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Meeting Notes

May 2nd, 2023

  • Kova offers a friendly reminder for those seeking to join to connect with their mentors
  • Kova discusses the plan to send a scout north before they exact rule over the northern wolves who attacked months ago
  • A new art page is underconstruction
  • Grimwolf pledges to WolfSpirits
Number Of Wolves Present


    +Fern +Ophaelos

    Leora Grimwolf Shukie Maikoh

    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Kova another swift but fond brush of her frame to Rook’s was given before she would press forward and to the Alpha’s stone. She’d observe as well all the wolves now present. A quiet, humble dip of her head was given as she would reach the base, and there rise up to it’s surface and stand at the edge.

    Once she was there, she’d lift her muzzle and howl for a gathering. The meeting to be harold and those present, to come forward.


    * Salem followed his usual route on his way back to the Clearing picking up that he wasn’t the only one to approach it from this direction. He was nearly there by the time he could pick up on the scents of other wolves that were still lingering. Present even. He would quicken his pace until he could make out the break in the trees where he slowed only to scan who all was there though his nose already gave it away and the job of his eyes were only to confirm it. His tail wagged to see them all though mixed in with the ones he knew, there were also a few he didn’t but the mix of them all wouldn’t be alarming. There were just some wolves he hadn’t met yet but that meant that he had those to meet, and out of one or two of them, he could recall seeing the wolves themselves at a closer distance, the distance he now sought to close with a chuff once he was close enough. It was just after the howl resounded and he noticed Kova on top of the Alpha Rock and diverted his path in that direction but wouldn’t be the first to arrive.

    * Sanek was at the Lake of Solace, drinking from a hole he had punctured through the ice. The cold water helped him feel more awake, as he had woken up not too long ago. Having quenched his thirst, he offered a gaze skyward, then turned and started making his way back to the Clearing. Kova’s howl echoed through the forest just as he did so. A meeting? Maybe this time he wouldn’t be late! He started sprinting through the woods, narrowly avoiding trees as he ran.

    * Ophaelos  .ೃ࿐ “No worries, I am just glad to see you both in good health,” Ophaelos simpers. At Fern’s response, he’d hum, his smile loosening perhaps with sympathy. “You will find comfort in the fact that Shakira said that a hunt will be soon, however, that was days ago, so I am unsure just how close the hunt may be,” he tells her. “If I knew you were going to be nosing around yesterday, I would have saved my energy and taken you on my hunt with me yesterday. I managed to hunt a pheasant, and before that, I was able to secure an otter too. The latter, however, was a lot more challenging,” he admits, a rare image of sheepishness present in his eyes if only for a split second. As Grimolf approaches, he would glance toward Fern momentarily to gauge her reaction, but would otherwise sit firmly beside her. Luckily, for her sake, it would seem that Ophaelos’ body was between her and the brute, so he’d hoped that would bring her some sort of comfort. Regardless, a welcoming simper would come across Ophaelos’ face, though his tone was solemn as usual. “Good evening, Grimolf. How have you been? Have you been eating well?” Ophaelos questions, his eyes briefly swaying across the brute’s chest to see if he had filled it out. Considering his lack of rank, he hadn’t been invited on any hunts with the pack but hoped he had been finding some sustenance in the meantime. As Kova calls for a meeting, his gaze would sway among the three wolves. As he gets to his paws, his eyes would land on Grimolf once more. “A meeting is afoot. You are welcomed to sit with us to attend, Grimolf,” he says, his tail swaying momentarily as he looks across the land to the stone. “Are you considering pledging tonight?” *ೃ༄

    * Leora her tail swung happily behind her as she would pace herself quickly to greet Lou with a fond nuzzle. “Hi, Lou!” she said before she made note of the others who started to appear, but then a howl drew her attention entirely. Kova was at the stone, and called a gathering. “Oh!” she’d scamper to nose Lou again before seating herself.

    *CwnAnnwn Silver male noted the small groups of wolves that gathered together near the alpha rock. As he neared the small groups, he noted the arrival of Kova and Rook and watched as the alpha fae climbed the alpha rock and issued her call for a gathering. With the call made, he would find a spot to settle upon his haunches close to the others, leaving space for his mate should she make a late appearance. He watched how the others reacted with on another as he awaited the meeting to begin.

    Maikoh —  He opened his eyes slowly, feeling the softness of the patch of grass beneath his shaggy body. He inhaled deeply and smelt the rich aroma of meat from the hare he killed the other day. He licked his chops and grinned, remembering how he chased and caught the prey with his sharp claws and teeth. He heard a loud howl from the direction of the clearing. He recognized it as Kova, calling for something. He wondered what was going on. Was there a new threat? A big hunt? A special celebration? He got up and shook off the snow and leaves from his pelt, then trotted towards the clearing with excitement. It would not be long before he entered the clearing and sat his haunches down just close enough to the stone to hear what the alphess was saying.

    * Rook 📖  would accompany Kova as far as the stone before he nosed at her and moved to take his place alongside CwnAnnwn. If one such side was obviously favored for the Lorekeeper of herbs, then he’d be keen to chose that which wasn’t. He’d note the others within the clearing and near the stone, Grim especially. A quiet and respectful dip of his nose would be given to Cwn before he too put his attention to the meeting.


    * Fern would look the pitch black brute up and down for a moment while Ophaelos spoke to him, but she did notice he seemed to be trying his hardest to seem friendly, so she would over a quick sway of her tail to that. Though, there was not too much time to chit-chat it seemed as the strong call of a meeting rang in her ears. Quickly picking herself up from her sat position, she would rub her golden frame against Ophaelos’s once more for comfort as she began making her way closer to the Alpha Stone’s foot which they were not quite at as of yet.

    * Saskia nodded in regards to Fern’s statement about Rook’s father. Her gaze turned towards the others entering the clearing and she would offer each one a smile. A deeper smile would be given to Loumacy, however. She turned back towards Ophaelos as he greeted Grimolf, and she was quite proud to watch him invite the scarred brute to their side’s during the gathering, which had just been called by Kova. Saskia would waste no time, and would stand to approach the stone in the center of the clearing. She’d seat herself slowly near it’s flare and glance to her left and right, her gaze settled on Cwn. She didn’t see Rune attached to his side, and would frown. Where was the caretaker? With that thought in mind, she looked around for the black brute she knew as her heart. He was also missing in attendance. She hadn’t seen him in some time and was beginning to worry about his well-being. Not being able to jump from one appearance of wolf to another, Saskia would hold a disciplined gaze upon Kova as she ascended the stone. She would be seated near Ophaelos and Fern, but also keep her ear swiveled for Lou should she decide to join them. The clearing was teeming with life and activity!

    *Kova As the other wolves began to gather after the call for the meeting to take place, she would have shifted her paws beneath her and seated upon the Alpha’s stone. Luckily the day was a little warmer, so was the stone beneath her pads – a quiet relief to her wandering paws as of late. She would offer a bow of her head and a swing of her tail as she began. “Thank you to all who have heeded the call for tonight’s meeting.” she took in the scents therein, and made note of who was present before she’d continue. “I would like to begin with a few points in which to discuss as a whole.” she turned to those present. “Each wolf’s journey to our land is as unique in their own path, as it is to the one joining our fold.” she’d cast her eyes upon each wolf present, but mostly the members. “Ensure that you connect with your mentoree’s, and to share in that journey as well wisdom. Should you need guidance know I am here as well to help offer a page or two.” she gave a smile. “Questions can be asked, always.” she’d add now gazing to any of the Assessments present before looking back to the gathered. Waiting should there be any questions or tones to be offered.

    <Sanek> sped into the Clearing and slowed only when he was halfway to the Alpha Rock so as to not distract those gathered in case the meeting had already started. He wagged his tail and sat a bit closer to the Rock than usual so that he could see what was happening better. He was panting hard from the quick run.

    *Leora she would go big eyed to at all the wolves coming in! So many, she thought just as Saskia had. She saw Sanek emerge into the clearing from the woods and her eyes would light a little brighter. Her tail waved swiftly behind her as she dared to leap in his direction but decorum. She would hear Kova begin to speak and now, she’d listen.

    * Loumacy settled near Saskia but not next to, rather her body gave space for Salem to join her if he so desired. Though she did dip her nose in greet at Ophaelos and Fern before turning her attention to Great Alpha Kova. Thunk thunk thunk went her tail against the earth. Not meaning to make noise, just happy go lucky as she listened to what had to be said. Granted she hadn’t seen her mentor in a while, not sense that incident with Calder, come to think of it where was the brute. Her amber hues began to scan the shadows, wearily. There was worry in her brow.

    * Grimolf’s expression harden at the sight of Ophaelos shielding Fern away from him, it deeply upset him that she’d held such a distrust for the brute despite his best efforts at trying to redeem himself. Lucky for him, Ophaelos replied with his own greeting and some questions ? ‘ Evening . ‘ The brute’s attention shifted onto him . ‘ Just enough to get myself here and there. ‘ That last question regarding food ; Grimolf  expected knowing that he had been living off the small game in the territory for some time now . Both of his ears perked up at Kova’s howl turning his head towards the Rock . ‘ Perhaps . . ‘ he muttered softly falling suit with the rest of the group, as they made their way over to the meeting, leaving the group to find his own spot at their arrival .

    * Calder nestled just within the northern tree line , very close to the ancient forest, the shadowy figure of Calder would be just there. He had heard the call, risen himself and moved as close as his nerves would allow. Perhaps one ear constantly turned to the forest, while another forward to hear the words of what unfolded with the meeting.

    *Cwn He perked as Rook moved to his right side and settled, he gave a respectful bow of his head to the Master of Lore before turning his attention the Kova as she spoke. He had noted that his mentoree was still missing and he found himself wondering if for the second time the wolf he was to mentor had a change of heart and found another path. He glanced to the others as Kova offered an opportunity for questions.

    * Salem looked up as Kova spoke and to the mentorees he could make a note that among them he could pick out his and gave a short nod if only to himself but could also be taken as a nod of acknowledgement to who it was. Seeing an almost row of wolves in front of the rock, Salem found a spot on the other side of Loumacy and gave her a silent nudge in greeting and a short nod to Coneward as well. His attention then would turn to Kova as she directed the rest of the meeting.

    * Loumacy’s gaze halted on the strange wolf that eyed Fern. Her ears perked forward back, laid down and stood up, and soon she followed suite decided to slip away from the stranger and seek comfort from others, but who and where? Just then Calder stepped out out of the forest and Loumacy gave forth a whine, but lucky Salem was there to nudge her in greet and soon she settled back down with her head between her paws looking up to the rock, trying to make herself small…or bush like. The later was more manageable.

    * Kova as all had fallen silent for a moment more, she’d continue. “Our next item to discuss is the north.” her hues momentarily broke to cast her gaze behind her, to the Rogha’s, before looking back to the gathered. Her body language and vocalization would indicate well her intent and fire. “I’ve begun to conjure a plan. We wait no longer for the shadows to collect, gather, and plot. We wait no more for them to harled whatever ill will they wish to seek out to it’s fullest. We wait no more… but we must be careful. Thoughtful.” she’d exude confidence and strength in hopes to lend it to those who where unsure. “Winters grip will soon be released and the rivers and creeks swollen. Without the snows in the valley below, it’ll be easier for us to traverse, but the snow will no doubt still be clinging to the Rogha’s and beyond. I will send out a wolf to scout ahead, beyond our usual territory, to report back on what they find.” she’d cast her eyes once more to the gathered before shifting her weight. If she saw Sanek among the crowd, she’d give him a knowing nod. She’d much to discuss but would have to wait until afterward. “Once we know their position, if it’s given, then we will move to follow. However… ” her tones drifted carefully. “Timing will need to be carefully constructed. Our Lead Guardian will be tending to her new family soon, and she will not be alone.”

    Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ “I shall hope you do,” Ophaelos tells him, his voice quieting slightly as the meeting begins to commence. He’d give him a final lasting look, solemn and perceptive, before he says, “You have grown resilient skin. I am eager to watch it soften the more you grow here, as many of us have.” An earnest dip of his head would be given to the brute before Ophaelos takes a seat at the rock, comfortable among his friends, the pack, and the strange faces that may gather, too. As he listens to Kova speak and offer her tongue, Ophaelos would think for a moment, quiet for the time being. He had some questions, but a glance toward Saskia would be thrown gently, if not unnoticeably, her way. All seemed silent for now as Ophaelos listened closely to Kova’s wisdom, and the plans to come. At the mention of a single wolf sent to scout, a pricking sensation on the back of his nape would ensue, in hopes things go smoothly for whoever is picked for such a task. A part of him was envious, however, that they’d be able to travel so far… returning, of course, but to travel… it was one of few things Ophaelos was ever happy and content doing. *ೃ༄

    * Maikoh: He felt a surge of adrenaline and curiosity as the alphess spoke, never hearing the word “Rogha’s”. He tilted his head slightly, but he kept quiet and remained as polite as he could. He would like to see the land and what would lie beyond it, as he loved adventures. But he wasnt sure, as he was just a Newcomer to the pack.

    * Leora she’d dance her gaze from a few wolves back to Kova, listening. When the next item was discussed she’d feel a hard pit in her stomach. Her paws would pull further into the snows as she wrapped her tail around her slowly. A low breath escaped her, not a whine, but a concerned vocalization. A fear… ? Then her mind fell to her sister and what was to come. Soon, maybe? She did look rather round but she knew nothing of such things, or the time of it all.

    * Sanek he offered a glance to Leora and dipped his head to her with a smile. His heart had stopped pounding as hard by now and he could fully focus on what Kova was saying. She gave him a nod and he ran back her last few sentences in his head, intrigued. He had thought much about the enemy yesterday and was glad that Kova was taking a more active approach in stopping them.

    * Fern’s eyes would stay on Kova when she started speaking but would flicker over to Loumacy when she might have a whine of anguish? But what was wrong she could not tell. Finally her golden eyes settled fully back on the Alpha upon the stone, especially when she began speaking about the dark wolves who came from the north… Her ears pinned, and unlike Leora, she let out a soft whine of her own to release the stress at the thought of the situation on their hands. She’s planning on sending a wolf to scout? How dangerous… None of it seemed like a good idea to Fern, but it truth, fighting back was the only way to win this battle, if only the golden fae understood that.
    * Saskia A knowing look found Ophaelos as Kova spoke of connections and teaching. She knew what she needed to do, and Ophaelos knew where their hearts were in doing so. There would come a time for them to conjoin paths in the near future. The next topic drew her gaze to narrow. She was glad Kova was addressing this issue, especially with her current rank. Before Kova’s gaze had wandered to Sanek, Saskia would draw hers there. He was the scout of the pack, and knew the lands to the north quite well. Returning her gaze to Kova, she’d give a hum of acknowledgement about Fianna’s current state. She hadn’t seen the fae in a couple of days and wondered if she was denning. A soft but resilient gaze found Kova as she spoke; Saskia would have to step up to the plate now with Fianna being out of commission. Not knowing where she was needed more – here with her spirit mother, or out protecting the entire pack. Her heart was torn. She lifted her crown and spoke, “And what is the plan after the area has been scouted?” She knew that if they were to venture North, they would be exposed to not having the home advantage. The Northern wolves would know the land better than them, or would they? A handful of the pack had been to the North last summer, and weren’t ignorant to the map. She didn’t say anything else and waited for Kova to speak her idea.
    * Rook would think upon his own mentee to whom he had given the task of telling a collection of tales he hoped would instill in her the necessary knowledge and investment to become a member of the pack. Although he knew such a task would take time, he had hoped to come across sign of her along his own paths. Time, as ever, would tell… When no question came to Kova’s first order of business, the heavier burden was spoken. Finally, retribution would be had and the way to the north…the way to Nenana would be open. He would feel a familiar rush from his head to his chest and then to his limbs which urged him to move against the will to stay still. Talk of his sister and of others expecting pups would tear at this urge to fight the wolves currently in the pass. He’d look between the lot presently before the stone and wonder just how prepared several of them were. Some he had hunted with, but none he had fought with.
    <Grimolf> nodded at Ophaelos words not needing to reply, but only listen to his words . The scarred brute found somewhere quiet in the gathering not far but not exactly close to anyone . When Kova’s loud voice announced their plans about the north for a split second ; Grimolf’s eyes widen . A involuntary response shook the brute’s frame making him stand out to anyone who happen to glance in his general direction.
    * Cwn He listened as Kova spoke of planning to deal with the wolves to the north. The timing did not work out well from his perspective, normally he would be keen to take on some role in the task ahead, maybe even help with the scouting. Kova’s last comment would provide his reason for not putting himself at the forefront of any scouting task, as much as it provided him incentive to ensure that the wolves were dealt with, it also made him leery to be far from his mate and future kin.
    * Salem nodded to Kova’s decision and her cautionary words to go with them. He glanced around at the wolves present and could see that their numbers too had swelled and he wasn’t sure how many the wolves in the North were up to, but hopefully that would be information that would be brought back. Until then it made sense to not leave themselves undefended at such a vulnerable time.
    * Loumacy lay there listening, picking up bits and pieces. She was unaware of the recent trouble that lurked in the North having spent her days since her return tending to the obstacle course. So quietly she listened and kept her eyes on the giant rock Kova stood upon. Her ears flicked this way and that. The femme put a paw on Salem’s comfort is what she sought. Wolfspirits was the only safe pack she knew.
    * Calder he would watch the wolves, and in particular Loumacy to whom he still owed a great deal to the fae, but his ears drew heavy and forward now to the news of the North. Who would be chosen to scout, he wondered. Cautious indeed and he to would begin to scheme his own thoughts, but much like Cwn, he to had reasons to be close.
    * Kova she’d allow the news of the north fall to those ears and be heard well. Thoughts, emotions and feelings all natural to harbor and share, and to that she’d allow that moment to linger a little more in silence. An ear turned to Saskia and to her question. A dip and firm nod of her head was given. “A fair and just question.” Though she glanced at Sanek, it wouldn’t be announced yet who the scout and chosen would be. “Once the wolf returns back of news, I plan to meet them in the lands beyond our own. Of snow and ice. Of cold, and of area familiar to some. There are several here who have come and gone that way. Some even naming new places out to the north.” she’d recall the trip with Panther, Sanek and Accelia. “I would also task the chosen scout to get the lay of the land and it’s conditions. Conditions we can use to our advantage. To that note, I will not be asking the entire pack to go. Are there any questions before I proceed?”
    * Maikoh: As he listened to the alphess, he had no questions, but a bit of concern. Although, he did not tell the alphess about it, as he wanted to keep it to himself. He understood the plan. He was ready to do anything for the pack, even if he was just a newcomer. He lowered his ears and wagged his tail slightly in agreement. After agreeing, he listened for the alpha’s next message.
    * Fern’s tail curled around her frame as she lowered herself down to a lying position, still clearly attentive to what Kova was saying, but trying to find comfort in herself. She’d give her sun-kissed fur a few grooms over as well, another calming mechanism while the thoughts of danger coming to the pack members that chose to go on the mission ran through her mind. Who would go and who would say..? How long will they be gone for once the scouting is finished? Questions, questions, questions, but they were ones for a later time as it was too early to know for sure. So she stayed silent, other than a few almost whispered whines here and there that were barely audible on purpose.
    * Salem saw the opportunity present itself for the time for questions, and he thought it best to make some of his thoughts known. “How many wolves are there in the North?” He tilted his head slightly and his ears folded back and then relaxed and he righted himself again. He wasn’t sure if there was such an answer yet, but he wouldn’t know unless he asked though the answer wouldn’t sway him more one way or the other it would seem.
    <Grimolf> A dark lingering expression replaced the initial shock staring up at Kova and Saskia . Every single instinct was screaming out to Grimolf to stand up and interfere with the meeting, but he couldn’t move let alone speak . He knew something and it wasn’t just the lands to the North . Both of his ears flattered, as he begrudgingly looked off to the side, refusing to make any decision.
    * Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ His ears would twitch momentarily at the mention of ice, snow, cold… and North. As far as Ophaelos knew, his homeland was but a wasteland, and far away from here, so he knew Kova wasn’t quoting it. However, with that being said, the mentions of such brought back a wash of memories over the brute. Once again, envy… and a reason to settle further into the pack as time ebbs and flows. His eyes briefly swayed among the gathered wolves, curious of who may be picked for such a task. However, he had a feeling the responsibility possibly lay with his mentor beside him. He knew she had visited this place before… if only Ophaelos was around to join them at that time. It sounded like an adventure indeed—one of which seemed challenged by the one that looms over the pack in the current conversation. *ೃ༄
    * Leora she would dart her gaze back from one wolf to another, before being transfixed on Kova’s words. Who…? Who would be chosen, she wondered. Another darting of her eyes to each wolf. She’d feel the density of this task, even before it began. Silent she remained. An ear perhaps turned to where Fern was and noted the distress in the fae. She’d offer her a comforting expression before looking back to Kova – she herself remaining still.
    * Rook Could he see the tepid response from those present or hear it in the silence? Perhaps it was misjudged trepidation. They had been bested by guile before. Who was to say they wouldn’t again? He would not spend more time than necessary on inferring the other’s will or taste to see to resolving the threat in the north. Rook did have questions, but they would wait to hear what the estimated count of their enemy was.
    * Loumacy kept quiet, letting others in the pack take a stand to ask their questions or speak up. She herself remained close to the ground, staring at the Alpha rock, ears swiveling every which way, sometimes towards an actual voice, sometimes towards who knew what.
    * Sanek he was running the plan through his head to get a better sense of how it might look. He had many feelings about it, excitement mixed with unease. It wasn’t clear yet who would be the scout that went to the North, but he had assumed it was himself because the Alphess had glanced at him. It would be strange going to those peaceful lands he had wandered through and had an overall pleasant time in, and instead be part of a difficult mission like this one. If it was someone else that was chosen, he would most definitely meet up with them to discuss how best they should go about it to stay safe.
    <Salem> took in what new information he could in addition to their possible number and would let the meeting continue with a polite nod.
    <Grimolf> The muscles in Grimolf’s face relaxed slightly upon hearing the names of wolves unfamiliar to him . The darkness in his demeanour remained thinking about what hid within the Northern regions and it was bigger than the current threat they faced . If they started scouting north what happens if they uncover it — or even worse attract them with their plot . When he was exiled there were no signs of them, but that was many moons ago . What was there to say that they didn’t move in upon hearing the fighting ? Shaking his head, he mentally told himself off, this was not the time for that . Grimolf must be overthinking and these events are not connected .
    * Saskia The plan thus far was sound and promising. Saskia looked to Salem as he asked their numbers, then back to Kova as she responded. One must never underestimate the power of evil based upon sheer numbers, but Saskia knew her family had a bond of steel which was something she presumed the wolves of North lacked. Her attention drew to Grimolf further away, and she would scrutinize his reaction, but quickly remembered his origin. She knew this was not a conversation he would take comfort in. She then looked to see the faces of the wolves near her. How would the assessments react to the plan? They were valuable in strength and perseverance, and her gaze would settle on her apprentice. She could see the wheels turning in his head by association, and would offer a nosing of reassurance and strength before turning back to Kova.
    <Sanek> he felt some relief at Kova’s estimate of the amount of wolves there were left. Enough to do damage, but not as many as he had imagined. However, they probably had some elaborate plans up their sleeves so it was important to act fast.
    * Rook took no comfort in the number offered and allowed a slow exhaled breath to be taken as if to expel an urge to speak. When he took a breath in, he found that urge unabated… “These wolves are Olc…be it 1 or be it 20, they cannot be allowed the time to devise new devilry with which to overcome the fragile adventure we hold in numbers.”
    * Kova she would give a sure nod to those present, and when Rook offered tone she would give a firm nod of her head. “Agreed” she said in equal measure.
    “So prepare yourselves for soon we head North, for whom I ask to scout will make haste.” she shifted her paws again.
    She would allow her words to be measured still and felt. Reeling on the who and when was still upon her mind but not yet decided.
    “I would like to now open the earth below the stone freely to any who wish to speak or ask questions.”
    *Calder he would listen intently to the others reactions both silent and spoken. Their reactions weren’t lost to him nor the questions. When Kova spoke of potential numbers, he’d incline his head in a nod to agreement. He couldn’t think Kaylus to have more than many more left at her side. Surely not. When Rook spoke and offered tone of Olc, he’d feel the familiar fire within begin to flicker.
    * Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ A moment of silence would pass as he digests the words exchanged throughout. At Kova’s beckon for questions, he’d find his voice, which was solemn but inquisitive. “I know little of the ‘Tellers pack that borders us, though I have come to understand we are peaceful neighbors. I have to ask; are we allies, or simply peaceful? Would it serve us well to make them privy to such dangers, in case Kaylus’ pack directs their attention to them? Does having them residing so close benefit us in any way when it comes to them, or are they not aware of Kaylus and her pack at all?” He’d ask, his questions more pointed than mysterious as they sometimes tended to be. *ೃ༄
    * Saskia Rook’s words would quickly find Saskia’s ears. She nodded firmly, with his words confirming her own thoughts – no underestimates. Ophaelos’s question would catch her attention and she would perk an ear or both. That was a great question, thought internally Saskia had her own formulated opinion on whether or not an alliance should be formed with the ‘tellers. Saskia knew little about them even if she’d met a couple of them. Privacy was important to her for her family, then again this was a life or death situation. Her gaze shifted towards Kova and might have even glanced towards Rook for obvious reasons.
    * Sanek Rook made a good point, that no matter the numbers, they should not allow any advantage or they could face the consequences of inaction. When Ophaelos spoke, he listened carefully to the questions he presented, because he didn’t know the answers to some of them himself. He hadn’t yet formally met with the wolf but planned on doing it soon.
    * CwnAnnwn He listened to the conversation silently, his thoughts having settled on how to ensure the safety of his mate and future offspring. He knew he would need to find balance between ensuring their safety and ensuring that his decisions did not cause the injury or loss of any other member should he find himself absent from a fight he would be better suited for.
    * Kova she would turn her ears towards Ophaelos as he would offer questions and point. Her gaze had momentarily drawn to her court, but then back to Ophaelos. “Peaceful and respectful of each others boundaries, this is true.” she’d begin before she would allow another moment to pass before responding to the later questions. “One of their own, their scout, came and aided us during the first attack.” recalling now who had remained in the north when Leora was taken. Summit had not lingered long and often secluded so it was understandable if his presence was missed entirely. “They know a good deal from what we shared when the scout was here. However, I would not wish to involve them further than already having had a paw in already. I would offer warning for them, should we fail, but I would not invite them to a quarry that is not theirs to deal with. I wish no trouble for them, so I will invite none to their door, but I will offer them insight and from there, allow them whatever choice they wish.”
    * Rook A measure of peace followed after the seeming acceptance to his warning, but then came a question he had half expected not to come. Rook was curious as to the nature of the questions as he was to the perception given to the pack to the east. He had his own secrets to keep, but he asked his questions regardless…”What would be the difference in your mind between the two terms? Friendly…allies…they likely do not plot our demise but enjoy the temporary buffer we provide. I will tell you what you likely do not know…their new alpha is a firm believer of reciprocal exchange. I have reason to believe they know of the danger and have already prepared…Their scout was the one to save my sister and will have already delivered news. Kova speaks wisdom…unless you have something to offer, do not invite them into your affairs.” Perhaps a tinge of protectiveness came through in his voice? The Tellers were his kin after all.
    * Leora she would look between her brother then Ophaelos. Interesting questions indeed. She hadn’t seen the tellers pack in full, only Summit so far, the name she was to call for aid. She kept quiet beside Lou, as her mind would reel with all the ‘what ifs’.
    * Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ “I see, that is much I figured,” he replied, humming. At Rook’s words, his ear would turn in his direction. “From where I used to hail, peaceful and allies had very large differences. I simply wished to know that, if things went severely awry, that they would either keep their noses clean or help us. I do not wish to invite others to our own war, like anyone else here, but considering their closeness in our border, it is a concern I had nonetheless—for our safety, and theirs. That is all,” he replies calmly. His mind would wander momentarily, however, as he thinks more about Kova’s words. A scout had visited? How much had Ophaelos missed while under that strange powders’ spell? As soon as the thought crossed his mind, he would speak again. “Forgive me, I have one last question for you, Alphess. Did we ever figure out what that orange substance was that made us lose consciousness?” *ೃ༄
    * Sanek what little he knew of the relations between this pack and the Tellers, both what Rook and Kova said sounded sensible. He had never actually met with anyone from the pack as far as he remembered and was curious as to what the wolves there were like, especially the scout. When Ophaelos spoke of some orange powder he tilted his head, confusion evident on his features.
    * Loumacy perhaps it was wondered why the odd femme stared so intently at the rock, but such an answer would have to wait til another time as soon her eyelids drew shut, her form grew heavy and like the bush her coat represented she soon slept soundly among pack and friends. For whatever reason the stress of the topic at had did not suite her well, but then again who knew what happened to her while she had been away from pack lands.
    * Kova she would usher a flick of her tail tip in thought before giving a nod of her head to his offered words and question. She would dip her nose lightly before responding in kind.”Not yet. But I have saved some for our Lead Caretaker and when she has had the moment to properly look at it, then we should have an answer.” she shifted her hues towards Cwn a moment, then back towards Ophaelos with light but curious eyes.
    * Saskia Both Kova and Rook’s answer did not come as a surprise to Saskia, though there was a moment where her ears swiveled towards Rook’s protective tone. She knew they were his kin, but the question was well-given and quite frankly, needed. Saskia had been here long enough to see the group settle in the East, and had even accompanied Kova to and fro to speak with the alpha of the pack. The two families were already intertwined, and Saskia would even go as far to say that they were graciously gifted their land by Kova. The debt had been repaid, though. This mystery scout had aided the pack in retrieving Leora and that was more than enough to suit in Saskia’s eyes.
    Nonetheless, as stated, Saskia valued the privacy of the pack and would rather not have another debt to repay should they invite the ‘tellers into battle. Everyone was as it should be – for now. Saskia quietly listened and formed her own opinions just as the others.
    * Salem listened as he found new bits of information to gnaw on mentally later. An orange substance with adverse side effects? He took note of that and would avoid anything that looked out of the ordinary. Just to be on the safe side. It made sense that another pack should be aware of the threat nearby but that they might not offer their own neck if not the same done for them.
    * Fern finally picked up her head from grooming to gaze up to the Alpha Stone, up to Kova. She would address in a clear manner but weary tones if no one else had anything to say for now. “Did you come to a conclusion on why… Why they attempted to take Leora..? And only her?” She spoke with cautious and quiet tones, knowing the sensitive subject she was stepping through. “It just doesn’t make sense…” She added in a hush voice, but seemingly only for herself this time. Softened golden eyes would wander to the fae herself, just to gauge Leora’s reaction and see if she was okay first. “You said these wolves you have encountered once before, yes? Do you know what their goal was the first time? Was it clear?”
    *Rook would dip his nose in acknowledgment to Ophaelos’ answer and offer lightly *”Then I’d wager that where you’re from the word “peaceful” does not mean as it does elsewhere, unless I am mistaken and it is laced with deceit. I will assure you as much as I know and tell you a truth for free: They likely do not seek our end. I do not think it would benefit them more than having us here.”* Rook wasn’t a mind reader and so could not respond to inner monologues beyond recalling his private conversations with Phoenix concerning the unclaimed lands to the east. When Fern asked a pertinent question, he would look to Kova. Would she say what they spoke of? Would she speak of their assertions?
    * Kova she drew her ear towards the tones of Fern and then to her question. All fair questions thus far, so she’d give a simple but light nod. “I do not know their entire scheme. I can only guess from past actions of and from similar wolves.” she would give a swift glance towards Leora as well before turning to Fern. She’d allow this moment of lore to be shared with the gathered now for she knew not all had known or had pieces that where shared among many others, but not all at once. She’d offer in more carefully placed words, if only to ensure she’d make connections where she felt the strongest to be. “Should you remember and recall the story of Olc in our Lore Masters stories as he mentioned earlier then you might have the foundation of thought I’ve arrived to. I believe they are after a particular goal and need a certain wolf for it. That goal is to see any light be ended, but the why has yet to be revealed… truly.” She herself only had her own speculations. Thoughts. Reasons. But she had no proof of any of what Kaylus truly wanted. Only words from her and key quotes. Only what she could piece together from past conversations is what she had to go from.
    * Leora she could feel as though all eyes where upon her. She felt her frame slowly slink back and while they continued to speak, further she started to inch herself towards the forest. She’d dart there if she didn’t feel it entirely rude to do so. Decorum. Decorum. Her light hues fell between each wolf swiftly, carefully, and with a gaze that conveyed guilt. To her, all this seemed as though it was her fault and blame. Though she’d been told it not to be, she couldn’t help but feel that way. Any who looked her way, might notice her eyes darting around and scooting backwards inch by inch.
    * Fern couldn’t help but release a pained expression when she noticed Leora sink back in her frame. How sorry she felt for asking the question that had been swirling in her mind now. She didn’t mean to bring all the attention onto the poor fae at all! But it had already been done, and her sorrowful hues stuck to her face as she looked back to Kova, giving her a soft nod before pulling back her own frame from the spotlight.
    <Sanek> he looked to Leora and noticed she seemed frightened? Nervous? He couldn’t tell. His eyes were filled with concern for what she might be feeling. In his eyes, Leora was still a pup. All this talk about the wolves that wished to cause her harm.. it must be tough to know she was being targeted like this. He didn’t know what the fae was actually thinking, and the guilt she was feeling.
    * Saskia Agreement was to be had with Rook’s truth. She didn’t think the eastern wolves would benefit from their defeat if it was to be had. The question was; would they be inconvenienced enough to aide WolfSpirits in their burden should it come to it? This was important, and it was something that could set an aura between the two packs for many moons to come. It was a question that lingered in the air. What would WolfSpirits do if the ‘tellers were in this current state? Would we side them? Could we expect them to side us if we wouldn’t in turn? Simply speculations and what ifs. If they were anything like the stone brute, Saskia had no doubt that if it came to it, they would not shy away from the sword. Fern’s question caused an immediate look to Leora. She didn’t think this was a conversation for the ears of the victim, though wouldn’t object since Kova seemed open to the discussion. She would take in what information could be given and nod. Perhaps, this ire ran deeper in blood than Saskia know. Saskia knew of the Olc and the seed and the song. She turned to Rook once more. Had he come to a decision on whether or not he’d be venturing east? She remembered overhearing him and Fianna discussing these things on the descent down from the laboratory.
    * Grimolf was awfully quiet . He was watching and listening intently to everything that was being discussed, it hit far too closely to home . The scarred brute would keep his opinions or facts to himself scared that even shedding light on it would bring out the other half of him . No more fighting, no more killing, he was staying far away from this situation as possible . He wouldn’t and couldn’t go down that path again . Golden orbs darted back and forth between the pack members hearing each of them speak . Hopefully such talks of fighting would eventually pass .
    * Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ A quiet look would be changed to Rook, one of agreeance to leave it off there. Indeed, Ophaelos’ definition of peaceful was perhaps not the same as others. The language barrier that he struggled with every now and again had imposed itself in situations like these all too often. The idea of peace was not enacting war or baring fangs at one another, but simply co-existing, unless something imposed itself to no longer maintain that energy. A simple rule of keeping to yourselves and the properties you own, and never crossing that line. Allies, on the other hand… were family, willing to die for your kin, and putting theirs on the line for it. The question of whether or not the ‘Tellers would aid if the regrettable happens, and if they themselves would be okay, was something Ophaelos had to confirm. Satisfied with his answers on the matter, however, he was content staying quiet for now and listening to Fern’s question, and Kova’s answers for it, too. A sympathetic glance thrown toward Leora wouldn’t be missed by Ophaelos, either. *ೃ༄
    * Kova she would give a dip of her head to Fern and would welcome any and all questions. She’d wish the fae not to feel sadden but she’d pick up the fae’s gentle heart and the intentions she brought. She gave Fern a knowing but kind look before peering to Leora. She’d note the fae’s demeanor before she offered to her a light expression as well.
    “In time, we will know. So for now, we will plan, scout ahead, and gather what we can and I will rally those who will join us northward to see it’s end. I hope in a weeks time. Sound questions, thank you.” her paw gently stomped the stone before she would shift her weight. If only to allow any lingering questions to be asked.
    “Before I conclude tonight’s meeting, I would ask are there any who wish to approach the stone to speak?”
    *Salem listened to Fern’s question but his gaze didn’t follow everyone else’s until he saw what they were looking at. Though he couldn’t feel the emotions of what the young fae felt, his heart did skip a beat when he heard that she had been taken. It didn’t paint a full picture yet for him, but he would aid in what ways he knew he could in the Pack’s safety. But since he had nothing to add, he let his silence answer and free the floor for anyone else.
    * Grimolf —  ‘ I would . ‘ Grimolf’s voice spoke up from the remaining crowd standing up to face the Alpha Rock . Everything was counting on this moment all his sacrifices and time spent here in the Wolf’s Spirit had led him to this very moment . He took a deep breath and started his slow descent up the stone climbing upwards the Alphaess and the others that sat atop it . ‘ I, Grimolf, pledge myself to you and your pack, if you’d have me . ‘ The scarred brute’s tail would tuck between his legs before he lowered his frame into a small bow .
    * Kova her hues fell to the tones of another, and Grimwolf would appear from among the gathered group. She would draw her ears forward and watch him approach the Alpha’s stone. Should he make an attempt to actually walk up it, to get closer to her, then her reaction would simply to be to turn and meet him and give a low breath and would step a few paces forward if only to usher him off the stone. The stone would be for the Alpha’s and Beta’s, something he most likely knew not of, a lesson for later but her cutting him off would prevent him from going much further. When he would offer his pledge, she’d watch him with careful but understanding hues. He’d already had a long journey, and his heart willed to keep going with their path. “As a Pledge of WolfSpirits, Grimwolf, you will know the ways of our creed, rules and you will become close and grow alongside those who you wish to call family and pack. Your journey has already been as it has. Pledgeship is for you to know truly in your heart you wish to call us home..” she’d not rehash what had come to pass already, but there was a heart willing to have a place to belong and she’d not deny that for now. “As you have pledged yourself before the pack now, then, I would have the privilege’s to name you Pledge of WolfSpirits, Grimwolf.” her paw rose and she’d stomp the stone.
    *Rook  would turn his attention to Grim’s chosen moment to begin his journey toward membership. It was a beginning, yes…a beginning but he could not truthfully say he was not happy to see it finally happening. What had occurred before this was of the lad’s own doing and could only be classified as atonement. Finally, with something to celebrate, Rook would stamp his paw in response to Grim’s pledgeship.
    * Leora she would look towards the others and when Grimwolf approached the stone to now pledge himself to the pack, she would settle herself just a little bit behind from where she originally sat. When Grimwolf was named pledge, she would give a soft stomp of her paw for him. Her eyes light and welcoming to him. All should feel such when they pledged
    <Sanek> Grimolf was another wolf he had yet to formally meet. He wondered what the pack’s reaction would be to his pledgeship since he had heard mainly about unpleasant encounters. Perhaps he had learned since then? Or maybe what he had heard was untrue, or exaggerated. It seemed his desire to join the pack was true, though, so he offered a howl for journeys yet to come.
    * Saskia would give a another nod towards Kova’s conclusion, and would quietly glance around to see if there were any other questions. Would anyone approach the stone for an important speech? After a moment, she’d return her gaze to her paws. When Grimolf chose to come forward, Saskia would be surprised. A wolf of recluse was Grimolf, but she was glad to see him taking strides to be included. Saskia knew of his journey to the East and of the North, mostly the latter. She’d heard of the talking owl and some of hardships therein. She knew little of his past, but much of his temperament… this said, she would never not be happy with the start of a chosen path. No tones would come from her heart, but a light stamp of her paw and a satisfied hum would resonate in her throat. “I knew you could do it..” A simple, subtle whisper came from her maw, unintentionally. She had faith in his heart. Saskia would quietly wait for the rest of Kova’s conclusion. Salem —  perked his ears when a dark furred wolf stepped forward and he only knew of his scent from proximity but could now link the two together when greeting this wolf and while he would have to wait for his own meeting with this wolf, he stomped his paw sending it past the layer of snow to the Earth just waiting to bloom underneath.
    * Rikiwulf  The little wolf had been resting within the clearing not having paid much mind until the moment she had opened her little eyes.  She would lift her gaze, looking around the clearing to see a rather large gathering of wolves before her. She was confused though wondered if another pack meeting had been afoot.  She wondered this as she stood up, quietly trotting over as to not disturb the proceedings before taking a seat wherever possible.
    * Ophaelos .ೃ࿐ It would seem his question would go answered tonight, as Ophaelos watches Grimolf pledge himself to the pack and Kova’s acceptance of the matter. It was only some months ago that Ophaelos remembered Kova chasing him off of one of these meetings for his disrespectful temperament. He knew the brute had a long way to go if he were to mellow out enough to progress further into the pack, but this milestone alone was a very large achievement. Ophaelos saw this clearly. In celebration, Ophaelos would stamp his paw for the new member. The pack seemingly grows ever more… *ೃ༄
    * Fern would look up once again with a thoughtful but a bit confused expression when Grimolf asked to pledge. Was it a step in the right direction? She didn’t exactly know.. at least he shall be held to higher standards now with the new rank, but no one’s exactly going to make him be less grumpy but himself, that’s just something he’ll have to learn along the way. When it was set in stone with Kova’s words Fern offer a ferm stamp of her paw as well for the new Pledge. Was it a bit of a reluctant one…? Maybe…

    * Grimolf stood in front of the Alpha’s stone, he spoke firm pledging his true allegiance to the Wolf Spirit’s pack remaining bowed in front of the stone, it was a crude display from where she stood, but still warranted respect for the Alphaess . Grimolf felt his gaze soften hearing her words and the way of the creed . He dared not speak until she finished speaking . ‘ You honour me . ‘ For the first time in a long time, Grimolf’s voice sounded — sincere ? It had finally paid off even with the heart-ships. Although, he couldn’t hear Saskia form where he stood Grimolf noticed that same expression from the last meeting, she was definitely proud of him . The newly pledged Grimolf would step away from the stone returning into the crowd of wolves .

    * Kova she would give a knowing and welcoming nod to Grimwolf as he would be welcomed into the fold as a pledge. Though his path was rough, he found within himself forgiveness and a new path to tred. Her paws would press into the stone and there she’d rise to all fours before she would dip her head to each wolf present.
    “That will conclude tonight’s meeting. I thank each of you for joining, for your questions, and for your coming strength. I shall call upon another meeting, to set forward north, and until then rest and let us hunt together and provide for one another.”
    She lifted her paw up and stomped the stone. She’d allow another moment more upon it’s surface before she turned and began to descend it and leap off just to the side.


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