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Meeting Notes

March 4th, 2021

  • Shakira Huntress
  • Timber Pledge
  • Panther Pledge
  • Atraya discusses stepping to Elder role
  • Shukie promoted to Alpha
  • Kova promoted to Beta
  • Fianna and Kwa`ani promoted to Guardians/Scouts
  • Kova and Fianna Spirit Sisters
Number Of Wolves Present


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    +Hati +Calder +Sanek CwnAnnwn
    Raven Ankha Anya Crimson Leora Nightstalker North Panther Sanek Timber

    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Atraya would make note of the wolves present by their scents and smells. She would hear Shukie’s approach and Timber’s, to. She gave a dip of her head “I will pass, but Leora will need something to eat.” she said before turnin an ear to the east and back again. Many smells amongst the few, and so she would finally settle on her haunches and there, lift her muzzle to howl for a gathering.
    * Kova would have been making a line towards Fianna and Calder, and was getting close to, until she heard the howl of Atraya. She huffed a little before turning and seating herself nearby. SHe gave a dip of her head to her sister.
    * Shukie nodded first to Kwa`ani with an eye upon Timber noting is look to those gathers, linging on the males perhaps assessing them? Naw, what ever reason would he have for that for he was but a visitor here himself. She still had not learned of his discussion with Atraya that first night and likely she never would? “Aye, of course.” most their scents, some very faint were likely upon
    * Shukie her fur others not. “No one is ever in the way at a meeting, pack, joining or just visitors.” her tones had again softened. “Since you want to learn of our pack, perhaps remaining within the local area would be best for you? and you might managed to meet properly more of those here?” totally oblivious to him desire to remain a shadow otherwise. She glance now to Atraya, “I hope
    * Shukie you enjoy our gift, my alpha.” nudging the marmot to where she could easily get to it when she so chose to do so. As Atraya howled for the meeting she added her own tones after giving Kwa`ani and Timber a nod and moving to stand beside Atraya at the base of the alpha stone.
    * Panther dipped his head to the fae, “I’m Panther.” He greets “Nice to meet you, Fianna!” He added. He dipped his head again, then turned his gaze towards the fae’s mother, Atraya, the alpha. He hadn’t been to a meeting yet, this was his first time but he was already enjoying it.
    * Sanek lifted his ears to a meeting howl, would meetings always be this frequent? Maybe Panther would get his chance to become a pledge, which Sanek really hoped for, he felt their friendship growing. He sat himself near the stone, waiting for more wolves to arrive. He nodded his head to all that were gathered by now.
    <Calder> Would watch the interactions between Panther and Fianna. He narrowed his eyes if only to observe, closely, said interaction from Panther. He felt his frame rumble but he sustained a pose figure. He heard the howl from Atraya, and resided nearby and kept himself seated.
    * CwnAnnwn had been settled in the trees along the western edge of the clearing when the summons for a gathering was made. Slowly the silver pelted brute would rise to his paws, still lightly favouring his front right leg. He padded towards the alpha’s rock, swinging his head as he scanned to clearing, noting those whom were present before finding a spot to settle upon his haunches from
    * CwnAnnwn which he could observe to meeting.
    Fianna would wag once, then as her mother would howl the beginning of the meeting she would dip her head to Panther. “If you’ll excuse me.” She would move to settle back beside Calder, spying Kova’s arrival and if the fae caught her eye she’d smile and wag a greeting, not to draw attention away from.the meeting she’d sit at attention and listen keenly. She’d missed Calder’s eyeing, but when she returned to his side she’d nuzzle him once with a wag. 
    * Panther slowly trotted towards Sanek, he hoped to sit near the brute as he trusted the brute, well..As much as he can trust the brute. He dipped his head to Sanek, Panther was behind sanek off to the side, though still nearby.

    Timber would dip his head in a low bow to Shukie, then to Kwa’ani as the fae offered for him to remain nearby to listen to their histories. He rumbled in thought, “Perhaps..I will do so.” He allowed and rather than moving to the faarrr back, he would only move near the back, settling just behind Calder and Fianna, near where he had seen Shakira, a fae he’d not introduced yet, only seen. He nodded to her, offering a bow of his head before sweeping his gaze to see who else had gather. More males than he had initially known to frequent this territory. Some were knew though, growth, anoter sign that this pack was thriving.
    * Atraya would sense the wolves present before nosing Shukie lightly. 14″Panther…” she called out to those gathered. “Please come forward.”
    * Panther would tilt his head. but he followed through. He padded forward keeping his emerald gaze upon Atraya. He was kind of oblivious what was happening, but he knew he just had to listen and follow requests and demands.
    * Hati` had been, once again, in the northern forest above The Clearing. She was already on her back back southward, towards Alpha Rock and with haste and wasn’t stopping for anything unless another had caught up with her. The fae was on a mission – to get to the Rock. she hadn’t been far from the treeline in general so soon she would be popping out into the open. As she booked it south
    * Hati` still, she would poke a nose to the air and take in the scents which just coaxed her into a hard run.
    * Atraya would wait to feel a nudge or sense Panther closer to begin. “Panther, you have been with the pack for a little while now, and it’s come to my attention you desire to be a part of this pack, and this family. I wish to ask you now, is this still your desire to join WolfSpirits?”
    * Fianna would shift some, her eyes going to Kwa’ani for a moment as the meeting began. She had enjoyed her sister’s closeness over the last days. Then her gaze caught a fae running towards them, her brow raising. She didn’t recognize her or her scent and her guard went up until the fae drew closer. The other’s seemed fine with her approach, but for the time being she would watch the fae, noting her demeanor.
    * Rune ’s head pops out of the boulders at the sound of Atraya’s nearby howl. Had something gone wrong? She snatches up one of her nearby herb bundles that hadn’t been put away yet and lopes off towards Alpha Rock, still coated in mud and debris. The Caretaker hoped the herbs wouldn’t be needed but she certainly wouldn’t stop to clean her pelt out just in case it was a matter of importance.
    * Panther nudged Atraya softly. “Yes, It is my desire to join WolfSpirits, to be part of this pack, This family.” He spoke, He sounded confident about his choice. “I wish to stay with this pack until i’m dead.” He added softly. ‘No more running.’ He thought to himself
    * CwnAnnwn perked and looked towards the unknown male as he was summoned before Atraya. He watched and listened as he went through the process that he himself had just gone through the week prior. Sitting slightly off from the others, he wrapped his silber tail about his paws. When Panther was named pledge, he tilted his maw skywards and let out a low howl for the other male in celebration
    * CwnAnnwn of taking his first steps to becoming a full pack member.
    * Leora the young fae wasn’t far, she was near the rock, in fact. Having NO idea what was going on??? Egads…. was……was that the evil monster!? just as Rune came through, she felt herself hunch against the stone.
    * Shukie too would tamp her paw upon the ground, “Welcome to the beginning of your journey as a WolfSpirit. You may address yourself to others as Pledge of WolfSpirits.” She smiled as Atraya continued.
    * Kwa`ani yipped for Panther’s ascent to Pledge giving a soft howl of congrats, tail wagging.
    * Kova swung her tail quickly behind her as it stilled, seeing Panther ascend to pledge. The pack was indeed growing and she couldn’t help but feel fufilled by it. She too stomped a paw in Panther’s honor of making pledge!
    * Sanek rejoiced silently in his head, it was done! He sang to the heavens above, let them hear that this wolf would stay! If Panther would pass by as he came back he would whisper “Congratulations” and smile.
    * Rune ’s long, mud-covered, legs make quick work of the Clearing and she was glad to see that there was no emergency in fact, simply another meeting, how odd to have another one so soon. She sticks to the outside of the group, not wanting to be a distraction to those gathered. Her eyes scan the crowd and they settle upon Leora, she was glad to see the pup, but confused as to why she was cowering. If she was able, Rune would wag her
    * Rune tail at the pup before taking a seat near the fringes.
    * Panther wagged his tail gently. He padded back down to Sanek. “Thank you..” He whispers, “Thank you friend.” He spoke lightly. He dipped his head to Shukie and Atraya. His tassel still wavering itself around behind him. He was excited nonetheless.
    * Hati` made it to the Rock, slowing and then halting behind the many others. Many of them were established and her natural instinct would keep her behind them all, anyways. Hati had just caught the tail end of that admittanace of Panther and would smile. She had chatted with him before. She stamped her paw with the otheres and then took a seated position and gave a happy yip towards Panther as he went back to his spot.
    Timber lifted his head at the question, considering it deep within himself, and yet… His gaze moved to the mountains where his heart also ranged, then to Shukie… And back again around the wolves. He rose to all fours and wandered a few steps forward to speak before Atraya when she called out. “I have been within your wonderful lands for months now, I have seen better the workings of a pack than ever before. I am a wanderer at heart, yet as I have gotten to know a few of you..” His gaze moved to Shukie, “I ask myself if I might have a family one day as I have seen. I do not know your pack law well, and so I do not know if it is within those bounds that I ask to pledge. I cannot say if my paws will always remain within these lands, yet they will.remain nearby, and I will ever hold the interest of this pack at heart…” It was as much as he could allow for
    <`Raven> himself, to try, to see what may come.

    * Rune ’s eyes follow Panther as he departs from the base of Alpha Rock, the pack congratulating him just as she was arriving. She and Kova had acquainted themselves with him a few nights ago, Rune was glad to have even more new wolves join the fold. As Timber steps forward to answer Atraya’s call, the Caretaker recognizes her horrendously disheveled appearance and begins to do what she can to groom the debris out of her pelt.
    * Timber would shift as he spoke, his gaze unwavering at last upon the blind Alphess. What would she say? Given his latest conversation with her alone, she knew more of him than many others here. Yet he had made a promise to her, … One he had every intention of seeing through. And thus far# she had proven more than equal to the task.
    * Shukie ‘s brows raised or what resembled brows on a wolf at Timber coming forth and his requst to pledge. She couldn’t help but think there was some double meanings there but dismissed the thoughts. It was good he admitted to his wandering way tho. Time would tell if he would stick or not, as was the case with all pledges on up. She remained quiet tho.
    * Atraya recalled her conversation with Timber and gave him a moment of pause. If only to allow his words to reach her own and for those considerations to be made. She, like her mother, gave all wolves the chance to forge their own paths and legacies within their home. This would be no different. She remained standing, her blind gaze looking ahead as she rose her paw slowly “Timber, your words »»
    <Atraya> »» have been heard as well your desire to join my family and my pack. Per our previous conversation, I am glad that you have chosen to seek out a new path here.” the later of his words coming across to her, and she gave a nod to him. Not all wolves who came to WolfSpirits always stayed all the time, but, it was the mention and thought of family no matter how long it may be, is what kept it alive. »»
    <Atraya> »» Though what would be asked of him and all the other pledges would be the same. “Then.. as you have lay your heart to those you desire to call family, I will accept your request and name you Pledge of WolfSpirits. May your journey be true, strong, and fulfilled by your heart.” she lowered her paw and stomped the earth.
    * Panther ‘s ears twitch in excitement, he to chuffed happily towards Hati`. He glances towards a brute who walks forth, Panther tilts his head. He hadn’t met this wolf and the way he glances at Shukie, would he want to actually greet this male? Panther dismissed the thought, he knew he would have to greet all the wolves eventually.
    * CwnAnnwn ruffled his pelt slightly as his gaze was drawn to another male he was not familiar with, his mind drifted to wondering if the number of males suddenly joining the pack had anything to do with it being that time of year. A deeper thought for later maybe, his focus now back on the meeting at hand as he listened to Timber speak his piece and Atraya’s response. Once more the silver
    * CwnAnnwn male tilted his head heavenward and let out a low howl for yet another pledge taking the first steps towards packhood.
    * Kwa`ani gave a yip for the male she’d just recently met giving the brute a brief nod but not letting her gaze linger
    {Timber rumbles an unheard snicker to these posts}
    * Shukie tamped her paw to Timber’s pledge, “Welcome to our Family, Timber.” She gave a tamping of her paw curious to see what would unfold where this one was concerned.
    * Shakira lifted her voice with the rest of the pack for the naming of newest Pledges, one of which she would have to smooth over past indecencies with, but she was willing to try to start anew as long as he remembered his place in the pack.
    * Hati` stamped a paw and gave a “ruuu” as she tossed her head back. Once settling, she smiled and watched still. She had not met Timber, or a majority of the others.
    * Atraya when the calls and chuffs would subside for Timber, she gave a dip of her head in his direction before her nose would pick the wolves present. Shakira being one of them, she smiled. She chuffed “Shakira, please come forward.”
    Timber would feel a trickle of surprise when he was allowed the title of pledge, and unusually for him, he felt a tangle of sudden nerves. What had he just gotten himself into? Steady he would soon grow though and he would rumble his thanks to Atraya, glanced around to the other’s and their congratulations and his tail would sway a few times gracefully as the large prematurely white male would move back to take his place near a slightly disheveled Rune who seemed very intent on getting the leaves from. Her. He bowed to her in greeting knowing there would be time for introduction later, then sat down, ready to shrink into the background again, and ponder his choice and what should come next.
    * Panther stamped his paw as the others dip so, He dips his head towards Timber, He would have to greet him sooner or later. Preferably later since it’s the season, and he didn’t know how it would affect Timber. He shook his head relieving himself of his wild thoughts, or he hoped it would relieve him.
    * Shukie glanced around smiling with pride at the wolves of this realm, joining the pack, it’s growth. Bright times indeed were ahead for the pack.
    * Fianna would be curious indeed to see Timber join the ranks of pledges, and she’d have stamped a paw and waved her tail with excitement as well, glad to see her reservations had not been warranted. When Shakira was called forth, she would perk, excited to see what was in store for her friend and pack mate.
    * Rune dips her head in greeting to Timber, who settled nearby. “Congratulations.” She says to him softly, not wanting to interrupt the meeting, then returns to grooming her pelt. She lifts her head to pay full attention at the mention of Shakira’s name. Rune had not seen the tawny fae in some time and her eyes quickly dart around the crowd to follow her as she approaches Shukie and Atraya.
    * Sanek layed down in a comfortable position, he wondered how things functioned a long time ago, was there always this many pledges? He tried paying attention but his mind liked zoning out sometimes.
    * Shakira ‘s ears perked as the calls of congratulations died down and her name was called, stepping forward from where she was seated near the back, her head and tail lowered in respect for the Alpha. “Yes, my Alpha? I am here.” She spoke, lifting her eyes to the she-wolf.
    * Atraya smelling the fae near and close, she would wager she was close now. “Shakira, you have held the mantle of Huntress for sometime now. You’ve forged a true and strong path to this calling, from what I’ve seen before my sight was no more, and now, to those who claim praise to you, rightfully deserved. I wish to ask you now, do you still wish to honor the pack by being our Huntress?”
    * Shukie smiled for the fae had proven herself with the recent tasks given, with flying colors. A wide smile on her muzzle as she took in how Atraya phrased things, having heard the promotions over the years, each a tad different.
    * CwnAnnwn looked about the clearing a moment, seeing a few wolves who hadn’t been here when he arrived for the meeting. His gaze spotted an abnormally muddy Rune, he also noted that Timber had settled near her. He tilted his head slightly as he contemplated moving, but was drawn back to the meeting when Shakira was called forth. Turning his gaze to the rock, he listened as she was being
    * CwnAnnwn offered the position of hunter.
    * Rune ’s tail sweeps the ground as Atraya extends the rank of Huntress to Shakira. The russian fae had always had a deep admiration for the Hunters and Huntresses of the pack, it was a skill that she had never quite mastered and she couldn’t think of a wolf more deserving of the title. By now, Rune had managed to remove the organic plant matter from her coat and her ivory fur was now only slightly discolored from the mud that woul
    * Rune d require a deeper cleaning. Hopefully she was no longer the scary mud-monster that Leora originally thought her to be.
    * Timber slid his gaze back to Rune when she would congratulate him, offering her a lazy smile and a bother dip of his large yet regal head. His low voice would rumble as soft as hers though more rough. “Thank you Fae of Flora.” His tones would taper off then. He didn’t know her true name yet but by the looks of her she enjoyed nature as much as he did,… Or more. Finally he’d move his gaze back to watch as this fae Shakira would respond to her calling. Musing again over ranks, and their significance, Timber would settle down slowly onto his belly, lounging as he watched the proceedings.
    * Shakira ‘s tail began to wag in earnest, her heart full at hearing that others had offered words of praise of her dedication to the pack. “It would be an extraordinary honor to continue on the path of being a Huntress for my family. I hope to prove myself to you and the rest of the pack every day as long as I breathe.” She said, her paws seeming to dance slightly as she shifted her weight.
    * Atraya upon Shakira’s words and the conviction of a pure heart in the desire to server her pack and family in such a rank, she would give a nod and a smile. Her paws remained well placed on the stone before she would dip her head in Shakira’s direction. “A huntress is keen to the hunt. Well versed in the wilds and the herds within out home. As Huntress of WolfSpirits you will cull the weak, and »»
    <Atraya> »» feed our pack and family. You will gather your fellow members and hunt to sustain us. For this, I am deeply honored to have the privilage of naming you Shakira.. huntress of WolfSpirits!” her breath would heeve in before she rose her muzzle and howled into the night’s sky for Shakira. Well deserved!
    * Kova upon the promotion granted by Atraya to Shakira as huntress, she would howl to the sky! Her paws would knead the earth a little with the joy she felt for the fae. Well deserved indeed! She was fond of Shakira and knew well her prowess in the hunt. A force to be reckon with!
    * Fianna would lift her muzzle for such a well-earned rank deserved a howl! She lifted her own song in congratulations to Shakira, her tail waving free.
    * Panther held his gaze on Shakira, He was feeling eager. Eager to apologize maybe? He tilted his head back and parted his jowls as a deep howl erupted from his mouth. As he howled he stamped his paw against the ground.
    * Hati` gave a howl and padded her paws against the ground as Shakira was named Huntress. Her tail swayed side to side, sweeping the rock as it did so.
    * Shukie gave a howl of congrats to Shakira for the fae had earned it!!
    * Sanek at first thought Shakira was already a huntress, taken down a doe like that! As he turned an ear to the howls he’d also offer one, glad that such a great wolf took on such an important role in the pack.
    * Kwa`ani howled for Shakira, it was good to have a solid huntress in the pack once more. She still couldn’t believe the fae had downed the blacktail on her own. The fae was deserving
    * Rune flicks and ear in curious consideration at Timber’s greeting, Fae of Flora, interesting. Her attention was only on Timber for a brief moment though before she lifts her muzzle in joyous song, her heart full for Shakira and her advancement within the pack. She remembered when both Shakira and herself were new to the pack, oh how long ago that was. The ivory and russet fae would be sure to congratulate her personally after the m
    * Rune eeting came to an end.
    * CwnAnnwn tilted his head back to let out a low howl for the fae as she was named pack hunter. As he lowered his muzzle, he pondered what he would become when the time came, would he follow his father’s pawsteps and become a scout or would he end up forging his own path? Time would tell, and he still had to make it through the pledge and assessment phases.
    * Shakira couldn’t help but lift her voice once more out of sheer joy, her howl one of promise and eagerness to serve the pack with every fiber of her being.

    * Atraya there was a long pause if only to allow all the congratulations to go out. It would also afford her pause for emotion of her words, soon to be reached in their entirety from a tone prepared to say them and continue with the meeting. Pride swelling in her tones, but as well, a knowing recline of emotion. “Tonight will be a night of great celebration. Tonight is a night of celebration.  Tonight will be a night worthy of note for lore in the future generations. Tonight will be a night that will bring change to WolfSpirits.” The moon would strike her silvery fur, causing it to glisten only a little for the old and tired frame of an Alpha and fae who has seen much in her lifetime, was ready for change, but she was still very much a strong and proud wolf. The tone would start to change as the gears shifted in the meeting’s movements. “I made a vow to this pack and to this family that I would protect it until my dying breath. That my life, my spirit, and my soul belonged to her, and to all of you. Forever and always that will be true. Part of that promise is to ensure that this pack continues to live, breath and thrive for generations to come.” she paused to glance to the left and right of her before looking ahead. “Both of your Alphas had made these vows. Should we ever feel that we could not fulfill that duty, or that promise, that we would be truthful and step to allow another to take that mantle.” though her mate was not here to speak for himself, his current circumstances would dictate the outcome of the obvious. “I grow old. It is of no <Atraya> »» surprise that my usefulness sense our last adventure has rendered me incapable of fully performing my duties as your Alpha. As such.. I have proposed the grooming of a new Alpha of WolfSpirits, so that I may step down in the near future and take my place as Elder. My choice has been given to Shukie, your Beta, to take the mantle as Alpha, until a new one can be named in her place or alongside her in the future.” she gave pause before turning her hues to Shukie. “Shukie… you have been a strong hold for this pack when I could not be there in it’s fullest capacity. You have learned the ways of being an Alpha through Beta. Your heart is pure, your spirit true. I wish to extend this to you and offer the role as co-Alpha alongside me until I step fully from it. Do you accept?”

    * Shukie knew this was to occur and not a surprise as other promotions had been. It had long been in the making. Still, as each word Atraya spoke, the emotions swelled, sometimes choking the breath in her throat. “It is a great honor you have bestowed upon me, My Alpha.” She paused letting Atraya know she had something to say first to the pack before accepting. “However, before I
    * Shukie can fully accept the position you offer me, it is not for just you and I to agree to this, it is for the pack to agree as well. Without their concurrence, the pack would fade if they do not see me as their alpha aside in title.” She turned now and looked out among the assembled wolves, “I have been asked to become your Alpha. I cannot do this unless all here from ranked,
    * Shukie subordinate, assessments and pledges and visitors alike concur and agree to accept me as your new Alpha. We each have only known Atraya and Faolan as our Alphas, some just Atraya, though a few of us knew Kovo or knew of her before she passed.” She and Kova had been there as weeee pups when Kovo passed. She caught each wolf’s gaze, those up close and those in the distance.
    * Shukie “I ask you all now, to say your peace and thoughts on this. Let us go in rank order.” She liked keeping things organized when she could which seemed rarely to happen. She turned to Kova, her sister and the pack’s Delta giving her a nod. This was part of what Kyara had taught herself and Kova, all must see a wolf in the position offered and not just in title. The words she
    * Shukie used, tho her own were from within the inner recesses of her memories, her genes, passed down to her from her Ancestor, ShukuWolf, First Wolf, Alpha of GlacierWinds, so many, many years ago long before her birth.

    * Sanek finally started paying attention, was he to witness a transition of leadership? He watched in silence, ears outstretched, wanting to hear Shukie’s words loud and clear. If there was a wolf for this position it would definetly be Shukie.
    Timber would listen to the song of the fae’s and males around him, hearing the rise and swell of it as they welcomed a mighty huntress to take her place. He allowed his tail to sway back and forth, his ears perked and his gaze would follow Shakira for a moment as she returned to.her place, offering her a dip of his head if she passed nearby. He would absorb the tales of this pack as if it were chapter of nature completely new to him. When he tuned to what Atraya said next he leaned forward a bit, intrigued and not a little surprised. The title of alpha, handed to another just like that? He had never seen a thing done in such a way, and yet, what better way to care for one pack as an alpha, than to choose one well.suited to follow? He could not fault her choice, and his eyes moved to Shukie as the fae spoke next, following her words closely, absorbing them for  later thought. She would ask the thoughts of the pack? Again he had cause for deep thought. Quietly he would listen to what they had to say.
    * Kova couldn’t have possibly be prepared for this moment, but knew it would come. She took in a deep breath, allowing her words and their shared voices be heard. Approval was sought. She felt that Shukie was more then capable, and sense their long journey to WolfSpirits and the bonds in which they forged throughout, this was a true steel of a request. “I do not object and would follow Shukie to »»
    <Kova> »» the ends of any means for this pack, this I pledge.”
    * Shukie nodded and smiled to her sister looking next to Shakira. “Huntress of WolfSpirits, will you accept me as your Alpha?” her tones soft, steadfast and a bit timid to make the request of all the pack yet knew it was right to do so. Also looked to Fianna and Kwa`ani for their acceptance.
    *Fianna So.. This is what her mother had hinted at earlier. A way for her mother to rest a bit more, to slowly step down for another to lead. It hurt her heart though she had just asked for her mother to consider allowing another to make sacrifices in her stead. She felt shaky, as if her world were rocking, for it should still be her mother and father up there, and yet at the same time her heart resonated with the rightness of Shukie taking that place. When it was her turn to speak she would take one step, her eyes on Shukie and offer, “Shukie has met each and every one of us where we are at, and helped us to grow. She has seen our potential and coaxed us to even greater heights. I wholeheartedly accept you Shukie, as my alpha. Now and forever.” Her gaze slid to her mother then, sorrow accompanying her pride for Shukie, and she settled back onto.her haunches.
    * Shakira ‘s tail picked up speed at the offer extended to Shukie. “I would gladly accept you as my Alpha and follow you wherever you may lead. I trust you.” She said, her smile so wide it seemed to engulf her whole face.
    * Kwa`ani sat up straighter at what was unfolding before her, a flux of emotions, extreme happines and anger that her mother would no longer be alpha. She heard what her mother had said, accepted and still did not like it. Deep inside she knew it to be true and could think of no other than Shukie at this time. She was silent for a long while. I have know you and traveled with you. “You are
    * Kwa`ani worthy of »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» Alpha and often been Acting Alpha.” She paused, her voice choked up, “I do not want my mother to step down yet I, I have to nod that it is time.” Again she pause, “I’ll always see Atraya as my Alpha yet I also can see you, Shukie as my Alpha and pledge to follow you now.” she’d have to sort out the emotions later yet she knew this was right. With a low whine for her mother’s
    <Kwa`ani> monumental step to »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» let another lead her pack, she gave a deep bow to Shukie and her mum. WIth a nod to Shakira and her sister, Fianna, she turned her gaze to Shukie, “You are my Alpha now, as my mother shall always remain as well to me.” «end
    * Shukie next looked to Rune for her concurrance, a slow breath of relief escaping her muzzle tho no one would notice for the tight control she held
    * Rune ’s expression would be bittersweet, her eyes wide and ears turned outwards. Alpha Atraya was all she had ever known within the WolfSpirits, she’d heard stories of the Great Kovo and there was no doubt in her mind that Atraya to would be remembered as a Great Alpha alongside her mother. It appeared as if Shukie would be the next to bear that honor and responsibility. She watches as wolves step forward to confirm the passing o
    * Rune f the torch. The Caretaker rises to her paws as Shukie addresses her. “My duty and loyalty are to the wellbeing of my family and the WolfSpirits. Shukie and Atraya, I am honored to support and stand by the both of you in this change. I pledge to welcome this new time in our history with grace.” The ivory and russet fae smiles and dips her head.
    * Shukie gave a dip of her head to Rune, a smile still upon her muzzle tho she tried to tempor it. She now opened it up to Leora, the pledges and visitors to speak. She knew Leora likely wouldn’t understand much. To the fae she offered, “Leora, this is a time of change, your mother and I shall continue to guide the pack.” her tones soft and gently.
    * CwnAnnwn perked up when Atraya began, head tilting slightly with a small frown, but he understood where she was coming from and knowing Shukie, knew the pack was being transitioned to good paws. The young male slowly stood up and padded a little closer to the rock, favouring his right front leg slightly. “Shukie, I have known you since your arrival here and I feel that you are very capable
    * CwnAnnwn of taking on such a role. My father is not here right now, but I do believe he would share my feelings on this.” He kept his gaze to her as he continued “As much as I do not like thinking of the day that Atraya is no longer our alpha, there comes a time when we all must step aside and let someone else take the mantle. I and I am sure my father, give our support to your new mantle
    * CwnAnnwn and know that Atraya’s faith is well placed and the pack will continue to grow stronger in your paws.” He would bow his head to Shukie before stepping back a few paces.
    * Leora she -was- there, cuddled to her little ‘blanky’. She wasn’t old enough to really know what was going on, or what it meant, but blinked up to Shukie. She gave a goof like expression like she was speaking her language this whole time. All the others agreed, so why not her? “Ysh!” she coood.
    <Calder> Well, this was an eventful meeting. He watched Timber pledge as well Panther. Shakira to huntress, and now, it seemed the leadership was to be transitioned. Upon the request of their opinion, he would give a slow nod of his head and a deep rumble of his timber voice.~ I accept ~ was all he said. Though he didn’t interact with Shukie a whole lot as of late, the times he did he found her to »»
    <Calder> »» be a worthy wolf. He remembered well what the fae did for the pack during their quest in the North.
    * Sanek waited for others to finish “Although I have been here for only a short period of time, I have seen you’re fit to be named alpha” he said the words without much thought, speaking whatever words came to him. He remembered some days ago moments where Shukie looked like a born alpha, commanding him around when he came, he chuckled slightly at the thought.
    * Panther dipped his head to Shukie. He just became a pledge did he really have any room to speak? Panther thought long and hard on what to say, he sighed. “Shukie, was the first wolf I met here, The first wolf I could ever trust.” Panther paused, “And I don’t trust often, I accept Shukie as my alpha.” He spoke. Was this fair? Why did he see a need to speak?
    * Hati` had been listening intently with her eyes moving to Atraya then to Shukie. A smile crept across her muzzle as she listened before she would take a step forward (but not to squeeze in between any wolves in front of her for them to mistake it as a rude shove or the like). “Shukie, you are the first one I encountered as I entered these lands and treated me fairly and welcomed
    * Hati` me.” Hati said, lowering her head as a bow, “I accept you as Alpha with a happy heart.”
    * Timber would heft himself up from where he had been laying when the other’s began speaking, and when it seemed it was his turn he too would meet her gaze, then look to Atraya. “When I first realized this pack was led by a blind fae, I did not understand how it could be so. Yet in only a short time it has already become clear to me that there is more passion, loyalty, and love here than can be accounted for by strength alone. Nay the heart tells it’s strength in different ways. I do not know Shukie as well as I’d like, but I see her fierce desire to protect those she loves, a quality most desirable in an alpha. I will follow your lead Shukie.” He dipped his head to her deeply, allowing the motion to linger.
    * Shukie nodded dipping her head in a deep intonation to each CwnAnnwn, Calder, Sanek..recalling her driving him from the ancient forest, Panther whom’s she’d had to chastise for his rude behavior and failure to acceed to authority, Hati`, and it would seem last but not least.. Timber. She watched the male closely tho not sure why she did not sure he would accept her.
    * Shukie then turned back to Atraya after each wolf had spoken their piece, “I am not capable of filling Kovo and Spirit’s paws, nor yours or Faolan’s. That is an impossible feat to strive for. What I can do is establish pawprints of my own, see that the ways of the WolfSpirits continues, our oaths to our ancestors is held firm and flourishes. The teachings shall be passed down as
    * Shukie best as I’m able. The knowledge of those that have gone before us, of old territories, friends and enemies alike. I cannot promise to do as you would for I am me.” She leaned in and gently nuzzled the Alpha, “I shall do all that I’m able to see the pack continue to prosper beneath my stewardship. Your leadership has been a beacon for all that have come within our lands;
    * Shukie the light you have shown to us all shines brighter still with the love you’ve so freely shared with us all despite our many flaws.” Her voice cracked now and then as the emotions swelled within her, bursting forth. Not from pride nor from desire to be Alpha, instead, the honor bestowed upon her. “Years ago when Kova and I returned, I once thought I was to be forever banished.
    * Shukie Lessons were learned. Once I even challenged you, during this very time of year.” Her voice often fading from emotion. “You and Faolan have guided this pack with your hearts, your energy and tutelage. I never aspired to be more than accepted as mere pack, a simple subordinate. You have seen fit to not allow that, forcing me to continue to grow and reach new heights with each passing moon and season.” She paused, gasping for air from her ramblings before continuing. “If you feel I am ready to lead the Legendary WolfSpirits,” her head gave a deep and low dip, rising only part way to lick-nibble at the Alpha’s chin before lifting it once more, her posture more prominent and showing confidence which had long been hidden beneath the surface.
    * Shukie “With your continued guidance for however long that may be, I accept this responsibility you graciously bestow upon me.” She avoided Timber’s gaze instead looking beyond him.
    * Atraya would offer a smile and an emotional dip of her head. All have spoken, all have shared their thoughts and their hearts. She brushed her nose along Shukie’s softly. Acceptance of such a transition was not an easy ask to those to the pack, present, and future of their family. She would be humbled to know of their choices and words shared. Her heart was warm and swelled with pride for Shukie »»
    <Atraya> »» and for the pack. Acceptance given, she would dip her head once more and smiled, nosing Shukie. “As you have lay witness to the pack, our pack, and to those dedications made from a family that will accept your role as Alpha, that I accept, and I am truly honored to bestow, I would like to have the honor of naming you, Shukie, Alpha fae of WolfSpirits.” A monumental moment for the pack for »»
    <Atraya> »» it had never had a wolf not of Kovos blood at its helm or mantle. Truly named. A new path for the pack and a new path for the members of the pack, that all can happen. She would take a deep breath before letting loose a low, honoring howl for Shukie. A new chapter for WolfSpirits begins. When the howls from the others began to join theirs in the sky, she’d allow Shukie to proceed with the rest »»
    <Atraya> »» of what was left to honor this night.
    * Kova her heart would burst from all the shared emotions. Both physically and emotionally. A monumental day indeed. She was so proud of her sister, truly they had come so far. She would let loose a low howl that pitched higher in true honor for her sister! Alphess of WolfSpirits!
    * CwnAnnwn having stepped back and resettled upon his haunches, he would lift his muzzle once more as Atraya named Shukie Alpha fae and let out a howl for her and the new era that the pack was entering. He wasn’t sure how his father would take it, he expected that he would as he had stated, would accept it, Night had only known the pack being under the leadership of the Kovo bloodline and
    * CwnAnnwn it would be something to get use to.
    <Calder> As the howls would follow along from one to another, he would feel the deep wellow in his chest and he lifted his muzzle and began to offer his own howl to the winds with all the others. Accepting a new fae as Alpha while Atraya worked on transition to her own desired place caused him much to think on,but for now was content in it’s switch.
    <`Raven> <BreezyDawn> Fianna again would pour forth her howl, this time it would rise and fall as did the alphas in their own time. If only she could be as proud and gracious as her mother always was, as strong and yet as humble. Her mother would always a be a Beacon in her eyes, a force to be reckoned with, and yet she would Herald in the new alpha with as much honor and respect as she had.!
    * Shukie would then ascend the alpha stone to stand beside Atraya, unable to speak for several moments from all Atraya has pronounced and each of the packmembers. She was truly humbled. “I accept the position of Alpha of WolfSpirits, will continue to seek your council for whatever time I have to do so for your wisdom is truly treasured. I love you, My Alpha and still shall see you as
    * Shukie such. Giving Atraya a tender and loving nuzzle to her cheek fur she now looked out over the pack.
    * Rune tips her muzzle up to the sky, welcoming in the time of Alphess Shukie! The decision was complex, but well made, and she trusted her Alphas to make the right choices for the pack as they had done for so long. The Caretaker was content to stand by them.
    * Panther smiled as Shukie took her place on the alpha stone. A soft howl erupted from his maw, he dipped his head in her direction once his head lowered itself. His tassel wavering softly behind him.
    * Shakira howled like she never had before and figured she never would again, for how often was one able to witness the naming of an Alpha? Joy and sadness, excitement and heartache, new and old were one this night.
    * Shukie turned to gaze out upon the assembled pack as the howls echoed, the paws tamped the earth, “Some of you have been here longer than I while others not so much. Those of you who are new to the packlands, If you find this to be the home that you seek, I welcome you and will aid you all as needed to see you to becoming a full WolfSpirit. Some will remain while other’s will find
    * Shukie this is not quite what they want or prefer to continue to let their paws wander than establish roots and family. There is no right or wrong. It is all individual choices.” This was her welcome address as Alpha of WolfSpirits. She looked to Atraya now for the next event of the evening.
    * Timber And so this then was his answer, to a question he had put to Shukie only earlier that day.. A title earned, yet bestowed and honored without grasping or taking. But how did this flow w I the way of nature? Nevertheless he couldn’t deny the strength of the fae who was aptly suited for her new role as alpha. Undeterred as he was from is interest however he would stand tall with the other’s and give honor to the new alpha in a way he had never before.. By offering up.his low and rough toned howl. Never in his life had he howled with a pack, but if there was a time to take the step, it was now. Though he saw Shukie keeping her gaze beyond him as she’d done often before, he swept her a deep bow, before settling into.his haunches. She had much settling into her shoulders, and much now on her mind, least of all.himself.
    * Hati` would give a heartfelt howl as Shukie ascended the Rock to Atraya. She herself had now stepped back at this point and sat on her haunches and her tail sweeping back and forth along the ground.
    * Sanek now fitted his howl to the chorus, to make a harmony he loved hearing, it seemed that when he’d arrived the action in this pack escalated greatly, he felt honored to be witnessing this all.
    * Kova when she was asked to step forward, she did so with pride in her eyes and a wave of her tail. She bowed her head with a curt nod. Respectfully she responded “Yes, my Alpha’s” She waited for a moment before feeling her own chest well. “Having returned back to WolfSpirits many years ago with my sister, Shukie, I knew not what my path truly held here. From huntress, to Delta, I have »»
    <Kova> »» done my best to live each breath for this pack, and for the legend it holds and continues to do. For those who make up this family.” She paused and looked around her and acknowledged all the new wolves, and old before she continued “It would be honor to take up your mantle. To learn, to grow, and to foster true spirit from this pack and those who’ve come before me. To teach the young, and »»
    <Kova> »» to uphold the ways and pass those lore to the next generation.
    * Shukie listened, her voice still tight with emotion for herself, her alpha Atraya, her sister. Each of the pack had her throat tight where it cracked at times. “You have proved yourself beyond all and have always had my back in all things and I know you will continue to do so for the pack is part of our hearts, part of our souls and spirits. Come forth and stand beside us, as Beta Fae
    * Shukie of WolfSpirits.” She was choked up enough that she couldn’t get out all the words she wanted to say but woould wehn they had a moment to themselves. To the pack, “Your Beta of WolfSPirits. Kova.” she lifted her head now, howling for all she was worth for Atraya, herself and most of all, Kova, her voice vibrating as she also stomped her paws upon the Apha Stone.
    * Atraya would smile to Kova’s words. A night to remember, no doubt. Many changes, but so was life. She would bow her head in agreement to the promotion as she would lift her muzzle and howl for Kova! Proud for the fae.
    * Rune watches in admiration and fulfillment as Kova steps forward to take Shukie’s position. The Caretaker was proud to be one of the WolfSpirits as the night progressed it proved to Rune that both she and the pack were in good paws. As Kova accepts the role of Beta, Rune bark-howls to celebrate the new Beta fae.
    <Calder> A lot to observe, no doubt. Upon Kova’s promotion he would think inwardly upon it before giving a dip of his head, and offering a quick short howl for the fae. He trusted the Alphas abilities and their decision to which wolf deserved of what. Goals, perhaps, for him to go for later on in.
    * Fianna would watch all the proceedings with an overwhelmed heart. It was so much, yet so great, this change for the pack and she struggled to keep her emotions at bay, leaning somewhat into Calder as she took in his scent and allowed it to calm her for once, rather than excite her. She focused ahead, but enjoyed his steady presence at her side as she watched Kova, spirit sister of her heart, though it hadn’t been yet acknowledged
    <`Raven> she would feel her heart swell as the fae moved up in the ranks. When she was pronounced beta, Fianna again lifted her heart in song for the fae, for the pack. 
    * CwnAnnwn found himself once more howling, this time to congratulate Kova on her advancement to beta. Watching both faes who came to the pack around the same time he returned the first time move up made him regret his wandering ways, he would have had a more meaningful role within the pack by now. Despite that, he knew that he would find that role eventually, whether it be scout, hunter
    * CwnAnnwn or guardian, he did not expect to become a caretaker as he was not wise in the ways of herbs and healing.
    * Atraya when the air subsided with the howls of tones of joy, she would dip her head and smiled chuffing then to Fianna and Kwa`ani. “Fianna and Kwa`ani… please come forward”
    * Shukie leaned over and nosed her sister whispering her congrats, love yas sister. So proud of you.
    * Shukie leaned over and nosed her sister whispering her congrats, love yas sister. So proud of you.
    * Panther smiled as Kova accepted the rank of beta fae. He turned his head up towards the moonlit sky, Panther closed his eyes and let loose a low howl. He wondered what his rank would be, since he was hunter for his older pack, Would that follow him into this one?
    * Timber would listen to the swell of voices, as Shukie offered more of her story, and the link between herself and Kova. Sisters.. He looked between the pair, intrigued to it all. His tail swayed as if on a pendulum and had not stopped doing do for some time. Wow, when this pack called a meeting they meant business! A lazy smile would linger on his muzzle, for once, not feeling the need to slink away into the night with so
    <`Raven> many wolves gathered.
    * Kwa`ani perked casting a glance to her sister then to her mother, Atraya and Shukie. She was beyond able to say much of all. Rising quickly she moved to stand before her Alpha’s, beside her sister giving a deep nod and bow before gazing to both.
    * Fianna perked as her name was called, and she found herself up and moving before she’d thought too much to what would come next. She had been in training for so long now, maybe rank? She felt excitement pickle her fur and she would settle beside Kwa’ani before the rock and chuff respectfully to let Atraya know they had come forth. Bracing her shoulder against her sister, she marveled that she could walk these paths, regardless of
    <`Raven> their import, with her sister.
    <Atraya> “Fianna and Kwa`ani… born of this pack, you have found your own path within WolfSpirits. You have taken the steps to pledge, to vow yourself, and to become part of this pack. You have been Guardian Scouts in training for a long while, and I would like to ask you both, if you are in agreement, to continue your path?” an ear turned towards the pair, eyes would be light despite the milky »»
    <Atraya> »» blindness.
    * Kwa`ani glanced to Fianna then back to her mum and Shukie. “This is home. WolfSpirits my Path. All I do is to ensure the furtherment of everyone and these lands. We’ve had ups and downs, good and bad and through all of it I know I’ve grown in ways I could never imagine. I desire to continue my path in whatever way you and Shukie see fit for me to do in the aid of our family.” giving a low
    * Kwa`ani dip of her »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» head when she was done with a glance to her sister.
    Fianna would hold quiet, looking to Kwa’ani as her sister spoke first, older by minutes her sister had been, in many ways, a solid presence for her, especially in recent months. Looking to her mother then, Fianna thought to her path, and to heart and work she had thrown into playing her part well, into seeing her pack thrive. She loved every moment of it. “Yes mother, I would. With all of my being, I desire to continue my path,
    <`Raven> our path. This pack is my home, my life.” 
    * Atraya would smile in the direction of her daughters. Truly proud. “As all lay witness to
    * Fianna and Kwa`ani’s words of approval to their duties, to their strength, and to their role here in WolfSpirits, I would like to have the honor of naming Fianna and Kwa`ani, WolfSpirits Guardian Scouts! May you find true your path, be true to your pack, and true to your spirit. Our pack will be well guarded and well scouted, and all should take comfort in your work and heart to see this pack safe.” she would stomp a paw and let loose a quick howl for both. There was a moment of pride a mother could feel for her children, this would truly strum true and strike a chourd.
    * Shukie gave a nod of approval to both fae’s, they had learned and grown much over the years. She couldn’t be prouder of them if they were her own pups. She was sure Atraya was beyond proud of their accomplishments which was evident in the words she chose. “Welcome as Guardian Scouts, Fianna, Kwa`ani” Giving a nothe loud howl (she’d be hoarse by morning at this rate) in congratulations.
    * Shukie “You have fully earned your positions and I’ve no doubt you will continue to do so.
    * Kova swung her tail quickly behind her and let loose a low howl for both fae’s! She was proud of the Alpha’s daughters, glad to see them ascend in their role to their pack. Truly their parents offspring!
    <Calder> ‘s tail would thump, before hearing all the howls. He would feel the rumble in his chest, before letting loose his own for both Fianna and Kwa’ani. His heart swelled with pride for his court.
    * Fianna would feel excitement at being given the full rank at last settle upon her, as well the full responsibility. She knew of what it took, and would gladly offer it for as long as she could. With a happy howl she’d nip and lick at Kwaani’s cheek, her eyes alight with happiness. “Congratulations Kwaani!” She offered as she took a step back by Calder. Nosing him gently as she settled again.
    * Rune howls to congratulate the sisters on their new ranks, so many advancements in one day. As her howl draws to a close she looks around at the company of tonight’s meeting. It had been some time since she had seen the pack so full of life and change, a metamorphosis.
    * Kwa`ani stood taller and straigher giving her alpha’s a deep bow before lifting her head to howl then nuzzling her sister half pouncing her in the process. “we’re full guardians now, sis!” she tail wagged then howled again
    * Panther would let loose a howl of his own, as if adding a chorus to a song. he smiles lightly, and his tassel dances around behind him. He was excited, though who wouldn’t be? Panther had witnessed great things tonight, and he became a pledge. Would he wander off or would he stay? Only one way to find out.
    * Atraya as the howls and calls of joy for their fellow packmembers was so heart warming. She was so proud of her pack, of her family. “If no one else has anything they would like to bring up for this meeting, I would like to call it a very proud and productive night.” she swung her tail slowly and would wait to hear if anyone desired to share a word.
    Fianna would once again perk, rising as she glanced to catch Kova’s eye. She had spoken long ago with Kova, bad shared hearts and her own had not changed, and so she would quietly rise once more to pad forth, chuffing and lookinf at Atraya and Shukie 
    * Shukie stood tall, looking about as Atraya spoke, “A monumental day.” she leaned in and gently nosed Atraya. “Thank you for your trust in me and helping me to become the wolf I am. If not for you and faolan, I’d not be here now I don’t think. I hope I can be as good a mentor as you have been to all of us.” her tail wagging excitedly now. “Thank you all for all your time in being here for both meetings.”
    * Kova would swing her tail quickly behind her before stilling it as she would shake her head. She had nothing else to offer other than “Congraulations to every wolf. Thank you for your trust in me. I will not disappoint you all. My family.”
    * Atraya would hear the chuff of Fianna and smiled, turning to her daughter and chuffing back softly “Yes, Fianna?” she nudged Shukie lightly before allowing Fianna to continue.
    * Shukie shifted and gave a quick nod to Fianna, “Yes, Fianna?” her obsidian eyes alight when the fae spoke up
    * CwnAnnwn let his howl for Kwa and Fianna die down and listened to the final words from Atraya, Shukie and Kova. He cast a glance towards Rune before turning back to the Alpha rock as Fianna made it known that she wished to speak.
    * Panther tilted his head, he glanced to Sanek who seemed to be deep in thought. He glances back to The alpha rock and whoever stood upon it. He was proud of himself for whatever he done to rank as a pledge, It may not be that important to anyone outside of the WolfSpirits pack, but it meant something to be place with this family.
    *Fianna “If I may, I know I have already had too many moments in the spotlight recently but I wanted to call Kova forth alongside me.” She turned to look at her, her eyes Ernest on the fae she had spent many years with now. “Months ago now Kova and I spoke of our shared hearts. As sister’s we have grown closer, I feel a bond with her that I recognize as that of family, and I wanted to ask Kova if she would be my sister In spirit. In heart. A bond I do not take lightly.” He gaze flicked to Kwa’ani for a moment, then centered and held on Kova. 
    * Kwa`ani smiled at her sister as she spoke of the bonds that had formed with Kova. When Fianna glanced her way she gave a wide smile and nod showing her happiness. “what took so long, she whispered.” in a teasing tone.
    * Kova would look to Shukie, Atraya, Fianna and would pad forward to brush her frame against Fi’s own, if only to assert herself near. “This bond has also been equal to my own spirit. I wish this too.” she bowed her head and smiled up to the Alpha’s.
    * Sanek coughed a bit after howling this long and he looked around to the crowd of wolves again, never really hearing of the words ‘spirit sister’ it must’ve been a deep important bond.
    <Calder> Looked between Fianna and Kova. He had no idea of the bond between them, but he learned each day the mechanics of the pack.
    * Panther smiled softly, He wanted to know more but knew it would have to wait. He looked around for Shakira so he could talk to her after the meeting, He was eager to apologize for his rude attitude towards her.
    * Shukie glanced to Atraya. This was to be the odd part of who would speak up when. They’d eventually get a routine down and she was sure all alphas went through this. Maybe not. As the two faes spoke of their bonds her gaze sought Timber’s but looked away before eyes could connect. Looking out over the two Faes, “A formal Spirit Bond is as much or moreso a special bond that one needs to
    * Shukie be sure of. As this has been a years in the making of this bond and clearly not one just to have a sister, brother, aunt or uncle etc. It would be my privillege to share this special bonding with all the pack and name you hence forth Spirit Sisters. It is a bond like no other. You are both blessed to find such a bond as what I have shared with Kova myself, tho we are blood.” With
    * Shukie a tamping of her paws and a deep nod to both faes to their reqeust. “Continue to cement and deepen the bonds now shared.” her smile wide.
    * Kova ‘s tail swung behind her as she would nose Fianna happily before looking to Shukie and Atraya. “Fianna is my equal. In Spirit, and in heart. It is my honor and pleasure to be bonded to you as a sister, Fianna. Thank you for expanding my foundation of family, I’m honored.” she would lick Fianna’s cheek happily as she felt the well of emotions course through her. Truly a proud day for all.
    * Fianna felt her heart swell omce again and wondered when it would burst. So had been taken away, and ye now so much had been given. She would nuzzle Kova, whispering to her, “Thanks sister. I just couldn’t wait any longer. Despite not seeing enough of you lately sisters we are. And always will be.” She found her tail wagging as she dipped her head respectfully to Shukie, then her mother “Thank you my alpha.” And then she would
    <`Raven> be moving back to her place beside Calder, heart so full she could barely comprehend it all.
    <Atraya> “Congratulations, to the two of you!” she said happily for her daughter and Kova. She looked across the gathered. “Does anyone else have anything else they like to bring up?”
    <Calder> Would smile to the pair before he would lean in and nose Fianna when she rejoined him. Happy for her and her growth in her family.
    Timber would not have fallen asleep, in fact he had been quietly absorbing all, his gaze most often lingering on Shukie, but at times he would study the other’s as well. This Spirit Bond, was yet another thing he had so little experience with. Seems he’d been living under a rock his whole life after all. A solitary life, one he had this far never disliked, would now be revealing itself to lack something that was perhaps more
    <`Raven> important than he’d given credence to. Ties.. Bonds… Family. He tested the word in his mind.
    * Rune watches the final proceedings of the meetings with a light wolven smile on her face. She certainly did not foresee being witness to such momentous changes to the Pack’s history being made. The Caretaker was glad that her path had entangled with those of the pack, her paw prints walking alongside those of countless others.
    * Fianna would nuzzle Calder in return leaning in to him a bit, glad she had finally gotten a chance to ask for the bond between herself and Kova. Despite her new bond with Calder, her sister’s were and would always be near and dear to her heart. She had fought, hunted, worried, and ran with the winds with each of them. 
    * Shukie finally relaxed no what the meetings was concluded. “Thank you all for being here for everythings tonight and at the meeting last week. It means more than you know.” Her tail wagging as she started to sit back” Leaning over to Atraya, “Anything for me before i wander off for the night?” She glanced to little Leora, a soft smile formed.
    * Atraya would give a gentle stomp of her paw so all the others could do what they needed to, to absorb all the new chapters made this night. “Thank you all for tonight. I’m honored by this family and by this pack. Thank you.” again her head dipped and she would seat herself and allow the meeting to dispurse.

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