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Pack Activity

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With every summer…

it is not unusual for the pack to become very quiet. As of late, however, it’s been more dauntingly so. As a result, Atraya will start recruiting new blood into the channels and we hope that activity will pick up!

Atraya & Faolan have finally moved and settled for the most part for now so they’ll both be active. Also we’re going to be scheduling a pack hunt and a pack meeting fairly soon as well to catch up with everyone so keep an eye out for that!

I hope all is well and I look forward to seeing more of you!


Alpha Female Of WolfSpirits


Going somewhere or Need a Leave Of Absence?

Please make sure that if you’re going to be gone for a long period of time to fill out a LOA request. Otherwise you’ll be dropped from whatever position in the pack you may hold. You can easily request to re-assess yourself once you’re able to return! See the form below.

Pack Updates

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Pack Updates & News

In Character News:

The north continues to hold an eerie mist that’s plagued the lands beyond the mountains for several months now. It’s been determined that there’s something amiss and a new adventure for the pack is on the horizon.

As of late the lull and quiet nature of the season has kept the clearing in a stagnant state. With the changing of seasons, the pack hopes that those who’ve gone missing and absent will once again return to their beloved home, for a great challenge is on the horizon and the pack members will be needed.

OOC News:

There has been little activity for the past few months but we have a feeling it has to do with the holidays and summer break! We expect things to pickup fairly soon once school is back in session again! Also we’re looking to launch a new storyline and look forward to having as many participate as possible!

A pack meeting and hunt will be announced as well and I’m hoping we can start making it a regular thing!

 Pack Website Updates

There’s been several wolves who’ve been absent with no word on their disappearance. We’ll be removing some wolves from membership(s), member IT and Assessments. You’ll be able to re-assess as soon as you’re able to make it back and be active once more!

Bison Calves Are Appearing

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After Atraya scouted into the hunting grounds she was greeted by a herd of bison cows who have migrated into the hunting grounds and territory of WolfSpirits. The time of year for them to give birth to their calves has begun and some already guiding around a couple week old and early calves. Atraya had managed to make quick work of one calf, felling it and providing a quick meal for the pack but the potential for more continued meals would be introduced into the pack! Though winter is the domain for wolves to hunt and have full bellies, spring also provides an entire buffet of a younger generation to hunt.

General Information On Bison – Bison Facts –

Known for roaming great distances, bison move continuously as they eat. The females, or cows, lead family groups. Bulls remain solitary or in small groups for most of the year, but rejoin the group during mating season.

Bison are adapted to the extreme weather conditions of the Great Plains, from summer heat to winter cold and blizzards. In winter, bison can dig through deep snow with their heads to reach the vegetation below.

Bison often rub, roll and wallow. Wallowing creates a saucer-like depression in the earth called a wallow. This was once a common feature of the plains; usually these wallows are dust bowls without any vegetation.

Bulls and cows do not mingle until breeding season. Dominant bulls “tend” to cows, following the cow around until the cow chooses to mate. During this period, the bull blocks the cow’s vision so that she may not see other competing bulls, and bellows at males striving for the cow’s attention.

Mating Season: June-September, peak activity in July-August
Gestation: 270-285 days.  Calf is born April-May.
Litter size: 1 calf

Registration Now Available!

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Profile’s Now Live!

I’m happy to announce that profiles are now live. After fiddling around with several pieces of software and plugins, I think I’ve found the one that will suit us. I know it doesn’t look very pretty right now, but I’m working on a template to be more fluid with our current theme! I’ll add your profile link to your icon on the pack page as soon as you register and are approved!



Alpha Female Of WolfSpirits

How To Register

  1. Click Here to register
  2. Fill out the application
  3. You will need admin approval before your account can become active. This takes at least 1 day.
  4. Once you’re approved you can go ahead and start editing your profile!


Profile How-To’s

There is a known bug where once you set your profile photo you cannot edit it. I am currently working on fixing this bug! But in the meantime, once you upload a photo you cannot edit the profile photo. You should however be able to edit your cover photo!


How To Edit Your Profile

  1. Click on the gear icon ( bottom right corner of your cover photo )
  2. Hover over the center of your cover photo and click
  3. You will be prompted to change your cover photo – upload whatever photo you’d like! ( PG -13 please )

How To Change Your Cover Photo

  1. Click on the gear icon ( bottom right corner of your cover photo )
  2. Scroll down until you see your profile
  3. Start filling in the blanks
  4. Note: You can use HTML in your descriptions and use emotes/icons as well! Just don’t go crazy!



Wolfspirits 15 Year Anniversary

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WolfSpirits 15 Year Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to all who showed up to our anniversary and celebrated with us! There was much to share. Below you will find the log of our meetings, adventures, and lore! We had an amazing attendance today ranging from 15 – 22 wolves!


Begin Log – Attendance: 27 Wolves

* Atraya would have been within the clearing, conversing with several wolves when she turned her hues to the horizon now to see just who was about. A long wave of her tail was given before she would let loose a few low barks then rose her head up, letting loose a gentle howl. Perhaps to call forth a gathering.
* Lockewlf raises an eyebrow as his single ear swivels to the familiar sound of Atraya summoning the pack. he would take a moment to settle on his haunches and take a large breath of air before bellowing out his own howl of acknowledgement. He knew the time grew near, so many years have passed and even he would be remiss if he did not attend such a momentus event. He would rise to his swollen
* Lockewlf paws and broke into a slow lope, making his way through the trees separating the hunting lands from the clearing and emerged without his usual reserved silence. His head rose high as he strode towards the rock, only to see a strange figure in the distance.
* Skydancer when she spots the ancient Elder wolf she dips her muzzle to shukie rather abruptly and with her banner waving she heads toward him almost jogging and chuffs excitedly. hello Elder. she greets him respectfully wondering how he could Possibly be still alive.
* Kokuro was laying near clearings edge with RUne in converse when his Mother’s brought his head around to gaze upon her.
* CwnAnnwn turned back to his sister and returned her nosing lightly. “I have been around”, he would not elaborate further on that. Tilting his head at her comment, he turned his gaze back to the approaching male “I see” was all he would say as he watched the male close the gap. He was interrupted by the alpha female’s call for a gathering, turning his head to the alphas rock.
* Rune perks her ears to a howl from the center of the Clearing. “A meeting or lore night.” She takes a few steps towards Alpha Rock then turns to look at Kokuro. “Will you be attending?” She asks looking to Alpha Rock, suddenly remembering the tense issue that had unfolded there earlier an expression of unease spreads across her face.
* nalani ears swivel back. “I’m going to get some.” she wasn’t scared of wolves. it was probably a packmate, yup thatmust be it she decides her belly rumbling at the scent of the meat and she moves in caustious but unless someone stops her she digs right in *munch,munch* chew more more *munch all the while wagging her tail acrossthe snow.
* Nishanti would hear teh howl and look to the alpha gathering a meeting “well lets all gather around” she would say turning around towards the alpha hoping today would be the moment she had been waiting for since as long as she could remember hopefully to be one with the family once and for all
* Hutch would hear the howl to gather and would walk to the rock with Nishanti and CwnAnnwn.  He sits next to his court and listen for what the alphas have called a meeting for.
* Kokuro drawing his slim frame to standing he would shake the detris from his peltage , before nodding to the Caretaker to lead the way. “Of course I will be attending. Mother would skin me if I didn’t”
* Kwa`ani followed her sister’s example and settled at the dinner table quickly eating her fill, though in between looking around. At the growling she lept up turning to face the direction of the growls, puffing out her chest growling in response the meat falling from her maw as her ears flattened back, tail lifting.
* ApacheWolf stood up on all fours, tail level with her spine…
* Nov[a] ( has joined #wolfspirits
* Faolan hadn’t made an entrance into the clearing yet, let alone a grand one. Had he known what day this was? What would have kept him away from the festivities for so long through the day? All questions unanswered for as long as he remained away…and probably even afterwards. He had departed for the ancient forest and, as such, would be returning via the northwestern edge of the clearing. With so many wolves coming out of the woodwork he’d be forgiven for making his way towards Atraya at the sound of her howl.
* Noshoba would turn those oddly blue hues and the greet and allow a smile to come to fore. ” Hello daughter of my heart. I am glad to see you well. ” A nuzzle given in affection before turning to listen to the Alphas.
* Atraya would have waited for the other’s to make their entrances and gather. Her tail would quickly wave this way and that with anticipation and let loose a few more gruuuuing excited barks as she saw several start to appear. She’d see her mate among the gathered and waved her tail even faster.
* CwnAnnwn shook out his pelt and stretched sligthtly before he turned his frame to pad onwards to the alphas rock with his sister and her boy toy whom he wasn’t sure about yet, but figured his father must trust the male, so that would give some favour to the male.
* Skydancer reaches up to the Elder her banner low and waving in excitement but at the same time wondering how many more day´s she would have with him, he is far older then kova had been and she´d  already feared he might never return, except maybe… she remembers what he´d shown her. when the alphesses call sounds across the valley and she too turns toward the Rock.
* Shukie perked to the alpha’s call, her head tilting downwards even as her hind leg lift to scritch behind her ear then moving towards the alpha rock dipping her head in greetings to those she saw.
* Kwa`ani turned to her sister after the fae made her presense known. “If you grab a leg I’ll get the meat with the hide still?” looing at nalani.
* Nightstalker slipped silently into the clearing from the north, the old male padding steadily towards the alphas rock as he flicked his tail. He tilted his muzzle up slightly as he took in the scents of those gathered, picking out those he knew.
* Noshoba would nuzzle affectionately and chuff a greet to another of the packs old wolves.
* Lockewlf ‘s gaze moved as a chuff echoed to his one ear, his gaze settling upon the scarred, ancient but still recognizeable form of Noshoba. it was like lightning itself just struck Locke in the rump as the ancient wolf hopped to his paws and charged head-long at Noshoba. “NOSHOBA!”
* Rune notices an ancient figure in the Clearing, one she had not seen before. She perks her ears in curiosity but little to no distrust as the pack seemed to be very friendly towards him, his story must be similar to Lockewlf’s. Rune takes a seat where she assumes would end up as back of the gathered group, she wasn’t fond of others being where she couldn’t see them. She watches figures appear out of the darkness, tension free for now.
<Larka> happily and excitedly
* Larka would soon make her way into the clearing clearly had taken some time. as she looked around and took in the scents she saw a dark figure walking about. her tail swaying and her nose sniffing she ran towards teh black ghost bumping into his frame happily as she licked him all over “GG YOUR BACK!” she said
<Larka> happily and excitedly
* nalani lifts her lips in startlement at the old white one’s suddenn appearence but her littermates words cause her to shift her attention. “ok”she say´s and eats her way through the leg and tugs of what she can waiting on kwa’ani before wobbling of it never even occuring that another might try to take her prize.
* Noshoba would settle back, as he watched Locke come charging. The ancient black wolf may be all white now but he could still beat another old fart. And leaps back to tumble into his old friend and packmate still breathing
* Kwa`ani gnawed adn chewed at the meat and hide until she had a decent size portion, sinking her fangs into it she rose and followed the path back towards the clearing. “We bests hurrys.” as she began to sprint towards home.
* Lockewlf went rolling with Noshoba as they went tumbling through the snow, the ancient wolf’s eyes alive like they haven’t been in ages as he rose to his green paws and practically pranced around him “I can’t believe you are alive!! i thought i was the last one left! by the Earth Mother you have no idea how good it is to see you!” his tail swished happily as a huge grin crosses his muzzle.
* Nishanti settled close to hutch “this will be exciting i hope. i want to take this farther if possible. ive been waiting for so long and i want it more then anything” she would say softly in his ear.
<Divinity> lied at the base of a tree, gazing up into the sky. Her thoughts drifted quickly, filling her head. The ill fae quickly lied on her side, letting her tongue lol on the ground in front of her while she panted. Her nose flickered at the scents near her. She wasn’t exactly a stranger to the pack, neither a member either. She sure wasn’t welcomed by so
<Divinity> me, others remained more antsy.
* Faolan slowly made his way to his mate’s side and there took a moment to nose lightly at her scruff before venturing a cast of his hues to those few nearby.  What all have I missed thus far?
* CwnAnnwn slowly settled upon his haunches, wrapping his silver tail about his flanks as he awaited for the meeting to begin. He slowly scanned the clearing, taking note of all the wolves present, most notably the fae he seemed to be fond of bothering, Rune. He did not notice his father just yet.
* Noshoba is tumbleed through the snow and takes out his granddaughter so she was seeing black instead of white. Chuckling another not walking the paths just yet, he draws his lithe frame back up and nuzzles softly to all his family nearby. A whisper givem “You know we are being disrepectful for such a pair of old elders like us.”
* Nightstalker slipped around the back side of the rock to take his usual place off to the side of the rock where he could both pay attention to the alpha’s and keep an eye on those gathered.
* Shukie spotted Divinity stirring, rising she moved towards the fae and when she was near she stopped, “There is a meeting about to begin, you are welcome to join it if you wish and can follow me. She waited for a response then led the way. The fae would follow or not, depending upon her choice. She returned to her normal position not far off of the alpha rock.
* Lockewlf positively quivers with excitement as he murmurs back “well, the good thing about being old is that all the young wolves don’t expect anything out of you anymore.” he would grin, then moved to settle on his haunches, trying to calm himself down so that the meeting can commence.
* Divinity quickly tried standing up, only to fall onto the ground. After a few struggles, she finally mustered up the strength to follow by her friendly packmate. She kept up, only a few lengths away from her.
* _Nova would have arrived at the group of wolves, one unfarmiliar face stood out. From what he could barely her it was a wolf from Locke’s time here. Another elder to learn from. He sat down on his haunches and looked around and then to the alphas, being quiet for whatever reason.
* Rook , the aloof goof, had unknowingly followed his papa’s tracks back into the clearing. Big paws made big paw prints, but he had his fun traipsing about among them in the late winter’s snow. Boy, would he be surprised to see everyone in the clearing once he rounded the northwest bend. Who were all these weirdos? Did someone feed his sister’s after midnight or something??!! It was probably that troublemaker, Nova….they were all doomed! For now, though, he’d continue to hurriedly follow after papa.
* Kokuro stayed with Rune for the moment until he say his father with his Mother upon the rock. A quick parting nuzzle given tro show his thanks for company, he would start a slow but graceful pad to join his family.
* Azaelia had stayed in the southern clearing most of the day basically by herself. Again the female seemed to have fallen asleep, a very eventful day but not a lot had happened with her specifically. She continued to lay curled into herself for now. Her orb covers stayed strewn over her nonexistant gaze.
* Kwa`ani bounded towards the clearing and quickly broke through the trees looking for the blabber mouth black fae. When she spotted her she ran like the wind towards her, the piece of meat flopping in her maw.
* Divinity slowly settled onto the ground near Shukie. She groomed herself quietly, not making a peep. She remained low, yet kept visual and auditory locks on every spirit around her. She was still unsettled by the caretaker, whom she hope would get used to her. Glossy fur gleamed brighter in the moonlight with each lick. The abundant supply of strands fluffed outwards, setting her fur into an itchy state. Shaking, she soon continued grooming
* Rune would be watching the approaching Divinity with a cold stare and wasn’t able to doge the nuzzle from Kokuro. Instead she recoils and the formally convex shape of herself to Kokuro quickly turns concave when she whips around with ears back and eyes wild with fear. However, she doubted the brute would even notice as he moved away quickly. With a nervous lick of her nose she looks behind her for other dangers before returning her attention to Divinity, who had settled near Shukie and started to groom herself.
* Kwa`ani dropped the meat near Shukie and the weirdo fae then ran and jumped upon the rock nuzzling her parents if they were atop it already.
* Rook would look at Kwanini the double poster with a sense of reassurance. Yep, they had fed her past midnight and this is where all these other wolves were coming from. She wouldn’t get front row seats alone though. He’d be right up there with mama and papa…stink in gremlin maker!
* nalani follwing her sister she quickly drops her prize of near shukie and not even sparing a glance for the others she weaves her way to the Rock and bounces up it’ s slope and excitely bounces up against her mum-zie and dad- io too,licklicklicking their muzzles excitedly.
* Fianna would be lingering on the outer edges of all the woofies gathered, a bit overwhelmed. Her amber hues darted about wide eyed as she took in the vast array of pelts, scents, and tones. Still, she felt flickers of excitement. So many around! Where did they all come from? Did they drop from the sky? Did the just go poof? Hrmmmm… she plunked her butt down, content to be on the fringe for now and view the silly howlers.
* Atraya it would be a wild gathering for the pack this evening and as it was, if Lockewlf and Noshoba where within the clearing her eyes would no doubt dart to the elder, Noshoba. She hadn’t seen him in a very long time and her tail would as well sway quickly behind her in equal tandum. She would let loose one more following howl to the skies and to those who where present before she lowered it. There where so many scents, both old and new that she absorbed them for what they where. When the wolves began to gather she settled down on her haunches upon the alpha’s rock and offered forth a chuff. “Good evening all!” would look to each wolf who gathered.
* Noshoba would settle back on ancient haunches all but melting from view with his silence to let the others have their fun and listen to the Alphas.
* Nishanti settled and look to the alpha awaiting to hear what would be said. she wagged her tail
* Lockewlf would turn his gaze up to Atraya, his voice silencing as he moved to bow his head respectfully towards her. he would rise once more, moving to lean on Noshoba with a stupid grin on his muzzle.
* Kokuro would dip his head to his mother before drawing to the front of the rock and settle himself into listen.
* CwnAnnwn watched as Rune reacted to the contact from Ko before his gaze shifted to the presence of his father. It wasn’t long though before Atraya drew his gaze as she started the meeting.
* Shukie looked to Rook adn nalani whispering. “We have another brother! You not only male no mores and he big wuff!”
* Ayaka had felt hesitant to return to the clearing after the hunt. The run and kill had done her good, as well as having a full belly. But.. there were a lot of taut emotions right now. And, from her place near the southern edge of the clearing she could smell many many scents mixing and mingling. Still.. her sense of pack and duty finally issued her within and she
* Ayaka found her paws quietly easing toward those gather around the stone of import. She would note Fia near the outskirts amd quietly settled beside the pup with a slow smile, tail curling round her paws as she turned to watch the proceedings.
* Larka moved into noshs scruff and fur  and licked him on his reare happy that he was still around
* Kwa`ani looked to Rook adn nalani whispering. “We have another brother! You not only male no mores and he big wuff!”
* Nightstalker slowly settled upon his haunches and draped his midnight tail over his forepaws as he scanned the gathered wolves, noting the presence of his remaining two offspring, neither was a pup any longer, but young adults at nearly 3 years of age.
<Faolan>  It wouldn’t take him long to notice a particular wolf among the rest. The boy had turned up after all. The scents had not been the phantom of old memory, but of and old memory come back. Kokuro seemed to have entered alone, which begged more than the supply of questions in his return alone. He would be asked the same question as he had asked others, but it was for a time other than these festivities. For now he extended his own greetings to those gathered and to his son and daughters.
* Azaelia possibly may have stirred to the nervous energy and excitement in the clearing and as her orbs graced the night she may have witnessed many forms suddenly surrounding alpha rock. She slowly haunched herself looking onward from the southern clearing where she planned to remain. She was hoping not to have a repeat encounter like the one earlier. One incident was more than she wanted,
* Azaelia hopefully she would remain distant and invisible just a shadow in the back of a large group.
* Kova nod doubt would’ve heard the howling call from her alpha’s and would’ve retreated from the hunting grounds. ONly now did she emerge into view and pad to a really large gathering of wolves! She waved her tail slowly, limping to her place near her sister Ayaka and Shukie. She seated herself near them and looked forward.
<Rook>  Pfff…he no match for the bearstone alliance. I papa’s son! he said with a mighty whisper and puffed out chest. He didn’t know which one of the weirdo gremlin wolves this other ‘son’ was, but he’d find em!
* Skydancer at the romping of the Elder and larka she scampers out of the way rather quickly and eyes the two slightly irritable as it causes her to almoststep on a couple banners in the process . sitting down again she keeps a weary eye on them. overgrown wolves.
* Divinity huffed, itching behind the collar with very agitated behavior. She quickly broke from her posture, settling onto her haunches. She nervously looked around before breaking from the crowd, going off into the treeline to disappear for a while. Her nose twitched, the auditory sound of the liquid gushing nearby sounding her ears. Quickly, her pace increased into a very fast lope across the surface. Toes spread, they kept her from >>
<Divinity> slipping on the surface. Finally nearing the water, she lowered herself to lap the icy goodness.
* Kokuro would hear his younger brother and stifle a snicker. The five year old was amused with all his siblings since he had grown up with none.
* Shukie watched the fae depart but didn’t go after her, instead leaning into her sister nuzzling gently before turning her attention to the alphas.
* nalani turns her head with interist at kwa’ani Å› tail and pounces atop it certainly not minding where she possibly knocks her younger litter mate toward.
* Rune watches Divinity lope away with narrow eyes. She then looks around at the gathered company, seeing faces new and familiar, young and old. Something was different about this meeting, though she couldn’t pin down what it was. She spots CwnAnnwn, she had scented him earlier but didn’t see him approach. Rune and he always managed to ruffle each other’s feathers when they talked so for now she’d refrain from talking to him.
* Atraya dipped her head and smiled before offering “Thank you all for joining us tonight. Today marks the pack’s Anniversary. It was first founded by Kovo & Spirit, two sisters, bound by heart and spirit alike, to forge from the ashes of dreams they set out and created WolfSpirits. Love and devotion, strength and vigor, they created a family strong and true…. the family you are now witness to this very night.”  she began and allowed those wolves to settle and listen.
* Hutch would look to Nishanti and smile; “best of luck to ya.”
* Lockewlf ‘s gaze would grow rather serious now, his emerald eyes returning to their normally calm state as his single ear swivels towards her voice.
* Larka smiled and wagged her tail happily
* Fianna got bored sittin waaaay in the back, even though Ayaka had sat by her, the fae wasn’t as fun as her sibs! Stinkers though they were. So. On that note, look out world! She rose and went crashing through the throng, perhaps bumping and jostling quite a few fluffy shoulders as she moved pushing through, until she reached the rock itself and – wheee! – she took
* Fianna a graceful flying leap and landed very near the top, finishing her climb quickly and with a flourish.
* Nishanti noded him so glad to be part of such a legendary pack
* Faolan had more than likely taken many private moments to recollect upon all the years that had passed. Some he had not been privileged to and some he had. Her certainly saw the three others that were older than he present among the rest and would offer each a light dip of his nose while he listened to his mate’s words.
* CwnAnnwn hadn’t had his fur ruffled in some time now, so unless Rune was to vanish after the meeting, it would most likely be ruffling time. He flicked an ear as his sister and her boy toy spoke quietly to one another and shook his head slightly. He would keep his comments to himself, who was to say that one day he wouldn’t be some faes boy toy and serve her every needs. He quickly shook off the thought and turned his full attention to the alphas.
* Divinity her tongue lolled gently into the water, her blades perked with her downward posture. Her tail slowly swished behind her as she stepped onto a log, crossing over the stream to avoid getting wet. She sniffed around, hoping to find something to eat before heading back. She was starving, and it was /so/ painful. A thicket of bushes grouped near a large tree. Dabbled on the bushes was the icy, dormant-ed blueberries. Sighing, the female decided to head back with only a waterlogged stomach. She quickly emerged from the treeline once again, settling away from the wolves with a nervous glare at her paws.
* Kokuro watches the antics of his siblings before taking a quick gaze upon the others.
* Rook could sit still with the best of em. Unfortunately, he was with his spastic sisters! Ugh, why you gotta be all goobery and prone to wiggling about?? He’d just have to nip at nalani’s ear because she was the most goober-ridden!
* Kwa`ani chose that moment to nip at Rook’s ear when his head dipped towards nalani then shouldered him
* Noshoba would make a place for Sky in the group so she would not be crushed. A sigh given he wondered what would happen now.
* Fianna would be… perhaps.. a ‘tad’ wound up from all the woofies around amd the excitement in the air. She gave Rook a look as she breezed by that may have said something like – “who said anything abiut sitting still?” Could she read minds? Probably. Now, whos tail firstly? She gruuued and leaped towaeds Faolan, papa, who seemed ripe for the picking, lost in thought. Hehe. Ohyesss. Bearstone aliance, unite!

* Atraya would blink to her daughter, Fianna, flying like a bird right up to the rock. She smiled with admiration before reaching down and nuzzling her crown before she proceeded to address the wolves. “With each passing day we grow stronger and forge new bonds from old and from those just joining us. We live and we learn through our experience with the pack and without each and everyone of you, we would not be. The dream and heart of this pack and what it stands for would perrish like a blown out flame.” she paused momentarily before pressing her paws into the earth and offering still. “We are strong. We are WolfSpirits.. now and forever.” she would bow her head before lifting high. Proud. “Let us sing a song for my mother, Kovo and her sister, Spirit. To Slate and to Firetalon. To those who’ve gone but are not lost for we continue to keep them true to our hearts and our memories. Both IC and OOC. Let us sing to each and everyone of you…” she paused looking to all her packmates, members in training, assessments, pledges, and visitors. “Let us sing to you…. for you are WolfSpirits. Now and forever.” it was there she stomped her paw to the stone and would rise her muzzle skyward letting loose a deep, heartfelt howl that would reverberate the feelings welled within.
<Rook>  If he was going down, then he was taking nalani and Kwanini with him…seeing as he had nalani’s ear and she had Kwanzanini’s tail! Thankfully, he wasn’t going to be budged too far. Oh yeah! Now the other half of the bearstone alliance was here and he’d be backed up…but Fianna had gone after another target altogether.
* Larka smiled and tapped her tail on the ground as she sent her song to the sky to join in with the alphas
* nalani_ ducks her head to the side as she is almost nipped in the ear and side steps by sheer chance toward faolan her muzzle open in exitement to have all her littermate with her tongue lolling out as she pants and then tries to pounce rook  except he doesn’t really have anywhere to go and neither does she possibly causing a domino effect as she is knocked sideway’s and if rook isn’t going to cöoperate and be pounced she’ll be usin
* Rune would nervously wait till others joined Atraya in song before lifting her own head. Her own dark, alto tones join the chorus made by her family and friends, unexplainable bonds holding them together.
* Kova would feel the heartfelt words as they where told and scribed from lore and history. She let loose a low howl, offering her voice to the sky with her alpha’s and with her pack!
* Nishanti felt moved by the howling and couldn’t help but join in happily loving the song as she tapped her paw along with it
* Shukie lifted her head and howled along with those of the pack, present, past and those to come yet. She also sang for her own ancestors for whom otherwise she’d not be here today. To the heavens and beyond she sang, with heart and soul echoed in her tones.
* Noshoba would allow his old voice to blend in with the others as it lifted upon the winds.
* Lockewlf nodded at Atraya’s words, his muzzle set as he tilted his head back and let out the deep howl of rememberance, letting his anxiety and longing go in a song to the Earth Mother.
* Nightstalker listened as Atraya spoke and would soon tilt his head back to howl for the souls of those mentioned, but also for that of his long departed brother whom his first visit with after they were seperated was his burial site.
* Kwa`ani ‘s paws flailed, perhaps thumpering her mum or missing, but she’d land right atop the mouthy brother Rook flattening him in the process if he wasn’t quick enough on his descent to move out of the way. Stipes it was!
* Kokuro would smirk at the carefree behavior of his sibs before lifting his own strong howl with the others.
* Hutch lifted his head and began to join in the course howl; he loved this pack, and used his voice to prove it.
* Azaelia raised her maw skyward perpendicular to the darkened clouds above and let her song ring with the others.
* Faolan would offer up a low-toned voice in concert with his mate’s and those others that sang to the founder of the pack.
* Fianna ‘s vocals would lift to join her pack and her heart would swell and lift with the emotion of it all, the remembrance that she was now a part of. She would rise in her paws and seat herself beside Kova amd Shukie, nosing each with a friendly and affectionate muzzle.
* Divinity slowly lifted her head, howling along with them. Though she did not know the others personally, she still had an instinctual bond with them. They were friends – as she considered, family. A long, eery howl sounded from her throat. Almost a cackle, in the beginning, sounding into a smooth tone. She had her own howl. One that sounded strangely like a hellhound. Yet, a serene one at the same time. A tug of war between opposites.
* Ayaka vocals would lift to join her pack and her heart would swell and lift with the emotion of it all, the remembrance that she was now a part of. She would rise in her paws and seat herself beside Kova amd Shukie, nosing each with a friendly and affectionate muzzle.
* Atraya when the howls would subside and each would offer up their song she would wave her tail slowly behind her before it stilled. “Thank you” she dipped her head before she nosed her pups nearby before she returned her gaze back to the rest. “Firstly, I would like to offer up this announcement. OOC: As you know I have been working on the pack’s website for sometime. It’s been a labor of love throughout all these years and with a new year, I felt that it was time for some change as we continue to evolve and grow. There’s so many amazing opportunities out there for the website and a community out reach, as well as customization things for the pack to experience and have. There are some features that are still being worked out and I am sad that it isn’t done yet for this unveil but! It will be really nice! You will all be able to login to the website and edit your own profiles, send messages to other packmembers, etc. So without further adue! The website is now LIVE! There are some pages I am still migrating over because, well, it’s going to take a while! Especially the pack history page but I will be getting the history from 2001 – current up eventually. I will be adding some other pages and updating content as I go, but, I wanted to unveil it tonight! I hope you like it.” tail waves and waits.
* nalani_ pounyi pounces onto rooks frame trying to get at his ears or something her tail waving thump thumping against her dad-io as he is behind her which gives her quite a nice secure feeling.
* Nishanti smiled as she was told this news. though she knew it was for her human and now her so for now she would continue to listen
* Shukie leaned over and nuzzled Ayaka during the period of quiet with a quiet hello before turning her attention back to the alphas.
* Faolan would quiet his voice in tandem to that of the others. It was in the quiet that followed that he noticed his not so young pup’s acting like much younger, uknowing fluff heads. He would offer a low growl and a nip to each of their little ears lest the play get out of paw.
* Rune watches the Alphas respectfully, eager for the meeting to continue, the tension of earlier today was forgotten.
* Rook had been bamboozled by the goober twins! He was sure such movements were unheard of seeing as he had one of them by the ear! Sorcery and witchcraft…he was sure they were cylon snow!! Thankfully, he couldn’t retaliate fast enough to get into too much trouble…mostly because papa stopped him before he slobbered on the two of them for good measure. Instead, he’d be forced to sit patiently and wait for his chance to show them what for!
* Atraya she swung her tail slowly before nodding and looked to her mate and nuzzled him softly across his cheek. Curious if he desired to add anything.
* Kwa`ani yelped at her papa’s nip, deciding to wiggleworm her way between her `rents ignoring her spazoid brother. Snickering to herself as he didn’t get to go on a special task today.
* Fianna yelped a bit too, thinking she had caught papa by surprise. But the nip told her she had been wrong. Plunking tonher butt now by rook she huffed a bit, then turned her attention to all the woofs around. “We bearstone together again!” She leaned over to ‘whisper’ to Rook, tail thumping.
* nalani_ ducks her head at the nip toward her ears and wines sadly rolling over and paw pawing up at her dad- io she was just having so much fun. why did her drop protection suddenly turn on her.
* Divinity huffed quietly to herself. Her body lied upon the grasses, she didn’t even eye the wolves near her. The water that once lied in her stomach was now up and about the surface. She edged away, only to lie down into the densely vegetated surface, where her figure flattened. Her tail flicked up and down every once-and-a-while, swishing agitatedly as she attempted to rest. Though, her illness kept her from doing so.
* Faolan would be caught mid discipline by his mate’s affection. He had listened to the news she had shared as such a skill had been developed during previous litters. This wasn’t his first rodeo by far, but he had not given thought to what exactly he would say until the moment found him.  We are steeped in a history that spans far beyond our years–both before us and long after we part from this world. I would implore you to imbibe in the memories we share and those that we would wish to share with others not gifted with the experiences our lives have offered. It is a time for story and a time for pack…a time to relive legend and to be one with those within them.
* Atraya her hues fell towards the rest whom where gathered before she looked to the other’s whom where gathered. She would dip her head and add “And those whom might not be aware, we have some of those who’ve been with us for a long time. Nightstalker… Noshoba.. Lockewlf” she would smile and dip her head in the males directions. “An embodiment of dedication and heart to the family.”
* Kovo the winds would whisper forth the call of night, this night would be special in many ways but perhaps they would know little of what truly lurked in the shadows. It might feel as though ‘eyes’ where upon one but from where? By whom?
* Lockewlf bows his head respectfully to the Alphas as he is called out along with his brothers. his head lifting as he puts on as regal of an air as an old wolf could.
* Noshoba would turn his eerie blues to her aty the mention of his name. A respectful nod given with a fond smile. He figured he would have passed on back to the Mother by now but something was keeping his soul here.
* Shukie listened intently to her alphas focused upon their words and moreso the meanings behind them. Taking a moment she looked around to those gathered, a soft and gentle smile upon her muzzle. She vaguely remembered the Alpha Kovo and Kyara speaking of her often.
* _Nova listened to what the alphas had to say and looked to the elders. Noshoba. That was his name. He put it in his memory cave (which is very empty) and kept on listening.
* Skydancer ears perk as her neck prickles in a fainty familiar way and she instinctively looks toward noshoba wondering if he notices anything as well. she can´t place the feeling but maybe… herthought trail of
* Nightstalker bowed his head to those gathered at the mention of his name along with that of Nosh and Locke, his fellow ye old timers. His tail gave a few thumps on the ground before stilling once more.
* Larka would nose into nosh as he was mentioned. he taught her so much growing up and she loved him dearly
* Nishanti smiled and looked to the wolves mentioned. family now and forever. she looked to her father lovingly as he was announced as well and wagged her tail. she was a piece of history from long ago.
* Rook would risk a quick nod and yip in return to Fianna’s statement. Oh yeah!! Long live the Bearstone Alliance! This enthusiasm wasn’t tempered anytime soon, but his attention switched to the old weirdos his mama singled out. They looked like some of the old stones he had come across…maybe that old flippy cape he used to have too. Man, would that happen to him??!!
<Kovo> ~*~ That feeling of being ‘watched’ would no doubt reside with the wolves of the pack. Perhaps it was only a ‘feeling’ or perhaps there was more to it? If only they could see into the astral plain of the ancestors… they would know to whom it belonged. ~*~
* Shukie turned her attention back to the Alpha’s and what they had in store next after looking to the elders mentioned, she’d met all but not Noshoba yet. In time she was sure she would.
* nalani_ ears perk at the ‘bearstone alience’ , Good plan.” she mouthing fianna’s scruff banner thumping against the nearest wolf which just might be dad-io
* Atraya dipped her head before she looked to her mate once more with lightened hues. The tension from earlier was no longer pungent in the clearing and a calm and excited nature would reign hold. “During our anniversary, we offer up those who’d like to share in a lore or stories. Is there anyone who would like to share a memory? A story?” she now looked to the wolves gathered.
* Noshoba would allow a smile to crease his maw as an old familar presence touched his senses. Gazing lightly upon the moonlight mists he would give a dip of his head to one still held strongly in his thoughts.
* Ayaka would shift only the slightest hint to a more comfortable position as she perked to all the words shared. Sliding down to lay on her belly, she would attune to what would come next.
* Kova remained near her sisters and leaned in to nuzzle Ayaka and then Shukie lightly. She perked her ears to the alpha’s words and invitation to offer stories. Lore. Oh she enjoyed lore!
* Skydancer shifting slightly maybe she was imagining things but seeing the Elder turning she feels her frame relax in relief and she too turns her head toward the ´presence´and dips her muzzle politly though her senses aren´t as good as noshoba´s yet she figures if noshoba thinks it worth it she better follow suite though she has the feelign she knows this one. she´ll ask him later to be sure.
* Shukie listened and when it was offered to relay histories and retellings she took a moment to gather up the hunk of elk and the leg bone and slipped over to take them to Divinity. Afer setting them down beside the fae before trying to speak, “Here is some fresh venison for you. The hide will do well to be eated as well as it’ll help clear your stomach. The marrow in the bone will also help you regain strength.” she watched the fae a moment before responding agian, “I’ll return after the meeting to check on you. Relax and eat slowly.” With that she returned to sit beside her sister and Ayaka to pay attention to the meeting and lore night again.
* _Nova sat in the silence and itched himself as he looked back and forth, side to side. He could tell a few other wolves may be a bit uneasy, but that was just probably a weird nostalgic feeling. He stayed silent as he had nothing to share.
* Shukie looked up to the heavens above then to the east. She looked at Kova thinking back to last year and the path they’d taken. The things they’d said and done.
* Kokuro looks to his siblings misbehaving and chuffs . They were missing out on many things by not listening.
* Divinity nodded slowly. She sniffed the venison, but her audits shifted back. Her pelage ruffled for a few seconds before chewing on the meat silently. Would she ever get better? Her vocal pitched slightly, licking her bloodied paw with tension. Her lips peeled back, sniffing the meat curiously.
* Faolan would look between those gathered to see who had a story or stories to share. He would certainly not volunteer to fill the gap when there were plenty of others with experiences to share.
* Rune nods her head to Atraya as she had something to share. Not quite a story but she doubted it would make much of a difference. Rune waits her turn to go and till then listens pensively to the stories of the others.
* Kwa`ani looks over to the pretender brother glaring as he chuffed. She’d give him a piece of her mind later. The weirdo! None the less she sat up and looked around now that Rook was put in his place too.
* Lockewlf sat and pondered for a moment… so many of his stories were of a personal nature that he didn’t know how many he could share. perhaps a lesson on the Earth Mother? or tales from the deep south?
* Atraya would look towards the gathered and saw Rune offer she smiled and dipped her head “Please share Rune” she’d invite her.
* Rune nods and steps forwards as it was her turn to share her lore. “Tyger tyger, burning bright, in the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies, burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire? And what shoulder, and what art, could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, what dread hand and what dread feet? What the hammer, what the chain, In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? What dread grasp, dare its deadly terrors clasp! When the stars threw down their spears and water’d heaven with their tears: Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee?Tyger Tyger burning bright, in the forests of the night: What immortal hand or eye, Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?” She stops and takes a step backwards, signaling that she had finished sharing her lore.
* Lockewlf stops his paws in approval at Rune’s poem.
* Atraya would listen to Rune’s story and lore and would be engrossed within it. She offered expressions from certain words and thoughts as she waved her tail ever so slowly and when she was finished, she dipped her head and pawed the stone lightly ‘A fine story Rune, thank you!’
* Rook stood there listening to the nice Van lady’s story about some weird burning feline. His mouth stood agape at such a thing. Why was the tyger on fire to begin with?? Did papa and the pack have to run it off too? When did it grow wings? What were wings to begin with? Then there was a lamb thingy. It boggled the noggin.
* CwnAnnwn perked as Rune spoke up and began to share. He turned his gaze to fae and listened to her words before thumping his tail lightly in approval once she had finished.
* Rune dips her head in response to Atraya and the others. She knew these words by heart as they were often spoken within her birth pack, said with steady confident rhythm. Rune knew not why they spoke of the tigers this way, nor where her pack had come to learn these words, but she also knew them without flaw now.
* Kova waved her tail to Rune’s story and dipped her nose down and smiled. She too very much enjoyed it before her head came to rest near Ayaka’s shoulder.
* Shukie listens and smiles at Rune, ponding the possible meanings
* Lockewlf sighs a bit as he tries to grow the confidence again to speak on a subject that is both familiar to him and alien. he would climb to his paws and pad forward, his head bowing a bit to Atraya as he says softly “If you wish, i will speak on the Earth Mother this eavning, many of the wolves gathered have not heard of her it seems.”
* Faolan had no recollection of what a tiger was, but the verse spoke of a vividly imaginative story and deeper meaning. It was between and amidst the words that those stories often found pitch and meaning. He would stamp his paw against the stone beneath him to Rune’s story and look to the others. Was there another to share?
* Atraya watched Lockewlf as he approached the rock and she smiled, dipping her head and inviting him to speak his lore to the pack. “Please share”she would be eager to hear his story.
* Lockewlf would turn his back to Atraya after she gave her assent, his heavy form moving to settle on his haunches as his emerald orbs moved along the assembled pack. so many faces both new and old greeted him as he gathered his thoughts for a moment. “Some of you may have heard me talk about the Earth Mother in the past few moons, how many of you know who she is?”
* Skydancer ears perk at the mention of the earth mother, this sounded like it could be interesting indeed stories of course alway´s hold a special interest to her.
* Fianna would be listening intently now, laying in her belly, tail curled. She’d scooted some toward mama, her side pressing as close as she could get.
* Atraya would look to her daughter, Fianna, and would gently lean in and nuzzle her crown softly and lovingly. Seemingly holding no ill will to what happened the night prior, in fact, she seemed to offer her more attention than before. Perhaps for good measure to let her know all was well and right with the world. She would listen now to Lockewlf “Ancestors?”
* Lockewlf nodded a bit as Atraya speaks, his voice loud enough so that he could be heard by the furthest off wolf in the pack. “That is but one part of the Earth Mother. As members of my former pack taught me when i was a pup i will pass along to all of you, so that you may ponder for yourself what this means.” he would take a moment to gather his thoughts, then continued. “The Earth Mother
* Lockewlf is the land you are standing on, but more so she is the wind that blows through the leaves, the ripple of water upon a lake and the cold winter’s snow. The Earth Mother is who we come from, and eventually to whom we return in a never-ending cycle of birth and death.”
* Shukie gives her attention to the Elder wolf. Always curious of what the elers have to say and tell them.
* Skydancer ears swivel fainly with interest only her breathing showing she is actualy alive as she is entirly intent upon the Old wolfs story maybe she bug him for some other ones later, and oh maybe noshoba too if he sticks around long enough.
<Lockewlf> The Earth Mother was there before all the wolves, birds and rabbits, sad and lonely as there was no life to be seen. It was from the dirt that she breathed the breath of life, forming the first animals that walked the world. But she took a special interest in one of her creations, four legged and strong, loyal to their family and in tune with the pulse of her heart, the wolf.
* Faolan would nose at his other pups to listen to Locke’s story as he did.
* Kwa`ani relaxed beside the papa wolf, lulled by the elder’s tones as she listened to his words for this was in part what her name meant, that of being in tune with all things around her. Her ears perked forward as her muzzle rested upon her crossed paws
* nalani_ ears perk with interest at the story being told shifting a bit sit’s up  ears swiveling forward head tilting a bit side way’s maybe she can hear it better then? maybe.
<Lockewlf> It was from the first of these wolves did we come, each generation following in the pawprints of those who came before us, on the path laid out by the Earth Mother to give us the best chance to thrive in our lives. Even when we are at our sickest or passing on, she is there to comfort and guide us to the rest we desperately seek.
* Rook was still trying to imagine fire tigers and winged thingiemcdoodles when talk of an earth mama was had. What was this earth mama? He had his mama and that’s all he needed! She was nice and fluffy and fed him. Was this something like those crazy mean oohees that his papa was talking about? Those stone wolves of old?
* Atraya continued to listen intently to Lockewlf’s story and lore. Her expression would be well focused as she would be intrigued by it.
* Lockewlf bit his lip a bit as his ancient brain tries to explain a concept so ethereal. “The Earth Mother is many things, and it is not easy for even an old wolf like me to explain. I always saw her as a guiding paw during the darkness, leading me through the paths of the world. If you listen you can hear her on the wind, or in the beat of the heart of one of the wolves near you.” he shook
* Lockewlf his head a bit then says softly “Forgive me, apparently old age has waned some of my ability to weave a good tale.”
* Rune listens to Lockewlf’s story and looks at those around her. She was different from them, her language, skull shape, and origins set her apart from the others, but not in a good way. Rune looks longingly towards the others, and silently, she denies her connection to this beautiful Earth Mother.
* Lockewlf rose to his paws and took his steps away, settling down next to Noshoba again and looked a bit troubled.
* Noshoba looks to his brother as he would notice such since the presence he had felt earlier had seemed to fade away.
* Skydancer listens with interst to his words as he tries to explain something that does seem rather difficult. It´s alright. she say´s when he falls silent.I liked it. and I´m sure others did too. she speaks respectfully and bowing her head one ear toward both alpha´s
* Atraya would shake her head lightly to Lockewlf’s rebuttle against his own story. “No apology needed, Locke, it was a very pleasent well woven story. I very much enjoyed it and look forward to knowing more of it.” she would dip her head and smile to him as if to help lift his troubled spirits before turning and looking to all the others. “Anyone else before we conclude this little gathering?” she was indeed eager to see Noshoba and the others as well more formally in a greeting but as well eager to hear stories that any others desired to share.
<Faolan>  The night was drawing ever on and on and though he had a repetoire of stories to unleash, he would not. News was to be shared as well, but all things knew their time and their place.
* Rune had nothing else to share and sat contemplating Lockewlf’s story. She looks up to the Alphas, waiting for Lore Night’s continuation or the restarting of the Meeting.
* Kwa`ani lifted her head from ther paws at her parents tones looking to each one in turn then back out to the assembled wolves.
<Rook>  This earth mama stuff was a lot to contemplate. That was something best done over deep bought a of thought and sleeping. *snore snore*
* Atraya would find that no others wanted to offer up their stories she would smile and nod “Thank you all again for being here and sharing this day with us. I look forward to what the future holds for us and will continue to hold.” she would dip her head to each “Wolfspirits now and forever..” she resounded with soft yet prideful tones before gently stomping the rock to end the meeting.