleed
* Shakira As if they were hearts,
* Shakira The hearts ooze a darkness
* Shakira Black as a moonless night,
* Shakira And poets dip their paws in
* Shakira And they write.
* Shakira Here, at the End of the World,
* Shakira They write,
* Shakira Not knowing what it means.
* Shakira Here, where the sky nurses on black milk,
* Shakira Where smoke feeds the sky,
* Shakira Where the trees tremble in terror
* Shakira And wolves come to resemble them.
* Shakira Here, at the End of the World,
* Shakira The poets are bleeding.
* Shakira Writing and bleeding
* Shakira Are thought to be the same;
* Shakira Singing and bleeding
* Shakira Are thought to be the same.
* Shakira Write us a song!
* Shakira Send us a scrap of food!
* Shakira Comfort us with proverbs or candied fruit,
* Shakira With talk of one God.
* Shakira Distract us with theories of art
* Shakira No one can prove.
* Shakira Here, at the End of the World,
* Shakira Our heads are empty
* Shakira And the wind walks through them
* Shakira Like ghosts
* Shakira Through a haunted wood.”

* Atraya the tone and words shared by Shakira would reach her ears, and hear heart. She would offer a knowing smile and settled herself down from a seated position to lay. When Shakira’s lore reached the end, she stomped a paw softly and grinned “Well done, Shakira.”
Sirris smiled at the beautiful poem, it was gorgeous. Something she very much enjoyed in poetry. The words were like music to her ears, loving every word. “Beautiful poem, Shakira.” Sirris spoke if she were aloud to of course, she wasn’t quite sure and slightly afraid to speak. She gave the fae a smile, waiting for what may occur next.
* Rook , in his father’s keeping, would stamp his paw against the ground several times in his show of grattitude to Shakira’s poem. To bleed and sing at the end of the world…the words brought a vivid memory to mind that faded at the thought of the wolf that ended such a plight; Ayaka. Of the thousand wolves that wreathed the fray of his mind, she was still more flesh than memory. A
* Rook steep payment cut»»
<Rook> cont»» up front had been made, was it enough? He’d look to the others to see which flinched in anticipation.
* Leora would swing her tail around quickly and bark chuff a few times. She tried the whole ground stompy thing, but she was still a bit awkward with her big ol paws. She churrrr’d and found the lore piece shared interesting and did her best to try and pick it’s meaning. Her mother did instruct her to -listen-.
* Kova would mimic Atraya’s motions and chuff softly “A haunting and insightful lore piece, Shakira. Thank you!” her tail swung slowly behind her before stilling. Perhaps she would catch Sirri’s words and smile then turn to the others. Whom else might want to go next?
* Sanek felt a power in that poem of Shakira’s and her every word she used in it. Wolves facing their terrible and dramatic fate together, singing still as their world falls apart. It stirred many thoughts. He’d offer a soft howl-yip in appreciation to Shakira for sharing the piece of thought and poetry with them.
Rune Similarly to Leora, Rune would voice a “churr” as well, in thanks to Shakira for her lore. Rune wondered how long that lore had been with Shakira, or with her previous family, either blood or chosen. Stories passed from one to another, through generations if one was lucky. Looking around at the wolves gathered for Lore Night, Rune was gad to see Atrayaa’s son, Rook. The brute had been gone for some time, but had
<`Raven> returned for his mother, the pack glad to see him. No wolves had yet stood up to pad forward or speak, so any injuries were well hidden for now. Continued scanning and peering with her eyes lead her to Accalia, one of the pack’s newest Pledges. As Rune understood it the tan agouti fae had helped in the hunt last night. Panther and Sanek were in attendance as well, should their health be up to it, she’d have a task for them come the
<`Raven> end of Lore Night.
* Shakira allowed her tail to continue it’s motion as her words seemed to be enjoyed by the gathered. A meaningful and haunting wonder indeed and one she was grateful had been shared with her, a piece of those that she had loved and lost from before the WolfSpirits had taken her in. Dipping her head in a humbled nod, she would move back to her place near the back of the group to watch the ongoings, hoping she had managed to
* Shakira set a good stepping stone for those that had their own stories to share.
*Accalia chuffing followed by the thumping of her tail Accelia pawed the ground in appreciation of the poem told, as the world around was seemly coming to an end it was a fitting start to the Lore night. Accelia didn’t think anyone could have started it off better, granted she had yet to hear the others that would follow. Accelia scanned the crowd wondering who Rune was she would hold off asking till the end of the Lore Night
Crimson – This evening felt so wonderful, the little chill of early summer evening air was enough to make old bones ache just a little bit less, at least in the case of Crimson, who’d begin moseying up to the Clearing, a pinecone held upon her jaws as she’d approach from her little area near the lake of Solace. She’d been informed of some happenings this evening by the ever elusive Anya, and was intent on appearing, whether or not she was late! The elder wolf will approach, taking in the scents on the wind to see who might be around, or who she might even see as she’d begin getting toward the clearing
* Panther listened to the huntress, A smile displayed across his maw. He stomped his paw on the ground as it concluded. He enjoyed theses Lore Nights, But didn’t have to guts to go first not second. His gaze wandered to Rune, He dipped his head. His would be up for a couple tasks for Rune, after lore night. Perhaps it’d help him finish making
another cache for Kova?
* Atraya her ear would turn if only to smell the air that was offered. Was that Crimson she picked up? A thump of her tail was given in the wake of her elder friend and former packmate to the pack. Remembering her from her youth to her mothers recanting tales of the great “Crimson Pinecone Cache.” That in itself might be a worthwhile story! She’d remain there, however, waiting for the next with anticipation.
* Rook looked to his sister and quietly gestured to the yellow flower, “Hold this for me, aye? I will let you know when I need it. ” This lot as a nervous one, the thought. Shakira’s poem was a healthy addition to the scales, he would just have to expect recompense after he added his tale to the other half. “Beta of the Wolfspirits, I would request to add my tale to the tally.”
* Rook looked to his sister and quietly gestured to the yellow flower, “Hold this for me, aye? I will let you know when I need it. ” This lot as a nervous one, the thought. Shakira’s poem was a healthy addition to the scales, he would just have to expect recompense after he added his tale to the other half. “Beta of the Wolfspirits, I would request to add my tale to the tally.”
* Leora eyes bright like a diamond! When her brother asked her to hold the beauuuutiful flower, she would leap up to all fours and do her very best to try and not explode with energy. She would hold it and like the worlds most important thing, she would hold it true and close to her. She’d dare not loose it, drop it, pluck a petal! Eyes big and wide as she’d look up to her brother, eyes still bright »»
<Leora> »» as she’d scoot ever closer.
* Kova would turn an ear towards the direction of Rook and smile. She bowed her head lightly, tail swaying “Please” she’d step back allowing him the middle of the circle. Her heart beating a little heavier now with anticipation as her eyes probably as big as Leora’s.
*Crimson – Perhaps indeed the whispers of tales would be on the wind?~ A perfect time for this old walking marshmallow to appear, it seemed! As an elder, her job was to put these wolves to sleep with her stories, and she took that duty quite seriously! Sometimes. She’d begin padding over just a little quicker, albeit her gait was still quite slow, enough to close the distance, she’d give a nosing in passing to the pup Leora before approaching her friend, Atraya, and setting a pinecone neatly in front of her, lazily laying beside, if indeed there was room! She’d arrived just in time to listen in to a story, it seemed
* Rune’s eyes move to Rook, as he addresses Kova atop Alpha Rock, it would seem as if Atraya would be a silent observer for tonight. The Caretaker was glad that the pack’s elder Alpha Fae would be able to enjoy a Lore Night this evening, as opposed to her usual role of guiding it. The aging fae’s tail wags at a new scent on the wind, though Atraya’s refined nose would have caught the scent before Rune’s, Crimson.
<`Raven> The Elder fae arrives in the Clearing and Rune dips her head in greeting to the wolf. She’d not seen Nightstalker since both he and Crimson had been made elders to the pack. She’d not been able to find either elders in there surveys of the territory, but hoped that CwnAnnwn and Anya were keeping watchful eyes on the older wolves. Perhaps they would be fortunate enough to hear a tale from the Elder? For now, Rune turns back to Rook, the brute exchanging quiet words with his youngest sister.
* Sanek ‘s eyes were drawn to some movement once the noise of cheering had subsided. Leora seemed to be holding a flower in her maw, he wondered why or for what it was. Then his eyes looked to Rook as he stepped forth (metaphorically) to offer his own tale. He was happy to hear another one from Rook. The day Sanek had first met him he wonderfully retold a story, using creative ways to
* Sanek create a more vivid picture of what was happening in the story. He glanced to an elder that settled herself in the circle of all the gathered wolves. He remembered her from the 20th anniversary meeting, but her name escaped his mind.


<Rook> The ember’s of his gaze brightened to the excitement Leora had for the task he had given her. He let her pluck the flower from the altar of stones he placed underneath before gently picking every stone into his mouth. With quiet regard, he entered the circle and began laying the 10 stones in a half circle around him. They were as to be expected from river-born stones, different in
<Rook> composition cut»»
<Rook> cont»» (thus in color and fabric) but nearly identical in shape. He turned upon his paws to greet each wolf in silent gaze before speaking in deliberate and melodic tones, “When last we spoke in such a manner, I recalled to you the tale of starfall, earth, and the Mean Oíche–one of the first packs of the northlands. Fate and the weight of the stories to be shared this night have given me cause to offer a tale now set many generations since that storied beginning.” He allowed his voice to trail and his gaze to wonder once again between those gathered before beginning again. “Like the silk of a spider’s web, this story is a single thread of many that are made stronger by those that surround it and share its moral. I tell you it now, backwards, with the moral before the tale–the  truth of a name is unspoken and only as good as the deeds that cultivate its memory. For that is what we are, memory made flesh for a time.”
* Rook stood before his 10 stones and continued, The meaning of a name is like the burden of the howl. We each know the tone of our voices and the part of the Song it belongs to, but the memory of another’s name does not make it ours. Neither does memory entitle us to a name’s birthright…if only the seven sons of Fionn knew that. With that he touched 7 of the 10 stones with the charcoal hue of his nose. His voice lowered in the regretful fate of those sons but rose once more to recall one of those thousands from his memory. Fionn, son of Faolchú, is a name synonymous with wisdom, for it was he who knowledge chose and he who could devise the wisest course of action by simply grasping hold of his tail with his mouth, like so…” Almost a tad bit too practiced, he flicked his tail and curved his frame to effortlessly take hold of that ever elusive, emotion betraying thing. He loosened it after a quick smirk to his sister “That quirky feat is a tale meant for another night, but suffice to say, Fionn, son of Faolchú, became a great leader and father of seven sons and three daughters during his life. In his time, Fionn united the whole of the northlands with one flick of the tail after another. When war was to be had, he took hold of his tail and knew how each battle would be won. When a hunt was to be made, he would nip a tuft and see what path to take for his family to be fed. His family and pack grew and grew by the wisdom of his deeds, each one preceded by a quick chase of the tail. Few knew why Fionn did as he did before each pivotal moment, and fewer still ever learned from the lessons such decisions presented. Legend and Fionn’s sons, however, took note of the tail chasing.”
“We were memory born of hope before the flesh of our frames was made, and to memory we return when the winds of time claim the dust we become. I tell you now that all things have a season in which they dwell. Such was the fate of Fionn, the wise, that his winter gave rise to a patch of yellow star-shaped flowers kissed by the silver light that adorns the night sky. Such is the fate of all my kin and the whisper of another story for another night.” It was then that he beckoned Leora forward and to place the yellow flower before him.
* Leora her eyes where wide and she’d no doubt almost topple over by leaning forward so far just to watch and listen she’d had to pull a paw out and brace herself. It was her que, her time to shine! Her big brother asked her to do something and so, she poofed out her chest and carefully walked forward with the star shaped flower and lowered it just at his paw’s. Skittering back in place she sat up straight and looked straight on. She’d dare not blink for she’d miss -something-, and that just wouldn’t do.
* Sirris listen with curiosity, the tale brought her amazement for she wished for many moons to tell in such a marvellous way. She smiled as she listened, excited and curious to what he may wish of the young fae.
* Rook would offer the biggest and proudest smile to his sister, but before she could skitter away he would nose her back. Be ready to help me move these stones to either side of the cirlce, he whispered to her before beginning his story again. “Not many have witnessed a gathering to select a new alpha and fewer still to see the glory of ascension, but such a day came when all the northlands gathered. Who among the kin of Fionn would be chosen? A thousand whispers offered their wagers of which son it would be. On cue, he would wheel about the circle and whisper into Kova’s ear first, “Súildor, of the darkened sight…” Moving down the line he skipped a few wolves to whisper next to Sanek ” Oisín, the warrior poet” Just as quickly as he had wheeled about, he turned to the center of the circle and rose his voice to represent the chorus of a thousand whispers “No…no…surely, it would be Aodh, the bold, or Iolar, the eagle eye!” His voice trailed, and he was once more just the teller. ” Although much is told of Fionn’s sons, they carried a name that they did not make outside of their father’s story; they did develop the wisdom that their father had and did not know the worth of a name written by their own actions–the name which we are called when all else falls mute. Not many, I daresay, cast their whispered wager for even one of the three daughters of Fionn, the wise. To this he looked Leora, a hidden hope welling in his gaze.
Leora Oooooo she had MORE to do! Ok, she was ready. She would position herself between some stones and when Rook would indicate her to move them, oh you bet your boi-o she’d be the best stone mover of all time. Her cape made her look extra official. When he cast long his gaze to her, she would wait but a moment and push the stones when he indicated. His que, she waited for.
<Rook> “Fionn, before his passing, had devised a test for his successor; gather a stalk of golden wheat from the easternmost valley, steal a tuft of golden fur from the golden bear that roams the southlands, and break from the spine of the world to the west a rock of the truest gold. He would gesture to Leora to take hold of the nearby stone and place it at the far end of the circle of
<Rook> wolves, cut»»
<Rook> cont»» whereas he took the other two and placed them to the east and south. Travel to the west, east, and south borders of the packlands?, he asked. “Simple enough to us of the fleet of paw,” he added with a little bound to each direction. It looked so simple in this small space… …”but the world was a larger place back then. The packlands of the Mean Oíche
<Rook> stretched many horizons, cut»»
<Rook> cont»» and the tasks would take a single wolf a great many moons to complete. He would tap one of the smaller stones in the, relative to it, larger circle and whisper again to Leora Take what remains of the stones and then I say something about salmon, you scurry behind the alpha rock and start tossing them sidelong to imitate jumping fish, aye? He was sure it would spoil
<Rook> the surprise, but cut»»
<Rook> cont»» what better way to instill in her the story than to live it? The story continued… “No sooner had the tasks been told to those who would vie for Fionn’s mantle than the seven sons began to spin about to chase their tails in hopes that Fionn’s wisdom would bless them with the knowledge of which task to attend first. Súildor was the first to grasp his tail, and he
<Rook> ventured to the east. Aodh cut»»
<Rook> cont»» was the second, and he ventured south. Four other sons were soon split, two following each of the elder brothers. Oisín was the last of the sons, and he departed to the west…All this while the daughters of Fionn gathered and split the tasks among themselves, agreeing to share the realm between each other should they return before their brothers.”
* Leora her nose would gently nudge the indicated rock and took it in her mouth and she would place it at the end of the circle where the wolves would be. Lowering it down she would then draw an ear to hear her brothers instructions. She’d absorb it like a sponge, to the T. She would seat herself beside the remaining stones an wait for her dramatic que.
<Rook> “So it was that during the first moon that of the three sons that ventured south, Aodh alone was with golden fur in tow; of the wolves that ventured east, only Súildor emerged ahead of the dawning sun with a stalk of golden wheat hanging loosely from his jaw; and Oisín, who ventured to the west, his is a story grander than this and is meant for another night. A pause interrupted
<Rook> the cut»»
<Rook> cont»» story, and here he strayed dangerously close to a story he had returned to tell. His eyes stayed upon his mother as he spoke; not in a forelorn or threatening manner. It was the Mona Lisa smile, and he was the one with the tale. “He, however, was not seen again in the lands of his father after the gathering of the northlands. ” The sad fate of the youngest son was
<Rook> glossed over, and he cut»»
<Rook> cont»» continued forward. “Scouts were sent from the northlands to report of the progress of the seven sons of Fionn. Rook would dramatically venture west. ” In four moon’s time, they would report the demise of Aodh on the spires of the world.” …then to the south. “In five, they would report of how Súildor was lain low by the golden bear of the southlands.
<Rook> His posture mirrored what he thought must have been the pack’s moral. To hear that your heroes and the sons of your greatest alpha were slain or defeated…his shoulders sunk, but a twinge of hope remained in them. When, after six moons, the time came for the first of the great salmon to begin their journey into the western reaches of the Nathair River and for the silver of their flesh to be
<Rook> made red as blood, the scouts reported that the wheat, the golden fur, and the golden rock had been claimed. Tears were woven through his words, for a wolf could bear none itself, and his voice whispered ” Oisín had done it…the whispers of the pack had said, for they had not given up hope on the youngest son of Fionn.” He made sure to emphasize this part for Leora, for this was the
<Rook> moment! “The Mean Oíche made a great journey westward along the banks of the Nathair to meet their new alpha and kin. Imagine with me their surprise to watch not one wolf, but three astride the full banks of the Nathair and the slender leaping frames of a thousand salmon. On that day, the Mean Oíche gained not one alpha, but three!” He would jump between Kova and the wolf next to her while
<Rook> he hoped the fanfare cut»»
<Rook> cont»» of silver rocks being thrown behind them would portray a proper heroic image.
* Leora had not left the stones unguarded. She did her best to melt into the story itself to allow it to be told with out her being a true distraction, hoping to make the salmon flying rocks be a surprise to all the others. When she heard the words, quickly she scooped up as many stones as she could carry. Albeit lopsided they where, she held onto at least three. Scuttering quickly behind the Alpha’s rock, she would wait again for the Salmon que and when she heard them, she flung the stones one by one. two to the left, one to the right. Pew! Pew! Pew! She hoped her aim was not true and avoided nailing any wolf with a heavy, silvery salmon prop!
<Rook> Yes! There it was! Fanfare had, he slowly made his way back to the center of the circle and finished, “The three daughters of Fionn the wise had learned much in their time with their father. Each knew their name, and in their deeds, they knew their strengths. They each selected one of their father’s task best suited to themselves and succeeded in applying the lessons learned from
<Rook> their cut»»
<Rook> cont»» father’s wisdom; they did not claim their father’s wisdom as a birthright. I am my father’s son, but I am not Faolán of the Mean Oíche. I am Rook, the Storyteller and son of the Mean Oíche. Even then, -we- are not who we say I are. We are what we have done and our name is that by which we are called when all else is silent.” He would be sure to chuff to Leora, so she could rejoin the fray and listen to the rest of the tales told. He would also be sure to give her a hearty thank you for her most excellent prop work.

* Atraya ears where pulled forward and she couldn’t help but feel the well of pride wash over her. Very much like her mate’s tones and voice, she could see much of him and her within Rook’s own visage. All her children, truly. Feeling Crimson near, she’d reach a passing nuzzle to her to welcome her a spot. Keeping each other warm, no doubt. When the lore was finished, she would stomp her paws a few »»
<Atraya> »» times and offered a chuff, strong and true, to her son. A stroy worth a thousand more. She let loose a few more chuffs and barks to it’s end. No doubt hearing the polp of stone near and around falling.
* Kova would perk an ear to the name she was whispered and felt her frame tense. To whom was that name? To whom did the others receive in names? When Rook bounded between the stone then between her and the wolf beside her, she’d not flinch, but felt the wave of emotion of the interaction of it. The weight of it. Her eyes had followed the stone “fish” as they flung from behind the Alphas stone and »»
<Kova> »» chuckled, eyes bright and careful to watch each. Luckily none stemed to strike anyone. Admiration. Awe. Inspiration. A flutter here and there and like Leora, she’d nearly fall forward in an effort to lean in, and to listen at even greater depths to Rook’s story. She would take all of it to heart, all of it to her own pages. Wisdom and knowledge added to those blank mental parchment. Rook often »»
<Kova> »» found a way to impress her with each lore he would give and some how, go above and beyond from the last. A worthy gift for them all and she only hoped that she could offer in kind such as each had already. A lesson and lore she’d no sooner forget as the tale from one continued to another. She would stomp her paws and offer a few barking chuffs to the lore and story shared! A mighty story indeed. »»
<Kova> »» If Rook hadn’t retreated to far from her reach, she’d even offer him a quick nuzzle in appreciation. After all would settle, she’d give another glance to see if another desired to share in the wake of a good roll in lore from Shakira, Rook, then to whom?
<Rune> Her copper and amber eyes watch Leora, glad to see the young wolf take such an interest in her family’s history, helping Rook tell his story. Rune would also be listening intently to Rook’s story, she wanted to relay as much of Lore Night as she could to Fianna, Calder, and the pups when she returned to the den. Upon the ending of Rook’s lore, Rune casts out another “churr” from deep in her chest, she was grateful for
<`Raven> the brute sharing what he did with the pack. The son of Atraya and Faolan dealt in stories and it seemed only fair that she provide one in return now. Rune rises to her paws but takes no steps forwards nor back, so as not to disturb the tangled bundled herbs nestled between her paws. Dipping her head in greeting to the silver fae atop Alpha Rock. “If I may, Kova.”
* Leora mannnn she wanted to keep throwing rocks. That was kinda fun! Maybe she’ll pick some up later? When she heard her brothers words sieze, she peeked out from behind the stone and saw his story was done. Yapping, she would bound from behind the pillar of mighty rock and bound up to Rook. Whinning, tail spinning a mile a minute as she licked up at his muzzle Good Story, brother! she proclaimed, bounding around him but she’d stop when Rune spoke and she’d spin about. OOOOo another story! Ok, ok.. .clam down – she had to. Otherwise she’d not hear it. Before Rook or anyone had a fleeting chance to give her a nosing back, she would be right back in her seat again. Puppish eyes wide as she looked to Rune and what she might tell.
* Sirris looked around the circle, a smile present on her maw, each wolf who shared were great at their telling. For she had enjoyed both pieces, only hoped for others to love hers too for this story was special. “May I please tell a story after Rune?” She asked, hoping to do well for she wasn’t very great at this. “Wonderful story, it was brilliant!” She complimented, smiling at the brute unknown to her.
* Kova it would seem the floor was warmed well enough now and she would look to Rune and nod “Please Rune” and she turned to Sirris and to her request, she nodded a clear “yes” indication before she would find her seat, to.
* Sanek couldn’t help but watch that star shaped flower. It was the one Rook mentioned to him, the one Sanek had searched for but found nothing. He watched the tale in a trance, watching Rook leap around and whisper a name into the brown brute’s ear. Three Alphas! Wolves definetly worthy of that position. He yipped after that wonderous ending of rocks that resembled salmon flying about while Rook ended the tale. He sent up a cheer into the air, simular to the one he did after Shakira’s poem. A soft yip-howl. He’d quiet down, wondering what tales Rune and Sirris had to share.
* Accalia offering a chuff in response Accelia was starstruck by the story Rook gave as she saw Rune step up not knowing who the mystery wolf was but still the curiosity was there to see what the fae had to tell.
* Crimson – While she was listening intently, there was a miniature task she’d made for herself during the telling of this tale! A bubble of mischief in the elder as she’d veeeeeeery delicately see if she’s able to balance a pinecone on Atraya without being detected, her tail waving behind her both in enjoyment of the story, familiar sounding legends with familiar tones and names she might have heard years ago from an old friend of hers. All the more engrossing diversion in which she might perform her pinecone balancing act!~ After all, some best listening comes with active paws!


Rune would not have much to share, her lore not as lengthy as those that had come before hers. Lifting her head, she speaks clearly, sending her voice out to the wolves gathered. “at last, you will say (maybe without speaking) (there are mountains inside your skull garden and chaos, ocean and storms; certain corners of glades; thoughts of great-grandmothers; the first one) all I need to know: tell me everything just as it was from the beginning.” At the end of her lore, the Caretaker sits back on her haunches and dips her head in thanks for the packs audience.

(OOC – Poem is modified/edited. PM for link to original)

* Atraya to much of Crimson’s chagrin, the Alpha fae had no idea what Crimson was up to. She’d not even twitch a fur bit in the wake of said pinecone. She was successful, no doubt. Upon Rune’s words she would listen intently to them, to their meaning and smile. Her paw would press against the earth as she’d stomp for her. Thoughtful, insightful, and beautiful. A chuff given to Rune’s lore.
*Rook Ah, a tale from the beginning… just as it was. What a wonderful parallel to the history his father spoke of. “No vestige of a beginning…no prospect of an end.” It wasn’t his father’s words originally, but Faolan was fond of that passage, and so, by right, Rook was too. He stomped the ground heartily to Rune’s offering, gladdened for the words.
<Sirris> Sirris stomped her feet at the lovely poem, cheered for Rune as she sat on the grass. She smiled at the fae as a well done and relaxed her paws.
* Kova listened intently to Rune’s lore and smiled. No lore was to big or small in her own eyes, and she appreciated it all the same. “Beautiful, Rune.” she said with a swing of her tail and a stomp of her paw pads to the earth in celebreation and appreciation for it. She would turn to Sirris and nod her head, allowing her to go as she desired.
* Sanek short but meaningful, his brows furrowed repeating the poem inside his head, searching for all the meaning hidden in all the words and words unspoken. He grred happily at Rune for sharing that poem with the pack. His attention then turned to Sirris.


<Sirris> In the beginning there were three. Pack Mistfull, Pack Cosmic and Pack Summer-fall. These packs lived in peace for many generations, thanks to their guardian and in some way. Leader. Her name was Nashalla, loved by all the packs. Nashalla was raised in the forest of her father’s ancestors, abandoned by her mother when she was born, knowing the spirits will look after her. Her father, Murta being one of the spirits among them.
<`Raven> No one knows the fate that befell the young fae’s mother, not even her father Murta, one of The Great Spirits of the sky. Murta was promised an afterlife of greatness for his wise and kind nature during his time as a mortal. He was promised this by the unknown. Beings who Sirris’ pack have never been told of. So, they called them ‘the unknown’. Nashalla was raised by the spirit of her father, learnt many things while she grew up in
<`Raven> the forest. She learnt about the forest, the spirits of the sky and earth. Nashalla was taught by her father many life lessons and the things that may happen in time. She was taught that “You must teach your students the ways of the spirits so you can continue on our cycle.” Her father taught her that she should never forget her legacy and to never forget her father’s teachings. Nashalla was a wise wolf, grown to become a great
<`Raven> leader and like her father she travelled to many lands to spread her father’s teachings across the many packs she had visited. Her father’s teachings became her own as time went on, the many moons that passed she no longer saw her father. He had sent her off to teach the other wolves of the spirits and he no longer thought it needed for him to show her more. The old wolf spirit taught her well it seemed, and he finally passed on,
<`Raven> left the world of the mortals to carry on his existence in the sky to watch over the living along with the other great spirits of the sky.
<`Raven> <Sirris> Nashalla was now free, she no longer needed her father’s guidance. His duty had already been fulfilled and the only connection he had to the mortal world had already done what he asked of her. The wise wolf smiled down at her from the sky, proud for this being to have been his own. This fae had proved herself to be worthy of his legacy, he could not have been prouder of the fae she had become. One night her father called down
<`Raven> to her from the sky, asking for her help. For he needed a messenger to go to the far north and show the many wolves his teachings. These wolves were nothing but trouble, it was his job as their spirit of the sky to repair the damage they had made to themselves for they have done the greatest of sins. Kill their own kin. A young brute of the far away pack in the north, Pack Cosmic had attacked his own pack in his insanity for the throne.
<`Raven> This wolf had caused only the worst atrocities to his own pack. Murta only wished for this to end, sent her as his messenger to speak his words from her own tongue. Murta spoke, voice filled with determination; “Call upon this wolf, strike him with my words for I won’t tolerate this madness!” The angry, booming voice yelled from the sky which sent shivers down the faes spine. He was not happy, it was his responsibility to watch
<`Raven> over the wolves, he will not accept any who wish to destroy the balance. The shaman fae had accepted his task, traveled many miles to visit the troubled pack and try to end the misery inflicted onto them.
<`Raven> <Sirris> This wolf could not be reasoned with, this only angered Murta for this was what caused him to punish the black brute permanently. Murta cried from the sky, unleashing thunder and rain from the sky. The earth shook, the ground before the cracked slightly. The wolves were frozen in fear before the spirit wolf of the sky. He called upon the spirits of the earth to help in causing fear upon the dark wolf, he called to his brothers
and sisters of the sky to aid him in his anger. But he was not heard, the old spirit was ignored and with that the blood of his own father was spilt that night. This enraged Murta, so he banished the dark brute for his sins and forced him to live a life of eternal sorrow and darkness.
<Sirris> For Murta would never accept those who would kill their own family, his daughter Nashalla shall not let the living suffer under the evil of the tainted. The pack were weakened by the loss of their alpha, filled with sadness and despair for their leader was gone and they had no one else to protect the territory they each called home. Because of Thorn’s carnage Pack Cosmic and Mistfull were at a never-ending war and there was
nothing the pack could do to stop it. The Spirit of The Sky, Lupus. Murta, or Lupus as some may call him, called upon his daughter once more to ask one last request of the fae. He asks her to unite the two packs, with it the pack in the east; Pack Summer-fall and speaks with a calm and begging voice. “Nashalla, it is my duty to watch over our kind with love and I could only ask from the bottom of my long since beaten heart to please…end this hatred before we can no longer. I need you to unite the three packs and lead them all until it’s no longer needed.” He says, Nashalla smiled at her father, once more accepted the request. Nashalla spent most of her moons asking, pleading for their surrender, her father’s words as a guidance to bring peace to the three packs. With her father’s teachings she managed to end the war and bring peace to the pack lands. They all looked to her for guidance, she was happy to lend her knowledge. For many, many moons she stayed with the packs, with her father smiling down at her. The old spirit was proud, patiently waiting for the faes time. So, he could see her again, this time embracing his daughter once again. Once Nashalla had passed she did end up becoming the great shaman that her father knew she would become. At her passing the three packs made a memorial for her, waiting for the day that another may come to take the faes place. To guide the three packs into everlasting peace.
<Sirris> The wolves of the three tribes passed down the faes legacy throughout the many generations they had, by the new age there were not many to share it to. By that time there was a large-scale war between Pack Cosmic and Pack Mistfull. This brought the wise and brave Orik to lead Pack Cosmic into the war for peace. Orik wished to be like his ancestor Nashalla, followed in her paw steps to become a great leader too and after seven
<`Raven> years reuniting Pack Cosmic, Pack Summer-fall. Nashalla’s Spirit Guide was her father. This is where the cycle had begun, Nashalla’s significance to Pack Eclipse was the connection to the spirits, the ones who looked up to her. Nashalla was the fae who united the three packs in the beginning and later caused a large line of her own followers to succeed in her absence.
Sirris paused, face feeling too hot to speak, she was nervous for the very first time in many years. She smiled at the many wolves who gathered and finally spoke. “That was my story, I hope you enjoyed. My aunt told me that one the last time I spoke to her, it’s been a long time since then.” She concluded, giving everyone one last shy smile before looking don at her paws. She was finished with her tale.

* Atraya would shift her ears back and forth to the intricate details given to them through Sirris’s lore. A fathers tone weighed a lot this evening and she would smile for it. Teachings and wisdom alike, all woven into each piece. Very deep and meaningful. SHe hoped Leora would continue to be that rambuncious sponge and listen to it all. She would stomp her paw and let loose a chuff towards Sirris, a fine lore indeed!
* Panther listened to each, offering a soft chuff happily to Sirris and the rest. His maw shown a smile, and bright eyes. He wondered if Sanek would share, He said yesterday he had something in mind..Or did Panther mishear?
* Kova the woven lore Sirris would weeve would speak volumes. To have such be passed down and remember it so fondly would have a great impact on them all, no doubt! She would stomp a paw when the end finally was made and indicated by the fae and she would grin “Well done, Sirris” perhaps seeing and sensing her nervousness, she would hope to ease her by offering a quick nosing to her cheek. She »»
<Kova> »» was among those who appreciated lore and story!
* Rook Orik, Nashalla, and Murta…he would later recall those names and add this tale to the tally. The scales were becoming more and more even, but the teller was greedy for lore. A firm several stamps of his paw to the earth below would be his sign of favor for this story.
* Leora she wanted to be a cool thing in the sky! Equally as enthralled from all the stories prior, she was still reeling from Shakira’s then Rooks , and Runes and now Sirris. She was a pup in sky heaven. She would let loose a few woooWoooo’s in Sirri’s direction! She wondered why her brother and a few others stomped their paw. Did she have to to? She rose up her big ol pup paw and lightly tapped the earth to.
* Sanek smiled as Sirris told the tale she had learnt. The tale he had learnt, if from heart or from another also had Lupus, or Murta as Sirris called the star-wolf. He felt nervous too, he felt that his tale would not be near matching the greatness of the other’s. All he could hope was that he’d tell it right, just like he’d heard it. He continued to listen, about the three packs and
* Sanek the peacemaker shaman wolf. Upon the ending, he stomped his paw and yipped in amazement. He’d look around. He was ready to share his piece of lore, but he waited for anyone else to speak up wanting to share.
* Kova when the excitement began to wane and Sirris took her place, she would remain seated, her eyes cast long to the wolves gathered – who would want to share next?
* Atraya would lean in towards Crimson and whisper “The lore of those pinecones would make a good story…” she said with a wink. Did she know Crimson put the pinecone on her? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe she could just smell it. She would wait now to hear who would share.
* Sirris smiled at the wolves who offered their applause. She nosed Kova back in return and smiled at the faes kind gesture. “Thank you, Kova.” She spoke, gratitude forming in her voice. She took a deep breath, her nerves finally passed. The fae was glad that some liked her lore.
* Sanek glanced around the stood up carefully “I’d like to share some lore” he said to Kova with a smile. He’d step onto the rock so that everyone could see him, evidently not trying to move a lot to allow his wound more time to heal. Slowly he took a deep breath, getting himself ready.
* Kova would smile to Sanek ‘Please, go ahead!’ she said as she remained seated near Atraya and if Rook moved back to his spot, perhaps she was near him to.
* Rook looked to his sister and watched as she attempted the Faolan paw stamp. He would raise his paw up in unison to hers and stomp in time to her own, adding to the sound of her little paws. Another tale was to be offered, which quelled the attempt to tell her how her father did just this. For now, he listened to Sanek’s tale.


Sanek’s eyes looked up to the stars. Although he knew Lupus watched over the wolves in the south, he could always feel his presence in the northern night sky. “I do not know if it was my heart that told me this story, or a wolf from my past. I hope your ears will find it as great a piece of lore as my heart does.” His tone slowly warmed up into the deep and soft storyteller tone
<Sanek> he loved hearing and using. “In the night sky of lands much warmer than here, a starry figure treads lightly across his domain, journeying as he does every day after the sun sets, making sure the boundary between sky and earth not be crossed once more. A long time ago, so long that no one other than the star wolf Lupus could have witnessed and remembered, the sky was plain black at
<Sanek> night, except for the bright lone moon and wolf quietly moving across. The Great Star Wolf Lupus howled every night, hoping that one day he would find someone else to share the world with. He was the only one who looked upon the isolate grey mountains that crept upwards in beautiful shapes and patterns. The only one to see the lonely forests thriving down below, and the rivers, lakes,
<Sanek> and seas moving across the land over lengthy periods of time. The only one to follow the moon in its trips around the beautiful scene. His heart felt a longing, as if someone else should be there with him. The beauty down there was not meant to be seen by only a single starry wolf’s gaze. A howl escaped his maw, echoing around the mighty mountains below. The howl was lonely, breaking
<Sanek> one’s heart if there ever was anyone there to hear it. His own heart had broken, the hope he always held onto slowly dripping away through tears in his eyes.”

“The tears resembled stars as they flowed down his deep-toned fur and fell downwards, to the beautiful landscapes below on earth, shooting down and piercing the boundary between the place of sky and of the solid land below. After Lupus had finished his howl, he looked downwards in awe, eyes wide with amazement. His glowing starry tears slowed and gently touched the earth. The light
<Sanek> began to mold, take shape. Once the glow subsided, Lupus could see the little forms that looked very much like himself. The first wolves to ever tread the earth. There were five of them, a family, a pack that would care for one another. They were joyous to be alive – touching the earth that Lupus always wished to touch – as its beauty drew in all eyes that wandered. Lupus was amused and
<Sanek> delighted by the things the earthen wolves did every day, from playing around to snuggling together during colder nights. What he did not know was the fact that earthen creatures needed frequent supplies of food to continue to live.”
“The inevitable problem would soon present itself. The wolves had no energy to move around and continue to keep Lupus company, which saddened him, and made him feel sorry for the poor, small, fluffy versions of himself. He’d ponder about what was happening, and how to help the wolves so that they were full of energy and happy again. An idea crept into his starry mind. He watched his
<Sanek> tail as twenty stars drifted into the open expanse of the endless night sky and swirled each other. Upon the night sky, a thing smaller than Lupus took its form. The form had long ears and quick furry feet. Lepus, The Great Star Hare was created. Its little nose twitched around, wondering what was happening. Upon turning around, its eyes noticed Lupus looming over it with his maw agape,
<Sanek> saliva nearly dripping from his mouth. A gasp escaped its tiny maw, as it stood there, frozen. Both waited for the other to make the first move. Lepus exploded in flight for fear of being devoured, and Lupus chased after it. He snapped down on Lepus’s tail, making it bleed, and lose some of its stars, which flew down one by one as hares for the wolves to hunt and eat. The wolves were
<Sanek> rejoicing, but Lupus was not done yet. For the whole night, Lupus chased the hare and bit, to ensure the wolves would never run out of food, until both could not run any longer.”
“A large group of rabbits, large enough for them to feed the wolves for as long as the world lasted, was now gathered on the earth’s wonderous surface. Lupus smiled and howled softly in triumph, then settled down for a well-deserved rest. Entire years leaped by, the balance created by Great Lupus never seeming to trip. That was, until the pack had pups. At first, they were quite cute
<Sanek> and adorable to watch from afar, but once weaned off milk they hastily devoured all the hares their parents gave them, always hungry. The pack could barely keep pace with their hunger, and the hunger of the entire pack, and to add to the list of problems, the hares in the region were dwindling in population. The hunters were coming back with less and less food. The pups’ stomachs were
<Sanek> empty, which they could -not- accept. Whines constantly went up to the sky realm, which deeply irritated Lupus and his sore ears. He tried covering his ears, but to no avail, he could still hear the whines loud and clear. His teeth clashed together with a snarl, sending thunder rumbling throughout the sky, which only momentarily silenced the noisy pups. Lupus could not take any more of
<Sanek> this. Anger and annoyance shadowing his eyes, the star wolf sought out the darkest part of the night. He swirled his paws around it, making it flow around and around, then he thrust it downwards, to the earth.”
“Seeing what he had just done, creating a demon of chaos that was now shooting on its way to the world, he quickly flicked the last stars off his tail, which connected with the ball of darkness and molded into a hooved creature with great antlers, larger than a wolf. To those unwary of its force who were willing to take it down, it was extremely dangerous indeed. Though to those with
<Sanek> a cunning mind and swift body, with some work they would be gifted with plentiful meat, enough to sustain an entire pack for at least a few days. It was an elk, passive until threatened, and even when threatened, many elk fled to avoid the jaws of a wolf. The wolves targeted the weakest of the herd, keeping the elk healthy and the herds strong. Balance was restored on earth, and Lupus
<Sanek> was happy again, glad he did not send a savage beast down instead.
“Everyone lived in harmony once more. That was, until one night, when Lupus was away patrolling the night sky, the bright moon took its chance. Back then the moon was purely white and rarely orange. But that one night, part of the moon peeled off the surface, leaving the dark marks upon the moon’s surface where the light part once was. If you look close enough at our moon today, you
<Sanek> can see the image of man catching his pup, or child. ( image of Alaskan moon with lines showing the ‘man’ shape (hopefully the link works)) That was exactly what greeted the earth, man. At first man did not interfere with whatever the wolves had to do, however, soon man had scared away all the hares and elk in the area.”
“It showed that man was not only a creature of creation – with his weapons and tools, his rock paths and wooden structures – he was also a creature of destruction. Blaming the wolves for eating all ‘their’ elk, man started trapping and killing wolves. Man controlled fire, but many times it escaped, turning entire forests into ash. Man slowly learned to be less destructive, and
<Sanek> realized that by harming others, man harmed himself. But it was very late for that realization, for many of the wild wolves had died. Some say man helped the wolves return to many forests. In some areas, balance was restored. Still, the scars of the past remain as clear as ever. After all the events, many creatures and constellations were born, and the brightest of them all, Great Lupus,
<Sanek> always guarding the earth from any more escaping into the world, so that history does not repeat itself.” he ended, slightly trembling like Sirris from nervousness, and a smile upon his maw.

* Atraya would have leaned in to hear the story Sanek had to share as well. She would listen intently to the words, and to the figures within them. An origin story, she would smile as it was told as he remembered. Humans, wolves, and balance. All connected in some way in many lore. When the lore would subside and the tone of the lore weever would end, she would offer a light stomp of her paw and a »»
<Atraya> »» chuff towrds Sanek. “Well done, Sanek” a story close to his heart indeed, and one that was now shared with theirs.
* Kova upon the end of the woven story, she too would gently stomp a paw. A wonderful lore piece indeed. Origin of stars, wolves, and even of man. To their ends and beginnings, where did they go? She would dip her head and smile and mirror her Alpha’s sentiments. “Wonderful lore, Sanek. I can see why it is dear to your heart.” her head would dip lightly before she would glance around for »»
<Kova> »» anyone else to speak – she had her little lore to share but would wait to be the last.
* Leora would have been leaaaning in, her shoulder brushed against Rook for she seated herself just beside her. She no doubt would’ve been like “Woah” when her paw stomp was mightier then before. If only she would’ve seen the antics of her brother! But Sanek’s story drew her in, and to it’s end, she woo woo woooed! Another good story! She wanted to know what it was like to be a starry wolf. A sky wolf. That must be grand! You could see all the things. Could she be a star or sky wolf, to? With her cape, she could be -anything-. Another great story! Mooooar.
* Rook Never thought of it that way…man and the moon. His father had dealings with humans, but he did not tell his son much that wasn’t already shown to him later. He would raise his paw and stamp it several times against the ground for another story that evened the scales. He would ponder this man and moon connection for many a day…
* Accalia chuffing in appreciation for the wolf’s tale she had heard similar of the man and his child in the moon, she stood up with her tail wagging seeing if anyone else was to go up as she stepped forward to tell her own story
* Panther chuffed and stamped his paw on the ground, He rose to his mitts He dipped his head to all the wolves. “Kova, If I may share a piece of Lore?” He inquired, wanting to make sure it wasn’t going to end just yet.
* Kova turned an ear to Panther’s request and she’d turn to him and smile ‘Yes, of course!’ she would shift her paws a little beneath her but remained seated. She would glance momentarily to all the other wolves then back to Panther.
* Sirris stomped her paws onto the ground and let out a chuff in appreciation for sharing such a great story. “That was a beautiful story, Sanek. Almost made me cry at the end there.” She laughed, made sure to remind herself to speak to him later so they could catch up. At Panther’s request she cheered in excitement, hoping to hear his story next too.
* Rook wondered if these were the same mice that frequented the rock hedges in the hunting ground. Surely, those hunters would not scoff at the feat then…little devil creatures. He listened to the pause but would not divert his attention.
*Sirris sat curious as she listened to Panther’s words. She wished to hear his story even more after hearing the mention of dreams, a topic she loved very much. She sat forward to listen, excitement rippling through the air as she happily listened to what panther had to say.
<Kova> would as well keep her eyes focused on Panther, eager to hear the tale he would weeve for them. She to thinking mice, so pesky and flighty! They where extra hard to hunt in spring without blinding snow to give them away.


* Panther dips his head to Kova in thanks and prepares himself to share. “This dream has stuck with me for many moons, And I thought it was about time to share it. These two wolves, they were hunters, are always in my dream..Saying I couldn’t catch a mouse, Even if my life depended on it.” Panther paused, and chuckled softly. “I wanted to prove
* Panther myself to them, My worth you could say. So I did.” Panther paused. Allowing the wolves to direct their attention elsewhere if they were bored.
* Panther started up once again. “In this particular dream, I helped hunt a bison. The hunter’s were indeed there. I ended up killing the bison..And being the only one uninjured.” He took a deep breath, Hoping the pack wasn’t somehow offended by this. “Dreams..pull random thoughts and imagery from our memories.” He paused, with a soft smile. Panther
* Panther wasn’t a storyteller and it showed in his voice, He kept pausing. “Dreams show our repressed wishes to us.” He said, “It is also said that..Dreams can predict the future, I’ll leave that up to you to decide though. What do you believe?” He grinned. His tail wagged softly. “That is all that should be heard from me.” He concludes his Lore.

* Kova would swing her tail slowly behind her and stilled it when he indicated the end of his lore. A very interesting question indeed. The corrolation between dreams and real life. Often she found herself dreaming of things that she swore was just a dream, but, in fact had come to pass in reality. Or..was it just a good dream? She would think for a moment but stomped her paw for Panther’s lore. »»
<Kova> »» “A good question, Panther! I think I will leave it up to the mind to wander on it for a while.” she grinned.
* Atraya ‘s tail swung behind her before stilling when Panther came to the end of his lore. She would dip her head and smile, thinking long upon the many scars she had on her frame from hunts. Especially from bison. No offense would ever be shown on her visiage to his dream. Some scars ran deeper than other and in her older age, where showing, but they where reminders of a lesson learned! She would »»
<Atraya> »» stomp a paw lightly in the wake of Panther’s lore, a good one indeed! She let loose a chuff in thanks to him for it.
* Rook offered another several stomps of his paw while thinking upon the question. A teller he was, but thankfully rarely ever had a dream that came true. He had enough in his head to not wish that upon any world. Still, he was happy to have hopes and aspirations been seen fulfilled. This is why he enjoyed the wager of a story for a story…he would be coming away from this night with a couple of worthwhile questions to answer.
<Sirris> ”I do in fact believe for I think that dreams hold a great importance to the world. It is through dreams that we learn. I believe that most dreams have a purpose and a meaning.” Sirris replied, smiled at Panther. “Wonderful words, Panther! Well done!” She says, stomping her paws in applause.
* Panther dipped his head, And seated himself again. “Thank you, You guys!” He dipped his head again. This wasn’t his first time sharing Lore, And hopefully won’t be his last.
* Kova ‘s eyes fell to Accalia. The fae had stepped forward prior to Panther’s story, and she would offer to her the circle’s center if she desired to share.
*Accalia pondering the question she would have to answer at a later time as she stomped her paw to the Brutes dream telling she hadn’t dreamed in a long while but she always thought of dreams as a way for those on the other side of life to speak or guide us, but she mentally told her self to avoid following a dream path for it was the equivalents of chasing a killdeer bird. either way Accelia rose to and walked to the center nuzzling Panther to tell him he did great.


*Accelia Once seated at the center she gazed upon the crowd around, “this story I tell is of my own past one although tragic is how my life before coming here began.” she bowed her head to the ground to close her eyes as she recalls the night her world fell…
I had just turned a year that day my father Aadi had taken me out on my first hunt at dusk with my 2 brothers when we were had stumbled upon six rogue wolves seeing how we couldn’t fight them head on my Dad escorted us back to the camp in hopes to come up with a plan there we found mother was sitting beside a large white brute with two others beside them. No moon shown that night as the pack of no law all surrounded us including the Alpha who I’ll call Thanatos, they had been successful in breaching our territory. At the brutes order, they attacked three held my brothers and I back as the rest attacked my father he did his best trying to fight them off as I fought with my opponent Being the runt of the litter I didn’t have much of a chance against the she-wolf I fought but my brothers weren’t much better beaten in both size and strength the brutes easily finished of my brothers.
Before they could do the same to me my father drew his last howl before his spirit went to live amongst the souls above as Thanatos delivered the killing bite. my mother did not even move from where she sat with a smile on her face as my father and brothers fell through his blood-stained maw. Pinned down each of his goons The leader stood over me as the first lighting bolt of the storm rolling shown in his eyes looks to me “Either you submit to me or be killed the same way your father did you runt” I looked back at him and said, “Through the spirits of the night and by Amon father of the wolves I will never submit to you, murder!” fire flashed through my eyes as a tree is struck by the bolt of lightning causing the tree to come alive with the destruction of Ember. Thanatos ordered them to execute me I looked to my mother who stood behind him she
turned her nose away from me not a tear in her eye’s as the wolves circled me and right before they pounced me the tree fell right above me saved from being completely crushed due to another tree catching it my pelt lit flames I was fortunate to scramble out from under the tree as my coat still burned despite my pain Amon must be watching out for me, the other wolves had scattered as heat and flame rose higher as the wolf of light began to spread its pack. We had no rain for many moons so the forest burned easily, however, Thanatos didn’t care he ordered his goons to go after me so I ran for my life from both wolves and flames. The last thing I remember from that night was leaping off a waterfall as I fell I could hear the alpha shout he will catch me as I fell into Aquae’s domain. That is how my journey began as a loner.

* Accelia opens her orbs once she is done and looks to the crowd to see their reaction to how her journey began.
* Kova would listen to the tale of the fae’s ‘beginning’. From the brink of death to the lapping of ember flames. She could recall the heat of a fire from one that struck their home sometime a go. Growth over taking much of the evidence by now, but she knew it well enough. A frown fell across her features at the sad tale of her family, but gave a slow nod of her head and a stomp of her paw. “A »»
<Kova> »» piece of lore that albeit hard to re-tell, provides an important insight to your own journey. One in which I know and hope that your paws will be free and clear of such a past, and begin anew.” she offered to the fae. A personal story shared. A heart wrenching one and a sad one. She was glad the fae survived, and could now start anew with them.
* Leora would woooo a little as she would rise a paw up, batting the air at Panther. He wasn’t a storyteller?? Pff. she couldn’t tell! She enjoyed his story and now her mind preoccupied with mice. They -where- so hard to catch! But she couldn’t imagine those big lumbering animals she’d yet to know as bison. They where big hairy rocks to her. Her tones, all the same, excited for the lore he shared. »»
<Leora> »» It wasn’t until another wolf stepped in, Accelia to share. SHe wasn’t sure if she remembered this wolf or not, but listened all the same. She felt a well of sadness for the fae. Her brothers?? Gone?? She whined and Rook might feel her small frame pressed against his own and a paw wrapped around his big, tall limb. No… he can’t leave her? Upon the story’s end, she would frown and feel the »»
<Leora> »» sadness of it all and stomped a paw for Accelia. The fae would be happy here! For suuuure.
* Atraya a sadness would be felt for the fae’s beginnings. Some where not always sweet, some not always filled with adventure. She was sad the fae had to come into all of that, experience all that, but she would give a slow nod and a stomp of her paw in the wake of the shared lore. Something not easily done, she could sense. She gave achuff as well to the fae in thanking her for sharing her personal story.
Rook Another parallel to those packs and villains they had faced in the past. How could his memory not turn to the Morrigan like a white-hot flash to the proverbial pan? She had turned him loose to be killed by his own family. Thankfully, they had seen through the illusion before it was too late. The knowledge of yet another vile thing out there did not surprise him, but it did open questions. He would look between those wolves still present while stamping his paw against the earth beneath him.
* Sirris smiled sadly at the fae, loss seemed to be every common with the wolves that came to this land. Her own share of heartache and loss made her sympathise a lot more with the fae. “I am sorry for your family, Accalia. Beautifully told story, sadness echo’s in every word spoken… I am deeply saddened by the tale.” Sirris spoke, she smiled sadly at the fae. Offering her a kind smile as best as she could.
* Kova her hues fell to the sky for a brief moment, the night growing much older now. My, they had been telling stories and all their own lessons. Their own weeve to their many threads. A smile all the same creased upon her muzzle. She was proud of what was collected tonight. It was growing late, perhaps the audience was getting restless or sleepy? She’d gauge before she’d offer her own piece.
* Panther dipped his head to Accalia, And he nudged Leora gently, smiling down at her. He gazed at Accalia for a moment, Then adds his words. “I am also truly sorry for your family, I’m sure most of us have had heartbreaks like those.” He offered his words. Then watched the fae pup wander of to her brother.
* Accelia “fret not though it was a sad beginning the journey to get here will follow in lore’s to come but the ending as you see before you shows how every storm runs out of rain, I am glad to have found a family here filled with warmth and kindness” the fae turns to the pup and lowers head to meet her gaze ” and I must not forget joy” as she bowed once more, returned her seat walking with confidence in her posture and smile on her maw


* Kova she shifted her paws beneath her before smiling “And I shall close this Lore Night with one last story….”
* Kova would have prepared the needed materials before the Lore Night, so, her movements were quick towards her blue spruce tree that was just to the edge of the pack’s clearing. Reaching behind it, she would pull at a piece of bark. Nestled in the center like a basket where hand picked dandelions, stones, and various other goodies for her fore-telling. They had flowered and were now poofy with »»
<Kova> »» seeds. Returning back to the gathering, she would set it down to her side and begin. She rose a paw up and slowly arched it before her while introducing her lore. “Life is a precious balance. A struggle. A reward. A lesson, and an experience.” her paw came down to settle before her. She’d allow the prelude to reach the wolves ears before she would continue.
* Kova “Some might find that it is heavy and hard.” her muzzle lowered and she’d pick up a particular rock. It was shaped in as best a spherical shape she could find. It was grey with white veins. She would rise to all fours and limp around as though she carried a great and heavy weight. Her head would sway left and right with imaginated fatigue until she flicked her head up, tossing it into »»
<Kova> »» the air. Gravity doing it’s part, it came hurling down to earth with great speed A loud PIFF was heard as it hit the dirt.”Some find it easily traversed, with no care.” she reached over and picked up a feather. A raven feather by the looks of it. With the recent kills, one wasn’t hard to come by. This time her paws would dance freely beneath her just like a feather dancing in the wind. »»
<Kova> »» Care-free and weightless she’d prance about. Proceeding with the same motion, she would toss it up and it would glide left and right before coming down.
* Kova “Then there are others who are in the in-between.” she would pick up the dandelion and hold it between her toes. She seated herself as she threw no theatrics to this one. Slowly she would raise her paw, the dandelion firmly between, and she’d let it go. It would fall half the speed of both the rock and the feather. She would gently brush her nose to each object, placing them close to »»
<Kova> »» one another.
* Kova her tones softer, deeper if only to help weeve the story. “This life has a wealth of lessons that can only be gained through experiences. But it is how we handle them, how we take care of them, and how we learn from them, what is most important. Sometimes one might feel the weight of all these things. Overwhelming.” her paw came up to gently place it upon the dandelion again and raise »»
<Kova> »» it up to her muzzle, but just far away so as not to disturb the delicate seeds waiting to be caught in a favorable wind.
* Kova “It is important to remember that throughout struggles, throughout unknowns, one by one, we can take care of them, we can fulfill our paths, and learn and grow. With each passing of one, we feel lighter.” gently she would blow on the dandelion. At least three seeds would flutter up and into the air, dancing and twirling as they were almost weightless.
* Kova her voice growing softer now, if only to set the mood of the rest of her shared words. “With each journey we partake in leads us to a new place to find grounding.” turning to face the otherside of the circle, to the wolves who might not have seen the whirling seeds, she would inhale and once more, blow a gentle breath to the dandelions’ surface, causing another three or four more seeds »»
<Kova> »» to pluck off and twirl around in the air, joining it’s brethren.
* Kova “The more you focus on one journey to the next, you will find that the burden of unknowing begins to fall away and you will feel the weight slowly lifting. Slowly falling. Until there is nothing left but the seeds of new to settle, to grow, and to flourish into a new journey. A new purpose. A new foundation for you to explore and develop upon.” one more breath, this time a larger inhale »»
<Kova> »» before she would cast away the remaining seeds sending dandelion floof all about. One might notice a seed falling into the grass, there to settle and no doubt later establish a hold and grow another weed in its place. “This is a reminder to let go once in a while and trust in the journey’s you are put upon. Even if the landing is unclear, they will still lead you to growth, discovery and »»
<Kova> »» fulfillment!” she would toss up anymore dandelion seeds if only to add extra effect before stomping her paw, ending her lore, and ending the lore Night. “Thank you to all who have shared this evening. I’m honored, and humbled by each piece that was given to your family and friends to hear. Lessons and knowledge to be shared and reshare for times to come.” her head bowed and she’d let »»
<Kova> »» loose a howl for all those who’s lore added to her own collection.

* Rook pressed his shoulder a little closer to Leora when he felt her turn to him in response of the imagined prospect. A season for all things, he thought. He was not yet to his autumn…not even to the summer, he wagered. A grateful and quiet sigh escaped him when Kova stepped forward to both extend and conclude Lore night. Ah, the classic experiment of gravity vs aerodynamic forces, but this was expounded upon and with a far
<`Raven> fairer practitioner. One could almost forgive her for spreading the dastardly dandelion to parts unknown; he certainly could.
* Atraya upon the story shared and the lore night’s end, she would feel the howl of Kova and would offer her own now. Signifiying the end of the Lore Night, she would let loose her own call. Appreciation and humbled words shared by all, she would take them to heart and think upon each in her own way.
* Shakira listened intently to the shared stories of former packs and dreams, of heartache and meaningful questions. So many good and well planned stories, she kept each in her mind, sorted into little folders for when the time was afforded to ask questions more on the shared wonders. As the Beta concluded the Lore Night with her own wisdom and story, she couldn’t help but stare in awe at the wolf who had become an idol to
* Shakira her in many ways, her tail swayed in earnest for the words that seemed to flow effortlessly from the silvery wolf. As the story came to an end, her own voice would lift along with the Beta and Alpha for the beautiful night the pack had shared together as a family unit.
* Leora would’ve felt the nosing of Panther, and offer her returned nuzzle to him to. She was fond of him and Sanek for both males often played with her when she was younger, and even now, did so. She would look up as Kova began and settled down. Her eyes a lil droopy, but she couldn’t help but be awake! Feeling Rook’s nosing, she would nose him back and when the howl was given to end the Lore Night, she would let loose little yapping pup howls. Not yet learning the art of a beautiful wolf song, she did her best.
* Accelia howled for all the stories that had been shared that night as she laid down thinking of each of them, slowly letting her mind close into a dream state of them as she looked around and saw many had already fell asleep to the story telling
* Rook Once more, he lifted his paw and stamped it to the ground several times. The journey was where the story was…each of those soon-to-be dandelions was a story that would come to fruition where it ultimately landed. When he heard his sister’s attempts, he would chuckle and say, “I shall share with you a story about the Song and how your voice adds to it, but you must find me a story in return. Such is the way of a teller. Agreed?”
* Panther congrats Kova and everyone else with his own howl, Nuzzling Leora back. His howl stops, And he yawns. He curled up in the place, Rune would know to find the sire in the clearing or hunting grounds..Or anyone else would know…If he was needed. He listens to the voices of the night and wolves and sleeps for the night.
* Leora eyes big n bright again and when her brother would task to her a story, she would nod with quickened head shakes ‘Yes! I will brother!’ she snuggled into him deeply, taking in his scent and his warmth before she would nose him and bound off towards Panther. The circle was small, so, it would take no time to reach him and she’d nuzzle him “Good story!” she would offer the same to »»
<Leora> »» Sanek, but the poor lad seemed tuckered out. She herself, started to feel droopy sleeps.
* Sirris stared in awe as the beta finished her lore, concluding the lore night for this evening. She smiled, the fae reminded her of Sirris’ aunt Marijana a lot. Wise and clever. Sirris stomped in applause for the beta and smiled at her. “Wonderful lore, Kova! That was a great tell!” She said, joy mixed in her words at the wise words spoken.

Pack Meeting #201

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Meeting Notes

July 5th, 2021

  • Panther is promoted to full pack member
  • Sanek is promoted to full pack member
  • Ankha advances to Assessment
  • Traeiri becomes a Pledge
  • Accalia becomes a Pledge
  • Lore Night scheduled for July 9th, 2021 @ 6PM PST / 8PM CST / 7PM MT
Number Of Wolves Present


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+Sanek +Panther +Ankha +Calder
Traeiri Accalia

Pack Meeting Begins


* Atraya the smell and sense of many seemed to tickle her nose, and as such, she knew that it was time for a meeting. Long over due, really. Reaching the edge of the Alpha’s rock, she would feel her way across the stone. Careful and tentitive eyes would look ahead. Though she could not see, she could smell. When she reached the edge of her stone, she would lift her muzzle and howl for a gathering. A  call to a pack meeting.

* Traeiri smelled of rich earth from digging and exploring in the ancient forests, of dampness from the water that still clung to her fur from an earlier attempt at fishing and faintly of the other wolves from the last times she had seen them. “I’ve been exploring these lands I can’t seem to get enough…there are so many things to see and to smell”. Her eyes were bright excitement almost
* Traeiri dripping off her form. “How have you been kov…”. She silenced herself as the call rang rich and loud through the air. Looking confusedly at Kova for a moment, hoping to follow her lead on what she was supposed to do next.
* Kova would dip her head to Traeiri. “Indeed, there sure is.” her tones light and to her wellbeing, she would respond in kind to “I’ve been well, thank you-” considering she was already within the clearing she saw Atraya move to the edge of the Alpha’s stone. To the call for a meeting, she would swing her tail behind her slowly and nose Traeiri warmly “Looks like a meeting” ears drew forward as she smiled, nosing her again before moving alongside her until she reached the Alpha’s stone. She’d allow the fae to get to her own place. She looked around, wondering where Shukie was and frowned not seeing her among the gathered.
* Accalia perking her ears up to the calling she listened intently following in suite with the others that had gathered.
* Sanek would see Panther arrive in the Clearing. A joyful chuffing yip resounded from his maw. He’d stand and wag to his friend. He’d also spot Traeiri, the wolf who stuck around the territory for a long time. He’d also note Atraya and Kova within, perhaps he’d spot a few others? “Well, it seems plenty of wolves are gathered around here. With who should we start?” he hoped there
* Sanek would be a meeting, he told Sirris that he thought if enough wolves showed up in the Clearing, along with one of the Alphesses or Beta, they would probably have a meeting. HIs ears perked to the howl. He began to rush to the Alpha Rock at its call, then turned back to Accalia. “A meeting is about to begin. Take a seat around the rock and perhaps you’ll be called forth!” he
* Sanek said with a few happy wags, then resumed his course to the rock, searching for a fine place to seat himself.
<Calder> He would be within the densite area when the howl came. He would feel his body tense just enough to be jarred by the call, but, it would be one he’d heed. He would dip his head, perhaps breaking the silence again. ~ Well looks like I’ll find out for you. I will be back soon ~ he said warmly and dipped his head to his mate and turned to make his way towards the clearing. Luckily for him, Fianna hadn’t made the den to far from the clearing itself. A good place indeed. Eventually he’d reach the clearing’s edge and there peered around to who was present.
* Traeiri accepted the noses gently a few soft tail wags emitted as she followed dutifully behind Kova, seeing the other wolves begin to move in a circle about the rocks and find their own places she would move to do likewise. Settling around the circle on the northwest side she would look up to Atraya and the rock excitedly. She knew nothing of meetings other than what had been told to
* Traeiri her by Kwa and Sanek and looked forward to being a part of it. She waited patiently to hear what would happen.
* Shakira finally worked the second chunk free just as the Alphas howl reached her, a summoning howl, perhaps a meeting? It had been quite some time since the last pack meeting, and many more wolves had come forth to join the fold since, this should be a very eventful meeting indeed. Using her paws to position the two chunks of meat so she could awkwardly but adequately arrange them in a way that she could carry in her
* Shakira jaws, she would set off for the Clearing, head hanging low as she seemed to waddle as fast as she could with the extra weight. Was this perhaps similar to how Fianna had felt not long ago?
* Panther heard the howl and began padding over to Sanek and Accalia, He was thinking of sitting beside his friends. After reaching Sanek’s side he nosed him, Then seated himself. He gazed upon the Alphess. He still wondered where Shukie was though.
* Sanek would sit and watch as his friend, Panther came to join him and Accalia. His heart beat strongly, while he listened for what the Alphess would say. Sirris.. where was Sirris? Hopefully she wouldn’t be missing a meeting like this. He glanced around then looked back up at Atraya again, his tail thumping the ground lightly.
* Atraya the movement of bodies seemed to overload her senses. She could make a mental note of who was there, and who was present. Shifting her paws beneath her, she would lower herself down onto her haunches and would wait for a few more to show. It took some time to get there, depending on where in the territory they where. There would be a few wolves she sought out by scent and it would seem, »»
<Atraya> »» those wolves where present. Letting loose a low breath, she would offer a chuff to Sanek, Panther, and Calder. “Panther, Sanek and Calder.. please come forward.”
* Kova would watch Traeiri take a spot near the others and it was there she saw Panther, Sanek and a few others enter. She swung her tail behind her before it stilled. Having taken her place at the mantle beside Atraya, she would ensure that she knew she was present. Still wondering where her sister Shukie was. She cast long a glance now to the trio who where called forward. Her eyes seemed to scan »»
<Kova> »» once more, if only to see whom else might be present or in the shadows.
* Panther knew Sirris was missing..He gazed around for a moment. Then, He gazed upon Atraya again as she called for the assessments to step forward. He rose to his mitts, Then did as she told him, He padded forwards.
<Calder> Suprisingly enough, he’d hear his name called among the fold. He would make note of wolves he’s met, those he has yet to meet. Careful and more calculated where his eyes and his own steps and his paws shifting equally so to move along the path to the Alpha’s rock. There, he’d stop and look to Panther and Sanek briefly. He’d no doubt carry a myrid of scents but looked up to Atraya now.
* Sanek quickly stood and nosed Panther gently as he padded towards the boulder. He dipped his head lowly to Atraya, tail tucked submissively, ears down. His tail was hard to keep down, but he managed. He’d glance around for Calder, wondering if he was already there or still coming. That brute was like a shadow. Slowly creeping in without Sanek noticing. Then he lifted his head back up
* Sanek and waited.
* Atraya feeling the emptiness of the air grow with frames of wolves, scents accompanied to, she would shift her paws again and slowly rise. “Wolves of WolfSpirits…. Sanek, Panther and Calder. I bring you trio forward for your journey with us has been long, and as well, earned. I would like to ask you three now, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits as your home? As your pack and as your family?”
* Fianna would have listened with curiosity to Calder’s words, and when the howl rang out, close enough to be recognized as her mother’s voice she would perk, a bone in her maw as she looked to the east. When Calder spoke again and headed off she would nod to him and wag, longing to go but knowing her place was here. Soon, all too soon she would introduce the pups to the pack. But not yet.. Eyes first.. Then names. She had been mulling over names, thinking on the pups as personalities would soon begin to blossom. As Calder went to to the clearing, she would go with in him spirit, but finish her meal and move in to warm the pups and feed them their own meal.
<Calder> He would look to Atraya and then to her inquiry. He had left Fianna promptly, but, with purpose of finding out how the others where doing. How they were doing. Upon her question, he thought. He wasn’t as quick to respond as previous meetings. He furrowed his brows again before he bowed his head, dipping it if only in respect and thought. ~ I am honored, Atraya, that you and the pack feel I »»
<Calder> »» am ready to ascend to the next place. To be family. But…. ~ his tones a low timber, rumbling now with the usual depth they held. ~ I would like to request to hold off, if I may. At least.. until Fianna can be present. It’s an asension that has great weight, and, I would feel very light without her to share in that moment. ~ he would keep his head low. He’d await Atraya’s »»
<Calder> »» response.
* Kova would look to Calder for a brief long moment. His words sinking in to the depth they would hold. She would make an ‘awe’ gesture in the belly of her throat in the form of a rumble before nodding. An admirable request, she thought, and would know her sister would be glad to be present to.
* Sanek it was the moment he had been waiting for since he had started as pledge. The pack kindly took him in and treated him well. Now he hoped he could repay them for all that everyone had done. He’d nod to Calder at his choice, a thoughtful and considerate one, then took one step forward. “Every single pack I’ve known had only shown hatred and resentment to me. WolfSpirits though-
* Sanek my paws and heart have found home. It is the greatest pack I’ve ever known and ever will know. Never would I choose to leave here. I have good friends now, something I’ve been searching for tirelessly throughout my life. Indeed, I still desire to join WolfSpirits.” he took a deep breath.
* Panther nosed his friend back, gently. His gaze would wander to Calder for a second, Then again to Sanek. He dips his head to the brutes, Then listens to Calder’s words, He slightly wondered why Fianna couldn’t be present. He smiled at the though though. Perhaps they were mates? They did spend a lot of time together. Panther shrugged, not really
* Panther knowing. He then listened to Sanek, Panther personally wasn’t prepared with his words, So he allowed them to go first. “I have grown to love this pack, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I would be honered to travel in this pack’s paw steps. I would be lost if it weren’t for you kind wolves.” He attempted to speak in a ‘poetic’ way, But
* Panther felt like he failed, He wasn’t good with words and it showed.
* Atraya turned her ear towards Calder first. There was only a moment that passed by before she gave a nod of her head in his direction. She would recall such feelings before, and, knew them well enough to understand why he’d request such. “Of course, Calder. You may seat yourself.” her tones light but still serious. “If you must attend to others things, please, do so as well.” a knowing »»
<Atraya> »» nod was given in his direction and admiration for his desire to wait. Turning, she heard Panther and Sanek’s words. Heartfelt and true. Like a spirit tied to this home, it was familiar words she too shared when she pledged and joined so long ago. “As a WolfSpirit you will embody what it means to be pack, to be family, and to be true to yourself. To allow your journey to grow with us and »»
<Atraya> »» alongside us as both family, and pack. To defend your home and to yield your knowledge to those who will come after you and before you. To enforce the ways and rules of our home. Are each in agreement to this pledge to WolfSpirits. To this pack and family?”
* Shakira would finally break through the eastern treeline into the Clearing, a strange sight for anyone who happened to look her way though she hoped unlikely as the meeting seemed to be underway. Readjusting the two uneven hunks of meat in her jaws, she would waddle a short ways north along the treeline before pausing to tuck the meat beneath a well sheltered pine with thick needled branches hanging heavily on the ground,
* Shakira she would show the stash to the new father after the meeting if he was present. As she padded swiftly towards the heart of the Clearing, she would now take notice of those that must have been called forth by the Alpha, her tail swaying as she settled near the back of the gathered group, nosing any of of those that would notice her but remaining quiet out of respect for the Alphas words and the wolves that were
* Shakira being asked of their dedication to the pack.
* Ankha would begin trapsing about in the woods, a bit of cobweb stuck to her good hear. She’d flicked it off a bit, having perhaps rested a bit too long!~ She couldn’t help but think she was missing something with all the residual bits of pollen that had built up where she’d dug out a little hole. Hustling out she’d begin heading for the clearing, hoping to make good time, and find good times therein! Perhaps indeed, something was
* Ankha about? If she was able to detect such a thing through as much pollen had gathered in her little flowery dust pile she’d decided to rest in.
<Calder> His head would offer one final dip before large timber paws turned and moved him back towards the edge of the clearing, just behind all the others. His black frame settled as he would look out across those gathered – if only to gleen what might be talked about further and what he could relay to Fianna who was preoccupied with more pressing things.
* Panther listened once again, His ears forward. He was curious as to what will happen in the future, but he could only focus on the present right now. He’d go before Sanek this time, If only to allow his friend more thinking. “I pledge myself to remain here for as long as this pack needs me.” He allowed the words to flow freely off his tongue,
* Panther Feeling confident with his words, At the moment at least.
* Sanek did not feel Panther failed in his poetry, he liked the way the words tied around each other, one by one. As he watched his friend speak he smiled, then after Atraya’s question he again listened to his friend. He was glad they were doing this side-by-side. “Aye, I promise to give all that I am into keeping this pack well and thriving.” was all he could think of to say. He
* Sanek looked down to his paws.
* Atraya a smile crept across her features as she would dip her head in the wake of each wolf’s words and pledge of ownership to themselves and to the pack. “Sanek and Panther.” her hues fell towards Calder for a brief moment, then she’d continue. “I would like to have the honor and pleasure of naming you two, pack members of WolfSpirits. Welcome home!” a paw came down to stomp, then her »»
<Atraya> »» nose would slowly draw to the sky, and she’d howl for Panther, Sanek and Calders continued journey with her family and home.
* Kova would see Shakira move in from the edge of the forest to join the others. Tail swung behind her as she watched her approach. She dipped her head in her direction before turning then to Atraya, Panther and Sanek. When the announcement was made for their journeys next step, pack members, she would lift her muzzle up and howl in unison to Atraya’s own howl. Her voice heard along her pack. Two »»
<Kova> »» new wolves to the fold. Two new wolves to mold further into being strong members of the pack. Both showing great promise.
<Calder> He’d smile towards Panther and Sanek’s direction. The two males having grown so much sense he last saw them, and, when they first joined even. They would be fine assets to the pack and he was glad they where joining the fold. He’d feel his throat rumble before he to would howl. Proud of the two males.
* Ankha would hear the howl of the alpha, and those in the clearing and would hup-to, joining in the howling celebration of what appeared to be Sanek and Panther, judging likely only on where they had stood. Though she’d gladly howl for them as well, having found friendship in both. She only hoped her congradulating howl wasn’t odd way to join into the seating near the clearing.
* Traeiri grins happily from her spot on the edges of the circle and howls in joy, she did not know Calder well but she sang as loud for him as she sang for Sanek and Panther. Whom she had the pleasure of getting to know more and more as time went on.
* Shakira would listen intently to the words given by the Alpha and the two newest males, and with their naming as pack members, she would lift her voice for the pair, glad to see the growth of the pack and the newest additions to the family.

* Accalia wagging with excitement for the trio being excepted into the pack wanting to join their howl but waiting to cheer along with the rest.
* Atraya when all the howls of excitment drew to a close, she would shift her paws again in thought. Allowing the joyful tones to pass before she cleared her throat then continued. “I would like to open the floor ahead to me, to allow any who desire to join the pack to step forward and make yourself known.” she would turn her head if only to allow her good ear to listen for any forward padfalls or chuffs. She would take note of Ankha’s scent as well as Traeiri’s. She wondered if perhaps Shukie might appear, to.
* Sanek with Atraya’s words that named them both members, and the howls louder than the beating of his heart, he yipped and howled happily for Panther and Calder, and simply to let go of all the excitment bunchd up inside, and bouncily spun around in a circle once and he nose bumped Panther. He fully agreed with his words. He’d spot Ankha in the mass of gathered wolves. Ankha! He looked
* Sanek to the Alphess then padded back to seat himself near Ankha. If he remembered well, he hadn’t seen her since that musk oxen was taken down.
* Kova when the howls of the others also died down, she would look towards Atraya and then back towards the gathered wolves. She wondered where Sirris might’ve been, but, kept her hues forward and a light swing of her tail made before it stilled around her haunches. Careful but joyful eyes looking ahead. More wolves added to the thick and rich history of a pack.
<Calder> He would smile watching Panther and Sanek rejoin the pack as members. He was proud and happy for them. He then looked out to those who made up the rest of the meeting – wondering whom might speak up, if at all.
* Traeiri would perk her ears forward suddenly at Atrayas words, almost doing a double take in disbelief that this moment was finally happening. She had been haunting the forests and creeks for so many moons she wasn’t even fully sure what to do with herself as she stood up and tentatively moved forward. Her frame seeming very small in the shadow of alpha rock, she kept her body soft and
* Traeiri submissive even though her excitement that was usually set to explode was racing through her veins like lightning right now. The fae offered a soft chuff slightly unwieldly paws making her presence known.
* Panther gave his friend a nose bump, before he left. He’d then follow Sanek’s gaze. He’d nose Accalia to show it wasn’t too soon for her. “Go ahead.” He said to the fae in hushed tones. He had seen Ankha, but didn’t want to overwhelm the fae at the meeting, So he gave a subtle dip to his head.
* Atraya the unfortunate truth would be that the fea was entirely blind, but she could still see with the senses she did possess. Her nose would wiggle quickly while her ears twitched left and right, picking up the intricate steps of two wolves. Her head looked out and she would recognize Ankha as one “Ankha” she’d say aloud if only to affirm, before turning to smell Traeiri. “And Traeiri” »»
<Atraya> »» her head dipped again. “Please, offer to the pack and myself what request you might have” tones light, equal to the temper of her steady heart.
* Sanek smiled to Accalia, and if her gaze might’ve found the dark brown brute’s, he’d beccon for her to step forward with the others. If she wanted to of course. She’d have to wait some time before another one of those chances would present itself. He then returned his own gaze to the front, watching the two other wolves, his smile still there, now for them.
* Accalia with the nudge of confidence from panther she stepped forward her nerves on high but without anything holding her back she proceed following the other two wolves
* Traeiri had never been before. She took a moment, took a deep breath and spoke “Alpahess, for many moons I have had the pleasure to wander these lands as a visitor. I have met many of your family and have been met with nothing but overwhelming kindness and acceptance. I have known only one family before this and that was the family of my birth. I would like to pledge myself to this
* Traeiri pack and this family. To accept the lessons they have to teach me, to help provide where I may and to further my knowledge and skills so they benefit the pack..this family…the one I choose..and hope one day will choose me back”. She dipped her nose respectfully, even if the fae could not see Traeiri believed she still knew everything that happened before her.
*Rook Cad e an sceil a buachaill? The rumpus was a meeting, of course. He had missed a good portion of it, or so it seemed, owing to his gallivanting. There was a purpose to such gallivanting beyond the simple pleasures that the proverbial road offered him–where there was a road, there was a story. He had not gone far these weeks; his presence at the east end of the clearing now and the scents he carried were truth enough of the matter. Not one to interrupt, he quietly made his way to the back with the rest of the rebel rousers to listen and watch the rest of the proceedings.
* Atraya a single breath of wind would pass between her and Kova who was not far from her before she spoke again. The words and convictions of Ankha’s tone would reach her heart and her spirit well enough. Despite her age the knowledge and experience she’d gained throughout her time in the domain of her mothers legacy would be fulfilling and still even to this day, more so. The pack was strong, true, »»
<Atraya> »» and full of wolves with lore and stories to share with their own. A journey made new and written again. “Ankha, you have pledge to us and have been such for sometime now. Though your presence has been few, I still feel the strength in your words. If WolfSpirits truly is a home you desire to continue to join upon, to follow your path and lore here with us, then, I would not deny you the chance »»
<Atraya> »» to continue to succeed in your quest.” her paw would lightly come to stomp the stone, feeling its chill beneath her pads “Let it be known to those who call WolfSpirits home, to those who visit WolfSpirits, and those yet to come, that Ankha is today named an Assessment of WolfSpirits. May your journey be true, your heart strong, and your spirit free.” she stomped the stone again before »»
<Atraya> »» Traeiri’s words would fall to her. She would smile and nod to her “Traeiri.. please, step forward.” would be aware of Accalia’s closer proximity.
* Accalia My journey is never ending of growth, improvement and adversity, I have learned I have to take it all in and do what is right to grow. I would like to further my growth and find sanctuary and a home here if you would take me I will be willing to do what ever is needed to show you my loyalty
* Kova upon the advancement of Ankha, she would swing her tail and stomp her paw as well. She too would be glad the fae was and had pledged herself to the pack. She had great promise as well. She wondered to, where Hati might be, but perhaps a familiar black shadow caught her eye moving among the fold to settle in the back. She’d remain attentive to the meeting and when Traeiri was called forward »»
<Kova> »» after her heartfelt words, her attention now drew to the fae.
* Traeiri stepped forward quickly her attention locked on Atraya. Waiting to see what would occur.
<Calder> Was that pan’s shadow? Or another wolf. Seeing he was occupying the back end of the meeting gathered, his amber eyes would narrow if not enough to allow him insight into the male’s approach. Rook’s scent lofted to him and he’d rise his brow to Fianna’s brother’s apperance. Ever the elusive one. Perhaps more so then himself? Regardless, if he happened to look in his direction there’d be a »»
<Calder> »» polite nod given before he turned to Atraya and now Traeiri. The fae he’d have to get familiar with as well. Happy for Ankha’s assessmentship.
* Atraya an ear turned to Accalia and to the wolf’s words she would dip her head ‘Accalia, please come forward’ she’d add.
* Atraya feeling Traeiri close and then Accalia shortly after, she would shift her paws again if only to settle old bones that desired so much to be bed into a nice mossy bath. For now, she’d hold her pillars tall and her body rigid. “As a member of WolfSpirits, you will find that your journey with us will be both for the pack and for yourself. To discover your purpose both within yourself, and »»
<Atraya> »» beyond yourself. Are willing to begin that journey, to learn the ways of the pack and of yourself?”
Fianna would amuse herself as the time passed by working on her story skills, first telling the pups how she had met their papa and the adventure to the north to rescue their grandmother. She kept the tail upbeat, not focusing on the darkness that had been so present. Eventually she fell silent and gazed toward the entrance to the den, where she could just see the evening light. Who would be now joining their pack?
<`Raven> She wondered, for likely it had been a meeting howl, since Calder had not yet returned. The pups wiggled, twitching in their sleep and she nosed each one, humming a soft lullaby.
* Ankha pleased with the results, and interested to sit in for the others, she’d head back to her seat near Sanek, flopping cozily and giving a nod to both Panther and Sanek, who’d greeted her when she’d arrived. Her tail swaying low behind her, giddy as a plum.
* Accalia “I am willing to begin my journey learn the ways and grow myself with the pack” she lowered her banner in submission with light wags her head still bowed her heart raced as she longed to join the pack
* Traeiri the young fae stood and though keeping her gaze below atrayas gaze looked up in direction, taking in the weight of the words. And with a loud clear voice, strong with the confidence of this moment finally happening answered “I am willing to begin my journey, to learn from my packmates and find myself and my place within these lands”.
* Atraya offered a knowing smile to the pair, nodding then to their sentiments and agreement to the pack’s journey. A new page for all. If WolfSpirits was known for, it was for allowing those who have found themselves lost to the wilds, but found anew here. Something she was honored to continue. “As all be witness to Traeiri and Accalia’s pledge to the pack, I would like to have the honor now, to »»
<Atraya> »» name you both pledges. To those you may come across in the wilds of WolfSpirits and beyond, you may introduce yourselves as such.” her paw came up and stomped the stone.
* Panther Happy that Accalia and Traeiri are, perhaps, getting a chance at pledgeship he seated himself. His gaze wandered to Ankha, whom’s taking her first paw steps in assessmentship. The male smiled, thinking of a new way to greet visitors, Panther was content with his new pack..His new family. He’d give a nod towards Ankha after she nodded
* Panther towards him. His gazed turned towards Accalia, Traeiri, and Atraya. He was ready to howl, and after the pledgeship of them both, He did.
* Panther + Panther also stomped his paw as he howled.
* Shakira , also seated near the back, would notice the dark form of another male, one she knew vaguely as the Alphas son. Sidestepping slightly to offer more room and space, she would let her gaze fall briefly to the opens of the Clearing as if searching for any others that might come out of the woodwork, the call of a pack meeting always seeming to drag out even the most elusive of wolves. At the next promotions of
* Shakira Assessments and Pledges, she would lift yet another howl in congratulations for those on the journey towards membership within the pack.
* Traeiri beamed with a grin the markings around her maw just adding to the cartoonishly large grin. She was a pledge, offically. There was no better feeling on earth. She trotted back toward the spot she had settled herself on, moving slightly closer to the wolves around her. Perhaps feeling a kinship there she had seperated herself from before.
* Kova would stomp the stone again as she had for Ankha, and now for Traeiri and Accalia, the newest pledges! “Welcome!” her tones light but heartfelt! She was glad for the fae, Traeiri and would look forward to getting to know Accalia more as well. The fae’s having the story indeed to weeve. A lore she might be able to tap into.
* Accalia howling with appreciation to be part of the pack this would be the start of her new journey as she was glad to be welcomed into traveling many miles to get to.
* Sanek sang into the sky, let it be known to all around that these wolves take their first pawsteps along the path to becoming members, let it be known Ankha was named Assessment on this special and wonderful evening. After he finished he glanced to Ankha as she sat next to him and smiled.
Rook He would not be as intrusive to make or have others assume to make space for him. He was fine where he was, even if that goober, Calder, happened to catch wind and sight of him. Amber hues drifted across the few wolves he knew like embers aloft on a late summer’s breeze…fresh from a charred landscape. He wasn’t as rude as to not acknowledge Calder, but he wasn’t as kind as to give him the requisite bro-nod. There was an indifference in the gaze he offered before turning his attention, happily, back to those before his mother; new pledges if his ears hadn’t deceived him. In keeping with his papa, he stamped the ground but otherwise remained silent.
<Calder> When the announcement of the assessment was made and now the two pledges, he would smile and give a low gruffing ‘chuff’. A happy type bark for the trio. The pack seemed to be growing ever more, and he’d be glad for the additional help. He’d catch Rook’s gaze and would be fine in the mutual exchange. He expected not much more from him, for he barely knew him. But… did he finally know his »»
<Calder> »» name? Stay tuned.
* Accalia Turning back to the alpha’s “thank you for accepting me into the pack,” her banner high with her tail wagging happily as her feet danced with excitement she chuffed followed by a joyful bark.
* Atraya when the congratulations where made in the form of stomping paws and howls, she’d allow the joy of it to settle before she would smile towards Accalia, Traeiri and Ankha. Allowing them to step back to the fold of the pack in their new roles. Though she could not see, her direction was almost perfect when she addressed them. Perhaps the senses of loosing one ability would enhance others. »»
<Atraya> »» “Does anyone else desire to bring up anything for this meeting before I conclude it?” her head now looked straight ahead as she awaited to see if others desired to speak.
* Kova would look towards Atraya and when she offered any other words to be added she would slowly slip herself forward from her ledge if only to be more presented. “I just wanted to announce that I wish to hold a Lore Night in the coming days (July 9th). Please come prepared with a piece of lore if you desire to share.” she said with a grin before taking a slow step back. Her heart thrummed with the potential excitement of shared lore amongst family and pack.
* Accalia finding her place she sat beside Panther a tooth smile on her face nodding at the announcement of lore night.
* Panther perked at the mention of Lore Night. He smiled briefly, His gears being put to work now. He gave Accalia a gentle nuzzle of congrats before looking back towards Kova and Atraya. He wondered who all would be there. He’d then dip his head to the beta and Alphess.
* Atraya would find the announcement of a Lore Night a fine surprise indeed. Not knowing the Beta had it in her fold to do so, but was glad for it. She even had a piece of story to share with the pack. A piece of history woven to lore. A smile creased her lupin lips before she reclined back on her haunches. Seeing no others desired to bring up anything else, she decline her muzzle a little in a nod »»
<Atraya> »» before calling out “Thank you all who attended tonights meeting. Congratulations to the new members of the pack, Sanek and Panther. To our new Assessment, Ankha, and pledges Accalia and Traeiri.” her head rose before her paw came up again and stomped the stone. The end of a meeting well made, coming now to an official end. The wolves now able to mingle!

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Pack Meeting 201

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Meeting Notes

March 4th, 2021

  • Shakira Huntress
  • Timber Pledge
  • Panther Pledge
  • Atraya discusses stepping to Elder role
  • Shukie promoted to Alpha
  • Kova promoted to Beta
  • Fianna and Kwa`ani promoted to Guardians/Scouts
  • Kova and Fianna Spirit Sisters
Number Of Wolves Present


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+Hati +Calder +Sanek CwnAnnwn
Raven Ankha Anya Crimson Leora Nightstalker North Panther Sanek Timber

Pack Meeting Begins

* Atraya would make note of the wolves present by their scents and smells. She would hear Shukie’s approach and Timber’s, to. She gave a dip of her head “I will pass, but Leora will need something to eat.” she said before turnin an ear to the east and back again. Many smells amongst the few, and so she would finally settle on her haunches and there, lift her muzzle to howl for a gathering.
* Kova would have been making a line towards Fianna and Calder, and was getting close to, until she heard the howl of Atraya. She huffed a little before turning and seating herself nearby. SHe gave a dip of her head to her sister.
* Shukie nodded first to Kwa`ani with an eye upon Timber noting is look to those gathers, linging on the males perhaps assessing them? Naw, what ever reason would he have for that for he was but a visitor here himself. She still had not learned of his discussion with Atraya that first night and likely she never would? “Aye, of course.” most their scents, some very faint were likely upon
* Shukie her fur others not. “No one is ever in the way at a meeting, pack, joining or just visitors.” her tones had again softened. “Since you want to learn of our pack, perhaps remaining within the local area would be best for you? and you might managed to meet properly more of those here?” totally oblivious to him desire to remain a shadow otherwise. She glance now to Atraya, “I hope
* Shukie you enjoy our gift, my alpha.” nudging the marmot to where she could easily get to it when she so chose to do so. As Atraya howled for the meeting she added her own tones after giving Kwa`ani and Timber a nod and moving to stand beside Atraya at the base of the alpha stone.
* Panther dipped his head to the fae, “I’m Panther.” He greets “Nice to meet you, Fianna!” He added. He dipped his head again, then turned his gaze towards the fae’s mother, Atraya, the alpha. He hadn’t been to a meeting yet, this was his first time but he was already enjoying it.
* Sanek lifted his ears to a meeting howl, would meetings always be this frequent? Maybe Panther would get his chance to become a pledge, which Sanek really hoped for, he felt their friendship growing. He sat himself near the stone, waiting for more wolves to arrive. He nodded his head to all that were gathered by now.
<Calder> Would watch the interactions between Panther and Fianna. He narrowed his eyes if only to observe, closely, said interaction from Panther. He felt his frame rumble but he sustained a pose figure. He heard the howl from Atraya, and resided nearby and kept himself seated.
* CwnAnnwn had been settled in the trees along the western edge of the clearing when the summons for a gathering was made. Slowly the silver pelted brute would rise to his paws, still lightly favouring his front right leg. He padded towards the alpha’s rock, swinging his head as he scanned to clearing, noting those whom were present before finding a spot to settle upon his haunches from
* CwnAnnwn which he could observe to meeting.
Fianna would wag once, then as her mother would howl the beginning of the meeting she would dip her head to Panther. “If you’ll excuse me.” She would move to settle back beside Calder, spying Kova’s arrival and if the fae caught her eye she’d smile and wag a greeting, not to draw attention away from.the meeting she’d sit at attention and listen keenly. She’d missed Calder’s eyeing, but when she returned to his side she’d nuzzle him once with a wag. 
* Panther slowly trotted towards Sanek, he hoped to sit near the brute as he trusted the brute, well..As much as he can trust the brute. He dipped his head to Sanek, Panther was behind sanek off to the side, though still nearby.

Timber would dip his head in a low bow to Shukie, then to Kwa’ani as the fae offered for him to remain nearby to listen to their histories. He rumbled in thought, “Perhaps..I will do so.” He allowed and rather than moving to the faarrr back, he would only move near the back, settling just behind Calder and Fianna, near where he had seen Shakira, a fae he’d not introduced yet, only seen. He nodded to her, offering a bow of his head before sweeping his gaze to see who else had gather. More males than he had initially known to frequent this territory. Some were knew though, growth, anoter sign that this pack was thriving.
* Atraya would sense the wolves present before nosing Shukie lightly. 14″Panther…” she called out to those gathered. “Please come forward.”
* Panther would tilt his head. but he followed through. He padded forward keeping his emerald gaze upon Atraya. He was kind of oblivious what was happening, but he knew he just had to listen and follow requests and demands.
* Hati` had been, once again, in the northern forest above The Clearing. She was already on her back back southward, towards Alpha Rock and with haste and wasn’t stopping for anything unless another had caught up with her. The fae was on a mission – to get to the Rock. she hadn’t been far from the treeline in general so soon she would be popping out into the open. As she booked it south
* Hati` still, she would poke a nose to the air and take in the scents which just coaxed her into a hard run.
* Atraya would wait to feel a nudge or sense Panther closer to begin. “Panther, you have been with the pack for a little while now, and it’s come to my attention you desire to be a part of this pack, and this family. I wish to ask you now, is this still your desire to join WolfSpirits?”
* Fianna would shift some, her eyes going to Kwa’ani for a moment as the meeting began. She had enjoyed her sister’s closeness over the last days. Then her gaze caught a fae running towards them, her brow raising. She didn’t recognize her or her scent and her guard went up until the fae drew closer. The other’s seemed fine with her approach, but for the time being she would watch the fae, noting her demeanor.
* Rune ’s head pops out of the boulders at the sound of Atraya’s nearby howl. Had something gone wrong? She snatches up one of her nearby herb bundles that hadn’t been put away yet and lopes off towards Alpha Rock, still coated in mud and debris. The Caretaker hoped the herbs wouldn’t be needed but she certainly wouldn’t stop to clean her pelt out just in case it was a matter of importance.
* Panther nudged Atraya softly. “Yes, It is my desire to join WolfSpirits, to be part of this pack, This family.” He spoke, He sounded confident about his choice. “I wish to stay with this pack until i’m dead.” He added softly. ‘No more running.’ He thought to himself
* CwnAnnwn perked and looked towards the unknown male as he was summoned before Atraya. He watched and listened as he went through the process that he himself had just gone through the week prior. Sitting slightly off from the others, he wrapped his silber tail about his paws. When Panther was named pledge, he tilted his maw skywards and let out a low howl for the other male in celebration
* CwnAnnwn of taking his first steps to becoming a full pack member.
* Leora the young fae wasn’t far, she was near the rock, in fact. Having NO idea what was going on??? Egads…. was……was that the evil monster!? just as Rune came through, she felt herself hunch against the stone.
* Shukie too would tamp her paw upon the ground, “Welcome to the beginning of your journey as a WolfSpirit. You may address yourself to others as Pledge of WolfSpirits.” She smiled as Atraya continued.
* Kwa`ani yipped for Panther’s ascent to Pledge giving a soft howl of congrats, tail wagging.
* Kova swung her tail quickly behind her as it stilled, seeing Panther ascend to pledge. The pack was indeed growing and she couldn’t help but feel fufilled by it. She too stomped a paw in Panther’s honor of making pledge!
* Sanek rejoiced silently in his head, it was done! He sang to the heavens above, let them hear that this wolf would stay! If Panther would pass by as he came back he would whisper “Congratulations” and smile.
* Rune ’s long, mud-covered, legs make quick work of the Clearing and she was glad to see that there was no emergency in fact, simply another meeting, how odd to have another one so soon. She sticks to the outside of the group, not wanting to be a distraction to those gathered. Her eyes scan the crowd and they settle upon Leora, she was glad to see the pup, but confused as to why she was cowering. If she was able, Rune would wag her
* Rune tail at the pup before taking a seat near the fringes.
* Panther wagged his tail gently. He padded back down to Sanek. “Thank you..” He whispers, “Thank you friend.” He spoke lightly. He dipped his head to Shukie and Atraya. His tassel still wavering itself around behind him. He was excited nonetheless.
* Hati` made it to the Rock, slowing and then halting behind the many others. Many of them were established and her natural instinct would keep her behind them all, anyways. Hati had just caught the tail end of that admittanace of Panther and would smile. She had chatted with him before. She stamped her paw with the otheres and then took a seated position and gave a happy yip towards Panther as he went back to his spot.
Timber lifted his head at the question, considering it deep within himself, and yet… His gaze moved to the mountains where his heart also ranged, then to Shukie… And back again around the wolves. He rose to all fours and wandered a few steps forward to speak before Atraya when she called out. “I have been within your wonderful lands for months now, I have seen better the workings of a pack than ever before. I am a wanderer at heart, yet as I have gotten to know a few of you..” His gaze moved to Shukie, “I ask myself if I might have a family one day as I have seen. I do not know your pack law well, and so I do not know if it is within those bounds that I ask to pledge. I cannot say if my paws will always remain within these lands, yet they will.remain nearby, and I will ever hold the interest of this pack at heart…” It was as much as he could allow for
<`Raven> himself, to try, to see what may come.

* Rune ’s eyes follow Panther as he departs from the base of Alpha Rock, the pack congratulating him just as she was arriving. She and Kova had acquainted themselves with him a few nights ago, Rune was glad to have even more new wolves join the fold. As Timber steps forward to answer Atraya’s call, the Caretaker recognizes her horrendously disheveled appearance and begins to do what she can to groom the debris out of her pelt.
* Timber would shift as he spoke, his gaze unwavering at last upon the blind Alphess. What would she say? Given his latest conversation with her alone, she knew more of him than many others here. Yet he had made a promise to her, … One he had every intention of seeing through. And thus far# she had proven more than equal to the task.
* Shukie ‘s brows raised or what resembled brows on a wolf at Timber coming forth and his requst to pledge. She couldn’t help but think there was some double meanings there but dismissed the thoughts. It was good he admitted to his wandering way tho. Time would tell if he would stick or not, as was the case with all pledges on up. She remained quiet tho.
* Atraya recalled her conversation with Timber and gave him a moment of pause. If only to allow his words to reach her own and for those considerations to be made. She, like her mother, gave all wolves the chance to forge their own paths and legacies within their home. This would be no different. She remained standing, her blind gaze looking ahead as she rose her paw slowly “Timber, your words »»
<Atraya> »» have been heard as well your desire to join my family and my pack. Per our previous conversation, I am glad that you have chosen to seek out a new path here.” the later of his words coming across to her, and she gave a nod to him. Not all wolves who came to WolfSpirits always stayed all the time, but, it was the mention and thought of family no matter how long it may be, is what kept it alive. »»
<Atraya> »» Though what would be asked of him and all the other pledges would be the same. “Then.. as you have lay your heart to those you desire to call family, I will accept your request and name you Pledge of WolfSpirits. May your journey be true, strong, and fulfilled by your heart.” she lowered her paw and stomped the earth.
* Panther ‘s ears twitch in excitement, he to chuffed happily towards Hati`. He glances towards a brute who walks forth, Panther tilts his head. He hadn’t met this wolf and the way he glances at Shukie, would he want to actually greet this male? Panther dismissed the thought, he knew he would have to greet all the wolves eventually.
* CwnAnnwn ruffled his pelt slightly as his gaze was drawn to another male he was not familiar with, his mind drifted to wondering if the number of males suddenly joining the pack had anything to do with it being that time of year. A deeper thought for later maybe, his focus now back on the meeting at hand as he listened to Timber speak his piece and Atraya’s response. Once more the silver
* CwnAnnwn male tilted his head heavenward and let out a low howl for yet another pledge taking the first steps towards packhood.
* Kwa`ani gave a yip for the male she’d just recently met giving the brute a brief nod but not letting her gaze linger
{Timber rumbles an unheard snicker to these posts}
* Shukie tamped her paw to Timber’s pledge, “Welcome to our Family, Timber.” She gave a tamping of her paw curious to see what would unfold where this one was concerned.
* Shakira lifted her voice with the rest of the pack for the naming of newest Pledges, one of which she would have to smooth over past indecencies with, but she was willing to try to start anew as long as he remembered his place in the pack.
* Hati` stamped a paw and gave a “ruuu” as she tossed her head back. Once settling, she smiled and watched still. She had not met Timber, or a majority of the others.
* Atraya when the calls and chuffs would subside for Timber, she gave a dip of her head in his direction before her nose would pick the wolves present. Shakira being one of them, she smiled. She chuffed “Shakira, please come forward.”
Timber would feel a trickle of surprise when he was allowed the title of pledge, and unusually for him, he felt a tangle of sudden nerves. What had he just gotten himself into? Steady he would soon grow though and he would rumble his thanks to Atraya, glanced around to the other’s and their congratulations and his tail would sway a few times gracefully as the large prematurely white male would move back to take his place near a slightly disheveled Rune who seemed very intent on getting the leaves from. Her. He bowed to her in greeting knowing there would be time for introduction later, then sat down, ready to shrink into the background again, and ponder his choice and what should come next.
* Panther stamped his paw as the others dip so, He dips his head towards Timber, He would have to greet him sooner or later. Preferably later since it’s the season, and he didn’t know how it would affect Timber. He shook his head relieving himself of his wild thoughts, or he hoped it would relieve him.
* Shukie glanced around smiling with pride at the wolves of this realm, joining the pack, it’s growth. Bright times indeed were ahead for the pack.
* Fianna would be curious indeed to see Timber join the ranks of pledges, and she’d have stamped a paw and waved her tail with excitement as well, glad to see her reservations had not been warranted. When Shakira was called forth, she would perk, excited to see what was in store for her friend and pack mate.
* Rune dips her head in greeting to Timber, who settled nearby. “Congratulations.” She says to him softly, not wanting to interrupt the meeting, then returns to grooming her pelt. She lifts her head to pay full attention at the mention of Shakira’s name. Rune had not seen the tawny fae in some time and her eyes quickly dart around the crowd to follow her as she approaches Shukie and Atraya.
* Sanek layed down in a comfortable position, he wondered how things functioned a long time ago, was there always this many pledges? He tried paying attention but his mind liked zoning out sometimes.
* Shakira ‘s ears perked as the calls of congratulations died down and her name was called, stepping forward from where she was seated near the back, her head and tail lowered in respect for the Alpha. “Yes, my Alpha? I am here.” She spoke, lifting her eyes to the she-wolf.
* Atraya smelling the fae near and close, she would wager she was close now. “Shakira, you have held the mantle of Huntress for sometime now. You’ve forged a true and strong path to this calling, from what I’ve seen before my sight was no more, and now, to those who claim praise to you, rightfully deserved. I wish to ask you now, do you still wish to honor the pack by being our Huntress?”
* Shukie smiled for the fae had proven herself with the recent tasks given, with flying colors. A wide smile on her muzzle as she took in how Atraya phrased things, having heard the promotions over the years, each a tad different.
* CwnAnnwn looked about the clearing a moment, seeing a few wolves who hadn’t been here when he arrived for the meeting. His gaze spotted an abnormally muddy Rune, he also noted that Timber had settled near her. He tilted his head slightly as he contemplated moving, but was drawn back to the meeting when Shakira was called forth. Turning his gaze to the rock, he listened as she was being
* CwnAnnwn offered the position of hunter.
* Rune ’s tail sweeps the ground as Atraya extends the rank of Huntress to Shakira. The russian fae had always had a deep admiration for the Hunters and Huntresses of the pack, it was a skill that she had never quite mastered and she couldn’t think of a wolf more deserving of the title. By now, Rune had managed to remove the organic plant matter from her coat and her ivory fur was now only slightly discolored from the mud that woul
* Rune d require a deeper cleaning. Hopefully she was no longer the scary mud-monster that Leora originally thought her to be.
* Timber slid his gaze back to Rune when she would congratulate him, offering her a lazy smile and a bother dip of his large yet regal head. His low voice would rumble as soft as hers though more rough. “Thank you Fae of Flora.” His tones would taper off then. He didn’t know her true name yet but by the looks of her she enjoyed nature as much as he did,… Or more. Finally he’d move his gaze back to watch as this fae Shakira would respond to her calling. Musing again over ranks, and their significance, Timber would settle down slowly onto his belly, lounging as he watched the proceedings.
* Shakira ‘s tail began to wag in earnest, her heart full at hearing that others had offered words of praise of her dedication to the pack. “It would be an extraordinary honor to continue on the path of being a Huntress for my family. I hope to prove myself to you and the rest of the pack every day as long as I breathe.” She said, her paws seeming to dance slightly as she shifted her weight.
* Atraya upon Shakira’s words and the conviction of a pure heart in the desire to server her pack and family in such a rank, she would give a nod and a smile. Her paws remained well placed on the stone before she would dip her head in Shakira’s direction. “A huntress is keen to the hunt. Well versed in the wilds and the herds within out home. As Huntress of WolfSpirits you will cull the weak, and »»
<Atraya> »» feed our pack and family. You will gather your fellow members and hunt to sustain us. For this, I am deeply honored to have the privilage of naming you Shakira.. huntress of WolfSpirits!” her breath would heeve in before she rose her muzzle and howled into the night’s sky for Shakira. Well deserved!
* Kova upon the promotion granted by Atraya to Shakira as huntress, she would howl to the sky! Her paws would knead the earth a little with the joy she felt for the fae. Well deserved indeed! She was fond of Shakira and knew well her prowess in the hunt. A force to be reckon with!
* Fianna would lift her muzzle for such a well-earned rank deserved a howl! She lifted her own song in congratulations to Shakira, her tail waving free.
* Panther held his gaze on Shakira, He was feeling eager. Eager to apologize maybe? He tilted his head back and parted his jowls as a deep howl erupted from his mouth. As he howled he stamped his paw against the ground.
* Hati` gave a howl and padded her paws against the ground as Shakira was named Huntress. Her tail swayed side to side, sweeping the rock as it did so.
* Shukie gave a howl of congrats to Shakira for the fae had earned it!!
* Sanek at first thought Shakira was already a huntress, taken down a doe like that! As he turned an ear to the howls he’d also offer one, glad that such a great wolf took on such an important role in the pack.
* Kwa`ani howled for Shakira, it was good to have a solid huntress in the pack once more. She still couldn’t believe the fae had downed the blacktail on her own. The fae was deserving
* Rune flicks and ear in curious consideration at Timber’s greeting, Fae of Flora, interesting. Her attention was only on Timber for a brief moment though before she lifts her muzzle in joyous song, her heart full for Shakira and her advancement within the pack. She remembered when both Shakira and herself were new to the pack, oh how long ago that was. The ivory and russet fae would be sure to congratulate her personally after the m
* Rune eeting came to an end.
* CwnAnnwn tilted his head back to let out a low howl for the fae as she was named pack hunter. As he lowered his muzzle, he pondered what he would become when the time came, would he follow his father’s pawsteps and become a scout or would he end up forging his own path? Time would tell, and he still had to make it through the pledge and assessment phases.
* Shakira couldn’t help but lift her voice once more out of sheer joy, her howl one of promise and eagerness to serve the pack with every fiber of her being.

* Atraya there was a long pause if only to allow all the congratulations to go out. It would also afford her pause for emotion of her words, soon to be reached in their entirety from a tone prepared to say them and continue with the meeting. Pride swelling in her tones, but as well, a knowing recline of emotion. “Tonight will be a night of great celebration. Tonight is a night of celebration.  Tonight will be a night worthy of note for lore in the future generations. Tonight will be a night that will bring change to WolfSpirits.” The moon would strike her silvery fur, causing it to glisten only a little for the old and tired frame of an Alpha and fae who has seen much in her lifetime, was ready for change, but she was still very much a strong and proud wolf. The tone would start to change as the gears shifted in the meeting’s movements. “I made a vow to this pack and to this family that I would protect it until my dying breath. That my life, my spirit, and my soul belonged to her, and to all of you. Forever and always that will be true. Part of that promise is to ensure that this pack continues to live, breath and thrive for generations to come.” she paused to glance to the left and right of her before looking ahead. “Both of your Alphas had made these vows. Should we ever feel that we could not fulfill that duty, or that promise, that we would be truthful and step to allow another to take that mantle.” though her mate was not here to speak for himself, his current circumstances would dictate the outcome of the obvious. “I grow old. It is of no <Atraya> »» surprise that my usefulness sense our last adventure has rendered me incapable of fully performing my duties as your Alpha. As such.. I have proposed the grooming of a new Alpha of WolfSpirits, so that I may step down in the near future and take my place as Elder. My choice has been given to Shukie, your Beta, to take the mantle as Alpha, until a new one can be named in her place or alongside her in the future.” she gave pause before turning her hues to Shukie. “Shukie… you have been a strong hold for this pack when I could not be there in it’s fullest capacity. You have learned the ways of being an Alpha through Beta. Your heart is pure, your spirit true. I wish to extend this to you and offer the role as co-Alpha alongside me until I step fully from it. Do you accept?”

* Shukie knew this was to occur and not a surprise as other promotions had been. It had long been in the making. Still, as each word Atraya spoke, the emotions swelled, sometimes choking the breath in her throat. “It is a great honor you have bestowed upon me, My Alpha.” She paused letting Atraya know she had something to say first to the pack before accepting. “However, before I
* Shukie can fully accept the position you offer me, it is not for just you and I to agree to this, it is for the pack to agree as well. Without their concurrence, the pack would fade if they do not see me as their alpha aside in title.” She turned now and looked out among the assembled wolves, “I have been asked to become your Alpha. I cannot do this unless all here from ranked,
* Shukie subordinate, assessments and pledges and visitors alike concur and agree to accept me as your new Alpha. We each have only known Atraya and Faolan as our Alphas, some just Atraya, though a few of us knew Kovo or knew of her before she passed.” She and Kova had been there as weeee pups when Kovo passed. She caught each wolf’s gaze, those up close and those in the distance.
* Shukie “I ask you all now, to say your peace and thoughts on this. Let us go in rank order.” She liked keeping things organized when she could which seemed rarely to happen. She turned to Kova, her sister and the pack’s Delta giving her a nod. This was part of what Kyara had taught herself and Kova, all must see a wolf in the position offered and not just in title. The words she
* Shukie used, tho her own were from within the inner recesses of her memories, her genes, passed down to her from her Ancestor, ShukuWolf, First Wolf, Alpha of GlacierWinds, so many, many years ago long before her birth.

* Sanek finally started paying attention, was he to witness a transition of leadership? He watched in silence, ears outstretched, wanting to hear Shukie’s words loud and clear. If there was a wolf for this position it would definetly be Shukie.
Timber would listen to the song of the fae’s and males around him, hearing the rise and swell of it as they welcomed a mighty huntress to take her place. He allowed his tail to sway back and forth, his ears perked and his gaze would follow Shakira for a moment as she returned to.her place, offering her a dip of his head if she passed nearby. He would absorb the tales of this pack as if it were chapter of nature completely new to him. When he tuned to what Atraya said next he leaned forward a bit, intrigued and not a little surprised. The title of alpha, handed to another just like that? He had never seen a thing done in such a way, and yet, what better way to care for one pack as an alpha, than to choose one well.suited to follow? He could not fault her choice, and his eyes moved to Shukie as the fae spoke next, following her words closely, absorbing them for  later thought. She would ask the thoughts of the pack? Again he had cause for deep thought. Quietly he would listen to what they had to say.
* Kova couldn’t have possibly be prepared for this moment, but knew it would come. She took in a deep breath, allowing her words and their shared voices be heard. Approval was sought. She felt that Shukie was more then capable, and sense their long journey to WolfSpirits and the bonds in which they forged throughout, this was a true steel of a request. “I do not object and would follow Shukie to »»
<Kova> »» the ends of any means for this pack, this I pledge.”
* Shukie nodded and smiled to her sister looking next to Shakira. “Huntress of WolfSpirits, will you accept me as your Alpha?” her tones soft, steadfast and a bit timid to make the request of all the pack yet knew it was right to do so. Also looked to Fianna and Kwa`ani for their acceptance.
*Fianna So.. This is what her mother had hinted at earlier. A way for her mother to rest a bit more, to slowly step down for another to lead. It hurt her heart though she had just asked for her mother to consider allowing another to make sacrifices in her stead. She felt shaky, as if her world were rocking, for it should still be her mother and father up there, and yet at the same time her heart resonated with the rightness of Shukie taking that place. When it was her turn to speak she would take one step, her eyes on Shukie and offer, “Shukie has met each and every one of us where we are at, and helped us to grow. She has seen our potential and coaxed us to even greater heights. I wholeheartedly accept you Shukie, as my alpha. Now and forever.” Her gaze slid to her mother then, sorrow accompanying her pride for Shukie, and she settled back onto.her haunches.
* Shakira ‘s tail picked up speed at the offer extended to Shukie. “I would gladly accept you as my Alpha and follow you wherever you may lead. I trust you.” She said, her smile so wide it seemed to engulf her whole face.
* Kwa`ani sat up straighter at what was unfolding before her, a flux of emotions, extreme happines and anger that her mother would no longer be alpha. She heard what her mother had said, accepted and still did not like it. Deep inside she knew it to be true and could think of no other than Shukie at this time. She was silent for a long while. I have know you and traveled with you. “You are
* Kwa`ani worthy of »»
<Kwa`ani> »» Alpha and often been Acting Alpha.” She paused, her voice choked up, “I do not want my mother to step down yet I, I have to nod that it is time.” Again she pause, “I’ll always see Atraya as my Alpha yet I also can see you, Shukie as my Alpha and pledge to follow you now.” she’d have to sort out the emotions later yet she knew this was right. With a low whine for her mother’s
<Kwa`ani> monumental step to »»
<Kwa`ani> »» let another lead her pack, she gave a deep bow to Shukie and her mum. WIth a nod to Shakira and her sister, Fianna, she turned her gaze to Shukie, “You are my Alpha now, as my mother shall always remain as well to me.” «end
* Shukie next looked to Rune for her concurrance, a slow breath of relief escaping her muzzle tho no one would notice for the tight control she held
* Rune ’s expression would be bittersweet, her eyes wide and ears turned outwards. Alpha Atraya was all she had ever known within the WolfSpirits, she’d heard stories of the Great Kovo and there was no doubt in her mind that Atraya to would be remembered as a Great Alpha alongside her mother. It appeared as if Shukie would be the next to bear that honor and responsibility. She watches as wolves step forward to confirm the passing o
* Rune f the torch. The Caretaker rises to her paws as Shukie addresses her. “My duty and loyalty are to the wellbeing of my family and the WolfSpirits. Shukie and Atraya, I am honored to support and stand by the both of you in this change. I pledge to welcome this new time in our history with grace.” The ivory and russet fae smiles and dips her head.
* Shukie gave a dip of her head to Rune, a smile still upon her muzzle tho she tried to tempor it. She now opened it up to Leora, the pledges and visitors to speak. She knew Leora likely wouldn’t understand much. To the fae she offered, “Leora, this is a time of change, your mother and I shall continue to guide the pack.” her tones soft and gently.
* CwnAnnwn perked up when Atraya began, head tilting slightly with a small frown, but he understood where she was coming from and knowing Shukie, knew the pack was being transitioned to good paws. The young male slowly stood up and padded a little closer to the rock, favouring his right front leg slightly. “Shukie, I have known you since your arrival here and I feel that you are very capable
* CwnAnnwn of taking on such a role. My father is not here right now, but I do believe he would share my feelings on this.” He kept his gaze to her as he continued “As much as I do not like thinking of the day that Atraya is no longer our alpha, there comes a time when we all must step aside and let someone else take the mantle. I and I am sure my father, give our support to your new mantle
* CwnAnnwn and know that Atraya’s faith is well placed and the pack will continue to grow stronger in your paws.” He would bow his head to Shukie before stepping back a few paces.
* Leora she -was- there, cuddled to her little ‘blanky’. She wasn’t old enough to really know what was going on, or what it meant, but blinked up to Shukie. She gave a goof like expression like she was speaking her language this whole time. All the others agreed, so why not her? “Ysh!” she coood.
<Calder> Well, this was an eventful meeting. He watched Timber pledge as well Panther. Shakira to huntress, and now, it seemed the leadership was to be transitioned. Upon the request of their opinion, he would give a slow nod of his head and a deep rumble of his timber voice.~ I accept ~ was all he said. Though he didn’t interact with Shukie a whole lot as of late, the times he did he found her to »»
<Calder> »» be a worthy wolf. He remembered well what the fae did for the pack during their quest in the North.
* Sanek waited for others to finish “Although I have been here for only a short period of time, I have seen you’re fit to be named alpha” he said the words without much thought, speaking whatever words came to him. He remembered some days ago moments where Shukie looked like a born alpha, commanding him around when he came, he chuckled slightly at the thought.
* Panther dipped his head to Shukie. He just became a pledge did he really have any room to speak? Panther thought long and hard on what to say, he sighed. “Shukie, was the first wolf I met here, The first wolf I could ever trust.” Panther paused, “And I don’t trust often, I accept Shukie as my alpha.” He spoke. Was this fair? Why did he see a need to speak?
* Hati` had been listening intently with her eyes moving to Atraya then to Shukie. A smile crept across her muzzle as she listened before she would take a step forward (but not to squeeze in between any wolves in front of her for them to mistake it as a rude shove or the like). “Shukie, you are the first one I encountered as I entered these lands and treated me fairly and welcomed
* Hati` me.” Hati said, lowering her head as a bow, “I accept you as Alpha with a happy heart.”
* Timber would heft himself up from where he had been laying when the other’s began speaking, and when it seemed it was his turn he too would meet her gaze, then look to Atraya. “When I first realized this pack was led by a blind fae, I did not understand how it could be so. Yet in only a short time it has already become clear to me that there is more passion, loyalty, and love here than can be accounted for by strength alone. Nay the heart tells it’s strength in different ways. I do not know Shukie as well as I’d like, but I see her fierce desire to protect those she loves, a quality most desirable in an alpha. I will follow your lead Shukie.” He dipped his head to her deeply, allowing the motion to linger.
* Shukie nodded dipping her head in a deep intonation to each CwnAnnwn, Calder, Sanek..recalling her driving him from the ancient forest, Panther whom’s she’d had to chastise for his rude behavior and failure to acceed to authority, Hati`, and it would seem last but not least.. Timber. She watched the male closely tho not sure why she did not sure he would accept her.
* Shukie then turned back to Atraya after each wolf had spoken their piece, “I am not capable of filling Kovo and Spirit’s paws, nor yours or Faolan’s. That is an impossible feat to strive for. What I can do is establish pawprints of my own, see that the ways of the WolfSpirits continues, our oaths to our ancestors is held firm and flourishes. The teachings shall be passed down as
* Shukie best as I’m able. The knowledge of those that have gone before us, of old territories, friends and enemies alike. I cannot promise to do as you would for I am me.” She leaned in and gently nuzzled the Alpha, “I shall do all that I’m able to see the pack continue to prosper beneath my stewardship. Your leadership has been a beacon for all that have come within our lands;
* Shukie the light you have shown to us all shines brighter still with the love you’ve so freely shared with us all despite our many flaws.” Her voice cracked now and then as the emotions swelled within her, bursting forth. Not from pride nor from desire to be Alpha, instead, the honor bestowed upon her. “Years ago when Kova and I returned, I once thought I was to be forever banished.
* Shukie Lessons were learned. Once I even challenged you, during this very time of year.” Her voice often fading from emotion. “You and Faolan have guided this pack with your hearts, your energy and tutelage. I never aspired to be more than accepted as mere pack, a simple subordinate. You have seen fit to not allow that, forcing me to continue to grow and reach new heights with each passing moon and season.” She paused, gasping for air from her ramblings before continuing. “If you feel I am ready to lead the Legendary WolfSpirits,” her head gave a deep and low dip, rising only part way to lick-nibble at the Alpha’s chin before lifting it once more, her posture more prominent and showing confidence which had long been hidden beneath the surface.
* Shukie “With your continued guidance for however long that may be, I accept this responsibility you graciously bestow upon me.” She avoided Timber’s gaze instead looking beyond him.
* Atraya would offer a smile and an emotional dip of her head. All have spoken, all have shared their thoughts and their hearts. She brushed her nose along Shukie’s softly. Acceptance of such a transition was not an easy ask to those to the pack, present, and future of their family. She would be humbled to know of their choices and words shared. Her heart was warm and swelled with pride for Shukie »»
<Atraya> »» and for the pack. Acceptance given, she would dip her head once more and smiled, nosing Shukie. “As you have lay witness to the pack, our pack, and to those dedications made from a family that will accept your role as Alpha, that I accept, and I am truly honored to bestow, I would like to have the honor of naming you, Shukie, Alpha fae of WolfSpirits.” A monumental moment for the pack for »»
<Atraya> »» it had never had a wolf not of Kovos blood at its helm or mantle. Truly named. A new path for the pack and a new path for the members of the pack, that all can happen. She would take a deep breath before letting loose a low, honoring howl for Shukie. A new chapter for WolfSpirits begins. When the howls from the others began to join theirs in the sky, she’d allow Shukie to proceed with the rest »»
<Atraya> »» of what was left to honor this night.
* Kova her heart would burst from all the shared emotions. Both physically and emotionally. A monumental day indeed. She was so proud of her sister, truly they had come so far. She would let loose a low howl that pitched higher in true honor for her sister! Alphess of WolfSpirits!
* CwnAnnwn having stepped back and resettled upon his haunches, he would lift his muzzle once more as Atraya named Shukie Alpha fae and let out a howl for her and the new era that the pack was entering. He wasn’t sure how his father would take it, he expected that he would as he had stated, would accept it, Night had only known the pack being under the leadership of the Kovo bloodline and
* CwnAnnwn it would be something to get use to.
<Calder> As the howls would follow along from one to another, he would feel the deep wellow in his chest and he lifted his muzzle and began to offer his own howl to the winds with all the others. Accepting a new fae as Alpha while Atraya worked on transition to her own desired place caused him much to think on,but for now was content in it’s switch.
<`Raven> <BreezyDawn> Fianna again would pour forth her howl, this time it would rise and fall as did the alphas in their own time. If only she could be as proud and gracious as her mother always was, as strong and yet as humble. Her mother would always a be a Beacon in her eyes, a force to be reckoned with, and yet she would Herald in the new alpha with as much honor and respect as she had.!
* Shukie would then ascend the alpha stone to stand beside Atraya, unable to speak for several moments from all Atraya has pronounced and each of the packmembers. She was truly humbled. “I accept the position of Alpha of WolfSpirits, will continue to seek your council for whatever time I have to do so for your wisdom is truly treasured. I love you, My Alpha and still shall see you as
* Shukie such. Giving Atraya a tender and loving nuzzle to her cheek fur she now looked out over the pack.
* Rune tips her muzzle up to the sky, welcoming in the time of Alphess Shukie! The decision was complex, but well made, and she trusted her Alphas to make the right choices for the pack as they had done for so long. The Caretaker was content to stand by them.
* Panther smiled as Shukie took her place on the alpha stone. A soft howl erupted from his maw, he dipped his head in her direction once his head lowered itself. His tassel wavering softly behind him.
* Shakira howled like she never had before and figured she never would again, for how often was one able to witness the naming of an Alpha? Joy and sadness, excitement and heartache, new and old were one this night.
* Shukie turned to gaze out upon the assembled pack as the howls echoed, the paws tamped the earth, “Some of you have been here longer than I while others not so much. Those of you who are new to the packlands, If you find this to be the home that you seek, I welcome you and will aid you all as needed to see you to becoming a full WolfSpirit. Some will remain while other’s will find
* Shukie this is not quite what they want or prefer to continue to let their paws wander than establish roots and family. There is no right or wrong. It is all individual choices.” This was her welcome address as Alpha of WolfSpirits. She looked to Atraya now for the next event of the evening.
* Timber And so this then was his answer, to a question he had put to Shukie only earlier that day.. A title earned, yet bestowed and honored without grasping or taking. But how did this flow w I the way of nature? Nevertheless he couldn’t deny the strength of the fae who was aptly suited for her new role as alpha. Undeterred as he was from is interest however he would stand tall with the other’s and give honor to the new alpha in a way he had never before.. By offering up.his low and rough toned howl. Never in his life had he howled with a pack, but if there was a time to take the step, it was now. Though he saw Shukie keeping her gaze beyond him as she’d done often before, he swept her a deep bow, before settling into.his haunches. She had much settling into her shoulders, and much now on her mind, least of all.himself.
* Hati` would give a heartfelt howl as Shukie ascended the Rock to Atraya. She herself had now stepped back at this point and sat on her haunches and her tail sweeping back and forth along the ground.
* Sanek now fitted his howl to the chorus, to make a harmony he loved hearing, it seemed that when he’d arrived the action in this pack escalated greatly, he felt honored to be witnessing this all.
* Kova when she was asked to step forward, she did so with pride in her eyes and a wave of her tail. She bowed her head with a curt nod. Respectfully she responded “Yes, my Alpha’s” She waited for a moment before feeling her own chest well. “Having returned back to WolfSpirits many years ago with my sister, Shukie, I knew not what my path truly held here. From huntress, to Delta, I have »»
<Kova> »» done my best to live each breath for this pack, and for the legend it holds and continues to do. For those who make up this family.” She paused and looked around her and acknowledged all the new wolves, and old before she continued “It would be honor to take up your mantle. To learn, to grow, and to foster true spirit from this pack and those who’ve come before me. To teach the young, and »»
<Kova> »» to uphold the ways and pass those lore to the next generation.
* Shukie listened, her voice still tight with emotion for herself, her alpha Atraya, her sister. Each of the pack had her throat tight where it cracked at times. “You have proved yourself beyond all and have always had my back in all things and I know you will continue to do so for the pack is part of our hearts, part of our souls and spirits. Come forth and stand beside us, as Beta Fae
* Shukie of WolfSpirits.” She was choked up enough that she couldn’t get out all the words she wanted to say but woould wehn they had a moment to themselves. To the pack, “Your Beta of WolfSPirits. Kova.” she lifted her head now, howling for all she was worth for Atraya, herself and most of all, Kova, her voice vibrating as she also stomped her paws upon the Apha Stone.
* Atraya would smile to Kova’s words. A night to remember, no doubt. Many changes, but so was life. She would bow her head in agreement to the promotion as she would lift her muzzle and howl for Kova! Proud for the fae.
* Rune watches in admiration and fulfillment as Kova steps forward to take Shukie’s position. The Caretaker was proud to be one of the WolfSpirits as the night progressed it proved to Rune that both she and the pack were in good paws. As Kova accepts the role of Beta, Rune bark-howls to celebrate the new Beta fae.
<Calder> A lot to observe, no doubt. Upon Kova’s promotion he would think inwardly upon it before giving a dip of his head, and offering a quick short howl for the fae. He trusted the Alphas abilities and their decision to which wolf deserved of what. Goals, perhaps, for him to go for later on in.
* Fianna would watch all the proceedings with an overwhelmed heart. It was so much, yet so great, this change for the pack and she struggled to keep her emotions at bay, leaning somewhat into Calder as she took in his scent and allowed it to calm her for once, rather than excite her. She focused ahead, but enjoyed his steady presence at her side as she watched Kova, spirit sister of her heart, though it hadn’t been yet acknowledged
<`Raven> she would feel her heart swell as the fae moved up in the ranks. When she was pronounced beta, Fianna again lifted her heart in song for the fae, for the pack. 
* CwnAnnwn found himself once more howling, this time to congratulate Kova on her advancement to beta. Watching both faes who came to the pack around the same time he returned the first time move up made him regret his wandering ways, he would have had a more meaningful role within the pack by now. Despite that, he knew that he would find that role eventually, whether it be scout, hunter
* CwnAnnwn or guardian, he did not expect to become a caretaker as he was not wise in the ways of herbs and healing.
* Atraya when the air subsided with the howls of tones of joy, she would dip her head and smiled chuffing then to Fianna and Kwa`ani. “Fianna and Kwa`ani… please come forward”
* Shukie leaned over and nosed her sister whispering her congrats, love yas sister. So proud of you.
* Shukie leaned over and nosed her sister whispering her congrats, love yas sister. So proud of you.
* Panther smiled as Kova accepted the rank of beta fae. He turned his head up towards the moonlit sky, Panther closed his eyes and let loose a low howl. He wondered what his rank would be, since he was hunter for his older pack, Would that follow him into this one?
* Timber would listen to the swell of voices, as Shukie offered more of her story, and the link between herself and Kova. Sisters.. He looked between the pair, intrigued to it all. His tail swayed as if on a pendulum and had not stopped doing do for some time. Wow, when this pack called a meeting they meant business! A lazy smile would linger on his muzzle, for once, not feeling the need to slink away into the night with so
<`Raven> many wolves gathered.
* Kwa`ani perked casting a glance to her sister then to her mother, Atraya and Shukie. She was beyond able to say much of all. Rising quickly she moved to stand before her Alpha’s, beside her sister giving a deep nod and bow before gazing to both.
* Fianna perked as her name was called, and she found herself up and moving before she’d thought too much to what would come next. She had been in training for so long now, maybe rank? She felt excitement pickle her fur and she would settle beside Kwa’ani before the rock and chuff respectfully to let Atraya know they had come forth. Bracing her shoulder against her sister, she marveled that she could walk these paths, regardless of
<`Raven> their import, with her sister.
<Atraya> “Fianna and Kwa`ani… born of this pack, you have found your own path within WolfSpirits. You have taken the steps to pledge, to vow yourself, and to become part of this pack. You have been Guardian Scouts in training for a long while, and I would like to ask you both, if you are in agreement, to continue your path?” an ear turned towards the pair, eyes would be light despite the milky »»
<Atraya> »» blindness.
* Kwa`ani glanced to Fianna then back to her mum and Shukie. “This is home. WolfSpirits my Path. All I do is to ensure the furtherment of everyone and these lands. We’ve had ups and downs, good and bad and through all of it I know I’ve grown in ways I could never imagine. I desire to continue my path in whatever way you and Shukie see fit for me to do in the aid of our family.” giving a low
* Kwa`ani dip of her »»
<Kwa`ani> »» head when she was done with a glance to her sister.
Fianna would hold quiet, looking to Kwa’ani as her sister spoke first, older by minutes her sister had been, in many ways, a solid presence for her, especially in recent months. Looking to her mother then, Fianna thought to her path, and to heart and work she had thrown into playing her part well, into seeing her pack thrive. She loved every moment of it. “Yes mother, I would. With all of my being, I desire to continue my path,
<`Raven> our path. This pack is my home, my life.” 
* Atraya would smile in the direction of her daughters. Truly proud. “As all lay witness to
* Fianna and Kwa`ani’s words of approval to their duties, to their strength, and to their role here in WolfSpirits, I would like to have the honor of naming Fianna and Kwa`ani, WolfSpirits Guardian Scouts! May you find true your path, be true to your pack, and true to your spirit. Our pack will be well guarded and well scouted, and all should take comfort in your work and heart to see this pack safe.” she would stomp a paw and let loose a quick howl for both. There was a moment of pride a mother could feel for her children, this would truly strum true and strike a chourd.
* Shukie gave a nod of approval to both fae’s, they had learned and grown much over the years. She couldn’t be prouder of them if they were her own pups. She was sure Atraya was beyond proud of their accomplishments which was evident in the words she chose. “Welcome as Guardian Scouts, Fianna, Kwa`ani” Giving a nothe loud howl (she’d be hoarse by morning at this rate) in congratulations.
* Shukie “You have fully earned your positions and I’ve no doubt you will continue to do so.
* Kova swung her tail quickly behind her and let loose a low howl for both fae’s! She was proud of the Alpha’s daughters, glad to see them ascend in their role to their pack. Truly their parents offspring!
<Calder> ‘s tail would thump, before hearing all the howls. He would feel the rumble in his chest, before letting loose his own for both Fianna and Kwa’ani. His heart swelled with pride for his court.
* Fianna would feel excitement at being given the full rank at last settle upon her, as well the full responsibility. She knew of what it took, and would gladly offer it for as long as she could. With a happy howl she’d nip and lick at Kwaani’s cheek, her eyes alight with happiness. “Congratulations Kwaani!” She offered as she took a step back by Calder. Nosing him gently as she settled again.
* Rune howls to congratulate the sisters on their new ranks, so many advancements in one day. As her howl draws to a close she looks around at the company of tonight’s meeting. It had been some time since she had seen the pack so full of life and change, a metamorphosis.
* Kwa`ani stood taller and straigher giving her alpha’s a deep bow before lifting her head to howl then nuzzling her sister half pouncing her in the process. “we’re full guardians now, sis!” she tail wagged then howled again
* Panther would let loose a howl of his own, as if adding a chorus to a song. he smiles lightly, and his tassel dances around behind him. He was excited, though who wouldn’t be? Panther had witnessed great things tonight, and he became a pledge. Would he wander off or would he stay? Only one way to find out.
* Atraya as the howls and calls of joy for their fellow packmembers was so heart warming. She was so proud of her pack, of her family. “If no one else has anything they would like to bring up for this meeting, I would like to call it a very proud and productive night.” she swung her tail slowly and would wait to hear if anyone desired to share a word.
Fianna would once again perk, rising as she glanced to catch Kova’s eye. She had spoken long ago with Kova, bad shared hearts and her own had not changed, and so she would quietly rise once more to pad forth, chuffing and lookinf at Atraya and Shukie 
* Shukie stood tall, looking about as Atraya spoke, “A monumental day.” she leaned in and gently nosed Atraya. “Thank you for your trust in me and helping me to become the wolf I am. If not for you and faolan, I’d not be here now I don’t think. I hope I can be as good a mentor as you have been to all of us.” her tail wagging excitedly now. “Thank you all for all your time in being here for both meetings.”
* Kova would swing her tail quickly behind her before stilling it as she would shake her head. She had nothing else to offer other than “Congraulations to every wolf. Thank you for your trust in me. I will not disappoint you all. My family.”
* Atraya would hear the chuff of Fianna and smiled, turning to her daughter and chuffing back softly “Yes, Fianna?” she nudged Shukie lightly before allowing Fianna to continue.
* Shukie shifted and gave a quick nod to Fianna, “Yes, Fianna?” her obsidian eyes alight when the fae spoke up
* CwnAnnwn let his howl for Kwa and Fianna die down and listened to the final words from Atraya, Shukie and Kova. He cast a glance towards Rune before turning back to the Alpha rock as Fianna made it known that she wished to speak.
* Panther tilted his head, he glanced to Sanek who seemed to be deep in thought. He glances back to The alpha rock and whoever stood upon it. He was proud of himself for whatever he done to rank as a pledge, It may not be that important to anyone outside of the WolfSpirits pack, but it meant something to be place with this family.
*Fianna “If I may, I know I have already had too many moments in the spotlight recently but I wanted to call Kova forth alongside me.” She turned to look at her, her eyes Ernest on the fae she had spent many years with now. “Months ago now Kova and I spoke of our shared hearts. As sister’s we have grown closer, I feel a bond with her that I recognize as that of family, and I wanted to ask Kova if she would be my sister In spirit. In heart. A bond I do not take lightly.” He gaze flicked to Kwa’ani for a moment, then centered and held on Kova. 
* Kwa`ani smiled at her sister as she spoke of the bonds that had formed with Kova. When Fianna glanced her way she gave a wide smile and nod showing her happiness. “what took so long, she whispered.” in a teasing tone.
* Kova would look to Shukie, Atraya, Fianna and would pad forward to brush her frame against Fi’s own, if only to assert herself near. “This bond has also been equal to my own spirit. I wish this too.” she bowed her head and smiled up to the Alpha’s.
* Sanek coughed a bit after howling this long and he looked around to the crowd of wolves again, never really hearing of the words ‘spirit sister’ it must’ve been a deep important bond.
<Calder> Looked between Fianna and Kova. He had no idea of the bond between them, but he learned each day the mechanics of the pack.
* Panther smiled softly, He wanted to know more but knew it would have to wait. He looked around for Shakira so he could talk to her after the meeting, He was eager to apologize for his rude attitude towards her.
* Shukie glanced to Atraya. This was to be the odd part of who would speak up when. They’d eventually get a routine down and she was sure all alphas went through this. Maybe not. As the two faes spoke of their bonds her gaze sought Timber’s but looked away before eyes could connect. Looking out over the two Faes, “A formal Spirit Bond is as much or moreso a special bond that one needs to
* Shukie be sure of. As this has been a years in the making of this bond and clearly not one just to have a sister, brother, aunt or uncle etc. It would be my privillege to share this special bonding with all the pack and name you hence forth Spirit Sisters. It is a bond like no other. You are both blessed to find such a bond as what I have shared with Kova myself, tho we are blood.” With
* Shukie a tamping of her paws and a deep nod to both faes to their reqeust. “Continue to cement and deepen the bonds now shared.” her smile wide.
* Kova ‘s tail swung behind her as she would nose Fianna happily before looking to Shukie and Atraya. “Fianna is my equal. In Spirit, and in heart. It is my honor and pleasure to be bonded to you as a sister, Fianna. Thank you for expanding my foundation of family, I’m honored.” she would lick Fianna’s cheek happily as she felt the well of emotions course through her. Truly a proud day for all.
* Fianna felt her heart swell omce again and wondered when it would burst. So had been taken away, and ye now so much had been given. She would nuzzle Kova, whispering to her, “Thanks sister. I just couldn’t wait any longer. Despite not seeing enough of you lately sisters we are. And always will be.” She found her tail wagging as she dipped her head respectfully to Shukie, then her mother “Thank you my alpha.” And then she would
<`Raven> be moving back to her place beside Calder, heart so full she could barely comprehend it all.
<Atraya> “Congratulations, to the two of you!” she said happily for her daughter and Kova. She looked across the gathered. “Does anyone else have anything else they like to bring up?”
<Calder> Would smile to the pair before he would lean in and nose Fianna when she rejoined him. Happy for her and her growth in her family.
Timber would not have fallen asleep, in fact he had been quietly absorbing all, his gaze most often lingering on Shukie, but at times he would study the other’s as well. This Spirit Bond, was yet another thing he had so little experience with. Seems he’d been living under a rock his whole life after all. A solitary life, one he had this far never disliked, would now be revealing itself to lack something that was perhaps more
<`Raven> important than he’d given credence to. Ties.. Bonds… Family. He tested the word in his mind.
* Rune watches the final proceedings of the meetings with a light wolven smile on her face. She certainly did not foresee being witness to such momentous changes to the Pack’s history being made. The Caretaker was glad that her path had entangled with those of the pack, her paw prints walking alongside those of countless others.
* Fianna would nuzzle Calder in return leaning in to him a bit, glad she had finally gotten a chance to ask for the bond between herself and Kova. Despite her new bond with Calder, her sister’s were and would always be near and dear to her heart. She had fought, hunted, worried, and ran with the winds with each of them. 
* Shukie finally relaxed no what the meetings was concluded. “Thank you all for being here for everythings tonight and at the meeting last week. It means more than you know.” Her tail wagging as she started to sit back” Leaning over to Atraya, “Anything for me before i wander off for the night?” She glanced to little Leora, a soft smile formed.
* Atraya would give a gentle stomp of her paw so all the others could do what they needed to, to absorb all the new chapters made this night. “Thank you all for tonight. I’m honored by this family and by this pack. Thank you.” again her head dipped and she would seat herself and allow the meeting to dispurse.

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WolfSpirits 20th Anniversary

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Meeting Notes

February 25th, 2021

  • Fianna and Calder courts
  • Atraya’s daughter, Leora is named
  • Rune promoted to Member and Caretaker
  • Ankha named Pledge
  • Calder named Pledge
  • Sanek named Pledge
  • CwnAnnwn named Pledge
  • Hati named Pledge
  • Crimson named Elder
  • Nightstalker named Elder
Number Of Wolves Present


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Raven Ankha Anya Crimson CwnAnnwn Leora Nightstalker Sanek Timber

Pack Meeting Begins


2/25/21 – 3PM PST


* Atraya as the day seemed to settle into its own, there was much to celebrate, and much to be thankful for. She could feel the ebb and pull of those celebrations, and things needed to be said and so she would slowly rise herself up to all fours and shake off the remains of the snow drift she found herself nestled in, but after interacting with Fianna and Shukie, she had settled herself upright a little more. She would swing her head violently to the left and right if only to propel herself forward and give her momentum for movement. There she would limp towards the direction of the alphas stone. It didn’t take her too long to reach it and when she did, she ascended it to it’s end where she lifted her muzzle and offered a howl. A call for a gathering for those who would heed it. Anyone who was within the territory, would eventually hear her howl. Even those just coming into their home.


* Kova would be within the hunting grounds, but when the howl reached her from Atraya’s tones, she would turn her head and look out towards the direction of the clearing. She swung her tail quickly and would now make her way towards the direction of the clearing. She would start at a slow trot, but would quickly start to lope towards it, heeding the call.


<Calder> An ear turned to the sounds of a howl, and so, he rose up to all fours again and would start off towards the Alpha’s call.


* Sanek every day in the WolfSpirits territory brang something new, and this day the land brought him many unfamiliar scents of wolves. His ears swung around to a drawing howl. From the west of the hunting grounds it took him only a few moments to be in the clearing.


* ShukieAFK gave a nod of her head adding her own tones to the alpha fae’s and would then moved to stand beside the stone. As their howls faded she’d inquire quietly to Atraya, “How are you?” her tail giving a slow wag as the meeting had been called, and a meeting led by the alpha, a long time she Atraya had led one. Mostly, she asked her question so Atraya knew her position at the side of the alpha rock.


* Ankha would turn her head to the sound of the dowl, having been preoccupied with– nothing actually! So instead of zoning out in the bushes she’d begin to approach the source of the howl, intrigued to see what was up, having not been made aware of the specifics of the meetings in these lands.


* Rune perks her ears at the sight of Atraya leaving the Ancient Forest’s cover. By the time the Alpha Fae was halfway to the rock, Rune was already on her paws and trotting after her. Her hopes confirmed, the elder wolf climbs Alpha Rock and howls to summon the pack to the Clearing. It had been some time since there had been a meeting, she chuffs in greeting to Atraya before settling herself a comfortable distance away from Alpha Rock, intending to take up her spot at the rear of whatever group accumulated.


* Kwa`ani jumped up at the sounds of her mother’s call which was joined by Shukie’s own tones. Giving her frame several rapid shakes she made her way to the clearing proper from the lower fringe of the ancient forest. As she drew closer she offered up a respectful chuff of greetings.


* Crimson would begin to cross past the tree line at her leisurely pace, a smile spreading across her muzzle, hearing the howl of her old friend. “Seems we’re right on time, I told you as much” Crimson would note with no small amount of pride as she’d begin to approach the meeting grounds, settling into a seated position toward the back where she often had been, noting the wolves that would also begin to approach, she didn’t wish to cause a

* Crimson fuss so she’d keep largely out of their fur, but attentive and confident enough that she at least appeared to belong here.


<Fianna> Taking the hunt from their mother, Fianna would nose the Faepup into a respectful seated position as she licked her chops, done with snarling the meal. Perking, she was curious as to her mother’s purpose. “A meeting has been called little sis. We must be quiet and respectful now..” She took time to murmur. Perking to Kwa’ani she’d chuff gently back from.her position near the stone.


* Fae`pup would blink at the howl, tilted her head but when Fianna reassured her this was ‘normal’, she would swing her tail behind her and nod. “ohtah!” she said with little tones before she would look out to see suddenly a plethora of wolves arriving all of a sudden.


* Atraya would have responded in kind to Shukie’s inquiry, that she was as well as could be, perhaps more so this day than pasts. When the wolves began to gather, she dipped her head to welcome them. She could feel the air change with the different vibrations of movements and could gauge who was present and who was yet to appear. “Thank you all for attending this meeting and gathering of many more »»

<Atraya> »» to come today. Today is a special day. A celebration of many things will be had this day, and I would like to start off with the first of such. WolfSpirits celebrates its 20th year anniversary. A milestone not achieved by many, if at all. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 20 years. I’ve given much of myself to this pack, and to this family no matter how big or small it may seem or be. I am »»

<Atraya> »» humbled beyond words, truly, for the continued support and devotion for something not only I, but so many enjoy. I’m humbled by those who have made their mark here as a family member and continue to do so even if it’s sparingly, once in a while, once in a blue moon, or all the time. I’m humbled by all of you. Those who keep this old wolf’s dream alive for so many years. Without you, we would not »»

<Atraya> »» be here, and for that I’m eternally grateful for.” She swung her tail ever so while human and wolf speak in one unison voice. “So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support and devotion to WolfSpirits. Big or small, it’s all appreciated, and I appreciate you all. You are family, truly, and I thank you.”


* Kova would’ve finally arrived within the clearing just as Atraya began to speak. She had taken her place closer to the Alpha’s rock, seating herself and nosed Shukie along the way.


* Sanek dipped her head to all that might be already at the stone and bowed to the Alpha and Beta.He sniffed at Rune from a distance, wondering what position in the pack this wolf might hold. He seated himself to the side of the group of wolves, and listened to a speech.


<Timber>  had already been making his way to the clearing and when the Alphess sounded a call he’d move deeper within and toward the back of the group gathered, where he settled onto his haunches casually. This was curious.. What was afoot? He would remain seated there to watch, hopefully out of the way..


Fianna felt her heart swell with her mother’s words. They ‘had’ all been together for so long.. Far longer than even she’d been in the world and she was thankful for the legacy she had been born into. Her tail would sway and she beamed at rhe others around her, licking the pups head as well. Her gaze would sweep those gathered, wondering if Calder were present? She didn’t see him yet and wondered idly if he was okay..


* Rune ’s nose twitches to two strange scents in the Clearing, unsure if she recognized either of them. Turning her head her eyes land upon a pair of faes, appearing to be very different in age. The older of the pair seemed confident in her attendance and Rune glances Shukie, hoping the Beta had notice who the russian fae thought to be a newcomer. Sanek was also a new face, though Rune had noticed the brute’s scent mingled among th

* Rune ose of the pack for long enough to not raise suspicion. She tentatively returns her attention to Atraya, her tail sweeping the snow in a single wag at the Alpha fae’s words, there was nowhere she would rather be.


* Shukie interjected briefly, “The pack ebbs and flows, contracts and expands just as a pack in the wild. Some have developed bonds beyond the chars played. Everyone, old and/or now gone, present and new to the pack. It’s a family born of the same interests tho each has their own story. Thank you! One and all!!!” Her voice quieted once again and would have nuzzled her sister as Kova took her place.


<Calder> Was within the clearing, and at it’s edge. But when Fianna turned herself up in his view he would’ve risen and walked to her, seating himself beside her and nosed her while listening. He thought quietly upon her words, upon what it meant to really be a pack. Not just of the pack, but to be it. He hummmed and dipped his head to the shared words.


* Atraya when all had settled she would smile with a humbled expression. Her head bowed ever so towards her family, those who truly keep the spark and blood flowing throughout their world. She slowly seated herself before turning towards the others as she continued. “Next, I would like to have the official naming ceremony of the youngest fae born some months ago, only now to be named after such a time.” she often thought of her sons, of their names, her daughters, and of their names. To her it was important to hold meaning, but as well allow them the chance to carve out their own future, their own paths, and write in their own books. They were just the foundation of that very building. “Please come forward, little fae.” she would say chuffing to her youngest daughter.


* Kova would swing her tail slowly to her sister, before her eyes fell to Atraya and now to the young fae. She was excited to know of the new fae’s name!


* Shukie ‘s eyes brightened at the first of what would likely be many such announcements and changes within the pack.


*Fianna ‘s heart leapt with excitement over her mother’s last words, having listened with equal intensity to the beta’s interjections, til swaying. She nuzzled her little sister as the fae was called forth, her eyes excited, then turned to lick once at Calder’s muzzle as he joined her, nosing his fur and allowing her tail to continue waving gently.


* Kwa`ani gave a yip yip at her mum’s pronouncement of her sibling being names this day as she settled beside both sisters, pup-to-be-named and Fianna.


* Fae`pup would hear her mothers tones and without hesitation her big paws would leap up and carry her towards the rock. Her silvery tail swung loosely behind her while her eyes followed the details of the rock up to her mother. She wasn’t really sure what she was supposed to do when she got there, so, she sheepishly lowered her rump in the snow and made more noise than needed, but this was how she communicated with her mother often. “Heeere!” she proclaimed.


* Rune ’s eyes and ears eagerly train on Atraya and the fae-pup, her tail wagging at the pup’s exclamation upon arrival at the base of Alpha Rock.


* Anya would watch intently, settled close to Crimson, her eyes out for the young fae. She’d remembered her own naming ceremony. Who would this little fae be? What would her name end up meaning to her, or to her path? As she’d watch the pup she’d give a bit of a smile. So cute!


* Atraya offered a smile to her proclaimed announced presence before she herself adjusted herself on the stone. She stood from her seated position, chest out, tail high, and her voice clear and loud enough for those to hear. “Today is a special day. Not only for celebrating the longevity of this family, but also, the beginnings of new ones, and new names added to the many chapters of this packs history. It is a tradition to have a naming ceremony for the newest additions to this pack, and I would like to have the honor to do so for my youngest daughter. My youngest son, has been named, and she too will now be named.” her gaze seemed to diver ahead as if the moment caught her.”This fae found herself into this world of light through the vicious storm that tempered the air. Through this light, her name should be fitting as such, and I would like the honor of announcing to you, to the pack of WolfSpirits, it’s newest addition, Leora of WolfSpirits. Of the Mean Oíche and Isilraica. Of starfall and earth.” her head would rise and she’d be the first to howl for the honor of a name, now given and chosen for her youngest.


<Fianna>  Feeling as if she finally could know her little sister beyond a frame, she lifted her muzzle and happily poured her song to the skies, Leora! A beautiful name for a beautiful pup, a name full of meaning and good tidings. She stamped a paw, remembering her papa, and her heart panged as she wished he were there…


* Anya would join in the howl to honor the name given to her apparent youngest sister, Leora. She was glad indeed to be able to be here for her sister’s naming ceremony.


* Shukie looked to faepup, now named Leora. “Welcome to WolfSpirits, little Leora!” Her muzzle lifted to the heavens to celebrate this most momentous of occassions.


* Leora the world around her suddenly became loud. Very loud. Louder than she’d heard before. Her ears pinned if only to drown it for a short moment, but instead of causing a vibration of annoyance, it was the tones of pride. She felt proud. She felt home. These were howls of her family and soon it became a hymn to her, a melody she’d no sooner forget. Instincts would kick to the forefront and the »»

<Leora> »» young fae would lift her muzzle and howl with the adults. She’d make sure she put her vocal mark to the sky too.


* Rune lifts her muzzle and voice in song, howling with her pack in congratulation of the little fae-pup. Leora, such a lovely name.


* Kwa`ani lept up at the name her sister would receive and of it’s meanings and the reasons for it. Howling her love for Leora.. “Welcome lil’Leora’sis”


* Crimson would join in on the howl song to welcome Leora to the pack of Wolfspirits with her new name, her howl as long lived as her light-of-breathe frame would allow


* Sanek let out song of rejoice, starting at a higher pitch down to the deepest notes he mustered.


* Atraya when the howls subsided, her milky hues fell forward and she swung her tail quickly behind her before it stilled. “Join your place among your family, Leora.”


Calder hadn’t really thought about a naming ceremony, or why it was even needed. He thought all wolves would be given a name upon their birth, but perhaps this was yet another token of the pack’s ways he’d not known of until now. He thought long and hard about the name, rolling it in his mind alongside it’s meaning, and he perhaps even thought of his own name and what it meant. A low rumble of a hmmmmm escaped his muzzle, much like the witchers usually displeasure tone, but instead it was of admiration for such a thing. He thought Leora of light was fitting , so gave a firm nod of his head of approval. He’d not join in the packs howl, not yet.


Timber would perk to the proceedings, to the chorus of howls and most particularly to the pup who he had yet to meet. She had a name now did she? He would watch her, curious and an odd feeling swirling within he had yet to name for himself. He would remain silent, but his tail would sway.


* Atraya a long breath escaped her, a sigh of expression to a heart that was gleeming with delight and pride of her pack, for her family, and for its growth. Her nose would flare in and out, huffing deeply to the winds and more so to the scents she could pick up. Finding her daughters, Fianna, and Calders among them, she would let loose a low chuff for them to approach.


* Shukie ‘s pulse increased just a little, tho she attributed it to Leora’s naming, when she spotted timber in the distance as well as perhaps Calder. There were many a wolf this day after so long with only a scattered few. She did not acknowledge timber as seh waited for Atraya to continue

<`Raven> <BreezyDawn>  Perking to her mother’s call, Fianna looked to Calder a moment, then rose and nosed him gracefully before moving to the front of the pack where she stood and raised her head toward her mother, her eyes scanning Kwaani, Shukie, and the others before falling on Calder. “We are here mother.” She would offer softly.


<Calder> Would look towards Fianna first and nose her before he rose to all fours and followed alongside her lithe frame. He listened intently to the wind, and more so the whispers and eyes fell upon his visage as he approached the stone of fate for all who approached. He bowed his head and stopped at it’s base, waiting then for the Alphas words.


* Atraya shifted her paws if only to some how realign her thoughts and when the pair drew closer, she dipped her head “Calder and Fianna, you both have requested to solidfy your bonds of beyond friendship, to the pair of hearts in the name of Courtship. I would like to ask you both now, to please express why you desire to be courted to one another to your family and to your pack.”


* Kwa`ani shifted over closer to Leora, her tail wagging knowing what was about to happen just from her conversations with Fianna. “Big sister about to become really ‘big’ sister” she let the pup know, “Listen for this is the first time in as long as i can remember of such occurring.” nosing the young fae.


* Leora would swing her tail quickly behind her as she brushed her nose along Kwa`ani’s own brow before she blinked, peering up to the wolves who where now gathered. Her other sister, Fianna, appraoching she leand in to Kwa`ani and whispered. “ooo’s happenin?”


* Rune watches the proceedings in interest and could not recall if she had ever seen a courtship among the WolfSpirits. Her mind drifts back to Azaelia and Nova, wolves long lost to the WolfSpirits by now, for a brief moment before returning her attention to the pair before Atraya now. What a momentous meeting, indeed.


* Fianna Feeling inexplicably nervous, Fianna took a few long breaths to steady her heart, her eyes resting on Calder for that time as she took in his expression. This step felt larger to her than she had ever expected it to, and she felt a momentary fear. Was this the right choice? But following on the wings of that thought her joy over Calder and their new relationship coursed through her. She knew they would have time to learn. Raising her voice at last she addressed her mother, and the others. “Calder and I have been through trying times together. We have seen each other change and grow, and I for one have taken Calder’s own growth to heart. He has become a male who looks to the betterment of others, to growing roots and holding a steady heart.   I wish to learn alongside him what it means to be together, to shape our hearts to one another. I have come to truly care for him, as much as family and in a new way as well.. ” Her voice trailed off and she looked again at Calder, her tail swinging once. She hoped her voice would hold all the fervor of her meaning.


* Shukie smiled as she watched the duo before Atraya, having expected this for the two had clearly bonded over the past years despite the male not being of pack. It surprised her Atraya approved the match without Calder first becoming pack. There are times where pack ways are bent at times to make allowances for things being done out of order. Her gaze was fixed upon the two wolves,

* Shukie studying their reactions and words to be spoken.


<Calder> When the question was inquired upon by the Alpha. He thought for a moment, if only to collect his thoughts and more so, his heart. He would give a slow nod of his head before offering in kind. Fianna had found the words he to shared. ~ My sentiments are well matched by Fianna’s own. To learn, to grow, to salvage a life that has known no sense of true family beyond my brother who is no longer with me. I wish to flourish in a way beyond just my presence here, but…. to have a court to whom I share those thoughts, feelings, and life with. To truly learn and grow from.~  he said with lightened hues. A more sense of his heart showing than ever before, and he nosed Fianna and looked back up to Atraya.


* Kwa`ani lowered her head a fraction and whispered quietly, “Fianna and the male, Calder, are starting the formal process of their bond with each other. A bond like that between your mother, Atraya and your father, faolan.” She was sure there’d be more questions about that.


* Atraya would shift her paws beneath her if only to resettle herself. She gave a gentle nod to both Fianna and Calder’s tones, to their hearts. There would be a smile upon her features, and she could feel her own heart growing warm with said emotions, and perhaps wishing she could feel the presence of her mate, of Fi’s father, to be present in such a moment, but she knew in some way he was there. “As Calder and Fianna have shared today their hearts, their commitment, I would like to have the pleasure of naming both a courted pair and to be recognized as such within the pack.” though Calder wasn’t of “pack” yet, she knew of where he desired to go. Perhaps a prelude?


* Kwa`ani lifted her muzzle high to the sky and howl’d as she’d never howled before for this was her sister, and a momentous step indeed. They’d been through thick and thin and that is why, perhaps, their bond developed as it had.


* Fianna  Relieved to have reached that monumental step, in getting her mother’s, and sister’s blessing she would offer an excited yip and lick Calder’s cheek as she pranced her forepaws, tail wagging a few times before she bowed to the Alphess and the pair would retreat back to her original seat. There, she nosed Kwaani, her tail still wild and her eyes sparkling. “Now we just have to find you someone.” She whispered with amusement.


* Shukie lifted her muzzle with a soft howl to the pending couple, tamping her paws upon the earth as she did so which caused a vibrato to her voice as she gave the pair her own contrats. As her howl faded she would then move up beside Atraya and take the next few items on their burgeoning agenda for today. As she waited for things to settle, she’d then gaze about the clearing and call for Rune to step forward.


* Rune had just finished howling for Fianna and Calder’s announcement of courtship when Shukie’s voice beckoned her forward. Rising to her paws she pads forwards, looking up to the wolves settled upon Alpha Rock she dips her head in respectful greeting.


* Leora would no doubt enjoy the narration from Kwa`ani, and when howls where given she would give her own little chuff yipping howls as well for her sister and Calder. She’d no doubt have to ask about what all this courting stuff was.


* Shukie waited for the chorus to fade and she’d then continue, “Rune, you’ve been in the pack before, ranked to caretaker when your path diverged from ours for quite some time.” She smiled to the fae, “You’ve returned once again to the fold, to the family.” Her tail wagged some, “You currenlty hold the rank of caretaker even though you are not pack. If you feel your life and path are

* Shukie fully with those of WolfSpirits, I ask now if you still desire to join once more.” her gaze was locked upon Rune. “Is this the path you are prepared to commit too?”


* Kova would smile as she dipped her head towards Fianna’s direction and then to Calder. She knew such a connection was viable and there, but glad to hear it finally said to the others. It was a side of Calder she really hadn’t seen and it was refreshing. She looked now to Shukie and Rune, her tail swong behind her.


* Fianna would settle down as the meeting continued, her gaze going to Rune as the fae was called up. She would listen closely, excited for the growth and development of her family.


* Rune nods in response to Shukie’s address. “Yes, my life and path are fully with the WolfSpirits and I am ever to fully rejoining my family once again. I am grateful for the opportunity, it is an honor.” On her face would be a light, wolven smile. This was where she belonged, after all.


Timber had watched the pair become courted with great interest, his ears perked and his gaze moving around the group. So.. This was how things were done on that regard. He would file away the information, watching the dark pelted male for a moment, quelling the season’s urges and annoyances. As Shukie took the lead he’d sit up straighter, watching how she handled matters as easily as the alpha had. She seemed well suited for the role.


* Shukie would smile softly first to her alphess tho she’d not see it, leaning in to brush her shoulder against Atraya before responding to Rune. “Then, As Beta of WolfSpirits, I welcome you home as Rune, Packmember and CareTaker of WolfSpirits!” Straightening up, when her gaze passed over Timber noticing his posture she quickly averted her gaze back to Rune after a glance to Fianna and

* Shukie Calder. “You may present yourself as such to all whom your path crosses.” With a solid tamping of her paws she cemented the advancement once again.


* CwnAnnwn slipped silently into the clearing, having returned to the packlands earlier in the day. The silver pelted male noted the gathered wolves within the clearing, he noted those who knew and noticed a few wolves he was unfamiliar with. His gaze finally drew to a very familiar fae who was now at the alpha’s rock and his tail began to sway gently behind him. To avoid disrupting the meeting, he settled upon his haunches just beyond the threshold of the clearing. When Rune was named packmember once more, he tilted his head heavenwards and let out a low howl for the fae.


* Rune ’s tail sways behind her, ears turned outwards in almost sheepish thanks. She chuffs in departure and thanks to the pair atop the rock and trots over to Kwa’ani and Leora, nosing Kwa’ani in greeting and touching the pup on the top of her head with her nose. She was happy to relieve Kwa’ani of pupsitting duties, especially after tonight’s development for Fianna.


* Atraya would let loose a howl for Rune. She was so proud and honored to have the fae, skilled and talented, back in their fold!


* Kova would swing her tail quickly behind her as Rune would be named a member, but also their new caretaker. She wondered where Kajika was, but was glad for the new addition! She would’ve howled as well for Rune, before stilling and waiting to see if any others desired to join.


* Ankha would have offered her own howl to congradulate Rune before she’d take note of Shukie’s next words. This seemed to be a general call for anyone wishing to call WolfSpirits home, and so she’d begin to step forward at the call.


<Calder> As Shukie inquired to those who desired to call this pack home, he paused for at least a moment, his mind whirling with thoughts and emotions not yet truly explored, he rose and slowly stepped forward following behind Ankha. He seated himself just a little behind her and gave a nod of his head to Shukie.


* Sanek stood, looking around. His soul belonged here, he knew it. He lowered his head slightly as he walked towards the stone, feeling his tail swirl in excitement of what might come next.


* Kwa`ani stilled watching the next promotions

* CwnAnnwn found himself at odds once more, he wanted to begin the journey to becoming a member once more, but he also knew he had spent too much time away from the packlands. He closed his eyes a moment as his thoughts travelled to his ailing father and the decision came to him. Opening his eyes, the male stood and began to pad towards the alpha’s rock, he had decided to begin the process

* CwnAnnwn while his father was stil around, knowing he would travel beyond the veil soon.


* Atraya would swing her tail slowly behind her as the new named fae would come back to their fold. She dipped her head proudly in her direction before she would turn an ear and tried to gauge who stepped up. Ankha, Calder and now Sanek’s scents seemed ‘closer’, she wondered if those where the chosen to advance.


* Shukie looked to Ankha, Calder, CwnAnnwn and Sanek, meeting each wolf’s gaze trying to peer into their minds before seh continued, “If it is your true desire to embark upon the first phase of your journey to becoming a part of this family, becoming a WolfSpirt in more than just name alone, “I ask each of you why you feel this is your home?” A smile was evident upon her muzzle as she

* Shukie awaited each to respond.


* Kwa`ani watched as the visitors moved to make their pledge to the pack before the Alpha and Beta.


* Nightstalker had been slowly following his sons scent towards the clearing, though he was not as fleet of foot as he had once been. If the wind was blowing towards the clearing, it is possible that those within the clearing might pick up his faint scent upon the currents. It was not long before he would step out into the clearing, his once midnight pelt faded with the greys of age. As he

* Nightstalker stood silently at the boundary, he would seep his gaze across the clearing at all the wolves present.


<Calder> As he remained settled, his eyes upon Shukie and then to Atraya. He thought quietly upon her condition as she seemed more frail in recent times he recalled her, but still strong. All the same he was honored to be there and more so, glad to speak the words that followed. ~ I’ve not belonged to a place where sense memory can truly serve. This pack has shown a great deal to me and with it, I’ve »»

<Calder> »» found a great deal to offer as well. I’ve roamed here for a year if not more, and… I think at my age and temper, it deserves a place to rest, and I don’t think anywhere else would suit me.~


* Leora interesting workings this pack had. She’d be keenly aware of her surroundings when two new wolves, and another new wolf, where among the gathered. Was the pack -really- this big?! She would draw herself closer towards Kwa`ani and Fianna for comfort.


* Ankha would listen intently to Calder’s words first, her good ear flicking to him as he’d speak. As her time would come to speak she’d do so after a pause “I have traveled long and far for a place to carve my own path, a place to call my own. I’ve spent some time in these lands and found kindness and warmth at every turn. I more than hope that this is the place in which I belong, I want it to be, and believe it to be.”


* Atraya if Crimson and Anya had made their way into the clearing, she wouldn’t see them, but perhaps just now their scents started to drift to her. Long lost scents, and ones she thought she might not have smelt again, especially one belonging to her lost daughter, Anya.


* Sanek eyes lightly watered if from happiness or sorrow “My life was spent skipping pack to pack, whenever I seemed to settle in, and they’d suddenly start to resent me…this is the longest a pack has held me in a long time, you’ve offered me kindness and so I wish to settle down my tired paws to a home” he’d say


* CwnAnnwn padded by the gathered wolves on his way towards the alpha’s rock before stopping and looking to Shukie. He took a moment to organize his thoughts before responding, “Not only is this my home by birth, this is the only place amongst all those I have visited that I feel that I belong. This was my father’s, my mother’s and my uncle’s home long before it was mine. Not only is this where I feel the most at home, it is also my wish to follow my father’s paw steps and do my part to ensure that the pack continues to survive no matter what the winds bring our way.”


* Nightstalker slowly settled upon his haunches as the words of his son who was pledging himself to the pack reached his ears. His heart warmed at such words and brought a soft smile upon his lupine lips. He would remain where he was until the meeting was over and then he would maybe approach those he knew.


* Shukie nodded to each as they spoke, “I shall expect each of you to learn the ways, the pack’s laws and rules, meet and greet new visitors and assist with the pack in all ways needed as proof of your commitment.” She paused letting her words sink in, “Each wolf will progress at their own pace, some being promoted to the next phase sooner than others. It is the effort you put into the

* Shukie pack that shall see you attain the next step to becoming fully family, full pack.” she paused again, “This is the time to see if the WolfSpirits is the right pack for you, and the Pack to see if you are right as a WolfSpirit. Each must be met and found to be true.” Each wolf’s words seemed true of heart. Only their actions would show the true commitment. SHe nodded to each wolf,

* Shukie her gaze soft and smile big. “Then as Beta, I welcome you, Calder, Ankha, Sanek and CwnAnnwn, as Pledges of WolfSpirits, You may present yourselves as such to all you meet.” her tail wagging and she tapped her paws firmly upon the stone’s surface. Pausing to give her Alpha a moment to speak to the newest wolves seeking to call WolfSpirits their home and pack.


* Atraya would stomp her paw lightly and smile, dipping her head “Welcome!” she let loose a low chuffing bark to the gathered who’ve pledged themselves to the pack.


* Kwa`ani ‘s tail swayed, tho she had become distracted first by CwnAnnwn and then by Crimson and Nightstalker’s arrivals. Two wovles she’d not seen in a long while, offering a soft howl of welcome

* Rune watches as wolves continue to step forward at Shukie’s call. New faces and old ones, finding their way home. After each of them respond to Shukie’s query and the Alpha and Beta welcome them to the fold, Rune howls to welcome the Pledges.

* Nightstalker heard the naming of the new pledges, including his son once more. His muzzle tilted skyward as he let out a howl for the new pledges, would anyone recognize his voice?

<Calder> His tail would wave behind him as he would look around to those who recently pledged. He couldn’t truly recall CwnAnnwn in most recent memory, however, he did remember him during their ‘quest’. He’d remind himself to talk to him once more, and it was there he would retreat back to Fianna’s side and seat himself, pride (for once) truly welling.


* Crimson would stomp her paws in congratulations, a smile clear on her face as she’d look to those lined up, the new pledges to WolfSpirits. Beside her, Anya would offer her howl to the pledges in congratulation

* Kova ‘s paws would lift up and stomp for the newly named pledges! So many, she thought, but a good sign indeed. The pack growing and she only hoped it would continue to do so.

* Ankha would listen to the words of Shukie, then to the song of howls from the pack. Her chest would swell with definite pride before she’d return to place where she’d been seated before.

* CwnAnnwn bowed to Shukie and Atraya before he turned away from the Alpha’s rock and padded back towards those gathered. He would find a spot nearby Rune, but until he had a chance to talk to the fae, he would give her some space, it had been so long since they last spoke. He turned back towards the alpha’s rock and settled upon his haunches. He was aware of his father’s presence, but

* CwnAnnwn would allow the old wolf the chance to hang back until he was ready to come forward.

* Sanek jumped slightly in excitement. Was this a dream? He just couldn’t stop wagging. He bounced back to his position his ears up then going down feeling so many feelings at once.


* Shukie looked to Atraya to see if she wanted to take over for the next round of possible promotions or news to be told giving the fae a soft nuzzle. It was at that moment the prior beta’s tones rang out causing her to look in his direction. Her gaze afixed to the elder male she’d not crossed paths with in some time along with the fae, one she recalled tho not well. She briefly whispered

* Shukie to Atraya and then continued… “Among us this night we have two returning wolves, wolves of old, wolves that can relay the stories, trials and tribulations of this pack, the WolfSpirits.” she paused again looking towards Nightstalker and Crimson, each in turn. “Crimson, Nightstalker, If you would be so kind as to come forth, I have a question I would ask of each of you.” her

* Shukie smile wide, her obsidian gaze sparkling like black diamonds twinkling beneath the sun’s rays.

* Kwa`ani smiled and gave a nod to CwnAnnwn, the brute being one of the first she’d met here. Offering a howl for all and a special one to CwnAnnwn for his return to the fold. She then turned her attention back to her mother and Shukie, tail swaying happily for all whom had been acknowledged in some form thus far. Her gaze might connect with the others as well with a welcoming dip of her

* Kwa`ani head to all 4


* Nightstalker lowered his muzzle as his howl faded and his ears perked as his name was called by Shukie. He tilted his head slightly as she summoned him and Crimson to the rock. He slowly stood upon all fours, he didn’t do anything quickly besides fall asleep anymore. The old male moved towards the rock, pausing a moment to run his muzzle along his sons before padding the last bit to the rock

* Nightstalker where he stopped and looked between Atraya and Shukie.


* Crimson a smile of her own would sneak across Crimson’s muzzle before she’d stand and approach Shukie, it would be clear enough now that she was closer that she had a long scar along her chin down to her front left leg, likely something high impact as opposed to claws or the like. She’d look to Nightstalker as she’d approcah the Rock, giving him a gentle nod beofre turning her attention back to Shukie.


* CwnAnnwn perked up as his father was summoned forward, turning his gaze to the old male. He smiled and returned his fathers nuzzle lightly before watching him move up to the rock. He was curious as to why the two had been called up.


* Shukie smiled to the brute and fae. “You each have, in the past, but the bulk of your lives into the continueance, guideance, safety and training of wolves here now, those which have departed or passed on into their next lives.” Her tones soft, with the utmost respect in her voice. “It is the wolves of old, those which have seen all there is to see, that can help aid and guide the new

* Shukie wolves here, the pups and those of us that think we know everything (herself).” Her tones were most respectful as she asked each, “Will you accept the honour of being named as Elders of WolfSpirits?. The only request is for you both to pass on the pack’s history that other’s can continue the legacy of the most awesome and legendary pack, the WolfSpirits.” Her tail swayed, “In

* Shukie doing so, The Pack and myself shall see to it you are each taken care of as best we area able until such time as you may depart in which ever way happens. It’s time for an Elder’s Club within WolfSpirits.” She expected them to perform no duties other than beign themselves and sharing of lore.

* Atraya would turn an ear towards the direction of Shukie’s voice. Did she say Nightstalker and Crimson?? She would tip her nose to the air, sniffing quiet deeply until those scents long lost to the wilds and antiquity of the world, where renewed. She swung her tail quickly behind her and she would dip her head in their direction. Formal greetings will be had soon enough.

* Crimson the white furred fae would listen intently before pausing for a moment and giving a light hearted chuckle, though her lack of breathe made it come off a bit raspier than it otoherwise might have. “I hardly expected to be noticed this evening, but I’ll gladly welcome such a request. I’ll gladly share what I know to those of you who don’t mind some embellished stories now and again” She’d reply earnestly, a light hearted smile still
* Crimson stuck to her face. An honor she’d not anticipated, but one she was glad for all the same.

* Nightstalker looked to Crimson and nodded to the fae before turning to Shukie as she spoke. Before he could respond, he caught movement and looked to Atraya as she dipped her head towards them and he smiled. Turning back to Shukie he would take a short moment to contemplate the offer before speaking “I feel that my time here will be short, but it would be my honor to be considered and elder
* Nightstalker of the pack. This is my home and the pack is my family.” He like Crimson had expected to go unnoticed, but was honored by the request.

* CwnAnnwn listened as both Crimson and his father were asked to become pack elders, he knew his father would be honored by the request. He frowned when his father mentioned how short his time would be, but he knew his father had lived a long life and was almost ready to follow his ancestors to the next plane. He shook off the frown and looked to his father once more with a smile.

* Shukie had trouble containing herself for the acceptance by the pair newly returned for in their doing so, shows the depth of heart that the bonds of family formed within WolfSpirits. “Nae, Crimson, Nightstalker. It is my privilege and honour to recognize you for all you have done here, for all the family, past, present and furture.. ‘I welcome you home, WolfSpirit’s Elders.” her pride
* Shukie in all her family was clear from the husky tones she spoke with for she was truly the privileged one here. She gave each wolf before her a deep, low bow in respect. “Walk with full pride in your family.” Her tail swished and swooshed as she lifted her muzzle to the heavens for their safe return to the family!!
* Kwa`ani lifted her muzzle and howled for one and all in recognition of their new positions and her excitement of the newly returned Elders

* Rune perks her ears, one of the unknown wolves, Crimson, coming forwards to accept the role of Pack Elder. Nightstalker appears from the shadows to do the same. She took note of both of the wolf’s ages and at the brute’s response to Shukie, concern crosses her mind. The russian fae lifts her voice in song, welcoming the return of their Elders.

* Nightstalker bowed his head to Shukie as she named them Elders. He turned to Crimson and reached over to give her a light nosing before he would turn to slowly make his way to his sons side. Upon reaching the young male, he would turn and settle upon his haunches beside him.

<Anya> would raise her muzzle to join in the howling for the new Elders, having been taken a bit by surprise that Crimson had come here and gotten recognized as an elder. If she hadn’t known any better, she’d have thought Crimson planned this all, but she took her word on not having expected this.

* Crimson would give Nightstalker a nosing of her own as she’d begin to return back to the side of Anya, giving Shukie and Atraya a gentle nod of respect, glad to see her old friend again, though she’d note that the Alpha appeared to have some kind of eye injury.

* Shukie saw a fae that she wasn’t sure she recognized or not and would whisper to Atraya inquiring of the fae if she’s known or not. The scents were mixed somewhat with the huge gathering. As she dug deep into her memories, a vague rememberance was surfacing. “Is that not one of your daughters?” her whispered words would not carry to anyone else. Rather than leave anyoe out she looked
* Shukie in Anya’s direction.. “Whom might you be?” a smile upon her lips.

* Anya would be a bit startled to have been called out, looking to Shukie before lowering her head gently in aknowledgement. “I am Anya, daughter of Atraya and Faolán. Sorry to intrude, I didn’t want Crimson getting hurt on the way here” She’d reply, clearly a bit uneasy especially with having been called out.

* CwnAnnwn perked as Anya was questioned by Shukie, he turned his head towards the fae. He couldn’t remember if he had met her before.

* Rune bends her her head down to lick the pup’s cheek, before rising to her paws. Seeing as Leora was still leaning against her sisters, the Caretaker trots over to CwnAnnwn and Nightstalker, chuffing in greeting. “Hello Cwn, glad to see you’re on your way back.” She dips her head before turning to the Elder brute. “Nightstalker, welcome home. It has been some time. How have you been?”

* CwnAnnwn perked as Rune approached and greeted them, a smile played upon his maw as his tail swayed behind him. “Hello Rune, it is very good to see you and thank you. Congrats on your advancement to member.” He watched the interaction between her and his father.

* Nightstalker looked to Rune as the young fae approached the pair. “Hello Rune and thank you.” He glanced at his son with a knowing smirk before turning back to the fae “Age has finally caught up to me it seems, as it does all of us eventually.”

* Shukie nodded and smiled broadly..ahhh…yes… Now she put the scent in her memory to the face. “Welcome home and thank you for taking care to see Crimson home. I’m sure your mother will be glad to spend time with you.” Her tail swayed as she glanced to Atraya beside her. She then looked to Hati` who’d only now wandered in during the ongoing meeting. “Hati, come forward please.” putting
* Shukie the wolf on the spot.

* Hati` had only just stepped up onto Alpha Rock, behind the many others and keeping her distance some as many of them appeared to be well known. She didn’t want to intrude so she had been sitting on her haunches, hazel/yellow eyes observing quietly. Her brown ear twisted in the direction of Shukie as she heard her name and then asked to step forward. Her eyes darted to the Beta and she
* Hati` quickly nodded and trotted forward. She offered a soft smile before lowering herself in a submissive way to the Beta and the other higher ranking wolves around her. This was unexpected and she was caught off guard. She figured she would be watching from the back. “Greetings, Shukie – everyone.”

* Rune chuckles, “It does seem to do its fair amount of sneaking up on us but I’m glad to see that spring is well on its way. Should there be anything I can do for you, do not hesitate to let me know. Kajika is our other Caretaker, if you cannot find me.” She dips her head to the Elder before turning to his son. “Thank you, I am happy to have returned in full to the WolfSpirits. I’m glad to see that you’ve decided the time
* Rune is right for your own return as well.” If her memory did not deceive her, she and CwnAnnwn were first Pledged at the same meeting some time ago. A new, timid voice catches her attention and she looks over her should. A fae she did not recognize had been beckoned forward by Shukie, a late arrival?

* Anya would nod gently before heading back to Crimson’s side, her eyes on her mother idly, not wishing to interrupt things with formal greetings just yet.

* Shukie stepped back slightly as Atraya would take over for her giving a nod to Hati` and Anya after swirling her tongue around her muzzle, smiling with pride at the pack before her, tail swaying gently

* Atraya would shift her paws beneath her and when the named wolves of old having returned to their fold in the form of Elders, she would dip her head with an expression that would well with pride. She would have to save her excited expression to their return for after the meeting. She’d not seen Crimson in many many years, Nightstalker nearly the same, but when Anya was called up her heart would »»
<Atraya> »» nearly come screaming from her chest. “Anya…?” Having had no idea what had become of her (by now) eldest daughter, what had brought her back now? It would seem as though she had stewarded herself with Crimson, and she took a step forward before her tail swung quickly behind her, whines emitted if only to convey her joy. She would no doubt offer those needed greetings, until the need for »»
<Atraya> »» the continued progression of the pack’s events. She nosed Shukie lightly wondering if she’d call out who else was present, those left to progress.

* Leora would have swayed her tail at Rune and nuzzled the caretaker, remebering this fae, but now there where moreeeee wolves. She would stick close to Kwa`ani and Fianna, unaware she had another sister. More sisters? Suddenly the small nature of her world was becoming much bigger.

* Shukie nodded to Atraya, informing her of who was left on the checklist of promotions before going silent once more

* Atraya cleared her throat if only a little before she would look ‘out’ across the horizon, taking in the winds, the world, and the smells that transpired beyond her normal senses. Hati’s scent reached her and it was there she chuffed for her to continue to move forward and approach the rock.

* CwnAnnwn listened to Rune talk to his father before she responded to him. “I am happy to be back amongst the pack.” He perked to the new fae that was being called up and turned his head to watch. While he listened to the alpha address the fae, he hoped to get a chance to catch up with Rune sometime in the near future.

* Hati` heard the Alpha’s chuff and would step forward to approach closer. Before Atraya, she would lower her head and body before her, as one would before an Alpha. She gave a soft, happy whine from her throat before speaking softly, “Alpha, greetings.” She would whisper, it good seeing her after it had been a few nights since she had last seen her.

* Anya the intent gaze of Anya would watch her mother for a time. Had she said something? She seemed excited perhaps? She’d set herself down for now, though her nervousness would begin to wash away. Her mother had noticed her, it seems. At least, she hoped that was why.

* Atraya her head dipped in Hati`s direction as she smelt the fae near and close. Her tail swung lightly behind her before it stilled. “Hati, you have been with the pack for several moons now, and it has come to my attention that you’ve desired to be part of the pack. I ask you now… is this still your desire?” though she was blind, she could still look to a wolf almost directly.

* Kova there was quiet a bit going on this evening, and she tried her very best to absorb it all. She would look to Atraya and now to Hati` who approached. She swung her tail at the proceedings.

* Kwa`ani was kind of feeling left out with all the promotions tonight yet she knew she wasn’t ready for full guardianship or so she felt. Her sister was busy talking with Calder, thus she simply smiled to Fianna before returning her attention to her mother and Hati`.

* Hati` gave a nod, then peered up at Atraya, “Yes, Alpha, it is a deep desire of mine to be a part of this pack.” she replied, smiling up at her before closing her eyes and giving a respectful bow of her head.

* Atraya the words and convictions of a heart willing and wanting to join the pack would be heard, and so she would dip her head to the fae’s words shared and offered to her family. “As a pledge you will learn of our ways more deeply, our rules more carefully, and form bonds with those of this pack and those you wish to call family. As you agree to these, and as all who lay witness to Hati`s »»
<Atraya> »» desire to join the WolfSpirits, I would be honored in naming you a pledge of WolfSpirits. May all those you pass either new or old, recognize your new role amongst us. Welcome, Hati!” her paw would rise up before lowering to the stone in a stomp.

* Kova with the announcement of Hati`s advancement, she couldn’t help but feel her own chest well with pride and let loose a few barking chuffs for the fae and her progression to family.

<Calder> Would have to make it a point to become more familiar with all these wolves. Never had he seen so many. He was particularly curious of the Elders. For now his eyes fell to the proceedings and when a new pledge was named, Hati, he would give a dip of his head and a low ruuuing sound.

* Shukie tamped her paws to the alpha stone, giving the fae a welcoming nod, “Welcome to WolfSpirts, Hati` and your journey to becoming a member.” her tail swayed back and forth

* Kwa`ani issued a soft howl for the fae in welcome aboard. She noticed Calder perhaps fidgeting beside her a little. “Anxious to have time with yer intended?” she teased giving him a playful nip for he was on his way to becoming part of her immediate family.

* Hati` couldn’t help but to let her tail sway in happiness as it had been so long since she was among others. She gave a large smile as she looked up now at Atraya and bowing once more before her. “Thannk you, thank you so very much. I look forward to forming tight bonds with all in this pack.” she said, whining and giving a small huff of excitement before sitting up and looking from
* Hati` Alpha to the others and nodding to them all in greetings and in thanks. She took a step back, never turning at all and always facing the Alpha in respect. She gave a yip of joy and shook her coat out now. Finally, a family she could have again!

* Atraya would dip her head and smile in Hati`s direction, allowing the fae to join them and the others as a Pledge. She shifted her paws a little if only to get herself comfortable. While all settled, she would tip her nose up and scent the air carefully. Finding Shakira’s scent, she would chuff “Shakira, please come forward”

* Kova would swing her tail quickly behind her as she watched Hati`. She was excited for the fae, and even more so, excited to build important relationships with new wolves! Her gaze however glanced to Crimson and Anya. Was Anya really a lost fae pup of the Alpha’s? How many more lingered in the wilds? She swung her tail once more before it stilled, thinking on her own legacy but shook the thought »»
<Kova> »» as she refocused on Shakira.

* Leora kept beside Kwa`ani and Fianna, but her curious nature just couldn’t handle it. She haaaad to know. She nudged Kwa`ani on her way past, but she seemed to be making her way towards Anya and Crimson. Her eyes more set on Anya. Something seemed…familiar? Large paws and a lithe weight carried a top the snow with little struggle. Still not really keen on meeting etiquette yet.

* Kwa`ani rose when Leora did, recalling how she and her siblings fidgeted at long meetings. It was a lot to ask of a young one. Giving Calder a dip of her head after he’d respond, if he did, she tagged along with Leora giving both faes a respectful nod with a dip of her noggin. “Welcome and Congrats! I’m Kwa`ani, the other fae i was with is Fianna, and this is Leora. We are daughters of
* Kwa`ani atraya and »»
<Kwa`ani> »» faolan.” her smiled to each, Anya and Crimson.

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Pack Meeting #200

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Meeting Notes

August 1st, 2020

  • Kova is promoted to pack Delta!
  • Rune is promoted to Assessment!
  • Rune is promoted to Caretaker In Training
  • Nightshade returns to the pack as a Pledge
Number Of Wolves Present


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+Nightshade +Rune
CwnAnnwn Raven Fenrir Amoux Ryker

Pack Meeting Begins


* Atraya it didn’t take long for her to reach the clearing from her new found location. When she did she would make quick work for the distance from the treeline to the alpha’s rock, and there, she would let loose a low howl. A howl for a gathering.
* Kova an ear turned to the sound of a howl and there she saw the owner. Atraya would approach from the eastern edge of the forests treeline and there she would slowly press her paws int othe soil to rise. There would only be a few grimaces of displeasure to the movement as she would make her way towards the rock now. She was again a three legged wolf as she hopped along the tall brown grasses to make her way to the rock. When she was there she would recline down nearby and dip her head softly in a greeting “My alpha, I am here.” she announced now taking stock of anyone else who’d appear.
* Shakira would also be resting fairly near the carcass just within the wooded area that divided the Clearing from the Hunting Grounds, unaware yet that Nightshade had come to help guard the packs kill, though as she roused herself from her slumber she might catch sight or scent of her as she rolled from her side to her stomach and pushed herself up to a slouched sitting position, rolling her shoulders to work out any kinks
* Shakira that had set in during the night. Just as she was about to make her way back out to the kill site, the Alphas unmistakable howl rang loud and clear from the direction of the Clearing, a summoning call that could not be ignored. With a quick glance around the area where the kill lay to ensure no predators were near, she would perhaps notice Nightshade and give a short nod in greeting before turning to make her way
* Shakira towards the Clearing.
<Faolan> Fitting that he should be returning from the north to the tune of his mother’s call. He had left at the close of the previous meeting with an urge to find a story of his own. Whether that had been a success was a matter of telling; something that he might or might not do. The sound of his mother’s voice urged him to speed along the grassy path through the meadow and forest between him
<Faolan> and the clearing.
* Atraya would wait the needed time for the wolves to find her call and heed it. She would flick an ear to the sound of another and Kova’s scent greeted her. She would offer a gentle dip of her head and a smile in her direction to greet the fae. The smell and scent of others started to greet her now and she remained seated there until she could be sure there was ample time for those who wanted to heed the call, would and could get there before she began. She did her best to keep herself situated on the top of the rock.
* skydancer lying near the Lake just simply watching across the Lake when she suddenly hears atrayas howl. perking up her ears for a moment she doesn’t only needs a moment to get to her paws and quickly starts towards the Clearing
* Kova smiled to Atraya and then returned her gaze out towards the others who where slowly starting to make their way to the clearing. Her hues momentarily glanced at her leg then back up again. “I can sense skydancer near, as well as Nightshade and Shakira to.” she uttered to Atraya. Trying to help give her count.
* Nightshade would noticed a scent of Shakira next to her, a howl was sounding the surrounding, loud enough that make her awake and raised up on fours and would follow her to the clearing as she would lead
* Atraya she would wait a few more padfalls, allowing the others to get to the clearing before she began.
* CwnAnnwn had been in and out of the packs territory since his return and now found himself returning just in time for a pack gathering it seemed. Though he had not got around to requesting to rejoin the pack yet, he still picked up his pace to at least be there for the meeting. The silver male loped along the creek leading towards the clearing from the west side of the territory.
* Rune At the sound of Atraya’s howl it would seem as if the Clearing would come to life, Rune’s own ears perking to the call. Picking her frame up off the earth she shakes her pelt free of any debris that it had gathered from the forest’s floor. She hadn’t been directly on the Clearing’s edge but was near the pond, tending to some of the herbs she had planted. She had last seen Atraya when they found the patch of m
* Rune int some time last week. Loping towards Alpha Rock, she slows to a trot when her ivory and russet frame breaks through the treeline of the Clearing. Not wanting to be any later than she already was, she moves quickly towards the back of the group of gathering wolves.
<Rook> The nearer to the clearing he came the more he drew upon the scents therein. If the wind was favorable, then he would have at least one sense to gauge the lay of the land. Surprises were fun in regards to birthday parties and sometimes the mail; he never liked them when entering a mix of others. If scent alone was not enough, then he would have the width of northern clearing and river
<Rook> cut»»
<Rook> cont»» crossing to take stock of those gathering wolves. He’d be fashionably late, but it did not seem that he missed the main course.
* Atraya when the wolves began to gather and she would hear the count begin to rise she would gently stomp a paw before stilling. Her frame would shift as well and the litheness she usually held was not as present. She’d eaten a great deal from the Oxen cache that still had a fair amount of meat left on it – surely would feed the pack for a few more days yet. “Hello and thank you all for attending »»
<Atraya> »» this meeting.” she said with a swing of her tail. “I would like to begin with calling Kova forward.” white stary eyes would peer ahead as she would wait to hear Kova move forward and stand before her.
* Nightshade would entrance the clearing with a draft and slowed up now to come closer to the point of where alpha Atraya was calling to the pack.
* Kova took in all the smells and scents offered therein to her. She would swing her tail seeing so many wolves starting to appear out of the woods. She was happy to see the numbers. Among the scents, if Rook was downwind to her, she might pick him up and her tail gently swayed but stilled now as she would hear the call and blink with surprise. Rise to the call she did and turned her frame limping »»
<Kova> »» ahead of the stone and would remain standing out of respect. Her left paw would be slightly keeled to the air if only to disallow any pressure on it. “My alpha” her head would bow.
* Atraya when she heard Kova’s words she would smile and dip her head and begin. “Kova, you have been Delta in training for sometime now and under the guidenace of myself and Shukie, you have proven yourself worthy of such a role and of such a title. Our ranks are stable much like the braided streams can sometimes change. The Delta’s role is to take the mantle should something befall the Alpha and »»
<Atraya> »» Beta, but I would like to continue to extend this position to you, if you are in agreement. Do you accept the role and responsabilities as Delta to this pack?” her tail would be level with her frame and the seriousness in her tones would be met.
* CwnAnnwn crossed the threshold of the clearing just as Kova was asked to step forward. Not wishing to interrupt, he picked a spot behind the others gathered to settle upon his haunches. He quickly swept the gathering place to see whom was present before his attention turned to the Alpha’s rock and Atraya and Kova.
* Kova would remain standing before Atraya and when the words were offered to her she would take a long pause and moment to allow the words to be written into the forefront of her mind and what they meant; what they entailed. Only a moment would pass before her lips parted and she would rise her head up from her respectful position to offer her response. “Sense I’ve known this pack and this »»
<Kova> »» place, it has been a strumm constant in my heart and in my soul. A sense of purpose and a sense of duty. The love and dedication I have for this pack will never change, only grow more fierce with the changing seasons. Yes, my Alpha. If you deem me worthy of such a role and title, I will honor you and this pack, by doing all I can to uphold my role here as Delta.” her head would once more bow. »»
<Kova> »» She could feel the pride well in her chest.
* Atraya Kova’s words would reach her and she would offer a wolven smile of pride. She thought quietly on Shukie, wondering were she had been, but gave a simple nod of her head before she would address Kova and the rest of the pack. “Then I would like to make it known to all who are witness to this event today and by Kova’s words of acceptance of duty to Delta, it is with great honor and pleasure »»
<Atraya> »» I name Kova… WolfSpirits Delta!” her paw would rise up from the surface of the stone before lowering back down again in a stomp. She’d allow her words to reach the wolves who where present to hear it before she offered up a short and honorable howl for the newly ranked fae.
* Rune was interested in what was to come for Kova, their Alpha wasting no time at the start of the meeting. Listening to Atraya explain the duties and responsibilities of a Delta to Kova, Rune couldn’t think of a wolf more worthy of the title. Noticing a slight hitch in Kova’s step, Rune would attempt to check in on her after the meeting, should time and circumstances permit it. Hearing Kova’s acceptance of the offered
* Rune position, Rune’s tail gently sweeps the ground behind her. At Atraya’s stomp and howl, she would lift her voice in congratulations as well.
* skydancer approaching the clearing she only pauses briefly before heading towards those gathered and quietly picks a spot
* CwnAnnwn tilted his head back as Kova was named Delta and let his voice join the others in congratulating the fae on her new role within the pack.
* Rook would be crossing the river when Kova was called up to the stone and would have all but missed the question offered her as he shook himself free of the water weighing him down. He was far enough removed from the meeting to have been afforded the action without being an obnoxious distraction, but he would soon slip in just in time to hear the congratulations given to Kova for an
* Rook official cut»»
<Rook> cont»» Delta title. He could not help but momentarily think of Ayaka before stamping his paw in the grass.
* Kova her heart would strumm and beat with the pride she felt for the role she was bestowed and those there to witness and support her. One she would uphold to the best of her core and being. To honor her pack but also, Ayaka as well. It was a mantle she too held and didn’t get to see through. She would keep her left paw risen from the earth before letting loose a howl in unison to her pack and family. If Rune took a moment to observe, she’d no doubt see that Kova did a half attempt job at caretaking herself, and wrapped some leaves in a grotesquely gaping wound. The result of a wolverines fierce bite. Someone get this fae some bubble wrap. When the howls would die down she would turn her frame and start to limp back to her place right to the left of the Alpha’s stone. A mantle her sisters would usually be seated but as she was absent, she would respectfully warm the seat.
* skydancer lifts her muzzle and joins in the chorus to congratulate kova with her promotion
* Atraya would allow the howls of congratulations ring true and high before the wilds would take their voices and carry them to the winds. She shifted her paws yet again, trying to get comfortable a top the warm stone. She would continue to ‘look out’ all the same before she would find Rune’s scent among the gathered. She would turn now to the fae’s direction, chuffing for Rune. “Rune, please come forward”
* Rune notices the arrival of two other wolves, Rook and Skydancer, glad that they had made it. She would be sure to greet everyone at the end of the meeting. As Kova makes her way back to her place, her limp was obvious to Rune now that she had noticed it. Her ears perk forward at the sound of her name being spoken from the height of Alpha Rock. Rising to her paws, she weaves between the wolves seated in front of her pausing before the large stone and Atraya upon it. “My Alpha.” She says, dipping her head.
* Atraya would’ve heard Kova move to the left side and she dipped her head to her. She missed Shukie and as well, Ayaka. The mantle she hoped the fae would be at as well, but knew that Kova would honor that chosen path and follow in the paw steps as well and strong as Ayaka did. When Rune approached she dipped her head and offered to the fae. “Though the nights sometimes draw long enough for our »»
<Atraya> »» paths to cross on occassion, you have always shown great heart and dedication to this pack. To it’s wellbeing, and comfort. I would like to ask you Rune, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits?” her paws would shift only a little between her.
* Kova ears turned to Atraya then now to Rune as she would approach. Her tail would swing quickly behind her at the fae. She was fond of her and her abilities as a caretaker though she wasn’t properly put in the role. She took it up regardless. She would still herself and look now to Rune as Atraya asked of the fae her desires to still join their fold. Inwardly, she really hoped she still desired it. There was a brief moment to where she saw Rook gathered among the other wolves and her tail once more swung behind her in the brown grasses to his presence. She gave a dip of her head in his direction to acknowledge his arrival before turning then to Rune.
* CwnAnnwn perked and turned his gaze towards Rune as she was called forth. He watched the fae as she made her way towards the alpha rock, a smile playing upon his muzzle. He hoped to eventually get a chance to cath up with her, but knew she would most likely have other things to attend to after the meeting, so he would wait.
* Nightshade stepped careful to kova and nuzzled her “congratulations kova ” she said and would sit down to listening to meeting.
* Rune “I do, Atraya. My heart belongs to the WolfSpirits and it will always call me home. I would be honored to be welcomed back into the fold once again and to rejoin the pack.” It had been some time since she had last stood before Alpha Rock, but she was ready to return to the pack in full.
* Rune “I do, Atraya. My heart belongs to the WolfSpirits and it will always call me home. I would be honored to be welcomed back into the fold once again and to rejoin the pack.” It had been some time since she had last stood before Alpha Rock, but she was ready to return to the pack in full.
* Atraya tail would wave once at the mention of desiring to continue her journey in joining them again. The fae was dedicated and eager to always lend a paw to the wellbeing of the pack and she’d recognize that. “Your next step is to become an Assessment to the pack. You will learn further and more intricate our ways as you rejoin us from your previous place here. Though you are familiar, you will »»
<Atraya> »» grow with the new wolves who call this place home.” she paused for only a moment. “I also wish to extend another role to you, Rune. The pack has one caretaker, Kajika, but you have proven yourself well over that you are also versed in the herbal remedies of this world. This is a position we usually save for those who are of pack, but this will allow you to grow not only with your family, »»
<Atraya> »» but your role here. Would you accept the role as Caretaker in Training? To continue to learn and gain knowledge from your soon to be family? To garner knowlege from your mentor, Kajika?”
* Rune was shocked to hear the roles that had been offered to her. “I humbly accept your offer, Atraya, and I am greatly honored to be able to grow with the pack again and to learn from our Caretaker, Kajika.” It was a shame that Kajika was not here today, but she would certainly have to track him down now. She looked forward to learning from him and from all of those around her.
* skydancer head comes up just a little higher in surprise. both assessment and in training? that’s unusual even so she remains quiet and watches rune curiously for her reaction
* Atraya would give a slow nod of her head to Rune as she would offer to the rest “As all lay witness to Rune’s words and acceptance of her role here, I would like to proudly name Rune, Assessment to WolfSpirits and Caretaker in Training.” her paw came up to stomp!
* Kova an ear turned to the sound of another and when she would see Nightshade step closer she would give the fae a light nosing back in a ‘thank you’ before she resumed to pay attention to the meeting. She’d be sure to also greet the others. CwnAnnwn being one of them she hadn’t seen in sometime, but was glad he was present. Hearing Atraya’s final words on Rune’s advancement she smiled and would »»
<Kova> »» let loose a few chuffing barks for Rune, stomping her own paw as well! a role very well suited for the fae and she was proud of her.
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* CwnAnnwn was happy for Rune as she was named assessment and caretaker-in-training. Once more, his head tilted back and he let out a low howl for the fae.
* skydancer after atrayas final words she too lifts her muzzle and let’s out a congratulatory howl of her own
* Rune couldn’t help but wag her tail at the howls of the others. “Thank you, Atraya.” She says to the Alpha fae before dipping her head and departing from the space in front of Alpha Rock. There was nothing quite as wonderful as rising through the stages of joining the WolfSpirits. While walking back to her previous spot, she instead changes course to go sit beside Kova, hoping to eliminate the possibility of Rune not
* Rune catching her at the end of the meeting. She gently noses the Delta in greeting and congratulations.
* Rook sat back upon his haunches and listened attentively to the magnitude of changes that would affect the pack’s future. He was curious if he had missed a swell of numbers in his absence or if these familiar wolves were to be the spear head for new activity? Curious or not, he offered the fae a congratulatory stamp of his paw to the grass beneath him.
* Atraya when the encouragments and happy chuffs were made and silenced to the winds she would allow the air to settle before her attention drew ahead. As she tasted the winds once more she could smell her son among the gathered and it caused her to smile and the happiness to his presence caused a brisk wave of her tail. Her head dipped warmly in his direction before she turned to once more ‘look »»
<Atraya> »» ahead’. “Nightshade, please come forward.”
+ Nightshade stepped forward to the alpha as it was asked from her, “Yes alpha?” She asked and sat down.
* Kova would feel the presence of another and turned to see Rune. She would smile and nose the fae warmly in a greeting and offer to her congratulations as well. She was happy for the fae for both roles suited her very well and she was glad to know that there might be another caretaker in their fold. Something she seemed to personally need more and more of as of late. To bad Fenrir wouldn’t taste the souls she’d give. She turned then to Atraya and now Nightshade.
* Atraya would wait for the fae to acknowledge her and let her know she stepped forward before she would continue. “Nightshade, you had been absent for sometime but only recently returned back to our fold. You were a pledge with us and as well an Assessment, but I would like to ask you now, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits?” she’d weigh the fae’s answer carefully.
* CwnAnnwn draws his gaze away from Rune and Kova as Nightshade is called up next. He cannot remember if he had met the fae or not.
* skydancer as nightshade is called up she shifts her attention to the larger fea her ears drawn slightly forward with interest.
* Nightshade “Alpha Atraya, I like nothing more, I still desire to become one of the pack, I’m deeply sorry for my absence ” she responded to her question and continued “I want to say something more Alpha, if it’s okay”
* Atraya she would dip her head to Nightshade “Please, share” she would extend the invitation to the fae to offer more.
* Kova an ear turned to Nightshade now as she would request to offer more to the others. She would shift her weight a little, if only to keep it off her left leg as her gaze fell to the fae, curious to what she wanted to add.
* Nightshade turned her head to Shakira as she got permission from the alpha. ” Shakira, our last meeting wasn’t pleasant I’ve acted rude, disrespectful towards you, I want to apologize my behavior” and would look back at Alpha Atraya ” I’m also deeply sorry for the actions and would accept punishment for being disrespectful”.
* Atraya ‘s eyes fell ahead of her as she could gauge where Nightshade was standing based on the scents and when she offered her additional thoughts she would respond in kind. It was something she was not privileged to knowing or knew what transpired, but if the fae felt bad about her behavior to apologies, then, she’d accept it for what it was. “Punishment would entail knowing the full story, and be that I do not, and you are apologizing now means you are willing to accept that responsibility. For that I simply offer a thank you for your honesty and I hope any displeasure between you or anyone else can be settled; which I am sure they can be. I appreciate the honesty, Nightshade and no punishment is needed now.” she didn’t know the context of what she said or did to ‘warrant’ a »»
<Atraya> »» punishment, but if it was something they needed to discuss she would do so not at the open junction of a meeting but more privately. “As a pledge of the pack this is the time to search your soul and heart to ensure that WolfSpirits is the right home for you. Again I ask with this in mind, do you still wish to join?” she’d wait again for the fae to respond.
* Nightshade ” I’m sorry for my absence, I felt a little disconnected with the pack I’ll prove my loyalty and my stay, ” and sat down back await for alpha’s response and from everyone else”.
* Atraya would give a slow nod of her head to the fae. “I look forward to your presence, Nightshade. As you have offered your words and heart to the others, it is felt. You’ve made it known you desire to continue to join us, and so I would like to have the privillage of naming you a pledge of WolfSpirits. Welcome back Nightshade” her paw came up to stomp and she swung her tail once before it stilled.
* Kova ‘s tail swung behind her once as well upon the naming of Nightshade, their newest pledge. She was happy to see their pack growing once more and she couldn’t help but stomp a paw as well but her’s was a little… lopsided? She had to rise her good one up and then ‘hop’ it down on the ground before stilling. She was happy for the fae to return.
* CwnAnnwn despite not knowing the fae, lifted his muzzle as he had for the others and let out a howl of congratulations for her.
* skydancer takes note of kovas odd pawstomp even as she lifts her muzzle in concratulation for nightshade
* Rune wasn’t sure what had transpired between Shakira and Nightshade, though it did not seem as if Atraya was going to ask the full story of her. The fae’s responses puzzled Rune but her remorse seemed genuine. Regardless, it was Atraya’s judgement that she trusted so she raises her muzzle in a howl to Nightshade.
* Atraya there wasn’t much more on the agenda of her mind to offer just yet, besides the obvious thing that would be before them now. If anyone had even garnered a notice that was up to them, otherwise she’d remain silent on the matter for as long as she was able but observations would be as they would. There would be no hiding the light. She wanted the chance to offer the news to her son and »»
<Atraya> »» remaining daughter but whatever kept them to the wilds did so at it’s will. Time was a fickle thing. “Is there anything else anyone desires to bring up before I close the meeting and open it to a few stories?”
* Kova ‘s eyes fell between Nightshade and then to where Shakira had seated herself nearby. She tilted her head quietly in thought wondering if she could even recall what happened. Was she around? Hm, regardless the fae offered her apology and she felt that it should be enough; but she wasn’t the other fae. She turned then to Atraya and swung her tail at the mention of stories. She had prepared one »»
<Kova> »» for this afternoon’s telling and was hopeful she might be able to share it. But of course would wait to see who else wanted to offer their lore. A story for a story.
* CwnAnnwn turned his attention to Atraya as she asked if there was anything else. He contemplated making his request to rejoin the pack now, but felt that he had not yet earned right to begin the path to rejoin. So, he kept silent and would ask later and maybe begin the path the next meeting.
* Nightshade looked puzzled at the Atraya and asked ” sorry alpha Atraya, did you asked something?”
* Rook listened to this newer fae offer herself up to the pyre of sorts. He chuckled to himself at the thought of someone asking for punishment from his mother or from his father…ouch. He was happy to have avoided the drama that killed you slowly. It was much better to die from the drama that had the decency to kill you swiftly and…well…dramatically. The meeting would end without
* Rook objection, cut»»
<Rook> cont»» and the call for a tale or two would be made. He too would wait…afterall, it was his schtick to offer a story for a story (copyright pending).
<Atraya> »»»( XD )«««
* CwnAnnwn had a change of heart, but Nightshade spoke up before he did. He would wait for the fae to finish before he would speak up.
* Atraya would shake her head to Nightshade; perhaps she had missed the question herself? She would offer in kind “Nae” she continued to ‘look’ out ahead of her towards the sound of Nightshade’s voice. “only what you already answered” she added.
* Rune did not have anything to add on the meetings front but at the mention of stories, she was intrigued. The ivory and russet fae could not remember the last time she had attended a Lore Night, it must have been some time ago. It was now that she would begin to think of something to share, she was not usually one to share but if there ever were a time, it was now. Both Nightshade and CwnAnnwn seem to stir at Atraya’s fin
* Rune al question and Rune looks to them, interested to hear what they would have to say.
* CwnAnnwn stood where up from where he sat and looked up to Atraya “I do have something that I would like to say.” The male would wait for the alpha faes acknowledgement before he would speak futher.
* Atraya there would be another voice added t othe fold but this one belonged to a wolf whom she hadn’t scented in sometime. She perked her ears forward and looked out across the ‘gathered’ smells before she would try to look in CwnAnnwn’s direction. Nightstalkers son. “Come forward CwnAnnwn and offer your thoughts.”
* Kova would turn between Nightshade and Atraya but then CwnAnnwn offered to speak. She would remain seated there but found that her right limb was starting to shake from having to bare her weight for as long as she had, but do it she would. She waited then for the male to offer his thoughts; it’s been a while sense she’d seen him to, but glad he was also back.
* CwnAnnwn bowed his head to the alpha fae before stepping past the others to close the rock. Once he reached the rock, he would speak “I wish to return to the pack that is my family and once more make this my home. I have been gone a long time and have not be as present as I should be since returning, so as such, I know I have not earned the chance to take that path at this time. I do wish
* CwnAnnwn to make my wish to rejoin my family known at this time so that when it is felt that I have earned it, I can start down the path.” He looked back at each wolf present for a moment before turning back to Atraya as he awaited her response.
* Rune ’s attention would be drawn away from CwnAnnwn when she noticed the occasional tremble from Kova. Turning her head to look at the fae for a moment, she suspected the Delta wasn’t fairing as well as she appeared to be. Shuffling closer to the silvery fae, she touches her own shoulder to Kova’s, offering it to be leaned against to hopefully alleviate some of the pressure she was currently placing on the injury.
* Atraya waited for CwnAnnwn to offer his words and as he spoke she was able to pick him out of the crowd of wolves nearby. She would listen to his request and offer a dip of her head. “I’m honored to hear that you desire to rejoin us again, CwnAnnwn. Your request has been heard and, would offer to extend that chance to rejoin us at the next meeting. It’ll allow your paws to settle more firmly »»
<Atraya> »» with us again and if you still desire it at the next meeting, it can be made so.” she said with a swing of her tail. It often made her think of Nightstalker. She had missed him dearly but felt a lot of his presence in CwnAnnwn. Lineage and lore.
* Kova felt the relief of Rune’s frame against her own and she’d feel a significant amount of weight being pressed against Rune, perhaps so much so she’d almost have to dig her paws into the soil to help be a stronger barrier. Her paw stopped shaking as the load of her frame was distrubited and she nosed Rune gratefully across her cheek. She was fond of the fae and her heart to the pack. It was there she returned her attention to Atraya and then CwnAnnwn. She swung her tail at the thought of another rejoining them, and was glad t ohear CwnAnnwn’s request.
* CwnAnnwn listened to her words and bowed his head to her “I look forward to being home once more, thank you”. He turned to make his way back to where he had been seated, he looked to Kova and Rune as he padded by them and nodded to them in silent greeting, his silver tail swaying gently behind him. He himself often thought of his father and though he wished to find him, he knew his father
* CwnAnnwn would rather he spend his time and energy with the pack that was both his birth home and his fathers home for so long. The pack was family as much as his father was, and now it was time to follow in his father’s paws and do his part for the pack.
<Rook> Ah, another male to steal away the annoyances of too many faes; another target for Calder’s name-asking quandaries. He was careful not to let on that he cared -too- much about what his mother said or how this played out. He did, afterall, have a fair bit in common with this one whether he knew of CwnAnnwn’s story or not.
* Rune is unbothered by Kova’s weight against her, relieved rather, that the fae was not straining as much to keep herself upright during the meeting. The Assessment was glad to hear that CwnAnnwn was looking to return to the pack, hopefully the next meeting would not be so distant in the future. Rune dips her head in greeting as he looks to herself and Kova before padding past them. It didn’t seem like anyone else had so
* Rune mething to add to the meeting so Rune wondered who would share the first Lore. She had managed to come up with something and would be happy to share first, should the others not want to.
* Atraya ‘s head dipped towards CwnAnnwn’s direction and she continued to hold a smile. “Of course” It was there she would remain seated atop the rock. Her disproportionate frame would shift as she soaked up the warming sun. By now a lot of the areas of the clearing and wildlands were drying from the previous rain. As the matters of the meeting came to a close she would stomp a paw softly (Faolan™). “Thank you to those who attended the meeting and congratulations to those promotions. Now, I would like to open the gathering for some story telling”
* Kova when the offer to share a story was extended she would swing her tail and slowly begin to rise. She would nose Rune whom was seated just next to her before she would limp a few steps forward and pause. “I would love to share a story, my Alpha.” 6her eyes light but eager. She loved to share a story and hoped to gain another from one who where gathered. In all honesty she was still trying »»
<Kova> »» to recall a few that were lost to the darkness from her previous hunt snafoo with the Ram. The thing that won’t be named!
* Rune peers around at the others, none of which seemed too keen to share yet. When Kova hops a few steps forward, saying she’d like to share, the Russian fae remains prepared to rush forward to support the Delta if need be. For now, though, she was looking forward to hearing Kova’s Lore.
* CwnAnnwn turned back to face the alpah’s rock and once more settled upon his haunches, wrapping his tail about his hind paws. He would perk as Kova spoke up and approached the rock, listening to what the fae had to say.
* Atraya hearing Kova approached forward she would smile and dip her head allowing her to share.

Lore Night Begins

* Kova she began “This is an ancient story passed on from many generations and was told to me much in the same breath as I tell you now. Long ago there was a young wolf who was about to become an adult and it is told that he or she must obtain a charm or good medicine after having their ‘dream’. It is sometimes said a wolf will not eat or drink for days and only spend the time invoking the great mystery of »»
<Kova> »» the boon of a long life.” she would pause before she continued, standing now as she would mimic “padding” or walking the best she could with a limp leg.” After traveling great distances that wolf must choose a special place or spot to dream. It must be meaningful, but also, sometimes dangerous or equally uncomfortable places! Surrounding terrors impress themselves upon the mind, and even in »»
<Kova> »» slumber to add vividness to the dreams. However not all dreams are easily obtained!” She would strike the earth with a paw before her voice drew with eagerness. “The wolf’s father led their young one into the forest and pointed to a rocky cliff face where a golden eagle’s nest lay. “You must ascend and stay in that nest until you dream” said the father. There was only a moment shared more before »»
<Kova> »» the father left in order that the young wolf might reach the nest without coming too close to his conductor. Obediently the young wolf climbed and reached the nest. There to lay a top in hopes to find that dream. That boon for a good life. Days would go by and there was nothing but vast landscapes to observe, but on the fourth night the wolf was greeted by a terrible thunderstorm with lightning »»
<Kova> »» and furious wind. The wind would feel as if it rocked the very mountain cliff the nest clung to, daring to blow him off. The sounds were like screams. Terrified the wolf curled up and closed its eyes, unbeknown to it, sleep over took an exhausted frame. The young wolf was brought to darkness but soon, a small stream of light began to reflect in the distance. The veil began to peel away the »»
<Kova> »» shadows and reveal a beautiful landscape of green grasses, wild flowers and clear blue streams.” she would pause if only to allow that imagery to sink in for that moment until she continued. “The wolf would feel peace. In that moment of peace a lone figure began to approach the wolf not from the earth but the sky. A white raven. It circled the wolf a few times before landing with ease beside it. »»
<Kova> »» Something was obtained in its mouth and only a moment later would it be dropped to the ground. It would be a talon, small but recognizable. A raven talon.” she paused and would rise her bad paw up if only to extend her one claw out, hooking it like a talon. “The raven stared at the wolf and cawed. It was so loud to the wolf’s ears it felt so real, as if it shook its very frame inside and out. »»
<Kova> »» CAW! Again, the wolf felt it! It was like the dream started to become real, shaking the outside. CAW CCAWWW! It was there the young wolf was pulled from the dream and brought back to reality. The cawing mimicked the clacking of thunder as the storm began to leave the area. With this new found knowledge and new courage inspired upon the wolfs soul, the young wolf carefully descended the cliff »»
<Kova> »» face. Elated and filled with new found energy and purpose the wolf set out to find the trinket. Searching long and far until the wolf came upon a ravens carcass settled just at the banks of a stream that during the storm had flooded. The poor creature must’ve succumbed to the rising waters. It was a fledgling , unable to fly just yet to escape it’s demise. She would give pause now allowing the story to wash over before she’d continue.
* Kova her tail would swing behind her before stilling as she remained standing as she continued “It was a reminder to the wolf, a thoughtful one. Not only did he find his trinket, but insight into what it might mean to the wolf. To always appreciate the life you have for even as young as you are, you may not always have the chances to learn and grow. The wolf gave a moment of thought and »»
<Kova> »» honored the spirit of the raven before gingerly taking free a talon. The young wolf returned to it’s pack fulfilled and with a heart filled with purpose. The wolf would never be too far from the trinket (maybe that’s why those humans long past wore things around their necks to) and it is said this wolf lived a long and fulfilled life – searching for many more trinkets and precious things in life »»
<Kova> »» to hold close and dear.” she would slowly dip her head and smile, stomping a paw lightly as she would limp back over to her place and seat herself beside Rune, but this time she would lower down onto her stomach so as not to keep anymore weight on her limb then needed. Her hues cast long to the wolves present to see how it was received.
* Rook would ruminate on the talon for a moment, and he would not be able to contain a smirk of sorts at the thought of what Phoenix would call it… the gris gris. What a curious tradition. He would not linger too long in thought so as to miss the cue to deliver a grateful and approving stamp into the grass for a story well told.
* Atraya upon the ending tale she would remain seated and thoughtful. She swung her tail behind her before giving a few stompings of her paw towards the end of it. She would be encapsulated throughout the entire story and would admire the telling gestures to each motion of the lore. “Thank you for sharing, Kova. A fine story” she continued to look out across the gathered and allowed that moment »»
<Atraya> »» for reflection and thought as well. It would bring to her the stories her mother used to tell her of the native folk and their own backstory. Of trinkets. She often thought of her own trinkets, gifted to her by her mate. Ones she held very near and dear. A token of love and perhaps of dreams fulfilled to. “Does anyone else wish to share a story?”
* Kova she often thought of it’s meaning and the wolf who told it to her. A lesson woven into the thread of her story; sometimes one must climb heights and endure dangers for the things they long after and are willing to protect or hold onto. She thumped her tail once more before stilling and looked around the gathered to see whom might offer a piece of lore.
* Rune had seen many trinkets such as theses, perhaps one or two within the possession of other members of the pack. She had never thought to find one as she had always traveled so frequently. Perhaps now was the time? Rune wags and noses Kova upon her return, glad that she lowered herself to the ground completely. “If I may, Atraya.”
* Atraya would turn to Rune and smile nodding ‘Please’ she swung her tail once before she would remain seated.
* Kova would look to Atraya then to Rune as she offered to share. Oh! Wide eyes and curious paws would wiggle into the earth as she continued to settle in the moist grasses, waiting for Rune’s story.
* Rune rises to her paws and takes a few steps forward. “I will share the story of the Shamans from my home. It is brief but it is the wolf’s personal journey to build upon it.” She pauses for a moment before beginning. “The levels of our worlds are held together by a magnificent, intertwining tree. The Tree connects the spirit worlds and souls exist throughout them. The levels obey the laws and balance of nature, and
* Rune do not conform to the good or the evil. Upon the the Tree’s birth, Wolves and the Birds were made the guides and keepers of these worlds, capable of becoming Shamans to save and heal souls. The first Shamans, one raven and one wolf, reached the Tree together. They traveled to the top of the Tree, where their task was to defeat and destroy an extra sun and moon, which were making the Tree too hot and cold. The raven
* Rune was turned to gold, to protect him from the cold of the moon. The wolf was turned to silver, to protect her from the heat of the sun. Successfully completing their tasks to protect all of the Tree’s spirits, the raven and wolf returned to their worlds as Shamans, transformed. Each guide completes their own journey before returning to the earth as Shaman, venturing into the spirit worlds to guide the souls of those th
* Rune at walk the earth today.” Allowing the legend to take hold before continuing with a story. “A wolf I have known, the Elder, was a simple healer long before we ever met. One night he was approached by a mother who brought her pup. Something ailed the pup and the Elder tried all that was possible before being faced with a final option. Venturing into the three to save the pup, The Elder also became a Shaman, transfor
* Rune med after warding off the spirit Chil to rescue the captured soul of the pup, who had been trapped in the moon.”
* Atraya ears would remain perked forward as she listened to the tale Rune would offer to the pack. She swung her tail before it stilled but as the end of the story drew her brows furrowed with concern. What of the pup? The mother? Did the elder find the pup’s soul? She would wait to see if it was truly the end of the story.
* Rune dips her head, signaling the end of her turn sharing. She had not spoken of the Elder among pack wolves before, but The Elder was the only shaman Rune had ever met and thus the only story she had ever heard. Taking a few steps back she sits beside Kova once more.
* CwnAnnwn listened to Kova’s story and nodded as she gave her explaination. He was reminded that he never had any stories passed down by his parent, his mother vanishing not long after he and his sisters born and his father busy. He shook the thoughts from his head as Rune stepped up and began her own story.
* Kova would swing her tail quickly behind her and when Rune indicated the story was to it’s end she would stomp a paw and let loose a few chuffs in the wake of it’s end. “What a great story, Rune.” she thought upon it’s meaning and the woven intricates of other worlds. It seemed the pack itself was touched by the very mysterious unknowns; she wondered how much truth to the tree and their world there might be? “Thank you Rune” she offered to her in a light but warm voice. Perhaps she’d inquire later to the potential Elder whom she spoke of.
* skydancer listens attentively to both tales ears swivels ever so slightly now and then when rune steps back she dips her muzzle gratefully at the larger wolf
<Rook> What another interesting tale. The structure of another world, not wholly apart from this one, told in the briefest of morsels was enough to make any collector salivate. They, being mortal, could only ever experience the physical manifestations of such places, he thought. They were, afterall, flesh, muscle, bone, and sinew. His mind raced through the parallels of connected stories before
<Rook> he cut»»
<Rook> cont»» thought upon Ayaka and his father. There would be a time where his thoughts did not stray to them, but for now they could not stray from them.
* Atraya when it was clear the story had ended she would smile, stomping a paw as well glad to have heard the story shared and offered to the pack and those who would hear it. “Thank you Rune” she smiled. Her paw came to stomp down as the end was indicated. She’d wait now to see if there was one more story offered before the evening would be let loose to the wild wanderings. “Anyone else?”
* Kova would strumm her tail across the grass before stilling it. She cast long a glance to those wolves who where present to see if any others had a story to share before the day was cast to them.
* Rune knew that there was much more to the Elders rescue of the pup, arduous and challenging, than what she knew of the story. Unfortunately, she had been young when the story was first shared with her and didn’t give much thought to it but now, with Faolan and Ayaka elsewhere unknown to them, she wondered how much of what had been shared with her was possible. “Of course, I am glad to have shared.”
* Rook had a few stories at the ready, but he ultimately kept them to himself. He was happy to hear these stories, and he was happier to have heard them without the precondition of having to dole out the currency of his kind. Were there any others that would offer a free tale?
* Atraya there was much to think on and the inner weavings of both stories would strike a cord within her. Thought provoking and some what hopeful. She too thought of her mate and Ayaka’s role in their own veil. What part of the world did they really steward? There was still little to be known about the old crone and Morrigan, and what really played into their own stories. She would have risen to all »»
<Atraya> »» fours slowly before making her way off the Alpha’s rock now. Usually she’d land effortlessly in the grass but she’d be slightly off kilter. When no one expressed a desire to share further she’d simply dip her head gratefully. “Thank you Rune and Kova for sharing” she’d wait a moment longer to see if anyone else wanted to share.
* Kova tale waved slowly behind her before stilling. Seeing Rook once more among the fold of wolves she was happy to see him; it was the story she had shared with him that she some how couldn’t recall after her rock incident. Perhaps seeing him now would help jarr her memory. Bits and pieces came and went an inner frustration she tried to keep to herself as she was one who very much held stories to »»
<Kova> »» her heart. She gave a dip of her head to Atraya’s thanks before she’d wait to see if anyone else spoke up. “Of course Atraya. I live to share knowledge as well as gain it.”
* CwnAnnwn looked to the others to see if anyone else was going to share any stories. His tail swayed idly behind his frame as he waited.
* Rune dips her head. “I am happy to share what I can.” She says to Atraya, glad to have been given the chance to share and grateful that she was able to attend tonight’s gatherings. As Atraya makes her way off the rock it would seem that no one else would have a story to share, she would greet them in a moment. Rune rises to her paws and moves towards Kova, as they had moved apart a little in the process of telling the
* Rune ir Lores. “Kova, would you mind if I had a look at your leg.” It was obviously that the wound was uncomfortable but for now Rune did not know the extent of the damage.
* Rook remained perched within his little patch of grass to dry out from his crossing of the river. When no other volunteer came forward to offer a tale, he would rise and shake out the matts in his fur. He’d not depart just yet, sensing either correctly or not that a purpose held him here for a little while longer.
* Kova would watch Atraya come off the rock and give a knowing smile in the wake of her presence before turning then to Rune as she approached. She was a little embarassed about her ‘attempt’ at cleaning the wound. SHe did her best based on the what knowledge she had garnered from her previous injuries. “Of course” slowly she would remove her limb from beneath her other as she extended it out. »»
<Kova> »» It was some what loosely packed with leaves and other debris, but mint was made into a paste and applied. It by now had already begun to dry and flake off exposing a good chunk of her flesh missing. The female Wolverine had gotten a good bite to her for sure. In a humans world she would’ve been darted, sedated and stitched but alas, the wild was as it was. Wild. She didn’t complain however. »»
<Kova> »» “When you’re finished here you might want to check on Fianna. She received a pretty ferocious bite to her shoulder and frame. Then perhaps the Alpha.”she’d sense motion and turned to see Rook rise, she finally offered a chuff greeting to him having not been able to do so more properly before the meeting.

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Lore Night – July 6th, 2020

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Lore Night

July 6th, 2020

The pack gathered to share lore and story!

Lore Night Begins

* Kamai had been long left behind by the others she was with and had journeyed back the way they came towards the clearing. she had skirted the cougar territory with no trouble. she had just passed into the hunting grounds when she heard a summoning howl by the alpha. curious, she would pick up her speed
* Kamai and make her way towards the howl
* Fianna would look a bit chagrined at that. How silly of her, of course it wasn’t. Still she felt a pang of disappointment within her heart that her mother had not in fact miraculously regained her sight. She’d perk up a bit at the idea of a lote night, and nod, nosing her mother fondly before backing up to give the Alphess space, settling several feet away and loosely observing the goings on around her. She’d chuff softly to Rook as he neared, an ear pricking in his direction. How had he been? She wondered. Was he getting reacquainted with the territory? Perhaps he’d fall in love with again and want to stay.. But those questions would have to wait, for she’d rather ask them in solitude rather than at the forefront of a gathering.

* Rook ‘s own tail would abide by the growing comfort and happiness at being near family, regardless of plans he had been hatching within the scheming mind of his. He had come as close to Atraya and Fianna to have heard the promise of lore and tale, and he knew then that the promise he felt in the air had been true. Good enough then…good enough. In his muse, he set a stone’s weight upon
* Rook the cut»»
<Rook> cont»» metaphorical scale and see what lore he would gain in turn. Such was the currency of a ‘teller. A chuff received was one that would be returned in kind once he was near enough to offer it after all the howling had been done. He, of course, was quiet. ’twas not his place to call for kin that was not quite his.
<Calder> He would move along the chosen path through the hunting grounds – taking note of all the smells therein. Those who had kept close to the injured fae and moving in and out of the hunting grounds as well. For now, and for the most part, all the trails led in and out and back to the clearing. It was there he would move. Hearing a howl arrive across the expanse of the hunting grounds he would now follow after at a slow pace.
* Kova would nose Shakira once more before the pair would start to make their way back to the clearing. They weren’t that far off. Eventually after a few minutes they would appear from the South East. She would pause at the edge of the forest, allowing herself to rest but also take stock of who was present. A good turn out, she thought, and swung her tail before she’d continue to limp into the clearing and seat herself halfway in.
* Kamai would make her way into the clearing now at a quick pace. she would notice a few wolves gathered near the rock and would make her way to them. the scents brought on the wind told her the alphas were there, and she made quick as she wanted to know how they were doing.
* Atraya would shift her paws once more as she tore off another chunk then ate it rather quickly. She could sense the presence of others. She would nose Fianna who was near and if Rook would get close enough, she’d offer a nuzzle to him as well before she would call out to the rest. “Well met wolves of WolfSpirits. Tonight I would like to call a gathering for a Lore Night. I would like to open it »»
<Atraya> »» to those here, who desires to share?”
* Kamai reaching the group she would let out a chuff. she heard atrayas words and she tilted her head “excuse me alpha im sorry, but what is a lore night? what does it entail?” she said sitting down acknowledging all the others she has and haven’t met yet
* Fianna would remain equally quiet after her soft chuff, and she’d watch every wolf arrive, excited about the prospect of a story. She had few of her own to offer, for what she’d experienced in her lifetime the other’s of her pack had seen and observed as well. She was keen to glean the other’s wisdom however, and her fanning tail would show. When her mother asked who’d like to share, she’d look around expectantly.
* Shakira moved alongside Kova most of the way, only breaking away if the she-wolf seated herself near the middle of the group, her own preference being to move to the side of the group and as far from the ‘spotlight’ as possible. At the mention of a lore night, her tail would begin a slight motion, it had been quite some time since she had last sat in on a lore night with the pack, it was good to hear that they had at
* Shakira least a night to spare for some light-hearted storytelling and time together.
* Fianna shifted, getting more comfortable as the others piled in and got cozy. She’d remembered something she could share, but didn’t want to start the night off, so she held her tongue and waited for a later moment, anticipating what the other’s might share. She sunk down onto her belly, and licked at a paw, an ear flicking to the evening sounds around her.
* Fianna would think idly of Kwa`ani, wondering where her sister was.. Probably off in the mountains. She seemed to have a wanderlust nearly as addictive as Rook’s, while Fianna herself found that while the distant peaks drew her eyes, her heart kept her paws grounded wherever the pack was.
* Atraya would shift her ‘gaze’ to those who where gathered before she would offer a gentle swing of her tail and curled it about her haunches. She would start off. “I will offer words of lore to those who would enjoy to hear it.” her tones equal and light. It was there she turned to Kamai and offered “Stay and listen and you will know of what our Lore Nights entail” she added
* Atraya she would slowly rise to all fours, feeling the stones firm grip to her paw pads as she stood atop the Alphas rock to offer her lore. Her tones would be subtle, light, but as well filled with the emotion that any story could tell or offer.
* Rook was happy to sit in the growing shade of the Alpha’s stone and listen to what would be offered. Certainly a tale or two would gleam amongst the stone and grass that composed the clearing and the packland…certainly, the rustle of leaves on the forest’s trees would whisper a bardic tune.

<Atraya> Why does thou sit upon my grave
<Atraya> And will dead lips to speak?
<Atraya> Why does thou weep upon my grave
<Atraya> And will not let me sleep?
<Atraya> My Body it is as cold as clay
<Atraya> My breath is earthly strong
<Atraya> How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart
<Atraya> Where we were won’t to walk
<Atraya> The fairest flower that e’er I saw
<Atraya> Has withered to a stalk
<Atraya> When will we meet again, sweetheart?
<Atraya> When will we meet again?
<Atraya> When the Autumn leaves that fall from trees
<Atraya> Are green and spring up again
<Atraya> How oft on yonder grave, sweetheart
<Atraya> Where we were won’t to walk
<Atraya> The fairest flower that e’er I saw
<Atraya> Has withered to a stalk
* Atraya the last word would echo off the tip of her tongue as she recanted a small story and lore driven from the small threads of her heart, still tangled and unwoven to one another. She felt the stone beneath her feel as cold as clay. She gave a slow dip of her head indicating the end of her shared lore. Words from the heart and the soul, albeit a loft, still held truth and emotion. She hoped to share with her family.
* Kova would have arrived at the clearings edge and into the clearing about halfway when her Alpha had begun a Lore Night. Catching the invitation she couldn’t help but contain her excitment. She recalled the stories shared and given to herself and Rook, even to the story teller pack. It was something she relished and enjoyed and so, when she seated herself she looked around to those wolves »»
<Kova> »» present. Seeing the Alpha’s son among them, she swished her tail softly. Eyes refocused now to Atraya and to the offered lore of heart and of soul. She offered a light stomp of her paw at the ending tones. A fine and strong piece to start off with, she thought. One of heart.
* Fianna would feel her emotion seem to wax and wane with the tempo of what her mother had chosen to share. “Beautiful.” She would whisper. She wondered if the choice had anything to do with the mate of her heart being beyond the grave.. Or just as far. She would feel her own lore would flow well on the heels of her mother’s and so, taking a deep breath against her sudden onset of nerves she’d rise and wave her tail to
* Fianna share her own piece :
* Fianna ‘s voice began softly, but would rise and fall with her own creation.
<Fianna> Standing in a barren plain,
<Fianna> Empty but for me,
<Fianna> I listen…
<Fianna> A grain of sand amidst a vast desert,
<Fianna> I am small,
<Fianna> And I listen…
<Fianna> Ages past and ages gone,
<Fianna> I have stood,
<Fianna> And I listened…
<Fianna> My comrades fell one by one,
<Fianna> Standing unnoticed,
<Fianna> I listened…
<Fianna> Until I was the last one,
<Fianna> Forgotten by time,
<Fianna> I listened…
<Fianna> Now tall and strong yet,
<Fianna> Old and beaten,
<Fianna> Still I listen…
<Fianna> Comes an agent of death,
<Fianna> With fatal bite,
<Fianna> I listen…Falling to the ground my vision fades,
<Fianna> But for an instant more,
<Fianna> I listen…
<Fianna> The woodsman sighs gazing at,
<Fianna> The very place,
<Fianna> I listened…
<Fianna> In tranquil quiet the time has come,
<Fianna> As the woodsman listens,
<Fianna> I tell…
<Fianna> Of memories gleaned while standing still,
<Fianna> Of pain and joy,
<Fianna> I tell…
<Fianna> Life and death I know,
<Fianna> And all of it,
<Fianna> I tell…
<Fianna> As the woodsman listens and reads my story,
<Fianna> Until there is no more,
<Fianna> I tell.

* Fianna finished her short tale of the trees within the ancient forest she had gleaned, the winds had whispered it to her. Ancient and wise they were and she truly wondered what tales they had to share. She’d sit back down, upright and gazing around to see who would share next.
* Kamai would listen to all the recitements and would be thinking of her own. hers werent as good as theirs but she would still take a few moments maybe not a poem, but a story she had heard long ago. she would let someone else go as she focused on how the story went
* Atraya ‘s frame would shift only slightly as she seemed transfixed to listen to the words of Fianna and the tune she wove for the rest to hear. She imagined it in her dark vision the stories playing just before her. Both strength and wisdom in the gleaming words, all to which would be inspiring. She offered a gentle pawing to the earth and stone she sat upon. “A wise lore indeed. Beautiful and »»
<Atraya> »» heartfelt. Thank you Fianna.” her tones would match the heartfelt inspiration she to felt from it.
* Kova would close her eyes allowing Fianna’s story to recant in her mind. Playing out the vision of what a lore would look like, and how it would be told and relived in their minds. When the story was finished she would swing her tail and dip her head. A fine story indeed. Full of wisdom and thought. She would perhaps hold her story for now, she too waiting to see if any others would speak their lore.
<Calder> He would have seated himself just to the outskirts of the clearing itself, paws placed between himself as he remained seated. He would listen to the first set of Lore before he turned to Fianna when she went to share. He took in the words offered by both fae’s and felt the emotion in the pair. Curious eyes of amber leered across the gathered and he’d wait for the next teller to tell their tale.
<Rook> A few stones had been added to the opposing scale, but there were plenty more wolves in this pack and plenty more tales or prose to share. He remained fixed upon the grass he sat and did not move other than to offer two rounds of paw stamps against the ground for his mother and sister.
* Fianna would scan those present, happy to see so many of her pack and family around her. She’d catch sight of Calder in the distance and she’d tilt her head a moment in curiosity before looking back to the other’s, the silence for a moment stretching.
* Kamai would stand up “if you dont mind i would love to share a story. she would then stand and with a deep breath she began her tale. her voice falling and rising with the flow.
<Kamai> I lay here trapped, no song to sing
<Kamai> wondering what tomorrow will bring.
<Kamai> my spirit lost, perhaps never found
<Kamai> no music here, not one little sound.
<Kamai> i must break free, i know for sure
<Kamai> though i never thought to do it before
<Kamai> these chains that bind me will not break
<Kamai> but they must, for my lifes at stake
<Kamai> running free is my only dream
<Kamai> but that seems far from me it seems
<Kamai> the years go by, and as i fall asleep
<Kamai> i dream of forests dark and deep
<Kamai> no chains to hold me, im finally free
<Kamai> though i think to myself “can this really be?”
<Kamai> my spirits alive, i have found my song
<Kamai> ive finally found where i belong.
<Kamai> i howl my song for all to hear
<Kamai> i see my family, its too much to bear
<Kamai> they guide me home, among the stars
<Kamai> my home is near and yet so far.
<Kamai> below me somewhere a white wolf lies
<Kamai> in chains but never to wake again
<Kamai> for its soul is free no longer bound
<Kamai> her freedom has finally been found.
* Kamai as she ended her tale, a tear would fall from her eye, it was about her, but not about her, she had gotten her freedom finally, and she was happy where she was today. she would then sit and let someone else go. if she could blush she would be bright pink

* Atraya when Kamai finished her thoughtful tale of woven words and rythmic lore, she gave a grateful nod and stomp of her own paw. Much to be held in said words, and much to sing to the telling of a tale. She gave a dip of her head to Kamai “Thank you for sharing, Kamai.” her ‘gaze’ continued to look outward to those she could sense gathered. Some familiar others, passing.
* Kova took Kamai’s words and woven lore to heart as well. She thought quietly upon the offered tones and the meaning behind each lyric. She would stomp a paw slowly before she kept her tail about her haunches carefully. Finding it uncomfortable to be seated for long she quietly lowered herself down into the grass and took stalk of who was within and any who desired to share.
<Calder> When the new fae, Kamai, approached and shared her story he gave a quiet nod. All interesting, he thought. He’d never think that a pack ever held such a ceremonial type of gathering where they shared story and lore. To him, this made the most sense. Why not gather and share lore of wisdom and of history. What better way to keep the past and present alive then through story. He felt inspiration »»
<Calder> »» well within him, and perhaps his own lore he wanted to share with the pack for sometime but found no other time to do so…. until now.

* Shakira listened intently to the various story’s and snippets, poems and heartsongs spilled into the open for others to hear, a vulnerability that held a strength not many possessed. As yet another story came to an end, she suddenly felt a slight pang in her heart, a story that wasn’t hers but one that deserved to be shared nonetheless. With a deep breath, she stood and without announcing herself, began; “Some say the
* Shakira world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I have tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. Though, I think, I know enough of hate, to know that ice, is also great. And would suffice.” She finished quietly, seating herself once more and staring out ahead, trying to remember where it was she had heard such a forlorn tale.

* Fianna would have listened intently to Kamai’s tale, nodding as it fell to a close. It had depth to it as well and she’d offer a beat of her paw and a wag of her tail toward the fae, her gaze moving then to the next who would speak. Shakira’s words were brief but intriguing. She’d ponder them, savor them before giving another stamp of her paw and a wag. Good words shared by all. She had missed lore nights, the last ones
* Fianna being when she was but a wee pup and she didn’t remember those stories shared. A pang of sorrow shot through her as she thought of Faolan, of her father who had always seemed to have the best tales to tell, and she missed him.
* Atraya turned an ear and then her head to Shakira as she offered her thoughtful tones. Forlorn and thoughtful. She gave a slow rise of her paw before stomping the earth. A well spun tale of wisdom, thought and insight. “Thank you Kamai… and thank you Shakira. Beautiful tales and beautiful lore.” her tones light and equal in appreciation to those shared tales.
* Kova turned to Kamai and gave a thoughtful nod to her words and then to Shakira. It was short but she to found the meaning behind those shared words powerful. She thought quietly on her own inner monolouges and lore. It was there she tried to recall a story but she found her memory slightly blocked. Dark just like the hunt had ended her. She furrowed a brow now trying to recall her own story. »»
<Kova> »» Another chapter to a book well written with lesson and lore.
<Rook> Sobering and frightfully dark stories and prose suggested that it was not only he and a few others who had seen a wellspring of sorrow. He quite liked the prospect of wagering how the world would end, but he had the prvilege of a broader horizon…mayhaps just something other than both, he thought to himself. The sway of his tail betrayed his otherwise quiet demeanor and told of his
<Rook> own cut»»
<Rook> cont»» appreciation at hearing what would be offered. His father’s stories were always a treat, and he was sure to have a few readied for such moments as this; however, they were slightly convoluted and long. He’d wait in quiet observation of what some would call, the “right time.”
<Calder> Quietly gazed around the gathered from his backseat in the pine. Rising to all fours slowly, he would make his way into the clearing proper and giving enough space so that hopefully the others might hear him. “If I may, I would like to share a piece of lore, but only if the Alpha permits…”
* Atraya ‘s ear turned in the direction of another voice. This one was deep and belonged to a male. It was not Kajika or her son and so she would pick up the temper and tone. Calder. She recalled the male desired to linger around the territory and quietly wondered if he happen to find what he was looking for. Regardless, it was a lore night, and it was a time to share a story or a piece of inner »»
<Atraya> »» literature. It was something she extended to all, and so, she’d do so. “Please share, Calder.” her head turned in ‘his direction’.
* Kova would be caught off guard slightly by Calder as he appeared out of the shadow. She would flick an ear to the brute as he announced his desire to share something. He was an elusive male and so, she could imagine his stories might be something of interest. So.. in the favor of interest she’d eagerly await what the male had to offer.

<Calder> would be slow in his movements towards the gathered group as he walked closer, weighing what was offered by the pack before he dare to cast his voice to the gathered. He knew that he belonged not, but he also wouldn’t pass the opportunity to share a story, nae, a poem from the heart. One he felt perhaps the pack needed to hear. Some more than others. He began to offer his lore in the subtle timber and deep balk tones of his voice. (( This is him speaking the poem – The artist reading the poem is what Calders voice would sound like )) “Old age hath yet his honour and his toil; Death closes all: but something ere the end, Some work of noble note, may yet be done, Not unbecoming wolves that strove with Gods. The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks: The long day wanes: the slow moon climbs: the deep Moans round with many voices. Come, my friends,’Tis not too late to seek a newer world. Push off, and sitting well in order smite the sounding furrows; for my purpose holds to sail beyond the sunset, and the baths, Of all the western stars, until I die. It may be that the gulfs will wash us down: It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles, And see the great Achilles, whom we knew. Tho’ much is taken, much abides; and tho’ we are not now that strength which in old days moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are; One equal temper of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” would allow his tones to temper the mood of his shared lore. Perhaps a course of truth would be had within those words. The pack had a great deal of turmoil, tempted by the dark depths of a fate they knew not they held, but as he’s seen before, they would not yield and nor would he. He reclined back and would seat himself among the tree’s, allowing his lore to be received as it would. In hopes to inspire and offer light to the other sorrow-felt words and tones.

* Fianna would glance at Calder in some surprise as the male moved forward, asking to share. Even as the surprise waned she’d find herself intrigued. What lore would he share? Would it be an answer to the request of a tale she’d asked of him a few days ago? She would listen, calming her questioning mind as his words would speak for themselves.
* Fianna would take to heart the words, the voice which spoke them not detracting in the slightest to their import and validity, neigh the deep voice rather made the words arc through te gathering gloom in a way that seemed to cause each word to linger on in her mind. The tale was a true one, she thought, and it struck a chord within her that resounded with the struggles her pack had been dealt of late. She would not
* Fianna yield either, though many times she’d felt on the Brink of doing so. She’d stamp her paw for Calder and offer a wave of her tail to him as he passed, making his way to settle a ways off again. She was glad he’d chosen to share. She would work her gaze around the other’s again, wondering who would brave the air next.
<Fianna> (.. Nay* XD)
* Kova found herself once more cast aloft in the lore of word and thought. Carefully she would pick apart the words and the meaning behind them. She felt her chest begin to fill with the lore of all shared. Each one special and each one tempering her heart to yearn for more and to learn from it as well. She offered a stomp of her paw in the wake of Calder’s words and lore. Her gaze now cast to those wolves still present, her heart yearning more.
* Atraya shifted her paws against the stone. Old age had yet it’s honor, she thought. Much stirred within her, but it was thoughtfulness. The words, all of them, shared and given were all of noble note and she would give a stomp of her paw to Calder’s offered tale. “Thank you for sharing, Calder” her tones light and equal, perhaps keeping that light tempo to her own tune.
<Rook> Death and time; the equalizers of all things. Save for his father and Ayaka, the mortal coil ended after the expanse of the later into the former. No amount of nobility or cause circumnavigated the finality of death save for memory. He, the wolf, had little care who Achilles was, but Achilles lived on if not for just a moment–the flicker of light in an otherwise limitless inkwell of
<Rook> the cut»»
<Rook> cont»» forgotten. He had to admit, Calder addition to lore night was fine indeed. Perhaps he had underestimated the other male? Still, darker hues clung to the words like soot to the chimney. His tales would be a tone-deaf addition at best.
* Kova would look out across the gathered. She had been relaxed within the grasses, well enough to enjoy the woven words of all those who shared. Each striking a chourd and each plucking a new feather to be added to her cap. She looked to Rook for a moment and wondered curiously if he was to also add to the lore night. She admired his lore and much like his father, he spun it beautifully. Her tail »»
<Kova> »» hushed across the grasses before stilling and allowed the peace of the night mixed with the thoughtful words shared sink in to all who would absorb it.
* Atraya continued to ‘look’ out across the gathered allowing time to pass in silence and the words offered by all be shared among quiet thoughts. She felt her paws kneed the stone if only to feel its familiarity. She would continue to look out and see if there were others who desired to share but it wouldn’t be an obvious thing to her unless words were spoken. “Does anyone else desire to add to our Lore Night?”
* Fianna would find her mind going back to her father, to Ayaka. What lore would they tell now? Should they be there to tell it? Oh how she wished to know what Aya was doing, how she fared, and lands her papa was now traversing. Her heart ached then, and she felt her muzzle drop to look at the earth at her paws. A long silence seemed to echo out after Calder spoke, as if no one had anything else to add. So she rose and
* Fianna with a sigh, would offer quietly. “Ayaka offer many words of wisdom to me before she left. She told me her story, of the pack that took her in and taught her so much, a pack before ours. She told me of how they died.. Or many of them. She wanted to become a better, stronger fae than the one who ran away. And she did. She blossomed here under you, Alphess, with her sister’s. I know that wherever she is now,.. She
* Fianna is doing what she must. I hope to be a strong as she is one day. And I miss her, I miss father, and because of that I will strive to grow as well.”
* Fianna would shift her paws and settle back down, curling her tail around her. She’d had to offer at least some remnant of the ones not there into the night of wisdom and sharing.
* Atraya an ear turned to Fianna now and when she spoke her head would give a knowing nod. A paw rose up and stomped the stone for Ayaka and Faolan. “They will always live on, breathe on, in our story and our memory, for as long as I have breath left to give. That is why these gatherings of lore, and of story shared among family and friends is important. So that their story will continue to be »»
<Atraya> »» woven in all our threads. Of each of our stories…” her tones light and hopeful. It would be hard for her to sometimes feel that way with her mate among those tied to the veil of something greater then themselves, but she hoped. “Past, present and future… they are ours to keep and protect…”
* Kova would feel the stretches of her mind try to finger across old dusty shelves laden with books. Ready to be plucked for the reading. When Fianna and Atraya spoke she was withdrawn out of her mind and into the present. Her eyes light as she looked to the two fae’s and gave a firm and knowing nod. She pictured herself firmly wraped around scrolls of knowledge and lore, protecting every inch of »»
<Kova> »» their paper. Yes, she would ensure they lived on…always. Especially her sister and Faolan.
<Calder> Listened to the recant of thought and emotion from the wolves who offered it. He remained quietly seated in the back near the timber pines. He took note and observed all who were present and those shared words. He knew not of what happened to Ayaka or Faolan, but it sounded as though they too were lost to the Morrigans last tendrils of shadows. A fate which brought a frown upon his face.
* Rook would rise to his paws to offer a few words on his observations, but wisdom made him think the better of his choice. There was an ichor here that clung thickly upon the pages of tales that were not ready to be heard or shared. It was best to let them languish if languish they must. He felt sorrow for them, not for his father or Ayaka. Nuggets of wisdom or happy tales in languid
* Rook pools of cut»»
<Rook> cont»» sadness just did not sit well on his tongue. No, sometimes wisdom was in simply listening, and that is what he had done until the weight was a bit too heavy to cary any longer. Instead of speaking, he would quietly venture out towards his father’s knoll.
* Atraya would give a gentle nod of her head. Somber tones of wisdom, thoughtfulness, even some sadness she would take it all in before offering a gentle stomp of her paw, seemingly ending the night of Lore. “Thank you all for sharing, I look forward to our next tale of tales to be shared” happy or sad, it was all woven into their lore and she too would garner what wisdom and knowledge.

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Role Play Session – June 10th, 2020

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RP Notes

June 10th, 2020

Discussion on how to free the northern pass of a pesky cougar who’s lay claim to the valley. Calder has returned to offer help. No sign of the Alpha’s or Ayaka yet, but the pack devises a plan on how to deal with the problem at hand.

Number Of Wolves Present


@Atraya @Ayaka @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Shakira @Shukie @Skydancer
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Fenrir Raven Kamai Archibald Calder CwnAnnwn Ryker

Pack Meeting Begins

Shukie nodded to Kamai, “thank you, Kamai.” She’d noticed the interaction with skydancer and Calder. She’d hoped to put all at ease before such could occur. She was glad to see Calder shrug off the aggression. She watched as the others began to gather around, waiting. Perhaps she should have let Calder know he was welcome to partake of the impromptu meeting. In part she waited for Kova
* Shukie to come stand beside her as the Delta should do. “g’eve sis” giving her a brief nuzzle. “Kamai has placed a few rabbits over near the tree at it’s roots.” pausing briefly, “There is to be no annimosity or aggression towards Calder. I have given him permission to come and go as he pleases and is welcome here. In fact, he’s off to help keep an eye out for the cougar.” a long pause
* Shukie would ensure before she continued. “We go to seek our alphas and missing packmates. The last known path was this way, which the cougar blocks.” She looked now to Kova, “what news do you have from your investigations?” starting with her DeltaIT.
* skydancer watches the interaction between the two sisters then frowns at shukies announcement though she knows better than to question. evenso she won’t trust the brute so easily and she once again glances behind her trying futily to spot the black form against a dark backdrop at night. twitching her nose alertly and not just for untrustworthy brutes either she then turns her attention back forward. just in time to returns kovas gree

* Fianna would be sitting attentively, perking when Kova began speaking of their latest findings. She was reminded at last of her worry for Atraya. Could her mother see at all? Was she even alive? She would be vulnerable against the cougar should she try and return from that direction. She held her tongue for the time being, but how could they help Atraya if they had no idea where she was? She’d glance around at the
* Fianna cluster of females gathered, and settle against Kwa`ani some as she listened.
<Kova> »»»( cut sky: returns kovas gree- )«««
* skydancer greeting with a dip of her own muzzle.(end)
* Kwa`ani nodded tho those arriving and to Kamai for the hunting done. She waited for Shukie to continue and give instructions on what their next plan of attack will be. she whispered to Fianna, “ya got me good sister! I’ll be ready the next time.” her fur still damp and muddied from being trompled by Shukie. The mud blended in with her fur.
* Shakira found a spot near the edge of the group as a short meeting seemed to be taking place, remaining standing as she figured this would be a brief strategy planning and they would be off to chase the cougar out of their lands. She gave a quick nod or a nuzzle in greeting to any nearby, taking in the scents of the various pack members as well as the she-wolf she had just recently met, though a new scent came to her as
* Shakira well. Another intake of breath had her ruff standing on end, not a new scent; the scent of the male her and Skydancer had tracked a few months back, the one who had caused so much trouble for the pack. But with his scent lingering around, no more than minutes old, why was no one concerned about him being here? She thought this quietly to herself while scanning the area for any male wolves she didn’t find familiar, her ears tuned in to the words of the Beta.
* Shukie looked out to the others. “Does anyone know of another way to ascend adn avoid the cougar?” she looked around knowing many have wandered and investigated the territory over the years. “Calder indicated he knew not of another way to ascend on the path we’ve chosen. It might not even be the right direction.” she paused to give others time to comment glancing to the fae sisters.
* Shukie “I’m going to be blunt and i’m sure all have had similar thoughts. Our alphess is long missing and with her being blind she may have been killed, died in a fall or other hazard. We’ve no way of knowing. I have every faith in her abilities but realism must be taken into account as well.” her head drooped a bit as she spoke the last.
* Kova shook her muzzle slowly “THe only other way would take at least a near full day. Maybe half a morning? The great crossing to the far west of here, and go all the way around? but we’d have to go through the entire mountain’s pass / region.” she thought aloud. “The northern pass has always been the easiest way in and out.” she would nod slowly to Shukie’s words, the worry for their »»
<Kova> »» alphas evident, as well as Ayaka’s wellbeing. Where was she? What kept her so long.
* Kamai couldn’t think of another way through at the moment. she flattened her ears as she heard of atraya missing. she hoped all would be well. as kova told of another way she would look to shukie. yes it would be a backtrack and take more time but it wa s safer the na puma for sure
* Fianna felt herself shaking her head to deny Shukie’s blunt words, the initial question fading in the background of the horrid cloud that threatened to decend where she to acknowledg that her mother truly might never return. She forced her shaking head to still and though her muscles grew rigid she kept her eyes on Shukie. The beta was doing everything in her power to find Atraya, she knew. “Can we scale the rock at
* Fianna all? Or is it too sheer? I’d be willing to traverse some dangerous ground to find mother.” She spoke up.”I’m willing to give a cougar the boot too.” She knew it might sound desperate but she couldn’t yet find it in her to give up. “If we must go around, then let’s do so, but..” She looked to Kwa`ani with wide eyes, then back at Shukie. “Lead the pack to stay here if you must, if that’s the most logical decision,
* Fianna but.. I can’t just leave her…” Her voice sounded a bit tortured and she hated to allow her weakness to show.
* Kova would no doubt feel the emotions from both Fianna and Kwa`ani about their mother. She had hoped for the best for the fae, and that, whatever kept her for so long would do so for good reason. Ayaka to. She had to hold out hope for her sister. She missed her dearly and like the two daughters, she also was worried. For their sakes, she kept as strong as she could. Hope was a powerful thing. »»
<Kova> »» “I’m also in line with booting the cat out as well, if only to free our northern pass. Otherwise I say we send the swiftest wolves, two no more, to go around.”
* Kwa`ani gave a shake of her head to Shukie’s question, her head dropping low at the words spoken aloud that she’d tried her darndness to not even think. The beta was right to put things in perspective and what the possibilities were of finding her, let alone finding her alive. She stiffened noticibly. `was that why Shukie did all the promotions she had?` With a violent shake of her head,
* Kwa`ani “She is »»
<Kwa`ani> »» alive! We WILL find her!” there was not even a smidgeon of doubt in her vocals, her eyes going wide daring anyone to contradict her. “I will do what ever it takes.” As each spoke her head rose again, proud and daring.
* Shukie pondered the Delta’s suggestions. “A good idea Kova. Yet we are too few to take on the cougar and it would set us up for failure at best.” She glanced over her shoulder, “There is the pathway wherein we battled the bear. The earthshake dislodged some of the rocks and we could ascend there. Yet the problem remains..” pausing to gather her thoughts, “If this is the path Atraya took
* Shukie wherein the cougar has staked its claim, We must drive it off.”
* Kova would nod her head in agreement to Shukie’s suggestion. “Agreed” she rose a paw and lowered it to the earth. “I think our best action, agreed to Shukie’s, is to drive it out? The more wolves the better.”
* Shakira simply shook her head quietly in response to Shukies question, swallowing a lump that appeared in her throat at the thought of the Alphas being dead. They had so openly welcomed her into their pack, their family, Atraya especially had always been such a warm presence to her, like a second mother in a way. She remained silent as the others conversed, ready and willing to fight for her family if necessary.
* Kamai looked to shukie “i believe we can beat that cougar theres seven of us and one of him. im sure we might have a chance. if its the only way we can quickly find the alphess im all for it. i dont mind a tough climb. its worth a shot at least hopefully?” she said hoping she wasn’t speaking out of place.
* Kamai but kovas plan seemed a good one
* skydancer shakes her head slightly at shukies question none that usuable any way. any and all would take a lot of time. the two youngsters denials make her looks towards them with sympathy even though her own heart ached with the thought of having lost a great leader. at the mention of atraya potentially trying to get back past the now blocked path her blood runs cold. “considering the long odds..” she falls silent for a heart beat”i
* Kwa`ani nodded slowly to the beta’s decision. “I want everyone back!” her voice cracked a bit with emotion. She and Fianna had not had much training yet as guardians yet it was their responsibility. As her mind pushed out all the negative thoughts she spoke up, smiling to Kamai’s reaction. “How do you want to approach this?” thinking herself and perhaps Fiannal should lead off? or was it
* Kwa`ani better for »»
<Kwa`ani> »» the beta? or the delta with all her hunting and tracking experience. Realizing there were lots of options. She knew Kova and Shukie were the most battle experienced.
* Shukie nodded to skydancer sensing the conflicting emotions. “It is a danger to us regardless that it blocks the path we have decided upon for it just as easily can trapse down into our lands and begin hunting our prey and a long wolf would stand no chance against it. One way or another it needs to be driven off for our safety and not just that of any returning this way which have been
* Shukie missing.” she wanted everyone back. But it was her responsibility and her decision alone. “It is too close and needs to be driven off.”
* Kova she thought it was no easy task to come up with a viable solution, but she had strength and knew the pack did to. “I will stand with you Shukie” she gave a firm nod of her head, ready to move off and go chase that pesky cougar off.
* skydancer listens respectfully to shukies reply not entirely convinced it’s only one cougar so it still seems like an awful lot of risk for very little gain in her eyes but shukies section is and so she lowers her head in acceptance. “if that is your decision. I’m coming too. you’ll need every wolf you can get.” she says firmly.
* Shukie looked to each, “We are strong together.” she now determined who would start. “Kova, you are our best hunter and tracker. You’ve found it’s tracks, scent and its paths. I’d have you lead us.” She knew Shakira was also familiar with the cougar’s paths and scent yet had her hold back.” She noted skydancer’s skepticism which made her wonder if she wanted the alphas back or felt them
* Shukie not worth the pack’s possible injuries. She tossed those thoughts out. “I’ll follow with Shakira, then our two guardians. skydancer and Kamai will come behind incase the feline sneaks up from behind.” She worried for skydancer for the fae had a lame paw and several injuries now healed yet severe. Kamai she didn’t have any experience knowing the fae’s capabilities in an endeavor such as this. She gave Kova the nod to lead on.
* Fianna had fallen silent for a long while, listening to the other’s talk about what needed to be done as her mind still buzzed with Shukie’s words. She might not be coming back.. It threatened to shut her down but finally she found the strength to push aside her panic and focus again on the matter a hand. The pack’s safety. “I am ready and willing to bear the danger of the cougar. Whatever you decide, beta.” She offered
* Fianna with as calm of a tone as she could muster and a dip of her head. “Perhaps all us at once would surprise the cougar enough to overwhelm it and send it packing with less of a fight”
* Kamai nodded to the betas words and would stand up preparing to leave. she may have beena shy wolf but she had the strength and swiftness to hold her own. though she had rarely taken ona cougar with the pack so she wasn’t sure how it would act at seeing the wolves. still she was ready. if it meant getting the alpha and the other packmembers back  as worth it

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