Pack Meeting #198

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May 5th, 2020

Quick meeting promoting Shakira to member!

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Fenrir Raven Archibald CwnAnnwn Ihrileth

Pack Meeting Begins


* Shukie took in what Fianna had to say and first answered her last statement, “No, I’ve not crossed his path yet.” as she spoke she focused her gaze upon Kwa`ani.. “Have you seen Calder, Kwa`ani?” She had yet to puzzle out the rock formation. “tomorrow I’ll take a look at it myself when it’s light enough to see easily.” Her gaze went back to Fianna, “Well done, Fianna.” Now what did the
* Shukie scamp want to see her for, that was the most curious thing, and Kwa as well it seemed. She’d be on the lookout for him in the coming days and or weeks. As Shakira spoke, “Excellent, Shakira. Yes, I’d like to get a pack hunt going in the next day or two at the most. That’ll save search time. Until then, keep tabs on them if you would but remain well out of sight and perhaps even
* Shukie mask your scent with a mud bath to avoid the winds carrying it.” She nodded to Kwa`ani but didn’t give her any instructions just yet. “Well done, Shakira.”
* Fianna dipped her head to Shukie’s words, glad to have at least been a bit enlightening, ifnot just the bearer of more mysterious tidings. She perked up as Shakira spoke of Dall sheep, remembering hunts past of those creatures. They loved the rocky cliff type terrain. She had heard Kwa`ani ‘s joking question about Calder when they’d been alone, and saw her curious gaze now but she avoided answering because she wasn’t sure what to
* Fianna call her feelings on that subject. They couldn’t even truly become friends yet due to the circumstances, so how could she understand if it could be more?
* Shukie stood and squared her gaze upon Shakira. “I may not be seen much over the past weeks and months, I’m still well aware of what all goes on. You’ve shown in words and actions that you have learned what is expected of a WolfSpirit. You’ve spoken of family. Is it still your desire to become one with WolfSpirits?” This was not a light question to be answered, yet one which must be
* Shukie asked. “what is your reason for joining our family?”
* Kova swung her tail behind her but when the call to a gathering seemed to come in order she would rise to all fours and straighten herself appropraitely. She would look between Shukie and then to Shakira, ehr eyes bright.
* Kwa`ani perked when Shukie spoke directy to Shakira realizing what was apaw. As Kova moved she nodded with a happy smile for seeing the fae, her tail thumping.
* Fianna perked as well, her thoughts on Calder fading as she focused on one of her newer friends. She was glad Shakira had chosen to stay, and she k knew the fae would make a good pack ate.
<Ayaka> {Pack mate*}
* Shakira nodded quietly to the words of the gathered, listening intently to the various offerings. When she heard Shukie address her, she was not prepared, having not expected such a question to be ask so suddenly, she paused to think through the only answer she could manage. “Since the very first meeting I sat in on here in the territory, I’ve wanted to be a part of this pack, be a part of the unity I’ve seen here and the
* Shakira family that has grown together over the years.” She answered a little breathlessly.
* Kova would look between Shukie and Shakira, her hues began to widen with excitement and the proceedings.
* Shukie nodded to Shakira’s response. “there is much to be learned yet, to which I’ll see to in the coming weeks.” She paused for a bit, “Words are easily spoken. It is in the actions one takes or doesn’t take which is the truth being told.” She gazed to each of the wolves present before looking back to Shakira. “Once a WolfSpirit, always a WolfSpirit. For even should your paws take you
* Shukie elsewhere, we are family.” This is no light step you are taking, it is a life long commitment to pack, to family that have come before and shall come after. Learning of the history of the WolfSpirits as time goes on that you may share it with those who seek to join us in the future.” She paused again, when she continued, “As Beta, and acting Alpha in Atraya’s absense, I welcome
* Shukie you was Shakira, Wolfspirit. You may introduce yourself as such to any you meet.” She let the words sink in before giving a howl of welcome to the newest member.
* Fianna would feel her heart swell for another member joining their ranks. It hadn’t been too long since she’d become a full member either. She looked forward to hunting and acting alongside her. With that in mind she’d raise her muzzle and offer a welcoming howl well as a stamp of her paw, remembering her papa and brother, it was up to her to add the stamp.
* Kwa`ani yips and howled when Shukie and then Fianna did so, adding her own deeper tones to the chorus, front paws tamp tamping on the earth.
* Kova her hues fell to Shukie and then to Shakira. She couldn’t help but feel her chest swell with pride at the fae and for the fae. She’d been a long time member here already, in her heart, and she’s proven herself time again with her dedication to the pack and to the family she wishes to join. Very deserving indeed!
* Shukie settled and then leaned over to nuzzle Shakira, “welcome to the family, Shakira!” she whispered into the fae’s ear before shifting back. “A little impromtu however it was time and well deserved. We’ll see to getting one of those sheep you’ve found in the very near future, a celebration hunt!” her tail wagging.
* Shakira howled until her throat was sore, the excitement of finally being a member of the pack, a true full blooded member of this pack that had so openly welcomed her so long ago and still welcomed her now, was almost overwhelming. She nuzzled into Shukie in a true embrace, every emotion she couldn’t find words for pushed into that one action. “Thank you, Shukie. I swear, until my very last breath, until my heart ceases
* Shakira to beat, I will not let you or the Alphas down. I hope to be the best I can be for the pack.” She said quietly, her voice thick with emotion. She nuzzled each of the other wolves in turn before they departed for the night, grateful for their presence and for their various notes of congratulations.
* Kova swung her tail quickly behind her and she would add her voice to her families, howling happily for the new member among their fold! What a joyous time to be alive, and the addition would do them well! “Congrats, Shakira! Welcome to the pack!” she couldn’t be happier and she was so excited to have Shakira among them.
* Shukie smiled softly not having expected the show of affection, tail wagging. “As long as you continue as you have, you will show the decision was the correct one.” her eyes shimmered in the moonlight, ivories showing from beneath her dark lips. “glad to have you as family, Shakira.” Nodding to Kova as well, “Soon, a celebration hunt!”

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Pack Meeting #197

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Meeting Notes

February 25th, 2020

WolfSpirits celebrates it’s 18th year anniversary! Check out the daily stats of our OOC channel here!

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@Atraya @Ayaka @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Kajika @Shukie
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Pack Meeting Begins



<Atraya> Well I’d like to formally start the ‘meeting’
<Atraya> Atraya isn’t in the clearing IC 😛
<Atraya> But thank you to everyone for being here! 😀
<Atraya> It was nice to see some old faces, including WolfMoon!
<Ayaka> :}
* Ayaka settles in
<Atraya> 🙂
<Atraya> Updating the website 😛
* Faolan missed the old faces
<Atraya> Kinta posted something on our FB as well 🙂 which was nice
<Atraya> I haven’t seen her in a while, but glad she’s doing well
<Atraya>   I just want to thank you all for being here and continuing on this awesome legacy we have 🙂 There’s not a lot of places that can say they’ve been around as long as we have (and have those who’ve been here just as long stay around!) and I truly am humbled by everyone’s dedication and heart to be here!

Pack Meeting Begins


In Character – #WolfSpirits


* Kova the winds continued to offer what they would to her and to whom it would. The flowers in some areas where blooming while other places still waited for the lush grasses and warmer air to touch them before they sprouted. For now she remained in the clearing, her tail waving slowly behind her as she would wait eagerly to see who would show. She knew this day was a special one.
* Shakira would be seated still a short ways away from Kova, pawing at the soft, newly exposed earth as the group seemed to fall into a comfortable silence, just happy to have others near again. It was always somewhat unnerving when the wolves of the pack disappeared on their own personal quests, leaving few left to roam the territory, but it was always a relief when they returned.
* Ayaka had slaked her thirst, the taint of Fenrir bitter in her maw until she’d drunk her fill a second time. She may beside the small creek she’d been able to find, the stench of battle still in her nostrils despite the days… Perhaps weeks and years? Gone by. Time meant little to her for some reason, how long had it been? The memories she’d spent the last days sifting through, though they belonged to her, we’re
* Ayaka estranged and 2D. Her nose quivered as she sought any information about the others who HD fought… Perhaps died, in the battle she’d seen so little of. Her sides were gaunt but her eyes remained sharp despite her weakened state. Dust coated her white frame for she’d had little inclination to clean it, causing the once white pelt to be a greyish snooty hue.
* Kova seeing Shakira off in the distance, she would rise to all fours and slowly make her way towards her with a wave of her tail. There would be another chuff so as not to startle her.
* Fianna would remain in the clearing as well, the day seeming a special one despite her not being around for all the years that wolfspirits had. She would be near the northern banks of the stream within the clearing, curled a bit as she rested.
* Atraya little did Ayaka know that she was on her way to her. Slowly but surely, she was on her way. On her way to hope. to follow that small flicker against the darkness that dare to swallow her again. Her paws would splay a little before her, if only to reassure her footing. Was she even close?
<Faolan> A trio for a trio was not all the scales demanded. Although the last of its trio was defeated, the younglings had taken root and the earth once again suffered the burden of those who fought, bled, and died for the Morrigan. What was a day in Tír na nÓg to a mortal? Well ‎Oisín never knew the counting of days until at last the mortal realm once more kissed his feet and the youth of that timeless age was stolen from him. Beyond the circle of dead wolves loyal to Morrigan, the Tellers’ pack was mourning their own and putting to rest those whose stories and storytelling had come to the last margin of the last page…One of the twins, the large male that had first greeted Ayaka and Kovo, and a few of the younglings had been part of the toll to replace a trio
<Faolan> with a trio…If Ayaka looked further than the dust of marrow and splintered bone–all that now remained of the Morrigan– she would see Rook among a trio of a bear, a great elk, and an old stone-hued wolf.
* Shukie and Kwa`ani had spent the day hunting the small varmits of the area slacking their hunger at least some. She always hated the time of year where snow turned to slush and muck that made hunting horrendous at best. THey’d returned to the boulder cave, once again extricating the painted feather having understood this to be the token speak with the wisened one. Glancing to her
* Shukie companion, “Hopefully, the one will be here tonight and willing to talk” leaning over to nose the fae gently.
* Kajika would finally make it to the edge of the Clearing, his pelt still wet from crossing the first stream. He wasn’t sure if he had passed anyone on his way here, but he was immediately met with several scents that told him that several others were in or at the very least around the area. He lifted up his head to see if he could pick up one of the closest scents to him but he hardly
* Kajika would even need to do so. Coming in from the direction of the Sweet Valley, would he see Fianna tucked under a tree resting? Well, if he did see her frame, he would see the rise and fall of her russet colored fur and noted that she was sleeping and wouldn’t disturb her. He moved on however to see the shape of several others just within the Clearing, first looking like he might come across Kova and Shakira and his head gave a small jerk as he chuffed over to them with a wag of his tail and his next steps over the grass were spurred to a light run.
<Nyctea> The cavern would be left just as it was when Shukie and Kwa`ani came upon it. Would they venture inside after their little hunt?
* Ayaka would view the evidence of grief and death in the down turned visages of the storytellers pack as they mourned and laid to rest their own. She saw, and felt little but perhaps the burden on her chest and within her heart digging ever deeper. More loss, more darkness, and for what? A shifting of paths. Hope was a strange thing though, and despite all it remained a kindled ember, for who knew where this path led?
* Ayaka She had chosen it as best she could. Rising, she moved toward the strange grouping of Bear, Elk, Alpha, and alphas son. Her paws heavy but quiet as she tred toward them. Sound had escaped her and she’d not found reason to speak since the Morrigan fell, and so she’d approach quietly, watching.
* Atraya paw pads would continue to lightly pat the earth as the smells from all around her started to whisper in quietness to her otherwise dark world. It was loud in many ways. One paw, another paw, and continue on she would as she hoped she was going in the right direction. Whom or what would she smell? Her path took her directly East as she was instructed, and east she’d go until something presented itself.
* Kova when Kajika finally came into sight she would offer a gentle chuff to him and a wave of her tail. She would nose Shakira, inviting her to join in if she so desired to, but she aimed to close the distance between herself and the caretaker. When that distance was closed her silvery pelt brushed along his own likeness and she smiled “Kajika! Hello.” her tones light and airy in greeting. He might take note of Rune’s scent on her, the fae had come to visit!
* Shakira ‘s ears perked to the sound of Kovas chuff, rising to her paws as well just as another chuff came from seemingly the opposite direction, turning now to find the male she had met briefly on a few occasions. “Hello Kova, and hello Kajika, is it?” She asked to ensure pronunciation was correct.
* Shukie nodded to Kwa`ani to pick up the feather by the quill end taking care not to disturb the feather itself then she led the way within the darkened cave. In a mere whisper, “Since nothing came out, we go in, but cautiously” she didn’t voice it yet worried to her bones this was a trap. As her eyes adjusted more to the darkness of the cave, her paws slow but steady the pair would make
* Shukie their way within the enclosure. Once fully within the confines she offered up a greeting in humbled tones as the pair walked forth, “We seek the wise one.” Her posture showed confidence but nothing more could be discerned.
* Fianna would shift little should Kajika move by, glancing at her along the way for she had indeed fallen asleep. She’d slept little the past few days, and the stress was taking its toll. A little sleep and she’d be right as rain again no doubt, though her heart wouldn’t feel whole again until her family returned.
* Kwa`ani moved with a slow yet graceful ease, paws silent aside from disturbing small pebbles now and then. Her head was held, the feather extending from her maw, clamped between her front teeth, lips up in avoiding them drooling on the feather. It was in part her head was high to keep any mouth juice escaping onto the token as well as knowing she was a WolfSpirit.
<Nyctea> The further Shukie and Kwa`ani moved into the darkness of the boulders there would be a sense of the same feeling Fianna had felt when she ventured in. A calmness. A serene feeling. An odd sense of ….comfort? The wind wouldn’t even touch the air in here, but it smelt fresh. It smelt of smudges Shukie might recall from a memory not of her own, but that touched be a memory she shared long ago on another quest. The boulders were deceivingly deeper than the outside claimed to be. Glow worms would be tethered along the walls, providing illumination, but nearly as blinding as whatever caused the light to flicker just ahead. It was like walking into a harth with a warm flame.
* Kajika showed just as much eagerness in greeting Kova as she padded over to him and greeted her similarly when her nose went to brush along his. “It has been a while, and longer than I had intended with nothing to show for it,” he said but his tone wasn’t one of despair since he had returned. He was quick to pick up the scent of Rune on her pelt and his tail gave another happy wag as he also greeted Shakira with a small dip of his head. “Yes, you are correct. It is good to see you again as well.” He then turned to Kova as he looked about the Clearing to see who else might be around that he hadn’t yet pinpointed even as he spoke. “Say, do you know if anyone is still back at the Ruins? The snow surely should have melted by now granting safe passage to those who were waiting for the opportunity to return.” There was a little bit of concern edged in his voice, but he did a good job to conceal it for the most part. Seeing or at least scenting so many around the Clearing was enough to keep any worry he would have at bay.

<Faolan> Day had remained as still as the wind, which did little to carry sound beyond the fray of conversation. That said, the relative silence between would be pierced by a howl for every loss–six in total or a full quarter of the Teller’s pack. Phoenix and his pack would be engrossed in the process of grief. Ayaka’s chosen path took her closer to the crown of the knoll, the hill upon which passage into the yonder valley was thwarted. She would see them conversing, but sound was fleetingly similar to the crunching of undergrowth and a haggered breath that hounded steps that were not hers. Surely, she was not tired after all that rest? Nae, of course not but the one whose ears she listened through was. After a time that would be replaced by the low timbre of Faolan’s voice …is a day between. You know you cannot cross and find yourself in the world you left on the other side. Rook, took the answer upon shoulders that seemed to buckle at the weight. His head turned to the ground but lifted after a time, As do you…You can’t just go… A gentle nose would ruffle the crown of the black wolf’s head. It is not something I -just- do.

* Kova would offer yet another fleeting nuzzle to his nose and scruff. Even brushing her shoulder into his for good measure before she would restrain her otherwise taught emotions and look to the mountains now, Kajika’s question causing her a moment of pause to think before responding in kind “No sign of Shukie or Kwa`ani…. ” there was a worried tone within, but, soft it was and eager to see them bleed through. “I am sure they are on their way and the reason for the delay is…well with great reason.” her hues returned to Kajika.
* Atraya when nothing presented itself in the form of answers or even hope, she paused her careful strides. Perhaps that very darkness started to flicker against her sight like the passing of sun to night. The terrain would only have changed slightly and that was moving from the territory, through the hollow of stone and mud, to the other side where the winters melt had just begun. She moved on for at least a day but no more. She could manage no further. She’d found herself tripping on obstacles more frequently in a land not of her and by now, she had stopped herself. Proceed? Or not. She told Fianna and Kova she would return soon, and soon has already passed. She knew the way back home now which would no doubt cause her an easy spurr home, but did she. Her black nose pulled up to scent the air for anything of familiarity. The vision she saw might very well have been an illusion of an old mind. Perhaps hope urged her to quickly but she had to at least try. She would linger around long enough to see if something presented itself, otherwise, her path would lead her back home knowing full well the importance of the day.
* Ayaka would pause for each howl, giving each a moment of respect for each life was due at least that much, despite her never meeting most of them, that is, should she hear the howls as they came. Did she hear with her own ears as well as the ears of another? Aya would flick an ear at the sound of ragged breathing and crunching earth, sparing a single glance around her again as she neared the conversation taking place ahead, rising up the hill to intercept the last of Faolan and Rook’s words. She stopped a respectful distance, a few body lengths, away and her gaze came to rest on Faolan, her head dipping low before rising once again, a habit her frame took without thought, the scent of her alpha a distant memory now. Still, words eluded her, for what could she say after all? Greetings were not for an occasion such as this.
* skydancer_ eventually the path she is following leads her to the Clearings edge causing her to pause and scan the open field nose twitching as she takes in what scents the might be before moving out into the open
<Atraya> Skydancer would make note of several in the clearing. Kajika, Shakira and Kova where just at the edge facing south from the direction of the great sweet valley.
* Fianna slept to the north of the clearing, the stream a gentle and known lullaby
<Faolan> Hear with another’s ears, see with another’s eyes, feel with another’s heart…The sensations would be few between, but not far enough to allow her to lay claim upon a reality that had long since been in great foment. She would feel the despair of another, the pang of guilt and sorrow for a coming departure, and perhaps her own mixture of thoughts and emotions that lay just above the
<Faolan> cut»»
<Faolan> cont»» simmering anger and thirst of the underlying ichor..the stain of Fenrir. Not -just- and not while you have a lesson to learn. The older wolf could see his son’s mind already conspiring of the lessons to protract the coming day, but his thoughts were not his own private escape. Ayaka’s approach offered him a similar escape, one where he could speak his thoughts. The second is here at last and the third is very nearly beyond the veil’s edge. Although we are not in the timeless land, its foothills sit in the wake of its passage. We must go and make our peace where it can be made for it will not be long until one must return here and see to its the collective safekeeping of us all.
* Shukie continued forth, some of her trepidation easing, things of old and ancient teased her mind, grasping for the threads before they could unravel and bring them forth. Their path seemed to never end, the odd flickering lights. The lights of the bugs butts flickered, dimming and brightening as they passed, growing more numberous as they progressed. Faint at first, scents of sage,
* Shukie not fresh and green but burnt reached her nose, a strangely peaceful scent at that. The light in the distance beconed the pair forth, unable to turn away.
* Kwa`ani nearly dropped the feather a dozen times for the eerie glow along the walls until such time she realized it was similar to the caves of the ruins. The scent was one she knew not yet it brought an ease to her and didn’t understand why a ‘weed’ would do such. puff puff puff. The glowing walls were soon forgotten as the light in front of them seemed to pull her forward. Speaking wasn’t
* Kwa`ani gonna happen with the feather, instead..she brushed her hsoulder against the beta’s. That alone reassured her for she had every faith in the fae.
<Nyctea> Once the pair of fae’s began to move further into the boulders they would feel the walls go from slender and tight, to expanding and open until they were finally within the open gap of a small stronghold of sorts. Twisted and gnarled limbs of branches lay upon the ground, but the roots of tree’s above would be twisted and contorted to make intricate, yet creepy details to this other worldly place. It was not from another world, no, it was a home. Bones would be discarded in the form of small pellets. The sound of creaking wood against one another, like a staggering itch, would resound to the pair. Nothing broke that silence until a loud and deep voice culled from the ancients themselves called out. ~~~ Who dares disturb the darkness…~~~
* Shukie took care to step over or around the roots, easliy seen from the glow worms and light again. At the sound of the voice her steps stopped their whispered steps. She didn’t yet spot the speaker, tones sounding older than the earth. “It is I, Shukie, Beta of WolfSpirits, daughter of Nahala, desendent of Shuku and the shaman WolfDreamer.” she did not speak for Kwa`ani whom she motioned
* Shukie forth to present the feather, painted with a wolf’s head below a dreamcatcher and bloodied pawprint near the tip. When Kwa`ani presented the feather she spoke once more. The white raven brought this to us as a talk token and directed us to continue upon the path we were on and seek the wise one.” She dipped her head low as she dipped a paw to the great owl before them. She wondered
* Shukie the name of the great owl.
* skydancer_ as she makes her way across the Clearing she slowly starts veering north before deciding that she might as well check the stream bordering the north side of the Clearing. decision made her path straightens and her stride lengthens just a trifle as she heads north soon detecting fresh wolf scents on the wind though remains silent in case they are sleeping
* Kwa`ani took a step forward presenting the feather, gingerly setting it before the great owl with ghostly eyes. Sight.. maybe not yet she knew this bird didn’t need sight if it lacked it to seeing into their souls. “I am Kwa`ani, daughter of Atraya and Faolan, WolfSpirit packmember.” She too would dip gracefully before the owl in a deep sign of respect. For once, no antics were displayed
* Kwa`ani sensing the »»
<Kwa`ani> »» situation was not one to horse around as she normally would. After her introduction she stepped back beside Shukie.
* Ayaka could feel the great bitter stain of Fenrir deep within, and wouldn’t hve been surprised if it colored her pelt as well, that is if surprise didn’t feel as if it belonged to another. She nodded at Faolan, her gaze skimming Rook as well. They waited for the last of their trio, and from a time before, when Atraya had shared her own senses she knew whom they waited for. She settled slowly onto her haunches ND glanced
* Ayaka at the great bear, remembering from a distance their fight with a great bear. Then she viewed the great elk, a stag.. Hadn’t she fought one of those as well? Again, the memories were not her own, as they came from a book that held things she only could hope to belong to. “I am ready to make what peace can be made.” She finally tried to say through a throat that seemed to be shards of ash and tasted of smoke.
* Ayaka Before this… She would have felt sorrow to know know that Rook’s passage home may not be as simple as a trot along the path. But now, it simply was.
<Nyctea> Stepping out into the light would reveal a great horned owl who’s age was anyone’s guess. When Shukie announced herself before the feather was even presented he would scoff a little under his breath. Perhaps amusement? ~~ Words words words…… so fancy…. so long….. is a long name really important?~~ the sound of breaking branches would resound against the large owls being, daring to break under it’s massive weight. He leered down when Kwa`ani stepped forward however and when the feather was presented, he ruffled his wings in a few circles before tucking them closer in. ~~ I see. So he did find you after all…. good…. So… you are who you say you are? mmmm???~~ he leaned in with a laaaaazzzyyy eyeeeeee and stared right at Kwa`ani ~~ Are you all those long words too?? mmmm??~~
* Kwa`ani looked up at the ruffling of feathers before the owl settled his wings back to his sides. “Aye.” Oh how she wanted to make a quip about the eyeless eyes but managed to hold her tongue. A miricle for which she knew Shukie would be thankful for. Oh heck with it… “Tis how we were taught to introduce ourselves. Proper manners.” Her tones were steady, a smile upon her muzzle as she
* Kwa`ani relaxed »»
<Kwa`ani> »» visibly. “Do you have a name?” her head tilting slightly to the left, thinking it only proper for the bird to do so as well.
* Shukie didn’t respond to the censor of name. SHe was asked a question and she answered. When the great owl spoke to Kwa`ani and not herself she remained still, strangely calm and at ease. For a short time she thought Kwa`ani was going to leave it at the simple answer, to which she let out a tiny sigh that stopped as soon as it started when the fae continued, almost challenging the bird.
<Nyctea> He continued to lean in all the while his brow feathers, what little he had left, would dance left and right against the weightlessness of air. When Kwa`ani introduced herself, or lack thereof, he simply drew his wings back again then settled against the branch. The light that illuminated this place would be unnatural but familiar. Dangerously familiar. Flames in small shells flickered along  the walls, casting light and warmth throughout the small cavern. ~~ Your sister offered much the same, but manners and a name go hand in hand. One introduction, for my own. ~~ he’d sit and wait all night if he had to. No name was given just yet. His eye still on the feather. But wait, maybe he was an old coot. He chuckled against the light as it flickered along his frame, revealing his earthly tones. He straightened himself just so before offering ~~ My name is Nyctea… wise to the ancient lore of things. You where brought here for a reason. A story to share for the both of you. ~~ he would scoot along the branch, bouncing up and down as the weight of his body caused it to cry out in twirking splintering wood against the large owl until he settled into the middle, where it sighed in releif and settled. Bits of debris fell from those branches and gnarled roots. ~~ Come… I have a box for you to open. You have the key, don’t you? ~~
* Shakira sat quietly again, listening curiously to the conversation of the others who remained in the north, her own nerves packed down for now for the sake of the pack that had returned, not wanting to cause more worry between family. She’d simply listen quietly, noting the information given and only offer words when asked to.
<Faolan> The great bear and stag would have separated themselves from the wolves, appearing to have little else to offer if having offered anything at all. Although their silence made them seem like fixtures, it was clear theirs was a story to be told in time. Rook would turn to watch Ayaka as she answered, sure that she answered too quickly for one who knew the gravity of the choices behind her. He would pad closer to her, sorrow overcoming the resolve of his own choices at long last. There’s no going back for you and no coming back for me. You feel it now…you’ve become something I am not, and this place has forgotten the face of a mortal like me…Though you are older now the glow of your ember is forever brighter than mine shall ever be. He would search her hues for understanding to the flowery verbiage he chose to mask the blunt reality she now faced.
* Kwa`ani stared up at the owl when Nyctea mentoned her sister… ‘Fianna?!?’ she’d said at nearly the same time as Shukie. Oh how she missed her sister and brother. “to what tales will you tell us, ancient one.” Her eyes eager as her ears twitched back and forth, tail wagging just a bit when Nyctea settled upon the branch wondering how it managed to not break off.
* Shukie dipped her head to Nyctea. Aye, she had the key, it was within the pouch upon Kwa`ani’s back. When they found the pouch at the hole under the mystical lake tree, she’d tucked it within rather than carrying it in her maw as she had been doing. “Yes, the key is with us.” Turning to Kwa`ani she had the fae slip the pouch off to where she could withdraw the key. Once the task was
* Shukie done, “Fianna was here?” she’d not picked up the fae’s scent,. odd she thought. SHe was visibly relieved to know the box was at last to be found. SHe’d not wanted to fail in her and Kwa`ani’s task.
* Ayaka had answered only as quickly as one who knew what she had chosen, exchanging life for existence, self for selflessness, and mortality for… Well. Perhaps she didn’t truly yet understand what it meant to be no longer mortal. Her gaze rested on Rook, distant, but kit quite cold. Something about her gaze was still her own for she could still see the memories of who she had been, even if she could not take hold of them. That, if only that, would keep her different from the one she’d taken the place of.  As Rook himself had told the Morrigan during her battle against the shadow, she would be better. Turning to look west, Ayaka stood still as she waited for the last to come. What did she feel? Could she still feel? Did she mourn the loss of those she’d identified as once being family? Maybe in a layer of herself within she could no longer reach.
* Atraya The winds would offer the northern chill, but ahead was the warmer taste of an early spring in these lands. The ground beneath her would crunch still with the culling of snow. Spring had yet to touch this place, but the promise of what culled her forward would do just that. Paws continued to blindly tap ahead of her, following that sweet smell and the fading of snow, giving way to the new flora and fauna of a spring’s day. She’d press forward towards that ember, flickering in the distance of a dark world.
* Kajika seemed to be lost in thought for a moment as he thought about it a little more and possibly something else as he glanced up at the sky to see what of the stars and night sky that started to grow across the sky. “That maybe so and I will be on the lookout for their return.” His attention returned to Kova after he spoke and he was able to fully glance her over once more. “Are the two of you alright? The stores of my herb collection are a little bit lower than they should be, but in part I am giving most of the vegetation here a chance to grow and flourish again after my incessant picking with little need for them which would cause them to wither and be of use to no one.”
<Nyctea> The box that was before them was covered in a wealth of dust and age. Barely visible to be anything more than a trinket of age and time. However there would be a familiar scent upon the base of this box. Perhaps the only thing that would be familiar. The two would know this owner’s scent and the name to go with it. Calder. Giving them long enough to investigate the box and produce the key, he »»
<Nyctea> »» flapped his wings quickly yet quietly, and landed with great ease onto the box itself. He looked like a lumbering ol’ owl, but he was quite graceful. Beautiful even. When he landed upon the top of the box he leaned in and with his deep voice he whispered to the fae’s something ….. Interesting.
* Kova gave a slow nod of her head to Kajika as he would inquire to her wellbeing. She was a little sore from the hunt with Fianna and the Ox, she did wonder now where the fae was? before turning to Shakira “I am well. Healing from the hunt a few days ago. Speaking of, you two are welcome to my cache if you are hungry.” she swung her tail slowly behind her and pointed her nose to the alpha’s »»
<Kova> »» rock. Beneath it’s base, to the left of the large stone, would be clearly unearthed soil. Buried below would be a nice leg bone with a good chunk of meat on it. She ensured it was placed in the shade and shadows to avoid heat, she tried her best to keep it as cool as possible.
* Kwa`ani lowered her upper torso and shimmied the pouch off her back and neck to give Shukie the necessary access, her gaze upon the musty smelling box. Gods! They could return home at long last. They had traveled just about every mountain there was in search of it. At the whispering, she went still, soothed and comforted from the tones not necessarily comprehending all in that brief moment.
* Kwa`ani An »»
<Kwa`ani> »» ageless voice it was, unlike anything she’d ever heard or even dreamt. Her ears twitched back and forth becoming mesmerized.
* Shukie at last would set the key before Nyctea. As she leaned down to do so the boid had settled upon the old relic of a box, nothing significant able to be discerned beneath the accumulated dust and grime? of centuries perhaps or maybe a few years or decades. As Nyctea whispered to them, she froze in place as she listened, at last stepping back. Now was not the time for words, but to
* Shukie hear what words would be offered them of the box’s origins.
<Faolan> It is quite simple, son. We took the mantle that was offered. Ayaka saw the first pages of a story she will learn in time. Faolan remained behind a padfall or two, having paused in stride as if one recalling a fond yet faint memory. –Very nearly here, just a minute more ahead and a left when you feel the first gravel beneath you, he thought…– Perhaps guilt or perhaps the correct
<Faolan> cut»»
<Faolan> cont»» assumption led Rook to watch Ayaka’s features a moment longer, That Morrigan demanded strife and blood in exchange for malevolence. You…you can be much more. The beast you fought was a reflection of the worst of us. I fancy your story to be the reflection of the best of us should the collector tell the last of what he’ll see of this tale.
* Shakira turned her attention back as a general question was asked, waiting for Kovas answer before speaking her own. “I have no recent injuries, faded scars is all and bruising that should be well healed now.” She answered with a small smile, proud of her own growth when it came to speaking to the males of the pack, though she still kept boundaries.
<Nyctea> The sound of his talons would scrap across the boxes surface, but he did well to place his weight so as not to scratch the delicate wood. Scratch it… he did not. When the words where offered to the two fae’s he would take one more leap up and land just beside the box and key. He waited for a moment longer, allowing his words sink into both. They where heavy…. and for good reason. ~~ Are you ready to see an eye for an eye? ~~ he finally asked the pair.
* Atraya her ears would swivel with great care as she picked up on the slightest tinge of movement or sounds that lay around or ahead of her. Nothing but perhaps the call of the wilds, even a bird, to guide her way. Inner monologues or not, there was that familiar ping of darkness that tried to creep it’s way back into the forefront of her thoughts. To try and take her over again. No. Not yet. She had to make sure. The earth beneath her paw pads would continue to crunch with the impacted, old snow, until there was the sensation of something different beneath her paw pads. It wasn’t grass but it felt like the well semi-sorted gravel of a rivers bed. Her nose dipped down to scent the new ground beneath her and like reliving a memory, she would feel the need to turn left. Left she would go.
* Shukie blanched, inwardly hoping it didn’t show outward at the words used which sent her thought to Atraya in the millisecond. SHe didn’t mince words, “If my sight given that Atraya may once again see, yes. For the safety of my family, yes. For the return of our alpha male and son, yes.” As she spoke she looked directly into the fathomless white orbs. “What must be done, I shall do.”
* Kwa`ani looked to Nyctea. “What ya want us to be a doing?” short, sweet and to the point. She wasn’t much to agreeing before knowing the stakes but this time was ready.
<Nyctea> He swung his head around this way and that before giving a simple nod to their questions, to their response, and picked up the key in his beak. He was an owl after all and being able to articulate a key into a lock, and unlock a box, was something he was keenly equipped to do. With a few twists of his head left, right, left left, then right the box would clunk and sigh with relief as it was opened. A small accumulation of dust spattered out before subsiding at the base of their paws. ~~ Take the trinkets inside. There is one thing belonging to a she-wolf by the name of Kastria. What it’s purpose or meaning is, I do not know but I was told to ensure it find it’s owner. The rest of the trinkets you must take to the ancient forest, where Fianna had smelled the sage. There questions will be answered and peace can be had. Now go…. get home… there is much to do, and you are sourly missed.~~
* Ayaka was still in the adjustment stage of her first pages in the new story she’d begun, and she quietly marveled that Faolan, who perhaps had undergone something similar to what she had, could still speak and interact with Rook as if he were… Family. The word tasted odd in her mind, like a cutout that didn’t quite fit back in its place. So, she’d remain quiet now, listening first to..Faolan’s words to alert their
* Ayaka direction, then his words to Rook, and finally Rooks own words to her. She knew she should respond, yet the hope the words would likely have illicited in her old self, merely stirred the dust of hope in who she was now. Yes, she would be better because of who she had been, because of the family and pack ties that had enhanced who she was. But she didn’t know what would come of the storytellers final tales. “I
* Ayaka thank you Rook.” She finally said, softly.”For doing what needed done, for making hard choices, for your family, for the Wolfspirits. They will likely never truly know what you have been through yourself, and I hope that at least some glimpse of your own part in that reflection of the best a wolf can be the storyteller will share, will be revealed to them.”
* Shukie nodded, glad for the pouch for she would carefully put all within the pouch, Kwa`ani’s ever present new collar. “Yes, Ancient One.” She repeated the name several times to ensure she didn’t forget it. “I shall see to this as per your instructions.” SHe was most glad to obey the last of the list for she missed one and all and longed to see her old home again. It seemed an eternity
* Shukie since seh’d last been there. “I worry for all my family’s wellbeing.” She dipped her head in respect tho would give Nyctea time to say anything more before they would depart.
<Nyctea> He would give a few claps of his beak before taking flight and landing back on the gnarled branches and roots. The flames would flicker against the sudden gust of wind, but held their own flame. When he landed they groaned and cracked under his weight, but bare it they did. He would tuck his wings back in and say to them ~~I had to find it from a traveling whisper. Found it, I did. now into the paws it rightfully belongs…. ~~
* Shukie would nod once more and make her way from the cave within the boulders after adjusting the pouch back upon Kwa`ani’s back. “Come, Kwa`ani, we can go home at long last!” to Nyctea, “Thank you.” The first few steps she back out and away then turned to begin the trek home.
<Nyctea> There would be a subtle nod of his head and watched the pair as they departed. They where on the borders of their northern most part of the territory. The Roghas insight, they where not even a few miles out from home now.
* Kwa`ani patiently waited for the pouch being adjusted and then would depart as Shukie had. “Indeed, Thank yhou.” She too took her leave in short order ready to be home.

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Pack Meeting #196

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Meeting Notes

January 24th, 2020

  • Shakira becomes Pledge
  • Announcement that WolfSpirits 18th year anniversary will be February 25th!
  • A poll will be setup in the coming days to get times/days for wolves to role play
Number Of Wolves Present


@Atraya @Ayaka @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Kajika @Shukie
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Fenrir Raven Archibald Everlain Shakira

Pack Meeting Begins

* Atraya would be within the confines of the pack’s clearing. She had a full stomach from the night prior on gorging on the fresh caribou. She ahd been upon the alpha’s rock and looking east now before rising her head up and howling for a gathering to those there to hear it.
* Kova had been within the clearing as well, resting from the nice meal she’s devoured sense the take down. She flicked an ear, however, hearing the sound and call of a howl and it was there she pressed her paws into the earth and rose. SHaking the fatigue from her visage she would walk to meet her alpha and anyone else.
<Atraya> Shukie and Kwa`ani would find the fox to be gone for now. No sign of it save for the tree they where left at.
* Fianna lifts her head from off her paws where she had been resting, perking toward the clearing some distance away. We’re those her mother’s tones? She rose and shook her pelt. For though the voice was distant she would check in all the same. Moving at a quick lope, she offered a silent goodbye to her dream at her skull staff and headed off. She would lift her own voice in a responding how to signal her coming from off
* Fianna in the distance.
* Everlain was interrupted by the sound of a howl, was someone in need of aid? Without thinking she sent up an inquisitive sound holding position to find out if aid was required. She was still intent on moving the Caribou if Shakira wanted her to, unaware of what was going on.
* Shakira paused in her step, turning a doubtful eye on the still fairly large amount of caribou, knowing that the two of them wouldn’t be able to move the beast alone especially in her condition. After coming to that conclusion, she turned her attention to Everlain once more. “Better to leave it here, we can let those we meet up with know it is here.” Just as she said this, a howl rang out from the west, easily
* Shakira recognizable as the Alpha. A gathering howl from the Alpha was not one to ignore and so she quickly turned and set off as fast as she could manage towards the Clearing, looking over her shoulder to ensure Everlain was following. “Come, the Alpha calls. We must go to her.” She said with a sense of urgency, offering a howl of her own to join Everlains.
* Shukie gently groomed her partner, who’d in many ways had come to feel like her own daughter had she any pups. “Come, my dear, let’s get off this ice shelf before we find ourselves at the bottom of a ravine impaled by ice upon it’s floor. With a tender lick to the fae’s muzzle and a playful nip to the eartip the two began to good time retracing their steps and would pause at the sun
* Shukie side of the lake where the sun makes the water appear like liquid gold and amber. In her mind it was a lake of fire, molten lava but touching a paw to the edge it was as cold as ice. “If we don’t run into problems, likely we should make it back in about 2 weeks, maybe 3.” Lowering her head she drank deeping of the firewater. Food was on the adjenda, first on the list once they
* Shukie were past the knife field.
* Everlain hurried alongside Shakira to the clearing wondering why the Alpha needed to call. It was odd to her but she went with it deciding not to ask. She just followed Shakira in silence back towards the clearing matching her pace.
* Fianna would be nearly back by now and with a last push through barren trees she would be at the edge of the clearing and loping within, casting her nose about for the scent of any others, especially that of Atraya. Once within the clearing she slowed to a trot and headed for the alpha stone.
* Atraya would look ‘ahead’ of her as she listened to the winds and to those scents that started to gather around her. She would dip her head ever so lightly before offering in kind “Thank you to those who’ve heeded the call” she started in lightened tones.
* Kova had found herself a spot beside Fianna as she dipped her head to those who appeared. She would settle on her haunches and looked now to Atraya.
* Shakira would lift her voice once more as they broke through the eastern treeline into the Clearing, spotting the small gathering near the Alpha Rock, she would move as swiftly as possible with her injury to join the wolves gathered, still keeping an ear turned to be sure Everlain was still following.
<Shukie> <<>>Observes via the ether<<>>
* Kajika heard the sound of the howl although he might have been the last one to hear it with the distance and the numer of trees that still stood between him and the Clearing, but unmistakable as it was, it was a howl coming from the Clearing and he knew it would be the howl of Atraya as a means of gathering any and all within earshot. Even if he paused when he identified it, he would
* Kajika hurry on »»
<Kajika> »» hastened paws to rush on ahead, snow kicking up in his wake as he circled his path around the Ancient Forest but for timing’s sake he didn’t leave too much of a space between him and the more dense trees at its outer edges. «end
* Everlain and Shakira entered the clearing together though there was only a moment delay between the two wolves. She still had yet to notice Kajika though very soon his scent may have reached them soon however faintly. The female stood alert by Shakira as she joined the very small gathering.
* Atraya weird indeed. They where without their Beta, Delta, and Faolan was still missing. Regardless the pack would thrive on through the woven stories of each and soon, she hoped, those threads would weave again together as a whole. A long breath escaped her before she continued. “Before I continue… I would like to ask that those who desire to join the ranks of WolfSpirits, please say so now.”
* Shukie had let kwa go into the hole for she was small enough to scrootch into the small space. The fae had been gone for a fair amount of time and had reported there was nothing in there but an old hide that was laid out flat. It was humourous as the fae had to inch her way out backwards, ie, buttski first, well, tail first. Kwa had dragged out the piece of hide that was marked with
* Shukie strange patterns as if something had drawn on it by something. Maybe a map that those stupid two leggers had to use to find their way instead of with their noses. She and Kwa took turns carrying the hide for it was the only thing to be shown for their efforts to find the item.
* Everlain did not feel home here just yet so as an invitation was given she stayed quiet. She was only a spectator tonight. She knew little of these wolves or their ways. She just kept quiet.
* Fianna would shift and glance toward Shakira and Everlain, wondering if the two would step forward but she remained quiet and patient, curious to see where this would go as her gaze swept across Atraya, wondering how her mother fared this eve.
* Shakira offered a short chuff in greeting as they arrived at the Alpha Rock, taking note of all those who were gathered, a small group compared to the various other meetings she had seen with this pack. Before she could seat herself, the Alphas words would be heard, a pep in her step as she moved forward, emitting another small chuff to let the Alpha know where she stood. “Alpha, I would like to Pledge myself once more to
* Shakira the pack.” She said simply, lowering her gaze in respect of the Alpha.
* Atraya an ear turned to the sound of another’s voice reaching from the group to her. She would remain risen to all fours as she would wait for Shakira to approach enough to hear her. “To be a pledge of WolfSpirits is to take the time and dedication to know and be familiar with this pack. You’ve been with us for several months now, through several trials and continued quests and you’ve shown »»
<Atraya> »» great strength to finding us, and to come home with us.” her paws would remain stiffened before her on the stone. “.. if this is your desire Shakira, please state it so.”
* Kwa`ani had mumbled to Shukie more than once that the fox was just a trickster and was leading them on a wild goose chase… goose… yum! her stomach rumbled at the thought of munching one of the devil birds down for they put up a good fight with their beaks and would charge without fear too. “I’m ready to go home.” her tone was slightly pouty, pouty of one being out on their own, despite
* Kwa`ani Shukie »»
<Kwa`ani> »» being with her. “Maybe its a clue to papa and where he is??” she offered up before lowering her head to drink from the lake of fire. “I vote the fox is our next meal if it dares return to continue tricking us.” her nose quivered sniffing for anything scent of food, live or dead. She no longer cared for their path had been in the high, high mountains, and secluded in a bear cave
<Kwa`ani> complete with the »»
<Kwa`ani> »» bear. “I hope mamma made it safely home. do you think she did?” it was a question she asked every few days or so as she felt nothing either way tho at times she sensed her sister, Fianna, had her mind focused upon her to which she often closed her eyes if she could and would just Think! HARD! on her sister trying to send mental telepathy that she was ok.
* Kova her hues fell to Shakira as she approached the rock and offered herself to pledge to the pack. She smiled, waved her tail across the snow beneath her that was melting quickly to make way for the next season. She was fond of the fae – especially after helping track and take down the Caribou. She would also be grateful to Everlain’s contribution as well. Surely they would not have been able to take it down without their help. Fianna’s to!
* Shakira nodded her head once before responding. “Yes Alpha. I want more than anything for WolfSpirits to be my home, I’ve grown to love these lands and the wolves who call them home.” Her own words causing a shudder in her heart as she knew them to be true.
* Kajika saw quite the gathering of wolves that even if he was expecting, his tail still gave a pleasantly visible wag as he made his way over to them. The mixing of scents made him glance around the group as he decided on a spot to listen in on what was said as he joined in, and it seemed as if he had just missed a prompted question before a wolf stepped forward, one he hadn’t quite gotten to know but had seen around several times before now as she voiced her wish to pledge herself to the Pack and begin the path of becoming a member. He circled around the group, choosing a spot close enough to the back where he tried to slip in as inconspicuously as possible but took a few more quieter steps forward so he could hear what was said.
* Fianna would nod with gladness as Shakira stated her wishes to become pack, and she knew the fae would be a welcome addition. The journey would now be a step further along for the fae to becoming pack, and Fianna would lift her head and offer forth a howl of congratulations!
* Atraya when the congratulations were made for Shakira, she swung her tail slowly behind her a few more times before it stilled. “Does anyone else desire to offer their pledge before I continue?” she would allow a moment to pass.
* Kova offered a few chuffs for Shakira! She was happy the fae was joining them once more!
* Everlain continued spectating glad that Shakira found a home that suited her. She hoped one day she could feel secure in a place, but as of yet she definitely felt as if she was still moving from place to place mainly alone. She was trying to fit in but just was unconvinced this was home just yet, though still unprepared to leave. She was meeting some and at least had two specific wolves she knew. She gave a nod as to not make noise as she watched Shakira pledge. She wanted a home eventually herself, that was the goal.
* Fianna flicked an ear as Kajika snuck into the back ranks and turned her gaze to nod toward him for a quick moment, offering a wag of her tail to welcome him. She was glad to see him well for it had been some time.
* Kova an ear turned in the direction of a male she’d not seen in sometime. She grinned and offered a quick wave of her tail in Kajika’s direction, happy to see him! She then turned back to Atraya awaiting the continued meeting.
* Atraya when no others made their desire known she gave a gentle dip of her head. Blind eyes would leer out to the east once more before she continued. “In the coming weeks, February 25th, will be WolfSpirits 18th year anniversary. As usual I hope to have an all day meeting with events. It is still in the plans! (( Pending human isn’t traveling, I hope to be here! )). I will keep you all posted” her tones light and a smile still played well on her face. 18 years was no small number and truly it wouldn’t be one without those there and here to dedicate their time and passion to this pack and family. For that she would be truly grateful.
* Shakira ‘s tail waved quickly behind her at the Alphas words, a wide wolfish grin breaking across her muzzle as she stepped back with the others gathered, glancing to Everlain as she wondered if the she-wolf would also step forward. Her attention would turn back to the Alpha shortly after, not wanting to draw unwanted attention to the newer wolf, she would seat herself near her and give a gentle bump to her shoulder.
* Fianna would wag her tail furiously for a moment at her mother’s words as they reminded her of her own heritage, a proud and long standing ancestry that reached beyond starfall and earth. She lifted her muzzle then.. Feeling suddenly as if Kwa`ani were near. Oh how she wished her sister were home safe. She hoped the fae and Shukie ‘s quest were fruitful at least. And Aya.. And Rook.. Where were they? She shifted, now
* Fianna solemn and watched Atraya.
* Kajika heard the first howl and joined in with his front paws raising up from the snow for a moment to stamp down a solid paw print into the snow. He acknowledge Fianna’s glance with a small wag of his tail and focused his attention on Atraya once more since there would be plenty of time for congrats and catching up on the adventures that they had all been on just after the meeting
* Kajika would end and »»
<Kajika> »» before everyone dispersed.
* Atraya ‘s tail would slow after a brief wave before she proceeded on with the meeting. “OOC: Next.. I would like to announce that I may start scheduling days / times for role play. To try and get others together for specific events and/or role play in general. I know real life can get in the way, so I am hoping to stretch it out across different times / days so the over sea wolves have a chance »»
<Atraya> »» to interact as well. I’m also hoping to shore up this storyline so another can begin. I recognize that most of you have come in mid-story or are in the story but it isn’t going anywhere. I want to continue role playing it out so no others feel neglected or forgotten. It takes some doing on my end and it’s a delicate balancing act of story telling, but know, I am working on something to alleviate »»
<Atraya> »» that.” her hues fell to the horizon quietly “I’ll be posting a poll soon and gather best times/days for everyone so i can try and pick days that work for a majority of you all.”
* Everlain noticed a male wolf sneak in as she hadn’t been completely engrossed and offered a chuff at the conclusion. The female didn’t mind drawing attention as she wanted to meet the pack, the more attention the better. She noted the next meeting quietly definitely wanting to remember it but for now she turned attentions away from the alpha and even Shakira to try and speak with Kajika, whom she had not met, and Fianna
* Everlain whom she briefly met for two hunts and earlier today most likely had caught her momentarily by the Caribou carcass.
* Atraya shifted her paws lightly “Is there anyone who would like to add on that last note?” would wait patiently.
* Fianna would perk at the next bit of news and nodded deeply in though as her mother finished speaking. She stood up and lifted her muzzle, (OOC)”Thank you so much for the storyline you have already been giving, you’ve done a lot of work and it’s been exciting to go through. I look forward to what is next, and I will be on the lookout for any polls on good times to rp!” (IC) She knew how hard her mother worked, how
* Fianna deeply she cared for the pack as a whole, and Fianna looked up to her in those regards. Her mother was stronghearted. They would prevail.
* Atraya gave a smile and a nod “Excellent. I’ll put that together and post on FB as well the website. Speaking of… I’ll be working more on the website. It’s horrendously outdated lol.” shifted her paws before going back IC. “That is mostly what I wanted to discuss for this meeting. In the coming days I’ll be putting together some stories, small tid-bits for the anniversary, etc. Does anyone desire to add anything before I call the meeting to a close?”
* Shakira simply listened quietly to the proceedings, her tail continuing in it’s motion as she thought of the 18 years this pack had remained standing strong, her hopes high for another 18+ to come!
* Kova would smile and nod happily. She would look around to see if anyone else would add anything before she would offer “There is a fresh caribou just caught to the north from here, in the hunting grounds. Please… help yourself!”
* Kajika felt his ears perk at the mentioning of stories and his front paws pranced on the snow while he remained in place as he thought about the story that he had shared what felt like moons ago. It still needed refining and with the time he had, he knew that he would get the chance to do so and make it a perfect one worth sharing for the occasion. And at the announcement that a kill
* Kajika had been »»
<Kajika> »» recently made, his stomach would unintentionally growl just a little and he sniffed. While he would feel a little guilty in partaking in part of the kill that he didn’t help to make, leaving an entire caribou out in the open half consumed would only attract unwanted attention and with a glance around him, he was sure that they were in no shape to fight off any major threats
<Kajika> right now and he »»
<Kajika> »» wouldn’t be either if he only had hares hungry and thin enough to leave their burrows. He shook his head to the overall question, giving in to very little of the thoughts that he had at the open floor that was made as he had nothing to add at the moment.
* Atraya swung her tail and dipped her head towards Kova, grateful before she addressed the others “If no others have anything they desire to add, then, I would like to conclude tonights meeting! Welcome again Shakira!” she would lift a paw and stomp it on the surface of the stone to end the meeting officially.

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Pack Meeting #197

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Pack Meeting #196

Meeting Notes January 24th, 2020 Shakira becomes Pledge Announcement that WolfSpirits 18th year anniversary will be February 25th! A poll will be setup in the coming days to get times/days…
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Pack Meeting #195

Meeting Notes October 11th, 2019 Atraya addresses the pack and informs them that they will be moving back home in the day Kajika becomes pack Caretaker Rune becomes Pledge Emunah…
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Pack Meeting #194

Meeting Notes August 19th, 2019 OOC: Discussed the website and user profiles / pages OOC: Discussed promotions and ranks OOC: Discussed website issues and that they'll be addressed asap OOC:…
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Pack Meeting #195

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Meeting Notes

October 11th, 2019

  • Atraya addresses the pack and informs them that they will be moving back home in the day
  • Kajika becomes pack Caretaker
  • Rune becomes Pledge
  • Emunah becomes Pledge
Number Of Wolves Present


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Fenrir Raven Archibald Calder Lightseed Rune Shakira

Pack Meeting Begins

* Atraya gave a nod of appreciation to Shukie’s assessment of who lingered now. As the others started to appear, she would give a knowing nod to Shukie before nuzzling her lightly across her crown. It had been silent for the most part the past several weeks and she felt in her bones that soon something once more would stirr. But what? For now that was left to the chance and meeting of the world’s devices, things not in their control entirely, to do so for now she would prepare herself. “Aye, yes. Please bring it. I’ve spoken with Ayaka and she was willing to also stay behind to offer lead to those who where behind. For now…. Meeting time.” she paused and heard a chuff, hearing it belonging to her daughter Fianna. She smiled and chuffed back to her softly. It was there she gave her a few moments to catch up when she turned on lithe paws and would’ve done so very diligently but there was a stone in her way and unnaturally tripped upon it. She splayed her paws out effectively catching herself before giving a grin as if all was well, now moving to the ruins. Once she reached the ruins themselves she stopped at the lower platform of a large boulder that sunk itself into a staircase. A convenient way for her to get up and onto the boulder. Climb she did and when she reached it’s edge she would let loose a howl. A call for a gathering. The walls of the ruins would act like an amplifier and cast her tones to the winds.
* Emunah flinched slightly as a howl permeated the air. Her heart began to drum against her ribs and she pressed herself further into the bark of the tree. Her timid nature held her legs in a death grip.
* Shukie was too slow by just a split second to give a shoulder to Atraya but quickly lowered her muzzle and snatched up the key to bring it along. But first things first she chuft a greeting to Kwa`ani and Calder bidding them both to follow at Atraya’s howl, noting the strange thing in the brute’s muzzle. Kwa`ani didn’t seem weirded out by it so she paid it no mind at this point but followed the alpha fae and would take her place to the right of Atraya, watching for others to arrive as they would. She set the key down and again placed a paw over it for now.
* Fianna would be swift of paw to catch up to Atraya as she seemes intent on leaving the lake behind. She’d give a grin followed by a respectful nod to Shukie before running her muzzle omg Atraya’s pelt softly in a fond greeting. “Uh oh oo a shhiirl” She mouthed around the creature to her mother, wondering if the fae had eaten lately. It wasn’t much but.. Was that Kwa`ani ‘s scent she caught just then? Slowing she perked to look for her sister, tail swaying gently in anticipation before that… Other scent.. Reached her. Hmm, maybe she should just keep moving. Walking beside Atraya she’d halt whenever herlther found a good place to settle, and would then put the squirrel at her paws.
<Faolan> Fall was in the air, was such a funny thing to say. Was it now? Then best let it fall the rest of the way or wait ’til the snows came to cushion its fall. Perhaps it was a bird that sprinkled the brisk spices of autumn upon the leaves to turn them the burnt auburn and sienne red colors he had enjoyed in his intervening absence? And just where was he, mister?! He could hear that nagging  voice in his head. Not of his father nor of his mother…probably of Kwa`ani. She was more the bossy one, but, skipping the rest of the monologue, it was the voice of his own expectation nagging him as he finally made his way back into the confines of the northern territory…it still sounded like Kwa`ani.
* Rune and Kova’s path would intercept with that of the Alpha’s and a few other wolves it would seem. She chuffs in greeting to Atraya, Shukie, and Fianna and follows behind them, towards the ruins. While she was not so unsure of them as her first night, when she stumbled upon them in the dark in strange lands, the unnatural structures automatically placed Rune in a state of heightened caution and awareness. Atraya, who moved well despite the loss of one of her senses, expertly takes her place, perched atop a boulder. Rune seats herself towards the back of collecting crowd. Her copper and amber eyes would then fall upon Kwa’ani, who Rune was glad to see, and then a stranger, a large and dark brute. If the new wolf had been unaccompanied, she would have risen to her paws but Kwa looked unbothered. Rune would offer a chuff in greeting to the pair and every so often would cast a glance towards new wolf.
* Kwa`ani picked up her pace a bit giving Calder a slight nudge as she moved further int othe front unless he paces beside her. She had many a question for him but as his muzzle was full she held them for now. WHen they reached the gathering she stopped well short of the place where Atraya and Shukie had taken up residence, offering ou a chuff in greetings in a general nature.
* Ayaka had spotted Atraya heading for the ruins long before she’d reached the lake and as such rather than going to meet them she seated herself nearby to await their approach once they had settled nearby she’d follow and nuzzle Shukie and Kova fondly. “Hello sisters mine” She offered softly before dipping her head to Rune. “Hello Rune. Welcome back.” She swayed her tail once then looked to the others# her gaze lingering a moment on Calder, before she settled on the opposite side of Atraya from Shukie. Her gaze searched for the form of Rook, but so far she had not seen him for some time.
* Emunah * Emunah cautiously eased away from her tree and slinked into the open. ‘It’s been so long since I’ve seen another wolf…’ she thought as she turned in the direction of where the strongest scents lay.
<Calder> The howls of the gathered would reach his ears and it was there he would give a polite nod to Kwa`ani. He would perhaps suggest with his eyes that he’d take a very far seat in the back. In the shadows if possible. He gave another nod to Kwa`ani before retreating to said spot. He wasn’t going to interrupt a meeting.
* Atraya me when the others gathered she would wait for Shukie to confirm the rest had made it before she began. “Thank you all who’ve attended tonight’s meeting. I had a few announcements I wanted to bring forth to the pack as well as announce my desires to return back to our territory and home.” she eased her paws beneath her in thought before she continued. “After Ayaka’s report from the group and from the others who’ve returned, the pack’s territory seems well in order for us to return home. The darkened earth has already begun to spring life once more and we should bring life back to it too. I’m hoping we can depart soon. If not tonight then perhaps tomorrow on the morning. Those who are not with us will be able to follow as they did to get here.” she waited and allowed the others »»
<Atraya> »» to digest her plan before she would look out once more. “Are there any questions? Concerns?”
* Kova would smile and respond in kind to her sister, Ayaka, and nuzzle her warmly “Hello sister” her tones light and welcoming. She too would be aware of Calder among the gathered and wondered what he was up to now? But, her eyes looked out now to her alpha as she spoke.
* Fianna settled with the group, but didn’t approach Calder and Kwa`ani, eying them both curiously however as she settled near the front,closer to Atraya, her ears perked as her mother began a meeting. Her heart was glad to hear of the return, her mother having spoken of it last night. What would it look like now? The same? Healed? She had changed much since their journey took them from the old land and she figured the
* Fianna land had likely changed as well. She almost hoped it had.. For that would feel appropriate somehow. She would remain silent, having no concerns to voice for the time being.
* Rune “Thank you, Ayaka. I am glad to be back.” She responds, dipping her head. Not wanting to distract from the meeting, she does not offer a nuzzle. Staying near to Kova and Ayaka, Rune positions herself to where Calder’s silhouette would be in her periphery. When Atraya would speak Rune turns her attention to her, and her tail wags slightly on the ground upon hearing the news. The white and russet fae had no questions about t
* Rune heir return. She was debatably the wolf to have seen it most recently and it seemed to her that the only thing wrong with the territory was that the pack was not there.
* Emunah Begins to ease out of her cautious stance. ‘Maybe… maybe they’ll let me join…?’ she thought longingly.
* Ayaka held silent as well, listening to her alphas question but having no comment for the time being. She was ready and willing to return back to the territory she knew like the hairs on her paw. As she sat nearby she scanned the group of wolves, glad to see the several that had made it to the meeting. Rune in particular was a sight for sore eyes.. She hadn’t thought to see their healer again. Which caused her to
* Ayaka wonder, where was Kajika? She hoped the brute was well, she’d not spoken to him for some time.
* Shukie would nuzzle her sister’s both, her tail swaying excitedly for a brief moment before settling to the listen to the alpha. For the moment, she remained quiet after reporting all who were there to the alpha. In a hushed whisper, “Calder arrived with Kwa`ani tho he’s settled in the far back, he carries something with him but i can’t see it from this distance to describe it.” at that
* Shukie she drifted into silence again while waiting on the pack members and others to make any comments.
* Kwa`ani noticed Calder veering off and didn’t press him to come further sensing perhaps his reluctance. She had yet to catch scent of the wandering fae in the nearby areas, tho likely the fae wasn’t close enough just yet. She would nuzzle her sister gently as she parked her backside beside her, Calder’s scent no doubt upon her fur but not so much so as to have been scent rubbed.
* Kova ‘s paws would shift beneath her in quiet thought and contemplation but gave a gentle nod of her head to her alpha’s words. She was also eager to return home. Perhaps the animals that returned to their hunting grounds weren’t so hard headed then those here! Yessshhh.
* Emunah sniffed the air, catching the scent of dying autumn leaves and the mixed scents of the pack gathering. Feeling a spark or hope, she picked up the pace slightly, her excitement overpowering her fear.
<Calder> Had remained in the back. Amber eyes leered from the darkness like two pillars of embers lit against a black drape pulled from the night sky. The trinket still in maw as he dare not allow it to touch the ground. Not yet, anyway. He kept vigilance and observations to himself.
<Faolan> Rê™­K Ah, there we go. Little did he know that his designation had been missing. Much like an npc who slipped in through the mass of common folk, he hoped to make his own entrance as inconspicuous. Of course, that is not how the real world works, and regardless of the tag above his head he would make what subtle entrance he could into the confines of the ruins. How he had ruminated on these far different, yet similar ruins to those he had gathered in…
* Atraya would await any and all questions to be asked so she would answer. When none arised she gave a simple nod to Shukie’s words. She let her mind wander over her words before she continued to address her pack. “I will lead the rest back alongside Shukie. Ayaka will remain for half a day to a day at the longest to ensure anyone who has not been awake now, can easily follow back. I wish all who are here now to return back to our territory with us.” an ear turned to the east for a brief moment then ahead. “Next I would like to invite any who have questions, comments, or concerns to step forward before we continue. ” she would pick apart who was present and who wasn’t.
* Emunah paused as she finally caught site of the pack, gathered at the ruins of an ancient stone structure. Her joy at finally finding the pack faltered as she realized how many wolves were there.
<Atraya> Upon Emunah’s observations she would find the wolves where gathered in a common area. Perhaps something was going on? Clearly conversations where going on among the leader and the rest.
* Fianna was having a hard time concentrating, and though she tried not to glance over her shoulder at the brute with the smoldering eyes, she did so once or twice, and the scent on Kwa`ani ‘s pelt did her no favors either. She even edged away just a fraction, though she seemed as though the shift was only to scratch at a wayward itch. Turning her own light amber hues back toward Atraya. When her brother tried to slip in
* Fianna oh so quietly, she’d pin him with her gaze and narrow her eyes a moment, before seeming to shrug and glanced away back to listen to Atraya. At the last question she would rise and chuff lightly to get her mother’s attention. “I’ve been wondering, Alphess, if we should be concerned at all about retribution from our killing the Mykeer.. Do we want to draw the gaze of those beings toward our home?”
<Calder> His paws would shift beneath him in thought. The question was asked of those who where present. There was much to think on, especially his actions, and what he would do now. He looked as though he was to rise but paused hearing a familiar voice. He turned to Fianna and waited.
* Kwa`ani wondered after her brother and where he might be. she’d not likely picked up on his scent and didn’t look for him now still not used to his presense as it was. She had long since forgiven the brat for slipping off. Next time.. there’d better not be one, she thought. Wow! speak of the devil and up he slithers in. She gave a welcoming nod to Rook before giving her attention back to her sister and the alpha.
* Emunah her ears pricked at the hushed tones of conversation reached her. Emunah gave a shake and continued closer. ‘It has been so lonely! I cannot continue to live like this!’ she huffed softly and flicked an ear. She trotted toward the ruins at a quicker gait.
* Ayaka would nod to Atraya’s words, knowing her role now and was not bothered in the least to stay behind for any stragglers. That seemed her role of late, to seek the lost and wandering.. Her nose quiverred some as she thought she scented a stranger for a moment.. Drawing her gaze to Calder then away. It wasn’t his scent.. Nay.. She remained where she was for the time being, until such time the scent cane again, stronger, but she grew ever more alert, her silver hues watching the shadows around them.
* Shukie ‘s ears perked to Fianna’s question, a very very valid one at that. she too had wondered about possible retribtions from Myrkeer, the prophecy of the Crone that Atraya would assume the fae’s place. Interesting question and very good one.
* Rune ’s nose would twitch momentarily upon a new scent. Quietly rising to her haunches she looks over her shoulder at the expanse. In the darkness it would seem to her that a small silhouette would be moving towards them at a brisk jog. The fae would turn her body further towards the approaching figure, keeping an ear on the Alpha but her eyes on stranger.
* Atraya remained seated there beside Shukie. She brushed her shoulder against her every now and then for the heights sometimes still gave her a bit of vertigo. If anything to keep her balanced. Her daughter had a sound question. A good question. There would be a knowing smile across her muzzle as she gave a nod in her direction. Oh how she’s grown. They all have. “An honorable question, Fianna.” she offered in kind as her sensitive nose tipped up, taking in the air every so often. Perhaps she might now catch wind of Emunah? However she would address her daughter’s concerns “To whatever ends this past quest has led us, I assume by now has already been written in the stars. Whatever comes after will do so whether we are here or home.” she paused if only to catch her  thoughts. “That being said and my current condition, I would rather face an enemy in a place of familiarity than not. I wish for no disadvantages as we can muster.” the honest truth and there it was.
* Emunah had just entered the shadows of the the ruin when she began to pick out individual voices and scents. She froze. ‘This is a bad idea… There are so many here. If they decide to attack I’ll be torn to shreds!’ Emunah could not help but begin to panic.
<Faolan> Rê™­K Egads! Had he been given the poo-poo eye from Fianna? Well…he never! But of course he did, and he didn’t actually do the southern sassy lady thing all that well. He was the collector afterall, and so he had collected while he waited for this very moment to occur. In truth, he hadn’t wandered far to wonder much. It was at this point in his never ending monologue that he caught Kwa`ani give him a warmer nod than his other sister. He’d give a wolven smile; that familial glint in the eye rather than the flashing of fangs before he turned to the question asked and answered.
* Fianna would nod thoughtfully to Atraya’s words, for she could understand her mother wanting to be on well known earth to face the foe’s of the future. She dipped her head then voiced her answer since Atraya would not see her nodding. “I understand, and I do agree. That seems wise.” She would settle then, waiting to hear if any others had anything to ask or say.
* Kajika was away from the Pack and the ruins as even his short travels took him to see some of the different sights of the changing seasons in this new place. He had seen only one season through with the WolfSpirits and in their own territory, it had been all of the trees changing colors and losing their leaves or pines simply turning brown in the case of the neetles on the fir trees.
* Kajika There was only »»
<Kajika> »» so much he could see at a time from where he would have been on the ground without climbing up any of the mountains around their valley before. Now however, he was able to see the changing scenery from the height of the mountains around them all from the lower elevations and it was a sight to see. It was so much that he almost didn’t hear the sounds of the howls that rang out
<Kajika> earlier but he »»
<Kajika> »» proved to be more than quick to spin back around and start to make the journey back on hurried but careful paws. «end
* Rune watched as the figure would stop it approach, though it remained within the shadows. She assumed the creature to be a wolf; either that or a very large coyote, which if it were, would not be tolerated for long. Rune takes a few long strides towards it, tail level with her spine and ears pointed forwards. She offers a small bark to the creature, bidding it to come forwards.
* Shukie did offer up a confirmation of the alpha’s words, “Upon grounds we know and know well we can defend far better for knowing what lies where and within.” Turning to Atraya, she whispered, ‘i believe rook has attemtped to slip in unnoticed’ The snicker was heard by Atraya and perhaps Ayaka but not beyond the threesome.
* Emunah flinches and immediately tucks her tail as the bark rings out. Very slowly she edges toward the larger wolf, muscles tensing in case she needs to bolt.
* Kwa`ani had given her attention to the leadership, not giving a second thought to Fianna’s shifting figuring it was in prep to speak out. She now offered up a small tidbit, “The caribou seem to be heading southward in prep of winter’s coming.” She then fell silent after casting a glance to the two brutes of illrepute
* Atraya ‘s tail shifted around her paws as she gave a warm nod to Fianna and as mile before hearing Shukie’s words. She chuckled if only to acknowledge that her son was as wild and sneaky as his father. Perhaps more so. She gave a nod to this before she would look out over the vastness of those gathered. She would tip her nose up and scent the air again before she leaned to Shukie Kajika? Is he here? I do not smell him right off.
* Kova ‘s ears turned in the direction of Calder’s movements but when Fianna spoke she listened intently to the question and answer. Both sound. Both reasonable. It wasn’t until Rune forfit her spot to investigate something. Nae.. someone? She would shift her paws slowly beneath her and rise as well. A new wolf among the gathered now. The tension would be felt.
* Shukie added in quickly, “not as of yet, alpha. I do not sent Kajika upon the winds.”
<Calder> Remained within the confines of the darkness. He liked it there. He was born to it and of it. So he remained. It wasn’t until the sudden appearance of another did he pause and now look in said direction. He would not interfer.
* Emunah ‘s heart nearly stopped as several pairs of eyes landed on her. She could feel phantom agony of teeth tearing into her pelt, radiating from the scars marring her brown fur. She tried to speak, but her voice had left her at the sight of the much larger wolves.
* Rune ’s eyes scan the small, young fae who seemed to be prepared to dash off. She was about to address the newcomer in hushed tones when the feeling of a few pairs of eyes would settle upon them. “Atraya, apologies for the interruption, but there is a newcomer among us.” Rune would project over her shoulder before stepping to the side to beacon the wolf forwards. As she was not a current member of the pack, she figured it wise
* Rune to bring the wolf to the full attention of those who were.
<Faolan> Rê™­K , being in the back, would cast his glance back to said stranger. Wolves hiding in in the underbrush wasn’t exactly new to him, but he had been gone long enough to not know whether this stranger was indeed a stranger. He was glad that the fae broke the focus from him and other things. There wasn’t much need for him to interject in this greeting or in the questions. He found
<Faolan> great wisdom in the questions and the answers. His own thoughts…well, one wouldn’t spoil a story in the midst of it. With the introduction of apprehension and uncertainty, he was keen to square and place himself strategicaly away from the potential fray. Wild? Sure. Crazy? There were herbs for that.
* Shukie rose at the understanding a stranger was approaching, trusting Rune despite the fae no longer being pack, still, she stepped forward a half step protectively of the alpha yet showed no outward concern for worry for the pack was assembled.
* Atraya would listen to the words offered and shared of a newcomer. She would momentarily pause their meeting to offer a greeting to said wolf. Rising to all fours she would use Ayaka’s guide and Rune’s voice to look ‘ahead’ now. “Step forward wanderer…” she now called out to the fae, Emunah.
* Emunah timidly crept toward what appeared to be the alphaess. Her belly fur brushed the cool stone of the ruins and her limbs trembled slightly under the weight of the pack’s gaze. ‘I’m going to die!’ Was the desparing mantra repeated over and over in her skull.
* Kajika would be running on not-so-quiet paws in the general directions of both the ruins and the lake. The scent of numerous wolves on the wind was enough to raise his fur on his hackles with worry. When he got close enough to tell and even see where everyone was gathered, he would gradually slow his pace down to a brisk trot as he got closer, seeing Atraya, Ayaka, Shukie and several
* Kajika others on »»
<Kajika> »» sight and nothing other than that out of the ordinary which was enough to ease his mind considerably. Rethinking his entrance even, he started to slow down to a more quiet approach so that he hopefully wouldn’t draw too much attention to himself as he seated himself on the outskirts of the group to quietly listen with heaving sides.
* Atraya ‘s muzzle would be pointed straight ahead of her and her gaze never left the horizon. What gaze, however? Upon closer inspection the new fae Emunah would make note that her face held significant scars. Especially where her eyes where. Charcoal nose would wiggle this way and that in the direction of the fae before she offered “Salutations and well met. I am Atraya, Alpha female of WolfSpirits. The pack you now reside within. What is your name and what brings you here?”
* Ayaka stood by, silent but ready to lend a paw should it be necessary. She felt the same as Shukie though,for one wolf, no matter how talented they were in a fight, could take on a pack. She settled back onto her haunches, curious, and keeping an eye around them.still as she took note of Kajika ‘s entrance, and Calder’s continued presence. What was he doing here? And what did he have with him? Rook Tom had made an
* Ayaka entrance, and she would be glad to see him.
* Shukie took the lead at the fae’s approach, “I’m Shukie, Beta of WolfSPirits, Beside me is Atraya, Alpha fae and on the other side is Ayaka, Delta of WolfSpirits. If you come in peace you are welcome here and will be protected as needed.” she let her voice trail off awaiting the fae’s introduction `a fae wonderer, Atraya` she whispered. It would see Atraya and she would speak about the same time bring a laugh to her voice.
* Emunah “E-Emunah is my n-name.” she stuttered out in a hoarse whisper. “Please… I was just passing through! I didn’t mean to intrude, but I was curious and…” Emunah trails off nervously, amber eyes flickering from wolf to wolf.
<Faolan> Rê™­K If it was any consolation, he wasn’t looking directly at Emunah? He was a fair bit more interested in watching others’ reactions to the new fae. Ever the consummate collector of a story he watched and listened. He’d look to his sisters and see if Fianna would give him the stank eye once more?
* Atraya turned her head to ‘face’ Emunah now and she gave a dip of her head slowly. “Welcome to WolfSpirits, Emunah. All are welcome to reside with us given our home and rules are respected and followed. If you agree to these terms, you are welcome to reside with us for as long as needed. We are currently in the middle of a pack meeting…” perhaps offer some consolidation to why there was a large amount of wolves in a tightly neat place.
* Fianna was in fact staring, at Rook that is, not Emunah for she had faith that the pack chieftain and her council would handle the newcomers of the world, and while she was avoiding glancing in Calder’s direction, that meant her hues landed comfortably upon Rook. For a long moment the Stinkiness would be felt, but so was there a softening and she eventually allowed a wag, if he kept her gaze long enough.
<Calder> He too seemed to be the quiet observer of all that happened and transpired. He would keep it that way of course.
* Rune would watch the newcomer as it moved past her and towards Atraya. Kajika would also appear from the outskirts and if she could make eye contact with the Caretaker In Training, she would dip her head in greeting to him before turning her attention back to the introduction playing out.
<Emunah> “Really…? You’ll let me join without questioning or hurting me…?” She inquires skeptically, but with growing hope in her voice. “Yes, please I want too join! I’ll be good and won’t get in the way, I promise!” She couldn’t stop the last from leaving her muzzle, but past experience could not be ignored.
* Atraya would give a nod of her head to the fae. There was much to be told, story wise, in one’s tones and fur. The fae so far didn’t seem to warrent any danger nor offer it freely on the wind so she would trust her for now. She nosed Shukie lightly before turning then to address the rest of the wolves. “Is that Kajika?” she inquired once more to her Beta before turning then to Emunah. “If you request to join the pack then you are able to request such.” she paused for a brief moment. “However I ask that you please do so at the end of our meeting this evening when I offer such.” she didn’t expect a new wolf to know their ways, nor, their meeting decorum. No fault of the fae’s and she’d offer her the chance to pledge herself at the right time. “So you are welcome to seat yourself and listen until such a time.”
* Kova had been the quiet observer as well it seems as she listened to the words shared, offered, and given. Interesting, she thought as she would tip her nose up scenting the air. The fae was now a familiar scent to her but when Rook snuck himself among the gathered wolves he’d not go unnoticed. Not from her. She smiled and offered a gentle wave of her tail in his direction. Whether he noticed or not would be entirely up to his own observations, but she inwardly hoped.
* Emunah “Thank you.” Nods and quickly scrambles to the edge of the pack formation, still in a submissive posture. Cautiously she sinks to her belly and lays her head on her front paws while flicking her ears forward to listen.
<Rook> Ah… a stating (sic) contest. Well, thankfully he could state with the rest of ’em. He was, some say, quite stately; perhaps the stateliest? One wonders who “some” were and how he came to be the stateliest. None-the-less, he’d stare back for a moment and let the goofiness pass. He wasn’t a pup anymore, but the wag of his tail would suggest he was happy to have not been given a prolonged stink-eye experience.
* Shukie would nod to Atraya even as she whispered a quiet yes to the fae. She would nod to Emunah after Atraya spoke, her posture not in the least threatening but more welcoming for now as time would tell. Spotting Kajika she fixed her gaze upon him, “Kajika, please step forward.” her posture changing to that of her position, Beta. She observed the goings on in otherwise silent viewings.
* Rune ’s eyes would not leave Emunah and based on her reactions to Atraya and Shukie’s words, it seemed as if the wolf had known some unkind times. Still, for the moment she would remain silently on her paws at the back of the crowd. Calder would be forgotten to Rune for now, he had entered with Kwa’ani after all. When Atraya says her final words and asks for Kajika one more, Rune assumes the Beta will answer her question. As munah crawls away from he central spotlight of the meeting towards the back of the pack, Rune looks back towards Atraya while keeping an ear on the timid fae.
<Kajika> Just as Kajika was getting used to the scent of the wolves around him, some of which he hadn’t crossed before, he was called forward and without hesitating, he stepped forward, quickly jumping up just as quickly as he was to sit down. When he stood in front of Shukie and Atraya, he bowed his head slightly as he would have done at any other time. Since he wasn’t sure what to say and didn’t want to jump to conclusions, he would just leave it at that as he stood before them with his head and tail at a respectable height for their status.
* Emunah Keeps half an eye on the surrounding area and the other on the others. She knew if she let her guard down it could be considered an opportunity to attack. Her old pack had drilled that into her mercilessly…
* Atraya heard Shukie call Kajika forward and she would turn her head now in his direction. She smiled before offering to those gathered. “Kajika. You’ve been a long standing member of this pack for sometime now and as such your heart and dedication for those you call family is unmatched. Your passion for your craft is well known. You are knowledged to the skill of a caretaker and I would like to ask you now, do you still desire to take on this role in the pack?”
* Kwa`ani watched interplay between her sister and brother, smiling as her tail swayed now that the pack had settled again. A wide smile showed to them both before giving her attention back to the alpha and Kajika
<Calder> Would notice any and all eyes upon him but kept to himself.
* Fianna would perk as Kajika was called forward her gaze would wave her brother, pass quickly over Calder and land on the caretaker in trainer. But maybe not in trainer for much longer? She shifted her paws, excited for the brute. He would serve their pack well, she knew, and it was good to have him in a role he seemed to enjoy.
* Kova ‘s hues fell now to Kajika and Atraya. She smiled to Shukie and when the question was asked of the male caretaker in training, she swung her tail now in eagerness to his response.
* Ayaka would watch and listen as well, keeping an eye on Emunah even as she wagged once when Kajika moved forth, listening to the words given and received. She’d remain quiet, attentive.
* Rune ’s full attention was captured by Atraya now, her tail wagging as she remembered the time when she was in Kajika’s place. While Rune did not know the brute nor his training well she couldn’t help but feel with him, after all, he had earned it.
<Faolan> Rê™­K wasn’t one to ignore those he could see himself. If his eyes could spot them, then he would surely pass along a glance to both Kova and Ayaka. He wondered how they had faired in the short intervening time between his arrival and…well…his arrival. Attention was givne to where it was due, and he was keen to hear the answer to his mother’s question.
* Kajika listened with a still expression but his heart raced in his chest and he answered with the confidence that he felt came with the training he had received so far and thusly his voice carried with him more than he felt like it had when he had first been asked to step forward what felt like several moons ago. “Yes these things still hold true for me.” He nodded as he said so.
* Shukie kept watch on Kajika and those beyond him noting the fae’s position she’d taken, spotting rook and calder lurking. For now, her gaze remained upon Kajika and his answer.
* Kajika A glance in »»
<Kajika> »» Shukie’s direction and Rune who he could scent somewhere in the gathering around him was enough that he looked up again with the added knowledge that they had shared almost sparkling in his eyes in what light was offered in what they had shown him and maybe even vice versa.
* Atraya there would be a knowing smile creep across her face upon his response. She gave a nod of her head before addressing the rest of her pack “Those who stand before you now will be stewards of your great care. I would like to give you the honor of being named WolfSpirits CareTaker, Kajika. You may now introduce yourself as such to all you meet.” her paw came up from the stone and would come upon it with a stomp.
* Kova upon the announcement of their new Caretaker she couldn’t help but feel her chest well with pride for him. He had been long standing with them now and this role would suite him well. She recalled Rune well knowledged upon the craft and with two of them in their presence, she couldn’t help but feel comforted in such a thought. When Atraya announced Kajika’s advancement she would let loose a few barking chuffs for Kajika!
* Shukie lifted her head in a congratulatory howl as her own paws taps upon the stone’s surface in a wolfie tapdance
* Emunah gives a faint tail wag at the joyous atmosphere.
* Rune lifts her head in elated song, celebrating Kajika’s dedication. Her tail continues to sway behind her long after her howl ends.
* Ayaka would offer a loud chuff bark of congratulations, her tones slipping into a howl with the rest!
* Fianna ‘s tones would join the other’s, her shoulder bumping her sister’s as she howled her happiness for their new caretaker!
* Shukie would step forward again and this time offer up to those not of pack that desire to pledge to thw WolfSpirits to step forward, casting a glance to the many brutes and faes lingering that were not yet pledged to see if any wished to do so, tail still swaying
* Kajika now let himself smile as he bowed his head again stepping back and made himself comfortable among his Pack around him again, looking around to each visible member that he could see. His tail could hardly keep up with his excitement and he told himself that he was proud to get the chance to ensure the wellness of the others and he maybe even made a small promise with himself that he would have to come up with even the smallest of stories for the little injuries that he would share while he was treating an injury or ailment.
* Rune would look to Shukie and with her chest still full of empathetic joy, would step forwards. “If I may, I request to Pledge myself once more to the WolfSpirits Pack. It is a home that I have missed and am lucky to have found again.”
<Faolan> Rê™­K It was good to see the traditions continue. Whether the learning of rank or of the subtle but strong stamp to the stone beneath, rituals were often carried on. Age made vague the once lucid tapestry of memory but a story recalled could weave anew a lost morsel of time gone by. Such a small detail was not unnoticed, and he too would stamp his paw once for good measure if not to
<Faolan> just congratulate Kajika in the likeness of those before him.
* Atraya would lean in to Shukie and nudge her gently if only to get her barrings before an ear turned to the familiar tones of another. Rune. She smiled with a warm heart at her request to rejoin their pack and family. This would no doubt cause a smile to remain upon her features.
* Shukie smiled when she watched Rune step forward, allowing time for any others to step forth as well tho not really expecting either of the brutes to do so, she had hoped Rook would but perhaps next time. Her gaze went to the new fae, Emunah briefly giving a nod to the fae if she so chose to pledge now or simply observer until such time the pack would offer up to pledges at the next
* Shukie meeting. “It is well and good to see you returned to home, to the pack. If it is your desire to once again start the journey to become a full WolfSpirit then I welcome you as a Pledge of WolfSpirits.” she paused looking around once more, brushing her shoulder to Atraya briefly. “You were once Caretaker of the pack and your knowledge from then and gained since then is good to have
* Shukie back. “If you are in deed sincere upon the journey, I name you Pledge of Wolfspirits.”
* Emunah Feels a faint stirring in her chest. Her old pack would have never allowed her to see this momentous occasion.She would have been bullied from the meeting place if caught watching those “worthy” of a position being inducted. It felt strange that she should witness this now.
<Ayaka> would shift her paws and offer a barkimg howl for Rune, glad the far had taken the step to a full return! She then quieted to look toward Emunah, curiosity in her gaze, excitement too, for someone new to pledge
* Kajika couldn’t help but to continue to smile as he was replaced by Rune who stepped forward and listened to the two of them, both Rune and then another wolf step forward and hoped that her request would be granted. As the other wolf stepped forward, his tail swayed nonetheless as he listened to her request, the more they had, the more successful they would be with things like hunting
* Kajika and traveling.
* Shukie turned to the new wolf, Emunah, “Come forward, Emunah.” her tones neutral for she did not yet know this fae. Her obsidian eyes watched the fae noting her timidity, not trying to portray the big bad beta routine, instead, relaxed and confident, “You will have much to learn of our ways, Emunah. If you find you desire to make this your home you will be trained in our ways. If you
* Shukie are willing to learn our ways and follow our rules, then we ..” she looked to Atraya and Ayaka before letting her gaze go back to Emunah, “welcome you to WolfSpirits, Pledge. You may introduce yourself as such when greeting anyone.” she waited for Atraya or Ayaka to add anything.
* Kwa`ani gave a yip and if Rune moved past her she’d give the fae a very brief nosing if allowed in welcoming her back. It was a good night. Going home soon, new wolves and returning wolves and mostly, just glad to have her bratty brother back with them, casting a glance towards him for a few moments until the sound of the new fae’s voice cuased her to look back to the alpha and beta
<Faolan> Rê™­K A good number of promotions and beginnings were afoot (apaw?). Not one to give the game away, he kept his current thoughts to himself and continued his somewhat quiet watch of the proceedings. There were other senses one could use to gather information of another, and he was keen to note what scents Emunah carried with her from her journeys. Did those scents speak of travel
<Faolan> from the south, east, or west? He wasn’t quite sure he could tell from his distance from her but wasn’t quite sure he really wanted to move any closer to the uknown fae.
* Atraya would dip her head to the new fae, Emunah. Though they’ve only just met she would be confident that time would tell what her place would ultimately be with them and with the pack. She would welcome her into their fold and hoped her path would be true. When Shukie finished naming the pledges she would allow a few more minutes to pass before she too continued. “I would like to open the floor to any who desire to offer words of thought? Concern?”
* Rune sends a grateful chuff in response to the stamp of Atraya’s paw. She moves backwards and away from the place in front of Atraya and Shukie, returning Kwa’ani’s nosing before returning to her position in the back. “Atraya, while I traveled through the territory I can confirm that there is prey, or at least that there was much of it while I was there.”
* Atraya ‘s ear turned in Rune’s direction. She would give a nod of her head and appreciation for her assessment that would confirm Ayaka’s findings as well. “Excellent, thank you.” her tail swung slowly behind her before stilling. She’d continue to wait.
* Shukie tapptapped her front paws upon the stone before Atraya asked her questions. “Welcome, Pledges of WolfSpirits.” At Atraya’s question, “Do you wish me to remain here for a time to gather any that are not yet aware we are returning home? or do you have someone else in mind?” she worried for the trail back and Atraya’s safety for some places were not easily traversed even with sight.
* Kova shook her pelt for a moment before she would look out to Atraya and Shukie. She listened intently for she herself had nothing to note nor add. At least not for now. Her hues cast a glance to Rook for a second before returning to the gathered. She looked to the new fae and was excited to see some new wolves among their fold. So many where missing..
* Emunah Let’s lose an involuntary yip of joy at being accepted.
<Calder> As the proceedings continued he remained ever silent. Ever vigilant. Watchful. The trinket remained upon his paws and partially in his mouth. He was not going to interrupt said meeting and kept to himself until the end of it.
* Atraya she would look towards Shukie now and give a slow nod “I have asked this of Ayaka.” her tones light “She will help guide those who may or may not trail behind.”
* Emunah Glances around at the assembled wolves – no… new packmates – and gives a tiny self-conscious full body shake.
* Rune raises her voice once more. “Will we be leaving tonight or in the morning?” Rune wanted to make sure that no one present was accidentally left behind with Ayaka when the pack eventually would begin the trek home.
* Atraya an ear turned to Rune and she would look then to Shukie. “perhaps we should rest up the rest of the evening and leave first thing on the morrow?” her head then turned to the rest gathered. “How are you all presently feeling?”
* Kova an ear turned to Atraya as she seemingly addressed the rest of hte pack. Her nose dipped down before rising slowly “I am well enough my Alpha. I can travel at any time upon your call.” her hues then fell to the others and was curious to their responses.
* Shukie nodded to Atraya, “Excellent. A good task for our Delta.” gazing out over the others. “For those of you who have traveled recently, has a less treterous route been found than the one we’ve currently used?” her thoughts were of Atraya without saying so directly worried for the fae’s safety on the trek. She now looked to Calder and Rook. “Do either of you know of safer routes than
* Shukie what we took to get here?” her obsidian gaze going directly to each wolf in turn.
* Rune was still more accustomed to traveling than she was settled. She would be prepared to leave when Atraya believed they were all ready. “I am prepared to leave whenever the pack is ready.” Looking to Shukie now, Rune recalls her path and while there were few treacherous parts the looming, plunging depths of the Fjord stuck in her mind. Since she simply followed the most recent trail, Rune figured the pack knew the path she had
* Rune taken and, thus, there was nothing to say.
* Emunah mutters almost to herself. “I’m exhausted. all this excitement has worn me thin…” Nervously looks around to gauge the pack.
<Faolan> Rê™­K knew the promise and reality of snow on the passes south of them were already real. While the question was asked, he turned to look to those present before turning back to Shukie None that you would wish to take unless the pass is truly not up to its name. Wager a quick and steady descent to the south over the paths these paws have found.
<Calder> Upon mention of his name did his eyes fall from Fianna and Kwa`ani to look then upon Shukie. He then retreated his gaze to the other male to whom he had not formally met. Rook, hmm? This was the Alpha’s son then. He knew quiet a bit of history of this pack… at least name, scents and sights. Of course he’d not smelt him before so he could only go on based descriptions. The trinket in maw he would lower it once more to his paws and tucked the longest end to his chest and offered in low tones. That ricky suavveee voice. ~ The routes in which you took here are the only one’s I know of and are effiecent. I have yet to traverse them again sense coming here so to their conditions I do not know. North is what I know.~
* Kajika listened to the question but had nothing to add other than his joy for seeing both Rune and this new wolf added as their ranks. When he felt their gazes looking around the circle, he too looked around particularly to see if he could pick up the scents of those he could not see but didn’t move from his spot to investigate. He was sure that since he was one of the last to arrive
* Kajika that everyone else knew who was present and who wasn’t just from the scents that were in the air, should they be downwind from them. He turned his attention to Ayaka and then Atraya and Shukie as they spoke. He would also tilt his head slightly at the question and the conversation that it brought up. Due to his recent being named and the season, he thought of his bundle of herbs that he had stored that was  just a little more than the size that one wolf could carry but he didn’t bring this up at this time. “I’m also ready to travel, but I would need some time to shrink down what we need to carry with us, just so that we aren’t carrying more than we need.” He was a little late in saying this so his words weren’t too loud, but anyone listening would possibly be able to hear his distracted speech.
* Fianna would look to everyone, once promotions were done she had paid well and close attention to the words offered, her gaze meeting Calder as the dark brute spoke as well, memory casting back to that uncertain journey when she had not known whether Calder was friend or foe.. And really, she still did not know. He was an enigma. Turning to look at Atraya she would add her own quiet tones. “I am ready to travel whenever you deem the timing right mother.”
* Rune looks to Kajika, his request caught her attention effortlessly. “Kajika, if you need any assistance, I would be more than happy to do so.” She dips her head to the Caretaker before giving him a quick smile as well.
* Ayaka would have taken note of all gathered, and she would see that skydancer, nightshade, and Darth were the noteworthy absences
* Emunah “I’ll follow your lead, Alpha.” She says, voice still hoarse from disuse. She nervously twitches as several unknowns speak up.
* Ayaka wod look to Atraya and nose her softly. “I am ready to stay behind when ever you should all go, toake certain the other’s know, and can follow
* Shukie nodded to each brute in turn, taking in their responses and those of the faes. Turning to Atraya, “Perhaps a scout or two sent on ahead? while the rest prepare and perhaps start out tomorrow? or at least start of some tonight down the paths we know well until the rest can be gathered?” Now she turned to Atraya as darkness would not bother the fae at all.. “Your call, alpha.”
* Shukie catching a few words of Rune’s to Kajika. “Thank you, Ayaka!” smiling to her sister.
* Atraya gave a quiet nod as she thought upon the others answers. There was but a moment longer that would pass before she would look out ahead of her .”A solid idea, Shukie. I think that is a sound plan.” she would turn to her for a moment then looked to the rest. “Tomorrow morning we will send some scouts to go ahead and look, in the meantime prepare yourself as we leave in the afternoon at  the latest.” she reassured them before rising a paw. “With that, I would like to conclude tonight’s meeting. Thank you and well deserved to all! her paw came down to lower and stomp.

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Pack Meeting #198

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Pack Meeting #197

Meeting Notes February 25th, 2020 WolfSpirits celebrates it's 18th year anniversary! Check out the daily stats of our OOC channel here!  Attendance: @Atraya @Ayaka @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Kajika @Shukie %Shakira…
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Pack Meeting #196

Meeting Notes January 24th, 2020 Shakira becomes Pledge Announcement that WolfSpirits 18th year anniversary will be February 25th! A poll will be setup in the coming days to get times/days…
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Pack Meeting #195

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Pack Meeting #194

Meeting Notes August 19th, 2019 OOC: Discussed the website and user profiles / pages OOC: Discussed promotions and ranks OOC: Discussed website issues and that they'll be addressed asap OOC:…
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Pack Meeting #194

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Meeting Notes

August 19th, 2019

  • OOC: Discussed the website and user profiles / pages
  • OOC: Discussed promotions and ranks
  • OOC: Discussed website issues and that they’ll be addressed asap
  • OOC: Notify Atraya  / Shukie if there are any website issues
  • OOC: Open Floor
  • Known Website Bugs:
    • Profile redirect error
    • Can’t login (please let Atraya know and she’ll reset your password)
    • Rules Page is broken
Number Of Wolves Present


@Atraya @Kova @Ayaka @Faolan @Fianna @Kwa`ani @Kajika @Shukie @skydancer
%Darth %Nightshade
Ghost Kilmaten Ryker

Pack Meeting Begins

* Atraya an ear turned slowly as she would listen for those who would heed the call. “First and foremost, I know this will mostly be “OOC” because the pack is spread about. So I will bring it to OOC.”

* Kwa`ani ‘s focus was no longer on the otter having shifted to the path that led up from the old realm. She hoped that the wolves would show tonight so they could leave out in the morning if not before. Either way she’d head out after Darth. For now, she rested once again upon the lodge that overlooked the pathway below.
* Nightshade tails swifts happily when she had returned with Kajika and greeted also “yes we returned” and looked around “isn’t the other group here?”
* Kova would no doubt have heard the howl and would swing her tail slowly behind her, now, making to close that gap.

The Website

<Atraya> I was sharing this earlier but I’ve been working on a story line / quest page that will have summaries of past story lines / quests and links to logs, but for the most part the goal of this page is to be informative but also help facilitate information that is given so we all don’t forget. I want to strongly remind you all that this is for your OOC purpose ONLY. You can’t use this as a way to navigate your character magically into part of the story. That has to role played out. This is just an interactive way for me to keep track, have others keep track, and also a fun way to visually look at the things we’ve collected, gathered,etc. I’m trying to make it more fun an interactive! You can see the page here:

<Atraya> It’s still a WIP (as far as the current story line) but I hope it’s a good starting point.

<Atraya> Also as a side note, I’m updating our territory map. You can find that here:

<Ayaka> Woot!
<Ayaka> *nods, in understanding
<Nightshade> Coolcool
* Nightshade nodded
<Kamaitachi> Sweet
<Atraya> I’ll also be working on getting everyone’s profiles up to date on the links and what not, but if you haven’t created an account you can do so here: An admin has to approve it but once it’s approved, you are good to go and I can add you to the profile page.
<Atraya> 1. If you are missing a wolf photo – please send it to me via email or link
<Atraya> 2. If you have trouble logging in, let me know and I’ll help ya out
<Atraya> 3. There are parts of the site that are broken, I’m aware, I’m looking into this

* Nightshade puts up a paw “alpha alpha?”
<Atraya> Nightshade: Yes 🙂

<Nightshade> I updated my profile picture with a newer one, but it kept showing the older picture, not that bad but, .. I want to have the same as here
<Atraya> Nightshade: Hermmmm ok I will look into this


<Atraya> There’s been a handful of updates both with the theme and with wordpress, so, I’m making sure everything is updated so hopefully bugs will sort themselves out.
* Fianna has a photo but no real profile on the webb
* Shukie crosses paws
* Kilmaten submitted submission
<Atraya> Kil: It’s so I know who you are (no one else can see this) but it should ask for your wolf name
<Shukie> i have kwa’s saved but never could get it to save on profile. that was LONG time ago
<Kilmaten> Yeah wolf and human
<Atraya> k
<Atraya> So we got slammed with over 600+ users lol (bots)
<Atraya> I had to go in and delete all of them
<Kilmaten> Gotta find the pic i wanted to use
<Kilmaten> Oooof
<Atraya> So now anyone who wants an account has to go through admin approval
* Darth will check everything out hopefully tomorrow, but other than what I saw on the page (ref pm) it looks good so far
<Atraya> Kilmaten: Approved 🙂
* Kilmaten cheers!
<Nightshade> Darth didn’t u want to say anything
<Atraya> 🙂
<Atraya> Anyone else before I continue?
<Shukie> yes
<Shukie> let atraya or myself know if find any bugs. start with Atraya but if she’s not on, pm me with any issues discovered
<Shukie> the Rules pages are jacked up adn won’t load. some kind of lock out on the page i think.
* Atraya perks
<Atraya> Oooo spinning wolf o death XD
<Atraya> Ok ya.. I’ll have to look at this page
<Shukie> i couldn’t edit from website admin either.
<Ghost> brb, logging in here. back asap
<Atraya> Ok, I will take a look when I can
<Nightshade> This is nothing about the rank update right?
<Kilmaten> It usually take a bit for the website to realise im registered?
<Atraya> Nightshade: no
<Atraya> Kilmaten: You should be good to go now?
<Nightshade> Ok then I ask it on a other time lol
<Kilmaten> Says i havent been approved yet
<Atraya> Kilmaten: One sec
<Kilmaten> Alrightyy
<Atraya> Kilmaten: Now try
<Kilmaten> Worked!
<Atraya> Nice 😀
<Shukie> weeee!
<Darth> Yay!
<Atraya> So now you should be able to see MY ACCOUNT in the navigation bar
<Atraya> on the far right
<Atraya> From there you can edit your account as need be as well as update your profile 🙂
<Atraya> Ok anyone else on the profiles and all that before I continue?
<Darth> Nope
<Atraya> Pack Ranks
<Kilmaten> Yes
<Kilmaten> Aw
<Atraya> Kilmaten: Go ahead
<Nightshade> Yay
<Kilmaten> I was gunna send you over a pic
<Atraya> Kilmaten: PM me please 🙂 (you can also upload your own wolf photo too)

Pack Ranks
<Atraya> We haven’t had ranks in a while because there was a lack of activity and a lack of active wolves for sometime to fulfill those roles. As you know we have gradually introduced them with Delta and Care Taker In Training.
<Atraya> So I’ll be discussing with the members about ranks and roles and I’m hoping to introduce more as time goes on 🙂
<Atraya> So look forward to that in the coming weeks!
<Atraya> Anyone have any questions on ranks?
<Nightshade> Looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll become member soon
<Darth> ^^
* Atraya waits a moment longer in case anyone else has anything they want to add
<Kwa`ani> me and fia were 3 years in making pack and we were active constantly 🙂

<Atraya> First and foremost I want to say that I’m very proud of those who are still with us and continue to share this journey with us. To role play and step away from the every day and share your online story with us. To those of you who are active and active when you can be, I just want to extend an additional thank you for being here 🙂 Without you we wouldn’t exist. Second: I know life can be really busy and hectic, it’s totally fair and understandable that you can’t be here 24/7 and I’d never expect people to be. But I ask that you please be patient and let the process play out as it will for your character regarding pledge, assessment and membership. I’m very aware of everyones activity and I promote wolves based on that activity and if they’re ready to join the pack. We’ve had a great deal of active wolves this year and some change and I’m really grateful for that. So, just know that your advancement will go as far as you are willing to take it. On that note, I just want to extend another “Please don’t constantly ask about becoming a member”. When you are ready to be a member, you’ll be made a member 🙂
<Atraya> I plan to host more meetings in the future to help move people along to. I know some wolves have sat in their positions for a long time due to the fact that there have just been no meetings. I am hoping to change that and keep the flow going.
* Nightshade lowered head.. srry
<Kamaitachi> Ok
<Atraya> Don’t be sorry 🙂 It’s a fair question and I totally get it. I just want to reiterate that point.
<Nightshade> Just hate the timezones lol lucky the mosquito kept me awake
<Kamaitachi> I wanna try and work towards. Guardian or scout if those will be ranks when I’m a member?
<Kamaitachi> Sorry got busy eating dinner
<Atraya> Kamaitachi: Those are yet ot be determined, but, there’s always room for character growth 🙂 Those could be things to inquire IC as well.
<Atraya> Nightshade: Ya me to 🙁
<Kamaitachi> I’ve had kamai go out with sky a few times
<Ayaka> I am pretty sure asking about ranks is the same as asking about membership Atraya?
* Nightshade snarled at mosquito
<Ayaka> It’ll be given when earned?
<Atraya> Aya: Ya 🙂
<Atraya> IC wise, wolves are always watching and of course can see potential in your wolf for certain “ranks”
<Nightshade> Oh maybe an idea to make a calendar thing on the site for events with tinyurl
<Atraya> So you can ask for your character to have a rank, but, just know that isn’t how it works 🙂 Ranks are earned. Ranks will have meaning and weight. They are not given all willy nilly.
<Atraya> Nightshade: Yes! I’m working on a calendar! Thank you for the suggestion and reminder 🙂
* Darth sits quietly, understanding all that is being said
<Kamaitachi> No.
<Nightshade> I want a promotion as a .. wolf officer
<Kamaitachi> Lol
<Darth> Lol
* Atraya offers Nightshade a shiny star sticker

<Atraya> Open Floor – Is there anything anyone would like to talk about or bring up? 🙂

<Nightshade> Open floor?
<Kamaitachi> I do
<Nightshade> Why is the floor open
<Kamaitachi> It’s probably nothing but is the storyline gonna continue where everyone still has to find their own trinket or whatever?
<Kamaitachi> Like before we beat mykeer?
<Kamaitachi> Or is the storyline over?
<Atraya> Kamaitachi: That’s yet to be seen IC – we finished one of the major plots, but, there’s still more to come
<Atraya> Waiting for people to return back
<Kamaitachi> Ok
<Shukie> I do have a request of everyone
<Nightshade> Not to difficult
<Fianna> *perks
<Shukie> when someone joins the IC, try to put in your next post a good descriptor of where your wolf is and who you’re with so No One has reason to go in OOC .. where’s everyone?
<Nightshade> Oh I try
<Shukie> and those joining IC, you need to take time to read what’s going on before posting too
<Ayaka> Oh I second that
<Atraya> Thirdsies
<Shukie> it gets real old to have major or minor things happenig and suddenly someone wakes up right where everyone is
<Atraya> Yes, please make sure to make the effort to see where people are ic first, before asking.
<Shukie> and if one has been gone a day or two or weeks , you’re not going to be where you were last time
<Nightshade> What if you haven’t moved and other did
<Nightshade> Oh nvm
<Shukie> if it’s been more than a day, you’d have moved unless you in a coma
* Kilmaten returns after catching up
<Nightshade> xD
<Atraya> wb Kilmaten 🙂
<Kilmaten> Ty 🙂
<Atraya> Does anyone have anything else they’d like to add before I conclude this meeting?
<Nightshade> I always wondered about that like.. if you catching up and u can’t roleplay it out further are you automatically moving with them or
<Darth> I don’t at this time
<Shukie> good questions Nightshade: you’d need to rp some reason why you are behind, etc. or gone. and so forth
<Nightshade> Like with the journey.. I wasn’t able to roleplay along. So it’s difficult to keep up
<Atraya> Nightshade: If you are on role playing and your group continues on moving and you have to go suddenly, then yes your wolf would assume to follow given it’s not some long march. Otherwise as Shukie stated, you’ll have to come up with a reason why your wolf stopped. Also another side note. If you know you are going to be offline for a period of time (like weeks) please please let us know. Especially if we’re running a story or a quest. Because it’s hard to put you ‘back’ into place when you return if you have a certain role.
<Nightshade> Yes yes.
<Nightshade> So I would move on if I have to go offline due time, while in story
<Atraya> Anyone else? 🙂
<Atraya> Nightshade: Depends. If you have to go offline for the night and the group was either close to settling or about to, then it would assume that you would be with the group. If they keep moving on then you’ll have to stop your character and catch up. Just ask who ever the group “lead” is.
<Nightshade> Because they found something when I wasn’t there. My wolf wouldn’t know
<Atraya> Nope, she wouldn’t so you’d have to RP that out 🙂
<Ayaka> Also, if you don’t know where everyone is IC wise, please just post like your wolf is seeking the other’s scents
<Ayaka> Don’t ask for the low down on where everyome is exactly
<Ayaka> Your wolf wouldn’t necessarily know anyway and that just caters to meta gaming

<Nightshade> Is “looking around to seek others” allow?
<Shukie> yups
<Ayaka> :}
<Nightshade> Also ApacheWolf needs to be more friendly and gives more variety in drinks xD
<Shukie> lol
<Atraya> Nightshade: noted 😛
<Ayaka> Lol
<Darth> Valid point Nightshade
<Shukie> working on that, Nightshade *grins
<Ayaka> She is a good flood pillow
<Atraya> Alrighty, I think that ends this meeting! I appreciate you all being here (Especially you Euro wolfies!). I’m hoping to have another meeting in a week or so time 🙂

May 5, 2020

Pack Meeting #198

February 25, 2020 in Meeting, Pack Meeting

Pack Meeting #197

Meeting Notes February 25th, 2020 WolfSpirits celebrates it's 18th year anniversary! Check out the daily stats of our OOC channel here!  Attendance: @Atraya @Ayaka @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Kajika @Shukie %Shakira…
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January 24, 2020 in Meeting, Pack Meeting

Pack Meeting #196

Meeting Notes January 24th, 2020 Shakira becomes Pledge Announcement that WolfSpirits 18th year anniversary will be February 25th! A poll will be setup in the coming days to get times/days…
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October 11, 2019 in Meeting, Pack Meeting

Pack Meeting #195

Meeting Notes October 11th, 2019 Atraya addresses the pack and informs them that they will be moving back home in the day Kajika becomes pack Caretaker Rune becomes Pledge Emunah…
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Pack Meeting #194

Meeting Notes August 19th, 2019 OOC: Discussed the website and user profiles / pages OOC: Discussed promotions and ranks OOC: Discussed website issues and that they'll be addressed asap OOC:…
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Pack Meeting #193

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Meeting Notes

July 22nd, 2019

  • Atraya leads the meeting
  • NightShade becomes Assessment
  • Darth becomes Assessment
  • Fianna becomes Pack Member
  • Kwa`ani becomes Pack Member
  • Kajika becomes Caretaker In Training
  • Ayaka becomes Delta Female
Number Of Wolves Present


@Atraya @Kova @Ayaka @Faolan @Kajika @Shukie @skydancer
%Fianna %Kwa`ani
+NightShade +Darth
Azaelia Shakira

Pack Meeting Begins

A.M Meeting For Euro Wolves
7/22/2019 @ 9AM

* Shukie had recovered some from her lost time upon the iceberg. She and ayaka were to have begun searching for prey, and possibly a new home. Their time table had been put assunder when she’d succomed to her dalliance with the ancients. What had been revealed was locked away into her subconscious, mayhap it’d make itself known at various times. She had yet to move other than to twitch her
* Shukie ears as her nostrils flared taking in what scents were offered to her while her eyes scanned the areas nearby for signs of the pack and her alpha

* Atraya would be resting just a short distance within the ruins themselves and her head would be on her paws in quiet thought. Fianna no doubt was still beside her as she would listen to the gentle winds as they whispered beyond her sight and to her ears. What did the wind have to tell her this morning? Her head slowly rose off her paws and she would let loose a gentle breath. Today would be a meeting with all the others, she thought, for it was long over due and there was much to discuss.

<`Raven> <Kamaitachi> *not seeing anyone around, she moved to the carcass, it was picked clean for the most part and she managed to find little to eat on it. As she finished a small morsel she lifted her head to the wind catching what it had to offer. The pack scent still seemed fresh and heading perhaps towards the caves. Seeing none she followed the scent of it was the right direction

* Kwa`ani stretched, mumbling and grumbling at the cold that just wouldn’t cease. She was glad Shukie had made it off the iceberg safely as she’d begun to worry for the fae. The deep sleep the fae had gone into remided her of when she’d fished the beta from the river and kept her from drowning. She couldn’t keep her mind from replaying what all the pack had suffered through over the past few years. When her mind settled upon her mum who was a few wolf-lengths away an involuntary whimper escaped her muzzle wondering just how her mum was going to continue to lead as alpha.. a blind alpha.. could she even still lead? soooo many changes had befallen the pack. Weren’t they due a respite from all?

* Darth would possibly see his sister, Kamaitachi, down from the ridge he laid on close to the ruins. If he could, he would give a warm bark to her

* Kova would have been near the rest as she took to a sentry position just near the others who where gathered beside the lake’s shore. By now the water was breaking up and pieces of what was once solid ice was now starting to show signs of the beautiful crystalline lake below it. The snow melt was rapid by now, and as such, the world around them began to change. She flicked an ear towards the direction of the horizon when she took note of the scents and smells of those who where now awake.

* Fianna would be laying near Atraya after their chat the previous evening. Her mother’s questions about what she had learned had further solidified the lessons, and she’d been thinking on them most of the day as she kept watch nearby, tail curled around her haunches. Was Kwa`ani near as well?

* Atraya would be beside Fianna within the ruins and when she felt movement, she brushed her nose along her crown lightly. “Hello Fianna..” she said as she stared out into the horizon. “Tell me.. do you see others down below near the lake? Shukie among them?”

* kamaitachi heard a chuff above her and turned to notice her brother atop the ruins. She waged her tail to see her brother still safe. “Where is everyone Darth”? She said as she tried to make her way up to him

* Shukie stirred finally, rising slowly as she continued to stretch which elicited groans of emptiness in her tumtum. Perhaps spotting movements from the alpha family and maybe others she chuffed gently to the alpha family. She’d moved away from the shoreline some time ago not trusting even what she knew to be solid ground.

* Kwa`ani was close enough for being a few wolf lengths from her sister and mum that she could hear the sounds of their voices but not quite discern their conversation. Moving slowly she eased the sleep from her muscles and chuffed quietly, almost at the same time as the beta that the two chufts would maybe blend a bit. Her tail swaying to see her alpha and sister stirring she began to make her way over, leaning down to nuzzle both faes in a gentle good morning tho she had waited until her mum might look her direction rather than startle her.

* Ayaka had left some time in the night to make a wide circle around the ruins, keeping her nose seeking any signs of Calder’s return, or that of Phoenix as well. She would glance along the melting snows for pawtracks as well of the two brutes, or signs of any potential game that had passed in the night. By now, she would be circling back toward the ruins, coming from the east.

* Fianna perked as her mother stirred and spoke, taking note of Kwa`ani as well nearby. She offered her sister a chuff, and then looked to answer Atraya’s questions. “Yes near the lake it seems several to be moving about.. And Shukie seems to be heading this way I think? She offered in light tones.

* Kova would be resting just below at the lakes edge. She would flick an ear towards the sounds of others and rise to all fours, shaking out her pelt. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and there was no sign of Calder or others therein. No ‘pack’ to come and save the day. She bowed her chest down before yawning. She took note of kamaitachi, Darth and Nightshade whom, if they where still in the open would no doubt see Kova as well.

* Atraya heard the chuff of her daughter, Kwa`ani, and would swing her tail ever so lightly behind her and offered a chuff in return. “It’s time for a short meeting….” her tail shifted slowly behind her before she rose after quiet some effort. Standing on all fours she took in a low breath before tipping her muzzle and howling to the skies for a gathering. Her howl would be amplified 10 fold within the ruins and boulders. Whirling about and bouncing off stone until it reached the air. The ruins would be a fine place for a meeting, she thought.

<Faolán> mais, mes pattes…dey weren’t all data concerned with coverin’ where dey been, but dey were a few days gon. Gon south like a silver fox to gata lands if’n ya knew where those far lands were.

* Darth would hear the alpha’s howl and look to both Nightshade and his sister; “I think you just found them.” He said back to Kamaitachi as he turned to head back into the ruins where he would see much of the pack.

* Nightshade stretched her frame when she finally find the energy and rose up on her 4 legs, “wondering what this day will bring us” she smiled to Darth.

* Shukie perked to the alpha howl, lifting her head further relaying the call to meeting for any further away before moving to the ruins from where to call had come, megaphone that it was. With a quiet greeting as she neared the alpha family she slowed and stopped just a few paces from Atraya and her daughters. “Greetings, my alpha, fia, kwa” her tail swaying tho atraya wouldn’t be able to see it. It would take them all to get used to her lost vision and compensate.

* Kwa`ani ‘s ears flicked at her mum’s howl and hten the added tones of Shukie. “How are you both?” she inquired quietly before the pack would assemble. “can I get you anything mum?” a quiet lilt to her voice. It’d been forever since she’d heard the call to meeting.

* Nightshade ears perked up when the howl of the alpha was been heard in the distance. She stood up and joined next to Darth and spotted kamaitachi next to his other side ” hello kamaitachi, how are you ”

* Ayaka would be a few minutes out yet, but close enough to pick up the call.. It was one that she’d not heard for some time, the tones did not sound concerned, more demanding than anything, and while she would pick up her pace some, she remained vigilant in her scouting. No sense in doing a job of it was not done well. She would have found signs of Phoenix to the south, though they had faded, and she had not followed them, merely marked the direction in her mind and continued on. After a few long minutes at a steady trot, she would round a hill and spot the ruins, not far off, making her trail that direction.

* kamaitachi reached her brother as the alpha howled “I guess I did” she said with a chuckle and looked to night “I am good a bit stiff and my ear still stings where that dang bear cut it open. Her ear had started to swell and turn red. “But what has happened? There’s a tail of blood and whatnot” she said as they walked to the alphas howl

* Atraya shifted her paws beneath her before she nosed Fianna and Kwa`ani whom where beside her “Is there a nice place for me to stand upon?” she questioned lightly. No doubt the ruins where full of boulders and the like, but towards the center of what looks like an old courtyard would be a single piece of stone that lay towards the center. Flowers and green grass where already sprouted around it.

* Kova an ear turned to the howl and she swung her tail slowly behind her. Heed it she did! She would no doubt find herself squirrling around for Phoenixes trail at some point as she had another story to share, but for now she was content in padding along the lakes shore and sloshing through snow melt as she made her way up to the ruins.

* Fianna would nose Shukie as the fae arrived, taking note of the others who she could see were on their way as well. “They are coming mother.” She offered, though she figured the Alphess could scent many of them. Glancing around she would scan the nearby structures and tumbled down stones, none of them seeming a good choice for a blind fae to climb, until her gaze spotted the flat stone just a few yards off. “There is on mother, it’s got moss and flowers# and should be easy enough for you to step up onto.. Want me to lead the way?” She would nuzzle Kwa`ani as she rubbed her shoulder along Atraya’s frame to guide her there.

* Nightshade took a closer look at kamaitachi ear and nuzzles her ” Sorry that I couldn’t help you ” she said with her head low. “You mean the bloodtrail from the bear or” she asked while they headed to the location of the alpha.

* kamaitachi “I don’t think so. It led towards here?” She said nosing her back

* Darth would listen to the conversation of his sister and Nightshade, with the mention of his sister’s injuries, he would look and examine his own.

* Ayaka wasn’t sure what Darth, kamaitachi, and nightshade were dawdling about for, but she would glance at them s she passed by, making her way toward Atraya and where the Alphess no doubt was trying to get everyone to gather. Soon enough sbe would be up the rise and chuffing to Shukie, the alpha daughters and Atraya herself, looking to Kova as well, and offering a nose to her sister as she arrived with the others.

* Atraya would sense Shukie near and smile when she heard her voice. She nosed her beta gently across the brow happy to see her before turning towards the horizon “Hello Shukie” her tones light “Glad you’re safe and sound.” she would turn to Kwa`ani and Fianna. “yes please.”

* Kova when she reached the ruins she would take note of all the wolves who heeded the call. SHe dipped her head lightly before seeing her sister Ayaka. She would decide not to crowd Shukie and the Alpha and made her way to Ayaka. She brushed her nose in a greeting to her, tail waving “hi!”

* Kwa`ani dropped back then shifted her position to the far side of Atraya seeing where Fianna was guiding her. “The budding flowers remind me of home and the sweet valley just not as colorful nor plentiful” remembering the area fondly. “You’re almost to the stone, mum, watch yer step..” she cautioned in gentled tones. She dipped her head to the others as she greeted each in turn should they be near enough to do so once ehr mum was settled upon the stone perch

* Atraya gave a nod of her head “Home will always be home and hold it’s natural beauty.” she would add to Kwa`ani’s observation of the lack of flowers more plentiful then their own home. Her paws would splay out here and there as she did her best to find footing. Funny enough she seemed a natural at it in some respects but there was the occasional trip up. This would be no different. Just as she was about to step up she mis-guided the step for her back leg and caught nothing but air. She fell to her stomach momentarily but promptly rose. Yup… no one saw that. She would take a few more steps, tapping the stone before her to find the ‘edge’ and there she stood, tail high and her frame extended as she waited for the others to gather. “Let Shukie take her place here .. but keep close” she said then to Fianna and Kwa`ani.

* Shukie murrr’d then would issue another brief howl to hurry up any wolves, quite sure this was not easy for Atraya. Once Atraya was settled upon her perch she moved to stand beside it making no mention of the misstep. “The pack is coming, my alpha.” her voice low. Spotting her sister Kova, she yipped quietly in greetings and then to Ayaka.

* Nightshade spoke to Darth when they neared where Ayaka were and Kova ” What kind of information would have our alphess for us? I like to have further progression since my absence dropped my rank down” as she watched for others she greeted others with a kindly chuff “good to see everyone safe here ”

* kamaitachi would reach the others and would sit down leaving room for Darth and night beside her

<Faolán> In truth, he wasn’t all dat far south just yet. Nah, he had a story n’ was fixin’ to tell it, but he needed to see what story dey’d come up with before he mozied on down the ways to le conteur. It was faint, but he heard a howl cut through the air ‘tween him and dese here stones n trees like a stone skippin’ ‘cross the water. Dat’s a pretty voice. Sure hope it has a good story to tell!

* Kova would’ve reached the ruins and heeded the call. Finding Ayaka among the gathered she seated herself beside her and watched Atraya move up to the stone that elevated her from the earth. She frowned seeing her face as it was but turned to address Ayaka in a greeting. Nosing her softly. SHe heard her sisters yip and swung her tail quickly behind her and chuffed to Shukie in return! There she waited with patience for the meeting.

* Darth would shake his head upon hearing Nightshade’s question. “I don’t know, but I think we’re about to find out.” He said before nuzzling her and then looking to the alpha to hear what she had to say.

* Atraya would offer a slow dip of her head to Shukie and look out over the vast horizon in no particular direction for there was no where for her to really look. “Thank you all for gathering. I wanted to host a meeting for we’ve not gathered in sometime.” she began “As you know we’ve been through quiet a bit these past weeks and now that things are settled it is time to discuss what comes next, but for now, I would like to start this morning’s gathering and meeting with promotions.” her gaze continued to ‘look out’ “Nightshade and Darth.. please come forward.”

* Ayaka would settle near Kova, glancing away as Atraya stumbled but admirably kept on and up onto the stone, she nuzzled Kwaani’s back and would perk as she listened as the Alphess began, glancing to where Nightshade and Darth would he called forth. She kept her senses alert, as the other’s focused primarily on the meeting she would keep atunes should Calder or any other choose that moment to make his entrance.

* Kova flicked an ear to the Alpha’s call of two wolves. She smiled looking to Nightshade and Darth.

* Fianna would nod after helping her mother to the stone, she would make way for Shukie and settle just before the stone, listening, watching as the two were called forth.

* kamaitachi looked to her brother and night as they were called. Wondering what was going on

* Nightshade ears swiveled when she heard her name, she glanced at Darth and smiled nervously towards him and turned back to the others “Yes my dearest alphess” she responded and took a few steps forwards and dipped her head, not surely how to show respect, this was her way to let that know.

* Darth would look around before looking to Nightshade before approaching the alpha’s position. When he approached, he bowed his head in respect. “Yes, my alpha? We are here” He said, remembering her sight was gone.

* Atraya tilted her head hearing Nightshade approach and waited for Darth to do the same to determine the pair where standing before her “Darth and Nightshade… you both have been loyal pledges to the pack for several months now. Longer then most but you’ve proven yourself worthy and true to the pack. I would like to ask you both now, do you still desire to call WolfSpirits your home?” she would pause waiting for their responses once they settled.

* Darth would wave his tail from side to side as the alpha spoke. “Of course I do, my alpha. Ever since my sister and I entered into the old pack lands, and started to get to know the pack; I knew this is where I wanted to call my home. Through all we have been through these past few months, I have thought of everyone here as my family. It would give me no greater pleasure than to continue to call Wolfspirits my home.” He said

* Nightshade listened to what the alphess said, the words what was been said ment much to her, she wished nothing more than that and showed a shy smile and sat on her hindquarters. “My alphess, your words means much to me, I want to thank you and everyone else for welcoming me, I might have been reckless in times what could have bring us in danger, I might have been failed in times where the pack needs me more than ever, my absence might ranked me down, but by all of this… I’m glad that nobody doubt about my loyalty” a tear was fallen on the ground “My dearest alphess, I wish nothing more to be one with the pack, to call the pack my family. Yes.. I still desire to call wolfspirits as my home, as my safe haven and my place to return”

* Atraya gave a nod to their responses and took them to heart. “You both have seen and done more in your pledgeship then most and as such, your heart and spirit have shown the reflection of what it means to be a WolfSpirit.” she paused for a moment to catch her thoughts as she turned in Nightshade’s direction then Darth’s. “.. as such, I would like to have the honor of naming you Darth Assessment to WolfSpirits… and you Nightshade Assessment to Wolfspirits. You may introduce yourself as such to all you come in contact with. I hope that your strength, will, and resolve hold true for this pack could use blood as strong as yours. May your path to our home be made with determined paws for I know you’ve much to live for here with us.” there would be no time for pause in her words and as she made it so, she would lift her head up as much as the pain would allow and offer forth a howl to the pair.

* Kova when her alpha would howl she too would join in for a chorus for the pair. She was glad to see them move up and hoped that they would continue to keep their path with her home.

* Ayaka thought about Atraya’s words as she listened. Wolfspirits was home. No matter how far they traveled. The land was just that, earth, rock, stone, plant. It was not home. She glanced to each face of her packmates, glad to know and remember that she had home wherever she was, as long as she was with them. As Darth and Nightshade made assessment she would give a chuff for them both, and a wag of her tail, to see them take the next step in their membership.

* kamaitachi would howl for her brother and nightshade

* Fianna would lift her own muzzle and wag as she chuffed loudly, excitement over the advancement running through her. They were more committed now than ever and she looked forward to seeing their paths unfold!

* Nightshade ” Thank you, I’m honored to be an assessment of the wolfspirits, I’ll do my best and help where I can, that’s a promise on my heart” as the alphess howled, and the others will tune in, her head lifted up to the sky and joined the beautiful song from the wolves.

* Darth would lean over and nuzzle Nightshade as they were named assessments of the pack. “One step closer in our journey to membership”. He said, proud to be able to advance within this pack he was proud to call his family. He bowed his head to the alpha “thank you my alpha!”

* Nightshade thought about the sudden absence from others, she wanted to know where everyone else where, and somehow, Darth seems to act closer towards her, should the pack took a notice of it? She licks Darth his muzzle and nudged him.

* Atraya gave a nod to the pair as she would twitch her nose this way and that. There where several gathered all the same but she was growing slightly tired already. Seating herself just to get comfortable she would press her paws beneath her. “Now onto pressing matters. These lands have held some promise to herds and food. Ayaka… Kova… can you confirm this?” her head remained pointed ahead. Waiting to see where they ‘sat’ to address them.

* Shukie opt’d to say rather than just nod to the approaching wolves. “Nightshade, Darth.” her tones quiet yet easily heard by all present. she would give a dip of ehr head to Nightshade and Darth, a tap tapping of her paws upon the earth in recognition of their promotion. At Atraya’s request to her sister and Ayaka. Otherwise she remained stoically beside Atraya.

* Kova turned an ear to the mention of her name and she would slowly rise. She dipped her head and looked to Ayaka for a brief moment for clarity before responding in kind “Yes Alphess. There’s plentiful herds just east of here in the valley below. More then we’ve seen in our own hunting grounds for a long while.”

* Kwa`ani worried for her mother and at her mention of Kova and Ayaka she perked waiting on their report, staying quiet which was so out of character for her after congratulatory yips to the pair. It had been so long in deed since the last meeting she was struggling to remember protocals.

* Ayaka would look to Kova a moment as Atraya asked her question, then think on her own findings during her scouting rounds. She would wait until Kova finished speaking then nod her agreement. “Remembering our own territory was so vacant of prey, this area seems much more plentiful. I have yet to see signs of bison, but I believe I’ve seen deer, Caribou, as well as sheep.. The Caribou especially like the valley just south of here.” She confirmed

* Atraya would give a nod to the pairs assessment and glad to hear of it. There would be a long drawn out pause from her as she thought quietly to herself, then continued. “As you know our lands have suffered from the recent events of the year and past year. It was not my intention to search for new lands to claim as our own… but I feel that it may be necessary to expand, or, at the most extreme migrate where the food is.” there was a lot of weight to her words, much to consider and to think upon, but she had to put the pack’s best interest at heart. With her mate gone and son still missing, she’d feel that weight heavy upon her shoulders. “I ask the pack now, those who are of it and those who seek to join us…” her gaze ‘turned’ to Shukie “What of these lands to be claimed under WolfSpirits reign. Nae? Aye?”

* kamaitachi knowing the food was scarce she would look to the alpha “I don’t mind going there. Even if we decide to go back when were able. As long as we’re together I’m happy.” She said with a tail wag. This was her family now and she didn’t care where they lived as long as it was together

* Shukie was always one to hear from others and their opinions before voicing her own. She gazed about to those present giving a nod in the pack’s general direction to speak freely of their thoughts, nodding to kamaitachi when the fae spoke up.


* Fianna would not be a member yet, but she would think hard on her mother’s words, her own thoughts turning inward and to Faolan and Rook. Eventually she would look at Atraya and speak softly, thoughtfully. “Mother.. Rather than claiming any land as our own.. Rather than settling down, might we not travel? See what the world has to offer and in turn, perhaps find papa and Rook? Despite the dangers our latest travels had offered, I have enjoyed seeing more of the beauty and sights I have never thought to see..” wasn’t sure such a thing as traveling for a long time were possible for a pack, yet she voiced it nonetheless

* Darth thought for a long moment, he didn’t know much about the shortage of food in the old territory. “Are we sure this land is not claimed by another pack? This pack has seen and been through enough for a bit, I’d hate for the pack to be drawn into a war.” He said aloud, thinking of the best interest of his family.

* Kwa`ani stood next after her sister spoke up, making sure to scratch her paws upon the earth to give signal to her mum. “Alphess. I would suggest we regain our strength here through the summer at least rather htan make a rash decision to move now.” Her mum was anything but rash.” She looked to those around them here, “There are those that were not present in our home when we left so long ago. Perhaps we should send one or two wolves back and guide any wolves to where we now are if we are to remain here?” With that said she made plenty of sounds to indicate she once again sat after saying her peace. At Darth’s words, something she’d not thought on before she nodded but didn’t add to it.

* Nightshade listened quietly and focused about the information from the new area where they are now, say what now? Does that mean we aren’t returning to their former land? “Is it safe enough for us to stay? In the beginning of our new journey, there were some new wolves with us, as I can remember Okkezzon and Calder and might some other who I can’t remember the name of,.” She paused and continued with soft tone ” the Foodstock is important to keep us alive, but what if we have left some Lost members who still wandering for us there?” She felt uneasy about this new place, this only brought bad memories to them… blood, betrayal and dead.. wouldn’t that be t harder to make it ur home? Hearing Darth his words and others her doubt grown.

* Ayaka considered all the things spoken, particularly as Fianna added her own thoughts. She too would love to see the pack reunited with their alpha male and the alpha’s son, but so too did she know that often times a pack needed stability, and a source of food they could count on more often than not. She would wonder if there was a way to ensure they would find food if they were to travel. As well Darth had a good point and she’d nod in thought. “I think there is little for us to return too at our old homeland, until several seasons have grown around the esrth’s scars. I agree that perhaps we should send a few to check for any left behind. I also agree with Fianna, though, in that my heart longs to find your mate, Atraya, and our alpha. I would not be averse to another quest to find him. We found you, after all.”

* Kova thought quietly while the rest offered their words. She took them in as they where given and gave a nod of agreement as well. Fianna’s own suggestion ringing true to her. Inwardly she knew they now had to find their missing Alpha more then ever now. Besides she loved to wander the beautiful lands of this world and what it had to offer. It allowed her to recall the adventures she shared with her sister, Shukie, to reach the pack. There was much out there to explore. “I too agree with the sentiments shared.” gave a nod to Ayaka’s input for it too reflected her own thinking.

* Shukie remained motionless beside Atraya tho not upon the rock the fae stood upon. Each of the wolves had brought up excellent points and valued opinions. “I, too. My alpha. Agree we need to be stable for at least a fair while” she paused for effect and to gain more of Atraya’s attention. “You need time to get your paws under you to adjust to lack of sight to move easily upon your own.”  Giving her full attention back to the pack itself. “We have had losses here, but so we have in our homelands. Death is a part of life. I propose we settle here for now, regain our strength and find out if others have returned to our lands.” She glanced to the top of the tallest ruin, “We also have a weee pup to care for now as well. I can see to marking some boundaries to start staking our claim here. It is a good place with advantage of visibility far and wide.”

* Atraya would listen to each wolf in turn and took to their thoughts and suggestions to heart. She knew well enough Calders “claim” and of course knew what it would entail should she try to lay claim to it for their pack. Would this area be beneficial for them to even hold domain over? There was much to think on. All valued points and all things to consider. She didn’t desire a war either but there was little in the way of evidence that Calder held more to a pack then just himself. But she needed to be sure. “All true and valid points.” she would say in thought. “We will remain here for a while longer. I will lay claim to at least this valley and to the stretch that includes the herds. I will then send a select few back to our old territory to see it’s progress. Also… I would like to venture further northward so I will require a few scouts to go ahead and observe but wander not to far. If we are to adventure and find something beyond this point we do it as a pack.” again she paused as her brow furrowed with what looked like emotion. “To find our Alpha and my son, Rook.” she would wait for a moment now, allowing the others to offer their words.

* Nightshade “Is Calder still a threat to us? ” she asked Shukie and Atraya ” he might be disappeared, but who knows .. if he suddenly jump up… he might still lure and we don’t know if he has something on her mind, he brought us as well Atraya in danger which lead her to blindness. ” wasn’t glad with the idea.. “who was Okkezzon and the other male who joined us? I like to know if there’s no upcoming danger for us here, of course I wish to return to our old safe place..but…” she stopped her sentence as she realized that’s not gonna happen maybe and dipped her head.

* kamaitachi thought a moment “alpha, I’m not a member yet but I find scouting a great thing and I would love to go onwards with a few others. I wanna make it my passion to be a scout for the family and pack” she said kind of nervously but confident. She didn’t know if ahe had the power to ask that. She was still new to pack customs

* Kova turned an ear to all the others and gave a nod of her head. She would be happy to fulfill any role that was given to her. She remained vigilant while she observed the proceedings. There was much to think on, much to do and much to tell. Yes… another story might do. Perhaps a certain path of another she would follow southward after the meeting.

* Atraya listened to the concerns as well the insights to the new prospects “All valid Nightshade..” she would continue to look ahead “He is in my radar and has been watched after. We will see what he truly gains or looses in the coming days. For now, keep your distance.” she advised to the fae “Okkezzon? I’ve not seen him sense we left… I am not sure where his path takes us, but, he gave no reason to doubt his intentions. Until he proves otherwise, he is fine.” she flicked an ear to kamaitachi’s tone and gave a nod “You’re request is noted.” she kept reclined back on her haunches. “Does anyone else have anything they wish to add before I adjourn this meeting for now until we continue later this evening?”

* Darth would look around and listen to what every other wolf said and thought on it. “May I propose, that if we are to go back and look for wolves still in the old territory; that they take a look at the food there, and report back with their findings upon their return, all before we vote on a new territory?” He said for thought.

* Nightshade understood her advice and brought bit calmness into her mind ” If there’s anything u wish me to do, to support or fulfill any task let me know, I like to join that with Darth” as she looked at Darth she wonders what kind of things he has planned for.

* Ayaka would think on all that was said, and the decisions made by Atraya. They were sound in wisdom and she backed them wholeheartedly. Rest and recover, out down small roots only, and when the time came, set off to reclaim their alpha, if they could. She would shake her head, then speak as she remembered Atraya could not see her motions. “I am ready and able to do any of the things you mentioned, or stay here and keep watch.
* Ayaka I have nothing further at this time.” She would add, so the Alphess would know.

* Shukie dipped her head in Darth’s direction. “I think this gives us suggestions and ideas to ponder and will also need ot get those who are not present an opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions.” She nodded to Ayaka, “Well said, Ayaka. Wise words.” She was not ready to make any decisions just yet. “I will see to marking areas, my alpha, if you wish it.”

* Darth “I stand ready for whatever task you need of me, my alpha. I have nothing further to add right now.” He said as he bowed his head.

* Kwa`ani had remained quiet, “What will you have me do, alpha, beta” She addressed both and was she ever glad to have both in the same place for a change. At Shukie’s mention of the pup she glanced to where she’d last seen him tho was sure he’d likely moved with teh coming of the day, tho maybe not.

* Atraya would nod to Darth “Aye, that would be part of the mission.” an ear turned towards Ayaka and Shukie. “Yes please. I will follow behind…” she said in low tones “I’ll need a guide.” she admitted but found no shame in it, at least, not outwardly. When the others offered no more in the way of words she would stomp her paw “Very well. Thank you all for being here to attend this meeting. We will continue tonight when the moon has just risen to the sky and darkness not yet settled to these lands. It will allow me to ponder on who will take what role.” she dipped her head “Thank you all”

Pack Meeting Begins

P.M Meeting Continued
7/22/2019 @ 5:30PM

* Kajika was making his way back from the top of the tower where they had stacked the rocks. This was becoming more of a familiar site and the view from it was something he hadn’t seen anything nearly as grand that rivals it in how relatively safe it was for quite some time. His head lifted up and paused for a moment before he got to his paws without a word and would make his way down the tower and on his way down, some of the missing bricks in the walls were wide enough that he could see a wolf approaching the tower but was a little too far to see who it was from this far.

* Atraya when she gauged the days time she found herself rising to a seated position and there peering out ‘ahead’ of her. A long drawn out sigh was given as she had much to think on, but, she wanted to proceed with the meeting. Having succumbed to a long nap, she didn’t anticipate she’d be asleep for that long and so when she came around she would be some what surprised at how much time had passed. A yawn escaped half parted jowls before she would let loose yet another howl. A howl for a gathering to those who were not already there.

* Nightshade “I’m still where I was the meeting before, now I’m halfway deaf ” she teased her alphess Atraya “at least if ur still on the same spot or I haven’t sleepwalked” she nudges softly Darth his frame.

* Darth ‘s ears would perk at the sound of the Alpha’s howl. Lifting his head up, and looked toward the alpha’s position. He looked to Nightshade and smiled as she joked with the alpha, before sitting up to listen to the alpha.

* Kwa`ani wasn’t far off when her mother’s howl erupted breaking the sounds of day ending and night beginning. She turned on her heals and made her way back to where they’d met earlier in the day having been patroling the nearby areas. With a howl in response she would let others know she was on her way. Her pace wasn’t slow but it wasn’t a run either, just steady and sure that she’d arrive shortly showing no signs of her return. She’d take note of who was there and who was not.

* kamaitachi based the alphas howl and would put her ear on wait and deal with the pain. She would sit down and wait to see what else was to be said

<Faolan> Shoooo-eeee! Yeah, love she a sea, a river, da air…all those things when it foamed at the mouth, led ya on down the bayou, and smelled a somethin’ like three-day ol’ gumbo in the sun. Mais, I tell you what else carries on the wind…a howl n’ he had his ears on a number. Dis-moi pas…they all singin’ kumbaya ’round a rock and invitin’ trouble along with it. Elle est aussi vaillant comme la porte de prison, cher…she a cold mistress if’n she find em there. He was already on his way back when another howl came thunderin’ down the south.

* Shukie perked to the sound of Atraya’s call, promptly returning from her marking of an outer boundary as it seemed a few others were speaking their scents by way of rubbing against stone, tree and shrubbery. The more scents scattered the better, also the better for Atraya to have a bit of a guide should she move about until she’d get her bearings better. As she approached she took stock of those present and would relay this information to Atraya after a gentle greeting and settled beside the fae. SHe owuld get in the habbit of diong a kind of left to right of those nearby in giving the alpha at least an idea to direct her sightless gaze. She was unaware of the buzzbugg imitator from the bayou whatever a bayou was.

* Atraya the crown of her head dipped downwards towards those who would heed the call for a continuation of the meeting. Her nose came to brush along Shukie as she would greet her again. Dipping her head to her presence she looked out. She was grateful for their presence and would make short order on the pauses and get right to it. Her head tipped upwards as she tried to pick the scents that where there. Leaning towards Shukie she would nose her lightly before ‘looking out ahead’ again. She leaned into Shukie and whispered.. ~ Is Kwa`ani and Fianna present? ~

* Kajika heard the sound of a howl that didn’t sound too far away. It sped up his paws but he still placed them deliberately on the stones when he placed his paws down. He didn’t know it was the second summoning howl but he would do his best to make sure to arrive safely for there not to be a third. Down down the spiraling staircase and sidestepping around the same missing bricks until he arrived in the first chamber that one would see when entering the ruins. It wouldn’t take much longer before he would find the rest of the pack by both scent and sound.

* Ayaka would have been within the ruins themselves, perhaps in another courtyard along the far side, she didn’t know anything about court, nor yards for the world was her playground. Whenever the howl was issued she’d have her nose stuck under a pole of rubble where she’d hid the unused key from the cavern. Now, after a few minutes of getting it loose she’d be on her way back toward the other’s, the key held within her maw. She figured perhaps it should be kept closer, for wj knew when it might come in handy. Maybe never. Eventually she would move into the courtyard where the others gathered, for she’d not been far off. With a chuff around the key, she’d announce her presence to all and move to settle near Kova and Fianna, unknowing the deep heart felt talk they’d been having she gave them a goofy smile around the key before setting it down to perk at Atraya.

* Shukie would nod to Atraya, the nod felt in a return nuzzle while also completing a quick report of who was now before her. In a quiet tone only for hte alpha’s ears, “would it be easier for me to sit beside you rather than you leaning down not sure just wehere my head is?” that last could be taken a couple ways.

* Atraya gave a nod to her “if I can lean in, yes that would be great” she whispered back before clearing her throat. She would point her nose where the ‘gathered’ where and offer “Fianna and Kwa`ani.. please come forward”

* kamaitachi looked to the faes that atraya had called forward in interest

* Fianna the very rivers and sea? She had thought hard bout that. Love was the very essence of herself? With a minute nod of her head she would lean to nuzzle Kova. “Thank you for sharing such words of wisdom. I am learning, slowly.” She felt that some of those feelings had been true within herself, but it had only been a bud, given too little water, and time in the sun. It was not the true full bloom of love that she might one day experience. Did she want to? She did, yet in future she must be more careful. As Atraya howled she would sit up straighter and glance around for Kwa`ani, and to see who else had gathered while she was lodged within her own mind.

* Kova an ear turned to the sound of a call and it would belong to their alpha, Atraya. Another meeting would be held again. She would pause her thoughts and her words for Fianna before brushing her nose along her crown once more “We’re being called again.. let us continue after.” she said in light tones before she turned herself around and would be facing Atraya and the others. She hadn’t gotten up from her spot sense the meeting adjourned some hours ago.

* Nightshade perked her ears and would pay attention at the alphess while she kept an eye on Darth and watched the two wolves who was called

* Kwa`ani would plop her back side down not too far form others when …*blink* her mum called her and her sister? “Yes, Alpha.” She spoke clearly, enunciating to give her mum timre to pin point her. WHen she stopped, she would scratch at the ground while waiting for her sister to come beside. “what can we help you with, my alpha”

* Shukie whispered to Atraya, :she’s arriving now, off with kova it seems:

* Fianna would have clearly been thinking some deep thoughts for it wasnt until a few moments later after Atraya called her name that she would rise belatedly, wait what? She trotted to catch up with Kwa`ani and would stand before the stone upon which Atraya would occupy. “I am here mother.” She added to alert the Alphess.

* Atraya listened to Shukie and nodded. When her two daughters approached there was a pause. A thought. A memory. Like a scene from the past coming to replay in her mind. It would be the only thing she has sight for and it would be those memories. Those moments. It was there a flash of her children but mere pups. Innocent to the world and to the ways around them. Learning and growing with each passing day by their own doing and the pack. How they’ve grown. She recalled exactly what they looked like and was glad to have seen them grow into the wolves they where. A mother truly proud. Snapping back to the darkness therein, she began “Fianna and Kwa`ani… as you know it isn’t our way to allow those born into the pack to achieve immediate membership. It is a right that must be earned.” she paused for but a breathe and continued “You have grown into fine wolves throughout your time here in WolfSpirits, your home and birth pack. You have found strength in each other through difficult times and through undemanding times. Your spirits and hearts are true as I’ve ever felt. This journey, like many others soon to come, will be a testament to your resolve and true heart. I would like to ask you both now; is WolfSpirits still the place you desire to call home?”

<Faolan> Dis here the path of a yo-yo if it were on the ground and ignored all those properties of friction and inertia a course. He didn’t reckon he knew about inertia or friction…’haps not even a yo-yo, but he’d heard tale a Raven that got hold a somethin like one and then bobbed somethin’ fierce until it fell off a tree. That story had earned his packmate a fine seat at the carcass that night. Regardless, on he trudged like a winding yo-yo a sorts headin’ on to what he’d reckon was a story.

* Kwa`ani stood a little taller as her mother and alpha spoke. It took no thought, “I was born into WolfSpirits adn I shall die a WolfSpirit when the time should come. I shall do what I can to ensure the pack continues.” perhaps her mother would sense the dipping of her head in a bow of sorts but likely not. One thing her papa had taught her and Shukie drove home.. words are meaningless, it is actions that give the true answer.

* Fianna would weigh her words well, fully focused now on the scene at hand, on her mother’s question. What was she but a wolfspirit? What was a home? “Yes mother, my Alphess. More than that, wolfspirits is a part of me, deeper than a home, it is more than comfort. A wolfspirit is who I will always be, and as such I will strive to be a strength, and not a weakness to those I call pack.” She would feel the words deeply, meaning each and not trying to be flowery or persuasive. She would have looked to Kwaani as well as her sister would speak.

* Atraya waited with controlled breaths as she listened to her daughters words. There was a familiar pang of guilt, nae, sadness that their father wasn’t currently here for she knew this would no doubt be a monumental achievement for their young. How mature and grown they’ve become. Proof of their own stories forging anew. Pages added to their collection. The brief pause was short lived and she would continue albeit with a smile. “As a member of WolfSpirits you will continue to learn and grow from one another, but as well, your pack. You will learn where your place among family resides and to what roles you will fulfill in time. You will stride with true of heart. To keep your spirit strong and pure. To learn and grow from all of life’s experiences. To learn from those lessons well forged from times beyond your own. Do you promise to uphold the ways of your pack. The ways of WolfSpirits? To enforce the rules if must? To defend and to love your pack and family no matter what? To uphold the foundations that your father and I, and those who’ve come before you, have done?”

* Kajika arrived, panting lightly panting but he arrived just in time to see the closing statements of Fianna and Kwa`ani as his tail immediately started to wag with his excitement that it became a nuisance for him when he tried to sit down amongst the others gathered. He knew that they were the offspring of the Alphas and that their membership wasn’t automatic, so seeing the two of them now becoming full members of the pack that they were born to.

* Ayaka would be settled now beside Kova, key forgotten for the time being by her paws as she watched the two grown pups stand before their mother, their Alphess, to step into their own, to become full pack. Her chest swelled with pride for how far they’d come as she listened.

* Kova her own excited tail wave was made as she would press her frame against Ayaka’s with anticipation. She turned seeing Kajika arrived and she dipped her head in his direction before her eyes once more transfixed on the proceedings.

* Nightshade glanced at kajika and chuffed him a greet ” hello kaji,”

* Darth would watch as the two faes would be going through almost the same thing he and Nightshade had done only a few hours earlier. What pride they must feel right now.

* Fianna would stand tall, head up and wars forward as she looked up at her mother, memorizing each feature, even her now sight less eyes. Each piece of history was now hers to claim, hers to be truly a part of. She would take a deep breath exhaling and answering in equal measure to Atraya’s serious tones. “I promise to uphold these things. My pack will be put before even my own life.” There would be more weight, going forward, against each action and decision she would make, for now it would reflect on her pack, for she would be a part of a bigger whole.

* Nightshade ” I hope we will achieve once what they now got ” she whispered at Darth ” looked with happiness at Fianna and Kwa`ani and would congratulate them when the alphess was done

* Kwa`ani gave her sister a light shoulder nudge and a soft murr trying to contain her excitement. It would take a moment or two before she calmed enough to respond, “As much as I always have and always shall, Pack is family. It is not just blood that makes family but the bonds formed by all. In all ways I shall. the future of the pack shall be seen too, as much as wolfly possible.” her tones sharp and clear and filled with emotion.

* Shukie whispered again to Atraya, “they are both standing tall and their expressions show their heart in their words, words of the soul” the whisper would go no further than Atraya’s ear and it would not be likely that others would discern the minute movements of her muzzle.

* Atraya upon their shared agreement to the code of their pack she would smile. Shukie’s description helped her picture just that. Her paws would hold firm as was her decision to rise from her heart. She continued to look out and allow the words to sink and fall in tandem with her heart before she tipped her muzzle up to address the pack. “As all have lay witness to their vow to uphold the ways of WolfSpirits, the way of their spirit and of their heart, I would like to have the honor and privilege to name Fianna Mean Oíche and Kwa`ani Mean Oíche WolfSpirits members! You dance to the music you hear however measured or far a part and to that end, you dance with WolfSpirits. Welcome home my dears…” there would be but only a moment to pass for her words to sink in with the rest of the group before her heart, truly filled to the brim with joy, would over-spill into a long deep howl in congratulations to her two daughters advancement to pack. It had been a long time coming and now it was theirs. Her tone would last a little longer, perhaps in some measurement she was adding to another’s call who was missing. One who would not be there to witness but hopefully feel wherever the distance has taken him. Hopefully to hear their shared voices and song.

* kamaitachi let her voice chime in at the members. So many advancements today it seemed.

* Darth would join in the celebratory howl for the pair

* Nightshade tunes in with everyone and howls deeply with full emotions for the pair who become members.

* Shukie lifted her own head to the skies overhead lending her own vocals to that of her Alpha, proud of the two faes and how far they’d come from bumblign pups that triped over their own paws. “Forever more you shall be known as wolfspirits, daughters of Faolan and Atraya, granddaughters of Kovo and grandniece of Spirit.” Her voice rang again punctuating her words

* Kova couldn’t contain it and would lift her muzzle sky high and let loose a howl in unison to her family and pack! She would welcome the two sisters into their fold with open hearts and open paws. She was so proud of the pair for all they’ve accomplished and yet to do so now as pack!

* Kajika nosed Ayaka back and dipped his head in greeting to Nightshade as he greeted him before he would turn his head to follow the meeting as it continued. Once they were officially made members, he would raise his voice for the new members of their pack. His paw even stamped a few times on the ground in his excitement now. He would have to fight the urge to go up and greet them as it wasn’t the time for that yet and he wouldn’t be sure if he would be interrupting anything else. So, he just sat patiently and cast his voice to the winds.

* Kwa`ani would blush at the praise if a wolf could blush. In a hushed tone from a bowed head she whispered to her sister, “We ARE WolfSpirits! Not just in blood” tho they had shed much blood for hte pack over their short lives thus far. When her mum and Shukie and the rest howled she too lifted her head, not for just herself and Fianna but for all WolfSpirits past, present and future.
* Nightshade “congratulations Fianna and Kwa`ani ” and nuzzles them careful, she took a few steps backwards when she had done. “Hooraay for the 4 new goals ” she howled once more.

* kamaitachi wouls end her howl and sit there curling her tail around her paws again

* Ayaka would lift her muzzle, throwing her head back and her voice into the fray for she was proud dangit!! The two had grown and matured and she was more than happy to welcome each of them as pack!

<Faolan> Oh, nah see? Dis was a fine story to catch the middle of. He had just come into range a listenin’ and listenin’ he did. There was much to it; nothin’ needin’ secrecy selon lui, but he did not intrude nor did he venture closer than a good stone’s throw away. Dese fine wolves had the gris-gris somethin’ fierce.

* Fianna too would feel a blush beneath, and she would prance her paws some as the swell of voices welcomed her home, her mother’s voice louder and prouder than all the rest, and perhaps she could hear Faolan, papa, in those tones too. If Rook were here, would he be a wolfspirit now too? She ached for him her stone half even as she lifted her muzzle and howled for Kwa, for what it meant to be a wolfspirit. She brushed her shoulder along her sister’s frame. “Good job sis. You earned it. ” Then she would look at Atraya again. “Thank you mother. I will strive to act as befits one of the wolfspirits.” With that she would turn and take her place back beside the other’s.

* Atraya swung her tail slowly behind her and when the calls would fall to the sky and beyond she dipped her head and smiled “Congratulations you two… well earned.” she allowed them the moment to venture back to their seats now as a WolfSpirit before she nosed Shukie allowing her to proceed with the next action.

* Kova swung her tail behind her, howling and yipping in joy for the two before she would relax once more. Once she settled she would lean in and nose Kwa`ani and Fianna, welcoming them to the pack’s fold before reclining back and nosing Ayaka softly and listened intently to the next order of business. If Phoenix was near enough for a sniff, she might smell him out?

* Shukie nodded to Atraya while responding quietly, the motion of her head likely sensed in her words, “aye, Alpha”. It would be then she straightened a bit taller this time gazing past the pups and new assessments seeking just one. In fact, she let her gaze drift over them a few times before settling upon Kajika, “Kajika, please come forward” A smile upon her muzzle

* skydancer blinks sleepily as all the howling wakes her up and then jumps to her paws and rushes to join the pack, not that she has far to go

* kamaitachi looked as kajika was called. She would have to speak to him as he seemed to be carrying foe the injured and she needed her ear to stop hurting

* Kwa`ani drew in a slow breath letting it out even slower forgetting she’d already taken a long, indrawn breath. their path was now set upon them. She would follow her sister and sit beside her. “Congrats! sis!” she quietly whispered. She sat in quiet now watching as the meeting continued not expecting Shukie to be chimming in. That trew her off for a bit, quickly settling tho.

* Darth would watch as Kajika was called up by the Beta.

* Kajika blinked for a moment as he was called up but didn’t hesitate to move forward. He would gently nose Kwa or Fia on their way back if he could on their way back before pausing in front of Shukie, Atraya and the rest of the pack after a deep breath and a slight incline in his head before respectfully lowering it in front of the two of them.

* Ayaka would nuzzle both Kwa`ani and Fianna as the two came to settle if they were close enough for her not to make a scene. After a moment she’d return her attention to the stone and Atraya upon it, and Kajika as the brute moved from beside her to walk forward. Curiosity grew within her, even though she had a guess as to the next proceedings. She would watch,wait, and listen

* Fianna could still feel her nerves and adrenaline thrumming within her as she settled back upon on her haunches. Pride for making it this far sang through her as well, and she tilted her head up to look at the sky as it darkened for a moment, before drawing breath and attempting to focus on the next line of business.

* Kova ear spun about as she looked to Shukie and now Kajika. Curious hues would be settled with a ‘light’ glance but now perked even more so as the male was called forward. Her entire body shuttered with excitement now calmed as she would focus on the proceedings.

* Faolan sure would be close enough for a sniff on the wind. Ain’t nothin’ a wolf could do about that, cher. He was, afterall, gettin’ another part of the story for free.

* Shukie waited for a bit giving the pack time to quiet and refocus. “Kajika, you have taken the initiative to try and aid the pack with their injuries and seeing to their well being. There is much you have to learn and much Atraya and I have to teach you among others. For this reason,” she paused to glance at Atraya before continuing. “Not everyone is suited to this calling, some not realizing it until far later in their training.” she was quiet and still for a moment then just continued, “Will you consider taking on the mantle of Caretaker in Training?” Her pause would allow Atraya opportunity to add more should she want too. The male’s position would be fully known by Atraya when he would speak.

* Kova an ear turned towards the whisper of the mountain air and what she had to tell. Interesting. Her nose wiggled this way and that as she picked up Phoenix’s scent. He was close. If anything, ear shot away. She felt her body tense just a little as she turned to look in that direction. Could she see him? Or was it just a smell. There was a moment where she looked away but the proceedings had her look back again to Shukie and Kajika. His presence now in her mind and radar.

* Atraya would give a simple nod to Shukie, indicating she would allow it to proceed and whatever words Shukie offered, would suit well.

* skydancer listens quietly as she takes position in the back her preferred place though judging by kajikas promotion she might not be an option for much longer.. her nose twitches suddenly as the wind carries that cryptic wolfs scent across her nose.

* Kajika would nod as Shukie listed some of his actions and his tail gave a slight wag that he just couldn’t hold back. He was still decently young, now just over 4 years old and that was still plenty of time to both learn as much as he could while also passing on what he knew to others. He glanced around at some of the wolves settled around that he had helped in healing and had even learned a thing or two and he could immediately identify a few that also took an interest in the role. He knew in particular that he had a few things to learn from not only the two of them but others as well. He turned his attention back to Shukie and Atraya before nodding his head in a more affirmative action and he replied in a confident voice. “I will gladly take on the role of being a Caretaker in Training.”

<Faolan> As plain as day, he was just a sittin’ there. Ain’t nothin’ gained in bein’ a creep nah. He’d also be pretty visibly pickin’ out a right stubborn bramble and promptly ‘plantin’ it somewhere outside his fur. Keen ears were trained on the proceedins if nothin’ more than to catch a snippet or two.

* Shukie nodded to Kajika at his words, “You are WolfSpirit, and now known to all as WolfSpirit, Caretaker in Training.” she would be a hard task master from this point on to ensure the brute would come to learn of all the duties required of this rank. “If you should find, at any time, you are not suited for this position or no longer able to carry it on, speak up rather than keep it to yourself.” With a pause she fixed her gaze upon the assembled wolves, “I present to you, Kajika, Careatker in Training of WolfSpirits.” Her gaze fell upon Kajika once again, “You may now introduce yourself as WolfSpirits Caretaker in training.” With ath she would do that tap tap dance beside Atraya, a low toned howl would form and issue to the heavens and beyond.

* Atraya upon Kajika’s approval of the role he was to be given, she smiled and gave a nod. When Shukie made it so, her paw came up to gently stomp on the stone beneath her and she let off a few barking chuffs for Kajika. She was glad to see where he’s come from and where he will go. She felt there was no one better suited then Kajika.

* kamaitachi would let out a chuff. Ignoring the pain. She was happy for kajika and she could soon talk to him after the meeting.

* Ayaka too would find Phoenix’s scent hovering nearby, and when she glanced in the direction it seemed to waft from she’d perhaps glimpse his frame a’pickin at a burr of some sort? He was a unique one to say the least, and she’d keep an ear on him now, though he seemed well mannered as far as she could tell as yet. Turning her hues back to Kajika she would wag at his opportunity, for it was a good one for the pack as well. Caretakers seemed to be in constant demand within the wolfspirits pack. We’re they just gluttons for punishment? She would chuff and yip/howl for the brute as he was promoted!

* Kova ‘s eyes would befall Shukie and Kajika and when it was announced he was to take up a role as a Caretaker in training she couldn’t be happier. She let loose a few barking howls in return for Kajika advancement! When celebrations would simmer down her hues fell to Phoenix who would be watching from a distance. Herm. She nosed Ayaka lightly as if to point in said direction – a sharp eye no doubt kept on him. He seemed harmless and in all honesty, enjoyed the stories shared. Little tid bits of information could be gathered from him. Even if in some small measurement.

* Darth would join the course howl in congratulating Kajika on a further promotion, he had been helped by the brute before, and would be in need of his help still. And he would take care of the role with excellence.

* skydancer lifts her muzzle in a congratulatory howl and only afterward does she turn her head, if only briefly to make sure of the wandering brutes location before shifting her attention back to the meeting.

* Shukie would take a half step back even as she gazed out, a gentle shoulder nudge to Atraya

* Atraya when all the calls of joy would recede to the skies once more she would dip her head upwards to address the pack. She would allow Kajika to take his place once more among the fold. There was no particular place she ‘looked’ but simply ahead. Ahead is where they where going. “Ayaka… please come forward.”

* Kwa`ani lifted her muzzle in congrat’s to Kajika, her tail wagging gently as the meeting continued leaning against her sister slightly just glad Fianna was beside her.

* Kajika couldn’t hold back a smile even as he dipped his head out of respect in receiving the title. He could hear the seriousness in her tones when she addressed his desire to stay in the position and he would heed it should he feel he was not fit for it. He wouldn’t forget to mention the training part when introducing himself moving forward, but maybe that might spark up some conversation between him and whoever he was treating that might also branch off to other subjects. He glanced around for a moment and would take his place back amongst the rest of the pack, his tail flopping against the ground every few moments as he saw Ayaka replace him in the middle of the group.

* Ayaka *replace* might not be quite correct, for Ayaka knew she could not fill the caretaker roll that Kajika now strove to learn and perfect, but as she did move forward she would stand on all fours just below Atraya and lift her muzzle to glance respectfully at the lead fae. “Yes Alphess?” She spoke to a sure Atraya that she had come forward, curious as to the reason.

<Faolan> It was just as he thought before. Bête comme tout…dey a crazy bunch. He could see it was a happy occasion, but his wasn’t the place to add a tone to the chorus. Nah, he’d just settle for something particularly peculiar he’d picked up along the way. He’d stamp his paw on the snow-melt laden ground beneath him a few times like someone not quite havin’ picked up on the custom. Two left paws if you will…

* Kwa`ani nudged her sister, “remember when we didn’t know what an assessment was and such and all the names we had for them and what it really meant to be pack… we’ve come a long ways, sister mine.”

* kamaitachi nosed kajika as he padded past “I need your help after” she whispered before looking back and looking to ayaka now

* Kova when all the howls and yips came to an end she would once more become that stoaic fae, ever observant. She tilted her nose to the side some as if to take yet another draught of air but her attention now withdrew from Kajika to Ayaka. She blinked and now, turned a curious gaze to her.

* Atraya waited for Shukie to indicate to her that she had in fact come forward before she proceeded with equally as light tones, yet, there was weight behind them. If only to really convey the emotion of it. “Ayaka you have been a member of WolfSpirits for many many years and throughout your time here you’ve shown nothing but heart, loyalty, true courage and the spirit of one who not only see’s the well being of the pack of the utmost importance, but the well being of ones self. You have offered courage when there was none. You have offered insight when others had faltered to see any. You have wisdom and shared experiences that afford to you a position within the pack that is, and should be recognized beyond a huntress. You have been an active voice and comfort to all here. Ayaka…. this pack needs additional leadership and you’ve shown yourself worthy of such a potential role. Shukie and I would like to have the honor of offering you the position of Delta. To nuture potential leadership. This position is one of high importance and duty. It is to foster the knowledge and ways of leadership. To guide and uphold the ways in more depth then any other. It is to be the right paw of the Beta and Alpha when needed. I ask you now, Ayaka, do you accept this position?” little did Ayaka know that throughout her time in WolfSpirits, even holding a rank or not, she had forged herself into a strong wolf. Her adventures and pack activities had led her to this moment. Her character continues to develop but she had seen within her a great potential. Much as she see’s in Shukie. She would also allow pause for Shukie to add anything she desired to as well.

* Kova could feel the strumming of her heart like the beating of a drum. She was proud. Her chest swelled outwards as her tail could not contain it’s simple yet happy wave. Her eyes often darted to Phoenix and perhaps she caught sight of his ‘paw stamping’. Something familiar to her. Now she had to fight the urge to talk with him, as she retreated her gaze from the story telling male to her sister,  Ayaka. This truly was a monumental moment for the pack.

* Shukie again moved beside, only slightly back as she watched Ayaka be called forward, her tail swaying gently, outwardly no more so than normal. When the fae stood before them she simply nodded her head, her expression giving away nothing. After Atraya spoke, she would add her own words, “You took over for me so long ago for what was expected to be only a few days. You saw to the pack, stepped up to lead them while there was no one to lead. The path you walked was such that we found out Alphess and rescued her, almost entirely without input from me in the doing so. I have every faith in you that should you accept this most serious of positions that you shall fill it well.” she paused just a bit, “Should you accept, I shall guide you as needed and expect you to continue to act in my place or Atraya’s should we both be gone to take care of the pack and all it’s needs. Think long and hard and as with Kajika, should you find it does not suit you, speak up for your thoughts on a particular wolf’s rank may not be what is desired by said wolf.” her tones were serious, gentle yet punctuated.

* Ayaka would feel surprise nearly gobsmack her for she hadn’t expected the position of Delta to be offered. She would listen closely to both Atraya and Shukie’s words of offering, closely inspecting her ideals, strengths, and weaknesses as she thought about the path before her. Lifting her head to meet Shukie’s gaze for a moment, then scanning Atraya’s frame she would lower her head in humility and respect. “I am honored by the offer, for I feel I have done no more than I should have. I will gladly accept the role you offer, and I will continue to do as I have done, and as always look for ways to grow. Shukie and Atraya you have long been friends and mentors to me, as well as my leaders, and I look forward to growing and learning even as I step up. ” The words were not adequate, she thought, to put into reality how she felt, yet she was honored all the same.

* Atraya her tail brushed the air slowly before stilling. Words from the heart. That was all she needed to hear. There would be a final firm nod of her head and she rose a paw up “Then, let it be known from this day forward that you may introduce yourself as Ayaka, WolfSpirits Delta! May your path be true, and your spirit truerer.” her paw came down to stomp and she offered forth the winds yet another howl.

* kamaitachi would let out a howl. She hasn’t gotten to know ayaka that well but she was the right wolf for the position. She let out a howl her tail thumping on the ground. Only after a while did she stop and curl het tail again around her paws.

* Kova couldn’t contain the excitement for her sister Ayaka and her advancement! Her tail quickly waved behind her and her front paws came up and down as she ‘danced’ with glee to her new role. She let loose a howl as well.

* Kajika couldn’t agree more with Shukie’s words. He had seen firsthand how Ayaka stepped forward and led the rest of them on their way here. She had kept them together as best as she could but more importantly moving and now seeing her fulfilling the role of Delta was a fitting title for the fae and he let his howl show how much he wanted to see her succeed in her new role as much as he hoped he would.

* Shukie nodded in Atraya’s direction know the fae wouldnot see it and to Ayaka. “You take over a position I once held. There will be much responsiblity placed upon your shoulders, responsibliity I have every faith you shall excell in. I am here to help and guide during this time of transition.” With that her own front paws trampled the stone’s surface and would howl in joyful recognition of all the fae had done for the pack and would, no doubt, continue to do.

* Darth would yip and bark as Ayaka was announced to be a Delta, he had talked to the fae on a number of occasions and knew that her leader skills were very well versed, and that she was a great choice for the position.


* Ayaka would not partake in the howls now sung for her but would nod and bow respectfully to those before her as she thought on the path now set before her. Finally she would turn and take her place back beside Kova, curling her tail near her paws, and glancing down at the key that was there still. She would wait to bring it up, until the time was right. For now.sbe would lean to Nose Kova, her excitement showing some finally as she wagged furiously for a moment.

<Faolan> A quick paw stamp as a matter a courtesy was given to another round a happy and well said notions. He had met a few a these fae’s before and so was not receiving any priveleged information or a free story for his presence. It was nice and all, ain’t no denying that, but he was more accutely aware a the scents that passed his way. Bit a blood; dried…old. Most a scent a wolf, but there was a faint scent a skin like vestige of those doux parfum…sickly sweet but fleeting. It was gone as it was there… Curious, cher

* skydancer ears perk up at that promotion and though surprised by it she can understand why it was offered to ayaka.the fea had proven herself more then once. lifting her head along with the others she let’s her voice ring against the mountain.

* Shukie would call Ayaka back and to take her place to her side beside the stone for as Delta this was her new place in meetings and such, beside herself and the alpha(s). She would await Atraya to continue the meeting once Ayaka took her rightful and earned place as a leader of the pack.

* Kova swung her tail ever so softly behind her and nosed Ayaka. Thoughts of her own role in the pack seemingly washing across her features in thought but would be gone when Ayaka joined her. It was there again…. a tickle. She wiggled her nose this way and that to the smell of a wolf. It was Phoneix but then, not? Another drifted across her senses but before she could even discern who it was …it was gone.

* Atraya when the calls of joy would settle she would dip her head once more to Ayaka, allowing her to take a position closer to the Beta and Alpha. There was much need for them now more then ever and as active as the pack has been, it would be fruitful. She cleared her throat all the while pushing past the occasional throb to her face with all the talking. “I would like to assign the roles now for the plan we discussed earlier. Ayaka… you will choose two wolves to accompany you back to the old territory. I would like a full report of what you find. All the details you can offer. Kajika… I wish you to choose either one or two other’s to join you to head north east. Report back of any food sources you may find. Down to the smallest mole.”

* Ayaka would have just sat down when she would be called back to sit in a new position, one that she took with the seriousness which it deserved, and she would settle there, with the key, to watch the rest of the proceedings. When Atraya assigned her roles, she would nod, then speak her acceptance. “Of course Alphess.” The journey would likely be a quicker one than had their initial journey, yet all the same it would be a fairly long undertaking. She would do it gladly, as well for the chance to.see their old homeland once more before bidding it farewell.for a time.

* Kajika toned down the excitement and celebrations to listen to Atraya’s instructions for him and Ayaka. Since he would only be taking one, maybe two, he would give a slight nod to her indicating that she could pick first, and probably the more able-bodied wolves among them if she could. He wouldn’t be hunting since his instructions were only to report back anything that he found, so he could possibly pick even an injured wolf and travel at a slower pace if need be. Really quickly he did just glance around to see who all was there and who was around the area if not here at this very moment.

* Atraya wouldn’t be blind to the smell and scents thereon the wind. Her nose tipped up and Phoenix’s scent would be among them. She gave but a ‘tip’ of her nose in his direction and if he happened to catch sight, he would know that she was aware of his presence. Who, however, did -that- scent belong? It came and went like a fleeting fish from a diving Osprey. She flicked an ear once before turning ‘ahead’. She awaited them to choose their party members. She needed to know who was going and who stayed.

* skydancer ears perk up so fast at the mention of not one but two scouting trips that she almost sprains something. both sounding good for their own reason. the chance to go back to see the packlands again perhapseven talk to her old friend or a trip into the unknown also very compelling.

* Shukie nodded at Atraya’s selection of Ayaka to return for the fae knew the way and would have the quickest time of it. “Aya, I recommend not marking the main territory but looking it over, and only leaving very strong markers and paw scratchings and the like to guiede any that might come after your visit, especially should it be Faolan or Rook that returns that they can inf fact find us all easily.” she was ever hopefull the the duo’s return yet hope was all she had for now.

* Shukie would again step forward, “I have a few things to pass on.” She would wait til she had everyone’s attention which would also afford the two tasked with duties to ponder who to select. She looked to Atraya then back to the pack. “Our alpha is without sight, something we all must strive to help her ‘see’ by being very articulate in any and everything until she comes into her own. She is now and still remains our only Alpha. When approaching speak don’t just nod, make your presence known. We are All her eyes now. Soon her other senses will grow stronger in compensation and we must do all we can to aid her during this time.” her tones carried the seriousness of what she now required. “It will take everyone time to adjust. Strangers are not to be afforded the knowledge of her blindness for that would be a weakness others see to challenge.”

* Atraya an ear turned to Shukie’s added statement. There would be no emotional expression from her for it was all felt within. Like the stoking of a red hot fire, constantly lapping at her inner self, she would keep it at bay. Like a skilled blacksmith never letting the embers spell. No…she couldn’t. There would be a given nod and a tail wave of appreciation for the shared sentiment. “Thank you all for being patient.”she added, allowing Kajika and Ayaka more time.

* kamaitachi looked to shukie and nodded. She would help her alpha anytime she needed it.

* Shukie saw kamaitachi’s nod, ” kamaitachi, Atraya cannot see your nod, only I can. Soon tho, she will likely see much no of us can, an added strength.” And would await the fae to respond appropriately, otherwise she remained beside Atraya, “Want I should take one or two that remain and see about prey that might be lingering nearby?” She too had caught scent of the stranger she had not met, seeking his frame in the distance doubting he was visible now, but who knows. To Atraya, “I have yet to meet this ‘story teller, what of him. I recognize his scent. from the other day.”

* kamaitachi looked to shukie “oops sorry, alpha atraya I will be your eyes whenever you need them.” This would take a little to get used to but it was already setting in

<Faolan> Nah, that scent wasn’t anything he brought or recognized save for the familiarity of it to his own story. There was somethin’a human make beyond the hewn stone n’ that was a story he was ripe to hear. Best keep it together, cher. They keep on lookin’ dis way like I a hungry guest at a small dinner.

* Ayaka would have lingered in her choice only because it was a long journey, and she would not want to have it stall, and would avoid what problems she could by being wise, now. Finally though she would rise and nod to Shukie. ” Good idea, thank you.” She offered, then, she would scan those around her, and her gaze found Kova. The recent bear fight had taken alot out of her spirit sister, and though the fae had been her first thought, she would perhaps hope to let any muscles or other things that may have been injured, have a little more time heal. “Darth and Kwa`ani will be my choice for the journey back.” She would offer. Then look to Kajika, “unless you have reasons for needing one of them with you?”
* Atraya shifted her paws beneath her quietly before nodding to Shukie “That will work just as fine.” should Kajika and Ayaka find more suitable pairs to go on said adventures and tasks. She did think on Kajika and his ‘herb’ collection. No doubt a good idea to restock with even as little as he could physically carry back with. She nudged Shukie lightly when she asked of the male. “He is a wanderer of sorts. He requires a story for a story. The ones he’s given have offered insight and information… I think he might have an idea of where either Rook or maybe Faolan reside. I’m not sure just yet…” her tones low and a whisper. When Ayaka offered up to those she’d take, she dipped her head. She would await Kajika’s response in kind.

* Kwa`ani had not spent much time with anyone over the last long while aside from blabber mouth. The term was now an affectionate one of respect and admiration for all the teaching given to her. She lowered her head at mention of her mum’s loss of sight then again lifted it almost right away. As Ayaka selected her to return she would respond, “Yes, My Delta. I would be glad to accompany you and help guide any straglers back.” SHe really hoped Ayaka didn’t fall off any cliffs into wild rapids and lose her memory too. “Just don’t go near any cliff edges. Please.” her tones were in jest yet serious too. “When would you like to head out?”

* Kajika kept one ear on the conversation, nodding thoughtfully at their words of caution for keeping their secret… well a secret for a long as they could. As Ayaka selected the two that she would be traveling with, he made his selection on the basis that he would only be scouting and coming back, a much shorter distance but also one that he was not familar with. “And I will be taking Skydancer and Nightshade with me,” he stated. He would make brief eye contact with Sky to let her know that she would be going to be expanding their knowledge on the territory around them as it was while Ayaka and her group returned to the Pack’s previous territory. Even if it was one unbeknownst to them, he felt assured that together, they would navigate their way around safely and possibly discover a few things aside from the fauna that lived here. At Kwa`ani’s question of when they would be heading back, he would listen up to hear the response since he knew that some would likely need to get some rest before then.

* Ayaka would answer her question, after she listened to Kajika to select his own group, nodding to Kwa`ani as she did so. “I would like a day or two to consider the best path back, as well perhaps to find something to eat before we go, as we don’t know what we will find along the way. We will look to depart the day after tomorrow if all goes well, if not, the following day.”

* Kova would swing her tail when Ayaka looked upon her and when her name wasn’t called forth she simply gave a nod of understanding. Despite the desire and need to fulfill a part in all of this, she would know her own place within the pack and offered herself as such. Whatever any of them needed she would do and be there for. Seeing as her name was not called she heard “buzz”, well, more like heard it in her head. The scent nagged her. Nagged her something fierce to the point she could no longer ignore it. All the same as she couldn’t ignore a fly buzzing right in her ear drum. She politely and quietly excused herself from the gathered and would retreat just behind the ruins. The voices of the others in the meeting still carried to her off the stone walls so she didn’t miss the meeting or it’s importance. Quick where her paws as she aimed to close the distance between herself and Phoenix. A chuff was made to announce herself. “A nice spot to view, is it not?”

* Atraya gave a nod to the pair “Your party has been chosen. If you change your mind, please let either I or Shukie know before you head out.” she said in lightened tones before addressing the rest of the pack. “Is there anything else anyone desires to bring up at this meeting before it is called?”

* skydancer sits quietly then makes a soft noose agreement to sukies words. ‘no need to brandy it about.” she says though how such a thing can be hidden for very long is a mystery to her but maybe the beta has some ideas. as ayaka makes her choice her attention she is careful to maintain a calm appearance simply shifting her attention to kajika as he speaks up then dips her muzzle in quiet acceptance.

* kamaitachi froze a moment “alpha, I’m nervous to say this, but I was hoping I would rank up with my brother. Is there anything I need to work on to become an assessment?” She would lower her frame in respect though she could not see her do so

<Faolan> Bonjour, cher he called to Kova when she was near enough to hear it and for it not to be so much of a distraction to the other chatter. It’s a spot as any else. I see n hear a story; get a promise a few others. The plans a who stays and who goes was no matter to him. The players changed, but the story wound on. That said, he was happy for a spot a company I take it you and yo’ kin are stayin’ a spell? Fine enough, but the winters up here are somethin’ brutal.

* Atraya ‘s face turned in the direction of a voice and question. An ear flicked to the sound of kamaitachi. “To become an assessment requires the presence of a pledge. Perhaps by the call of next meeting, I will scent you more among the gathered so that assessment can be acheived.” her tail remained still. There wasn’t more she could say on it. Those to whom placed well tracks among the pack and home would find their paths continue upon that trail to the pack as home.

* Ayaka would pause, awaiting kamaitachi’s question to be answered before speaking up as well. “Alphess, beta. I still have the unused key we found within the caverns, do you have any instruction regarding it? Any idea what we should do with it?”

* Atraya shifted her head to ‘look’ where Ayaka was. She hummmed quietly before looking ahead of her again. “I ask that you leave it here with Shukie. We will take care of it while you are away and perhaps even still, find it’s use.”

* kamaitachi looked to her “I understand. I thought I was well know for going on this journey. I will try to make my presence known more” though how much more she didn’t know

* Kova would give a quiet nod of her head to his words “We are. For a spell..” she turned to look from the gathered to Phoenix for a moment. What scents did he harbor? If any she would try and pick up on them before returning her gaze back to the gathered just a stones throw away. “I wonder how many stories we’ll get from all that is shared tonight?”

* Darth ‘s heart would sink as he heard his sister would not be promoted, he whined a bit in sadness; and would approach to nuzzle her if she were to return.

* Shukie spoke, she fell quiet after indicating she had nothing to add for the time being. At her sisters departure she whispered to Atraya, “Kova seems to be off about something. Perhaps, Phoenix?” At kamaitachi’s request her fur bristled to hear one request rank. She said nothing as Atraya addressed the fae, she herself have few insights or sights of the fae. “When the Alpha’s or I feel one is ready to advance we will make it known. This is a time to prove yourself of true desire to become a WolfSpirit other than for your brother’s sake.” To Atraya, a gentle nudge of her shoulder, “Prepare for what is to come, take nothing for granted, even the smallest thing might be what makes the difference. Let us close the meeting.” Awaiting Atraya’s final closing call.

* Ayaka would dip her head to the answer from Atraya and took that moment to deposit the key at Shukie’s paws before returning to her own place beside the stone. She would await what any other’s had to say, all the while taking note of Kova as she moved off. Had she offended her sister in not choosing her? She worried some at that and would seek to speak with her soon.

* Fianna would have been listening attentively to all that had been said and discussed, to the alotted roles, and as her sister was chosen for the journey back, she would nose Kwa`ani, sorry that the fae would leave her again do soon, yet such parting seemed to be fated for the pair. Still, she would do her best for the pack.while she remained behind. “I will keep a close watch over mama. And take care to be here for her.” She assured the fae as the meeting concluded.

* Darth would, at the end of the meeting approach towards the new Delta Ayaka and chuff to her as he approached.


* Atraya would brush her nose along Shukie’s fur ever so gently as she responded in kind to kamaitachi. She seemed to give kamaitachi a gentle nod in return before she looked out towards Ayaka and then the rest. She would gently stomp her paw “This concludes tonights meeting. We will have another soon. Please be ready for I will be calling on those who are to stay behind for various tasks.” she took into account the absence of another to talk to said wolf and gave no mention nor nod of it just yet. She simply took the observation as it was given.

May 5, 2020

Pack Meeting #198

February 25, 2020 in Meeting, Pack Meeting

Pack Meeting #197

Meeting Notes February 25th, 2020 WolfSpirits celebrates it's 18th year anniversary! Check out the daily stats of our OOC channel here!  Attendance: @Atraya @Ayaka @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Kajika @Shukie %Shakira…
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January 24, 2020 in Meeting, Pack Meeting

Pack Meeting #196

Meeting Notes January 24th, 2020 Shakira becomes Pledge Announcement that WolfSpirits 18th year anniversary will be February 25th! A poll will be setup in the coming days to get times/days…
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October 11, 2019 in Meeting, Pack Meeting

Pack Meeting #195

Meeting Notes October 11th, 2019 Atraya addresses the pack and informs them that they will be moving back home in the day Kajika becomes pack Caretaker Rune becomes Pledge Emunah…
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August 19, 2019 in Meeting, Pack Meeting

Pack Meeting #194

Meeting Notes August 19th, 2019 OOC: Discussed the website and user profiles / pages OOC: Discussed promotions and ranks OOC: Discussed website issues and that they'll be addressed asap OOC:…
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Pack Meeting #192

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Thank you everyone who attended our pack meeting!

 Meeting Notes

  • Date: March 14th, 2019
  • Shukie leads the pack meeting
  • Kwa`ani is promoted to Assessment
  • It’s announced that assessments will now receive the % symbol while in the channels
  • The pack discusses their temporary (or maybe final) move out of the territory to seek more fruitful hunting grounds as well as missing members

WolfSpirits 17th Year Anniversary!

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Dear WolfSpirits Family,

Today February 25th, 2019 marks WolfSpirits 17th year sense it was born and forged from two sisters Kovo & Spirit looking to share their love for wolves and the spirit within.

How can one even begin to put into words the grandeur of humble and happiness that WolfSpirits has brought to so many in such a long time.



Atraya / Kovo
Alpha of WolfSpirits

Pack Meeting Log Begins

* Atraya had fallen asleep a top the Alpha’s rock and only now did she begin to stirr from her brief slumber. She yawned and shook her pelt out quietly before she rose to all fours and looked about her to see just who was near or around. There would be a wag of her tail to indicate, perhaps in a while, some excitement. She would let loose into the air a howl for a gathering.
* Darth would hear a howl that sounded like t had come from the stone structure; He got up and stretched out before starting to head toward the stone to see what was going on. He looked back to his sister for a moment and called to her; “Kamaitachi, wanna come with me to check out the howl?” He would ask.
* Shukie stirred slowly, a long wide-mouthed yawn escaped her muzzle as she rose, stretching everywhich way, ears focusing upon the direction from which the alpha howl was, as expected, near the alpha stone. Once she stood fully she answered with a howl of her own, taking a slow visual..what was visible, of the clearing moving toward Atraya.
* Kajika woke up with a start and his heart racing. He made it to the edge of the stream earlier when he was about to go about circling the edge of the clearing to see if anyone was stirring, but this was now hours ago he realized as the light was already starting to fade from the sky. The howl that woke him was close, very close and he whipped around and his head made half of a rotation around before the figure at the top of the Alpha Stone caught his attention. From the white pelt alone and position on top of the stone, he could already tell that it was Atraya calling the Pack together for a meeting. He stretched quickly, releasing the snow that wasn’t shaken off with his initial jump. He took a place close to the Stone and would watch as others would trickle out of their nearby surroundings.
* Kwa`ani flattened her ears at the sound of the alpha call and not long after the beta’s. With a brisk shake she followed the well worn path around the southern end of the lake that would lead her to the clearing. The scent of Shukie would meet her first, then that of Atraya. Once she reached the two fae’s she lowered her head in respectful greeting. The odd male she’d roamed a bit with was near to which she moved over near Kajika, perhaps spotting one of the huntress’.
* Kova wouldn’t have been far from the pack’s clearing now and would have heard her Alpha’s call. She promptly began to make her way towards the clearing and in. Once there, she would smile to any and all who resided before taking a gentle seat near the front, tail waving at the potential festivities.
* Atraya as her howl would die she would take note of all the wolves whom where present. She would smile and dip her head, seating herself on the rock surface. “Salutations and well met all. As you know tonight is a special night. Tonight is a night where we recall the past and embrace all that has been from then, to now. The evolution and growth of this pack. The continuation of this pack and so much more..” her hues scanned across all the others before she saw Kajika among them. She smiled and chuffed for the male to step forward. Her ears turned to Shukie and she dipped her head warmly to her Beta.
* Darth would arrive at the stone and would find a place to settle down in among the other wolves of the pack, same he had met, and others he had not. atop the rock was the alpha he had met, He would sit on his hind quarters.
* Shukie settled beside the alpha rock, dippign her head to Atraya and as she listened to the fae call forth Kajika she gave a slight nod, ears perked forward also taking in the current arrivals, a male she didn’t yet know andone of the alpha pups.
* Kwa`ani watched as Atraya began the meeting wondering at the comments made, her eyes the only thing moving which watched Kajika
* skydancer perking her ears at atraya’s howl she blinks the sleep out of her eyes and rises to all fours before padding out into the clearing and toward the Rock ears swiveling alertly though with the amount of wolves around at the moment not even a bear will be silly enough to come near them.
* Kajika blinked as she greeted them all and would first motion for him to step forward. Raising up from where he was seated, he made his way over to the bottom of the Alphas’ Rock, aware that there were eyes on him from nearly every direction as his excitement warmed up his chest considerably.
* Atraya would dip her head to the male as he would approach before she continued. “Kajika..” she began as she adjusted her paws before her in a more comfortable manner. “You have been a pledge and assessment with us for a very long while now and I would like to ask you now… throughout your time here in WolfSpirits, do you feel that this pack is in fact your home?”
* Shukie paid quiet attention to both wolves, the tip of her tail moving slightly as she awaited the male’s response.
* Darth would watch as the male he had seen a few days ago walked up towards the stone as the alpha began to ask him her question. he waited to hear what the brute had to say as he observed the occasion.
* Kwa`ani watche solemly as Kajika was upon center stage at the moment. The fly in the spider’s trap came to mine then a brief shake of her head dispelled the thought
* skydancer ears swivels forward as she spots kajika moving forward and picks up her pace a little o close he distance in time before picking a spot to sit.
* Kajika nodded his head and even though he felt like nothing needed to be said, he still affirm that he believed that he found his new home. “Yes, it is my desire to be called a member of this Pack, and to proudly call all of you my packmates.” As he said this, he glanced around him and a breath of contentment passed his muzzle. “As I seek to better myself to assist the Pack in whatever ways I can.”
* Atraya offering a quiet nod of her head to his words she would smile before addressing all the others in the pack “My mother formed this pack 17 years ago today and her dream was to continue a legacy and creed for years and years to come. With that dream came asking all the prospecting wolves these very things.” she turned to Kajika “As you have shown yourself and proven yourself worthy with true heart and spirit, I would like to ask you Kajika, if you are willing to uphold and reinforce the rules and creed of our way. To be true to yourself and to your heart. To your family and to your pack. Are you willing to uphold these ways of our pack?”
* Kwa`ani blinked realizing she knew that but to hear it said, her mother’s mother began what she has always considered home. It was the fact of it being this very day years ago making a mental note to do her best to remember. A wide smile stretched across her muzzle.
* Shukie noticed skydancer’s arrival and at Atraya’s words, the significance of todays meeting, a celebration to be had for sure.
* Kajika listened to her words, each one falling to his ears as if he were getting a brief history of the Pack that he hoped would now be known to him as the day he became a member of it. He understood the gravity of the question and still he was able to breathe in and reply in a voice that resonated his assurance in his answer. “Yes I am willing to follow and ensure that these rules are carried on throughout these lands.”
* Atraya another nod was given in the wake of his words as she would smile all the same. “As all lay witness to Kajika’s heart and pledge to this pack, I would like to have the honor of naming him a full member of WolfSpirits. Welcome home Kajika. You may now introduce yourself as such to all you meet.” there would be a slow breath taken before she rose her head up and let loose a howl for Kajika, the newest member of WolfSpirits!
* Shukie ‘s tones echoed right after Atraya’s, tap tapping her front paws upon the snowy grounds. Once her tones ended, “Welcome! WolfSpirit!” Stepping forward to nuzzle the male before stepping back into her place once again.
* Darth would look to the wolf called Kajika and he would bow his head in respect to the new member of the pack.
* skydancer lifts her muzzle to let out a congratulatory howl.
* Kova would smile and let loose a howl for the new member of WolfSpirits! She was excited to see the pack begin to rebuild it’s numberss!
* Kwa`ani sang out congrats, suddenly all bouncy from the ceremony. He was now pack. One day, perhaps she too would be. She noticed both skydancer and Kova entering the throng of howls as well. She kept an ear toward the stranger tho, attention still upon the alphess
* Kajika wagged his tail enthusiastically as she named him a member of the pack and as others joined in on the howling, he would only wait a moment before he lifted his muzzle for the joyous occasion. Just as it would start to die down, he would make his way back to join the rest of those gathered, brushing a few shoulders with his own or his nose as he passed. This was only the first event of the evening and he couldn’t wait to see what else was next.
*kamaitachi realized from all the howls something was going on and when she saw the gathered wolves she paused til she saw her brother and snuck through to sit by him “what’s going on?” She said nervously
* Darth looked to his sister who had just joined in the gathering; “Some kind of meeting of the pack. The wolf they call Kajika was just announced as a new pack member.” He said to try to catch her up.
* Atraya when the howls of excitement would die down she would offer forth to the others and look to all that where gathered. “Does anyone wish to request to join before I continue on with this meeting?” silvery hues would leer out with a thoughtful gaze.
* Darth would once again look to his sister; he gave a nod asking if she was ready to approach.
*kamaitachi would stand up with her brother and move forward
* Darth would look to the alpha as they approached the stone. “My sister and I would like to join the pack; if you will have us. I think I can speak for both of us that we would like to call this pack and this family as our home.” He said before bowing his head in respect as he awaited the alphas response.
* Atraya an ear flicked towards the sound of movement against the snow that still held it’s icy grip upon the landscape. She would perk her ears forward seeing two figures making their way to the rock. She glanced at Shukie before turning back to the pair. “I’m sure that you both can speak for yourselves” she said in a light tone. She didn’t mind the eagerness at all, and in fact, was excited, but her hues would be light all the same and curious “Tell me, why do you wish to join WolfSpirits?”
* Shukie watched as the two wolves moved forward knowing no one could truly speak commitment for another. So they were brother and sister, she deduced from the request. The fae would need to make her own declaration to join, presuming the male intended only to include her as he spoke. She took in the two new comers scents nodding to both as she gave attention to the alpha, tail swishing
* Shukie across the crusted snow. The season at hand always made for contensious times and attitudes with strangers. Outwardly none of her thoughts would show.
* Kwa`ani perked, sensing she was not going to be the only pledge any more with Kajika’s promotion to full member.
* Kajika as Atraya’s eyes scanned over those gathered, Kajika took notice of the two that stepped forward. He could recognize the scent of the wolf that he briefly got to see not too long ago, but this new wolf that was with him, he couldn’t identify from scent nor sight. Maybe he would get the chance to greet them after the meeting concluded. But for now, he just took a seat and would
* Kajika continue to watch the proceedings as they unfolded in front of him.
<`Raven> <Larka> *kamaitachi sipped her head ” we never had a home or wolves as family. We only know cages and death. But I like what I’ve seen and though I have a lot to learn about surviving in the wild, I think I can learn that here. And hopefully become more confident.” She would look up to the alpha. Nervous of all the eyes upon her and the attention
* Kova an ear turned towards the two new wolves. She met Darth but would not have met the female beside him. She flicked an ear curiously at the fae but would watch none the less. She would be excited to see more grow and evolve with the pack.
* Darth would listen to the alpha and would think for a moment before he spoke his answer to her. “In the short time that we have been here in this territory, and meeting and speaking to many of the pack members. This pack is everything that I could dream for a pack and a place to call home. I have tried to make myself available to help the pack whenever possible and have done my best to try and learn the packs way of life. I have tried to I have tried to learn what I can, never knowing the wild until recently. but I have the will to learn everything I can.” He said, as if trying to plead his case to the alpha. He kept standing and would no doubt bow his head once again.
* Atraya would look between the gathered pair and would offer a nod to them quietly. “As pledges of WolfSpirits you will learn our ways, creed and our pack. You will better familiarize yourself with those you wish to call family and a place to call home. Are you willing to do what it takes to learn our ways and rules, to uphold our laws and to ensure that you follow your heart to ensure this is the path it desires to take?”
<Larka> Kamaitachi bowed her head “it is alpha.” It was all she could say
* Shukie nodded as she listened to the two newcomers’ responses and the interchange with Atraya, many she had witnessed in the past. It was always good to see the pack grow.
* Kwa`ani listened to the alphess noting the differences between Kajika’s promotion and the acceptance of the two new wolves as pledges, so very similar to her own pledgings, ears pointed forward even as cast anothher congratulatory glance to Kajika, recalling her days fighting for the top of the alpha rock with her siblings.
* Darth would listen to every word the alpha spoke; thinking for a moment before speaking. “Yes, my alpha. I am willing to take that journey and learn about the pack.” was all he was able to say; now realizing everyone’s eyes on them.
* Atraya gave a nod to both Darth and his sister, Kamaitachi. “Then as all lay witness to their words and heart to this pack, I would like to name Darth and Kamaitachi pledges of WolfSpirits” her paw would rise up, much like her mates fashion, then come down upon the stone and stomp, making it so.
* Shukie taptappered her own paws in welcome to the two wolves that she’d not yet met but would in short order.
* Kwa`ani yipped as the two strangers were welcomed, tail wagging excitedly. She wondered where they came from.
* Kova would let loose a few barking chuffs to the pair, welcoming the new pledges into the fold!
* Kajika smiled as he heard the request of these two, deciding to leave the struggle of having just each other in order to join the Pack and become part of a family again, one that he knew very well at this point. His tail would be getting a workout all on its own as it started to sway back and forth at the newly made Pledges. He would enjoy getting to know each of them in time.
* Darth would feel excitement as he heard the alpha accept him and his sister’s request. He looked around to the gathered wolves, making a mental note to who he still needed to meet and looked upon his soon to be family
* Atraya as the howls and chirps of excitement would fade she would offer forth a lightened dip of her head allowing the pair to take their place back among the others before she would look out “Usually during this time, we enjoy stories and sharing lore form the past and even present. Is there anything anyone desires to share?”
* Kamaitachi would nose her brother and wag her tail. she was happy to be accepted hopefully
<`Raven> <Larka> *larka would be nearby snoozing and listening. She had felt weak as of late and as she listened she looked to atraya. She slowly stood up and padded to The alpha. “May I speak?” She said politely. Her age was catching up to her and she sat looking to the alpha for a response
* Shukie let her gaze travel from one to the other of the pack and pledges, catching movement off to the side. She recognized the vocals tho rarely saw the fae.
* Kwa`ani ‘s head snapped around at the sound of a voice thinking another newbie was within their midsts. Now where’d this one come from she wondered,… not 1, not 2 but THREE stranges were here without her knowing it. She must have missed their tracks and scents when they arrived. For now, she’d remain quiet and just observe.
* Atraya would perk an ear towards Larka. She would not have noticed her even enter and so she would simply nod “of course”

* Kajika looked around amongst everyone else. He hadn’t come prepared with anything and wouldn’t share a half-thought out story or experience so he shook his own head slightly in response. But as he didn’t come up with anything, another wolf stepped forward and was yet another wolf that he didn’t recognize right away. But he sat up and leaned in a little closer as she was granted her wish of telling a story either of her past or of dreamed encounters.
<`Raven> <Larka> *dipped her head ” thank you. Now I have been around a long time and I called this home long ago when I was a pup. But now I am old and feeling less like a pup anymore. I might not be around much longer but it brings my heart joy to see this pack survive and bond through all the hardships. I’ve watched wolves come and go and have loved so many of them.but I fear this is my last season. I wish to let you all know that I could have asked for a better family then this pack here. So I wish that from now on if I’m allowed, I would spend the rest of my days telling my stories and just spending time with all of you. I’m stepping down now as an elder. I just want it known this pack will thrive forever. And I say don’t take anything for granted. Do what you want, follow your heart.” She paused as a tear streaked down her nose “and please never forget to say I love you to those you love. Don’t put it off til it’s to late. Live for today.” She would wrap up for the time being as she couldn’t think of more to say. “I’m glad to have you for family Nd I love you all” and with that she would move slowly back to her spot and curl up again looking to the alpha.
* Atraya would listen intently to the story that larka had to share. She would let loose a soft nod of her head and one that held the same sentiments she felt as well. She was sad to see that Larka was feeling the last of her days, but she was glad that she would revel in them, share them and love “Thank you for sharing that with us Larka. Who knows how many seasons we all truly have, but it is good to see that your heart has stayed true to your spirit. Thank you for doing what you have done for this pack and for so long. I know my mother would be proud to see one of her own” she smiled softly and dipped her head once more but as well sadden to hear that Larka felt she had not another season left.
* Kova would offer a look as well that held a saddness within them. Did a wolf really know when their time was near? She frowned at the thought an in that moment thought of her own mother, her sister. She would look ahead and peer towards Larka and then Atraya with softneed hues. She herself thought on sharing her own story.
* Shukie thought over the elder fae’s words nodding in agreement to much of what was said by larka and by atraya. As if sensing it, the bond with her sister pulled her eyes toward Kova, tail beginning to wag. “Well said, Larka. A good lesson not to take things for granted nor the time we are given”
* Kwa`ani cocked her head to the side at the old one’s words wondering just how one knew they were going to croak. That thought had formed overshadowing the rest of what the fae had said and by then the alpha spoke causing her to lose her concentration blinking several times.
* Kajika listened as this wolf gave them her words of advice, and even though this was his first time seeing her, he found that he could live up to these words just as he could everyday he was here to call this place home. He gathered that she was an elder by her appearance and regard that the others had for her and was overall delighted that he would also get to meet her and listen to her stories that she had to share as well as anyone else here for as long as she was able to tell them. He tried to memorize her pelt coloring so he could pick her out from the background of the Clearing or other nearby areas.
* Atraya would look towards the rest gathered and offered a curious chuff to the rest, her mind still upon Larka’s words. “Anyone else desires to share?”
* Atraya would offer a warm smile before dipping her head “I wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and everyone of you. Without your dedication, heart and soul we would surely not thrive and my mothers dream would have faded when she too had fallen to the earth and risen to the stars and sky. I look forward to seeing where this new year takes us. I feel that it will be a strong one yet!” she’d let loose a gentle howl, a howl for heart and spirit alike. For her family and for her pack. She knew they would live on forever.

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Wolfspirits 15 Year Anniversary

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WolfSpirits 15 Year Anniversary Celebration

Thank you to all who showed up to our anniversary and celebrated with us! There was much to share. Below you will find the log of our meetings, adventures, and lore! We had an amazing attendance today ranging from 15 – 22 wolves!


Begin Log – Attendance: 27 Wolves

* Atraya would have been within the clearing, conversing with several wolves when she turned her hues to the horizon now to see just who was about. A long wave of her tail was given before she would let loose a few low barks then rose her head up, letting loose a gentle howl. Perhaps to call forth a gathering.
* Lockewlf raises an eyebrow as his single ear swivels to the familiar sound of Atraya summoning the pack. he would take a moment to settle on his haunches and take a large breath of air before bellowing out his own howl of acknowledgement. He knew the time grew near, so many years have passed and even he would be remiss if he did not attend such a momentus event. He would rise to his swollen
* Lockewlf paws and broke into a slow lope, making his way through the trees separating the hunting lands from the clearing and emerged without his usual reserved silence. His head rose high as he strode towards the rock, only to see a strange figure in the distance.
* Skydancer when she spots the ancient Elder wolf she dips her muzzle to shukie rather abruptly and with her banner waving she heads toward him almost jogging and chuffs excitedly. hello Elder. she greets him respectfully wondering how he could Possibly be still alive.
* Kokuro was laying near clearings edge with RUne in converse when his Mother’s brought his head around to gaze upon her.
* CwnAnnwn turned back to his sister and returned her nosing lightly. “I have been around”, he would not elaborate further on that. Tilting his head at her comment, he turned his gaze back to the approaching male “I see” was all he would say as he watched the male close the gap. He was interrupted by the alpha female’s call for a gathering, turning his head to the alphas rock.
* Rune perks her ears to a howl from the center of the Clearing. “A meeting or lore night.” She takes a few steps towards Alpha Rock then turns to look at Kokuro. “Will you be attending?” She asks looking to Alpha Rock, suddenly remembering the tense issue that had unfolded there earlier an expression of unease spreads across her face.
* nalani ears swivel back. “I’m going to get some.” she wasn’t scared of wolves. it was probably a packmate, yup thatmust be it she decides her belly rumbling at the scent of the meat and she moves in caustious but unless someone stops her she digs right in *munch,munch* chew more more *munch all the while wagging her tail acrossthe snow.
* Nishanti would hear teh howl and look to the alpha gathering a meeting “well lets all gather around” she would say turning around towards the alpha hoping today would be the moment she had been waiting for since as long as she could remember hopefully to be one with the family once and for all
* Hutch would hear the howl to gather and would walk to the rock with Nishanti and CwnAnnwn.  He sits next to his court and listen for what the alphas have called a meeting for.
* Kokuro drawing his slim frame to standing he would shake the detris from his peltage , before nodding to the Caretaker to lead the way. “Of course I will be attending. Mother would skin me if I didn’t”
* Kwa`ani followed her sister’s example and settled at the dinner table quickly eating her fill, though in between looking around. At the growling she lept up turning to face the direction of the growls, puffing out her chest growling in response the meat falling from her maw as her ears flattened back, tail lifting.
* ApacheWolf stood up on all fours, tail level with her spine…
* Nov[a] ( has joined #wolfspirits
* Faolan hadn’t made an entrance into the clearing yet, let alone a grand one. Had he known what day this was? What would have kept him away from the festivities for so long through the day? All questions unanswered for as long as he remained away…and probably even afterwards. He had departed for the ancient forest and, as such, would be returning via the northwestern edge of the clearing. With so many wolves coming out of the woodwork he’d be forgiven for making his way towards Atraya at the sound of her howl.
* Noshoba would turn those oddly blue hues and the greet and allow a smile to come to fore. ” Hello daughter of my heart. I am glad to see you well. ” A nuzzle given in affection before turning to listen to the Alphas.
* Atraya would have waited for the other’s to make their entrances and gather. Her tail would quickly wave this way and that with anticipation and let loose a few more gruuuuing excited barks as she saw several start to appear. She’d see her mate among the gathered and waved her tail even faster.
* CwnAnnwn shook out his pelt and stretched sligthtly before he turned his frame to pad onwards to the alphas rock with his sister and her boy toy whom he wasn’t sure about yet, but figured his father must trust the male, so that would give some favour to the male.
* Skydancer reaches up to the Elder her banner low and waving in excitement but at the same time wondering how many more day´s she would have with him, he is far older then kova had been and she´d  already feared he might never return, except maybe… she remembers what he´d shown her. when the alphesses call sounds across the valley and she too turns toward the Rock.
* Shukie perked to the alpha’s call, her head tilting downwards even as her hind leg lift to scritch behind her ear then moving towards the alpha rock dipping her head in greetings to those she saw.
* Kwa`ani turned to her sister after the fae made her presense known. “If you grab a leg I’ll get the meat with the hide still?” looing at nalani.
* Nightstalker slipped silently into the clearing from the north, the old male padding steadily towards the alphas rock as he flicked his tail. He tilted his muzzle up slightly as he took in the scents of those gathered, picking out those he knew.
* Noshoba would nuzzle affectionately and chuff a greet to another of the packs old wolves.
* Lockewlf ‘s gaze moved as a chuff echoed to his one ear, his gaze settling upon the scarred, ancient but still recognizeable form of Noshoba. it was like lightning itself just struck Locke in the rump as the ancient wolf hopped to his paws and charged head-long at Noshoba. “NOSHOBA!”
* Rune notices an ancient figure in the Clearing, one she had not seen before. She perks her ears in curiosity but little to no distrust as the pack seemed to be very friendly towards him, his story must be similar to Lockewlf’s. Rune takes a seat where she assumes would end up as back of the gathered group, she wasn’t fond of others being where she couldn’t see them. She watches figures appear out of the darkness, tension free for now.
<Larka> happily and excitedly
* Larka would soon make her way into the clearing clearly had taken some time. as she looked around and took in the scents she saw a dark figure walking about. her tail swaying and her nose sniffing she ran towards teh black ghost bumping into his frame happily as she licked him all over “GG YOUR BACK!” she said
<Larka> happily and excitedly
* nalani lifts her lips in startlement at the old white one’s suddenn appearence but her littermates words cause her to shift her attention. “ok”she say´s and eats her way through the leg and tugs of what she can waiting on kwa’ani before wobbling of it never even occuring that another might try to take her prize.
* Noshoba would settle back, as he watched Locke come charging. The ancient black wolf may be all white now but he could still beat another old fart. And leaps back to tumble into his old friend and packmate still breathing
* Kwa`ani gnawed adn chewed at the meat and hide until she had a decent size portion, sinking her fangs into it she rose and followed the path back towards the clearing. “We bests hurrys.” as she began to sprint towards home.
* Lockewlf went rolling with Noshoba as they went tumbling through the snow, the ancient wolf’s eyes alive like they haven’t been in ages as he rose to his green paws and practically pranced around him “I can’t believe you are alive!! i thought i was the last one left! by the Earth Mother you have no idea how good it is to see you!” his tail swished happily as a huge grin crosses his muzzle.
* Nishanti settled close to hutch “this will be exciting i hope. i want to take this farther if possible. ive been waiting for so long and i want it more then anything” she would say softly in his ear.
<Divinity> lied at the base of a tree, gazing up into the sky. Her thoughts drifted quickly, filling her head. The ill fae quickly lied on her side, letting her tongue lol on the ground in front of her while she panted. Her nose flickered at the scents near her. She wasn’t exactly a stranger to the pack, neither a member either. She sure wasn’t welcomed by so
<Divinity> me, others remained more antsy.
* Faolan slowly made his way to his mate’s side and there took a moment to nose lightly at her scruff before venturing a cast of his hues to those few nearby.  What all have I missed thus far?
* CwnAnnwn slowly settled upon his haunches, wrapping his silver tail about his flanks as he awaited for the meeting to begin. He slowly scanned the clearing, taking note of all the wolves present, most notably the fae he seemed to be fond of bothering, Rune. He did not notice his father just yet.
* Noshoba is tumbleed through the snow and takes out his granddaughter so she was seeing black instead of white. Chuckling another not walking the paths just yet, he draws his lithe frame back up and nuzzles softly to all his family nearby. A whisper givem “You know we are being disrepectful for such a pair of old elders like us.”
* Nightstalker slipped around the back side of the rock to take his usual place off to the side of the rock where he could both pay attention to the alpha’s and keep an eye on those gathered.
* Shukie spotted Divinity stirring, rising she moved towards the fae and when she was near she stopped, “There is a meeting about to begin, you are welcome to join it if you wish and can follow me. She waited for a response then led the way. The fae would follow or not, depending upon her choice. She returned to her normal position not far off of the alpha rock.
* Lockewlf positively quivers with excitement as he murmurs back “well, the good thing about being old is that all the young wolves don’t expect anything out of you anymore.” he would grin, then moved to settle on his haunches, trying to calm himself down so that the meeting can commence.
* Divinity quickly tried standing up, only to fall onto the ground. After a few struggles, she finally mustered up the strength to follow by her friendly packmate. She kept up, only a few lengths away from her.
* _Nova would have arrived at the group of wolves, one unfarmiliar face stood out. From what he could barely her it was a wolf from Locke’s time here. Another elder to learn from. He sat down on his haunches and looked around and then to the alphas, being quiet for whatever reason.
* Rook , the aloof goof, had unknowingly followed his papa’s tracks back into the clearing. Big paws made big paw prints, but he had his fun traipsing about among them in the late winter’s snow. Boy, would he be surprised to see everyone in the clearing once he rounded the northwest bend. Who were all these weirdos? Did someone feed his sister’s after midnight or something??!! It was probably that troublemaker, Nova….they were all doomed! For now, though, he’d continue to hurriedly follow after papa.
* Kokuro stayed with Rune for the moment until he say his father with his Mother upon the rock. A quick parting nuzzle given tro show his thanks for company, he would start a slow but graceful pad to join his family.
* Azaelia had stayed in the southern clearing most of the day basically by herself. Again the female seemed to have fallen asleep, a very eventful day but not a lot had happened with her specifically. She continued to lay curled into herself for now. Her orb covers stayed strewn over her nonexistant gaze.
* Kwa`ani bounded towards the clearing and quickly broke through the trees looking for the blabber mouth black fae. When she spotted her she ran like the wind towards her, the piece of meat flopping in her maw.
* Divinity slowly settled onto the ground near Shukie. She groomed herself quietly, not making a peep. She remained low, yet kept visual and auditory locks on every spirit around her. She was still unsettled by the caretaker, whom she hope would get used to her. Glossy fur gleamed brighter in the moonlight with each lick. The abundant supply of strands fluffed outwards, setting her fur into an itchy state. Shaking, she soon continued grooming
* Rune would be watching the approaching Divinity with a cold stare and wasn’t able to doge the nuzzle from Kokuro. Instead she recoils and the formally convex shape of herself to Kokuro quickly turns concave when she whips around with ears back and eyes wild with fear. However, she doubted the brute would even notice as he moved away quickly. With a nervous lick of her nose she looks behind her for other dangers before returning her attention to Divinity, who had settled near Shukie and started to groom herself.
* Kwa`ani dropped the meat near Shukie and the weirdo fae then ran and jumped upon the rock nuzzling her parents if they were atop it already.
* Rook would look at Kwanini the double poster with a sense of reassurance. Yep, they had fed her past midnight and this is where all these other wolves were coming from. She wouldn’t get front row seats alone though. He’d be right up there with mama and papa…stink in gremlin maker!
* nalani follwing her sister she quickly drops her prize of near shukie and not even sparing a glance for the others she weaves her way to the Rock and bounces up it’ s slope and excitely bounces up against her mum-zie and dad- io too,licklicklicking their muzzles excitedly.
* Fianna would be lingering on the outer edges of all the woofies gathered, a bit overwhelmed. Her amber hues darted about wide eyed as she took in the vast array of pelts, scents, and tones. Still, she felt flickers of excitement. So many around! Where did they all come from? Did they drop from the sky? Did the just go poof? Hrmmmm… she plunked her butt down, content to be on the fringe for now and view the silly howlers.
* Atraya it would be a wild gathering for the pack this evening and as it was, if Lockewlf and Noshoba where within the clearing her eyes would no doubt dart to the elder, Noshoba. She hadn’t seen him in a very long time and her tail would as well sway quickly behind her in equal tandum. She would let loose one more following howl to the skies and to those who where present before she lowered it. There where so many scents, both old and new that she absorbed them for what they where. When the wolves began to gather she settled down on her haunches upon the alpha’s rock and offered forth a chuff. “Good evening all!” would look to each wolf who gathered.
* Noshoba would settle back on ancient haunches all but melting from view with his silence to let the others have their fun and listen to the Alphas.
* Nishanti settled and look to the alpha awaiting to hear what would be said. she wagged her tail
* Lockewlf would turn his gaze up to Atraya, his voice silencing as he moved to bow his head respectfully towards her. he would rise once more, moving to lean on Noshoba with a stupid grin on his muzzle.
* Kokuro would dip his head to his mother before drawing to the front of the rock and settle himself into listen.
* CwnAnnwn watched as Rune reacted to the contact from Ko before his gaze shifted to the presence of his father. It wasn’t long though before Atraya drew his gaze as she started the meeting.
* Shukie looked to Rook adn nalani whispering. “We have another brother! You not only male no mores and he big wuff!”
* Ayaka had felt hesitant to return to the clearing after the hunt. The run and kill had done her good, as well as having a full belly. But.. there were a lot of taut emotions right now. And, from her place near the southern edge of the clearing she could smell many many scents mixing and mingling. Still.. her sense of pack and duty finally issued her within and she
* Ayaka found her paws quietly easing toward those gather around the stone of import. She would note Fia near the outskirts amd quietly settled beside the pup with a slow smile, tail curling round her paws as she turned to watch the proceedings.
* Larka moved into noshs scruff and fur  and licked him on his reare happy that he was still around
* Kwa`ani looked to Rook adn nalani whispering. “We have another brother! You not only male no mores and he big wuff!”
* Nightstalker slowly settled upon his haunches and draped his midnight tail over his forepaws as he scanned the gathered wolves, noting the presence of his remaining two offspring, neither was a pup any longer, but young adults at nearly 3 years of age.
<Faolan>  It wouldn’t take him long to notice a particular wolf among the rest. The boy had turned up after all. The scents had not been the phantom of old memory, but of and old memory come back. Kokuro seemed to have entered alone, which begged more than the supply of questions in his return alone. He would be asked the same question as he had asked others, but it was for a time other than these festivities. For now he extended his own greetings to those gathered and to his son and daughters.
* Azaelia possibly may have stirred to the nervous energy and excitement in the clearing and as her orbs graced the night she may have witnessed many forms suddenly surrounding alpha rock. She slowly haunched herself looking onward from the southern clearing where she planned to remain. She was hoping not to have a repeat encounter like the one earlier. One incident was more than she wanted,
* Azaelia hopefully she would remain distant and invisible just a shadow in the back of a large group.
* Kova nod doubt would’ve heard the howling call from her alpha’s and would’ve retreated from the hunting grounds. ONly now did she emerge into view and pad to a really large gathering of wolves! She waved her tail slowly, limping to her place near her sister Ayaka and Shukie. She seated herself near them and looked forward.
<Rook>  Pfff…he no match for the bearstone alliance. I papa’s son! he said with a mighty whisper and puffed out chest. He didn’t know which one of the weirdo gremlin wolves this other ‘son’ was, but he’d find em!
* Skydancer at the romping of the Elder and larka she scampers out of the way rather quickly and eyes the two slightly irritable as it causes her to almoststep on a couple banners in the process . sitting down again she keeps a weary eye on them. overgrown wolves.
* Divinity huffed, itching behind the collar with very agitated behavior. She quickly broke from her posture, settling onto her haunches. She nervously looked around before breaking from the crowd, going off into the treeline to disappear for a while. Her nose twitched, the auditory sound of the liquid gushing nearby sounding her ears. Quickly, her pace increased into a very fast lope across the surface. Toes spread, they kept her from >>
<Divinity> slipping on the surface. Finally nearing the water, she lowered herself to lap the icy goodness.
* Kokuro would hear his younger brother and stifle a snicker. The five year old was amused with all his siblings since he had grown up with none.
* Shukie watched the fae depart but didn’t go after her, instead leaning into her sister nuzzling gently before turning her attention to the alphas.
* nalani turns her head with interist at kwa’ani Å› tail and pounces atop it certainly not minding where she possibly knocks her younger litter mate toward.
* Rune watches Divinity lope away with narrow eyes. She then looks around at the gathered company, seeing faces new and familiar, young and old. Something was different about this meeting, though she couldn’t pin down what it was. She spots CwnAnnwn, she had scented him earlier but didn’t see him approach. Rune and he always managed to ruffle each other’s feathers when they talked so for now she’d refrain from talking to him.
* Atraya dipped her head and smiled before offering “Thank you all for joining us tonight. Today marks the pack’s Anniversary. It was first founded by Kovo & Spirit, two sisters, bound by heart and spirit alike, to forge from the ashes of dreams they set out and created WolfSpirits. Love and devotion, strength and vigor, they created a family strong and true…. the family you are now witness to this very night.”  she began and allowed those wolves to settle and listen.
* Hutch would look to Nishanti and smile; “best of luck to ya.”
* Lockewlf ‘s gaze would grow rather serious now, his emerald eyes returning to their normally calm state as his single ear swivels towards her voice.
* Larka smiled and wagged her tail happily
* Fianna got bored sittin waaaay in the back, even though Ayaka had sat by her, the fae wasn’t as fun as her sibs! Stinkers though they were. So. On that note, look out world! She rose and went crashing through the throng, perhaps bumping and jostling quite a few fluffy shoulders as she moved pushing through, until she reached the rock itself and – wheee! – she took
* Fianna a graceful flying leap and landed very near the top, finishing her climb quickly and with a flourish.
* Nishanti noded him so glad to be part of such a legendary pack
* Faolan had more than likely taken many private moments to recollect upon all the years that had passed. Some he had not been privileged to and some he had. Her certainly saw the three others that were older than he present among the rest and would offer each a light dip of his nose while he listened to his mate’s words.
* CwnAnnwn hadn’t had his fur ruffled in some time now, so unless Rune was to vanish after the meeting, it would most likely be ruffling time. He flicked an ear as his sister and her boy toy spoke quietly to one another and shook his head slightly. He would keep his comments to himself, who was to say that one day he wouldn’t be some faes boy toy and serve her every needs. He quickly shook off the thought and turned his full attention to the alphas.
* Divinity her tongue lolled gently into the water, her blades perked with her downward posture. Her tail slowly swished behind her as she stepped onto a log, crossing over the stream to avoid getting wet. She sniffed around, hoping to find something to eat before heading back. She was starving, and it was /so/ painful. A thicket of bushes grouped near a large tree. Dabbled on the bushes was the icy, dormant-ed blueberries. Sighing, the female decided to head back with only a waterlogged stomach. She quickly emerged from the treeline once again, settling away from the wolves with a nervous glare at her paws.
* Kokuro watches the antics of his siblings before taking a quick gaze upon the others.
* Rook could sit still with the best of em. Unfortunately, he was with his spastic sisters! Ugh, why you gotta be all goobery and prone to wiggling about?? He’d just have to nip at nalani’s ear because she was the most goober-ridden!
* Kwa`ani chose that moment to nip at Rook’s ear when his head dipped towards nalani then shouldered him
* Noshoba would make a place for Sky in the group so she would not be crushed. A sigh given he wondered what would happen now.
* Fianna would be… perhaps.. a ‘tad’ wound up from all the woofies around amd the excitement in the air. She gave Rook a look as she breezed by that may have said something like – “who said anything abiut sitting still?” Could she read minds? Probably. Now, whos tail firstly? She gruuued and leaped towaeds Faolan, papa, who seemed ripe for the picking, lost in thought. Hehe. Ohyesss. Bearstone aliance, unite!

* Atraya would blink to her daughter, Fianna, flying like a bird right up to the rock. She smiled with admiration before reaching down and nuzzling her crown before she proceeded to address the wolves. “With each passing day we grow stronger and forge new bonds from old and from those just joining us. We live and we learn through our experience with the pack and without each and everyone of you, we would not be. The dream and heart of this pack and what it stands for would perrish like a blown out flame.” she paused momentarily before pressing her paws into the earth and offering still. “We are strong. We are WolfSpirits.. now and forever.” she would bow her head before lifting high. Proud. “Let us sing a song for my mother, Kovo and her sister, Spirit. To Slate and to Firetalon. To those who’ve gone but are not lost for we continue to keep them true to our hearts and our memories. Both IC and OOC. Let us sing to each and everyone of you…” she paused looking to all her packmates, members in training, assessments, pledges, and visitors. “Let us sing to you…. for you are WolfSpirits. Now and forever.” it was there she stomped her paw to the stone and would rise her muzzle skyward letting loose a deep, heartfelt howl that would reverberate the feelings welled within.
<Rook>  If he was going down, then he was taking nalani and Kwanini with him…seeing as he had nalani’s ear and she had Kwanzanini’s tail! Thankfully, he wasn’t going to be budged too far. Oh yeah! Now the other half of the bearstone alliance was here and he’d be backed up…but Fianna had gone after another target altogether.
* Larka smiled and tapped her tail on the ground as she sent her song to the sky to join in with the alphas
* nalani_ ducks her head to the side as she is almost nipped in the ear and side steps by sheer chance toward faolan her muzzle open in exitement to have all her littermate with her tongue lolling out as she pants and then tries to pounce rook  except he doesn’t really have anywhere to go and neither does she possibly causing a domino effect as she is knocked sideway’s and if rook isn’t going to cöoperate and be pounced she’ll be usin
* Rune would nervously wait till others joined Atraya in song before lifting her own head. Her own dark, alto tones join the chorus made by her family and friends, unexplainable bonds holding them together.
* Kova would feel the heartfelt words as they where told and scribed from lore and history. She let loose a low howl, offering her voice to the sky with her alpha’s and with her pack!
* Nishanti felt moved by the howling and couldn’t help but join in happily loving the song as she tapped her paw along with it
* Shukie lifted her head and howled along with those of the pack, present, past and those to come yet. She also sang for her own ancestors for whom otherwise she’d not be here today. To the heavens and beyond she sang, with heart and soul echoed in her tones.
* Noshoba would allow his old voice to blend in with the others as it lifted upon the winds.
* Lockewlf nodded at Atraya’s words, his muzzle set as he tilted his head back and let out the deep howl of rememberance, letting his anxiety and longing go in a song to the Earth Mother.
* Nightstalker listened as Atraya spoke and would soon tilt his head back to howl for the souls of those mentioned, but also for that of his long departed brother whom his first visit with after they were seperated was his burial site.
* Kwa`ani ‘s paws flailed, perhaps thumpering her mum or missing, but she’d land right atop the mouthy brother Rook flattening him in the process if he wasn’t quick enough on his descent to move out of the way. Stipes it was!
* Kokuro would smirk at the carefree behavior of his sibs before lifting his own strong howl with the others.
* Hutch lifted his head and began to join in the course howl; he loved this pack, and used his voice to prove it.
* Azaelia raised her maw skyward perpendicular to the darkened clouds above and let her song ring with the others.
* Faolan would offer up a low-toned voice in concert with his mate’s and those others that sang to the founder of the pack.
* Fianna ‘s vocals would lift to join her pack and her heart would swell and lift with the emotion of it all, the remembrance that she was now a part of. She would rise in her paws and seat herself beside Kova amd Shukie, nosing each with a friendly and affectionate muzzle.
* Divinity slowly lifted her head, howling along with them. Though she did not know the others personally, she still had an instinctual bond with them. They were friends – as she considered, family. A long, eery howl sounded from her throat. Almost a cackle, in the beginning, sounding into a smooth tone. She had her own howl. One that sounded strangely like a hellhound. Yet, a serene one at the same time. A tug of war between opposites.
* Ayaka vocals would lift to join her pack and her heart would swell and lift with the emotion of it all, the remembrance that she was now a part of. She would rise in her paws and seat herself beside Kova amd Shukie, nosing each with a friendly and affectionate muzzle.
* Atraya when the howls would subside and each would offer up their song she would wave her tail slowly behind her before it stilled. “Thank you” she dipped her head before she nosed her pups nearby before she returned her gaze back to the rest. “Firstly, I would like to offer up this announcement. OOC: As you know I have been working on the pack’s website for sometime. It’s been a labor of love throughout all these years and with a new year, I felt that it was time for some change as we continue to evolve and grow. There’s so many amazing opportunities out there for the website and a community out reach, as well as customization things for the pack to experience and have. There are some features that are still being worked out and I am sad that it isn’t done yet for this unveil but! It will be really nice! You will all be able to login to the website and edit your own profiles, send messages to other packmembers, etc. So without further adue! The website is now LIVE! There are some pages I am still migrating over because, well, it’s going to take a while! Especially the pack history page but I will be getting the history from 2001 – current up eventually. I will be adding some other pages and updating content as I go, but, I wanted to unveil it tonight! I hope you like it.” tail waves and waits.
* nalani_ pounyi pounces onto rooks frame trying to get at his ears or something her tail waving thump thumping against her dad-io as he is behind her which gives her quite a nice secure feeling.
* Nishanti smiled as she was told this news. though she knew it was for her human and now her so for now she would continue to listen
* Shukie leaned over and nuzzled Ayaka during the period of quiet with a quiet hello before turning her attention back to the alphas.
* Faolan would quiet his voice in tandem to that of the others. It was in the quiet that followed that he noticed his not so young pup’s acting like much younger, uknowing fluff heads. He would offer a low growl and a nip to each of their little ears lest the play get out of paw.
* Rune watches the Alphas respectfully, eager for the meeting to continue, the tension of earlier today was forgotten.
* Rook had been bamboozled by the goober twins! He was sure such movements were unheard of seeing as he had one of them by the ear! Sorcery and witchcraft…he was sure they were cylon snow!! Thankfully, he couldn’t retaliate fast enough to get into too much trouble…mostly because papa stopped him before he slobbered on the two of them for good measure. Instead, he’d be forced to sit patiently and wait for his chance to show them what for!
* Atraya she swung her tail slowly before nodding and looked to her mate and nuzzled him softly across his cheek. Curious if he desired to add anything.
* Kwa`ani yelped at her papa’s nip, deciding to wiggleworm her way between her `rents ignoring her spazoid brother. Snickering to herself as he didn’t get to go on a special task today.
* Fianna yelped a bit too, thinking she had caught papa by surprise. But the nip told her she had been wrong. Plunking tonher butt now by rook she huffed a bit, then turned her attention to all the woofs around. “We bearstone together again!” She leaned over to ‘whisper’ to Rook, tail thumping.
* nalani_ ducks her head at the nip toward her ears and wines sadly rolling over and paw pawing up at her dad- io she was just having so much fun. why did her drop protection suddenly turn on her.
* Divinity huffed quietly to herself. Her body lied upon the grasses, she didn’t even eye the wolves near her. The water that once lied in her stomach was now up and about the surface. She edged away, only to lie down into the densely vegetated surface, where her figure flattened. Her tail flicked up and down every once-and-a-while, swishing agitatedly as she attempted to rest. Though, her illness kept her from doing so.
* Faolan would be caught mid discipline by his mate’s affection. He had listened to the news she had shared as such a skill had been developed during previous litters. This wasn’t his first rodeo by far, but he had not given thought to what exactly he would say until the moment found him.  We are steeped in a history that spans far beyond our years–both before us and long after we part from this world. I would implore you to imbibe in the memories we share and those that we would wish to share with others not gifted with the experiences our lives have offered. It is a time for story and a time for pack…a time to relive legend and to be one with those within them.
* Atraya her hues fell towards the rest whom where gathered before she looked to the other’s whom where gathered. She would dip her head and add “And those whom might not be aware, we have some of those who’ve been with us for a long time. Nightstalker… Noshoba.. Lockewlf” she would smile and dip her head in the males directions. “An embodiment of dedication and heart to the family.”
* Kovo the winds would whisper forth the call of night, this night would be special in many ways but perhaps they would know little of what truly lurked in the shadows. It might feel as though ‘eyes’ where upon one but from where? By whom?
* Lockewlf bows his head respectfully to the Alphas as he is called out along with his brothers. his head lifting as he puts on as regal of an air as an old wolf could.
* Noshoba would turn his eerie blues to her aty the mention of his name. A respectful nod given with a fond smile. He figured he would have passed on back to the Mother by now but something was keeping his soul here.
* Shukie listened intently to her alphas focused upon their words and moreso the meanings behind them. Taking a moment she looked around to those gathered, a soft and gentle smile upon her muzzle. She vaguely remembered the Alpha Kovo and Kyara speaking of her often.
* _Nova listened to what the alphas had to say and looked to the elders. Noshoba. That was his name. He put it in his memory cave (which is very empty) and kept on listening.
* Skydancer ears perk as her neck prickles in a fainty familiar way and she instinctively looks toward noshoba wondering if he notices anything as well. she can´t place the feeling but maybe… herthought trail of
* Nightstalker bowed his head to those gathered at the mention of his name along with that of Nosh and Locke, his fellow ye old timers. His tail gave a few thumps on the ground before stilling once more.
* Larka would nose into nosh as he was mentioned. he taught her so much growing up and she loved him dearly
* Nishanti smiled and looked to the wolves mentioned. family now and forever. she looked to her father lovingly as he was announced as well and wagged her tail. she was a piece of history from long ago.
* Rook would risk a quick nod and yip in return to Fianna’s statement. Oh yeah!! Long live the Bearstone Alliance! This enthusiasm wasn’t tempered anytime soon, but his attention switched to the old weirdos his mama singled out. They looked like some of the old stones he had come across…maybe that old flippy cape he used to have too. Man, would that happen to him??!!
<Kovo> ~*~ That feeling of being ‘watched’ would no doubt reside with the wolves of the pack. Perhaps it was only a ‘feeling’ or perhaps there was more to it? If only they could see into the astral plain of the ancestors… they would know to whom it belonged. ~*~
* Shukie turned her attention back to the Alpha’s and what they had in store next after looking to the elders mentioned, she’d met all but not Noshoba yet. In time she was sure she would.
* nalani_ ears perk at the ‘bearstone alience’ , Good plan.” she mouthing fianna’s scruff banner thumping against the nearest wolf which just might be dad-io
* Atraya dipped her head before she looked to her mate once more with lightened hues. The tension from earlier was no longer pungent in the clearing and a calm and excited nature would reign hold. “During our anniversary, we offer up those who’d like to share in a lore or stories. Is there anyone who would like to share a memory? A story?” she now looked to the wolves gathered.
* Noshoba would allow a smile to crease his maw as an old familar presence touched his senses. Gazing lightly upon the moonlight mists he would give a dip of his head to one still held strongly in his thoughts.
* Ayaka would shift only the slightest hint to a more comfortable position as she perked to all the words shared. Sliding down to lay on her belly, she would attune to what would come next.
* Kova remained near her sisters and leaned in to nuzzle Ayaka and then Shukie lightly. She perked her ears to the alpha’s words and invitation to offer stories. Lore. Oh she enjoyed lore!
* Skydancer shifting slightly maybe she was imagining things but seeing the Elder turning she feels her frame relax in relief and she too turns her head toward the ´presence´and dips her muzzle politly though her senses aren´t as good as noshoba´s yet she figures if noshoba thinks it worth it she better follow suite though she has the feelign she knows this one. she´ll ask him later to be sure.
* Shukie listened and when it was offered to relay histories and retellings she took a moment to gather up the hunk of elk and the leg bone and slipped over to take them to Divinity. Afer setting them down beside the fae before trying to speak, “Here is some fresh venison for you. The hide will do well to be eated as well as it’ll help clear your stomach. The marrow in the bone will also help you regain strength.” she watched the fae a moment before responding agian, “I’ll return after the meeting to check on you. Relax and eat slowly.” With that she returned to sit beside her sister and Ayaka to pay attention to the meeting and lore night again.
* _Nova sat in the silence and itched himself as he looked back and forth, side to side. He could tell a few other wolves may be a bit uneasy, but that was just probably a weird nostalgic feeling. He stayed silent as he had nothing to share.
* Shukie looked up to the heavens above then to the east. She looked at Kova thinking back to last year and the path they’d taken. The things they’d said and done.
* Kokuro looks to his siblings misbehaving and chuffs . They were missing out on many things by not listening.
* Divinity nodded slowly. She sniffed the venison, but her audits shifted back. Her pelage ruffled for a few seconds before chewing on the meat silently. Would she ever get better? Her vocal pitched slightly, licking her bloodied paw with tension. Her lips peeled back, sniffing the meat curiously.
* Faolan would look between those gathered to see who had a story or stories to share. He would certainly not volunteer to fill the gap when there were plenty of others with experiences to share.
* Rune nods her head to Atraya as she had something to share. Not quite a story but she doubted it would make much of a difference. Rune waits her turn to go and till then listens pensively to the stories of the others.
* Kwa`ani looks over to the pretender brother glaring as he chuffed. She’d give him a piece of her mind later. The weirdo! None the less she sat up and looked around now that Rook was put in his place too.
* Lockewlf sat and pondered for a moment… so many of his stories were of a personal nature that he didn’t know how many he could share. perhaps a lesson on the Earth Mother? or tales from the deep south?
* Atraya would look towards the gathered and saw Rune offer she smiled and dipped her head “Please share Rune” she’d invite her.
* Rune nods and steps forwards as it was her turn to share her lore. “Tyger tyger, burning bright, in the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies, burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire? And what shoulder, and what art, could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, what dread hand and what dread feet? What the hammer, what the chain, In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? What dread grasp, dare its deadly terrors clasp! When the stars threw down their spears and water’d heaven with their tears: Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee?Tyger Tyger burning bright, in the forests of the night: What immortal hand or eye, Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?” She stops and takes a step backwards, signaling that she had finished sharing her lore.
* Lockewlf stops his paws in approval at Rune’s poem.
* Atraya would listen to Rune’s story and lore and would be engrossed within it. She offered expressions from certain words and thoughts as she waved her tail ever so slowly and when she was finished, she dipped her head and pawed the stone lightly ‘A fine story Rune, thank you!’
* Rook stood there listening to the nice Van lady’s story about some weird burning feline. His mouth stood agape at such a thing. Why was the tyger on fire to begin with?? Did papa and the pack have to run it off too? When did it grow wings? What were wings to begin with? Then there was a lamb thingy. It boggled the noggin.
* CwnAnnwn perked as Rune spoke up and began to share. He turned his gaze to fae and listened to her words before thumping his tail lightly in approval once she had finished.
* Rune dips her head in response to Atraya and the others. She knew these words by heart as they were often spoken within her birth pack, said with steady confident rhythm. Rune knew not why they spoke of the tigers this way, nor where her pack had come to learn these words, but she also knew them without flaw now.
* Kova waved her tail to Rune’s story and dipped her nose down and smiled. She too very much enjoyed it before her head came to rest near Ayaka’s shoulder.
* Shukie listens and smiles at Rune, ponding the possible meanings
* Lockewlf sighs a bit as he tries to grow the confidence again to speak on a subject that is both familiar to him and alien. he would climb to his paws and pad forward, his head bowing a bit to Atraya as he says softly “If you wish, i will speak on the Earth Mother this eavning, many of the wolves gathered have not heard of her it seems.”
* Faolan had no recollection of what a tiger was, but the verse spoke of a vividly imaginative story and deeper meaning. It was between and amidst the words that those stories often found pitch and meaning. He would stamp his paw against the stone beneath him to Rune’s story and look to the others. Was there another to share?
* Atraya watched Lockewlf as he approached the rock and she smiled, dipping her head and inviting him to speak his lore to the pack. “Please share”she would be eager to hear his story.
* Lockewlf would turn his back to Atraya after she gave her assent, his heavy form moving to settle on his haunches as his emerald orbs moved along the assembled pack. so many faces both new and old greeted him as he gathered his thoughts for a moment. “Some of you may have heard me talk about the Earth Mother in the past few moons, how many of you know who she is?”
* Skydancer ears perk at the mention of the earth mother, this sounded like it could be interesting indeed stories of course alway´s hold a special interest to her.
* Fianna would be listening intently now, laying in her belly, tail curled. She’d scooted some toward mama, her side pressing as close as she could get.
* Atraya would look to her daughter, Fianna, and would gently lean in and nuzzle her crown softly and lovingly. Seemingly holding no ill will to what happened the night prior, in fact, she seemed to offer her more attention than before. Perhaps for good measure to let her know all was well and right with the world. She would listen now to Lockewlf “Ancestors?”
* Lockewlf nodded a bit as Atraya speaks, his voice loud enough so that he could be heard by the furthest off wolf in the pack. “That is but one part of the Earth Mother. As members of my former pack taught me when i was a pup i will pass along to all of you, so that you may ponder for yourself what this means.” he would take a moment to gather his thoughts, then continued. “The Earth Mother
* Lockewlf is the land you are standing on, but more so she is the wind that blows through the leaves, the ripple of water upon a lake and the cold winter’s snow. The Earth Mother is who we come from, and eventually to whom we return in a never-ending cycle of birth and death.”
* Shukie gives her attention to the Elder wolf. Always curious of what the elers have to say and tell them.
* Skydancer ears swivel fainly with interest only her breathing showing she is actualy alive as she is entirly intent upon the Old wolfs story maybe she bug him for some other ones later, and oh maybe noshoba too if he sticks around long enough.
<Lockewlf> The Earth Mother was there before all the wolves, birds and rabbits, sad and lonely as there was no life to be seen. It was from the dirt that she breathed the breath of life, forming the first animals that walked the world. But she took a special interest in one of her creations, four legged and strong, loyal to their family and in tune with the pulse of her heart, the wolf.
* Faolan would nose at his other pups to listen to Locke’s story as he did.
* Kwa`ani relaxed beside the papa wolf, lulled by the elder’s tones as she listened to his words for this was in part what her name meant, that of being in tune with all things around her. Her ears perked forward as her muzzle rested upon her crossed paws
* nalani_ ears perk with interest at the story being told shifting a bit sit’s up  ears swiveling forward head tilting a bit side way’s maybe she can hear it better then? maybe.
<Lockewlf> It was from the first of these wolves did we come, each generation following in the pawprints of those who came before us, on the path laid out by the Earth Mother to give us the best chance to thrive in our lives. Even when we are at our sickest or passing on, she is there to comfort and guide us to the rest we desperately seek.
* Rook was still trying to imagine fire tigers and winged thingiemcdoodles when talk of an earth mama was had. What was this earth mama? He had his mama and that’s all he needed! She was nice and fluffy and fed him. Was this something like those crazy mean oohees that his papa was talking about? Those stone wolves of old?
* Atraya continued to listen intently to Lockewlf’s story and lore. Her expression would be well focused as she would be intrigued by it.
* Lockewlf bit his lip a bit as his ancient brain tries to explain a concept so ethereal. “The Earth Mother is many things, and it is not easy for even an old wolf like me to explain. I always saw her as a guiding paw during the darkness, leading me through the paths of the world. If you listen you can hear her on the wind, or in the beat of the heart of one of the wolves near you.” he shook
* Lockewlf his head a bit then says softly “Forgive me, apparently old age has waned some of my ability to weave a good tale.”
* Rune listens to Lockewlf’s story and looks at those around her. She was different from them, her language, skull shape, and origins set her apart from the others, but not in a good way. Rune looks longingly towards the others, and silently, she denies her connection to this beautiful Earth Mother.
* Lockewlf rose to his paws and took his steps away, settling down next to Noshoba again and looked a bit troubled.
* Noshoba looks to his brother as he would notice such since the presence he had felt earlier had seemed to fade away.
* Skydancer listens with interst to his words as he tries to explain something that does seem rather difficult. It´s alright. she say´s when he falls silent.I liked it. and I´m sure others did too. she speaks respectfully and bowing her head one ear toward both alpha´s
* Atraya would shake her head lightly to Lockewlf’s rebuttle against his own story. “No apology needed, Locke, it was a very pleasent well woven story. I very much enjoyed it and look forward to knowing more of it.” she would dip her head and smile to him as if to help lift his troubled spirits before turning and looking to all the others. “Anyone else before we conclude this little gathering?” she was indeed eager to see Noshoba and the others as well more formally in a greeting but as well eager to hear stories that any others desired to share.
<Faolan>  The night was drawing ever on and on and though he had a repetoire of stories to unleash, he would not. News was to be shared as well, but all things knew their time and their place.
* Rune had nothing else to share and sat contemplating Lockewlf’s story. She looks up to the Alphas, waiting for Lore Night’s continuation or the restarting of the Meeting.
* Kwa`ani lifted her head from ther paws at her parents tones looking to each one in turn then back out to the assembled wolves.
<Rook>  This earth mama stuff was a lot to contemplate. That was something best done over deep bought a of thought and sleeping. *snore snore*
* Atraya would find that no others wanted to offer up their stories she would smile and nod “Thank you all again for being here and sharing this day with us. I look forward to what the future holds for us and will continue to hold.” she would dip her head to each “Wolfspirits now and forever..” she resounded with soft yet prideful tones before gently stomping the rock to end the meeting.



Pack Meeting #182

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Pack Meeting #182 – First Of 2017

Changes, Meetings & Updates

Pack Meeting #183 LogPack Meeting #183 Log

The pack’s first meeting of 2017 came together tonight! We had several things to cover including a promotion. Shakira was advanced from pledge to assessment!

Shakira Advances To Assessment!


 Pack Meeting Log Begins

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