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The Comic relief of the pack!

Please Note

Some bloopers below are not appropriate for work environments or for those under the age of 16. If you continue to scroll we are not responsible for inappropriate exposure! You have been warned.

Date: Nov 29 2021
Channel: #WolfSpirits
Description: Fianna teaches the art of murder cover-up to her son.

<Fianna> With the hole deftly filled, Fianna would lick her son’s cheek and nod approvingly. “Now the trick is to walk all over the top of your hole, so the earth won’t look freshly dug, and no one will guess you’ve buried someone here, leaving only you to know if it’s place.” She added with a nod toward the hole, proceeding to walk across it and leave tracks this way and that way. When the job was done and ‘none the wiser’ Fianna would nose Dáithí’s crown again. “Ready for that walk now?”
<Fianna> ((LOL))
<Fianna> ((fixes the horrific typo. Buried SOMETHING* there not someone.))
<Kova> (LOL)
<Fianna> ((give a mysterious look))

Date: Nov 10 2006, 12:13 AM
Channel: #WolfSpirit
Description: See what happens when you use the power within! We don’t use the force, we use the summons!

*** Shoga has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
<Kovo> Eeek
* Arkon summons Shoga
* Kovo helps Arkon
<Arkon> did it work?
*** Shoga has joined #ws_ooc
*** mode/#WS_OOC [+v Shoga] by ChanServ
<Kovo> It worked!

Date: Nov 10 2006, 12:14 AM
Where: #WS_OOC
When: 9:34 PM 6/18/2006
Description: Ya, gotta love it when the keyboard throws in random letters to humiliate you!

* Amras sits on Kovo.
<Amras> So where’ve you been, Locke? It’s been… at least a year.
<Lockewlf> just about.
* Kovo is shat on
<Lockewlf> i’ve had some issues to deal with in real life…. car wreck, failing out of the univeristy again, working 7-day work weeks.
<Amras> Kovo, check your h key >_>
<Amras> PS, put that on the bloopers.
* Shoga laughs.
* Lockewlf blinks.
<Lockewlf> eeew…
<Amras> That eats, Locke.
<Lockewlf> Kovie… you might want to see a vet about that…
<Kovo> >_<!
* Kovo sulks, going to put on bloopres
* Kovo *bloopers

Date: Nov 10 2006, 12:13 AM
Channel: #WolfSpirit
Description: See what happens when you use the power within! We don’t use the force, we use the summons!

*** Shoga has quit [Quit: CGI:IRC (EOF)]
<Kovo> Eeek
* Arkon summons Shoga
* Kovo helps Arkon
<Arkon> did it work?
*** Shoga has joined #ws_ooc
*** mode/#WS_OOC [+v Shoga] by ChanServ
<Kovo> It worked!

Submitted by: Iceblink

[13:43] * Loupelless is smaller than the average wolf at a height of 30 in. and 59 feet from nose to tail. Her coat is fully black and she’s around 3 years old. “L-loupelless…”
[13:43] <Slate> (good lord….59 feet!)
[13:43] <Val> (lol)
[13:43] <Slate> ( dats longer than a Greyhound Bus!!!!)
[13:44] <Thazad> (LMAO))
[13:44] * Val is now known as Valyncia
[13:44] <Loupelless> lol meant inches, sorry))
[13:44] * IceBlink eyes Slate, a soft growl rumbling within her throat as he spoke to her son. It was nothing against him, she was just a protective mother. As Thazad came over to her she silenced her growl, lowering her head to nose him..Only one is a pup. I’m not sure of the pups name, but the other female is named Loupelless.
[13:44] <Slate> ( good….my fear has been subsided)
[13:44] <Loupelless> LMAO))
[13:45] <IceBlink> (oh wow xD Blooper xD)
[13:45] <Valyncia> (hehe)
[13:45] <Silverlune> (LOL)
[13:45] <Silverlune> OOC°«· AHAHA. ·»°OOC
[13:45] <Thazad> (must add it)

When: 6:07 PM 8/24/2006
Channel: #WolfSpirit
Description: Wow.. I didnt know you could chuff all the way to hell! Gotta love it when it cuts

* Akiko paused at the edge of the forest, peering through at the clearing from a ‘mask’ of gingery yellow leaves on a thick bush. She’d caught Kovo’s scent a few moments earlier, and now that of another came to her attention. The scent of a wolf she hadn’t seen in sometime; her tail swayed softly yet she looked on curiously as she stepped into the clearing. Moving into a lope, she soon caught sight of Kovo and gave a chuff in hell
<Kovo> (»»( LOL!!!! )««)
<Kovo> (»»( cut: she soon caught sight of Kovo and gave a chuff in hell )««)
* ApacheWolf glances towards Kovo
<Kovo> (»»( Wow you chuffed all the way to hell?  )««)
<Akiko> {ROTFLOL XD}
<Akiko> >>hellos*
<IceBlink> (LOL)
<Kovo> (»»( HAHahahah>_< Bloopers )««)

When: November 14th, 2006
Where: #WS_OOC
Description: LOL.. Nubi rockz for startin random topics and Kerr goes for the win with his answers!

<Ryoko> hey Kerr whats crunchy on the outside smooth in the middle
<Kerr[Obs]> armadillo ^.^
<Kovo> me
<Ryoko> XD
<Kovo> LMAO!
<Arkon> lol
<Ryoko> Kerr wins

Where: #Ws_ooc
When: 2:43 PM 8/19/2006
Description: Just makes me realize what people really think of me  *hugs ark*

* Arkon has joined #Ws_OOC
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Arkon
* Kovo runtackles Arkon
<IceBlink> Arkie! :DD
* Arkon oomphs
* IceBlink tackles also
* Arkon double oomphs
<Arkon> ICEE!!! KOCO!!
<Arkon> …er…KOVIE!!!
<Kovo> ;D
* Kovo snugglfies ARcoco!

Submitted By: Zireal
Iceblink had just *poofed* due to her lame-o dial up and I had mentioned something about Prom. This is what happened.

<Zi|fonnnne> dial up? eewww
<Zi|fonnnne> haha
<IceBlink> only thing we have up here :/
* Alorah condemns iceblink’s dial up for eternity
* IceBlink won’t be able to go to her prom this year :/
<Firen> I can dance but I was never taught how to properly..
<Zi|fonnnne> wow I saw *Alorah condoms iceblink’s….wait, what?!
<Alorah> hahahahaha
<IceBlink> rofl
<Firen> PWNED
<IceBlink> blooper ;D
<Firen> Yes
<Alorah> yep
<Zi|fonnnne> <– prom on the mind. JKJKJK
<Firen> blooper.
<IceBlink> :O
<IceBlink> naught Zi
<IceBlink> *naughty
<Firen> Heehee.
<IceBlink> LIAR
* Zi|fonnnne flies to the nearest convent
* Firen is a little horn dog XD
<IceBlink> xD
<Zi|fonnnne> corn dogs? Where?!

Bwahaha :lmao:

Where: #WolfSpirit
When: 8/27/2006
Description: Apache has a mind of her own..! Gotta love the random answers she gives..!

<Canada_wolf> :P Awww does Apache like Whitefannnggg
<Canada_wolf> Apache, do you have a crush on WhiteFang?
* ApacheWolf looks to her spirit dice “Signs point to YES!”
* IceBlink has joined #WolvenHeart
* ChanServ sets mode: +o IceBlink
<Kovo> LOL
<Zireal> HAHA
<Canada_wolf> XD hehehehe
<IceBlink> Ooooo 😮
<Canada_wolf> aww bot love.
<Canada_wolf> Apache, would you ever mate Whitefang?
* ApacheWolf no…
<Canada_wolf> XD awwww.
<Canada_wolf> hehee
<Zireal> awww
<Canada_wolf> Apache, would you ever mate him if he asked you?
* ApacheWolf shook her head Noooooo way Canada_wolf
<Zireal> Apache, are you afraid of commitment?
* ApacheWolf grabs Zireal by the shoulder, hugs tightly before letting go. “You were always my favorite..”
<Zireal> xD

6:18 PM 8/27/2006
(Later on)

<Lockewlf> i love you apache!
* ApacheWolf turns to Lockewlf and slurppsss Yes Lockewlf ?!
* Lockewlf murrs
<Greyband> Hahahahaha
<Thazad> cookies
* ApacheWolf gives Thazad a cookie
<Thazad> yay
<Greyband> Pinecone
<Greyband> 🙁
<Greyband> *cries*
<Zireal> Apache, am I still your favorite?
* ApacheWolf blinks at Zireal Are you insane!?
<Zireal> awww
<Greyband> hahahaha
<Lockewlf> apache, will i ever be king?
* ApacheWolf “Yes Lockewlf I like you… “
<Kovo> Apache, am I your God?
* ApacheWolf shakes her head Your odds are slim to…. none.. sorry Kovo

Submitted By: Arkon
Alright, I was sitting here, listening to the “Why should I worry” song from Oliver and Company while I was IC. Well, I THOUGHT I was ooc

[This was in #WolfSpirit]
[17:35] * Arkon sings to “Why should I worry”
[17:40] <Arkon> Woo Hoo hoo hoo hoo
[17:41] * Alorah grins and glances at Arkon, having not seen a wolf chipper enough to sing around here. What are you up to? she asked, lifting a hind paw to scratch her ear.
[17:42] *** Whiskey [] has joined #WolfSpirit
[17:42] *** Whiskey [] has quit [Client Quit]
[17:43] * Arkon grins at Alorah and continues to howl “Woo hoo hoo hoo, WOo Hooo Hooo HOOOOOO’
[17:43] <Arkon> Its the perfect song for wolves xD
[17:44] * Alorah laughed and shook her head. “Are you hungry?” she asked, having had to cease her search for her meal this morning as the pack meeting had interrupted.
[17:44] <Arkon> [Wait….I was suppose to be in OOC x.x]
[17:45] <Voulge> Giving a grunt, Voulge just lies back down and rests his head on his paws. Sometimes his packmates can act so much like newborn pups.

Where: #WolfSpirit
When: 10/04/2006
Description: Haha, this was just a great response..

* Tino was quick to respond as if he already had this answere prepared, and was actually a very terrible liar I don’t have one..
* Rhea looks from the other wolves to the bird and sense the tension. She decides to get out of the way. She turns and walks away, laying down near the cave entrance, ears perked forward as she watches
* DevilWolf looks at the small wolf, a low menacing growl emitting from him iam not as easy going as Kovo is, it is getting close to you learning some manners little one when you are spoken to.
<Vulture> o.o
* WhiteWolf hmmms “I see, well when you figure out what you want to be called you let us know….so we shall call you pinkers”
<Kovo> (»»( *LMAO* Pinkers )««)
* WhiteWolf looked to Devil with a smirk hoping the pup would react the way she’d hope
<Tino> (wtf..pinkers?)
<Kovo> (»»( HAHAHAHA )««)
* Vulture chuckles “A rather comical name. Ello there Pinkers”
<DevilWolf> (roflmao)
<Vulture> (lol)
<WhiteWolf> (hehe boys hate pink so…i went with it)
<Vulture> (ok that was funny)
<Kovo> (»»( Oh gwad. that’s a classic. *bloopers* )««)
* Tino (LOVES pink!)

In: #CrecentValley
Description: Kovo just rocks. *flexes* 20,20 is the highest you can go

* Kovo as she watched Syberwolf jump up, she too would keep beside it, now, lunging up to snap at its hind!
<Kovo> ,,
<HaganeKe> Kovo rolled 20, 20.
<HaganeKe> You hit the Whitetail_Deer for 4 HP. The Whitetail_Deer has 11 HP left.
<Kovo> *flexes*

Date: Nov 30 2006, 12:55 AM
Channel: #WolfSpirit
Submitted by: Zireal

This is what happens when you’re REALLY tired and you’re trying to type faster than your hands and mind can handle. —

* Zireal can’t type today
<Zireal> it took me forever to type that xD
<Zireal> I think I spelled ‘type’ wrong five times
<Canada_wolf> XD LOL
<Canada_wolf> Z needs to get used to her keyboard.
<Zireal> this keyboard is retarded
<Zireal> it works fine some days, but then, either it’s me, or some of the keys stick really bad
<Zireal> and I’m really tired so I’m probably typing retarded
<Zireal> aaaaaaaaand I keep on having difficulties spelling that crazy t word
<Akiko> my keyboard’s usually alright…the mouse is sticky and evil though
<Zireal> …actually, everything, because it takes me ten tries to get it right
<Zireal> maybe its’ because i’m typing soooo fast
* gin-gin has joined #ws_ooc
<Akiko> mine use to jump all over the place on it’s own o_O it’d start opening and closing stuff without me doing anything
<Zireal> i don’t normally type this fast, I dont think. Maybe that’s why its retarded. and now im starting to juget frusthradted!! OMG!!!
* Zireal bounds around yelling cuss words o.o
<Zireal> that’s what happens when I ‘juget frusthradted’ lol
<Canada_wolf> LOL
<Canada_wolf> HAHAHA
* Canada_wolf laughs so hard hurts her headache
<Zireal> that’s how retarded it is!!
<Zireal> I’m putting that somewhere…

Submitted by: LockeWlf

* Kovo has joined #WolvenHeart
* ChanServ sets mode: +b *Alpha*removed*.net
* Kovo was kicked by ChanServ (this channel is restricted to level 5+)
<ApacheWolf> All Hail! The Alpha has returned!
* Retrieving #WolvenHeart modes…
* Lockewlf sets mode: -b *Alpha@*removed*.net
<Lockewlf> OWNED!

Where: #WS_OOC
When: 01/17/07
Submited by: Kovo
Description:A little trivia game we were playin with a bot that’s hosted by Tala. I love your randomness Wlf

<WhisperingWinds> 9. Wreath of flowers used as a decoration?
<WhisperingWinds> Here’s your hint, answer space: *******
<WhiteWolf> fun fun
<Kovo> funeral
<Lunarr> decoration
<Kovo> christmas
<WhisperingWinds> Here’s your 1st hint, gar****
<Kovo> garden
<WhiteWolf> garland
<WhisperingWinds> Winner: WhiteWolf Answer: garland Time: 14.511 Streak: 1 Points: 10 Rank: 2nd
<W|fSpirit> garlic
<Lunarr> xD
<Kovo> LOL

Canada: Arkon, I and Kovo were talking about camping and me getting my but to the states sometime to meet all of the pack here in the North American Continent.. and lol.. This came out of Apache:

<Canada_wolf> and I’d be all “Where did all the misquitos go?”
* Arkon giggles
<Canada_wolf> cause Canada’s Misquito country
<Arkon> Michigan is gnat state
<Arkon> I swallowed one today…eww
<Arkon> Apache, where do you live?
* ApacheWolf nods sagely “Oh yea!”
<Arkon> ??
<Canada_wolf> ew o.o;
<Arkon> Never heard of it
<Canada_wolf> she lives in Koolaid man
<Canada_wolf> it seems
<Arkon> LOL
<Arkon> Nice

Where: #WolvenHeart (members channel)
Description: remember to never break the “wind”

* KovoWinds is now known as Kovo
* Kovo shakes off the wind
* CanadilWinds is now known as Canada_wolf
<IceBlink> hehe
<Zireal> He
<Zireal> hehehe
<Zireal> Kovo just broke wind xD
<Kovo> LMAO!!!!
* Zireal dies laughing

Submitted by: Fallon`Etain
(What can happen when you don’t say goodbye before leaving. Love you IceBlink. PS: this was in the OOC Channel)

<Fallon`Etain> we needa hunt bad.
<Canada_wolf> yeah :P wait till after the plot lol
<Fallon`Etain> yeah to what?
<Canada_wolf> hunt
<Fallon`Etain> well cant me and you go hunt something again?
<Canada_wolf> Not tonight luff…
* Fallon`Etain pokes IceBlink
<Fallon`Etain> lol
* IceBlink has quit IRC
* Fallon`Etain wails
<Fallon`Etain> i poked her to hard!
* Fallon`Etain sniffles…. “i didnt mean to poke her to death!”
<Canada_wolf> awww
* Fallon`Etain begins diggin a grave for IceBlink
* Canada_wolf makes a clay stone o.o
<Fallon`Etain> OoOo… clay…. *steals the clay from Cana and gives her the shovel*
<Canada_wolf> awww…
* Canada_wolf starts digging

(Later on in the IC chan)

<Canada_wolf> -hunt wild Iceblink
<HaganeKe> you cannot hunt any wild Iceblink.
<Canada_wolf> «§(o{ D: }o)§»
<Maximus> (lol)
<Maximus> -hunt Wild Kovo
<Canada_wolf> «§(o{ He’s lagging! }o)§»
<Canada_wolf> «§(o{ >> Prolly wants her all to himself! Greedy bot. }o)§»
<Fallon`Etain> (LOL)
<Maximus> (that’ll be Apache)

Submitted by: LockeWlf

note: HaganeKe is our hunting bot

<HaganeKe> Hunt for Hare active [8 HP]. If you wish to join the hunt please type -joinhunt now.
<Hare> -joinhunt
<HaganeKe> Hare has joined the hunt.
<Hare> (lol)
<BlackWolf> (lol!)
* Hare hunts himself
<BlackWolf> ,,
<HaganeKe> BlackWolf rolled 4, 7.
<BlackWolf> (yes!)
* BlackWolf stalks up to hare again yadda yadda and pounces
<BlackWolf> ,,
<HaganeKe> You rolled 1, 11. You lost 2 HP and have 8 HP left.
* Hare is doing what hares do best,get suddenly pounced on
* Hare bites the ‘bleep’ outta Blackie
* BlackWolf yip growls and grabs for its tiny head
<BlackWolf> ,,
<HaganeKe> BlackWolf rolled 16, 4.
<HaganeKe> You hit the Hare for 1 HP. The Hare has 7 HP left.
<WhiteWolf> ((thats a strong bunny foo foo))
* Hare got his ear bit off “It’s only a flesh wound…come and fight!”
<BlackWolf> (lmao!)
* Yuliana has joined #wolfspirit
* BlackWolf attacks its other ear
<BlackWolf> ,,
<HaganeKe> BlackWolf rolled 10, 18.
<HaganeKe> You hit the Hare for 1 HP. The Hare has 6 HP left.
* Okami stomps over and watches the wolves
<BlackWolf> (wooha! you have no ears now!)
* Hare got that other ear bit off too
<BlackWolf> (hi yuli!)
* BlackWolf growls feeling happy and goes for the neck or shoulders
<BlackWolf> ,,
<HaganeKe> BlackWolf rolled 9, 3.
<BlackWolf> ,,
<HaganeKe> The Hare escaped.
<BlackWolf> (what!?)
* Hare runs like h***
<WhiteWolf> (LOL)
<BlackWolf> (lmao! this is the best hunt I’ve ever been in XD)

—– later that day ——

<HaganeKe> Hunt for Hare active [8 HP]. If you wish to join the hunt please type -joinhunt now.
<HaganeKe> BlackWolf has joined the hunt.
<BlackWolf> (ok hare, round 2)
<Hare> ( mortal kombat…Round 2….FIGHT)
<WhiteWolf> (fight!_
<WhiteWolf> haha
<Hare> (lol)
<HaganeKe> Hare has joined the hunt.
* Hare hunts himself,putting a shotgun to his head
* BlackWolf dashes after the hare…who magically grew his ears back and pounces
<BlackWolf> ,,
<HaganeKe> The Hare escaped.
<BlackWolf> (what!?)
* Hare runs like h*** again
<WhiteWolf> (LMAO)
<BlackWolf> (rar!)
<Lockewlf> (( LOL!))
<Lockewlf> (( i smell a blooper.))

Submitted By: WhiteCloud
Description: ok i got spoofed for once….i’m still cool though… 8)

4:43 pm est
<Whitecloud> your all in trouble tonight…i’m feeling silly
<Loupelless> lol
* Kerr chews on the idler’s paw, aiming to gnaw her nails to stubs before she can get back, so she’ll be easier to push over in the snow.
<Loupelless> 0_o…
<Kerr> Whitecloud: who is this ‘silly’ and more importantly, do you have his/her permission to engage in such activities?
<Whitecloud> lol
<Whitecloud> yes i do ;)
<Whitecloud> *bloopers*

Submitted by: Arkon

<Arkon>sorry bout that.
<Kovo>they’re droppin like flies
<Arkon>what is?
<Kovo>*whitecloud has quit IRC
<Kovo>*Thazad has quit IRC(Quit:When one falles another rises to take the place of the fallen hero.)
<Kovo>*Arkon has quit IRC (Ping timeout:252 seconds)
<Kovo><Kovo> Homg
<Kovo>*Kovo sniffs self
<Kovo><Kovo> Do i smell?
<Kovo>*Loupefood has quit IRC
<Arkon>I hit the disconnect button on accident.
<Kovo>Sure sure ;)
**Uhkon has quit IRC
<Arkon>lost another one
<Arkon>I think you should shower, Kover
<Kovo>me too :O
*Arkon thinks this should be a blooper
<Arkon>”When the Smell of Kovo Attacks!”

Submitted By: WhiteCloud
Description: From the room to orbit to the moon…

* Slate pulls out a set of freight train horns and steps right in her face and blows them “How are you?”
* Whitecloud takes out her magic pen and draws some train tracks and a train, they magicly come to life and run over slate “i’m good you” >D
* Slate is blasted by an eastbound Amtrak train and is knocked into orbit. He doesnt speak back…..
* Whitecloud nods and just sets up the net to catch him when he gets back
* Slate hits a NOAA satelite
* Slate bounces off it and runs dead into an XM Radio satelite
* Slate is sent to the moon
<Slate> bbl….payce yalls!
* Slate has quit IRC (Quit: There are 3 kinds of people in this world…those who want things to happen, those that make things happen, and those who just wonder what the hell happened!)
<Whitecloud> …
<Whitecloud> i killed him..
<niGhtShAde> 0_0

Date: Mar 8 2007, 04:13 AM

Submitted By: Kovo
Where: #WS_OOC
Description: We are truly animals >D

<Loupelless> Moon: Yummy I like mine rare, you?
<WolfMoon> Loupe: oh yes rare, or as I say “rare as let it sliiiide across the pan, flip sliiiiide it back”
<Kovo> LOL!!!
<Loupelless> Moon: I usually just ask for the cow and a knife. :P

Where: #Sorcery
When: Feb. 12th 2007
Description: LOL. this was just too good to pass up..

<Kaz> So why don’t IRC servers use port 6666?
<Kovo> Cuz we’d all go to hell

Date: Mar 8 2007, 04:13 AM
Where: #ws_ooc
When: April 19,2007 12:48AM

Description: Snowy’s at it again with her typos.. Boy oh boy…. how things can be miss-concieved by one spellin error :P

<Snowypaws> man and just last week he hit me withhis car
* Snowypaws sakes head
<Snowypaws> shakes*
<Snowypaws> cars are going to be the end of me
* Kovo feels alone in IC
<Kovo> :/
<Kovo> I would’ve slapped him
<Snowypaws> its not his fault
<Kovo> ya
<Kovo> cuz you jumped out in front of him ? ;)
<Snowypaws> oohh i hit him really hard for that
<Snowypaws> suck an a-hole
<Snowypaws> such**
<Snowypaws> omg.. O.O
<L2|AFK> :P
<Kovo> O_O!!!!!
<Snowypaws> me thinks this is the first of a long relationship between me and the bloopers page

Submitted by: Whitecloud

[20:02] * Whitecloud ( has joined #ws_ooc
[20:03] * IceBlink sets mode: +o Whitecloud
[20:03] * IceBlink sets mode: +v Fallon`Etain
[20:03] <Fallon`Etain> hiys Cloud!!
[20:03] <Fallon`Etain> thankies Ice :>
[20:03] <Whitecloud> hey cloud! *pounces ice*
[20:04] * IceBlink eeps
[20:04] <Whitecloud> oops…o.o
[20:04] <Whitecloud> **fal
[20:04] <IceBlink> lmao xDD
[20:04] <IceBlink> Blooper
[20:04] <Whitecloud> nuuuuuu!

Date: Aug 26 2007, 11:44 PM
Submitted By:
Amras is always gettin on everyone about spelling so , come to no surprise, I was shoving it in his face when he made a mistake, but then, my little rain dance party was smushed when I come back with a spelling mistake when I was in the process of rubbing it down his nose …. Tooooshaaaay Amras *HUG*!

* Amras wags his tale and nuzzles back, settling into place for the meeting soon to be held.
* Arkon would look up to Kovo.
<Amras> *tail
<Amras> (( hold god, did that just happen… ? ))
<Amras> *holy
<Arkon> [wha?]
<Kovo> (»»( LOL!! YES! Blooper on Amras and a SPELLING istake too x2! )««)
<Kovo> (»»( *SAVES* )««)
<Amras> (( SPELLING “ISTAKE”?! HA! ))
<Fallon`Etain> (istake?)
<Arkon> [LOL]
<Kovo> (»»( … DANGit… well.. this is akward… )««)
<Kovo> (»»( *Throws an M )««)
<Canada_wolf> (lol…)
<Amras> (( hahahaha ))
<Fallon`Etain> (LOL)
<Arkon> [-watches Amras’s storybook flap in the wind-]

Date: Aug 13 2007, 03:51 AM
Submitted By: Nightstalker

* NightStalker nods to Voulge as he followed Ice. He looked at the mice and nudged them back to her “It is ok, I do not wish to eat the only food you have. I am sure I will find something later”. He layed down slowly next to her.
* Whitecloud woke up in the cave where she had been resting while her family moved on, she arose to follow them hoping she could find her place away from where big bart had been…
* IceBlink shook her head as she nosed it towards him..14No please.. eat it BB. I need it much more than I do.
<NightStalker> 11@3}–,–14(12*hmm…*scratches head**14)3–,–{11@
<Whitecloud> ((LOL! *points at her blooper*))
<IceBlink> (Gahh. I mean *you need it. ><)
<IceBlink> (stfu xD)
<NightStalker> 11@3}–,–14(12*if you guys still do that, best add it to the site*14)3–,–{11@
<Whitecloud> doing now >:D ))

Channel: #WolfRP
Date: April 10, 2006 @ 7:52pm (Pacific)
Description: One of those… you came in at the wrong time kind of things…

<KovoWolf> hah.. its weird having Wolf at the end of my nick
* Shanra` has joined #WolfRP
<KovoWolf> its so.. long
* Shanra` has left #WolfRP ( didnt realize it was a cyber room, sorry )
<KovoWolf> Uh..
<Shoga> LOL!

Date: Aug 6 2007, 02:04 AM
Submitted By: Whitecloud

<Whitecloud> and why the red?>
<Kovo> I pressed the wrong butt >D
<Kovo> *button!
<Whitecloud> LOL! sooo..kovie is there something you aren’t telling us?
* Voulge guards his rump.
<Kovo> >D~~~
<Kovo> You SO didnt see that
<Kovo> >.>
<Kovo> <.<
* Whitecloud guards her rear end too…
<Whitecloud> oh my..
<Whitecloud> *bloopers*
* Kovo cackles… er.. Iuhm… Uh… I mean.. “Giggle?”

Date: Oct 30 2007, 01:22 AM
Submitted By: Kovo
#WS_OOC ~ this just made me giggle.. ;)

* Arkon lies down
<Kovo> _-_
* Arkon flops over on Kovo
* Kovo flops tail over
* Arkon rolls away
<Arkon> keep rollin rollin rollin
<Loupelless> LOL
<Kovo> keep them wolfies rolling.. raw hide!!
<Kovo> *WHOOTASH!*
<Shanook> heh, that exprsesion
<Arkon> Lol!
<Arkon> Move em out
<Loupelless> LOL
<Loupelless> Head em’ out! Get em’ out! Move em’ out! Raw hide!

Submitted By: Yhi
Shanook and Apache fighting over cookie bags XD I thought it deserved a bloopers post since it looked like Apache was just happy handing out cookies untill the end

<%Yhi> i think i want chocolate >_<
* %Sheva hands some acorns bath in chocolate to Yhi.
* Voulge ( has joined #ws_ooc
* ChanServ sets mode: +o Voulge
<@ApacheWolf> This morning I shot an elephant in my pajama’s. What it was doing in my pajama’s I don’t know.
* %Shanook Tosses a double chocolate chip fudge cookie to Yhi 14 Aye AYE! Heres your chocolate
* @Voulge catches said cookie.
<%Shanook> D:
<%Shanook> hey that was to Yhi
* %Shanook scootches over to Yhi and secretly hands her a couple more
<%Yhi> O_O voulge your so mean
* %Shanook nods
* %Yhi take cookies from Sha and eats them happily
<%Yhi> thank you
<%Shanook> well i am the official cookie holder
* @ApacheWolf gives Shanook a Wolf Cookie with extra sprinkles! 5(::)
<%Shanook> apache..that isnt your job anymore
<%Shanook> give it up..
<%Shanook> hun i know its hard
<@Voulge> It so is her job to hold cookies.
* @ApacheWolf 14″cookies… cookies are good.. “
<%Shanook> why she eats them all and gives us the crumbs
<@Voulge> At least for you guys. I want a cookie.
* @ApacheWolf gives Voulge a Wolf Cookie with extra sprinkles! 5(::)
<%Shanook> while i hand out the big fluffy cookies
* @ApacheWolf drools… 14″coookieee… “
<%Shanook> well Voulge you can get the dinky cookies from Apache, but you’ll be my cookie costumer wont you Yhi
* @ApacheWolf drops her bag of wolf cookies, looks up to Shanook and kicks one at you. 14The Great Spirit made dirt, So dirt dont hurt! Enjoy!

Date: Jun 13 2007, 02:39 AM
Submitted By: Kovo
This is a little snipit from Sweet Breeze’s OOC Channel. I swear, some people dont deserve to be on the internet. Skah came with her comment then I came back with mine.

* Topic is ‘«» Out Of Character Channel «» Roleplay: #WolfBreeze «»
<Raelith> o.o this is a rp channel?
<Skah> no
<Skah> otherwise Id be male
* Kovo gazes to topic and just… says.. nothing.
* Dante laughs at what kovo sees
* Kovo feels hell freezing over..
<Skah> hell froze a long time ago
<Kovo> Omg! when did Bush get impeached?!

Date: Nov 28 2007, 11:28 PM
Submitted By: WhiteCloud

<@Whitecloud> who pressed the button?
<Tala> IT WAS MEE!!
<Tala> 😛
* Tala darts her eyes then crouches low, tail hiding her muzzle
<@Whitecloud> o.o which one did you push cause there are a few…
<@Whitecloud> was it the squishy green one, the stiff yellow one, or the blue one?
<Tala> heheh the stiffy 😉
<@Whitecloud> =O
<Shanook> :O
<Shanook> that sounded dirty
<@Whitecloud> oh no! that wasn’t the everyone join button!
<@Whitecloud> TALLY! that was the richard simmons button! *hides*
* Shanook hides behind white
<Tala> er?
* Richard_Simmons ( has joined #ws_ooc
<Tala> um hmm
<Richard_Simmons> AND one and two! come on you lazy fluffs of wolfies!
* Richard_Simmons streaches tala
* Richard_Simmons ( Quit (Quit: Richard_Simmons)
* Shanook puts sweat band on and starts kicking
* Tala squeals!
<Shanook> D:
<@Whitecloud> o.o
<Tala> HA!
<Tala> in the end I win!
<Tala> 😀

Date: Nov 17 2007, 06:01 AM
Submitted By: Shanook

Lone_WOlf either has A.D.D or a deep admiration for cheese
<Lone_Wolf> Nope
<Lone_Wolf> I see maximus and I think Gladiator
<Lone_Wolf> Ohh!
<Lone_Wolf> That reminds me!
<`Omra> cheese
<Lone_Wolf> Cheese?
<Lone_Wolf> Mmm
<Lone_Wolf> Cheese
<Lone_Wolf> Wait! No…
<`Omra> tasty cheese
<Lone_Wolf> I…mmm tasty cheese
<Lone_Wolf> NO!
<Lone_Wolf> Gladiator
<`Omra> Irish Cheese!
<`Omra> Oh so tasty must eat more <3
<Lone_Wolf> I wanted to watch that movie…Irish cheese? Never had it
<`Omra> Thou hast not lived.
<`Omra> Irish makes everything better, didn’t you know?
<Lone_Wolf> Hmm
<Lone_Wolf> “Irish” up a coffee

Date: Feb 20 2008, 02:44 AM
Submitted By: Yhi

silverybol: hey, Yhi
Yhi: hello ^_^
IceBlink: Hey Yhi
Yhi: hi hi ^_^
Jet: hey yhi…..who’s yhi?
silverybol: Yhi is Yhi.
Jet: and you is you
Jet: and he is me
Jet: lol
silverybol: And Time hates me.
Jet: rush hour 3

Date: Dec 9 2007, 06:48 AM
Submitted By: Kovo
Description: #WS_OOC – I had to share this. Don’t you just hate typo’s poor Yhi didnt know she made it tell we all started rolling on the floor laughing  hehe. We just so happen to be talking about PMS and this is how Yhi got to this lil bit ;)

<Shanook> your gettin me al hyper
<Shanook> im to tired to be hyper!
* Shanook shakes fist like grumpy old man
<Kovo> Lone: True… true…
<Yhi> i have horrible craps, like hurts so bad i want to puke
* Kovo shakes cane at Shani!
<Kovo> Geett muhhh teeeeeffff!!
<Shanook> craps?
<Shanook> XDDDDDDD
<Kovo> LOL!!!
<Shanook> ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!
* Kovo falls over laughing so hard she pukes!
* Shanook falls oer and rolls around

Date: Feb 29 2008, 05:42 AM
Submitted By: Shanook
Apaches insulting herself calling herslef a buttface, we only agree

* @Sheva slaps apache`s butt
* @ApacheWolf whines as she now has a paw print of Sheva on her face..
<@Sheva> face?
<@Sheva> you have your face n da butts,apache?
<@Sheva> that emans that you think with you arse?
<@Shanook> HAHAHAHA
<@Shanook> she has a buttface XD
<@Sheva> :·3

Date: Dec 23 2007, 12:32 AM
Submitted By: Angelus

<Blind_Seer> 14″but you gotta have fun sometime” 14knocks Shanook over and jumps back tail wagging
* %Shanook tumbled over with an oof with her legs stuck up in the air. She let her paws go limp and looked back at him 14 Arent you to old to play? 6 she snickered
<+Halfmoon> ” you know, wrinkle means wiseness…and age” she said padding over to him. She stuck her nose in his face “and i do see some wrinkles, so you are both, old and wise.” she says and playfully added “do your bones creak when you walk?” she asked
%Angelus laughed at Halfy’s comments to Blind, prancing over beside him and sniffing him. “You smell a little… aged, as well.” she said, grinning wide – displaying her teeth.
* %Shanook laughed Eew that old musty mildewey smell she stood up and walked up next to halfy
<%Angelus> { ROFL. }
* Blind_Seer looks indignant “I’m not old, I just like the pose of wisdom!”
* %Angelus laughed, “With age comes denial!” she said, pushing her nose into Blind’s fur and biting gently. She wagged her tail hard enough to wack Halfy in the face. %Shanook tilted her head to the side 14 Pose? you mean like this? 6 she dropped over on her back and closed her eyes, lettng her tongue fall out and draped her paws over her chest, obviously playing dead
* +Halfmoon looks into Blinds mouth, trying to hold it open with her paw. “and you must have lost some teeth, ro have some rotting” she said, pretending to flinch away at the smell of his breath
* %Angelus burst into laughter at Shan’s display.

Date: Oct 23 2007, 12:32 AM
Submitted By: Kovo
Not paying attention can lead to confusion – This is what happens when your not paying attention to the ooc channel and when you finally pop into the conversation its at the weirdest moment and your not thinkin what they’re all talkin bout.

* Canada_wolf tugs at her choker abit
<Lone_Wolf> Choker…hmmm
<Canada_wolf> spiked and red =D
<Pokey> sounds dangerous
<Canada_wolf> not really.
<Pokey> could be
<Pokey> what if you got it caught on something?
<Pokey> like..a fence
<Lone_Wolf> lol
<Lone_Wolf> I can’t say what I think of Chokers…it wouldn’t be appropriate 😛
<Canada_wolf> XDDD
<Canada_wolf> Haha, it’s not that tight
<Lone_Wolf> Doesn’t have anything to do with how tight it is
* Kovo peers into the OOC channel
<Kovo> WOAH
<Kovo> came in the wrong part of the convo
<Lone_Wolf> lol’
<Kovo> Bloopers this
<Lone_Wolf> Where’s your mind at? Even I didn’t think of that!
<Lone_Wolf> lol
* Lone_Wolf yawns and wipes away the tear generated from his laughter
<Kovo> what? :p

Date:  Feb 7 2007, 05:34 AM
Anubis, you started a chain reaction I just finished it! hehe

<`Anubis> Lower ranks cannot not defy these wolves, for they are the law
<`Anubis> I AM THE LAW
* Kovo puts a golden star on Anubis forehead
<`Anubis> LMAO
<`Anubis> i thought that said * Kovo puts a goddamm star on Anubis forehead
<`Anubis> i was like DUDE thanks
<`Anubis> rad
<Kovo> HAHA and I thought you just said * Kovo puts a condom star on Anubis forehead
<`Anubis> LMAO
<Kovo> LOL!
<`Anubis> SPLEENS
<Sano> haha
<`Anubis> am so bloopering that
<`Anubis> MINE
* Kovo mauls

Date:  Mar 17 2008, 02:57 AM
Submitted By: IceBlink

[19:55] <Sweets> Tom Petty has like..perfect teet
[19:55] <Sweets> AAHH
[19:55] <Sweets> teeth*!
[19:55] <Zafira> Teet >DDD
[19:55] <Sweets> DONT say a word!
[19:55] <Sweets> that was a BAD typo
[19:56] <Zafira> Kay >d
[19:56] <IceBlink> Blooper >P

Date:  Aug 25 2007, 12:03 AM
Submitted By: Arkon

<Arkon>Oooo, I just found a really cool maze game.
<Kovo> ;o
<Kovo> oo?
<Arkon> Wanna check it out?
<Kovo> sure
<Arkon> Its really fun
<Arkon> sucks though I keep losing x.x
-Few mintues later-
<Kovo> O_O
<Kovo> OMG@
<Arkon> LOLOLOLLLLL!!!!!
*Nita is now known as Nitah
<IceBlink> ??
<Arkon> Icee
<Arkon> Play the maze
<Kovo> NO
<Kovo> >_<!!!
<Arkon> YES
<Kovo> and i had my volume on HIGH!
<Arkon> Its really cool
<Arkon> LOL
<Kovo> Not cool >.<!
*Arkon is dieing of laughter!!
<IceBlink> Wth it won’t let me. ><
<Arkon> Then dont worry about it then, Icee
<Arkon> You’d get really mad at me xD
<Arkon> LOL
<IceBlink> Wait, now it does. ^^
<Arkon> Play it
<Arkon> its fun
-About 10 seconds later-
<IceBlink> WTF
* IceBlink just nearly fell out of her chair. x.x
* Arkon is still laughing!!!!
<Arkon> LOL
<IceBlink> Holy crap
<IceBlink> You brat

Date:  Mar 5 2008, 04:14 AM
Submitted By: Yhi

<@Kovo> *churr* I lurv this dong
<@Kovo> SONG! O_O!
<@Kovo> SONG SONG SONG!!!****
<@Yhi> rofl!
<+Lone_Wolf> Heh

Date: Mar 27 2008, 03:21 AM
Submitted By: Shanook

* @Shanook killed chat
* @ApacheWolf ( Marcha (
* @Shanook killed apache
* +Tala|Out (Alpha@6ca5eca3.14055a53.69.202.imsk) Marcha (
* +Lone_Wolf ( Marcha (
* @Shanook killed..lone and tala..
<@Shanook> lock me up -_-

Date: Oct 24 2007, 01:14 AM
Submitted By: Iceblink
-wipes away a tear- I’m just so honored! -clings to Arkie.. before throwing a dirty sock at-

[18:03] <Arkon>…-sizes-61295809
[18:03] <Arkon> Look Look Look!!!
[18:04] <IceBlink> LOL
[18:04] <Arkon> Like it? I made it a long time ago and I wasnt sure if you’ve seen it or not xD
[18:05] <IceBlink> No, I haven’t. :P
[18:05] <Arkon> Well, I made it for ya xD
[18:05] <IceBlink> I feel so honored! ;D
[18:06] * IceBlink prepares a speech
[18:07] * Arkon listens
[18:07] <IceBlink> I am truely honored for this honor. It is quite an honor to be honored as such. This honor is the greatest one that I have ever received, and I will cherish this honor for ever and ever.
[18:07] <Arkon> LOLOL!!!!!!
[18:08] * Arkon claps!!
[18:08] <IceBlink> xD
[18:08] <Arkon> That was beautiful!
[18:08] * IceBlink bows
[18:08] <IceBlink> Thank you, thank you.
[18:08] <IceBlink> It took me forever to prepare.

Date: Mar 14 2008, 04:20 AM
Submitted By: Yhi

<Yhi> brb
<ApacheWolf> (hb Yhi)
<Yhi> hunfry!
<Yhi> hungry*
<Cale`Thas> me ate jsut now
<Lone_Wolf> humprey?
<Lone_Wolf> oops
<Cale`Thas> bogart?
<Shanook> humprey?
<Lyall> caveman!
* Shanook rofls
<Sheva> lol!

Date: Mar 12 2008, 04:51 AM
Submitted By: Yhi

<Lockewlf> night yhi.
<Shanook> night yhi
<Shanook> didnt work
<Shanook> if you were irl my bf id be jealous
<Yhi> night yhi ^_^
* Sheva nods
<Shanook> lol
<Yhi> oops XD
<Yhi> rofl
<Yhi> omg im stupid
<Yhi> xD
<Yhi> heh
<Shanook> did you just say night to yourself?
<Yhi> anyway
<Lockewlf> ….