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Meeting Notes

January 24th, 2020

  • Shakira becomes Pledge
  • Announcement that WolfSpirits 18th year anniversary will be February 25th!
  • A poll will be setup in the coming days to get times/days for wolves to role play
Number Of Wolves Present


    @Atraya @Ayaka @Fianna @Kova @Kwa`ani @Kajika @Shukie
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    Fenrir Raven Archibald Everlain Shakira

    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Atraya would be within the confines of the pack’s clearing. She had a full stomach from the night prior on gorging on the fresh caribou. She ahd been upon the alpha’s rock and looking east now before rising her head up and howling for a gathering to those there to hear it.
    * Kova had been within the clearing as well, resting from the nice meal she’s devoured sense the take down. She flicked an ear, however, hearing the sound and call of a howl and it was there she pressed her paws into the earth and rose. SHaking the fatigue from her visage she would walk to meet her alpha and anyone else.
    <Atraya> Shukie and Kwa`ani would find the fox to be gone for now. No sign of it save for the tree they where left at.
    * Fianna lifts her head from off her paws where she had been resting, perking toward the clearing some distance away. We’re those her mother’s tones? She rose and shook her pelt. For though the voice was distant she would check in all the same. Moving at a quick lope, she offered a silent goodbye to her dream at her skull staff and headed off. She would lift her own voice in a responding how to signal her coming from off
    * Fianna in the distance.
    * Everlain was interrupted by the sound of a howl, was someone in need of aid? Without thinking she sent up an inquisitive sound holding position to find out if aid was required. She was still intent on moving the Caribou if Shakira wanted her to, unaware of what was going on.
    * Shakira paused in her step, turning a doubtful eye on the still fairly large amount of caribou, knowing that the two of them wouldn’t be able to move the beast alone especially in her condition. After coming to that conclusion, she turned her attention to Everlain once more. “Better to leave it here, we can let those we meet up with know it is here.” Just as she said this, a howl rang out from the west, easily
    * Shakira recognizable as the Alpha. A gathering howl from the Alpha was not one to ignore and so she quickly turned and set off as fast as she could manage towards the Clearing, looking over her shoulder to ensure Everlain was following. “Come, the Alpha calls. We must go to her.” She said with a sense of urgency, offering a howl of her own to join Everlains.
    * Shukie gently groomed her partner, who’d in many ways had come to feel like her own daughter had she any pups. “Come, my dear, let’s get off this ice shelf before we find ourselves at the bottom of a ravine impaled by ice upon it’s floor. With a tender lick to the fae’s muzzle and a playful nip to the eartip the two began to good time retracing their steps and would pause at the sun
    * Shukie side of the lake where the sun makes the water appear like liquid gold and amber. In her mind it was a lake of fire, molten lava but touching a paw to the edge it was as cold as ice. “If we don’t run into problems, likely we should make it back in about 2 weeks, maybe 3.” Lowering her head she drank deeping of the firewater. Food was on the adjenda, first on the list once they
    * Shukie were past the knife field.
    * Everlain hurried alongside Shakira to the clearing wondering why the Alpha needed to call. It was odd to her but she went with it deciding not to ask. She just followed Shakira in silence back towards the clearing matching her pace.
    * Fianna would be nearly back by now and with a last push through barren trees she would be at the edge of the clearing and loping within, casting her nose about for the scent of any others, especially that of Atraya. Once within the clearing she slowed to a trot and headed for the alpha stone.
    * Atraya would look ‘ahead’ of her as she listened to the winds and to those scents that started to gather around her. She would dip her head ever so lightly before offering in kind “Thank you to those who’ve heeded the call” she started in lightened tones.
    * Kova had found herself a spot beside Fianna as she dipped her head to those who appeared. She would settle on her haunches and looked now to Atraya.
    * Shakira would lift her voice once more as they broke through the eastern treeline into the Clearing, spotting the small gathering near the Alpha Rock, she would move as swiftly as possible with her injury to join the wolves gathered, still keeping an ear turned to be sure Everlain was still following.
    <Shukie> <<>>Observes via the ether<<>>
    * Kajika heard the sound of the howl although he might have been the last one to hear it with the distance and the numer of trees that still stood between him and the Clearing, but unmistakable as it was, it was a howl coming from the Clearing and he knew it would be the howl of Atraya as a means of gathering any and all within earshot. Even if he paused when he identified it, he would
    * Kajika hurry on »»
    <Kajika> »» hastened paws to rush on ahead, snow kicking up in his wake as he circled his path around the Ancient Forest but for timing’s sake he didn’t leave too much of a space between him and the more dense trees at its outer edges. «end
    * Everlain and Shakira entered the clearing together though there was only a moment delay between the two wolves. She still had yet to notice Kajika though very soon his scent may have reached them soon however faintly. The female stood alert by Shakira as she joined the very small gathering.
    * Atraya weird indeed. They where without their Beta, Delta, and Faolan was still missing. Regardless the pack would thrive on through the woven stories of each and soon, she hoped, those threads would weave again together as a whole. A long breath escaped her before she continued. “Before I continue… I would like to ask that those who desire to join the ranks of WolfSpirits, please say so now.”
    * Shukie had let kwa go into the hole for she was small enough to scrootch into the small space. The fae had been gone for a fair amount of time and had reported there was nothing in there but an old hide that was laid out flat. It was humourous as the fae had to inch her way out backwards, ie, buttski first, well, tail first. Kwa had dragged out the piece of hide that was marked with
    * Shukie strange patterns as if something had drawn on it by something. Maybe a map that those stupid two leggers had to use to find their way instead of with their noses. She and Kwa took turns carrying the hide for it was the only thing to be shown for their efforts to find the item.
    * Everlain did not feel home here just yet so as an invitation was given she stayed quiet. She was only a spectator tonight. She knew little of these wolves or their ways. She just kept quiet.
    * Fianna would shift and glance toward Shakira and Everlain, wondering if the two would step forward but she remained quiet and patient, curious to see where this would go as her gaze swept across Atraya, wondering how her mother fared this eve.
    * Shakira offered a short chuff in greeting as they arrived at the Alpha Rock, taking note of all those who were gathered, a small group compared to the various other meetings she had seen with this pack. Before she could seat herself, the Alphas words would be heard, a pep in her step as she moved forward, emitting another small chuff to let the Alpha know where she stood. “Alpha, I would like to Pledge myself once more to
    * Shakira the pack.” She said simply, lowering her gaze in respect of the Alpha.
    * Atraya an ear turned to the sound of another’s voice reaching from the group to her. She would remain risen to all fours as she would wait for Shakira to approach enough to hear her. “To be a pledge of WolfSpirits is to take the time and dedication to know and be familiar with this pack. You’ve been with us for several months now, through several trials and continued quests and you’ve shown »»
    <Atraya> »» great strength to finding us, and to come home with us.” her paws would remain stiffened before her on the stone. “.. if this is your desire Shakira, please state it so.”
    * Kwa`ani had mumbled to Shukie more than once that the fox was just a trickster and was leading them on a wild goose chase… goose… yum! her stomach rumbled at the thought of munching one of the devil birds down for they put up a good fight with their beaks and would charge without fear too. “I’m ready to go home.” her tone was slightly pouty, pouty of one being out on their own, despite
    * Kwa`ani Shukie »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» being with her. “Maybe its a clue to papa and where he is??” she offered up before lowering her head to drink from the lake of fire. “I vote the fox is our next meal if it dares return to continue tricking us.” her nose quivered sniffing for anything scent of food, live or dead. She no longer cared for their path had been in the high, high mountains, and secluded in a bear cave
    <Kwa`ani> complete with the »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» bear. “I hope mamma made it safely home. do you think she did?” it was a question she asked every few days or so as she felt nothing either way tho at times she sensed her sister, Fianna, had her mind focused upon her to which she often closed her eyes if she could and would just Think! HARD! on her sister trying to send mental telepathy that she was ok.
    * Kova her hues fell to Shakira as she approached the rock and offered herself to pledge to the pack. She smiled, waved her tail across the snow beneath her that was melting quickly to make way for the next season. She was fond of the fae – especially after helping track and take down the Caribou. She would also be grateful to Everlain’s contribution as well. Surely they would not have been able to take it down without their help. Fianna’s to!
    * Shakira nodded her head once before responding. “Yes Alpha. I want more than anything for WolfSpirits to be my home, I’ve grown to love these lands and the wolves who call them home.” Her own words causing a shudder in her heart as she knew them to be true.
    * Kajika saw quite the gathering of wolves that even if he was expecting, his tail still gave a pleasantly visible wag as he made his way over to them. The mixing of scents made him glance around the group as he decided on a spot to listen in on what was said as he joined in, and it seemed as if he had just missed a prompted question before a wolf stepped forward, one he hadn’t quite gotten to know but had seen around several times before now as she voiced her wish to pledge herself to the Pack and begin the path of becoming a member. He circled around the group, choosing a spot close enough to the back where he tried to slip in as inconspicuously as possible but took a few more quieter steps forward so he could hear what was said.
    * Fianna would nod with gladness as Shakira stated her wishes to become pack, and she knew the fae would be a welcome addition. The journey would now be a step further along for the fae to becoming pack, and Fianna would lift her head and offer forth a howl of congratulations!
    * Atraya when the congratulations were made for Shakira, she swung her tail slowly behind her a few more times before it stilled. “Does anyone else desire to offer their pledge before I continue?” she would allow a moment to pass.
    * Kova offered a few chuffs for Shakira! She was happy the fae was joining them once more!
    * Everlain continued spectating glad that Shakira found a home that suited her. She hoped one day she could feel secure in a place, but as of yet she definitely felt as if she was still moving from place to place mainly alone. She was trying to fit in but just was unconvinced this was home just yet, though still unprepared to leave. She was meeting some and at least had two specific wolves she knew. She gave a nod as to not make noise as she watched Shakira pledge. She wanted a home eventually herself, that was the goal.
    * Fianna flicked an ear as Kajika snuck into the back ranks and turned her gaze to nod toward him for a quick moment, offering a wag of her tail to welcome him. She was glad to see him well for it had been some time.
    * Kova an ear turned in the direction of a male she’d not seen in sometime. She grinned and offered a quick wave of her tail in Kajika’s direction, happy to see him! She then turned back to Atraya awaiting the continued meeting.
    * Atraya when no others made their desire known she gave a gentle dip of her head. Blind eyes would leer out to the east once more before she continued. “In the coming weeks, February 25th, will be WolfSpirits 18th year anniversary. As usual I hope to have an all day meeting with events. It is still in the plans! (( Pending human isn’t traveling, I hope to be here! )). I will keep you all posted” her tones light and a smile still played well on her face. 18 years was no small number and truly it wouldn’t be one without those there and here to dedicate their time and passion to this pack and family. For that she would be truly grateful.
    * Shakira ‘s tail waved quickly behind her at the Alphas words, a wide wolfish grin breaking across her muzzle as she stepped back with the others gathered, glancing to Everlain as she wondered if the she-wolf would also step forward. Her attention would turn back to the Alpha shortly after, not wanting to draw unwanted attention to the newer wolf, she would seat herself near her and give a gentle bump to her shoulder.
    * Fianna would wag her tail furiously for a moment at her mother’s words as they reminded her of her own heritage, a proud and long standing ancestry that reached beyond starfall and earth. She lifted her muzzle then.. Feeling suddenly as if Kwa`ani were near. Oh how she wished her sister were home safe. She hoped the fae and Shukie ‘s quest were fruitful at least. And Aya.. And Rook.. Where were they? She shifted, now
    * Fianna solemn and watched Atraya.
    * Kajika heard the first howl and joined in with his front paws raising up from the snow for a moment to stamp down a solid paw print into the snow. He acknowledge Fianna’s glance with a small wag of his tail and focused his attention on Atraya once more since there would be plenty of time for congrats and catching up on the adventures that they had all been on just after the meeting
    * Kajika would end and »»
    <Kajika> »» before everyone dispersed.
    * Atraya ‘s tail would slow after a brief wave before she proceeded on with the meeting. “OOC: Next.. I would like to announce that I may start scheduling days / times for role play. To try and get others together for specific events and/or role play in general. I know real life can get in the way, so I am hoping to stretch it out across different times / days so the over sea wolves have a chance »»
    <Atraya> »» to interact as well. I’m also hoping to shore up this storyline so another can begin. I recognize that most of you have come in mid-story or are in the story but it isn’t going anywhere. I want to continue role playing it out so no others feel neglected or forgotten. It takes some doing on my end and it’s a delicate balancing act of story telling, but know, I am working on something to alleviate »»
    <Atraya> »» that.” her hues fell to the horizon quietly “I’ll be posting a poll soon and gather best times/days for everyone so i can try and pick days that work for a majority of you all.”
    * Everlain noticed a male wolf sneak in as she hadn’t been completely engrossed and offered a chuff at the conclusion. The female didn’t mind drawing attention as she wanted to meet the pack, the more attention the better. She noted the next meeting quietly definitely wanting to remember it but for now she turned attentions away from the alpha and even Shakira to try and speak with Kajika, whom she had not met, and Fianna
    * Everlain whom she briefly met for two hunts and earlier today most likely had caught her momentarily by the Caribou carcass.
    * Atraya shifted her paws lightly “Is there anyone who would like to add on that last note?” would wait patiently.
    * Fianna would perk at the next bit of news and nodded deeply in though as her mother finished speaking. She stood up and lifted her muzzle, (OOC)”Thank you so much for the storyline you have already been giving, you’ve done a lot of work and it’s been exciting to go through. I look forward to what is next, and I will be on the lookout for any polls on good times to rp!” (IC) She knew how hard her mother worked, how
    * Fianna deeply she cared for the pack as a whole, and Fianna looked up to her in those regards. Her mother was stronghearted. They would prevail.
    * Atraya gave a smile and a nod “Excellent. I’ll put that together and post on FB as well the website. Speaking of… I’ll be working more on the website. It’s horrendously outdated lol.” shifted her paws before going back IC. “That is mostly what I wanted to discuss for this meeting. In the coming days I’ll be putting together some stories, small tid-bits for the anniversary, etc. Does anyone desire to add anything before I call the meeting to a close?”
    * Shakira simply listened quietly to the proceedings, her tail continuing in it’s motion as she thought of the 18 years this pack had remained standing strong, her hopes high for another 18+ to come!
    * Kova would smile and nod happily. She would look around to see if anyone else would add anything before she would offer “There is a fresh caribou just caught to the north from here, in the hunting grounds. Please… help yourself!”
    * Kajika felt his ears perk at the mentioning of stories and his front paws pranced on the snow while he remained in place as he thought about the story that he had shared what felt like moons ago. It still needed refining and with the time he had, he knew that he would get the chance to do so and make it a perfect one worth sharing for the occasion. And at the announcement that a kill
    * Kajika had been »»
    <Kajika> »» recently made, his stomach would unintentionally growl just a little and he sniffed. While he would feel a little guilty in partaking in part of the kill that he didn’t help to make, leaving an entire caribou out in the open half consumed would only attract unwanted attention and with a glance around him, he was sure that they were in no shape to fight off any major threats
    <Kajika> right now and he »»
    <Kajika> »» wouldn’t be either if he only had hares hungry and thin enough to leave their burrows. He shook his head to the overall question, giving in to very little of the thoughts that he had at the open floor that was made as he had nothing to add at the moment.
    * Atraya swung her tail and dipped her head towards Kova, grateful before she addressed the others “If no others have anything they desire to add, then, I would like to conclude tonights meeting! Welcome again Shakira!” she would lift a paw and stomp it on the surface of the stone to end the meeting officially.

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