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Summer Strength – Escaped Hunts

By August 7, 2021November 12th, 2022News, Pack Hunt

The hunting party led an unsuccessful effort to track an blacktail. Kova made 1/3 successful attempts to track the blacktail. Unfortunately, whether by wit or luck, the blacktail avoided the pack.

In a second attempt the hunting party led an effort to track an elk. Kova started off the tracking event well, gaining 1/5 successful attempts to track the elk. Shakira made exceptional progress, a critical success, earning the pack 2/5 successful attempts required. Sanek and Shakira finished the tracking event, leading the hunt to their prey. Rook landed the first blow on the elk and Shakira was injured before the elk made a successful escape.

Plentiful grasses and the favorable season of summer fill prey animals with vitality. Hunters beware!