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Pack Meeting #212

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Meeting Notes

February 25th, 2023

Happy 22nd year Anniversary WolfSpirits!

  • Ophaelos is named Assessment
    • Mentor: Saskia
  • Code is named Assessment
    • Mentor: Rook
  • Saskia and Panther become mates
  • Saskia and Code named Spirit Sisters
  • Kova and Rook become Courts
  • Rowan advances to Assessment
    • Mentor: Shakira
  • New Bot Announcement!
    • The hunting bot for Discord is now ready! See your nearest hunter or packmember to get more details!
Number Of Wolves Present


    +Fern +Code +Cajun +Ophaelos +Rowan
    Leora Foxfur Grimwolf Althea Elvira Shukie

    Pack Meeting Begins


    <Kova> once she reached the clearing, she would look around for those she could see. She would make note of Saskia in the distance, and offer to her a warm chuff in greeting. A swift wave of her tail was given before she would stride up towards the direction of the Alpha’s stone. Reaching the base, she would ascend it before lifting her muzzle and letting loose a low, soft howl for a gathering.

    Rook 📖 A few long days had seen him watch over an uneventful eastlands– he had not seen the “aurora” that Grim had seen a few nights prior. Today had found him making his way back from the western Hollow’s Wood, a likely spot to hear, in the silence of such a place, the howl given by Kova. He had hoped to accompany Grim back, but so be it…Rook would tarry no longer and make haste along a worn westward trail alongside the slowly swelling river.

    CwnAnnwn Silver male was still near the Caretaker’s cache when the sound of the alpha fae’s howl reached him. Turning his frame to the northwest, he would begin to lope towards the clearing, weaving between the trees, tail held out behind him like a banner as he moved onwards.

    <Calder> He had been making his way into the clearing already and by the time a howl would reach his ears he would perk them and begin to stride forward with a swift wave of his tail. He would proceed along the trees and perhaps just missed Daithi’s scent? Or maybe he wasn’t on the right track just yet. All the same, he proceeded with eager paws until he broke into the clearing and listened to the wind welcome him with many scents and sounds.

    Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ The scent of the clearing was within reach now. It was faint—few wolves seemed to linger. He was still within the thick of the forest, however, and would eventually veer off of the edge of the river and trot directly South. If he were to continue going down this path, he’d likely get put out at the most-Western corner of the clearing, but he was still a good distance away. At the sound of a howl he recognized only as Kova’s, his legs would shift him from a trot to a lope. Typically, a howl from her means a meeting, from the few times he’s heard her call. This time, however, he was the farthest he’s been from the clearing when a time like this arises. He didn’t expect another meeting to happen so close to the previous… what could this be about? *ೃ༄

    Fern -ˋˏ ༻❁ Fern would be in and out of the Southern treeline of the clearing as of late, but not far enough to be unable to catch the whisper of a calling howl from the midst of the clearing. It seems a meeting was due? Of course she would first cautiously look out upon the lands, watching for anything she did not expect, like newcomers, before timidly padding her way up to the Alpha Stone with a soft chuff announcing her arrival. Who was there at the moment? ❁༺ˎˊ-

    * Kova eventually the wind would be welcoming many more scents to the clearing. She swung her tail slowly and happily, as she would pick out each intricate scent. She would notice Calder, then Saskia again, Ophaelos then Fern who also appeared. She would sway her tail, chuffing to her in kind in a greeting. When the others settled into their spots, she would smile and dip her head. “Thank you to those who have heeded this afternoon’s call!” she’d begin first, allowing others to break the distance.

    <Calder> When the others began to gather, he would give a polite and friendly nod to each and everyone he was able to see. He saw Fern among the gathered and gave a chuff back to her in response to her own before turning an ear and his expression to Kova. He looked around another moment, just to see if his mate was near or Ragaire but saw neither so he kept a closer distance to the others to listen.

    <Shakira>   still near the carcass that had been felled conveniently near the stream that bordered the wooded strip that divided the Hunting Grounds from the Clearing, would perk her ears to the echoing ringing of a howl, and a most important one indeed; that of the Alpha. Turning back to the carcass briefly to tear off a sizeable chunk to bring as an offering to any who may be hungry, she would set off at a brisk pace towards the Clearing.

    Ophaelos —  .ೃ࿐ It is times like this when long legs become the handiest. He’d be able to clear the final mile between him and the tree line of the clearing within several minutes. He’d pause as his eyes adjust to the clearing and sure enough, he’d see the gathering wolves near the Alpha stone. He trots forward, his maw open slightly as he pants. The water from the creek splashes his legs when he moves forward. Would he see Saskia? Surely so. Remembering their promise, he’d sidle up to her, leaving a comfortable distance given the season. Before sitting down beside the fae, he’d nose her shoulder silently, giving her a careful glance. Perhaps that one communicated… ‘See me afterward.’ Now was not the time nor the place to discuss their theories, so instead, he’d look up at Kova with a watchful and curious gaze, remaining quiet for now. *ೃ༄

    * Leora the yearling would have taken her leave sometime in the evening from the clearing to go find her own lil cozy spot to rest. Rest she did! By the morning now, she would be making her way towards the direction of the clearing when a howl reached her! Ohhh! She could sense a great deal of wolves, and so she would swiftly move along the eastern edge, cutting into the ancient forest first to hopefully make the distance shorter. She was on her way!

    <CwnAnnwn>  It would not take long for the male to find himself slipping between the trees and into the clearing. He would not slow his pace once the rock came into view, his pace remained steady as he closed the distance to those whom had all ready gathered.
    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  Saskia would dip her head to Kova as she ascended the rock, turning her head to see a couple who arrived in the clearing. She’d see Fern first, and would chuff softly, offering a spot beside her for the familiar fae. She then saw Calder, dipping her head to the darker male. She’d not offer him a spot beside her like she did for Fern, mostly because she knew he’d wish to seek a spot nearest his kin. At last, she’d find her gaze lingering upon the white brute. It was Ophaelos. A tension washed over her frame before she shook it off, chuffing in his direction and also offering him a spot.

    Rook 📖 Both pace and proximity would likely see him observing Shakira’s path toward the clearing. He’d offer a chuff in hopes of closing the distance to the clearing together. A friendly dip of his nose would be all he gave to the Lead Huntress, however; lots on the mind of the Lore Master today as with any day. Grace given them both, either together or separately (dealer’s choice), they’d get to the clearing together or shortly after one another. He would first look for his sisters or kin before taking a place alongside them (if present), or claiming a spot near the eastern middle part of the gathered to save said goobers a spot.

    Code — Code would have heard the howl and awoken sleepily shortly after Saskia had left. She stood up and shook off the gathered snow on her pelt with a yawn. She quickly headed to the clearing, not wanting to miss this meeting, and entered through the northern treeline . A prickle of anxiety sparked as she saw the sheer number of wolves gathered so she’d find Saskia in the crowd and stand close to the fae, her ears slightly pinned.

    Fern —  -ˋˏ ༻❁ Oh, there she was! Saskia perfect, at least Fern didn’t have to sit next to anyone unfamiliar, though to be quite honest it would do her some good to step out of her comfort zone a bit. “Saskia, hello!” Her golden snout would softly offer a nuzzle and a few licks before looking back up to Kova while waiting for everyone else to arrive. For sure she would notice Calder as well. Gosh, she really needed to get on top of her tasks, patrolling and talking with Rune wise, if she ever wanted a chance to become a fully fledged member. Her gaze would not yet find Code as she was too busy keeping an eye out on the group in front. ❁༺ˎˊ-

    * Kova as each wolf would continue to gather closer she would swing her tail happily behind her. She saw Shakira among them and would be followed by Rook. She would linger upon him a little longer than others perhaps, before she would address all the others with a grin, now starting. “Today marks the 22nd year anniversary of WolfSpirits, and every year I always reflect on those who’ve made this place as wonderful as it has been over the many years we’ve been around. Truly we wouldn’t be here without the dedication, spirit, and amazing wolves who make this place us. I never imagined that I’d be sitting here today, 22 years in, and being surrounded by such amazing wolves (and people!). From the bottom of my heart, I’m so grateful for each of you, and for your talent, heart, and dedication to this pack to see it thrive for as long as it has, and will continue to do.”

    Rowan – The fae had been wandering near the eastern woods, though quickly she started towards the clearing at the sound of a howl. Kova’s howl, perhaps a meeting was in tow. Either way, she would quickly trot into the clearing and towards the Alpha Rock.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ — Saskia would hum deeply and nuzzle Fern, turning back to hear Kova’s warm appreciation. She would look around as it seemed quiet, and stand, speaking out in strong, warm tones. “Nor would we be here today if it weren’t for the strength, and resilience of our strong Alpha who has led the pack so far…” She’d stamp her paws and give Kova a nod of respect before seating herself back upon her haunches. She’d turn and see Rowan, and chuff her way. She’d offer Rowan a spot near them, but the spot beside her way reserved for her court.

    * Leora she would slip into the clearing just in time, it would seem! She would enter in and look around. She saw a lot of wolves! WOw-weee. Her tail would shift behind her quickly before she spotted her brother! She would give a wave of her tail and quickly slink over to him. Pressing her shoulder firmly into his, she would look up to Kova and the meeting.

    Panther – Would he have heard the howl from the carcass? If so, he would be up on his paws in no time. Instead of trotting, the male would likely be sprinting, he ain’t missing everything this meeting has to offer! Though, it would take him a while to get there.

    Fern —  -ˋˏ ༻❁ Fern’s golden gaze would surly winded at the sound of 22nd! 22 years? Gosh! Kova surely couldn’t be 22 years old… but how else would she know! She began to wonder about the great history this pack must withhold to go on that many generations of wolves. Oh she just needed to find out, and soon she would, once she actually gets around to talking to others… But for now, she would live in the moment, swaying her tale to get rid of the prickly tension that came with this amount of wolves. ❁༺ˎˊ-
    Rook 📖 A firm stamp of his paw to the still frozen earth below would somewhat quietly echo Saskia’s sentiments. Just over two decades was a long time… When Leora entered, a quick and low chuff would usher her over to where she sat beside him. He would take in what scents she carried and remark on the silent story therein before turning his attention to Kova and the rest of what transpired.
    CwnAnnwn – He slowed his pace as he neared the gathered wolves and would nod to those present before settling quietly upon his haunches to listen to the alpha fae as she spoke. He himself had been with the pack off and on for a long time, though his father had joined the pack within a year or so of the packs founding.
    Ophaelos — Today at 1:22 PM
    .ೃ࿐ He’d offer a friendly chuff to Fern and Code as they took their seats beside them, remaining seated to watch Kova. His ears would twitch at her words. Twenty-two years… what a lovely number, indeed. His natal pack used to have a similar number, but Ophaelos could never imagine passing on such direct genealogy that one pack name would survive two decades. That’s enough for two or four lifetimes… something like that was nearly inconceivable to think about. *ೃ༄
    Rowan – Once she entered the clearing, Saskia noticed her and had offered a chuff her way. She remained silent, but acknowledged the fae with a dip of her head. She glanced around, so many wolves. Much like she meeting she had been pledged at, though this one seemed fuller. She padded over towards Saskia, seating near her and the group that surrounded her.
    * Kova her hues fell to Saskia and there was a knowing but admiration in her expression to her words. A humbleness. “Thank you, your words are felt truly. Each of yours.” she smiled to look at all the others. There was the humble and admiration that still played along her features. Another moment passed and she’d gently smile, stompin her paw in lightness to keep going. “Now, I would like  to continue the meeting by calling Ophaelos and Code forward please.” she would cast her eyes to the rest gathered, making note of the next proceeding and the presence of each. She’d wait for the two to arrive just below the stone.
    <Calder> He would stomp his paw lightly to the words shared be the others, and to Saskia’s. He himself feeling the same sentiment. When Ophaelos and Code where called, he would momentarily look to both with a smile.
    * Leora as she seated herself by her brother, he would find nothing but the scent of the carcass, a wayward note of Ophaelos before it was just the woods again. She would swish her tail behind her and look out across all the other wolves and then towards Ophaelos and Code. Eager eyes watching them.
    Ophaelos —  .ೃ࿐ At his and Code’s name, he would glance toward the fae. Was it out of surprise? Possibly. He knew of Code’s reclusive nature, so he’d do his best in offering a kind smile of encouragement, waiting for her to get up so that they may approach Kova together. As he looks up at the silvery fae, a thought would cross his mind. Would anyone else be bestowed the honor of approaching the stone tonight, as he and Code have? His thoughts ran—perhaps there was a certain weight in his throat from the anticipation of awaiting Kova’s words, combined with the onslaught of eyes he possibly felt on him. *ೃ༄
    Code —  Code hummed in agreement with both Kova and Saskia. 22 years? Gee, what an old pack! Surely there must be many stories of the early pack. Perhaps she could ask one of the older wolves about the history of the pack… if she was to make this her home, she’d need to know its origins. As Kova called her and Ophaleos forward, Code stepped towards the Really Big Rock. She could feel eyes on her which made her uneasy, a slight flick of her tail betraying her discomfort, but her gaze stayed fixed on Kova. Ophaleos’ smile was much appreciated and gave her a littler more confidence.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ – Saskia would smile to Ophaelos, and offer Code a nudge of encouragement before she stood to ascend.

    Grimolf – Starting the day off with a reluctant grunt ; Grimolf dragged himself out of his temporary den looking outward towards the Eastern Border where the Storyteller pack lay. It was way too early ( for him ) to go out there. Perhaps, he would spent another hour or so with me, myself, and I. Luckily for the stubborn ol’ brute, he’d be blissfully unaware of the massive gathering of the 22nd anniversary. Crowds and Grimolf were still a / huge / work in progress especially when certain pups challenged him to an stare off.

    <Kova> her eyes would be light upon the pair as she would dip her head to both of them. When they approached and stood beneath the stone she would offer in kind, light words. “Code and Ophaelos, your journey with us started sometime ago, and recently you’d pledged with us. Several moons have passed, and your journey has been swift but true. I would like to ask the both of you now, do you still desire to call WolfSpirits your home?”

    Panther – Careful not to trip, he’d still be sprinting towards the clearing. Eventually, he’d enter into the treeline, he’d wind around this tree and that. Leap over this log, and run around that rock. Soon, he would enter into the clearing, halting at the treeline. A meeting was in tow, how much had he missed, he wondered. His gaze found Saskia and he would quickly slip in to sit beside her, dipping his head to everyone gathered.

    Rook 📖 Rook would hmmm lightly to Ophaelos’ scent being present in the tale but left it at that for the moment. It seemed as though she was making good progress in growing further into her roles within the pack. Speaking of which, he turned attention toward Ophaelos and Code, and he would listen both to the question asked of them and to the answers they gave in turn.

    Ophaelos —  .ೃ࿐ At Kova’s words, he would bow his head deeply, presenting her with a watchful and genuine gaze once his cranium was raised. “WolfSpirits has been nothing but kind and welcoming to me. Everyone here has been endearing, and trustworthy… I honor your traditions and have begun to hope to learn more of your ways, and the lay of the land. I could think of no better place to call home, my Alphess.” There was, indeed, no truer way to put his words. This would be his second attempt at placing down his roots. Ophaelos was getting old—he is to turn six in the next few months; he isn’t an old man by any means and was instead, well seasoned. But time flies quickly—his call upon the stone would be proof of this. He is far too old to be a wanderer for much longer, at least to the extent his younger-self was. It was time for a home—a permanent home. The honor of WolfSpirits extending that gratitude toward him would cause a certain warmness to rise to his face. *ೃ༄

    * Althea stretched, muscles aching as she poked her nose out of the small den that her and Elvira had been sleeping in. ”Whew, we really did sleep in..” Althea nudged Elvira with her muzzle. The two wolves had been minding their business since the pack meeting they attended. Everything was so much to take in, why did they feel so safe in this new found territory? They had been avoiding the other wolves, just sticking together which was making their bond grow stronger. The two wolves had heard whispers about a special meeting, yet were too shy to attend.

    Code —  offered a nod to Kova’s words and let Ophaleos speak first. When he finished, she would speak briefly. “My paws have taken me many places, but they always found their way back here. Wolf Spirits is where I feel I belong, and I wish to call it my home in time,” she said, keeping her voice steady and choosing her words carefully.

    * Kova she would look between the pair and still offered a light, but thoughtful expression to them. To their words, she felt true and heard. She’d turn then towards the gathered wolves and those of the pack. She first looked to Saskia, chuffing for her to come forward, then to Rook, to whom she chuffed to come forward as well. “As an assessment of WolfSpirits, you will understand our ways more deeply. You will know the roots of the pack, and the roots of your own heart. You will become more intricately woven into our fold and you will spend the time getting to know the wolves you wish to call family. In your agreement to stepping forward, I would like to name you your mentors. Ophaelos, Saskia will be your mentor through your journey. Code, Rook will be your mentor through your  journey. They will help guide you, and show you the ways of the pack as each have experienced and can share.” her tail would swing then fell to her haunches as she’d nod to both the pair once they reached the stone. She’d wait for them to approach before she’d continue.

    Elvira —  Elvira awoke to Althea nudging her awake. “Althea… leave me alone…” she said in a sleepful haze. “Let me go back to sleep…” She rolled over to avoid the light hitting her eyes. As much as she wanted to get up and do something productive, sleep was just as important. Knowing Althea would drag her out of her sleep anyway, she managed to stumble onto her feet and meet Althea at the entrance to the den. “Now what? Should we go adventure?”

    Rook 📖 A moment or perhaps two would transpire before he realized he had been assigned Code as a pupil of sorts. He would look to the fae a moment, recalling their limited exchanges, and shift his gaze back to Kova. A gentle dip of his nose would offer his own acceptance to the task given him. He had just the curriculum to provide Code with a well-rounded assessment period.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ — would gently nose Panther’s chin as he took a seat beside her, almost startling her in the process. When Kova called her name forward, she would sway her tail and quietly approach the rock. She made her way to the top, and looked between Ophaelos and Kova with a light expression. Ophaelos had gotten his wish, unbeknownst of her. Code had gotten a special mentor.. and she would be proud of her dear friend. Saskia would touch her nose to the top of Ophaelos’s head. “I will give you my knowledge and guidance as best I can, Ophaelos, Assessment of WolfSpirits.” She’d move back and give Kova a smile and a dip of her head before moving back off the stone after Rook’s choice of actions.

    Rowan – She would watch as Panther entered the clearing, settling beside Saskia after Ophaelos and Code were called forth. She’d watch with a curious gaze, was Ophaelos being promoted? Perhaps Code too. Then Saskia and Rook were called forth, she tilted her head. She smiled softly as she watched Saskia became Ophaelos’ mentor, and Rook Code’s mentor.

    * Kova when Rook and Saskia offered their acceptance of their new mentee’s she would give a smile and a dip of her head to the four of them. Her paw would rise and stomp lightly upon the earth. “Then, I would like to have the honor of naming you Code and Ophaelos, Assessments to WolfSpirits. May your journey be true, your heart strong, and your spirit willing as you proceed on your journey to calling home.” she would stomp her paw on the stone swiftly to the pair. She was truly happy for the both of them for they’d grown stronger throughout their time here and looked forward to their progression.

    <Althea> Nodding her head enthusiastically Althea bounded on top of Elvira. ”Yes! Yes! Yes!” The cold air nipped at her nose as she pounced off of Elvira, cleaning her fur from dust and dirt so she looked presentable to the other wolves in the territory. ”I wonder who we will run into today, there are so many faes left to meet”

    <Calder> At the naming of the pair to assesments, he would offer a stomp of his in turn. He was just getting to know each wolf and would be excited to know them more deeply as time would go on. He was excited to see their continued journey.

    CwnAnnwn – He would listen first to Kiva as she called up the pair and posed the question of whether they wished ti continue their path to becoming members of the pack. He listened to their words and when Kova named them to assessment, he would stamp his paw for them.

    Code – stayed silent as Kova named her and Ophaleos assessments, a feeling of pride rushing through her. Finally, after… a year? She would be an assessment! As Rook was named her mentor, she gave a confused expression which was quickly schooled and replaced by a smile. Rook, the Wolf Who Thought Himself A River! She would have to learn to decipher his strange words if he was to teach her the pack’s ways, but she figured she would manage. She nodded to him and then to Kova. “Thank you,” she said. “I will do my best to learn all I can.” She would then return to her original spot near Saskia and their group of friends with a beaming smile, nosing her best friend and dipping her head to everyone else in thanks.

    Panther – Both Ophaelos and Code were called forth, it would seem as though they were being promoted. He hummed softly, nosing Saskia’s cheek, a smile on his maw. Then, she and Rook were called forth. His ears perked and he looked forward as Saskia padded forth. His tail swayed behind him as Saskia and Rook were given apprentices. His paw stamped the ground, and once Saskia returned to his side, he’d nuzzle into her fur as congratulations.

    Ophaelos – .ೃ࿐ At her nose touching his forehead, he would close his eyes, re-opening them with a smile after she speaks, dipping his head to her. “I have no doubt you will make a fine mentor for me, Saskia, future Guardian of WolfSpirits.” A large part of him was satisfied with Kova’s choice as his mentor. He would wonder if she knew of their friendlier bond, or if it was just a random chance that she was picked. Regardless, he was happy—it would have been difficult to be assigned to someone else he didn’t know well. Perhaps not difficult in action, but the road to forming a comfortable bond as the one he shares with Saskia would have been a sizeable obstacle indeed, had it been someone else. He’d be fond of Code’s choice of mentor—part of him was even a little jealous, given how knowledgeable Rook was. Nonetheless, today was a happy day, and the brute was more than satisfied.

    Ophaelos would bow his head at Kova, giving a stamp of his paw alongside everyone. “Thank you, Alphess. I look forward to growing with the pack, especially those close to me,” the male says, glancing at Fern and Code especially—all three of them were assessments now! It was exciting to grow alongside them and forge new bonds going forward. He’d allow the other pair to wrap themselves up before taking a seat with Saskia. *ೃ༄

    Fern —  -ˋˏ ༻❁ Fern would give a happy woof to Code and Ophaelos. Look at that! Her friends were climbing the ranks alongside her! New assessments, Woo! They can all learn together now, how fun indeed. “Congratulations you two!” Her tail would start to wave faster, almost forgetting about her tension of before. ❁༺ˎˊ-

    Elvira —  Elvira followed suit, standing up and shaking off the dirt leftover from the den they slept in. “Hopefully not in the same way we met those one wolves…” She was thinking about their encounter in the woods a few weeks ago, which scared the two faes to the core. “Let’s go, I guess… We have to stay quiet, we’re not going to be interrupting them again and getting both of us in trouble” She walked out of the den, waiting for Althea to follow her.

    <Kova> she would smile warmly to each wolf and watched them take their places back amongst their fold. She would swing her tail and gave a low chuff again, kind of apologetic the fae had to move twice, but she offered a tone to two wolves. “Saskia and Panther, please come forward.”

    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  Saskia would be just about seated when her name had been called. She looked between her court and the rock and smiled, moving towards the rock once more. As she approached, she’d seat herself on her haunches and look to Kova with a horribly hid sense of excitement.

    Panther – His ears perked, had Saskia spoken to Kova about their courtship? He was curious, though mostly excited nonetheless. His tail swayed as he rose to his paws, padding toward the Alpha Rock alongside Saskia. He dipped his head to the Alphess, and awaited her words.

    <Kova> “Saskia and Panther..” she began with soft but knowing tones. “You both have been a courted pair for many moons now. I bring you before the stone to ask of you both to see if your hearts have found their soulmates. Saskia, do you still wish to be named mate to Panther, and Panther, do you wish to be named mate to Saskia?”

    <Calder> He’d smile to the new assessments before turning his ears forward to now gaze upon Panther and Saskia. He would offer a smile and a sway of his tail as he would listen to either’s hearts.

    * Althea was careful with her paws as she padded behind Elvira. She knew that she had to mind her noise pollution, they would have to sneak away quietly due to the fact that they were a little close to Alpha Rock, near the ancient fire. Althea snuck in front of Elvira, heading southwest to near the clearing. ”Ya snooze ya loose, bozo..” Thea smacked her tail playfully on Elviras head and she skimpered forward.

    * Leora she would remain beside her brother until he would approach the rock when he was called forward. She wondered what it was like to mentor another wolf! She was happy for both Ophaelos and Code’s assessmentships and then she looked to Panther and Saskia. She’d tilt her head curiously to the pair and to the naming of what they wished. Mates? She’d have to inquire.

    Rook 📖 He hadn’t approached the stone when bade to do so. It wasn’t out of any emotional response, he just thought he was close enough and that the moment was that of the assessments, not himself. He’d catch up with Code when the festivities were in their lull and offer her both his personal congratulations and her first assignment. For now, however, the proceedings proceeded with courts being asked the potentially difficult question of further, chosen devotion…a common path to share for the time allotted. He’d look to Kova a moment, not understanding the danger he was in from potential questions from his younger sister.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  Saskia would wave her tail furiously behind her, unable to contain her excitement. “Yes, yes…! I have walked the same path as Panther for many moons. Our hearts were meant for one another, and I am certain his beats the tempo as my own..” She spoke with confident, happy tones. She knew her heart belonged to the black brute beside her. She had no doubt he would say the same, would he not? She turned to look him in his eyes, awaiting his answer.


    Althea — “I think I remember the clearing being up ahead!” Althea’s tongue hung out of her mouth from the exertion of the run. Althea glanced back at her companion and thought how lucky she was that Vira found her in that river that day and made the decision to stick with her. Their small little society of two was beginning to feel like a real home. “I’m excited to finally get some exercise… We have been so… so… stagnant.”

    Elvira —  Elvira and Althea continued running forward until a strong gust of wind blew the scents of many, many wolves to her nose. “Hold on….” She stopped to sniff the crisp, cold air. “There are so many wolves nearby…” Knowing Althea would want to go see what was happening, she looked over to her friend. She was scared, she didn’t want to interrupt, but meeting other wolves may be good for them both.

    Panther – green gaze settled on Kova as she spoke, a light smile lighting up his features. He nodded in regards to Saskia’s tones. “We have walked the same path for many moons now, I have watched her become the fae she is now, and I would like to continue our path. As one.” He offered in light, happy tones. His tail swaying behind him as he looked to Kova.

    * Kova as the pair would share their heart for one another, there was a soft expression given across her features. From Saskia’s tones, to Panther’s, she knew the heavy weight of their affection for one another, and the promise they shared between only two could. She’d catch Rook’s gaze, offering a gentle one in kind before turning back to Panther and Saskia. “As all have heard the heart and devotion for one another, such is the path of courts to being named a mated pair. I would like to have the honor of being the first to introduce the newest mated pair, Saskia and Panther. May your devotion and hearts continue to beat as one in this journey, together.” for this she would offer a sweet, low melodic howl for the pair. A song worthy to sing.

    * Leora how curious this thing was. Mateship, huh? She would feel her paws shift a little and when her brother didn’t migrate far from her, she would nudge him lightly until Kova’s howl drew her attention away from said question that no doubt would arise. She looked to see Panther, her dear friend, come together in this thing called mateship. How curious. Yes, curious. She was happy for him, though!  Despite the feelings of this new season, she was happy. She would smile and howl for both Saskia and Panther.

    <Calder> When Panther and Saskia where named a mated pair, he would smile and when Kova howled, he would add his song and voice to the mix for the celebration of two becoming one. He’d feel the hearts shared and given.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  Saskia’s heart would beat against her chest, and she’d pull her ears back in contentment as Kova’s howls and naming lifted into the air. Her court -.. mate’s words would find her in soft tones, and she would be grateful for them. Panther was her heart, and no wolf could ever compare to him. Not knowing if she was suppose to offer her voice for their own celebration, but she couldn’t hold it back. She’d lift her head into the air and let loose low, soft tones of her inner feelings; Completion. When she was finished, she’d nuzzle Panther on his chin and descend the throne, but not before offering Kova a silent, “Thank you..”

    📖 Yes, a song worthy to sing indeed. When the Song was beckoned, it was made more whole with more notes; so, he would offer up his low howl to the sky in a hearty beckoning for the newly named pair. —danger, danger Will Robinson…the sixth sense of the Lore Master were slowly going off but likely not fast enough to avoid a barrage of questions after this. His own mind was on other things, occupied by his own questions.

    Code —  Code grinned, happy for Saskia and Panther. She added her voice to the song that rang out in the clearing, her tail wagging and wagging with joy for her friends. Mates! Oh, how wonderful! When the howls would cease, she would nod to Saskia with a smile, whispering a “congratulations!”.

    <Kova> she would pick up Saskia’s thank you and smile warmly to the fae and gave them a nod to return back to their place with the others. When all the howls and notes where sung, she would shift her paws just a little on the stone if only to address the wolves of the pack. “Before I continue, is there any who wish to request of me, anything, for this meeting?” she had glanced across the
    <Kova> gathered, hoping to to perhaps see Rune among the gathered at some point, before turning then to the rest momentarily. She knew where her hues desired to fall, but she kept them to each now to ensure she’d not miss any requests.

    Fern —  -ˋˏ ༻❁ How lovely! All of her friends were just getting it good this meeting weren’t they. Panther and Saskia’s love reminded her of a story, but she’ll have to save it for lore night… For now she would give a double stamp of her paws and a gentle yip for the mated pair! This was no doubt a meeting to remember. ❁༺ˎˊ-

    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  Saskia would stop before reaching her spot and then back to face the stone for the third time. Was this going to be a habit? She’d hum and lift her head to meet Kova’s gaze. “I have a request.” It was something her and Kova had spoken about in the past, and now that her romantic bond had formed, she wanted to complete another bonding.

    Elvira —  Elvira followed Althea, temporarily stopping every little while to hear the sounds and scents getting closer, closer, closer. Once they got closer to the others, Elvira stopped them both to avoid barging in unannounced. Maybe, just maybe, one of the wolves at the meeting would notice them. Whatever did happen, Elvira tried to keep the pair of faes as calm and respectful as possible. In a low whisper, Elvira nudged Althea. “Stay quiet, we aren’t getting yelled at again. We don’t even know if we can be here.”

    Ophaelos — .ೃ࿐ With a stamp of his paw and offering his own song, he’d extend his own gratitude to the pair. Ophaelos wasn’t a huge romantic anymore due to his own trials and tribulations that he’s been experiencing. By no means was he a cynic on their behalf, though, and would be delighted for the mated pair—love was a beautiful thing with a painful bite, after all. Eagerly, he’d listened to Kova’s further words and would wonder if anyone had anything else to add to this meeting. When he heard Saskia begin to speak, he would listen intently to his mentors request. *ೃ༄

    Althea —  Althea nodded her head in understanding and she sniffed the air. “The alpha…. Kova? I smell her…” Althea grinned. She was excited, she loved a good party!

    Code —  Code’s stomach flipped with nerves as she knew what Saskia was going to request but the worry was mixed with excitement and anticipation. She stepped forward next to Saskia, her smile widening and tail softly wagging. She nosed the fae warmly and turned her gaze to Kova.

    Panther  – He would’ve offered his own voice, though once it died down, he found his place among the crowd again. He watched his mate as she made it known she had a request, his head tilted. What was this request? He wondered. He kept quiet, and watched.

    * Kova her eyes would fall then towards Saskia who would have meandered from the stone, only to turn around and request another. She smiled softly to the fae and would welcome her back forward. “Please share your request.” she’d invite her forward once more with a lightness to her expression and curious, to.

    Rowan – She stamped her paw into the ground, a smile on her maw. Saskia and Panther, they had been courted, and now they were mated. She hummed softly, she would have to congratulate them at the end of the meeting. Though, her attention directed upon the dark fae as she spoke up about a request.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  Saskia would hum. She wouldn’t burden the stone with a third approach of her own paws, but instead she’d stand at the base for now until Kova either denied or accepted her request. “Panther is not the only one I have bonded with since I’ve made WolfSpirits my home. Code has been by my side since the day of my arrival, and has taken a part in who I have become these days. We’ve become very close, and I have spoken to you as well as her about my request to become what WolfSpirits knows as a Spirit sister…” She’d pause and await Code’s expression before continuing. “We have both agreed it is what we want, for our paws to walk side by side as sisters not of blood, but of bond.” She’d conclude and pause, awaiting Kova’s response.

    * Kova as Saskia approached with her request, she’d give a knowing smile. She knew well the strength and bonds between another who might not be shared in blood, but spirit. It was a unique honor that the pack would provide to those of the pack. She turned then to Code and offered the fae to come forward as well. She would seek Code to come forward as well. “I hear your request, Saskia. As a  bonded wolf to another not of blood, but of Spirit, the sibling bond is a strong and true one. We are lucky to find a wolf whom we share our heart with, but not just as a singular bond, for we can share it with others to. I know well this bond.” her hues fell to Code then to Saskia. “If Code agree’s and you both feel strong for this to be made true, then, I would have the honor to name you both Spirit Siblings before the pack. To be recognized, named, and to share that continued bond with one another, throughout your journey within our home.” she would smile and gently stomp her paw to the stone.

    <Calder> When Saskia stepped forward with her request and it to be made with Code, he smiled. He would give a gentel stomp of his paw for the pair of fae’s. He was happy the two of them found a common ground and heart with one another during their time in the fold of WolfSpirits.

    * Leora she would watch all the gathered wolves, so many! She would be happy to see the others advance in their place in the pack, and as well hearts it would seem. Now spirit siblings? Oh, another thing she’d have to ask about! She swished her tail and not knowing the bounds of them fully yet, it was still a time to rejoice and feel the celebration and heart fulfillment to the pair. When they where named, she’d mimic Kova and stomp her paw.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  Code’s words would warm her heart and she would look to Kova with knowing hues and a firm nod of her head. Would she notice the two newer fae’s coming into the clearing, if so she would greet them after the meeting, but for now there was an important moment to attend to. “It is as said, and true to our hearts. A bond we wish to seal, as Spirit Sisters..” She would smile at Kova, knowing she knew well of what bonds formed between the two faes based off of her own bond with Fianna.

    * Kova she would look between Saskia and Code, and smile softly as she had given a firm and knowing nod. “It is an honor to name you spirit sisters, Code and Saskia. May your bonds continue to grow stronger.’ she would dip her head to the pair and happily wave her tail for the two.

    Fern —  -ˋˏ ༻❁ Hm? Spirit sister? What was that? After Kova’s little explanation she’d now understand. Fully agreeing that they were fit to be sisters by the bond they held. Fern still remembers to this day that Saskia had first mistaken her for the lighter fae, not to mention she talked about her all the time when she was missing. The golden fae would first give a knowing nod before her tail betrayed her seriousness with more waves of joy and a congratulatory yip! Yet again her friends were getting it SO good this meeting! Maybe one day Fern herself will find an unbreakable bond with someone, be it a mate or a spirit sister… ❁༺ˎˊ-

    ⚜Saskia⚜ — Saskia would wave her tail and dip her head to Kova before stamping a paw under her own frame for their bond. She looked back and moved between Code and her mate, nuzzling them both before seating herself and finally keeping quiet for the continuation of the meeting.

    Rook 📖 Rook would offer a firm stamp to the earth below for the bond Saskia and Code had formed. There weren’t many present that he had found to kindle such a bond with, maybe Phoenix, but that was a product of fate and his own choices. Perhaps, one day he’d find someone to warrant such a title be given to the bond made. For now, his eyes once more looked to Kova.

    * Kova when Saskia and Code would return to their favored places among the gathered, she would smile and swing her tail. The feeling jovial and light and it would radiate with the others. She once more scanned the gathered and allowed the floor to remain open for a request that might be needed and she just hadn’t the moment to share it before the meeting. “Does any others wish to come forward  with a request?” would she notice the two faes in the distance yet?

    <Calder> He’d remain seated and when the request floor was open, he would glance again to all the gathered wolves. He himself hadn’t found such a bond yet with another, but was hoping , with time, he might. For now he’d remain silent and listening. Wondering curiously where Fianna might be.

    Ophaelos —  .ೃ࿐ The sound of having a spirit sibling would cut close to the brute, who smiled and offered his stomp of approval. Losing Eýr was one of the most difficult losses Ophaelos had experienced. It rivaled losing his mate—that alone should convey the seriousness of such a subject. Similar to the others who seated themselves near the brute, Ophaelos would wonder if he, too, would share a similar bond with another wolf. His mind was mainly on the subject of a spirit sibling, not so much a mate… he was far too cynical at the moment to even begin to wonder if there was another in this pack who would work his way into his heart in such a way. It was far too early for him to begin to wonder about such things—both a mate and a spirit sibling—and would quickly shut down such ideas. Instead, he’d offer his kindness to the named-sisters in the form of a simper. *ೃ༄


    * Daithi had spent his early hours rummaging through some brush and munching on some local berries that he had remembered were edible. They tasted tart but quenched a thirst deep in his belly and helped to get rid of that growling sensation. Whilest on pause to lap at some icey water from a stream he was near, could be hear voices on the wind in the far distance? The howls of many… Curiosity could potentially get the best of him had it
    * Daithi not been for his timid nature, instead… he carefully stepped his way towards the voices… He carefully stepped through the dense wooded vale, his paws light on the cold solid ground. Passed the ancient sentinels that protected these woods, they whispered to him as a pup. He would never forget their words… but for now, he continued forward. Until the sun stretched for undergrowth and barren roots that occasionally peeked out
    * Daithi from the dense packed snow. He stayed in the tree line, a pale apparition against the trees, until he circled around to be able to see fur and tail of the wolves he heard earlier. Remaining there, he stayed put, quietly contemplating for awhile

    Rook 📖 The sound of celebration would die down once more, and he would listen and watch in the brief silence that accompanied the lull between Kova’s question and the here and now…the heart racing, heart pounding now. He would nose at his sister, if nothing more than for courage and approach the base of the stone to look up to Kova.

    “I only ask of you the world as I know and feel it. I ask to share a common tale with the time given us and to weave one for the telling when our time has passed. Forgive me my boldness, but I ask a life-long barter of a story for a story.”

    They had shared moments of honest vulnerability in private; the moments that temper the heart but that do nothing to harden it. Such fire and coal analogies so often break here in the details, but that was because it wasn’t a steel to be forged in these moments…it was an alloy. Such metallurgy took time, knowledge, and great care to form a stronger material than what was present separately. This…this was the right analogy and whether he was the chromium to her cobalt+nickel or it was the other’way’round…the end to strive for was the strongest material known.

    Panther  – He had formed the mate bond with Saskia, and Saskia had formed a sisterly bond with Code. He smiled, nuzzling his mate as she settled beside him again. He glanced around, sighing. This reminded him he wanted to speak with Sanek, but it didn’t seem as though the brute was around. Perhaps they could catch up later, he hoped so.


    <Kova> her hues would fall towards the stone hued frame of the Lore Master as he had approached in the boughts of silence from the others. There would be a softness to her expression, a knowing kindle that began to ignite within her own. She’d not appointed another higher ranked wolf yet to their fold, and so, such ceremonies would be given in what her words offered next. But first, she would slowly descend the rock so that she’d be even with Rook and stepped forward until she brushed her nose to his lightly. “Share with two souls, and we will share in freedoms tale.” she’d offer in light tones before her tail swung ever so. If a wolf could blush, surely her cheeks would be rosey like a fresh spring flower. She’d feel her own heart pulsate against her chest for the moments of  shared heart in the ancient wood, would be revealed to the others in the open upon his request. She’d give another moment more before she would swing her tail and address the others. “Rook, I accept your heart and give mine in full and in kind. To explore the paths together and grow stronger in those intricate, but beautiful threads of bondship. I accept your heart as I hope you to mine, and I would be honored to be your court and to join on a journey that of moon and earth can share.” her tail would betray her inner thoughts for it’d be hard to stop it’s sway as she pressed her crown into his, so her chest may press against his own. If only to share their beating hearts, to slow and pace as one.

    Rowan – She tilted her head, spirit sisters, huh? Her ears perked, she hummed softly. She glanced between Saskia and Code, would she find a Spirit Sibling while she roamed this pack’s lands? Would she bond with anyone as these wolves have? As she was deep in thought, watching the happenings of the meeting, she likely wouldn’t notice the two visitors watching them.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  Now, saying Saskia was shook was an understatement. Kova… courting Rook? She should’ve seen it coming! Saskia would turn and perk her ears, tail still behind her as she listened to the love language the two rarely, practically never shared. Would Rook show emotion in this moment? She’d look to her mate with a subtle glint of suspense in her eyes, watching the Alpha and the Lore Master. When Code snuggled close, she’d wrap her tail around the fae’s hindquarters but couldn’t keep her gaze off the two at hand.

    📖 Rook would watch Kova and read the words written gently, boldly, with elegant grace and that were hewn upon her frame. His heart continued to race, and he did what he could to steady it in the interceding moments before her voice offered her reprieve from the unbound seas he found himself awash in. A beacon…a lodestar to which to swim toward and swim he would…When she accepted his offer and offered her own heart in kind, he momentarily bowed his head. The weight was born aloft his neck, but it was no albatross; this weight was the torc within which a great deal of magic was kindled. This weight was the stone that completed the stone.

    Rook would not contain the happiness and levity Kova’s words and acceptance offered, and he’d not let her wait a moment longer to accept her own “Your heart is safe with me, mo réalta thuaidh. Your tale is told with every swift beat of my heart.”

    Fern —  -ˋˏ ༻❁ Ha! Fern knew it! She knew those suspicious looks they were giving each other as they went alone into the Ancient Forest that one day weren’t for nothing. But if we’re honest here the idea of Kova courting Rook was quite the surprise to all. Her ears too would be perked with interest as she watched what went down. What a special day it was, a day of love as it seemed it would flow in and out of almost everyone who went up to the Alpha Stone. ❁༺ˎ

    Panther  – Panther tilted his head, curious. Another courted pair? Kova and Rook, he had missed their longing gazes that no doubt wandered to each other from time to time, so he was definitely surprised. His eyes were curious, would Rook become Alpha alongside Kova? Or remain Lore Master? He seemed to lean towards the stone, interested. He caught himself and instead leaned into his mate.

    * Kova there would be no betraying how she felt, for she felt this way for sometime. The stone hued male of the Mean Oiche had stolen her heart perhaps sometime ago, but after a pause and breath of recent events, and time shared and spent closer together, she knew where her heart truly and wanted to belong. She would gruuu softly against his crown and nuzzled into his chest. His words binding to
    <Kova> her heart like a special golden thread, now firmly tethered to her. To his promise, she’d offer her own. “And yours is safe with me. A tale tethered to one another for as long as the threads will last..” She would gently place her paw atop his own briefly, knowing he knew of it’s meaning before she would feel her heart race until she’d let loose a gentle, low song for their
    <Kova> courtship!

    * Leora she would give a swing of her tail to both Saskia and Code. How exciting, she thought! It was there she would be left to her own when her brother took a few paces forward. She blinked and tilted her head and when the pair seemed to share a lovers story, she blinked even more. Her eyes where like “@o@”. So many questions now fell into the forefront and now they where burning to be asked! But this was a special moment, so, she kept to herself. Did she notice Althea and Elvira yet? Her eyes where glued and when Kova howeled for the courtship to her brother, she felt her own howl added in kind! So.many.questions.

    ⚜Saskia⚜ —  A song that was worth sharing, indeed! Saskia would look back to her mate with an awwe look in her hues. She stamped her right paw firmly, happy for the two as they began their long yearned-for journey of love. She too wondered if Rook would become Alpha alongside Kova, but deep down she felt he would not uphold such titles and none would live up to his own of Lore Master. She’d wait for Rook to sing his song before she offered her own into the sky. A night of love, kinship, and bonding as they lived yet another year in the intricate threads of time; 22 years to be exact!

    Rook  📖 One more quiet moment out at sea and he was on the shore of a new and wonderous venture. The air within him swelled bringing the cold winter’s air within what felt like a smelter. He breathed a long and low breath before then lifting his own note skyward. Song and story were sang and written but not yet fully. This was a barter he would honor until the last of his breaths fell and until the silent name given him left this world for the memory of another’s story told.

    Quietly now, he would press the crown of his head to Kova’s shoulder and move to sit beside his sister, Leora. He had much to answer, he knew.

    Ophaelos —  .ೃ࿐ A courtship was a lovely thing—he remembers the two separate times he was courted. Although, he’s never mentioned the first to anyone. Ahh… he could feel the puppy love from here. He’d stomp his paw, offering his song to the sky to celebrate their union. It seems the season brought on many feelings for everyone! He hadn’t been here long enough to notice Kova and Rook’s affection toward each other, but it was clear they felt heavily for one another. The air between them was palpable, even from where the brute sat. *ೃ༄

    Panther  – An ‘awwwe’ look was shared with his mate. Now that he thought about it, he and Saskia courted before the alpha, was that weird? He shook his head, glancing back to the courted pair. He stamped his paw and he would offer his own voice once the Alphess and Lore Master did.

    <Kova> there would be another soft but hard felt nuzzle to his shoulder and frame swiftly before she would step from her court (insert hehe here), and up the slope of the rock she’d go. When she reached it’s edge, she would stand there again and offer a warm but soft expression to the wolves present. Her tail would sway behind her with a little more air before she’d offer. She’d let loose a gentle breath and seeing Rowan among the others, she would offer to the fae to come forward.

    Rowan  – She watched the happenings of the clearing, unaware of the two newcomers. Her tail swayed, she offered a stomped paw in regards to the new courted pair. She rose to her paws noticing Kova beckoned her forth, she offered a subtle smile and padded forwards.

    <Kova> when the fae would come forward, she smiled. “Rowan, you have been a pledge for sometime now, and I wanted to ask you now, if you are ready to proceed to the next step of Assessmentship and your journey with WolfSpirits to become a member?” eyes would be light and curious to the fae’s response.

    *Rowan She glanced first towards Ophaelos, they had pledged together, she hummed softly then looked towards the Alphess. “My paws have wandered, but I believe this is my second chance at a permanent home. If you will allow it of me, I would like to proceed and take the next step.” She offered in light tones, giving a firm nod to Kova’s words. If the alphess were to accept, who would her mentor be?

    <Kova> “As an assessment of WolfSpirits, you will learn more intricately the ways of the pack and fold you are about to join. I will name your mentor now, as Shakira.” she would look across the gathered wolves to the Lead Huntress. She’d invite the fae to come forward if she wished. “Shakira will help lend and give her knowledge to you so that you may grow stronger in knowing the pack ways and rules, and as well, your own path to joining us. Do you accept your next step and journey?”

    Ophaelos —  .ೃ࿐ A smile would find him as Rowan was called to pledge. Indeed, he would catch her glance and would offer a respectful bow of his head. This was exciting—for both of them, he’d like to think. He was worried for a moment that, due to her lack of appearance lately, she wouldn’t have the privilege to ascend with him. Alas, by Kova’s gracious philosophy, she would be joining not only him and Code but Fern and Cajun as well! *ೃ༄

    Rowan – Her hues had caught Ophaelos’ respectful dip of his head, her tail swayed behind her as she eagerly waited for Kova’s words. When they came, she looked up at her quickly, listening. Shakira, the Lead Huntress was named her mentor, and she would be sure to seek her out after the meeting or tomorrow morning. “I accept. I shall learn all that there is while I can.” She offered, eager to take these next steps and learn more about this pack she will be journeying into.
    * Kova when Rowan would accept the next stage to joining the pack and her mentor was named, she would smile. Her tail slowly brushed across the surface a few more times before she would rise her paw up “As all have lay witness to Rowan’s pledge, and now pledge to her mentor and the pack, I would like the honor now of naming you Rowan, WolfSpirits Assessment.” she let loose a low breath before stomping the stone for Rowan!
    Rook 📖 Another named assessment would be added to the growing list of wolves to learn the ways of the Wolfspirit. Here, he thought, was a valuable lesson to those already established. This pack thrived on the addition from a world beyond the proverbial bubble, much like the ‘tellers had. Although the ways of the Wolfspirit were vital in continued success of the pack, stories should be told and heard. He would once more look between the newly named assessments and to the one under his charge and stamp his paw firmly in congratulations to Rowan. Perhaps he would see Althea and Elvira near enough now and would offer them a much more welcoming chuff than the greeting they had near the Ancient Forest. Would they heed the welcome?
    <Leora> she would nuzzle her brother softly when he rejoined her but she would now look to Kova and Rowan. She hadn’t met the fae to much and would have to change that! She watched curiously and when the fae was named Assessment, she would gently stomp her paw for the fae to! Another Assessment, woo! She could feel the elated expression and feelings across the others.
    * Shakira would have seemed to slip into the fold unseen aside from Rook whom she had entered into the Clearing shortly behind, offering her own sentimental howls and praises as the time and advancements allowed. Though now it would seem she was called upon to be a mentor, a teacher for one to join the fold and call the pack home. Stepping forward she would come up to nose gently and briefly along Rowan’s ruff if only to let her know of her support. “I accept the role of mentor for Rowan, she has already proven her worth and dedication to the pack and I will be honored to teach her further of our ways.” She said before the Alpha would name the newest Assessment, her own growl raising for the she-wolf before she would step back to the back of the crowd.
    ⚜Saskia⚜ — Today at 4:22 PM
    Saskia would watch as Rowan went forth, and she’d smile for the fae. Rowan wasn’t around a lot, but recently she’d stayed nearer to the clearing. She knew the fae had a place here, even if she’d not yet found what it was. When the brown fae was named an Assessment, she would lightly stamp her left paw.
    Fern — Today at 4:24 PM
    -ˋˏ ༻❁ Wow! What a day! So many of the wolves she knows are climbing in the ranks. Fern would no doubt give a stop of her paw for Rowen the new assignment alongside her, Ophaelos, Code, and Cajun! Or at least that’s all who she knew. They all should have little assessment meetings and share what they have learned with the rest, how great would that be. ❁༺ˎˊ-
    * Kova she would smile and dip her head and her paw again to the wolves who where present as Shakira stepped forward to accept her new mentoree. She would smile to the fae and nod firmly. She knew that she would be a good mentor to the fae. She would then look to the others gathered, and her hues fell to her court and she smiled. Allowing him to unveil his trinkets and tokens.
    Rowan  – Her gaze settled on the Alphess for a moment, listening to her words. She dipped her head, and stamped her paw for not only herself but the other assessments that had been named today. She smiled as her mentor emerged from the crowd, and nosed her ruff. She nosed Shakira’s shoulder, eager to learn from the Huntress. Her tail swayed and she dipped her head to Kova once more as a thank you, then she slipped into the crowd near Saskia and Ophaelos once more.
    * Kova as her greeting of the pair was given, and the announcements made, she would gently dip her head and offer a warm smile “Thank you all who attended this evening’s meeting. Other events will continue throughout the day, but I welcome you all to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and thank you again for those who celebrate and share in our lore, story, friendship, kinship, and pack with us for another year longer. Truly honored and humbled by each of you.”

    New Bot Announcement

    📖 When the rest of the proceedings were at a place for the teller of tale to tell tale of tinkering, he’d spin the yarn.

    “Ar aird…Ar Aird! Winter’s worst has waned and the hunter’s time of ease has gone. Ahead lie the months of toil…toil for new mouths and new kin. Toil for prey who no longer slog through the snows we grace our wide paws upon. Today marks the end of Winter’s worst and the beginning of Spring of bounty and hardship. ”

    He would stamp his paws heartily upon the earth beneath him and call out again

    “AR AIRD! AR AIRD!!! The bonds of Fenrir are broken and the beast runs free at the behest of the Lord of the Wild, Cernunnos! The hunt, the wild, and the wild places of the lands grow ever so more wild under his direction, and we…we must grow all the wilder.”

    OOC—- A new discord-side hunting bot is ready, and it entails a host of changes and simplifications. An easy word document will be posted summarizing the commands to use, and a quick/easy demonstration will be given shortly.

    The quick and dirty changes: Your health does not reset after every hunt. You must rest and eat meals to steadily replenish your health, of you should seek out the Caretaker for harsher wounds, because she alone can deem you worthy of hunting again. Every meal provided by the prey is calculated by the average maximum meal a wolf can eat, so you are limited to 1 meal every other day. Fishing and predator tracking are not yet available, but are coming soon.


    Pack Meeting #211

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    Meeting Notes

    February 9th, 2023

    • Cajun named Assessment
      • Mentor is CwnAnnwn
    • Rook named Lore Master
    Number Of Wolves Present


      +Fern +Code +Cajun +Ophaelos
      Leora Foxfur Grimwolf

      Pack Meeting Begins


      * Kova perhaps they’d be equally as lost in a pool of reflection. Without his gentle nuzzle, she’d remain there for a little while longer. She dipped her head and nosed him lightly in kind before turning and making her way up towards the Alpha’s stone. Once she was at it’s edge, she would lift her muzzle up and howl. Perhaps shortly after FoxFur’s to indicate a gathering. A direction for the fae to traverse.
      * Fianna would see Panther just to the north as she and Calder entered the area, and she had been about to quickly turn his way, wanting an update on how he was and of the fox, but Kova’s howl would rise just then and she would arrest the motion to remain near Calder for the meeting. The reporting could wait. For now, she was interested to hear what might be a paw.and would pad into the middle of the clearing, taking close note on all who appeared before settling nearby. Had she noticed Rook entering with Kova? Perhaps.. And a sly and keen look would be sent them both as she settled.
      <Fern> -ˋˏ ༻❁ There, yes, she had spotted her friend Saskia after a bit of gazing, not to mention other approaching wolves. But who was she with? From afar a black smudge might have been Panther- No… It was Grimolf. Her pelt prickled with tension, not to mention the stress of the amount of wolves that attended the meeting, but added onto the wolf she disliked probably most… This is going to be a challenge indeed. She was weary at first,not moving a paw forward, but at Kova’s howl she knew to heed it’s call, and that she did. Gingerly picking up the pace to the Alpha Stone.
      * Leora she -was- headed to the hunting grounds to get something nice ‘n tasty! But there was a howl. She recognized it’s tone and meaning, so swiftly and without hesitation she would run towards the direction of the clearing. She had already had a good lead by now, and moments more the young and light fae would erupt out of the shadows! She was here! She made it! Quickly she would glance around to
      <Leora> see who was there.
      <Cajun> padded into the clearing and as the brute neared the stone he bowed and dipped his head to Kova and then to the others he saw seated nearby the big male paded over toa spot where he usualy sat at during gatherings and sat down on his haunces letting his tail lay on the ground ina half but relaxed curl behind himself Cajun then looked around seeing who all was there and nearby giving a twitch of his ears a couple times
      * Rook Story 📖 Depending on where Fianna and Calder stopped, he just might catch the goober-ridden glance of his sister. He’d not be embarrassed of his heart’s path, but he would give Fianna a roll of the eyes before he came to rest on the east side of the Alpha’s rock just a few padfalls from Ophaelos. If the male was attentive enough, then he too would catch a dip of the nose in greeting before more and more wolves began their own approach in answer to Kova’s call. A quick chuff would given to Cajun. Had he taken note of his youngest sister, Leora? A quick scan of the rest of the clearing might find her or she might just find him.

      * CwnAnnwn Hearing the alpha fae’s howl for a gathering, he picks up his pace to an easy lope towards the clearing, weaving between the trees. It would not be long before the clearing became visible between the trees. His pace didn’t slow as he crossed the threshold of trees and clearing, angling towards the alpha rock as he scanned the gathering place to see whom was present.
      * Foxfur hesitates near the edge of the gathered wolves, her head near to spinning at the number and variety of pelts and scents. She scuffs the earth with one dainty paw, a bit uncertainly, then her owl-yellow eyes find Kova-Alpha and she relaxes, loping easily into the midst of New Pack Wolves to bow, one foreleg extended politely, before the Alpha Female. “Well-met tonight now-now, Alpha Kova,” she greets respectfully with a loose mid-level swing of her brush-tail.
      * Kova as the clearing began to usher in sounds of conversation and many scents, she felt her heart full with the amount of wolves to heed the call. There would be a gentle expression and one of thoughtfulness to it’s growth. She allowed what time was needed for each wolf to hear and heed the call as they desired. She would turn to Foxfur who approached and she offered to the fae a chuff in
      <Kova> greeting in kind. “Well met.” she’d respond. Moments more would pass, and she would cast her eyes to several among the fold. “Thank you to all who have heeded tonights call. We will have a swift meeting, and to follow a Lore Night.” she swung her tail behind her lightly before it fell against her haunches. “First off, I would like to call Cajun forward.”
      Fianna would look about for someone to.settle by tonight that she did not normally do, her eyes scanning the wolves and perhaps spotting Fern? The assessment seemed worried about something, off kilter perhaps, and she had always hung about the outskirts of the pack. Fianna would chuff softly to her and her beckon with her head for the fae to.settle.nearby if she’d like? She’d also spot Saskia with Grimolf, and her attention
      <`Raven> would pin the two for a moment before she settled more, a light gaze lingering on fern as the meeting began.
      <`Raven> <Grimolf> “ What a lot of nonsense. . . “ He whispered in an irritated tone ; his worse nightmare coming to life in the form of a massive get to together ! They really did these annually, how ?!? A unfamiliar howl briefly stopped Grimolf’s inner complaining turning towards the direction of it. Who was that ? — On second thought, he didn’t really care. ( Here we go, Grimolf. ) He continued to talk to himself feeling the weight of dozen
      <`Raven> scents harassing his nostrils. This was clearly a test sent by a higher power to see how long Grimolf could last before he went stir crazy. He sent Ophaelos, a nasty look before finding somewhere comfortable to lay his unwilling body down. Something told him someone was watching him in the corner of his orb — shifting his gaze to the side, he spotted Fern staring at him with a nervous. ( What are you looking at ? ) He thought out loud not
      <`Raven> taking his orbs off Fern’s gaze seeing how long until she broke eye contact.
      <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink +Fianna would chuff softly to Foxfurs as well, knowing the fae wasn’t used to how meetings progressed and she would beckon her over to.sit beside them too?
      <Cajun> perked his ears hearing the alpha words to him and he got up and made his way over to the front of the alpha stone the coal brute bowed his head to Kova then sat down facing her looking up*
      * Leora like a bat in the night, she would fly into the clearing just in time! Oh man, she saw so many wolves! some new! Others friends like Panther! She hadn’t seen him in sometime and gave a hushed little wuff in his direction before seeing her brother, sister and her sisters other half. She still wasn’t all knowledged about that twitterpattin stuff, so it bothered her not. Perhaps this year might
      <Leora> be slightly different for her? Who knew! She would aim to walk to her siblings first and settle beside them to have a comfy spot in which to listen to the meeting. She knew the rules!
      * Panther heard the call, heeding it as quickly as he could. Perhaps catching Fianna’s eye, he would dip his head. There were a couple new wolves around that he hadn’t met yet. As he looked around, he may spot Saskia, and if he did, he was sure to notice Grimolf. He hummed, acknowledging the brute padding alongside his court. His paws shifted as he offered a soft chuff to the Guardian in Training and the brute beside her. It would seem as though Ophaelos was with them as well, and the same would be offered to him. Panther caught Leora’s hushed wuff, and he would dip his head in her direction. He turned, tuning into Kova’s words as he sat before the alpha rock.
      * Foxfur would have eased forward at the chuffed acknowledgement of the Kind Alpha to nose gently at her ruff, then just as quickly, slips away to a respectable distance so she can scan the crowd of assembled wolves. So many! Foxfur notices Calder-friend among the many, and waves her tail friendly-like at the Big Dark-furred Male. But it is another wolf, a female with kind eyes (Fianna) who captures the little yearling’s attention. Drawn by her gaze on her, Foxfur trots gracefully over to sit back on her haunches next to her, chuffing a curious and interested hello as her ginger-backed ears rotate around, trying to capture every sound at once.
      * Kova regardless of the meandering glances and passing tones of body language, she would read them and respond later. For now, her hues turned then to Cajun whom she called forward. ” Cajun, you have been a constant presence here for sometime, and you pledged yourself to the pack. I would like to ask you now, is it still in your heart to join WolfSpirits as your home and as your family?”
      * Fern would surprisingly held his gaze for a moment longer than she expected to, before breaking contact to scan over the other wolves. There was clear tension between them both. And once close enough that only a few more steps would lead her to the side of Saskia, Fern would deliberately frown at the sight of the pitch black brute beside her. Eyes blinking once and then without words, she moved to take a seat on the outside of Ophaelos, farthest away from Grimolf. She would shuffle her paws nervously, not glancing even once over to either of them just yet. Fern didn’t know how to feel, she didn’t want to be anywhere near him right now but she would have to, she didn’t even want to speak words to him. She wasn’t wanting to be mean to Saskia… But why would she sit next to him?
      * Rune A nearby howl catches Rune’s attention, drawing her ears up. This howl did not sound distraught and so Rune would take her time descending from the boulder pile she was lounging on. She new the howl’s maker well, Alpha Kova, and heads towards the Clearing at a trot. The Caretaker often slipped into meetings late, materializing at the group’s edge to try and catch up on what had transpired.
      * Ragaire ✩☾ Wee! What’s this? A howl, what joy! Ragaire streaks towards the Clearing at a sprint, paws flying over the earth as she dashes between the Hunting Ground and the Clearing. She’d been wasting time in the strip of woods between the two vast plains, trying to catch critters here and there. A meeting, though, was much more fun.
      * Rook would watch Cajun be called to the front and would smile inwardly at the call to advance further in his journey to become pack. This would be interrupted by Fern who had unwittedly sat herself between he and Ophaelos…a little too close. The stone-hued male would clear his throat gently and whisper ”Uh, hello there, Fern. Mind settling just a pad fall or two to your left?”
      *Ophaelos The brute would ignore the dirty look and would instead focus on Kova, looking up at her diligently as she spoke to Cajun, a male he had met only briefly. He would look away once he felt the presence of Fern taking a seat near him, but not too-near to draw any eyes. He’d notice her glances at Grimolf and her unease, and would gently nose her shoulder in greeting to keep her from getting too worked up over the brute, offering a smile and a
      <`Raven> silent hello so as to not disturb the wolves currently talking, before returning his attention back up at the stone. *ೃ༄
      <Cajun> his attention fully focused on Kova as the Alpha spoke to him the coal male lisnted to her words and once she finished the big coal brute stood up on his fours Cajun gave a gentle respectable nod back to her then looked up meeting eyes with her once more “Yes indeed I would like that Very very much Kova I have greatly enjoyed my time here in all the clearings and I would like to make this my new home” he gave a wag of his tail then
      <`Raven> stileld it
      * Kova to Cajun’s words she offered a light expression. Her ears turned to the sounds of conversation among the others gathered, but her focus remained upon the brute before her. Paws would shift only a little as she smiled to his response. “As an assessment of the pack, you will be given a mentor. Your mentor will be the one to guide you through the creed and ways of the pack. To teach you the
      <Kova> rules as well as to ensure that your path is true not for just the pack, but to yourself. Are you willing to undertake the responsabilities asked of an Assessment?”
      * Fianna would understand if Foxfur didn’t recall her introduction a few days back. But the guardian had introduced herself! She would be sitting right beside Calder and as Foxfur moved closer Fianna’s tail would wag in a relaxed manner. It would seem Fern had no desire to sit beside her, however, for there had been no response to her chuff in the fae’s direction, and so Fianna would turn her attention forward to Kova, as Cajun was called forward her ears perking as she paid heed to what transpired.
      * Saskia Overwhelmed by the wolves gushing into the clearing, her eyes would dart left and right as she was seated next to Grimolf, but would eventually settle on a softer sight. Her court, Panther. She offered a happy wave of her tail as he moved to join her, in which she’d lick his cheek a few times before whispering; “Hello, my Heart..” She looked down at his swollen leg which looked better than before but was still swollen.
      Unfortunately, she would’ve caught the long stare off between Fern and Grimolf, diverting her attention from the black Hunter. She narrowed her eyes at the interaction. Luckily, Fern started in her direction. She’d wag her tail, waiting for the fae to get close so she could nuzzle her. To her dismay, Fern rerouted and chose a seat next to Ophaelos which left Saskia dumbfounded and quite frankly, in a tinge of hurt. She’d hum and turn back towards the front as Cajun got called to the front. The coal colored brute bringing a smile to Saskia’s expression. A yip here, and a yip there caused her to avert her eyes to a figure of orange settling into the crowd excitedly. She’d perk her ears and lift her paw as she looked over the groups head to get a good view of whom this was. A new fae! How exciting. It seemed she’d been met, but Saskia would have to meet her herself in the coming days. She reminded Saskia, once again, of Code. ༻
      * Calder as he settled beside Fianna he would allow the meeting to unfold. So many wolves and so many scents would wash over him. He swung his tail slowly before allowing it to settle beside Fianna’s. Would he notice their daughter bounding in? Surely so. A soft and welcoming expression was given to her as she appeared but his mind seemed occupied with the proceedings.
      <`Raven> <Cajun> listned carefuly as Kova spoke to him taking in each word to heart for it meant alot to him he was happy more then anyone could imagine right now finally having a home and a real family the coal male gave another bow and stood proper and regal on his fours as he Answered the alpha Kova “Yes I am ready and I promise to try and do my best to full all my duites and things that are asked of me and i shgall heed words of wisdom given to me
      <`Raven> bya mentor with that he smiled and gave a coulple slow wags of his tail
      <`Raven> <Fern> -ˋˏ ༻❁ Fern’s mind was completely and utterly elsewhere at the moment that she hadn’t even noticed that Rook was already seated aside Ophaelos. She’d pin her ears in a sort of apology and embarrassment. “Oh- Sorry, I… I’m sorry.” She would gently mumble, as Kova seemed to be talking. Quickly scooting to the side to make enough room for them all while. ❁༺ˎˊ-
      * Rune When Rune arrives in the Clearing she’d be shocked by the number of wolves present, and new wolves at that. She spots her mate not too far ahead of her and chuffs quietly to him, settling beside him with a nosing to his scruff. It was now that her eyes would scan the group. Saskia with an unknown black brute and her court, Panther. A tawny fae who Rune had scented breifly was sat timidly near Fianna. Ophaelos and Fern
      <`Raven> were present, she’d need to talk with the fae following the meeting. Cajun, a bubbly wolf was stood in front of Kova. The Caretaker dips her head politely to Rook, who seemed to be seated alone for now. ✲⊱
      <`Raven> <Althea> Althea stood in the clearing with Elvira a few feet in front of her. They had only been aquatinted with the WolfSpirit pack for a couple days and the two wolves were beginning to become acclimated to their surroundings, and even each other. Althea looked at Elvira who she was beginning to think of as a friend. ”Oh man, what do you think they are up to over at Alpha rock? Looks like we are missing something…”
      <Grimolf> ( That’s what I thought look away, Fern. ) Grimolf mentally challenged Fern feeling a sense of accomplishment winning that little stare off. Was the Fae scared of him or did she really not like him. Whatever the case, if she stared at him like that again, he’ll be sure to make it / known / Grimolf doesn’t like being stared at by anyone. He scoffed when the two most undesirable wolves sat next to one another — Fern and Ophaelos.
      <`Raven> A sorry sight for even sorer eyes. Give him strength ! ‘ . . . ‘
      * Kova there would be a knowing and light smile given to Cajun’s direction. “Then, I will name your mentor now.” it was there her silvery light amber hues would cast long across the horizon to each wolf present. To the members of the pack her eyes would befall. “CwnAnwnn, please come forward.” she would look to the silvery hued brute and smile. “Cajun, from this moment forward
      <Kova> CwnAnnwnn will be your mentor. From him you will learn the ways of the pack. From this moment forward, Cajun, you may introduce yourself as Assessment to WolfSpirits.” she would rise her paw and stomp it lightly.
      * Leora as she gingerly scooted herself around all the wolves she would’ve come up to her sister, Fianna and brother Rook to nuzzle each in a greeting. Ooooo wow, did she see Ragaire!? Ok, the cool yearlings had to sit together, right? Perhaps before either of her siblings could offer a greeting in kind she would shuffle lithe paws to the fae. Lucky be her that she happened to seat herself near
      <Leora> Fianna already. Maybe when Ragaire poked her mother, she would poke Ragiaire and giggle whisper like two kids at a slumber party. ‘hehe.. hey!’
      Fianna would be glad to see Cajun moving up in the ranks, taking the next steps. He was a brute on her list to get to know better, and hopefully soon she’d have a chance. Her musings were cut short by both Foxfur’s nose brushing, and soon after her nearly 2 year old daughter – aka ball of energetic fur – nosing her other side, weedling her way between Calder and Fianna’s sides. She first brushed Ragaire’s crown with her
      <`Raven> muzzle and licked a few times to get her to settle, then looked with a gentle wave of her tail to. Foxfur, an apologetic glance in her eyes for her daughter, though – close in age, perhaps the fae’s could become fast friends? Now wouldn’t be a time for speaking however and she’d model this by turning her muzzle to attention toward the alpha stone.
      <`Raven> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn Silver male perked as his mate chuffed to him, returning the chuff quietly. He nuzzled the fae tenderly and whispered, “Hello my heart”. His attention was drawn as his name was called by the alpha fae, pushing to all fours, he would begin to pad towards the alpha rock. Upon reaching the rock, he would bow his head to the fae before looking to Cajun and bowing his head to the male before stamping his paw in congratulations.
      <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink +she was being mobbed! Her youngest sister was there too, and suddenly Fianna found her attention split between trying to keep the youngsters silent during a meeting.
      <Cajun> cajun perked his ers as the the coal male listned to Kovas words to him he only shifted his gave when he saw the other male approaching and as he did and hearing this would be his new mentor cajun stood up on his fours once more and bowed and dnpped his head back to them “greetings Cwn I will look forwad to your wisdom and teachings” the coal brute waged then diped his head back to the Alpha smiling to her soflty before bringing his
      <`Raven> frame about and giving a wruff chuff back to the others “I Thank you all for this and it is Great to be a part of a really wonderful family and home I am Cajun Son of Kane and Arcadia new accesment of the Wolfspirits “
      * Rook Cajun’s advancement and his acceptance of the next steps were met with a firm paw stamp from his left and less dominate paw. It was worth the momentary sting of pain to place some weight upon the right shoulder. Had he spotted the rambunctious 2-year olds he would have certainly chuckled under his breath and thanked the fates that they chose to bother Fianna rather than him.


      ✩☾ Gasp! Jump-scare! The yearling was not particularly attentive. But, it was Leora! Oh, Leora, her awesome auntie! The pup wiggles like a flopping fish and she licks at Leora’s face. Her rump, however, stays glued to the ground, she was trying to at least pretend to be civilized and she definitely didn’t want to give up her seat nect to momma. It was now that she looks around at the other wolves. Hmm… lotsa new faces. The young fae looks around the clearing, her eyes snagging on particular wolf. Huh. Rugged-looking and peppered with scars. Her ears rotate outwards, he looked like trouble but also like adventure. She was curious now. ☽✩
      *Foxfur tilts her head curiously as a young – maybe same-same age as her? – she-wolf scampers over and seems to take a bit of offense at Foxfur being so near Fianna. Ears flick backward as Foxfur processes this…then almost immediately becomes distracted by all the scents and sounds and happenings going on all around her. She pants happily, content to be here in the now-now and feeling warmly welcomed.
      * Fern gave a congratulatory stop as well as the others. Another assessment, how fun! She knew Cajun had been here longer than her so maybe she would have to talk to him more often, no matter how intimidating he looked. The tension prevailed between Grimolf and herself, finally she gave just a little look, to see what he was doing, how he was acting.
      * Rune did not know Cajun well, but the dark-coated brute seemed to be well acquainted with many of the pack members. When Kova says her mate’s name she noses the silver brute before he steps forward. Wagging her tail and stomping her paw when he is named mentor to Cajun. Her copper and amber eyes light up, proud of CwnAnnwn.
      * Elvira After taking a long nap in the ancient forest, Elvira was almost taken aback from hearing a distant howl. “What the…” she mumbled, almost still in a dream-like trance. She looks over to Althea, who comes bounding into her sleepy eyesight. “Althea, did you hear that? Was it a howl? Which way was it?” she lifts her head up and tries to find some sort of sign of where the howl came from. Almost like a tidal wave, an assortment of scents come to her. “Why are there so many scents in the air? Is this like, some sort of meeting? Where is it?”
      * Kova when Cwn approached and accepted his new charge, she smiled to the two. She would allow them to return back to their designated spots of comfort among the rest. As the others would offer their congratulations she would smile and perhaps just when Rook felt he was clear from bother, she would offer a low chuff for him. “Rook, please come forward” to the later of her words, she would
      <Kova> offer him a chance and repreive at resting his injured visage. She noted Rune among the gathered but her hues turned still to Rook. Perhaps a softness would wash over her expression as she’d await for him to arrive.

      *Grimolf watched the ceremony / still / not understanding what all the fuss was about ? This black brute was getting some sort of blessing ? “ Saskia. “ He turned to fully face her ; giving her a stern look. “ What on earth is going on ? “ He asked totally confused, he thought this was a lore night not some giant celebration. Then again, if Grimolf was actually paying attention and not causing mischief with his orbs, he’d have some clue of what was transpiring. ‘ Gods… ‘ Grimolf grimaced at the sight of the 2 years old jumping and playing around Fianna. What was he even looking at ? He was getting second hand embarrassment just being near them.
      *CwnAnnwn He bowed his head once more to Kova as she named him mentor to Cajun before he turned to the male and smiled, “I look forward to imparting what wisdom and knowledge I can.” With that, he would nod to the male before making his way back towards his mate, settling beside her with a tender nuzzle and tail wag.
      *Panther Saskia had settled beside a newcomer, a newcomer that didn’t seem to like Ophaelos or Fern. He glanced back towards Saskia, dipping his head to Grimolf before. “Hello, my dear.” He offered in a hushed tone. He nuzzled into her, imparting his scent on her once more. His gaze averted towards Kova and Cajun when the brute had been called up, listening for a response and watching the brute, he smiled. He glanced to CwnAnnwn, a grin on his maw, he dipped his head as the brute padded forth and was named Cajun’s mentor. Panther offered a firm stamp of his paw for the advancement. He looked to Grimolf as he spoke, he would be sure to greet the brute officially after the meeting, for now he would let Saskia handle it as he wasn’t about to disrupt a meeting for this foul brute.
      * Cajun after giving one more dip of his head and muzzle to everyone and back to kova he waged once then returned to where hed been seated before and the big brute reswung himself about and settled once more taking a look aorund him on left and right as well as behind before facing forward again shifting his front paws some
      * Rook No sooner had he stamped his paw than he then listened to his name being called by Kova. He thought much more quickly than his paws carried him on what would spark her to call his name. Even and deliberate pad falls would hopefully mask enough of the stubborn pain on his right shoulder. “Yes, Alpha?” he asked when he was respectfully close at the foot of the stone. He remained standing for a moment…
      * Althea perked her ears up, moving her head around to take in the scents that Elvira mentioned. The howl pierced through the dream that she was having, but the dream was more of a nightmare and it was a blessing in disguise. “It is most definitely that pack…” Althea got up and shook the leaves from her back. “Vira, I’m nervous. The leader did not in that direction last time we spoke to her.” Althea began to pad towards a flat looking area that was peaking through the trees. “Maybe we could sneak a peak”
      * Fianna gladly stamped her own paw for Cajun now being an assessment. Then, as if she could feel the momentary brush of his eyes Fianna turned her own head to pin Grimolf with a long look. He still looked as grumpy as ever, and if she noticed the say he looked at Fern her fur would bristle enough that Grim would see it in her eyes. Before the look would become too hot however. She would release him from.her attention as her brother was called forward. Ears perked quickly. What ho?
      * <Leora> she would giggle a gain before she’d straighten up and nudge Ragaire gently. Oh she had some fun stories to share for sure, but what drew her attention now was her brother. She perked her ears forward quickly and wondered what it was for.
      * Saskia would stomp her paw lightly into the ground as Cajun was named an assessment. She thought back to their first encounters as well as their time at the Hidden Falls together. They’d grown close, even if he was absent sometimes. Grimolf’s question likely would’ve been corrected by another wolf, but Saskia was too well-tempered to be upset. She’d smile his way and lean over, despite his stern look. “It’s a meeting, where Kova brings up-rankings, ceremonies, and much more to the pack.” She’d whisper, quietly. She’d then listen as Rook got called forwards, and Saskia would curious as to what for? She’d perk her ears and quietly observe. In her silence, the faint scent of the two new females Kova told her about came into her snout. She looked around for its origins, but sadly couldn’t see them yet.
      <Kova> when Rook settled just at the base, there would be a softness but welcome to her expression. A moment more and she’d address the rest of the pack with her gaze then returned it to Rook. “It is known in the long lineages of this pack, that there has always been one to keep the lore and memories of not just themselves, but for the pack. To orchestrate the sharing of story, and to be it’s dedicated keeper. This role was given to only a particular few, as the history was told to me.” she’d allow her words to weave among the rest and to him. “It was the role of Lore Keeper. A position of the pack I think is best suited to your character and knowledge. You are a true master of your trade and to that note, I would like to ask if you would honor the pack by accepting the role and rank of Lore Master of WolfSpirits.”
      * Elvira let out a long sigh and the two headed toward the clearing. “Don’t be nervous until we have to be… Actually, maybe we should be nervous… but maybe that nice wolf will be there! Fern right?” Elvira looked toward the trees, then tried to keep the mood up for Althea. Elvira took off running toward the Clearing. Running cleared her head of the nerves, and Althea took off running after her. “Last one there is a rotten egg!”

      * Ragaire could hear thoughts, she’d scoff. She was not happy about Foxfur clinigng to her momma, but what could you do. She glances at her momma, whose prickly fur was tickling her own coat. Yikes, what was under her skin? Oh. She follows the momma’s gaze to the black wolf, the same one she’d been staring at not too long ago. Ragaire was not subtle, so, she was staring. Her amber eyes were boring holes into Grimolf. They weren’t mean eyes or hostile eyes, but man, they were intense. The yearling was not subtle, she was clueless. What was his dealio? What on earth would have her momma bristled like that. Saskia seemed just fine and she was right next. Maybe he smelled funny? Was that it? Momma’s sharp guardian nose thought he was stinky? Hmm… Saskia was gonna have to get a much better sniffer if she was gonna be a guardian then, huh? ☽✩
      * Rune A new rank, one that Rune had not heard of in her time with the WolfSpirits. Who better than Rook, the brute who bartered in stories. The pack had more history than Rune could know, but hoped it would be well preserved.

      <Calder> as everything seemed to be happening as it would, he would divert his attention from the meeting to his daughter to whom he nosed fondly along her crown to. Before his eyes fell then to Rook as he was seated at the base of the stone. He couldn’t think of any other wolf suited for the role, and smiled in the wake of the advancements for Cajun to.
      * Leora her eyes where transfixed on the conversation. Oh this was interesting. Perhaps she didn’t see poor Ragaire making bad juju eyes at Grim? She hadn’t met him, either. Was there some tea to spill here? The fae seemed occupied at the proceedings to notice… yet.

      *Grimwolf “You call this a meeting ? “ He replied not wasting his time with whispering. Grimolf had the nerve to slowly shake his head at Fianna making his disapproval known to the Fae. He was truly regretting every. single. second. of this meeting/ceremony/lore night. He once again caught, a glimpse of Fern’s persistent gaze turning the full might of his distaste upon her with another angry stare ! In the corner of his orbs, he caught another glimpse of Ragaire also staring at him. That angry stare diverted from Fern upwards the younger wolf hoping it would scare her away. ( Stop staring at me, pup. )
      *Cajun twitched his ears as he listned to some of the conversations that huddled in both the back and the forground they were interesting and the coal brute thought on them and sought deeper into some of thier meanings
      * Rook It had been a long time since his return to the fold and a longer time still that he truly felt as though roots were cutting through the stone path he frequently found himself wandering upon. At the question, he would look first to Kova and then to his two sisters, Fianna and Leora. “Their story…”he said, turning back to address Kova. “Their story is mine…I am but a student of knowledge ‘yond the fore’, and of our memory on this and nearby shore. I am but a seeker of knowledge that is cade or of wild secrets in which the truth is braid. A servant to a hymn now whispered separately, in its solemn sounding “I” am shown to be “we.” Story for a story and a truth for a truth…memory is unending, ‘long as I’m long of tooth. I am but a student of knowledge ‘yond the fore’, keeper of forgotten and keeper of the lore…” he said in his narrative tones before dipping his nose and answering “I accept this task and privilege.”
      * Fianna Ooo, Fianna was caught as well by the Alphess’ mention of bringing the Lore Keeper rank back. She had heard of it, but only in passing. It was a mantle that would well suit her brother, and she felt pride for him welling within her, her tail beginning to sway at his words. When a pair of new faes zoomed into the clearing, one of.them yelling like a feind, Fianna would be on her feet in a blink, turning to stare at them, her nose twitching as she matched these scents to.those that she had followed earlier. She would quietly leave her spot, taking her rank.seriously enough to head off the two faes quietly before before they interruptes the meeting further. She would.chuff to them both, her stance clearly indicating they should both make their way toward her, before reachimf the other’s.
      * Cajun gave a stamp of his paw as rook was named the story and lore keeper the coal brute smiled admiraly and diped his head and muzzle to them respectfully as they took on the role which was quite one to be had
      * CwnAnnwn Settled beside his mate, he listened as Rook had been called up and Kova offered him the choice to accept the role of Lore Master of WolfSpirits, a role he had never heard of in the past, though he did not know if it existed when his father joined the pack.
      * Fianna would not have missed Grimolf’s look, nor the look he sent her own daughter, and her ire would rise.. Like an ember furled He had not learned his lesson as he ought to.have. Meetings were not a place out justice however, unless danger was offered. And so Fianna would tuck away her knowledge of this breach, until it could be tended to with the flame it deserved.

      <Kova> there would be an expression of admiration and humble attributes that fell across her features. A respect and understanding to the intricate narration of his words. How soft, eloquant and perfect, she thought. No better role suited. There would be a light swing of her tail before it stilled behind her and a humble nod given in kind. “Then I would like to have the honor and privillage, to
      <Kova> name you, Rook, Lore Master of WolfSpirits. Keeper of memory, and sharing of tale.” she would rise her paw up and gently placed it to the stone, before her head drew back and she’d offer a howl in honor of the rank given to the son of the Mean Oiche.
      *Ragaire Oh ho ho! That stinker couldn’t scare her, she had her momma! Ragiare had been born and raised in the safety and comfort of the WolfSpirits territory. There was not a scratch on her, never a limp in her step despite her recklessness. Thus, this beat-up brute intruiged her. She did not pick up on the brute’s wish to not be perceived and, so, she would continue to inspect him from across the meeting. He didn’t seem too much older than her. Goodness, what kinda trouble had he gotten himself into? Well, luckily for him, he had found the bestest place ever! Ooop… well this wasn’t good. When her momma rises to her paws and slips away fom the meeting, Ragaire looks after her with her ears splayed out to the side. Where was she going. Ragaire casts a glance out of the side of her eye at Grimolf. Uh oh. She liked that stinker a lot less with her momma walking away.
      * Elvira After running for 15 minutes straight, Elvira finally slowed her pace as the two entered The Clearing. The nerves finally began to slightly sink in again, and she stopped to look up at the sky. “Althea…. are you nervous?” she sighs. “The last time we saw wolves from this pack they weren’t too…. welcoming” she thinks, reminiscing on their interaction with Rook a few days before. “This is the first time I’ve seen this many wolves since I was a baby. I just hope they like us, you know? This feels like a big step for both of us.
      Fern would tilt her head at the sound of an interesting rank she had never heard of, though the description matched up pretty well with Rook’s jibbly-jumbly poetic way of speech. She didn’t know him well enough to tell if he was ‘The Master of Lore’ but he was definitely the master of weird words, and she would give a stomp of her paw for that. Fern would continue looking over to Grimolf and she would catch his angry stare as well as when it shifted to the yearling Ragaire. She so badly didn’t want to fuel the fire but what gave him the right to stare at her, ney, to Ragaire as well, like that. Wasn’t he the one without rank here?? She couldn’t keep her eyes on him for now, even if it felt unjust what he was doing, this was a meeting and she wouldn’t do anything about his demeanor now
      * Panther As much as he had been trying not to say anything, unfortunately he failed. He huffed, glaring at Grimolf. “While a pack meeting goes on, would you try to keep your voice down and be respectful?” He spat, a growl rising in his throat. It would seem as though he didn’t like the pack’s staring, granted eye contact could be seen as a challenge, Panther wouldn’t divert his gaze unless the brute agreed to keep his mouth shut. An ear was turned to the meeting as it continued, Kova naming Rook ‘Lore Keeper’ – A rank he didn’t know Wolfspirits had, but was very fitting for the dark brute.
      * Saskia wanted to recognize the ceremony of naming at hand, but the disruptions were close and thin. At the very least, she was able to stamp her paw before Kova howled. Grimolf’s words would draw an unfavorable look from Saskia’s expression. She bit her tongue and glared at Grimolf as he raised his voice above a whisper, and clearly showed no care about what was tradition in their home. It took everything in her to keep from baring her teeth to the brute. And then… oof! He glared at the worst possible wolf other than the Alpha herself. Fianna’s daughter… She would gulp and visibly slink into her frame, scooting closer to her court in secondhand fear. She’d look back towards Kova and the ceremony and try to avoid what was likely about to happen. No fuel added to the flames from Saskia!
      * Ophaelos would hear the subtle growl leaving Panther’s throat. When he looks over, he would see the black male aiming it at Grim, before turning his attention back to the meeting. A smile would be kept at bay to avoid adding fuel to the kindling fire—perhaps tonight, Grimolf would get his comeuppance… and who better than Ophaelos’ favorite hunter to give it to him! Though, what warranted that growl, he’d wonder? He wouldn’t have caught the glares nor heard the conversations being exchanged by the group. Instead, his sight and focus would be on Rook, who was named a fine rank. He’d stamp his paw, a grin being shot at the brute from where he sat.
      * Althea looked ahead and saw a tawny looking wolf standing strongly across the clearing. “Ummmmm….. Uhhhhh… Maybe I should have been so loud.” Althea made eye contact with the strong wolf, who had stunning eyes. “I uhhhh… Maybe we should go talk to them before going any further?” The fur on her back stood up.
      * Rune With so many wolves the Clearing was dynamic. Rune stamps her paw as Rook is named Lore Keeper, a ranked wolf such as herself. She then allows her attention to drift, watching Fianna depart from the group to intercept a pair of wolves. Their scents were new to Rune, but she could not tell if they had been greeted by Fianna or any other wolf before. It was then that Rune noticed Ragaire and Grimolf engaged in a staring contest. She had not yet met Grimolf and while his reputation did preceed him, the story had not yet made it to Rune’s ears. However, she’d try to keep her focus on Kova.
      * Rook Lore Master? Not just a keeper, but a master of the lore? This was certainly beyond his wants and wishes; he treasured knowledge and now to be a master of its keeping made him giddy. He would dip his nose and recognize the muted response to his new rank as what it was. Lesser wolf of lesser heart would take it personally, but he was entrusted with much…even those that would rather ignore the proceedings or play daft to his metaphors for pettiness. He would be true to his station now, giving one paw stamp for himself and for his father who had instilled the yearning for knowledge above all before he dipped his nose to Kova and made his way back toward the place where he had approached.





      .·: ¨༺ The deadly looks from the Alphess was that of a dragon; it’s fires burning deep into her soul. When she retreated back to her square, Saskia would straighten her posture and look back to where Grimolf disappeared. She didn’t linger there for but a moment before turning back. When Kova asked whom would like to share first in the lore night, she would stand to her paws. “Not a story worthy of dreams, but a story all the same of truth!” She’d start, waving her tail behind her as she waited for a response. ༻¨ :·.
      * Rook would feel the nudge of his sister and hear the howl offered by Cajun. He would, of course, dip his nose in thanks to the brute before looking to Leora as if to nudge her to be next in line. For now, a story would be potentially offered by Saskia.
      * Calder his attention would have been split between all the happenings. Eyes careful, but welcome to each wolf who now gathered closer for the night of Lore. He was eager to hear the tellings from one to another. This was always his chance to learn more of the pack then ever.
      * Kova when Saskia would offer to be the first to share, she gave a firm nod of her head and a welcoming expression, despite the simmering discharge of ire that still had yet to truly fleet her gaze. Not towards the fae of course, but in the tension slowly simmering away. “What say you, Lore Master, to Saskia opening for us?” she diverted her gaze to Rook with a light and curious expression.
      * Rook Deep in the throes of quiet touches and well wishes in lieu of what was, he was further caught off guard by the question asked. He would look to Saskia intently as the first verse bearer, the keeper and seeker of the Song, to another. Would the bells toll? Would the bay of wrestles ocean churn on the fore? He likely couldn’t see, but he dipped his nose none-the-less. ”Tell a tale and may those who hear be the better for it.”
      * Kova her hues fell then to Saskia as she would dip her nose, giving the fae the floor to begin her spun lore. Eager ears would perk as she would remain a top the rock for a moment, and when the blessing was given by Rook, she would slowly decend from the stone’s surface to be level with each wolf in kind. She did her best to seat herself in a manner that might help make a ‘circle’ of sorts. She would have found herself nearest Rook and Leora, with Fianna on the otherside. Eyes fell to Saskia now.



      Saskia🍂 — Today at 8:29 PM
      .·: ¨༺ When Kova turned to ask the newly appointed Lore Master if Saskia could share, she looked to the stone brute with eager, yet nervous eyes. She’d never live up to his stories, but perhaps she could share new things.

      When he looked towards her, she’d make contact with his equally stony hues and perhaps share a moment of the spinning thread that was sowing a tapestry. To his permission, if it was called such, she would wave her tail and look towards Fianna. “Many, many months ago, in the summer months of season… Kova drew a group of wolves together to journey North. Far, far and even farther we traveled until we came upon a winged, metal dragon! Of course, this dragon had been slain. Nearest the dragon, there was a structure I’d never seen before. Fianna and I entered this ruin. We moved careful, awaiting for a monster to JUMP out and grab us!-” She’d lunge forward and pretend to lash out in a jump scare towards those in front of her before slinking back into a calmer frame. Her next words would be hushed, and mystified.

      “There – at the back of the structure – lied a peculiar object. Fianna approached it with caution, and she touched it! The object was not alive but it sung us a song. Hmm hmm hmmmm-” She’d hum softly like the haunting sounds that came from the object. “- It had petals that you could push under it and what not. I often wonder today what stories it could tell from it’s songs?” She’d conclude her story for now, looking at the others to see what they thought of her experiences, her eyes softly finding Fianna with a wink of jest. ༻¨ :·.



      Fianna would nod her thanks to their Lore Master and rise to all fours, letting her gaze travel out around them. Since her trek west she had been harboring something, a song of sorts, for just such a time as this. She would take a single moment to gather it in her mind before beginning. She would try and temper the cadence and lyric of her voice to that of the tale told in song, and it would rise and fall to enhance the telling as much as she could…

      “A young brute moved through the forest
      A legend of tooth and claw.
      He heard a young fae singing
      And followed the sound afar.
      There he found the young fae,
      ..Who lives in the willow.

      He called to her as she listened
      From a ring of blossoms red
      ‘Come with me sylvan fae
      Come from thy willow bed’
      She looked at him serenely
      And only shook her head.

      ‘See me now, a ray of light in the moondance
      See me now, I cannot leave this place
      Hear me now, a strain of song in the forest
      Don’t ask me, to follow where you lead’

      A young brute moved through the forest
      With a flower on stem so green
      His love had fur like fire
      Her eyes an emerald sheen
      She wrapped herself in beauty
      So young and so serene.

      He stood there under the willow
      And he gave her the yellow bloom
      ‘Fae my heart you’ve captured
      Oh I would be your mate’
      She said she’d court him never
      Nae, naught would be her fate…

      ‘See me now, a ray of light in the moondance
      See me now, I cannot leave this place
      Hear me now, a strain of song in the forest
      Don’t ask me, to follow where you lead’

      A young brute walked through the forest
      With claws honed sharp and true
      I’ll take the green-eyed fae
      And she shall be my mate
      With her I’ll raise my young pups
      With her I’ll pass my days

      The young fae mourned when she heard him-
      When he said he’d set her free
      He took his claws and used them
      To bring down her ancient tree
      ‘Now your willow’s fallen
      Now you belong to me’

      ‘See me now, a ray of light in the moondance
      See me now, I cannot leave this place
      Hear me now, a strain of song in the forest
      Don’t ask me,
      to follow where you lead’

      She followed him out the forest, and collapsed upon the earth
      Her paws had walked but a distance,
      From the green land of her birth
      She faded into a flower,
      That would bloom for one bright eve
      He could not take from the forest,
      What was never meant to leave.”

      Fianna’s voice would fade out near the end, leaving the tale-song on a haunting note as she settled back onto.her haunches.



      Rook was correct, Panther’s hues held certainty, and maybe it wasn’t the story everyone expected, it was a story woven nonetheless. He dipped his muzzle to Rook in thanks, and smiled as he opened his maw to speak. “Not the night howl for one’s mate, nor the full moon instinct to howl. This wolf sings for forlorn fate, a lonesome breed on singular prowl.” A pause would be given as he looked around, a subtle smile on his maw. “Alone in their wild forest home. Guardians of woodland mystery, high upon timbered mountain tops, they roam deep shadows ranging free.” His gaze would be casted towards his court and Fianna once the word ‘Guardians’ was uttered. “Only the whisper of their silent paw prints, swift across valley and meadow home. Ancient witness to continental journey, wildlife warriors under starry dome. Darklight Monarchs in silken fur, royal sanction of Red, Brown, and Black. World renown majestic and noble, from east to north an awesome sight.” He offered his last words, concluding his poem. Once his story was concluded, he’d glance around the circle that had formed. “And that shall be my lore concluded.” He offered, allowing Rook to choose yet another wolf to speak.



      the big coal brute sensed it was his turn to share a tale to unfold cajun thought long on it but decided that he felt liking alot more to tell of a story of a first time out with a fellow packmate on a dup hunt rather then a start of his own thread of his journey thouggh the great woods and existance that would for sure be a well told ventute in itself but for anotehr time with that cajun stood up and bowed his head to everyone and walked to the mid circle and looked to all facing and meetign each ones gaze before settign down on his haunces to begin his venue of lore twitched his ears when he heard then saw the stomp of the fae Ferns paw and smiled he nodded to her and gave a soft wruff in admiration it made him happy she was eager to hear of his tale and then he felt all the more fitting of the lore he was about to instill upon the winds

      cleared his throat then as he let both his mind and body relax some the big brute began his tale he looked to each one as he began allowing his hues and bodys expressiosn to help soin the tale unfolding”twas a few moons ago not to olong after id done my first solo hunt there would be a big coal brute who had a young browm fae with him named saskia “canu smiled over saskias directiona moment” the big brute had eben starting out on a hunt when she aprached him and askwed if she could join there was excitemtn and f light of anticipation in the other wolfs eyes which made the coal male perk admiraly back to her:

      walked a few steped a moemnmt and resteaed as he got caught in the moment for a moment of reliving that venture by the two “he smiled and thogh more he looed to the ones listening ‘that night was pure well it startedn out that way anyhow the bruten soflty chuckled the moomn shone down on eachs coat and form making the night dew that clingd on each of their coats l sparke like how the stars twinkle above in the night sky a waters run sounds heard in the distance while the two trod along its banks in search of their quary a Beaver.! though unknogst to neither this one would give the two a sure run for thier paws money and work a night they would rember with a few bumps and bruises

      ”the two made thier way trekking finally spoting thier quarry, Cajun was the one that made the first strike the brute thankfully landed one and that beaver went asounding back up agaisnt the bank he heald it distracted at bay while his hunting artner saskia made her move the fae moved in with the swiftness of an eagle and making a hold with jaws that held firmer then the hardest stone that might be found. flexed his own paws as he recalled the tale it made him feel like the brute was right there it happening all over again he felt his fur and muscles tingle a little that was part of gthe thrill of a Hunt1 when you chase down and face off with your quarry at last cajun cont with his takle he looked to saskia moment seeing her reation and recolection to the event. gave a soft chuckle then he lifted a paw up a moment as he looked to some of the even more youthful group that might have been listening “But never Ever..Underesimate your prey for once you do that can put you in set for much Dismay ..and a few suprises” the coal brute said while turning his head to sone side lookign off to soemoen who may or may not be there. then it was about that time that things started taking a turn for thee worse as both wolves of the hunting dup were caught Completly off guard the big brute stood up and he paced some in front of everyone back and forth withaw look trying to ad to the suspense and happenings “That darn pesky beaver had a few tricks of his own!” why before either wolf knew it that critetr when the bit coal bruet tried to attack they moved to the side and
      <`Raven> rooled back over landing a hard nab Right on the tip of his coal muzzle! causing the brute to tuble back into the water, his hunting partner saskia saw that gre4at falter and rushed to the retaliation But that beaver wasnt done he had alot more that he had hidden and he was about to show that he was alot more then a log chopper
      <`Raven> <Cajun> heard a paw stamping and lifted up his gaze and head looking over catching sigfht of the alpha Kova doing the stamping the bri brute smiled then got set to end the tale he shifted his paws and paced back to the other side of the group
      <`Raven> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 Wise words for every occasion; never underestimate your prey. He too would give a firm stamp of his paw only after Cajun had finished or had he? ”I’d like to know if you both caught the beaver or not! You must not leave the tale at this end.” Only if Cajun wanted to spill the beans would the Lore Master bade him. If Cajun was truly done, then he would let the end of the tale rest for another time.
      ”saski made her move and i say that cajun was quite impressed by how the young fae had taken to hunting and her determnatiion in trying to land a good meal though that night it just want going to be the luck of the draw for either of them, the big brute watched a splashm of water as teh fae locked on her jaws to the critetr and it tumbled into the water with her, saskia was trying to regain her footing but wasnlt able to as that narly
      <`Raven> pesky beaer came up and nabbed her on one of her legs causing her to falter it finaly became too much after the injurues theat both wolves had to just :call it and that was that
      <`Raven> <Cajun> both then walked with limps to a spot to rest and it woule be a night neiher would ever soon forget a lesson learned neverr get over awnxious and never under esitamem but tttthe big coal male was proud to have been on the hunt none theles s with saskia it had been hism first duo effort and with that cajun bowed and returned to his seat after gathering everyones expressions



      Ophaelos would smile at Cajun’s story, stamping his paw and getting a, ‘Here, here!’ out in between everyone’s words. At Rook’s call upon him, his smile would not loosen, instead tightening slightly. “I’m honored!” He would keep on his haunches, a comfortable seat as he looks around and takes everyone in. “Perhaps it is not so much of a story, rather than it is a re-telling of some of the festivities and rites my own pack had. Much like your Lore Nights and meetings, my pack was similar in values, but different practices. I thought telling everyone here about them would be appropriate, as you all are sharing your own rite with me.”

      “As some few lucky wolves may already know, I hail from the Far, Far North. A place of eternal snow, no matter the season, surrounded by ice, glaciers, water, mountains, and islands. During the warmer times, a phenomenon of eternal day would take place and festivities would follow suit. My pack—Alesthane—charmingly named this time, ‘Miðnætur Sól,’ English for ‘Midnight Sun,’ as the rays of daylight would be apparent in times where it should be dark. It was a time to celebrate the fertile riches that would blossom across the tundra, rare for such a desolate place. Prey would multiply, herbs would grow, melting ice would allow for fishing opportunities, and many litters of pups would be had from the several established pairs. Festivities included hunting excursions and games, consisting of races, Paw-ball, and tag. My personal favorite of these activities would be sparring—where two wolves take part in a consensual fight to show off their strength and courage. Any injuries would be taken care of after the spar, but spars typically consisted of simply pinning an opponent rather than wounding them—ego’s aside,” he chuckles. “It was a bonding experience, especially for those who were eager to practice the way of the hunt on a target that wouldn’t fight back too hard.”

      “Some chose to pray during this time, others simply enjoyed the sun on their faces and the plentiful resources the season brought. I typically was never one to pray, as I was too busy sparring and spending time with my family, namely my brother Eýr, and more importantly, the pack Oracle, an old and wise fae named As`shai, my paternal great-great-grandmother and founder of my pack.” He would pause, an image of so many faces lost to time coming to his mind, clearing just in time as he goes on to speak. “In contrast, when the colder months were upon the pack, an eternal night would take place. We called this ‘Snjó Tungl,’ which means ‘Snow Moon.’ In contrast to Miðnætur Sól, this was a sacred time. Prayer would be expected of everyone. Brilliant ribbons of color floated across the dark skies, lighting the tundra full of many hues that danced and waved like beads of water in an ocean. Snjó Tungl was dedicated to the wolves who walked before us, whose souls now wander the spiritual plane. Those who passed from normal causes ascended to the skies, and popular belief preached by Oracles would say their spirits take the form of the lights that wave in the night sky during Snjó Tungl. The brighter their glow, the more pleased the spirits were of the years happenings. To those whose lives were laid in battle, their spirits would ascend much further and deeper, traversing through the energy of these lights, into a realm revered as Valhǫll. An ancient word made of two terms. Valr: ‘the slain’ and Hǫll, for ‘hall.’ It is a separate afterlife for warriors and, only by being killed would one ascend here. Those who made it to Valhalla would be in a realm of sanctuary and feast on the flesh of a Muskox, slaughtered daily and made whole again each evening. This belief is how the Muskox came to be my pack sigil, an extremely sacred animal killed in times of Snjó Tungl only. When slaughtered, we as a pack would together chant an ancient prayer for the creature before eating to guide its spirit to Valhǫll. It is through prayer during such a sacred time that we honor their lives and those that exist in the lights of the painted sky. It was a time of rest, invocation, storytelling, and devotion. Fighting ceased, arguments resolved, and petty resentments were forgotten as everyone joined together to honor both the living and the deceased.”

      He would look around, observing everyone’s faces and quiet, respectful demeanors before continuing. “Core values have always been dear to me. The land from which I hail is so different from the land we all currently are sitting in. Beliefs are different, society is different, and the lay of the land itself and its meanings are, too, different. I can see just by the way many of you treat the land we walk on, it holds meaning to everyone, unique to each individual, a feeling that is becoming familiar and stronger to me with each passing day. While my home has been lost to the sands—or, the snowflakes of time, its value and meaning have not. To be with you all, to grow from stranger to friend, or possibly even family eventually, is an honor that I feel very lucky to receive. I share only briefly in my culture tonight, as there is much to say. I just hope that, with time, I may hear stories of your own, from where you all hail, of deities you believe in, why you may not believe in anything, and so on,” he finishes, giving a warm smile to everyone watching. “Thank you for hearing my story… I keep it short, as to leave room for those here wanting more when the time comes to share again. I hope to share more with everyone in the future, both in future Lore Nights and outside of them. The stories and poems shared tonight were epic tales and I wish I could have been there to experience some of those myself.” He would pause for a moment, giving everyone a simper. “Perhaps I will share more of a story next time, instead of a re-telling of the core values of my pack. I sense this tight-knit family is set deep in its own spiritual ways and I thought it would be foolish to not share my own. Storytelling brings wolves close, but nothing beats having a common interest.” Ophaelos would wrap his words up, allowing everyone the time to savor what he says and have responses of their own, if there were any to be had. (aaaaand scene!)



      Fern would find the eyes of Rook land on herself and she would take a deep breath in before sitting up taller, preparing to share what she had remembered of her old pack and their tales. “Well, the words I have are a bit more of a pup’s tale, as those were the favorite kind of stories that my pack told.” She would give a gentle smile, remembering those times. “I believe this story was called “The Lake From Above.”

      She would start with one last breath in and prepare her story telling voice. “In the midst of an infinite, open field, three fae-pups were born. All three wondering day after day, what is up there in the sky that makes the limitless atmosphere so vast and vibrant? They soon hatched a plan to steal the wings of some neighboring birds, so each of them could seek out their questions together. And that they did. The first snatching the wings of an Eagle, the second grabbing the wings of a Vulture, and the last taking the wings of Goose. Indeed, they took their new found flight and went high, high into the air until the land below was barely visible, until they were at the top. One of the pups pawed at the almost ever flowing sky, and drip, drip, drip it went. Sending showers of rain down below. They looked around with confused visages, wondering what was holding the water up so high, only to see the spirits and ancestors of many kinds of birds, all using their feathery wings to keep the water aloft. They looked to the pups, first with welcoming faces until they saw the wings of their fallen avian comrades that had been wrongly stolen. They were all horrified of this injustice and cast the pups down, now without their wings. But without the ability of flight how would they make it back down…?” She would chuckle a bit. “That’s where my father would end the story, but I think it’s pretty obvious what happened.” Her voice would trail off into a whisper.



      The passage of time throughout the night would be such that the high heavens would cast a filtered light through passing snow-laden clouds and upon the wolves below. When time had come for him to tell a tale, he would do so by first looking to the night’s sky and calling out.

      “Ar aird! Ar aird! Critheann craobhacha an locha san oíche agus solas airgid faoi bhláth i measc a dhuilleog.”
      His voice would trail at the last and mimic the trembling of the leaves and branches for which his father’s tongue spoke. He then continued the tale while passing his gaze to each wolf in a thoughtful and deliberate manner.

      “Look to the sky and see how the branches of ill-fated lovers cross Loch Oíche. Watch as the silver light trembles above a broken veil…”

      “Shortly after the “starfall” of a tale before this, the night’s sky shown with fledgling argent light scattered across a darkened lake that still, in part, resides above us. Upon the fields beneath this primordial sky, love blossomed, and bonds were forged between the kin of stone and the kin of the stars such that the richness and depth of the first Mean Oíche were like roots unbroken…or almost unbroken.”

      His tones mimicked those of his father’s telling that in sorrow and in sadness one might still find strength to overcome…

      “Joy and peace were not always a certainty in the fledgling days of my ancient kin. The Great Song and the seeds that fruited from it were then as they are now—memories that are scattered in the tones of a melody we each hold part of… a story for another night. The wolf kin of ash, the Olc, however, still remained and toiled in evil deeds of olden days. Fierce were the waning days of the Olc, but even in their demise they encroached upon the lands of the Mean Oíche.”

      While he spoke, he gathered upon the edge of the story circle a ridge of snow that served as facsimile to the range of his ancestral home. Once he spoke of the fearsome Olc, he would blow loose snow over top the ridge and watch as the dusting of snow clung to the air like the ash of the Olc would have. Here, at this part of the tale, he would look to Kova with a lingering gaze before he then looked between Fianna and Calder, Panther and Saskia, Rune and Cwn….

      ” Love burns wild in the hearts of young mates, and two such wolves of the Mean Oíche were on the fields of battle when the Olc descended upon the north. Smoke and ash filled the air and their lungs; yet, they fought from muted dawn to a burning dusk in which the great fire in the sky was painted with the blood of the fallen Olc. So many Olc died that Balor, the Baleful, Alpha of their twisted lot finally descended upon the fray, and in twilight slayed the lovers upon the fields of the Nathaír. There, Balor left them where they died, on opposite sides of the River Nathaír. ”

      Again, Rook drew upon the canvas of snow, and in that drawing he carved the passage of the River Nathaír like a braid upon a untamed landscape. When he told of the lover’s death, he placed a pawprint on either side of the river and let his voice purposefully tremble like the lonesome call of a babbling brook against winter’s ice.

      “Dwindled in number, the Olc remained upon the fertile plains of the River Nathaír and pressed their invasion no farther. Winter came and with it mournful snow draped atop the fallen lovers, but love would not forget. In the spring, two saplings sprouted where both lovers had fallen, and by summer stout trees with branches filled with silver leaves reached nearly across the river’s width. The Olc, never remiss in their evil, dug and dug until the trees were felled and carried down the river’s course. The next spring, however, two new saplings sprouted, and the summer saw two stout trees of silver leaves that yearned to touch across the river’s width. ”

      Rook would draw as best he could upon the snowy canvas to long gentle branches that would almost touch across the river’s course…

      Rook would cross out the paw prints and the branches crossing the river, smoothing over the snowy surface before continuing his tale in remorseful tones.

      “Dwindled in number, the Olc remained upon the fertile plains of the River Nathaír and pressed their invasion no farther. Winter came and with it mournful snow draped atop the fallen lovers, but love would not forget. In the spring, two saplings sprouted where both lovers had fallen, and by summer stout trees with branches filled with silver leaves reached nearly across the river’s width. The Olc, never remiss in their evil, dug and dug until the trees were felled and carried down the river’s course. The next spring, however, two new saplings sprouted, and the summer saw two stout trees of silver leaves that yearned to touch across the river’s width.”

      “Evil but not foolish, Balor knew that these two lovers were a thing he could not abide, and so ordered that the trees be felled again and one of the lover’s bones be carried across the far horizon. Balor knew he would relish in the lonely growth of the one tree, thinking that no two trees would grow across the expanse of the plains. ”

      Again, Rook would would use his props to full effect, stamping into the snow and obliterating the trees before recreating the scene once more. Here, his tone turned away from the remorse and to the promise of hope…of spring in the coldest of nights. He would turn his shifting gaze from those of the circle back to the night’s sky and begin with a whisper that grew to a trembling roar

      “Ar aird…AR AIRD!!! Ní laghdaítear solas na nduilleog airgid le teacht na gréine”

      “High have the silver leaves grown, such that the dawning of the sun and the fury of hope fulfilled does not diminish their light…Woe be to those in the path of the long paw…”

      He spoke now in a muted half whisper that would still be heard. Finally, he looked to the drawing of the River Nathaír and to his ancestral home before speaking in the tones of finality….

      “Winter came and so did spring, but no sapling grew, and no stout tree of silver leaves took root upon the banks of the River Nathaír for the years that the Olc occupied the north. Finally, in the autumn of the Olc’s time, the sons and daughters of the Mean Oíche stormed the plains of the Nathaír to reclaim the land that was theirs. Such a battle was not had since the time of the Great Song, and I will not sing of that part now…no, we press on to the end of the tale and to the time of Lugh of the long paw. Lugh, Alpha of the Mean Oíche, met Balor upon the fields of the Nathaír and such was their fight that all that came close were trampled into the ground and perished.”

      Rook would stamp out the scene he had created in a flash of unbridled pantomimed fury, sweeping away the “ash” of the Olc and the memory of the trees before seeming to relent in the destruction. His shoulders sunk and he fell to the earth like one defeated. There, he huffed deeply and looked to the sky before finally speaking the end of the tale.

      ” When, at last, Balor was felled, he looked up with his baleful eyes at the night sky and to two trees of silver leaves outstretched across Loch Oíche and across the horizon that would separate them no longer. So it was that Balor died seeing what we see now…two trees adorned in silver leaves kindled by the love of two wolves that would never be separated again.”

      Pack Meeting #210

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      Meeting Notes

      January 19th, 2023

      • Ophaelos named Pledge
      • Fern named Assessment (Rune mentor)
      • Calder Pack Member
      • Rowan named Pledge
      • Saskia Guardian In Training (Fianna mentor)
      Number Of Wolves Present


        +Calder +Fern +Code
        Cajun Leora Ophaelos Rowan




        Pack Meeting Begins


        * Kova the time would be now as the winds offered what it would and who it would, but greetings would just have to wait. She would smile and walk towards the direction of the Alpha’s stone, there to ascend it’s surface and end at it’s peak. She would let loose a low howl, one that would offer the tones of gather. A pack meeting now called to those who would heed it. (( Gives enough time for wolves to gather! ))
        * Panther As he was making his way towards the clearing, he would hear a low howl. Ears perked as he picked up pace, now trotting towards the clearing. He had kept his paws wandering within the hunting grounds, eager to see if the bison the Alphess tracked had remained, and it would seem they had? Unless he had found a different herd. Either way, he would focus on making his way to the clearing.
        <Ophaelos> As the three wolves sat in the clearing, Ophaelos would look up at Kova as she sounded the meeting. His head would swivel a few times, perhaps he would see even more wolves he had not yet met. As Fern would approach, the brute would offer a kind smile, though remain in his place. “Evening, Fern,” he would greet. His own pack never really had
        <Ophaelos> meetings, or at least not often. Most of the time when the pack gathered, it was for some type of ceremony or hunt. What would today have to offer? Whatever it may be, he would hope for it to end with his belly full of bison meat.
        <`Raven> <Fern> Fern playfully nosed Saskia back and sat next to her. “Mhm to you as well.” She paused and glanced once again back to where Fianna and Calder went of to. “Who was that…?” But it seemed before the question could be answered a low calling howl would be sent out across the clearing, it was familiar. Her instincts bubbled up and she swiftly added her own soft gentle song into it.
        * Rowan A low howl would cause the fae to stir, waking shortly afterwards. She shook her coat out as the snow seemed to pile on top of her frame, she rose to a seated position, perhaps noticing a few seated wolves? She rose to her paws, trotting towards the Alpha Rock where Kova seemed to be standing, or seated.
        <Saskia> Saskia would watch as Kova took her leave, approaching the Alpha’s stone. A howl would ring out to all that would heed, and a warm smile appeared on her maw. She turned to Ophaelos, “It is time for a meeting.” She informed the brute before standing to approach the base of the stone. Fern’s questions wouldn’t be lost to her, but it would have to wait to be answered until after the meeting. She didn’t see her
        <Saskia> court yet, but perhaps he would take a seat next to her if he saw her.
        * Code had been wandering, enjoying some much-needed ‘me time’. She’d best get back to the pack sometime soon though as she didn’t want them to think she’d left… again. At the sound of a howl, she smiled. Perhaps this was her sign to get back to civilisation? At the thought, her anxiety spiked a little – okay maybe a lot – but she nonetheless
        * Code pushed through the cloudy web of fear. The pack had changed since she was last there but it was still the pack, filled with friends. Still, the thought of newer, strange wolves terrified her. Would they accept her? Would they think she was weird (rightfully so)? Code brushed it off. She was overthinking. Starting the trek to the clearing * Code approaching from the north, she lifted her gift from Fern to the wind, a sound filling the air around her as the sticks clanked together to let those who recognised the sound know she was still very much alive.
        * Fianna wouldn’t wait to be told twice before moving in on the hare. She ate the whole thing rapidly, crunching on the bones too. Breaking them open to lick at the marrow. Her jaws made quick work of measly hare bones and soon she’d be licking her chops, a sense of peace stealing over her again at long last as she felt her belly stop aching. When Kova called the meeting not far off, Fianna perked, then nuzzled Calder. “Thank you for the
        * Fianna help mo chuisle. I wouldn’t have gotten it without you.” She held herself against him for a moment, then stepped back to turn toward the clearing. “We better head back..” She murmured, moving off at a trot.
        * Kova when the others would start to gather, she dipped her head and addressed each. “Thank you for attending this evenings meeting. First, I would like to invite the wolves who have desire to be a part of this pack and fold. To join WolfSpirits as a member.” her hues cast long to each wolf who heeded the call, who was present, and whom might be missing.
        <Calder> He would have been beside Fianna when the call and howl would reach them in the hunting grounds. It was a call for a gathering. His tail drew slowly behind him and waved before nosing Fianna lightly. ~ Aye, let us head back~ he would say and would move to close the distance back to the clearing.

        * CwnAnnwn The call of the alpha fae reached his ears from the alpha rock to the east. His pace quickened at the call for the gathering. He slipped into the clearing from the west, his pace slowing somewhat as the gathering place came into view. He trotted across the open terrain at an easy, ground eating pace towards the alpha rock. He scanned the clearing, taking note of the wolves whom were present, seeking out one wolf in particular, but  not seeing her yet.
        * Panther ‘s ears swiveled as he continued at a brisk trot, entering the clearing quickly and casting a glance to Kova as she began to speak. His tail swayed once as he spots his court, he immediately edges towards her quietly. He settles beside his court, tail stilling as his attention is directed to Kova.
        * Fianna would make quick work of.the distance, new energy moving through her now that she had food to fuel it. The clearing opened up before her and she would trot within, ears perked to find Kova atop the alpha stone. She noticed Panther and Cwn slinking in at the last minute like herself and Calder, and she would find a spot to.settle to quietly turn her auds toward the lead fae, listening as she allowed her heart and  lungs to settle.
        Fianna would make quick work of.the distance, new energy moving through her now that she had food to fuel it. The clearing opened up before her and she would trot within, ears perked to find Kova atop the alpha stone. She noticed Panther and Cwn slinking in at the last minute like herself and Calder, and she would find a spot to.settle to quietly turn her auds toward the lead fae, listening as she allowed her heart and
        <`Raven> lungs to settle.
        <Saskia> Saskia listened as Kova asked for the new wolves to step forward, if they chose to become a part of the pack. A gentle breeze whooshed by her and she turned her head to see a black figure take their seat beside her. Her amber gaze met emerald and she settled into his frame, “My heart..” was all she said as she turned her head back to Kova. Another few figures were seen out of the corner of her eyes, and she would see
        <Saskia> Cwn, Fianna, and Calder all arrive right on time. She flashed then quite smiles before turning to look for Ophaelos. Was he near? She wondered if he planned on pledging tonight.
        * Rowan would have settled near the Alpha rock, paws shifting as she glances around. She had heard Kova’s howl, and she heeded it, just like the members of this very pack. Had she been here long enough though? She looked towards the Alphess, she would let someone else speak before she did, as she was trying to figure out what exactly she wanted to say.
        * Kova she would make note of all the wolves who would heed the call and give a nod of her head to each if any happened to look in her direction. She would remain seated a top the Alpha’s stone and would wait to see if others would speak up on their desire to join the pack.
        * Fern The timid fae would shuffle closer to Saskia as more wolves began to gather. She’d turn to her for a moment, whilst she scanned each wolf who showed once a thought swiftly popped into her head, “What’s the next step in this whole… joining the pack process for me again?” Her voice came out in hushed mumbled to not disturb the ones
        * Fern around her or talk over Kova.
        * CwnAnnwn reached the alpha rock and silently located a spot to settle upon his haunches, leaving room in case his mate arrived part way through the meeting. He would give a quiet nod to Saskia, Panther, Fianna and the others as he moved to his chosen spot near the others. Turning to face the rock and Kova upon it, he would bow his head to the fae before settling upon his haunches and listening.
        <Saskia> Saskia would turn her head to Fern as she spoke timidly. She smiled and leaned over to her, “You have to tell Kova you’re ready.-“ She said, but then again Kova had asked if there were any who wished to join the pack. She hummed in thought and made a quick decision, “You could make your point now… Worse she can say is no.” She advised. Fern was looking to join the pack, so what could hurt.. right?
        <Ophaelos> As the clearing fills, the brute would find himself surrounded by the pack. New faces, old faces… though, even the ‘old’ faces are still quite new. At Kova’s words, Ophaelos glanced at Saskia for a moment before looking up at Kova, who stood tall on the Alpha stone. “I’m interested in joining the pack, Kova. If you will accept me, that is,” he
        <Ophaelos> says.
        * Kova her hues would cast along each wolf. To those who would greet her, she’d offer her own in kind, giving a gentle dip of her head to Cwn before turning to hear the tones of another who spoke above the rest. Ophaelos. Her gaze fell to him and when he requested to join, she would give a low chuff “Ophaelos, please come forward”
        * Fianna saw more than one new face amongst the group and so many new scents that she tried to tie to faces as she looked about, listening quietly to Ophaelos rising to pledge to the pack. Her eyes moved toward him, quietly assessing his sincerity. There seemed to be nothing troubling, and Fianna was glad to see their numbers growing once again. She settled her frame against Calder more comfortably, her tail draping over his.
        <Ophaelos> At Kova’s words, Ophaelos would rise from where he was seated on his haunches before stepping forward. He’d look up at the fae, tipping his head at her when he would approach. How would this go about? He wondered. He had not yet asked any questions about how rank and the like work. Perhaps at the end of the meeting, he would ask the Alphess about
        <Ophaelos> it—or Saskia, if the fae ended up busy.
        * Code silently slipped into the clearing, a little overwhelmed by the number of wolves she didn’t recognise. She fretted for a while, just standing there looking over the gathered wolves. How many new wolves would she count? How many threats? Her eyes darted around looking for exits if they were needed. She calmed herself and listened to the
        * Code meeting unfold.
        <Calder> He would’ve settled beside Fianna and gently leaned into her frame and groomed whatever bits of hare and debris clung to her coat, all the while keeping a respectful eye on the others and a kind dip of his nose to those who he would greet. When Ophaelos spoke of his deesire to join, he’d now watch curiously. He’d only just met the male.
        * Kova as Ophaelos approached the alpha’s stone, she would watch him carefully but more quietly in thought. When he was at the base, she would look upon his frame and to respond in kind to his request. “It is not unusual for us to find and serve wolves of the wilds, looking for a home, and come across ours in hopes of such. To that, we welcome and extend that opprtunity to all who desire to seek
        <Kova> it. Are you willing to pledge yourself first to us? To ensure that this is the pack truly for you before making the next steps?”

        * Rune The fae was late to the festivities of the evening but did not yet know. She had recently woken up from an early evening nap and found the scent of her mate to be far too faint for her liking, she’d not seen him or any members of the pack im a few days. Hauling herself to her paws, she hops down the pile of boulders which was home to her cache, and strides off towards the Clearing. She sniffs the air and is pleased to find that his scent was not too far off, nor was that of a few other wolves. So, off she goes, to the northwest to hopefully find a few of her chosen family members lounging together. ✲⊱
        * Panther ‘s gaze met Saskia’s and he nosed her shoulder, his tail swayed then stilled. At the quiet nod of Cwn, Panther would offer his own to the brute, and to any others he might’ve missed. He allowed his court to lean into him, his attention turned to Ophaelos, then Kova as the male made it known that he sought to join the pack.
        <Ophaelos> His ears would twitch at the fae’s words. The brute would feel the eyes of all the wolves gathered in the clearing and despite this, he would remain calm and settled. “I would be honored to have the opportunity to pledge to your pack, Kova.”
        <Kova> “As a pledge, you will learn the early steps of becoming a member, but more importantely, you will follow your heart and ensure that this is your place to call home.” she would look to the wolves now gathered. “Those who are here this evening, bare witness to Ophaelos’s words and pledge to WolfSpirits, in his first steps on joining the pack. From now on, you may have the privilage of
        <Kova> naming and calling yourself a Pledge of WolfSpirits. Welcome to your beginning.” her paw would rise and gently place itself on the stone in a light stomp.
        Saskia watched as Ophaelos spoke up, and was called to ascend the stone. When the pledging process was done, Saskia would stomp her paw gently into the snow beneath. She hadn’t known him long, but in their short time together she’d learned a lot about his history as well as his intentions. She was confident of his words. Ophaelos, Pledge of WolfSpirits.
        <Calder> He would watch the proceedings and when Ophaelos was named a pledge of the pack, he would give a nod and swing of his tail before watching the others emerge out of the woodwork. The male was just new to him, but, he was well versed in what the pack had to offer new wolves including himself when he first joined.
        *CwnAnnwn Silver male was unaware of his mate’s movement towards the clearing from her cache. He listened as the unfamiliar male requested to begin their journey into membership. When Kova named the male as pledge and stomped her paw, he would stomp his right paw for the male. He then listened for any others whom might wish to make the same request or for the next stage of the meeting.
        * Ragaire  This yearling was off in the clouds, enjoying the night air. It was well below freezing and the sky was an inky black color, her coat would blend in well if she walked the skies and not the snow. A gentle breeze tickles her fur every so often as it dances between the trees and past her. She was perusing the Hunting Grounds, but found nothing of interest. Ughhh, when were they gonna go ahuntin’ again? Boring. Maybe there were brothers to bother in the Clearing? Worth a shot, she guessed. Off she trots towards the clearing, not knowing that her momma AND puppa were there. The not-so-little Pledge bumbles off to the west. She was a very large wolf for her age, good nutrition had done wonders for her growth in her early years. Ragaire was a lucky wolf indeed, though she was not yet aware of the harsh realities most wolves faced.
        * Code didn’t know this wolf who was pledging but she smiled anyways as he did so. She was still tense, a prickling of fear ever present in her actions. She wondered if she might rejoin today – she’d been back for a month or two already. Her gaze caught on two familiar pelts – Saskia and Panther. She walked over to them trying not to disturb the
        * Code meeting and nudged Saskia gently on the shoulder if the fae didn’t notice her at first.
        <Ophaelos> “Thank you, Kova. I am honored,” Ophaelos says, dipping his head at the fae. When she would stomp and the pledging seemed to be over, Ophaelos would return back to where he once sat. A new beginning… this would be the third time in his life that he would call upon the phrase in his internal monologue. The brute hopes, for the sake of his health
        <Ophaelos> and well-being, this would be the last time he would have to start with a clean slate. He would listen closely at Kova’s words for the rest of the meeting, curious of what it may entail. Beside him were the wolves he was most familiar with—Fern, Saskia, Panther, and beside them, a fae he had not yet met would approach quietly.
        <Saskia> Saskia would be silent, content with the contents of the meeting thus far. Suddenly, a nudge to her fur was given and she turned her head with a soft ‘Hmm?’ To her luck, a creme colored fae stood low right beside her and Saskia’s tail went absolutely WILD. She pinned her ears back and started licking the fae’s cheek, allowing a quiet whine to leave her maw. She tried to not speak, to not interrupt the meeting. Boy,
        <Saskia> was it hard! She warmly invited the fae with her gaze to a seat near her.
        * Panther listened as the pledging process had taken place, and completed. He stamped a paw, the snow crunching under his foot as he did so. He smiled as the male found his place back in the group of wolves that were attending the meeting. His ears perked as he noticed Code, she had been gone for some time. He also noticed another familiar fae – Rowan – Another who he hadn’t seen for some time. He looked back towards the
        * Panther Alphess.
        * Kova as the celebratory chuffs and conversations would transpire, she gave a nod of her head to Ophaelos, allowing him the moment to step back into the fold of the pack as their newest pledge. She turned then towards those who have gathered together. Near Saskia, Fern, and then her hues fell across the other wolves gathered just to make a mental note. To that, she would offer a low breath in a
        <Kova> chuff, calling Fern forward.
        *Rune The Caretaker was filled with joy to see her family gathered, but together for a meeting, Kova perched atop Alpha Rock. She returns a furious tail wag to Fianna, who had noticed her emerge from the treeline. Keeping low to the ground and her volume low, she trots to join the group, not meaning to cause any sort of commotion. If possible, she’d brush her muzzle against Fianna to greet the Guardian before continuing to
        <`Raven> join her mate, CwnAnnwn. The ivory and russet fae settles quietly in the snow to watch the proceedings. There was a new wolf, it would seem, front and center to join as a Pledge.
        * Fern hesitated for a moment which gave Ophaelos the opportunity to voice his own desires before her. She felt a bit of relief that it wasn’t yet her turn but knew she would have to call out after the brute, once it was said in words she offered a few soft stop of the paw as well for the newly Pledged brute. But now that they were finished she
        * Fern was second guessing if she should offer her own voice out before she made eye contact with the Alphess and quickly it seemed after the soft chuff she was calling her up. Her eyes looked around just to make sure Kova wasn’t speaking to anyone else before she cautiously stood up and stepped her way forward to the stone.
        * Kova as the fae would approach, she would make note of her posture and her attentive nature to the calling. Her tail would swing once to allow a comfort to the fae in her approach should she feel nervous before giving a dip of her head, welcoming her forward. Once she reached it, she would give a light but knowing smile. “Fern, you have been a pledge with us for a good while now. I call you to
        <Kova> the stone and before the wolves of WolfSpirits to seek an answer from your heart. Are you ready to continue your journey to join WolfSpirits?”
        * Code giggled with a big grin at Saskia’s antics. Her tail wagged a little held back by her nervousness and tucked beneath her. As the newly pledged wolf glanced over at her, even if only for a second, she shrunk back slightly. Her distinct lack of confidence would be something to work on. As Kova called Fern forward she smiled, happy for her friend.
        Ragaire Indigo UM, EXCUSE ME? Who were all these smells? What on earth was going on? As the pup came closer to the Clearing, it would become apparent to her that there were a great number of wolves gathered in the Clearing. They were having a meeting without her? How dare they, the audacity! Was there no respect for a Pledge anymore? Cause, if you didn’t know, she was a Pledge. Very important, one could say the most important, even.
        <`Raven> Ragaire was the most important and they gathered behind her back. Shame on them! The black and ebony pup bursts into the Clearing at a sprint, head high and eyes wild. What had she missed? This was truly a tragedy. Very quickly she scans the group and her heart leaps out of her chest when she sees her momma and puppa, being model pack members. As quickly as she can she moves towards them, not caring about the meeting nearly as much anymore, but knowing better than to interrupt it. Whispery whines squeak out of her as she crouches near her parents, tail wagging, and licking up at their faces.
        *CwnAnnwn Cwn Male stirred slightly as a familiar scent reached him, his heart beating faster as he recognized the scent of his beloved mate. His gaze shifted from the alpha rock to the frame of Rune as she approached him. His tail thumped against the ground behind him as he let out a quiet whine as he leaned in to run his muzzle along hers tenderly. “Hello my love”, he spoke quietly, loud enough for her to hear, but quiet enough not to
        <`Raven> interrupt the meeting. Oh how he had missed the fae that completed him.
        * Fern exhaled the tension rising up before her own voice called back, clear enough for the Alphess to hear. “I indeed wish to continue the path I am on to joining your pack, wherever it might lead me from now. If you allow me to…” Her crown gave a deep bow to the fae atop the stone, seeming calm and collected, while her mind had to
        * Fern consciously tell her to take slow deep breaths to calm down while all eyes seemed to be upon her.
        * Kova as Fern would respond in kind to her request she would smile to the fae. Her eyes would be light and welcoming in hopes that it could hel pease the nervousness the fae felt. “As an assessment of WolfSpirits, you will grow fonder and closer to those who are to become your family. You will know and learn the ways and intricate workings of our pack and uphold our creed. To know our rules and
        <Kova> to grow with those you desire to walk alongside as family. Are you willing to continue your journey to understanding the ways of the pack? Additionaly, you will be assigned a mentor from the pack members. From this wolf, you will further hone your skills and understanding of our ways, rules, and to follow in the steps of those who’ve come before you in following their heart and spirits desire
        <Kova> for home.”
        * Fianna Pink Fianna had had a lot of heartache in her day, and Calder went along way in soothing that ache. As did her spirit sister. And her pack. Yet nothing could soothe a mother’s achy breaky heart quite like the sound of her child’s voice asking for love. She turned at the sound and her eyes went wide. She had barely taken in Ragaire’s scent when her daughter was there, wiggling and squirming and – so BIG! Fianna was beside herself,
        <`Raven> but years had tempered her demeanor and so her tongue would wash and sooth and her jaws would tug gently and pull on bits of her pups fur to get her to calm and plunk her butt down beside them. Fianna’s trial swayed her joy at seeing her daughter again at long last, and she would keep moving to brush her muzzle over the fae’s crown as she listened, her gaze finding Fern, catching the name and committing it to memory. Fianna didn’t even know her
        <`Raven> own pup was already a pledge, surprises awaited, it would seem..
        <Calder> There wouldn’t be much to hide in the way of excitment when Ragaire seemingly burst into the clearing. Any other time, he would leap up and join her but the meeting would endure and so, decorum had to be upheld no matter how long they’d not seen her. Especially Fianna. He did his upmost and best to keep that decorum true as he would quickly nuzzle and lick at Ragaires frame. He to more excited
        <Calder> than he could truly express at the current moment but would do his best to pull Ragaire in, and allow the meeting to continue with little to no disruptions.
        * Rowan had listened when a newer wolf had spoken up about being pledged, it seemed his name was Ophaelos. She had paid attention to his words, listening to him then the Alphess. She would’ve offered a subtle stomp of her paw and then looked back to the Alphess on the rock. It would seem another had been called forward, but by Kova’s choice as Fern hadn’t spoken out before being called forth. Rowan would settle herself near
        * Rowan the middle, or the back of the gathered, paying close attention to the Alphess on the rock.
        *Ragaire’s large, gangly body flaps around like a plump salmon, shimmying from side to side between her parents. Oh dear, why was there so quiet she could HOWL. Ugh but noooo, she’d just have to be like her momma and puppa. But, oh how hard it was. Her body trembling she stares at both of them with adoring eyes, large amber orbs staring at both of them. Who cares what else was going on, she had everything she needed.
        * Fern With one last exhale Fern gave a determined nod. “I am willing.” Her breathing now calm, she contently looked up to the Alphess, Kova, waiting for her answer. She was a step closer now to what she wished to achieve for a long lonely year out in the wilderness by herself, the thought of it almost completely pushed out her thoughts of
        * Fern anxiousness with ones of longing and excitement.
        * Kova would give a few swings of her tail before stilling it. She gave a firm nod and a knowing smile to the fae’s heart offered and shared, now moving forward on the path to their home. “As all have lay witness to Fern’s pledge to the pack, I would like to have the honor now of naming your Mentor to be Rune, Caretaker of Wolfspirits, and you Fern, you may now introduce yourself as Assessment
        <Kova> to WolfSpirits. May your joureny be true, and your heart filled.” she’d rise her paw up and gently stomp it to the stone as was customary for all new assessments to their fold!
        <Saskia> Saskia watched as the timid fae was named an Assessment, and her heart swelled for her. It felt like just yesterday she was supporting her on her journey, as she did now. When Fern was also assigned Rune as a mentor, she searched the crowd and found the russet caretaker. With a smile on her maw, she stamped her paw on the ground and gave soft hues to the newly assessed fae.
        <`Raven> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ Her ears perk at the mention of a mentor. It had been some time since the pack had had the numbers for mentorship. Nonetheless, it was something she was glad to see even if it had been some time. At the mention of her name, her ears flick forward, not expecting to be summoned by the Alpha. This was a surprise to her, but she quickly rises to her paws and trots forward to nose Fern on the shoulder, tail swaying behind
        <`Raven> her. What a lovely surprise. “Thank you, Alpha Kova. I am honored to show Fern the ways of the WolfSpirits.” She turns to the pale-coated fae and gives her a wolven smile. Rune stomps her paw and lifts her voice to howl, congratulating Fern. The Caretaker had an apprentice! How wonderful! ✲⊱
        * Kova when Rune joined and greeted her new apprentice, she smiled and gave a nod and a fond expression to Rune. “I know she will learn a great deal through your knowledge and care.” she would look to Fern and smile in kind before allowing the pair to settle back to the rest of the wolves. As those who where named in their succession to joining the pack, she would then turn her gaze upon
        <Kova> Calder. To him, she would offer a low chuff and call him next to the stone.
        * Fern gave a big grin of pride and one last deep bow to Kova. When her now mentor stepped up she gladly returned the friendly nosing, before making her way with a little bit of excited bounce to her step back to her friends. Her tail, releasing its calm and collected demeanor to an absolutely ecstatic one, waving side to side faster than ever now.
        <Calder> He did his best to ensure that Ragaire was greeted well and close, but the meeting progressed and he’d ensure that he would not miss anything, either. Giving a low breath he nudged his daughter softly and when Fern was made an assessment with mentorship to Rune, he smiled and gave a stomp of his paw in kind. It wasn’t until he heard his name did he turn and look to Kova. He’s demeanour seemed
        <Calder> to change to a more serious one. He nosed his daughter and Fianna before slowly making his way to the Alpha’s stone. Once Rune and Fern had departed, he would finally step forward fully.
        <CwnAnnwn> Head tilted slightly as his mate made her way to the alpha rock as she was named to be Fern’s mentor after he greeted her. He turned his attention back tot he rock and listened as Kova spoke about the mentorship. He would stomp his foot for Fern’s advancement to assessment before Calder was called up next. His tail wrapped about his haunches.
        * Kova when Calder approached and stood at the base, she would give a dip of her head before her hues fell to the wolves present, first to the members of the pack. “Calder, you have been amongst our pack for some time now. You’ve found a heart amongst us, and a home, but not yet truly named as such. You had requested time. Time to ensure your heart and paws desire to remain and be called home.
        <Kova> I would ask you now, as I asked you sometime ago, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits as your final home? And if it is your desire, please, express to those you wish to call family, why.”
        <`Raven> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ The fae returns to her mate’s side, mind racing with this development. It was a wonderful one, but a development either way. A journey she was excited to embark on. As she and Fern depart the center of the gathering, she watches as Calder is summoned forward. Their pup Ragaire, seemed to have settled her flailing enough to let her father approach the base of Alpha Rock. ✲⊱
        <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Fianna had missed so much, out seeking her lost son, and then trapped on the mountain, but home now she felt her heart swell with each new proceeding, with the squirming large ball of floof that was making big eyes up at her and she couldn’t resist licking her muzzle a few more times before trying to tuck her close. It was hard because the little fae wouldn’t stop moving. Still, Fianna stomped for Fern’s new role, and swayed
        <`Raven> her tail, excited to see how Rune would do with the role of mentor. Fianna knew she was well-suited to the role. That reminded Fia of Loumacy, and her heart sank as she realized the fae wasn’t around. What had become of her? She had hoped that maybe the fae was just away for a time. But would she come back? Fianna had begun to become fond of the odd fae. Now, Calder was called forth and Fianna’s felt her tail fan once more, she nosed andnudged her
        <`Raven> mate as he stepped forward. It had been a long road for him. For both of them. She wondered what he would say..
        <Calder> There would be a long moment of silence to allow Kova to offer her words. His respectful gaze remained and when she inquired about his advancement, he would give only but a few moments of pause himself. His heart could be felt jolting against his chest. Was this to be it? The reveal of his decision. There was much to ponder, and much to think on. How he would respond in this moment.
        <Calder> Confliction and heart would clash like thunder. He’d turn to Kova and answer simply, but heartfelt. ~ I know my beginnings in this pack where of not humble origins. My journey and my life had led me to moments that would otherwise forsake my pledge now. A past is past. A life I will never forget, but gladly leave behind….~ his gaze shifted to the wolves behind him, namely the members of
        <Calder> the pack. ~ … I Calder, would like to have the honor and pleasure… nae…. privilege, to call WolfSpirits my final home. A place where the last days of my years will be spent among friends, and spent with family. In both laughter, protection, and life. To finally rest.~ he turned his amber hues to Kova, and would allow her to place the final judgement upon his
        <Calder> convictions.
        <`Raven> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn Turned his gaze to his mate as she moved back to his side, he wondered if something was on her mind beyond being named as mentor to Fern, was not usual for her to ignore his greeting, especially after being apart for any amount of time. He turned back to to the alpha rock as Calder responded to Kova’s question.
        * Kova her hues would remain upon Calder. The male had been with the pack for a better of 3 years now. Upon his final words she would give a soft expression. “You have seen this pack shift, change, grow, evolve through it’s struggles. All in which you have proven yourself able, willing, and most of all true to yourself and to this pack that you wish and want to call family. Whatever past
        <Kova> transgressions have been made, will find itself absolved by your will alone. WolfSpirits is a place of renewal of both mind and spirit. Of a chance at a home for all. Even those who’s place was not as smooth like a calm lake as others.” her gaze fell to the pack members, then, to Calder. “Who will speak for Calder’s advancement to WolfSpirits?”
        *Rune She leans agains the silver brute, nosing his scruff lightly. Rune had arrived late and was glad she hadn’t missed Kova’s summons. The Caretaker fully intended to check in with CwnAnnwn once the pack dissolved into smaller groups in the time following the meeting. ✲⊱
        *Fianna If a wolf could tear up, Fianna would have found her own welling, yet instead her heart gave a tremendous squeeze, to know finally and certainly that her mate had found his home where had always known hers to be. She found herself rising to all fours, a howl rising, waiting to burst forth but she held it back, tail.swaying until Kova would give her own determination. Had Calder shown his diligence and heart? To her, he had,
        <`Raven> but he had had her heart for some.time now. When Kova asked who would speak for her mate, she bit her tongue, quietly waiting. She was biased, she knew, waiting a heartbeat to see who else might speak on his behalf.
        *Saskia There was a long suspense between Calder’s reply, and Saskia had to lean forward in anticipation. Calder may have only been an assessment, but had been here for far longer than Saskia. She knew there were mysteries buried somewhere in his history. When Kova asked who would vouche for the brute, Saskia would keep quiet. Not because she deemed him unworthy, but because she wasn’t as close to him as a few others in the pack. When
        <`Raven> she didn’t see Fianna speak, she would hum and offer her voice. “I have known Calder for around a year now. He has always been respectful, and is kind to all he crosses. I, Saskia, welcome him as a member if it is true to the pack.” She comments, humbly. She knew the brute had always given her warm smiles, and never ran from conversation. This was his home, she knew.
        *Fianna would shoot Saskia a fond glance before her tail swayed and she would step forward, unable to keep from saying her piece. “Calder has proven himself to be loyal and true. In every regard, he now embodies what a wolfspirit is meant to be. He puts the welfare of the pack over his own, and he is always ready to lend a shoulder or a paw, should the need arise.” She could say so much more, but she kept it brief, settling back down for a moment and nudging Ragaire to pay attention. This was a big moment for her papa!
        * Ragaire Indigo ✩☾ Oh they were all speaking now? Fantastic. The pup pops up and shakes out her pelt. “My puppa is the greatest wolf. He is my family and he deserves to be a Pledge too, like me.” Ragaire missed the mark, but hopefully Kova wouldn’t punish her puppa and demote him as a result of the black fae’s mistake.
        * Panther ‘s ears perked as he tuned back in upon hearing Fern being assessed, it would seem the timid fae would be Rune’s apprentice. He also heard Calder being called forth. He remembered the brute had been asked if he wished to advance in ranks a few times, though each time he gave a good reason and declined. He looked to his court as she spoke up, he smiled. “Calder is a kind spirit, who has been here longer than I have,
        * Panther offering help where help is needed. Even if he isn’t officially a member of WolfSpirits, he will always be family – not by blood, but simply by bond.” Family is what this pack was, and the members gathered here proved that.
        * Kova as those of the pack would see their names be cast for Calder’s promotion, happy to hear Ragaire among them for she knew the pup had been gone for just a little. She would give a stomp of her paw and a swing of her tail. The air would be light, airy, and true with heartfelt words. “Those who stand before you as WolfSpirits, have cast their names to you Calder, and have accepted you as
        <Kova> family as I, Kova Alpha of WolfSpirits, accept you to our home and family. Welcome home, Calder, member of WolfSpirits.” and it was there she would offer her voice to the sky. A howl of congratulations for the male and brute who had done much for their home and pack.
        <Calder> He would watch Kova and not leave her hues and when it was inquired to the pack of WolfSpirits to speak for his behalf, he would eagerly but patiently wait to hear. When Fianna rose his eyes fell to her with a soft, knowing expression but to Saskia’s words caught him to now look upon the fae. He gave a respectful nod in her direction, a humbling one, for her vouche to his ascension. Then
        <Calder> Fianna’s would be added and a gaze of admiration for her spirit would be well upon his features. Then to Panther and his daughter. When Kova would finally announce his membership, he’d feel the blood in his veins go warm. The care and love of the pack was unmatched, and truly like no other. To this he would rise his head and howl for the pack. For his family.
        * CwnAnnwn He relaxed as Rune leaned into him, easing his mind. His attention turned back to the meeting at hand as he listened to those whom spoke up for Calder and then Kova named him pack. He would first stamp his paw and then tilt his head back to let out a howl of congratulations for the male.
        * Saskia would smile to his mate, as well as her courts vouch. When Kova named him member, and allowed her voice to ring through the territory; Saskia would eventually give her higher-pitched tones to the sky in a short song. Becoming a member was a celebration worth howling for!
        Fianna  At last she could lose her song, and it would be even more sweet because of how lonely the mountain had been. Pack around her. Pack song. The sound of the howls would swell and she would match her voice and heart with them, for her mate. And a new pack member! would sway her tail to young Ragaire’s words too, sweet a – wait. She was a pledge? As soon as the song was o ver Fianna would pull her head close to.her daughters and whisper. “And I am so proud of you too. For pledging, even if I wasn’t here to.see it.” Her eyes would shine for the fae, for family.
        <Ophaelos> The happenings of the pack meeting go by quickly. Fern advances and so would Calder. Perhaps one day, Ophaelos would find himself lucky enough to call himself a member. But for now, Pledge suits him just fine. His nose twitches slightly and his throat would tickle as Saskia began to howl. When the others joined in, he could not help but begin
        <Ophaelos> howling with them. Excitement was in the air and any remaining tension he may have had left in his body would leave as the pack gathered and sang their songs.
        * Kova as their songs would be heard and held together, cast long to the horizon and beyond, she would hope that all could hear the joyous tones in their voices. When the howls would settle, she would allow another moment for Calder to seat himself back amongst the gathered before she would cast her hues now to the rest. “Before I continue, is there any who desires to speak?”
        * Panther smiled as it was deemed so; Calder, member of Wolfspirits. If anyone deserved the title, it would be him. Panther offered his voice to the sky, harmonizing with the pack, the new found pledge and assessment. Soon, his voice would end and he would offer his attention to Kova once more.
        *Rune  The Caretaker lifts her voice in song, howling for Calder joining their ranks as a full pack member. She recalled fondly the brute guarding his young pups and caring for them diligently. The brute was a force to reckon with during the hunt, bringing down prey for the good of the pack. Calder was WolfSpirits, and she was glad his paws now walked with theirs in name as well.
        * Fern too offered her voice out to the brute, though she didn’t know him that well she was still happy for his great achievement that she too hoped to receive the honor of becoming fully a part of the pack one day.
        <Calder> He would feel his heart pour into the howl and call to the wilds and beyond. How humbled he felt in this very moment. Never had he ever imagined that life would be complete as it was now. Never had he ever thought to belong somewhere. To have a home. A family. When the howls would subside, he would bow his head respectfully and addressed the wolves ~ Thank you, family. ~ and with that he
        <Calder> would quickly make his way back to Fianna and Ragaire with pride welling in all of his being. Could that be emotion caught upon his face? Even for a stoic and generally regale disposition, he was reduced to a feeling of pure and untameable warmth.
        * Rowan ‘s paws shifted as she listened to the wolves howl after a male had been named member, she would allow the songs to end. Her attention was still on Kova as the fae, the songs ending as the Alphess spoke. She rose to her paws, perhaps drawing attention to herself. “If I may, I am also interested in taking the first paw steps of joining this pack, Kova. If you’ll allow it of me, that is.” She casted her voice forward,
        * Rowan hoping she had answered in time.
        <Saskia> The sounds of howling died, and another voice was given that caused Saskia to perk her ears and search the crowd. Rowan? She hummed contently and listened as the fae spoke. She turned to Panther to catch his reaction.
        * Kova her hues would turn to the gathered and Rowan would come forward. Her eyes light upon the fae but curious all the same. She had known her for sometime now, and to her request she would give a soft expression, but one sharp as well. “Rowan, you have been with us for sometime now, and as you come forward with your request, then I would ask you the same as I have to Ophaelos. Are you willing
        <Kova> to uphold the ways of WolfSpirits, to learn the basics of our stewardship to one another, and to ensure that your heart desires to pledge yourself to the pack and home of WolfSpirits?”
        * CwnAnnwn Silver brute uncurled his tail from his haunches and wrapped it around his mate’s haunches as he watched Rowan move towards the alpha rock after being called up by the alpha fae. He listened as as Kova spoke to the fae.
        * Fianna wouldn’t know this Rowan, but she took stock of the fae, matching name to face to scent and committing her to memory so that she could introduce herself later. It would be good to spend some time among everyone again, to familiarize herself with new faces, get to know them and their hopes, so that she could more fully guard the pack.
        * Rowan stepped forward, looking up towards the Alphess as she listened to the words, her expression light yet serious. Her paws would be planted underneath her as she held herself in place, she had already spoken up, no shying away from this now. “My paws have caused me to wander, and I have missed my chance many times now. I am willing to uphold the ways of this pack, and to learn the basics. My heart and paws may wander,
        * Rowan but I have found that I will always return here; I desire to pledge myself to the pack, and home of WolfSpirits.” Tones are light, and serious, much like her expression. She offered a glance to all, then looked back to the Alphess again.
        * Panther ‘s own voice died down as did the others, though Kova’s voice was answered and it would seem to be a familiar voice that had answered the Alphess. Rowan, he had expected her to ask at the beginning, but it would seem she had waited. He was just glad she had requested to pledge, he’d turn his head towards the fae, listening. Then, he’d look to Kova, curious.
        * Kova when Rowan offered her pledge to the pack her expression would be light, but still expressive. “As all bare witness to Rowan’s pledge, Rowan, I would like to have the honor of naming you Pledge to WolfSpirits. May your path be true, your heart and spirit pure in it’s equal path to finding home and family amongst us. Learn and grow with your fellow WolfSpirits, to know your journey and
        <Kova> find your true self.” her paw would rise and in customary fashion, she would gently stomp it upon the stone as Faolan had done for those in equal measure and place.
        <Calder> His eyes would fall between Fianna and Ragaire, nuzzling the pair before he would withdrawl his expression now to Kova, the meeting continued and so would his attention. There was a pride welling within him, something he never thought he’d feel. He would look to Rowan, and when she requested to pledge he would smile. He’d seen the fae about, and she like many, have helped and been a true
        <Calder> presence amongst the pack. When she was named pledge, he would give a swing of his tail and a few chuffs in her direction.
        <Saskia> Rowan had helped in many aspects of pack life, and so who was to deny her now? Saskia happily stomped the ground for the fae.
        <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Fianna would lean close to Calder, pride in her eyes for him as she nuzzled his ruff in congratulations. “Welcome home, Mo chuisle.” She whispered, happiness in her eyes. She would turn to pay attention soon enough, stomping her own paw in echo as Rowan was edged. Her words heartfelt.
        * Sanek lied on the outskirts of the Clearing, just waking up after a nap. He took a moment to look around drowsily and get his bearings. In the distance he saw the dark speck of the Alpha Rock against the bright snow. But not only that, he saw the silhouettes of gathered wolves surrounding it. He was awake and on his paws in an instant, his ears
        * Sanek perked with curiosity. Was there a meeting taking place? In a quick trot, he started toward the boulder, hoping he hadn’t missed too much of what had happened.
        <`Raven> <Code> Code would cheer alongside the others. Saskia seemed to deem these new wolves safe which made her feel a little more at ease. Perhaps enough to voice a question. She stood and made eye contact with the alpha and began to speak. “Kova, I have been away for quite some time – time enough for my pledge to the pack to be revoked I assume. I have been returned for a while now and wish to take a step towards joining once more if you will accept
        <`Raven> me.”
        * Kova she would smile and watch Rowan make her way back to the gathered, among the pack as a pledge. She turned now to the rest of the pack before shifting her paws slowly beneath her and it was there she turned her hues to Code. The fae had been a pledge for sometime, indeed, and she would address her with curious, but sharp hues of thought. “It is true, you have been a pledge for sometime. I
        <Kova> would not revoke it, but instead encourage you to be present among the family you desire to join. If this is still your wish, and home to belong to by the will of your heart and spirit, seek me at the next meeting and we will see you named properly to the next step.” she’d dip her head to the fae before turning to the rest of the pack. “Does anyone else desire to bring something to the
        <Kova> stone?”
        <Calder> He would nose Fianna gently and offer a warm and knowing smile to her. ~ Thank you~ his voice rumbled ever so lightly to her before nosing Ragaires crown. He would look now to the gathered and made note of Sanek approaching. He gave a dip of his head to him before turning his hues onto Kova.
        * Rowan ‘s ears had swiveled once then swiveled towards the fae on the rock, her tail swayed for a moment as she smiled. She dipped her head to the silver fae. “Thank you, Alphess. I shall carve my own path as I journey within this pack.” She replies, then disappears within the crowd, settling beside Panther, Saskia and the others nearby. She would offer a quiet nod to the courted pair nearest to her, then look around the
        * Rowan gathered wolves. If she saw Sanek, she would dip her head to him as well.
        *CwnAnnwn He listened as Rowan spoke of their desire to begin the path to becoming pack, he remember feeling the same way when he had pledged to the pack. When Kova named Rowan as pledge, he would stomp his paw carefully so not to unbalance himself with his mate leaning against him.
        * Saskia hadn’t noticed the scout that arrived a tad late, but instead was focused on the ones at the stone. She gave Rowan light eyes as she took her seat and a comforting smile. She was happy for her. She least expected Code to speak up about her desires, she when she did Saskia would perk her ears and watch the interaction. She wondered what Kova would have to say about her friend repledging. It seemed Kova hadn’t
        <Saskia> revoked her pledge, which she was glad for the creme fae.
        * Code nodded, glad she was still a part of the pack. She stayed silent as the rest of the meeting unfolded, carefully eyeing the unknown wolves and trying (pitifully no doubt) to judge their character. Perhaps she would meet them in the coming days. Until then her stilled tail and drawn back ears would betray her discomfort, though far less than the start of the meeting.
        * Kova she would smile and dip her head to Code. As she returned to the gathered comfort of friends, she would see Saskia among them, to her she would chuff. “Saskia, will you please come forward.”
        * Saskia would smile to all gathered, and upon hearing her name she would rise and slowly walk, ascending the stone. She gave Kova curious hues and dipped her head, respectfully. She wondered what was happening.
        * Fianna would sit quietly, grooming Calder and Ragaire who was a puddle at her paws, ears perking as Saskia was called forth, her eyes keen as she watched Kova as well.
        <Kova> “You have been a member of the pack for moons and seasons. You’ve grown and learned the ways of our home and the ways of your own heart. With it’s continued growth, we are finding the needs of those skills that have come forward in the interactions and trials that have been placed upon themselves, and of the pack.” she’d begin before her hues fell towards Fianna a moment, then back to
        <Kova> Saskia. “With the increase of numbers, is the increase of potential threats. You have always been a force and greeting to those and many who find our home first, and I would like to ask you if you would accept the role as Guardian in Training.” she would look to Fianna, calling her forward with a low chuff. “Fianna will be your mentor and your guide as our current Guardian. Do you accept
        <Kova> this role, and do you accept Fianna as your mentor?”
        * Sanek soundlessly he would join the meeting, sitting nearest to Calder who was one of the first to acknowledge him. He would read the body-language of each wolf as he tried to figure out what had happened already, while also following what was currently going on.
        * Fianna would perk as her own name was given and she rose, half expecting this. She had known Saskia’s heart for the pack by now and she was excited to see the fae hone the skills she already had. She would move to stand beside the fae and brush her muzzle against her shoulder briefly. She said nothing yet, only waited to see what Saskia would say.
        * Panther stomped his paw, containing a howl as he knew those were reserved for members. His tail gave off a happy wag though, which would still shortly after. He would offer a nod of greeting to Rowan as she settled nearby, he smiled when he noticed the approaching Sanek, he’d offer a kind smile and a dip of his head. All quiet greetings until the meeting had subsided. His attention would be then given back to Kova, as his
        * Panther court left his side due to her name being called. His ears perked, gaze settling on her and the Alphess. He smiled as he knew his court had been speaking about the role of Guardian for some time now, and he also knew she would do great in said role, but he waited to see what she would say.
        Saskia listened to Kova’s words, her eyes following her gaze to Fianna, and then back. When Kova asked if she was ready to accept the utmost important role in her life, Saskia’s tail began to slowly sway. Her mom, and her grandmother before her had both been Guardians and she wanted nothing more than to uphold that legacy. The chocolate fae watched as Fianna’s name was given to be her mentor, and her heart warmed. She
        <Saskia> had a strong admiration for the Guardian, and when Fianna nuzzled her shoulder she would lean into it. She looked towards the silver Alphess, “I have always had a deep sense of protection in my heart for my family – my pack. I’ve looked up to Fianna in more ways than one, and though every wolf has their own path to follow, I strongly push mine adjacent to hers. I would be honored to become the next Guardian in Training
        <Saskia> with Fianna, The Great Guardian, as my mentor. If she will have me?” Saskia meets the gaze of the strong fae before her. She was nervous, waiting for the response.
        * Kova when Saskia offered her heartfelt response, she turned then to Fianna after Saskia’s request to the fae then back to her sister, she looked with a knowing expression. “Fianna, do you accept Saskia as your apprentice? To guide and foster the knowledge and truth of what it means to be a Guardian for the pack?”
        * Fianna would watch Saskia, then Kova, then looked back to Saskia. “I have watched you grow from a pledge to a member in your own right, not once have you looked back, you heart has been steadfast. This steadfastness, and desire to push beyond our own comfort, through fear, is a mark of a great guardian to be. I will gladly accept my role as your mentor, and one day no doubt you will surprise myself.” She wagged once.and
        <`Raven> dipped her head to the fae, looking to Kova.
        * Kova there would be a well of pride within her and for her family. How strong they where growing, and growing more they would. For that much she felt true in her blood. When Fianna would agree to mentor Saskia, she gave a dip of her head before a stomp of her paw followed. “Then I would like to have the honor to name you, Saskia, Guardian in Training, apprentice to Fianna, Guardian of
        <Kova> WolfSpirits. May your paths be true, and your paths be met with heart and spirit to any and all you met.” she would grin “Congratulations, Saskia.”
        <Calder> His eyes would follow Fianna as she made her way to the stone. It was then, in that moment, the stone meant a great deal to him and to many others. It was a place named and proclaimed to be of WolfSpirit, of heart, and of soul. He felt no finer fit to mentor than Fianna. His eyes full of pride as he watched.
        * Fianna happily bumped her shoulder against Saskia’s when the fae was so named, her tail swaying. She nipped the fae’s ruff in a quick gesture of solidarity before she rose to return to her own seat, likely parting ways from the fae halfway down the aisle
        * Code grinned from ear to ear when Saskia was named Guardian in Training. She knew this had been a dream of her friends for a long while and was glad it would finally come true. “Go Saskia!!” she said congratulating the fae, tail wagging and vibrating with joy as if the achievement was her own.
        * CwnAnnwn He listened as Saskia was called up and offered the role of guardian in training and Fianna was named as her mentor. He smiled and stomped his paw when Kova named Saskia as Guardian in Training.
        * Fern tried to contain her howls of joy for her friend but it soon came out as small yips for the new Guardian in training. “Woo! Congratulations Saskia!” What an important sounding job it was, guardian. She knew Saskia exactly fitted it though, she was very protecting and just as loyal to her pack. Her tail offered plentiful wave’s to the
        * Fern fae from the sidelines as well as a proud grin.
        * Saskia’s tail to curl in jest. When Fianna returned to her seat, she too would take her leave from the stone and seat herself back between Code and Panther, looking for the expression her court would give. She also licked Code’s cheek multiple times from the ever expanding warmth and excitement in her heart. To all that were congratulating her, she would feel a sense of family. And would speak with them after the meeting.
        * Kova she would allow the congratulations be shared by all and would make that the final request for the evenings stone. She would give a light swing of her tail then still it. “I plan to have a Lore Night soon, so if there is a bit of story or lore you desire to share, please feel free to bring it. Also there’s been a Bison tracked.” her hues fell to Panther for a moment and she smiled in
        <Kova> his direction then turned to the rest. “They’re presence is ever constent in the hunting grounds, so I will leave it up to Panther on when to seek out the meal either tonight, or tomorrow during our hunting schedule. With that will conclude tonight’s meeting. Thank you to each of you for heeding the call and congratulations to each of you. Especially to our newest members, assessments
        <Kova> pledges, and Guardian In Training! ” she would lift her muzzle and offer a howl to conclude the meeting and celebrate the WolfSpirits

        Pack Meeting #209

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        Meeting Notes

        November 15th, 2022

        • Saskia and Panther named courts
        • Rune and CwnAnnwn named mates
        • Ragaire and Fern named pledges
        Number Of Wolves Present


          Sara Daithi Leora Cajun




          Pack Meeting Begins

          <Kova> she would watch the interactions between Rook, Calder and Ragaire. The reunion a happy one and she’d feel their energy shared. Her tail swung a few times behind her and while others started to trickle in and take their seats, she would dip her head and begin. “Thank you to all who have heeded this evenings call. A gathering to enjoy one anothers company, but also, to share in a meeting and proceedings that need tending.” she shifted her paws just a little before slowly turning her gaze across the expanse. First, her eyes fell to Panther and Saskia. “Panther and Saskia. Please come forward.”
          * Ragaire ✩☾ The “little” wolf, plunks her rear down in the snow right next to her puppa, leaning against the brute and staring up at him. Ragaire was not little by any means, she had been well nourished for the entirety of her life thus far and had grown like a weed. She still had her awkward phases, but the fae had grown tall and well muscled and was truly no “pup” anymore. However, when it came to maturity of the emotional kind, she still had some growing to do. Ragaire takes her eyes away from her puppa when Kova begins to speak, way up on that rock. Huh, that looks fun. ☽✩
          <Leora> eventually she strode into the clearing and when she did, she would appear at the fringe of the clearing. Oh, so many wolves! So many scents and smells and…. her brother?? Still a pup at heart, there would be no quenching this young fae’s spirit in the light of family, especially her kin. It would seem as though a meeting was in progress, so she would do her best “subtle and sneaky” ..
          <Leora> .. bounding motions towards Calder, Ragaire and Rook.
          * Rune
          ⊰✲ The Caretaker dips her head in silent greeting to those gathered, Panther and Saskia had been summoned to the front. Rune’s ears perk, it was not so long ago that she and CwnAnnwn had spoken with them, but she wags her tail in happiness. She settles in quietly, seating her haunches in the snow and shifting for comfort, leaving room in the depression in the snow for her court. Out of the corner of her eye, the bounding of a pale coat catches Rune’s attention. Leora was moving swiftly towards Ragaire, Rook, and Calder. She dips her head to the young wolf and smiles at her, Rune still remembered when the fae was quite young. Looking back up to Kova, Rune gives the pair in front of all of them her attention. ✲⊱
          <Panther> ‘s ears perked when he heard his own name alongside Saskia’s, he slowly rose to his paws. He glanced towards the dark brown fae, a smile on his maw. He carefully padded forward, Saskia at his side. He had watched Rune and CwnAnnwn take these same steps, and he was prepared to take them himself now.
          <Calder> He would nose Ragaire gently again before he resumed to hold his gaze up to Kova. When Panther and Saskia where asked to come forward, a brow would rise but his attention would not wander until he felt Ragaires eyes. To which he’d swiftly nose her and turn his gaze back up again.
          <Saskia> Saskia would smile and stand, making her way to the front alongside the brute. She dipped her head to Kova, respectfully. She would look out among the others, looking at all the wolves gathered in the clearing.
          <Fern> watched as her friends stepped away, leaving her with a sting, even for just a moment, as she was now sitting all by herself. But nevertheless, she gave an encouraging smile to the both of them once they were up there.
          * CwnAnnwn
          The silver male would nod to those present as the pair reached the gathered wolves. He would settle to his court’s right side so she could lean into him and take weight off her left hip should she need to. He turned his attention to the pair that had been called up, Panther and Saskia and a smile played upon his muzzle as he whispered to the ivory fae, “Seems we were right”. He still fondly remembered the meeting that they themselves had been called forth to profess their wish to be named courts, a very happy moment for him given that he had thought he might have lost the chance after he disappeared for a long period. His tail thumped lightly behind his frame as he waited with anticipation to hear what the pair would say.
          <Kova> “Panther and Saskia. You stand at the threshold of the stone after request of hearts to share. Once in your life, you find another whos path walks along your own, not just in this waking world, but in the dreams and hearts of one another. You both have requested to become a courted pair. Is this still your desire?” her eyes light but thoughtful to them once they reached the stone’s base. ..
          <Kova> .. The wind chilled, but with the presence of so many she felt comfort and warmth.
          <Saskia> Saskia would feel her heart warm even in the coldest of nights. She looked over to Panther, making sure his expression was still steady. Turning back towards Kova, she nodded firmly. “It is still my desire to walk the same path as Panther. My heart is true, and belongs to him..” She said with a wag of her tail and a smile on her face. She looked out, noticing the nervousness on Fern’s face as she was alone for just a
          <Saskia> moment among a couple of strangers to her. She would send a light smile her way.
          * Rook
          📖 A quirked brow and piqued interest was momentarily supplanted by the arrival of his young sister to whom would be given his full attention and the breadth of quite greetings. He bore the disquieting scent upon his left shoulder, so he would position himself in such a place to be at Leora’s left flank. There was another pair present–Rune and Cwn–and his gaze would be lightened further to see them present.
          <Panther> stood before the stone, occasionally glancing towards the gathered wolves, there were a lot present. He looked back up towards the Alphess, he held a subtle smile on his maw as he listened intently. He listened to Saskia as she spoke. “It is still my desire to open a new chapter, and walk along the same path as Saskia. My heart belongs
          <Panther> to her, and it always will.” After speaking himself, he would offer a firm nod, his tail swaying behind him.
          <Kova> would give a soft expression to the pair before her hues fell across the horizon and to the gathered.” It is a time of celebration, and witness the naming of Panther and Saskia’s,a courted pair. May you strengthen your bond with one another throughout this time, as you journey along the path of heart and soul with one another to meet as mates at the end.” she would gently stomp her paw ..
          <Kova> .. and give off a few chuffing barks to them in a celebratory fashion; happy for the newly named courts.
          <Leora> weevin in and out of the fray of wolves, she would give polite gestures and chuffs to any who came near and those she brushed past. She quickly sought her brothers side and gave a “^.^” expression towards Ragaire and Calder. Happy to see the pair reunited before leaning into her brother and licking up at his cheek a few times. Would she notice the scent upon his coat? Before she had time to ..
          <Leora> .. even wonder, she turned to see Panther and Saskia up at the stone and named a courted pair. She didn’t really know what all that meant, but, it seemed something to celebrate so she gave stomps of her paw to.
          <Calder> A favored wind might tickle his senses, and perhaps it was there he picked up the soot and ashen smell from Rook’s coat? Turning to Kova’s announcement and naming of the two pair, he gave a knowing and soft expression. He was happy for the two and happy for the growth of hearts in the pack now thriving with vibrant life with the change of season. He gave a nod of his head to the pair, happy ..
          <Calder> .. for them both.
          * Rook 📖 A firm stomp to the snowy ground and a light chuff to follow were given for the naming of the courted pair. Joy upon joy to see the sprigs of spring before the coming winter. The scent he bore was evident to those that knew it; although he only briefly rolled that shoulder into the substrate that carried it he knew it was pungent if he could still faintly smell it after the two days he carried it upon him. It was a sullen reminder of the time he was covered nose to tail in such a substance…a tale for a tale.
          <Saskia> Saskia listened to Panther as he agreed, and felt a sense of change upon her being as Kova stomped her paw. A new chapter. She gave a lightened chuff and nosed Panther on the cheek before dipped her head to Kova. “Thank you, Kova.” She spoke lowly before leaving the rock, her tail swaying slowly behind her. She took her spot back beside Fern and nosed the fae on the shoulder.
          <Panther> smiled as he and Saskia were then named courts, his tail swayed behind him as he nosed her shoulder affectionately. He dipped his head to the Alphess. “Thank you, Kova.” He offered, his nervousness melting away. He looked to Calder, offering a nod in kind. He would follow Saskia back to their seats, where he settled in beside
          <Panther> her again. A new chapter had just begun.
          <Kova> gave a gentle expression to the two, and a smile that would convey her joy for them and their new journey. She would allow them the time to settle back to their places among the wolves before her hues quickly scanned once more those present. Leora would be among the new and she smiled to the fae settled by her brother, Calder and Ragaire. It was there she cast her hues then to Rune and ..
          <Kova> .. CwnAnwnn. To which she chuffed for them to approach.
          <Fern> had her own suspicions that they seemed a littttlee too affectionate to just be good friends. A joyful smile would be sent their way as well as a pleasant tail wag. Once they made their way back Fern returned the nosing back to the brown fae, “Congratulations you two.”
          * Rune ⊰✲ The Caretaker gives a light howl in congratulations to the newly courted pair, a wolven smile on her face. She would have to wish them luck on their journey ahead. When Kova chuffed to her and her court she’d perk her ears in surprise, nearly turning to look if there was someone seated behind her. It would seem that she and her court were mistaken, but she gladly rises to her paws and noses CwnAnnwn’s scruff before padding forward to settle below Alpha Rock. Looking up to Kova, the fae dips her head. ✲⊱
          * CwnAnnwn The brute smiled at the pairs words and stomp his paw for their courtship. He perked as the Alpha fae asked for Rune and he to approach. As much as he had hoped this might happen, he was still surprised to be called forth, turning to his court and nosed her back tenderly before standing and approaching the Alpha rock at her side. When they reached the rock, he would look to Kova, his shoulder touching Rune’s.
          <Kova> when the pair would approach her attention withdrew from those gathered to them. Her head would dip and welcome them forward. “As we celebrate heart and kinsihp this evening, it would only be fitting to bring you, Rune and CwnAnwnn, forward. Your path has tredded for sometime as a courted pair. To court another, is to know another more deeply and truly. To walk the same path in heart, and ..
          <Kova> .. to live and desire to call one another their soulmate. I would ask you now, Rune, do you still desire to be named mated to CwnAnnwn?”
          <Calder> He would watch as Saskia and Panther returned to their places near Fern, before turning his hues now to Rune and CwnAnnwn. He hadn’t had much of a chance to speak to either on occassion, but, he would feel the warmth and wholeness of the evenings events.
          <Panther> glanced towards Fern, smiling softly. “Thank you.” He whispered towards the fae, then glanced back up towards the Alpha Rock. He noticed the other courted pair had been seated nearby, and when they were called forth, he paid close attention. He looked to Saskia, then back towards the pair who had been called forth.
          <Leora> her nose would wiggle to the senses that where around her, mostly her brother as she was seated close. If she happened to pick up on anything, she’d perhaps inquire but now wasn’t the time. She would give a swing of her tail and a nudge into her brother, happy to be with him again before looking up to Kova, then to CwnAnnwn and Rune. The terms of such bondship still lost to her, but, ..
          <Leora> .. celebratory is how she felt.
          * Rune ⊰✲ She smiles warmly at Kova and then looks to the silver brute beside her. “Yes, Kova. I wish for our paths to continue walking together. He is my heart and I wish to walk forward with CwnAnnwn.” Rune’s tail wags behind her and she noses the brute’s scruff before looking back up to Kova. How lucky she was. ✲⊱
          <Saskia> She would hum and chuckle, whispering back to Fern. “You’re next..” She joked with the fae, nuzzling her ear as she leaned over and touched her flank with her court. Her court, Panther. She was courted to the great Hunter of WolfSpirits.. it felt so good to hear it in her head. She watched as Cwn and Rune moved forward, and as they were about to be named mates Saskia had a smile brighter than the sun. What a lovely
          <Saskia> meeting, this was.
          <Kova> she would smile towards Rune and to her response. Before turning then to CwnAnnwn. “CwnAnnwn, I ask the same of you. ” she would turn to him now and dip her head.
          * Rook 📖 A gentle nudge would be exchanged with his sister before he continued to listen to Rune’s answer to Kova’s question, intent on simply observing the two pair of wolves.
          * CwnAnnwn Silver male smiled to Kova as she addressed Rune and turned to look to the ivory fae as she looked to him and responded to the Alpha female. His tail swayed happily behind him as he listened to her words and nosed his scruff. Now Kova addressed him with the same question and he kept his eyes to Rune as he responded. “I fell for Rune a few cycles of the seasons ago, but then my paws wandered in search of my father. She was never far from my mind though as I travelled the lands, a force helping to draw me back here, to my home, to my pack.” He paused for a moment, his eyes full of warmth as he gazed at the ivory fae before him. “Upon returning to these lands, I worried that I had missed my chance to spend the rest of my days with her by my side, but that was not so. It brought me great joy to know that she felt as I did and wished to travel the path before us together, heart and souls intertwined.” He felt his heart bursting with love for the fae he spoke of, his heart racing in the moment. “I know that since we were named courts nearly a full seasonal cycle ago, we have spent time apart. Time where I felt incomplete, empty without her by my side. Rune is my heart and without her, I am not whole. Yes, it is with my whole being that I wish to be named mated to Rune, my heart.” He would lean forward and tenderly run his muzzle along hers as he finished speaking.
          <Panther> grinned as the brown fae joked with Fern. He smiled as his court leaned into him, he leaned and brushed his shoulder against hers. He was courted to Great WolfSpirits Saskia, as Loumacy would likely call her now. He directed his attention back to the Alpha Rock, listening intently as the courted pair were about to become mates. Panther
          <Panther> held a smile on his maw, he would have to congratulate the pair after the meeting.
          <Kova> to his words and shared heart, she would smile and offer a gentle expression to the two. To both their words, and their true hearts. “A courted pair learns and grows together, and all have been witness to Rune and CwnAnwnn’s hearts, I would like to have the honor to name you Rune mate to CwnAnnwn, and CwnAnnwn, mate to Rune. May your bond continue to grow, be strength, and be true to one ..
          <Kova> .. another. May you challenge one another, love one another, and share the path together as one heart.” she would gently press her paw into the stone and offer up a quick, but heartfelt howl for the pair.
          <Calder> He would sway his tail ever so softly to the two, now named mates, before offering his own quick howl in congratulations to the pair.
          <Fern> ‘s eyes winded at the thought, and she gave a slow shake of the head before letting out a chuckle to the humorous brown fae. But deep inside through all of the joy she had for the two she wondered, would she be a bother to them both if she continued to follow them around? Her mind would quickly return the focus to Kova and what was going
          <Fern> on in front of her, giving a few soft yips for the couple.
          * Rune ⊰✲ A wolven grin spreads over Rune’s face and turns to face her court, nosing his scruff and putting her head on his shoulder. Her tail wagging behind her she steps back to lick the brute on the cheek. She was grateful to be brought together with him and to have their pack present to celebrate with them. “Thank you, Kova.” Rune says to their Alpha, nodding her head in sincere thanks. She returns her gaze to CwnAnnwn, her mate, and noses him once more before starting off to return to their previous places. ✲⊱
          <Saskia> Saskia would chuckle at Ferns reaction, and then turn back to the pair at hand. When they were named courts, she gave a stomp of her paw. She saw the love they had for one another, the pureness of it. She longed for, even if she was already achieving it. Howls reached her audibles and she lifted her head in a short moment of song for the pair that were mates, and for herself and Panther. She lowered her maw and gazed around
          <Saskia> at the others before shifting on her own paws.
          <Leora> still unaware of what all these special things meant, she could feel the warmth, the love, and the feelings shared. She let loose a gentle breath before howling for Rune and CwnAnnwn! Everyone seemed jovial, happy, and she’d not let that fall away!
          * CwnAnnwn He places his head on her shoulder as she places hers on his. He offers a tender lick to her maw as his tail sways behind him happily. This was a moment he had dreamed of for a long time and he was happy to be here with Rune, joining their hearts and souls into one. He turned to look to Kova and bowed his head to the fae, “Thank you Kova.” He smiled and turned to his mate, returning her nosing softly before moving at her side back to where they had settled before for the next part of the meeting.
          Ragaire ✩☾ What on EARTH was going on?? Pairs and couples, two-by-two. Maybe she was imagining it, but the saccharine smell in the air made her sick. She makes a grumpy face and looks to her puppa. What was the meaning of this and why did it exclude her? He was howling too! What gives? She look, with a perplexed face, at the pair of wolves who had approached Kova and then returned to their places. ☽✩
          <Kova> there would be a knowing and soft expression to the two. She knew how long they had walked together, and knew their hearts stronger now than ever before. Much love and dedication to continue to hold true to another no matter what. She smiled to their thanks “It is my pleasure, congratulations” she swung her tail then stilled it. Once the mated pair returned to their seats, she would ..
          <Kova> .. turn then to the others gathered. “Is there any whom wish to speak or approach for this meeting?”
          * Ragaire ✩☾ Oh, yah, yah. It was her turn. She picks her rump off the ground and marches forwards, her paws moving before her brain had time to catch up. Ragaire then finds herself at the base of the Alpha Rock, looking up at Kova with an expectantly raised brow. “Yes.” The yearling pauses. “It’s mine turn.” Though she was fumbling with what exactly her purpose was. Well, she didn’t mind the spotlight, but maybe the Kova was on her same wavelength. ☽✩
          <Panther> glanced towards Fern and Saskia, grinning, and chuckling quietly. Though, looking back towards the Alpha Rock, offering a quick and happy howl of his own. For the two new mates, and for himself and Saskia. His voice came to a stop though when the mated pair returned to their seats. When Kova asked if any would like to speak or approach, he
          <Panther> glanced towards Fern.
          <Kova> her eyes would divert from the collective gathered to the smaller frame of Ragaire approaching the stone. She would tilt her head just a little but welcomed her all the same. “Of course, Ragaire. Please share what you wish to”
          * Rook 📖 Courted pairs got paw stomps, whereas named mates was surely a reason to beckon the Song forth. He would offer his tones when others did and would quiet when the others did; his tone of the Song a gentle low tone in the remembrance of his father and mother. Only after the call came for other matters would he then turn to his young niece and once more listen.
          <Leora> shew ould look between Kova, Rune, Cwn, Panther and Saskia, but Ragaire stomped forward and she rose a brow wondering what the fae wanted to ask?
          <Saskia> Saskia tilted her head as Ragaire requested her time on the rock, though she listened intently. When she said she wanted to pledge in her own little way, Saskia offered an amused smile. Of course, it was a serious thing to be pledged. To pledge that you wish to learn the ways of the pack, and everything surrounding it. Ragaire already knew a lot. She turned to look at Calder to see his expression of his pup wanting to
          <Saskia> pledge to the pack.
          <Panther> tilted his head as he watched Ragaire, he was curious what she would ask. Once the small pup asked to be pledged, his gaze turned first to Calder, curious what he thought of this. Perhaps proud that his daughter wanted to pledge so quickly? His gaze then turned to Leora, curious if she would ask to be pledged as well. His gaze would then
          <Panther> turn back to the Alpha Rock, wondering if Kova would grant Ragaire’s request.
          <Kova> her brows would lightly rise, but, there was an assertion there that would affirm the thoughtfulness in her hues. She swung her tail once then stilled it before grinning. “Are there others who wish to pledge this evening alongside Ragaire?” She would turn to Ragaire for a moment with a soft expression, then to the others she looked to.
          <Calder> his eyes fell towards Ragaire as she ran up to the stone inquiring upon pledgeship to the pack. She wasn’t a pup anymore, but in his eyes, she’ll always be a little fae. To her inquiry, he seemed momentarily surprised, but also, not so for this was her home and growth pack. He turned his gaze around quickly to perhaps see if Fianna was near, then turned back to her at the stone.
          <Fern> Noticing the question pop into the air she decided she had put it off long enough. With an exhale to relieve the tension, she raised her voice to be audible among the others. “I would like to, If I may.” Fern would sit up but not approach Kova, standing beside Ragaire. “It’s been almost two moons now that I’ve been here… and I
          <Fern> have already grown so fond of these wolves…” she would mumble, pausing to try and find the right words. Her gaze would be averted only glancing up at the Alphess once in a while to gauge her reactions. “I would like to ask if I could possibly stay, and be a member of your pack. I fully understand this process will take time but I
          <Fern> will do whatever it takes on my part to achieve that, if you would let me.”
          * CwnAnnwn Silver brute would settle upon his haunches on Rune’s right, allowing his mate to lean into him once more to stretch out her left hind leg if need be. He would run his muzzle along her scruff and the underside of her jaw before pulling back with a loving lick to her cheek before turning back to the meetings goings on as Ragaire asked to pledge. When Kova asked is any one else wished to pledge, he would sweep his gaze over those gathered, eyes settling on the unfamiliar fae who had helped out during the hunt the other night as she announced her wish to take the first paw steps down the path to becoming part of the pack.
          <Kova> when Fern slowly approached among Ragaire’s place, she would give a dip of her nose to the pair of fae’s who stood before her, for their desire to join the path and fold of their home. “As a Pledge of WolfSpirits, you will learn and grow with the family you desire to call home, but more importantely, you will search within yourselves to confirm this is the home you want to be a part of. ..
          <Kova> .. Are you willing to uphold the ways and rules of WolfSpirits and our creed of truth for your truth to follow the most true path for you?”
          <Fern> , giving one last determined nod, spoke. “I am willing.” Her heart was now racing, this was it. She had been without a home and a family for what seemed like forever, and now she would be making her first steps toward becoming a part of this wonderful pack, where she wouldn’t be seen as an outsider but as a friend.
          * Ragaire ✩☾ Um, excuse? Who was stealing her thunder here? But, as Kova spoke to them both. Wow, okay! It worked! She listens to her Alpha earnestly, ears perked and weight leaning onto her front lets. “Yes, yes. I do, Alpha Kova.” She wags her tail behind her. Responsibility, family, and learning. The yearling’s enormous amber eyes look up to Kova and then glance to her puppa enthusiastically. Hey! Look at me! ☽✩
          <Kova> her eyes fell to both Ragaire and Fern. Pledgeship was one of the first steps of several to reach membership, but she had no doubt of eithers hearts, but she’d hear their words shared with those gathered and the family they wish to join. “As all have heard the pledge of both Fern and Ragaire to this home and pack, I would like to have the honor of naming you Fern Pledge of WolfSpirits, ..
          <Kova> .. and you Ragaire, Pledge of WolfSpirits. You may now introduce yourself as such to all you meet.”
          * Rook📖 Now came the answers, not in word but in deed. The sentiment heaved a cache of memory to the fore, and he thought then upon his father’s creed, Ayaka’s creed, and now Shakira’s…turning then to where the latter had gone before returning to hear Fern and Ragaire’s honest answers. Only after hearing Kova confirm their newfound position would he offer two paw stomps to the ground, one for each pledge.
          <Leora> would remain seated near her brother and when Fern also approached and asked to join, she felt her heart swell with happiness. Oh how could this day get -anyyyy bettterrrr-! Her rump would visibly wiggle left and right, for her tail could almost not stop swaying. She did her best to calm her presence to ensure not to be disruptive, remembering her mother and fathers teachings. To the naming ..
          <Leora> .. of the two, she stomped her paws to mimic her brothers own.
          <Calder> He would have nothing but admiration and love for Ragaire as she pledged herself to her birth pack. He would stomp his paw lightly, but felt that his heart would no sooner hold in his howl than the falls in the hidden falls to their pools below, so he gave a quick and short prideful howl for her and her advancement. A pride no one could fault him for.
          <Panther> listened, and watched as Fern slowly approached the rock. He also noticed that Leora remained in the crowd, he hummed in acknowledgment and turned his gaze to the front again. He looked to Saskia, glad that their newest friend was becoming a pledge. He stomped his paw where he sat, his gaze looking towards Calder as he offered a howl for
          <Panther> his daughter’s advancement, he smiled, gaze returning to the front.
          <Fern> “Thank you.” And with a bow to Kova, she made her way back to her friends with a big, proud grin on her face. She had done it, she had taken her next step in the journey in of finding the family she so dearly yearned for that lonely year on her own. All she could do is look forward to the future and beyond, now being able to picture
          <Fern> herself with this pack she found so unfamiliar only a little while ago.
          * Rune⊰✲ As if her night could not improve, two new wolves began their journey with the pack, one of them a pup she had watched grow far too rapidly. With a chuckle at Ragaire’s confidence and Kova’s acceptance. The Caretaker lifts her voice in song, howling to the sky joining Calder. ✲⊱

          <Kova> her tail would sway slowly behind her to the two newest pledges and allowed them to return to their place among the gathered. She turned now to address the wolves once the stomps and howls settled. “There is still fresh meat in the hunting grounds if any is hungry. The pack secured it several nights back.” a prideful expression on her face. “This was an evening of true celebration, of heart, and of warmth. I welcome you to good company and comfort. Thank you everyone who has attended tonight and heeded the call. It was a most joyous occassion and one our hearts have needed this, and I speak for my own, that it is very full.”





          Pack Meeting #208

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          Meeting Notes

          September 12th, 2022

          • Hunting schedule put into place
            • Hunter will track a meal
            • The next day the pack will hunt (Fridays)
          • The pack’s discord server will be open to the public!
          • Salem returns as a Pledge
          Number Of Wolves Present



            Sara Daithi Leora




            Pack Meeting Begins

            * Kova as the wind would kick up the smell and scent of the grey clouds overhead, she would wiggle her nose about to take in what scents where to be found along the path back to the clearing. After returning from the hunting grounds with Salem and Leora following behind, no doubt, she would make to close the distance to the Alpha’s stone. It’s familiar shape and scent drew grander as she got ..
            <Kova> .. closer. Now at the base she hopped up and walked to it’s edge where she would rise her muzzle and howl for a gathering.
            * Sanek after having returned to the territory, he had been catching up on all the scents he had missed. His nose would be lowered to the shore of the Lake of Solace, where animals frequently stopped for a short rest, when he heard the howl of the Alphess. He would stand still for a moment, his head rising with ears perked curiously to the sound of the call as it echoed through the forest. Once it ended, his paws would move swiftly at a trot to join the meeting.
            * Salem found it impossible to keep to keep to himself if he was being asked of it now. “I found a few places with views that made my tail wag, but they are so close in distance that I’m sure that they have been seen and spoken of by a few of the wolves we may see tonight. But the silly thing about it is, I never really remember leaving, so I think I walk in my sleep.” He told her in a ponderous tone as if he had given it some serious thought. “But eventually I make my way back even if the road isn’t always easy.” Just at that moment, he heard Kova’s howl just ahead of them where they didn’t fall too far behind. Since he was a lot closer, he didn’t have to run to the Alpha Rock, but he did take his last few steps a little more quickly and found himself a seat within earshot of the Rock.
            Rook would complete the stanza of the stream’s westward call before its flow entered into the clearing proper. The gentle whispers of water on gravel-laden banks would become a muffled murmur behind the thick curtain of pine that adorned the tree line around the northeast of the clearing. Just south of his father’s overlook he would come across a now overgrown area meant for fun, but all things found themselves back within
            <`Raven> the fold. He too would find himself there one day; however, today he would heed a second call and finish his trek into the clearing proper.
            <`Raven> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn He was nearing the southern boundary of the clearing when the sound of Kova’s call for a meeting rang out between the trees, his ears perking before he increased his pace slightly. He did not run, but he slipped into the ground eating lope that their kind used to cover distance with little effort. It would not be long before he would manifest within the clearing, slipping between a pair of trees, angling towards the Alpha rock now.
            * Leora she would wave her tail at Salem “that sounds exciting! perhaps one day I can explore to.” it was then the howl of Kova reached her ears and she nosed Salem quickly “oo, a gathering!” she called out and moved after and reached the clearing to. There she looked across the horizon to any near that she recognized.
            * Kova as the wolves who would heed the call emerged from the thick of wood and perhaps sleep, she would seat herself upon the stone slowly and give off a low, but welcoming chuff. “Welcome everyone. Thank you for heeding the call and gathering for a meeting.” she shifted her tail against the rock in a slow wave, then stilled it. “First off, I wanted to ask if there where any more reports about our wandering and foriegn scents? Anything from the scout?” her eyes cast now to see if Sanek was among them.
            * Sanek he would break through the treeline and take in all the scents the winds had to offer. Seeing that the meeting had already begun, he would make sure to be silent in his approach as he looked for a spot to sit in.
            * Saskia looked up as Kova reached her point upon the majestic rock. She hummed and dipped her head to whoever seemed to arrive near her. She didn’t have anything to report, and looked towards Sanek as he broke into the clearing just in time.
            <`Raven> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 A place near enough to listen to the proceedings was taken, and he would look to those present and think upon those not. He wondered why those that they had encountered weeks ago had not made good on their promise of doing harm to they and theirs. Certainly, a sound strategy would have utilized the lackadaisical? Such was the train of though that drew him to the raven feathers and then to his youngest sister who he saw near
            <`Raven> some of the others. Curious for news, he waited to hear if any would give a report.

            c/Cwn Silver brute continued to maintain the steady lope towards the rock where the others had gathered before the Alpha fae. Once he was close enough to gathered wolves, he would bow his head to the Alpha fae atop the rock before settling upon his haunches as he listened for a report on the scents she spoke of.
            * Kova an ear turned this way and that as she saw the wolves emerge out of the ‘woodwork’ to approach and settle for the meeting. She drew her paws upon the stone and when the crickets would chimm their strumming songs against the silence to her question, she would offer. “Keep a warry eye.” she’d add before shifting her weight again. “Speaking of new scents, there are two new faes who’ve ..
            <Kova> .. visited recently. One by the name of Kino, a wolf who hails from the far north to a pack previously named IceWolves. She is here in search of a home. The other wolf is a decendent of our matriarch, Kovo’s spirit sister. Silverlune. She is Alpha of a pack named MoonSingers.” she would turn to see Cwn appear as the last to gather then back to the rest. “Know that I have greeted them and their scent is upon my coat, and mine to theirs.”
            * Leora the cluster wolf wolves would begin to usher forth from the woods , brush and tree. She saw Cwn and swung her tail; a familiar face along with Sanek and Saskia. She gruuued and would dip her head in greeting to them, but perhaps it was her brothers presence that ushered her forward and in his direction with haste.
            * Salem grew silent when the meeting started but he didn’t have anything to add on the account of the scents and so he remained as such. He had noticed a few new scents since he had been back, but he was still separating friend from foreign and would commit the names to memory and acknowledge the word of warning the names were preceeded with a nod.
            * Rook – Kino he had met the other day, and with the recall of the name came the recall of the scent. The other, an alpha, was not someone he had encountered. The vast realm of the Wolfspirits was one that could entertain perhaps a neighbor or two, but he wondered just how near this other pack was. Had Phoenix and the ‘Tellers encountered said pack? He would endeavor to find out when such a time allowed. For now, his attention shifted to the approach of his youngest sister. He’d not be far from the others and so would make her path all the shorter.
            * Leora like one to awaken to mornings hush, she would be the swift uplifting rush like quiet birds scattered to the air. Tail would wave, mimicing the wind as she would approach her brother quickly and quietly, seating beside him. His face would not be void of licks and nuzzles before she’d recline to look to Kova, now serious and a wink to her brother.
            Cwn His head canted slightly at the talk of two visiting faes, he had yet to encounter them, he must keep an eye for them and introduce himself to them. He cast a quick glance at the others gathered, noting whom was present and whom was not. If any glanced at him as he looked, he would nod his head to them before turning back to the Alpha fae.
            * Kova the wind would usher together all the scents and smells and she’d acknowledge each present wolf. Finding some absent among the gathered. For now, she’d continue. “Next to address is the hunt. There will be a set day for our hunter, Panther or Shakira, to scout out a meal first and the following day (or following evening if it’s in the morning), a hunt will be called upon a set day and ..
            <Kova> .. time.” she’d cast her gaze once more to each wolf, finding Panther missing among them so she’d inform him when her path crossed with his. “((OOC: Let me know what days/times works for everyone!))
            * Saskia listened intently, only offering a nod of her head to a wandering Leora. She nodded in regards to the new wolves, and pack hunt. She wondered where her mentor was, perhaps still slumbering in the wood lines.
            * Sanek another hunt he would make sure not to miss. His paws already tingled with the promise of a hunt on the horizon. Before the hunt he would have to see if the borders of WolfSpirits were free of scents of intruders, though, to make sure he was doing his job as a scout so that the pack would be safe, especially with what seemed to be a threat
            * Sanek to the lands?
            * Rook – Awash in sister slobbers and lost at sea, he would finally seek to save himself by pawing Leora away a moment. He would nip at her shoulder soon after her regained composure…it was likely a rouse anyway. ”Remind me to tell you of the raven’s feather and the light of the Mean Oíche after the meeting,” he whispered. No need to interrupt the meeting or give others a sense that he was to share a story on their behalf.
            * Fianna was perhaps a shadow of herself. At least her own shadow felt looming and nightmarish with the doom that had been laid at her paws. Still, she was alive. Some of her family was still alive. She would endure and one day perhaps, thrive again. For now her paw steps would be slow with their new rhythm but she would just be nearing the western treeline and pushing into the clearing proper. If the call for a meeting had been lofted she would have been close enough to heed it, if slowly.
            * Leora her tail would swing quickly behind her as she was awash with a glow only one of curious intent would harbor. Well, perhaps she was a little brighter than most, but at the mention of reminding to be given a bit of story would cause her to almost loose focus. She was another year older and she did her best to be as mature as she could, and in that moment she gave her brother a knowing nod ..
            <Leora> .. then turned back to the meeting.
            *Fianna Quietly.. Quietly.. She would wade through the ebbing grasses and cross the clearing, keeping herself a bit low so as not to draw attention to herself and her late arrival. Nearing the other’s she would spot mostly familiar faces and wonder at the new scents she caught throughout their land. Near the back she would settle and sink to her belly to listen.
            * Kova her hues fell to the others and gave a grin and a nod. She would then turn her hues towards the rest of the wolves gathered. “Does anyone have anything they desire to bring up before I continue?”
            <Kino> before long came trotting up to the group. Having been exploring further south beyond the border, she heard the howl and it had taken her a spell of time to return. She panted to catch her breath as she slowed to a walk amongst the gather, not entirely sure if she was privy to this meeting as she wasn’t even a full member of this pack yet. Just before reaching the group, she slowed  more to a full stop, looking around with amber orbs at more wolves than she had seen at one time since arriving. She shook her full white coat out and bowed her head low in reverence to the WolfSpirits pack.
            * Cwn He glanced to the others gathered to see if any had something to bring up before the Alpha fae continued with the topics she wished to discuss during the meeting. He had nothing himself, though one of these meetings before winter set too deeply he hoped for Rune and himself to be able to ask about taking the next step and moving beyond courtship.
            * Rook Story 📖 A quiet meeting meant quiet entrances were likely not quiet relative to busier ones. Perhaps the quiet one was extra quiet in the quiescence of the quiet meeting…Quiet entrances without a queue could quickly cue quixotic conundrums of quizzically quaint congregations! Not exactly what he was aiming for, but it would do. Perhaps the second entrance would allude to the first, and there he would see both Kino and his sister? He had nothing to report or at least nothing he desired to have known beyond the tale to his youngest sister.
            * Saskia shook her head, if Kova was looking for physical affirmation. She didn’t need to bring anything up. She turned her head to an approach of paws, peering up at amber hues. She would allow her tail to sway in peak interest at the she-wolf. The chocolate fae would dip her head in a respectful greeting, but didn’t talk as to not interrupt the meeting.
            * Salem made a note of the future hunt with a flop from one side to the other at the idea of a hunt. He stood up and stepped forward and dipped his head slightly. “It has been some time since I pledged and yet even more time since I’ve been here. With how much time has passed, I would like to be made a Pledge of this pack again.” He perhaps noticed out of the corner of his eye the movement
            * Salem of another joining them, but his focus was more focused on making his request in front of not just Kova but now the pack.
            * Sanek having no news to present, he would turn to the others, and just then he felt a new scent join the gathering. His eyes scanned those gathered for the stranger and his gaze fell on Kino.  The posture of the Alphess suggested this was a wolf she knew, perhaps one of those she had mentioned earlier, so he would remain focused on the meeting.
            * Fianna Pink Fianna did have a report – a long overdo one, but she needed to make to the Alphess alone, perhaps after the meeting and she would bide her time. She had been trying to figure out a way to speak of it, all the words she had considered fell short, leaving her brooding and absent all but in scent for She had still been keeping tabs on the clearing and surround areas, mindful of her duties. Quietly she would flick an ear and
            <`Raven> scan the white fae who moved into their midst. She had only caught the tail end of what Kova had mentioned about new fae’s and she was curious. Her gaze then moved to her brother and Leora for a long moment, weight in her eyes before she turned back toward the stone as Salem spoke up and she felt her tail swing once, brushing the ground slowly.
            * Leora she would look to each wolf and after the promise of a story, she was all ears and eager for the meeting’s fruition and end to if only to hear the story. Her sister however would not go unnoticed! Oooo, she had to really dig her paws in from leaping in her direction. Her gaze then fell to Salem and she waved her tail again at his mention of wanting to rejoin!
            * Saskia swiveled an ear towards Salem as he spoke. When Kova asked for a vouche, Saskia pondered. She knew Salem well enough, and though the brute had been absent; he was well bided within the territory when he was present. She would lift her head to catch Kova’s gaze, “I.. Will vouch for Salem’s return as pledge. He is of sound mind, and always lends paws of support.” She smiled and nodded towards Salem before
            * Saskia stamping her paw on the ground for confirmation of her words.
            *Cwn He looked towards Salem a moment before turning towards Kova before speaking. “Having myself found my paws wandering away from my home here, but always finding my way back to my family.. The fact that he has returned and still wishes to make this his home, his family and knowing that he will do his part for the pack is enough for me to vouch for him.”
            * Rook Stone 📖 A bear’s metaphoric weight upon him for a moment might be felt before movement caught his eyes and a renewed pledge lodged soundly in his ears. He had been absent of the clearing for more than a few days himself, but it had been a time for Salem. Rook had never been close to Salem; however, one needn’t be shoulder to shoulder to see one on a familiar path. ”If one desires to renew bonds frayed from time, then one should be given a chance to find and reaffirm the threads that bind us. I cannot vouch for Salem, but I can and will vouch for his right to a renewed journey.”
            * Fianna wouldn’t know Salem well either but she had seen parts of his journey and knew he cared, which was more than she could say for many that began their journey here, only to move on soon after. “I would welcome him back.” She said softly, pushing up enough to be heard though inwardly cringing because she had missed the beginnings of the meeting.
            * Kova as the words of pledge to Salem’s advance. Her hues fell to Saskia first and to her pledge for Salem, she gave a grateful nod. Then to CwnAnnwn, Fianna, and Rook’s words added, she gave another nod and a soft expression before turning then to Salem. “As those who have pledged their vouche for your journey, I to would be honored to reassign you to a Pledge of WolfSpirits. You may now ..
            <Kova> .. introduce yourself to all you meet and paths you come across.” she smiled “Welcome back, Salem!” she stomped her paw to stone.
            * Leora her eyes fell to her brother and then her sister. When the others spoke of Salem’s journey, she felt inspired. What it must feel like to be in Salem’s pawS? Or other paws who stood there asking to join her family. She was just freshly 2 and much ahead, but for now, she’d not think upon her own journey just yet. She was still learning , afterall, but she was happy for Salem! Her tail waved and she stomped a paw and gave a happy chuff in his direction!
            * Saskia hummed and smiled as Kova have the final stomp and vocals of approval, her tail wagging behind her. She didn’t know of the journey Salem was taking right now, but she supported it none the less. The soft voice of Fianna from the back made Saskia turn around and offer a kind smile to the fae. She hadn’t seen Fianna in quite some time, the lighter faes presence was soft on the eyes. She did seem slightly off,
            * Saskia like something was on her mind, but if one weren’t looking they wouldn’t have noticed. She turned back around and focused her attention on Kova, once more.
            * Salem listened to Kova’s words and each of the voices who answered. When each one started to speak, Salem turned around them and returned either a smile or a nod or a hopeful sway to his tail if only for a moment after they were done speaking. When he looked from one to the other, he made it a point to see who they were with who hadn’t spoken though it was some of their wishes he knew
            * Salem to join or call this place home which were both familiar to him. His eyes turned to Kova once they had each been said to the her final words to him and he dipped his head slightly and proceeded to make his way back among those gathered for the meeting, this time nosing any and all who were close enough to do so.
            * Kova her tail swayed to Salem as he returned back to the others. Humbled to have him back in their fold as a pledge. She then turned her hues back to the gathered before turning towards Kino as she noticed the fae had joined them. She gave an acknowledged nod to her before returning back to the others. “With that, that will conclude our meeting. Salem, Leora and I had tracked down an Oxen,  ready to be hunted.” she’d grin, casting her eyes to the others.
            * Saskia flicked her ears, and after Kova concluded her words, she would have waited to be dismissed. She was excited to hunt down the oxen the few wolves trailed earlier this evening. She also wondered what if Panther, and if he would join them on their hunt. A swift sway of her tail and she was up on her slender legs, gazing around for those who were free enough to be greeted. Among the first she wished to approach would
            * Saskia have been Salem. Was he free?


            Pack Meeting #207

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            Meeting Notes

            July 7th, 2022

            • Cajun advances to Pledge
            • Saskia advances to Pack Member
            • Fianna becomes Guardian
            • Sanek becomes Scout
            • Rook advances to Pack Member
            • Saskia shares lore
            Number Of Wolves Present


              +Sasika +Rook
              Cajun Daithi Leora




              Pack Meeting Begins


              <Kova> she would’ve broken into the clearing proper without another moment to lose and as she did, she would continue to make her way towards the direction of the alpha’s stone. Anyone who had been within the clearing would’ve received a gentle dip of her head in acknowledgment and greeting but once she reached the stone, she took a light breath and began to slowly ascend. It had been some time since their last meeting and she was excited to sense others nearing. She’d stop at its edge and lift her muzzle to howl for a meeting and pack gathering.

              * Sanek lowered his head down to the stream that ran through the Clearing and lapped up the water when he heard a chuff, to which he responded with his own. His gaze searched the area for the wolf that had sent it, and instead he saw Kova come to the stone and call for a gathering, and perhaps Cajun further along the stream. Swiftly his paws carried him toward the Alpha Rock.
              * Leora as she was making her way from the direction of the lake of solace, she would hear a call and howl from Kova. She swung her tail slowly at first, but bounded forward and through the woods in hopes to reaching the clearing quickly!
              * Saskia upon hearing Kova’s howl, she wagged her tail and quickly retorted towards Alpha Rock. Taking a seat beside the others, she dipped her head a few random times and lifted it to listen to her opening statement.
              * Rook – He would barely be a padfall or two into the clearing when the sound of a howl cleared any doubt of what the gathering of scents indicated. He would likely join the rest of the others near the time Cwn did, and he would take up a spot nearer to the north of the gathered few.
              * Cajun perked his ears as he had been making his way along the path the brute lifted his coal muzzle and gave a wruff baerk howl back to kova in return and made his way to the clearing he padded over to a spot nearby to the alpha rock and sat down tail curled slightly behnd lokking forward and intentivly
              <CwnAnnwn> Being about half way to the rock when the call for the gathering was made, the silver brute increased his pace to an easy lope to close the distance quicker. Upon reaching the gathering, he would nod to any whom greeted him before settling upon his haunches facing the rock. His gaze settling upon the alpha fae as he awaited what the meeting would bring.
              * Kova she’d feel the warmth of the stone beneath her pads after a long spent day in the sun’s light and heat. She would seat herself against it’s surface before casting long her gaze to each wolf who was present. One by one she’d give a gentle nod in their directions in greeting before she would swing her tail once, then still it. “Well met, Wolves of WolfSpirits.” she began as she dipped her ..
              <Kova> .. head “Thank you for heeding this evenings call. It has been a while since we’ve gathered.” her gaze cast long to each wolf as she picked up each scent. Finding those among the gathered she would shift her paws beneath her again before seeing Cajun. She gave a low chuff to him to step forward.
              * Fianna would take note of at least one scent that she had found around the territory, mingled with the others but one she had not yet met and her gaze would brush across that particular male before she would rise and close the distance to the stone, an answer to Kova’s howled summons. Her brother was there, and she would settle nearby and perk toward Kova’s words.
              * Cajun rose up onto his fours hearing Kovas Chuff to him the coal brute dipped his head respectfuly then stepped forward and stopped in front of the rock the coal male gave another nod then looked back up t the alpha
              * Kova when he approached the stone her eyes would dip to focus upon his frame and began. “Cajun.. you have been within the WolfSpirits pack territory for a while now. Last we had spoke, you expressed interest in desiring to join the pack. I wish to ask you now, if this is still your desire?”
              * Fianna thought on all those present as the new male would approach the stone. Weighing heavier on her mind were the Kin who were not present. And never would be again. Fianna let loos a quiet breath and tried to focus, a somber light filling her eyes even as she felt hopeful at the growth of the pack. Her ears picked up the name of the brute and she would listen curiously for his answer.
              * Cajun perke his coal ears as he lostned to Kovas words he gave ashort wag of his tail in earnest then stilled it and replied back “Yes I would like that very much indeed Kova thank you on asking me” cajun dippe dhis head again then smiled back up a moment
              * Rook Quiescence , or perhaps a quiet approbation of events as they unfurled accompanied a lightened side-long glance to his sister before he retrained his hues and ears to Cajun and his answer.
              * Kova to his response she gave a slow, but thoughtful nod to his reply. “As a pledge of WolfSpirits you will learn and grow with the pack, that much is true, but truer is to know that your heart really wishes to be with this home and family. Are you willing to take the strides to ensure this is the home you wish to call?”
              * Saskia noticed Fianna had arrived. Though she couldn’t speak to the fae now, she would smile softly and stand. Quietly, she made her way over next to her and took a seat, dipping her head in a well met greeting. She didn’t speak, as to not interrupt what was happening above her. Instead she just watched Cajun and Kova’s interactions.
              <CwnAnnwn> He drew his attention to the male he had only met in passing once as Kova called him up. He listened as first the alpha fae asked him if it was still his wish to join their family and then listened to the brutes response. His gaze drifted for a moment to the others gathered before drawing back to the alpha fae and Cajun.
              * Leora like the crow flys or butterfly zips, she was suddenly within the clearing! The meeting had just begun and she was late. Drat! Embarassed she slunk down quickly and tried to make herself small like a mouse. She quickly scanned any wolves therein and there were a lot! She saw her sister and brother, tho! She squeekkked past others and hopefully drew near enough to sit beside both.
              * Cajun stood reagally and proud upon hearing the next words spoken by Kova to him Cajun gave a nod to the Alpha and replied back with a gleam in his eyes “I wm willing to do my best and upload and learn all that I can of the Pack here and the ways and I would be very proud and hapy to Call this my Home
              * Kova would turn to the other wolves for a brief moment then back towards Cajun. To his response she rose a paw up and gently tapped the stone. “As all lay witness to Cajun’s desire to join WolfSpirits, I would like to have the honor of naming you a pledge, Cajun.” her tail swung then stilled as she gave him indication he was welcome to re-seat back with the others.
              <Calder> he had been within the confines of the ancient forest the past few days, but throughout the day he’d found himself near the hidden falls. Exploring, perhaps? It wasn’t until the jarring but welcoming howl from Kova reached his ears. He would’ve risen from his place of rest and began off at a quickened pace to meet its caller.
              * Saskia yipped softly and stomped her paw in agreement. Cajun was a fine brute, and he deserved the pledge title he was given.
              * Cajun gave a short bow on his front legs and paws before standing as he was the brute stood with his paws agasint the earth and tail stileld but up just a bit on end a good stance of a Happy and proper as cajun watched back he felt a joy inside of him at that moment and not just for himself but also knowing in the fact that the pack was growing and he had been helping “the coal brute noded again to Kova hearing the words of Honor for him
              * Fianna would catch Rook’s glance, returning it briefly with a gentle sway of her tail before a rustle nearby alerted her to Saskia’s approach. She gave a nod and a brief touch of her nose to the fae in greeting as she turned to look ahead, hearing Cajun’s pledge her tail would wave in congratulations to him.
              * Sanek ‘s tail lightly tapped the ground as he wagged, happy for Cajun to have become Pledge. If the dark brute’s gaze met his, it would be met with a smile and a nod.
              * Rook Perhaps Leora would go unnoticed in the mix of a stamped paw to the earth for Cajun’s advancement to pledge. The journey for this male had begun some time ago, but sometimes one had to walk a bit to the trailhead.
              * Cajun glaced around a moment at the other wolves and smiled he smiled again and gave a nod back to Sanek as the coal brute gaze met his
              * Leora it would seem that she was just in time for the howl of congrats to Cajun! Oh yay, another wolf in the fold of the pack. She swooshed her tail behind her, giving a few yapp like tones to Cajun. She still had a lot to perfect like her howl and chuffs. As she would weave herway in and out, she would bump her shoulder into her brother first, than her sister.
              * Kova as the others would offer their congratulations, she would wait another moment longer before her hues would fall upon the wolves again. Seeing Saskia among the gathered her hues locked to her own in a welcoming invite, before following with a chuff to the fae. “Saskia, please come forward.”
              * Saskia beamed and wagged her tail, standing. She trotter to the front with an eager look on her maw. She dipped her head towards Kova and took a seat.
              * Cajun gave a smile to Saskia as he watched her step forward the brute wagged and resteated himself as he watched again and listned
              <Calder> Swiftly he’d move in between the tree’s and path near the hunting grounds as his large, dark frame broke through the shadows and into the open. He would lope with ease but strong purpose. He could hear the very faint chuffing calls of others who would seem to be celebrating something? Huffed beneath his breath as he’d feel bad for being late.
              * Cwn He stamped his paw against the ground for Cajun as he was named pack pledge. His attention shifted from the male to Saskia as she was called forth by Kova and approached the rock.
              * Kova allowed the fae ample time to reach the rock at what pace she’d give and when she was at the base, she gave a light dip of her head before offering forth a low but inviting tone. “Saskia. You have been an assessment with the pack for sometime and before then, a pledge. You have walked the various paths of what it means to be a wolf of your own and a wolf of a pack. This pack. Of ..
              <Kova> .. WolfSpirits. You’ve ventured with us and alongside. You’ve helped guard and protect and have grown into the ways of our creed. I would like to ask you now… do you still desire to call WolfSpirits your home?”

              * Saskia listened closely as the fae spoke. “I have, and I do, Kova.” She nodded. “I wish dearly this place be home, though I do consider it be already..” she chuckled, then regained a serious face.
              * Rook Ah, so there was the little sneak. A gentle shoulder nudge would pass along to Leora before he watched and listened to Kova and Saskia ask and answer a question that had been asked of many before. This was what lay on the other side of the trail–proper membership into the pack.
              * Kova the wind would whisper what her eyes could see and she might get a glimpse therein of those who arrived soon or late, but her focus remained upon Saskia. To her words of heart she would acknowledge with a dip of her head.She now looked to each wolf, to those of pack. “I would ask those of WolfSpirits, those of pack, who will vouche for Saskia’s advancement in addition to her mentor, Panther?” she’d allow her words to cast to Sanek, Fianna, and CwnAnnwn.
              <Calder> The hunting grounds would greet his paws quickly as he made his way through to the familiar pines and into the thicket of their lumbering guardianship. There he’d enter into the clearing but at a slow and quiet pace. Quickly did his eyes cast along those present before seeing Fianna. His tail betrayed a quick wave and he made his way over.
              * Fianna would listen to all that passed and when asked who might vouch for Saskia she rose easily and with surety as she lifted her gaze and her voice to Kova. “I will.vouch for her Alphess. I have seen on many occasions now how she has risen to the challenge of learning what it means to be pack. She puts her all into aiding and abiding by our rules. I will be proud to call her pack.”
              * Cajun gave a wruff sound then padeed the ground with one of his big front coal paws and wagged his tail
              * CwnAnnwn The silver male slowly stood and bowed to Kova before he spoke, “Despite the time I have spent away from the pack over the last while, I vouch for Saskia. From what I have seen from her, she has embodied the ethos that we of the WolfSpirits hold dear and fight to uphold.” He slowly settled upon his haunches as he finished.
              * Rook A firm stamp of the paw would accompany his sister’s words. He was not yet pack, and so would leave such an honor and task to those with the privilege.
              * Fianna would settle quietly back onto her haunches after speaking and nuzzled Calder briefly who had arrived while she spoke up. Her tail swayed, glad he was near.
              * Leora as the joyful tones of others welcome and greeting was made, the light fae would settled beside her kin. She looked out and saw Saskia approach the Alpha’s stone and stop. She perked her ears and listened intently. She was always intrigued by these meetings and what happened within. She watched her brother and sister and soaked up their reactions like a sponge.
              * Kova would turn her hues to Fianna, the first to rise and offer her voice. She gave a slow swing of her tail before it stilled allowing others to speak and offer their voucher for the fae’s advancement. Her gaze fell to CwnAnnwn next as he too offered his support and she gave a warm nod in his direction, to. Another moment more would pass as she gave a swing of her tail and stood now to all ..fours. “Those who will see you as family, have given their approval and I have heard equal temper from Panther, your mentor, and praise for what you’ve accomplished so far. As a Wolfspirit you will uphold our creed and join a family to always be family. This will be your home and forever be. Always be true to yourself and to your family. It is an honor, Saskia, to welcome you into our home and name you a Pack Member of WolfSpirits!” she would then rise her muzzle skyward and offer fourth a long and happy howl for the newest pack!
              <Calder> It seems he had come at a fine time. Turning his hues to Kova and the progression of the meeting, Saskia would be named a member. He swung his tail and offered his own voice and howl for the newest member of the pack.
              * Saskia listened to the bells of howls that were music to her audibles. She pinned her ears in excitement and shined excitedly. When the harmonizing was over she would dip her head. “Thank you, Kova.” She would then stand and nice the fae on her shoulder softly before trotting down the ramp of the rock and taking her seat beside Fianna once again.
              * Rook On these rare occasions the Song was beckoned and a new tone to the collective chorus that was Wolfspirits would be added, so it was with untroubled and unshackled coils that he too pointed his muzzle to the sky and helped beckon the Song forth with his tone; a congratulatory and reverent gesture for the newest of the Wolfspirits, Saskia.
              * Leora all the others would’ve started to howl for Saskia and it seemed now was the appropraite time to do so. As her brother and sister offered their congratulations, she would to. She lifted her muzzle and offered a very low and sweet melody. Her voice like the sunkissed sky.
              * Fianna would feel a happy chord thrum through her, tempered by the chords of loss but all making her stronger. She would rise her own muzzle and share her song with the others in gladness of the new pack member. When Saskia returned to her seat, Fianna would offer a glad wave of her tail and a brief nosing.
              * Cajun lifted his head and gave a Bark Howl along with the others as Saskia was Named and Inducted into the WolfSporits Family the brute wagged his tail and gave her a smile and a nod
              * Cwn Upon Kova naming Saskia as the newest pack member and gave her voice for the fae, he would tilt his muzzle skywards and let his voice sing out in congratulations for the fae on her advancement. As his song faded, he lowered his head to bring his attention back to the alpha fae, awaiting the next order of business.
              * Kova as the howls of celebration would be heard far and wide, a beautiful melody of songs to those beyond their borders, she would nose Saskia back and allow her to take her place. Once more did her eyes cast across the other wolves present. She would ask the same to those who have been named an Assessment as much time had passed for the two she now saw. First her hues fell towards Calder and to ..
              <Kova> .. him, she would chuff and ask him to approach.
              * Cajun twitched then perked his ears lifted slightkly and forward again as he listned and watched as the other dark male Calder approached the rock
              <Calder> He would allow his voice to be added and it was there he saw the gaze from Kova to his own. Her chuff was clear and he’d slowly rise and approach. Ears back and tail lowered in respect. he dipped his head ~ Alpha Kova..~
              * Fianna would perk as Calder moved forth next, and she wondered at what her mate’s choice would be, guessing what was to follow, and she would sit carefully still, ears perked.
              * Kova as she allowed her voice to cast to Calder and welcomed him to the stone, she dipped her head when he approached and stood just below. She let loose a gentle breath as her words would follow. “Calder, you have been amongst the pack for sometime. Moons beyond others as well. Last your paws had been here before, Atraya had asked of you the same I now ask you in turn….” her hues fell ..
              <Kova> .. across his own frame “Is the path of WolfSpirits still the path you desire to continue forward with and to become pack?”
              * Sanek watched Saskia walk to the stone and realized her mentor and his friend Panther wasn’t here. Maybe he was guarding some new kill? When Kova asked those gathered for wolves that would vouch for Saskia he thought of all the good things he could say about the fae but it looked like he had thought too long because the alphess announced that
              * Sanek Saskia was now member of Wolfspirits before he could share his thoughts. Oh well. He celebrated along with the others then fell silent when Calder was called forth.
              <Calder> His eyes fell to Kova and when the question was asked of him, he would give a moment of pause. Not to stutter that this was home, for he felt it well enough, there was perhaps one last pull. One last string to temper loose. He gave another moment before looking up to Kova with careful, but meaningful eyes. ~ This pack is like no other I have found or had been lucky to be in the fold of. My eyes are sincere and my heart is true, when I say that this pack has tempered me into a wolf I never thought could exist. ~ he’d allow another moment before offering ~ My heart is molding and forming with those here, and I would request that a little more time be afforded to me, to allow me to temper out one loose thread in my own story, before I fulfill my oath here and to this pack. I would desire to be my all, as my heart and family are here..~ he’d cast his eyes behind him quickly to look at Fianna at his heartend words, before turning back to Kova. ~ I ask only a little more time, My alphess and forgiveness for taking it so long to be forged. Time I will repay by my presence and dedication to this home, and to prove myself worthy. ~
              Fianna would watch Calder with a swell to her heart. He was every bit her family, her Kin, her heart, and one day he would fully be pack as well. That was a day she looked forward to, yet she understood that he his past, frought with darkened things as it was, perhaps still tugged at him. He would be ready when he was ready. Fianna kept her hues encouraging when he looked back and a subtle sway of her tail would be a distant
              <`Raven> endearment.
              * Kova her hues fell across Calder and listened to his words of a heart well resolute. It was pure and felt. She gave a gentle nod to him and a lightness in her eyes still showed. “Standing by your own heart and convictions, the right pack and home will be your life. Look forward to the bright destination of your path and know that whatever time you need, will be given. I appreciate the honesty, ..
              <Kova> .. Calder, and take what you will and know that we are here to help if needed.” another dip of her head was given to allow him another words or few to share before returning back to the others.
              * Leora her tail would swing behind her quickly as she looked at both Fianna then Rook. She now fell to Calder and Kova and the words exchanged. She gave a gentle wave of her tail again but stilled it. She didn’t rightfully understand why? What would hold a wolf from family? So many questions burned in her eyes, but heeding her brothers advice, she would stave them for the appropriate time.
              <Calder> He would bow his head in respect to Kova and then turn and bow to those present. ~ I appreciate your understanding and I will not let the pack down.~ he turned and bowed his head to Kova before he’d slowly dismiss himself and settle back down beside Fianna. He leaned in and gave her a knowing look and nuzzle before looking onwards.
              * Saskia watched Calder with understanding as he spoke. She didn’t know what tugged at him, but she would respect it because it was Calder. She smiled towards the brute.
              * Cajun the charcoal brute gave a respectful nod back in return to Calder and Kova while they exchanged words of wisdom and knodledge the brute wished the other male well on whatever had been in store either from the past or the future
              * Kova gave another nod to Calder’s words and when he would return himself back to the others, she would shift her paws slowly and cast her hues to her sister, Fianna. To her she would chuff “Fianna, please come forward”
              *CwnAnnwn He tilted his head slightly as he listened to Calder’s response to Kova. He can’t remember seeing one request more time before advancing during a meeting, but he held much respect for the male in knowing and admitting that the time was not quite right for him at this moment. Only a wolf themselves could if it was truly the right moment or not. He perked as Fianna was then called forward.
              * Rook The goober had finally been called to serve as a kin of the Wolfspirits, and he was happy to view the occasion. It was only then that he listened to wisdom and temperament. There was a pang of sorrow for not having a purely happy ending, but happiness could be found in a much deeper manner.
              * Fianna had time to nose Calder before her own name was called and she tilted her head once, moving forward even as her mind caught up and she stood before the rock. Much was on her heart, but the surety she had found was a current running strong within her. She waited quietly.
              * Sanek listed his head to the side upon hearing Calder say he needed more time, but supported his decision because only the brute could truly know which route was best along his path to becoming pack. He then shifted his gaze back up to the Alphess when she asked Fianna to come forward.
              * Kova her tail swung slowly behind her before stilling. When she approached at the base of the rock, she would address her with gentle tones. “Fianna, you had been in a position when our fold was a little less, but not lack in strength. You had taken time for yourself and for your family which meant time away from your previous role. We are growing in strength and number, and I would like to ..
              <Kova> .. ask if you are ready once more to take the mantle of a role? The role of Guardian of WolfSpirits?” she’d await her response with eager eyes.

              Fianna would let the question rest upon her for a moment, her mind wandering to all those wiyuin the fold of Wolfspirits. Those who would be, and already were her burden and joy to protect and keep watch over. She had never truly let the mantle fall, even if she had set it down in name as she trekked to find answers. To guard was part of her truth. It was who she was. Lifting her gaze she met Kova’s hues and gave a firm nod, her eyes speaking more words that her voice did as she answered, “I am ready. I am willing. I hold this pack – all of those in it – close to my heart, and I will continue to do as I have always done, learn and grow as I seek to keep those I care for safe and secure.” She had not kept all safe. But sigh was the nature of loss and it could not always be denied.
              * Kova would feel the strength remaining beneath her paws and the words offered by Fianna, giving more to that feeling. “As Guardian of WolfSpirits, you will be the protector closer to home and train those who might seek out such a path for themselves. You will be a mentor and guide as well. You will be the sheild to those of Wolfspirits not of just pack, but of those who would call WolfSpirits ..
              <Kova> .. home and visit as well. By your words and pledge to this home not just as a pack member, but Guardian, I would like to have the honor of restoring your role here as WolfSpirits Guardian.” she would stand firmly but confident in thought to Fianna’s reactions and her returned words before she gave a quick stomp of her paw and a quick howl in congratulations to Fianna’s returned ..
              <Kova> .. rank.
              * Leora something exciting was happening to her sister and she could feel it. Her paws would dance as she stood up when Kova stomped her paw and howled. Her sister was named a Guardian. She didn’t really know what it meant to be a scout or guardian, something she’d not explored just yet. To the howl for her sister, she would howl in return!
              * Cajun perked his coal ears a moment then drifted them gently back the brute gave a soft wruff howl sound and a little greater glad for Fias Rank and return cajun also Pawpadded the ground with one of his front cfoal paws afterwards and gave w wag brush of his tail
              <Calder> To the renaming place of Fianna’s role in the pack was given, he would feel his heart well with pride. The moment Kova had announced her place in the pack once more, he would offer his own howl! Truly deserved, he thought, and glad to see her at the mantle of that place in the pack.
              * Rook His attention would shift to his sister and the offer of her old role. What better place for such a role than his sister for the guardians to find a hold and growth. He would firmly stamp his paw against the ground in congratulations to his sister.
              * CwnAnnwn He listened to Fianna’s words as she accepted her return to pack guardian. When Kova named her as such, he would stamp his paw in congratulations to the fae.
              * Leora her tail waved quickly behind her as she saw her sister approach. She would lick at her muzzle quickly before she seated herself again, trying to contain her excitement. Her eyes fell to her dear friend, Sanek. OH! Sanek! She swooshed her tail quickly and watched with eager eyes. What was going to happen?
              * Fianna would stand and linger for a moment as she felt the weight of the honor settle once more on her shoulders and she would shift her paws as if it were a tangible thing. All the while a strain of song rang through her mind, giving silent utterance to what it meant to truly guard. Her heart thrummed with the beat of those around her and she bowed her head. “Thank you.” Her voice was soft and perhaps lost in the beat and song as she turned to make her way back to settle by the other’s, happiness and solemnity equal in her bearing.
              * Kova gave a soft and knowing expression to Fianna. Pride for her and the role she was to hold a mantle she knew with all confidence she’d uphold and grow. Her tail swung behind her and allowed her returning back to her place of rest. Long did her gaze return now to the rest and she fell upon Sanek. To him, she chuffed. “Sanek, please come forward”
              * Saskia smiled for Fianna. Guardian! Her tail thumped on the ground. Perhaps in the future, Fianna could be a guide for her. She wanted to be a Guardian one day. She nosed Fianna on the scruff, “Congratulations, Fianna.” She beamed, but spoke quietly.
              <Calder> when Fianna returned back to her original place of seat, he would smile and lean in nuzzling her quickly whispering ~ Well deserved, Fi ~ he thrummed his tail quickly as well before turning now to Sanek and Kova. His eyes following the male curiously.
              * Cajun watched with curious blue grey hues as Sanek made his way forward the coal male shifted his front paws a little and settled again
              * Sanek his tail didn’t still throughout the meeting so far, because there were so many exciting promotions to celebrate! His ears perked out of curiosity when the Alphess spoke his name. He stood and went up to the Alpha Rock, his head lowered respectfully to Kova and all those that had once stood atop the stone in the past.
              * Kova when he approached she gave a gentle expression but it would return to one of more seriousness as before. “Sanek, you have held the role of Scout in training for sometime. As scout, you will be guarding our borders and teaching those who wish to find paths of interest as well. I would like to ask you now, do you desire to continue on the path of a Scout of WolfSpirits?” eyes light but searching.
              * Fianna would glance Saskia’s way as the fae spoke softly and she’d dip her head in acknowledgement and thanks, leaning to nose her briefly though keeping one eye on the proceedings. Her mate would speak too and she leaned into him, drawing peace from is presence and scent. To her, it was less that she deserved it, and more of a match for a heart that could do nothing else with the same fire. Turning to watch Sanek her tail began to sway, excited for the male, for she had seen much of his journey and was curious if he had found the path to his liking.
              * Sanek his head would remain lowered as he listened to Kova, and took in a deep breath to keep himself calm and steady before replying simply, “Aye” . He cast a quick glance to the others. “I wish to take this path, to help protect the wolves of Wolfspirits from harm”  he added.
              * Kova her tail swung once then stilled. “As those of WolfSpirits hear witness to Sane’s pledge to the role of a Scout to the pack, I would like to have the honor of naming you Scout of WolfSpirits, Sanek. Go true and far. Venture with heart and pride and return to us your findings and skill.” she would grin and bow her head before stomping her paw and giving a howl for Saskia’s advancement.
              * Leora the reason for Sanek’s approach to the stone would give way to the announcement and Sanek’s agreement to see their home even more safe. She would yap and leap again to her paws, howling a sweet quick melody for her dear friend, Sanek! She’ll have to make it a point to go scout with him, to! To learn like a guardian, like her sister, to. So much to explore. So much to endure in the life she was growing into.
              * Cajun gave a Bark wruff sound and then padded one of his coal front paws at Saneks choice and smiled
              <Calder> He would smile to Fianna before returning his eyes to Sanek and Kova. When another role was named for another wolf of the pack, he would smile. Sanek was a wolf who held a great deal of skill, he thought, at least all time he had ventured along those paths and journey north. He gave a gentle chuff/howl for him as well before surrending his song to the others of the pack.
              * Rook A still quiet watch of the proceedings continued while he observed the advancement of Sanek to Scout. He hoped for a reinvigoration of the roles his sister and Sanek took up, for he knew them to have been chiefly vacant. Perhaps these two would serve to give greater purpose to the ranks? He would let the question linger in thought as he stamped his paw once more to the ground.
              * CwnAnnwn Perked as Sanek was offered the advancement from scout in training to scout, a role that held meaning for him as it was the role his father held within the pack prior to being given beta in training. He did not know what path lay before him when the time was right, part of him wished to follow his father’s paw steps, but the other part wished to forge his own path. Once Sanek was named as pack scout, he would stamp his paw against the ground for the male.
              * Cajun had gotten to know sanek some and journeyed with the other male up around the Solace lake when they first showed it and that region to the coal male Cajun also had the fortune of agame of chase that time and it was anice time of learning and bit of fsamily bonding as well the brute gave some wags of his tail then
              * Fianna would stamp her paw and give a chuffing bark for Sanek as he fully stepped into the role for which he had been training. She would settle into Calder and listen for what might come next.
              * Cajun was happy for the other male for he found a path that was a great choice and one of his desire to fully follow
              * Sanek finally lifted his head back up when the pack celebrated, his tail swinging behind him rapidly. As he went back to his spot and seated himself he thought of all the adventure his new role would bring.
              * Kova as the calls and howls of congratulations for Sanek would soar and weave into one and the other, she would smile and dip her head happily to their scout. Her tail swung quickly behind her then stilled. Again her eyes cast along the wolves present and when Sanek returned back to his own position, she would chuff to Rook, calling him forward. “Rook, will you please come forward” eyes soft and welcoming.
              * Saskia lifted her head, joining in song.
              * Rook Observance of others’ stories turned to thoughts, hurried along on quickened pulse, of his own. He often wondered and wandered in equal parts, so the journey from his position next to Leora, Fianna, and somewhat distantly Saskia was a welcomed jaunt before he would greet the unknown. A light nose to Leora’s crown was given, and then the few short padfalls were taken to where he could stand before the Alpha’s rock.
              * Kova when he approached the stone she would dip her head and gave a betraying swing of her tail before it stilled. “I call you before the stone to ask of you the same of a path. As an Assessment of WolfSpirits, you seek not only your path, but learn the ways and creed of the pack. To begin to thread your own story with that of WolfSpirits and to call it home.” she’d offer a light pause to ..
              <Kova> .. her tones before she continued. “I would ask you, are you ready to move forward as a member of WolfSpirits?”
              * Leora she would have risen up and trotted the quickened pace to give Sanek a happy nuzzle/lick to his muzzle, happy for her dear friend before turning and moving back to sit beside Fianna and Rook. When her brother was called, she would look with eager eyes at him. To the nose to her crown, she gave him a quick and affectionate lick to his cheek before watching him approach.
              <Calder> He would lean into Fianna lightly and look to those gathered as they celebrated the pack’s newest Scout. A fine choice, he thought to. He’d have to learn both roles in his own mind. Not much was the way of roles in his own older life. When Rook was asked to move forward, he would fall to him with curious but respectful eyes.
              * Fianna would perk as her brother was called forth, and the question posed to him would be asked from her own heart as well. Would he choose as Calder did? Or would he step fully into the pack, blood of Wolfspirits well and true, running deep as the veins of stone would that held up a mountain? Fianna nosed Leora lightly, her anticipation evident as she waited.
              * Rook So a similar question was to be asked of him this close to a threshold he had walked away from before. The natural reaction was to fall into the nebulous cloud of introspection and to wander within the mists of memory laden terrain; there he would see the faces and hear the voices of those who shared his blood and those whose entwined tale in his deservedly ran thicker than the ichor of life. He looked to the stone and thought upon
              <`Raven> the brief moments in life that he saw his mother and father atop it and took a mental step back from such an open precipice. With the faces of his kin fresh in his thought, he spoke his father’s words. ”There comes a time when who we were no longer defines who we are; to live in what has been is to become what has been–a living memorial to nothing new and a memory of only what was…Let this then be what it ought to be. You ask a truth for a truth, and I shall speak one; Yes, I seek what truth unfurls when the son of the Mean Oíche find purchase in deep roots.”
              * Cajun sat up regal again as he listned and watched while rook spoke and was called forward cajun always admired thier wisdom and tales
              * Saskia tilted her head, the riddles of the wise but not old wolf confused her. She would wait for Kova to translate.
              * Kova it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time and forging ones path. She knew well the choices and decisions made would mean. Her eyes would perhaps betray more of the inner light and joy fostered to him alone to his words, and to them, she would dip her head and swing her tail once then stilled it. As the long day wanes behind the tall Rogahs, and the moon begins to rise, it ..
              <Kova> .. would fill them with a veil of coolness and satiate the mood. “As those who had heard Rook’s response, I would ask now those of WolfSpirits, those of pack, who will vouche for Rook?” her gaze now cast to each wolf present — asking of them the same she had for Saskia.
              * Leora her tail quickly swung behind her to her brothers words. A piece and note she’d not heard before. Unknowing it belonged to their father, she would look with awe as she had with Fianna when she was up at the rock. This rock had a lot of meaning. Deeper roots that nshe knew of yet.
              Fianna would feel her heart swell with gladness as if of welcoming her brother home truly for the first time in years. He wanted deep roots. Fianna nuzzled Calder, hoping one day his time too would come when he would find that desire within himself, but respecting his heart for what it was now. How could she not rise for her brother as she had for Rook? Many stories lay between them and yet she rose with a voice made almost gruff as the nickname she bore, with her feeling for the words she spoke. “I vouch for him. Not for the blood we bear, or the song and story we share but for the purpose I’ve seen within him. It is true, and always will be, to see the strength and flame of the Wolfspirits rise and never die.” She settle back again.
              * Sanek smiled when Leora came over and returned the nuzzle she gave him. He hadn’t conversed with Leora in a while and there had been many things that happened in that time, so perhaps he would later spend some time with the fae. His gaze shifted then to Rook who stood at the base of the Alpha Rock, about to be promoted to full pack.
              * Saskia smiled and nosed the air. “I have known Rook as I have known everyone here. I will vouche for him, of course.” She dipped her head.
              * CwnAnnwn He listened as Rook responded to Kova’s question of whether he wished to continue the path from assessment to pack member, nodding slightly as he did. When Kova asked for those who wished to to vouch for him, he stood and once more bowed his head to the fae. “Not only by blood does he hold within, the spirit of a WolfSpirits wolf passed on by his parents, but he himself of his own nature embodies that which makes us WolfSpirits. As such, I vouch for Rook.” He would settle back upon his haunches.
              * Rook He knew his mentor had not returned from her own adventure and knew that he was set at a disadvantage, but his sister and Cwn spoke full and kindly not of him but of the purpose he embodied. He would listen to Saskia’s words as well and dip his nose in quiet recognition and thanks to those shared sentiments. “A truth for a truth.”
              * Kova it was as if the metaporhical flipping through a book in her mind, she could feel the pen touch the paper and begin to write the lore of history and emotions within. The words shared of those who would vouche for Rook’s advancement, she would look to Fianna first. To her words of heart and strength, she smiled then turned to Saskia and CwnAnnwn and gave a firm, respectful nod. Her hues fell ..
              <Kova> .. to Sanek for a brief moment before looking back to Rook. “As a wolf of WolfSpirits, you will become part of our weaving and growing roots and branches. A new star amongst the canvas of a night sky for those who’ve come before us and walk alongside us now. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to this path and journey in finding your roots and your own path among us, Rook. It is an ..
              <Kova> .. honor that I now name you Rook, Pack Member of WolfSpirits.” she smiled warmly to him – her hues like the autumn color of gold. “Welcome home, Rook.” she would rise a paw and stomp the stone before offering forth her own howl. Her song would reach a high, long, and gentle was her tune that would express the happy tone within.
              * Leora the words of the others who would vouche for her brother would fill her heart happily. She swung her tail quickly and when Kova would name her brother a member, she would howl loud and proud like the sun itself casting it’s light across the entire world, even breaking into the shadows and shade!
              * Fianna would loose her own howl to join with the others in hope, her heart still mingled with solemnity but joy now winning out.
              <Calder> When another WolfSpirit was named he would feel his heart beginning to feel the pull of a full pour. Happiness not felt in many places. When the howls of joy would be sung, he would sing along with them and for Rook.
              * CwnAnnwn He stamped a paw upon the ground as Rook was named pack member and tilted his head back to let out a howl of congratulations for the male. As his song faded, he lowered his muzzle to turn his gaze back to the alpha rock, wondering if there was more to come.
              * Cajun stood and lifted his coal muzzle giving another wruff bark howl to add to the others chorus once more before settling again the brute wagged his tail and then stilled it and gave a respectful nod back to Rook cajun was glad to see his new and family growing it made him feel both heart and strenght inside
              * Rook Renewed as in the day he was named, he stamped his paw to the earth and reveled in the moment. Only after the howls quieted would he dip his nose to Kova and move quietly to sit with his sisters.
              * Kova her gaze would fall to Rook and a soft expression would crease along her muzzle and she’d give a gentle dip of her head and nose in turn. When he would return back to sit with his sisters, she would then turn to the others. “That concludes tonights meeting, and I would open it now to any who desire to share in a story or two?”
              * Cajun crouched and stresatched his paws then sat back down taking in a breath letting it slowly back out as the coal brute took in everything and relaxed this was quite a night and he was glad for it and everyone
              * Leora would nearly leap outta her fur for her brother! When he would approach them again, she would whine and unable to contain herself, she would quickly bound up to him, whinning and licking up at his cheek and chin. Happy and proud for him. No words for now would do justice to how she felt.
              * Saskia grinned and wagged her tail. She was happy for all, and proud of herself. She was finally home. She stood and let out a wolven noise, “I have a story!”
              * Cajun though had to now devuldge for a moment to his humor side and the brute got up and made some quick short run corcles about his imediate area he did make way over to where sanek was at and gave a happy Ruff gruff sound just as he passed looking over his shoulder a moment back at him and wagging
              * Kova when Saskia offered a bit of lore, she’d not deny the fae. She smiled with admiration and knowing from their previous conversation she was eager to hear what she’d share. “Please, Saskia.” she grinned and looked across the others then back to her.
              * Fianna would nose Rook in congratulations as he settled between them, and when the meeting was concluded, she would stay a moment longer, but feel the pull of the shadows, and the call of the grave within the forest to rest and visit. “Welcome home Rook.” She offered softly, then nuzzled her mate and Leora as well before rising and stretching. “I’ll be off for a while I think.” She whispered. Hopefully she would catch a story from Saskia another day. With that she would pad toward the north again and the deep woods where her son rested.
              * Saskia smiled and sat near the others. “Yes, yes a story!” She giggled. “Did you know that fish.. didn’t always stink?” She asked them, looking between each and all. “My mama told me longgg ago, that whenever the fleshy creatures roamed the North they would try and tame the wolves!” She emphasized the word ‘tame’. “They had these creatures that looked about like us, Dogs; I believe they were called
              * Saskia Dogs. And while these dogs were useful, they could not hunt nearly as well as Wolves. So they took pups from their homes and tamed them, sending them out to catch fish from the streams. One day, the fish said “Enough!”. They became so smelly, that the wolves did not want to hunt them anymore, and then in turn the humans begun to starve. They didn’t know how to hunt, or fish efficiently, so they left.” She
              * Saskia started thinking of the human trinkets and collapsed buildings of the North. Now mind you, this story was far from true and was quite wrong in every single way; but her mother told it to her an she would sing it from her lungs. She smiled like she had just told the best story of all time and looked between the others to see what they thought.



              Pack Meeting #206

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              Meeting Notes

              March 3rd, 2022

              • Saskia advances to Pledge
              • Sanek becomes Scout In Training
              Number Of Wolves Present


                Sasika Code Lotus Navariin




                Pack Meeting Begins

                * Kova as she waited for the wolves to gather just below the stone, she would shift her hues to each wolf who presented themselves and heeded the call. Her tail swung a few times behind her before she dipped her head and called to each. “Salutations, wolves of WolfSpirits.” her tones light and thoughtful. Feeling the stone beneath her pads, she would shift her weight before turning to look at ..
                <Kova> .. the wolves present then, saw the prospects to whom she tasked a few things. It would be to each wolf she called forward. “Code and Saskia, please come forward.”
                <Huginn> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 Short work of the distance between he and the stone had been made in the intervening moments, short enough at least to have been near enough to find a decent spot when the howl ventured forth. He would definitely be in time to see and hear two faes be called forward.
                * Sanek perked. A howl? A meeting? So it was today! His forepaws pushed back so that he was now sitting and looking up at the Alphess, with his ears pulled back respectfully. One ear turned at Panther’s chuff, then his head. He did a quiet chuff hoping Panther would hear. Then he would fall silent and turn back as Code and Saskia were called
                * Sanek forward.
                * Loumacy ears perked at the howl. Another one? Hadn’t they just had one? She looked about curiously but moved into the clearing. Perhaps she would see Calder and would bow her head politely, but keep her distance from him wanting to be respectful of the season. So far she was doing alright, though as she thought of the time her mind did wonder over to a particular brute who did not appear
                * Loumacy to be in the clearing. Lou shook her head and nosed Coneward. When Fianna appeared she thought perhaps it would be nice to sit with her mentor, and so she would approach the femme with a soft tail wag and a quiet chuff before her gaze would move to Code and then Saskia, she wagged her tail.
                * Lotus felt the dread in her heart drop to the bottom of her stomach. Her name wasn’t called. She hadn’t worked hard enough.. though she felt devastated inside, she managed to keep her calm and watch her friend walk up to the Rock with Code. She wagged her tail lightly. At least Saskia would become a pledge.
                * Saskia would hear her and Code’s name being called and would wag her tail but was cut short by an immediate jump to her feet, making her way up to the Alphess, too excited to notice Panther’s chuff.
                * Code slunk out of the treeline panting and into the clearing just in time as Kova started speaking, muttering an apology for being late before slipping beside Saskia and sitting down, her tail resting in front of her paws. She breathed a sigh of relief, trying to be discreet and not gather too much attention. She pricked her ears and looked up
                * Code at the alpha fae on the really big rock. As Kova said her and Saskia’s names, she widened her eyes. She wondered what this was for. Nonetheless, she kept a smile on her face and stepped forward with her friend, eyes still on the alpha as she wagged her tail.
                * Kova when the pair approached she would keep her eyes out for Lotus, but returned her hues then to the two fae’s for now as she’d start the meeting. She would dipped her head when they reached within distance of the stone and began “Saskia you where tasked in finding someone to mentor you before this meeting was called. I would like to ask you now, who were your mentors and what did you learn?”
                * Saskia would dip her head respectfully at Kova. “I sought out the great hunter, Panther. And in my ignorance, he taught me things I needed to know, but most importantly, he taught me respect. Respect for all the wolves that walk on this land. He also mentored me in the way to not be so headstrong. I have made amends with Rook, whom I was wrong to at the last meeting, as well as you, Alpha.” She lowered her head and
                * Saskia wagged her tail.
                <Huginn> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn He turned his gaze back to the gathering as Code and Saskia were called up to the Alpha rock. He listened as Kova spoke to the pair, eyes glancing to the other fae a moment, wondering if she was going to be given a chance before turning back to the Alpha rock and the three faes.
                * Sanek worried that Kova had said something about speaking to him before the meeting. They hadn’t done that, but he hoped it would still work as part of the meeting. He was hiding this worry though, behind a genuine curiousity of what the two faes learned.
                * Panther He nodded as he gazed at Saskia, he smiled softly. He was still debating vouching for her, he was a member, but her mentor. He would be biased. He came and sat beside Sanek, nosing the brute. His gaze found his apprentice as she spoke his name. His gaze wandered among the other wolves, wondering where the newcomer was. He watched the wolf in front of the crowd of wolves. Was Saskia going to become a pledge today? Had he trained her enough? He continued to watch, listening rather intently.
                * Rook listened quietly and curiously to Saskia’s response, and if needed would vouch for the fae’s reaching out and to the amends made. He wondered why the other fae present therein had not, but life and its threads were made some fairly busy. Focus was given back to the fae and to Kova for her own response.
                * Kova would dip her head to the fae as she would reveal whom she sought. All the choices would be well suited and, she was glad she did. “We all have our personalities and ways in which we’ve grown into. That, I cannot fault a wolf to far for but it is the humbleness of being able to learn and to grow, and to flourish in yourself and as well, to the path that you desire to have moving forward.” admiration for the fae seemed to twinkle in her eye. Much to learn still, but the fae showed a great willingness to continue forward. “The next step, Saskia is pledge of WolfSpirits. I would ask you now, are you still willing to continue to grow, and to learn the ways of this pack? To a pack you desire to call home and family?”
                * Loumacy settled beside Fianna, letting her be the one between her and Calder. Her tail batted lighly back and forth and occasionally she would go to nose or seemingly nip at the confetti. She really wanted to hear what Kova was about to tell her two friends. In her excitement she nosed and nuzzled Fia before looking back to her friends, forelegs giving the snow a bit of a pit pat as she
                * Loumacy licked her maw and whined excitedly. Her ears began to go up and then flat, up, flat, up, flat, up, flat. She was charging up like an over exciteable electric rat monster.
                * Saskia would watch as Kova seemed to have a twinkle in her eyes. This made her melt. The Alphess had taken a liking to her.. oh she was so happy. “Yes, Kova. I dearly wish to still find a home in this land, with these wonderful wolves!” She turned to look out to them, she hoped she was also allowed to speak out to them as well, if not she would be corrected after the meeting by someone. “And I wish to let all the
                * Saskia wolves that sit in this clearing know, that I will provide loyalty and respect, compassion and service to all of you for as long as I reside here. Thank you all for being so welcoming and teaching me your ways..” she looked back at Kova, whispering “Thank you” as well to the Alphess. She then hushed her maw and waiting for her response.
                <Calder> He would watch Loumacy as the fae approached. He dipped his head to her before offering a kind welcome, then his eyes fell to Saskia and then to Kova. Listening intently to the shared words.
                * Kova her tail still and the wind ruffled the smallest amount of fur fluff that it would. She was rigid, thoughtful and would give a kind but pensive expression. To her whisper, she would give a slight smile and a very short but curt nod in acknowledgment. “I would call to the members of WolfSpirits and to our Assessments. Who will vouch for Saskia’s pledgeship?”
                * Fianna, while watching the goings on, began to feel her fur prickle some with how near Loumacy was to Calder, and it was a good thing the fae hadn’t tried to squirrel her way between them. Scooching a mite closer she nuzzle Calder and licked his cheek fur, then turned to study Lou’s ears for a moment, the back and forth being quite distracting. Still she couldn’t fault the fae for being excited and so she lifted one paw and set it down firmly but gently on top of one of Lou’s hoping to ground the fae a bit and help her settle. When Kova asked who would vouch for Saskia, Fianna glanced about. She had only just barely met the fae and hadn’t had anymore opportunities to speak with her. Who had the fae been able to spend time with?
                * Salem followed along the stream going a little further North but ultimately West. Once he reached a point where the frozen water branched off in two separate directions, he followed the one where he didn’t have to cross either one and now his path would continue further South until the stream continued into the forest and he adopted following the forest edge for a number of paces before swinging a hard right as he walked in between the trees that separated the Hunting Grounds and the Clearing.
                * Loumacy burst like that bawoon she popped the other day, “ME! I will! Ooo! Ooo! Pledge- I mean Assesment of Wolfspirits, Loumacy vouch for Saskia buddy, pal, FRIEND!” Her paws went a tippy tappy and she whined, and she nosed Fianna, and oh this was so exciting! Tippy tappy! Tippy tappy! “She brings happiness and great interest in the pack, and takes to hear valuable lessons like pack together, I can attest!” Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!
                * Rook would wait his turn to speak for the fae, seeing as his place was nearer the proverbial back than the front. No amount of rigid decorum would keep Lou from vouching first though, and that would elicit a chuckle from him before he decided to go in turn. ”Rook, son of the Mean Oíche, vouches for Saskia. She speaks true and amends have been made.”
                * Kova would hear Loumacy’s excited tones first and gave an inward chuckle as well, nodding to her and then to Rook as he spoke for the fae, as well. She would rise her paw up, and gently tap it to the stone before giving a stern but thoughtful tone to her voice. “As those lay claim to Saskia’s pledge, so do I lay ground for it to be proven. Moving forward and here on out, Saskia you may ..
                <Kova> .. introduce yourself as a pledge of WolfSpirits. Welcome to the first few steps of many. ” she said with a smile and dip of her head.
                * Sanek hadn’t been around Saskia enough to truly know the fae, so although he wanted to vouche for her, he wouldn’t know what he was vouching for so he stayed quiet and listened to the others. His tail waved happily when Kova approved that Saskia become a pledge.
                <Calder> Upon the newly named Pledge he would smile and dip his head and place a paw on the earth in announcement of her presence now to them all. He would let loose a wave of his tail, feeling Fianna’s nuzzle and nuzzle her in turn. Perhaps oblivous to the tension set forth for now?
                *Panther He would be biased, he kept telling himself that, but as he told himself that he heard Loumacy’s loud vocals. He looked over his shoulder at her, remaining where he was seated beside Sanek. He grumbled softly, and almost told her; ‘You don’t have to yell, Kova isn’t deaf.’ but alas, he actually kept his maw shut. His gaze darted towards Rook as he vouched for the fae, he smiled softly. His hues gleamed with respect, and the glint in his hues remained when he gazed up towards Kova. Saskia was a pledge now! His tail betrayed a subtle happy wag. He figured his apprentice-at-the-time would say something about why he didn’t vouch for her after the meeting. His ears perked, and he continued to listen.
                * Saskia would look to the two wolves that vouched for her and they wouldn’t be forgotten and of course she would thank them afterwards. She looked up at Kova who would set her paw down and announce her as pledge. She smiled and chuckled, with a man outrageous tail wag. “Thank you, Alpha Kova! I will not disappoint you.” She spoke in serious tone despite her bodily form. “Am I to leave the rock now?” She asked,
                * Saskia head dipped respectfully.
                * Lotus wagged her tail in excitement. Her friend was a pledge!
                * Kova as the celebratory feel would wash over them, she would smile and dip her head to Saskia allowing her to return to her place of desired seat within the rest she would then turn her hues to Sanek. She gave a soft expression and a chuff in his direction, calling him forward. “Sanek, please come forward.”
                *CwnAnnwn Stamped a paw in the snow as Saskia was named the newest pledge of the WolfSpirits pack. He looked to Sanek was the male was called up next.
                * Lotus she stomped her paw, assuming that was the thing to do..
                * Code grinned and wagged her tail as Saskia was named pledge. As she listened, she remembered she too had to apologise to the brute she didn’t know the name of from the previous meeting, though any memories of the hostility had been long forgotten. She prided herself in never holding grudges, and honestly, any memory of that brief disagreement
                * Code had been lost to the sands of time from her point of view. She shrugged, looking over to the wolf who she may or may not know as Rook yet and gave an apologetic smile, though whether he noticed would be up to chance.
                * Saskia would pad down the steps, perhaps offering a smile and a chuff Sanek’s way as he took her spot. She would look to who to sit by. She saw Loumacy all excited and wound up, she smiled and chuckled, heading her way, but not before looking towards Rook’s direction and eyeing him a soft look of thanks, and dipping her head down his way respectfully. As she got to Loumacy, she wouldn’t say anything but give a nose
                * Saskia to her cheek and snuggle up close to her taking a seat, wondering what Sanek would be called for.
                * Sanek his tail stopped wagging for a moment and his ears pulled back even more when Kova called him up. He stood and did a quick few trots to stand in front of the Alpha Rock, dipping his head to the Alphess in respect.
                * Lotus her eyes drew to the brown wolf she had almost tumbled over before the meeting. Roles were so exciting. Her sadness was not far from reach but at least it was out of sight for now. His nervous movements made Lotus a bit confused, she wagged her tail for him anyway.
                * Fianna however, unlike Panther, would be right next to Loumacy and though the excitement was nice, the boisterous loudness could perhaps be softened a touch and knowing she had been made the fae’s mentor, she would lean in close to the fae’s ear and whisper once she had finished speaking,”The words were good, but in a meeting, with wolves all gathered in close, measure your voice and people will listen more closely and more willingly to what you have to say.” She licked the fae’s cheek once, just to soften her words but her gaze held serious before she’d turn back to stamp a paw as Saskia took her first steps as pledge! When Sanek was called, Fianna sat back and would listen attentively.
                * Rook A firm stamp of his paw was given in congratulations to the fae, and when she dipped her head to him he would do likewise to her. Mutual respect and reciprocity were the fledgling ground upon which meaningful relationships flourished. He was happy for that opportunity. His amber hues would track the male that Kova called forward. Little story was known to Rook concerning Sanek, but that was because neither had crossed much path. He would have rectify that in the coming days, he thought.
                <Kova> “Sanek, you’ve been a member with us for sometime and throughout your dedication here you’ve shared a knowledge and as well, a desire to see your pack and family safe. It’s wellbeing looked after and tended.” she began allowing her words to flow like the gentle thrumming of the creek nearby. “I would like to ask you, Sanek, if you would help continue to keep the pack safe, and ensure our boundaries well marked and observed, and take up first scout in training?”
                * Lotus That must be a big deal, to be the first of something. It peaked her interest and she perked her ears to listen to the possible promotion.
                * Loumacy felt the tickle of Fianna’s words on her ear, though the tone held a bit of seriousness, that made Lou bow her head, and run her foreleg against the bridge of her maw giving a soft whine as her mentor reeled her back in. Her tail tucked her ears flattened, looking a bit anxious, but drinking in the wisdom all the same. “Sorry,” She whispered, staring at her paws. It didn’t take
                * Loumacy much to shift the femme’s mood from high to low and to somewhere inbetween, and Fianna would appear to have a knack for getting her to the acceptable level with the softest of reprimands and the sweetest of gestures. At the feeling of the lick on her cheek Loumacy relaxed and settled beside Fianna, leaning against her. When Saskia approached her tail thumped, but she would nose Fia, a sign
                * Loumacy that she heard, and that she would be quiet, though welcoming to her friend’s companionship. Saskia settled she would nose her, but say nothing, just grin.
                * Sanek was a bit surprised, he thought he’d been called up for something else. “A scout?” he realized he had spoken aloud. Oops. He considered the rank. He liked to sniff and explore. And searching for predators and marking the northern boundaries were both enjoyable. He finally nodded “I would. I will do anything to ensure the
                * Sanek pack is safe, and I feel I will do so best as a scout” he wondered who would train him.
                * Kova eyes careful and guaged his reaction. His language spoken and shared through his body. She kept her own frame rigid but light. Attention upon him souly. “As a scout in training, you will learn from not only myself, but from Fianna, and others who would help share that knowledge with you. Are you willing to move forward and to see to the saftey of our home beyond the clearing? Beyond these ..
                <Kova> .. borders and beyond even that?”
                * Salem wove through the forest, momentarily pausing as the scents of numerous others reached his nose. Placing his paws down quietly one after the other, he made his way through the forest until he made it to the edge of the Clearing where he was able to take in not only the scents of others but around the distant sight of shapes around the Alpha Rock and though the soft crunch of snow
                * Salem would betray his late arrival, he tried to keep them quiet enough to not draw too much attention to himself and also listen in to what was being discussed.
                *CwnAnnwn He perked up and listened as Kova spoke to Sanek of becoming a scout in training, he remembered his father once was a scout for the pack and shared much of his knowledge with him, it was a position he felt he might end up in at some point. He was happy to see that the scout ranks were going to start filling again.
                * Saskia would wag her tail at Sanek’s new rank in the pack. Wow! A scout in training.. that sounded important. She smiled at Loumacy’s nose as well.
                * Sanek he would look into Kova’s eyes to emphasize his word “Aye.” he said with a firm nod of his head. This was what he wanted to be. He looked around, to see what the pack thought of this. What Panther thought.
                *Panther He stamped his paw for Saskia’s pledging, then watched as Sanek left his side and went forward. He smiled softly, then looked over his shoulder at Lou, he mouthed a ‘thank you’ in Fianna’s direction. His tail curled around his flank, as he dipped his head to Fianna, Calder, and Loumacy. His gaze then switched to Sanek and Kova. His friend was becoming a scout in training? The first scout in training. He smiled softly, and he got ready to howl, or stamp his paw, in congratulations. He knew scouts were a big deal, but his friend was gonna to be going beyond the borders without him? He had only done that when the four wolves went north once, and they didn’t even go past the borders. He smiled, thankful his friend would be getting a rank. His tail wagged in excitement as he listened further.
                * Fianna At the knowledge of Sanek becoming scout in training, Fianna’s eyes lit a bit and she leaned forward with interest. She had carried the title of scout for quite a while, and she would watch Sanek’s path to becoming a full scout with eagerness. The pack needed more of that rank for sure.
                * Loumacy listened as Great Alpha Kova offered Sanek a scouting position and he accepted! She began to whine, her paws began to tippy tappy, were they going to howl for him!? She looked to Fia, then to Sanek, then to Kova, then to Saskia, then back to Fia! He said yes! He did say yes, didn’t he?
                * Code moved over to Saskia and Loumacy, smiling. She whispered, “good job!” to the brown fae, sitting down before returning her gaze to the alpha once more. Ooo, a scout? That sounded cool! There were so many cool ranks and things that she had never come across before and it made her all the more curious about each new one mentioned at a
                * Code meeting. Her tail wagged a little as she shuffled her paws and wondered if the pack was going to howl? Howling was fun, yes! It was the best part of meetings!
                * Kova to Sanek’s words she’d carefully read his own. A slow dip of her head given when he agreed to be trained, she would offer a swing of her tail once, then stilled it. “Then, I wish to name you Sanek, Scout in Training.” her paw would rise then stomp on the stone again for Sanek. She would allow the others to offer their celebratory expressions before she swung her tail then stilled it. ..
                <Kova> .. “As well, Sanek, Scout in training, I would like to also ask that you become a mentor to an Assessment. To you I assign Calder.” she cast long her gaze across all the wolves and it fell to the male. She dipped her head to him then looked back to Sanek. “Show him our ways. Our lore and knowledge to help him on the journey to becoming pack.”
                * Lotus stamped her paw in congratulations for Sanek. She was happy that the pack was building up so efficiently. He seemed like he would be great as a scout, even though she didn’t know him very well. Two jobs in one meeting? He was going to be busy!
                <Calder> He would hear his name mentioned and would turn to Sanek. He would be appointed a mentor and thought Sanek to be well choice. He’d not seen much of him, but was glad that would change and his tail swung slowly behind him. Should Sanek look this way he would dip his head in agreement – happy for the guidance.
                * Rook So his sister would be in charge of someone else, eh? Woe be to Sanek, the target of the bossy bear? He chuckled quietly at the thought. The bear was certainly a good choice to learn the ways of ensuring what paths to take and what horizons to view. No gesture or reaction was given until the naming Sanek was complete; only then would he offer a firm stamp of his paw.
                * Panther He stamped his paw for his friend, and the newly made mentor. He grinned as his tail wagged. He glanced over towards Saskia, he would have to congratulate her. He was excited to see Sanek’s journey to becoming a full Scout for the pack. He deserved the rank, for he was quite the tracker.
                * Saskia would learn something now of the paw stamping. If this meant she was happy for Sanek’s new rank, she would throw her paw to the ground and offer a smile, happy for him though they barely acquainted themselves before.
                * Loumacy heard the paw stamping and swallowed back the howl, but boy could her paws stamp with the best of them and she tippy tapped and mashed that snow into the earth for Sanek, and Calder who had a mentor now too!
                * Salem picked a spot in the back to settle in and caught the last of Kova’s words of Sanek being named a Scout. He stamped his paw not just once but twice for the advancement as well as taking on the role as a mentor in teaching the pack’s ways.
                * Sanek he was about to turn around and go back to his seat, but Kova had more to add so he stopped himself. So he -was- going to be a mentor to some wolf. To Calder. He glanced to the brute and wagged lightly. He didn’t really know Calder well, but he did want to, and was also willing to teach him. With a final nod to show he was looking forward
                * Sanek to teaching, and perhaps learning something too, he would now move back to his spot next to Panther.
                * Kova would allow Sanek to take his place where he desired to sit before turning then to the other wolves. She adjusted her frame to stand a little more firm and comfortable. She would see Lotus among the other wolves and would shift her weight again and spoke to the fae directly. “Lotus, I still task to you, to see your guide and upon the next calling of a meeting, I will call upon you once more.”
                * Kova hopefully the fae heard her before departing. Her attention would withdrawl from the fae before she would cast her gaze to the wolves present. She would dip her head once more and smile to those who had heeded the call. “A short but very meaingful meeting. I thank those who attended, but before we depart, does any wolf have anything they’d like to share? A question, perhaps?”
                *CwnAnnwn He would stamp his paw for Sanek’s advancement to scout in training as he wondered if he would join him there one day, though he would take on whatever role was deemed to suit him. He glanced to those gathered to see if anyone was going to share anything or ask a question.
                * Fianna would stamp her paw too as Sanek took his rank and felt her banner wave. She would do her best to pass on the knowledge that she had gleaned and gathered during her time as Guardian Scout. When Kova tasked him with mentoring Calder she glanced at her mate, wondering how he’d take the news and was glad to see him seem keen to the idea. She’s nose him gently, then sit quietly for the remainder of the meeting.  Kova was doing so well, and it was with pride that she gazed at the Alphess. She would hope to speak with her soon.
                * Code was disappointed that they weren’t allowed to howl, but stomped her paw on the snow as that seemed like the right thing to do. She settled down as Kova spoke once more, remembering Lotus still had not been named a pledge. Hopefully next meeting, then. Perhaps they might be able to become friends by then? Yes, that would be good! She loved
                * Code friends! She kept silent as the alpha asked if there were any questions, as she didn’t have much to say. She hoped that once the meeting broke up she might be able to apologise to Rook for her behaviour during the previous gathering. No grudges had been held on her side but she wanted to be sure to reconcile as she didn’t know if he was
                * Code still mad at her.
                * Rook No questions from his end of the peanut gallery were forthcoming, but perhaps others would have something to add or ask? He looked about curious to that end was at least gladdened to see those that had gathered. He inwardly chuckled at seeing what his father had planted; he wondered if they would continue the tradition of the paw stamp if they knew that the old grump had been the one to start it way back in the day? Perhaps so; he would at least continue it.
                * Saskia wouldn’t have any questions and pondered what would be after the meeting. She would perhaps congratulate Sanek, seek out Calder to introduce herself.. should Fianna allow it? She gulped. She would also seek out Panther maybe.
                * Sanek wondered how it would go with him mentoring Calder and being taught how to scout himself. There weren’t any scouts around here, were there? So Fianna had been a scout? Or still was? He tried to remember if it ever came up, and in doing so, zoned out and became lost in thought.
                * Loumacy leaned on Fianna, being overall a bit lazy and goofy tonight. Calder was on the other side of Fianna, and she could have sworn Saskia settled down next her her. Her head lifted wondering where Code was as the meeting seemed to draw somewhat to an end perhaps?
                * Kova when the others would cast their glances upon her and perhaps the others, she would find that no others desired to speak and that suited her well, to. She swung her tail a few times before she would bow her head and offer in lightened tones “Then, I would like to conclude tonights meeting and wish peace and rest for the evening. Gather your strength for soon we hunt as a pack.” her ..
                <Kova> .. tongue drew across her muzzle in anticipation. Perhaps she was hungry now? All the same, she’d allow the others to mingle and rest if they desired.

                Pack Meeting #205

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                Meeting Notes

                February 25th, 2022

                WolfSpirits celebrates it’s 21st Anniversary! All day celebrations had along with a meeting in the later evening!

                We are so honored and humbled by each and every wolf who’s come and placed their mark within our home. To either be a family, friend, or visitor of our pack, we wouldn’t be here without you all.

                • CwnAnnwn becomes a Pack Member
                • Skydancer becomes a Pack Member
                • Loumacy advances to Assessment
                • Salem advances to Assessment
                • Rook advances to Assessment
                Number Of Wolves Present


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                  Pack Meeting Begins

                  * Kova turned to Rook and his mention of the weird object. She gave a tilt of her head and peered to it. Surely she’d not want to loose her hearing. She peered to the nights’ sky before giving a swing of her tail and nosed Salem, then would politely excuse herself. Walking to the Alpha’s stone and for the first time she would be at it’s base to the back. Her paw unmoving just yet as she looked at ..
                  <Kova> .. the stone beneath her. Thinking on those who came before her, realizing this would be the first time she placed her paw upon it in the role she was given just a few days prior. A deep breath inhaled, then slowly exhaled as she ascended it all the way to its’ end. Once she reached it’s edge, she would take a lung full of air and let loose a howl for a meeting and gathe ..
                  <Kova> .. ring!
                  * Lotus had no time to respond, for Kova had let out a howl. She was instantly distracted.
                  * Saskia heard Kova’s deep howl and chuffed to her friends before walking up a bit further and sitting waiting for the Alpha to start her speech.
                  *CwnAnnwn As he gazed to the north towards the Alpha rock, the alpha fae climbed the rock and called for a gathering. Standing up along the southern boundary of the clearing, he shook out his silver pelt and stretched before turning and padding towards the Alpha rock for the meeting. His tail swayed idly behind him and he slowly, yet steadily padded northwards.
                  * Loumacy looked to the small femme, and dipped her head, her tail giving a wag, but she said nothing as she had an odd looking pinecone in her mouth which had bits of furr and mud in it. She then looked to Code and nosed the femme, wondering if she was ok and who said she was crazy? The voices heard by Loumacy blamed one another. She then looked to Saskia, on her other side and ran her
                  * Loumacy muzzle against the fae in appreciation before settling down between the two and setting the pinecone between her paws. Her mouth went to open to finally address Lotus, but a howl was released. Loumacy’s tail wagged. She liked howls!
                  * Lotus glanced at the faes and trotted up to the foot of Kova’s rock, waiting for what she had to say. Her first pack meeting! She was so excited. The idea of this meeting being the first of many made her very happy.
                  * Code looked up at Kova’s howl and sat down next to Loumacy and Saskia, wagging her tail. She was glad Kova had interrupted them at that moment as she was starting to get a little embarrassed. She shuffled her paws and lifted her head up to watch the meeting unfold.
                  * Loumacy knew a thing or two more than Lotus, and as the voices chided she actually spoke, “LOTUS! Sit with us!” She insisted nosing her two friends. It came out perhaps a bit more as a command then she intended, but it was better than dealing with an annoyed Alpha, as Lou got flashbacks of being reprimanded by those who had come before Kova.
                  * Salem nodded and glanced back to it. Rooks words broke through his thoughts of observing it though in that moment he thought of how loud the pop was and the marmot similar to it. With the new idea planted, he thought it might be best afterall to keep there and away from harm and take it away at another time if the wind didn’t do it for him. He nosed Kova the she ascended the Alpha’s
                  * Salem Rock though as he was already settled at its base, he need to move any closer. Instead he brought up a paw to scratch at his ear. Instead of moving, he would turn his attention to the treeline to see the lupine forms making their way to the Alpha Rock.
                  * Lotus heard Lou calling her name and she gladly came over to sit next to them. She didn’t need to scream, though..
                  * Saskia slightly smiled. One more fae wouldn’t hurt in their lined seats. She would then look up as Lotus sat, her ears perked and she sat high with her chest out. She knew this would be an important meeting for her new pack life.
                  * Rook would clear his throat in what sounded like a low growl before he turned to look at the yelling fae’s. ”If you don’t mind…some of us are trying to pay attention and pay respect?” There wasn’t much else he could do as a pledge, but the yelling, especially in a meeting, had become too much.
                  * Loumacy put a paw momentarily on Lotus, rubbing some of her scent off on the fae, before settling once more and waiting for the Alpha to speak, her gaze moved over the crowd of wolves, and settled on one in particular Salem. If perhaps their eyes met she would offer him a warm smile and a bit of a tail wag. Boy did she look colorful.
                  * Leora as she broke into the treeline, and into the clearing, she would see a gathered wolf! Or two… or three. Oh my. So many! Hearing Kova’s howl and gathering she would swing her tail and make her way in! She saw a lot of wolves but her brother stood out among the few and she’d trot over and seat beside him. A playful nudge to his shoulder as she looked up.
                  * Lotus , however, knew nothing about what this meeting may have in store for her. Feeling Lou pressing her paw to her, she smiled in her direction. As for Rook, she bowed her head. “I’m sorry. We’ll stay quiet.”
                  *Rune The ivory fae stirs, her ears perked to a familiar howl from within the Clearing. Kova, their Alpha Fae, summoning the pack to gather. It was so soon after the last meeting, perhaps a hunt was in order? The fae rises to her paws, emerging from beneath a pine tree with dark, jade-colored branches which dip low enough to touch the ground. The fae gives a light shake to her pelt before trotting north, leaving the Clearing’s southern border. Ahead of her, the fae spots her court, and she chuffs warmly to the brute. Upon arriving at Alpha Rock, the fae settles towards the back of the group. It seemed as though Kova’s call was for a meeting, what would this evening bring? ✲⊱
                  * Saskia ears went back at Rook. She glared his direction. She figured she didn’t know the brute, so she would hold her tongue this time, but she didn’t quite like how he had corrected her friends with no rank himself. She nuzzled Lotus. “Pay him no attention.”
                  * Rook Upon or perhaps just at the tail end of scolding, he’d feel a bump to his shoulder. A quieter and gentler gaze would meet his little sister; a calmer and less stern voice would be offered her ”It has been a while, Leora. I need to talk with you after the meeting. For now, we’ll pay our new Alpha the respect she deserves by remaining quiet and attentive.”
                  * CwnAnnwn He glanced to all the fae’s that had gathered and noted how many fewer males there were, shaking his head slightly at the thought, he was drawn from them at the sound of the chuff from his court. Even before he turned to face the fae, his tail started to sway back and forth quickly. He turns to face the fae and waits for her to catch up as he chuffs tenderly to her, nuzzling her warmly. He would settled beside her, frame lightly touching hers as he faced the Alpha rock and awaited Kova to begin.
                  * FiannaThe footsore yet lighthearted fae had just touched down into wolfspirits soil. Well.. Snow.more like but it was no longer mountain and the trees were familiar, and it held the scent of home. Her heart beat a rhythm tuned to this place. Or rather to this pack. She had needed the time to explore, to find where her roots had come from and what they meant. Shaking her pelt once as if to end her travels and place her mind back into its rightful nook, she trotted toward across the snowy Meadows and toward the hunting grounds.
                  * Code narrowed her eyes at the grumpy wolf. Was he yelling at Loumacy? Oh, he had a lot coming. No one messed with her friends! She let out a quiet growl and her ears went back. She refrained herself from leaping at him and clawing his eyeballs out as the meeting had started, but given any other situation, she would show no restraint. She took a
                  * Code step towards him as a warning. Though she wasn’t the scariest fae being smaller than most, she did pack quite the punch. She tried to calm her anger but stayed still, eyes fixed on him her ears tilted to still hear Kova’s words if she spoke.
                  * Kova as her tones would echo across the landscape, she would allow the wolves to settle. Loud voices and callings would reach her but she remained quiet as the wolves would allow their tones to hush enough to be heard. Saskia and the group of females would be close enough for her to hear, and Saskia’s comment would not go unheard, either. Her fur prickled and her voice grew with a temper and ire ..
                  <Kova> .. that was only stoked if needed, but it was clear what intention she had behind it. “You will pay respect to pledges and any named within these lands. You will learn to be respectful, least you learn the hard way of our ways by the reminder of my teeth.” Assumptions abound, one shouldn’t scold another wolf unless they truly knew who they where and how could Saskia know who Rook was, or any ..
                  <Kova> .. other wolf for that matter, that she hadn’t met yet. She then turned to look at all the gathered, and, allowed her tones to soften for the next words at maw. “Salutations wolves of WolfSpirits.” despite the previous days lore, she would shift her paws and seemed in a light mood. There was plenty to celebrate. “Tonight we celebrate a milestone in Wolfspirits history. Another year has ..
                  <Kova> .. come full circle and on this day, we celebrate the pack’s beginnings. Twenty one moon cycles full, we are full of strong, true and devoted wolves. Wolves of Wolfspirits ever running. Carrying our legacy and creating new ones.” she stated in lighter tones “I would like to start this evening with asking CwnAnnwn to come forward and Skydancer.” while he moved, she would cast her gaze to ..
                  <Kova> .. others as well.
                  * Loumacy had been looking at Salem, and as such her attention was elsewhere when Rook spoke. She didn’t even hear the brute, and had no clue what Saskia was talking about or what had Code in a mood. Instead her ears occasionally swiveled about to voices that didn’t exist before perking to the Alpha, content in the presence of her friends and pinecone. Then the Alpha spoke in a tone that
                  * Loumacy made her shrink back, did she do something wrong? Then she noticed the look directed to Saskia. Heh…She rested her head between her paws.
                  <Huginn> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 Was this newer wolf growling at him? What had the mere days given her to lay down deeper roots and rights than he? Did they think themselves the better to exclude him from the sentiments of -their- pack? Before he could turn and face the fae, Kova had spoken for him. He had no other choice but to leave it, and he hoped the faes understood clearly what was at stake with that kind of behavior.
                  * skydancer head comes up at the howl and she rises as promptly to her pass as anyone could wanted before padding toward the Rock arriving just in time to hear the call to step forward keeping her head properly lowered until she reaches the the foot of the Rock where she sits down.
                  <Huginn> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Eagerness to see her family churned Fianna’s paws through the snow faster than she otherwise might have, and as she ran across the hunting grounds she would take in the sights that were offered through the gloom. Where was everyone?
                  * Saskia ears went back at the Alphas scolding. She lowered her head in shame. Great.. her first meeting and she was already getting scolded. She gave a slight nod of respect, and held her head away from the brute before she gave him a glare she would regret. She already upset but decided to pick her head back up so no one would notice.
                  <Huginn> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn Glanced towards the unknown faes gathered with Code and Loumacy before Kova’s voice drew his gaze back as she reprimanded the one of the new faes. He was taken by surprise when Sky and he were called forward, something he had not expected. He rose from his seated position, nosed his court softly before turning and padding towards the Alpha rock. Stepping up beside Sky as he bowed his head to the Alpha fae before looking
                  <Huginn> up to her, tail swaying behind him.
                  <Calder> He had been meandering through the woods making quick work of the distance. He’d reached the southern border and densite to find it currently not occupied. Looking for scent and trace of his family he’d hear the howl of Kova. She was at the Alpha’s stone and a gathering therein. He quickly and quietly made his way closer and seated himself just to the east of the rest. He’d listen.
                  * Lotus stayed silent and listened intently. She took note of the way Kova told Saskia off for disrespecting Rook. It seemed like he was not a wolf to be reckoned with. Keeping that in mind, Lotus watched as two wolves stepped forward.
                  * Leora did -she- catch the bad ju ju eyeball glare from Code or Saskia? Maybe. Maybe not. She too was just about to rise but Kova continued forward and, knowing the respect of a meetings nature, she reclined back and looked up to Kova. Her heart ached just a little at missing her parents.
                  <Kova> “CwnAnnwn and Sky…” she said in lighter tones – perhaps not privvy to Saskia’s second glare, and for the faes sake, a good thing. “You both have been an assessment of WolfSpirits for sometime now. Sky, you’ve been a member of this pack for many years and only recently returned. I would like to ask you both now, before the wolves who you desire to call home and family, that you still ..
                  <Kova> .. desire to join WolfSpirits? To be your pack and home.”
                  * Code narrowed her eyes and dipped her head, annoyed that they had been scolded and not this grumpy brute. He’d started it! He got grumpy at them! So she had the right to be grumpy at him. Rargh. She did feel a little sorry for Saskia as it seemed she was the main target of Kova’s harsh words, but the main emotion bubbling up inside her was…
                  * Code complicated. A mixture of anger and confusion. And hunger. She was sooo hungry. Foooooood. Ugh. She looked up to Kova and listened as she spoke.
                  <Huginn> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ A growl at the meeting’s floor catches Rune’s ear and her eyes dart to the noise. They glance back and forth between Rook and Code, gathering what they could about what seemed to be a brief interaction. Growls, however, had no place at a meeting and certainly not to a superior. As Kova begins to speak, addressing her court in part, Rune noses the silver brute before returning an eye and ear to carefully
                  <Huginn> watching the decorum of the meeting. ✲⊱
                  * Loumacy ear flicked forward as the Alpha spoke, and she lifted her head tail wagging. Wonderful Sky and CwnAnnwn were going to become members! She didn’t know CwnAnnwn as well as she liked, but Sky was a dear friend and she was happy to see her return to the pack in full, they would accept would they not?
                  * Saskia wagged her tail for the two wolves made into the pack. She was happy for them. They were two she had met earlier in her arrival and were welcoming.
                  <Huginn> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 A brief lick to Leora’s crown would hopefully allay the tension she felt, but he would remain acutely aware of the faes behind him. Aggression from those not of the pack to those on the journey had been swiftly dealt with by his mother and father. They were no longer here, but he remained. He could take care of his own if they wished further agression. For now, however, he turned what attention he could to the
                  <Huginn> proceedings and the naming of two wolves to the pack.
                  * Lotus Loumacy and Saskia were wagging their tails so she assumed that the two wolves called up were friendly and contributors.
                  * Salem ears like the others felt his ears fold back though he had only witnessed the scene going on and didn’t know where to interject. When Kova did and started the meeting, his attention was on her and for the moment, he had forgotten about the object tucked against his side that he now did his best to keep out of view. When she called Cwn and Sky forward, he felt his tail stilling
                  * Salem though in this moment he was already storing the energy to wag more enthusiastically and it would be good to see them both added to the ranks of those that ran alongside the pack as he had gotten to see before.
                  <Huginn> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn He listened to Kova’s words and nodded slightly as his thoughts shifted gear, he hadn’t expected this to happen this early, he also hadn’t expected to have been named assessment at the meeting a couple lunar cycles ago, so he was a bit unprepared. After a few moments of gathering his thoughts, would he speak. “The members of the WolfSpirits are my family by choice, the lands my home by birth and because it is where my
                  <Huginn> heart lies.” He glanced towards his Court and bowed his head to her before turning back to Kova. “It is my wish to give back to the pack, to care for those within it and to defend it as a member. My father made the pack his family and these lands his home, I wish to continue that legacy. I would be honored to be given the chance to call myself a member of this pack that has remained strong all these year and help it remain strong for
                  <Huginn> years to come.” He fell silent and looked to the Alpha fae.
                  <Huginn> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Into the woods to grandmother’s house she’d go… With a spring in her step and a hitch as well, for she’d not truly given her injury time to heal but thankfully the scab had held for the most part. Her nose twitched as she reached the opposite side of.the hunting grounds and pushed in through the trees to where the stream heralded the beginning of the eastern clearing’s edge. Slowing finally her sides heaved and
                  <Huginn> her tongue lolled. Trying to gather herself, to catch her breath she stepped a body length into the clearing and peered about. Woah. A gathering? She couldn’t see distinct wolves but she could tell by scent there was a mass of them near the alpha stone. Would she be welcomed back since she had left so abruptly? Ears perked and now with a sudden hesitance, she pressed forward at a trot across the snows of the clearing and toward those
                  <Huginn> who’d gathered.
                  * Sanek the dark brown brute had been circling the lake of Solace after waking up not too long ago, wanting to stretch his legs out. He stopped his trot to lean down and stomp on some ice so that he could lap up the water and quench his thirst. It took him some effort, but finally piercing through he would delight in the way the fresh-tasting
                  * Sanek water flowed down his throat. When his head rose again he decided it time he made his way back to the Clearing.
                  * Leora felt her brothers nosing and offered her own in turn. She would look between CwnAnnwn and skydancer. Eager to hear what they had to say, she swung her tail happily behind her. Perhaps at the end of CwnAnnwn’s words, she would see her sister?? OHh! She did her best not to explode outta’ her paws to greet her as she waited for skydancer’s response.
                  * Lotus CwnAnnwn’s response moved Lotus and she realized that the wolves here had a lot of history in this pack. It meant a lot to her that she could be part of that culture.
                  <Calder> Wouldn’t be to far from the eastern edge and he’d listened to the going on’s and the words shared by the brute, CwnAnnwn. He thought about his own feelings an words to be shared before he would make note of movement nearby. Did he notice Fianna’s entrance? Surely if she came in just at the length of it he could make her out. He’d know her scent and frame anywhere. Black frame rose and he, like ..
                  <Calder> .. Leora, did his best not to run in her direction for out of respect to the meeting and to what was going on.
                  * skydancer sits quietly and respectfully even as her heart wonders what shukie is doing. If the other is all right..when CwnAnnwn speaks up she turns her head towards him while listening before shifting her attention back towards kova. “I feel the same way. I have spend most of my life here and this is my hom.” Oh yes very eloquent today…
                  * Lotus Skydancer’s answer made Lotus chuckle quietly. It was so much shorter than CwnAnnwn’s, but that didn’t make it any less truthful.
                  * Saskia flinched at Lotus’s chuckle. Was that disrespectful too? She didn’t even know at this point.. she just sat with her jaws shut tight and head held in listening form to Kova.
                  * Loumacy looked to Lotus with a frown as the femme chuckled after Sky spoke, she then looked back to the front at Sky and offered a smile of encouragement, tail wagging. She knew how hard it was to stand up there.
                  * Kova she would give a dip of her head to CwnAnnwn and to his words. “Your father meant a great deal to this pack. Did much for this pack. You have done much for this pack, Cwn. The lore and stories are not lost to me and I will treasure them and share them. I will sing your lore to, Sky, for those are not lost to me either. For what you both have done for this pack and will continue to do.” ..
                  <Kova> .. she would ries a paw up and gently stomp it to the stone where others had done before her. “Once a WolfSpirit, always a WolfSpirit when you are named. I will ask those of the pack. Both members, Assessments, and Pledges. Who will give their name to accept and vouche for CwnAnnwn and skydancer to become a WolfSpirit.”
                  *Rook didn’t really want a reason to cast a glance behind him, but when his sister turned her full attention behind them instead of where he deemed it most important, then he too cast his gaze back. So the bear had returned. He was happy, but now conflicted. Did the tale upon his tongue rescind to his mind or would it be spoken when the time was right? He would not disrespect the proceedings by offering a chuff,
                  <Huginn> but a welcome gaze and a scooting over of his frame would offer Fianna a place beside them.
                  * Lotus realized that how she reacted was rude. She pressed her ears back and lowered her eyes. Was she even allowed to vote?
                  * Saskia wasn’t allowed to vote yet, so she would watch as others spoke up.
                  * Loumacy spoke up, “I, Loumacy Pledge of Wolfspirits, vouche for Sky, she was there for me when the world was dark, and true to her name made my sky bright!” Unfortunately she didn’t know CwnAnnwn well enough at this point.
                  *Fianna And there they all were! Heart warming to a near fire, Fianna had to quell it almost as quickly for some were talking. She now could pick out individuals and saw the whole pack was there.. Or.. They weren’t. Where was Shukie? Her pups seemed absent too but then again they slept alot. Then she saw Calder, And Leora, and Rook and many others she knew and did not know. Swallowing her chuff, she respectfully slid in toward the back and toward Calder and Leora and Rook who had turned to look her way. Her banner began wildly waving and her head drooped a bit from fatigue but also hesitance but there she was at last sidling up beside them all with a lick to Calder’s muzzle, a lick to Leora’s crown, and a nuzzle to Rook’s shoulder, knowing the stone wasn’t as mushy gooshy. Trying to settle into her haunches, it was hard not to fidget.
                  *Rune The ivory and russet fae rises to her paws and speaks out to those gathered. “I vouch for CwnAnnwn and Skydancer both, I welcome them to the fold.” She wags her tail at her court. ✲⊱
                  <Huginn> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 Timing as it was, he caught Kova’s request to vouche for the two. He would stand upon his paws and keep his frame proud when he spoke, ”Rook of the Mean Oíche vouches for Skydancer and CwnAnnwn. The stories my father spoke of both are those I now speak through. Their history is rich within the fabric of those who remember, and this land surely remembers; it speaks their name when all else is quiet.”
                  * Code looked up to Kova on the really big rock and spoke. “I, Code, Pledge of Wolfspirits, also vouch for Sky. She helped me through my first few days here with her words of wisdom.” She, too, didn’t know CwnAnnwn at all so she could not vouch for him.
                  * Sanek thought he had been heading to a snow-trail but realized the subtle shadows had played a trick on him. He sniffed the ground, swept his tail over the snow and continued. At certain moments when the trees parted to make a small clearing, his paws sunk, and he would remember to trot lightly.
                  * Panther had heard Kova’s howl, or the tail end of it. He’d be entering the clearing, focusing on the words. He was approaching silently, looking around at the crowd. Should anyone notice him, he’d give a subtle dip of his head and settle at the back of the crowd. It seems Sky, and Cwn were being promoted. He hummed softly and sat in the back of
                  * Panther the crowd.
                  <Calder> He would smile and dip his head and nose Fianna warmly across her crown. Following her to those she seated beside, he’d be towards the end. When it was named those who would be seen to pack, he would bow his head and add. ~ I Calder, Assessment of WolfSpirits, would also vouche for both CwnAnnwn and skydancer’s nature and spirit to belong and hold their names as a packmember here. ~
                  * Leora when her sister drew near, she’d have to remember her manners. Remember winnie remember, remember winnie remember! She’d not leap up and bound around, instead she’d lick her sister in greeting and returned to the proceedings. Her heart lit with joy and light.
                  * Saskia heard paw steps approaching. She looked behind her and saw a dark figure approaching. She noticed it be Panther, but instead of offering a chuff, she would nod a short welcome to him and then back to the front. She would offer him a spot beside her but there were other faes jam packed like sardines around her. She felt too close but didn’t want to move and disrespect anything happening above.
                  * Salem nodded his head as Kova spoke of Cwn’s father as he had his stories to thank for some of his habits he didn’t even know about even now. He paused and waited until the last members of the pack had spoken so that he had something to go off of as he spoke on their behalf though now it had been more in turn as a previous time may not have been but a memory and a lesson learned
                  * Salem nonetheless. “As a Pledge of this pack renewed, I defended the Clearing with these wolves and both times, they were willing and eager to ward off the threat before it could cause anyone any harm.” They both held respect and the weight his voice would carry as he spoke of them.
                  * Lotus noticed a wolf coming up behind them and recognized Panther. Her tail thumped against the ground and hoped he would see her and recognize her as she did him.
                  *CwnAnnwn He looked towards those gathered as wolves spoke out in support of Sky and himself. He smiled to his court as she vouched for him and then when Rook, Calder and Salem spoke, he would bow his head to them. When it seemed like no one else was going to speak up, he turned back to Kova atop the Alpha rock.
                  * Kova to the wolves who would speak up for the two, she would make note of the shared voices and give a dip of her head and a stomp of her paw again. “CwnAnnwn and skydancer. You have been given blessing from those who would see you as pack and to those who will call you family. It is with great pleasure that I, Kova, Alpha of WolfSpirits, name you CwnAnnwn and skydancer, members of ..
                  <Kova> .. WolfSpirits. Be proud of where you will go and of who you will become and grow to be amongst your family. For you are family now. Welcome to WolfSpirits.” she would lift her muzzle and howl for the pair.
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                  * Fianna remained quiet, catching up by context, her ears would shoot forward as Kova spoke of being Alpha. Her brows furrowed some and she sent another confused glance around for Shukie, tail curling around her haunches and leaning some against Calder, favoring her right shoulder. Things changed so quickly.. But she was glad to be home, surrounded by familiar scents and faces and she’d gaze around her at those she hadn’t met yet, marking faces and remembering smells as she listened to CwnAnnwn and Skydancer be made members. Her eyes danced, glad she was here for such wonderful news.
                  * Loumacy tail wagged as the annoucement was made, and then her favorite part came, the Great Alpha Kova howled! And that meant, she got to howl! Loumacy, in celebration, tilted her head back and let forth a howl, giving that tell-tail end of an oo-oo-oo towards the end.
                  * Lotus lifted her head to the sky and howled with Kova, congratulating the pair of wolves.
                  * Code joined in on the celebratory howl. She lifted her head and tilted it back letting her songs reach the sky her eyes closed and tail wagging. What a joyous day!
                  * Saskia looked around at all the wolves howling and let her tail wag. How magnificent! The whole pack as one. She wondering if she could howl as well.. but without second guessing herself, her instincts took over and she threw her nose up into a howl, short and sweet while her tail wagged and she gazed the pack.
                  * CwnAnnwn He bowed his head to Kova as she named Sky and himself as members. Tilting his head back, he would let his voice join theirs in celebration and in congratulations for Sky. As he lowered his head, his voice fading into the heavens, he would bow to the Alpha fae once more and turn to pad back to where his court sat, settling beside her to witness the remainder of the meeting.
                  * Sanek just as he broke out of the forest and into the Clearing he would freeze hearing Kova’s howl. Hunt? Meeting! His tail began wagging until he realized everyone was already seated around the Alpha rock. Oh no, he was late! He would try to not disrupt the meeting by quietly moving to join everyone in the celebration. Would he spot Panther?
                  *Rook This was an occasion that certainly called for his note in the Song to be added, and so he would if only to beckon the Song this closer to completion with two new members of the Wolfspirits Pack. He would be happy that his sister had returned; much was already in foment.
                  * Salem lifted up his muzzle to howl for the two of them, his tail picking up in a wag with the pent up energy he had saved. His tail for the first few motions thudded against the brightly colored object but it was only for the moment that the howl was ringing out as a shared one so it might go completely unnoticed in the joyous sound.
                  * Panther didn’t seem to have kept his paw steps silent enough considering a couple wolves noticed his approach. He’d glance towards Saskia, dipping his head towards her. He decided to stay put, and his gaze shifted towards Lotus. He gazed at her for a moment, and dipped his head towards her. He recognized her. He listened to the wolves howling and
                  * Panther joined in, then ceased when they did. His coat would likely be noticeable for Sanek, and if he saw the brute he’d offer a dip of his head. Panther wasn’t sitting beside anyone, so the seats beside him were empty.
                  * Kova as the voices of each wolf would ries and join in, she would allow their tones to be felt and shared. When the last vestiages of howls would end across the darkness of night, she would offer a dip of her head again before searching the wolves. She saw Fianna among them and swung her tail to the fae and made note that Panther had also joined. Her eyes would cast again to the wolves present ..
                  <Kova> .. and she’d fall her gaze to Loumacy and Salem. “Rook, Salem, and Loumacy… please come forward.”
                  * Fianna would catch Kova’s gaze as her spirit sister would find her amid the crowd and her own tail would swing fondly and proudly, her paws pressing more firmly against the snows as if to assure herself she had made it back in one piece. She had offered her own happy yip for CwnAnnwn and Skydancer, and now fell silent once more as proceedings continued.
                  * Leora she would wave her tail and add her own voice to CwnAnnwn and skydancer’s advancement. When her tones would be felt with the others she blinked hearing her brothers name. She tilted her head and wondered what was gunna happen! Did she notice any funfettii? Or Salem hid it well.?
                  * skydancer lifts her head and howls along with everyone else in congratulations for CwnAnnwn before retreating to her usual place atthe edge of the gathering
                  * Loumacy froze. Did she hear that right? Did she hear her name? But but…She looked to Saskia and then to Code. No doubt eyes would be upon her all covered in whispy colorful bits, and no cone, well not on her. She was unconed. She gulped. Her gaze tooked to Kova and then down to Coneward, she wouldn’t disobey her, couldn’t. Gently she went to pick Coneward up and carried him to the front.
                  * Loumacy Eyes were on her, others eyes. She could feel them, she wanted to pant, but Coneward prevented that. Still, her heart began to pound. She tucked her tail, her belly got low to the ground as she slinked up to the front, and took a seat before the great stone, wishing to be behind it rather than infront of it, but alas that was not pack ways. She set coneward between her paws, legs quivering,
                  * Loumacy and looked down at him, ears flat, tail tucked. The voices teased, but Coneward reminded her to breathe. So she did, she panted.
                  *Rook He stole a glance between his sisters, Fianna and Leora before whispering the words, ”It will be ok. The tale hasn’t ended yet.” With a passing smile hidden the steady amber hue of his eyes, he gave them one last glance and stood back upon his paws. He’d not keep the Alpha waiting, so his approach to before the rock was swift enough. He’d rest back upon his haunches next to Loumacy and Salem.
                  * Sanek sat down and looked around. Now where was Panther? Finally spotting him he almost stood up and walked to him but realized that might be disrespectful to the wolves that are being brought along on the journey to join the pack. He would make little unnoticable and somewhat pathetic scoots to join Panther, though it was clear he wouldn’t make
                  * Sanek it for a very long time. While he did so he tried to remember if the wolves called forward were pledges or assessments. So many wolves gathered.
                  * Saskia watched at the three padded to the front. She noticed Loumacys tightness and would give her a smile of confidence and an ear flick of motivation. She was so proud of her for coming out without coneward.
                  * Salem heard Kova’s words as the howl ended and though his gaze quickly looked down to the strange object, maybe it would be able to slip away unnoticed as he had noticed some of the other wolves had slipped in and their attention might be on the wolves called forward. If one reacted fast enough, it might be caught before blowing away but he pretended not to keep it on the edge of his
                  * Salem view until he saw someone hold in the balloon or watch it flow away. He let the thought go as he padded forward and stopped just short of the base of the rock formation. His pelt was clean enough now but maybe he might have little bits of glitter that he couldn’t get rid of, but the snow would have a trail where he had rolled in the snow in a spot not too far from where he was
                  * Salem before the meeting had begun.
                  * Kova she would look to the trio of wolves who came before her. A long breath inhaled while her tones qould be equal and light. “I ask the three of you to come before me this evening, before the pack, to see and hear from you each if you are indeed ready to advance to Assessment of WolfSpirits. That your heart and paws desire to seek out a home here. To learn our ways and creed. To understand ..
                  <Kova> .. the pack in it’s entirety before being named as a member of it.” she looked to each one with careful, but thoughtful eyes. “I ask you, Salem, Loumacy and Rook. Do you still wish to join WolfSpirits? To continue your journey to be named.”
                  * Fianna would have perked to Rook’s whisper as he moved toward the front, her head tilting some and a gleam leaping to her eyes, excitement, but not sure about why entirely. Just that she was. Her eyes moved to catch on some bright thing left behind when Salem moved forward and she squinted toward it, nose twitching. What was…that? With Rook up at the front Fianna scooched a hair closer to Leora and nipped once at her shoulder fur playfully but then tried to be a better example and turned to face the front, her muzzle reflecting a seriousness once again as she watched those before them take the next steps. She hardly recognized Loumacy, though it had to be her – the fae was lacking the tight wad of fur on her side. Had she gnawed it off?
                  *CwnAnnwn Watched as the trio were called before the Alpha and waited for them to voice their wishes to continue the path to member by becoming assessements. He glanced to his court who seems to have fallen asleep, shaking his head, he turned back to the Alpha’s rock and those gathered before and upon it.
                  * Panther noticed his friend scooting towards him, Panther almost let out a soft chuckle, but held it in. He glanced towards the Alphess and listened. A subtle smile as he dipped his head towards the Alphess when she seemed to notice him. He watched as a couple wolves were called up. He glanced towards Rook, Loumacy, then Salem. They were going to be pack soon, hopefully! His tail swaying, and thumping on the snow.
                  * Loumacy sat there, very quiet save for the panting, and being seemingly frozen to the spot. Anxiety rushed in on her from all directions and the voices seemed to smell blood in the waters of her mind. Everyone was looking up front at Rook, at Salem, at her. She tried to focus on the Alpha’s words though, not the voices, not on the feeling of eyes all around, she shook her head and lifted
                  * Loumacy a paw to her ears, swiping at them, keeping her gaze to Coneward. Another bout of silience passed, and then her head snapped to Kova, “YES!” She blurted. The panting resumed, drool pooling at her paws, her legs quaked, but her eyes held fast on Kova, she couldn’t look away.
                  * Salem didn’t have to bring his tail to a standstill in that moment. The balloon remained forgotten in that short time with the attention he could feel at the edge of his conscious. He thought about his time back so far, some of the time and experiences that had been shared when he responded. He waited for the moment he could tell that no one else was speaking to deliver his answer.
                  * Salem “I still desire for this to be my family.”
                  * Saskia watched as Loumacy fell apart at the Alphess’s paws. She put one paw over her nose and almost had to look away. She thought to herself, “Oh.. silly Loumacy..” she looked at Code and shook her head silently. She was still so proud of Lou for the accomplishments she’d made
                  * Rook A hewn stone only ever rolled so far on its own, but the Tale had been a river of ice that carried him far afield. A story for a story…a truth for a truth…He looked back at the two faes that had shown him aggression and callous disregard that indicated more than words that perhaps pack meant something else. He turned back to gaze at the remaining family he had left (that were present), his sisters. Only after that would the tale change. ”The pledgeship is a trial for the pledge just as it is for the pack. I would not lie to you and say that I know with the certainty of conviction that this is home. My father bore the storm well, but I am not him and his time has passed. I stand as I am in the honesty of my thoughts and tales; if these be enough conviction, then I shall cross upon the ferry to the next trials.”
                  * Kova would hear each tone and each word shared by the wolves before her. Loumacy’s words caught her a bit off guard, but knew them well placed. She wouldn’t be lost to her expression and to her language, either. She looked physically stressed and gave a light frown inwardly. Surely she’d meet the fae afterwards to sooth or quell any distress. Turning to Salem and to Rook, she gave an equal dip of ..
                  <Kova> .. her head and a smile upon her features. “Your journey now is in the assessmentship of yourself and to those you wish to become family with. During this time you will further be rooted in our history, our lore, and get to know the wolves of the pack. I would like to have the honor now, to name you Loumacy, Salem and Rook as Assessments to WolfSpirits. In the coming days, I will assign a mentor ..
                  <Kova> .. to each of you. Seek me or I to you.” she would rise her paw and stomp it to the stones.
                  * Sanek he remembered now, they had been pledges and now they would become assessments. He stopped trying to get to Panther for a moment to wag his tail and wait for the opportunity to celebrate their next step into becoming pack. They were fine wolves, good wolves, and he was happy at the thought of welcoming them as full members. He would have
                  * Sanek to wait some time for that. Would it be spring then?
                  * Fianna Fianna would sit taller as Rook looked back toward them, offering a swing of her tail as she watched, listened, and gleaned lessons even from these meetings. How things were done, how the different wolves accepted their roles or moved through each path with a style all their own. She was growing to appreciate each style for what it was, and now that she had had a chance to see and hear and feel what true loniness felt like, now that she had spent longer than a few days without a pack to rally behind her, she knew this was home. Lessons had been learned and, she hoped, character earned.
                  <Calder> To the newly named assessments he would stomp his paws gently beneath the snows to the trio. He’d not really known Loumacy that well, but Salem had been familiar to him, and of course Rook to. he would give a smile and a happy wave of his tail before stilling it.
                  *CwnAnnwn Silver brute listened as the trio responded to Kova’s question, head tilted slightly at Loumacy’s reaction, he hoped the fae was all right. At the naming of the trio to assessment, he would stamp his paw.
                  * Leora when her brother would be named an assessment (she was still getting used to those terms), she would give a whoop and howly yap! “Yay brother!” she couldn’t hold it back. She was also happy for Salem and Loumacy. Two wolves she hoped to get to know more, to! Always a journey this one was on.
                  * Rook He would quietly accept the progression along this journey and dip his nose and gaze to the Alpha before moving to find his place next to Leora. The tale, as it was, had not been fully told. He would steal a glimpse of the starlight in the east before taking his seat next to his kin.
                  * Fianna When Rook took his seat beside the again she leaned over and slyly whispered, “not a lemon pledge anymore.. But I hope you still stay clean.” She’d then stomp her paws both for Salem and Loumacy as well!
                  * Loumacy continued to stare at Kova with a bit of a wide eyed expression, reacting to Lotus’s lick by letting out an extra exhale. She said nothing. Simply gave a nod and once the Alpha stamped her paw she picked up Coneward and bolted back between Saskia and Code, her head laying between her paws which gripped at the snow. She licked Coneward, nosing him, and after a few minutes seemed to
                  * Loumacy calm. Ears swiveling about. Back to normal, no longer the center of attention.
                  * Saskia smiled softly and whispered into Loumacys ear. “You did great, congratulations.” She nuzzled her friends head back up in motivation.
                  * Salem dipped his head at what their next steps would be just as she stamped the stone under her paw. His tail wagged as he didn’t bask there for too long, quickly taking a few steps back to seat himself among the meeting’s observants for the meeting to continue.
                  * Code grinned as her friend was named an assessment. What an exciting day! She wagged her tail as Loumacy came back towards them, giving her a biiiiig wolfie hug. “You did great!” she said. She nosed her friend in delight and lay down next to her, giving her a light groom again as that always seemed to calm her. “Congratulations, Loumacy,
                  * Code Assessment of WolfSpirits!”
                  * Lotus The fact that Loumacy had the incredible opportunity of becoming an assessment gave her hope that she might become a pledge.
                  * Kova when the words shared and given by each wolf, she dipped her head and smiled warmly and allowed the trio to return to their desired places of seat. “Those who wish to pledge.” she began with more serious natured tones.”.. will first learn the ways of our pack meetings and will know respect before coming before the stone. Before your request will be heard, I ask each wolf who wishes ..
                  <Kova> .. to join our pack seek out a pack member first and learn these ways and have their approval before the next meeting..” her paws firm to the stone as she cast long a gaze across all the wolves present, and those particuarly in a group together. A new thing? Or perhaps born from a flame of mis-behaviour earlier in the meetings start that sparked the need to lay down a little extra ground and a ..
                  <Kova> .. quest of sorts before she’d hear their request. “Any questions before I continue?”
                  * Lotus shook her head.
                  * Sanek wait did Kova say something about a mentor? And some different pledge process? He didn’t remember this. But with different alphas, things tend to change. Who would the mentors be, he wondered. What would they teach? There certainly was plenty details to learn about the rules and the territory. He stomped his paw for the newly made
                  * Sanek assessments.
                  * Saskia ears went back.. she could have cried. She shook her head.
                  * Lotus was excited. She already had someone in mind.
                  * Loumacy nosed Code though didn’t say much towards the congratulations. It wasn’t that she wasn’t happy to be an assessment, she just didn’t like standing in front of everyone tonight. Surely though, Code understood that. When Kova spoke again she looked to her, and when she asked if anyone had questions, Loumacy looked away from the front and towards Saskia. She gave her a gentle nosing,
                  * Loumacy still not sure why Kova had gotten onto her, but she did know Saskia had it in her to make things right.
                  * Panther howled for the wolves previously and it ceased quickly, and then looked around at the others. He hummed in thought and glanced towards Sanek, would he be getting a rank today? Perhaps. His humming ceased and he glanced around apologetically in case anyone heard him. His attention snapping towards Alphess Kova. Hm? This is new. He smiled
                  * Panther softly and looked around, his gaze landing on Saskia. Though he hadn’t been a member for as long most of the others present, he could at least try, should he be given the chance. He blinked and stomped his paw for the assessments.
                  *Rook He thought upon the task now at paw. He wouldn’t search for a mentor, one would be assigned to him, which meant that one among these here would be the one whom he would garner guidance from. Some among them were obviously favorable, but if pack was truly pack, he would need to learn to know and sincerely be invested…no more façade.
                  * Fianna Fianna too glanced over toward the larger group of wolves, her gaze spotting Panther in the process and nodding to him in greeting, gad to see him well. She too was curious of the changes to the process, but trusted her spirit-sister, and now her Alpha, to make the right choices for the pack’s survival. If she could see the disappointment on any faces she would wonder at it, hoping they would all soon learn and understand what being part of the pack truly meant.
                  *CwnAnnwn Head tilted slightly at the change, and wondered how much had to do with the incident at the opening of the meeting, either way, he trusted in Kova and her choices. He did feel bad for those that may have wanted to pledge this night, but also understood that it might be good for one to learn of the packs ways a bit before pledging. He cast a glance towards the tight gathering of faes with grey eyes before turning back to Kova atop the rock.
                  * Kova when none would respond or offer a question she gave a dip of her head before she continued. “Do not fret. You have a few days to a week at most for this little task” she said with a toothy grin towards the wolves present. Perhaps picking up on the disappointment of a few. To those who were to be pledged. “I will call another meeting in short order.” her tail shifted in a very ..
                  <Kova> .. subtle wave then looked out again. She would still make note of each wolf present before she would shift her paws again. “Tonight is a celebration of the pack and of family and friends. Another slice of our ways, is to know that we have nights known to many as Lore Nights. This is a time to share lore and story either from something you’ve heard, or, learned from one in your own ..
                  <Kova> .. up-bringings.” her tail swung again. “Would any wish to share? Especially to those whom may be new to our fold.” her gaze fell to Code, Lotus and Saskia then back to the group. She had hoped the wolves who desired to join would understand the meaning of her little quest.
                  * Saskia gazed back up at the Alphess. She didn’t know much of anything but spoke up. “Being separated by high mountains, I haven’t known much of WolfSpirits. But my mother said her pack heard them share their voices for many moons. They thought this pack was their own pack ancestors from the tops of the mountains. It turns out WolfSpirit ancestors just had singing howls from their hearts, some which traveled over the
                  * Saskia tops of the highest mountains.” She gazed to the peaks of the mountains over the trees of the clearing.
                  * Fianna Looking back to Kova as she spoke, Fianna would sink to one side of her haunches, feeling the weariness of her long journey begin to truly crash upon the shores of her frame. She thought of things she had seen, how she had felt as if she were traveling back over the pages of history, but for tonight, she would just listen. Listen and bask in the feeling and knowledge of a home well found. A fae spoke up whom she’d not met yet, and Fianna’s eyes would lift to the mountains, their majestic peaks not visible in the dark but for looming shadow. She’d heard the howls of other pack’s in her travels as well.
                  * Lotus her bundled up energy was making her restless. She wanted to listen to the stories but also to ask the wolf she wanted to learn from.
                  <Calder> He would look towards Kova and to her request of a bit of lore. He would swing his tail once then settle it in thought. “I do not now, Alpha, but come the next Lore Night, I would request now to share.” he would smile to Fianna then turn back to Kova.
                  * Panther dipped his head in Fianna’s direction, a subtle smile on his maw. It seems he had zoned out, but he was catching up. An ear directed towards the Alphess, and who ever spoke next. He was excited about the new thing happening for the pack. He smiled softly as he glanced around at all the wolves. His tail thumping on the snow, then stilling.
                  * Saskia looked around remembering Kovas words about learning from a pack member.. she didn’t really know many members. She figured after her mess up tonight she would let any wolf who could tolerate her approach the topic themselves. She was scared if she asked anyone, she herself would get rejected. And oh how that would crush her.
                  * Sanek “I have a poem..” he said a little nervously. It was still in its first draft stages but sounded good enough. He wondered if he’d spoken loud enough to be heard by Kova and the others.
                  * Loumacy continued to lay where she was, she had no story really, not at the moment, but now that she knew this was a thing she could perhaps think of one as time progressed.
                  * Kova turned towards Sanek and gave a smile. She swung her tail and offered a warm, inviting nod. “Please share, Sanek” eager tones expressed a delight in what would be woven to them all.
                  * Sanek breathed in deeply as he stood and stepped forward, turning then to those gathered to share his poem, hoping it wasn’t the worst one out there. Surely it wasn’t that bad? He would look around and take a moment to at least get his voice to not shake. “Ok..”
                  <Sanek> Wolf is pack, pack is many
                  <Sanek> Pack won’t leave, for pack is plenty
                  <Sanek> The pack is strong the pack is mighty
                  <Sanek> The pack protects, the pack will fight thee
                  <Sanek> Drop your swords, drop your spears,
                  <Sanek> Mere tooth and claw will ignite fears
                  <Sanek> We are strong, yet we are kind
                  <Sanek> Kin and friends love here find
                  <Sanek> Hunt in a rhythm, paws in a beat
                  <Sanek> Felling bison is no easy feat
                  <Sanek> Wolves will yelp, wolves will yowl
                  <Sanek> But each fall we celebrate with howl
                  <Sanek> Trial? Fail. Trial? Fail.
                  <Sanek> Yet in the end, we prevail

                  * Fianna It would seem that home had a way of at last letting Fianna truly relax, more than she had in the last few weeks for she’d been on constant alert. But here, she was near wolves she trusted, and drowsiness began to pull her under whether she wanted it to or not.. Rallying, she licked her muzzle and tuned into Sanek’s poem, glad to hear the words and feeling the rhythm of it within. It was nice. Slipping gingerly to lay on her side, Fianna would continue to listen,but would do so while letting her weary limbs have a much needed rest
                  * Kova when Sanek moved to the front to present his poem, she would give a low gruuing sound as she could feel the tempo, the beat and the rythme of his words. A smile escaped her maw as she stomped her paw to the stone. “We prevail” she grinned and dipped her head to Sanek. A true and felt poem. It would stoke a sense of pride and thoughtfulness to each word. Each meaning true. “Thank you ..
                  <Kova> .. for sharing, Sanek. A fine poem to share with the pack.”

                  * Loumacy listened to the poem as best she could, enjoying bits about the pack not leaving, and it being plenty. Ny the end her tail gave a gentle wag of appreciation, though she hadn’t quite risen up preferring to remain inconspicuous at the moment…despite looking like a rainbow…
                  *Rook An impromptu lore night meant that he would either recall a tale likely told already or travel a little farther upon the terrain of memory, where those ancient of his kin resided in memory of memory. He would listen to Saskia’s story and Sanek’s poem and dip his nose in thanks for the hearing of both. His thoughts had been on the lands in which Kova and Ayaka had found him, and so it was to that land and its tales he went. “There is a common story I came across in the depth of the east and southlands that I would recall to you now: The tale of the two wolves. Most of you may have heard the proverb of the internal war that plagues us all between a wolf born of sorrow, jealousy, rage, and spite versus that born of joy, altruism, compassion, and empathy; some will remember that the common thread of the tapestry goes on to say that one is evil and one is good.” He stamped his left paw to the earth in swift feigned anger to impact upon the snow-laden ground and gently made a similar but kinder motion with his right. “Both are within us–are us as a limb is to the whole, and I cannot with any greater or lesser insight tell you that one is either inherently good or wholly evil; they are the duality of you, and who you are is what wolf you allow to the fore…but both are you in what measure is allowed.”
                  * Saskia saw that only one or two wolves acknowledged her words. As she listened to the words of Sanek, she smiled softly. It seemed to have a flow of the wind with it. It was almost soothing. She then would look to Rook, who told the story that she was sure all wolves had heard? She loved that short story though. It pulled and pushed at her soul, made her question everything there is. After she listened, She stood up and
                  * Saskia left the circle, coming around the edges to sit and look around. She would look for new wolves to meet. Maybe see some of her friends during the short move. She sat and thought of the diss
                  * Leora she would give a gentle ruuuing sound as she nosed her sister! Happy to have her home. Where did she go? What did she see? So many questions. When her brother returned from being named an assessment, she gave him a nuzzle under his chin to. She would sandwhich herself between her brother and sister. Oh yaaaa.. ultra comf. To Sanek’s poem and her brothers lore, she would envelope herself in ..
                  <Leora> .. their words. Man, she’d have to get good at that word spinnin to!
                  * Panther glanced towards Sanek, listening intently with a wolven smile. His friend was very poetic. He grinned and his tail wagged. His ears swiveled towards Lotus who happily yipped, he spared a glance towards the fae, and then towards Saskia, smiling. The pack would have new wolves joining soon. He looked around, and his gaze landed on Rook. He
                  * Panther listened and dipped his head towards the brute in thanks. He was unaware if he had heard the story, but it didn’t hurt to hear it again if he had. His tail thumped against the snow, then stilled as he continued to listen contentedly.
                  * Leora + and Saskia’s lore
                  * Loumacy turned an ear to Rook as he began to speak, letting the wards flow into her mind, and twist and turn. She ofcourse had never heard the story, but atleast she could not be counted as one of the many. Her tail gave yet again another gentle wag.
                  * Kova she would smile to Saskia and to the lore in which she gave to the pack. ‘Thank you for sharing, Saskia..” she then turned to Rook whom offered his weeve as well. “A fine measure indeed. One worth a weight of either. Sometimes more of one to another.” her tail swung loosely behind her and stomped her paw to the three who shared so far. She’d look to see if any other decided to ..
                  <Kova> .. share before she’d conclude the meeting for this evening.
                  * Sanek he looked down to his paws and when he looked up again he gave a little smile and pondered Saskia’s words and listened to Rook’s as he made his way back to his spot. He knew he’d have to go to sleep soon.
                  <Calder> He would listen to Saskia’s lore, and then Sanek’s woven lore and poem. To that end Rook’s own added story would weeve itself into his mind. A smile creased his muzzle as he recounted the words from the three. Each strumming a tune that would be felt. He’d offer a light pawing of snow to Saskia’s, Sanek’s and Rook’s lore before feeling Fianna slump against him. Poor thing was no doubt ..
                  <Calder> .. exhausted. He knew how far she said she’d go, but how far she truly went, he’d not know. Perhaps the wound to her shoulder he noticed? A low and concerning mm’ing sound escaped his jowls and with no words offered, none needed, he’d groom her coat and allow her to rest. He would look to Rook as he would speak next and gave a dip of his head.
                  * Fianna Hearing Rook tell a tale took her back to the days of her father’s own tales. Rook’s were different, but carved from the same lineage and etched with his own wisdom gleaned from different life lived than that of their father. They had all found paths that branched and crooked and parted and fell and yet somehow intertwined around the same heartbeat. His words would find that heartbeat now and she would find a wolven smile on her muzzle as she quietly listened, letting one paw stamp, then the other in echo of Rook’s from where she may slumped by Calder. Feeling her mate groom her gently she worried she’d fall asleep.
                  * Loumacy gaze moved to the mountains where Saskia said she held from. She knew of mountains, had to manuever through them to get to where she was today, but she had never lived within them for any length aside from passing through. Their voices were gutteral and their words carried slow.
                  * Code watched as Saskia moved off, smiling as the other wolves shared. How powerful words could be, she thought. How sweet words could tickle the ears. She shuffled her paws as the meeting seemed to disband and she looked towards the hunting ground. Hrm. She was still staaaaaaaarving. Maybe someone might want to join her for a hunt? Saskia had
                  * Code promised they could hunt together sometime so maybe she might want to hunt now? She drooled belly rumbling and scampered after the brown fae tail wagging.
                  * Lotus padded up to Cwn eagerly. “Hi, i don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m Lotus. I was listening to you accepting your new role and i would be honored if you could teach me the ways of the pack.”
                  * Saskia sat in the circle and listened to the trees move with the slight breeze. She looked at all of the wolves and then back to the Alphess, wondering if there would be more intriguing lore.
                  * Rook The tale certainly wasn’t his own, but he felt strongly about the duality neither being inherently good or evil. Emotion and action were symptoms of will and affliction of it; he certainly felt one wolf over the other many, many times. Thoughts of those distant lands dwelled in every word until he fell silent and the telling was done. He would then return to listening to any other story, poem, or song that would be offered; he was an eager collector of such things.
                  * Kova the hour was growing late and she would swing her tail once more, stilled it, then looked a long glance to each and all. “I will remember this night and ensure that it is shared in our history and lore to come. The warmth felt and the honored shared by those who are present. I wish to conclude tonight’s meeting and I will call another in a few days time.” her tail thrummed “Rest ..
                  <Kova> .. well. Be well. Eat from the carcass to the east of the hunting grounds if you are hungry. Perhaps there you might find some celebratory fun.” she would gently stomp the stone and rise to conclude the meeting.

                  Pack Meeting #204 – Change

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                  Meeting Notes

                  February 17th, 2022

                  • Kova becomes Alpha
                  • CwnAnnwn and Rune Court
                  • Code Pledged
                  • Shukie and Timber depart – the pack wishes them well on their journey
                  • Shukie becomes honored guest
                  Number Of Wolves Present


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                    Pack Meeting Begins

                    Coming soon

                    Pack Meeting #203 – A New Dawn

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                    Meeting Notes

                    January 11th, 2022

                    • Salem Pledged
                    • Loumacy Pledged
                    • Rook Pledged
                    • CwnAnnwn Assessment
                    • Skydancer Assessment
                    • Timber Pack Member
                    • Timber / Shukie begin courtship
                    • Discussion on new member roles for IRC
                      • Ranked members = @
                      • Members = %
                      • Assessments = +
                      • Pledges = No mark
                    • Announcement from the Alphas – Ayaka, Atraya, and Faolan will return to the Vale
                    Number Of Wolves Present


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                      Pack Meeting Begins

                      c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ His path was meant also for his daughters, but the stone of Sisyphus now must roll uphill, and roll it shall for one final time before Zeus himself was made to recant. When Fianna and Kwa`ani paused, he could not help but dwell richly and sadly upon the metaphor unfolding. They would remain and he would depart. Perhaps it was not he rolling the stone…perhaps he was Zeus slowly becoming undone? He felt the metaphors entwine and escape like a tapestry beginning to unravel with every padfall he took to the Alphas rock. Shukie was just a few padfalls ahead of him and perhaps nearly to it before he chuffed to her in the voice of one who could now only remember… the one who had saved one last spot in his memory for an image that would not yet be this. ”Time to herald in the dusk so that dawn may be all the more sweetly seen” And there, he would leap up to the stone’s upper surface and await his mate.
                      * Atraya had remained near Ayaka and her son and when she felt her mates movements, despite being not near him just yet she rose to all fours. She nosed the pair beside her before turning and making her way to the stone as well. A weight would be heavy upon her but outwardly, she seemed to hold the harlod of calm. Her paws would tap the earth lightly before her as she would slowly lead up the stones surface to stand shoulder to shoulder with her mate. Only a moment longer before she’d howl for a gathering.
                      * Rook To be simultaneously uplifted and crushed in the foment that was life at this very moment. It was enough to make him want to stop feeling, but he was the awestruck observer to the recedence of ocean’s front. He knew the tsunami was coming, but his proverbial paws remained fixed lest he miss an observation to recount later. ”The white wolf awakened…you, above all others, will reside upon the hills and stones of my kin in the hallowed terrane of my memory. You will have an honored seat next to my mother and father. “ Much more could be said and should be said, but his voice caught in his throat and he tarried too long…The moment and the wave was upon him.
                      * Shukie gave a deep and respectful nod to Faolan and rather than ascend the top most layer of the stone she navigated to the slightly lower ledge, a knowing look in her gaze when she turn again to him. Adding her own tones to Atraya’s howl of calling hte meeting to order. “Once more, together a meeting you both herald, proud to be by your sides.” and with that she fell silent leaving
                      * Shukie the gavel and events to the alpha pair.
                      * skydancer upon reaching the frozen stream where it enters the forest dividing hunting ground from Clearing she turns her paws even further west and continues along its bank in a steady unhurried gate until she reaches the Clearing eastern treeline. Drawing to a halt she quickly noticed the scent entire pack gathering around. Droppingg her prize she sets to digging a hole in the snow with quick precise motions before dropping the
                      * skydancer meal in init then covers it up by shoving it she with her muzzle. Only when she is happy with the arrangement does she pad out into the open. It won’t be good if she too late for a gathering afteral.
                      * Sanek before he could think, his paws were instictively carrying him to the alpha stone after hearing Atraya’s howl. He would seat himself in a place that both spaces to his sides were empty, so that his friends could sit there if they arrived soon enough.
                      * Panther would move towards the eastern cache, he made near the northeast corner, but not quite there. He’d remain in the shadows of the trees as he discarded the meat into the cache and covered them up, but upon hearing the howls of the Alpha’s, he’d finish up in the eastern treeline and trot quickly into the clearing, heading towards the Alpha
                      * Panther Rock.
                      * Panther + If he arrived quickly enough, he’d seat himself beside Sanek, the other spot next to him likely empty unless someone filled it.
                      <`Raven> <Faolán> c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ Only when his mate offered her voice, would he too beckon the Song ever nearer to those that reside within the clearing. When all was once again quiet, he would look to his mate and offer her the first words.
                      * Ayaka knew Shukie was likely busy and the meeting had been called, thus, as Rook spoke she moved back to his side to settle, the ebb and flow of his words pulling the chords of her own heart and when he faltered, she felt the welling of her own emotion and dipped her head over his shoulder a moment in a brief wordless response. “It is all, and more, than I could ask for.” She offered simply once she straightened again. To be
                      <`Raven> remembered was an honor, and even more so be remembered well and in a good light.
                      Fianna had waited for Kwaani’s response, but it seemed the fae had been lost I thought from whatever conversation she had shared with their father. A lick to Kwa’ani’s snout would give her love and then Fianna would rise and pad in her father’s wake, having somehow missed the import in his earlier words. She had longed in the past to have a chance to follow in his footsteps, and now if only in the physical sense,she
                      <`Raven> would, settling near the stone to perk to the song of her parents voice entwined together. Heart rising to the crescendo, still unaware of the true import of what was to come, she would wait with baited breath.
                      * Kova she would hear the call of a meeting and her lids began to slowly open. She could at least see part of the clearing from her vantage. “If anything… I would like to get closer.” she would usher towards Rune and giving Rune little time to protest, she slowly pressed her paws into the snow and began to crawl herself forward. Luckily for her, wolves have come and gone and had allowed the ..
                      <Kova> .. snow to smoothen out so she looked like a penguin, sliding on her belly if only to be at the tree’s edge, in the clearing proper if she was not stopped. She did her very best to keep her head low and not swing.
                      * Leora just as she was closing the distance between herself and Sirris she heard her mothers howl. Seeing her big sisters and brother, she would give a happy yip! None the wiser to anything going on, she would lope in their direction. When reaching Fianna, Kwa’ani and Rook, she would nuzzle them if they remained closer. She would seat herself nearby.
                      * Sirris would hear the call of the alphess from her rock. A pack meeting has been called, the white fae was curious, much to her excitement she would sprint towards the direction of Alpha rock. She wondered who will be called this day? Who will join the ranks and who will be promoted? Oh, what an exciting day! Sirris would have thought as she attempted to sprint a lot faster in hopes of arriving much sooner.
                      <Calder> He wouldn’t be far but fairly close to the clearing when he heard the call. Drifting up from his resting place, he began to slowly make his way to the clearing and to the heeded howl.
                      * Atraya as the wolves began to gather she’d wait for the familiar scents of those who where to be called, enter the fold. Her paws shifted beneath her in thought. There was much to talk about this meeting and so she would begin. Her gaze was on the horizon and there she’d chuff for both Loumacy , Rook, and Salem to approach.
                      * Cwn The male perked as the howl for a gathering was made by the lead pair. He turned to Kova and was about to bow his head to the fae to take his leave, but he saw the fae attempting to rise. He moved to her side, knowing Rune would not be happy with him, but he doubted Kova would listen to him. He would attempt to use his body to help keep her steady and allow her to move closer to the gathering.
                      * Timber chuff to Salem and Loumacy seemed to go unnoticed, perhaps it was because of the throng of wolves now within the clearing, but whatever the reason he would understand. Instead of pursuing his greetings he would turn at the sound of the voice of the one who held his hopes, and the voices of the other alpha’s. A strong trio, full of wisdom no doubt. He would move to seat himself amongst the others.
                      * Kwa`ani had been lost in thought until the alpha howls rang out and there too she followed and would settle beside her sister and fellow guardian. “Sorry my sister, I was lost in thought of papa’s words and wisdom.” returning the lick then settling, a smile forming when the odd fae was called forth along with Salem, a returning member if she recalled correctly.
                      * Salem stood up straight and looked at the group now growing more and more everytime he checked. “You’re right, it does sound like a good way to learn about a few of them or find possible avenues of conversation in the future,” he said thoughtfully. “There are definitely some here that I have gotten to know for the first time and some I’ve once known but not for a long time.  And still I’m sure there are a few more that I have yet to meet for the first time, and the first time is a special one!” he said with more enthusiasm. When he would approach the gathering of wolves, he was surprised that he would be getting there just as he and Lou were being called. As if on some sort of queue. He quickly stepped forward to stand in front of the Alphas with
                      * Salem a bow of his head before raising it hoping that Lou would do the same.
                      * Shakira had moved off to the far eastern woods bordering the Hunting Grounds the night she had led the tracking excursion, curious if perhaps she could push the herd further into the Hunting Grounds if she could find them, however, it was not to be. After finding neither scent nor sight of the herd that she, Panther, and Sanek had nearly tracked down, she would have made her way further south and into the wooded areas bordering the southwestern Hunting Grounds. Now seated near the small pool at the streams end, she would be lost in thought until the rich tones of the Alpha female would ring clear to the northwest and then shortly after the Alpha males tones would join to harmonize as she hadn’t heard in years, her body instinctively rising to heed the call of her Alphas, paws carrying her swiftly towards the Clearing from the south east.
                      Fianna would have found herself settled fairly near Rook and Ayaka and her eyes gleaned as she scanned them, tail waving, wondering what import they shared between them before her youngest sister arrived and she’d nuzzle the fae, happy to see her as her tail told, swaying faster than ever as she licked the young wolf’s muzzle in find greeting. Turning to see Kwa’ani had followed her she would nose her and her gaze spoke
                      <`Raven> of no harm done!
                      * skydancer padding across the snowy expanse in a jog her ears draw forward at the double howl summoning the pack to the meeting though it doesn’t look like many are missing. I fact it seems rather busy just like when she first arrived. Approaching the back of the group she sits onto her hindpaws silently wondering how many and whom would still be there a year from now. Or two. Not that many she figured but only time will tell.
                      * Rook He first listened to Ayaka’s words as one who now only had moments to feverishly write down the annals of events untouched yet by stone or page. It was deep in and from that recollection that both his parent’s voices stole him. The wave had reached its critical height, and no amount of running away would now save him. Instead, he drew himself towards them and the alphas rock in hopes that he would find salvation
                      <`Raven> from the truth he knew crashing towards him.
                      * Loumacy watched as wolves gathered and settled, and she too was about to find a place among the masses of fluff but then she froze as her ears caught the chuff and her pale yellow eyes honed in on Atraya. She paused wondering if she indeed saw and heard what she saw and heard infront of all these other beautiful souls. Ears perked to attention, then a little tell wag, and like a spring
                      * Loumacy her body seemed to hipe itself up before turning to bounce around Salem she then lept forward nosing all the wolves along the way as she yipped and pranced and jumped til she skidded to a halt infront of Atraya herself. Ears up, ears flat, ears up, ears flat. Whine. Whimper. YIP! She was so excited that she seemed to forget why she was standing there, and this much would perhaps be rather
                      * Loumacy obvious to those who watched as a look of confusion dawned on her features and her words said, “Is Coneward in trouble Alpha Atraya? I was sleeping and unable to watch him…” She admitted an apologetic whine.
                      *Sirris The white fae would move closer to alpha rock, wondering if she would in fact arrive on time to see who would be called forth. Not long after the fae would arrive at the meeting, looking around to see who was called towards the alphas. Was she on time?
                      *Rune The ivory fae frowns at Kova’s movements towards the Clearing, Atraya’s howl rising into the air, summoning the group. She watches as CwnAnnwn goes to help Kova move, and the Caretaker uses those few moments to return to gather the herbs she had left with Kova. One safely within the bundle, she lopes over to Kova and CwnAnnwn, supporting Kova’s other side, the Caretaker doing her best to lift the fae above the snow.
                      *Timber Seeing another white fae (Sirris) approach their gathering, one he felt he’d seen if not truly met before, Timber would shift to show she was welcome and nodded her way with a wag of his bushy tail before his attention was called to the stone and two wolves to be ussured forth. His ears perked and he would soak in the dramatic flair this pack possessed which so richly added to all their lives.
                      * Faolan He awaited the trio of wolves to approach and looked to each one, including his son with a gaze to melt through steel and façade. When Loumacy, the odd fae he had only met briefly spoke, he turned and with what gentle tones he could, ”It is customary to remain silent until you are spoken to when come before this stone and the stewards of this land. Be at peace and be quiet until called upon to speak.”
                      * Sanek he set down the piece of meat and nosed Panther happily. He watched as Lou was called up with Salem and Rook, and was once more speaking in riddles. When he saw Sirris nearing the stone he would wait till she would see him and would point to the spot next to him, inviting her to sit there if she wanted.
                      * Atraya she’d wait for their scents to loft to her and when she could sense them, her nose dipped. To Loumacy’s question and vibrant tones she would simply look ahead while holding a light but serious expression. Perhaps mirroring her mates sentiments. Perhaps to later answer her question. “Rook, Loumacy and Salem…you three have been a constant presence within our home or born within it. ..
                      <Atraya> .. Threads in a very large tapestry and perhaps to grow even bigger. You have approached me in requesting to join our pack and family and I would like to ask you now, before all whom you desire to call family that if you still desire to join and why.” she’d allow the pair to offer their words to the pack.
                      * Ragaire  Upon returning to the Clearing last night with Kwa’ani, she had returned to her and her siblings’ den. She’d been snoozing for most of the day, emerging every so often to snuffle around the densite before lounging around again. The pup was in the middle of one of those snoozing naps when a howl rouses her. She picks her head up and perks her ears, nose trying to gather the scents in the Clearing below. Lots and lotsa smells! Oh fantastic! Maybe there would be another hunt! Could she participate this time? ☽✩
                      * Kova with the pair on eitherside, the helped slide her along with little to no effort on her part. Grateful for their attention and help, she would finally stop moving when she was within the clearing, near her favorite blue spruce. Once settled, she would look to the pair and quietly uttered “Get closer if you need, I will be ok here…” finally she would once more lower her head again, ..
                      <Kova> .. finding the sprigs taste still in her mouth, but did start to provide some comfort.
                      * Panther listened as he seated himself near Sanek, he nosed the brown brute in return, the other spot beside Panther was empty. Perhaps he smelt the white fae, but if he did, he didn’t show to much interest at the moment. He watched as Loumacy, Salem, and Rook were called forth. Panther smiled softly glad Lou might be becoming a pledge. He had
                      * Panther found himself in the same spot, among the two faes as they gazed down at him. Though now it was different and their was three alpha’s upon the stone. He’d glance over his shoulder, perhaps seeing Timber, if he did he’d offer the spot next to him, since the brown brute offered Sirris the spot next to him.
                      * Leora bright eyes would fall to her mother and father. How nice they looked wayyyy up there! To her brothers approach to the stone, she would tilt her head and look up at her sisters with quiz-like eyes. Turning then she listened. Remembering to be quiet and respectful at meetings.
                      * Shukie would give a dip of her head to the trio before them. As in times past she stood beside the alpha pair, Beta then, now Alpha as well. Tonight was theirs to be had and lessons for her to learn yet no doubt. A wide smile to her muzzle given to each. Her nod that of approval as she listened, hearing this many times yet still took mental notes.
                      *Cwn Turned his head to look over as Rune suddenly joined them and helped Kova move closer, he gave her a sheepish smile, expecting to hear from the fae later. Once Kova got as close as she wanted and told them to move closer should they wish to, he would once more lightly nose the fae before he did indeed approach closer to the alpha’s rock and the gathered wolves. Silver brute found a spot close enough to hear what was being said and settled upon his haunches, he was a bit anxious, wondering if he would be granted his previous request this night.
                      * Kwa`ani would have given her brother a nudge to get him moving when he was called forth for she had not known he requested to join the pack at long last. A soft, ‘go bro’ was giving tho likely not heard.
                      * Salem prepared himself for what he thought Atraya might say though he didn’t miss the brief exchange before he heard her speaking. He waited for his turn or would let any of the others speak before he offered his response. “I have once called this place home and after many years away, I would like to once again call this place home and it’s inhabitants my family.” He said, his
                      * Salem tone and words maybe a little wiser as he spoke them as he now knew better what both meant.
                      * Sirris Upon her arrival the fae would notice the brute Timber offer her a nod. Sirris would give him a kind wolfish grin at his acknowledgement, moving to pad over towards Panther and Sanek. She let out a sigh as she sat with the brute, giving them each a nosing while she turned towards the alpha’s and watched the gathering take place.
                      * Fianna Pink As her brother and the other two were called forth she would feel a happy surprise to see her brother taking the first steps to put down roots of his own in the story that she had always lived, that was her home. Was he truly going to stay, if at least a bit closer? Heart warming she watched, leaning to nuzzle Leora again and press her shoulder to Kwa’ani. Family. +Oh yes! If Ragaire’s scent was to be suddenly stronger, she would perk to the advance of her daughter and mate as well as she would seek to corral the little one before she dusrupted the meeting, she would rise and gingerly make her way to meet Ragaire, nudging her joyfully with licks, and Calder too, before returning to find a seat and whispering to Ragaire to be quiet and listen!
                      <Calder> He would have found himself near all the gathered. Finding his mate among them he’d seem to head in that direction and it would seem as though his wayward daughter also joined in. He was silent and respectful when he seated himself near. Hopefully drawing no attention to himself.
                      * Rook – He would be pulled once more from looking upon the wave by Loumacy’s question, his father’s answer, and his mother’s request. What a time to be alive…the once proud frame lowered in stature to accept the weight of the task and request given, but his voice remained as that of the storyteller…”A story for a story and a tale for a tale has long been my creed and wager to those I infrequently saw yet frequently missed. The tale I tell comes near its end, and although I find myself saddened by it, there is a tale I wish to live and be player and teller to here. The land crafted by stories and from stories…a land and pack to whom I am indebted to. A story for a story and a tale for a tale if one finds me worthy enough of telling it.” He would wait his turn, speak, and then bow his head and gaze to the base of the stone before him.
                      * Rune The Caretaker remains by Kova’s side, allowing the Beta fae to lean against her should she choose. She was not to be pledged this night and would remain by the side of those who needed her. Out of the corner of her eye, she watches one of Fianna and Calder’s pups zooming down the hill towards the gathering wolves. Another one to keep her eye on, it would see, though she was glad to see both of the pup’s parents
                      <`Raven> nearby as well.
                      * Loumacy despite being a bit of stocky femme, shrunk some under Faolan’s words, showing more fear the pleasure at where she stood now. Atraya’s tone, though a little lighter, seemed to seal that fear directly into the marrow of her bones. When Atraya stopped speaking, big amber eyes dared a glance at Faolan for a moment, but she would let someone else dare to speak first not wanting to risk
                      * Loumacy another reprimand, even if only by word. Her ears remained flat, even as Salem spok, though she still listened, his seemed simple enough. Then there was Rook’s, his was beautiful and poetic, but verse seemed to escape her in that moment. A moment of silience passed and deciding not to look at either Alpha, in an effort to regain some guts, her gaze turned to the rest in the pack. Bright
                      * Loumacy and perky Leora, always helpful Panther, brave lead huntress Shakira, admirable Kwa`ani who she still owed a pine cone, and still many others she had never met. The words slipped from her maw like a stream of thought, “I’ve never had a family before. I’ve never had other wolves look at me and see me as one of their own. Why, for the longest time it’s just been me and Coneward singing a
                      * Loumacy tune only the wind could follow.” She then tunred back to the Alphas, “I want to have a place where I belong, where the labor is shared, where the hearts are warm, where there is no need to chase after the lights in the sky, because Wolfspirits is a place where the sun will always rise.”
                      *Ragaire The pup gasps. Momma and puppa?! Hooray! This was fantastic! She barrels towards the gathering wolves despite Atraya having already begun the meeting and the invisible talking stick of formality being passed around. As she nears the gathering wolves she skids against the snow, Fianna having noticed the pup approaching at meeting-ruining speeds. She whines, licking up at momma and then puppa’s faces, tail wagging furiously down near her hocks. Oh this was fantastic, they were gonna be so proud of her. But, oh, what’s this? Quiet? Ugh, that wasn’t fair! She had so much to say and show! For now the pup hops along beside her parents, setting beside puppa, leaning into Calder’s shoulder to do her best to watch.
                      * Kwa`ani watched the proceedings yet moreso watched the wolves around her, their reactions, actions and inactions. When her sister slipped off to wrangle her daughter she smiled remembering the night prior. Giving a nod to Loumacy if the fae looked in her direction during her speak she remained quiet, the quiet observer.
                      * Faolan In the silent language, he listened to the beat and cadence of restless paws or tails. In the silent language, he dwelled within the moment of the flinch or downturned gesture. It was the order made from the Alpha’s will, but not one done to make one languish. He judged the words like a hunter judged its prey, and when he found none wanting, he dipped his nose. ”I find sincerity in each and would know them as the wind knows the bough of the tree it whistles by.” He, like they, would await his mate’s voice.
                      * Shakira , as she drew within sight of the thinning trees that would lead her into the Clearing, would take note of the various scents of wolves who had traveled recently into the Clearing from a similar direction, her tawny form finally emerging and continuing on towards the Alphas Rock, the gathering already quite large and the proceedings underway. Quietly finding a spot near the back, she’d offer no more than a sway
                      * Shakira of her tail or a nod of her head to any who might notice her, not daring to take away from the advancements being made.
                      <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Fianna could tell something exciting held her daughter’s attention, but she knew it was a well learned lesson to allow any news to wait until it could properly be savored or given thought. As such she would watch Ragaire out of the corner of her eye to make sure the pup was on her best behavior, while she allowed herself to settle once more, seeing others still trickling in. Her eyes would pass over Kova’s still aching
                      <`Raven> looking frame and she would hope the fae was at least healing, if slowly? But now wasn’t the time to inquire, pledging was a serious step even if it was the first, and Fianna listened to the words offered with care and weight.
                      * Atraya to the heart felt words she’d rise a paw up lightly before lowering it to the stone beneath her. “True words, and truer felt.” she would dip her head to the three. Heart felt and truly forged from their desire to join made known, she’d now look ahead to those who bare it’s witness. Pressing her shoulder to her mates, she’d continue. “As all lay witness to Salem’s returned pledge, to ..
                      <Atraya> .. Rooks pledge and Loumacy’s pledge to this pack and their journey to join us, the new chapters to unfold with us..”she would pause before she’d continue ” I would like to have the honor of naming you pledges of WolfSpirits. To those you cross and new paths forged, may you introduce yourself to all you meet.” her paw would rise again and she’d stomp it lightly. The joy and pride that would ..
                      <Atraya> .. radiate off her fur and frame would be immeasurable.
                      * Faolan He would stamp his paw upon the stone for each of the new pledges before his eyes showed true the happiness he felt at seeing the trio named.
                      <Calder> He’d remain quiet and when Ragaire would approach he would be quick to offer a nosing and a low gruffing “hush” tone if only to ensure she would still, then he turned his gaze back to the wolves at the Alpha’s stone. To Atraya’s paw stomping, he would dip his head and offer a chuff in the wake of the three new pledges.
                      * Ayaka too would remain settled and silent, her heart beating in chords now and her thoughts often gathering the flavor of others, her heart swelled as the pack welcomed three new threads to weave into song and story, and she would lift her muzzle to chuff her own seasoned tones in welcome and glad tidings.
                      * Shukie watched each wolf as they spoke, “Salem you have returned a past valued member, may you be so once again.” To Loumacy, “You fought for this pack, protecting a member without out thought to yourself.” To Rook, “You return to the pack, your tales for a tale, a story for a story. I look forward to all your progression to pack and welcome you.” She too tamped her paw upon the stone
                      * Shukie with a nod of her head.
                      * Panther watched as all the wolves gave a speech, he smiled softly when finally Loumacy spoke. His tail giving a subtle wag as his name was mentioned, he’d gaze towards Shukie as she spoke to Lou about helping a member. He’d dip his head towards them both, and offer a paw stomp gratefully.
                      * Kova the meeting’s joyful tones would reach her and it was there in the thrawls of joy did she see the three wolves to whom now where named pledges. Rook being among the gathered who pledged themselves to the pack. Though she wasn’t to not mind the Caretaker and rise her head up to chuff bark in return, she’d settle for a rapid wave of her tail and a gentle whine that escaped only her and would ..
                      <Kova> .. be in earshot of any who was near her.
                      * Kwa`ani lifted her muzzle with a soft howl for the trio, so excited to see her brother take the step. His path had been far different from theirs tho now it seemed to be a path that convereged once more.
                      * Rook   A reprieve, a moment’s mercy afforded him saw him named by his mother and by his father. It was not the end, but the beginning of the name given him when the world became mute. He would dare his tail to wag furiously to even the mean old bus lady’s words to him…yes, sometimes he still referred to her as such but would never tell. He knew that this moment was short lived, and so quietly returned back to Ayaka’s side when the congratulations had passed.
                      * Fianna Pink Fianna would lift her own voice in a chuff, for her brother – remembering the excitement of when they used to be pups, thinking about when they might become Lemon Pledge, now the time had come to welcome three into the fold and she wouldn’t be silent, her bark would be happy and welcoming.
                      * Leora her tail swung quickly behind her and she gave yapping barks to her brother! ‘Yay!’ she would say for all three, but a lil special ‘yay’ for Rook. She would have to investigate all this new and great advancements.
                      * Sanek poetry true from the heart, Lou’s riddles and rhymes would be woven and heard like a bird’s song, clear and beautiful in it’s own way. One didn’t need to understand it to know and feel it. His tail thumped the ground happy for the three wolves.
                      * Rune At the announcement of the addition of three pledges, Rune chuffs in congratulations, her tail sweeping the snow behind her once. The ivory fae remains at Kova’s side, keeping an eye at the wolf while watching the meeting respectfully.
                      * Salem waited for a moment until they had all finished speaking and for their own howls to ring in the air before joining in, adding his own just like his footprint to the Pack around them. His tail finally felt free to wag behind him and it did so with all of the pent up energy he had been withholding until that moment. He bowed to the three of them before walking back among the gathered
                      * Salem wolves to find a place, nosing anyone who offered or that he recognized before finding a spot to observe the rest of the meeting.
                      * Ayaka would welcome Rook back with a dip of her head and the sway of her tail, silvery eyes bright before she caught sight of Shakira joining the group as well and she’d sway her tail to the lead huntress, before turning to once again allow her eyes to remain to stone and star, and to what New lineage Shukie might bring to the table with her own role and right.
                      * /Ragaire Indigo ✩☾ The pup’s head slowly rotates into a tilt, her amber eyes trained on those above the rock and those below it. What was goin’ on up there? It didn’t look like too much fun, much too quiet and stiff. Ragaire tears her attention away from gramma and grumpa to look around her, spotting many wolves she knew and many wolves she did not. She’d have to go say hello later! ☽✩
                      * Shakira would offer a low howl for the newest Pledges to the pack, all of which being ones she would make note to become better acquainted with as two were known at surface level while one was unknown to her.
                      * Atraya when all the howls and joyful tones would subside, she would turn to her mate and brush her nose along his lightly. Next order of business…
                      * Loumacy ears perked, and this time they stayed perked with her tail moving a mile a minute. She wanted to jump, to yip, to howl! But could she? Was that allowed? When Salem howled, the questions in her mind ceased and she let one rip, a howl ofcourse! Before bouncing around in circles and heading down towards the rest of the pack playfully bowing here and there before moving towards the
                      * Loumacy back, yipping at that one pup that was peaking around adult paws, and then, once she had made it to a quiet spot, out of the way, she flopped over, tail quietly thumping the snow. No doubt listening to Coneward, the pinecone attached to her side, words of congratulations.
                      * skydancer chuckles slightly at rambunctious youngster antics though her attention is quickly drawn to the pledgings. When the others lift their voices in congratulations she adds her own to the mix for the first time in far too long
                      * Cwn The male would tilt his head back and let out a howl along with the others for the trio of new pledges. Lowering his maw, he would look toward the alpha’s rock and await the next topic to be covered.
                      *Faolan   A few moments were given for the new pledges to find their paws and racing hearts and for them to finally return to the fold after the swelling celebration. He felt the sturdiness of the rock beneath him and the two beside him. With that strength, he looked to CwnAnnwn and then to Skydancer, calling to both to come forward.
                      * skydancer head comes up despite half expecting something along these lines still caught, once again, of guard. Quickly rising to all fours she approaches with her head and tail appropriately lowered though that sneaky banner tip does a little wag. Upon reaching the Rock she settle onto her hind paws waiting for the alphas words.
                      * Cwn The silver male perked as Sky and then he were called up to the rock, taking a deep breath, he would stand and pad forward at a steady pace. He glanced at those gathered as he padded by them and then stopped below the rock and bowed before his gaze fell upon the three who stood upon it.
                      * Timber Absorbing the knowledge that wolves who wandered must once again forge new roots even if memory had kept them, Timber’s tail would have swayed in congratulations to those who had taken the step, looking now to the small fae he had recently met as she and the silvery grey male made their way forth. What steps were now to be taken? If he’d had a notepad and a way to write upon it, he would he turning to a new page.
                      * Shukie cast a glance toward where her sister, kova, frowning for she’d moved. Further scanning would show her the fae had joined as best she could the meeting, a quiet nod given to her before pulling her attention back to the meeting and the next event. When the duo was called she smiled broading for the additional return of the horde, nodding to each.
                      * Ragaire Indigo ✩☾ Mischievous eyes look around, from wolf to wolf, all of them sitting very still and quiet, only moving when called forward. The pup shuffles and boops Calder’s shoulder with her nose before leaning against him again, looking up at her puppa with big amber eyes. She had many questions but would clamp her jaws shut, looking to grumpa up high on the rock. It had been some time since the pup’s naming ceremony and
                      <`Raven> Ragaire likely wouldn’t understand her own need to pledge for quite some time.
                      * Kwa`ani leaned over to her brother with a whisper..’You forgot to wear your cape!” then straightened up once more.
                      * Salem made his way into the group but would quietly stand up to go and make his way to sit beside Lou so that he would have someone else to whisper to during the meeting and perhaps explain customs and traditions further. “Congrats,” he whispered to her even though he was also made a Pledge to while his attention was still on Sky and another wolf who had been called forward that
                      * Salem he had a slight tilt in his head to determine if he remembered meeting the wolf at one point as well.
                      * Faolan  Amber hues watched the two wolves make their approach to the stone, and a moment yet was given for them to collect themselves upon the trodden snow beneath them before he spoke. ”Both of you come before us with roots almost as deep as the Roghas in these lands and among my kin. CwnAnnwn, your father’s padfalls still echo in those I and you take. Although you are not your father, you find yourself casting the same steadfast presence he once had. Skydancer, long are the stories within which you dwell of pack, kin, and deed. Both of you have come to us or have returned to us having honored the pledge and oath to become Assessments. Tell us here and true, do you wish to continue on the journey to becoming full members of this pack. If so, tell me who will vouch for your words. “ to the last of his requests, he looked up and to those gathered to see if any would come forward for Cwn or Sky when they had spoken the words of their hearts.
                      * Loumacy nosed Salem as he settled next to her, and then rested her head lazily against him as she continued to lay there like a patch of snow under a shedding tree. Still, she didn’t say anything just quietly watched with those big curious amber eyes. Her tail lightly thumping against the snow. She herself wasn’t exactly good at sitting still unless she was asleep and even then she would
                      * Loumacy twitch as she dreamed. Her gaze occasionally slipped over to the pup who she had yet to meet, amused, before looking back to those who stood up front. Listening, waiting, learning, and compling questions for Salem.
                      * Atraya to her mates request of the pack, she would hold herself stedfast beside Faolan as she awaited for the others and to those whom might speak for both CwnAnnwn and Skydancer.
                      *Rune The fae’s copper and amber eyes rest upon CwnAnnwn and Skydancer, Faolan’s words as best put as was possible. From her first moons among the pack, both wolves had been present, and Rune was glad to see them taking steps to return to the pack in full.
                      * Shukie could easily vouch for both yet prefered a pack member do so, just as her sister spoke up glaring at her briefly for being up and about. Instead she gave a nod to Kova’s words as she looked to each wolf present.
                      * Leora didn’t know if she counted or not, but her tail swung happily behind her as she rose a paw. “I like them both!” though she’d seen either one a few times now, all her encounters where very nice, pleasant and if anything perhaps she wanted to add her voice to the mix.
                      * Ragaire  Hmm, grampa’s new words were different his eyes lookin’ up and around. “Yah!” She pipes up, hopping to her paws and loping over to Skydancer, leaving Calder and Fianna behind before they could snatch her scruff. Looking up to Faolan, who had asked for her option, obviously. “She’s very fast and good at hiding. Right, Kwa? Good to watch with the beasties too!” The pup wags her tail, looking to Sky and then back up to grumpa.
                      * Rune The Caretaker’s ear swivels out to listen to the Beta fae’s words. Raising her head she repeats them louder for the council of wolves before them to hear. “Kova vouches both for CwnAnnwn and Skydancer. Both are true to themselves and to the WolfSpirits.” The fae noses Kova gently, hoping she did the wolf’s words justice.
                      * Cwn would nod his head to the lead pair and Shukie before speaking. “I know I have been here before and made this pledge and failed to keep my word and set out upon wandering paws.” He took a moment to collect his thoughts, “This pack is my family”, he would turn around and sweep his gaze upon those gathered, addressing them as much as the Alpha’s, “This land is my home, both by birth and because it is where my heart lies”, his gaze settled a moment on Rune before he gazed to the others and then turned back to the Alphas. “It is also where my father now rests eternally and to whom I have made a vow to pick up his mantle as defender of these lands and the wolves who make it their home, the wolves both he and I call family.” He looked up to Atraya, Fao and Shukie, “It would be my honor to set paw upon the path to officially becoming a member of the pack. I CwnAnnwn, son of Nightstalker, pledge myself to the pack” He looked out to those gathered as he thought over who would vouch for him, but he did not get a chance to name one when Kova through Rune, spoke out on behalf of Sky and himself. He would bow his head to the fae before turning back to the three upon the rock.
                      * Salem kept his attention on Faolan as he spoke, finding the brute of few sentences chose them carefully enough that one didn’t want to miss a word. He knew Sky from before and now he saw her stand before them now. While others would speak and offer their voices, he would do the same, maybe even surprising himself. His tone was not over any of theirs and might have been a voice that
                      * Salem only affirmed what was being asked. “I remember meeting Sky as one of the first members of the Pack before and seeing her here again has been wonderful.” Maybe he was speaking of Cwn as well if he had met the wolf in the past since it would have been in his first walking of this land that he would have met him.
                      * Panther took a deep breath, he glanced towards Kova and Rune, agreeing with them. He’d gaze towards Skydancer and CwnAnnwn now. He’d gaze towards the Alpha’s now, gaze set specifically on Faolan. “The two wolves that you three, and the pack see before you have been true, for as long as I’ve been here at least, Sure Sky might have wandering
                      * Panther paws but we all do, and she returns ready to apply herself again. As for, CwnAnnwn, He’s been there for the pack, joining in whatever he can. I’d be happy to see them both become members of the pack.” He’d offer his voice at last.
                      * Loumacy watched and listened. Her gaze moving from one wolf to the next, pup included, and her head even jerking up a bit in surprise when Salem spoke. She settled back down though, tail continually thumping, a soft drum beat all it’s own. She listened and waited. Did the whole pack need to agree? Did everyone need to voice? Still, she kept quiet, tallying her questions for Salem, glad
                      * Loumacy she had him as a friend, and ever curious about that boistrous little rag-a-muffin of a pup. A griggle escaped when the tyke spoke up.
                      * Sanek his tail would beat its agreement to Panther’s words. Sky and Cwn had proven themselves, once more it seemed. He would look around the gathered wolves to see how many were there, and if he didn’t recognize some of them to make a note and meet them later.
                      <Calder> Ragaire would be off like a flash and before he even had time to react to snatch her back, he would turn to Fianna then back to the young one. Decorum and respect is what he’d learned through his time at meetings. One couldn’t blame the young one to have the energy she did, but, she’d also know the ways of the pack. He’d wait to see if Fianna rose to go after her before he did. Doing his best ..
                      <Calder> .. to pay attention to each carefully placed word from all.
                      * skydancer listens quietly to faolans words which are pretty much as expected though the last part catches her more then just a little of guard. As with all things one step at a time.”I, I would, if allowed , return to these lands and this pack which provided a home and a safe haven in my time of greatest need. And then went on to prove as I strived to proof that we are one pack and though my own curiosity and urge to wander proved
                      * skydancer to strong for the past coule of seasons I stand here now in hopes of returning to the fold once more.” She fals silent not sure whom to name even she dares to do so. Asking someone? Here and now? That seems a bit sudden. But then the pup from last night is bouncing around and others aslo speak up maybe if she holds still she will mistaken for a bit of snow…?
                      <`Raven> <Fianna> c/aya Ayaka would sit up, more focused if possible on this step she had not seen before, yet one full of import and meaning. Was she – a wanderer herself now- allowed to vouch? So many memories would flit through her mind of Skydancer’s role in the pack and truly she had much wisdom to offer, if not always around. When the fae and the brute would both speak, Ayaka would rise and look to the stone and those presiding. “I have had many
                      <`Raven> a chance to observe Skydancer’s loyalty to this pack, in body and bone, in spirit and song. She has given much to this land and it’s denizens, and I would vouch for her in a heartbeat, glad to see her desire to come back and hopefully remain.” She wished she knew CwnAnnwn better and so to vouch for him as well, but hopefully others had those words to offer. Truly, skydancer had gnawed her own paw nearly off when trying to help the pack..
                      <`Raven> Surely that must count for something?
                      <`Raven> <Faolán> c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ It would feel like long and tense moments between his question and the response of his kin, but it was only a fleeting moment. Perhaps it was less than that for his granddaughter and his youngest daughter, but he regarded their words with a brief wave of his tail. To those others that vouched, he offered his customary quiet regard and gaze. ”So my kin have spoken, and so you are named as Assessments of
                      <`Raven> Wolfspirits. Our voice is one. May you both find purchase, cause, and creed to be numbered as one of my kin when next you are called before the stone.” He would stamp his paw against the stone beneath him in congratulations towards Cwn and Sky.
                      <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink at the same moment (though she couldn’t post it sooner) ad Ragaire leapt off with her coy and sassy boop to the father figure, where had she got the sass anyway? Surely not from her! Fianna would rise and move forward to stand beside Ragaire, reaching down to nose her as she whispered, “pups are meant to listen and be silent until they have grown and learned how to be respectful. You have not lived long enough to
                      <`Raven> understand of what your grandfather asks. Come.” She tugged the little fae’s pelt and gave her a Stern look before turning back, expecting her to follow.
                      * Shukie nodded to CwnAnnwn, “If the heart is not true the vow is meaningless. Create your own pawprints for others to use as a guide and show in deed.” Her gaze turned to skydancer, her spirit sister. “Long has your path been here and given to the continuance of the pack before venturing out and now to return.” Looking to both now, “I welcome you home once more.” She too tamped her paw
                      * Shukie upon the stone giving each wolf a dip of her head.
                      * Atraya when she felt her mates movements and the words he shared, she too would stomp her paw softly to the stone for both skydancer and Cwn. Honored for their return to their home and fold.
                      * Kwa`ani yipped in resonse to the acceptance adding her voice to the welcoming howls and wishing a successful journey
                      * Rune The Caretaker also watched Ragaire dance off to Skydancer’s side, taking advantage of the chorus of voices around Alpha Rock. Rune raises her voice, howling softly in congratulations to CwnAnnwn and Skydancer. Fianna was swift in addressing the pup, attempting to whisk her away in the transition.
                      There was more to do and little time now to do it in. He would turn to his mate and relinquish the floor so to speak.
                      * Fianna Once she made certain the little fae was following, Fianna would raise her voice for the returned pack assessments, offering a short howl!
                      * Atraya to her mates ending words she would proceed onto the next. Her ‘gaze’ would remain looking ahead and then to Timber, she did chuff for him to come forward.
                      * Loumacy liked the howling bit, and truly was happy for the wolves who had taken their next step. She tilted her head back and let out a howl, releasing it to all who would hear, both above and below.
                      * Ayaka too would offer a chuff which slipped into a short howl of congratulations and welcome, the knowledge that a path was found and followed.
                      /Ragaire Uh oh, that fun was short-lived. Her head and tail droop, puppy eyes looking around her for the sympathy of a kind, kind soul? Would anyone help the poor innocent fae? Crawling away from the spotlight, she follows her mother, ears out to the side and tail tucked. She sits between momma and puppa again, though this time, a little more sure she’d be snatched in time.
                      * Cwn The brute would bow before the Alphas at their words, he would turn and nose Sky in congratulations before padding back towards where he had been seated before, nodding to those whom he passed, and turned to face the rock, sitting upon his haunches again.
                      * Rook  – He was thankful that none needed to vouch just yet. He was also thankful for the fair warning his father gave him of the expectations of the road ahead. He would turn his attentions toward creating bonds with the others in order to find those that would vouch for him when the time came. To Sky and Cwn’s advancements, he would stamp his own paw in the snow and chuff; he favored his father’s perchance toward quieter gestures until a voice was needed.
                      * Salem realized it was something he had done out of turn though he now took to Lou’s tactic of observing and listening more as things had changed since he last was here and now was the perfect time for him to learn. He knew the cue to howl better than anything and would join in the howl for the pair of them loud and proud.
                      * Timber The pages of his mental notes were filling fast and he’d stamp his paw and wave his tail for the returned wolves and their true hearts. When his name was next called, a rough rumble would be caught and he’d rise, hefting to all fours as his large paws brought hi through the ranks to the front where he dipped his head to the three who held his path here in their paws.
                      * Panther would wait for the Alpha’s and then he’d stamp his paw against the ground, his tail wagging. He smiled happily, glad to have five new members added to the pack. He’d howl as the Alpha’s and the pack raised their voices, but his would cease as Timber was called forth. Would he be made a member? Panther wondered, for he knew the brute was an assessment. He’d watch quietly as he observed, curious.
                      * Atraya when Timber approached she would turn her head momentarily towards Shukie then, to Timber her ‘gaze’ fell upon. “Timber, you have been with the pack for sometime. Your paws have found it’s root and grit here. You’ve proven your prowess to the pack by providing for my family and for those to whom you desire to call member and family. As you continue your journey with us, as an Assessment, ..
                      <Atraya> .. you have gone through the trials of becoming a member. What it means to be a member of this pack and home.” she’d pause if only to allow her words to be offered in kind and thought upon. “I would like to ask you now, Timber, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits as your home? To not just join a pack but a family? Are you willing to uphold the ways as well as enforce them should you need ..
                      <Atraya> .. to? To learn and deeply root yourself in our lore and history.”
                      * Shukie ‘s tail swayed her gaze fixed upon the silvered brute, giving a dip of her head becoming quieter than the church mouse caught stealing the wafer. She heard all Atraya had to say, asking of him. At last she broke her gaze that he could look to the other Alpha’s beside her, holding her breath.
                      * Faolan The same quiet regard focused on Timber when he was called forward and especially when he was known to be on the cusp of membership. Was this male worthy of the name? The silent language and the timbre of Timber’s response would tell.
                      * Timber And here it was. A moment he had been thinking on since the moment he had challenged Atraya and been met with mercy. With head still bowed he would slip into a deeper bow before rising and meeting the gazes above if only to proffer his earnest thought more fully. “It is a desire that many months ago I never thought to have. A desire and a challenge that was sparked when I found your home. To you Atraya I would first like
                      <`Raven> to offer my thanks. If not for you, a place here would have never been possible. I challenged your right to lead when sight could not be had, and you in your wisdom and experience offered me the chance to learn, to grow, to observe and learn from my ignorance. I hope to continue that path and learning as one of your own now, as pack. ” he looked at shukie then as he finished, “and as family.” He looked to Faolan too and dipped his head in respect.
                      * Atraya her shoulder would run along her mates if only to adjust her stance to be more comfortable and to listen intently to Timbers words shared and offered to her home, and, to her pack. To the resounding tones of Timbers pledge to the pack and to the family that he was to join, her head dipped slowly in a nod. In these moments she would gauge a wolf’s heart. Their spirit. Their resolve. What ..
                      <Atraya> .. they’ve done for the pack and what they would do. All deserved a story to write and all deserved a home to lay their head. Their confrontation when Timber first came to these lands was met with a challenge, but it was to the option given to him was what she sought most. Did he learn? Did he find a fold he wanted to belong to rather than over throw? “Life is about learning and to flourish. We ..
                      <Atraya> .. find ourselves drifting, but it’s those with the ability to see clarity and a better horizon beyond pride for oneself and learn of pride for others and a family to join.” she finally rose her head up and addressed Faolan and Shukie. “I accept Timbers pledge to the pack as a member. What is your vouche?” she’d await the pair.
                      * Kwa`ani listened to the brute’s words not aware of any of what he’d said, shocked to learn of it. She just kept blinking. What a fool he’d been to challenge her mum.
                      * Leora would be paying close attention as she watched Timber at the stone. She swung her tail slowly behind her as she remained near her sisters and brother (if they hadn’t moved).
                      * Kova the tones of those who spoke before and after would be felt. To become a member, she thought, was an honor and so was the path to getting there. Many things where learned and new paths forged. She would be excited for new beginnings. Her lids where closed as she’d allow the sprigs to hopefully help ease the pain in her head while she listened.
                      * Ayaka didn’t know Timber well and his words would surprise her, more so that he would admit to such here in the open at the meeting no less. It spoke of humility. An acknowledgement of a mis-step was better than slipping it under the pine needles to rot and mildew. It took guts too, and Ayaka found herself respecting the gesture even as she looked to the stone and those upon it for their judgements. What would the verdict be?
                      * Shukie looked to Atraya thinking of her words, “I did my best to drive him out, not knowing why, evenually learning the truth from his own maw. He bears the wounds of fighting for the pack and blood from hunting to feed us. Timber has met each of my challenges and continues to do so, as all must.” she paused, “My judgment however is tainted.” though in a good way. “He has and continues
                      * Shukie to prove his sincerity in his actions and not with flowery words.” Her gaze had leveled upon the brute for she had not made it easy for him in any nor would she in the future. “No slack has been given him to reach this point.” A nod to Faolan was given.
                      * Rune Listening closely to Atraya and Faolan above the pack atop Alpha Rock, the fae wonders who would vouch for Timber. Rune had met the brute before, she was certain of it, but had not spoken with him in some time. Looking over to Kova for a moment, it seemed as though the fae was deep in thought, trying to listen to the meeting. The Caretaker rises to her paws and leans over to nose around the herbs she had brought with her, plucking a few fine curls of twig bark, turning to place them at Kova’s paws. She noses the fae lightly and in a hushed voice speaks just to the Beta beside her. “Only chew.” There was no need to share more than that, not wanting to talk over the Alphas nor Timber.
                      *Cwn Listened as Timber answered that which was put before him and as Shukie spoke out about what the male has done and how he has met the challenges put before him. he cast a glance towards Rune and Kova a moment, he must remember to thank the fae for speaking out on his behalf, as well as the others, before turning back to the Alphas rock to witness the rest of the meeting.
                      * Fianna ‘s eyes widened at the proceedings and she’d bend to brush her muzzle against Calder’s shoulder as she watched, listened, and learned. Such difficult choices the alpha’s faced sometimes, would they Allow Timber true and unfettered entrance into their family? She had fought and bled with him, and was confident by now his intention were true, but was that enough? She waited, listening to first her mother, then Shukie speak, looking last to her father, heart thudding some in anticipation
                      *Faolan A survivor, the thought. No other would have survived an exchange. He took stock of Timber for signs of a mongrel or taint of the lesser kin and found none. ”Lucky and unlucky that you deemed it wise to think yourself equal to Atraya. The fact you survived and were found worthy of mercy is beyond my judgement, for I have killed without prejudice for equal offenses. I defer my judgement to Shukie.” He would look to Shukie, unaware of her feelings toward the brute until she states it so. ”Then you have found mercy in two hearts.” he said as he turned his gaze from Shukie to Timber. ”I grant you clemency from the shadow of your past and would name you Timber, Member of the Wolfspirits.” He would then await any objection if any from the other two Alphas or from those of his kin.
                      * Atraya when she would receive the approval from both Shukie and Faolan, she turned once more to address Timber. “I grant you, Member of WolfSpirits.”there would be a seriousness to her words but as well, that familiar tone of mercy hung well therein. A chance to be new. A chance to forge from past mistakes.
                      * Sanek he hadn’t known Timber had done anything that would raise an eyebrow, or that Shukie had wanted to drive him out at first. Hearing this, he felt like he was eavesdropping in some way. But, these actions were in the past and he would hope for a wonderous future for the brute in the pack as a member. He would prepare to howl after the Alphas approved Timber as a member and let the
                      * Sanek pack celebrate this.
                      * Shukie rose a bit more, “Welcome to WolfSpirits, Timber. Continue to prove your value to the pack.” She was glad to have Atraya and Faolan accept him.
                      *Faolan He would stamp his paw firmly to the stone and here offer a long low howl to warn the denizens of their land that a new member had been forged this night…beware, beware ye beasts of the field another of my kin draws nigh.
                      * Timber He had hoped and hung his pride on the laundry line as he requested and desired something that he wasn’t sure he would ever truly feel deserving of. As one after the other of the alpha’s laid their judgements before him he would wait with baited breath and a head lowered. He knew well that if the alpha male had been there the challenge likely would have gone far different. If there had still been a challenge. Timber knew
                      <`Raven> that he would continue to learn and grow until nature ended his course upon this earth, and he felt a wild gladness rise within him at the feeling of, at long last, and for the first time – belonging. He had found a home. He had stumbled and made mistakes and found mercy and wisdom offered. When he spoke his voice and Timbre were rough and deep. “I thank you all, and I will not disappoint, in as much as I am able to uphold these vows and honor
                      <`Raven> the pack with my actions.” He looked again to those gathered and to Shukie and dipped his head to her again before at last lifting his head to find his howl joining a song he had never sung in his life, one of import that he would always remember.
                      * Loumacy ears would perk to Sanek, once he howled, and she too would release a howl, her own voice a haunting song, not that she meant it to be, being a happy go lucky walking bush of floof with quite a few wolf like tendencies. Though to herself she wondered what kind of brute would want to think themselves equal to the Alphas. The thought of Faolan’s light reprimand made her want to
                      * Loumacy shrink, she was not the sort to challenge such rank. As her howl died down she let her head rest back of Salem, though as she lay there serenaded by the howls and the words of the Alphas her lids began to close, and she began to dose in full comfort and security, knowing she was home.
                      * Kova would give a low breath, a chuff if she could make one for Timber’s advancement to a pack member. She’d come up with some ideas on what he could help mold and shape during his time. Hearing Rune’s words she would look to the bits offered and lean in to nibble at it. Chew only she would.
                      * Cwn Upon the naming of Timber as member, he would tilt his head back and let out a howl for the male in congratulations for his advancement.
                      * Ayaka would lift her voice in song and gladness at the strengthening of the pack, for what was a pack but an assortment of lessons learned and a chance to help each other thrive? She was glad to see he had had the wisdom to see mercy when it was offered.
                      * Shukie her own howl joined in with the others, front paws tamping the stone’s surface, tail wagging excitedly to say the least. Her heart fluttered for some time before calming at least some. Her gaze was soft upon the brute before looking out to the pack once more.
                      * Fianna lifted her voice too before the song would end! Welcome Timber.. Welcome!
                      * Salem ‘s eyes would focus on the wolf as he stepped forward, hearing some of his actions as if on some sort of trial, ones he would not have been aware of. Him standing in front of the Alphas at this very moment and being made a member only meant that he was now among those who he had on a day much earlier than today sat right where he was and he howled as if he were howling for his
                      * Salem future self. He momentarily felt Lou rest her head against his and he nosed her as he watched over her and onwards to the rest of the meeting.
                      * Rook He had watched and listened, as a storyteller would, to the tales woven and interwoven this night. It was only after he dared to look about him that he noticed Kova and the odd state she was in. It appeared by all judgement that she was injured. Perhaps…just perhaps he’d betray something of his thoughts and depart from Ayaka’s side to go and see Rune and Kova. The celebrations would be a good cover for his short jaunt and chuff to the faes. ”What tale did I miss that I find you like this?” he asked Kova and Rune.
                      * Atraya she would fill her lungs and offer forth a howl as well for the newest member of their pack. Timber! When the joyful tones where said and shared, howled and sung, she would wait another moment longer before nosing her mate then turning to Shukie. “Shukie.. please join Timber before the stone.”
                      * Panther hadn’t known Timber had been a threat to WolfSpirits, he wondered if that might be why he was pledged later than himself and Sanek, if he remembered correctly. He thought he remembered either them pledging around the same time, or Timber was after? He shrugged. He allowed his voice to join in with those of the pack. Welcoming Timber as a
                      * Panther full member of WolfSpirits. Though his voice ceased quickly after when Shukie was called under the rock beside Timber. He tilted his head slightly, and he’d listen. Curious now more than ever, he’d glance towards Sanek, head tilted still.
                      * Shukie ‘s tail began to sway faster as her pulse raced once more, “Yes, Alphess.” A knowing look exchanged as she gleefully leaped from the stone in a graceful arch, her ashen form meshing quite well against Timber’s silvered one. With a quick and soft lick to his ear, “Welcome to the pack, dearheart!” After a gentle and tender nuzzle she gave her attention to the alpha pair before
                      * Shukie them, eyes sparkling, fangs showning in a sheepish but happy smile as she bumped her shoulder to Timber’s.
                      <`Raven> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ Shukie joining Timber beneath the stone? What was this? But, she’d be drawn away by the appearance of another wolf in the corner of her vision, Rook. Listening to his words, she dips her head and in the hopes of saving Kova’s voice and effort, answers for her. “Kova injured her head during a struggle with a coyote. She is doing her best to rest.” Should Kova wish to add anything to her brief tale, she was welcome to
                      <`Raven> but assumed the fae would be glad for Rook’s company regardless. ✲⊱
                      * Timber would shift his paws as the feeling moved from welcome, to anticipation for something new and exciting and even more frightening perhaps than his request to join the pack. He wasn’t one well used to fear or worry, but it would now temper him if only for a time as he waited Shukie move down to join his side. When she arrived he too would sneak a lick to her cheek fur and his tail fanned in a goofy manner, his paws
                      <`Raven> dancing a brief rhythm against the earth. To her words he would nose her again, then look up once more toward Atraya and Faolan.
                      * Atraya feeling her mates expression, she would offer to him a fleeting nuzzle. When they where close enough to scent and Shukie responded in kind, she would begin.”Shukie and Timber.” her voice began with serious but light tones as what would follow would be a request from the pair. “You are brought forth before the Alpha’s and the pack of WolfSpirits, to request that you begin ..
                      <Atraya> .. courtship.” she’d wait only a moment, turning to her mate then back to the pair again and began. “Courtship allows time between two hearts to truly get to know one another. To feel the ebb and flow of each path, though separate, comes together always. This is a time that is precious, but as well important before mateship can be announced. I would like to ask you both now, Shukie do you ..
                      <Atraya> .. desire to be courts with Timber? Timber, do you desire to be courted to Shukie?”
                      * Kwa`ani had seen the way the fae acted around the brute and avoided discussing him at times. Now she understood why. SHe was very attuned to Shukie’s mannerisms yet this caught her totally off guard especially after the brute’s admission of his initial time here.
                      * Leora oh man, she had so many questions. She looked bright eyed up at her sisters then to Shukie and Timber. Her nose wrinkled like a disney cat confused at a cucumber. “… Courts??” she almost blurted out.
                      * Fianna hadn’t really seen this coming but for the latest glimpses of what was in the works. Shukie had hidden it well, and knowing the fae,perhaps as she fought the whole idea? With a wave of her tail, eyes gleaming she’d nose Leora absentmindedly as she watched things unfold
                      * Shukie looked to Atraya and Faolan both, a smile to Timber then back again. Looking deep into Timber’s eyes, “In the beginning I was blind to the wolf within, seeking to only see you gone from our lands. The challenge within your frame was clear. Or so I thought. At every turn I rebuffed you. You knew not the ways of pack, a loner I thought needed to remain alone. Time went by, the
                      * Shukie stony exterior slowly being chipped away with your words and actions. You fought for what you wanted, meeting the demands I gave while I gave naught in return; you asked for nothing and that is what you received. Respect I showed you not but the minimum required and grudgingly so. Nothing worked to send you away from our lands.” Her tones were hard and steadfast……
                      * Shukie …As she continued her tones would change, softening, a lilt unheard by any save her sisters. “You searched where others did not. You were met with disdain and loathing yet smiled in return. Conflict reigned supreme for me for what I knew or so thought I did. Your perseverance and determination to meet head on all the obstacles I placed in your way proved you were not seeking
                      * Shukie just to be mate to the pack’s Alpha.”…
                      * Shukie …Softer and softer her tones became, more musical, “Each challenge met endearing me to you more each day. It was not those things however which stole my heart and made my spirit soar. Rather, When you talked of the never-ending song, the verses you heard, a chord did play within me crumbling all from the clarity found. Parts of the song that had been forever missing, a stanza I did not know existed until you played it for me and we sang together, the Llano. You knew what it was without explanation and that, Song of My Heart, is why I know you are the wolf I was meant to share this life and the next with.” *Leaning over she unabashedly licked his muzzle, scratches included before looking to Atraya and Faolan once more, for her words were spoken to
                      * Shukie Timber and none other. May our song ring out for all time.” Her head coming to rest upon his shoulder in a tender wolven embrace.
                      * Shukie looked upon the Alpha’s now, leaning against Timber. “I would that you grant us permission to court. Time was lost to us that we would, otherwise, now be mates.”
                      *Rook It was no more embarrassing than knowing his puppish mannerisms would be remembered by the fae he spoke to. The originator of the flippy cape had much to be embarrassed over, but he took pride in his youthful days. The weaver of tale would do his best to veil the spell cast upon him with a dismissive chuckle. ”Do I want to see the other guy?” What a minute. His heart caught up with his thoughts… “Do I need to
                      <`Raven> see the other guy??”
                      * Sanek he had seen and heard enough exchanges and snippets of conversation to infer that Timber and Shukie were drawing quite close to each other. Still, to hear it announced that they would be courting felt like a surprise. What about the brute had caught Shukie’s attention so? He would listen to the co-Alphesses explanation with interest.
                      * Cwn Cwn Perked up as Atraya spoke of Shukie and Timber becoming courts. He watched the process silently, keeping his thoughts in check. He hadn’t seen it coming either, but had not had much dealings with Timber, just Shukie. He would be happy for the pair if they were granted such, and deep down hoped one day he would be in he same position.
                      * Timber would listen to Shukie’s sylven tones, and the words shared from her heart as she spoke of their history. When it was his turn, he returned her weighted gaze with her own, acknowledging Atraya’s question with a glance and a nod. “If I may.. Shukie MoonSong I have prepared my thoughts for this moment, because of the song you so love, and it is a poem that reminds me of you, and our path together. “Long ago my
                      <`Raven> caretaker once spoke of taking the road less traveled.. Well, I didn’t. When the time came, I blindly went and took the safest road. A very long path where the pitfalls were plenty. I stumbled in the bracken. Stymied by the darkness that fell quickly as I ambled along. The soul bruised, battered and exhausted at every infrequent stop. It was not apparent then that in this venture there was a bleak dead end ahead. I plowed on even though
                      <`Raven> something inside was telling me again and again to turn back. But, slowly, a gleaming light of hope crossed my vista beckoning me home. I crawled. My strength regained as the light intensified, as clarity was won. Then the end was in sight – the portal was within grasp. And so, yes, I now take that road less travelled. Standing tall and proud as I gleefully stride down its glowing thoroughfare. Smiling at the diverse and playful changes
                      <`Raven> that cross my pathway. All told, it’s never too late to trust your instincts and make a difference. Just ask me….” Timber’s grey eyes would settle with an emotion far from indifference upon the fae who was that very light of hope for him. “Shukie you have shown me the true valor of a heart steady to pack. To role and bond and Kin.. With you and beside you – with your alpha’s permission,- I hope to now discover what it means to have a
                      <`Raven> heart true to one.”
                      * Kova did her very best not to chuckle to Rook’s antics and tones. Often was his presence warm and light to an otherwise shadowed weeping willow. ” He lay there…. here…. to pieces…” she’d be sure to flash a few of her fangs but alas, it would not be the wisest of things for little did the fae know some of Runes remedy, bark bits stuck from a few but before any could look awkwardly upon ..
                      <Kova> .. it, she closed her muzzle as her eyes slowly opened. She very much was aware of what was transpiring with her sister and Timber, and perhaps the thrumm of her tail would be an indication of her inner thoughts.
                      * Faolan What else could he do but remain silent for a time longer and listen to both Shukie’s and Timber’s testimony toward and for each other? These sneaky faes had played upon a momentary lapse in his otherwise tungsten-carbide laden veneer, and he’d have no more of that. ”Timber of the Wolfspirits, you thanked me for my judgement. I recant and place your thanks back before your paws!” Would one even care to look to
                      <`Raven> see if his hackles had raised when the boom of his voice was as prominent? If they had, they would wager rightly on the next words that followed in a much more gentle and even tone. ”Instead of your thanks, I ask that you thank me by keeping this fae safe, loved, and protected. Do this and nothing less to thank me…you have my slightly willing blessing.”
                      * Ayaka would never have the opportunity to experience what her spirit sister now was, but she would find a gleefulness of heart bubble within that time had afforded her sister this next step and path of her heart. It was as it should be for one as steady as Shukie and as strong of heart. She only wished she could have had the time to get to know the other half better.. Time.. Restlessness would pool within Aya.
                      * Atraya each word spoken would be felt from the hearts to those who shared them. Intricate and delicate they where. There was a brief moment to where she felt the strummm and chours plucked and sung to one another, a familiar feeling she knew well enough. Long ago remembering her own moment shared with Faolan. To her mates words and the tones spoken, she offered to him a nuzzle. “You have my ..
                      <Atraya> .. blessing, Shukie and Timber. You may now be known to all you greet, to be a courted pair.” she dipped her head and looked towards Timber. “May your bond grow stronger and your love true.”
                      <Calder> He would nose Fianna lightly as the proceedings went on. He rose a brow curiously to Shukie and Timber. He’d not expect that either, but, was happy that a heart wandering could be found again in the midst of so much. He’d give a dip of his head to the pair.
                      * Fianna listened to the words of her father and mother, and the barely veiled if at all warning he’d issued to Timber and she was echoing it in her own heart. If any wolf played with the feelings of her family they wouldn’t be able to atone for enough. But she would feel the happiness well within too, for a new pair, and new hearts finding their own harmony. Remembering her own ceremony with Calder she would lean to
                      <`Raven> nuzzle him.
                      * Leora she had sooooooo many questions. Speaking of “sap”, it was getting sappy, no? Her nose wiggled and her eyes focused on what was going on. What was all this mushy stuff. She turned to her sisters for reassurance they saw the same thing, then turned to her mother and father. They seemed ok and happy about it, at least mama, and she’d be happy to.
                      * Shukie ‘s jaw dropped, a loud whine heard by all as Faolan began speaking, glaring in his direction at his calousness. As the male alpha contiuned to speak she snapped her jaws shut and once again began to smile, light little yips now sounding. As Atraya spoke she leaned once again into timber’s frame. In a light hearted tone, “He’ll have his work cut out, Faolan!” her tail wagged as
                      * Shukie she dipped her head to the alpha pair. “May our time together, our bonds formed be as strong and fulfilling as yours and Atraya’s.”
                      * Rook She smiled with all the grace of a picket fence that had long missed a few posts. Still, the spell lay unbroken, and he could only chuckle lightly and draw near enough to enjoy her presence but not encroach upon the caretaker’s tending. Upon hearing the demise of said creature he would find some peace. ”Then all is well and on the road to recovery…I am sorry that I was not there to help, but the feathers are
                      <`Raven> nearly in place. Get well soon, and I will let you place the eagle’s feather in its place.”
                      * Atraya she would stomp her paw lightly for both Timber and Shukie. Her tail gave a single wave for the pair. Happy for the love found. She’d allow the joyful tones to fall across al lthe wolves before the last bit of news to be shared for the nights meeting.
                      *Timber would have expected nothing less from those who cared for this fae worthy of all the protection and love in the world. He met Faolan’s gaze with an un ruffled one of his own though he did chance to sneak a peak for those hackles. “I will lay my own life on the line if it should be needed in order to protect Shukie’s heart and frame. I know what immense worth has been offered to me, and I intend to keep it safe and
                      <`Raven> secure.. And cherished.” He turned as he spoke to meet Shukie’s eyes and to brush Shukie’s muzzle with his own and licked it before rubbing his head over her nape and couldn’t contain a brief rumbly yip of joy before he would make sure to back soon out of the spotlight, his excitement dancing within.
                      * Panther ‘s ears perked forward, he was oblivious to how the courting things worked, and so’d watch carefully. This pack was different than his family pack, but it was a good different. Panther would stomp his paw for the courting pair. Dipping his head to each.
                      * Ragaire Yuck, yuck, and guess what, yuck again! What was all of this? Even at momma and puppa’s exchange of a nosing, the pup would roll her eyes and tap momma and puppa with her nose. Hey, hey! What happened to paying attention, huh?
                      * Cwn would let his voice be heard for the pair, he was happy for them, and though he would not voice it, he held the same feelings as the others, Shukie and Kova being the first wolves he had really got to know after his return to the pack the first time. As his howl subsided, he caught himself glancing over to Rune, Kova and now Rook a moment before turning back to the rock to await the next part of the meeting should there be one.
                      * Faolan Another cause was given for him to lift his voice with his mate and beckon the Song to draw nigh its completion. It would be dangerously close in doing so, but such was never fated to be whole again…He would quiet then and move to the next part of their agenda. ”We will discuss our next part of the meeting in the OOC”
                      * Rune The Caretaker offers a gentle howl, so as not to aggravate the ears of the injured fae beside her. Would she perhaps be busy assisting at a den-site again this spring? Only time would tell.
                      * skydancer too lifst her voice in congratulations for the pair though she is contemplating a few choicr words for timber after all she’ll probably never get another chance. To make That particular speech. Still it doesn’t need to be done now or even today.
                      * Kova her smile still creased along her muzzle if a wolf could truly ‘smile’. To his offered words she would respond in kind “I look forward to it, Rook… and congratulations…” her tail strummed across the snow before stilling. Perhaps it was what Rune gave her, or the presence now accompanied to her own, but she semed to be doing better than before.
                      * Salem found himself looking back and forth between the two of them as they each took turns in speaking about the other and he watched though that was all that he did while Lou rested. It was the only reason his paw didn’t stir once he realized that everyone else’s had and he made a mental note to congratulate them as well as everyone else who had advanced in some way this evening.
                      * Panther would raise his voice for the pair, but afterwards went silent. His tail wagged as he added his voice to the song. His voice ceased afterwards.
                      * Fianna would lift her song too! “Shukie and Timber sitting ‘neath a treee..”
                      * Shukie remained beside her court, “To the first day of the rest of our lives and beyond!” her tail wagged as they would relax against each other, her glance casting towards her sister and Rook, an ear twitching thinking back to words shared. “Now begins our time to truly learn of each other, Keeper of our Song.” She didn’t have fancy words or phrases, in many ways a simple wolf.
                      * Ayaka would feel her own howl to be chorded and she knew that if Timber stepped out of line where Shukie was concerned there was no vale that could likely keep her spirit from finding is vengeance. Timber had chosen a dangerous path… But a good one! She’d join her voice to the other’s.
                      * Kwa`ani smiled for as long as she’d known the fae she’d never given a brute even a first look let alone a second. She’d tease the fae good naturedly when next met
                      *Faolan  With that bit of business out of the way, he turned to his mate and nudged her gently to both feel her frame nearer his and to allow her to feel his own.
                      * Atraya a long moment and pause would strike a particular chord in her heart as would the time that passed. She could feel the weight in her throat once more as she knew the next stroke of words would be felt hard. So much to say, so much to do but time was precious and now, short. She turned to her mate for comfort and guidance and leaned in to nose him briefly before turning her head forward again ..
                      <Atraya> .. to address the pack. “Change is always ever burning at our heels, ever glowing, growing, and ever thriving in each of us and around us. As witness this evening, all that has transpired is from growth and movement of the water down a steady stream. It’s what allows us to grow and thrive, even when we think we cannot in the hardest of times.” she would pause for but a moment until she ..
                      <Atraya> .. continued. Her words chosen carefully, but she had to share the news and now better then ever. The pack needed to prepare and she to. “In the coming days…. I will depart with my mate and Ayaka back to the vale. My time upon this plain is coming and I have been offered a chance to fulfil one last vow. The thread woven and ready to be tied at it’s end has come, and..”another moment would be ..
                      <Atraya> .. given if only to quell her emotions. A monumental moment. “Leaving my mothers pack in the capable paws of your Alpha, Shukie with her right paw, Kova and newly appointed Delta Fianna. I have no doubt that this pack will thrive and continue to thrive in the ways of pack and family sense it was forged so long ago. Without you all to see it through, to keep it’s story and purpose alive, we would ..
                      <Atraya> .. not be here today. It is not simply one wolf to keep this heart thriving but it is all.” she’d allow her words to reach the stretches of her family.
                      * Faolan Many questions would certainly await them, but he moved swiftly to quell the rise of them too soon by joining his mate in her sentiment. ”Ayaka and I have been given a gift in our return, but it is not meant to be forever. The oaths broken by the Morrigan are made whole by Ayaka’s, Atraya’s, and my place within the vale. I will not give hope where fate will steal it with cruelty; when we leave we will not
                      <`Raven> return. Much like the closing days of Kovo’s life, we have been given opportunity to spend the close of our chapter with family and kin. The recounting of deeds, the partaking of a hunt, and the stewardship of a meet have all cemented the last and final memory this old mind has room for. Long shall I dwell upon this very image…Long shall I know happiness in the face of my kin…”
                      * Atraya she could feel the emotion well and rise. Her shoulder pressed more firmly into her mates as the words of what it meant to go to the vale, truly meant. What they where telling the pack now. What she was telling her family. Slowly her gaze fell to her offspring first and she’d feel the subtle vibrations and shared feelings between all. To the later of her statment she would wait to address.
                      * Rook  – At least he found the part of the beach where another onlooker was, and it was in good company that he was swallowed whole by the crush of events having long led to this moment. A breath like one wholly enveloped in the water escaped him, but perhaps unlike others, he found his breath. He knew what was coming and had paddled his little aching heart out once the wave crashed upon shore…just keep swimming, just keep swimming…
                      * Salem focused on Atraya’s words, finding truth in them in his experience enough that he now found himself at the starting point of this journey again. His head tilted slightly as she spoke about going back to the vale, his knowledge not going as far as to know what that is, though it didn’t sound like it was a place that many came back from, if any did at all. It didn’t sound like it
                      * Salem was something that he could protest so he simply took a deep breath and let out a gentle huff. He felt some sense of relief wash over him that he got to see them even if the moments were brief, but he knew as well as anyone that they would be missed though they would live on in the breath of those that they now shared this news.
                      * Sanek the vale.. the place that exists within past present and future he had heard a while back from Kwa’ani. The way the alpha phrased it, it wasn’t the afterlife, since others were to accompany her. But it sounded permanent.. like he wouldn’t be seeing the Alphess again. He looked to the others to see their reaction to this.
                      * Rune had been absent in the times of the Morrigan and the Vale, her paws having carried her northwest, away from the WolfSpirits. At Atraya’s words, the fae was shocked, though only a furrowed brow would reveal the Caretaker’s apprehension. The pack was capable, yes, but what of Leora? The yearling had much to learn from her mother and father, who had only just been returned to her. Rune looks among the gathered
                      <`Raven> wolves for the pale-coated fae, had her parents told her? The Vale was beyond Rune’s understanding, but from what little she had gathered, it was a force which called their Alphas to protect the pack they had helped to build. Many questions, indeed. Atraya and Faolan, held together by one another address their family and kin, both found and born, settled with what lay ahead. For now, the ivory fae does not move nor speak, merely gathering what
                      <`Raven> she could from the visages around her.
                      * Kwa`ani looked between her parents totally blindsided, a violent shaking of her head making her entire frame shake in the process. Her gaze narrowed and she looked down lest anyone see what was within her eyes as her ears flattened back. A flow of emotions ranging like a tsunami of unbelievable proportions flowed over her, at last turning away hurt beyond belief she’d been given no clue
                      * Kwa`ani of what was »»
                      <Kwa`ani> »» to come. Her entire posture drooped, fighting the urge to run off to the northlands and just keep running. Stealing herself for now, she turned back, head still lowered and would listen in mute silence. After much effort she looked up again, her face a look of ice and stone, emotionless, frame stiffly held.
                      * Kova when Atraya and Faolan spoke, she could feel the joyful tones of all previous engagments start to wane as worry, fear, sadness began to fill her vessle. She was almost stirred up to seat herself if only to address this more head on, but she’d not risk the ire of Rune or a throbbing headache and stars. She shot a glance to her sister, Ayaka, then to Faolan and Atraya. Gone…. forever? There ..
                      <Kova> .. was a visible shake to her otherwise unshakeable form. She knew not of what awaited them, and the news of it no matter how softly laid, would quell the now longing she felt. Time was so precious. So short. It was there in the thralls of warmth did she feel Rooks presence and to the son of his parents announcing their final departure, she would slowly reach over and brush her nose to his scruff ..
                      <Kova> .. to impart her support and equal warmth.
                      * Cwn Sat up a little straighter as the lead pair spoke of their departure to the vale. He wasn’t sure that he was hearing them right, he couldn’t imagine them not being with the pack, but neither had he imagined a time where he would be without his father. His heart sank back down into the same pit it had when he had to say farewell to his father only recently. He closed his eyes to steel himself, he couldn’t afford to let his feelings overwhelm him, he had to be his own rock for the time being, having no one left to be his anchor. After a few moments, the silver pelted male wolf opened his eyes again, but maintained his silence.
                      * skydancer at both atrayas and faolans words a soft whine escapes her throat although hads the foggiest of notion of what this’vale’ she knows what their saying. Keeping her frame close she inches forward only long practiced disabling keeping her from doing anything stupid.
                      * Leora she would look to her mother and father as they both spoke. She had a clear and visible expression on her face of interest to what they where saying, all until her father spoke of things that where beyond her comprehension. ‘Silly papa! Silly mama…. You will come back! you always do! You always promised mama…. you will come back!” she stood up and that light in her eyes would not be ..
                      <Leora> .. quenched by said waves, not yet.
                      * Fianna felt as if her very breath had been stolen and her stricken gaze would sting her mother and father, back and forth.. Back and forth. Then to Ayaka, then to mother and father.. All three???? She had known to prepare for her mother’s eventual fade, but she had hoped for time. MORE TIME! A storm cloud and clap of thunder seemed to resound in her ears and her heart and she just… Stood there. It seemed as if the very
                      <`Raven> core and soul of the pack was about to be stripped back and laid bare. What would wolfspirits be without any of them? Her limbs shook and she settled lamely onto her haunches, wishing she had brave words to share. Should she have know? Guessed? And then Fianna remembered how her mother had faded, had missed that other half of her stolen away too soon. Now… Was her chance? How could Fianna, who had found the half to her own heart, feel so
                      <`Raven> hurt that her mother chose to find the vale with her own? And papa.. Time with him had always felt stolen.. Granted as a boon rather than earned or deserved. Quiet she remained, unsure which of her feelings to hold to.
                      * Ragaire  An adventure! That sounded fun, maybe this was what gramma was talking about? But, as a hush falls over the Clearing, the pup looks to those gathered. No, this was no joyous excursion. The pup looks up to her momma, ears back against her head with uncertainty and eyes wide with concern. She looks then to her aunts, Kwa’ani and Leora, the fae’s faces carrying the burden differently. Ragaire crawls over to her
                      <`Raven> mother, pushing her head into her mother’s scruff. Why was everyone like this? What had happened?
                      * Rune  Her eyes would be drawn immediately to Leora, the fae’s voice the first to be heard following the news. Nosing Kova lightly, Rune rises to her paws with caution, so as not to jostle the silver fae should she be using the Caretaker for support. Moving like a shadow on the snow, Rune slips away to the outside of the group returning only to its center to seat herself beside Leora. She’d say nothing to the young fae nor
                      <`Raven> offer any touch, her presence quiet behind the Alphas’ youngest daughter. ✲⊱
                      * Panther listened and watched, and once the Alphess spoke the vale, he sighed softly. He had no understanding of the vale, yet it didn’t sound like a pleasant thing. There, just existing? Why, what for? He shook his head. Why couldn’t they just stay? He’d gaze up towards the two Alpha’s, his expression showed his confusion. Time. A precious thing
                      * Panther it seems. Panther came to understand now, that time wasn’t gifted, it was earned, along with the ranks in the pack. His ears perked towards Leora, at that his ears pinned sadly. The poor yearling was about to loose her parents. Panther sat, unaware this has happened before. He glanced over towards Sanek, wondering how he had took it?
                      * Panther Panther’s expression shown that of confusion, and sadness. They weren’t coming back, or so they said. He sighed softly and would glance towards his paws. He was glad he got to know at least a bit about Atraya, and at least briefly Faolan and Ayaka.
                      * Timber took the news, surprising as jump into an icy lake, with a stilling of his own frame. His gaze slid to Shukie next to him and he’d press his frame more solidly against hers, ears turning back slightly. So.. She would be left to Alphess alone then? And a pack stripped of much of the wisdom that had made it strong? How would they recover? Despite these thoughts Timber knew they would – they were wolfspirits now and
                      <`Raven> forever
                      * Shukie had been ready for the news and was not surprised by it, knowing for some time and keeping the pending path unknown. She’d wanted to share and be comforted in doing so yet that was not her path nor her choice to be made. For now, she leaned heavily into Timber’s side, her head bowing before returning her gaze to the alpha pair giving a curt nod as Faolan added his own words to
                      * Shukie that of his mate, Atraya. It’d be a rough time for a while as the pack adjusted to all the changes taking place. That which always was would be no more. “Just as when Kovo crossed over the rainbow bridge, no one felt things would ever go on. Yet they have and shall again when Atraya, Faolan and Ayaka take their next path further fulfilling their oaths. Let us honor them in seeing
                      * Shukie this pack continue and thrive as it always has and always shall.” her tones were heartfelt and full of memories, only a few days had she seen the great fae, Kovo and she was no more, a mere pup at the time. “Let us no send them with sour faces to their next destination but celebrate it and the time we have all been given with them.” As she looked out, “We can rejoice in what we
                      * Shukie have been given or we can weep and hide away. Each will make their choice. I choose to rejoin in the lessons learned, the wisdome freely given and the stolen moments.” As she spoke her voice a soft yet calm tone, offering a shoulder or her entire frame for support. “All that was continues to be.” her tail swaying tho admittedly it was forced action.
                      * Fianna Seeing her little pup look up with such soulful eyes, confusion there, and then hearing little sister’s denial of such Fianna would bolster her own nerves and tuck her selfishness away to March herself forward and set her shoulder against Leora’s to look up at her mum and dad. “You will be missed. More than..” She broken off trying to get hold of her voice. “More than I can say.” She continued when she could, “But your
                      <`Raven> wisdom will not depart with you forever. Your memory will remain too, and I for one have written those lessons on my heart as if it was engraved upon stone. I will care for Leora, will teach her and protect her, as I will my pups and guard the pack as diligently as I ever have.” She broke off again and this time couldn’t go on for the idea of doing her job without the oversight of her parents. She looked to Shukie and nodded her head.
                      * Ragaire  Glued to her mother, it was impossible for the pup to take in Shukie’s words. Amber eyes fixed on gramma and grampa, the pup stumbles as momma stands up and sets off towards Leora. The pup lowers her body, huddling in the snow. What was this talk of departing and leaving? Who was going? Where was momma going? The pup cries, a high-pitched and wavering noise. An uncertain shiver courses through the pup before she musters the courage to crawl over to puppa, crouching beside him. The world was suddenly very cold.
                      * Rook – He was unresponsive for a moment even after Kova’s touch. Just keep swimming…He had only ever ventured once to the western coasts, that with papa who would no longer guide him to the far flung realms beyond the packlands. Now, he was left with his sisters and the kin they called home. Upon hearing his youngest sister’s exclamation, he tore himself from the tempestuous thoughts and feelings and went to stand by her
                      <`Raven> side, giving Kova a kind but sorrowed glance. ”We have time still to make sure they are well prepared for their journey and for our memory of them to last until our understanding of their sacrifice grows. Will you help me make sure that mama, papa, and Ayaka are well prepared for their journey?” He strove to hold back the catch in his throat that would betray the molten sorrow that had long eaten at his core. It was time to swim and stand when the wave inevitably receded.
                      * Leora she would look to all the other wolves as they offered up ‘goodbyes’. She felt Rune near and then Fianna. She would tilt her head to her sisters words before stomping a paw. “No… No….” she looked up to her mother and father. “I… You…. you promised.” she turned to all the others with what could only be described as a vicious stroke of denile from a yearling wolf, new to the ..
                      <Leora> .. world and not understanding of the gravity to which she was feeling. “Stop saying goodbye…. It’s until I see you tomorrow!” her gaze fell back to her mother and father, the waves daring to breach the shore. “… Tomorrow. Right Mama? Papa? Tomorrow? We still have tomorrow?” she turned and look to her sisters. ‘Kwa…. Fi…… ” then to her brother. “Rook…? Tomorrow?” she ..
                      <Leora> .. turned then to each packmember asking, no, pleasing the same question over and over.
                      * skydancer seeing the pup so distressed steadies her own heart a little and she moves up next to Ragaires shaking form her own not exactly still and nuzzles the pup having ,apparently, completely forgotten about calders presence
                      * Ayaka The emotions sprang hot and cold, shock and denial, silence that fell thick and heavy at tidings. Ayaka shifted her forepaws, heart aching at what they must now face for she felt the hurt and pain on those faces threefold. She took in a breath, held it, then another, and held it. Still she maintained her quiet, never having wanted the place of an alpha and the hard news they now had to share, she would send them what strength
                      <`Raven> she could through the ties that bound them.
                      * Rune Glad to see Fianna and Rook come to Leora’s aid, supporting the pup on the either side, Rune takes a step backwards and allows the Alphas’ progeny more space. She noses the yearling gently, allowing her siblings to come to her rescue. At seeing Kova unsupported, the Caretaker turns to move quietly back to the outside of the group, placing her paws in packed-down snow to avoid disturbing the silence. To the Beta’s
                      <`Raven> side she went, hoping to return before a dizzy pawstep landed the fae in the snow.
                      * Sanek his ears flattened down, what would the pack be like without Atraya? Someone who was a friend to him when he was feeling down, and a strong leader to the pack despite years and scars trying to weigh her down. He would whimper lightly at Leora’s reaction. He whispered her name to her, although she wasn’t exactly next to him and he didn’t expect her to hear it. This would be very
                      * Sanek hard for everyone but especially the young Leora.
                      * Atraya she would keep her gaze ahead as she could feel every word. Ever vibration. The saddness, the unknowing. Perhaps the flow of the meetings joyful turns would allow for sorrow. Reflection. It took all of her strength not to crumble at the weight of their words, to her daughters words. She had yet to have a talk with their youngest, Leora. How could she expect it to be received any other way, ..
                      <Atraya> .. but she would do her best. She always did her best but even now that didn’t feel like enough. To Faolans movements she would not be able to spry herself off from the rock and so she too, turned and would pat her paws to the stone until she found purchase into the snow. She then moved after Faolan, and allowed the others to come closer as well, after she had joined Faolan and their ..
                      <Atraya> .. kin.
                      * Kova she could feel the tremble of emotions and she couldn’t help but feel it a little extra from the gathered wolves to it’s center. A joyful meeting to end on a note of such sadness, but, and understanding tone that needed to be said. She was at least grateful to know they now had borrowed time with the Alpha’s. Her gaze remained on the gathered and when Rune rejoined, she would nose her ..
                      <Kova> .. offering a hushed whine.
                      * Ragaire The pup looks to Sky, the wolf she had unknowingly vouched for coming to nose her. Ragaire’s tail wags lightly, greeting the wolf, but her ears and face remain downturned. “Where they gonna go? Is my momma going too? When they coming back?” This was perhaps the first adventure the pup was not excited for, whether or not she knew who was going. She watches as grampa and gramma gather with Rook, Fianna, and Leora
                      <`Raven> beneath the stone. Kwa’ani seemingly frozen in place, like a stone among the sorrowful.
                      * Rook – What else could he ask for…what else could he give? The face of his younger sister was as the sun and her voice the cosmic tendrils of a solar flare that lay bare all in its wake. If only he had a magnetosphere… The molten core of emotion within him certainly threatened to produce one if it were made of ionized metal in motion. It was not, and he was left trying to quietly console the welling grief they all
                      <`Raven> shared. Would Kwa`ani come? This was the only time he’d ever seen papa do group hugs….the world was truly ending.
                      * Fianna Well.. Fianna was already standing there bolstering Leora before Rook arrived, and she wouldn’t move then, but would remain as her father approached, his frame visibly shadowed, but the stone couldn’t crumble.. Could it? She shook, but tried to keep her frame strong against Leora’s. “And let us remember you.. Papa.. As the stone that holds up the sky.” She said softly.. Her own gaze and muzzle dropping and as her mother
                      <`Raven> approached too, Fianna would drape her head over her mama’s shoulder and hold it there, not wanting to let go as her frame brushed the other’s of her family.
                      * skydancer unable to keep a soft whine out of her voice as it’s choked with grief. The pups question forces her to control it as best she can.”I’m not sure. But it’snot a place you can return from.” Then shakes her head her voice steadying a bit more before trying to adress the fear that speaks out of the question”No sweety. Your, mum will stay.”she offers what is no doubt only weak comfort
                      * Salem knew each would take to the news in their own way though he knew most followed a few patterns, fighting until the last possible moment or running from it though he knew that the wolves that were mentioned for going on this one-way quest were ones who likely fought hard enough to get a brief second chance with the promise that they would return to some sort of beyond. Still, he
                      * Salem was sure that the news would have been harder to accept if he weren’t here and had to learn it from someone else so he found comfort especially in Shukie’s words of sending them off in the best way possible. He didn’t move towards the group just yet, sensing that pups were the momentarily focus of the group and he didn’t want to get to close. Being made a Pledge didn’t immediately
                      * Salem grant him the same level of closeness that one would trust around pups but he made up for it with both of his ears pointed forward to catch any moment shared that he might take and learn from.
                      * Kwa`ani remained sitting, unmoving, barely breathing, her features had become that of stone, hard and unfeeling, blocking all emotion. Of starfall and earth she was born, forged into ice and stone through life’s lessons. WIth a dip of her head to all she rose and retreated into the shadows. She would take her time alone to hopefully adjust
                      * Leora her lip began to quiver as her father and brother would reaffirm that she had to be strong and that she needed to help with a journey. Why couldn’t she go on this journey? Why would they have to be stolen away. Death had been explained to her by several of the pack, but this some how seemed different but…the same. When her father asked her to be strong and her brother offered up the chance ..
                      <Leora> .. to help on the joureny, she was torn. “I.. I….” when the others began to huddle closer she slumped to her haunches and began sobbing. “… Don’t go….. not again papa……I know you…..”if a wolf could cry, the poor thing couldn’t hold them back.” I don’t want to loose you and mama… I…. ” her head hung low and finally she said “I.. help…..” finally she’d stutter. ..
                      <Leora> .. The little solar flare doing her best to not burn all with her emotions, but to be the light instead. The warmth.
                      * Shukie lightly groomed her court, leaning quietly against him, now and again giving him a lick to his muzzle. “Let us give the alpha family time to themselves, my hearts song.” Rising she would give a dip of her head to all around and move off with Timber, the excitement of his advancement to pack and their courtship dimmed in the news shared.
                      * Atraya would do her best to project the same sentiment she shared with Fianna and Kwa’ani, even her son Rook when she had offered bits and pieces of herself. “Remember the stars, Leora. Remember that no matter how dark it may get, or lonely it may feel, or the cold chillding you from the inside out with sadness…” she nosed Leoras crown “You can look to the stars and find that I will shine ..
                      <Atraya> .. the brightest of all. For you… for all of you.” she’d look up with her head to address those around. It would be said to all. “You are all part of my mothers foundation. You will keep the threads spinning and weaving. I am proud of you all.” her tones light but filled with what emotion could be had there. “I think that will settle this evenings meeting. Thank you to everyone who’s ..
                      <Atraya> .. attended. Congratulations to each new step on the generation to come, and the promise of great things soon…”

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