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Pack Structure

The pack, held together by many, relies on every one of its wolves. Working together to keep the pack safe, fed, cared for, learning, and growing, each role within the WolfSpirits is vital to the pack’s success and no role is any more significant than the others. Some roles mark a character’s journey to becoming a Member, joining the WolfSpirits in full. Other roles stand as badges of dedication and service to the pack. When a wolf becomes a member, they become part of the pack’s closely-knit social structure, where all are welcome.

ALPHAS - The Pack's Leaders

Each pack has its leaders, known as the Alphas. A pack’s alphas are often a bonded pair, but packs can be lead by a single wolf or more than two. The Alpha pair submit to none and uphold peace and law within the pack. The Alphas are charged with keeping watch over the territory and ensuring the wellbeing of the pack. Alphas carry themselves with dominant posture, confident and secure. Alphas use their status to preserve the pack’s structure, maintaining wolves’ roles within the pack.
Within the WolfSpirits Pack, the rank of Alpha is held by our packs founders.

Former Pack Alphas
Founders Kovo & Spirit

BETAS - The Alpha's Aid

Betas are the right paws of the Alphas. They have an intimate understanding of the direction of the pack, and as such, speak with the authority of the Alphas. They are the leaders of the pack in the absence of the Alphas and help guide the pack when the Alphas cannot.
To become a Beta, a wolf must have been ranked and must have shown diligence within that rank. Betas are active in the guidance of the pack and actively give advice as to its direction. Betas have the ability to enforce the pack rules and have the ability spark role play when others are present.

Former Pack Betas
ShadowDweller, Iceblink, Canada_Wolf, Anubis, Nightstalker, and Shukie.

DELTAS - The Beta's Apprentice

Deltas of the pack are wolves who are in the process of being trained to fulfill the potential rank of Beta. Deltas act with authority when Betas and Alphas are not present.

Former Pack Deltas
Iceblink, Wandering, Shukie, and Kova

ELDERS - The Pack's Wisdom

Elders are wolves who have the necessary experience within the pack (5 years minimum) to lend advice to the Alphas and Betas. They have consistently shown a dedication to the members of the pack, both as players and people, and have consistently shown leadership through their actions. This rank is a badge of humility and honor, worthy of reverence and respect. Elders give counsel to those in need and speak from a place of experience and wisdom. This position is not lightly given and remains with a wolf from time immemorial to the last memories of the pack itself.

Former Pack Elders
LockeWlf, Noshoba, and Nightstalker

RANKED WOLVES - The Pack's Expertise

These are members of the WolfSpirits who have diligently maintained the standard of membership and who have displayed an understanding and enforcement of the pack’s rules. It takes time and experience to become comfortable enough to enforce and uphold pack rules and values.
To be considered for a rank, a wolf must be active in roleplay and must display an understanding and ability to enforce pack rules both IC and OOC.  A ranked member must possess the ability to begin roleplay when others are present. If the characteristics of a wolf lend themselves towards a specific rank, then they might be considered for such within the pack. Rank is not a position of privilege. Rank is a badge of dedication and of leadership within the pack.

WolfSpirits Pack Ranks
Hunters, Scouts, Guardians, and Caretakers

SUBORDINATES - The Pack's Heart

“We are WolfSpirits, now and forever.”

You are not lightly taken into the fold and you are not lightly released. A member of the WolfSpirits pack is considered family and, as such, must have displayed devotion and care given to such a consideration. A member of Wolfspirits interacts with other members, Assessments, and Pledges during times of active roleplay. A member of WolfSpirits has the ability and interest to start roleplay when others are present and provides notice of any extended absence. A member of WolfSpirits is intimately knows the pack’s rules and is able to enforce them in most cases.
Membership is a lengthy process and an honored milestone once achieved. To remain a standing member, one must continue to display the same standards that granted them membership. Members who are inactive for a prolonged period of time (2 months) without announcement will be dropped from membership.

Former Pack Subordinates
Many spirits have walked with us. We hope they find their ways back.

PUPS - The Pack's Legacy

Pack pups are either born or adopted into the pack. Pups are ages newborn – 12months old. If a wolf pup is born into the pack, they do not instantly become a member. They will have to go through the membership process. Pups of 12 months/1 year of age not born into the pack may be adopted by pack members.

Former Pack Pups
Atraya, Caeyln, Kokuro, Adaen, Ossian, CwnAnnwn, Nishanti, Rook, Farfala, Arwen, Ayreh, Zianna, Anya, Fianna, Kwa`ani, and Nalani

ASSESSMENTS - The Pack's Future

Assessments are wolves who still desire to join WolfSpirits and have gone through their Pledgeship. This is the last trial before becoming a member, and should be taken seriously. Assessment must have interacted with the other Pledges, Assessments, and Members of Wolfspirits when roleplay is active before completing their Pledgeship.
During the assessment period (ideally 4-8 weeks) wolves are tasked with learning the rules and history of the pack. To do this, an Assessment should interact with members of the Wolfspirits. This task includes starting roleplay when Members are present but roleplay is not active. This task also includes looking up or listening to old stories to be familiar with other characters as well as the history of the pack. Extended periods of inactivity will result in either remaining an Assessment or being placed back as a Pledge. Assessments should notify the Alphas or Betas of any extended time (2 months) that they will be absent.

Former Pack Assessments
Many spirits have walked with us. We hope they find their ways back.

PLEDGES - The Pack's Spark

Pledges are wolves who have taken the first step in achieving their desire to join WolfSpirits. An accepted application and regular attendance within roleplay are both necessary. To become a Pledge, your wolf must make an in character request to an Alpha or Beta, that your wolf would like to join the pack. At the next meeting, your wolf will be called forward and be named as a Pledge to the WolfSpirits Pack. This period generally lasts for one cycle between meetings (ideally 3-4 weeks).
During this time it is expected of a Pledge to roleplay with other wolves of the pack and meet them, in order to both introduce themselves and to get to know whether this pack is right for them. Extended periods of inactivity (2 months) will result in remaining a Pledge for another cycle or removal from Pledge status.

Former Pack Pledges
Many spirits have walked with us. We hope they find their ways back.