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Meeting Notes

January 11th, 2022

  • Salem Pledged
  • Loumacy Pledged
  • Rook Pledged
  • CwnAnnwn Assessment
  • Skydancer Assessment
  • Timber Pack Member
  • Timber / Shukie begin courtship
  • Discussion on new member roles for IRC
    • Ranked members = @
    • Members = %
    • Assessments = +
    • Pledges = No mark
  • Announcement from the Alphas – Ayaka, Atraya, and Faolan will return to the Vale
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    Pack Meeting Begins

    c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ His path was meant also for his daughters, but the stone of Sisyphus now must roll uphill, and roll it shall for one final time before Zeus himself was made to recant. When Fianna and Kwa`ani paused, he could not help but dwell richly and sadly upon the metaphor unfolding. They would remain and he would depart. Perhaps it was not he rolling the stone…perhaps he was Zeus slowly becoming undone? He felt the metaphors entwine and escape like a tapestry beginning to unravel with every padfall he took to the Alphas rock. Shukie was just a few padfalls ahead of him and perhaps nearly to it before he chuffed to her in the voice of one who could now only remember… the one who had saved one last spot in his memory for an image that would not yet be this. ”Time to herald in the dusk so that dawn may be all the more sweetly seen” And there, he would leap up to the stone’s upper surface and await his mate.
    * Atraya had remained near Ayaka and her son and when she felt her mates movements, despite being not near him just yet she rose to all fours. She nosed the pair beside her before turning and making her way to the stone as well. A weight would be heavy upon her but outwardly, she seemed to hold the harlod of calm. Her paws would tap the earth lightly before her as she would slowly lead up the stones surface to stand shoulder to shoulder with her mate. Only a moment longer before she’d howl for a gathering.
    * Rook To be simultaneously uplifted and crushed in the foment that was life at this very moment. It was enough to make him want to stop feeling, but he was the awestruck observer to the recedence of ocean’s front. He knew the tsunami was coming, but his proverbial paws remained fixed lest he miss an observation to recount later. ”The white wolf awakened…you, above all others, will reside upon the hills and stones of my kin in the hallowed terrane of my memory. You will have an honored seat next to my mother and father. “ Much more could be said and should be said, but his voice caught in his throat and he tarried too long…The moment and the wave was upon him.
    * Shukie gave a deep and respectful nod to Faolan and rather than ascend the top most layer of the stone she navigated to the slightly lower ledge, a knowing look in her gaze when she turn again to him. Adding her own tones to Atraya’s howl of calling hte meeting to order. “Once more, together a meeting you both herald, proud to be by your sides.” and with that she fell silent leaving
    * Shukie the gavel and events to the alpha pair.
    * skydancer upon reaching the frozen stream where it enters the forest dividing hunting ground from Clearing she turns her paws even further west and continues along its bank in a steady unhurried gate until she reaches the Clearing eastern treeline. Drawing to a halt she quickly noticed the scent entire pack gathering around. Droppingg her prize she sets to digging a hole in the snow with quick precise motions before dropping the
    * skydancer meal in init then covers it up by shoving it she with her muzzle. Only when she is happy with the arrangement does she pad out into the open. It won’t be good if she too late for a gathering afteral.
    * Sanek before he could think, his paws were instictively carrying him to the alpha stone after hearing Atraya’s howl. He would seat himself in a place that both spaces to his sides were empty, so that his friends could sit there if they arrived soon enough.
    * Panther would move towards the eastern cache, he made near the northeast corner, but not quite there. He’d remain in the shadows of the trees as he discarded the meat into the cache and covered them up, but upon hearing the howls of the Alpha’s, he’d finish up in the eastern treeline and trot quickly into the clearing, heading towards the Alpha
    * Panther Rock.
    * Panther + If he arrived quickly enough, he’d seat himself beside Sanek, the other spot next to him likely empty unless someone filled it.
    <`Raven> <Faolán> c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ Only when his mate offered her voice, would he too beckon the Song ever nearer to those that reside within the clearing. When all was once again quiet, he would look to his mate and offer her the first words.
    * Ayaka knew Shukie was likely busy and the meeting had been called, thus, as Rook spoke she moved back to his side to settle, the ebb and flow of his words pulling the chords of her own heart and when he faltered, she felt the welling of her own emotion and dipped her head over his shoulder a moment in a brief wordless response. “It is all, and more, than I could ask for.” She offered simply once she straightened again. To be
    <`Raven> remembered was an honor, and even more so be remembered well and in a good light.
    Fianna had waited for Kwaani’s response, but it seemed the fae had been lost I thought from whatever conversation she had shared with their father. A lick to Kwa’ani’s snout would give her love and then Fianna would rise and pad in her father’s wake, having somehow missed the import in his earlier words. She had longed in the past to have a chance to follow in his footsteps, and now if only in the physical sense,she
    <`Raven> would, settling near the stone to perk to the song of her parents voice entwined together. Heart rising to the crescendo, still unaware of the true import of what was to come, she would wait with baited breath.
    * Kova she would hear the call of a meeting and her lids began to slowly open. She could at least see part of the clearing from her vantage. “If anything… I would like to get closer.” she would usher towards Rune and giving Rune little time to protest, she slowly pressed her paws into the snow and began to crawl herself forward. Luckily for her, wolves have come and gone and had allowed the ..
    <Kova> .. snow to smoothen out so she looked like a penguin, sliding on her belly if only to be at the tree’s edge, in the clearing proper if she was not stopped. She did her very best to keep her head low and not swing.
    * Leora just as she was closing the distance between herself and Sirris she heard her mothers howl. Seeing her big sisters and brother, she would give a happy yip! None the wiser to anything going on, she would lope in their direction. When reaching Fianna, Kwa’ani and Rook, she would nuzzle them if they remained closer. She would seat herself nearby.
    * Sirris would hear the call of the alphess from her rock. A pack meeting has been called, the white fae was curious, much to her excitement she would sprint towards the direction of Alpha rock. She wondered who will be called this day? Who will join the ranks and who will be promoted? Oh, what an exciting day! Sirris would have thought as she attempted to sprint a lot faster in hopes of arriving much sooner.
    <Calder> He wouldn’t be far but fairly close to the clearing when he heard the call. Drifting up from his resting place, he began to slowly make his way to the clearing and to the heeded howl.
    * Atraya as the wolves began to gather she’d wait for the familiar scents of those who where to be called, enter the fold. Her paws shifted beneath her in thought. There was much to talk about this meeting and so she would begin. Her gaze was on the horizon and there she’d chuff for both Loumacy , Rook, and Salem to approach.
    * Cwn The male perked as the howl for a gathering was made by the lead pair. He turned to Kova and was about to bow his head to the fae to take his leave, but he saw the fae attempting to rise. He moved to her side, knowing Rune would not be happy with him, but he doubted Kova would listen to him. He would attempt to use his body to help keep her steady and allow her to move closer to the gathering.
    * Timber chuff to Salem and Loumacy seemed to go unnoticed, perhaps it was because of the throng of wolves now within the clearing, but whatever the reason he would understand. Instead of pursuing his greetings he would turn at the sound of the voice of the one who held his hopes, and the voices of the other alpha’s. A strong trio, full of wisdom no doubt. He would move to seat himself amongst the others.
    * Kwa`ani had been lost in thought until the alpha howls rang out and there too she followed and would settle beside her sister and fellow guardian. “Sorry my sister, I was lost in thought of papa’s words and wisdom.” returning the lick then settling, a smile forming when the odd fae was called forth along with Salem, a returning member if she recalled correctly.
    * Salem stood up straight and looked at the group now growing more and more everytime he checked. “You’re right, it does sound like a good way to learn about a few of them or find possible avenues of conversation in the future,” he said thoughtfully. “There are definitely some here that I have gotten to know for the first time and some I’ve once known but not for a long time.  And still I’m sure there are a few more that I have yet to meet for the first time, and the first time is a special one!” he said with more enthusiasm. When he would approach the gathering of wolves, he was surprised that he would be getting there just as he and Lou were being called. As if on some sort of queue. He quickly stepped forward to stand in front of the Alphas with
    * Salem a bow of his head before raising it hoping that Lou would do the same.
    * Shakira had moved off to the far eastern woods bordering the Hunting Grounds the night she had led the tracking excursion, curious if perhaps she could push the herd further into the Hunting Grounds if she could find them, however, it was not to be. After finding neither scent nor sight of the herd that she, Panther, and Sanek had nearly tracked down, she would have made her way further south and into the wooded areas bordering the southwestern Hunting Grounds. Now seated near the small pool at the streams end, she would be lost in thought until the rich tones of the Alpha female would ring clear to the northwest and then shortly after the Alpha males tones would join to harmonize as she hadn’t heard in years, her body instinctively rising to heed the call of her Alphas, paws carrying her swiftly towards the Clearing from the south east.
    Fianna would have found herself settled fairly near Rook and Ayaka and her eyes gleaned as she scanned them, tail waving, wondering what import they shared between them before her youngest sister arrived and she’d nuzzle the fae, happy to see her as her tail told, swaying faster than ever as she licked the young wolf’s muzzle in find greeting. Turning to see Kwa’ani had followed her she would nose her and her gaze spoke
    <`Raven> of no harm done!
    * skydancer padding across the snowy expanse in a jog her ears draw forward at the double howl summoning the pack to the meeting though it doesn’t look like many are missing. I fact it seems rather busy just like when she first arrived. Approaching the back of the group she sits onto her hindpaws silently wondering how many and whom would still be there a year from now. Or two. Not that many she figured but only time will tell.
    * Rook He first listened to Ayaka’s words as one who now only had moments to feverishly write down the annals of events untouched yet by stone or page. It was deep in and from that recollection that both his parent’s voices stole him. The wave had reached its critical height, and no amount of running away would now save him. Instead, he drew himself towards them and the alphas rock in hopes that he would find salvation
    <`Raven> from the truth he knew crashing towards him.
    * Loumacy watched as wolves gathered and settled, and she too was about to find a place among the masses of fluff but then she froze as her ears caught the chuff and her pale yellow eyes honed in on Atraya. She paused wondering if she indeed saw and heard what she saw and heard infront of all these other beautiful souls. Ears perked to attention, then a little tell wag, and like a spring
    * Loumacy her body seemed to hipe itself up before turning to bounce around Salem she then lept forward nosing all the wolves along the way as she yipped and pranced and jumped til she skidded to a halt infront of Atraya herself. Ears up, ears flat, ears up, ears flat. Whine. Whimper. YIP! She was so excited that she seemed to forget why she was standing there, and this much would perhaps be rather
    * Loumacy obvious to those who watched as a look of confusion dawned on her features and her words said, “Is Coneward in trouble Alpha Atraya? I was sleeping and unable to watch him…” She admitted an apologetic whine.
    *Sirris The white fae would move closer to alpha rock, wondering if she would in fact arrive on time to see who would be called forth. Not long after the fae would arrive at the meeting, looking around to see who was called towards the alphas. Was she on time?
    *Rune The ivory fae frowns at Kova’s movements towards the Clearing, Atraya’s howl rising into the air, summoning the group. She watches as CwnAnnwn goes to help Kova move, and the Caretaker uses those few moments to return to gather the herbs she had left with Kova. One safely within the bundle, she lopes over to Kova and CwnAnnwn, supporting Kova’s other side, the Caretaker doing her best to lift the fae above the snow.
    *Timber Seeing another white fae (Sirris) approach their gathering, one he felt he’d seen if not truly met before, Timber would shift to show she was welcome and nodded her way with a wag of his bushy tail before his attention was called to the stone and two wolves to be ussured forth. His ears perked and he would soak in the dramatic flair this pack possessed which so richly added to all their lives.
    * Faolan He awaited the trio of wolves to approach and looked to each one, including his son with a gaze to melt through steel and façade. When Loumacy, the odd fae he had only met briefly spoke, he turned and with what gentle tones he could, ”It is customary to remain silent until you are spoken to when come before this stone and the stewards of this land. Be at peace and be quiet until called upon to speak.”
    * Sanek he set down the piece of meat and nosed Panther happily. He watched as Lou was called up with Salem and Rook, and was once more speaking in riddles. When he saw Sirris nearing the stone he would wait till she would see him and would point to the spot next to him, inviting her to sit there if she wanted.
    * Atraya she’d wait for their scents to loft to her and when she could sense them, her nose dipped. To Loumacy’s question and vibrant tones she would simply look ahead while holding a light but serious expression. Perhaps mirroring her mates sentiments. Perhaps to later answer her question. “Rook, Loumacy and Salem…you three have been a constant presence within our home or born within it. ..
    <Atraya> .. Threads in a very large tapestry and perhaps to grow even bigger. You have approached me in requesting to join our pack and family and I would like to ask you now, before all whom you desire to call family that if you still desire to join and why.” she’d allow the pair to offer their words to the pack.
    * Ragaire  Upon returning to the Clearing last night with Kwa’ani, she had returned to her and her siblings’ den. She’d been snoozing for most of the day, emerging every so often to snuffle around the densite before lounging around again. The pup was in the middle of one of those snoozing naps when a howl rouses her. She picks her head up and perks her ears, nose trying to gather the scents in the Clearing below. Lots and lotsa smells! Oh fantastic! Maybe there would be another hunt! Could she participate this time? ☽✩
    * Kova with the pair on eitherside, the helped slide her along with little to no effort on her part. Grateful for their attention and help, she would finally stop moving when she was within the clearing, near her favorite blue spruce. Once settled, she would look to the pair and quietly uttered “Get closer if you need, I will be ok here…” finally she would once more lower her head again, ..
    <Kova> .. finding the sprigs taste still in her mouth, but did start to provide some comfort.
    * Panther listened as he seated himself near Sanek, he nosed the brown brute in return, the other spot beside Panther was empty. Perhaps he smelt the white fae, but if he did, he didn’t show to much interest at the moment. He watched as Loumacy, Salem, and Rook were called forth. Panther smiled softly glad Lou might be becoming a pledge. He had
    * Panther found himself in the same spot, among the two faes as they gazed down at him. Though now it was different and their was three alpha’s upon the stone. He’d glance over his shoulder, perhaps seeing Timber, if he did he’d offer the spot next to him, since the brown brute offered Sirris the spot next to him.
    * Leora bright eyes would fall to her mother and father. How nice they looked wayyyy up there! To her brothers approach to the stone, she would tilt her head and look up at her sisters with quiz-like eyes. Turning then she listened. Remembering to be quiet and respectful at meetings.
    * Shukie would give a dip of her head to the trio before them. As in times past she stood beside the alpha pair, Beta then, now Alpha as well. Tonight was theirs to be had and lessons for her to learn yet no doubt. A wide smile to her muzzle given to each. Her nod that of approval as she listened, hearing this many times yet still took mental notes.
    *Cwn Turned his head to look over as Rune suddenly joined them and helped Kova move closer, he gave her a sheepish smile, expecting to hear from the fae later. Once Kova got as close as she wanted and told them to move closer should they wish to, he would once more lightly nose the fae before he did indeed approach closer to the alpha’s rock and the gathered wolves. Silver brute found a spot close enough to hear what was being said and settled upon his haunches, he was a bit anxious, wondering if he would be granted his previous request this night.
    * Kwa`ani would have given her brother a nudge to get him moving when he was called forth for she had not known he requested to join the pack at long last. A soft, ‘go bro’ was giving tho likely not heard.
    * Salem prepared himself for what he thought Atraya might say though he didn’t miss the brief exchange before he heard her speaking. He waited for his turn or would let any of the others speak before he offered his response. “I have once called this place home and after many years away, I would like to once again call this place home and it’s inhabitants my family.” He said, his
    * Salem tone and words maybe a little wiser as he spoke them as he now knew better what both meant.
    * Sirris Upon her arrival the fae would notice the brute Timber offer her a nod. Sirris would give him a kind wolfish grin at his acknowledgement, moving to pad over towards Panther and Sanek. She let out a sigh as she sat with the brute, giving them each a nosing while she turned towards the alpha’s and watched the gathering take place.
    * Fianna Pink As her brother and the other two were called forth she would feel a happy surprise to see her brother taking the first steps to put down roots of his own in the story that she had always lived, that was her home. Was he truly going to stay, if at least a bit closer? Heart warming she watched, leaning to nuzzle Leora again and press her shoulder to Kwa’ani. Family. +Oh yes! If Ragaire’s scent was to be suddenly stronger, she would perk to the advance of her daughter and mate as well as she would seek to corral the little one before she dusrupted the meeting, she would rise and gingerly make her way to meet Ragaire, nudging her joyfully with licks, and Calder too, before returning to find a seat and whispering to Ragaire to be quiet and listen!
    <Calder> He would have found himself near all the gathered. Finding his mate among them he’d seem to head in that direction and it would seem as though his wayward daughter also joined in. He was silent and respectful when he seated himself near. Hopefully drawing no attention to himself.
    * Rook – He would be pulled once more from looking upon the wave by Loumacy’s question, his father’s answer, and his mother’s request. What a time to be alive…the once proud frame lowered in stature to accept the weight of the task and request given, but his voice remained as that of the storyteller…”A story for a story and a tale for a tale has long been my creed and wager to those I infrequently saw yet frequently missed. The tale I tell comes near its end, and although I find myself saddened by it, there is a tale I wish to live and be player and teller to here. The land crafted by stories and from stories…a land and pack to whom I am indebted to. A story for a story and a tale for a tale if one finds me worthy enough of telling it.” He would wait his turn, speak, and then bow his head and gaze to the base of the stone before him.
    * Rune The Caretaker remains by Kova’s side, allowing the Beta fae to lean against her should she choose. She was not to be pledged this night and would remain by the side of those who needed her. Out of the corner of her eye, she watches one of Fianna and Calder’s pups zooming down the hill towards the gathering wolves. Another one to keep her eye on, it would see, though she was glad to see both of the pup’s parents
    <`Raven> nearby as well.
    * Loumacy despite being a bit of stocky femme, shrunk some under Faolan’s words, showing more fear the pleasure at where she stood now. Atraya’s tone, though a little lighter, seemed to seal that fear directly into the marrow of her bones. When Atraya stopped speaking, big amber eyes dared a glance at Faolan for a moment, but she would let someone else dare to speak first not wanting to risk
    * Loumacy another reprimand, even if only by word. Her ears remained flat, even as Salem spok, though she still listened, his seemed simple enough. Then there was Rook’s, his was beautiful and poetic, but verse seemed to escape her in that moment. A moment of silience passed and deciding not to look at either Alpha, in an effort to regain some guts, her gaze turned to the rest in the pack. Bright
    * Loumacy and perky Leora, always helpful Panther, brave lead huntress Shakira, admirable Kwa`ani who she still owed a pine cone, and still many others she had never met. The words slipped from her maw like a stream of thought, “I’ve never had a family before. I’ve never had other wolves look at me and see me as one of their own. Why, for the longest time it’s just been me and Coneward singing a
    * Loumacy tune only the wind could follow.” She then tunred back to the Alphas, “I want to have a place where I belong, where the labor is shared, where the hearts are warm, where there is no need to chase after the lights in the sky, because Wolfspirits is a place where the sun will always rise.”
    *Ragaire The pup gasps. Momma and puppa?! Hooray! This was fantastic! She barrels towards the gathering wolves despite Atraya having already begun the meeting and the invisible talking stick of formality being passed around. As she nears the gathering wolves she skids against the snow, Fianna having noticed the pup approaching at meeting-ruining speeds. She whines, licking up at momma and then puppa’s faces, tail wagging furiously down near her hocks. Oh this was fantastic, they were gonna be so proud of her. But, oh, what’s this? Quiet? Ugh, that wasn’t fair! She had so much to say and show! For now the pup hops along beside her parents, setting beside puppa, leaning into Calder’s shoulder to do her best to watch.
    * Kwa`ani watched the proceedings yet moreso watched the wolves around her, their reactions, actions and inactions. When her sister slipped off to wrangle her daughter she smiled remembering the night prior. Giving a nod to Loumacy if the fae looked in her direction during her speak she remained quiet, the quiet observer.
    * Faolan In the silent language, he listened to the beat and cadence of restless paws or tails. In the silent language, he dwelled within the moment of the flinch or downturned gesture. It was the order made from the Alpha’s will, but not one done to make one languish. He judged the words like a hunter judged its prey, and when he found none wanting, he dipped his nose. ”I find sincerity in each and would know them as the wind knows the bough of the tree it whistles by.” He, like they, would await his mate’s voice.
    * Shakira , as she drew within sight of the thinning trees that would lead her into the Clearing, would take note of the various scents of wolves who had traveled recently into the Clearing from a similar direction, her tawny form finally emerging and continuing on towards the Alphas Rock, the gathering already quite large and the proceedings underway. Quietly finding a spot near the back, she’d offer no more than a sway
    * Shakira of her tail or a nod of her head to any who might notice her, not daring to take away from the advancements being made.
    <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink Fianna could tell something exciting held her daughter’s attention, but she knew it was a well learned lesson to allow any news to wait until it could properly be savored or given thought. As such she would watch Ragaire out of the corner of her eye to make sure the pup was on her best behavior, while she allowed herself to settle once more, seeing others still trickling in. Her eyes would pass over Kova’s still aching
    <`Raven> looking frame and she would hope the fae was at least healing, if slowly? But now wasn’t the time to inquire, pledging was a serious step even if it was the first, and Fianna listened to the words offered with care and weight.
    * Atraya to the heart felt words she’d rise a paw up lightly before lowering it to the stone beneath her. “True words, and truer felt.” she would dip her head to the three. Heart felt and truly forged from their desire to join made known, she’d now look ahead to those who bare it’s witness. Pressing her shoulder to her mates, she’d continue. “As all lay witness to Salem’s returned pledge, to ..
    <Atraya> .. Rooks pledge and Loumacy’s pledge to this pack and their journey to join us, the new chapters to unfold with us..”she would pause before she’d continue ” I would like to have the honor of naming you pledges of WolfSpirits. To those you cross and new paths forged, may you introduce yourself to all you meet.” her paw would rise again and she’d stomp it lightly. The joy and pride that would ..
    <Atraya> .. radiate off her fur and frame would be immeasurable.
    * Faolan He would stamp his paw upon the stone for each of the new pledges before his eyes showed true the happiness he felt at seeing the trio named.
    <Calder> He’d remain quiet and when Ragaire would approach he would be quick to offer a nosing and a low gruffing “hush” tone if only to ensure she would still, then he turned his gaze back to the wolves at the Alpha’s stone. To Atraya’s paw stomping, he would dip his head and offer a chuff in the wake of the three new pledges.
    * Ayaka too would remain settled and silent, her heart beating in chords now and her thoughts often gathering the flavor of others, her heart swelled as the pack welcomed three new threads to weave into song and story, and she would lift her muzzle to chuff her own seasoned tones in welcome and glad tidings.
    * Shukie watched each wolf as they spoke, “Salem you have returned a past valued member, may you be so once again.” To Loumacy, “You fought for this pack, protecting a member without out thought to yourself.” To Rook, “You return to the pack, your tales for a tale, a story for a story. I look forward to all your progression to pack and welcome you.” She too tamped her paw upon the stone
    * Shukie with a nod of her head.
    * Panther watched as all the wolves gave a speech, he smiled softly when finally Loumacy spoke. His tail giving a subtle wag as his name was mentioned, he’d gaze towards Shukie as she spoke to Lou about helping a member. He’d dip his head towards them both, and offer a paw stomp gratefully.
    * Kova the meeting’s joyful tones would reach her and it was there in the thrawls of joy did she see the three wolves to whom now where named pledges. Rook being among the gathered who pledged themselves to the pack. Though she wasn’t to not mind the Caretaker and rise her head up to chuff bark in return, she’d settle for a rapid wave of her tail and a gentle whine that escaped only her and would ..
    <Kova> .. be in earshot of any who was near her.
    * Kwa`ani lifted her muzzle with a soft howl for the trio, so excited to see her brother take the step. His path had been far different from theirs tho now it seemed to be a path that convereged once more.
    * Rook   A reprieve, a moment’s mercy afforded him saw him named by his mother and by his father. It was not the end, but the beginning of the name given him when the world became mute. He would dare his tail to wag furiously to even the mean old bus lady’s words to him…yes, sometimes he still referred to her as such but would never tell. He knew that this moment was short lived, and so quietly returned back to Ayaka’s side when the congratulations had passed.
    * Fianna Pink Fianna would lift her own voice in a chuff, for her brother – remembering the excitement of when they used to be pups, thinking about when they might become Lemon Pledge, now the time had come to welcome three into the fold and she wouldn’t be silent, her bark would be happy and welcoming.
    * Leora her tail swung quickly behind her and she gave yapping barks to her brother! ‘Yay!’ she would say for all three, but a lil special ‘yay’ for Rook. She would have to investigate all this new and great advancements.
    * Sanek poetry true from the heart, Lou’s riddles and rhymes would be woven and heard like a bird’s song, clear and beautiful in it’s own way. One didn’t need to understand it to know and feel it. His tail thumped the ground happy for the three wolves.
    * Rune At the announcement of the addition of three pledges, Rune chuffs in congratulations, her tail sweeping the snow behind her once. The ivory fae remains at Kova’s side, keeping an eye at the wolf while watching the meeting respectfully.
    * Salem waited for a moment until they had all finished speaking and for their own howls to ring in the air before joining in, adding his own just like his footprint to the Pack around them. His tail finally felt free to wag behind him and it did so with all of the pent up energy he had been withholding until that moment. He bowed to the three of them before walking back among the gathered
    * Salem wolves to find a place, nosing anyone who offered or that he recognized before finding a spot to observe the rest of the meeting.
    * Ayaka would welcome Rook back with a dip of her head and the sway of her tail, silvery eyes bright before she caught sight of Shakira joining the group as well and she’d sway her tail to the lead huntress, before turning to once again allow her eyes to remain to stone and star, and to what New lineage Shukie might bring to the table with her own role and right.
    * /Ragaire Indigo ✩☾ The pup’s head slowly rotates into a tilt, her amber eyes trained on those above the rock and those below it. What was goin’ on up there? It didn’t look like too much fun, much too quiet and stiff. Ragaire tears her attention away from gramma and grumpa to look around her, spotting many wolves she knew and many wolves she did not. She’d have to go say hello later! ☽✩
    * Shakira would offer a low howl for the newest Pledges to the pack, all of which being ones she would make note to become better acquainted with as two were known at surface level while one was unknown to her.
    * Atraya when all the howls and joyful tones would subside, she would turn to her mate and brush her nose along his lightly. Next order of business…
    * Loumacy ears perked, and this time they stayed perked with her tail moving a mile a minute. She wanted to jump, to yip, to howl! But could she? Was that allowed? When Salem howled, the questions in her mind ceased and she let one rip, a howl ofcourse! Before bouncing around in circles and heading down towards the rest of the pack playfully bowing here and there before moving towards the
    * Loumacy back, yipping at that one pup that was peaking around adult paws, and then, once she had made it to a quiet spot, out of the way, she flopped over, tail quietly thumping the snow. No doubt listening to Coneward, the pinecone attached to her side, words of congratulations.
    * skydancer chuckles slightly at rambunctious youngster antics though her attention is quickly drawn to the pledgings. When the others lift their voices in congratulations she adds her own to the mix for the first time in far too long
    * Cwn The male would tilt his head back and let out a howl along with the others for the trio of new pledges. Lowering his maw, he would look toward the alpha’s rock and await the next topic to be covered.
    *Faolan   A few moments were given for the new pledges to find their paws and racing hearts and for them to finally return to the fold after the swelling celebration. He felt the sturdiness of the rock beneath him and the two beside him. With that strength, he looked to CwnAnnwn and then to Skydancer, calling to both to come forward.
    * skydancer head comes up despite half expecting something along these lines still caught, once again, of guard. Quickly rising to all fours she approaches with her head and tail appropriately lowered though that sneaky banner tip does a little wag. Upon reaching the Rock she settle onto her hind paws waiting for the alphas words.
    * Cwn The silver male perked as Sky and then he were called up to the rock, taking a deep breath, he would stand and pad forward at a steady pace. He glanced at those gathered as he padded by them and then stopped below the rock and bowed before his gaze fell upon the three who stood upon it.
    * Timber Absorbing the knowledge that wolves who wandered must once again forge new roots even if memory had kept them, Timber’s tail would have swayed in congratulations to those who had taken the step, looking now to the small fae he had recently met as she and the silvery grey male made their way forth. What steps were now to be taken? If he’d had a notepad and a way to write upon it, he would he turning to a new page.
    * Shukie cast a glance toward where her sister, kova, frowning for she’d moved. Further scanning would show her the fae had joined as best she could the meeting, a quiet nod given to her before pulling her attention back to the meeting and the next event. When the duo was called she smiled broading for the additional return of the horde, nodding to each.
    * Ragaire Indigo ✩☾ Mischievous eyes look around, from wolf to wolf, all of them sitting very still and quiet, only moving when called forward. The pup shuffles and boops Calder’s shoulder with her nose before leaning against him again, looking up at her puppa with big amber eyes. She had many questions but would clamp her jaws shut, looking to grumpa up high on the rock. It had been some time since the pup’s naming ceremony and
    <`Raven> Ragaire likely wouldn’t understand her own need to pledge for quite some time.
    * Kwa`ani leaned over to her brother with a whisper..’You forgot to wear your cape!” then straightened up once more.
    * Salem made his way into the group but would quietly stand up to go and make his way to sit beside Lou so that he would have someone else to whisper to during the meeting and perhaps explain customs and traditions further. “Congrats,” he whispered to her even though he was also made a Pledge to while his attention was still on Sky and another wolf who had been called forward that
    * Salem he had a slight tilt in his head to determine if he remembered meeting the wolf at one point as well.
    * Faolan  Amber hues watched the two wolves make their approach to the stone, and a moment yet was given for them to collect themselves upon the trodden snow beneath them before he spoke. ”Both of you come before us with roots almost as deep as the Roghas in these lands and among my kin. CwnAnnwn, your father’s padfalls still echo in those I and you take. Although you are not your father, you find yourself casting the same steadfast presence he once had. Skydancer, long are the stories within which you dwell of pack, kin, and deed. Both of you have come to us or have returned to us having honored the pledge and oath to become Assessments. Tell us here and true, do you wish to continue on the journey to becoming full members of this pack. If so, tell me who will vouch for your words. “ to the last of his requests, he looked up and to those gathered to see if any would come forward for Cwn or Sky when they had spoken the words of their hearts.
    * Loumacy nosed Salem as he settled next to her, and then rested her head lazily against him as she continued to lay there like a patch of snow under a shedding tree. Still, she didn’t say anything just quietly watched with those big curious amber eyes. Her tail lightly thumping against the snow. She herself wasn’t exactly good at sitting still unless she was asleep and even then she would
    * Loumacy twitch as she dreamed. Her gaze occasionally slipped over to the pup who she had yet to meet, amused, before looking back to those who stood up front. Listening, waiting, learning, and compling questions for Salem.
    * Atraya to her mates request of the pack, she would hold herself stedfast beside Faolan as she awaited for the others and to those whom might speak for both CwnAnnwn and Skydancer.
    *Rune The fae’s copper and amber eyes rest upon CwnAnnwn and Skydancer, Faolan’s words as best put as was possible. From her first moons among the pack, both wolves had been present, and Rune was glad to see them taking steps to return to the pack in full.
    * Shukie could easily vouch for both yet prefered a pack member do so, just as her sister spoke up glaring at her briefly for being up and about. Instead she gave a nod to Kova’s words as she looked to each wolf present.
    * Leora didn’t know if she counted or not, but her tail swung happily behind her as she rose a paw. “I like them both!” though she’d seen either one a few times now, all her encounters where very nice, pleasant and if anything perhaps she wanted to add her voice to the mix.
    * Ragaire  Hmm, grampa’s new words were different his eyes lookin’ up and around. “Yah!” She pipes up, hopping to her paws and loping over to Skydancer, leaving Calder and Fianna behind before they could snatch her scruff. Looking up to Faolan, who had asked for her option, obviously. “She’s very fast and good at hiding. Right, Kwa? Good to watch with the beasties too!” The pup wags her tail, looking to Sky and then back up to grumpa.
    * Rune The Caretaker’s ear swivels out to listen to the Beta fae’s words. Raising her head she repeats them louder for the council of wolves before them to hear. “Kova vouches both for CwnAnnwn and Skydancer. Both are true to themselves and to the WolfSpirits.” The fae noses Kova gently, hoping she did the wolf’s words justice.
    * Cwn would nod his head to the lead pair and Shukie before speaking. “I know I have been here before and made this pledge and failed to keep my word and set out upon wandering paws.” He took a moment to collect his thoughts, “This pack is my family”, he would turn around and sweep his gaze upon those gathered, addressing them as much as the Alpha’s, “This land is my home, both by birth and because it is where my heart lies”, his gaze settled a moment on Rune before he gazed to the others and then turned back to the Alphas. “It is also where my father now rests eternally and to whom I have made a vow to pick up his mantle as defender of these lands and the wolves who make it their home, the wolves both he and I call family.” He looked up to Atraya, Fao and Shukie, “It would be my honor to set paw upon the path to officially becoming a member of the pack. I CwnAnnwn, son of Nightstalker, pledge myself to the pack” He looked out to those gathered as he thought over who would vouch for him, but he did not get a chance to name one when Kova through Rune, spoke out on behalf of Sky and himself. He would bow his head to the fae before turning back to the three upon the rock.
    * Salem kept his attention on Faolan as he spoke, finding the brute of few sentences chose them carefully enough that one didn’t want to miss a word. He knew Sky from before and now he saw her stand before them now. While others would speak and offer their voices, he would do the same, maybe even surprising himself. His tone was not over any of theirs and might have been a voice that
    * Salem only affirmed what was being asked. “I remember meeting Sky as one of the first members of the Pack before and seeing her here again has been wonderful.” Maybe he was speaking of Cwn as well if he had met the wolf in the past since it would have been in his first walking of this land that he would have met him.
    * Panther took a deep breath, he glanced towards Kova and Rune, agreeing with them. He’d gaze towards Skydancer and CwnAnnwn now. He’d gaze towards the Alpha’s now, gaze set specifically on Faolan. “The two wolves that you three, and the pack see before you have been true, for as long as I’ve been here at least, Sure Sky might have wandering
    * Panther paws but we all do, and she returns ready to apply herself again. As for, CwnAnnwn, He’s been there for the pack, joining in whatever he can. I’d be happy to see them both become members of the pack.” He’d offer his voice at last.
    * Loumacy watched and listened. Her gaze moving from one wolf to the next, pup included, and her head even jerking up a bit in surprise when Salem spoke. She settled back down though, tail continually thumping, a soft drum beat all it’s own. She listened and waited. Did the whole pack need to agree? Did everyone need to voice? Still, she kept quiet, tallying her questions for Salem, glad
    * Loumacy she had him as a friend, and ever curious about that boistrous little rag-a-muffin of a pup. A griggle escaped when the tyke spoke up.
    * Sanek his tail would beat its agreement to Panther’s words. Sky and Cwn had proven themselves, once more it seemed. He would look around the gathered wolves to see how many were there, and if he didn’t recognize some of them to make a note and meet them later.
    <Calder> Ragaire would be off like a flash and before he even had time to react to snatch her back, he would turn to Fianna then back to the young one. Decorum and respect is what he’d learned through his time at meetings. One couldn’t blame the young one to have the energy she did, but, she’d also know the ways of the pack. He’d wait to see if Fianna rose to go after her before he did. Doing his best ..
    <Calder> .. to pay attention to each carefully placed word from all.
    * skydancer listens quietly to faolans words which are pretty much as expected though the last part catches her more then just a little of guard. As with all things one step at a time.”I, I would, if allowed , return to these lands and this pack which provided a home and a safe haven in my time of greatest need. And then went on to prove as I strived to proof that we are one pack and though my own curiosity and urge to wander proved
    * skydancer to strong for the past coule of seasons I stand here now in hopes of returning to the fold once more.” She fals silent not sure whom to name even she dares to do so. Asking someone? Here and now? That seems a bit sudden. But then the pup from last night is bouncing around and others aslo speak up maybe if she holds still she will mistaken for a bit of snow…?
    <`Raven> <Fianna> c/aya Ayaka would sit up, more focused if possible on this step she had not seen before, yet one full of import and meaning. Was she – a wanderer herself now- allowed to vouch? So many memories would flit through her mind of Skydancer’s role in the pack and truly she had much wisdom to offer, if not always around. When the fae and the brute would both speak, Ayaka would rise and look to the stone and those presiding. “I have had many
    <`Raven> a chance to observe Skydancer’s loyalty to this pack, in body and bone, in spirit and song. She has given much to this land and it’s denizens, and I would vouch for her in a heartbeat, glad to see her desire to come back and hopefully remain.” She wished she knew CwnAnnwn better and so to vouch for him as well, but hopefully others had those words to offer. Truly, skydancer had gnawed her own paw nearly off when trying to help the pack..
    <`Raven> Surely that must count for something?
    <`Raven> <Faolán> c/Faolan ☄️⛰️ It would feel like long and tense moments between his question and the response of his kin, but it was only a fleeting moment. Perhaps it was less than that for his granddaughter and his youngest daughter, but he regarded their words with a brief wave of his tail. To those others that vouched, he offered his customary quiet regard and gaze. ”So my kin have spoken, and so you are named as Assessments of
    <`Raven> Wolfspirits. Our voice is one. May you both find purchase, cause, and creed to be numbered as one of my kin when next you are called before the stone.” He would stamp his paw against the stone beneath him in congratulations towards Cwn and Sky.
    <`Raven> <Fianna> c/Fianna Pink at the same moment (though she couldn’t post it sooner) ad Ragaire leapt off with her coy and sassy boop to the father figure, where had she got the sass anyway? Surely not from her! Fianna would rise and move forward to stand beside Ragaire, reaching down to nose her as she whispered, “pups are meant to listen and be silent until they have grown and learned how to be respectful. You have not lived long enough to
    <`Raven> understand of what your grandfather asks. Come.” She tugged the little fae’s pelt and gave her a Stern look before turning back, expecting her to follow.
    * Shukie nodded to CwnAnnwn, “If the heart is not true the vow is meaningless. Create your own pawprints for others to use as a guide and show in deed.” Her gaze turned to skydancer, her spirit sister. “Long has your path been here and given to the continuance of the pack before venturing out and now to return.” Looking to both now, “I welcome you home once more.” She too tamped her paw
    * Shukie upon the stone giving each wolf a dip of her head.
    * Atraya when she felt her mates movements and the words he shared, she too would stomp her paw softly to the stone for both skydancer and Cwn. Honored for their return to their home and fold.
    * Kwa`ani yipped in resonse to the acceptance adding her voice to the welcoming howls and wishing a successful journey
    * Rune The Caretaker also watched Ragaire dance off to Skydancer’s side, taking advantage of the chorus of voices around Alpha Rock. Rune raises her voice, howling softly in congratulations to CwnAnnwn and Skydancer. Fianna was swift in addressing the pup, attempting to whisk her away in the transition.
    There was more to do and little time now to do it in. He would turn to his mate and relinquish the floor so to speak.
    * Fianna Once she made certain the little fae was following, Fianna would raise her voice for the returned pack assessments, offering a short howl!
    * Atraya to her mates ending words she would proceed onto the next. Her ‘gaze’ would remain looking ahead and then to Timber, she did chuff for him to come forward.
    * Loumacy liked the howling bit, and truly was happy for the wolves who had taken their next step. She tilted her head back and let out a howl, releasing it to all who would hear, both above and below.
    * Ayaka too would offer a chuff which slipped into a short howl of congratulations and welcome, the knowledge that a path was found and followed.
    /Ragaire Uh oh, that fun was short-lived. Her head and tail droop, puppy eyes looking around her for the sympathy of a kind, kind soul? Would anyone help the poor innocent fae? Crawling away from the spotlight, she follows her mother, ears out to the side and tail tucked. She sits between momma and puppa again, though this time, a little more sure she’d be snatched in time.
    * Cwn The brute would bow before the Alphas at their words, he would turn and nose Sky in congratulations before padding back towards where he had been seated before, nodding to those whom he passed, and turned to face the rock, sitting upon his haunches again.
    * Rook  – He was thankful that none needed to vouch just yet. He was also thankful for the fair warning his father gave him of the expectations of the road ahead. He would turn his attentions toward creating bonds with the others in order to find those that would vouch for him when the time came. To Sky and Cwn’s advancements, he would stamp his own paw in the snow and chuff; he favored his father’s perchance toward quieter gestures until a voice was needed.
    * Salem realized it was something he had done out of turn though he now took to Lou’s tactic of observing and listening more as things had changed since he last was here and now was the perfect time for him to learn. He knew the cue to howl better than anything and would join in the howl for the pair of them loud and proud.
    * Timber The pages of his mental notes were filling fast and he’d stamp his paw and wave his tail for the returned wolves and their true hearts. When his name was next called, a rough rumble would be caught and he’d rise, hefting to all fours as his large paws brought hi through the ranks to the front where he dipped his head to the three who held his path here in their paws.
    * Panther would wait for the Alpha’s and then he’d stamp his paw against the ground, his tail wagging. He smiled happily, glad to have five new members added to the pack. He’d howl as the Alpha’s and the pack raised their voices, but his would cease as Timber was called forth. Would he be made a member? Panther wondered, for he knew the brute was an assessment. He’d watch quietly as he observed, curious.
    * Atraya when Timber approached she would turn her head momentarily towards Shukie then, to Timber her ‘gaze’ fell upon. “Timber, you have been with the pack for sometime. Your paws have found it’s root and grit here. You’ve proven your prowess to the pack by providing for my family and for those to whom you desire to call member and family. As you continue your journey with us, as an Assessment, ..
    <Atraya> .. you have gone through the trials of becoming a member. What it means to be a member of this pack and home.” she’d pause if only to allow her words to be offered in kind and thought upon. “I would like to ask you now, Timber, do you still desire to join WolfSpirits as your home? To not just join a pack but a family? Are you willing to uphold the ways as well as enforce them should you need ..
    <Atraya> .. to? To learn and deeply root yourself in our lore and history.”
    * Shukie ‘s tail swayed her gaze fixed upon the silvered brute, giving a dip of her head becoming quieter than the church mouse caught stealing the wafer. She heard all Atraya had to say, asking of him. At last she broke her gaze that he could look to the other Alpha’s beside her, holding her breath.
    * Faolan The same quiet regard focused on Timber when he was called forward and especially when he was known to be on the cusp of membership. Was this male worthy of the name? The silent language and the timbre of Timber’s response would tell.
    * Timber And here it was. A moment he had been thinking on since the moment he had challenged Atraya and been met with mercy. With head still bowed he would slip into a deeper bow before rising and meeting the gazes above if only to proffer his earnest thought more fully. “It is a desire that many months ago I never thought to have. A desire and a challenge that was sparked when I found your home. To you Atraya I would first like
    <`Raven> to offer my thanks. If not for you, a place here would have never been possible. I challenged your right to lead when sight could not be had, and you in your wisdom and experience offered me the chance to learn, to grow, to observe and learn from my ignorance. I hope to continue that path and learning as one of your own now, as pack. ” he looked at shukie then as he finished, “and as family.” He looked to Faolan too and dipped his head in respect.
    * Atraya her shoulder would run along her mates if only to adjust her stance to be more comfortable and to listen intently to Timbers words shared and offered to her home, and, to her pack. To the resounding tones of Timbers pledge to the pack and to the family that he was to join, her head dipped slowly in a nod. In these moments she would gauge a wolf’s heart. Their spirit. Their resolve. What ..
    <Atraya> .. they’ve done for the pack and what they would do. All deserved a story to write and all deserved a home to lay their head. Their confrontation when Timber first came to these lands was met with a challenge, but it was to the option given to him was what she sought most. Did he learn? Did he find a fold he wanted to belong to rather than over throw? “Life is about learning and to flourish. We ..
    <Atraya> .. find ourselves drifting, but it’s those with the ability to see clarity and a better horizon beyond pride for oneself and learn of pride for others and a family to join.” she finally rose her head up and addressed Faolan and Shukie. “I accept Timbers pledge to the pack as a member. What is your vouche?” she’d await the pair.
    * Kwa`ani listened to the brute’s words not aware of any of what he’d said, shocked to learn of it. She just kept blinking. What a fool he’d been to challenge her mum.
    * Leora would be paying close attention as she watched Timber at the stone. She swung her tail slowly behind her as she remained near her sisters and brother (if they hadn’t moved).
    * Kova the tones of those who spoke before and after would be felt. To become a member, she thought, was an honor and so was the path to getting there. Many things where learned and new paths forged. She would be excited for new beginnings. Her lids where closed as she’d allow the sprigs to hopefully help ease the pain in her head while she listened.
    * Ayaka didn’t know Timber well and his words would surprise her, more so that he would admit to such here in the open at the meeting no less. It spoke of humility. An acknowledgement of a mis-step was better than slipping it under the pine needles to rot and mildew. It took guts too, and Ayaka found herself respecting the gesture even as she looked to the stone and those upon it for their judgements. What would the verdict be?
    * Shukie looked to Atraya thinking of her words, “I did my best to drive him out, not knowing why, evenually learning the truth from his own maw. He bears the wounds of fighting for the pack and blood from hunting to feed us. Timber has met each of my challenges and continues to do so, as all must.” she paused, “My judgment however is tainted.” though in a good way. “He has and continues
    * Shukie to prove his sincerity in his actions and not with flowery words.” Her gaze had leveled upon the brute for she had not made it easy for him in any nor would she in the future. “No slack has been given him to reach this point.” A nod to Faolan was given.
    * Rune Listening closely to Atraya and Faolan above the pack atop Alpha Rock, the fae wonders who would vouch for Timber. Rune had met the brute before, she was certain of it, but had not spoken with him in some time. Looking over to Kova for a moment, it seemed as though the fae was deep in thought, trying to listen to the meeting. The Caretaker rises to her paws and leans over to nose around the herbs she had brought with her, plucking a few fine curls of twig bark, turning to place them at Kova’s paws. She noses the fae lightly and in a hushed voice speaks just to the Beta beside her. “Only chew.” There was no need to share more than that, not wanting to talk over the Alphas nor Timber.
    *Cwn Listened as Timber answered that which was put before him and as Shukie spoke out about what the male has done and how he has met the challenges put before him. he cast a glance towards Rune and Kova a moment, he must remember to thank the fae for speaking out on his behalf, as well as the others, before turning back to the Alphas rock to witness the rest of the meeting.
    * Fianna ‘s eyes widened at the proceedings and she’d bend to brush her muzzle against Calder’s shoulder as she watched, listened, and learned. Such difficult choices the alpha’s faced sometimes, would they Allow Timber true and unfettered entrance into their family? She had fought and bled with him, and was confident by now his intention were true, but was that enough? She waited, listening to first her mother, then Shukie speak, looking last to her father, heart thudding some in anticipation
    *Faolan A survivor, the thought. No other would have survived an exchange. He took stock of Timber for signs of a mongrel or taint of the lesser kin and found none. ”Lucky and unlucky that you deemed it wise to think yourself equal to Atraya. The fact you survived and were found worthy of mercy is beyond my judgement, for I have killed without prejudice for equal offenses. I defer my judgement to Shukie.” He would look to Shukie, unaware of her feelings toward the brute until she states it so. ”Then you have found mercy in two hearts.” he said as he turned his gaze from Shukie to Timber. ”I grant you clemency from the shadow of your past and would name you Timber, Member of the Wolfspirits.” He would then await any objection if any from the other two Alphas or from those of his kin.
    * Atraya when she would receive the approval from both Shukie and Faolan, she turned once more to address Timber. “I grant you, Member of WolfSpirits.”there would be a seriousness to her words but as well, that familiar tone of mercy hung well therein. A chance to be new. A chance to forge from past mistakes.
    * Sanek he hadn’t known Timber had done anything that would raise an eyebrow, or that Shukie had wanted to drive him out at first. Hearing this, he felt like he was eavesdropping in some way. But, these actions were in the past and he would hope for a wonderous future for the brute in the pack as a member. He would prepare to howl after the Alphas approved Timber as a member and let the
    * Sanek pack celebrate this.
    * Shukie rose a bit more, “Welcome to WolfSpirits, Timber. Continue to prove your value to the pack.” She was glad to have Atraya and Faolan accept him.
    *Faolan He would stamp his paw firmly to the stone and here offer a long low howl to warn the denizens of their land that a new member had been forged this night…beware, beware ye beasts of the field another of my kin draws nigh.
    * Timber He had hoped and hung his pride on the laundry line as he requested and desired something that he wasn’t sure he would ever truly feel deserving of. As one after the other of the alpha’s laid their judgements before him he would wait with baited breath and a head lowered. He knew well that if the alpha male had been there the challenge likely would have gone far different. If there had still been a challenge. Timber knew
    <`Raven> that he would continue to learn and grow until nature ended his course upon this earth, and he felt a wild gladness rise within him at the feeling of, at long last, and for the first time – belonging. He had found a home. He had stumbled and made mistakes and found mercy and wisdom offered. When he spoke his voice and Timbre were rough and deep. “I thank you all, and I will not disappoint, in as much as I am able to uphold these vows and honor
    <`Raven> the pack with my actions.” He looked again to those gathered and to Shukie and dipped his head to her again before at last lifting his head to find his howl joining a song he had never sung in his life, one of import that he would always remember.
    * Loumacy ears would perk to Sanek, once he howled, and she too would release a howl, her own voice a haunting song, not that she meant it to be, being a happy go lucky walking bush of floof with quite a few wolf like tendencies. Though to herself she wondered what kind of brute would want to think themselves equal to the Alphas. The thought of Faolan’s light reprimand made her want to
    * Loumacy shrink, she was not the sort to challenge such rank. As her howl died down she let her head rest back of Salem, though as she lay there serenaded by the howls and the words of the Alphas her lids began to close, and she began to dose in full comfort and security, knowing she was home.
    * Kova would give a low breath, a chuff if she could make one for Timber’s advancement to a pack member. She’d come up with some ideas on what he could help mold and shape during his time. Hearing Rune’s words she would look to the bits offered and lean in to nibble at it. Chew only she would.
    * Cwn Upon the naming of Timber as member, he would tilt his head back and let out a howl for the male in congratulations for his advancement.
    * Ayaka would lift her voice in song and gladness at the strengthening of the pack, for what was a pack but an assortment of lessons learned and a chance to help each other thrive? She was glad to see he had had the wisdom to see mercy when it was offered.
    * Shukie her own howl joined in with the others, front paws tamping the stone’s surface, tail wagging excitedly to say the least. Her heart fluttered for some time before calming at least some. Her gaze was soft upon the brute before looking out to the pack once more.
    * Fianna lifted her voice too before the song would end! Welcome Timber.. Welcome!
    * Salem ‘s eyes would focus on the wolf as he stepped forward, hearing some of his actions as if on some sort of trial, ones he would not have been aware of. Him standing in front of the Alphas at this very moment and being made a member only meant that he was now among those who he had on a day much earlier than today sat right where he was and he howled as if he were howling for his
    * Salem future self. He momentarily felt Lou rest her head against his and he nosed her as he watched over her and onwards to the rest of the meeting.
    * Rook He had watched and listened, as a storyteller would, to the tales woven and interwoven this night. It was only after he dared to look about him that he noticed Kova and the odd state she was in. It appeared by all judgement that she was injured. Perhaps…just perhaps he’d betray something of his thoughts and depart from Ayaka’s side to go and see Rune and Kova. The celebrations would be a good cover for his short jaunt and chuff to the faes. ”What tale did I miss that I find you like this?” he asked Kova and Rune.
    * Atraya she would fill her lungs and offer forth a howl as well for the newest member of their pack. Timber! When the joyful tones where said and shared, howled and sung, she would wait another moment longer before nosing her mate then turning to Shukie. “Shukie.. please join Timber before the stone.”
    * Panther hadn’t known Timber had been a threat to WolfSpirits, he wondered if that might be why he was pledged later than himself and Sanek, if he remembered correctly. He thought he remembered either them pledging around the same time, or Timber was after? He shrugged. He allowed his voice to join in with those of the pack. Welcoming Timber as a
    * Panther full member of WolfSpirits. Though his voice ceased quickly after when Shukie was called under the rock beside Timber. He tilted his head slightly, and he’d listen. Curious now more than ever, he’d glance towards Sanek, head tilted still.
    * Shukie ‘s tail began to sway faster as her pulse raced once more, “Yes, Alphess.” A knowing look exchanged as she gleefully leaped from the stone in a graceful arch, her ashen form meshing quite well against Timber’s silvered one. With a quick and soft lick to his ear, “Welcome to the pack, dearheart!” After a gentle and tender nuzzle she gave her attention to the alpha pair before
    * Shukie them, eyes sparkling, fangs showning in a sheepish but happy smile as she bumped her shoulder to Timber’s.
    <`Raven> <Rune> c/Rune Copper ⊰✲ Shukie joining Timber beneath the stone? What was this? But, she’d be drawn away by the appearance of another wolf in the corner of her vision, Rook. Listening to his words, she dips her head and in the hopes of saving Kova’s voice and effort, answers for her. “Kova injured her head during a struggle with a coyote. She is doing her best to rest.” Should Kova wish to add anything to her brief tale, she was welcome to
    <`Raven> but assumed the fae would be glad for Rook’s company regardless. ✲⊱
    * Timber would shift his paws as the feeling moved from welcome, to anticipation for something new and exciting and even more frightening perhaps than his request to join the pack. He wasn’t one well used to fear or worry, but it would now temper him if only for a time as he waited Shukie move down to join his side. When she arrived he too would sneak a lick to her cheek fur and his tail fanned in a goofy manner, his paws
    <`Raven> dancing a brief rhythm against the earth. To her words he would nose her again, then look up once more toward Atraya and Faolan.
    * Atraya feeling her mates expression, she would offer to him a fleeting nuzzle. When they where close enough to scent and Shukie responded in kind, she would begin.”Shukie and Timber.” her voice began with serious but light tones as what would follow would be a request from the pair. “You are brought forth before the Alpha’s and the pack of WolfSpirits, to request that you begin ..
    <Atraya> .. courtship.” she’d wait only a moment, turning to her mate then back to the pair again and began. “Courtship allows time between two hearts to truly get to know one another. To feel the ebb and flow of each path, though separate, comes together always. This is a time that is precious, but as well important before mateship can be announced. I would like to ask you both now, Shukie do you ..
    <Atraya> .. desire to be courts with Timber? Timber, do you desire to be courted to Shukie?”
    * Kwa`ani had seen the way the fae acted around the brute and avoided discussing him at times. Now she understood why. SHe was very attuned to Shukie’s mannerisms yet this caught her totally off guard especially after the brute’s admission of his initial time here.
    * Leora oh man, she had so many questions. She looked bright eyed up at her sisters then to Shukie and Timber. Her nose wrinkled like a disney cat confused at a cucumber. “… Courts??” she almost blurted out.
    * Fianna hadn’t really seen this coming but for the latest glimpses of what was in the works. Shukie had hidden it well, and knowing the fae,perhaps as she fought the whole idea? With a wave of her tail, eyes gleaming she’d nose Leora absentmindedly as she watched things unfold
    * Shukie looked to Atraya and Faolan both, a smile to Timber then back again. Looking deep into Timber’s eyes, “In the beginning I was blind to the wolf within, seeking to only see you gone from our lands. The challenge within your frame was clear. Or so I thought. At every turn I rebuffed you. You knew not the ways of pack, a loner I thought needed to remain alone. Time went by, the
    * Shukie stony exterior slowly being chipped away with your words and actions. You fought for what you wanted, meeting the demands I gave while I gave naught in return; you asked for nothing and that is what you received. Respect I showed you not but the minimum required and grudgingly so. Nothing worked to send you away from our lands.” Her tones were hard and steadfast……
    * Shukie …As she continued her tones would change, softening, a lilt unheard by any save her sisters. “You searched where others did not. You were met with disdain and loathing yet smiled in return. Conflict reigned supreme for me for what I knew or so thought I did. Your perseverance and determination to meet head on all the obstacles I placed in your way proved you were not seeking
    * Shukie just to be mate to the pack’s Alpha.”…
    * Shukie …Softer and softer her tones became, more musical, “Each challenge met endearing me to you more each day. It was not those things however which stole my heart and made my spirit soar. Rather, When you talked of the never-ending song, the verses you heard, a chord did play within me crumbling all from the clarity found. Parts of the song that had been forever missing, a stanza I did not know existed until you played it for me and we sang together, the Llano. You knew what it was without explanation and that, Song of My Heart, is why I know you are the wolf I was meant to share this life and the next with.” *Leaning over she unabashedly licked his muzzle, scratches included before looking to Atraya and Faolan once more, for her words were spoken to
    * Shukie Timber and none other. May our song ring out for all time.” Her head coming to rest upon his shoulder in a tender wolven embrace.
    * Shukie looked upon the Alpha’s now, leaning against Timber. “I would that you grant us permission to court. Time was lost to us that we would, otherwise, now be mates.”
    *Rook It was no more embarrassing than knowing his puppish mannerisms would be remembered by the fae he spoke to. The originator of the flippy cape had much to be embarrassed over, but he took pride in his youthful days. The weaver of tale would do his best to veil the spell cast upon him with a dismissive chuckle. ”Do I want to see the other guy?” What a minute. His heart caught up with his thoughts… “Do I need to
    <`Raven> see the other guy??”
    * Sanek he had seen and heard enough exchanges and snippets of conversation to infer that Timber and Shukie were drawing quite close to each other. Still, to hear it announced that they would be courting felt like a surprise. What about the brute had caught Shukie’s attention so? He would listen to the co-Alphesses explanation with interest.
    * Cwn Cwn Perked up as Atraya spoke of Shukie and Timber becoming courts. He watched the process silently, keeping his thoughts in check. He hadn’t seen it coming either, but had not had much dealings with Timber, just Shukie. He would be happy for the pair if they were granted such, and deep down hoped one day he would be in he same position.
    * Timber would listen to Shukie’s sylven tones, and the words shared from her heart as she spoke of their history. When it was his turn, he returned her weighted gaze with her own, acknowledging Atraya’s question with a glance and a nod. “If I may.. Shukie MoonSong I have prepared my thoughts for this moment, because of the song you so love, and it is a poem that reminds me of you, and our path together. “Long ago my
    <`Raven> caretaker once spoke of taking the road less traveled.. Well, I didn’t. When the time came, I blindly went and took the safest road. A very long path where the pitfalls were plenty. I stumbled in the bracken. Stymied by the darkness that fell quickly as I ambled along. The soul bruised, battered and exhausted at every infrequent stop. It was not apparent then that in this venture there was a bleak dead end ahead. I plowed on even though
    <`Raven> something inside was telling me again and again to turn back. But, slowly, a gleaming light of hope crossed my vista beckoning me home. I crawled. My strength regained as the light intensified, as clarity was won. Then the end was in sight – the portal was within grasp. And so, yes, I now take that road less travelled. Standing tall and proud as I gleefully stride down its glowing thoroughfare. Smiling at the diverse and playful changes
    <`Raven> that cross my pathway. All told, it’s never too late to trust your instincts and make a difference. Just ask me….” Timber’s grey eyes would settle with an emotion far from indifference upon the fae who was that very light of hope for him. “Shukie you have shown me the true valor of a heart steady to pack. To role and bond and Kin.. With you and beside you – with your alpha’s permission,- I hope to now discover what it means to have a
    <`Raven> heart true to one.”
    * Kova did her very best not to chuckle to Rook’s antics and tones. Often was his presence warm and light to an otherwise shadowed weeping willow. ” He lay there…. here…. to pieces…” she’d be sure to flash a few of her fangs but alas, it would not be the wisest of things for little did the fae know some of Runes remedy, bark bits stuck from a few but before any could look awkwardly upon ..
    <Kova> .. it, she closed her muzzle as her eyes slowly opened. She very much was aware of what was transpiring with her sister and Timber, and perhaps the thrumm of her tail would be an indication of her inner thoughts.
    * Faolan What else could he do but remain silent for a time longer and listen to both Shukie’s and Timber’s testimony toward and for each other? These sneaky faes had played upon a momentary lapse in his otherwise tungsten-carbide laden veneer, and he’d have no more of that. ”Timber of the Wolfspirits, you thanked me for my judgement. I recant and place your thanks back before your paws!” Would one even care to look to
    <`Raven> see if his hackles had raised when the boom of his voice was as prominent? If they had, they would wager rightly on the next words that followed in a much more gentle and even tone. ”Instead of your thanks, I ask that you thank me by keeping this fae safe, loved, and protected. Do this and nothing less to thank me…you have my slightly willing blessing.”
    * Ayaka would never have the opportunity to experience what her spirit sister now was, but she would find a gleefulness of heart bubble within that time had afforded her sister this next step and path of her heart. It was as it should be for one as steady as Shukie and as strong of heart. She only wished she could have had the time to get to know the other half better.. Time.. Restlessness would pool within Aya.
    * Atraya each word spoken would be felt from the hearts to those who shared them. Intricate and delicate they where. There was a brief moment to where she felt the strummm and chours plucked and sung to one another, a familiar feeling she knew well enough. Long ago remembering her own moment shared with Faolan. To her mates words and the tones spoken, she offered to him a nuzzle. “You have my ..
    <Atraya> .. blessing, Shukie and Timber. You may now be known to all you greet, to be a courted pair.” she dipped her head and looked towards Timber. “May your bond grow stronger and your love true.”
    <Calder> He would nose Fianna lightly as the proceedings went on. He rose a brow curiously to Shukie and Timber. He’d not expect that either, but, was happy that a heart wandering could be found again in the midst of so much. He’d give a dip of his head to the pair.
    * Fianna listened to the words of her father and mother, and the barely veiled if at all warning he’d issued to Timber and she was echoing it in her own heart. If any wolf played with the feelings of her family they wouldn’t be able to atone for enough. But she would feel the happiness well within too, for a new pair, and new hearts finding their own harmony. Remembering her own ceremony with Calder she would lean to
    <`Raven> nuzzle him.
    * Leora she had sooooooo many questions. Speaking of “sap”, it was getting sappy, no? Her nose wiggled and her eyes focused on what was going on. What was all this mushy stuff. She turned to her sisters for reassurance they saw the same thing, then turned to her mother and father. They seemed ok and happy about it, at least mama, and she’d be happy to.
    * Shukie ‘s jaw dropped, a loud whine heard by all as Faolan began speaking, glaring in his direction at his calousness. As the male alpha contiuned to speak she snapped her jaws shut and once again began to smile, light little yips now sounding. As Atraya spoke she leaned once again into timber’s frame. In a light hearted tone, “He’ll have his work cut out, Faolan!” her tail wagged as
    * Shukie she dipped her head to the alpha pair. “May our time together, our bonds formed be as strong and fulfilling as yours and Atraya’s.”
    * Rook She smiled with all the grace of a picket fence that had long missed a few posts. Still, the spell lay unbroken, and he could only chuckle lightly and draw near enough to enjoy her presence but not encroach upon the caretaker’s tending. Upon hearing the demise of said creature he would find some peace. ”Then all is well and on the road to recovery…I am sorry that I was not there to help, but the feathers are
    <`Raven> nearly in place. Get well soon, and I will let you place the eagle’s feather in its place.”
    * Atraya she would stomp her paw lightly for both Timber and Shukie. Her tail gave a single wave for the pair. Happy for the love found. She’d allow the joyful tones to fall across al lthe wolves before the last bit of news to be shared for the nights meeting.
    *Timber would have expected nothing less from those who cared for this fae worthy of all the protection and love in the world. He met Faolan’s gaze with an un ruffled one of his own though he did chance to sneak a peak for those hackles. “I will lay my own life on the line if it should be needed in order to protect Shukie’s heart and frame. I know what immense worth has been offered to me, and I intend to keep it safe and
    <`Raven> secure.. And cherished.” He turned as he spoke to meet Shukie’s eyes and to brush Shukie’s muzzle with his own and licked it before rubbing his head over her nape and couldn’t contain a brief rumbly yip of joy before he would make sure to back soon out of the spotlight, his excitement dancing within.
    * Panther ‘s ears perked forward, he was oblivious to how the courting things worked, and so’d watch carefully. This pack was different than his family pack, but it was a good different. Panther would stomp his paw for the courting pair. Dipping his head to each.
    * Ragaire Yuck, yuck, and guess what, yuck again! What was all of this? Even at momma and puppa’s exchange of a nosing, the pup would roll her eyes and tap momma and puppa with her nose. Hey, hey! What happened to paying attention, huh?
    * Cwn would let his voice be heard for the pair, he was happy for them, and though he would not voice it, he held the same feelings as the others, Shukie and Kova being the first wolves he had really got to know after his return to the pack the first time. As his howl subsided, he caught himself glancing over to Rune, Kova and now Rook a moment before turning back to the rock to await the next part of the meeting should there be one.
    * Faolan Another cause was given for him to lift his voice with his mate and beckon the Song to draw nigh its completion. It would be dangerously close in doing so, but such was never fated to be whole again…He would quiet then and move to the next part of their agenda. ”We will discuss our next part of the meeting in the OOC”
    * Rune The Caretaker offers a gentle howl, so as not to aggravate the ears of the injured fae beside her. Would she perhaps be busy assisting at a den-site again this spring? Only time would tell.
    * skydancer too lifst her voice in congratulations for the pair though she is contemplating a few choicr words for timber after all she’ll probably never get another chance. To make That particular speech. Still it doesn’t need to be done now or even today.
    * Kova her smile still creased along her muzzle if a wolf could truly ‘smile’. To his offered words she would respond in kind “I look forward to it, Rook… and congratulations…” her tail strummed across the snow before stilling. Perhaps it was what Rune gave her, or the presence now accompanied to her own, but she semed to be doing better than before.
    * Salem found himself looking back and forth between the two of them as they each took turns in speaking about the other and he watched though that was all that he did while Lou rested. It was the only reason his paw didn’t stir once he realized that everyone else’s had and he made a mental note to congratulate them as well as everyone else who had advanced in some way this evening.
    * Panther would raise his voice for the pair, but afterwards went silent. His tail wagged as he added his voice to the song. His voice ceased afterwards.
    * Fianna would lift her song too! “Shukie and Timber sitting ‘neath a treee..”
    * Shukie remained beside her court, “To the first day of the rest of our lives and beyond!” her tail wagged as they would relax against each other, her glance casting towards her sister and Rook, an ear twitching thinking back to words shared. “Now begins our time to truly learn of each other, Keeper of our Song.” She didn’t have fancy words or phrases, in many ways a simple wolf.
    * Ayaka would feel her own howl to be chorded and she knew that if Timber stepped out of line where Shukie was concerned there was no vale that could likely keep her spirit from finding is vengeance. Timber had chosen a dangerous path… But a good one! She’d join her voice to the other’s.
    * Kwa`ani smiled for as long as she’d known the fae she’d never given a brute even a first look let alone a second. She’d tease the fae good naturedly when next met
    *Faolan  With that bit of business out of the way, he turned to his mate and nudged her gently to both feel her frame nearer his and to allow her to feel his own.
    * Atraya a long moment and pause would strike a particular chord in her heart as would the time that passed. She could feel the weight in her throat once more as she knew the next stroke of words would be felt hard. So much to say, so much to do but time was precious and now, short. She turned to her mate for comfort and guidance and leaned in to nose him briefly before turning her head forward again ..
    <Atraya> .. to address the pack. “Change is always ever burning at our heels, ever glowing, growing, and ever thriving in each of us and around us. As witness this evening, all that has transpired is from growth and movement of the water down a steady stream. It’s what allows us to grow and thrive, even when we think we cannot in the hardest of times.” she would pause for but a moment until she ..
    <Atraya> .. continued. Her words chosen carefully, but she had to share the news and now better then ever. The pack needed to prepare and she to. “In the coming days…. I will depart with my mate and Ayaka back to the vale. My time upon this plain is coming and I have been offered a chance to fulfil one last vow. The thread woven and ready to be tied at it’s end has come, and..”another moment would be ..
    <Atraya> .. given if only to quell her emotions. A monumental moment. “Leaving my mothers pack in the capable paws of your Alpha, Shukie with her right paw, Kova and newly appointed Delta Fianna. I have no doubt that this pack will thrive and continue to thrive in the ways of pack and family sense it was forged so long ago. Without you all to see it through, to keep it’s story and purpose alive, we would ..
    <Atraya> .. not be here today. It is not simply one wolf to keep this heart thriving but it is all.” she’d allow her words to reach the stretches of her family.
    * Faolan Many questions would certainly await them, but he moved swiftly to quell the rise of them too soon by joining his mate in her sentiment. ”Ayaka and I have been given a gift in our return, but it is not meant to be forever. The oaths broken by the Morrigan are made whole by Ayaka’s, Atraya’s, and my place within the vale. I will not give hope where fate will steal it with cruelty; when we leave we will not
    <`Raven> return. Much like the closing days of Kovo’s life, we have been given opportunity to spend the close of our chapter with family and kin. The recounting of deeds, the partaking of a hunt, and the stewardship of a meet have all cemented the last and final memory this old mind has room for. Long shall I dwell upon this very image…Long shall I know happiness in the face of my kin…”
    * Atraya she could feel the emotion well and rise. Her shoulder pressed more firmly into her mates as the words of what it meant to go to the vale, truly meant. What they where telling the pack now. What she was telling her family. Slowly her gaze fell to her offspring first and she’d feel the subtle vibrations and shared feelings between all. To the later of her statment she would wait to address.
    * Rook  – At least he found the part of the beach where another onlooker was, and it was in good company that he was swallowed whole by the crush of events having long led to this moment. A breath like one wholly enveloped in the water escaped him, but perhaps unlike others, he found his breath. He knew what was coming and had paddled his little aching heart out once the wave crashed upon shore…just keep swimming, just keep swimming…
    * Salem focused on Atraya’s words, finding truth in them in his experience enough that he now found himself at the starting point of this journey again. His head tilted slightly as she spoke about going back to the vale, his knowledge not going as far as to know what that is, though it didn’t sound like it was a place that many came back from, if any did at all. It didn’t sound like it
    * Salem was something that he could protest so he simply took a deep breath and let out a gentle huff. He felt some sense of relief wash over him that he got to see them even if the moments were brief, but he knew as well as anyone that they would be missed though they would live on in the breath of those that they now shared this news.
    * Sanek the vale.. the place that exists within past present and future he had heard a while back from Kwa’ani. The way the alpha phrased it, it wasn’t the afterlife, since others were to accompany her. But it sounded permanent.. like he wouldn’t be seeing the Alphess again. He looked to the others to see their reaction to this.
    * Rune had been absent in the times of the Morrigan and the Vale, her paws having carried her northwest, away from the WolfSpirits. At Atraya’s words, the fae was shocked, though only a furrowed brow would reveal the Caretaker’s apprehension. The pack was capable, yes, but what of Leora? The yearling had much to learn from her mother and father, who had only just been returned to her. Rune looks among the gathered
    <`Raven> wolves for the pale-coated fae, had her parents told her? The Vale was beyond Rune’s understanding, but from what little she had gathered, it was a force which called their Alphas to protect the pack they had helped to build. Many questions, indeed. Atraya and Faolan, held together by one another address their family and kin, both found and born, settled with what lay ahead. For now, the ivory fae does not move nor speak, merely gathering what
    <`Raven> she could from the visages around her.
    * Kwa`ani looked between her parents totally blindsided, a violent shaking of her head making her entire frame shake in the process. Her gaze narrowed and she looked down lest anyone see what was within her eyes as her ears flattened back. A flow of emotions ranging like a tsunami of unbelievable proportions flowed over her, at last turning away hurt beyond belief she’d been given no clue
    * Kwa`ani of what was »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» to come. Her entire posture drooped, fighting the urge to run off to the northlands and just keep running. Stealing herself for now, she turned back, head still lowered and would listen in mute silence. After much effort she looked up again, her face a look of ice and stone, emotionless, frame stiffly held.
    * Kova when Atraya and Faolan spoke, she could feel the joyful tones of all previous engagments start to wane as worry, fear, sadness began to fill her vessle. She was almost stirred up to seat herself if only to address this more head on, but she’d not risk the ire of Rune or a throbbing headache and stars. She shot a glance to her sister, Ayaka, then to Faolan and Atraya. Gone…. forever? There ..
    <Kova> .. was a visible shake to her otherwise unshakeable form. She knew not of what awaited them, and the news of it no matter how softly laid, would quell the now longing she felt. Time was so precious. So short. It was there in the thralls of warmth did she feel Rooks presence and to the son of his parents announcing their final departure, she would slowly reach over and brush her nose to his scruff ..
    <Kova> .. to impart her support and equal warmth.
    * Cwn Sat up a little straighter as the lead pair spoke of their departure to the vale. He wasn’t sure that he was hearing them right, he couldn’t imagine them not being with the pack, but neither had he imagined a time where he would be without his father. His heart sank back down into the same pit it had when he had to say farewell to his father only recently. He closed his eyes to steel himself, he couldn’t afford to let his feelings overwhelm him, he had to be his own rock for the time being, having no one left to be his anchor. After a few moments, the silver pelted male wolf opened his eyes again, but maintained his silence.
    * skydancer at both atrayas and faolans words a soft whine escapes her throat although hads the foggiest of notion of what this’vale’ she knows what their saying. Keeping her frame close she inches forward only long practiced disabling keeping her from doing anything stupid.
    * Leora she would look to her mother and father as they both spoke. She had a clear and visible expression on her face of interest to what they where saying, all until her father spoke of things that where beyond her comprehension. ‘Silly papa! Silly mama…. You will come back! you always do! You always promised mama…. you will come back!” she stood up and that light in her eyes would not be ..
    <Leora> .. quenched by said waves, not yet.
    * Fianna felt as if her very breath had been stolen and her stricken gaze would sting her mother and father, back and forth.. Back and forth. Then to Ayaka, then to mother and father.. All three???? She had known to prepare for her mother’s eventual fade, but she had hoped for time. MORE TIME! A storm cloud and clap of thunder seemed to resound in her ears and her heart and she just… Stood there. It seemed as if the very
    <`Raven> core and soul of the pack was about to be stripped back and laid bare. What would wolfspirits be without any of them? Her limbs shook and she settled lamely onto her haunches, wishing she had brave words to share. Should she have know? Guessed? And then Fianna remembered how her mother had faded, had missed that other half of her stolen away too soon. Now… Was her chance? How could Fianna, who had found the half to her own heart, feel so
    <`Raven> hurt that her mother chose to find the vale with her own? And papa.. Time with him had always felt stolen.. Granted as a boon rather than earned or deserved. Quiet she remained, unsure which of her feelings to hold to.
    * Ragaire  An adventure! That sounded fun, maybe this was what gramma was talking about? But, as a hush falls over the Clearing, the pup looks to those gathered. No, this was no joyous excursion. The pup looks up to her momma, ears back against her head with uncertainty and eyes wide with concern. She looks then to her aunts, Kwa’ani and Leora, the fae’s faces carrying the burden differently. Ragaire crawls over to her
    <`Raven> mother, pushing her head into her mother’s scruff. Why was everyone like this? What had happened?
    * Rune  Her eyes would be drawn immediately to Leora, the fae’s voice the first to be heard following the news. Nosing Kova lightly, Rune rises to her paws with caution, so as not to jostle the silver fae should she be using the Caretaker for support. Moving like a shadow on the snow, Rune slips away to the outside of the group returning only to its center to seat herself beside Leora. She’d say nothing to the young fae nor
    <`Raven> offer any touch, her presence quiet behind the Alphas’ youngest daughter. ✲⊱
    * Panther listened and watched, and once the Alphess spoke the vale, he sighed softly. He had no understanding of the vale, yet it didn’t sound like a pleasant thing. There, just existing? Why, what for? He shook his head. Why couldn’t they just stay? He’d gaze up towards the two Alpha’s, his expression showed his confusion. Time. A precious thing
    * Panther it seems. Panther came to understand now, that time wasn’t gifted, it was earned, along with the ranks in the pack. His ears perked towards Leora, at that his ears pinned sadly. The poor yearling was about to loose her parents. Panther sat, unaware this has happened before. He glanced over towards Sanek, wondering how he had took it?
    * Panther Panther’s expression shown that of confusion, and sadness. They weren’t coming back, or so they said. He sighed softly and would glance towards his paws. He was glad he got to know at least a bit about Atraya, and at least briefly Faolan and Ayaka.
    * Timber took the news, surprising as jump into an icy lake, with a stilling of his own frame. His gaze slid to Shukie next to him and he’d press his frame more solidly against hers, ears turning back slightly. So.. She would be left to Alphess alone then? And a pack stripped of much of the wisdom that had made it strong? How would they recover? Despite these thoughts Timber knew they would – they were wolfspirits now and
    <`Raven> forever
    * Shukie had been ready for the news and was not surprised by it, knowing for some time and keeping the pending path unknown. She’d wanted to share and be comforted in doing so yet that was not her path nor her choice to be made. For now, she leaned heavily into Timber’s side, her head bowing before returning her gaze to the alpha pair giving a curt nod as Faolan added his own words to
    * Shukie that of his mate, Atraya. It’d be a rough time for a while as the pack adjusted to all the changes taking place. That which always was would be no more. “Just as when Kovo crossed over the rainbow bridge, no one felt things would ever go on. Yet they have and shall again when Atraya, Faolan and Ayaka take their next path further fulfilling their oaths. Let us honor them in seeing
    * Shukie this pack continue and thrive as it always has and always shall.” her tones were heartfelt and full of memories, only a few days had she seen the great fae, Kovo and she was no more, a mere pup at the time. “Let us no send them with sour faces to their next destination but celebrate it and the time we have all been given with them.” As she looked out, “We can rejoice in what we
    * Shukie have been given or we can weep and hide away. Each will make their choice. I choose to rejoin in the lessons learned, the wisdome freely given and the stolen moments.” As she spoke her voice a soft yet calm tone, offering a shoulder or her entire frame for support. “All that was continues to be.” her tail swaying tho admittedly it was forced action.
    * Fianna Seeing her little pup look up with such soulful eyes, confusion there, and then hearing little sister’s denial of such Fianna would bolster her own nerves and tuck her selfishness away to March herself forward and set her shoulder against Leora’s to look up at her mum and dad. “You will be missed. More than..” She broken off trying to get hold of her voice. “More than I can say.” She continued when she could, “But your
    <`Raven> wisdom will not depart with you forever. Your memory will remain too, and I for one have written those lessons on my heart as if it was engraved upon stone. I will care for Leora, will teach her and protect her, as I will my pups and guard the pack as diligently as I ever have.” She broke off again and this time couldn’t go on for the idea of doing her job without the oversight of her parents. She looked to Shukie and nodded her head.
    * Ragaire  Glued to her mother, it was impossible for the pup to take in Shukie’s words. Amber eyes fixed on gramma and grampa, the pup stumbles as momma stands up and sets off towards Leora. The pup lowers her body, huddling in the snow. What was this talk of departing and leaving? Who was going? Where was momma going? The pup cries, a high-pitched and wavering noise. An uncertain shiver courses through the pup before she musters the courage to crawl over to puppa, crouching beside him. The world was suddenly very cold.
    * Rook – He was unresponsive for a moment even after Kova’s touch. Just keep swimming…He had only ever ventured once to the western coasts, that with papa who would no longer guide him to the far flung realms beyond the packlands. Now, he was left with his sisters and the kin they called home. Upon hearing his youngest sister’s exclamation, he tore himself from the tempestuous thoughts and feelings and went to stand by her
    <`Raven> side, giving Kova a kind but sorrowed glance. ”We have time still to make sure they are well prepared for their journey and for our memory of them to last until our understanding of their sacrifice grows. Will you help me make sure that mama, papa, and Ayaka are well prepared for their journey?” He strove to hold back the catch in his throat that would betray the molten sorrow that had long eaten at his core. It was time to swim and stand when the wave inevitably receded.
    * Leora she would look to all the other wolves as they offered up ‘goodbyes’. She felt Rune near and then Fianna. She would tilt her head to her sisters words before stomping a paw. “No… No….” she looked up to her mother and father. “I… You…. you promised.” she turned to all the others with what could only be described as a vicious stroke of denile from a yearling wolf, new to the ..
    <Leora> .. world and not understanding of the gravity to which she was feeling. “Stop saying goodbye…. It’s until I see you tomorrow!” her gaze fell back to her mother and father, the waves daring to breach the shore. “… Tomorrow. Right Mama? Papa? Tomorrow? We still have tomorrow?” she turned and look to her sisters. ‘Kwa…. Fi…… ” then to her brother. “Rook…? Tomorrow?” she ..
    <Leora> .. turned then to each packmember asking, no, pleasing the same question over and over.
    * skydancer seeing the pup so distressed steadies her own heart a little and she moves up next to Ragaires shaking form her own not exactly still and nuzzles the pup having ,apparently, completely forgotten about calders presence
    * Ayaka The emotions sprang hot and cold, shock and denial, silence that fell thick and heavy at tidings. Ayaka shifted her forepaws, heart aching at what they must now face for she felt the hurt and pain on those faces threefold. She took in a breath, held it, then another, and held it. Still she maintained her quiet, never having wanted the place of an alpha and the hard news they now had to share, she would send them what strength
    <`Raven> she could through the ties that bound them.
    * Rune Glad to see Fianna and Rook come to Leora’s aid, supporting the pup on the either side, Rune takes a step backwards and allows the Alphas’ progeny more space. She noses the yearling gently, allowing her siblings to come to her rescue. At seeing Kova unsupported, the Caretaker turns to move quietly back to the outside of the group, placing her paws in packed-down snow to avoid disturbing the silence. To the Beta’s
    <`Raven> side she went, hoping to return before a dizzy pawstep landed the fae in the snow.
    * Sanek his ears flattened down, what would the pack be like without Atraya? Someone who was a friend to him when he was feeling down, and a strong leader to the pack despite years and scars trying to weigh her down. He would whimper lightly at Leora’s reaction. He whispered her name to her, although she wasn’t exactly next to him and he didn’t expect her to hear it. This would be very
    * Sanek hard for everyone but especially the young Leora.
    * Atraya she would keep her gaze ahead as she could feel every word. Ever vibration. The saddness, the unknowing. Perhaps the flow of the meetings joyful turns would allow for sorrow. Reflection. It took all of her strength not to crumble at the weight of their words, to her daughters words. She had yet to have a talk with their youngest, Leora. How could she expect it to be received any other way, ..
    <Atraya> .. but she would do her best. She always did her best but even now that didn’t feel like enough. To Faolans movements she would not be able to spry herself off from the rock and so she too, turned and would pat her paws to the stone until she found purchase into the snow. She then moved after Faolan, and allowed the others to come closer as well, after she had joined Faolan and their ..
    <Atraya> .. kin.
    * Kova she could feel the tremble of emotions and she couldn’t help but feel it a little extra from the gathered wolves to it’s center. A joyful meeting to end on a note of such sadness, but, and understanding tone that needed to be said. She was at least grateful to know they now had borrowed time with the Alpha’s. Her gaze remained on the gathered and when Rune rejoined, she would nose her ..
    <Kova> .. offering a hushed whine.
    * Ragaire The pup looks to Sky, the wolf she had unknowingly vouched for coming to nose her. Ragaire’s tail wags lightly, greeting the wolf, but her ears and face remain downturned. “Where they gonna go? Is my momma going too? When they coming back?” This was perhaps the first adventure the pup was not excited for, whether or not she knew who was going. She watches as grampa and gramma gather with Rook, Fianna, and Leora
    <`Raven> beneath the stone. Kwa’ani seemingly frozen in place, like a stone among the sorrowful.
    * Rook – What else could he ask for…what else could he give? The face of his younger sister was as the sun and her voice the cosmic tendrils of a solar flare that lay bare all in its wake. If only he had a magnetosphere… The molten core of emotion within him certainly threatened to produce one if it were made of ionized metal in motion. It was not, and he was left trying to quietly console the welling grief they all
    <`Raven> shared. Would Kwa`ani come? This was the only time he’d ever seen papa do group hugs….the world was truly ending.
    * Fianna Well.. Fianna was already standing there bolstering Leora before Rook arrived, and she wouldn’t move then, but would remain as her father approached, his frame visibly shadowed, but the stone couldn’t crumble.. Could it? She shook, but tried to keep her frame strong against Leora’s. “And let us remember you.. Papa.. As the stone that holds up the sky.” She said softly.. Her own gaze and muzzle dropping and as her mother
    <`Raven> approached too, Fianna would drape her head over her mama’s shoulder and hold it there, not wanting to let go as her frame brushed the other’s of her family.
    * skydancer unable to keep a soft whine out of her voice as it’s choked with grief. The pups question forces her to control it as best she can.”I’m not sure. But it’snot a place you can return from.” Then shakes her head her voice steadying a bit more before trying to adress the fear that speaks out of the question”No sweety. Your, mum will stay.”she offers what is no doubt only weak comfort
    * Salem knew each would take to the news in their own way though he knew most followed a few patterns, fighting until the last possible moment or running from it though he knew that the wolves that were mentioned for going on this one-way quest were ones who likely fought hard enough to get a brief second chance with the promise that they would return to some sort of beyond. Still, he
    * Salem was sure that the news would have been harder to accept if he weren’t here and had to learn it from someone else so he found comfort especially in Shukie’s words of sending them off in the best way possible. He didn’t move towards the group just yet, sensing that pups were the momentarily focus of the group and he didn’t want to get to close. Being made a Pledge didn’t immediately
    * Salem grant him the same level of closeness that one would trust around pups but he made up for it with both of his ears pointed forward to catch any moment shared that he might take and learn from.
    * Kwa`ani remained sitting, unmoving, barely breathing, her features had become that of stone, hard and unfeeling, blocking all emotion. Of starfall and earth she was born, forged into ice and stone through life’s lessons. WIth a dip of her head to all she rose and retreated into the shadows. She would take her time alone to hopefully adjust
    * Leora her lip began to quiver as her father and brother would reaffirm that she had to be strong and that she needed to help with a journey. Why couldn’t she go on this journey? Why would they have to be stolen away. Death had been explained to her by several of the pack, but this some how seemed different but…the same. When her father asked her to be strong and her brother offered up the chance ..
    <Leora> .. to help on the joureny, she was torn. “I.. I….” when the others began to huddle closer she slumped to her haunches and began sobbing. “… Don’t go….. not again papa……I know you…..”if a wolf could cry, the poor thing couldn’t hold them back.” I don’t want to loose you and mama… I…. ” her head hung low and finally she said “I.. help…..” finally she’d stutter. ..
    <Leora> .. The little solar flare doing her best to not burn all with her emotions, but to be the light instead. The warmth.
    * Shukie lightly groomed her court, leaning quietly against him, now and again giving him a lick to his muzzle. “Let us give the alpha family time to themselves, my hearts song.” Rising she would give a dip of her head to all around and move off with Timber, the excitement of his advancement to pack and their courtship dimmed in the news shared.
    * Atraya would do her best to project the same sentiment she shared with Fianna and Kwa’ani, even her son Rook when she had offered bits and pieces of herself. “Remember the stars, Leora. Remember that no matter how dark it may get, or lonely it may feel, or the cold chillding you from the inside out with sadness…” she nosed Leoras crown “You can look to the stars and find that I will shine ..
    <Atraya> .. the brightest of all. For you… for all of you.” she’d look up with her head to address those around. It would be said to all. “You are all part of my mothers foundation. You will keep the threads spinning and weaving. I am proud of you all.” her tones light but filled with what emotion could be had there. “I think that will settle this evenings meeting. Thank you to everyone who’s ..
    <Atraya> .. attended. Congratulations to each new step on the generation to come, and the promise of great things soon…”

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