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Elk Hunt – 11 November 2022

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The cawing of ravens and crows and the scent of a kill call you to the Hunting Grounds…
Panther and Fern spent the days prior tracking the elk herd with Panther leading the hunting party. The elk was a difficult quarry to chase and bring down, but the pack was successful. No wolves experienced major injuries, but bruises and stumbles were felt by all. The elk made two attempts at escape, but both were prevented by Panther. Saskia dealt the killing blow.

Fern: Health -5
Code: Health -5
Cajun: Health -3
Ragaire: Health -5, Damage +2
Leora: Health -2, Damage +11
Saskia: Health -5, Damage +10, Killing Blow
CwnAnnwn: Health -3, Damage +6
Rune: Health -6, Damage +11
Panther: Health -4, Damage +5
Kova: Health -4

The elk carcass lies in the Hunting Grounds and wolves should take care to guard it.
Congratulations and well done!

Pack Meeting #208

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Meeting Notes

September 12th, 2022

  • Hunting schedule put into place
    • Hunter will track a meal
    • The next day the pack will hunt (Fridays)
  • The pack’s discord server will be open to the public!
  • Salem returns as a Pledge
Number Of Wolves Present



    Sara Daithi Leora




    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Kova as the wind would kick up the smell and scent of the grey clouds overhead, she would wiggle her nose about to take in what scents where to be found along the path back to the clearing. After returning from the hunting grounds with Salem and Leora following behind, no doubt, she would make to close the distance to the Alpha’s stone. It’s familiar shape and scent drew grander as she got ..
    <Kova> .. closer. Now at the base she hopped up and walked to it’s edge where she would rise her muzzle and howl for a gathering.
    * Sanek after having returned to the territory, he had been catching up on all the scents he had missed. His nose would be lowered to the shore of the Lake of Solace, where animals frequently stopped for a short rest, when he heard the howl of the Alphess. He would stand still for a moment, his head rising with ears perked curiously to the sound of the call as it echoed through the forest. Once it ended, his paws would move swiftly at a trot to join the meeting.
    * Salem found it impossible to keep to keep to himself if he was being asked of it now. “I found a few places with views that made my tail wag, but they are so close in distance that I’m sure that they have been seen and spoken of by a few of the wolves we may see tonight. But the silly thing about it is, I never really remember leaving, so I think I walk in my sleep.” He told her in a ponderous tone as if he had given it some serious thought. “But eventually I make my way back even if the road isn’t always easy.” Just at that moment, he heard Kova’s howl just ahead of them where they didn’t fall too far behind. Since he was a lot closer, he didn’t have to run to the Alpha Rock, but he did take his last few steps a little more quickly and found himself a seat within earshot of the Rock.
    Rook would complete the stanza of the stream’s westward call before its flow entered into the clearing proper. The gentle whispers of water on gravel-laden banks would become a muffled murmur behind the thick curtain of pine that adorned the tree line around the northeast of the clearing. Just south of his father’s overlook he would come across a now overgrown area meant for fun, but all things found themselves back within
    <`Raven> the fold. He too would find himself there one day; however, today he would heed a second call and finish his trek into the clearing proper.
    <`Raven> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn He was nearing the southern boundary of the clearing when the sound of Kova’s call for a meeting rang out between the trees, his ears perking before he increased his pace slightly. He did not run, but he slipped into the ground eating lope that their kind used to cover distance with little effort. It would not be long before he would manifest within the clearing, slipping between a pair of trees, angling towards the Alpha rock now.
    * Leora she would wave her tail at Salem “that sounds exciting! perhaps one day I can explore to.” it was then the howl of Kova reached her ears and she nosed Salem quickly “oo, a gathering!” she called out and moved after and reached the clearing to. There she looked across the horizon to any near that she recognized.
    * Kova as the wolves who would heed the call emerged from the thick of wood and perhaps sleep, she would seat herself upon the stone slowly and give off a low, but welcoming chuff. “Welcome everyone. Thank you for heeding the call and gathering for a meeting.” she shifted her tail against the rock in a slow wave, then stilled it. “First off, I wanted to ask if there where any more reports about our wandering and foriegn scents? Anything from the scout?” her eyes cast now to see if Sanek was among them.
    * Sanek he would break through the treeline and take in all the scents the winds had to offer. Seeing that the meeting had already begun, he would make sure to be silent in his approach as he looked for a spot to sit in.
    * Saskia looked up as Kova reached her point upon the majestic rock. She hummed and dipped her head to whoever seemed to arrive near her. She didn’t have anything to report, and looked towards Sanek as he broke into the clearing just in time.
    <`Raven> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 A place near enough to listen to the proceedings was taken, and he would look to those present and think upon those not. He wondered why those that they had encountered weeks ago had not made good on their promise of doing harm to they and theirs. Certainly, a sound strategy would have utilized the lackadaisical? Such was the train of though that drew him to the raven feathers and then to his youngest sister who he saw near
    <`Raven> some of the others. Curious for news, he waited to hear if any would give a report.

    c/Cwn Silver brute continued to maintain the steady lope towards the rock where the others had gathered before the Alpha fae. Once he was close enough to gathered wolves, he would bow his head to the Alpha fae atop the rock before settling upon his haunches as he listened for a report on the scents she spoke of.
    * Kova an ear turned this way and that as she saw the wolves emerge out of the ‘woodwork’ to approach and settle for the meeting. She drew her paws upon the stone and when the crickets would chimm their strumming songs against the silence to her question, she would offer. “Keep a warry eye.” she’d add before shifting her weight again. “Speaking of new scents, there are two new faes who’ve ..
    <Kova> .. visited recently. One by the name of Kino, a wolf who hails from the far north to a pack previously named IceWolves. She is here in search of a home. The other wolf is a decendent of our matriarch, Kovo’s spirit sister. Silverlune. She is Alpha of a pack named MoonSingers.” she would turn to see Cwn appear as the last to gather then back to the rest. “Know that I have greeted them and their scent is upon my coat, and mine to theirs.”
    * Leora the cluster wolf wolves would begin to usher forth from the woods , brush and tree. She saw Cwn and swung her tail; a familiar face along with Sanek and Saskia. She gruuued and would dip her head in greeting to them, but perhaps it was her brothers presence that ushered her forward and in his direction with haste.
    * Salem grew silent when the meeting started but he didn’t have anything to add on the account of the scents and so he remained as such. He had noticed a few new scents since he had been back, but he was still separating friend from foreign and would commit the names to memory and acknowledge the word of warning the names were preceeded with a nod.
    * Rook – Kino he had met the other day, and with the recall of the name came the recall of the scent. The other, an alpha, was not someone he had encountered. The vast realm of the Wolfspirits was one that could entertain perhaps a neighbor or two, but he wondered just how near this other pack was. Had Phoenix and the ‘Tellers encountered said pack? He would endeavor to find out when such a time allowed. For now, his attention shifted to the approach of his youngest sister. He’d not be far from the others and so would make her path all the shorter.
    * Leora like one to awaken to mornings hush, she would be the swift uplifting rush like quiet birds scattered to the air. Tail would wave, mimicing the wind as she would approach her brother quickly and quietly, seating beside him. His face would not be void of licks and nuzzles before she’d recline to look to Kova, now serious and a wink to her brother.
    Cwn His head canted slightly at the talk of two visiting faes, he had yet to encounter them, he must keep an eye for them and introduce himself to them. He cast a quick glance at the others gathered, noting whom was present and whom was not. If any glanced at him as he looked, he would nod his head to them before turning back to the Alpha fae.
    * Kova the wind would usher together all the scents and smells and she’d acknowledge each present wolf. Finding some absent among the gathered. For now, she’d continue. “Next to address is the hunt. There will be a set day for our hunter, Panther or Shakira, to scout out a meal first and the following day (or following evening if it’s in the morning), a hunt will be called upon a set day and ..
    <Kova> .. time.” she’d cast her gaze once more to each wolf, finding Panther missing among them so she’d inform him when her path crossed with his. “((OOC: Let me know what days/times works for everyone!))
    * Saskia listened intently, only offering a nod of her head to a wandering Leora. She nodded in regards to the new wolves, and pack hunt. She wondered where her mentor was, perhaps still slumbering in the wood lines.
    * Sanek another hunt he would make sure not to miss. His paws already tingled with the promise of a hunt on the horizon. Before the hunt he would have to see if the borders of WolfSpirits were free of scents of intruders, though, to make sure he was doing his job as a scout so that the pack would be safe, especially with what seemed to be a threat
    * Sanek to the lands?
    * Rook – Awash in sister slobbers and lost at sea, he would finally seek to save himself by pawing Leora away a moment. He would nip at her shoulder soon after her regained composure…it was likely a rouse anyway. ”Remind me to tell you of the raven’s feather and the light of the Mean Oíche after the meeting,” he whispered. No need to interrupt the meeting or give others a sense that he was to share a story on their behalf.
    * Fianna was perhaps a shadow of herself. At least her own shadow felt looming and nightmarish with the doom that had been laid at her paws. Still, she was alive. Some of her family was still alive. She would endure and one day perhaps, thrive again. For now her paw steps would be slow with their new rhythm but she would just be nearing the western treeline and pushing into the clearing proper. If the call for a meeting had been lofted she would have been close enough to heed it, if slowly.
    * Leora her tail would swing quickly behind her as she was awash with a glow only one of curious intent would harbor. Well, perhaps she was a little brighter than most, but at the mention of reminding to be given a bit of story would cause her to almost loose focus. She was another year older and she did her best to be as mature as she could, and in that moment she gave her brother a knowing nod ..
    <Leora> .. then turned back to the meeting.
    *Fianna Quietly.. Quietly.. She would wade through the ebbing grasses and cross the clearing, keeping herself a bit low so as not to draw attention to herself and her late arrival. Nearing the other’s she would spot mostly familiar faces and wonder at the new scents she caught throughout their land. Near the back she would settle and sink to her belly to listen.
    * Kova her hues fell to the others and gave a grin and a nod. She would then turn her hues towards the rest of the wolves gathered. “Does anyone have anything they desire to bring up before I continue?”
    <Kino> before long came trotting up to the group. Having been exploring further south beyond the border, she heard the howl and it had taken her a spell of time to return. She panted to catch her breath as she slowed to a walk amongst the gather, not entirely sure if she was privy to this meeting as she wasn’t even a full member of this pack yet. Just before reaching the group, she slowed  more to a full stop, looking around with amber orbs at more wolves than she had seen at one time since arriving. She shook her full white coat out and bowed her head low in reverence to the WolfSpirits pack.
    * Cwn He glanced to the others gathered to see if any had something to bring up before the Alpha fae continued with the topics she wished to discuss during the meeting. He had nothing himself, though one of these meetings before winter set too deeply he hoped for Rune and himself to be able to ask about taking the next step and moving beyond courtship.
    * Rook Story 📖 A quiet meeting meant quiet entrances were likely not quiet relative to busier ones. Perhaps the quiet one was extra quiet in the quiescence of the quiet meeting…Quiet entrances without a queue could quickly cue quixotic conundrums of quizzically quaint congregations! Not exactly what he was aiming for, but it would do. Perhaps the second entrance would allude to the first, and there he would see both Kino and his sister? He had nothing to report or at least nothing he desired to have known beyond the tale to his youngest sister.
    * Saskia shook her head, if Kova was looking for physical affirmation. She didn’t need to bring anything up. She turned her head to an approach of paws, peering up at amber hues. She would allow her tail to sway in peak interest at the she-wolf. The chocolate fae would dip her head in a respectful greeting, but didn’t talk as to not interrupt the meeting.
    * Salem made a note of the future hunt with a flop from one side to the other at the idea of a hunt. He stood up and stepped forward and dipped his head slightly. “It has been some time since I pledged and yet even more time since I’ve been here. With how much time has passed, I would like to be made a Pledge of this pack again.” He perhaps noticed out of the corner of his eye the movement
    * Salem of another joining them, but his focus was more focused on making his request in front of not just Kova but now the pack.
    * Sanek having no news to present, he would turn to the others, and just then he felt a new scent join the gathering. His eyes scanned those gathered for the stranger and his gaze fell on Kino.  The posture of the Alphess suggested this was a wolf she knew, perhaps one of those she had mentioned earlier, so he would remain focused on the meeting.
    * Fianna Pink Fianna did have a report – a long overdo one, but she needed to make to the Alphess alone, perhaps after the meeting and she would bide her time. She had been trying to figure out a way to speak of it, all the words she had considered fell short, leaving her brooding and absent all but in scent for She had still been keeping tabs on the clearing and surround areas, mindful of her duties. Quietly she would flick an ear and
    <`Raven> scan the white fae who moved into their midst. She had only caught the tail end of what Kova had mentioned about new fae’s and she was curious. Her gaze then moved to her brother and Leora for a long moment, weight in her eyes before she turned back toward the stone as Salem spoke up and she felt her tail swing once, brushing the ground slowly.
    * Leora she would look to each wolf and after the promise of a story, she was all ears and eager for the meeting’s fruition and end to if only to hear the story. Her sister however would not go unnoticed! Oooo, she had to really dig her paws in from leaping in her direction. Her gaze then fell to Salem and she waved her tail again at his mention of wanting to rejoin!
    * Saskia swiveled an ear towards Salem as he spoke. When Kova asked for a vouche, Saskia pondered. She knew Salem well enough, and though the brute had been absent; he was well bided within the territory when he was present. She would lift her head to catch Kova’s gaze, “I.. Will vouch for Salem’s return as pledge. He is of sound mind, and always lends paws of support.” She smiled and nodded towards Salem before
    * Saskia stamping her paw on the ground for confirmation of her words.
    *Cwn He looked towards Salem a moment before turning towards Kova before speaking. “Having myself found my paws wandering away from my home here, but always finding my way back to my family.. The fact that he has returned and still wishes to make this his home, his family and knowing that he will do his part for the pack is enough for me to vouch for him.”
    * Rook Stone 📖 A bear’s metaphoric weight upon him for a moment might be felt before movement caught his eyes and a renewed pledge lodged soundly in his ears. He had been absent of the clearing for more than a few days himself, but it had been a time for Salem. Rook had never been close to Salem; however, one needn’t be shoulder to shoulder to see one on a familiar path. ”If one desires to renew bonds frayed from time, then one should be given a chance to find and reaffirm the threads that bind us. I cannot vouch for Salem, but I can and will vouch for his right to a renewed journey.”
    * Fianna wouldn’t know Salem well either but she had seen parts of his journey and knew he cared, which was more than she could say for many that began their journey here, only to move on soon after. “I would welcome him back.” She said softly, pushing up enough to be heard though inwardly cringing because she had missed the beginnings of the meeting.
    * Kova as the words of pledge to Salem’s advance. Her hues fell to Saskia first and to her pledge for Salem, she gave a grateful nod. Then to CwnAnnwn, Fianna, and Rook’s words added, she gave another nod and a soft expression before turning then to Salem. “As those who have pledged their vouche for your journey, I to would be honored to reassign you to a Pledge of WolfSpirits. You may now ..
    <Kova> .. introduce yourself to all you meet and paths you come across.” she smiled “Welcome back, Salem!” she stomped her paw to stone.
    * Leora her eyes fell to her brother and then her sister. When the others spoke of Salem’s journey, she felt inspired. What it must feel like to be in Salem’s pawS? Or other paws who stood there asking to join her family. She was just freshly 2 and much ahead, but for now, she’d not think upon her own journey just yet. She was still learning , afterall, but she was happy for Salem! Her tail waved and she stomped a paw and gave a happy chuff in his direction!
    * Saskia hummed and smiled as Kova have the final stomp and vocals of approval, her tail wagging behind her. She didn’t know of the journey Salem was taking right now, but she supported it none the less. The soft voice of Fianna from the back made Saskia turn around and offer a kind smile to the fae. She hadn’t seen Fianna in quite some time, the lighter faes presence was soft on the eyes. She did seem slightly off,
    * Saskia like something was on her mind, but if one weren’t looking they wouldn’t have noticed. She turned back around and focused her attention on Kova, once more.
    * Salem listened to Kova’s words and each of the voices who answered. When each one started to speak, Salem turned around them and returned either a smile or a nod or a hopeful sway to his tail if only for a moment after they were done speaking. When he looked from one to the other, he made it a point to see who they were with who hadn’t spoken though it was some of their wishes he knew
    * Salem to join or call this place home which were both familiar to him. His eyes turned to Kova once they had each been said to the her final words to him and he dipped his head slightly and proceeded to make his way back among those gathered for the meeting, this time nosing any and all who were close enough to do so.
    * Kova her tail swayed to Salem as he returned back to the others. Humbled to have him back in their fold as a pledge. She then turned her hues back to the gathered before turning towards Kino as she noticed the fae had joined them. She gave an acknowledged nod to her before returning back to the others. “With that, that will conclude our meeting. Salem, Leora and I had tracked down an Oxen,  ready to be hunted.” she’d grin, casting her eyes to the others.
    * Saskia flicked her ears, and after Kova concluded her words, she would have waited to be dismissed. She was excited to hunt down the oxen the few wolves trailed earlier this evening. She also wondered what if Panther, and if he would join them on their hunt. A swift sway of her tail and she was up on her slender legs, gazing around for those who were free enough to be greeted. Among the first she wished to approach would
    * Saskia have been Salem. Was he free?


    Pack Meeting #207

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    Meeting Notes

    July 7th, 2022

    • Cajun advances to Pledge
    • Saskia advances to Pack Member
    • Fianna becomes Guardian
    • Sanek becomes Scout
    • Rook advances to Pack Member
    • Saskia shares lore
    Number Of Wolves Present


      +Sasika +Rook
      Cajun Daithi Leora




      Pack Meeting Begins


      <Kova> she would’ve broken into the clearing proper without another moment to lose and as she did, she would continue to make her way towards the direction of the alpha’s stone. Anyone who had been within the clearing would’ve received a gentle dip of her head in acknowledgment and greeting but once she reached the stone, she took a light breath and began to slowly ascend. It had been some time since their last meeting and she was excited to sense others nearing. She’d stop at its edge and lift her muzzle to howl for a meeting and pack gathering.

      * Sanek lowered his head down to the stream that ran through the Clearing and lapped up the water when he heard a chuff, to which he responded with his own. His gaze searched the area for the wolf that had sent it, and instead he saw Kova come to the stone and call for a gathering, and perhaps Cajun further along the stream. Swiftly his paws carried him toward the Alpha Rock.
      * Leora as she was making her way from the direction of the lake of solace, she would hear a call and howl from Kova. She swung her tail slowly at first, but bounded forward and through the woods in hopes to reaching the clearing quickly!
      * Saskia upon hearing Kova’s howl, she wagged her tail and quickly retorted towards Alpha Rock. Taking a seat beside the others, she dipped her head a few random times and lifted it to listen to her opening statement.
      * Rook – He would barely be a padfall or two into the clearing when the sound of a howl cleared any doubt of what the gathering of scents indicated. He would likely join the rest of the others near the time Cwn did, and he would take up a spot nearer to the north of the gathered few.
      * Cajun perked his ears as he had been making his way along the path the brute lifted his coal muzzle and gave a wruff baerk howl back to kova in return and made his way to the clearing he padded over to a spot nearby to the alpha rock and sat down tail curled slightly behnd lokking forward and intentivly
      <CwnAnnwn> Being about half way to the rock when the call for the gathering was made, the silver brute increased his pace to an easy lope to close the distance quicker. Upon reaching the gathering, he would nod to any whom greeted him before settling upon his haunches facing the rock. His gaze settling upon the alpha fae as he awaited what the meeting would bring.
      * Kova she’d feel the warmth of the stone beneath her pads after a long spent day in the sun’s light and heat. She would seat herself against it’s surface before casting long her gaze to each wolf who was present. One by one she’d give a gentle nod in their directions in greeting before she would swing her tail once, then still it. “Well met, Wolves of WolfSpirits.” she began as she dipped her ..
      <Kova> .. head “Thank you for heeding this evenings call. It has been a while since we’ve gathered.” her gaze cast long to each wolf as she picked up each scent. Finding those among the gathered she would shift her paws beneath her again before seeing Cajun. She gave a low chuff to him to step forward.
      * Fianna would take note of at least one scent that she had found around the territory, mingled with the others but one she had not yet met and her gaze would brush across that particular male before she would rise and close the distance to the stone, an answer to Kova’s howled summons. Her brother was there, and she would settle nearby and perk toward Kova’s words.
      * Cajun rose up onto his fours hearing Kovas Chuff to him the coal brute dipped his head respectfuly then stepped forward and stopped in front of the rock the coal male gave another nod then looked back up t the alpha
      * Kova when he approached the stone her eyes would dip to focus upon his frame and began. “Cajun.. you have been within the WolfSpirits pack territory for a while now. Last we had spoke, you expressed interest in desiring to join the pack. I wish to ask you now, if this is still your desire?”
      * Fianna thought on all those present as the new male would approach the stone. Weighing heavier on her mind were the Kin who were not present. And never would be again. Fianna let loos a quiet breath and tried to focus, a somber light filling her eyes even as she felt hopeful at the growth of the pack. Her ears picked up the name of the brute and she would listen curiously for his answer.
      * Cajun perke his coal ears as he lostned to Kovas words he gave ashort wag of his tail in earnest then stilled it and replied back “Yes I would like that very much indeed Kova thank you on asking me” cajun dippe dhis head again then smiled back up a moment
      * Rook Quiescence , or perhaps a quiet approbation of events as they unfurled accompanied a lightened side-long glance to his sister before he retrained his hues and ears to Cajun and his answer.
      * Kova to his response she gave a slow, but thoughtful nod to his reply. “As a pledge of WolfSpirits you will learn and grow with the pack, that much is true, but truer is to know that your heart really wishes to be with this home and family. Are you willing to take the strides to ensure this is the home you wish to call?”
      * Saskia noticed Fianna had arrived. Though she couldn’t speak to the fae now, she would smile softly and stand. Quietly, she made her way over next to her and took a seat, dipping her head in a well met greeting. She didn’t speak, as to not interrupt what was happening above her. Instead she just watched Cajun and Kova’s interactions.
      <CwnAnnwn> He drew his attention to the male he had only met in passing once as Kova called him up. He listened as first the alpha fae asked him if it was still his wish to join their family and then listened to the brutes response. His gaze drifted for a moment to the others gathered before drawing back to the alpha fae and Cajun.
      * Leora like the crow flys or butterfly zips, she was suddenly within the clearing! The meeting had just begun and she was late. Drat! Embarassed she slunk down quickly and tried to make herself small like a mouse. She quickly scanned any wolves therein and there were a lot! She saw her sister and brother, tho! She squeekkked past others and hopefully drew near enough to sit beside both.
      * Cajun stood reagally and proud upon hearing the next words spoken by Kova to him Cajun gave a nod to the Alpha and replied back with a gleam in his eyes “I wm willing to do my best and upload and learn all that I can of the Pack here and the ways and I would be very proud and hapy to Call this my Home
      * Kova would turn to the other wolves for a brief moment then back towards Cajun. To his response she rose a paw up and gently tapped the stone. “As all lay witness to Cajun’s desire to join WolfSpirits, I would like to have the honor of naming you a pledge, Cajun.” her tail swung then stilled as she gave him indication he was welcome to re-seat back with the others.
      <Calder> he had been within the confines of the ancient forest the past few days, but throughout the day he’d found himself near the hidden falls. Exploring, perhaps? It wasn’t until the jarring but welcoming howl from Kova reached his ears. He would’ve risen from his place of rest and began off at a quickened pace to meet its caller.
      * Saskia yipped softly and stomped her paw in agreement. Cajun was a fine brute, and he deserved the pledge title he was given.
      * Cajun gave a short bow on his front legs and paws before standing as he was the brute stood with his paws agasint the earth and tail stileld but up just a bit on end a good stance of a Happy and proper as cajun watched back he felt a joy inside of him at that moment and not just for himself but also knowing in the fact that the pack was growing and he had been helping “the coal brute noded again to Kova hearing the words of Honor for him
      * Fianna would catch Rook’s glance, returning it briefly with a gentle sway of her tail before a rustle nearby alerted her to Saskia’s approach. She gave a nod and a brief touch of her nose to the fae in greeting as she turned to look ahead, hearing Cajun’s pledge her tail would wave in congratulations to him.
      * Sanek ‘s tail lightly tapped the ground as he wagged, happy for Cajun to have become Pledge. If the dark brute’s gaze met his, it would be met with a smile and a nod.
      * Rook Perhaps Leora would go unnoticed in the mix of a stamped paw to the earth for Cajun’s advancement to pledge. The journey for this male had begun some time ago, but sometimes one had to walk a bit to the trailhead.
      * Cajun glaced around a moment at the other wolves and smiled he smiled again and gave a nod back to Sanek as the coal brute gaze met his
      * Leora it would seem that she was just in time for the howl of congrats to Cajun! Oh yay, another wolf in the fold of the pack. She swooshed her tail behind her, giving a few yapp like tones to Cajun. She still had a lot to perfect like her howl and chuffs. As she would weave herway in and out, she would bump her shoulder into her brother first, than her sister.
      * Kova as the others would offer their congratulations, she would wait another moment longer before her hues would fall upon the wolves again. Seeing Saskia among the gathered her hues locked to her own in a welcoming invite, before following with a chuff to the fae. “Saskia, please come forward.”
      * Saskia beamed and wagged her tail, standing. She trotter to the front with an eager look on her maw. She dipped her head towards Kova and took a seat.
      * Cajun gave a smile to Saskia as he watched her step forward the brute wagged and resteated himself as he watched again and listned
      <Calder> Swiftly he’d move in between the tree’s and path near the hunting grounds as his large, dark frame broke through the shadows and into the open. He would lope with ease but strong purpose. He could hear the very faint chuffing calls of others who would seem to be celebrating something? Huffed beneath his breath as he’d feel bad for being late.
      * Cwn He stamped his paw against the ground for Cajun as he was named pack pledge. His attention shifted from the male to Saskia as she was called forth by Kova and approached the rock.
      * Kova allowed the fae ample time to reach the rock at what pace she’d give and when she was at the base, she gave a light dip of her head before offering forth a low but inviting tone. “Saskia. You have been an assessment with the pack for sometime and before then, a pledge. You have walked the various paths of what it means to be a wolf of your own and a wolf of a pack. This pack. Of ..
      <Kova> .. WolfSpirits. You’ve ventured with us and alongside. You’ve helped guard and protect and have grown into the ways of our creed. I would like to ask you now… do you still desire to call WolfSpirits your home?”

      * Saskia listened closely as the fae spoke. “I have, and I do, Kova.” She nodded. “I wish dearly this place be home, though I do consider it be already..” she chuckled, then regained a serious face.
      * Rook Ah, so there was the little sneak. A gentle shoulder nudge would pass along to Leora before he watched and listened to Kova and Saskia ask and answer a question that had been asked of many before. This was what lay on the other side of the trail–proper membership into the pack.
      * Kova the wind would whisper what her eyes could see and she might get a glimpse therein of those who arrived soon or late, but her focus remained upon Saskia. To her words of heart she would acknowledge with a dip of her head.She now looked to each wolf, to those of pack. “I would ask those of WolfSpirits, those of pack, who will vouche for Saskia’s advancement in addition to her mentor, Panther?” she’d allow her words to cast to Sanek, Fianna, and CwnAnnwn.
      <Calder> The hunting grounds would greet his paws quickly as he made his way through to the familiar pines and into the thicket of their lumbering guardianship. There he’d enter into the clearing but at a slow and quiet pace. Quickly did his eyes cast along those present before seeing Fianna. His tail betrayed a quick wave and he made his way over.
      * Fianna would listen to all that passed and when asked who might vouch for Saskia she rose easily and with surety as she lifted her gaze and her voice to Kova. “I will.vouch for her Alphess. I have seen on many occasions now how she has risen to the challenge of learning what it means to be pack. She puts her all into aiding and abiding by our rules. I will be proud to call her pack.”
      * Cajun gave a wruff sound then padeed the ground with one of his big front coal paws and wagged his tail
      * CwnAnnwn The silver male slowly stood and bowed to Kova before he spoke, “Despite the time I have spent away from the pack over the last while, I vouch for Saskia. From what I have seen from her, she has embodied the ethos that we of the WolfSpirits hold dear and fight to uphold.” He slowly settled upon his haunches as he finished.
      * Rook A firm stamp of the paw would accompany his sister’s words. He was not yet pack, and so would leave such an honor and task to those with the privilege.
      * Fianna would settle quietly back onto her haunches after speaking and nuzzled Calder briefly who had arrived while she spoke up. Her tail swayed, glad he was near.
      * Leora as the joyful tones of others welcome and greeting was made, the light fae would settled beside her kin. She looked out and saw Saskia approach the Alpha’s stone and stop. She perked her ears and listened intently. She was always intrigued by these meetings and what happened within. She watched her brother and sister and soaked up their reactions like a sponge.
      * Kova would turn her hues to Fianna, the first to rise and offer her voice. She gave a slow swing of her tail before it stilled allowing others to speak and offer their voucher for the fae’s advancement. Her gaze fell to CwnAnnwn next as he too offered his support and she gave a warm nod in his direction, to. Another moment more would pass as she gave a swing of her tail and stood now to all ..fours. “Those who will see you as family, have given their approval and I have heard equal temper from Panther, your mentor, and praise for what you’ve accomplished so far. As a Wolfspirit you will uphold our creed and join a family to always be family. This will be your home and forever be. Always be true to yourself and to your family. It is an honor, Saskia, to welcome you into our home and name you a Pack Member of WolfSpirits!” she would then rise her muzzle skyward and offer fourth a long and happy howl for the newest pack!
      <Calder> It seems he had come at a fine time. Turning his hues to Kova and the progression of the meeting, Saskia would be named a member. He swung his tail and offered his own voice and howl for the newest member of the pack.
      * Saskia listened to the bells of howls that were music to her audibles. She pinned her ears in excitement and shined excitedly. When the harmonizing was over she would dip her head. “Thank you, Kova.” She would then stand and nice the fae on her shoulder softly before trotting down the ramp of the rock and taking her seat beside Fianna once again.
      * Rook On these rare occasions the Song was beckoned and a new tone to the collective chorus that was Wolfspirits would be added, so it was with untroubled and unshackled coils that he too pointed his muzzle to the sky and helped beckon the Song forth with his tone; a congratulatory and reverent gesture for the newest of the Wolfspirits, Saskia.
      * Leora all the others would’ve started to howl for Saskia and it seemed now was the appropraite time to do so. As her brother and sister offered their congratulations, she would to. She lifted her muzzle and offered a very low and sweet melody. Her voice like the sunkissed sky.
      * Fianna would feel a happy chord thrum through her, tempered by the chords of loss but all making her stronger. She would rise her own muzzle and share her song with the others in gladness of the new pack member. When Saskia returned to her seat, Fianna would offer a glad wave of her tail and a brief nosing.
      * Cajun lifted his head and gave a Bark Howl along with the others as Saskia was Named and Inducted into the WolfSporits Family the brute wagged his tail and gave her a smile and a nod
      * Cwn Upon Kova naming Saskia as the newest pack member and gave her voice for the fae, he would tilt his muzzle skywards and let his voice sing out in congratulations for the fae on her advancement. As his song faded, he lowered his head to bring his attention back to the alpha fae, awaiting the next order of business.
      * Kova as the howls of celebration would be heard far and wide, a beautiful melody of songs to those beyond their borders, she would nose Saskia back and allow her to take her place. Once more did her eyes cast across the other wolves present. She would ask the same to those who have been named an Assessment as much time had passed for the two she now saw. First her hues fell towards Calder and to ..
      <Kova> .. him, she would chuff and ask him to approach.
      * Cajun twitched then perked his ears lifted slightkly and forward again as he listned and watched as the other dark male Calder approached the rock
      <Calder> He would allow his voice to be added and it was there he saw the gaze from Kova to his own. Her chuff was clear and he’d slowly rise and approach. Ears back and tail lowered in respect. he dipped his head ~ Alpha Kova..~
      * Fianna would perk as Calder moved forth next, and she wondered at what her mate’s choice would be, guessing what was to follow, and she would sit carefully still, ears perked.
      * Kova as she allowed her voice to cast to Calder and welcomed him to the stone, she dipped her head when he approached and stood just below. She let loose a gentle breath as her words would follow. “Calder, you have been amongst the pack for sometime. Moons beyond others as well. Last your paws had been here before, Atraya had asked of you the same I now ask you in turn….” her hues fell ..
      <Kova> .. across his own frame “Is the path of WolfSpirits still the path you desire to continue forward with and to become pack?”
      * Sanek watched Saskia walk to the stone and realized her mentor and his friend Panther wasn’t here. Maybe he was guarding some new kill? When Kova asked those gathered for wolves that would vouch for Saskia he thought of all the good things he could say about the fae but it looked like he had thought too long because the alphess announced that
      * Sanek Saskia was now member of Wolfspirits before he could share his thoughts. Oh well. He celebrated along with the others then fell silent when Calder was called forth.
      <Calder> His eyes fell to Kova and when the question was asked of him, he would give a moment of pause. Not to stutter that this was home, for he felt it well enough, there was perhaps one last pull. One last string to temper loose. He gave another moment before looking up to Kova with careful, but meaningful eyes. ~ This pack is like no other I have found or had been lucky to be in the fold of. My eyes are sincere and my heart is true, when I say that this pack has tempered me into a wolf I never thought could exist. ~ he’d allow another moment before offering ~ My heart is molding and forming with those here, and I would request that a little more time be afforded to me, to allow me to temper out one loose thread in my own story, before I fulfill my oath here and to this pack. I would desire to be my all, as my heart and family are here..~ he’d cast his eyes behind him quickly to look at Fianna at his heartend words, before turning back to Kova. ~ I ask only a little more time, My alphess and forgiveness for taking it so long to be forged. Time I will repay by my presence and dedication to this home, and to prove myself worthy. ~
      Fianna would watch Calder with a swell to her heart. He was every bit her family, her Kin, her heart, and one day he would fully be pack as well. That was a day she looked forward to, yet she understood that he his past, frought with darkened things as it was, perhaps still tugged at him. He would be ready when he was ready. Fianna kept her hues encouraging when he looked back and a subtle sway of her tail would be a distant
      <`Raven> endearment.
      * Kova her hues fell across Calder and listened to his words of a heart well resolute. It was pure and felt. She gave a gentle nod to him and a lightness in her eyes still showed. “Standing by your own heart and convictions, the right pack and home will be your life. Look forward to the bright destination of your path and know that whatever time you need, will be given. I appreciate the honesty, ..
      <Kova> .. Calder, and take what you will and know that we are here to help if needed.” another dip of her head was given to allow him another words or few to share before returning back to the others.
      * Leora her tail would swing behind her quickly as she looked at both Fianna then Rook. She now fell to Calder and Kova and the words exchanged. She gave a gentle wave of her tail again but stilled it. She didn’t rightfully understand why? What would hold a wolf from family? So many questions burned in her eyes, but heeding her brothers advice, she would stave them for the appropriate time.
      <Calder> He would bow his head in respect to Kova and then turn and bow to those present. ~ I appreciate your understanding and I will not let the pack down.~ he turned and bowed his head to Kova before he’d slowly dismiss himself and settle back down beside Fianna. He leaned in and gave her a knowing look and nuzzle before looking onwards.
      * Saskia watched Calder with understanding as he spoke. She didn’t know what tugged at him, but she would respect it because it was Calder. She smiled towards the brute.
      * Cajun the charcoal brute gave a respectful nod back in return to Calder and Kova while they exchanged words of wisdom and knodledge the brute wished the other male well on whatever had been in store either from the past or the future
      * Kova gave another nod to Calder’s words and when he would return himself back to the others, she would shift her paws slowly and cast her hues to her sister, Fianna. To her she would chuff “Fianna, please come forward”
      *CwnAnnwn He tilted his head slightly as he listened to Calder’s response to Kova. He can’t remember seeing one request more time before advancing during a meeting, but he held much respect for the male in knowing and admitting that the time was not quite right for him at this moment. Only a wolf themselves could if it was truly the right moment or not. He perked as Fianna was then called forward.
      * Rook The goober had finally been called to serve as a kin of the Wolfspirits, and he was happy to view the occasion. It was only then that he listened to wisdom and temperament. There was a pang of sorrow for not having a purely happy ending, but happiness could be found in a much deeper manner.
      * Fianna had time to nose Calder before her own name was called and she tilted her head once, moving forward even as her mind caught up and she stood before the rock. Much was on her heart, but the surety she had found was a current running strong within her. She waited quietly.
      * Sanek listed his head to the side upon hearing Calder say he needed more time, but supported his decision because only the brute could truly know which route was best along his path to becoming pack. He then shifted his gaze back up to the Alphess when she asked Fianna to come forward.
      * Kova her tail swung slowly behind her before stilling. When she approached at the base of the rock, she would address her with gentle tones. “Fianna, you had been in a position when our fold was a little less, but not lack in strength. You had taken time for yourself and for your family which meant time away from your previous role. We are growing in strength and number, and I would like to ..
      <Kova> .. ask if you are ready once more to take the mantle of a role? The role of Guardian of WolfSpirits?” she’d await her response with eager eyes.

      Fianna would let the question rest upon her for a moment, her mind wandering to all those wiyuin the fold of Wolfspirits. Those who would be, and already were her burden and joy to protect and keep watch over. She had never truly let the mantle fall, even if she had set it down in name as she trekked to find answers. To guard was part of her truth. It was who she was. Lifting her gaze she met Kova’s hues and gave a firm nod, her eyes speaking more words that her voice did as she answered, “I am ready. I am willing. I hold this pack – all of those in it – close to my heart, and I will continue to do as I have always done, learn and grow as I seek to keep those I care for safe and secure.” She had not kept all safe. But sigh was the nature of loss and it could not always be denied.
      * Kova would feel the strength remaining beneath her paws and the words offered by Fianna, giving more to that feeling. “As Guardian of WolfSpirits, you will be the protector closer to home and train those who might seek out such a path for themselves. You will be a mentor and guide as well. You will be the sheild to those of Wolfspirits not of just pack, but of those who would call WolfSpirits ..
      <Kova> .. home and visit as well. By your words and pledge to this home not just as a pack member, but Guardian, I would like to have the honor of restoring your role here as WolfSpirits Guardian.” she would stand firmly but confident in thought to Fianna’s reactions and her returned words before she gave a quick stomp of her paw and a quick howl in congratulations to Fianna’s returned ..
      <Kova> .. rank.
      * Leora something exciting was happening to her sister and she could feel it. Her paws would dance as she stood up when Kova stomped her paw and howled. Her sister was named a Guardian. She didn’t really know what it meant to be a scout or guardian, something she’d not explored just yet. To the howl for her sister, she would howl in return!
      * Cajun perked his coal ears a moment then drifted them gently back the brute gave a soft wruff howl sound and a little greater glad for Fias Rank and return cajun also Pawpadded the ground with one of his front cfoal paws afterwards and gave w wag brush of his tail
      <Calder> To the renaming place of Fianna’s role in the pack was given, he would feel his heart well with pride. The moment Kova had announced her place in the pack once more, he would offer his own howl! Truly deserved, he thought, and glad to see her at the mantle of that place in the pack.
      * Rook His attention would shift to his sister and the offer of her old role. What better place for such a role than his sister for the guardians to find a hold and growth. He would firmly stamp his paw against the ground in congratulations to his sister.
      * CwnAnnwn He listened to Fianna’s words as she accepted her return to pack guardian. When Kova named her as such, he would stamp his paw in congratulations to the fae.
      * Leora her tail waved quickly behind her as she saw her sister approach. She would lick at her muzzle quickly before she seated herself again, trying to contain her excitement. Her eyes fell to her dear friend, Sanek. OH! Sanek! She swooshed her tail quickly and watched with eager eyes. What was going to happen?
      * Fianna would stand and linger for a moment as she felt the weight of the honor settle once more on her shoulders and she would shift her paws as if it were a tangible thing. All the while a strain of song rang through her mind, giving silent utterance to what it meant to truly guard. Her heart thrummed with the beat of those around her and she bowed her head. “Thank you.” Her voice was soft and perhaps lost in the beat and song as she turned to make her way back to settle by the other’s, happiness and solemnity equal in her bearing.
      * Kova gave a soft and knowing expression to Fianna. Pride for her and the role she was to hold a mantle she knew with all confidence she’d uphold and grow. Her tail swung behind her and allowed her returning back to her place of rest. Long did her gaze return now to the rest and she fell upon Sanek. To him, she chuffed. “Sanek, please come forward”
      * Saskia smiled for Fianna. Guardian! Her tail thumped on the ground. Perhaps in the future, Fianna could be a guide for her. She wanted to be a Guardian one day. She nosed Fianna on the scruff, “Congratulations, Fianna.” She beamed, but spoke quietly.
      <Calder> when Fianna returned back to her original place of seat, he would smile and lean in nuzzling her quickly whispering ~ Well deserved, Fi ~ he thrummed his tail quickly as well before turning now to Sanek and Kova. His eyes following the male curiously.
      * Cajun watched with curious blue grey hues as Sanek made his way forward the coal male shifted his front paws a little and settled again
      * Sanek his tail didn’t still throughout the meeting so far, because there were so many exciting promotions to celebrate! His ears perked out of curiosity when the Alphess spoke his name. He stood and went up to the Alpha Rock, his head lowered respectfully to Kova and all those that had once stood atop the stone in the past.
      * Kova when he approached she gave a gentle expression but it would return to one of more seriousness as before. “Sanek, you have held the role of Scout in training for sometime. As scout, you will be guarding our borders and teaching those who wish to find paths of interest as well. I would like to ask you now, do you desire to continue on the path of a Scout of WolfSpirits?” eyes light but searching.
      * Fianna would glance Saskia’s way as the fae spoke softly and she’d dip her head in acknowledgement and thanks, leaning to nose her briefly though keeping one eye on the proceedings. Her mate would speak too and she leaned into him, drawing peace from is presence and scent. To her, it was less that she deserved it, and more of a match for a heart that could do nothing else with the same fire. Turning to watch Sanek her tail began to sway, excited for the male, for she had seen much of his journey and was curious if he had found the path to his liking.
      * Sanek his head would remain lowered as he listened to Kova, and took in a deep breath to keep himself calm and steady before replying simply, “Aye” . He cast a quick glance to the others. “I wish to take this path, to help protect the wolves of Wolfspirits from harm”  he added.
      * Kova her tail swung once then stilled. “As those of WolfSpirits hear witness to Sane’s pledge to the role of a Scout to the pack, I would like to have the honor of naming you Scout of WolfSpirits, Sanek. Go true and far. Venture with heart and pride and return to us your findings and skill.” she would grin and bow her head before stomping her paw and giving a howl for Saskia’s advancement.
      * Leora the reason for Sanek’s approach to the stone would give way to the announcement and Sanek’s agreement to see their home even more safe. She would yap and leap again to her paws, howling a sweet quick melody for her dear friend, Sanek! She’ll have to make it a point to go scout with him, to! To learn like a guardian, like her sister, to. So much to explore. So much to endure in the life she was growing into.
      * Cajun gave a Bark wruff sound and then padded one of his coal front paws at Saneks choice and smiled
      <Calder> He would smile to Fianna before returning his eyes to Sanek and Kova. When another role was named for another wolf of the pack, he would smile. Sanek was a wolf who held a great deal of skill, he thought, at least all time he had ventured along those paths and journey north. He gave a gentle chuff/howl for him as well before surrending his song to the others of the pack.
      * Rook A still quiet watch of the proceedings continued while he observed the advancement of Sanek to Scout. He hoped for a reinvigoration of the roles his sister and Sanek took up, for he knew them to have been chiefly vacant. Perhaps these two would serve to give greater purpose to the ranks? He would let the question linger in thought as he stamped his paw once more to the ground.
      * CwnAnnwn Perked as Sanek was offered the advancement from scout in training to scout, a role that held meaning for him as it was the role his father held within the pack prior to being given beta in training. He did not know what path lay before him when the time was right, part of him wished to follow his father’s paw steps, but the other part wished to forge his own path. Once Sanek was named as pack scout, he would stamp his paw against the ground for the male.
      * Cajun had gotten to know sanek some and journeyed with the other male up around the Solace lake when they first showed it and that region to the coal male Cajun also had the fortune of agame of chase that time and it was anice time of learning and bit of fsamily bonding as well the brute gave some wags of his tail then
      * Fianna would stamp her paw and give a chuffing bark for Sanek as he fully stepped into the role for which he had been training. She would settle into Calder and listen for what might come next.
      * Cajun was happy for the other male for he found a path that was a great choice and one of his desire to fully follow
      * Sanek finally lifted his head back up when the pack celebrated, his tail swinging behind him rapidly. As he went back to his spot and seated himself he thought of all the adventure his new role would bring.
      * Kova as the calls and howls of congratulations for Sanek would soar and weave into one and the other, she would smile and dip her head happily to their scout. Her tail swung quickly behind her then stilled. Again her eyes cast along the wolves present and when Sanek returned back to his own position, she would chuff to Rook, calling him forward. “Rook, will you please come forward” eyes soft and welcoming.
      * Saskia lifted her head, joining in song.
      * Rook Observance of others’ stories turned to thoughts, hurried along on quickened pulse, of his own. He often wondered and wandered in equal parts, so the journey from his position next to Leora, Fianna, and somewhat distantly Saskia was a welcomed jaunt before he would greet the unknown. A light nose to Leora’s crown was given, and then the few short padfalls were taken to where he could stand before the Alpha’s rock.
      * Kova when he approached the stone she would dip her head and gave a betraying swing of her tail before it stilled. “I call you before the stone to ask of you the same of a path. As an Assessment of WolfSpirits, you seek not only your path, but learn the ways and creed of the pack. To begin to thread your own story with that of WolfSpirits and to call it home.” she’d offer a light pause to ..
      <Kova> .. her tones before she continued. “I would ask you, are you ready to move forward as a member of WolfSpirits?”
      * Leora she would have risen up and trotted the quickened pace to give Sanek a happy nuzzle/lick to his muzzle, happy for her dear friend before turning and moving back to sit beside Fianna and Rook. When her brother was called, she would look with eager eyes at him. To the nose to her crown, she gave him a quick and affectionate lick to his cheek before watching him approach.
      <Calder> He would lean into Fianna lightly and look to those gathered as they celebrated the pack’s newest Scout. A fine choice, he thought to. He’d have to learn both roles in his own mind. Not much was the way of roles in his own older life. When Rook was asked to move forward, he would fall to him with curious but respectful eyes.
      * Fianna would perk as her brother was called forth, and the question posed to him would be asked from her own heart as well. Would he choose as Calder did? Or would he step fully into the pack, blood of Wolfspirits well and true, running deep as the veins of stone would that held up a mountain? Fianna nosed Leora lightly, her anticipation evident as she waited.
      * Rook So a similar question was to be asked of him this close to a threshold he had walked away from before. The natural reaction was to fall into the nebulous cloud of introspection and to wander within the mists of memory laden terrain; there he would see the faces and hear the voices of those who shared his blood and those whose entwined tale in his deservedly ran thicker than the ichor of life. He looked to the stone and thought upon
      <`Raven> the brief moments in life that he saw his mother and father atop it and took a mental step back from such an open precipice. With the faces of his kin fresh in his thought, he spoke his father’s words. ”There comes a time when who we were no longer defines who we are; to live in what has been is to become what has been–a living memorial to nothing new and a memory of only what was…Let this then be what it ought to be. You ask a truth for a truth, and I shall speak one; Yes, I seek what truth unfurls when the son of the Mean Oíche find purchase in deep roots.”
      * Cajun sat up regal again as he listned and watched while rook spoke and was called forward cajun always admired thier wisdom and tales
      * Saskia tilted her head, the riddles of the wise but not old wolf confused her. She would wait for Kova to translate.
      * Kova it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time and forging ones path. She knew well the choices and decisions made would mean. Her eyes would perhaps betray more of the inner light and joy fostered to him alone to his words, and to them, she would dip her head and swing her tail once then stilled it. As the long day wanes behind the tall Rogahs, and the moon begins to rise, it ..
      <Kova> .. would fill them with a veil of coolness and satiate the mood. “As those who had heard Rook’s response, I would ask now those of WolfSpirits, those of pack, who will vouche for Rook?” her gaze now cast to each wolf present — asking of them the same she had for Saskia.
      * Leora her tail quickly swung behind her to her brothers words. A piece and note she’d not heard before. Unknowing it belonged to their father, she would look with awe as she had with Fianna when she was up at the rock. This rock had a lot of meaning. Deeper roots that nshe knew of yet.
      Fianna would feel her heart swell with gladness as if of welcoming her brother home truly for the first time in years. He wanted deep roots. Fianna nuzzled Calder, hoping one day his time too would come when he would find that desire within himself, but respecting his heart for what it was now. How could she not rise for her brother as she had for Rook? Many stories lay between them and yet she rose with a voice made almost gruff as the nickname she bore, with her feeling for the words she spoke. “I vouch for him. Not for the blood we bear, or the song and story we share but for the purpose I’ve seen within him. It is true, and always will be, to see the strength and flame of the Wolfspirits rise and never die.” She settle back again.
      * Sanek smiled when Leora came over and returned the nuzzle she gave him. He hadn’t conversed with Leora in a while and there had been many things that happened in that time, so perhaps he would later spend some time with the fae. His gaze shifted then to Rook who stood at the base of the Alpha Rock, about to be promoted to full pack.
      * Saskia smiled and nosed the air. “I have known Rook as I have known everyone here. I will vouche for him, of course.” She dipped her head.
      * CwnAnnwn He listened as Rook responded to Kova’s question of whether he wished to continue the path from assessment to pack member, nodding slightly as he did. When Kova asked for those who wished to to vouch for him, he stood and once more bowed his head to the fae. “Not only by blood does he hold within, the spirit of a WolfSpirits wolf passed on by his parents, but he himself of his own nature embodies that which makes us WolfSpirits. As such, I vouch for Rook.” He would settle back upon his haunches.
      * Rook He knew his mentor had not returned from her own adventure and knew that he was set at a disadvantage, but his sister and Cwn spoke full and kindly not of him but of the purpose he embodied. He would listen to Saskia’s words as well and dip his nose in quiet recognition and thanks to those shared sentiments. “A truth for a truth.”
      * Kova it was as if the metaporhical flipping through a book in her mind, she could feel the pen touch the paper and begin to write the lore of history and emotions within. The words shared of those who would vouche for Rook’s advancement, she would look to Fianna first. To her words of heart and strength, she smiled then turned to Saskia and CwnAnnwn and gave a firm, respectful nod. Her hues fell ..
      <Kova> .. to Sanek for a brief moment before looking back to Rook. “As a wolf of WolfSpirits, you will become part of our weaving and growing roots and branches. A new star amongst the canvas of a night sky for those who’ve come before us and walk alongside us now. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this path and journey in finding your roots and your own path among us, Rook. It is an ..
      <Kova> .. honor that I now name you Rook, Pack Member of WolfSpirits.” she smiled warmly to him – her hues like the autumn color of gold. “Welcome home, Rook.” she would rise a paw and stomp the stone before offering forth her own howl. Her song would reach a high, long, and gentle was her tune that would express the happy tone within.
      * Leora the words of the others who would vouche for her brother would fill her heart happily. She swung her tail quickly and when Kova would name her brother a member, she would howl loud and proud like the sun itself casting it’s light across the entire world, even breaking into the shadows and shade!
      * Fianna would loose her own howl to join with the others in hope, her heart still mingled with solemnity but joy now winning out.
      <Calder> When another WolfSpirit was named he would feel his heart beginning to feel the pull of a full pour. Happiness not felt in many places. When the howls of joy would be sung, he would sing along with them and for Rook.
      * CwnAnnwn He stamped a paw upon the ground as Rook was named pack member and tilted his head back to let out a howl of congratulations for the male. As his song faded, he lowered his muzzle to turn his gaze back to the alpha rock, wondering if there was more to come.
      * Cajun stood and lifted his coal muzzle giving another wruff bark howl to add to the others chorus once more before settling again the brute wagged his tail and then stilled it and gave a respectful nod back to Rook cajun was glad to see his new and family growing it made him feel both heart and strenght inside
      * Rook Renewed as in the day he was named, he stamped his paw to the earth and reveled in the moment. Only after the howls quieted would he dip his nose to Kova and move quietly to sit with his sisters.
      * Kova her gaze would fall to Rook and a soft expression would crease along her muzzle and she’d give a gentle dip of her head and nose in turn. When he would return back to sit with his sisters, she would then turn to the others. “That concludes tonights meeting, and I would open it now to any who desire to share in a story or two?”
      * Cajun crouched and stresatched his paws then sat back down taking in a breath letting it slowly back out as the coal brute took in everything and relaxed this was quite a night and he was glad for it and everyone
      * Leora would nearly leap outta her fur for her brother! When he would approach them again, she would whine and unable to contain herself, she would quickly bound up to him, whinning and licking up at his cheek and chin. Happy and proud for him. No words for now would do justice to how she felt.
      * Saskia grinned and wagged her tail. She was happy for all, and proud of herself. She was finally home. She stood and let out a wolven noise, “I have a story!”
      * Cajun though had to now devuldge for a moment to his humor side and the brute got up and made some quick short run corcles about his imediate area he did make way over to where sanek was at and gave a happy Ruff gruff sound just as he passed looking over his shoulder a moment back at him and wagging
      * Kova when Saskia offered a bit of lore, she’d not deny the fae. She smiled with admiration and knowing from their previous conversation she was eager to hear what she’d share. “Please, Saskia.” she grinned and looked across the others then back to her.
      * Fianna would nose Rook in congratulations as he settled between them, and when the meeting was concluded, she would stay a moment longer, but feel the pull of the shadows, and the call of the grave within the forest to rest and visit. “Welcome home Rook.” She offered softly, then nuzzled her mate and Leora as well before rising and stretching. “I’ll be off for a while I think.” She whispered. Hopefully she would catch a story from Saskia another day. With that she would pad toward the north again and the deep woods where her son rested.
      * Saskia smiled and sat near the others. “Yes, yes a story!” She giggled. “Did you know that fish.. didn’t always stink?” She asked them, looking between each and all. “My mama told me longgg ago, that whenever the fleshy creatures roamed the North they would try and tame the wolves!” She emphasized the word ‘tame’. “They had these creatures that looked about like us, Dogs; I believe they were called
      * Saskia Dogs. And while these dogs were useful, they could not hunt nearly as well as Wolves. So they took pups from their homes and tamed them, sending them out to catch fish from the streams. One day, the fish said “Enough!”. They became so smelly, that the wolves did not want to hunt them anymore, and then in turn the humans begun to starve. They didn’t know how to hunt, or fish efficiently, so they left.” She
      * Saskia started thinking of the human trinkets and collapsed buildings of the North. Now mind you, this story was far from true and was quite wrong in every single way; but her mother told it to her an she would sing it from her lungs. She smiled like she had just told the best story of all time and looked between the others to see what they thought.



      Pack Meeting #206

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      Meeting Notes

      March 3rd, 2022

      • Saskia advances to Pledge
      • Sanek becomes Scout In Training
      Number Of Wolves Present


        Sasika Code Lotus Navariin




        Pack Meeting Begins

        * Kova as she waited for the wolves to gather just below the stone, she would shift her hues to each wolf who presented themselves and heeded the call. Her tail swung a few times behind her before she dipped her head and called to each. “Salutations, wolves of WolfSpirits.” her tones light and thoughtful. Feeling the stone beneath her pads, she would shift her weight before turning to look at ..
        <Kova> .. the wolves present then, saw the prospects to whom she tasked a few things. It would be to each wolf she called forward. “Code and Saskia, please come forward.”
        <Huginn> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 Short work of the distance between he and the stone had been made in the intervening moments, short enough at least to have been near enough to find a decent spot when the howl ventured forth. He would definitely be in time to see and hear two faes be called forward.
        * Sanek perked. A howl? A meeting? So it was today! His forepaws pushed back so that he was now sitting and looking up at the Alphess, with his ears pulled back respectfully. One ear turned at Panther’s chuff, then his head. He did a quiet chuff hoping Panther would hear. Then he would fall silent and turn back as Code and Saskia were called
        * Sanek forward.
        * Loumacy ears perked at the howl. Another one? Hadn’t they just had one? She looked about curiously but moved into the clearing. Perhaps she would see Calder and would bow her head politely, but keep her distance from him wanting to be respectful of the season. So far she was doing alright, though as she thought of the time her mind did wonder over to a particular brute who did not appear
        * Loumacy to be in the clearing. Lou shook her head and nosed Coneward. When Fianna appeared she thought perhaps it would be nice to sit with her mentor, and so she would approach the femme with a soft tail wag and a quiet chuff before her gaze would move to Code and then Saskia, she wagged her tail.
        * Lotus felt the dread in her heart drop to the bottom of her stomach. Her name wasn’t called. She hadn’t worked hard enough.. though she felt devastated inside, she managed to keep her calm and watch her friend walk up to the Rock with Code. She wagged her tail lightly. At least Saskia would become a pledge.
        * Saskia would hear her and Code’s name being called and would wag her tail but was cut short by an immediate jump to her feet, making her way up to the Alphess, too excited to notice Panther’s chuff.
        * Code slunk out of the treeline panting and into the clearing just in time as Kova started speaking, muttering an apology for being late before slipping beside Saskia and sitting down, her tail resting in front of her paws. She breathed a sigh of relief, trying to be discreet and not gather too much attention. She pricked her ears and looked up
        * Code at the alpha fae on the really big rock. As Kova said her and Saskia’s names, she widened her eyes. She wondered what this was for. Nonetheless, she kept a smile on her face and stepped forward with her friend, eyes still on the alpha as she wagged her tail.
        * Kova when the pair approached she would keep her eyes out for Lotus, but returned her hues then to the two fae’s for now as she’d start the meeting. She would dipped her head when they reached within distance of the stone and began “Saskia you where tasked in finding someone to mentor you before this meeting was called. I would like to ask you now, who were your mentors and what did you learn?”
        * Saskia would dip her head respectfully at Kova. “I sought out the great hunter, Panther. And in my ignorance, he taught me things I needed to know, but most importantly, he taught me respect. Respect for all the wolves that walk on this land. He also mentored me in the way to not be so headstrong. I have made amends with Rook, whom I was wrong to at the last meeting, as well as you, Alpha.” She lowered her head and
        * Saskia wagged her tail.
        <Huginn> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn He turned his gaze back to the gathering as Code and Saskia were called up to the Alpha rock. He listened as Kova spoke to the pair, eyes glancing to the other fae a moment, wondering if she was going to be given a chance before turning back to the Alpha rock and the three faes.
        * Sanek worried that Kova had said something about speaking to him before the meeting. They hadn’t done that, but he hoped it would still work as part of the meeting. He was hiding this worry though, behind a genuine curiousity of what the two faes learned.
        * Panther He nodded as he gazed at Saskia, he smiled softly. He was still debating vouching for her, he was a member, but her mentor. He would be biased. He came and sat beside Sanek, nosing the brute. His gaze found his apprentice as she spoke his name. His gaze wandered among the other wolves, wondering where the newcomer was. He watched the wolf in front of the crowd of wolves. Was Saskia going to become a pledge today? Had he trained her enough? He continued to watch, listening rather intently.
        * Rook listened quietly and curiously to Saskia’s response, and if needed would vouch for the fae’s reaching out and to the amends made. He wondered why the other fae present therein had not, but life and its threads were made some fairly busy. Focus was given back to the fae and to Kova for her own response.
        * Kova would dip her head to the fae as she would reveal whom she sought. All the choices would be well suited and, she was glad she did. “We all have our personalities and ways in which we’ve grown into. That, I cannot fault a wolf to far for but it is the humbleness of being able to learn and to grow, and to flourish in yourself and as well, to the path that you desire to have moving forward.” admiration for the fae seemed to twinkle in her eye. Much to learn still, but the fae showed a great willingness to continue forward. “The next step, Saskia is pledge of WolfSpirits. I would ask you now, are you still willing to continue to grow, and to learn the ways of this pack? To a pack you desire to call home and family?”
        * Loumacy settled beside Fianna, letting her be the one between her and Calder. Her tail batted lighly back and forth and occasionally she would go to nose or seemingly nip at the confetti. She really wanted to hear what Kova was about to tell her two friends. In her excitement she nosed and nuzzled Fia before looking back to her friends, forelegs giving the snow a bit of a pit pat as she
        * Loumacy licked her maw and whined excitedly. Her ears began to go up and then flat, up, flat, up, flat, up, flat. She was charging up like an over exciteable electric rat monster.
        * Saskia would watch as Kova seemed to have a twinkle in her eyes. This made her melt. The Alphess had taken a liking to her.. oh she was so happy. “Yes, Kova. I dearly wish to still find a home in this land, with these wonderful wolves!” She turned to look out to them, she hoped she was also allowed to speak out to them as well, if not she would be corrected after the meeting by someone. “And I wish to let all the
        * Saskia wolves that sit in this clearing know, that I will provide loyalty and respect, compassion and service to all of you for as long as I reside here. Thank you all for being so welcoming and teaching me your ways..” she looked back at Kova, whispering “Thank you” as well to the Alphess. She then hushed her maw and waiting for her response.
        <Calder> He would watch Loumacy as the fae approached. He dipped his head to her before offering a kind welcome, then his eyes fell to Saskia and then to Kova. Listening intently to the shared words.
        * Kova her tail still and the wind ruffled the smallest amount of fur fluff that it would. She was rigid, thoughtful and would give a kind but pensive expression. To her whisper, she would give a slight smile and a very short but curt nod in acknowledgment. “I would call to the members of WolfSpirits and to our Assessments. Who will vouch for Saskia’s pledgeship?”
        * Fianna, while watching the goings on, began to feel her fur prickle some with how near Loumacy was to Calder, and it was a good thing the fae hadn’t tried to squirrel her way between them. Scooching a mite closer she nuzzle Calder and licked his cheek fur, then turned to study Lou’s ears for a moment, the back and forth being quite distracting. Still she couldn’t fault the fae for being excited and so she lifted one paw and set it down firmly but gently on top of one of Lou’s hoping to ground the fae a bit and help her settle. When Kova asked who would vouch for Saskia, Fianna glanced about. She had only just barely met the fae and hadn’t had anymore opportunities to speak with her. Who had the fae been able to spend time with?
        * Salem followed along the stream going a little further North but ultimately West. Once he reached a point where the frozen water branched off in two separate directions, he followed the one where he didn’t have to cross either one and now his path would continue further South until the stream continued into the forest and he adopted following the forest edge for a number of paces before swinging a hard right as he walked in between the trees that separated the Hunting Grounds and the Clearing.
        * Loumacy burst like that bawoon she popped the other day, “ME! I will! Ooo! Ooo! Pledge- I mean Assesment of Wolfspirits, Loumacy vouch for Saskia buddy, pal, FRIEND!” Her paws went a tippy tappy and she whined, and she nosed Fianna, and oh this was so exciting! Tippy tappy! Tippy tappy! “She brings happiness and great interest in the pack, and takes to hear valuable lessons like pack together, I can attest!” Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!
        * Rook would wait his turn to speak for the fae, seeing as his place was nearer the proverbial back than the front. No amount of rigid decorum would keep Lou from vouching first though, and that would elicit a chuckle from him before he decided to go in turn. ”Rook, son of the Mean Oíche, vouches for Saskia. She speaks true and amends have been made.”
        * Kova would hear Loumacy’s excited tones first and gave an inward chuckle as well, nodding to her and then to Rook as he spoke for the fae, as well. She would rise her paw up, and gently tap it to the stone before giving a stern but thoughtful tone to her voice. “As those lay claim to Saskia’s pledge, so do I lay ground for it to be proven. Moving forward and here on out, Saskia you may ..
        <Kova> .. introduce yourself as a pledge of WolfSpirits. Welcome to the first few steps of many. ” she said with a smile and dip of her head.
        * Sanek hadn’t been around Saskia enough to truly know the fae, so although he wanted to vouche for her, he wouldn’t know what he was vouching for so he stayed quiet and listened to the others. His tail waved happily when Kova approved that Saskia become a pledge.
        <Calder> Upon the newly named Pledge he would smile and dip his head and place a paw on the earth in announcement of her presence now to them all. He would let loose a wave of his tail, feeling Fianna’s nuzzle and nuzzle her in turn. Perhaps oblivous to the tension set forth for now?
        *Panther He would be biased, he kept telling himself that, but as he told himself that he heard Loumacy’s loud vocals. He looked over his shoulder at her, remaining where he was seated beside Sanek. He grumbled softly, and almost told her; ‘You don’t have to yell, Kova isn’t deaf.’ but alas, he actually kept his maw shut. His gaze darted towards Rook as he vouched for the fae, he smiled softly. His hues gleamed with respect, and the glint in his hues remained when he gazed up towards Kova. Saskia was a pledge now! His tail betrayed a subtle happy wag. He figured his apprentice-at-the-time would say something about why he didn’t vouch for her after the meeting. His ears perked, and he continued to listen.
        * Saskia would look to the two wolves that vouched for her and they wouldn’t be forgotten and of course she would thank them afterwards. She looked up at Kova who would set her paw down and announce her as pledge. She smiled and chuckled, with a man outrageous tail wag. “Thank you, Alpha Kova! I will not disappoint you.” She spoke in serious tone despite her bodily form. “Am I to leave the rock now?” She asked,
        * Saskia head dipped respectfully.
        * Lotus wagged her tail in excitement. Her friend was a pledge!
        * Kova as the celebratory feel would wash over them, she would smile and dip her head to Saskia allowing her to return to her place of desired seat within the rest she would then turn her hues to Sanek. She gave a soft expression and a chuff in his direction, calling him forward. “Sanek, please come forward.”
        *CwnAnnwn Stamped a paw in the snow as Saskia was named the newest pledge of the WolfSpirits pack. He looked to Sanek was the male was called up next.
        * Lotus she stomped her paw, assuming that was the thing to do..
        * Code grinned and wagged her tail as Saskia was named pledge. As she listened, she remembered she too had to apologise to the brute she didn’t know the name of from the previous meeting, though any memories of the hostility had been long forgotten. She prided herself in never holding grudges, and honestly, any memory of that brief disagreement
        * Code had been lost to the sands of time from her point of view. She shrugged, looking over to the wolf who she may or may not know as Rook yet and gave an apologetic smile, though whether he noticed would be up to chance.
        * Saskia would pad down the steps, perhaps offering a smile and a chuff Sanek’s way as he took her spot. She would look to who to sit by. She saw Loumacy all excited and wound up, she smiled and chuckled, heading her way, but not before looking towards Rook’s direction and eyeing him a soft look of thanks, and dipping her head down his way respectfully. As she got to Loumacy, she wouldn’t say anything but give a nose
        * Saskia to her cheek and snuggle up close to her taking a seat, wondering what Sanek would be called for.
        * Sanek his tail stopped wagging for a moment and his ears pulled back even more when Kova called him up. He stood and did a quick few trots to stand in front of the Alpha Rock, dipping his head to the Alphess in respect.
        * Lotus her eyes drew to the brown wolf she had almost tumbled over before the meeting. Roles were so exciting. Her sadness was not far from reach but at least it was out of sight for now. His nervous movements made Lotus a bit confused, she wagged her tail for him anyway.
        * Fianna however, unlike Panther, would be right next to Loumacy and though the excitement was nice, the boisterous loudness could perhaps be softened a touch and knowing she had been made the fae’s mentor, she would lean in close to the fae’s ear and whisper once she had finished speaking,”The words were good, but in a meeting, with wolves all gathered in close, measure your voice and people will listen more closely and more willingly to what you have to say.” She licked the fae’s cheek once, just to soften her words but her gaze held serious before she’d turn back to stamp a paw as Saskia took her first steps as pledge! When Sanek was called, Fianna sat back and would listen attentively.
        * Rook A firm stamp of his paw was given in congratulations to the fae, and when she dipped her head to him he would do likewise to her. Mutual respect and reciprocity were the fledgling ground upon which meaningful relationships flourished. He was happy for that opportunity. His amber hues would track the male that Kova called forward. Little story was known to Rook concerning Sanek, but that was because neither had crossed much path. He would have rectify that in the coming days, he thought.
        <Kova> “Sanek, you’ve been a member with us for sometime and throughout your dedication here you’ve shared a knowledge and as well, a desire to see your pack and family safe. It’s wellbeing looked after and tended.” she began allowing her words to flow like the gentle thrumming of the creek nearby. “I would like to ask you, Sanek, if you would help continue to keep the pack safe, and ensure our boundaries well marked and observed, and take up first scout in training?”
        * Lotus That must be a big deal, to be the first of something. It peaked her interest and she perked her ears to listen to the possible promotion.
        * Loumacy felt the tickle of Fianna’s words on her ear, though the tone held a bit of seriousness, that made Lou bow her head, and run her foreleg against the bridge of her maw giving a soft whine as her mentor reeled her back in. Her tail tucked her ears flattened, looking a bit anxious, but drinking in the wisdom all the same. “Sorry,” She whispered, staring at her paws. It didn’t take
        * Loumacy much to shift the femme’s mood from high to low and to somewhere inbetween, and Fianna would appear to have a knack for getting her to the acceptable level with the softest of reprimands and the sweetest of gestures. At the feeling of the lick on her cheek Loumacy relaxed and settled beside Fianna, leaning against her. When Saskia approached her tail thumped, but she would nose Fia, a sign
        * Loumacy that she heard, and that she would be quiet, though welcoming to her friend’s companionship. Saskia settled she would nose her, but say nothing, just grin.
        * Sanek was a bit surprised, he thought he’d been called up for something else. “A scout?” he realized he had spoken aloud. Oops. He considered the rank. He liked to sniff and explore. And searching for predators and marking the northern boundaries were both enjoyable. He finally nodded “I would. I will do anything to ensure the
        * Sanek pack is safe, and I feel I will do so best as a scout” he wondered who would train him.
        * Kova eyes careful and guaged his reaction. His language spoken and shared through his body. She kept her own frame rigid but light. Attention upon him souly. “As a scout in training, you will learn from not only myself, but from Fianna, and others who would help share that knowledge with you. Are you willing to move forward and to see to the saftey of our home beyond the clearing? Beyond these ..
        <Kova> .. borders and beyond even that?”
        * Salem wove through the forest, momentarily pausing as the scents of numerous others reached his nose. Placing his paws down quietly one after the other, he made his way through the forest until he made it to the edge of the Clearing where he was able to take in not only the scents of others but around the distant sight of shapes around the Alpha Rock and though the soft crunch of snow
        * Salem would betray his late arrival, he tried to keep them quiet enough to not draw too much attention to himself and also listen in to what was being discussed.
        *CwnAnnwn He perked up and listened as Kova spoke to Sanek of becoming a scout in training, he remembered his father once was a scout for the pack and shared much of his knowledge with him, it was a position he felt he might end up in at some point. He was happy to see that the scout ranks were going to start filling again.
        * Saskia would wag her tail at Sanek’s new rank in the pack. Wow! A scout in training.. that sounded important. She smiled at Loumacy’s nose as well.
        * Sanek he would look into Kova’s eyes to emphasize his word “Aye.” he said with a firm nod of his head. This was what he wanted to be. He looked around, to see what the pack thought of this. What Panther thought.
        *Panther He stamped his paw for Saskia’s pledging, then watched as Sanek left his side and went forward. He smiled softly, then looked over his shoulder at Lou, he mouthed a ‘thank you’ in Fianna’s direction. His tail curled around his flank, as he dipped his head to Fianna, Calder, and Loumacy. His gaze then switched to Sanek and Kova. His friend was becoming a scout in training? The first scout in training. He smiled softly, and he got ready to howl, or stamp his paw, in congratulations. He knew scouts were a big deal, but his friend was gonna to be going beyond the borders without him? He had only done that when the four wolves went north once, and they didn’t even go past the borders. He smiled, thankful his friend would be getting a rank. His tail wagged in excitement as he listened further.
        * Fianna At the knowledge of Sanek becoming scout in training, Fianna’s eyes lit a bit and she leaned forward with interest. She had carried the title of scout for quite a while, and she would watch Sanek’s path to becoming a full scout with eagerness. The pack needed more of that rank for sure.
        * Loumacy listened as Great Alpha Kova offered Sanek a scouting position and he accepted! She began to whine, her paws began to tippy tappy, were they going to howl for him!? She looked to Fia, then to Sanek, then to Kova, then to Saskia, then back to Fia! He said yes! He did say yes, didn’t he?
        * Code moved over to Saskia and Loumacy, smiling. She whispered, “good job!” to the brown fae, sitting down before returning her gaze to the alpha once more. Ooo, a scout? That sounded cool! There were so many cool ranks and things that she had never come across before and it made her all the more curious about each new one mentioned at a
        * Code meeting. Her tail wagged a little as she shuffled her paws and wondered if the pack was going to howl? Howling was fun, yes! It was the best part of meetings!
        * Kova to Sanek’s words she’d carefully read his own. A slow dip of her head given when he agreed to be trained, she would offer a swing of her tail once, then stilled it. “Then, I wish to name you Sanek, Scout in Training.” her paw would rise then stomp on the stone again for Sanek. She would allow the others to offer their celebratory expressions before she swung her tail then stilled it. ..
        <Kova> .. “As well, Sanek, Scout in training, I would like to also ask that you become a mentor to an Assessment. To you I assign Calder.” she cast long her gaze across all the wolves and it fell to the male. She dipped her head to him then looked back to Sanek. “Show him our ways. Our lore and knowledge to help him on the journey to becoming pack.”
        * Lotus stamped her paw in congratulations for Sanek. She was happy that the pack was building up so efficiently. He seemed like he would be great as a scout, even though she didn’t know him very well. Two jobs in one meeting? He was going to be busy!
        <Calder> He would hear his name mentioned and would turn to Sanek. He would be appointed a mentor and thought Sanek to be well choice. He’d not seen much of him, but was glad that would change and his tail swung slowly behind him. Should Sanek look this way he would dip his head in agreement – happy for the guidance.
        * Rook So his sister would be in charge of someone else, eh? Woe be to Sanek, the target of the bossy bear? He chuckled quietly at the thought. The bear was certainly a good choice to learn the ways of ensuring what paths to take and what horizons to view. No gesture or reaction was given until the naming Sanek was complete; only then would he offer a firm stamp of his paw.
        * Panther He stamped his paw for his friend, and the newly made mentor. He grinned as his tail wagged. He glanced over towards Saskia, he would have to congratulate her. He was excited to see Sanek’s journey to becoming a full Scout for the pack. He deserved the rank, for he was quite the tracker.
        * Saskia would learn something now of the paw stamping. If this meant she was happy for Sanek’s new rank, she would throw her paw to the ground and offer a smile, happy for him though they barely acquainted themselves before.
        * Loumacy heard the paw stamping and swallowed back the howl, but boy could her paws stamp with the best of them and she tippy tapped and mashed that snow into the earth for Sanek, and Calder who had a mentor now too!
        * Salem picked a spot in the back to settle in and caught the last of Kova’s words of Sanek being named a Scout. He stamped his paw not just once but twice for the advancement as well as taking on the role as a mentor in teaching the pack’s ways.
        * Sanek he was about to turn around and go back to his seat, but Kova had more to add so he stopped himself. So he -was- going to be a mentor to some wolf. To Calder. He glanced to the brute and wagged lightly. He didn’t really know Calder well, but he did want to, and was also willing to teach him. With a final nod to show he was looking forward
        * Sanek to teaching, and perhaps learning something too, he would now move back to his spot next to Panther.
        * Kova would allow Sanek to take his place where he desired to sit before turning then to the other wolves. She adjusted her frame to stand a little more firm and comfortable. She would see Lotus among the other wolves and would shift her weight again and spoke to the fae directly. “Lotus, I still task to you, to see your guide and upon the next calling of a meeting, I will call upon you once more.”
        * Kova hopefully the fae heard her before departing. Her attention would withdrawl from the fae before she would cast her gaze to the wolves present. She would dip her head once more and smile to those who had heeded the call. “A short but very meaingful meeting. I thank those who attended, but before we depart, does any wolf have anything they’d like to share? A question, perhaps?”
        *CwnAnnwn He would stamp his paw for Sanek’s advancement to scout in training as he wondered if he would join him there one day, though he would take on whatever role was deemed to suit him. He glanced to those gathered to see if anyone was going to share anything or ask a question.
        * Fianna would stamp her paw too as Sanek took his rank and felt her banner wave. She would do her best to pass on the knowledge that she had gleaned and gathered during her time as Guardian Scout. When Kova tasked him with mentoring Calder she glanced at her mate, wondering how he’d take the news and was glad to see him seem keen to the idea. She’s nose him gently, then sit quietly for the remainder of the meeting.  Kova was doing so well, and it was with pride that she gazed at the Alphess. She would hope to speak with her soon.
        * Code was disappointed that they weren’t allowed to howl, but stomped her paw on the snow as that seemed like the right thing to do. She settled down as Kova spoke once more, remembering Lotus still had not been named a pledge. Hopefully next meeting, then. Perhaps they might be able to become friends by then? Yes, that would be good! She loved
        * Code friends! She kept silent as the alpha asked if there were any questions, as she didn’t have much to say. She hoped that once the meeting broke up she might be able to apologise to Rook for her behaviour during the previous gathering. No grudges had been held on her side but she wanted to be sure to reconcile as she didn’t know if he was
        * Code still mad at her.
        * Rook No questions from his end of the peanut gallery were forthcoming, but perhaps others would have something to add or ask? He looked about curious to that end was at least gladdened to see those that had gathered. He inwardly chuckled at seeing what his father had planted; he wondered if they would continue the tradition of the paw stamp if they knew that the old grump had been the one to start it way back in the day? Perhaps so; he would at least continue it.
        * Saskia wouldn’t have any questions and pondered what would be after the meeting. She would perhaps congratulate Sanek, seek out Calder to introduce herself.. should Fianna allow it? She gulped. She would also seek out Panther maybe.
        * Sanek wondered how it would go with him mentoring Calder and being taught how to scout himself. There weren’t any scouts around here, were there? So Fianna had been a scout? Or still was? He tried to remember if it ever came up, and in doing so, zoned out and became lost in thought.
        * Loumacy leaned on Fianna, being overall a bit lazy and goofy tonight. Calder was on the other side of Fianna, and she could have sworn Saskia settled down next her her. Her head lifted wondering where Code was as the meeting seemed to draw somewhat to an end perhaps?
        * Kova when the others would cast their glances upon her and perhaps the others, she would find that no others desired to speak and that suited her well, to. She swung her tail a few times before she would bow her head and offer in lightened tones “Then, I would like to conclude tonights meeting and wish peace and rest for the evening. Gather your strength for soon we hunt as a pack.” her ..
        <Kova> .. tongue drew across her muzzle in anticipation. Perhaps she was hungry now? All the same, she’d allow the others to mingle and rest if they desired.

        New Life has Arrived in WolfSpirits

        By Announcement, News, Special Event
        Fianna and Calder welcome the next generation of WolfSpirits.

        A trio of pups arrived on the 28th of June, 2021.

        First Born

        Second Born

        Third Born

        Naming Ceremony to be Announced.

        Summer Strength – Escaped Hunts

        By News, Pack Hunt

        The hunting party led an unsuccessful effort to track an blacktail. Kova made 1/3 successful attempts to track the blacktail. Unfortunately, whether by wit or luck, the blacktail avoided the pack.

        In a second attempt the hunting party led an effort to track an elk. Kova started off the tracking event well, gaining 1/5 successful attempts to track the elk. Shakira made exceptional progress, a critical success, earning the pack 2/5 successful attempts required. Sanek and Shakira finished the tracking event, leading the hunt to their prey. Rook landed the first blow on the elk and Shakira was injured before the elk made a successful escape.

        Plentiful grasses and the favorable season of summer fill prey animals with vitality. Hunters beware!




        Musk Ox Hunt

        By News, Pack Hunt

        The cawing of ravens and crows and the scent of a kill call you to the Hunting Grounds…

        The hunting party led an effort to track a musk ox. Sanek started off the tracking well, a critical success, garnering the pack 2/3 successful attempts required. Calder and Sanek began the hunt without the assitance of Kova. Calder, injured and exhausted, was forced to retire from the chase, his health reaching -10. Kova arrived to provide assistance to the hunt just after Calder had to withdraw from the hunt. The ox made two attempts at escape, but both were prevented by Sanek. Sanek landed the killing blow.

        The musk ox lies in the Hunting Grounds and wolves should take care to guard it.

        Congratulations and well done!



        Lore Night: July 9th, 2021

        By Lore Night, News

        * Kova her trinkets stowed, she would step out of the blue spruce, and her eyes fell to the horizon as she also took stock of the wolves who where within. She might’ve picked up on Panther and Leora firstly as she stepped into the dying sun’s light.
        * Sanek still snored at the base of the small hill at the south side of the Clearing, unaware of any wolves in the Clearing or around him. His ears had stilled, his dream ending, allowing him to fall into a deeper sleep.
        * Rook What a weave of tales to untangle; what a thread to pull throughout the day…The teller laid in the shade of his father’s tree upon his father’s knoll that overlooked his kin’s hunting grounds. A thousand wolves gathered along the ridges, swales, and rocks of the hunting grounds. Each were his kin of old, wolves he would never meet outside the tales his father told. All of them were placed there from his imagination and in his imagination while he recounted his chosen tale. He was no fortune teller. No, the “teller” of his name came from the place he held beyond these borders as the Storyteller. Even then, he gambled using his preferred currency of a “story for a story” when he chose this as the likely tale to tell. He was to offer a tale titillatingly close to those that would explain it all. The sun, now behind him, had fallen deep enough int the western sky to be partially filtered by the pines at his back. The wind and what light shown through the clouds created enough movement of shadow to force him from his mind and to leave the thousands of his kin exactly where he would later place them again…in a tale. He would gather his dark frame upon his paws, shake loose the stubborn foliage, and begin the deliberately slow path back into the clearing.
        * Shakira chuckles lightly at Rune’s words. “No, I suppose not.” She said, a curious tilt to her head as she watched the she-wolf scale the boulders and poke her head into the spaces between, a strange sight for one who didn’t know what exactly was concealed within. “Indeed, it’s been awhile since there were pups around aside from Leora and, well, ehem…” She paused with a clearing of her throat as she hadn’t thought of
        * Shakira the one lost pup from the Alphas last litter in a long time, the sudden memory of the pup bringing back others that she had managed to suppress for many months. “I still remember when Fianna herself was but a pup all those years ago, funny how time flies.” She added, suppressing a laugh as Rune’s head once more disappeared into a crevice. “Prey has been very easy to come by with the abundance of calves and fawns
        * Shakira that were born this year, the herds have remained well stocked. Speaking of, a few of the ones gathered for the hunt sustained some fairly decent injuries, nothing that seemed entirely detrimental, but then again I’m not a Caretaker.” She said with a wink if Rune happened to glance her way. “If you have the chance and time soon, I’m sure they could use some tending for their wounds.” She finished.
        * Atraya having already been within the clearing, she was resting just below the Alpha’s rock. She would gauge the time by the sky above, and offer a low breath before pressing her paws into the soil and rose up in the shade.
        * Rune wags her tail at the mention of the pups again. “They are lovely and the pack is lucky to have such new life. Diligent eyes are upon them.” She dips her head to the fae, her face and voice always calm and soft when speaking about or to any pups, when their usual expression was firm and reserved. She hadn’t intended to linger at her cache, she was needed back at Fianna’s den, as she’d not seen Calder before she’d left. Rune was glad that the den was well within the safety of the WolfSpirits borders, and she and Calder had been careful to ward off any potential curious creatures. However, the Caretaker felt more comfortable nearby. At the mention of a hunt, Rune was pleased to hear there was a carcass within the Hunting Grounds. Unfortunately, her head turns round to look at Shakira when injuries accompany the mention of the hunt. She was just
        about to hop down the boulders, but turned round and poked her head back into the cave she’d just emerged from. “My duties are to the injured as well. I will go to the Clearing to look for the injured. Do you know who they may be?” The Caretaker’s head then proceeds to vanish in and out of multiple crevices as she makes her way back around the cache. When she returns to Shakira on the forest floor, in her maw would be cylindrical roots and a variety of dried plants, all delicately secured in her jaws.
        * Kova making her way to the center of the clearing, she would pause to take note of all the wolves present. She smiled, swinging her tail slowly before she’d lift her muzzle skyward, howling for a gathering within the clearing! The Lore Night to begin.
        * Accelia decides to bring some of the bull to Rune for the Lore night she rips a good chunk off the beast looking to the birds above she wonders if she will be allowed to go once they call, does someone need to guard the carcass at night when the birds have left, she did not know she wined to herself the question. Setting down the piece of meat looking at the last three remaining crows who sat in waiting for her guard to be down to steal from the carcass. She charged at them causing them to fly away she marked the area around the bull looking at the gash it had inflicted upon her in the hunt which was healing well but would leave a reminder to her of the first pack hunt she has been on. The agouti tan she-wolf gazed at the burn marks that peppered her pelt that overshadowed the gash which held the truth in the story she would share with the pack and how the spirits she followed were her only hope.
        * Leora the young wolfess was squirrely indeed. Her own little adventures took her further from her mothers care and into the wilds to explore and learn. She was, however, ‘home sick’ and had made it back to the clearing at some point. She had her cape about her, draped in a nice fashion of course. Her tail swung behind her before she made her way to her mother at the Alpha’s rock. A little less »»
        <Leora> »» than half way there, she heard the howl from Kova and bark yipped to join in. She still had to get that down.
        * Sanek the howl made him stir. Slowly, his head rose from the grass and his legs helped him up. He looked around, wondering what was up. He’d spot the Alphess and Beta at the center of the Clearing, then saw Leora howling, perhaps spotting Panther too. In a light and slow trot he made his way to join everyone at the Alpha Rock.
        * Rook Almost as if on cue, the call for Lore Night rang out. He could hear Kova’s voice resonate within the copse of trees he found himself in, and he knew it like one knew the melody of a favored song. While it still could, his tail betrayed the would-be stoicism he placed upon himself and countenance when he entered the clearing. A quick exchange of pleasantries, the warmth of a gaze to the alpha’s rock to the silen reverent regard to the one atop it, preceded him and his padfalls both into and through the clearing. The sight of his youngest sister would be the final straw atop the camel’s broken back…the stoic facade melted to a chuckle and a quickened pace.
        * Panther perks to the howl, sounded by the beta. He smiled, and perhaps even spotted Kova and Leora? He didn’t go to Kova right away, instead he made his way towards Sanek, To help him if he needed it. His friend could indeed spot the black brute.
        * Atraya would smell her youngest daughter approach from the eastern wood. She would swing her tail lightly behind her as the anticipation of being reunited was well upon her features. She chuffed in her direction when Kova’s howl emitted from not to far away. The lore night called to play. She would nose Leora, closing the gap. You are in for a treat, Leora. A lore night is about to begin. Listen »»
        <Atraya> »» carefully to the stories shared and told. she waited to seat herself to see if the stage was as good as it needed to be for those who would , well, need it. It was there in the thralls of voices and scents, did she pick up her son. Her tail would not still, in fact, it would wave quicker now as she too reached a low chuff in greetings.
        Sirris’ head turned at the sound of Kova’s howl, she smiled where she lay on her place in the grass. She wondered what she may do, she wasn’t really much for company though she liked the wolves here and was willing to sacrifice her strange habits for them. It seemed Lore Night had began, she thought she might as well share the story passed down by her ancestors. She limped hurriedly to join everyone as they all gathered for
        <`Raven> this fun occasion. She smiled at them and took her seat not too far from the group. She could not wait for the stories to come as she waited patiently.
        /Rune A howl from the Clearing sounds out across the landscape and, looking to Shakira, Rune starts off towards the large glade at a lope. There was no way that her pace would leave Shakira behind, the tawny fae was a huntress after all. If anything, Rune’s lope was slow, so as to keep the herbs in her maw as safe as possible from jostling. The Clearing wasn’t far from her cache, and the path between the two was well-traveled
        <`Raven> by Rune’s own paws, the fae likely able to travel the trail in her sleep. Upon reaching the Clearing, the ivory fae looks to see where wolves were gathered and then checks back on Shakira to see that the fae was still nearby. Continuing towards Alpha Rock at a trot, Rune moves to the back of the crowd and sits back on her haunches, so as not to disrupt anything which had already started. As she looks around at the wolves in her
        <`Raven> company, her tail wags furiously at the sight of Leora. She’d not seen the little fae pup, who was no longer so little and such a pup anymore. Oh, how fast they grew. Flattening the grass between her front paws, Rune gently places the bundle of herbs on the ground. The dried stalks, woven and wedged together, resist rolling or drifting away with any wind that came through the Clearing. Her keen copper and amber eyes survey the wolves
        <`Raven> who had arrived or who were arriving, looking for those Shakira may have mentioned.
        * Kova the joyful tones in her voice would relay the excited nature of a tale or two to be shared this evening! Who and what would be shared? The eagerness could hardly be contained in her kneeding paws. She would see Sanek and Panther, chuffing warmly to them before her hues fell to the dark lore master, Rook appear to. Her tail would also not sieze it’s wave as she would bow her head in a warm »»
        <Kova> »» greeting to him “I look forward to the lore shared this evening!” proclaiming with the same amount of joy that her tail could not contain. Sirris’ scent lingered, as well as Accalia’s and now Rune’s. She would have made herself to Atraya’s side and seated down, starting to form up a ‘circle’. Allowing the others to take their own spots.
        * Sanek winced lightly, he had nearly forgotten about his cut. Luckily it was not on his side where his pelt moved and stretched whenever he made his way somewhere. He slowed even more before reaching the rock, and now found himself a good spot to watch the stories of others being told. He nodded to Panther and motioned for him to sit next to Sanek. His ears turned, hearing many wolves
        * Sanek talking about Lore night, his tail showing his excitement.
        * Panther chuffed towards Kova, Panther dips his head to Sanek. He sat beside his friend, If he seen Sirris, He’d motion her to come near, and sit beside him..On his other side, Unless someone else would sit there? Panther didn’t care who sat beside him, If he was being honest. Panther listened to the other wolves talk about the Lore Night that was
        * Panther happening.
        * Shakira had seemingly become distracted once more in her own thoughts until a howl rang crisp and clear, not quite the same power behind it as the Alphas when calling a meeting, but instead the clear tones of the Beta summoning a gathering. She had nearly forgotten the Beta had issued for a Lore Night to be held, and so with quick paws she would make to keep pace with Rune as they headed for the Clearing. As they broke
        * Shakira through the treeline into the expanse, she would finally answer Rune’s question as she noticed the bundle she carried and her gaze as it takes over the wolves within. “Among the hunters was Panther, Sanek, Skydancer and the new wolf Accalia, I only saw the latter three get hit, but if you could check over Panther just to be sure, it’d be appreciated.” She’d say with a brief and gentle nosing to the she-wolfs ruff
        * Shakira before she would find a spot near the back of the gathered to listen and maybe even partake in the storytelling.
        * Kova would smile as all the wolves began to gather. Her tail thumping a few more times before stilling. She would bow her head and offer “Thank you all who have heeded this call. I look forward to the lore shared this evening.” she smiled, turning momentarily towards Rook, a passing glance really wondering just how much payment he might get this eve! Her hues then turned to all the others as »»
        <Kova> »» she offered ” I would like to open it firstly to all of you. Would anyone desire to go first? ”
        * Accahalia he bowed her head to the carcass and sprinted off to the clearing at the call for the lore night, as fast as her legs could carry her with the chunk of meat in her mouth she hoped that Rune would be there and accept her offer, she also hoped that she wouldn’t get in trouble leaving the bull unguarded, she managed to reach the clearing and find the gathering of the wolves. She spotted panther and snuck in beside him, hoping he could tell her where the caretaker was perhaps she could find her after the stories and hers had been shared
        * Leora oh man oh man oh mannnn! Her mother hyped it, but she was even more excited to be among pack again and her brother was there to! Hey… where was her sisters?? Little yaps where given and before her mother could coddle her with licks to many, she would lick up at Rook’s before he took his spot. Maybe she wanted to sit next to him? So… she would wait to see just where he might sit just as »»
        <Leora> »» Kova opened the floor.

        * Rook Began taking stock of those many wolves that entered the clearing and began sitting near or next to him. Like Panther, he displayed no prejudice. Whoever wished to sit next to him would and could. He would listen to Kova and offer a light grin in the embers of his gaze towards her before waiting in silence. It was a story for a story, afterall…not a story before a story.
        * Sirris smiled at Panther’s offer, but stayed where she was. Her paw was in pain, didn’t wish to show any sign sign of weakness. She could only move but a distance before she fell next to Rook. She sent Panther a sorry stare, sat up so she was comfortable in her place. “Sorry..” She spoke to Rook, moved away to give him space.
        * Rune It didn’t seem like Loera had seen Rune’s tail wagging at her and for now, she’d allow the older pup to gather with her family members. The fae looked to be well, and the Caretaker wondered if Atraya’s youngest daughter knew of the pack’s newest arrivals. Turning her attention up to Kova, the Beta answers the question in the eurasian fae’s mind, tonight’s gathering was a Lore Night. The fae was aware that she had missed a meeting since the pups’ arrival, but was glad to see that a Lore Night had followed. Had she not already departed from the den, Rune wouldn’t have left for Lore Night, but while she was here looking for injured wolves, she may as well listen to the stories too. One of Rune’s ears would remain trained behind her for the entirety of the night, listening for a howl from the trees.
        * Sanek grinned, thinking about his stories. He wished others would go before him though, so that he was fully ready and the mood was already set. He sometimes told stories to pups and their care givers if they happened to be around. Rarely to a full pack. He pawed the dirt and offered a quick nuzzle to Panther.
        * Leora scattered all over she was! Wolf there, wolf here, wolves all over! She did see Rune now, though, and would wag her tail and chuff to her before she had found a spot beside her brother. She’d ensureeeeee she’d get a seat. She’d look out with longing eyes. Who would tell a story?
        * Kova had remained where she was seated her Atraya. Anywolf who would settle beside her, she’d also not mind either. Her tail would wave a few more times as she would look between the wolves present. She’d wait a few more minutes before the wolves would settle, to see whom might want to share first.
        * Panther smiled, then dipped his head to Accalia, He would signal towards Rune, Indicating she was the caretaker, He assumed Accalia was trying to find her. He nuzzled Sanek quickly and dipped his head towards Sirris, As if saying it was okay. Panther’s ears perked, He showed no signs of sharing first, As he was still slightly thinking. He looked
        * Panther around, Listening to who would share first.
        * Atraya her blind eyes would ‘look’ ahead as she would turn an ear left and right, wondering whom might be the first to offer their lore. Their story.
        * Shakira looked between those gathered, wondering at the many stories that could be shared, but would they? The initial ‘breaking of ice’ could be a potential spigot to open the floor a little more readily for those that were nervous as she had been the first time she spoke at a Lore Night. Stepping forward with surprisingly confident paws, she spoke up. “Alpha, Beta, if I may?” She asked, not wanting to speak out of turn.
        * Kova would turn an ear to Shakira’s tones and smiled, her tail thrumping the ground a few times before she would seat herself further back allowing Shakira the first “Please” eyes bright, curious and eager to hear.
        * Leora her eyes where -all- over. Wolf to wolf to wolf. So many wolves! She would swing her tail behind her quickly that her cape dared to fall off her but stilled when Shakira was the first to speak. She’d scoot herself forward if only to get a -better- look-see. Oooo this was gunna be good!
        * Rook Ah, to be chosen by his youthful sister was a blessing he’d not soon forget. She would be rambunctious, yes, but curiosity was a fragile thing that age often wore down. He’d not seen it in his time, nor would he, he hoped, see it in hers. He was thankful for Shakira, because she had bought him enough time to gather 10 nearby stones and to place gently upon them a star-shaped, yellow flower. After his preparation was complete, he would listen closely to Shakira’s offered lore.


        * Shakira gave a light nod and a smile in turn to Kova as her tail swayed once, twice, and then stilled in anticipation of her own Lore, not her own, but one that seemed desperate to be shared and spoken aloud. Turning to those gathered, she would take in a deep breath before beginning. “This is less of a story and more of a general pondering shared with me by a packmate from my birth pack.” She said as a simple
        * Shakira introduction before continuing. “Here, at the End of the World,
        * Shakira The flowers bleed
        * Shakira As if they were hearts,
        * Shakira The hearts ooze a darkness
        * Shakira Black as a moonless night,
        * Shakira And poets dip their paws in
        * Shakira And they write.
        * Shakira Here, at the End of the World,
        * Shakira They write,
        * Shakira Not knowing what it means.
        * Shakira Here, where the sky nurses on black milk,
        * Shakira Where smoke feeds the sky,
        * Shakira Where the trees tremble in terror
        * Shakira And wolves come to resemble them.
        * Shakira Here, at the End of the World,
        * Shakira The poets are bleeding.
        * Shakira Writing and bleeding
        * Shakira Are thought to be the same;
        * Shakira Singing and bleeding
        * Shakira Are thought to be the same.
        * Shakira Write us a song!
        * Shakira Send us a scrap of food!
        * Shakira Comfort us with proverbs or candied fruit,
        * Shakira With talk of one God.
        * Shakira Distract us with theories of art
        * Shakira No one can prove.
        * Shakira Here, at the End of the World,
        * Shakira Our heads are empty
        * Shakira And the wind walks through them
        * Shakira Like ghosts
        * Shakira Through a haunted wood.”

        * Atraya the tone and words shared by Shakira would reach her ears, and hear heart. She would offer a knowing smile and settled herself down from a seated position to lay. When Shakira’s lore reached the end, she stomped a paw softly and grinned “Well done, Shakira.”
        Sirris smiled at the beautiful poem, it was gorgeous. Something she very much enjoyed in poetry. The words were like music to her ears, loving every word. “Beautiful poem, Shakira.” Sirris spoke if she were aloud to of course, she wasn’t quite sure and slightly afraid to speak. She gave the fae a smile, waiting for what may occur next.
        * Rook , in his father’s keeping, would stamp his paw against the ground several times in his show of grattitude to Shakira’s poem. To bleed and sing at the end of the world…the words brought a vivid memory to mind that faded at the thought of the wolf that ended such a plight; Ayaka. Of the thousand wolves that wreathed the fray of his mind, she was still more flesh than memory. A
        * Rook steep payment cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» up front had been made, was it enough? He’d look to the others to see which flinched in anticipation.
        * Leora would swing her tail around quickly and bark chuff a few times. She tried the whole ground stompy thing, but she was still a bit awkward with her big ol paws. She churrrr’d and found the lore piece shared interesting and did her best to try and pick it’s meaning. Her mother did instruct her to -listen-.
        * Kova would mimic Atraya’s motions and chuff softly “A haunting and insightful lore piece, Shakira. Thank you!” her tail swung slowly behind her before stilling. Perhaps she would catch Sirri’s words and smile then turn to the others. Whom else might want to go next?
        * Sanek felt a power in that poem of Shakira’s and her every word she used in it. Wolves facing their terrible and dramatic fate together, singing still as their world falls apart. It stirred many thoughts. He’d offer a soft howl-yip in appreciation to Shakira for sharing the piece of thought and poetry with them.
        Rune Similarly to Leora, Rune would voice a “churr” as well, in thanks to Shakira for her lore. Rune wondered how long that lore had been with Shakira, or with her previous family, either blood or chosen. Stories passed from one to another, through generations if one was lucky. Looking around at the wolves gathered for Lore Night, Rune was gad to see Atrayaa’s son, Rook. The brute had been gone for some time, but had
        <`Raven> returned for his mother, the pack glad to see him. No wolves had yet stood up to pad forward or speak, so any injuries were well hidden for now. Continued scanning and peering with her eyes lead her to Accalia, one of the pack’s newest Pledges. As Rune understood it the tan agouti fae had helped in the hunt last night. Panther and Sanek were in attendance as well, should their health be up to it, she’d have a task for them come the
        <`Raven> end of Lore Night.
        * Shakira allowed her tail to continue it’s motion as her words seemed to be enjoyed by the gathered. A meaningful and haunting wonder indeed and one she was grateful had been shared with her, a piece of those that she had loved and lost from before the WolfSpirits had taken her in. Dipping her head in a humbled nod, she would move back to her place near the back of the group to watch the ongoings, hoping she had managed to
        * Shakira set a good stepping stone for those that had their own stories to share.
        *Accalia chuffing followed by the thumping of her tail Accelia pawed the ground in appreciation of the poem told, as the world around was seemly coming to an end it was a fitting start to the Lore night. Accelia didn’t think anyone could have started it off better, granted she had yet to hear the others that would follow. Accelia scanned the crowd wondering who Rune was she would hold off asking till the end of the Lore Night
        Crimson – This evening felt so wonderful, the little chill of early summer evening air was enough to make old bones ache just a little bit less, at least in the case of Crimson, who’d begin moseying up to the Clearing, a pinecone held upon her jaws as she’d approach from her little area near the lake of Solace. She’d been informed of some happenings this evening by the ever elusive Anya, and was intent on appearing, whether or not she was late! The elder wolf will approach, taking in the scents on the wind to see who might be around, or who she might even see as she’d begin getting toward the clearing
        * Panther listened to the huntress, A smile displayed across his maw. He stomped his paw on the ground as it concluded. He enjoyed theses Lore Nights, But didn’t have to guts to go first not second. His gaze wandered to Rune, He dipped his head. His would be up for a couple tasks for Rune, after lore night. Perhaps it’d help him finish making
        another cache for Kova?
        * Atraya her ear would turn if only to smell the air that was offered. Was that Crimson she picked up? A thump of her tail was given in the wake of her elder friend and former packmate to the pack. Remembering her from her youth to her mothers recanting tales of the great “Crimson Pinecone Cache.” That in itself might be a worthwhile story! She’d remain there, however, waiting for the next with anticipation.
        * Rook looked to his sister and quietly gestured to the yellow flower, “Hold this for me, aye? I will let you know when I need it. ” This lot as a nervous one, the thought. Shakira’s poem was a healthy addition to the scales, he would just have to expect recompense after he added his tale to the other half. “Beta of the Wolfspirits, I would request to add my tale to the tally.”
        * Rook looked to his sister and quietly gestured to the yellow flower, “Hold this for me, aye? I will let you know when I need it. ” This lot as a nervous one, the thought. Shakira’s poem was a healthy addition to the scales, he would just have to expect recompense after he added his tale to the other half. “Beta of the Wolfspirits, I would request to add my tale to the tally.”
        * Leora eyes bright like a diamond! When her brother asked her to hold the beauuuutiful flower, she would leap up to all fours and do her very best to try and not explode with energy. She would hold it and like the worlds most important thing, she would hold it true and close to her. She’d dare not loose it, drop it, pluck a petal! Eyes big and wide as she’d look up to her brother, eyes still bright »»
        <Leora> »» as she’d scoot ever closer.
        * Kova would turn an ear towards the direction of Rook and smile. She bowed her head lightly, tail swaying “Please” she’d step back allowing him the middle of the circle. Her heart beating a little heavier now with anticipation as her eyes probably as big as Leora’s.
        *Crimson – Perhaps indeed the whispers of tales would be on the wind?~ A perfect time for this old walking marshmallow to appear, it seemed! As an elder, her job was to put these wolves to sleep with her stories, and she took that duty quite seriously! Sometimes. She’d begin padding over just a little quicker, albeit her gait was still quite slow, enough to close the distance, she’d give a nosing in passing to the pup Leora before approaching her friend, Atraya, and setting a pinecone neatly in front of her, lazily laying beside, if indeed there was room! She’d arrived just in time to listen in to a story, it seemed
        * Rune’s eyes move to Rook, as he addresses Kova atop Alpha Rock, it would seem as if Atraya would be a silent observer for tonight. The Caretaker was glad that the pack’s elder Alpha Fae would be able to enjoy a Lore Night this evening, as opposed to her usual role of guiding it. The aging fae’s tail wags at a new scent on the wind, though Atraya’s refined nose would have caught the scent before Rune’s, Crimson.
        <`Raven> The Elder fae arrives in the Clearing and Rune dips her head in greeting to the wolf. She’d not seen Nightstalker since both he and Crimson had been made elders to the pack. She’d not been able to find either elders in there surveys of the territory, but hoped that CwnAnnwn and Anya were keeping watchful eyes on the older wolves. Perhaps they would be fortunate enough to hear a tale from the Elder? For now, Rune turns back to Rook, the brute exchanging quiet words with his youngest sister.
        * Sanek ‘s eyes were drawn to some movement once the noise of cheering had subsided. Leora seemed to be holding a flower in her maw, he wondered why or for what it was. Then his eyes looked to Rook as he stepped forth (metaphorically) to offer his own tale. He was happy to hear another one from Rook. The day Sanek had first met him he wonderfully retold a story, using creative ways to
        * Sanek create a more vivid picture of what was happening in the story. He glanced to an elder that settled herself in the circle of all the gathered wolves. He remembered her from the 20th anniversary meeting, but her name escaped his mind.


        <Rook> The ember’s of his gaze brightened to the excitement Leora had for the task he had given her. He let her pluck the flower from the altar of stones he placed underneath before gently picking every stone into his mouth. With quiet regard, he entered the circle and began laying the 10 stones in a half circle around him. They were as to be expected from river-born stones, different in
        <Rook> composition cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» (thus in color and fabric) but nearly identical in shape. He turned upon his paws to greet each wolf in silent gaze before speaking in deliberate and melodic tones, “When last we spoke in such a manner, I recalled to you the tale of starfall, earth, and the Mean Oíche–one of the first packs of the northlands. Fate and the weight of the stories to be shared this night have given me cause to offer a tale now set many generations since that storied beginning.” He allowed his voice to trail and his gaze to wonder once again between those gathered before beginning again. “Like the silk of a spider’s web, this story is a single thread of many that are made stronger by those that surround it and share its moral. I tell you it now, backwards, with the moral before the tale–the  truth of a name is unspoken and only as good as the deeds that cultivate its memory. For that is what we are, memory made flesh for a time.”
        * Rook stood before his 10 stones and continued, The meaning of a name is like the burden of the howl. We each know the tone of our voices and the part of the Song it belongs to, but the memory of another’s name does not make it ours. Neither does memory entitle us to a name’s birthright…if only the seven sons of Fionn knew that. With that he touched 7 of the 10 stones with the charcoal hue of his nose. His voice lowered in the regretful fate of those sons but rose once more to recall one of those thousands from his memory. Fionn, son of Faolchú, is a name synonymous with wisdom, for it was he who knowledge chose and he who could devise the wisest course of action by simply grasping hold of his tail with his mouth, like so…” Almost a tad bit too practiced, he flicked his tail and curved his frame to effortlessly take hold of that ever elusive, emotion betraying thing. He loosened it after a quick smirk to his sister “That quirky feat is a tale meant for another night, but suffice to say, Fionn, son of Faolchú, became a great leader and father of seven sons and three daughters during his life. In his time, Fionn united the whole of the northlands with one flick of the tail after another. When war was to be had, he took hold of his tail and knew how each battle would be won. When a hunt was to be made, he would nip a tuft and see what path to take for his family to be fed. His family and pack grew and grew by the wisdom of his deeds, each one preceded by a quick chase of the tail. Few knew why Fionn did as he did before each pivotal moment, and fewer still ever learned from the lessons such decisions presented. Legend and Fionn’s sons, however, took note of the tail chasing.”
        “We were memory born of hope before the flesh of our frames was made, and to memory we return when the winds of time claim the dust we become. I tell you now that all things have a season in which they dwell. Such was the fate of Fionn, the wise, that his winter gave rise to a patch of yellow star-shaped flowers kissed by the silver light that adorns the night sky. Such is the fate of all my kin and the whisper of another story for another night.” It was then that he beckoned Leora forward and to place the yellow flower before him.
        * Leora her eyes where wide and she’d no doubt almost topple over by leaning forward so far just to watch and listen she’d had to pull a paw out and brace herself. It was her que, her time to shine! Her big brother asked her to do something and so, she poofed out her chest and carefully walked forward with the star shaped flower and lowered it just at his paw’s. Skittering back in place she sat up straight and looked straight on. She’d dare not blink for she’d miss -something-, and that just wouldn’t do.
        * Sirris listen with curiosity, the tale brought her amazement for she wished for many moons to tell in such a marvellous way. She smiled as she listened, excited and curious to what he may wish of the young fae.
        * Rook would offer the biggest and proudest smile to his sister, but before she could skitter away he would nose her back. Be ready to help me move these stones to either side of the cirlce, he whispered to her before beginning his story again. “Not many have witnessed a gathering to select a new alpha and fewer still to see the glory of ascension, but such a day came when all the northlands gathered. Who among the kin of Fionn would be chosen? A thousand whispers offered their wagers of which son it would be. On cue, he would wheel about the circle and whisper into Kova’s ear first, “Súildor, of the darkened sight…” Moving down the line he skipped a few wolves to whisper next to Sanek ” Oisín, the warrior poet” Just as quickly as he had wheeled about, he turned to the center of the circle and rose his voice to represent the chorus of a thousand whispers “No…no…surely, it would be Aodh, the bold, or Iolar, the eagle eye!” His voice trailed, and he was once more just the teller. ” Although much is told of Fionn’s sons, they carried a name that they did not make outside of their father’s story; they did develop the wisdom that their father had and did not know the worth of a name written by their own actions–the name which we are called when all else falls mute. Not many, I daresay, cast their whispered wager for even one of the three daughters of Fionn, the wise. To this he looked Leora, a hidden hope welling in his gaze.
        Leora Oooooo she had MORE to do! Ok, she was ready. She would position herself between some stones and when Rook would indicate her to move them, oh you bet your boi-o she’d be the best stone mover of all time. Her cape made her look extra official. When he cast long his gaze to her, she would wait but a moment and push the stones when he indicated. His que, she waited for.
        <Rook> “Fionn, before his passing, had devised a test for his successor; gather a stalk of golden wheat from the easternmost valley, steal a tuft of golden fur from the golden bear that roams the southlands, and break from the spine of the world to the west a rock of the truest gold. He would gesture to Leora to take hold of the nearby stone and place it at the far end of the circle of
        <Rook> wolves, cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» whereas he took the other two and placed them to the east and south. Travel to the west, east, and south borders of the packlands?, he asked. “Simple enough to us of the fleet of paw,” he added with a little bound to each direction. It looked so simple in this small space… …”but the world was a larger place back then. The packlands of the Mean Oíche
        <Rook> stretched many horizons, cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» and the tasks would take a single wolf a great many moons to complete. He would tap one of the smaller stones in the, relative to it, larger circle and whisper again to Leora Take what remains of the stones and then I say something about salmon, you scurry behind the alpha rock and start tossing them sidelong to imitate jumping fish, aye? He was sure it would spoil
        <Rook> the surprise, but cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» what better way to instill in her the story than to live it? The story continued… “No sooner had the tasks been told to those who would vie for Fionn’s mantle than the seven sons began to spin about to chase their tails in hopes that Fionn’s wisdom would bless them with the knowledge of which task to attend first. Súildor was the first to grasp his tail, and he
        <Rook> ventured to the east. Aodh cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» was the second, and he ventured south. Four other sons were soon split, two following each of the elder brothers. Oisín was the last of the sons, and he departed to the west…All this while the daughters of Fionn gathered and split the tasks among themselves, agreeing to share the realm between each other should they return before their brothers.”
        * Leora her nose would gently nudge the indicated rock and took it in her mouth and she would place it at the end of the circle where the wolves would be. Lowering it down she would then draw an ear to hear her brothers instructions. She’d absorb it like a sponge, to the T. She would seat herself beside the remaining stones an wait for her dramatic que.
        <Rook> “So it was that during the first moon that of the three sons that ventured south, Aodh alone was with golden fur in tow; of the wolves that ventured east, only Súildor emerged ahead of the dawning sun with a stalk of golden wheat hanging loosely from his jaw; and Oisín, who ventured to the west, his is a story grander than this and is meant for another night. A pause interrupted
        <Rook> the cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» story, and here he strayed dangerously close to a story he had returned to tell. His eyes stayed upon his mother as he spoke; not in a forelorn or threatening manner. It was the Mona Lisa smile, and he was the one with the tale. “He, however, was not seen again in the lands of his father after the gathering of the northlands. ” The sad fate of the youngest son was
        <Rook> glossed over, and he cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» continued forward. “Scouts were sent from the northlands to report of the progress of the seven sons of Fionn. Rook would dramatically venture west. ” In four moon’s time, they would report the demise of Aodh on the spires of the world.” …then to the south. “In five, they would report of how Súildor was lain low by the golden bear of the southlands.
        <Rook> His posture mirrored what he thought must have been the pack’s moral. To hear that your heroes and the sons of your greatest alpha were slain or defeated…his shoulders sunk, but a twinge of hope remained in them. When, after six moons, the time came for the first of the great salmon to begin their journey into the western reaches of the Nathair River and for the silver of their flesh to be
        <Rook> made red as blood, the scouts reported that the wheat, the golden fur, and the golden rock had been claimed. Tears were woven through his words, for a wolf could bear none itself, and his voice whispered ” Oisín had done it…the whispers of the pack had said, for they had not given up hope on the youngest son of Fionn.” He made sure to emphasize this part for Leora, for this was the
        <Rook> moment! “The Mean Oíche made a great journey westward along the banks of the Nathair to meet their new alpha and kin. Imagine with me their surprise to watch not one wolf, but three astride the full banks of the Nathair and the slender leaping frames of a thousand salmon. On that day, the Mean Oíche gained not one alpha, but three!” He would jump between Kova and the wolf next to her while
        <Rook> he hoped the fanfare cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» of silver rocks being thrown behind them would portray a proper heroic image.
        * Leora had not left the stones unguarded. She did her best to melt into the story itself to allow it to be told with out her being a true distraction, hoping to make the salmon flying rocks be a surprise to all the others. When she heard the words, quickly she scooped up as many stones as she could carry. Albeit lopsided they where, she held onto at least three. Scuttering quickly behind the Alpha’s rock, she would wait again for the Salmon que and when she heard them, she flung the stones one by one. two to the left, one to the right. Pew! Pew! Pew! She hoped her aim was not true and avoided nailing any wolf with a heavy, silvery salmon prop!
        <Rook> Yes! There it was! Fanfare had, he slowly made his way back to the center of the circle and finished, “The three daughters of Fionn the wise had learned much in their time with their father. Each knew their name, and in their deeds, they knew their strengths. They each selected one of their father’s task best suited to themselves and succeeded in applying the lessons learned from
        <Rook> their cut»»
        <Rook> cont»» father’s wisdom; they did not claim their father’s wisdom as a birthright. I am my father’s son, but I am not Faolán of the Mean Oíche. I am Rook, the Storyteller and son of the Mean Oíche. Even then, -we- are not who we say I are. We are what we have done and our name is that by which we are called when all else is silent.” He would be sure to chuff to Leora, so she could rejoin the fray and listen to the rest of the tales told. He would also be sure to give her a hearty thank you for her most excellent prop work.

        * Atraya ears where pulled forward and she couldn’t help but feel the well of pride wash over her. Very much like her mate’s tones and voice, she could see much of him and her within Rook’s own visage. All her children, truly. Feeling Crimson near, she’d reach a passing nuzzle to her to welcome her a spot. Keeping each other warm, no doubt. When the lore was finished, she would stomp her paws a few »»
        <Atraya> »» times and offered a chuff, strong and true, to her son. A stroy worth a thousand more. She let loose a few more chuffs and barks to it’s end. No doubt hearing the polp of stone near and around falling.
        * Kova would perk an ear to the name she was whispered and felt her frame tense. To whom was that name? To whom did the others receive in names? When Rook bounded between the stone then between her and the wolf beside her, she’d not flinch, but felt the wave of emotion of the interaction of it. The weight of it. Her eyes had followed the stone “fish” as they flung from behind the Alphas stone and »»
        <Kova> »» chuckled, eyes bright and careful to watch each. Luckily none stemed to strike anyone. Admiration. Awe. Inspiration. A flutter here and there and like Leora, she’d nearly fall forward in an effort to lean in, and to listen at even greater depths to Rook’s story. She would take all of it to heart, all of it to her own pages. Wisdom and knowledge added to those blank mental parchment. Rook often »»
        <Kova> »» found a way to impress her with each lore he would give and some how, go above and beyond from the last. A worthy gift for them all and she only hoped that she could offer in kind such as each had already. A lesson and lore she’d no sooner forget as the tale from one continued to another. She would stomp her paws and offer a few barking chuffs to the lore and story shared! A mighty story indeed. »»
        <Kova> »» If Rook hadn’t retreated to far from her reach, she’d even offer him a quick nuzzle in appreciation. After all would settle, she’d give another glance to see if another desired to share in the wake of a good roll in lore from Shakira, Rook, then to whom?
        <Rune> Her copper and amber eyes watch Leora, glad to see the young wolf take such an interest in her family’s history, helping Rook tell his story. Rune would also be listening intently to Rook’s story, she wanted to relay as much of Lore Night as she could to Fianna, Calder, and the pups when she returned to the den. Upon the ending of Rook’s lore, Rune casts out another “churr” from deep in her chest, she was grateful for
        <`Raven> the brute sharing what he did with the pack. The son of Atraya and Faolan dealt in stories and it seemed only fair that she provide one in return now. Rune rises to her paws but takes no steps forwards nor back, so as not to disturb the tangled bundled herbs nestled between her paws. Dipping her head in greeting to the silver fae atop Alpha Rock. “If I may, Kova.”
        * Leora mannnn she wanted to keep throwing rocks. That was kinda fun! Maybe she’ll pick some up later? When she heard her brothers words sieze, she peeked out from behind the stone and saw his story was done. Yapping, she would bound from behind the pillar of mighty rock and bound up to Rook. Whinning, tail spinning a mile a minute as she licked up at his muzzle Good Story, brother! she proclaimed, bounding around him but she’d stop when Rune spoke and she’d spin about. OOOOo another story! Ok, ok.. .clam down – she had to. Otherwise she’d not hear it. Before Rook or anyone had a fleeting chance to give her a nosing back, she would be right back in her seat again. Puppish eyes wide as she looked to Rune and what she might tell.
        * Sirris looked around the circle, a smile present on her maw, each wolf who shared were great at their telling. For she had enjoyed both pieces, only hoped for others to love hers too for this story was special. “May I please tell a story after Rune?” She asked, hoping to do well for she wasn’t very great at this. “Wonderful story, it was brilliant!” She complimented, smiling at the brute unknown to her.
        * Kova it would seem the floor was warmed well enough now and she would look to Rune and nod “Please Rune” and she turned to Sirris and to her request, she nodded a clear “yes” indication before she would find her seat, to.
        * Sanek couldn’t help but watch that star shaped flower. It was the one Rook mentioned to him, the one Sanek had searched for but found nothing. He watched the tale in a trance, watching Rook leap around and whisper a name into the brown brute’s ear. Three Alphas! Wolves definetly worthy of that position. He yipped after that wonderous ending of rocks that resembled salmon flying about while Rook ended the tale. He sent up a cheer into the air, simular to the one he did after Shakira’s poem. A soft yip-howl. He’d quiet down, wondering what tales Rune and Sirris had to share.
        * Accalia offering a chuff in response Accelia was starstruck by the story Rook gave as she saw Rune step up not knowing who the mystery wolf was but still the curiosity was there to see what the fae had to tell.
        * Crimson – While she was listening intently, there was a miniature task she’d made for herself during the telling of this tale! A bubble of mischief in the elder as she’d veeeeeeery delicately see if she’s able to balance a pinecone on Atraya without being detected, her tail waving behind her both in enjoyment of the story, familiar sounding legends with familiar tones and names she might have heard years ago from an old friend of hers. All the more engrossing diversion in which she might perform her pinecone balancing act!~ After all, some best listening comes with active paws!


        Rune would not have much to share, her lore not as lengthy as those that had come before hers. Lifting her head, she speaks clearly, sending her voice out to the wolves gathered. “at last, you will say (maybe without speaking) (there are mountains inside your skull garden and chaos, ocean and storms; certain corners of glades; thoughts of great-grandmothers; the first one) all I need to know: tell me everything just as it was from the beginning.” At the end of her lore, the Caretaker sits back on her haunches and dips her head in thanks for the packs audience.

        (OOC – Poem is modified/edited. PM for link to original)

        * Atraya to much of Crimson’s chagrin, the Alpha fae had no idea what Crimson was up to. She’d not even twitch a fur bit in the wake of said pinecone. She was successful, no doubt. Upon Rune’s words she would listen intently to them, to their meaning and smile. Her paw would press against the earth as she’d stomp for her. Thoughtful, insightful, and beautiful. A chuff given to Rune’s lore.
        *Rook Ah, a tale from the beginning… just as it was. What a wonderful parallel to the history his father spoke of. “No vestige of a beginning…no prospect of an end.” It wasn’t his father’s words originally, but Faolan was fond of that passage, and so, by right, Rook was too. He stomped the ground heartily to Rune’s offering, gladdened for the words.
        <Sirris> Sirris stomped her feet at the lovely poem, cheered for Rune as she sat on the grass. She smiled at the fae as a well done and relaxed her paws.
        * Kova listened intently to Rune’s lore and smiled. No lore was to big or small in her own eyes, and she appreciated it all the same. “Beautiful, Rune.” she said with a swing of her tail and a stomp of her paw pads to the earth in celebreation and appreciation for it. She would turn to Sirris and nod her head, allowing her to go as she desired.
        * Sanek short but meaningful, his brows furrowed repeating the poem inside his head, searching for all the meaning hidden in all the words and words unspoken. He grred happily at Rune for sharing that poem with the pack. His attention then turned to Sirris.


        <Sirris> In the beginning there were three. Pack Mistfull, Pack Cosmic and Pack Summer-fall. These packs lived in peace for many generations, thanks to their guardian and in some way. Leader. Her name was Nashalla, loved by all the packs. Nashalla was raised in the forest of her father’s ancestors, abandoned by her mother when she was born, knowing the spirits will look after her. Her father, Murta being one of the spirits among them.
        <`Raven> No one knows the fate that befell the young fae’s mother, not even her father Murta, one of The Great Spirits of the sky. Murta was promised an afterlife of greatness for his wise and kind nature during his time as a mortal. He was promised this by the unknown. Beings who Sirris’ pack have never been told of. So, they called them ‘the unknown’. Nashalla was raised by the spirit of her father, learnt many things while she grew up in
        <`Raven> the forest. She learnt about the forest, the spirits of the sky and earth. Nashalla was taught by her father many life lessons and the things that may happen in time. She was taught that “You must teach your students the ways of the spirits so you can continue on our cycle.” Her father taught her that she should never forget her legacy and to never forget her father’s teachings. Nashalla was a wise wolf, grown to become a great
        <`Raven> leader and like her father she travelled to many lands to spread her father’s teachings across the many packs she had visited. Her father’s teachings became her own as time went on, the many moons that passed she no longer saw her father. He had sent her off to teach the other wolves of the spirits and he no longer thought it needed for him to show her more. The old wolf spirit taught her well it seemed, and he finally passed on,
        <`Raven> left the world of the mortals to carry on his existence in the sky to watch over the living along with the other great spirits of the sky.
        <`Raven> <Sirris> Nashalla was now free, she no longer needed her father’s guidance. His duty had already been fulfilled and the only connection he had to the mortal world had already done what he asked of her. The wise wolf smiled down at her from the sky, proud for this being to have been his own. This fae had proved herself to be worthy of his legacy, he could not have been prouder of the fae she had become. One night her father called down
        <`Raven> to her from the sky, asking for her help. For he needed a messenger to go to the far north and show the many wolves his teachings. These wolves were nothing but trouble, it was his job as their spirit of the sky to repair the damage they had made to themselves for they have done the greatest of sins. Kill their own kin. A young brute of the far away pack in the north, Pack Cosmic had attacked his own pack in his insanity for the throne.
        <`Raven> This wolf had caused only the worst atrocities to his own pack. Murta only wished for this to end, sent her as his messenger to speak his words from her own tongue. Murta spoke, voice filled with determination; “Call upon this wolf, strike him with my words for I won’t tolerate this madness!” The angry, booming voice yelled from the sky which sent shivers down the faes spine. He was not happy, it was his responsibility to watch
        <`Raven> over the wolves, he will not accept any who wish to destroy the balance. The shaman fae had accepted his task, traveled many miles to visit the troubled pack and try to end the misery inflicted onto them.
        <`Raven> <Sirris> This wolf could not be reasoned with, this only angered Murta for this was what caused him to punish the black brute permanently. Murta cried from the sky, unleashing thunder and rain from the sky. The earth shook, the ground before the cracked slightly. The wolves were frozen in fear before the spirit wolf of the sky. He called upon the spirits of the earth to help in causing fear upon the dark wolf, he called to his brothers
        and sisters of the sky to aid him in his anger. But he was not heard, the old spirit was ignored and with that the blood of his own father was spilt that night. This enraged Murta, so he banished the dark brute for his sins and forced him to live a life of eternal sorrow and darkness.
        <Sirris> For Murta would never accept those who would kill their own family, his daughter Nashalla shall not let the living suffer under the evil of the tainted. The pack were weakened by the loss of their alpha, filled with sadness and despair for their leader was gone and they had no one else to protect the territory they each called home. Because of Thorn’s carnage Pack Cosmic and Mistfull were at a never-ending war and there was
        nothing the pack could do to stop it. The Spirit of The Sky, Lupus. Murta, or Lupus as some may call him, called upon his daughter once more to ask one last request of the fae. He asks her to unite the two packs, with it the pack in the east; Pack Summer-fall and speaks with a calm and begging voice. “Nashalla, it is my duty to watch over our kind with love and I could only ask from the bottom of my long since beaten heart to please…end this hatred before we can no longer. I need you to unite the three packs and lead them all until it’s no longer needed.” He says, Nashalla smiled at her father, once more accepted the request. Nashalla spent most of her moons asking, pleading for their surrender, her father’s words as a guidance to bring peace to the three packs. With her father’s teachings she managed to end the war and bring peace to the pack lands. They all looked to her for guidance, she was happy to lend her knowledge. For many, many moons she stayed with the packs, with her father smiling down at her. The old spirit was proud, patiently waiting for the faes time. So, he could see her again, this time embracing his daughter once again. Once Nashalla had passed she did end up becoming the great shaman that her father knew she would become. At her passing the three packs made a memorial for her, waiting for the day that another may come to take the faes place. To guide the three packs into everlasting peace.
        <Sirris> The wolves of the three tribes passed down the faes legacy throughout the many generations they had, by the new age there were not many to share it to. By that time there was a large-scale war between Pack Cosmic and Pack Mistfull. This brought the wise and brave Orik to lead Pack Cosmic into the war for peace. Orik wished to be like his ancestor Nashalla, followed in her paw steps to become a great leader too and after seven
        <`Raven> years reuniting Pack Cosmic, Pack Summer-fall. Nashalla’s Spirit Guide was her father. This is where the cycle had begun, Nashalla’s significance to Pack Eclipse was the connection to the spirits, the ones who looked up to her. Nashalla was the fae who united the three packs in the beginning and later caused a large line of her own followers to succeed in her absence.
        Sirris paused, face feeling too hot to speak, she was nervous for the very first time in many years. She smiled at the many wolves who gathered and finally spoke. “That was my story, I hope you enjoyed. My aunt told me that one the last time I spoke to her, it’s been a long time since then.” She concluded, giving everyone one last shy smile before looking don at her paws. She was finished with her tale.

        * Atraya would shift her ears back and forth to the intricate details given to them through Sirris’s lore. A fathers tone weighed a lot this evening and she would smile for it. Teachings and wisdom alike, all woven into each piece. Very deep and meaningful. SHe hoped Leora would continue to be that rambuncious sponge and listen to it all. She would stomp her paw and let loose a chuff towards Sirris, a fine lore indeed!
        * Panther listened to each, offering a soft chuff happily to Sirris and the rest. His maw shown a smile, and bright eyes. He wondered if Sanek would share, He said yesterday he had something in mind..Or did Panther mishear?
        * Kova the woven lore Sirris would weeve would speak volumes. To have such be passed down and remember it so fondly would have a great impact on them all, no doubt! She would stomp a paw when the end finally was made and indicated by the fae and she would grin “Well done, Sirris” perhaps seeing and sensing her nervousness, she would hope to ease her by offering a quick nosing to her cheek. She »»
        <Kova> »» was among those who appreciated lore and story!
        * Rook Orik, Nashalla, and Murta…he would later recall those names and add this tale to the tally. The scales were becoming more and more even, but the teller was greedy for lore. A firm several stamps of his paw to the earth below would be his sign of favor for this story.
        * Leora she wanted to be a cool thing in the sky! Equally as enthralled from all the stories prior, she was still reeling from Shakira’s then Rooks , and Runes and now Sirris. She was a pup in sky heaven. She would let loose a few woooWoooo’s in Sirri’s direction! She wondered why her brother and a few others stomped their paw. Did she have to to? She rose up her big ol pup paw and lightly tapped the earth to.
        * Sanek smiled as Sirris told the tale she had learnt. The tale he had learnt, if from heart or from another also had Lupus, or Murta as Sirris called the star-wolf. He felt nervous too, he felt that his tale would not be near matching the greatness of the other’s. All he could hope was that he’d tell it right, just like he’d heard it. He continued to listen, about the three packs and
        * Sanek the peacemaker shaman wolf. Upon the ending, he stomped his paw and yipped in amazement. He’d look around. He was ready to share his piece of lore, but he waited for anyone else to speak up wanting to share.
        * Kova when the excitement began to wane and Sirris took her place, she would remain seated, her eyes cast long to the wolves gathered – who would want to share next?
        * Atraya would lean in towards Crimson and whisper “The lore of those pinecones would make a good story…” she said with a wink. Did she know Crimson put the pinecone on her? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe she could just smell it. She would wait now to hear who would share.
        * Sirris smiled at the wolves who offered their applause. She nosed Kova back in return and smiled at the faes kind gesture. “Thank you, Kova.” She spoke, gratitude forming in her voice. She took a deep breath, her nerves finally passed. The fae was glad that some liked her lore.
        * Sanek glanced around the stood up carefully “I’d like to share some lore” he said to Kova with a smile. He’d step onto the rock so that everyone could see him, evidently not trying to move a lot to allow his wound more time to heal. Slowly he took a deep breath, getting himself ready.
        * Kova would smile to Sanek ‘Please, go ahead!’ she said as she remained seated near Atraya and if Rook moved back to his spot, perhaps she was near him to.
        * Rook looked to his sister and watched as she attempted the Faolan paw stamp. He would raise his paw up in unison to hers and stomp in time to her own, adding to the sound of her little paws. Another tale was to be offered, which quelled the attempt to tell her how her father did just this. For now, he listened to Sanek’s tale.


        Sanek’s eyes looked up to the stars. Although he knew Lupus watched over the wolves in the south, he could always feel his presence in the northern night sky. “I do not know if it was my heart that told me this story, or a wolf from my past. I hope your ears will find it as great a piece of lore as my heart does.” His tone slowly warmed up into the deep and soft storyteller tone
        <Sanek> he loved hearing and using. “In the night sky of lands much warmer than here, a starry figure treads lightly across his domain, journeying as he does every day after the sun sets, making sure the boundary between sky and earth not be crossed once more. A long time ago, so long that no one other than the star wolf Lupus could have witnessed and remembered, the sky was plain black at
        <Sanek> night, except for the bright lone moon and wolf quietly moving across. The Great Star Wolf Lupus howled every night, hoping that one day he would find someone else to share the world with. He was the only one who looked upon the isolate grey mountains that crept upwards in beautiful shapes and patterns. The only one to see the lonely forests thriving down below, and the rivers, lakes,
        <Sanek> and seas moving across the land over lengthy periods of time. The only one to follow the moon in its trips around the beautiful scene. His heart felt a longing, as if someone else should be there with him. The beauty down there was not meant to be seen by only a single starry wolf’s gaze. A howl escaped his maw, echoing around the mighty mountains below. The howl was lonely, breaking
        <Sanek> one’s heart if there ever was anyone there to hear it. His own heart had broken, the hope he always held onto slowly dripping away through tears in his eyes.”

        “The tears resembled stars as they flowed down his deep-toned fur and fell downwards, to the beautiful landscapes below on earth, shooting down and piercing the boundary between the place of sky and of the solid land below. After Lupus had finished his howl, he looked downwards in awe, eyes wide with amazement. His glowing starry tears slowed and gently touched the earth. The light
        <Sanek> began to mold, take shape. Once the glow subsided, Lupus could see the little forms that looked very much like himself. The first wolves to ever tread the earth. There were five of them, a family, a pack that would care for one another. They were joyous to be alive – touching the earth that Lupus always wished to touch – as its beauty drew in all eyes that wandered. Lupus was amused and
        <Sanek> delighted by the things the earthen wolves did every day, from playing around to snuggling together during colder nights. What he did not know was the fact that earthen creatures needed frequent supplies of food to continue to live.”
        “The inevitable problem would soon present itself. The wolves had no energy to move around and continue to keep Lupus company, which saddened him, and made him feel sorry for the poor, small, fluffy versions of himself. He’d ponder about what was happening, and how to help the wolves so that they were full of energy and happy again. An idea crept into his starry mind. He watched his
        <Sanek> tail as twenty stars drifted into the open expanse of the endless night sky and swirled each other. Upon the night sky, a thing smaller than Lupus took its form. The form had long ears and quick furry feet. Lepus, The Great Star Hare was created. Its little nose twitched around, wondering what was happening. Upon turning around, its eyes noticed Lupus looming over it with his maw agape,
        <Sanek> saliva nearly dripping from his mouth. A gasp escaped its tiny maw, as it stood there, frozen. Both waited for the other to make the first move. Lepus exploded in flight for fear of being devoured, and Lupus chased after it. He snapped down on Lepus’s tail, making it bleed, and lose some of its stars, which flew down one by one as hares for the wolves to hunt and eat. The wolves were
        <Sanek> rejoicing, but Lupus was not done yet. For the whole night, Lupus chased the hare and bit, to ensure the wolves would never run out of food, until both could not run any longer.”
        “A large group of rabbits, large enough for them to feed the wolves for as long as the world lasted, was now gathered on the earth’s wonderous surface. Lupus smiled and howled softly in triumph, then settled down for a well-deserved rest. Entire years leaped by, the balance created by Great Lupus never seeming to trip. That was, until the pack had pups. At first, they were quite cute
        <Sanek> and adorable to watch from afar, but once weaned off milk they hastily devoured all the hares their parents gave them, always hungry. The pack could barely keep pace with their hunger, and the hunger of the entire pack, and to add to the list of problems, the hares in the region were dwindling in population. The hunters were coming back with less and less food. The pups’ stomachs were
        <Sanek> empty, which they could -not- accept. Whines constantly went up to the sky realm, which deeply irritated Lupus and his sore ears. He tried covering his ears, but to no avail, he could still hear the whines loud and clear. His teeth clashed together with a snarl, sending thunder rumbling throughout the sky, which only momentarily silenced the noisy pups. Lupus could not take any more of
        <Sanek> this. Anger and annoyance shadowing his eyes, the star wolf sought out the darkest part of the night. He swirled his paws around it, making it flow around and around, then he thrust it downwards, to the earth.”
        “Seeing what he had just done, creating a demon of chaos that was now shooting on its way to the world, he quickly flicked the last stars off his tail, which connected with the ball of darkness and molded into a hooved creature with great antlers, larger than a wolf. To those unwary of its force who were willing to take it down, it was extremely dangerous indeed. Though to those with
        <Sanek> a cunning mind and swift body, with some work they would be gifted with plentiful meat, enough to sustain an entire pack for at least a few days. It was an elk, passive until threatened, and even when threatened, many elk fled to avoid the jaws of a wolf. The wolves targeted the weakest of the herd, keeping the elk healthy and the herds strong. Balance was restored on earth, and Lupus
        <Sanek> was happy again, glad he did not send a savage beast down instead.
        “Everyone lived in harmony once more. That was, until one night, when Lupus was away patrolling the night sky, the bright moon took its chance. Back then the moon was purely white and rarely orange. But that one night, part of the moon peeled off the surface, leaving the dark marks upon the moon’s surface where the light part once was. If you look close enough at our moon today, you
        <Sanek> can see the image of man catching his pup, or child. ( image of Alaskan moon with lines showing the ‘man’ shape (hopefully the link works)) That was exactly what greeted the earth, man. At first man did not interfere with whatever the wolves had to do, however, soon man had scared away all the hares and elk in the area.”
        “It showed that man was not only a creature of creation – with his weapons and tools, his rock paths and wooden structures – he was also a creature of destruction. Blaming the wolves for eating all ‘their’ elk, man started trapping and killing wolves. Man controlled fire, but many times it escaped, turning entire forests into ash. Man slowly learned to be less destructive, and
        <Sanek> realized that by harming others, man harmed himself. But it was very late for that realization, for many of the wild wolves had died. Some say man helped the wolves return to many forests. In some areas, balance was restored. Still, the scars of the past remain as clear as ever. After all the events, many creatures and constellations were born, and the brightest of them all, Great Lupus,
        <Sanek> always guarding the earth from any more escaping into the world, so that history does not repeat itself.” he ended, slightly trembling like Sirris from nervousness, and a smile upon his maw.

        * Atraya would have leaned in to hear the story Sanek had to share as well. She would listen intently to the words, and to the figures within them. An origin story, she would smile as it was told as he remembered. Humans, wolves, and balance. All connected in some way in many lore. When the lore would subside and the tone of the lore weever would end, she would offer a light stomp of her paw and a »»
        <Atraya> »» chuff towrds Sanek. “Well done, Sanek” a story close to his heart indeed, and one that was now shared with theirs.
        * Kova upon the end of the woven story, she too would gently stomp a paw. A wonderful lore piece indeed. Origin of stars, wolves, and even of man. To their ends and beginnings, where did they go? She would dip her head and smile and mirror her Alpha’s sentiments. “Wonderful lore, Sanek. I can see why it is dear to your heart.” her head would dip lightly before she would glance around for »»
        <Kova> »» anyone else to speak – she had her little lore to share but would wait to be the last.
        * Leora would have been leaaaning in, her shoulder brushed against Rook for she seated herself just beside her. She no doubt would’ve been like “Woah” when her paw stomp was mightier then before. If only she would’ve seen the antics of her brother! But Sanek’s story drew her in, and to it’s end, she woo woo woooed! Another good story! She wanted to know what it was like to be a starry wolf. A sky wolf. That must be grand! You could see all the things. Could she be a star or sky wolf, to? With her cape, she could be -anything-. Another great story! Mooooar.
        * Rook Never thought of it that way…man and the moon. His father had dealings with humans, but he did not tell his son much that wasn’t already shown to him later. He would raise his paw and stamp it several times against the ground for another story that evened the scales. He would ponder this man and moon connection for many a day…
        * Accalia chuffing in appreciation for the wolf’s tale she had heard similar of the man and his child in the moon, she stood up with her tail wagging seeing if anyone else was to go up as she stepped forward to tell her own story
        * Panther chuffed and stamped his paw on the ground, He rose to his mitts He dipped his head to all the wolves. “Kova, If I may share a piece of Lore?” He inquired, wanting to make sure it wasn’t going to end just yet.
        * Kova turned an ear to Panther’s request and she’d turn to him and smile ‘Yes, of course!’ she would shift her paws a little beneath her but remained seated. She would glance momentarily to all the other wolves then back to Panther.
        * Sirris stomped her paws onto the ground and let out a chuff in appreciation for sharing such a great story. “That was a beautiful story, Sanek. Almost made me cry at the end there.” She laughed, made sure to remind herself to speak to him later so they could catch up. At Panther’s request she cheered in excitement, hoping to hear his story next too.
        * Rook wondered if these were the same mice that frequented the rock hedges in the hunting ground. Surely, those hunters would not scoff at the feat then…little devil creatures. He listened to the pause but would not divert his attention.
        *Sirris sat curious as she listened to Panther’s words. She wished to hear his story even more after hearing the mention of dreams, a topic she loved very much. She sat forward to listen, excitement rippling through the air as she happily listened to what panther had to say.
        <Kova> would as well keep her eyes focused on Panther, eager to hear the tale he would weeve for them. She to thinking mice, so pesky and flighty! They where extra hard to hunt in spring without blinding snow to give them away.


        * Panther dips his head to Kova in thanks and prepares himself to share. “This dream has stuck with me for many moons, And I thought it was about time to share it. These two wolves, they were hunters, are always in my dream..Saying I couldn’t catch a mouse, Even if my life depended on it.” Panther paused, and chuckled softly. “I wanted to prove
        * Panther myself to them, My worth you could say. So I did.” Panther paused. Allowing the wolves to direct their attention elsewhere if they were bored.
        * Panther started up once again. “In this particular dream, I helped hunt a bison. The hunter’s were indeed there. I ended up killing the bison..And being the only one uninjured.” He took a deep breath, Hoping the pack wasn’t somehow offended by this. “Dreams..pull random thoughts and imagery from our memories.” He paused, with a soft smile. Panther
        * Panther wasn’t a storyteller and it showed in his voice, He kept pausing. “Dreams show our repressed wishes to us.” He said, “It is also said that..Dreams can predict the future, I’ll leave that up to you to decide though. What do you believe?” He grinned. His tail wagged softly. “That is all that should be heard from me.” He concludes his Lore.

        * Kova would swing her tail slowly behind her and stilled it when he indicated the end of his lore. A very interesting question indeed. The corrolation between dreams and real life. Often she found herself dreaming of things that she swore was just a dream, but, in fact had come to pass in reality. Or..was it just a good dream? She would think for a moment but stomped her paw for Panther’s lore. »»
        <Kova> »» “A good question, Panther! I think I will leave it up to the mind to wander on it for a while.” she grinned.
        * Atraya ‘s tail swung behind her before stilling when Panther came to the end of his lore. She would dip her head and smile, thinking long upon the many scars she had on her frame from hunts. Especially from bison. No offense would ever be shown on her visiage to his dream. Some scars ran deeper than other and in her older age, where showing, but they where reminders of a lesson learned! She would »»
        <Atraya> »» stomp a paw lightly in the wake of Panther’s lore, a good one indeed! She let loose a chuff in thanks to him for it.
        * Rook offered another several stomps of his paw while thinking upon the question. A teller he was, but thankfully rarely ever had a dream that came true. He had enough in his head to not wish that upon any world. Still, he was happy to have hopes and aspirations been seen fulfilled. This is why he enjoyed the wager of a story for a story…he would be coming away from this night with a couple of worthwhile questions to answer.
        <Sirris> ”I do in fact believe for I think that dreams hold a great importance to the world. It is through dreams that we learn. I believe that most dreams have a purpose and a meaning.” Sirris replied, smiled at Panther. “Wonderful words, Panther! Well done!” She says, stomping her paws in applause.
        * Panther dipped his head, And seated himself again. “Thank you, You guys!” He dipped his head again. This wasn’t his first time sharing Lore, And hopefully won’t be his last.
        * Kova ‘s eyes fell to Accalia. The fae had stepped forward prior to Panther’s story, and she would offer to her the circle’s center if she desired to share.
        *Accalia pondering the question she would have to answer at a later time as she stomped her paw to the Brutes dream telling she hadn’t dreamed in a long while but she always thought of dreams as a way for those on the other side of life to speak or guide us, but she mentally told her self to avoid following a dream path for it was the equivalents of chasing a killdeer bird. either way Accelia rose to and walked to the center nuzzling Panther to tell him he did great.


        *Accelia Once seated at the center she gazed upon the crowd around, “this story I tell is of my own past one although tragic is how my life before coming here began.” she bowed her head to the ground to close her eyes as she recalls the night her world fell…
        I had just turned a year that day my father Aadi had taken me out on my first hunt at dusk with my 2 brothers when we were had stumbled upon six rogue wolves seeing how we couldn’t fight them head on my Dad escorted us back to the camp in hopes to come up with a plan there we found mother was sitting beside a large white brute with two others beside them. No moon shown that night as the pack of no law all surrounded us including the Alpha who I’ll call Thanatos, they had been successful in breaching our territory. At the brutes order, they attacked three held my brothers and I back as the rest attacked my father he did his best trying to fight them off as I fought with my opponent Being the runt of the litter I didn’t have much of a chance against the she-wolf I fought but my brothers weren’t much better beaten in both size and strength the brutes easily finished of my brothers.
        Before they could do the same to me my father drew his last howl before his spirit went to live amongst the souls above as Thanatos delivered the killing bite. my mother did not even move from where she sat with a smile on her face as my father and brothers fell through his blood-stained maw. Pinned down each of his goons The leader stood over me as the first lighting bolt of the storm rolling shown in his eyes looks to me “Either you submit to me or be killed the same way your father did you runt” I looked back at him and said, “Through the spirits of the night and by Amon father of the wolves I will never submit to you, murder!” fire flashed through my eyes as a tree is struck by the bolt of lightning causing the tree to come alive with the destruction of Ember. Thanatos ordered them to execute me I looked to my mother who stood behind him she
        turned her nose away from me not a tear in her eye’s as the wolves circled me and right before they pounced me the tree fell right above me saved from being completely crushed due to another tree catching it my pelt lit flames I was fortunate to scramble out from under the tree as my coat still burned despite my pain Amon must be watching out for me, the other wolves had scattered as heat and flame rose higher as the wolf of light began to spread its pack. We had no rain for many moons so the forest burned easily, however, Thanatos didn’t care he ordered his goons to go after me so I ran for my life from both wolves and flames. The last thing I remember from that night was leaping off a waterfall as I fell I could hear the alpha shout he will catch me as I fell into Aquae’s domain. That is how my journey began as a loner.

        * Accelia opens her orbs once she is done and looks to the crowd to see their reaction to how her journey began.
        * Kova would listen to the tale of the fae’s ‘beginning’. From the brink of death to the lapping of ember flames. She could recall the heat of a fire from one that struck their home sometime a go. Growth over taking much of the evidence by now, but she knew it well enough. A frown fell across her features at the sad tale of her family, but gave a slow nod of her head and a stomp of her paw. “A »»
        <Kova> »» piece of lore that albeit hard to re-tell, provides an important insight to your own journey. One in which I know and hope that your paws will be free and clear of such a past, and begin anew.” she offered to the fae. A personal story shared. A heart wrenching one and a sad one. She was glad the fae survived, and could now start anew with them.
        * Leora would woooo a little as she would rise a paw up, batting the air at Panther. He wasn’t a storyteller?? Pff. she couldn’t tell! She enjoyed his story and now her mind preoccupied with mice. They -where- so hard to catch! But she couldn’t imagine those big lumbering animals she’d yet to know as bison. They where big hairy rocks to her. Her tones, all the same, excited for the lore he shared. »»
        <Leora> »» It wasn’t until another wolf stepped in, Accelia to share. SHe wasn’t sure if she remembered this wolf or not, but listened all the same. She felt a well of sadness for the fae. Her brothers?? Gone?? She whined and Rook might feel her small frame pressed against his own and a paw wrapped around his big, tall limb. No… he can’t leave her? Upon the story’s end, she would frown and feel the »»
        <Leora> »» sadness of it all and stomped a paw for Accelia. The fae would be happy here! For suuuure.
        * Atraya a sadness would be felt for the fae’s beginnings. Some where not always sweet, some not always filled with adventure. She was sad the fae had to come into all of that, experience all that, but she would give a slow nod and a stomp of her paw in the wake of the shared lore. Something not easily done, she could sense. She gave achuff as well to the fae in thanking her for sharing her personal story.
        Rook Another parallel to those packs and villains they had faced in the past. How could his memory not turn to the Morrigan like a white-hot flash to the proverbial pan? She had turned him loose to be killed by his own family. Thankfully, they had seen through the illusion before it was too late. The knowledge of yet another vile thing out there did not surprise him, but it did open questions. He would look between those wolves still present while stamping his paw against the earth beneath him.
        * Sirris smiled sadly at the fae, loss seemed to be every common with the wolves that came to this land. Her own share of heartache and loss made her sympathise a lot more with the fae. “I am sorry for your family, Accalia. Beautifully told story, sadness echo’s in every word spoken… I am deeply saddened by the tale.” Sirris spoke, she smiled sadly at the fae. Offering her a kind smile as best as she could.
        * Kova her hues fell to the sky for a brief moment, the night growing much older now. My, they had been telling stories and all their own lessons. Their own weeve to their many threads. A smile all the same creased upon her muzzle. She was proud of what was collected tonight. It was growing late, perhaps the audience was getting restless or sleepy? She’d gauge before she’d offer her own piece.
        * Panther dipped his head to Accalia, And he nudged Leora gently, smiling down at her. He gazed at Accalia for a moment, Then adds his words. “I am also truly sorry for your family, I’m sure most of us have had heartbreaks like those.” He offered his words. Then watched the fae pup wander of to her brother.
        * Accelia “fret not though it was a sad beginning the journey to get here will follow in lore’s to come but the ending as you see before you shows how every storm runs out of rain, I am glad to have found a family here filled with warmth and kindness” the fae turns to the pup and lowers head to meet her gaze ” and I must not forget joy” as she bowed once more, returned her seat walking with confidence in her posture and smile on her maw


        * Kova she shifted her paws beneath her before smiling “And I shall close this Lore Night with one last story….”
        * Kova would have prepared the needed materials before the Lore Night, so, her movements were quick towards her blue spruce tree that was just to the edge of the pack’s clearing. Reaching behind it, she would pull at a piece of bark. Nestled in the center like a basket where hand picked dandelions, stones, and various other goodies for her fore-telling. They had flowered and were now poofy with »»
        <Kova> »» seeds. Returning back to the gathering, she would set it down to her side and begin. She rose a paw up and slowly arched it before her while introducing her lore. “Life is a precious balance. A struggle. A reward. A lesson, and an experience.” her paw came down to settle before her. She’d allow the prelude to reach the wolves ears before she would continue.
        * Kova “Some might find that it is heavy and hard.” her muzzle lowered and she’d pick up a particular rock. It was shaped in as best a spherical shape she could find. It was grey with white veins. She would rise to all fours and limp around as though she carried a great and heavy weight. Her head would sway left and right with imaginated fatigue until she flicked her head up, tossing it into »»
        <Kova> »» the air. Gravity doing it’s part, it came hurling down to earth with great speed A loud PIFF was heard as it hit the dirt.”Some find it easily traversed, with no care.” she reached over and picked up a feather. A raven feather by the looks of it. With the recent kills, one wasn’t hard to come by. This time her paws would dance freely beneath her just like a feather dancing in the wind. »»
        <Kova> »» Care-free and weightless she’d prance about. Proceeding with the same motion, she would toss it up and it would glide left and right before coming down.
        * Kova “Then there are others who are in the in-between.” she would pick up the dandelion and hold it between her toes. She seated herself as she threw no theatrics to this one. Slowly she would raise her paw, the dandelion firmly between, and she’d let it go. It would fall half the speed of both the rock and the feather. She would gently brush her nose to each object, placing them close to »»
        <Kova> »» one another.
        * Kova her tones softer, deeper if only to help weeve the story. “This life has a wealth of lessons that can only be gained through experiences. But it is how we handle them, how we take care of them, and how we learn from them, what is most important. Sometimes one might feel the weight of all these things. Overwhelming.” her paw came up to gently place it upon the dandelion again and raise »»
        <Kova> »» it up to her muzzle, but just far away so as not to disturb the delicate seeds waiting to be caught in a favorable wind.
        * Kova “It is important to remember that throughout struggles, throughout unknowns, one by one, we can take care of them, we can fulfill our paths, and learn and grow. With each passing of one, we feel lighter.” gently she would blow on the dandelion. At least three seeds would flutter up and into the air, dancing and twirling as they were almost weightless.
        * Kova her voice growing softer now, if only to set the mood of the rest of her shared words. “With each journey we partake in leads us to a new place to find grounding.” turning to face the otherside of the circle, to the wolves who might not have seen the whirling seeds, she would inhale and once more, blow a gentle breath to the dandelions’ surface, causing another three or four more seeds »»
        <Kova> »» to pluck off and twirl around in the air, joining it’s brethren.
        * Kova “The more you focus on one journey to the next, you will find that the burden of unknowing begins to fall away and you will feel the weight slowly lifting. Slowly falling. Until there is nothing left but the seeds of new to settle, to grow, and to flourish into a new journey. A new purpose. A new foundation for you to explore and develop upon.” one more breath, this time a larger inhale »»
        <Kova> »» before she would cast away the remaining seeds sending dandelion floof all about. One might notice a seed falling into the grass, there to settle and no doubt later establish a hold and grow another weed in its place. “This is a reminder to let go once in a while and trust in the journey’s you are put upon. Even if the landing is unclear, they will still lead you to growth, discovery and »»
        <Kova> »» fulfillment!” she would toss up anymore dandelion seeds if only to add extra effect before stomping her paw, ending her lore, and ending the lore Night. “Thank you to all who have shared this evening. I’m honored, and humbled by each piece that was given to your family and friends to hear. Lessons and knowledge to be shared and reshare for times to come.” her head bowed and she’d let »»
        <Kova> »» loose a howl for all those who’s lore added to her own collection.

        * Rook pressed his shoulder a little closer to Leora when he felt her turn to him in response of the imagined prospect. A season for all things, he thought. He was not yet to his autumn…not even to the summer, he wagered. A grateful and quiet sigh escaped him when Kova stepped forward to both extend and conclude Lore night. Ah, the classic experiment of gravity vs aerodynamic forces, but this was expounded upon and with a far
        <`Raven> fairer practitioner. One could almost forgive her for spreading the dastardly dandelion to parts unknown; he certainly could.
        * Atraya upon the story shared and the lore night’s end, she would feel the howl of Kova and would offer her own now. Signifiying the end of the Lore Night, she would let loose her own call. Appreciation and humbled words shared by all, she would take them to heart and think upon each in her own way.
        * Shakira listened intently to the shared stories of former packs and dreams, of heartache and meaningful questions. So many good and well planned stories, she kept each in her mind, sorted into little folders for when the time was afforded to ask questions more on the shared wonders. As the Beta concluded the Lore Night with her own wisdom and story, she couldn’t help but stare in awe at the wolf who had become an idol to
        * Shakira her in many ways, her tail swayed in earnest for the words that seemed to flow effortlessly from the silvery wolf. As the story came to an end, her own voice would lift along with the Beta and Alpha for the beautiful night the pack had shared together as a family unit.
        * Leora would’ve felt the nosing of Panther, and offer her returned nuzzle to him to. She was fond of him and Sanek for both males often played with her when she was younger, and even now, did so. She would look up as Kova began and settled down. Her eyes a lil droopy, but she couldn’t help but be awake! Feeling Rook’s nosing, she would nose him back and when the howl was given to end the Lore Night, she would let loose little yapping pup howls. Not yet learning the art of a beautiful wolf song, she did her best.
        * Accelia howled for all the stories that had been shared that night as she laid down thinking of each of them, slowly letting her mind close into a dream state of them as she looked around and saw many had already fell asleep to the story telling
        * Rook Once more, he lifted his paw and stamped it to the ground several times. The journey was where the story was…each of those soon-to-be dandelions was a story that would come to fruition where it ultimately landed. When he heard his sister’s attempts, he would chuckle and say, “I shall share with you a story about the Song and how your voice adds to it, but you must find me a story in return. Such is the way of a teller. Agreed?”
        * Panther congrats Kova and everyone else with his own howl, Nuzzling Leora back. His howl stops, And he yawns. He curled up in the place, Rune would know to find the sire in the clearing or hunting grounds..Or anyone else would know…If he was needed. He listens to the voices of the night and wolves and sleeps for the night.
        * Leora eyes big n bright again and when her brother would task to her a story, she would nod with quickened head shakes ‘Yes! I will brother!’ she snuggled into him deeply, taking in his scent and his warmth before she would nose him and bound off towards Panther. The circle was small, so, it would take no time to reach him and she’d nuzzle him “Good story!” she would offer the same to »»
        <Leora> »» Sanek, but the poor lad seemed tuckered out. She herself, started to feel droopy sleeps.
        * Sirris stared in awe as the beta finished her lore, concluding the lore night for this evening. She smiled, the fae reminded her of Sirris’ aunt Marijana a lot. Wise and clever. Sirris stomped in applause for the beta and smiled at her. “Wonderful lore, Kova! That was a great tell!” She said, joy mixed in her words at the wise words spoken.

        Elk Hunt with the Pack’s New Blood

        By News, Pack Hunt

        The cawing of ravens and crows and the scent of a kill call you to the Hunting Grounds…

        Summer’s splendor has brought with it the opportunity for the pack to make more kills. The demand for food will only grow this summer. Shakira, the pack’s Huntress, led a tracking and hunting party in search of elk. Pack member, Sanek, was successful in tracking down the elk. Accalia, Skydancer, and Sanek sustained minor injuries of -5, -2, and -4 points respectively. Two critical hits were landed on the elk by panther Panther and one critical hit by Sanek, all hits worth 12 points each! The elk was killed by Panther.

        The cow elk lies in the Hunting Grounds and wolves should take care to guard it.

        Congratulations and well done!




        Summer’s First Kill

        By News, Pack Hunt

        Kova, WolfSpirit’s Beta, and Shakira, WolfSpirit’s Huntress, brought down a blacktail deer doe.

        Two critical hits of 12 points each were landed on the doe by Kova and the hunt was finished off by Shakira. The doe retaliated against Shakira, but no injuries were sustained.

        The pack should be cautious to guard the kill well…

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