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Pack Hunt Secures a Bounty

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The cawing of ravens and crows and the scent of a kill call you to the Hunting Grounds…

The pack’s Huntress Shakira, led the pack in an elk hunt, tracking down a cow and her twin calves in the Hunting Grounds. Among the hunting party was Shakira, Assessments Panther and Sanek, and Caretaker Rune. Rune and Sanek sustained minor injuries but were able to complete the hunt despite the cow elk’s fight. Shakira and Panther, did an exceptional and skillful job at weakening and distracting the elk cow. One of the calves was taken early in the hunt by Rune, the cow elk was felled by Sanek and finished off by Rune, and the second calf was downed by Shakira. Critical hits were made by Shakira and Rune, both hits worth 20 points.

The cow and one calf lie in the Hunting Grounds for the pack to feast on.

Congratulations and well done!



Kills in the Hunting Grounds

By News, Pack Hunt

The scent of successful hunts fills the Hunting Grounds…

Beta Kova and Guardian-Scout Fianna were successful in bringing down a blacktail deer doe! Not much later, Beta Kova and Rook, son of Atraya and Faolan, took a Dall Sheep! Both carcasses lie in the Hunting Grounds and must be protected!


Calves and Fawns are Appearing

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Spring has fully arrived and with it, young prey animals. Calves and fawns are appearing and can make an easy meal for your wolf. However, beware of the calf or fawn’s mother…

“Newborn big game animals fall into two categories: followers and hiders. Followers include bison calves and bighorn sheep lambs, which follow their mothers shortly after they’re born. Hiders, such as mule deer fawns and elk calves, do the opposite — they hide, alone, for most of the day.” – Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Blacktail Deer Fawns
Born early June.

Dall Sheep Lambs
Born late May and early June.

Muskox Calves
Born mid-May.

Bison Calves
Born late May and early June.

Elk Calves
Born late May and early June.

Caribou Calves
Born late May and early June.

Moose Calves
Born late May and early June.

Coyotes Chased from Clearing

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In recent days, two coyotes have been observed scavenging in Clearing. The first was successfully driven out by Atraya and Kova. The second coyote, which appeared a few days later, was chased out by Panther, Sanek, and Sirris.

Did a surplus of carcasses attract the nuisance scavengers? Clear the cache to be sure and keep an eye out!

Pack Restructuring

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Pack Restructuring in progress.
Been gone a while and thinking of returning? Check-in with Alphas or Beta. Now is the time to restart your character or develop a new one and start totally fresh. Once the pack grows ranks will be revisited.

Pack Historian is under consideration. This wolf must be online regularly and able to make most meetings, lore nights, skits, and quests.

Pack Activity

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With every summer…

it is not unusual for the pack to become very quiet. As of late, however, it’s been more dauntingly so. As a result, Atraya will start recruiting new blood into the channels and we hope that activity will pick up!

Atraya & Faolan have finally moved and settled for the most part for now so they’ll both be active. Also we’re going to be scheduling a pack hunt and a pack meeting fairly soon as well to catch up with everyone so keep an eye out for that!

I hope all is well and I look forward to seeing more of you!


Alpha Female Of WolfSpirits


Going somewhere or Need a Leave Of Absence?

Please make sure that if you’re going to be gone for a long period of time to fill out a LOA request. Otherwise you’ll be dropped from whatever position in the pack you may hold. You can easily request to re-assess yourself once you’re able to return! See the form below.

Pack Updates

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Pack Updates & News

In Character News:

The north continues to hold an eerie mist that’s plagued the lands beyond the mountains for several months now. It’s been determined that there’s something amiss and a new adventure for the pack is on the horizon.

As of late the lull and quiet nature of the season has kept the clearing in a stagnant state. With the changing of seasons, the pack hopes that those who’ve gone missing and absent will once again return to their beloved home, for a great challenge is on the horizon and the pack members will be needed.

OOC News:

There has been little activity for the past few months but we have a feeling it has to do with the holidays and summer break! We expect things to pickup fairly soon once school is back in session again! Also we’re looking to launch a new storyline and look forward to having as many participate as possible!

A pack meeting and hunt will be announced as well and I’m hoping we can start making it a regular thing!

 Pack Website Updates

There’s been several wolves who’ve been absent with no word on their disappearance. We’ll be removing some wolves from membership(s), member IT and Assessments. You’ll be able to re-assess as soon as you’re able to make it back and be active once more!

Bison Calves Are Appearing

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After Atraya scouted into the hunting grounds she was greeted by a herd of bison cows who have migrated into the hunting grounds and territory of WolfSpirits. The time of year for them to give birth to their calves has begun and some already guiding around a couple week old and early calves. Atraya had managed to make quick work of one calf, felling it and providing a quick meal for the pack but the potential for more continued meals would be introduced into the pack! Though winter is the domain for wolves to hunt and have full bellies, spring also provides an entire buffet of a younger generation to hunt.

General Information On Bison – Bison Facts –

Known for roaming great distances, bison move continuously as they eat. The females, or cows, lead family groups. Bulls remain solitary or in small groups for most of the year, but rejoin the group during mating season.

Bison are adapted to the extreme weather conditions of the Great Plains, from summer heat to winter cold and blizzards. In winter, bison can dig through deep snow with their heads to reach the vegetation below.

Bison often rub, roll and wallow. Wallowing creates a saucer-like depression in the earth called a wallow. This was once a common feature of the plains; usually these wallows are dust bowls without any vegetation.

Bulls and cows do not mingle until breeding season. Dominant bulls “tend” to cows, following the cow around until the cow chooses to mate. During this period, the bull blocks the cow’s vision so that she may not see other competing bulls, and bellows at males striving for the cow’s attention.

Mating Season: June-September, peak activity in July-August
Gestation: 270-285 days.  Calf is born April-May.
Litter size: 1 calf

Registration Now Available!

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Profile’s Now Live!

I’m happy to announce that profiles are now live. After fiddling around with several pieces of software and plugins, I think I’ve found the one that will suit us. I know it doesn’t look very pretty right now, but I’m working on a template to be more fluid with our current theme! I’ll add your profile link to your icon on the pack page as soon as you register and are approved!



Alpha Female Of WolfSpirits

How To Register

  1. Click Here to register
  2. Fill out the application
  3. You will need admin approval before your account can become active. This takes at least 1 day.
  4. Once you’re approved you can go ahead and start editing your profile!


Profile How-To’s

There is a known bug where once you set your profile photo you cannot edit it. I am currently working on fixing this bug! But in the meantime, once you upload a photo you cannot edit the profile photo. You should however be able to edit your cover photo!


How To Edit Your Profile

  1. Click on the gear icon ( bottom right corner of your cover photo )
  2. Hover over the center of your cover photo and click
  3. You will be prompted to change your cover photo – upload whatever photo you’d like! ( PG -13 please )

How To Change Your Cover Photo

  1. Click on the gear icon ( bottom right corner of your cover photo )
  2. Scroll down until you see your profile
  3. Start filling in the blanks
  4. Note: You can use HTML in your descriptions and use emotes/icons as well! Just don’t go crazy!