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Meeting Notes

August 19th, 2019

  • OOC: Discussed the website and user profiles / pages
  • OOC: Discussed promotions and ranks
  • OOC: Discussed website issues and that they’ll be addressed asap
  • OOC: Notify AtrayaΒ  / Shukie if there are any website issues
  • OOC: Open Floor
  • Known Website Bugs:
    • Profile redirect error
    • Can’t login (please let Atraya know and she’ll reset your password)
    • Rules Page is broken
Number Of Wolves Present

Β Attendance:

    @Atraya @Kova @Ayaka @Faolan @Fianna @Kwa`ani @Kajika @Shukie @skydancer
    %Darth %Nightshade
    Ghost Kilmaten Ryker

    Pack Meeting Begins

    * Atraya an ear turned slowly as she would listen for those who would heed the call. “First and foremost, I know this will mostly be “OOC” because the pack is spread about. So I will bring it to OOC.”

    * Kwa`ani ‘s focus was no longer on the otter having shifted to the path that led up from the old realm. She hoped that the wolves would show tonight so they could leave out in the morning if not before. Either way she’d head out after Darth. For now, she rested once again upon the lodge that overlooked the pathway below.
    * Nightshade tails swifts happily when she had returned with Kajika and greeted also “yes we returned” and looked around “isn’t the other group here?”
    * Kova would no doubt have heard the howl and would swing her tail slowly behind her, now, making to close that gap.

    The Website

    <Atraya> I was sharing this earlier but I’ve been working on a story line / quest page that will have summaries of past story lines / quests and links to logs, but for the most part the goal of this page is to be informative but also help facilitate information that is given so we all don’t forget. I want to strongly remind you all that this is for your OOC purpose ONLY. You can’t use this as a way to navigate your character magically into part of the story. That has to role played out. This is just an interactive way for me to keep track, have others keep track, and also a fun way to visually look at the things we’ve collected, gathered,etc. I’m trying to make it more fun an interactive! You can see the page here:

    <Atraya> It’s still a WIP (as far as the current story line) but I hope it’s a good starting point.

    <Atraya> Also as a side note, I’m updating our territory map. You can find that here:

    <Ayaka> Woot!
    <Ayaka> *nods, in understanding
    <Nightshade> Coolcool
    * Nightshade nodded
    <Kamaitachi> Sweet
    <Atraya> I’ll also be working on getting everyone’s profiles up to date on the links and what not, but if you haven’t created an account you can do so here: An admin has to approve it but once it’s approved, you are good to go and I can add you to the profile page.
    <Atraya> 1. If you are missing a wolf photo – please send it to me via email or link
    <Atraya> 2. If you have trouble logging in, let me know and I’ll help ya out
    <Atraya> 3. There are parts of the site that are broken, I’m aware, I’m looking into this

    * Nightshade puts up a paw “alpha alpha?”
    <Atraya> Nightshade: Yes πŸ™‚

    <Nightshade> I updated my profile picture with a newer one, but it kept showing the older picture, not that bad but, .. I want to have the same as here
    <Atraya> Nightshade: Hermmmm ok I will look into this


    <Atraya> There’s been a handful of updates both with the theme and with wordpress, so, I’m making sure everything is updated so hopefully bugs will sort themselves out.
    * Fianna has a photo but no real profile on the webb
    * Shukie crosses paws
    * Kilmaten submitted submission
    <Atraya> Kil: It’s so I know who you are (no one else can see this) but it should ask for your wolf name
    <Shukie> i have kwa’s saved but never could get it to save on profile. that was LONG time ago
    <Kilmaten> Yeah wolf and human
    <Atraya> k
    <Atraya> So we got slammed with over 600+ users lol (bots)
    <Atraya> I had to go in and delete all of them
    <Kilmaten> Gotta find the pic i wanted to use
    <Kilmaten> Oooof
    <Atraya> So now anyone who wants an account has to go through admin approval
    * Darth will check everything out hopefully tomorrow, but other than what I saw on the page (ref pm) it looks good so far
    <Atraya> Kilmaten: Approved πŸ™‚
    * Kilmaten cheers!
    <Nightshade> Darth didn’t u want to say anything
    <Atraya> πŸ™‚
    <Atraya> Anyone else before I continue?
    <Shukie> yes
    <Shukie> let atraya or myself know if find any bugs. start with Atraya but if she’s not on, pm me with any issues discovered
    <Shukie> the Rules pages are jacked up adn won’t load. some kind of lock out on the page i think.
    * Atraya perks
    <Atraya> Oooo spinning wolf o death XD
    <Atraya> Ok ya.. I’ll have to look at this page
    <Shukie> i couldn’t edit from website admin either.
    <Ghost> brb, logging in here. back asap
    <Atraya> Ok, I will take a look when I can
    <Nightshade> This is nothing about the rank update right?
    <Kilmaten> It usually take a bit for the website to realise im registered?
    <Atraya> Nightshade: no
    <Atraya> Kilmaten: You should be good to go now?
    <Nightshade> Ok then I ask it on a other time lol
    <Kilmaten> Says i havent been approved yet
    <Atraya> Kilmaten: One sec
    <Kilmaten> Alrightyy
    <Atraya> Kilmaten: Now try
    <Kilmaten> Worked!
    <Atraya> Nice πŸ˜€
    <Shukie> weeee!
    <Darth> Yay!
    <Atraya> So now you should be able to see MY ACCOUNT in the navigation bar
    <Atraya> on the far right
    <Atraya> From there you can edit your account as need be as well as update your profile πŸ™‚
    <Atraya> Ok anyone else on the profiles and all that before I continue?
    <Darth> Nope
    <Atraya> Pack Ranks
    <Kilmaten> Yes
    <Kilmaten> Aw
    <Atraya> Kilmaten: Go ahead
    <Nightshade> Yay
    <Kilmaten> I was gunna send you over a pic
    <Atraya> Kilmaten: PM me please πŸ™‚ (you can also upload your own wolf photo too)

    Pack Ranks
    <Atraya> We haven’t had ranks in a while because there was a lack of activity and a lack of active wolves for sometime to fulfill those roles. As you know we have gradually introduced them with Delta and Care Taker In Training.
    <Atraya> So I’ll be discussing with the members about ranks and roles and I’m hoping to introduce more as time goes on πŸ™‚
    <Atraya> So look forward to that in the coming weeks!
    <Atraya> Anyone have any questions on ranks?
    <Nightshade> Looking forward to it. Hopefully I’ll become member soon
    <Darth> ^^
    * Atraya waits a moment longer in case anyone else has anything they want to add
    <Kwa`ani> me and fia were 3 years in making pack and we were active constantly πŸ™‚

    <Atraya> First and foremost I want to say that I’m very proud of those who are still with us and continue to share this journey with us. To role play and step away from the every day and share your online story with us. To those of you who are active and active when you can be, I just want to extend an additional thank you for being here πŸ™‚ Without you we wouldn’t exist. Second: I know life can be really busy and hectic, it’s totally fair and understandable that you can’t be here 24/7 and I’d never expect people to be. But I ask that you please be patient and let the process play out as it will for your character regarding pledge, assessment and membership. I’m very aware of everyones activity and I promote wolves based on that activity and if they’re ready to join the pack. We’ve had a great deal of active wolves this year and some change and I’m really grateful for that. So, just know that your advancement will go as far as you are willing to take it. On that note, I just want to extend another “Please don’t constantly ask about becoming a member”. When you are ready to be a member, you’ll be made a member πŸ™‚
    <Atraya> I plan to host more meetings in the future to help move people along to. I know some wolves have sat in their positions for a long time due to the fact that there have just been no meetings. I am hoping to change that and keep the flow going.
    * Nightshade lowered head.. srry
    <Kamaitachi> Ok
    <Atraya> Don’t be sorry πŸ™‚ It’s a fair question and I totally get it. I just want to reiterate that point.
    <Nightshade> Just hate the timezones lol lucky the mosquito kept me awake
    <Kamaitachi> I wanna try and work towards. Guardian or scout if those will be ranks when I’m a member?
    <Kamaitachi> Sorry got busy eating dinner
    <Atraya> Kamaitachi: Those are yet ot be determined, but, there’s always room for character growth πŸ™‚ Those could be things to inquire IC as well.
    <Atraya> Nightshade: Ya me to πŸ™
    <Kamaitachi> I’ve had kamai go out with sky a few times
    <Ayaka> I am pretty sure asking about ranks is the same as asking about membership Atraya?
    * Nightshade snarled at mosquito
    <Ayaka> It’ll be given when earned?
    <Atraya> Aya: Ya πŸ™‚
    <Atraya> IC wise, wolves are always watching and of course can see potential in your wolf for certain “ranks”
    <Nightshade> Oh maybe an idea to make a calendar thing on the site for events with tinyurl
    <Atraya> So you can ask for your character to have a rank, but, just know that isn’t how it works πŸ™‚ Ranks are earned. Ranks will have meaning and weight. They are not given all willy nilly.
    <Atraya> Nightshade: Yes! I’m working on a calendar! Thank you for the suggestion and reminder πŸ™‚
    * Darth sits quietly, understanding all that is being said
    <Kamaitachi> No.
    <Nightshade> I want a promotion as a .. wolf officer
    <Kamaitachi> Lol
    <Darth> Lol
    * Atraya offers Nightshade a shiny star sticker

    <Atraya> Open Floor – Is there anything anyone would like to talk about or bring up? πŸ™‚

    <Nightshade> Open floor?
    <Kamaitachi> I do
    <Nightshade> Why is the floor open
    <Kamaitachi> It’s probably nothing but is the storyline gonna continue where everyone still has to find their own trinket or whatever?
    <Kamaitachi> Like before we beat mykeer?
    <Kamaitachi> Or is the storyline over?
    <Atraya> Kamaitachi: That’s yet to be seen IC – we finished one of the major plots, but, there’s still more to come
    <Atraya> Waiting for people to return back
    <Kamaitachi> Ok
    <Shukie> I do have a request of everyone
    <Nightshade> Not to difficult
    <Fianna> *perks
    <Shukie> when someone joins the IC, try to put in your next post a good descriptor of where your wolf is and who you’re with so No One has reason to go in OOC .. where’s everyone?
    <Nightshade> Oh I try
    <Shukie> and those joining IC, you need to take time to read what’s going on before posting too
    <Ayaka> Oh I second that
    <Atraya> Thirdsies
    <Shukie> it gets real old to have major or minor things happenig and suddenly someone wakes up right where everyone is
    <Atraya> Yes, please make sure to make the effort to see where people are ic first, before asking.
    <Shukie> and if one has been gone a day or two or weeks , you’re not going to be where you were last time
    <Nightshade> What if you haven’t moved and other did
    <Nightshade> Oh nvm
    <Shukie> if it’s been more than a day, you’d have moved unless you in a coma
    * Kilmaten returns after catching up
    <Nightshade> xD
    <Atraya> wb Kilmaten πŸ™‚
    <Kilmaten> Ty πŸ™‚
    <Atraya> Does anyone have anything else they’d like to add before I conclude this meeting?
    <Nightshade> I always wondered about that like.. if you catching up and u can’t roleplay it out further are you automatically moving with them or
    <Darth> I donÒ€ℒt at this time
    <Shukie> good questions Nightshade: you’d need to rp some reason why you are behind, etc. or gone. and so forth
    <Nightshade> Like with the journey.. I wasn’t able to roleplay along. So it’s difficult to keep up
    <Atraya> Nightshade: If you are on role playing and your group continues on moving and you have to go suddenly, then yes your wolf would assume to follow given it’s not some long march. Otherwise as Shukie stated, you’ll have to come up with a reason why your wolf stopped. Also another side note. If you know you are going to be offline for a period of time (like weeks) please please let us know. Especially if we’re running a story or a quest. Because it’s hard to put you ‘back’ into place when you return if you have a certain role.
    <Nightshade> Yes yes.
    <Nightshade> So I would move on if I have to go offline due time, while in story
    <Atraya> Anyone else? πŸ™‚
    <Atraya> Nightshade: Depends. If you have to go offline for the night and the group was either close to settling or about to, then it would assume that you would be with the group. If they keep moving on then you’ll have to stop your character and catch up. Just ask who ever the group “lead” is.
    <Nightshade> Because they found something when I wasn’t there. My wolf wouldn’t know
    <Atraya> Nope, she wouldn’t so you’d have to RP that out πŸ™‚
    <Ayaka> Also, if you don’t know where everyone is IC wise, please just post like your wolf is seeking the other’s scents
    <Ayaka> Don’t ask for the low down on where everyome is exactly
    <Ayaka> Your wolf wouldn’t necessarily know anyway and that just caters to meta gaming

    <Nightshade> Is “looking around to seek others” allow?
    <Shukie> yups
    <Ayaka> :}
    <Nightshade> Also ApacheWolf needs to be more friendly and gives more variety in drinks xD
    <Shukie> lol
    <Atraya> Nightshade: noted πŸ˜›
    <Ayaka> Lol
    <Darth> Valid point Nightshade
    <Shukie> working on that, Nightshade *grins
    <Ayaka> She is a good flood pillow
    <Atraya> Alrighty, I think that ends this meeting! I appreciate you all being here (Especially you Euro wolfies!). I’m hoping to have another meeting in a week or so time πŸ™‚

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