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Meeting Notes

September 14th, 2023

  • Rook announces a tournament soon
  • Rook announces a lore night soon
  • Kova reminds wolves to set LOA’s
  • Ophaelos gives a scouting report on the new areas and is tasked to remark a new scouting boundary
  • Raine joins as a pledge
Number Of Wolves Present



    Cairdeas, Ceol, Raine, Maeve, Leora

    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Kova the fae would have made her way from the northern trees to the other edge of the pack’s hold. The clearing wasn’t far now and it wouldn’t take her long to reach the open expanse. A few more moments would pass and out into the open she’d come. Her stride was light but warry. Tired, perhaps? All the same an eagerness in her heart would flutter for she was hoping to call a meeting. Yes, a gathering always did the heart light. Upon her observation, she’d make note of any and all within until her strides took her to the Alpha’s stone. Upon it’s base she would rise and up to the end she’d go. A breath taken in, then a howl offered in song.

    AWwwwwwwwoooooo! a pack meeting is called.

    *Ophaelos Quiet paws would carry him through the forest and to a particularly interesting little clearing within. Oddly and seemingly purposefully placed branches and stones were neatly jumbled across the clearing as Ophaelos meanders through it, silvern eyes shifting from each part of this… was this an obstacle course? How peculiar—Leora’s scent seemed to teem strongly in this area. Was this her favorite little hide-out to retreat to the same way the snow wolf retreats to his knoll in the Sweet Valley? He would soon bypass this area and continue to the clearing, picking his pace up from an amble and into a slow lope once Kova’s familiar howl rippled his way.

    * Vesper would rise from her resting place next to the riverbank and take another look into its depths, pondering a catch for the cache before a song would greet her ears, and up she’d go, tawny paws carrying her back to the Alpha stone as she barked cheerfully. What news would the Alphess have to tell?

    * Calder he would’ve moved alongside Fianna to the hunting grounds in hopes of securing a meal. By now, the pair would be in the hunting grounds still no doubt, but now a call would reach his ears. He turned them to the sound and looked to nose Fianna.
    * Fianna Fianna would be there, yes she would and she would perk to the sounds of their Alphess’ call as well. Shoulder to shoulder with her mate she would turn back. They had dragged their paws in the hunt too long and now a meeting was called! “Soon. We will hunt one together soon.” She murmured, picking up the pace to a lopsided lope and back toward the river’s crossing!
    * Cairdeas was tardy to the party but as the song rang he folded his auditory sensors from the sheer volume and how close it sounded. He would sit up and eventually stand backing off to listen up for the reason of the call. Knowing more his place he waited on others to find out the intention of the call. He did however dip his dome as he turned back towards the alpha showing she had his attention.
    * Rook was not too far to the south of the clearing among the several copse of pine and aspen. The rustling of leaves had changed their timbre like a fresh reed and dark resin mouthpiece instead replacing the vibrance of a less substantial pairing. He liked it but had an affinity for the more gothic arcades of changed leaves and darker days. Gone would be the summer gauntlet of rarity and scarceness (he hoped). It was in such an arcade of aspen that he heard his court’s call not too far to the north now. He would answer quietly with the northward turn of his paws.
    * Raine  She would wake up after her ears caught a howl, she recognized it as the alpha’s call. It seemed to be coming from the alpha rock, but she was at the eastern edge of the clearing, so it wouldn’t take long for her to heed the call and reach the rock’s edge, sitting just close enough to hear the alpha’s voice. There, she would wait.
    * Kova she would swing her tail ever so lightly behind her as she would make note of those who would hear and heed the call. She’d allow a few more moments to pass before she’d await to begin. A soft dip of her head given to those entering.
    * Ophaelos Upon reaching the outskirts of the clearing, Ophaelos would slow down and return to his amble once his alabaster visage crested the tree line, emerging from the path that had slowly but surely begun to wear from paws frequenting the course. Quietly he would sink into the glade, closing the distance between him and the alpha stone before taking a seat by himself. As the days went on, he saw fewer of the wolves he had grown closest to and fondest of. A passing thought, although melancholic, would be wondering when he would find himself the last wolf standing from his niche little pod of friends. Perhaps such a thought would warrant his silver eyes to wander a little bit to see if these aforementioned wolves would show themselves. Not this time, it would seem…
    * Rook Normally, he had expected to follow the scent trail of another toward the clearing. In days of plenty, he might expect to see a south-north trail cut clearly into the grass as the bladesof green wrested away control from the shade and forest litter of the pines and aspens. Not today and not recently. Not even the wild fleeting scent of Redwing had been garnered from the south, but he followed after the call of his court until he too entered into the clearing from its south to see those who might have also gathered and answered the call.

    * Kova as she’d make note of each wolf’s presence, she’d dip her head and smile lightly.  “Well met, wolves of WolfSpirits.” she smiled keenly and softly. “Thank you for heeding my call and a gathering for a meeting.” she shifted her paws lightly beneath her.

    “First off, I would like to start the meeting by offering a quick reminder for OOC: If you need, please remember to post any LOA’s in ⁠loa-notices.”
    she swung her tail lightly before curling it back about her haunches. A short glance, much like Ophaelos’ own, she’d make note of who was present, and who was absent. She’d not seen Fern, Panther, Lou and a paw full of others lately and had hoped they where well. She to, inwardly, hoped Saskias path would still be true and she was well, as well. Despite what had happened. She shifted her paws and turned her gaze to the gathered and smiled. Eyes light and full of promise. “With a new season upon us, the pups are growing, and I would welcome more hunts soon for the weather will grow cold and bitter. Our prey weaker but more scarce.” She turned a moment to look once more to the gathered. Seeing her court just now enter, her heart gently ushered a soft , singing strum before she dipped her nose to him in greeting.

    * Fianna Fianna would move across the river, her pelt getting soaked to the belly fur as she splashed across and shook on the far side, her gaze finding others as they moved in to heed the call. Pushing forward she’d chuff to Ophaelos as they headed to the alpha stone. Her brother might be spotted as well from the southern end and she’d feel her tail.sway brightly. Quietly she would move to settle within the shade of the alpha stone, perking and curious to what her spirit sister would offer in the meeting.

    * Vesper would nod to the Alphess’ words as more wolves gathered, familiar scents reaching the tawny fae’s nose and easing the nerves that the meeting call had caused. Indeed, the color of the season had begun to shift, a slight crispness to the air promising a more familiar scenery to the once-Northern wolf. How soon would it be that snow would blanket the clearing in its merciless smother of everything, of all things green and good that she had come to love? Perhaps she’d catch another fish for the cache later, but for now, Vesper listened carefully.
    * Ophaelos If Fianna had offered him a chuff, the brute would surely return it, although quietly. Ophaelos would sit calmly upon reaching the stone, his eyes drifting for a moment to take in the clearing and what beauty it had offered him as he listened to Kova’s words. Many days had passed since he last stepped foot here, and sure enough, things were already looking different from when he last left them. The leaves on the trees had begun to turn less vibrant colors and the grass seemed patchier in some areas. Were those patches of missing grass from happy wolves rolling around in them or was it from the season turning? If there was an unmistakable chill in the air, then he would have his answer.
    * Calder he would stride in alongside Fianna and as they came into the view and sight of others, he would dip his head to those present. he would see his mentor among the gathered and smiled in Vespers direction. A polite nod given to her, to before he’d seat himself beside Fianna and listen to Kova’s words and continued meeting tones.

    * Rook

    A few familiar frames caught his eye and attention. His sister would be one that he would focus on momentarily before hearing his court’s words of advice and of warning. Such a warning held promise of growth beyond the days of spring and summer…beyond the harrowing days that claimed several wolves and pups alike. Those that survived would know greater things and better days; such was life. Rook would approach only as far as his sister and Calder before sitting back upon his haunches.

    * Fianna

    Fianna would listen to the words offered, nodding to the desire for more hunts. She would step up to helping with that more now that the pups were growing more self sufficient in the clearing.. Perhaps even further abroad soon. The idea of that made Fianna nervous but she would focus herself back on the meeting at paw. When her brother settled beside her she would murr quietly and reach to brush her muzzle against his shoulder, eager to take in what scents his pelt offered, her mind as well dwelling on the cold days ahead. Would the pups be ready?

    * Kova

    her tail ushered a gentle sway and perhaps in the time to see her court join the group. When he did, she grinned. “Lore master, I speak of fall and it’s change in season, I would give you the floor now to announce what else Fall might have in-store?” gently her tail waved behind her before stilling.

    * Cairdeas listened intently. His cape was still secured to his nape for now. His tail swished gently.

    * Raine She’d listen closely to hear what the alpha had to say. At the mention of change of season, she would swish her tail, she kinda liked the cold since she could roll around in the snow! But she also felt like winter had just been yesterday. She shook off her thoughts and pricked her ears to hear more closely at what she had to say.

    * Rook

    No sooner had he sat than he was called to stand or at least project his voice; he’d do both. It wouldn’t take much with this small gathering to call attention to what needed shared, and he likened them to little embers that would spread the news beyond this meeting. Yes, he would note Cairdeas and the near tradition of a flippy cape passing through generations of litters. He’d offer a smile if only in his eyes and initial tones.
    “Thank you, mo anáil. The transition from the gauntlet of summer to the snow-laden terrain of winter brings with it a momentary farewell to that which is behind and a greeting to that which is ahead. It’s a time to remember but also a time to cooperate and put into action what has been learned during the kinder season of summer. All things in completion come in threes…to instill and ensure the lessons of summer and to celebrate the harvest of kinship and pack, I have and will plan for three events: A sparring tournament, bobbing for fishies, and the last hunt for butterflies. “
    * Vesper would dip her head to her mentor as he passed, a gentle smile on her face at the mention of fall. Others had arrived as well–what on earth was that on Cairdeas’ back? And events? The idea of festivals and frivolities was not completely foreign to Vesper… but ones that actually happened? In a land where you could take time to celebrate… Vesper’s expression would show excitement, and a bit of confusion as well–she didn’t quite know what to make of it!

    * Kova silvery light amber hues fell upon her court with endearment. She always held it for him, of course, but when he spoke of what was to come she couldn’t help but feel her chest rumble with pride. A fine idea, indeed. She gruuued and smiled. “Eager and ready I think we all are. I am sure the course will prove to be useful as well” she looked to where the pups might be before turning to her court and smiling. “I look forward to those who will participate!”

    * Calder his eyes fell to Rook and when he announced the events soon to come with the transition in season, he grinned. His eyes scanned quietly to the others about. He wondered if perhaps he’d finally get to sparr with Grim? He grinned once more at the thought before turning now to the other wolves gathered then back to Kova. He was ready indeed.

    * Cairdeas kept his ears perked and they may have twitched a bit as a spar tournament was mentioned. He did not know what a Tournament was, but was familiar with sparring. His tails wave increased and he hopped up jumping in circles making his squirrel hide flop upon his back. If one saw it perhaps it would amuse.
    * Ophaelos Ophaelos would share a passing glance of acknowledgment to each wolf that had participated in the meeting, his gaze turning to the Lore Master when he brought forth his boon of news. All events seemed quite lively and a much-needed comfort indeed, for these past few months have been cruel to the pack—specifically its bloodline. A cheerful event is perhaps what the pack needs to find its spirit again. Whether the snow wolf would show up as a participant in these events, however, would be debatable…
    * Fianna When her brother was given the mic, Fianna would listen attentively, her excitement rising at his ideas for the transition of seasons and her tail swayed vigorously as she gave a few nods. Her gaze fell on Cairdeas briefly and she would see the cape she’d helped afix to his back still there, a wry and knowing glance moving to Rook. He’d passed on his goofball idea, and the little brute had taken to it like a moth to a flame.

    * Kova as each wolf would express their excitement and eagerness for the events to come, she grinned and stomped her paw softly. “I look forward to it.” she said before turning now to the other wolves gathered. “Before I continue, I would open the floor to any who desire to come up and speak.” she noted Raine among the gathered, a fairly newer wolf whom she hadn’t had a chance to spend as much time with lately.

    * Cairdeas looked about shyly, though he usually embraced chances to speak it seemed crowds were becoming a bit of a fear for him. He really had nothing to say really anyway, had it been a lore night or something he may have had a tale to share. Maybe then he might face his fear and stand up. Instead he just looked about noticing especially Fianna, upon his gazes discovery he padded over and rubbed and nuzzled her foreleg.
    * Ophaelos The brute would swivel his ear at the notion of bringing forth the last snippets of the meeting. His eyes would meet with Kova, soon following her gaze toward the newer wolf Raine. Had Ophaelos met this fae wolf yet? Perhaps he had but occupied himself too much lately to give much thought to the newer wolves running amok in the territory. He would allow her time to speak should she want to, however, Ophaelos had news of his own to share, and with the more active members of the pack floating around this meeting, it would be best to share the news with everyone. He would have preferred consulting Kova on this news in particular one-on-one, but time had escaped him, and sharing it with everyone was the smarter option left available.
    * Raine She would perk her ear to a wolf she hadn’t met, and when the brute said something about events, she would swish her tail. As Kova spoke, she would keep quiet and prick her ears once more. When she said something about coming up to speak, she thought about it for a brief moment, but she didnt have any desires to speak, so she stayed in her spot for now.

    * Rook  would move to sit back once more and watch as the rest of the pack meeting went on. He wondered if the new wolf would ask to pledge or, as with a few others, wait and watch a month or two more. His thoughts also dwelled on when to next have a Lore Night, and to that he’d speak on “Yes, one more thing. We should have a Lore Night. Perhaps in a couple week’s time and then another next month.”


    * Vesper ears would prick at the mention of a Lore Night… she had a tale to offer, should she be allowed… she’d seek her stone, later—surely it was still at the den where Cairdeas had guarded it? She’d have to thank the pup later, for keeping her treasure safe.


    * Kova well aware of Ophaelos’ presence she to was eager to hear what her scout in training might’ve found on his ventures. She turned an ear to the sound of her court’s lore night announcement and she smiled.  “Aye, agreed.” she turned to address the others. “I invite all to share should you desire to. I am sure from now until then, we can find a story to share.” she grinned then looked back to the other gathered and it was here her hues fell to the new fae, Raine once more. She recalled her conversation of invitation to want to find a home, but, she’d leave the moment to her to request if she desired. For now, her hues fell to Ophaelos and perhaps as if reading his mind she’d chuff to him. “Scout in training… come forward and share your report.”


    * Fianna  wouldn’t have missed the new fae in their midst either. She hadn’t spoken to her – had anyone? Did the Alphess? Fianna would look between them all for a moment, her ears flicking back only briefly. She seemed.. At ease, something that didn’t usually happen unless a wolf had been greeted. When Ophaelos was called forward, Fianna would perk and look to him. A report? What had been found? It had been a while since their pack had a dedicated scout, and Fianna had not been able to satisfactorily scout it herself either. She would mull on a lore night and what might be shared eagerly as she waited for the report.

    * Ophaelos “I concur,” Ophaelos would say quietly. A lore night was much needed, just as these autumn events lined up were. How long had it been since the last lore night? Several months, he would reckon. When that would be all that Rook would offer, and Raine would seemingly pass up the opportunity to pledge herself to the pack, Ophaelos would begin his own boon of news once Kova called him forth. Dipping his head at the alpha fae, he would pause a respectful distance away from the stone before turning to meet everyone’s gaze, his tone solemn once he began his oration. “Much has happened to the territory in such a short time, I am unsure where to begin,” he would say. “To the south of this clearing, beyond the forest, lies a ravine that has seemingly ruptured from the earth’s surface. A large river courses through this new canyon, and so far, all seems safe within. The currents are strong, but surely a great spot for fishing,” he’d muse. “Through this canyon will bring one the sights of new rivers and much for the gander. The beloved scouting trails in this area, namely the trails that winded closer to the lake, are no longer present. New trails must still be scouted and forged, so be mindful when traveling, for getting lost may happen. I have left scent markers along the canyon and the land as it widened for everyone to use to help orient themselves in spots that seemed best for the new trails,” he says. His eyes would turn to Fianna when he offered his next news. “I found the recent tracks left behind by a pair of foxes by the lake during my travels. I am unsure where they are off to now, but it may be worth investigating later. The lake itself is also wider and larger, perhaps to accommodate the plethora of new rivers feeding from its source.” Ophaelos would continue once his report to Fianna had concluded, but would give those in the meeting time to simmer on the news brought forth so far. He had more to share. (OOC: Will post a follow-up message to this to prevent eye strain from too much text!) *ೃ༄

    * Raine But as she thought more about it, she too would think about how she asked for a home, and she would slightly change her mind, but it seemed like someone else was talking, so she didn’t want to disrupt the conversation, and she’d wait for another chance to step up and speak. If there would be.

    * Kova as Ophaelos would approach she dipped her head to him before perking her ears with great intent on hearing what he had to say. She hadn’t had the chance to connect with him for the scouting report and upon the unveiling of it all she sighed with contentment. Her tail swished, swung and a glance looked in Fianna’s direction then to Rook’s. A moment more then she’d be looking back to Ophaelos. “A fine and detailed report, Ophaelos, thank you! Do take care each of you, for I myself am re-learning as well. Speaking of new areas, while you where in the south west, I found a new flowing river to the east. It’s much larger than before and now falls from a terrace as well into the hunting grounds.” She turned a moment to the others then to Ophaelos she looked. “As part of your continued task in observation, I give you the opportunity to carve out a new scouting trail, so do so as you wish..”

    * Cairdeas did in fact seat himself next to Fianna. He was being very silent and a lot better than at his first meeting. This one seemed different than the other but in similar fashion. He was just taking stuff in but boy did he have a lot of questions building in his pup dome. There was so much to take in and how would he remember it all to ask? A little pup’s overwhelm but still in spite of curiosity he remained silent.
    * Rook and Kova had seen the canyon, and he had spent some time in the west-east flowing river to the south, but this continuing report made whole the observations he had not yet made. He’d remain a quiet and attentive listener.
    * Fianna would listen closely to the observations Ophaelos had made and when he mentioned the foxes she would feel her eyes narrow some. A nod would be offered to show the scout in training she had made note of the offense and would keep herself on guard, perhaps looking into it further, with pups to worry about. For now, she would continue to listen.

    * Ophaelos would nod to Kova’s notion. He had the say, it would seem? Oh, the possibilities… he’d try and prevent his mind from wandering as to stay on topic, and so he would continue. “After visiting the lake, I made the journey into the north where the scout trail seemed to still adhere to. My next stop was at the Fountain of Passing, and there is much to share there as well,” he informs. “Three new rivers pour from the Fountain of Passing, feeding into the main river that runs from the Great Crossing. If one follows these three brooks, they will be brought to something quite beautiful. A new spring, full of warm water, has formed a secluded oasis in the north. Steam rises from these calderas, a perfectly warm temperature for a wolf to bask in without injury or discomfort. The water is salty, however, so I do not recommend drinking it, for I am unsure if ingesting it is safe… but the area itself is beautiful and serene, almost ethereal. For those capable of making the journey up there, I highly recommend paying a visit to see it for yourselves. If any of you have visited the Hidden Falls, it is much like that—except even more magnificent, if you could imagine such a thing,” he says, offering a smile as he reimagines the oasis in his mind.

    “Speaking of the Hidden Falls…” Ophaelos would resume. “There have been changes there as well. The cascades themselves are much the same, perhaps roaring with a little more vigor, but nothing too out of the ordinary for the untrained eye. However, within the walls of the Hidden Falls is a large crevice within the stony outcrop. There is a cave there, and so far, the cavern remains unoccupied and safe, and beautiful… I would not be surprised if a bear makes a home out of such a cave, for it is spacious, and has a natural spring within it as well—frequent visits to this cave should deter such a thing, however. The water pouring from within the cave is crystal clear, and so far, the changes in the territory offer no malevolence and present no danger for travelers,” he concludes. “There is still much more to see, and I plan to make another leg around the territory to have another thorough investigation of it all and begin carving the new scout trails, but the things I have seen so far are beautiful and almost unimaginable. I hope you all get to see the changes in all their glory, and soon,” he says.
    *Kova she gruuued and listened intently to Ophaelos continued report. She perked up at the sound of warm waters? Springs?? She eagerly turned to gaze upon the others a moment, then back to Ophaelos and the continuation of his story until the end of it’s report.  Oh, how wonderous! New places to explore and get familiar with it seemed. “Well done, Ophaelos” she said with quiet the prideful voice. “I look forward to exploring these areas and hearing of other places you’ve uncovered. Let me know when the scouting trail is finished and you and I will go along it together.”  She dipped nose then turned once more to the rest. “Does any other have something they wish to share before I conclude tonight’s meeting? “
    * Raine As Kova mentioned another chance to speak, she would slowly step up, she had something to say. Her tail would swish slowly.
    * Fianna would feel her eyes widen and her heartbeat rise as she listened to the explanations of Ophaelos’s findings. She knew the fountain of passing, and was intrigued to hear of these calderas, these warm pools of water!? It hearkened back to the far northern trail and the hot pools they’d found there. She would have to go see these new places herself when she could pull herself away from the clearing. Ophaelos was doing well to so acquaint himself with the workings of their territory.
    * Vesper  had listened eagerly to the news of the rivers and hidden rivulets, of caverns and crevices and crystal-clear waters. Had the song, the trembling earth… had she and Leora helped to cause this that fateful day? She’d not speak, but her gaze would hold a puplike wonder, her tail waving gently behind her.
    * Kova her hues fell to the movement of another and when Raine rose, she would perk her ears. She’d chuff to the fae. “Raine, please share” she offered the fae.
    * Raine  She would then sit down again, and as the alphess allowed her to speak, she’d start: “I was wondering if i could take the first step to join this pack?” She’d say in soft tones, and if the alphess accepted, her tail would swish slowly. For now, she’d await her answer.
    * Rook but the casual and quiet observer, would not know the full extent of the two fae’s parts in the sundering and formation of new terrain. He and Kova had been given a small report though unless memory failed him. As to the continuing presence of Manannán…Rook had not heard the song of the River’s son for sometime, but that did not mean the newly formed rivers had forgotten its tune. They’d sing it in their own rite and own iteration where stone percussed the rhythm and water’s course sang its melody.

    * Kova when the fae would approach and offered her words of pledge she would dip her nose and stand once more.  “I hear your request, Raine, and see you stand before the pack now with it.” she would momentarily gaze to the members then back to the fae. “I hear it, and, I would grant your request. Your journey in joining WolfSpirits begins now by my blessing of naming you a pledge to the pack. This is your time to know your heart and to feel your paws true, and ensure that this is your place and where you desire to be. Use this time to know the others, grow closer to the pack and to the home you wish to call home.”  She dipped her nose and stomped her paw. “I welcome you, Raine, pledge of WolfSpirits.”

    * Vesper As Raine was pledged, Vesper would stamp her paw, tail waving a bit quicker, now. A new pledge, a new season—so much newness and so much to look forward to, indeed!!
    * Raine As she listened to Kova’s words, her heart would beat a bit faster, and she would shine her eyes and swish her tail in gratefulness. There, she would step back to the others, still very happy that she was pledged!
    * Calder he remained beside Fianna and listened intently to the meeting’s progression , news, bit of lore, and now the progression for Raine. He would perk his ears and turn to the fae – one he hadn’t really spoken to, but, was glad to see a new face and a new pledge. He stomped his paw, happy and welcoming to the new fae.

    * Cairdeas was being lulled back to sleep by all the excitement and talking. It was much like a hypnotizing lullaby though some may have been important. He merely seemed to lay there next to Fianna, Calder and Rook if all were still there and welcomed his shadow worlds embrace.

    * Ophaelos would have reclaimed his previous seat in the grass once his report was done, his eyes turning toward Raine when she approached the stone. Had she finally garnered enough confidence to pledge? The snow wolf would watch her carefully before offering a firm stomp on the ground in celebration of their newest pledge and, hopefully, a new member. The pack thins in ranks lately, and with that, thins in helping paws when it comes to food and scouting. Even Ophaelos had begun to be scarce lately, something he would be adamant about correcting soon. Perhaps the autumn tournaments would give him such an opportunity, but thou shall see once those events come to fruition.

    * Rook The newcomer would approach and ask as many had before her. The answer would be the same, but a shared preface to another story did not mean the ensuing tale would be the same. On the contrary, this one’s tale might be quite different. When the question was asked and answered, he too would stamp his paw to the earth below in recognition of a newly named pledge.

    * Fianna Lead guardian as she was Fianna would watch Rain closely as she made her request, weighing the fae’s demeanor and tones if not more so than the words spoken. She would seek to meet the fae herself in the coming days, to greet her and know her better. It was good to see the pack growing, but always a small part of Fianna would remain reserved with newcomers, the depths of her affections and trust held until full measure was earned. For now, she would feel her tail sway with eagerness for the fae’s new journey.


    * Kova she moved her hues to the sky a moment if only to gauge the moon’s position or the stars before looking to the others. Aware of the time and the hours passing, she turned once more to the rest. She shifted her silvery hued gaze to her court a moment. A long, lingering gaze perhaps would befall his figure before she looked back to the others. “Thank you to each of you for attending and heeding this call and gathering. I will happily conclude tonights meeting.” she stomped her paw softly. “Rest well, for soon I shall call a hunt.”


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