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Meeting Notes

May 30th, 2020

  • Shakira becomes Hunter In Training
  • Fianna & Kwa`ani become Guardians In Training (along with scouts)
  • Kova becomes Delta In Training
  • Shukie announces that pledges will need to ask to join the pack prior to a meeting and not during
Number Of Wolves Present


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    Pack Meeting Begins


    * Shukie drew herself up even as she yawned several time. With a brisk shake she sent the sleepiness away. with one more shake of her head she tipped her nose to the sky and issued forth a well recognized howl calling what pack was nearby to the clearing.
    * Kwa`ani weaved through the ancient forest heading southwest now as she’d heart Shukie’s howl. Hmm, she wondered. What was the beta up too? Altering her path even more she took the direct route towards the clearing’s meeting place tho she’d pause where the treeline opened up to the clearing.
    * Kova would be settled just at the fringe of the clearing’s edge. She had taken the liberty of burying her bone! Yes, her bone. The one that didn’t fight back. A low grumble escaped her jowls as she would yawn, bend her frame down and shake her coat out. She tilted her head and looked towards the direction of the East then back to the North. Who lingered?
    * Fianna had already been on her way, and her path would now just be crossing a portion of the hunting grounds as she angled her way toward the clearing at a slow trot. When the howl rang through, sounding a bit faint from her vantage she would pick up the pace and lope onward. She wondered what the Beta wanted, curiousity spurring her paws faster.
    * Shukie eyed the stone to her left wishing Atraya and faolan were atop it as normal. It sat vacant as it had for more time than she could calculate. With an easy and graceful leap she now stood atop the stone waiting for the pack to assemble, sitting for the moment at least.
    * Kwa`ani moved on through the forest boundary, stopping for a brief moment at the stream, lapping at the cool water getting the dust from her muzzle from her night’s sleep. How do the sand creatures always seem to find their way into her muzzle and build their inferno sand dunes. Within a few moments she lept across and it was then she offered up a chuff to those who might be arrive or
    * Kwa`ani already there. »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» She blinked seeing the beta atop her parents perch, glaring for the briefest of instances then smiled realizing it was a meeting and right for the beta to be perched there. She’d seen Shukie there with atraya and fao a few times.
    * Fianna would finally be reaching the clearing’s edge and once there she would slow to a walk to allow her time to sift through what scents lofted her way. She liked to know before entering who was within. She didn’t stop entirely though for Shukie had called after all. Heading for the alpha stone, Fianna took note of Shukie atop it. A pang of sorrow shot through her, frustration that it wasn’t her parents. Nothing
    * Fianna against the Beta who was doing well in the alphas absence, but she couldn’t help but feel this should all be going another way.. The old way. She found a spot quietly a bit on the edge and waited.
    * skydancer wanders along the Lake as a howl suddenly sound through the forest causing her to pause and listen ears swiveling slightly checking the calls direction then sets of at a lope along the lakes southern shore right where the sand is firmest excited even entering the water evade plant growth.
    * skydancer making short work of the distance she soon has to slow her pace as she slips into the forest heading east and a slow trot as she weaves among the trees.(end)
    * Shukie nodded to the alpha siblings, a smile playing upon her lupine lips. “Hello Fianna, Kwa`ani.” Her gaze scanned the area for others impatient to set her plans in motion. Tail curled over top of her hind paw, the tip flicking now and again as her ears swiveled to pick up on any wuffers heading to the clearing.
    * Kwa`ani would move to sit beside her sister when she arrived, nuzzling her affectionately. “How you be?” she took the current silence as an ok to continue converstation until the Beta would stand to open the meeting up. She wondered what all was on the agenda.
    * Kova when the distance was closed between herself and all the others, she would sit down, just at the right edge of the alpha’s rock. Her eyes fallen to her sister as she offered a warm smile.
    * Fianna would shift to greet Kwa`ani in return, having missed her initial chuff. She would feel her spirits lift a bit, fanning her pleasure at seeing the fae. She would allow her frame to lean into Kwa slightly as she gave her cheek a lick. “Hi Kwa. I’m well enough. You?” She would turn curious hues toward Shukie, and then take note of Kova entering the area. She’d offer a bellow chuff to the fae.
    * Shukie smiled to Kova, tail wagging fully before once again growing still. She dipped her head to those present at last rising. “I’d like to open this meeting to further develope my plan to seek out our missing alphas, rook and Ayaka. They’ve been gone too long.” she paused to see if any others were straggling in or not before continuing. “I had hoped for some signs or something to tell
    * Shukie is what to expect, directions to go that we can find them or find answers of their status.”
    * skydancer making her way through the forest as a gathering call is definitely important, maybe there would be hunt? she licks her chops briefly at the thought of fresh elk. then quickly returns her attention to the path. no sense in letting ones guard after all(con)
    * Kova would be focused on Shukie and to the words she offered. She gave a slow nod of her head as she listened to Shukie proposal and plan. She would shift her paws in thought and more so, emotion, missing her sister. Wondering where they’ve gone.
    * Fianna would perk and sit up straighter as Shukie began the meeting, her ears swiveling toward the Beta. She thought of something she wanted to ask about, that might play a part in this..plan, but for bow she kept quiet for they hadn’t been invited to speak yet. What did the Beta have up her proverbial sleeves?
    * Kwa`ani whispered that she was doing good as evidenced by her distended belly. As Shukie spoke she hushed up to listen realizing the Beta was setting in motion plans to find their family. She nodded to Kova in greetings and gave her attention to Shukie, tail swaying against the grasses.
    * Shukie saw skydancer approach and gave a brief nod then continued. “I want to set in motion a search in stages and sections. What I’m proposing is to have groups of two, if possible go out in different directions, predominately to the north areas.” she paused for a moment or two then continued. “Initially, no more than a day’s distance seeking signs of them and then returning the
    * Shukie following day. This will keep us all from excessive worry on what is happening with those doing the searching.” she gazed to those here. “and, it will allow us to protect the territory by not having all of us gone at the same time.” Again her gaze would take in the reactions of those here. “I offer for comments or suggestions, other ideas on finding our family.” she gave a dip
    * Shukie of her head indicating the floor is open for comments and suggestions.
    * Shukie of her head indicating the floor is open for comments and suggestions.
    * Fianna would consider Shukie’s words for a long moment, letting the idea linger in her mind. It was a good one. Better than any she’d come up with. This was testament to how good a choice her parents had made in their choice of beta. She rose, dipping her head respectfully to Shukie. “I think the idea is a good one. I wanted to ask you if you have made any headway on figuring out what the rock symbol to the north is and
    * Fianna why it is there? The one Calder pointed us to. I’ve not seen Nyctea around, but I’d hoped to find the owl, who might have more information. I’ve seen not a feather of him though.” She sat back down. Indicating she was done speaking.
    * Kova would give a slow nod of her head to Shukie as she listened to what she offered and gave an agreeing nod as well. She was ready and willing to do her part to search for their missing alpha’s and sister. “I think this is a very sound and solid plan” she said lightly
    * skydancer ears perk up at shukies explanation as she quietly picks a spot to sit and listening to each in turn
    * Kwa`ani rubbed her muzzle against her sister’s scruff as she then rose. “Just how do we figure out what paths to take? The world is vast as is our territory? Are we to randomly move in different directions?” she paused drifting off in thought. “Would it not be a good idea that instead of only going a day that we set up a central area where we all start from and as each group returns with
    * Kwa`ani news, they »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» then return to the packlands to guard it. Rinse and repeat?” she offered, head tilting to the side as she finished speaking to again sit down beside Fianna.
    * Atraya had been to the north, captured in a veil of the unknown. She had seated herself near a small stream, her hues fallen to the horizon as she could vaugley see the imprint of the light from the day. Her mind wandering on her family and to what was to come in the future for them.
    * Shukie first addressed Fianna. “No, I have not been to the formation. Once we’re done here I’d like you to take me there if time permits. I have seen neither Calder who had wanted to see me and Kwa`ani from what I understand nor have I seen Nyctea.” She turned her focus upon Kwa`ani. “A good idea. Kwa`ani. Tag team to allow us to cover more distance each day.” giving a dip of her head
    * Shukie in approval to the two youths, tho not so young now and definitely she was not a youth by a long shot. “other ideas or suggestions?” One never knows without asking for ideas from others if something wiser might be found for an option.
    * Kova she thought quietly on the words shared by both Fianna and Kwa`ani. She offered a dip of her head, solid questions and she turned to her sister to see what her response would be. The next course of action would be important, but she knew the pack would work together. She wondered as well about the oddity that was found to the north. No answers just yet, but she hoped soon they would be able to get them. “I will be happy to assist where I am needed. I know most of the routes in and out of here, and the best paths to take. I’d be happy to lend those suggestions to the scouting parties.”
    * Fianna looked woth admiration to Fianna, then nodded her agreement to both her sister and Kova. “Yes Shukie I would be glad to take you there. It is to the far north.” She’d respond before falling silent again, waiting to see what was next.
    * Shakira would be resting just inside the eastern treeline of the Clearing, having slept away most of the day, unaware of the meeting that was in progress. She stretched her paws out in front of her before rising to all fours, giving a light shake to her coat before padding out into the open of the Clearing, scanning the expanse as she moved toward the center, picking up her pace as she noticed a decent sized group near
    * Shakira the Alpha Rock.
    * Shukie nodded to Kova with an approving smile. “In that case, Kova, I’ll set you to select the best location for us to establish a home base of sorts.” She looked to Fianna wehn the fae spoke. “When we’re done here or in the Very near future.” At Shakira’s approach she opted to put the fae into the hotseat. “Shakira, Come forward please.” An evil grin played upon her features.
    <`Raven> <Larka> *Kamaitachi had woken up near the outskirts of the clearing. she had been asleep so long that her limbs were all stiff. as she lifted her head and stretched out her limbs that cracked she heard a howl and would slowly stand up and make her way towards the clearing. she didnt know what was going on since she had been asleep for ages so she was curious to know what was happening
    * Fianna perked and watched Shakira join the meeting, only to get immediately called forward. She tilted her head, curious to what the Beta had in mind. She leaned a bit against Kwa`ani, her shoulder rubbing the fae a bit.
    * skydancer listens attentively to the Plan as suddenly shukies shift in attention notifies her of Shakiras approach the faces grin puts her on alert the beta must be planning, Something. but what that is The question.
    * Kova would give a firm nod of her head to her sister and Beta. “I will happily do so.” her tail swung behind her happily. SHe seated herself slowly again before looking then to Shakira. She smiled happily, waving her tail again.
    * Shakira offered a light chuff to the group as a general greeting, looking for a spot to sit somewhere near the side of the group until her name was spoken, her ears perking as the Beta called her forward. What could she be called forward for, was she in trouble for some reason? That couldn’t be, she thought as she noticed the devilish smile on Shukies face. She stepped forward with a dip of her head. “My Beta.” She
    * Shakira greeted, unsure what to expect.
    * Kamai would see the meeting already starting and would spot sky and the others nearby and would silently pad over and sit down close to them wondering what was going on
    * Shukie nodded to Shakira. “Shakira. You have only been pack a short time yet you have shown ongoing fortitude and strength, a willingness to do more than is expected of a pack member.” She paused, for an extra moment or two before continuing. “As Beta and Acting Alpha (the grimace could be seen if one was paying attention at those two words) I would like to offer you the opportunity to
    * Shukie grow into a hunter for our pack, to see to its well being and to keep us fed.” again she paused, “Should you accept, you will work with both Kova and myself to further learn of various hunting techniques and strategies.” She now looked to the pack to appraise their reaction before giving her full attention to Shakira.
    * Kwa`ani knew that tone the beta was using and smirked, perhaps outwardly tho intended to only be inner reaction as she nodded. She blurted out, “She did make the kill on the caribou and in short order too!” cringing as she realized she not only grimaced outwardly but blurted out her thoughts.
    * Kamai listened as shukie talked about serving as alpha and wondererd exactly what she had missed and was intent on asking when the meeting was over. though hearing shakira becoming a huntress in training she woofed her agreement.
    * Fianna would wave her tail wildly to show her support of Shakira branching into the role of hunter. It was an important one to say the least, and she felt with what she knew of Shakira, the fae would do well and take it seriously. Excitement for the fae glinted in her eyes as she waited.
    * Kova tail swung quickly behind her as she listened to Shukie’s words and to the opprtunity for Shakira to learn the ropes of hunting in a more skilled position. She would bow her head to Shukie, honored to help the fae along her journey. She flicked an ear and looked out towards a new wolf to her, Kami? She rose to all fours as she tried to recall this fae who seemed to appear.
    * skydancer definitely catches onto shukies expression. at the betas next words she opens her muzzle just a bit in a wolven smile happy for Shakira.
    * Shakira blinked in astonishment as she was offered the role of Hunter, one she definitely wouldn’t have expected to be offered with her past failures on pack hunts. Though as she thought on it now, she had improved her hunting skills greatly over her years with the pack, and this would be a training phase where she would learn further still. “It would be an honor and a privilege, I accept.” She said softly, her heart
    * Shakira racing as yet another surprise was sprung on her by the Beta.
    * Shukie nodded to Shakira. She glanced to the pack assembled before responding, “Shakira, I promote you to Hunter in Training. Your progress will determine If and When you attain full hunter status. Kova will explain in further detail the basics as time allows as will I. You may introduce yourself as WolfSpirits Hunter in Training!” before tampping her front paws upon the stone, “Congrats
    * Shukie on your new journey with the pack!” her tail wagging as she once again stood still, having noticed the new fae in their midsts giving her a brief nod.
    * Kamai would let out a quick howl at the new advancement and would continue to sit and look up wondering what else was gonna be said.
    * Kova ‘s tail waved behind her as she listened to Shakira’s acceptance, she would momentarily turn from Kami, and when Shukie named her a hunter in trainning, she would rise her paws up and chuff bark then to the fae! She was so happy for her.
    * Kwa`ani added her own tones to those of the pack in congrats to Shakira most happy for the fae, her tail wagging as she settled back again, to see what and when they’d set to leave to find their family.
    * Fianna would rise and give Shakira a bright chuff and a stamp of her paw as she welcomed the fae to her new role. She would watch her talents eagerly.
    * Kwa`ani + gave a dip of her head to Kamai as she joined the group, vaguely recalling the fae’s scent tho barely.
    * Shukie smiled and when Shakira returned to her position in the group she then called the alpha pups forward. Her grin even more evil than the last one. “Fianna, Kwa`ani, please step forward.”
    * Kova when her sister called Kwa`ani forward, she couldn’t help but swing her tail behind her and then to Fianna as well. She perked her ears forward and curious like wondering what the proceedings will be for the two alpha daughters.
    * skydancer as the next pair is called forward her ears perk up with interest. she’s seen these two grow up after all.
    * Shakira ‘s tail wagged quickly behind her as she was promoted yet again, so many surprises from this pack she now called family. She gave a warm nuzzle to any she passed as she returned to her spot along the edge of the group, her tail continuing in it’s motion as she seated herself and watched as the Alphas daughters were called forward.
    * Kamai wagged her tail as she remembered these faes and watched as they walked up to take their turn
    * Fianna had just finished Congratulating Shakira when she heard her name called followed closely by her sister’s. Hmm, intrigued she rose and moved forward in step with Kwa`ani. Kept her focus on the beta as she moved to stop nearer the alpha stone. “Yes my beta?” She asked.
    * Kwa`ani blinked and nudged her sister as she rose and moved to stand before the Beta giving the fae a respectful nod, ‘Yes my Beta?” her tail lowered, ears slightly flat wondering what was up the beta’s fur.
    * Kova swung her tail slowly behind her as she looked towards the two Alpha fae’s. Her hues fell between Fianna and Kwa`ani. She couldn’t help but be more curious as well, excited. She gave a nod to Shakira, happy for the new huntress in training before looking to the alpha daughters.
    * Shukie dipped her head to the alpha fae pups. “Fianna, I have noticed for the past several months you have taken it upon yourself to see to our boarders and ensuring our territory is known to be protected by a pack. You have done most well in doing what needed done without being asked. I commend you on your perseverance and attention to detail.” She paused and looked to Kwa`ani. “Kwa`ani.
    * Shukie You and I have traveled together for so long that I know your attention to detail as well and penchant to ensure nothing encroached upon us without warning.” Again she paused and looked to the pack before turning back to the two faes. “I am offering you the position of guardian scouts.” It was a combined ranking for now due to their limited numbers, she might split them again in
    * Shukie the future but for now she wanted both covered. “You, should you accept, be known as the packs Guardians and Scouts in protecting our boarders and those within it.” Again she paused then added, “I do not wish to split you two into different ranks as it can distance you as it distanced Kova and I to be on different tasks within the pack. Do you accept this new responsibility?”
    * Kova couldn’t help but smile at both the fae’s. She thought it to be interesting to share a combined rank, but to her, it made sense. Not until they can gain the needed numbers again. She often thought long and hard on the desire and need for numbers and new blood. Perhaps a scouting to the further reaches of the wilds to find other wolves might be needed, but then again, wolves often wandered to »»
    <Kova> »» them.
    * Kwa`ani blinked looking first to Shukie while stealing a glance at her sister as she responded after a long lull to consider it deeply, at times shaking her head sideways or nodding. She’d not thought of ranks and was caught off guard to say the least. After pondering, realising the enorimity of the rank she nearly declined. She trusted Shukie, wholey and her judgement of their skills.
    * Kwa`ani “Yes, my »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» Beta. I accept and will do all I can to ensure the safety of our pack and family, visitors and friends.” her tail swayed sideways once as her ears lifted upright. When she finished speaking she dipped her head in respect to the Beta.
    * Fianna felt a bit floored by the proposition. Not one but two ranks, both of equal importance, and she was thrilled she was being offered it alongside one of her most favorite wolves of all time. She considered the task for several long breaths, turning over in her mind to give it equal weight before looking to Kwa`ani nosing her, waiting for her to speak first, and then turning to look at Shukie, dipping her head in
    * Fianna respect. “Beta I thank you for the honor. I will always be willing to fight tooth and nail should it be required, but to try and avoid such by keeping our borders secure. I accept the responsibility.”.
    * Shukie nodded to Fianna and Kwa`ani. “From hereon you may introduce yourselves as Wolfspirits, Guardians in training.” As she’d combined the two ranks into one, Guardians was the appropriate position title she felt. Again, she stomped her paws upon the stone’s surface, doubly long as it was the two alpha pups. She knew it should be Atraya and Faolan promoting them. What needed doing
    * Shukie was left up to her. When the congrats calmed down she let the two fae’s know she would teach them what was expected and give them their initial guidance upon their new ranks. Wehn the two made their way back to the pack she then leveled her gaze upon Kova. Her tones grew even more serious as she now called her sister forward. “Kova, step forward please.”
    * Kamai smiled and swayed her tail more exictedly as the ywere announced as guardian and scout. guardian being what she wanted to work towards herself. she then let out a howl for their advancement
    * Kova the excitement within her couldn’t be contained, and she rose a paw like Faolan had usually done during meetings and stomped the earth before letting loose a low barking chuff, that sauntered into a lower howl for the pair. She thought the fae’s where well due and well deserving. They’d spent a lot of waking hours patroling and makeing sure their home was safe. It wasn’t until she heard her »»
    <Kova> »» name be called did she tilt her head. Her gaze scanned across the others gathered, but would allow the two daughters to step back before she bowed her head respectfully, and rose to all fours. She approached the rock, once more dipping her head “My Beta” her gaze full of light.
    * Kwa`ani perked as she started to move back to where she had been sitting still in shock on the promotion. When Kova was called forth she began thinking the fae would be repromoted to perhaps lead huntress? her eyes were glued upon the two fae’s before them even as her tail waggled and waggled for herself, Fianna and Shakira. Structure she thought. It was a good thing.
    * Shukie gazed affectionately at her sister. “This, what I’m to offer to you is no easy task, well beyond all you have done before yet in all you have done you have shown your loyalty to the pack, the love and care needed to be given and been there for me when needed, there for the alpha’s when needed.” her voice trailed off before her tonghe swirled around her lips. “With Ayaka missing
    * Shukie as well as our alpha’s and Rook. I have need of someone to fill in the position of Delta.” she paused for dramatic effect..insert appropriate music… “If you agree, I would like to offer you the position of Delta in Training.” her tones were even more solemn than with the others for this was no light offering.
    * Shakira sent up a brief but joyous howl for the pair, her heart swelling with pride for her fellow packmates. Her tail continued in it’s motion along the ground as yet another was called forward, Kova.
    * Kwa`ani ‘s eyes grew wide at the rank Shukie was offering to Kova. It seemed fitting for the fae was very wise and she was one she would turn too when needed. WoW! what a day for promotions! What else did the beta have in store for them she began to wonder….
    * skydancer as the two siblings are promoted she lifts her muzzle to howl in congratulations then falls silent and attentive once more as kova is called forward her ears perking with interest at younger wolf curious to hear the feas response.
    * Fianna felt her heart swell for all those within her pack, all those ranked as members who she called family. They were what she fought for. Settling down by Kwa`ani se licked her sister’s cheek. “Well done sis.” She’d whisper before turning to Kova and her.. Delta? She perked, fully at attention now. It hurt to think how long Ayaka had been missing now, how often the fae had offered her words of encouragement ad helped
    * Fianna her when she was down, offering her wisdom. Still, Fianna had spent a good deal of time with Kova as well, and she trusted the fae Implicitly. It was a good fit, even if she did miss those who were gone.
    * Kova she could feel the ebb and flow of her heart. The warmth of the blood with both pride and with love. She had done all she has and could for her beloved home, and ever sense her sister and herself had been born to it, there was a deep fond connection that always was constant. Such as was her decision. Her head would bow ever so lightly as she would look up again to Shukie. This was no easy »»
    <Kova> »» decision for either, and her heart panged just a little with her missing sister, Ayaka. The fae very capable of her role and she did it well. She had some big paws to fill, but fill them she would. “I am honored, Shukie, Beta of WolfSpirits, to be asked to become Delta in Training of WolfSpirits. This is my home, now and forever, and I will see to it’s vestige of wellbeing, growth, strength, »»
    <Kova> »» and kinship until my very last breath. I will protect it with my life.” her head rose, her chest swelled, and the admiration for her home well evident.
    * Kamai would smile and howl once again for kova becoming delta. it was a big responsibility but she was happy for everyone
    * Shukie ‘s tail begain to sway when her sister accepted. “Then, by all here as witness, I declare you to be Delta in Training and may introduce yourself to all you meet.” after a brief pause, “I am in need of your guidance as is the pack. I’ve no doubt you are well suited to assume this mantle of responsibility.” With several barks of congrats her front paws Stomped upon the stone.
    * Kova swung her tail behind her, a little higher with pride and admiration for her home and her new role. She would offer a howling bark to the winds before reaching over and nuzzling her sister, Shukie, grateful for the new role and to be able to serve her pack to the fullest. Finding purchase on the ground again she turned and stood next to Fianna and Kwa`ani. Tail still waving for all the »»
    <Kova> »» happenings thus far.
    * Fianna felt this newest promotion warranted a howl and so, waiting until Shukie had made it official she would raise her muzzle and wag as she sang a song of congratulations to their new Delta in training!
    * Atraya whatever kept the Alpha and the others would no doubt be for good reason, a meeting of strength and growth she was missing, but felt in spirit. She remained seated below a large pine, hunkered over at the top indicating it had survived severe weather throughout it’s growth. Her blank white eyes scanning the horizon, starring out in deep thought. Deep heart.
    * Shukie glared at Kova, “Sis, as Delta in training your place is now beside me.” she teased playfully recalling atraya had done thusly to her when she first moved to settle with the pack after her delta promo.
    * skydancer once again throws back her head and let’s out a howl of congratulations joining in what appears to be forming quite a nice little chorus.
    * skydancer once again throws back her head and let’s out a howl of congratulations joining in what appears to be forming quite a nice little chorus.
    * Kova perked to Shukie and blinked, then realizing her place she would bow again and nose both Fianna and Kwa`ani and turn to the rock where she would leap up on the one overhang. There standing beside Shukie, she grinned and nosed her apologetically.
    * Shakira lifted her muzzle skyward as a howl rang out for the newly named Delta, her heart warm and light in her chest filled with love and admiration for her pack and how far they had come.
    <Shukie> stuff. On to the last order of business. As it’s me for now, until we get atraya back, I’m setting new procedures for joining the pack and promotions. If new wolf comes in, they are welcome to request to join, however, it will be at my and my council’s discretion to offer up the option to pledge and won’t be allowing it to be requested at meetings as we have in the past. When we feel a
    <Shukie> wolf is ready to begin the process, we will call them forth to pledge, advance to each stage when we feel one is ready and not before. I absolutely abhore people/wolves asking and insinuating at advancement, a rank wanted, etc. Atraya may change things later or she might not. *looks to the ghostly alpha to add to things in her own fashion and correct/make changes she sees fit
    <Shukie> *inserts ‘OOC’ before stuff…lol*
    <Atraya> (»»( Sounds fine to me 🙂 )««)
    <Ayaka> -((Same here. It’ll help to clarify things.))-
    <Kamai> (sounds good to me)
    <Fianna> ((wags. yes Beta!))
    <Kova> »»»( agreed 😀 )«««
    <Shukie> I have a tendancy to do things on the spur of the moment for things like hunts, promo’s, etc not necessarily waiting for a meeting to do things. regular rp’g will be rewarded during rp vs waiting for meetings etc. You’ll never know when my evil side will kick in and i’ll do something *grins* Most times I will do at meetings. And as always, when we get our alpha back, things are subject
    <Shukie> to change *grin*. what one puts into their char and rp is what i watch for *tailwags
    <Kamai> (yay sounds great to me.)
    <Kova> »»»( I’ll be updating the website, fb and all that more frequently to try and give headsup, and the like. Also i’ll be working on recruiting more wolves! )«««
    <Kamai> (ill help with finding peeps if i can.)
    <Shukie> Anyone have questions, suggestions, etc?? before i close the meeting?
    <Fianna> {{I pointed someond this way a few days ago from rpr and I hope to see them join. They are great at role play.}}
    <Fianna> {{not questions}}
    <Kamai> (none from me. that i can think of)
    <Kova> »»»( Just kind of a point on the website. I’ll be updating the front page and revamping a whole bunch of other pages 🙂 So in the coming days / weeks if the pages look off, weird, or whatever that’s just me updating! )«««
    <Shukie> (kewls Fianna!.. awesome Kova, let me know if i can help with that)
    <Kamai> (sounds good. and i can be put off loa now if i was still on loa from before)

    * Shukie lifted her muzzle in a congratulatory howl for all as she closed the meeting. Leaning over she nuzzled her sister, “Congrat’s sis!” she whispered. With that she hopped down to nuzzle Shakira, Fianna and Kwa`ani in congrats as well. “I’ll be getting with each of you oer the next few days to give a detailed listing of your new duties. Upon seeing the new fae and catching her scent
    * Shukie she realized it was a fae she’d met before that had been on the northlands quest with her brother, who was it? Darth.. trying to recall the brute’s name for they’d both disappeared so long ago now. “Welcome back, Kamai.” To the group itself, “Here in the next few days we’ll find a good spot to set up a rondevous point to start our search for our family. She took the time to nuzzle
    * Shukie each wolf before sitting back on her haunches incase anyone had questions

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