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Meeting Notes

February 25th, 2022

WolfSpirits celebrates it’s 21st Anniversary! All day celebrations had along with a meeting in the later evening!

We are so honored and humbled by each and every wolf who’s come and placed their mark within our home. To either be a family, friend, or visitor of our pack, we wouldn’t be here without you all.

  • CwnAnnwn becomes a Pack Member
  • Skydancer becomes a Pack Member
  • Loumacy advances to Assessment
  • Salem advances to Assessment
  • Rook advances to Assessment
Number Of Wolves Present


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    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Kova turned to Rook and his mention of the weird object. She gave a tilt of her head and peered to it. Surely she’d not want to loose her hearing. She peered to the nights’ sky before giving a swing of her tail and nosed Salem, then would politely excuse herself. Walking to the Alpha’s stone and for the first time she would be at it’s base to the back. Her paw unmoving just yet as she looked at ..
    <Kova> .. the stone beneath her. Thinking on those who came before her, realizing this would be the first time she placed her paw upon it in the role she was given just a few days prior. A deep breath inhaled, then slowly exhaled as she ascended it all the way to its’ end. Once she reached it’s edge, she would take a lung full of air and let loose a howl for a meeting and gathe ..
    <Kova> .. ring!
    * Lotus had no time to respond, for Kova had let out a howl. She was instantly distracted.
    * Saskia heard Kova’s deep howl and chuffed to her friends before walking up a bit further and sitting waiting for the Alpha to start her speech.
    *CwnAnnwn As he gazed to the north towards the Alpha rock, the alpha fae climbed the rock and called for a gathering. Standing up along the southern boundary of the clearing, he shook out his silver pelt and stretched before turning and padding towards the Alpha rock for the meeting. His tail swayed idly behind him and he slowly, yet steadily padded northwards.
    * Loumacy looked to the small femme, and dipped her head, her tail giving a wag, but she said nothing as she had an odd looking pinecone in her mouth which had bits of furr and mud in it. She then looked to Code and nosed the femme, wondering if she was ok and who said she was crazy? The voices heard by Loumacy blamed one another. She then looked to Saskia, on her other side and ran her
    * Loumacy muzzle against the fae in appreciation before settling down between the two and setting the pinecone between her paws. Her mouth went to open to finally address Lotus, but a howl was released. Loumacy’s tail wagged. She liked howls!
    * Lotus glanced at the faes and trotted up to the foot of Kova’s rock, waiting for what she had to say. Her first pack meeting! She was so excited. The idea of this meeting being the first of many made her very happy.
    * Code looked up at Kova’s howl and sat down next to Loumacy and Saskia, wagging her tail. She was glad Kova had interrupted them at that moment as she was starting to get a little embarrassed. She shuffled her paws and lifted her head up to watch the meeting unfold.
    * Loumacy knew a thing or two more than Lotus, and as the voices chided she actually spoke, “LOTUS! Sit with us!” She insisted nosing her two friends. It came out perhaps a bit more as a command then she intended, but it was better than dealing with an annoyed Alpha, as Lou got flashbacks of being reprimanded by those who had come before Kova.
    * Salem nodded and glanced back to it. Rooks words broke through his thoughts of observing it though in that moment he thought of how loud the pop was and the marmot similar to it. With the new idea planted, he thought it might be best afterall to keep there and away from harm and take it away at another time if the wind didn’t do it for him. He nosed Kova the she ascended the Alpha’s
    * Salem Rock though as he was already settled at its base, he need to move any closer. Instead he brought up a paw to scratch at his ear. Instead of moving, he would turn his attention to the treeline to see the lupine forms making their way to the Alpha Rock.
    * Lotus heard Lou calling her name and she gladly came over to sit next to them. She didn’t need to scream, though..
    * Saskia slightly smiled. One more fae wouldn’t hurt in their lined seats. She would then look up as Lotus sat, her ears perked and she sat high with her chest out. She knew this would be an important meeting for her new pack life.
    * Rook would clear his throat in what sounded like a low growl before he turned to look at the yelling fae’s. ”If you don’t mind…some of us are trying to pay attention and pay respect?” There wasn’t much else he could do as a pledge, but the yelling, especially in a meeting, had become too much.
    * Loumacy put a paw momentarily on Lotus, rubbing some of her scent off on the fae, before settling once more and waiting for the Alpha to speak, her gaze moved over the crowd of wolves, and settled on one in particular Salem. If perhaps their eyes met she would offer him a warm smile and a bit of a tail wag. Boy did she look colorful.
    * Leora as she broke into the treeline, and into the clearing, she would see a gathered wolf! Or two… or three. Oh my. So many! Hearing Kova’s howl and gathering she would swing her tail and make her way in! She saw a lot of wolves but her brother stood out among the few and she’d trot over and seat beside him. A playful nudge to his shoulder as she looked up.
    * Lotus , however, knew nothing about what this meeting may have in store for her. Feeling Lou pressing her paw to her, she smiled in her direction. As for Rook, she bowed her head. “I’m sorry. We’ll stay quiet.”
    *Rune The ivory fae stirs, her ears perked to a familiar howl from within the Clearing. Kova, their Alpha Fae, summoning the pack to gather. It was so soon after the last meeting, perhaps a hunt was in order? The fae rises to her paws, emerging from beneath a pine tree with dark, jade-colored branches which dip low enough to touch the ground. The fae gives a light shake to her pelt before trotting north, leaving the Clearing’s southern border. Ahead of her, the fae spots her court, and she chuffs warmly to the brute. Upon arriving at Alpha Rock, the fae settles towards the back of the group. It seemed as though Kova’s call was for a meeting, what would this evening bring? ✲⊱
    * Saskia ears went back at Rook. She glared his direction. She figured she didn’t know the brute, so she would hold her tongue this time, but she didn’t quite like how he had corrected her friends with no rank himself. She nuzzled Lotus. “Pay him no attention.”
    * Rook Upon or perhaps just at the tail end of scolding, he’d feel a bump to his shoulder. A quieter and gentler gaze would meet his little sister; a calmer and less stern voice would be offered her ”It has been a while, Leora. I need to talk with you after the meeting. For now, we’ll pay our new Alpha the respect she deserves by remaining quiet and attentive.”
    * CwnAnnwn He glanced to all the fae’s that had gathered and noted how many fewer males there were, shaking his head slightly at the thought, he was drawn from them at the sound of the chuff from his court. Even before he turned to face the fae, his tail started to sway back and forth quickly. He turns to face the fae and waits for her to catch up as he chuffs tenderly to her, nuzzling her warmly. He would settled beside her, frame lightly touching hers as he faced the Alpha rock and awaited Kova to begin.
    * FiannaThe footsore yet lighthearted fae had just touched down into wolfspirits soil. Well.. Snow.more like but it was no longer mountain and the trees were familiar, and it held the scent of home. Her heart beat a rhythm tuned to this place. Or rather to this pack. She had needed the time to explore, to find where her roots had come from and what they meant. Shaking her pelt once as if to end her travels and place her mind back into its rightful nook, she trotted toward across the snowy Meadows and toward the hunting grounds.
    * Code narrowed her eyes at the grumpy wolf. Was he yelling at Loumacy? Oh, he had a lot coming. No one messed with her friends! She let out a quiet growl and her ears went back. She refrained herself from leaping at him and clawing his eyeballs out as the meeting had started, but given any other situation, she would show no restraint. She took a
    * Code step towards him as a warning. Though she wasn’t the scariest fae being smaller than most, she did pack quite the punch. She tried to calm her anger but stayed still, eyes fixed on him her ears tilted to still hear Kova’s words if she spoke.
    * Kova as her tones would echo across the landscape, she would allow the wolves to settle. Loud voices and callings would reach her but she remained quiet as the wolves would allow their tones to hush enough to be heard. Saskia and the group of females would be close enough for her to hear, and Saskia’s comment would not go unheard, either. Her fur prickled and her voice grew with a temper and ire ..
    <Kova> .. that was only stoked if needed, but it was clear what intention she had behind it. “You will pay respect to pledges and any named within these lands. You will learn to be respectful, least you learn the hard way of our ways by the reminder of my teeth.” Assumptions abound, one shouldn’t scold another wolf unless they truly knew who they where and how could Saskia know who Rook was, or any ..
    <Kova> .. other wolf for that matter, that she hadn’t met yet. She then turned to look at all the gathered, and, allowed her tones to soften for the next words at maw. “Salutations wolves of WolfSpirits.” despite the previous days lore, she would shift her paws and seemed in a light mood. There was plenty to celebrate. “Tonight we celebrate a milestone in Wolfspirits history. Another year has ..
    <Kova> .. come full circle and on this day, we celebrate the pack’s beginnings. Twenty one moon cycles full, we are full of strong, true and devoted wolves. Wolves of Wolfspirits ever running. Carrying our legacy and creating new ones.” she stated in lighter tones “I would like to start this evening with asking CwnAnnwn to come forward and Skydancer.” while he moved, she would cast her gaze to ..
    <Kova> .. others as well.
    * Loumacy had been looking at Salem, and as such her attention was elsewhere when Rook spoke. She didn’t even hear the brute, and had no clue what Saskia was talking about or what had Code in a mood. Instead her ears occasionally swiveled about to voices that didn’t exist before perking to the Alpha, content in the presence of her friends and pinecone. Then the Alpha spoke in a tone that
    * Loumacy made her shrink back, did she do something wrong? Then she noticed the look directed to Saskia. Heh…She rested her head between her paws.
    <Huginn> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 Was this newer wolf growling at him? What had the mere days given her to lay down deeper roots and rights than he? Did they think themselves the better to exclude him from the sentiments of -their- pack? Before he could turn and face the fae, Kova had spoken for him. He had no other choice but to leave it, and he hoped the faes understood clearly what was at stake with that kind of behavior.
    * skydancer head comes up at the howl and she rises as promptly to her pass as anyone could wanted before padding toward the Rock arriving just in time to hear the call to step forward keeping her head properly lowered until she reaches the the foot of the Rock where she sits down.
    <Huginn> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Eagerness to see her family churned Fianna’s paws through the snow faster than she otherwise might have, and as she ran across the hunting grounds she would take in the sights that were offered through the gloom. Where was everyone?
    * Saskia ears went back at the Alphas scolding. She lowered her head in shame. Great.. her first meeting and she was already getting scolded. She gave a slight nod of respect, and held her head away from the brute before she gave him a glare she would regret. She already upset but decided to pick her head back up so no one would notice.
    <Huginn> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn Glanced towards the unknown faes gathered with Code and Loumacy before Kova’s voice drew his gaze back as she reprimanded the one of the new faes. He was taken by surprise when Sky and he were called forward, something he had not expected. He rose from his seated position, nosed his court softly before turning and padding towards the Alpha rock. Stepping up beside Sky as he bowed his head to the Alpha fae before looking
    <Huginn> up to her, tail swaying behind him.
    <Calder> He had been meandering through the woods making quick work of the distance. He’d reached the southern border and densite to find it currently not occupied. Looking for scent and trace of his family he’d hear the howl of Kova. She was at the Alpha’s stone and a gathering therein. He quickly and quietly made his way closer and seated himself just to the east of the rest. He’d listen.
    * Lotus stayed silent and listened intently. She took note of the way Kova told Saskia off for disrespecting Rook. It seemed like he was not a wolf to be reckoned with. Keeping that in mind, Lotus watched as two wolves stepped forward.
    * Leora did -she- catch the bad ju ju eyeball glare from Code or Saskia? Maybe. Maybe not. She too was just about to rise but Kova continued forward and, knowing the respect of a meetings nature, she reclined back and looked up to Kova. Her heart ached just a little at missing her parents.
    <Kova> “CwnAnnwn and Sky…” she said in lighter tones – perhaps not privvy to Saskia’s second glare, and for the faes sake, a good thing. “You both have been an assessment of WolfSpirits for sometime now. Sky, you’ve been a member of this pack for many years and only recently returned. I would like to ask you both now, before the wolves who you desire to call home and family, that you still ..
    <Kova> .. desire to join WolfSpirits? To be your pack and home.”
    * Code narrowed her eyes and dipped her head, annoyed that they had been scolded and not this grumpy brute. He’d started it! He got grumpy at them! So she had the right to be grumpy at him. Rargh. She did feel a little sorry for Saskia as it seemed she was the main target of Kova’s harsh words, but the main emotion bubbling up inside her was…
    * Code complicated. A mixture of anger and confusion. And hunger. She was sooo hungry. Foooooood. Ugh. She looked up to Kova and listened as she spoke.
    <Huginn> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ A growl at the meeting’s floor catches Rune’s ear and her eyes dart to the noise. They glance back and forth between Rook and Code, gathering what they could about what seemed to be a brief interaction. Growls, however, had no place at a meeting and certainly not to a superior. As Kova begins to speak, addressing her court in part, Rune noses the silver brute before returning an eye and ear to carefully
    <Huginn> watching the decorum of the meeting. ✲⊱
    * Loumacy ear flicked forward as the Alpha spoke, and she lifted her head tail wagging. Wonderful Sky and CwnAnnwn were going to become members! She didn’t know CwnAnnwn as well as she liked, but Sky was a dear friend and she was happy to see her return to the pack in full, they would accept would they not?
    * Saskia wagged her tail for the two wolves made into the pack. She was happy for them. They were two she had met earlier in her arrival and were welcoming.
    <Huginn> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 A brief lick to Leora’s crown would hopefully allay the tension she felt, but he would remain acutely aware of the faes behind him. Aggression from those not of the pack to those on the journey had been swiftly dealt with by his mother and father. They were no longer here, but he remained. He could take care of his own if they wished further agression. For now, however, he turned what attention he could to the
    <Huginn> proceedings and the naming of two wolves to the pack.
    * Lotus Loumacy and Saskia were wagging their tails so she assumed that the two wolves called up were friendly and contributors.
    * Salem ears like the others felt his ears fold back though he had only witnessed the scene going on and didn’t know where to interject. When Kova did and started the meeting, his attention was on her and for the moment, he had forgotten about the object tucked against his side that he now did his best to keep out of view. When she called Cwn and Sky forward, he felt his tail stilling
    * Salem though in this moment he was already storing the energy to wag more enthusiastically and it would be good to see them both added to the ranks of those that ran alongside the pack as he had gotten to see before.
    <Huginn> <CwnAnnwn> c/Cwn He listened to Kova’s words and nodded slightly as his thoughts shifted gear, he hadn’t expected this to happen this early, he also hadn’t expected to have been named assessment at the meeting a couple lunar cycles ago, so he was a bit unprepared. After a few moments of gathering his thoughts, would he speak. “The members of the WolfSpirits are my family by choice, the lands my home by birth and because it is where my
    <Huginn> heart lies.” He glanced towards his Court and bowed his head to her before turning back to Kova. “It is my wish to give back to the pack, to care for those within it and to defend it as a member. My father made the pack his family and these lands his home, I wish to continue that legacy. I would be honored to be given the chance to call myself a member of this pack that has remained strong all these year and help it remain strong for
    <Huginn> years to come.” He fell silent and looked to the Alpha fae.
    <Huginn> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Into the woods to grandmother’s house she’d go… With a spring in her step and a hitch as well, for she’d not truly given her injury time to heal but thankfully the scab had held for the most part. Her nose twitched as she reached the opposite side of.the hunting grounds and pushed in through the trees to where the stream heralded the beginning of the eastern clearing’s edge. Slowing finally her sides heaved and
    <Huginn> her tongue lolled. Trying to gather herself, to catch her breath she stepped a body length into the clearing and peered about. Woah. A gathering? She couldn’t see distinct wolves but she could tell by scent there was a mass of them near the alpha stone. Would she be welcomed back since she had left so abruptly? Ears perked and now with a sudden hesitance, she pressed forward at a trot across the snows of the clearing and toward those
    <Huginn> who’d gathered.
    * Sanek the dark brown brute had been circling the lake of Solace after waking up not too long ago, wanting to stretch his legs out. He stopped his trot to lean down and stomp on some ice so that he could lap up the water and quench his thirst. It took him some effort, but finally piercing through he would delight in the way the fresh-tasting
    * Sanek water flowed down his throat. When his head rose again he decided it time he made his way back to the Clearing.
    * Leora felt her brothers nosing and offered her own in turn. She would look between CwnAnnwn and skydancer. Eager to hear what they had to say, she swung her tail happily behind her. Perhaps at the end of CwnAnnwn’s words, she would see her sister?? OHh! She did her best not to explode outta’ her paws to greet her as she waited for skydancer’s response.
    * Lotus CwnAnnwn’s response moved Lotus and she realized that the wolves here had a lot of history in this pack. It meant a lot to her that she could be part of that culture.
    <Calder> Wouldn’t be to far from the eastern edge and he’d listened to the going on’s and the words shared by the brute, CwnAnnwn. He thought about his own feelings an words to be shared before he would make note of movement nearby. Did he notice Fianna’s entrance? Surely if she came in just at the length of it he could make her out. He’d know her scent and frame anywhere. Black frame rose and he, like ..
    <Calder> .. Leora, did his best not to run in her direction for out of respect to the meeting and to what was going on.
    * skydancer sits quietly and respectfully even as her heart wonders what shukie is doing. If the other is all right..when CwnAnnwn speaks up she turns her head towards him while listening before shifting her attention back towards kova. “I feel the same way. I have spend most of my life here and this is my hom.” Oh yes very eloquent today…
    * Lotus Skydancer’s answer made Lotus chuckle quietly. It was so much shorter than CwnAnnwn’s, but that didn’t make it any less truthful.
    * Saskia flinched at Lotus’s chuckle. Was that disrespectful too? She didn’t even know at this point.. she just sat with her jaws shut tight and head held in listening form to Kova.
    * Loumacy looked to Lotus with a frown as the femme chuckled after Sky spoke, she then looked back to the front at Sky and offered a smile of encouragement, tail wagging. She knew how hard it was to stand up there.
    * Kova she would give a dip of her head to CwnAnnwn and to his words. “Your father meant a great deal to this pack. Did much for this pack. You have done much for this pack, Cwn. The lore and stories are not lost to me and I will treasure them and share them. I will sing your lore to, Sky, for those are not lost to me either. For what you both have done for this pack and will continue to do.” ..
    <Kova> .. she would ries a paw up and gently stomp it to the stone where others had done before her. “Once a WolfSpirit, always a WolfSpirit when you are named. I will ask those of the pack. Both members, Assessments, and Pledges. Who will give their name to accept and vouche for CwnAnnwn and skydancer to become a WolfSpirit.”
    *Rook didn’t really want a reason to cast a glance behind him, but when his sister turned her full attention behind them instead of where he deemed it most important, then he too cast his gaze back. So the bear had returned. He was happy, but now conflicted. Did the tale upon his tongue rescind to his mind or would it be spoken when the time was right? He would not disrespect the proceedings by offering a chuff,
    <Huginn> but a welcome gaze and a scooting over of his frame would offer Fianna a place beside them.
    * Lotus realized that how she reacted was rude. She pressed her ears back and lowered her eyes. Was she even allowed to vote?
    * Saskia wasn’t allowed to vote yet, so she would watch as others spoke up.
    * Loumacy spoke up, “I, Loumacy Pledge of Wolfspirits, vouche for Sky, she was there for me when the world was dark, and true to her name made my sky bright!” Unfortunately she didn’t know CwnAnnwn well enough at this point.
    *Fianna And there they all were! Heart warming to a near fire, Fianna had to quell it almost as quickly for some were talking. She now could pick out individuals and saw the whole pack was there.. Or.. They weren’t. Where was Shukie? Her pups seemed absent too but then again they slept alot. Then she saw Calder, And Leora, and Rook and many others she knew and did not know. Swallowing her chuff, she respectfully slid in toward the back and toward Calder and Leora and Rook who had turned to look her way. Her banner began wildly waving and her head drooped a bit from fatigue but also hesitance but there she was at last sidling up beside them all with a lick to Calder’s muzzle, a lick to Leora’s crown, and a nuzzle to Rook’s shoulder, knowing the stone wasn’t as mushy gooshy. Trying to settle into her haunches, it was hard not to fidget.
    *Rune The ivory and russet fae rises to her paws and speaks out to those gathered. “I vouch for CwnAnnwn and Skydancer both, I welcome them to the fold.” She wags her tail at her court. ✲⊱
    <Huginn> <Rook> c/Rook Story 📖 Timing as it was, he caught Kova’s request to vouche for the two. He would stand upon his paws and keep his frame proud when he spoke, ”Rook of the Mean Oíche vouches for Skydancer and CwnAnnwn. The stories my father spoke of both are those I now speak through. Their history is rich within the fabric of those who remember, and this land surely remembers; it speaks their name when all else is quiet.”
    * Code looked up to Kova on the really big rock and spoke. “I, Code, Pledge of Wolfspirits, also vouch for Sky. She helped me through my first few days here with her words of wisdom.” She, too, didn’t know CwnAnnwn at all so she could not vouch for him.
    * Sanek thought he had been heading to a snow-trail but realized the subtle shadows had played a trick on him. He sniffed the ground, swept his tail over the snow and continued. At certain moments when the trees parted to make a small clearing, his paws sunk, and he would remember to trot lightly.
    * Panther had heard Kova’s howl, or the tail end of it. He’d be entering the clearing, focusing on the words. He was approaching silently, looking around at the crowd. Should anyone notice him, he’d give a subtle dip of his head and settle at the back of the crowd. It seems Sky, and Cwn were being promoted. He hummed softly and sat in the back of
    * Panther the crowd.
    <Calder> He would smile and dip his head and nose Fianna warmly across her crown. Following her to those she seated beside, he’d be towards the end. When it was named those who would be seen to pack, he would bow his head and add. ~ I Calder, Assessment of WolfSpirits, would also vouche for both CwnAnnwn and skydancer’s nature and spirit to belong and hold their names as a packmember here. ~
    * Leora when her sister drew near, she’d have to remember her manners. Remember winnie remember, remember winnie remember! She’d not leap up and bound around, instead she’d lick her sister in greeting and returned to the proceedings. Her heart lit with joy and light.
    * Saskia heard paw steps approaching. She looked behind her and saw a dark figure approaching. She noticed it be Panther, but instead of offering a chuff, she would nod a short welcome to him and then back to the front. She would offer him a spot beside her but there were other faes jam packed like sardines around her. She felt too close but didn’t want to move and disrespect anything happening above.
    * Salem nodded his head as Kova spoke of Cwn’s father as he had his stories to thank for some of his habits he didn’t even know about even now. He paused and waited until the last members of the pack had spoken so that he had something to go off of as he spoke on their behalf though now it had been more in turn as a previous time may not have been but a memory and a lesson learned
    * Salem nonetheless. “As a Pledge of this pack renewed, I defended the Clearing with these wolves and both times, they were willing and eager to ward off the threat before it could cause anyone any harm.” They both held respect and the weight his voice would carry as he spoke of them.
    * Lotus noticed a wolf coming up behind them and recognized Panther. Her tail thumped against the ground and hoped he would see her and recognize her as she did him.
    *CwnAnnwn He looked towards those gathered as wolves spoke out in support of Sky and himself. He smiled to his court as she vouched for him and then when Rook, Calder and Salem spoke, he would bow his head to them. When it seemed like no one else was going to speak up, he turned back to Kova atop the Alpha rock.
    * Kova to the wolves who would speak up for the two, she would make note of the shared voices and give a dip of her head and a stomp of her paw again. “CwnAnnwn and skydancer. You have been given blessing from those who would see you as pack and to those who will call you family. It is with great pleasure that I, Kova, Alpha of WolfSpirits, name you CwnAnnwn and skydancer, members of ..
    <Kova> .. WolfSpirits. Be proud of where you will go and of who you will become and grow to be amongst your family. For you are family now. Welcome to WolfSpirits.” she would lift her muzzle and howl for the pair.
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    * Fianna remained quiet, catching up by context, her ears would shoot forward as Kova spoke of being Alpha. Her brows furrowed some and she sent another confused glance around for Shukie, tail curling around her haunches and leaning some against Calder, favoring her right shoulder. Things changed so quickly.. But she was glad to be home, surrounded by familiar scents and faces and she’d gaze around her at those she hadn’t met yet, marking faces and remembering smells as she listened to CwnAnnwn and Skydancer be made members. Her eyes danced, glad she was here for such wonderful news.
    * Loumacy tail wagged as the annoucement was made, and then her favorite part came, the Great Alpha Kova howled! And that meant, she got to howl! Loumacy, in celebration, tilted her head back and let forth a howl, giving that tell-tail end of an oo-oo-oo towards the end.
    * Lotus lifted her head to the sky and howled with Kova, congratulating the pair of wolves.
    * Code joined in on the celebratory howl. She lifted her head and tilted it back letting her songs reach the sky her eyes closed and tail wagging. What a joyous day!
    * Saskia looked around at all the wolves howling and let her tail wag. How magnificent! The whole pack as one. She wondering if she could howl as well.. but without second guessing herself, her instincts took over and she threw her nose up into a howl, short and sweet while her tail wagged and she gazed the pack.
    * CwnAnnwn He bowed his head to Kova as she named Sky and himself as members. Tilting his head back, he would let his voice join theirs in celebration and in congratulations for Sky. As he lowered his head, his voice fading into the heavens, he would bow to the Alpha fae once more and turn to pad back to where his court sat, settling beside her to witness the remainder of the meeting.
    * Sanek just as he broke out of the forest and into the Clearing he would freeze hearing Kova’s howl. Hunt? Meeting! His tail began wagging until he realized everyone was already seated around the Alpha rock. Oh no, he was late! He would try to not disrupt the meeting by quietly moving to join everyone in the celebration. Would he spot Panther?
    *Rook This was an occasion that certainly called for his note in the Song to be added, and so he would if only to beckon the Song this closer to completion with two new members of the Wolfspirits Pack. He would be happy that his sister had returned; much was already in foment.
    * Salem lifted up his muzzle to howl for the two of them, his tail picking up in a wag with the pent up energy he had saved. His tail for the first few motions thudded against the brightly colored object but it was only for the moment that the howl was ringing out as a shared one so it might go completely unnoticed in the joyous sound.
    * Panther didn’t seem to have kept his paw steps silent enough considering a couple wolves noticed his approach. He’d glance towards Saskia, dipping his head towards her. He decided to stay put, and his gaze shifted towards Lotus. He gazed at her for a moment, and dipped his head towards her. He recognized her. He listened to the wolves howling and
    * Panther joined in, then ceased when they did. His coat would likely be noticeable for Sanek, and if he saw the brute he’d offer a dip of his head. Panther wasn’t sitting beside anyone, so the seats beside him were empty.
    * Kova as the voices of each wolf would ries and join in, she would allow their tones to be felt and shared. When the last vestiages of howls would end across the darkness of night, she would offer a dip of her head again before searching the wolves. She saw Fianna among them and swung her tail to the fae and made note that Panther had also joined. Her eyes would cast again to the wolves present ..
    <Kova> .. and she’d fall her gaze to Loumacy and Salem. “Rook, Salem, and Loumacy… please come forward.”
    * Fianna would catch Kova’s gaze as her spirit sister would find her amid the crowd and her own tail would swing fondly and proudly, her paws pressing more firmly against the snows as if to assure herself she had made it back in one piece. She had offered her own happy yip for CwnAnnwn and Skydancer, and now fell silent once more as proceedings continued.
    * Leora she would wave her tail and add her own voice to CwnAnnwn and skydancer’s advancement. When her tones would be felt with the others she blinked hearing her brothers name. She tilted her head and wondered what was gunna happen! Did she notice any funfettii? Or Salem hid it well.?
    * skydancer lifts her head and howls along with everyone else in congratulations for CwnAnnwn before retreating to her usual place atthe edge of the gathering
    * Loumacy froze. Did she hear that right? Did she hear her name? But but…She looked to Saskia and then to Code. No doubt eyes would be upon her all covered in whispy colorful bits, and no cone, well not on her. She was unconed. She gulped. Her gaze tooked to Kova and then down to Coneward, she wouldn’t disobey her, couldn’t. Gently she went to pick Coneward up and carried him to the front.
    * Loumacy Eyes were on her, others eyes. She could feel them, she wanted to pant, but Coneward prevented that. Still, her heart began to pound. She tucked her tail, her belly got low to the ground as she slinked up to the front, and took a seat before the great stone, wishing to be behind it rather than infront of it, but alas that was not pack ways. She set coneward between her paws, legs quivering,
    * Loumacy and looked down at him, ears flat, tail tucked. The voices teased, but Coneward reminded her to breathe. So she did, she panted.
    *Rook He stole a glance between his sisters, Fianna and Leora before whispering the words, ”It will be ok. The tale hasn’t ended yet.” With a passing smile hidden the steady amber hue of his eyes, he gave them one last glance and stood back upon his paws. He’d not keep the Alpha waiting, so his approach to before the rock was swift enough. He’d rest back upon his haunches next to Loumacy and Salem.
    * Sanek sat down and looked around. Now where was Panther? Finally spotting him he almost stood up and walked to him but realized that might be disrespectful to the wolves that are being brought along on the journey to join the pack. He would make little unnoticable and somewhat pathetic scoots to join Panther, though it was clear he wouldn’t make
    * Sanek it for a very long time. While he did so he tried to remember if the wolves called forward were pledges or assessments. So many wolves gathered.
    * Saskia watched at the three padded to the front. She noticed Loumacys tightness and would give her a smile of confidence and an ear flick of motivation. She was so proud of her for coming out without coneward.
    * Salem heard Kova’s words as the howl ended and though his gaze quickly looked down to the strange object, maybe it would be able to slip away unnoticed as he had noticed some of the other wolves had slipped in and their attention might be on the wolves called forward. If one reacted fast enough, it might be caught before blowing away but he pretended not to keep it on the edge of his
    * Salem view until he saw someone hold in the balloon or watch it flow away. He let the thought go as he padded forward and stopped just short of the base of the rock formation. His pelt was clean enough now but maybe he might have little bits of glitter that he couldn’t get rid of, but the snow would have a trail where he had rolled in the snow in a spot not too far from where he was
    * Salem before the meeting had begun.
    * Kova she would look to the trio of wolves who came before her. A long breath inhaled while her tones qould be equal and light. “I ask the three of you to come before me this evening, before the pack, to see and hear from you each if you are indeed ready to advance to Assessment of WolfSpirits. That your heart and paws desire to seek out a home here. To learn our ways and creed. To understand ..
    <Kova> .. the pack in it’s entirety before being named as a member of it.” she looked to each one with careful, but thoughtful eyes. “I ask you, Salem, Loumacy and Rook. Do you still wish to join WolfSpirits? To continue your journey to be named.”
    * Fianna would have perked to Rook’s whisper as he moved toward the front, her head tilting some and a gleam leaping to her eyes, excitement, but not sure about why entirely. Just that she was. Her eyes moved to catch on some bright thing left behind when Salem moved forward and she squinted toward it, nose twitching. What was…that? With Rook up at the front Fianna scooched a hair closer to Leora and nipped once at her shoulder fur playfully but then tried to be a better example and turned to face the front, her muzzle reflecting a seriousness once again as she watched those before them take the next steps. She hardly recognized Loumacy, though it had to be her – the fae was lacking the tight wad of fur on her side. Had she gnawed it off?
    *CwnAnnwn Watched as the trio were called before the Alpha and waited for them to voice their wishes to continue the path to member by becoming assessements. He glanced to his court who seems to have fallen asleep, shaking his head, he turned back to the Alpha’s rock and those gathered before and upon it.
    * Panther noticed his friend scooting towards him, Panther almost let out a soft chuckle, but held it in. He glanced towards the Alphess and listened. A subtle smile as he dipped his head towards the Alphess when she seemed to notice him. He watched as a couple wolves were called up. He glanced towards Rook, Loumacy, then Salem. They were going to be pack soon, hopefully! His tail swaying, and thumping on the snow.
    * Loumacy sat there, very quiet save for the panting, and being seemingly frozen to the spot. Anxiety rushed in on her from all directions and the voices seemed to smell blood in the waters of her mind. Everyone was looking up front at Rook, at Salem, at her. She tried to focus on the Alpha’s words though, not the voices, not on the feeling of eyes all around, she shook her head and lifted
    * Loumacy a paw to her ears, swiping at them, keeping her gaze to Coneward. Another bout of silience passed, and then her head snapped to Kova, “YES!” She blurted. The panting resumed, drool pooling at her paws, her legs quaked, but her eyes held fast on Kova, she couldn’t look away.
    * Salem didn’t have to bring his tail to a standstill in that moment. The balloon remained forgotten in that short time with the attention he could feel at the edge of his conscious. He thought about his time back so far, some of the time and experiences that had been shared when he responded. He waited for the moment he could tell that no one else was speaking to deliver his answer.
    * Salem “I still desire for this to be my family.”
    * Saskia watched as Loumacy fell apart at the Alphess’s paws. She put one paw over her nose and almost had to look away. She thought to herself, “Oh.. silly Loumacy..” she looked at Code and shook her head silently. She was still so proud of Lou for the accomplishments she’d made
    * Rook A hewn stone only ever rolled so far on its own, but the Tale had been a river of ice that carried him far afield. A story for a story…a truth for a truth…He looked back at the two faes that had shown him aggression and callous disregard that indicated more than words that perhaps pack meant something else. He turned back to gaze at the remaining family he had left (that were present), his sisters. Only after that would the tale change. ”The pledgeship is a trial for the pledge just as it is for the pack. I would not lie to you and say that I know with the certainty of conviction that this is home. My father bore the storm well, but I am not him and his time has passed. I stand as I am in the honesty of my thoughts and tales; if these be enough conviction, then I shall cross upon the ferry to the next trials.”
    * Kova would hear each tone and each word shared by the wolves before her. Loumacy’s words caught her a bit off guard, but knew them well placed. She wouldn’t be lost to her expression and to her language, either. She looked physically stressed and gave a light frown inwardly. Surely she’d meet the fae afterwards to sooth or quell any distress. Turning to Salem and to Rook, she gave an equal dip of ..
    <Kova> .. her head and a smile upon her features. “Your journey now is in the assessmentship of yourself and to those you wish to become family with. During this time you will further be rooted in our history, our lore, and get to know the wolves of the pack. I would like to have the honor now, to name you Loumacy, Salem and Rook as Assessments to WolfSpirits. In the coming days, I will assign a mentor ..
    <Kova> .. to each of you. Seek me or I to you.” she would rise her paw and stomp it to the stones.
    * Sanek he remembered now, they had been pledges and now they would become assessments. He stopped trying to get to Panther for a moment to wag his tail and wait for the opportunity to celebrate their next step into becoming pack. They were fine wolves, good wolves, and he was happy at the thought of welcoming them as full members. He would have
    * Sanek to wait some time for that. Would it be spring then?
    * Fianna Fianna would sit taller as Rook looked back toward them, offering a swing of her tail as she watched, listened, and gleaned lessons even from these meetings. How things were done, how the different wolves accepted their roles or moved through each path with a style all their own. She was growing to appreciate each style for what it was, and now that she had had a chance to see and hear and feel what true loniness felt like, now that she had spent longer than a few days without a pack to rally behind her, she knew this was home. Lessons had been learned and, she hoped, character earned.
    <Calder> To the newly named assessments he would stomp his paws gently beneath the snows to the trio. He’d not really known Loumacy that well, but Salem had been familiar to him, and of course Rook to. he would give a smile and a happy wave of his tail before stilling it.
    *CwnAnnwn Silver brute listened as the trio responded to Kova’s question, head tilted slightly at Loumacy’s reaction, he hoped the fae was all right. At the naming of the trio to assessment, he would stamp his paw.
    * Leora when her brother would be named an assessment (she was still getting used to those terms), she would give a whoop and howly yap! “Yay brother!” she couldn’t hold it back. She was also happy for Salem and Loumacy. Two wolves she hoped to get to know more, to! Always a journey this one was on.
    * Rook He would quietly accept the progression along this journey and dip his nose and gaze to the Alpha before moving to find his place next to Leora. The tale, as it was, had not been fully told. He would steal a glimpse of the starlight in the east before taking his seat next to his kin.
    * Fianna When Rook took his seat beside the again she leaned over and slyly whispered, “not a lemon pledge anymore.. But I hope you still stay clean.” She’d then stomp her paws both for Salem and Loumacy as well!
    * Loumacy continued to stare at Kova with a bit of a wide eyed expression, reacting to Lotus’s lick by letting out an extra exhale. She said nothing. Simply gave a nod and once the Alpha stamped her paw she picked up Coneward and bolted back between Saskia and Code, her head laying between her paws which gripped at the snow. She licked Coneward, nosing him, and after a few minutes seemed to
    * Loumacy calm. Ears swiveling about. Back to normal, no longer the center of attention.
    * Saskia smiled softly and whispered into Loumacys ear. “You did great, congratulations.” She nuzzled her friends head back up in motivation.
    * Salem dipped his head at what their next steps would be just as she stamped the stone under her paw. His tail wagged as he didn’t bask there for too long, quickly taking a few steps back to seat himself among the meeting’s observants for the meeting to continue.
    * Code grinned as her friend was named an assessment. What an exciting day! She wagged her tail as Loumacy came back towards them, giving her a biiiiig wolfie hug. “You did great!” she said. She nosed her friend in delight and lay down next to her, giving her a light groom again as that always seemed to calm her. “Congratulations, Loumacy,
    * Code Assessment of WolfSpirits!”
    * Lotus The fact that Loumacy had the incredible opportunity of becoming an assessment gave her hope that she might become a pledge.
    * Kova when the words shared and given by each wolf, she dipped her head and smiled warmly and allowed the trio to return to their desired places of seat. “Those who wish to pledge.” she began with more serious natured tones.”.. will first learn the ways of our pack meetings and will know respect before coming before the stone. Before your request will be heard, I ask each wolf who wishes ..
    <Kova> .. to join our pack seek out a pack member first and learn these ways and have their approval before the next meeting..” her paws firm to the stone as she cast long a gaze across all the wolves present, and those particuarly in a group together. A new thing? Or perhaps born from a flame of mis-behaviour earlier in the meetings start that sparked the need to lay down a little extra ground and a ..
    <Kova> .. quest of sorts before she’d hear their request. “Any questions before I continue?”
    * Lotus shook her head.
    * Sanek wait did Kova say something about a mentor? And some different pledge process? He didn’t remember this. But with different alphas, things tend to change. Who would the mentors be, he wondered. What would they teach? There certainly was plenty details to learn about the rules and the territory. He stomped his paw for the newly made
    * Sanek assessments.
    * Saskia ears went back.. she could have cried. She shook her head.
    * Lotus was excited. She already had someone in mind.
    * Loumacy nosed Code though didn’t say much towards the congratulations. It wasn’t that she wasn’t happy to be an assessment, she just didn’t like standing in front of everyone tonight. Surely though, Code understood that. When Kova spoke again she looked to her, and when she asked if anyone had questions, Loumacy looked away from the front and towards Saskia. She gave her a gentle nosing,
    * Loumacy still not sure why Kova had gotten onto her, but she did know Saskia had it in her to make things right.
    * Panther howled for the wolves previously and it ceased quickly, and then looked around at the others. He hummed in thought and glanced towards Sanek, would he be getting a rank today? Perhaps. His humming ceased and he glanced around apologetically in case anyone heard him. His attention snapping towards Alphess Kova. Hm? This is new. He smiled
    * Panther softly and looked around, his gaze landing on Saskia. Though he hadn’t been a member for as long most of the others present, he could at least try, should he be given the chance. He blinked and stomped his paw for the assessments.
    *Rook He thought upon the task now at paw. He wouldn’t search for a mentor, one would be assigned to him, which meant that one among these here would be the one whom he would garner guidance from. Some among them were obviously favorable, but if pack was truly pack, he would need to learn to know and sincerely be invested…no more façade.
    * Fianna Fianna too glanced over toward the larger group of wolves, her gaze spotting Panther in the process and nodding to him in greeting, gad to see him well. She too was curious of the changes to the process, but trusted her spirit-sister, and now her Alpha, to make the right choices for the pack’s survival. If she could see the disappointment on any faces she would wonder at it, hoping they would all soon learn and understand what being part of the pack truly meant.
    *CwnAnnwn Head tilted slightly at the change, and wondered how much had to do with the incident at the opening of the meeting, either way, he trusted in Kova and her choices. He did feel bad for those that may have wanted to pledge this night, but also understood that it might be good for one to learn of the packs ways a bit before pledging. He cast a glance towards the tight gathering of faes with grey eyes before turning back to Kova atop the rock.
    * Kova when none would respond or offer a question she gave a dip of her head before she continued. “Do not fret. You have a few days to a week at most for this little task” she said with a toothy grin towards the wolves present. Perhaps picking up on the disappointment of a few. To those who were to be pledged. “I will call another meeting in short order.” her tail shifted in a very ..
    <Kova> .. subtle wave then looked out again. She would still make note of each wolf present before she would shift her paws again. “Tonight is a celebration of the pack and of family and friends. Another slice of our ways, is to know that we have nights known to many as Lore Nights. This is a time to share lore and story either from something you’ve heard, or, learned from one in your own ..
    <Kova> .. up-bringings.” her tail swung again. “Would any wish to share? Especially to those whom may be new to our fold.” her gaze fell to Code, Lotus and Saskia then back to the group. She had hoped the wolves who desired to join would understand the meaning of her little quest.
    * Saskia gazed back up at the Alphess. She didn’t know much of anything but spoke up. “Being separated by high mountains, I haven’t known much of WolfSpirits. But my mother said her pack heard them share their voices for many moons. They thought this pack was their own pack ancestors from the tops of the mountains. It turns out WolfSpirit ancestors just had singing howls from their hearts, some which traveled over the
    * Saskia tops of the highest mountains.” She gazed to the peaks of the mountains over the trees of the clearing.
    * Fianna Looking back to Kova as she spoke, Fianna would sink to one side of her haunches, feeling the weariness of her long journey begin to truly crash upon the shores of her frame. She thought of things she had seen, how she had felt as if she were traveling back over the pages of history, but for tonight, she would just listen. Listen and bask in the feeling and knowledge of a home well found. A fae spoke up whom she’d not met yet, and Fianna’s eyes would lift to the mountains, their majestic peaks not visible in the dark but for looming shadow. She’d heard the howls of other pack’s in her travels as well.
    * Lotus her bundled up energy was making her restless. She wanted to listen to the stories but also to ask the wolf she wanted to learn from.
    <Calder> He would look towards Kova and to her request of a bit of lore. He would swing his tail once then settle it in thought. “I do not now, Alpha, but come the next Lore Night, I would request now to share.” he would smile to Fianna then turn back to Kova.
    * Panther dipped his head in Fianna’s direction, a subtle smile on his maw. It seems he had zoned out, but he was catching up. An ear directed towards the Alphess, and who ever spoke next. He was excited about the new thing happening for the pack. He smiled softly as he glanced around at all the wolves. His tail thumping on the snow, then stilling.
    * Saskia looked around remembering Kovas words about learning from a pack member.. she didn’t really know many members. She figured after her mess up tonight she would let any wolf who could tolerate her approach the topic themselves. She was scared if she asked anyone, she herself would get rejected. And oh how that would crush her.
    * Sanek “I have a poem..” he said a little nervously. It was still in its first draft stages but sounded good enough. He wondered if he’d spoken loud enough to be heard by Kova and the others.
    * Loumacy continued to lay where she was, she had no story really, not at the moment, but now that she knew this was a thing she could perhaps think of one as time progressed.
    * Kova turned towards Sanek and gave a smile. She swung her tail and offered a warm, inviting nod. “Please share, Sanek” eager tones expressed a delight in what would be woven to them all.
    * Sanek breathed in deeply as he stood and stepped forward, turning then to those gathered to share his poem, hoping it wasn’t the worst one out there. Surely it wasn’t that bad? He would look around and take a moment to at least get his voice to not shake. “Ok..”
    <Sanek> Wolf is pack, pack is many
    <Sanek> Pack won’t leave, for pack is plenty
    <Sanek> The pack is strong the pack is mighty
    <Sanek> The pack protects, the pack will fight thee
    <Sanek> Drop your swords, drop your spears,
    <Sanek> Mere tooth and claw will ignite fears
    <Sanek> We are strong, yet we are kind
    <Sanek> Kin and friends love here find
    <Sanek> Hunt in a rhythm, paws in a beat
    <Sanek> Felling bison is no easy feat
    <Sanek> Wolves will yelp, wolves will yowl
    <Sanek> But each fall we celebrate with howl
    <Sanek> Trial? Fail. Trial? Fail.
    <Sanek> Yet in the end, we prevail

    * Fianna It would seem that home had a way of at last letting Fianna truly relax, more than she had in the last few weeks for she’d been on constant alert. But here, she was near wolves she trusted, and drowsiness began to pull her under whether she wanted it to or not.. Rallying, she licked her muzzle and tuned into Sanek’s poem, glad to hear the words and feeling the rhythm of it within. It was nice. Slipping gingerly to lay on her side, Fianna would continue to listen,but would do so while letting her weary limbs have a much needed rest
    * Kova when Sanek moved to the front to present his poem, she would give a low gruuing sound as she could feel the tempo, the beat and the rythme of his words. A smile escaped her maw as she stomped her paw to the stone. “We prevail” she grinned and dipped her head to Sanek. A true and felt poem. It would stoke a sense of pride and thoughtfulness to each word. Each meaning true. “Thank you ..
    <Kova> .. for sharing, Sanek. A fine poem to share with the pack.”

    * Loumacy listened to the poem as best she could, enjoying bits about the pack not leaving, and it being plenty. Ny the end her tail gave a gentle wag of appreciation, though she hadn’t quite risen up preferring to remain inconspicuous at the moment…despite looking like a rainbow…
    *Rook An impromptu lore night meant that he would either recall a tale likely told already or travel a little farther upon the terrain of memory, where those ancient of his kin resided in memory of memory. He would listen to Saskia’s story and Sanek’s poem and dip his nose in thanks for the hearing of both. His thoughts had been on the lands in which Kova and Ayaka had found him, and so it was to that land and its tales he went. “There is a common story I came across in the depth of the east and southlands that I would recall to you now: The tale of the two wolves. Most of you may have heard the proverb of the internal war that plagues us all between a wolf born of sorrow, jealousy, rage, and spite versus that born of joy, altruism, compassion, and empathy; some will remember that the common thread of the tapestry goes on to say that one is evil and one is good.” He stamped his left paw to the earth in swift feigned anger to impact upon the snow-laden ground and gently made a similar but kinder motion with his right. “Both are within us–are us as a limb is to the whole, and I cannot with any greater or lesser insight tell you that one is either inherently good or wholly evil; they are the duality of you, and who you are is what wolf you allow to the fore…but both are you in what measure is allowed.”
    * Saskia saw that only one or two wolves acknowledged her words. As she listened to the words of Sanek, she smiled softly. It seemed to have a flow of the wind with it. It was almost soothing. She then would look to Rook, who told the story that she was sure all wolves had heard? She loved that short story though. It pulled and pushed at her soul, made her question everything there is. After she listened, She stood up and
    * Saskia left the circle, coming around the edges to sit and look around. She would look for new wolves to meet. Maybe see some of her friends during the short move. She sat and thought of the diss
    * Leora she would give a gentle ruuuing sound as she nosed her sister! Happy to have her home. Where did she go? What did she see? So many questions. When her brother returned from being named an assessment, she gave him a nuzzle under his chin to. She would sandwhich herself between her brother and sister. Oh yaaaa.. ultra comf. To Sanek’s poem and her brothers lore, she would envelope herself in ..
    <Leora> .. their words. Man, she’d have to get good at that word spinnin to!
    * Panther glanced towards Sanek, listening intently with a wolven smile. His friend was very poetic. He grinned and his tail wagged. His ears swiveled towards Lotus who happily yipped, he spared a glance towards the fae, and then towards Saskia, smiling. The pack would have new wolves joining soon. He looked around, and his gaze landed on Rook. He
    * Panther listened and dipped his head towards the brute in thanks. He was unaware if he had heard the story, but it didn’t hurt to hear it again if he had. His tail thumped against the snow, then stilled as he continued to listen contentedly.
    * Leora + and Saskia’s lore
    * Loumacy turned an ear to Rook as he began to speak, letting the wards flow into her mind, and twist and turn. She ofcourse had never heard the story, but atleast she could not be counted as one of the many. Her tail gave yet again another gentle wag.
    * Kova she would smile to Saskia and to the lore in which she gave to the pack. ‘Thank you for sharing, Saskia..” she then turned to Rook whom offered his weeve as well. “A fine measure indeed. One worth a weight of either. Sometimes more of one to another.” her tail swung loosely behind her and stomped her paw to the three who shared so far. She’d look to see if any other decided to ..
    <Kova> .. share before she’d conclude the meeting for this evening.
    * Sanek he looked down to his paws and when he looked up again he gave a little smile and pondered Saskia’s words and listened to Rook’s as he made his way back to his spot. He knew he’d have to go to sleep soon.
    <Calder> He would listen to Saskia’s lore, and then Sanek’s woven lore and poem. To that end Rook’s own added story would weeve itself into his mind. A smile creased his muzzle as he recounted the words from the three. Each strumming a tune that would be felt. He’d offer a light pawing of snow to Saskia’s, Sanek’s and Rook’s lore before feeling Fianna slump against him. Poor thing was no doubt ..
    <Calder> .. exhausted. He knew how far she said she’d go, but how far she truly went, he’d not know. Perhaps the wound to her shoulder he noticed? A low and concerning mm’ing sound escaped his jowls and with no words offered, none needed, he’d groom her coat and allow her to rest. He would look to Rook as he would speak next and gave a dip of his head.
    * Fianna Hearing Rook tell a tale took her back to the days of her father’s own tales. Rook’s were different, but carved from the same lineage and etched with his own wisdom gleaned from different life lived than that of their father. They had all found paths that branched and crooked and parted and fell and yet somehow intertwined around the same heartbeat. His words would find that heartbeat now and she would find a wolven smile on her muzzle as she quietly listened, letting one paw stamp, then the other in echo of Rook’s from where she may slumped by Calder. Feeling her mate groom her gently she worried she’d fall asleep.
    * Loumacy gaze moved to the mountains where Saskia said she held from. She knew of mountains, had to manuever through them to get to where she was today, but she had never lived within them for any length aside from passing through. Their voices were gutteral and their words carried slow.
    * Code watched as Saskia moved off, smiling as the other wolves shared. How powerful words could be, she thought. How sweet words could tickle the ears. She shuffled her paws as the meeting seemed to disband and she looked towards the hunting ground. Hrm. She was still staaaaaaaarving. Maybe someone might want to join her for a hunt? Saskia had
    * Code promised they could hunt together sometime so maybe she might want to hunt now? She drooled belly rumbling and scampered after the brown fae tail wagging.
    * Lotus padded up to Cwn eagerly. “Hi, i don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m Lotus. I was listening to you accepting your new role and i would be honored if you could teach me the ways of the pack.”
    * Saskia sat in the circle and listened to the trees move with the slight breeze. She looked at all of the wolves and then back to the Alphess, wondering if there would be more intriguing lore.
    * Rook The tale certainly wasn’t his own, but he felt strongly about the duality neither being inherently good or evil. Emotion and action were symptoms of will and affliction of it; he certainly felt one wolf over the other many, many times. Thoughts of those distant lands dwelled in every word until he fell silent and the telling was done. He would then return to listening to any other story, poem, or song that would be offered; he was an eager collector of such things.
    * Kova the hour was growing late and she would swing her tail once more, stilled it, then looked a long glance to each and all. “I will remember this night and ensure that it is shared in our history and lore to come. The warmth felt and the honored shared by those who are present. I wish to conclude tonight’s meeting and I will call another in a few days time.” her tail thrummed “Rest ..
    <Kova> .. well. Be well. Eat from the carcass to the east of the hunting grounds if you are hungry. Perhaps there you might find some celebratory fun.” she would gently stomp the stone and rise to conclude the meeting.

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