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Meeting Notes

October 11th, 2019

  • Atraya addresses the pack and informs them that they will be moving back home in the day
  • Kajika becomes pack Caretaker
  • Rune becomes Pledge
  • Emunah becomes Pledge
Number Of Wolves Present


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    Fenrir Raven Archibald Calder Lightseed Rune Shakira

    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Atraya gave a nod of appreciation to Shukie’s assessment of who lingered now. As the others started to appear, she would give a knowing nod to Shukie before nuzzling her lightly across her crown. It had been silent for the most part the past several weeks and she felt in her bones that soon something once more would stirr. But what? For now that was left to the chance and meeting of the world’s devices, things not in their control entirely, to do so for now she would prepare herself. “Aye, yes. Please bring it. I’ve spoken with Ayaka and she was willing to also stay behind to offer lead to those who where behind. For now…. Meeting time.” she paused and heard a chuff, hearing it belonging to her daughter Fianna. She smiled and chuffed back to her softly. It was there she gave her a few moments to catch up when she turned on lithe paws and would’ve done so very diligently but there was a stone in her way and unnaturally tripped upon it. She splayed her paws out effectively catching herself before giving a grin as if all was well, now moving to the ruins. Once she reached the ruins themselves she stopped at the lower platform of a large boulder that sunk itself into a staircase. A convenient way for her to get up and onto the boulder. Climb she did and when she reached it’s edge she would let loose a howl. A call for a gathering. The walls of the ruins would act like an amplifier and cast her tones to the winds.
    * Emunah flinched slightly as a howl permeated the air. Her heart began to drum against her ribs and she pressed herself further into the bark of the tree. Her timid nature held her legs in a death grip.
    * Shukie was too slow by just a split second to give a shoulder to Atraya but quickly lowered her muzzle and snatched up the key to bring it along. But first things first she chuft a greeting to Kwa`ani and Calder bidding them both to follow at Atraya’s howl, noting the strange thing in the brute’s muzzle. Kwa`ani didn’t seem weirded out by it so she paid it no mind at this point but followed the alpha fae and would take her place to the right of Atraya, watching for others to arrive as they would. She set the key down and again placed a paw over it for now.
    * Fianna would be swift of paw to catch up to Atraya as she seemes intent on leaving the lake behind. She’d give a grin followed by a respectful nod to Shukie before running her muzzle omg Atraya’s pelt softly in a fond greeting. “Uh oh oo a shhiirl” She mouthed around the creature to her mother, wondering if the fae had eaten lately. It wasn’t much but.. Was that Kwa`ani ‘s scent she caught just then? Slowing she perked to look for her sister, tail swaying gently in anticipation before that… Other scent.. Reached her. Hmm, maybe she should just keep moving. Walking beside Atraya she’d halt whenever herlther found a good place to settle, and would then put the squirrel at her paws.
    <Faolan> Fall was in the air, was such a funny thing to say. Was it now? Then best let it fall the rest of the way or wait ’til the snows came to cushion its fall. Perhaps it was a bird that sprinkled the brisk spices of autumn upon the leaves to turn them the burnt auburn and sienne red colors he had enjoyed in his intervening absence? And just where was he, mister?! He could hear that nagging  voice in his head. Not of his father nor of his mother…probably of Kwa`ani. She was more the bossy one, but, skipping the rest of the monologue, it was the voice of his own expectation nagging him as he finally made his way back into the confines of the northern territory…it still sounded like Kwa`ani.
    * Rune and Kova’s path would intercept with that of the Alpha’s and a few other wolves it would seem. She chuffs in greeting to Atraya, Shukie, and Fianna and follows behind them, towards the ruins. While she was not so unsure of them as her first night, when she stumbled upon them in the dark in strange lands, the unnatural structures automatically placed Rune in a state of heightened caution and awareness. Atraya, who moved well despite the loss of one of her senses, expertly takes her place, perched atop a boulder. Rune seats herself towards the back of collecting crowd. Her copper and amber eyes would then fall upon Kwa’ani, who Rune was glad to see, and then a stranger, a large and dark brute. If the new wolf had been unaccompanied, she would have risen to her paws but Kwa looked unbothered. Rune would offer a chuff in greeting to the pair and every so often would cast a glance towards new wolf.
    * Kwa`ani picked up her pace a bit giving Calder a slight nudge as she moved further int othe front unless he paces beside her. She had many a question for him but as his muzzle was full she held them for now. WHen they reached the gathering she stopped well short of the place where Atraya and Shukie had taken up residence, offering ou a chuff in greetings in a general nature.
    * Ayaka had spotted Atraya heading for the ruins long before she’d reached the lake and as such rather than going to meet them she seated herself nearby to await their approach once they had settled nearby she’d follow and nuzzle Shukie and Kova fondly. “Hello sisters mine” She offered softly before dipping her head to Rune. “Hello Rune. Welcome back.” She swayed her tail once then looked to the others# her gaze lingering a moment on Calder, before she settled on the opposite side of Atraya from Shukie. Her gaze searched for the form of Rook, but so far she had not seen him for some time.
    * Emunah * Emunah cautiously eased away from her tree and slinked into the open. ‘It’s been so long since I’ve seen another wolf…’ she thought as she turned in the direction of where the strongest scents lay.
    <Calder> The howls of the gathered would reach his ears and it was there he would give a polite nod to Kwa`ani. He would perhaps suggest with his eyes that he’d take a very far seat in the back. In the shadows if possible. He gave another nod to Kwa`ani before retreating to said spot. He wasn’t going to interrupt a meeting.
    * Atraya me when the others gathered she would wait for Shukie to confirm the rest had made it before she began. “Thank you all who’ve attended tonight’s meeting. I had a few announcements I wanted to bring forth to the pack as well as announce my desires to return back to our territory and home.” she eased her paws beneath her in thought before she continued. “After Ayaka’s report from the group and from the others who’ve returned, the pack’s territory seems well in order for us to return home. The darkened earth has already begun to spring life once more and we should bring life back to it too. I’m hoping we can depart soon. If not tonight then perhaps tomorrow on the morning. Those who are not with us will be able to follow as they did to get here.” she waited and allowed the others »»
    <Atraya> »» to digest her plan before she would look out once more. “Are there any questions? Concerns?”
    * Kova would smile and respond in kind to her sister, Ayaka, and nuzzle her warmly “Hello sister” her tones light and welcoming. She too would be aware of Calder among the gathered and wondered what he was up to now? But, her eyes looked out now to her alpha as she spoke.
    * Fianna settled with the group, but didn’t approach Calder and Kwa`ani, eying them both curiously however as she settled near the front,closer to Atraya, her ears perked as her mother began a meeting. Her heart was glad to hear of the return, her mother having spoken of it last night. What would it look like now? The same? Healed? She had changed much since their journey took them from the old land and she figured the
    * Fianna land had likely changed as well. She almost hoped it had.. For that would feel appropriate somehow. She would remain silent, having no concerns to voice for the time being.
    * Rune “Thank you, Ayaka. I am glad to be back.” She responds, dipping her head. Not wanting to distract from the meeting, she does not offer a nuzzle. Staying near to Kova and Ayaka, Rune positions herself to where Calder’s silhouette would be in her periphery. When Atraya would speak Rune turns her attention to her, and her tail wags slightly on the ground upon hearing the news. The white and russet fae had no questions about t
    * Rune heir return. She was debatably the wolf to have seen it most recently and it seemed to her that the only thing wrong with the territory was that the pack was not there.
    * Emunah Begins to ease out of her cautious stance. ‘Maybe… maybe they’ll let me join…?’ she thought longingly.
    * Ayaka held silent as well, listening to her alphas question but having no comment for the time being. She was ready and willing to return back to the territory she knew like the hairs on her paw. As she sat nearby she scanned the group of wolves, glad to see the several that had made it to the meeting. Rune in particular was a sight for sore eyes.. She hadn’t thought to see their healer again. Which caused her to
    * Ayaka wonder, where was Kajika? She hoped the brute was well, she’d not spoken to him for some time.
    * Shukie would nuzzle her sister’s both, her tail swaying excitedly for a brief moment before settling to the listen to the alpha. For the moment, she remained quiet after reporting all who were there to the alpha. In a hushed whisper, “Calder arrived with Kwa`ani tho he’s settled in the far back, he carries something with him but i can’t see it from this distance to describe it.” at that
    * Shukie she drifted into silence again while waiting on the pack members and others to make any comments.
    * Kwa`ani noticed Calder veering off and didn’t press him to come further sensing perhaps his reluctance. She had yet to catch scent of the wandering fae in the nearby areas, tho likely the fae wasn’t close enough just yet. She would nuzzle her sister gently as she parked her backside beside her, Calder’s scent no doubt upon her fur but not so much so as to have been scent rubbed.
    * Kova ‘s paws would shift beneath her in quiet thought and contemplation but gave a gentle nod of her head to her alpha’s words. She was also eager to return home. Perhaps the animals that returned to their hunting grounds weren’t so hard headed then those here! Yessshhh.
    * Emunah sniffed the air, catching the scent of dying autumn leaves and the mixed scents of the pack gathering. Feeling a spark or hope, she picked up the pace slightly, her excitement overpowering her fear.
    <Calder> Had remained in the back. Amber eyes leered from the darkness like two pillars of embers lit against a black drape pulled from the night sky. The trinket still in maw as he dare not allow it to touch the ground. Not yet, anyway. He kept vigilance and observations to himself.
    <Faolan> Rê™­K Ah, there we go. Little did he know that his designation had been missing. Much like an npc who slipped in through the mass of common folk, he hoped to make his own entrance as inconspicuous. Of course, that is not how the real world works, and regardless of the tag above his head he would make what subtle entrance he could into the confines of the ruins. How he had ruminated on these far different, yet similar ruins to those he had gathered in…
    * Atraya would await any and all questions to be asked so she would answer. When none arised she gave a simple nod to Shukie’s words. She let her mind wander over her words before she continued to address her pack. “I will lead the rest back alongside Shukie. Ayaka will remain for half a day to a day at the longest to ensure anyone who has not been awake now, can easily follow back. I wish all who are here now to return back to our territory with us.” an ear turned to the east for a brief moment then ahead. “Next I would like to invite any who have questions, comments, or concerns to step forward before we continue. ” she would pick apart who was present and who wasn’t.
    * Emunah paused as she finally caught site of the pack, gathered at the ruins of an ancient stone structure. Her joy at finally finding the pack faltered as she realized how many wolves were there.
    <Atraya> Upon Emunah’s observations she would find the wolves where gathered in a common area. Perhaps something was going on? Clearly conversations where going on among the leader and the rest.
    * Fianna was having a hard time concentrating, and though she tried not to glance over her shoulder at the brute with the smoldering eyes, she did so once or twice, and the scent on Kwa`ani ‘s pelt did her no favors either. She even edged away just a fraction, though she seemed as though the shift was only to scratch at a wayward itch. Turning her own light amber hues back toward Atraya. When her brother tried to slip in
    * Fianna oh so quietly, she’d pin him with her gaze and narrow her eyes a moment, before seeming to shrug and glanced away back to listen to Atraya. At the last question she would rise and chuff lightly to get her mother’s attention. “I’ve been wondering, Alphess, if we should be concerned at all about retribution from our killing the Mykeer.. Do we want to draw the gaze of those beings toward our home?”
    <Calder> His paws would shift beneath him in thought. The question was asked of those who where present. There was much to think on, especially his actions, and what he would do now. He looked as though he was to rise but paused hearing a familiar voice. He turned to Fianna and waited.
    * Kwa`ani wondered after her brother and where he might be. she’d not likely picked up on his scent and didn’t look for him now still not used to his presense as it was. She had long since forgiven the brat for slipping off. Next time.. there’d better not be one, she thought. Wow! speak of the devil and up he slithers in. She gave a welcoming nod to Rook before giving her attention back to her sister and the alpha.
    * Emunah her ears pricked at the hushed tones of conversation reached her. Emunah gave a shake and continued closer. ‘It has been so lonely! I cannot continue to live like this!’ she huffed softly and flicked an ear. She trotted toward the ruins at a quicker gait.
    * Ayaka would nod to Atraya’s words, knowing her role now and was not bothered in the least to stay behind for any stragglers. That seemed her role of late, to seek the lost and wandering.. Her nose quiverred some as she thought she scented a stranger for a moment.. Drawing her gaze to Calder then away. It wasn’t his scent.. Nay.. She remained where she was for the time being, until such time the scent cane again, stronger, but she grew ever more alert, her silver hues watching the shadows around them.
    * Shukie ‘s ears perked to Fianna’s question, a very very valid one at that. she too had wondered about possible retribtions from Myrkeer, the prophecy of the Crone that Atraya would assume the fae’s place. Interesting question and very good one.
    * Rune ’s nose would twitch momentarily upon a new scent. Quietly rising to her haunches she looks over her shoulder at the expanse. In the darkness it would seem to her that a small silhouette would be moving towards them at a brisk jog. The fae would turn her body further towards the approaching figure, keeping an ear on the Alpha but her eyes on stranger.
    * Atraya remained seated there beside Shukie. She brushed her shoulder against her every now and then for the heights sometimes still gave her a bit of vertigo. If anything to keep her balanced. Her daughter had a sound question. A good question. There would be a knowing smile across her muzzle as she gave a nod in her direction. Oh how she’s grown. They all have. “An honorable question, Fianna.” she offered in kind as her sensitive nose tipped up, taking in the air every so often. Perhaps she might now catch wind of Emunah? However she would address her daughter’s concerns “To whatever ends this past quest has led us, I assume by now has already been written in the stars. Whatever comes after will do so whether we are here or home.” she paused if only to catch her  thoughts. “That being said and my current condition, I would rather face an enemy in a place of familiarity than not. I wish for no disadvantages as we can muster.” the honest truth and there it was.
    * Emunah had just entered the shadows of the the ruin when she began to pick out individual voices and scents. She froze. ‘This is a bad idea… There are so many here. If they decide to attack I’ll be torn to shreds!’ Emunah could not help but begin to panic.
    <Faolan> Rê™­K Egads! Had he been given the poo-poo eye from Fianna? Well…he never! But of course he did, and he didn’t actually do the southern sassy lady thing all that well. He was the collector afterall, and so he had collected while he waited for this very moment to occur. In truth, he hadn’t wandered far to wonder much. It was at this point in his never ending monologue that he caught Kwa`ani give him a warmer nod than his other sister. He’d give a wolven smile; that familial glint in the eye rather than the flashing of fangs before he turned to the question asked and answered.
    * Fianna would nod thoughtfully to Atraya’s words, for she could understand her mother wanting to be on well known earth to face the foe’s of the future. She dipped her head then voiced her answer since Atraya would not see her nodding. “I understand, and I do agree. That seems wise.” She would settle then, waiting to hear if any others had anything to ask or say.
    * Kajika was away from the Pack and the ruins as even his short travels took him to see some of the different sights of the changing seasons in this new place. He had seen only one season through with the WolfSpirits and in their own territory, it had been all of the trees changing colors and losing their leaves or pines simply turning brown in the case of the neetles on the fir trees.
    * Kajika There was only »»
    <Kajika> »» so much he could see at a time from where he would have been on the ground without climbing up any of the mountains around their valley before. Now however, he was able to see the changing scenery from the height of the mountains around them all from the lower elevations and it was a sight to see. It was so much that he almost didn’t hear the sounds of the howls that rang out
    <Kajika> earlier but he »»
    <Kajika> »» proved to be more than quick to spin back around and start to make the journey back on hurried but careful paws. «end
    * Rune watched as the figure would stop it approach, though it remained within the shadows. She assumed the creature to be a wolf; either that or a very large coyote, which if it were, would not be tolerated for long. Rune takes a few long strides towards it, tail level with her spine and ears pointed forwards. She offers a small bark to the creature, bidding it to come forwards.
    * Shukie did offer up a confirmation of the alpha’s words, “Upon grounds we know and know well we can defend far better for knowing what lies where and within.” Turning to Atraya, she whispered, ‘i believe rook has attemtped to slip in unnoticed’ The snicker was heard by Atraya and perhaps Ayaka but not beyond the threesome.
    * Emunah flinches and immediately tucks her tail as the bark rings out. Very slowly she edges toward the larger wolf, muscles tensing in case she needs to bolt.
    * Kwa`ani had given her attention to the leadership, not giving a second thought to Fianna’s shifting figuring it was in prep to speak out. She now offered up a small tidbit, “The caribou seem to be heading southward in prep of winter’s coming.” She then fell silent after casting a glance to the two brutes of illrepute
    * Atraya ‘s tail shifted around her paws as she gave a warm nod to Fianna and as mile before hearing Shukie’s words. She chuckled if only to acknowledge that her son was as wild and sneaky as his father. Perhaps more so. She gave a nod to this before she would look out over the vastness of those gathered. She would tip her nose up and scent the air again before she leaned to Shukie Kajika? Is he here? I do not smell him right off.
    * Kova ‘s ears turned in the direction of Calder’s movements but when Fianna spoke she listened intently to the question and answer. Both sound. Both reasonable. It wasn’t until Rune forfit her spot to investigate something. Nae.. someone? She would shift her paws slowly beneath her and rise as well. A new wolf among the gathered now. The tension would be felt.
    * Shukie added in quickly, “not as of yet, alpha. I do not sent Kajika upon the winds.”
    <Calder> Remained within the confines of the darkness. He liked it there. He was born to it and of it. So he remained. It wasn’t until the sudden appearance of another did he pause and now look in said direction. He would not interfer.
    * Emunah ‘s heart nearly stopped as several pairs of eyes landed on her. She could feel phantom agony of teeth tearing into her pelt, radiating from the scars marring her brown fur. She tried to speak, but her voice had left her at the sight of the much larger wolves.
    * Rune ’s eyes scan the small, young fae who seemed to be prepared to dash off. She was about to address the newcomer in hushed tones when the feeling of a few pairs of eyes would settle upon them. “Atraya, apologies for the interruption, but there is a newcomer among us.” Rune would project over her shoulder before stepping to the side to beacon the wolf forwards. As she was not a current member of the pack, she figured it wise
    * Rune to bring the wolf to the full attention of those who were.
    <Faolan> Rê™­K , being in the back, would cast his glance back to said stranger. Wolves hiding in in the underbrush wasn’t exactly new to him, but he had been gone long enough to not know whether this stranger was indeed a stranger. He was glad that the fae broke the focus from him and other things. There wasn’t much need for him to interject in this greeting or in the questions. He found
    <Faolan> great wisdom in the questions and the answers. His own thoughts…well, one wouldn’t spoil a story in the midst of it. With the introduction of apprehension and uncertainty, he was keen to square and place himself strategicaly away from the potential fray. Wild? Sure. Crazy? There were herbs for that.
    * Shukie rose at the understanding a stranger was approaching, trusting Rune despite the fae no longer being pack, still, she stepped forward a half step protectively of the alpha yet showed no outward concern for worry for the pack was assembled.
    * Atraya would listen to the words offered and shared of a newcomer. She would momentarily pause their meeting to offer a greeting to said wolf. Rising to all fours she would use Ayaka’s guide and Rune’s voice to look ‘ahead’ now. “Step forward wanderer…” she now called out to the fae, Emunah.
    * Emunah timidly crept toward what appeared to be the alphaess. Her belly fur brushed the cool stone of the ruins and her limbs trembled slightly under the weight of the pack’s gaze. ‘I’m going to die!’ Was the desparing mantra repeated over and over in her skull.
    * Kajika would be running on not-so-quiet paws in the general directions of both the ruins and the lake. The scent of numerous wolves on the wind was enough to raise his fur on his hackles with worry. When he got close enough to tell and even see where everyone was gathered, he would gradually slow his pace down to a brisk trot as he got closer, seeing Atraya, Ayaka, Shukie and several
    * Kajika others on »»
    <Kajika> »» sight and nothing other than that out of the ordinary which was enough to ease his mind considerably. Rethinking his entrance even, he started to slow down to a more quiet approach so that he hopefully wouldn’t draw too much attention to himself as he seated himself on the outskirts of the group to quietly listen with heaving sides.
    * Atraya ‘s muzzle would be pointed straight ahead of her and her gaze never left the horizon. What gaze, however? Upon closer inspection the new fae Emunah would make note that her face held significant scars. Especially where her eyes where. Charcoal nose would wiggle this way and that in the direction of the fae before she offered “Salutations and well met. I am Atraya, Alpha female of WolfSpirits. The pack you now reside within. What is your name and what brings you here?”
    * Ayaka stood by, silent but ready to lend a paw should it be necessary. She felt the same as Shukie though,for one wolf, no matter how talented they were in a fight, could take on a pack. She settled back onto her haunches, curious, and keeping an eye around them.still as she took note of Kajika ‘s entrance, and Calder’s continued presence. What was he doing here? And what did he have with him? Rook Tom had made an
    * Ayaka entrance, and she would be glad to see him.
    * Shukie took the lead at the fae’s approach, “I’m Shukie, Beta of WolfSPirits, Beside me is Atraya, Alpha fae and on the other side is Ayaka, Delta of WolfSpirits. If you come in peace you are welcome here and will be protected as needed.” she let her voice trail off awaiting the fae’s introduction `a fae wonderer, Atraya` she whispered. It would see Atraya and she would speak about the same time bring a laugh to her voice.
    * Emunah “E-Emunah is my n-name.” she stuttered out in a hoarse whisper. “Please… I was just passing through! I didn’t mean to intrude, but I was curious and…” Emunah trails off nervously, amber eyes flickering from wolf to wolf.
    <Faolan> Rê™­K If it was any consolation, he wasn’t looking directly at Emunah? He was a fair bit more interested in watching others’ reactions to the new fae. Ever the consummate collector of a story he watched and listened. He’d look to his sisters and see if Fianna would give him the stank eye once more?
    * Atraya turned her head to ‘face’ Emunah now and she gave a dip of her head slowly. “Welcome to WolfSpirits, Emunah. All are welcome to reside with us given our home and rules are respected and followed. If you agree to these terms, you are welcome to reside with us for as long as needed. We are currently in the middle of a pack meeting…” perhaps offer some consolidation to why there was a large amount of wolves in a tightly neat place.
    * Fianna was in fact staring, at Rook that is, not Emunah for she had faith that the pack chieftain and her council would handle the newcomers of the world, and while she was avoiding glancing in Calder’s direction, that meant her hues landed comfortably upon Rook. For a long moment the Stinkiness would be felt, but so was there a softening and she eventually allowed a wag, if he kept her gaze long enough.
    <Calder> He too seemed to be the quiet observer of all that happened and transpired. He would keep it that way of course.
    * Rune would watch the newcomer as it moved past her and towards Atraya. Kajika would also appear from the outskirts and if she could make eye contact with the Caretaker In Training, she would dip her head in greeting to him before turning her attention back to the introduction playing out.
    <Emunah> “Really…? You’ll let me join without questioning or hurting me…?” She inquires skeptically, but with growing hope in her voice. “Yes, please I want too join! I’ll be good and won’t get in the way, I promise!” She couldn’t stop the last from leaving her muzzle, but past experience could not be ignored.
    * Atraya would give a nod of her head to the fae. There was much to be told, story wise, in one’s tones and fur. The fae so far didn’t seem to warrent any danger nor offer it freely on the wind so she would trust her for now. She nosed Shukie lightly before turning then to address the rest of the wolves. “Is that Kajika?” she inquired once more to her Beta before turning then to Emunah. “If you request to join the pack then you are able to request such.” she paused for a brief moment. “However I ask that you please do so at the end of our meeting this evening when I offer such.” she didn’t expect a new wolf to know their ways, nor, their meeting decorum. No fault of the fae’s and she’d offer her the chance to pledge herself at the right time. “So you are welcome to seat yourself and listen until such a time.”
    * Kova had been the quiet observer as well it seems as she listened to the words shared, offered, and given. Interesting, she thought as she would tip her nose up scenting the air. The fae was now a familiar scent to her but when Rook snuck himself among the gathered wolves he’d not go unnoticed. Not from her. She smiled and offered a gentle wave of her tail in his direction. Whether he noticed or not would be entirely up to his own observations, but she inwardly hoped.
    * Emunah “Thank you.” Nods and quickly scrambles to the edge of the pack formation, still in a submissive posture. Cautiously she sinks to her belly and lays her head on her front paws while flicking her ears forward to listen.
    <Rook> Ah… a stating (sic) contest. Well, thankfully he could state with the rest of ’em. He was, some say, quite stately; perhaps the stateliest? One wonders who “some” were and how he came to be the stateliest. None-the-less, he’d stare back for a moment and let the goofiness pass. He wasn’t a pup anymore, but the wag of his tail would suggest he was happy to have not been given a prolonged stink-eye experience.
    * Shukie would nod to Atraya even as she whispered a quiet yes to the fae. She would nod to Emunah after Atraya spoke, her posture not in the least threatening but more welcoming for now as time would tell. Spotting Kajika she fixed her gaze upon him, “Kajika, please step forward.” her posture changing to that of her position, Beta. She observed the goings on in otherwise silent viewings.
    * Rune ’s eyes would not leave Emunah and based on her reactions to Atraya and Shukie’s words, it seemed as if the wolf had known some unkind times. Still, for the moment she would remain silently on her paws at the back of the crowd. Calder would be forgotten to Rune for now, he had entered with Kwa’ani after all. When Atraya says her final words and asks for Kajika one more, Rune assumes the Beta will answer her question. As munah crawls away from he central spotlight of the meeting towards the back of the pack, Rune looks back towards Atraya while keeping an ear on the timid fae.
    <Kajika> Just as Kajika was getting used to the scent of the wolves around him, some of which he hadn’t crossed before, he was called forward and without hesitating, he stepped forward, quickly jumping up just as quickly as he was to sit down. When he stood in front of Shukie and Atraya, he bowed his head slightly as he would have done at any other time. Since he wasn’t sure what to say and didn’t want to jump to conclusions, he would just leave it at that as he stood before them with his head and tail at a respectable height for their status.
    * Emunah Keeps half an eye on the surrounding area and the other on the others. She knew if she let her guard down it could be considered an opportunity to attack. Her old pack had drilled that into her mercilessly…
    * Atraya heard Shukie call Kajika forward and she would turn her head now in his direction. She smiled before offering to those gathered. “Kajika. You’ve been a long standing member of this pack for sometime now and as such your heart and dedication for those you call family is unmatched. Your passion for your craft is well known. You are knowledged to the skill of a caretaker and I would like to ask you now, do you still desire to take on this role in the pack?”
    * Kwa`ani watched interplay between her sister and brother, smiling as her tail swayed now that the pack had settled again. A wide smile showed to them both before giving her attention back to the alpha and Kajika
    <Calder> Would notice any and all eyes upon him but kept to himself.
    * Fianna would perk as Kajika was called forward her gaze would wave her brother, pass quickly over Calder and land on the caretaker in trainer. But maybe not in trainer for much longer? She shifted her paws, excited for the brute. He would serve their pack well, she knew, and it was good to have him in a role he seemed to enjoy.
    * Kova ‘s hues fell now to Kajika and Atraya. She smiled to Shukie and when the question was asked of the male caretaker in training, she swung her tail now in eagerness to his response.
    * Ayaka would watch and listen as well, keeping an eye on Emunah even as she wagged once when Kajika moved forth, listening to the words given and received. She’d remain quiet, attentive.
    * Rune ’s full attention was captured by Atraya now, her tail wagging as she remembered the time when she was in Kajika’s place. While Rune did not know the brute nor his training well she couldn’t help but feel with him, after all, he had earned it.
    <Faolan> Rê™­K wasn’t one to ignore those he could see himself. If his eyes could spot them, then he would surely pass along a glance to both Kova and Ayaka. He wondered how they had faired in the short intervening time between his arrival and…well…his arrival. Attention was givne to where it was due, and he was keen to hear the answer to his mother’s question.
    * Kajika listened with a still expression but his heart raced in his chest and he answered with the confidence that he felt came with the training he had received so far and thusly his voice carried with him more than he felt like it had when he had first been asked to step forward what felt like several moons ago. “Yes these things still hold true for me.” He nodded as he said so.
    * Shukie kept watch on Kajika and those beyond him noting the fae’s position she’d taken, spotting rook and calder lurking. For now, her gaze remained upon Kajika and his answer.
    * Kajika A glance in »»
    <Kajika> »» Shukie’s direction and Rune who he could scent somewhere in the gathering around him was enough that he looked up again with the added knowledge that they had shared almost sparkling in his eyes in what light was offered in what they had shown him and maybe even vice versa.
    * Atraya there would be a knowing smile creep across her face upon his response. She gave a nod of her head before addressing the rest of her pack “Those who stand before you now will be stewards of your great care. I would like to give you the honor of being named WolfSpirits CareTaker, Kajika. You may now introduce yourself as such to all you meet.” her paw came up from the stone and would come upon it with a stomp.
    * Kova upon the announcement of their new Caretaker she couldn’t help but feel her chest well with pride for him. He had been long standing with them now and this role would suite him well. She recalled Rune well knowledged upon the craft and with two of them in their presence, she couldn’t help but feel comforted in such a thought. When Atraya announced Kajika’s advancement she would let loose a few barking chuffs for Kajika!
    * Shukie lifted her head in a congratulatory howl as her own paws taps upon the stone’s surface in a wolfie tapdance
    * Emunah gives a faint tail wag at the joyous atmosphere.
    * Rune lifts her head in elated song, celebrating Kajika’s dedication. Her tail continues to sway behind her long after her howl ends.
    * Ayaka would offer a loud chuff bark of congratulations, her tones slipping into a howl with the rest!
    * Fianna ‘s tones would join the other’s, her shoulder bumping her sister’s as she howled her happiness for their new caretaker!
    * Shukie would step forward again and this time offer up to those not of pack that desire to pledge to thw WolfSpirits to step forward, casting a glance to the many brutes and faes lingering that were not yet pledged to see if any wished to do so, tail still swaying
    * Kajika now let himself smile as he bowed his head again stepping back and made himself comfortable among his Pack around him again, looking around to each visible member that he could see. His tail could hardly keep up with his excitement and he told himself that he was proud to get the chance to ensure the wellness of the others and he maybe even made a small promise with himself that he would have to come up with even the smallest of stories for the little injuries that he would share while he was treating an injury or ailment.
    * Rune would look to Shukie and with her chest still full of empathetic joy, would step forwards. “If I may, I request to Pledge myself once more to the WolfSpirits Pack. It is a home that I have missed and am lucky to have found again.”
    <Faolan> Rê™­K It was good to see the traditions continue. Whether the learning of rank or of the subtle but strong stamp to the stone beneath, rituals were often carried on. Age made vague the once lucid tapestry of memory but a story recalled could weave anew a lost morsel of time gone by. Such a small detail was not unnoticed, and he too would stamp his paw once for good measure if not to
    <Faolan> just congratulate Kajika in the likeness of those before him.
    * Atraya would lean in to Shukie and nudge her gently if only to get her barrings before an ear turned to the familiar tones of another. Rune. She smiled with a warm heart at her request to rejoin their pack and family. This would no doubt cause a smile to remain upon her features.
    * Shukie smiled when she watched Rune step forward, allowing time for any others to step forth as well tho not really expecting either of the brutes to do so, she had hoped Rook would but perhaps next time. Her gaze went to the new fae, Emunah briefly giving a nod to the fae if she so chose to pledge now or simply observer until such time the pack would offer up to pledges at the next
    * Shukie meeting. “It is well and good to see you returned to home, to the pack. If it is your desire to once again start the journey to become a full WolfSpirit then I welcome you as a Pledge of WolfSpirits.” she paused looking around once more, brushing her shoulder to Atraya briefly. “You were once Caretaker of the pack and your knowledge from then and gained since then is good to have
    * Shukie back. “If you are in deed sincere upon the journey, I name you Pledge of Wolfspirits.”
    * Emunah Feels a faint stirring in her chest. Her old pack would have never allowed her to see this momentous occasion.She would have been bullied from the meeting place if caught watching those “worthy” of a position being inducted. It felt strange that she should witness this now.
    <Ayaka> would shift her paws and offer a barkimg howl for Rune, glad the far had taken the step to a full return! She then quieted to look toward Emunah, curiosity in her gaze, excitement too, for someone new to pledge
    * Kajika couldn’t help but to continue to smile as he was replaced by Rune who stepped forward and listened to the two of them, both Rune and then another wolf step forward and hoped that her request would be granted. As the other wolf stepped forward, his tail swayed nonetheless as he listened to her request, the more they had, the more successful they would be with things like hunting
    * Kajika and traveling.
    * Shukie turned to the new wolf, Emunah, “Come forward, Emunah.” her tones neutral for she did not yet know this fae. Her obsidian eyes watched the fae noting her timidity, not trying to portray the big bad beta routine, instead, relaxed and confident, “You will have much to learn of our ways, Emunah. If you find you desire to make this your home you will be trained in our ways. If you
    * Shukie are willing to learn our ways and follow our rules, then we ..” she looked to Atraya and Ayaka before letting her gaze go back to Emunah, “welcome you to WolfSpirits, Pledge. You may introduce yourself as such when greeting anyone.” she waited for Atraya or Ayaka to add anything.
    * Kwa`ani gave a yip and if Rune moved past her she’d give the fae a very brief nosing if allowed in welcoming her back. It was a good night. Going home soon, new wolves and returning wolves and mostly, just glad to have her bratty brother back with them, casting a glance towards him for a few moments until the sound of the new fae’s voice cuased her to look back to the alpha and beta
    <Faolan> Rê™­K A good number of promotions and beginnings were afoot (apaw?). Not one to give the game away, he kept his current thoughts to himself and continued his somewhat quiet watch of the proceedings. There were other senses one could use to gather information of another, and he was keen to note what scents Emunah carried with her from her journeys. Did those scents speak of travel
    <Faolan> from the south, east, or west? He wasn’t quite sure he could tell from his distance from her but wasn’t quite sure he really wanted to move any closer to the uknown fae.
    * Atraya would dip her head to the new fae, Emunah. Though they’ve only just met she would be confident that time would tell what her place would ultimately be with them and with the pack. She would welcome her into their fold and hoped her path would be true. When Shukie finished naming the pledges she would allow a few more minutes to pass before she too continued. “I would like to open the floor to any who desire to offer words of thought? Concern?”
    * Rune sends a grateful chuff in response to the stamp of Atraya’s paw. She moves backwards and away from the place in front of Atraya and Shukie, returning Kwa’ani’s nosing before returning to her position in the back. “Atraya, while I traveled through the territory I can confirm that there is prey, or at least that there was much of it while I was there.”
    * Atraya ‘s ear turned in Rune’s direction. She would give a nod of her head and appreciation for her assessment that would confirm Ayaka’s findings as well. “Excellent, thank you.” her tail swung slowly behind her before stilling. She’d continue to wait.
    * Shukie tapptapped her front paws upon the stone before Atraya asked her questions. “Welcome, Pledges of WolfSpirits.” At Atraya’s question, “Do you wish me to remain here for a time to gather any that are not yet aware we are returning home? or do you have someone else in mind?” she worried for the trail back and Atraya’s safety for some places were not easily traversed even with sight.
    * Kova shook her pelt for a moment before she would look out to Atraya and Shukie. She listened intently for she herself had nothing to note nor add. At least not for now. Her hues cast a glance to Rook for a second before returning to the gathered. She looked to the new fae and was excited to see some new wolves among their fold. So many where missing..
    * Emunah Let’s lose an involuntary yip of joy at being accepted.
    <Calder> As the proceedings continued he remained ever silent. Ever vigilant. Watchful. The trinket remained upon his paws and partially in his mouth. He was not going to interrupt said meeting and kept to himself until the end of it.
    * Atraya she would look towards Shukie now and give a slow nod “I have asked this of Ayaka.” her tones light “She will help guide those who may or may not trail behind.”
    * Emunah Glances around at the assembled wolves – no… new packmates – and gives a tiny self-conscious full body shake.
    * Rune raises her voice once more. “Will we be leaving tonight or in the morning?” Rune wanted to make sure that no one present was accidentally left behind with Ayaka when the pack eventually would begin the trek home.
    * Atraya an ear turned to Rune and she would look then to Shukie. “perhaps we should rest up the rest of the evening and leave first thing on the morrow?” her head then turned to the rest gathered. “How are you all presently feeling?”
    * Kova an ear turned to Atraya as she seemingly addressed the rest of hte pack. Her nose dipped down before rising slowly “I am well enough my Alpha. I can travel at any time upon your call.” her hues then fell to the others and was curious to their responses.
    * Shukie nodded to Atraya, “Excellent. A good task for our Delta.” gazing out over the others. “For those of you who have traveled recently, has a less treterous route been found than the one we’ve currently used?” her thoughts were of Atraya without saying so directly worried for the fae’s safety on the trek. She now looked to Calder and Rook. “Do either of you know of safer routes than
    * Shukie what we took to get here?” her obsidian gaze going directly to each wolf in turn.
    * Rune was still more accustomed to traveling than she was settled. She would be prepared to leave when Atraya believed they were all ready. “I am prepared to leave whenever the pack is ready.” Looking to Shukie now, Rune recalls her path and while there were few treacherous parts the looming, plunging depths of the Fjord stuck in her mind. Since she simply followed the most recent trail, Rune figured the pack knew the path she had
    * Rune taken and, thus, there was nothing to say.
    * Emunah mutters almost to herself. “I’m exhausted. all this excitement has worn me thin…” Nervously looks around to gauge the pack.
    <Faolan> Rê™­K knew the promise and reality of snow on the passes south of them were already real. While the question was asked, he turned to look to those present before turning back to Shukie None that you would wish to take unless the pass is truly not up to its name. Wager a quick and steady descent to the south over the paths these paws have found.
    <Calder> Upon mention of his name did his eyes fall from Fianna and Kwa`ani to look then upon Shukie. He then retreated his gaze to the other male to whom he had not formally met. Rook, hmm? This was the Alpha’s son then. He knew quiet a bit of history of this pack… at least name, scents and sights. Of course he’d not smelt him before so he could only go on based descriptions. The trinket in maw he would lower it once more to his paws and tucked the longest end to his chest and offered in low tones. That ricky suavveee voice. ~ The routes in which you took here are the only one’s I know of and are effiecent. I have yet to traverse them again sense coming here so to their conditions I do not know. North is what I know.~
    * Kajika listened to the question but had nothing to add other than his joy for seeing both Rune and this new wolf added as their ranks. When he felt their gazes looking around the circle, he too looked around particularly to see if he could pick up the scents of those he could not see but didn’t move from his spot to investigate. He was sure that since he was one of the last to arrive
    * Kajika that everyone else knew who was present and who wasn’t just from the scents that were in the air, should they be downwind from them. He turned his attention to Ayaka and then Atraya and Shukie as they spoke. He would also tilt his head slightly at the question and the conversation that it brought up. Due to his recent being named and the season, he thought of his bundle of herbs that he had stored that was  just a little more than the size that one wolf could carry but he didn’t bring this up at this time. “I’m also ready to travel, but I would need some time to shrink down what we need to carry with us, just so that we aren’t carrying more than we need.” He was a little late in saying this so his words weren’t too loud, but anyone listening would possibly be able to hear his distracted speech.
    * Fianna would look to everyone, once promotions were done she had paid well and close attention to the words offered, her gaze meeting Calder as the dark brute spoke as well, memory casting back to that uncertain journey when she had not known whether Calder was friend or foe.. And really, she still did not know. He was an enigma. Turning to look at Atraya she would add her own quiet tones. “I am ready to travel whenever you deem the timing right mother.”
    * Rune looks to Kajika, his request caught her attention effortlessly. “Kajika, if you need any assistance, I would be more than happy to do so.” She dips her head to the Caretaker before giving him a quick smile as well.
    * Ayaka would have taken note of all gathered, and she would see that skydancer, nightshade, and Darth were the noteworthy absences
    * Emunah “I’ll follow your lead, Alpha.” She says, voice still hoarse from disuse. She nervously twitches as several unknowns speak up.
    * Ayaka wod look to Atraya and nose her softly. “I am ready to stay behind when ever you should all go, toake certain the other’s know, and can follow
    * Shukie nodded to each brute in turn, taking in their responses and those of the faes. Turning to Atraya, “Perhaps a scout or two sent on ahead? while the rest prepare and perhaps start out tomorrow? or at least start of some tonight down the paths we know well until the rest can be gathered?” Now she turned to Atraya as darkness would not bother the fae at all.. “Your call, alpha.”
    * Shukie catching a few words of Rune’s to Kajika. “Thank you, Ayaka!” smiling to her sister.
    * Atraya gave a quiet nod as she thought upon the others answers. There was but a moment longer that would pass before she would look out ahead of her .”A solid idea, Shukie. I think that is a sound plan.” she would turn to her for a moment then looked to the rest. “Tomorrow morning we will send some scouts to go ahead and look, in the meantime prepare yourself as we leave in the afternoon at  the latest.” she reassured them before rising a paw. “With that, I would like to conclude tonight’s meeting. Thank you and well deserved to all! her paw came down to lower and stomp.

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