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Chapter 16 – Hells Hail | July 16th, 2019

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    @Ayaka @ Atraya @Kova @Faolan @Kajika @Shukie @skydancer
    %Fianna %Kwa`ani
    Kilmaten Nova Shakira Phoenix

    Role Play Begins

    10:04 PM 7/16/2019

    * Kova would have been resting with the others for sometime now and after the morning came and went and afternoon drudged on she had occupied herself by scouting out potential prey. She came back with some to tell but for now she was excited to reach the others again.

    * Darth would awaken in his spot he was in the night before. He slowly gets up and shakes out his pelt the best he can. He looks around and wonders what the other were up to. He remembered the trek that he and Kova did the previous night to get water, but wanted those who needed it most, to drink before he partook in it. So he lapped up some snow and melted it in his mouth to quench his thirst.

    * Kova would shift her hues towards the direction of others who might be awake. SHe let loose a gentle chuff to announce herself but not loud to disrupt anyone whom might be sleeping.

    * Kajika must have been more tired from moving rocks that he slept the next day away and then a good portion of today. His muzzle would then twitch as he woke up. He had to stretch for a moment and looked about to remember exactly where he had fallen asleep. He had fallen asleep after the new wolf had made their presence known and was in between where them and where Atraya had been and  he still suspected to be. He didn’t even get the chance to take in the wolf’s scent before they had left. Oh well. Perhaps some of it would still linger on the air faintly that he would be able to later identify should he come across it again. He sniffed and huffed the air out again before standing up. He was well rested by now, maybe even overly so. No matter, he would just shake it off and look about to see if anyone was still by where the bear had fallen, otherwise he would wake up his paws the best way there was, by exploring!

    * Kova her nose twitched this way and that as she took in the scents around her. She let loose a gentle breath, a sigh even as she tried to move her ‘stiff’ u=muscles. Herm… maybe Kajika would have some insight? Where was he. She tipped her charcoal nose up and scented the air in hopes of locating the healer.

    * Atraya continued to lay where she was for the past several days. Her paw twitched this way and that as she was stuck in the nightmare that was the darkness of her mind. Her heart and soul used to the darkness and she felt alone within the veil of her nightmare.

    * Ayaka would be laying nearby, having not yet left with Shukie for their scouting trip. Catching sight of Kova nearby she would raise from where she’d stretched out on her stomach and pad closer with a soft chuff. Upon reaching her sister’s location she would nuzzle the fae fondly, licking gently at her wounds and settling beside her with a soft murr. Gently, she began grooming the fae. “So.. Phoenix. He is an odd one is he
    * Ayaka not? Such tales to tell I am sure..” She began without ado.”I am distrustful of any newcomers however..” She added

    <Atraya> There would be a silence that welled around the area and the peace after a storm would wash over the temporary occupants to this landscape. Long hours of nothing passed and in the far distance the there would be the sound of something approaching. Not from the snowy lands of the earth… but the whispy cold chill of the sky. It would be faint and distant at first but ever gradually it would »»
    <Atraya> »» grow louder and louder. Those who knew the aiven kind could tell the harbinger of such nuisance.

    * Kova would have been looking for Kajika and when she didn’t see him readily available the call of another sparked her attention. She would swing her tail slowly behind her as she would limp towards Ayaka and nosed her in a greeting before she too settled jsut beside her. She was grateful for the grooming. “Interesting indeed…” her tone conveyed the essence of her own skepticisim. “.. »»
    <Kova> »» but I have to say I am a sucker for stories. His at least offered mystery beyond the mystery in which we already live it seems like. An interesting concept as well… I’ve never met a wolf who required a story in turn for a story of information.” an ear turned towards the horizon… nae… the sky. Huh.

    * Fianna had begun the trek toward the caverns with her sister Kwa`ani, and no doubt by now they would have reached the bone cave. As such she would miss any kind of Herald from the skies. She had settled for a rest just near the tunnel that would lead them to the bear’s domain.

    <Atraya> Fianna and Kwa`ani would come to the cave and find nothing but the scent and musk of an old, now dead bear. However the promise of tracks from other animals would be well and evident to them. As they scowered the bone pile for evidence of said trinket there would be little to show for it outside the cavern and in the open. If they went to the tunnel they might come across an illuminated path. »»
    <Atraya> »» Not by light but by cave dwellers who’s rears held biolumensence

    * Ayaka nodded at the words, “Yes, it is.” She agreed, certainly wolfspirits would have plenty of tales to share should male prove trustworthy. She flicked an ear, at first not paying attention to the distant sounds. “His words.. He must be from far away. I have never heard the like of speech such as his.” As the sounds grew she looked up, eyes seeking the disturbance. “What is coming?” She murmured

    * Kwa`ani had moved with a companiable silence beside her sister, inwardly groaning at being back in the caves yet again. Inadvertently she knocked a bone loose and it seemed the pile would come a tumbling down creating perhaps as much racket as the inbound horde. “Ugh!” she groaned out, “Shukie’d have a fit if she was with me for being so clumbsy.” almost as soon as she stopped yapping she
    * Kwa`ani started »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» again, “No really, but i’d get a lecture and instruction on how to remain silent.” Lowering her head she began sniffing, lifting her head just a bit, “What are we look’n for.. I didn’t see what you had?”

    <Atraya> Like drums beating to an ancient song lost to ancient times, the dramatic entrance of thousands upon thousands of ravens on the skylines horizon began to circle overhead. Out of no where, read straight from a storybook’s ending chapter, they cawed something awful. It would surely wake any who where day dreaming. High they soared as the annoying cawing cawing cawing was called. Their millions »»
    <Atraya> »» of wing beats would dampen the air with pressure and sound that would be deafening to the wolves sensitive ears. CAW CAW CAW! Their wings would flap harder. Their circle drew closer and tighter. CAW CAW. The darkness of their bodies could be seen even against the backdrop of a freshly lit night sky. Plink. Plink. Plink. What on earth was that now?

    * Fianna stopped from where she’d begun snooping at the base of the large pile, glancing as Kwa`ani let one loose (:x).she looked at the fae oddly for a moment as she listened to her sister’s words. It sounded as if the fae didn’t care for the beta’s instruction. She’d give anything to be one on one with another wolf to Ean an

    * ShukieFooding stirred at the sound of voices not all that far off. She and aya hadn’t made it beyond the near areas yet. With an overly wide yawn she eased her frame up, stretching several times along the way. A step here… stretch a leg out.. a step there… stretch a leg out.. for several steps. In time she walked normally if not slower than was typical. Drawing near she would chuff to her
    * ShukieFooding sister and Ayaka as she would come upon them. Mid chuff she yawned again. “Evening!” her tail swaying. It was like seeing everyone one for the first time for she’d seen them hardly at all over the prior months.
    * ShukieFooding is now known as Shukie

    <Atraya> Fianna and Kwa`ani would continue their search against the illumination of little bugs who provided a fair amount of light in their numbers which reached millions. The tracks of Myrkeer would be ever present and clearly the last set of tracks in the cave. Would they follow.
    * Fianna to learn from them, to be guided.. It felt for so long that she would have to learn what she could on her own. Ayaka had given her some words of wisdom, but that had been few and far between. “I think Shukie probably means we’ll.” She finally commented quietly, her tail wagging once in a lighthearted fashion, not wanting to start tension again. “It’s just a small pouch.. Like it opens up to hold stuff and I think it

    * Fianna has a string that Calder wore around his neck at some point.. I Don’t see it here though.” She glanced at the oddly illuminated butts, then gestured down the pathway.”Let’s go this way..”

    * Kova would look to Ayaka, nodding in agreement as she thought his accent was different as well. She had never heard the dialect before. She woud open her mouth to speak when she tilted her head to the sound of a chuff. SHe saw her sister, Shukie, and gruuued with happiness “sis!” she said as she would remain seated but it was short lived with the thousands of ravens crested the ridge and »»
    <Kova> »» into their open skies. She could no longer see the stars above but blackness. What on earth?? She quickly rose from a seated position to hear the sound of planking noises. She opened her eyes wider against the darkness to see just what it was?

    * Atraya hadn’t moved sense she found herself drifted into a listliss sleep. Whatever held her in the darkest corner of her mind and imagination held a tight grip indeed. Her paws twitched and despite the deaf sound of the cawing, she still didn’t rise. Not yet.
    * Ayaka rose quickly as her question was soon answered on its own. Dark flapping waves of avians littered the skies in an undulating swirling mass. She felt a crawling sensation along her skin and would step closer to Kova, as if to protect her sister from the skies themselves. Her fur bristled and she would look to Shukie as the fae approached, forsaking greeting for* Ayaka to get right into things. “Do you have any idea what has happened to cause such a thing?” Her ears were pinned back at the deafening noise and she could barely hear her own words.
    <Ayaka> (End
    * Kwa`ani nodded to Fianna at her description, which at about that time Ray and his family provided the light of the sun within the blackness of the cavern. “There’s his tracks, sis.” Lowering her nose as she spoke tracking her paw around the track, feeling the spread of the toes and the points of the claws made. “Wha.. what on earth are all those flickery things!” She’d not see but buzzers
    * Kwa`ani like that »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» before, with glow lights built in.. solar powered maybe? or luna powered? “You seen those things before..” Forgetting the track she tried to jump up, maw agap as she tried catching some in her mouth.

    * Fianna too was startled to find so many of the things around. She’d seen some before, or something similar even within their own territory, but none so many as these, and perhaps not quite the same either.

    <Atraya> As Kwa`ani and Fianna found the tracks they would lead deeper into the cave. The sound of water dripping from the ceiling would be the only sounds to comfort them. Even though the area around them was lit, something…. squishy would now squeeze between their paw pads as they tredded with little care forward.

    <Faolan> Nah, Garde ça, cher. Serendipity, she a lovely little ding ain’t she? He ain’t never been a witness to more than a murder or two a crow n’ dose times weren’t a pretty thing to remember. Comin’ from the south, he was likely spared the front row seat his itchy paws most likely wanted. It suited him. Always the tella from here on out. Ain’t a story I be a part in. Ol’ grump wouldn’t
    <Faolan> care for cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» it none. He’d slip on between a copse a trees or bit a rubble to watch from a distance like.

    * Fianna tilted her head and stared for another moment, eyes wide as Kwa`ani decided to go for a snack. Her mind was still on track though and she would gaze back down at the large tracks below them.. “Kwa.. C’mon.” She needed to find out what exactly she had delivered to the Mykeer. What had Calder put in the pouch. Would he ever return? That that thought she quickly banished. He was done with her, even if he did return.
    <Fianna> {End. Derned enter key}

    * Shukie ‘s head snapped up at first moving closer to Kova yet seeing Ayaka there protectively she instead made her way to Atraya to stand guard. She was mystifyied how the alpha could sleep thru the swarm of birds, ravens from the sounds of their shrill ca ca ca’s. With a chuff she bid her sister and Ayaka to come help guard their alphess.

    Plink. Plink plink. Whizzzzzzzzzzzzzz PLINK. Something round and hard would nick Ayaka in the shoulder. Another upon Shukie’s rump. Another pang upon Kova’s tail. CAW CAWAWWWW! The circle began to grow tighter still and the “plinking” continued. As Kova moved closer to investigate she’d feel another little “pang” of great discomfort to her nose followed by a plink, as something with decent weight behind it, landed in the snow and lodged itself in the ice below next to her. Closer inspection would reveal it to be a stone. Grey and well rounded. This stone had seen many a journey through the meandering streams of the wilds and not plucked from the degradeing rock faces of these giant mountains. These came from afar. Wait….. rocks where falling?

    * Kilmaten had been up for a bit of time now, mainly watching where the wolves were gathered below. He decided to head down and maybe snag a piece of food. Eventually he would exit the ruins and would be seen walking towards the larges group of awake wolves that he saw in the distance.

    * Atraya remained there undistributed. A paw would twitch ever so lightly at first until it seemed as though she was captured within her own nightmare. Darkness was all she knew and her imagination played well upon it. Oh what stories she’d have to tell when she woke but for now, even when the sky seemed to fall with stone she did not arise.

    * Ayaka flinched some as a heavy… Something pinged against her shoulder, leaving a welt of sorts. Upon closer inspection she’d find it was a stone. What the..? Urging Kova she would press her shoulder against the fae and move toward Atraya at the beta’s bidding. Standing somewhat over the Alphess’s body she would offer up her own pelt to the falling sky stones rather than Atraya’s. Trying to look upward without getting her
    * Ayaka face smacked was no easy task but try she would.

    * Kwa`ani huffed as her paws landed upon the cave floor, not having caught any. “Coming!” trudging back over to where she left the tracks at. Despite her play, the feel of the paw print was in her mind. “I’m still struggling with what to think of Calder… let alone all the rest of what Morrigan and Myrkeer indicated.”

    * Fianna nudged her sister’s shoulder a bit you and me both.”

    <Atraya> The cave would hold the musk of antiquity. Old yet renewed with a breeze from the outside world that managed to funnel in like a natural vent of AC. Squish. Squish. They where stepping on =something= if they weren’t careful. Did they even stay on the path?

    * Fianna “you and me both.” She muttered before pausing in her meandering. Glancing down she lifted one paw, then the next. “Eww. Is this mud?” She sniffed at it, hoping thats what it was, before moving further down the pathway, following the tracks as well as she was able
    <Fianna> (End)

    * Shukie would place herself over Atraya’s head and neck, standing guard from the stone throwers, their numbers so great that the horizon blended with their bodies. Not even the full moon could break thru to shed any of its bright light. Her hip dipped when the stone smacked it a good one, several others striking and or bouncing off. She’d take all that came her way to keep them from striking
    * Shukie Atraya, who wes in another world it seemed for who could sleep through this… Glad to see the other two faes coming her way, she did not her sister’s limp and hoped the stones didn’t cause more damage.

    Down the path they would go and once they where back on it there would be no more gross ‘sticky’ ‘icky’ sounds between their paw pads made. Let’s just say it was moss? That would be a comfort. Down the path they would go undisturbed until they’d reach a very large cavern with a beautiful crystal clear pool within the center. Bones where littered here and there but only very little. Clearly Myrkeer took great care in not ‘muddying’ it up in here. There where odd objects littered about, perhaps a thing a human called a blanket tucked in the corner with a nice bed of grass straw and leaves. Trinkets where dangling from the stalagmites and stalactites. Upon closer inspection of the pool one would make note of a single pillar in it’s center and sitting up onit the pouch. »»

    * Kova *plink* “Ouch!” she snorted out a huff of air as she was hit with… a rock? What on…. she would promptly look to the sky at the whirling tornado of blackness above them and her eyes quickly snapped to her sisters “Rocks! They have rocks!” wasn’t this a new batch of sorcery. She moved along with Ayaka, ensuring not to break the rank of their form. Without another second she »»
    <Kova> »» quickly moved over to where Atraya was laying and she too stood guard. If she was to be an umbrella this night, then she’d make herself the biggest one possible. Hunkering on her haunches she looked as though she was about to leap over Atraya but instead she came up short to stand over the fae’s frame. Was anyone else in the way?? She saw a lone figure moving in their direction and she tried to »»
    <Kova> »» pick out who it was. It was small, much smaller then skydancer_ even and it could only be the recently arrived pup. She barked to the younger to quickly get to them.

    * Kwa`ani grimaced as her paws made squish squish squish sounds, sometimes the paw pads being pulled up would create a sucking sound as the paw was freed from it’s grasp. “This smells a lot like the ancient forest back home! How can that be?” Old and musty in the heart of the forest it was. “I don’t remember this in any of my and shukie’s cave roaming… is this a new one i wonder? that we
    * Kwa`ani wandered »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» into from the buzzbuzzes lighting the way?”

    * Fianna didn’t like the way the squishy stuff bunched up between her toes and would walk kind of wonky as she shook one foot then the next until the path cleared up some and the goo seemed to vanish. Weird.. She stopped as the cavern came into full view, eyes wide. “I.. Yeah this is new to me.” She’d thought she’d been down this way before but, the caves were tricky to navigate. Must have gone a different way without realizing
    * Fianna it. The pool in the center caught her eye more than the human stuff piled to one side, that stuff meant nothing to her, yet the pillar in the center held the thing she’d been searching for.. Moving inward she stopped at the edge of the pool. “How will we get it down?” Her words held frustration for yet again.. Nothing would be easy.

    It started out with a few here and there. Plink. Plink. Plink. Until suddenly and as if by command the rocks began to fall harder and harder. PLINK PLINK. It sounded like devils hail. They where falling from such a great height that they would immediately embed themselves into the ice beneath their paws. Due to the recent warmer weather the ice had slowly begun to melt below the surface. So much so that when the stone hit the ice that eerie sound of reverberating, cracking, and breaking ice against weight bounced all the way until it hit the shore and back to them. They only seemed to blanket a certain area and as the ravens continued their circle they started to expand. Broader and broader they would fly. Once the circle encompassed what looked like a perfect sphere around the gathered wolves the plinking continued. One by one stones would be cast from the skies and fall around the wolves. If one was a bird and looked down they would see a perfect ring being formed. Crackkkkkkkkkk. Below the wolves paw pads the ice would start to break against the gradual addition of free falling weight.

    * Kilmaten saw some weird stuff happening up ahead and his little mind had no clue whats going on. One of the wolves called for him to come quickly so he started to pick up the pace before arriving to them. Rocks had started to fall and he started to freak out a little, looking around to see who he could hide under!

    * Ayaka would yelp once as another stone nicked her snout, drawing a thin line of blood across the white fur, yet held in any more surprised whimpers as any others would strike her frame. At least Atraya was covered by the three fae’s standing over her! After a moment it seemee that the stones were no longer falling on top of them, rather all around. What was going on? Worry tugged at her heart, and grew as the sound of
    * Ayaka cracking could be hear. “Shukie are we on ice?” The words struck a pang with in her.. Would they soon sink? As Kilmaten joined them she would nudge the pup near Atraya, so they stood over him as well, looking to Shukie. “Should we try to wake the Alphess somehow?” Could they even? She hadn’t woken up with all this.

    * Kova could feel a rock hit her here and there and she grunted. This was -worse- then hail! When Kilmaten started to make his way to the others she would quickly make room for the pup to get under all of them. He would be sheilded by the wolf umbrellas. “What is going on??” she growled but when the familiar sound of breaking ice beneath their paws crept from the solid earth she thought they where on the sudden realization of the situation struck her like thunder. She tucked herself closer to the pup to ensure he was safe. Even a pebble from those heights hitting a pup in the head would surely be fatal.

    * Kwa`ani with each step she kept shaking her paws trying to get the gooey gunk off. her antics stopped tho when the path opened up into a vault filled with wonderous AC, the light allowing to see great detail. Her sister would spot the pouch, but first she was over and investigating the odd things in the corner. The dried grasses she got, but what kind of hide was this.. what creature was
    * Kwa`ani it from she »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» wondered. Looking back over her shoulder she saw her sister focused on the pillar in the middle of the green glowing pool of water.. was it chemically infused? “what’ya see sis?” shifting her position some

    * Kilmaten managed to get hit by a few smaller pebbles on the way to the group before jumping under the wolves that were covering the alpha. “Whaaats going on!?!?” He shivered, huddled up against Atrayas frame.

    Upon investigation there was nothing wrong with the water. The pillar was level with the earth they now stood upon. How would they reach it? They might be able to outstretch a neck but being wolves they’d come up short. Not for a large overbearing bear would this be hard. The pools water did come up just to the surface of the pillar in the center. No foil play seemed evident. Maybe it was just a pretty mantle the bear liked?

    <Faolan> Yeah, dis be filed under A for abnormal Corvus behavior, but den what didn’t these things do? When there was a story dey were in it doin’ all kinds a mischief. Dis here was a bit more than the mischief he was used to seein’ from em but still his frame was; nice and tidy off the ice. He took note a every raven and every stone…the ol’ grump would likely know a raven from a crow and a
    <Faolan> stone cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» from another.

    * Shukie winched almost in a steady tempo, stretching further out than she was to occomodate the weee one. As the ice started to crack she shrieked for it was the same sounds when the ice cracked when Kyara and the white bear fought and dumped them all in the salty water. “Someone grab ahold of his scruff.. this is gonna drop! The other grap hold of Atraya’s hind end while I clutch her
    * Shukie scruff. This own’t be pretty!” All her muscles tensed in anticipation of what was to come.

    * Fianna had already moved to the edge of the ledge where the pool shone below, her paws just barely overhanging as she lowered her lithe frame and bunched her muscles to jump across the water. Even as Kwaani turned around she’d no doubt see Fianna leap the distance as well as she could, paws out to make the landing on the center pedastle, landing with the pouch between her paws.

    * Atraya yes despite even the shriek of ice breaking and the sound of panging stones falling from the skies this did not wake her.

    Caww!! Pink Pink! CAWW! There was a last pink as the ice below groaned in agony as it threatened to break beneath them in a perfect circle. But then…….. it stopped. The plinks where no more. The moment Shukie started to grab hold of others in preperation for getting a nice dunk in icey waters this hellish storm came to an end. One by one a raven left formation and departed back to the north. Their tokens where deposited so they had nothing left of their purpose now but to go back from where they came. Caw… cAW…..caw! The circle of a thousand ravens continued over head dropping stones until eventually there was nothing left but their calling. That too started to fade away as one by one a raven took off until the circle was no more and not a single raven was left for evidence of such a strange event.

    * Ayaka would flinch at Shukie’s shriek and tones as well as the continued caucauphony of noise and stones. Bolstering her courage she would bend to reach for Kilmaten’s scruff, yet before she had really gotten hold of the pup, the sounds faded away, and the ominous cracking as well. She paused, flicking her gaze up cautiously to the skies to watch as the ravens vanished back from whence they’d come. She was almost afraid to move for fear such would be the last straw to send them crashing down.

    * Kova would feel a stray pebble hit her rump and she grunted against it’s weight from the skies but held firm. It wasn’t until she felt nothing at all that she looked around and then to Shukie. What? Going in?? Without so much as a blink of an eye she would reach for Kilmaten’s scruff to hold on to him and to Atraya. She huddled close trying to make sure they where “balanced” in the middle should »»
    <Kova> »» this thing actually collapse. It wasn’t until the resounding caws of torment and pebble dropping (which by now she wished it was the other type of dropping) began to fade until nothing was left but their panting. “Wh… what?” her hues dared a glance to the skies, afraid a pebble would hit her in the eye. When nothing did she made note of the broken formation. “Shukie… look. They are »»
    <Kova> »» leaving?”

    * Kilmaten huddled under the wolves when all of a sudden Shukie yelled something but he wasnt paying attention, and felt the wolf above him grab the back of his neck and wiggle him around. The wolf soon let go andhe would poke his head out to look at what happened.

    <Atraya> Fianna would land on the pillar but it was large enough to hold a near 1 year old wolf so she would have to place her paws carefully and swing her momentum just enough so as not to literally throw herself onto the otherside! She caught herself and lucky her, there was another on the otherside to catch the token.

    * Shukie reigned in her panic, remaining as still as possible, wanting to shake some of the stones free that had lodged into her fur yet rested. When the ice stablized and the cracking ceased she hazard a glance skyward, shrinking in just a tad expecting yet another volley of stones. As Kova remarked the boids had flown the coup, she noticed it as well. “I’m afraid to move that it will come
    * Shukie crashing down!”

    * Fianna jumped back across with the pouch clutched gently in her maw and moved to set it down once she’d neared Kwa`ani. “Yes, this is Kwa. Let’s have a look..” She bent to sniff at it better before Gingerly using her teeth to pull th3 pouch open. What was inside? Her heart nearly hammered for what she find. Hoping it wasn’t anything resembling ashes.. She peered within after sending a glance askance at the thingy in Kwaani’s
    * Fianna maw.

    <Atraya> The pouch would be easily opened and when they looked inside there would be a grey powder within that looked exactly like ash. There was no way to discern any scent or smell from it save for the harsh smell of burnt something. Whatever it was, was on fire and it’s remains placed in the pouch. Was it a wolf? There was no way to tell. Not even a trace of evidence beside the substance inside to tell who or what it belonged.

    * Kwa`ani hoped whatever was inside wouldn’t jump out and bite them, droppoing the corner of the blanket she too would peer over and down as Fianna bravely opened the ashsack. Before it was fully opened, “Should we be opening it? what if what’s inside escapes and mum then can’t figure out what this held?” Her sis.. such the eager beaver. “Don’t breath, sniff or snort or it’ll fly away and
    * Kwa`ani then what »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» will we tell mumzie?

    * Ayaka held still, not moving a paw, but turned to glance down at Atraya. Finally, she would carefully lean down to nuzzle the Alphess’s ruff, hoping to gently wake her, for she’d need to know the events of the last few moments. “Atraya..” She said aloud, wondering what lands in which she walked to keep her asleep. “Shukie, perhaps we should try to send Kilmaten across to the other side? He is the lightest. He could at least
    * Ayaka get safe.”

    * Shukie gazed at the ‘ring o air’ separating them from the mainland now. In some places the ice was still quite thin yet others seemed to be holding firm to actual earth beneath. She didn’t know if he was agile enough nor strong enought to make that kind of jump. “I don’t want to risk his life until we have a better idea and sort through options.”

    * Atraya upon Ayaka’s attempt to arise her, she did not rise. A paw twitched against the cawing sounds until they fell silent to the darkness of night. Just like her heart. Dark. Alone. Left to whatever imaginations her mind could conjure. Or was it? There would be a quiet whine until a long deep breath and exhale given. A sigh. She didn’t stirr. She didn’t wake. The ravens where gone and she seemed »»
    <Atraya> »» to settle. The sound of the ice no longer groaned with the threat of breaking but would they chance it? The ice was thick but the additional weight of wolf and stone wouldn’t help their situation.

    * Fianna flicked a look at Kwa`ani that said something like “you think we’d come all this way to find it and NOT look? 5th is could be dear papa’s ashes of all things.” Something like that anyway, is what the look said. When she beheld the powdery substance she did lift her face away, careful to not puff her breath and scatter it all. Her heart plummetet, despite the fact they couldnt be sure.. “What… What if it IS papa?” She
    * Fianna said quietly. Worry spread through her.

    * Kova would let loose a low huff before she would slowly step to the side now and away from the alpha. Her hues turned to the others “Let’s wait until morning. Then we’ll get a better idea of just what is below us and around us. If we don’t move… we should be ok.” she offered a suggestion.

    * Kilmaten looked up at his new surroundings. What in tarnation? They were surrounded by rocks and boulders that werent there a few moments ago. He heard his name and realised he would be an explorer! How awesomee!! “I’ll do it!” He cheered, coming out from under the wolves that were guarding him.

    * Ayaka nodded to both Shukie and Kova’s words. “Good idea Kova.” She murmured, shifting ever so slowly to settle beside the Alphess now rather than over the top. Each movement was snail paced as she paused to see if it made the ice crack even more. She would await the coming of the dawn. She thus far had not seen any sign of Phoenix approaching their location.

    * Shukie would nod to her sister’s suggestion. “Light will help for sure and if the others awake and maybe one of them can offer a solution if we can’t come up with something.” glancing down at Atraya who seemed to have settled, “Don’t do much moving or it might just be enough to send it plummeting.” She looked to Kilmaten, “Whoa there bud! We need ot stay put for the moment and think this
    * Shukie out. Curl up against Atraya for now And Don’t Go moving off” She was afraid even his slight weight would be enough to open the earth. Earth fall from above and to below. “I’ve never seen the likes of so many birds, not even if i put every bird i’ve ever seen together.” her head shaking a bit in disbelief of the flock, let alone their targeting to start the building of the stone igloo.”

    * Kova would give a nod to Ayaka and had done the same. She didn’t sense nor see Phoenix either and only was surrounded by those around her now. She looked to Kilmaten and instincts kicked in as she grabbed for his frame with her nose and nudged him closer to Atraya and the rest of the fae’s. They’d keep him warm and hopefully help nod him off to sleep. She turned to Shukie, whispering now “Nor »»
    <Kova> »» I… tomorrow upon first light we see.” she said huffing quietly as she licked the smidge of blood from Ayaka’s face wherea rock hit her.

    * Fianna would feel.the weight of the find settle heavy upon her, and she would curl around the pouch after carefully closing it. “Let’s take it back to mama tomorrow..” She offered, looking once more around the cavern as she settled upon the earth.

    * Kwa`ani kept far enough back taht she wouldn’t disturb the contents, letting her sister bundle up the bundle again. “I don’t trust anything, sis. It may be or it might not be. I’ll hope for the latter but i’m not counting on anything anymore.” Once fia tidied up she’d move close again, sniffing it at last now that th econtents were secured. “Let’s get outa here and see what mum thinks.”

    <Faolan> Shooo…a long night for dem, cher He took note of the hue of the stones that littered the ice and what the spread of any cracks, if any visible on the surface, looked like before he too decided to turn in for the night. This a spot as any…And there he would continue his watch.

    Don’t Go South • Continued Role Play

    10:30 PM 7/17/2019

    * Kova watched the ice carefully. Huhmmm. There wasn’t much tow orry about, she thought, “Let me try and leap across.” there was little to not much movement and so, considering she was already on the otherside being a balance, she would time it with Atraya’s movements as well. She turned herself completely around and without so much as a blink of an eye, she lept off the rocking slab and onto »»
    <Kova> »» the other side safely. “Phew..” she whispered to herself. She turned and made her way towards the others now. Shukie was the last one there.

    * Nightshade nuzzles Kova and responded ” glad that you and Atraya are safe and well , hopefully we can get Shukie over here” and took a deep breath from relieve

    * Darth would let go of Nightshade’s tail for now; and would pad over to nose Kova and the alpha gently. “Glad that you guys are alright. Just the beta left and we’ll have the pack safe and sound again.” He said.

    * Atraya gave a nod of her head in agreement to the statement made. They needed to make sure to get Shukie off safe and sound. “Thank you for your help. Now.. will someone tell me what happened?”

    * Kova when she reached the others she would dip her head and look to the stones for a moment then back to Atraya. She seated herself but also kept a careful eye on Shukie. skydancer was also near apparently. Considering she was there witness to it all she would offer “Last night we where conversing with one another, a few of us, and without warning an entire murder of ravens swirled high above »»
    <Kova> »» us in a tight circle. They came from the north and with them, they carried pebbles and stones from which they then dropped upon us. Ayaka, Shukie, and myself worked to cover you as best we could. Kilmaten joined us as well after fleeing the flying pebbles. It was unusual to say at best….”

    * Atraya shifted her hues towards Kova and then to those around her. “I slept through -that-?” if her face wasn’t swollen there would be a clear cowl of confusion on her features. Disbelief, no, anger started to well within her. Not any them but herself. She huffed and shook her head “Thank you. Thank all of you for helping… I know this isn’t easy.” she said in an even lower tone. »»
    <Atraya> »» “Please… make sure Shukie gets off safe. I will return soon.” The movement no doubt caused the half scabbed wounds open and blood would drip from her face. It wasn’t anything serious and the rake was a good one. Clean. No sign of infection either it just would take sometime to heal. Unable to see the world around her she would tip her nose up and sniff the air trying to get her barrings. »»
    <Atraya> »» Good thing this was a wide open world up here, no? Like a new born pup she was unsteady on her paws as she would splay them out waaaaay further then a wolf normally would as if to ‘feel’ the ground. This wasn’t her home where she could freely move about without worry. She headed south.

    * Kova would watch Atraya and would just about go after her but the tone in her voice suggested otherwise. She would frown and worry for the fae’s condition. This wasn’t -their- home. Surely she herself could navigate their territory with ease and blind folded too, but this was not their heart. She sighed and looked between Darth, Nightshade and skydancer. She didn’t intend to stop the fea but, she »»
    <Kova> »» wouldn’t want her to go to far by herself. Who knew what lingered out there. “Yes alphess…’ she was very reluctent but she too wanted to make sure her sister Shukie was ok.

    * Nightshade sighs exhausted “I think I’m going to rest alphess Atraya , I hope everyone would be safe and return at home fast enough ” and looked at Kova and rested her frame on a safer ground where’s no ice and chuffs tired “I’m gonna…lay….do” and she felt asleep before she could finished her sentence.
    * Nightshade curled her frame next to the stick and dozed off.. she hopes that everyone will find safe land.

    * Faolan looked between the larger group and the lone fae marching on down his way. A’course he was hidden somewhat well and at a distance so that his watchin’ wouldn’t interfere with the story being told. This, however, was a mighty fine opportunity to tease a little more a tha truth from the source. Surely, this higher ranking fae, ‘haps the alpha as he had guessed and was so nicely
    * Faolan confirmed, cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» would have the story worth his sending?

    * Atraya continued to move along at a slow pace. She felt the earth beneath her pads and like a new born pup she would find this world… different. New. Worth exploring in a depth she never thought she’d experience. It didn’t take her long to leave the lakeside shore of doom, to enter into the small forest that littered the surrounding area. Sniff. Sniff. She would be extra careful in scenting and »»
    <Atraya> »» placing her paws as she continued on. The open air would start to change, nae, it was different. Something blocked it and before she knew it she ran straight into a tree. THoongngngngngnnggg!

    * Kova watched as Atraya moved off and kept a careful eye on the direction before turning to look at Shukie with light hues. She would be ever vigilant now and watch her.

    * Shakira would have woken earlier in the day to double back through the wooded area to the east of the Hidden Falls, thinking it wise to check twice in case she may have missed a scent post or other giveaway of the whereabouts of the pack. Though her hope of finding the pack had indeed faded, her determination to find fellow stragglers left behind still urged her on. With a quick stretch of her limbs and scan of the surrounding area at the base

    * Kilmaten had settled down to watch all the comotion between the other wolves. He saw the alpha walk away from the group and was confused.. Isnt she blind?? Oh well.

    <Atraya> If Shakira was within the old territory she would find that she would be alone. The scent and smell of the pack hadn’t been there for several months. The trails and tracks that led them out and a trail to follow was also gone. What happened?

    * Shakira followed along the cliff wall of the mountains that edged the territory, the name of the range slipping her mind as she hadn’t heard the name in what felt like ages. Though she herself would never dare to climb the steep structures, she respected their splendor and admired the beauty of their presence. As she neared the Sweet Valley, she turned her attention back to the search, nose to the wind and ears perked as she looked for any pos
    <Darth> (For any pos-)
    * Shakira ..possible traces of wolves, her mind still reeling over what could have made the pack leave this seemingly perfect territory.

    The smell of a burnt woodland and territory would all but be gone by now but the remains of it would be well evident on the tree’s and forests. The grasses where still green from the spring in some areas but the burnt amber hues of other grasses touched by summer would as well be evident.

    * Darth yawned widely as he wandered around the area, he would wonder how the Alpha and Kova were doing, and would eventually make his way over next to where Nightshade was surely asleep. He decided to lay down next to her as he yawned once more. He swiveled his ears as he would listen for any available sounds in the area. His eyes started to grow heavy; and eventually would drift off to sleep. Surely he would be available to help

    * Faolan would cringe at the sight of this blind fae. She not a knowin’ where she is…maybe a fair bit from home, he’d whisper to himself. She’d walk parallel to his own path and he’d follow some distance away. He’d make sure she was away from the others before he dared make a move.

    * Shakira had noticed various scorch marks on some of the larger trees as she had ventured through the territory, and it appeared that fire had touched here as well. She had heard stories of humans and how they knew the ways of fire and how to contain it; having never seen humans before in her life, she only had the horror stories to go off of. Perhaps, she thought to herself with a shiver, humans had driven the pack from their home using the fi

    * Atraya she would continue to look ahead and after the embarassing ‘strike’ to the tree she would do more to be ginger with her paws. She huffed unaware of another following after her. Continued along the path at a slow pace. Every now and thene she’d run into a tree with a shoulder or her flank, growling in slight frustration until she paused. She tipped her nose up now trying to find a source of »»
    <Atraya> »» water.

    * Shakira ..using the fire they somehow learned to control. Not knowing the true reason for the packs absence, her mind continued creating ideas and reasonings of it’s own, trying to make sense of this situation. As her paws carried her further through the valley, the tall grass tickling along her legs and belly as she moved, she knew in her heart that she was no closer to uncovering this mystery now than she had been when she first returned weeks prior. Still, her need and want for the comfort and security of pack life goaded her on, her vigor unfaltering.

    * Faolan kept along a parallel path as much as he could, but the wind was a cruel mistress. She’d betray him soon enough but not before it was clear there wasn’t a soul comin’ to help this poor fae. You be headin’ a bit too far south from yo’ pack, cher. Trop sucre pour dix cents…it be a fair bit a trouble awaitin’ you without a clear set a eyes. A loose pile of rocks would stand
    * Faolan between him cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» and this blind fae; nothin’ more n’ nothin’ less.

    <Atraya> There was no way to indicate if humans where involved with the fire or not. Shakira would, however, be alone in the territory. The grasses where already over taking most of the areas that where burned and wild flowers have sprout up in places they never occupied before. It looked serene still. How odd. Where did the pack go?
    * Atraya a bump here, a nudge there, the tree’s where very much outstretched to get her she was sure of it. It wasn’t until the voice of another, one she’d not heard arose from the depths of such darkness and she spun about quickly. Her fur prickled and her hackles rose. She let loose a low growl in defense as clearly she was very defensive. “Just because my eyes are not sharp does not mean my »»
    <Atraya> »» teeth have dulled…..” she tilted her head to the east and pointed her nose up to try and scent this unfamiliar. “Who are you?”

    * Kova would remain near the others and her sister, Shukie. She would keep her eyes narrowed on the horizon where her Alpha had gone and kept a very watchful eye as well ear for anything unusual. They where down wind from her so she wouldn’t be afforded those scents.

    <Faolan> Elle coupe comme les dents de ma grand-mère. His frame was lithe enough on these stones, but he’d test her gumption by sliding down just a few. Dey no larger then a pup’s broadside, but they sound somethin’ fierce; maybe large enough to catch a flinch in that sure stance. You an alpha, fo sho. Dat as plain as a blue sky on these summer afternoons. I ain’t in this to mean you
    <Faolan> any harm, cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» cher. In fact, quite the opposite. You go that much farther south n’ you likely be fallin’ off a cliff or two with no tree to save you. He trusted that she could pin point him while he spoke, so while he spoke he kept his distance. Even after he stopped he kept a respectul stone’s throw away. Name’s a story, cher. I reckon I owe you that much for the story I watched
    <Faolan> unfold this afternoon. cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» You can call me, Phoenix.

    * Atraya this wolf spoke a dialect she was not familiar with nor have come in contact with. It wasn’t as eloquent as her mates but all the same, it had it’s own tune to it. She kept her nose tipped up trying to pick up the wolf’s scent and when the wind favored her, she would be able to comitt it to memory albeit brief. Each harmonic tone of his voice would be like a beacon. Pinging his location. »»
    <Atraya> »» When he slide among the stone her head turned in his direction as if she could see him. Her and her mate would spend many a nights bounding through the wild boulder fields of their old home. Stone was close and dear to her heart. “Phoenix. Yes… I heard the others speak your name.” her head now followed her body’s movements to face the male. “So… what brings you here and close to my »»
    <Atraya> »» pack this far north. I assume it isn’t just for stories.”
    * skydancer lies curled about herself near the rest of the pack attention toward where atraya had gone uncertain wether to stay pr to follow. had the other gotten lost? shifting her frame slightly she is aware of kova intenstse intrest in the same place as her own.

    <Faolan> She a sharp one, son. Best be wary… he thought to himself. There would be a brief moment of silence as he gauged her reactions and her tones, and as though to allay the subtle melancholy he would break the silence. Dat I am sure they did, cher. It’s a story to pass along and pass along it was. You see the power in dat, yeah? Should surpise you little ta experience the curiosity
    <Faolan> in your cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» novelty. He would slowly move himself to the southern extent of her path, keeping himself between her and what lay beyond. Her way back to her pack would be unimpeded. ‘sides, I’m just bein’ neighborly in a sense. A story -is- what I came for, but I haven’t found a fittin’ end to pen to it.

    * Kova an ear turned towards the sound of another. Sky? she would nose the fae lightly “Hello Sky, how are you?”

    * skydancer Banner gives a brief motion that might have been a wave if not for the ground beijg a spoil sport. “hello kova. she replies her attention unwavering. “i’m alright you?” she asks shifting as though wanting to get but holding back.

    * Atraya her ear turned to the left, then back to the right as she would tilt her head every time he would move. She ensured she knew where he stood and just how close. There would be a quiet ‘humming’ sound from her vocals as if to be in thought before she spoke. “Stories are of my nature and of my way. Do you hope to find an end to yours?” she asked with a mutual tone. There was no happiness »»
    <Atraya> »» within her vocals and might not be for a long time. The darkness that she’s fallen to would make sure of that. She could tell the path was now blocked by the ‘feeling’ of his presence to the south but the way back was left for her to stride upon.

    * Faolan could register that sure enough. Sadness is what it always is…a bitter brew. Elle ne descend pas, cher. Nah, I ain’t a player in a play. I just help retell the tale. He stayed quartered to and a stone’s throw away from the fae. Pity had a way a blindin’ more fool than not, n’ mama didn’t raise one of dem. There an end to your story you searchin’ for out here or somethin’
    * Faolan else?

    <Kova> “I’m doing ok.. just sore..” she would say with a low tone in her voice. Her hues fell back upon the dark horizon. “Also… Atraya hasn’t returned yet”
    * Atraya there would be a slight shift of her front left paw before it settled back into the melting snow. “So a lorekeeper of sorts.” that was the only word she knew in her lifetime to describe one who kept stories to share and not necessarily be a part of those stories all themselves. A book of knowledge and history one might say. To his question however she would tilt her head to ‘listen’ to »»
    <Atraya> »» him before her swollen features would look straight ahead and to the horizon. South and then back north again. “Perhaps both…” she now turned to look back at Phoenix. “What I search for is perhaps another tale to tell if the telling is mutual.”

    * skydancer glancong over for the fist time at those words nothing too obvious springs to her attention. the next words cause her to grunt sligtly in agreement.”I don’t want to mother her. but I’m getting worried. do you think we should go check?”

    * Kova she would be conflicted. She was told to stay here and watch Shukie but her hues fell to the horizon. There was no denying the concern she had for their alpha. She hadn’t been herself for nearly a year. She knew the obvious reason for it as no words needed to be shared or feelings provoked. She looked to skydancer. “I’ll give her a few… and then I think maybe you better go check. I was »»
    <Kova> »» told to stay here and watch Shukie.”

    <Faolan> A story for a story, cher was all he’d say. He had told her as much. If she wanted to know something, then an equal price would be given. What would she give to him?

    * skydancer dips her muzzle in agreement.”honestly if it wasn’t. toodangerous I’d go and nip that sleepyhead in the rump. sleeping though such a predicament. she narrows her a bit then shifts her attention to where atraya has disapeared to.

    * Atraya an ear flicked once more at the thought before she would furrow her brow as best she could but it looked more like a quenched grimce instead. “There once was a wolf who fell in love with a flower. A lunar flower. It’s beauty and tempting aroma would be all the inviting and ever forgiving. Nothing could go wrong amongst those beautiful, long stemmed petals. A life shared among the flora »»
    <Atraya> »» was all she ever wanted. A place to unload a burden when the days seemed unforgiving. The fae could be found among these flowers at night for they would bloom like no other. Their raidence unmatched. Some would say they where forged from the moon’s aura itself but nature would simply blush. To her… there would be no match to these flowers. Until one day…” she paused and allowed her tone to »»
    <Atraya> »» change into a more dramatic tenor. “…. a single stone changed the world. A gift from one heart to another. One would say that this stone took on the essence of love for there was no greater meaning behind such a small object then ever before in this fae’s life.”

    * Kova looked to skydancer and then again to the horizon. “She’s tired. We’re all tired…” her hues fell to skydancer now. “I think the bittersweet temptation of behing home again is on everyones minds…”

    * skydancer swilvels one ear toward kova as the other speaks up. “mhm, true enough.” she replies. even as she sits up then rises al the way and in a stretch her attention still on the horizon

    * Kova gave a dip of her head to her before she sighed, lowering her head on her paws. Nothing had felt ‘right’ in sometime. She was, however, glad to be with family.

    * Faolan could feel the pang inside a him like the drummin’ a gun fire was still just over his shoulder. He’d grimmace too but there was no harm in it; he’d settle his voice and answer. Ill-fated love. Ain’t it all ill-fated in the end? I tell a story to match… He’d look back behind his shoulder. The south; a land beyond the horizon lifted up like a mirage on the mind before he
    * Faolan began his own cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» short story. There’s a desert some distance beyond what even the mind can see. No great forest, no great shade, ain’t even a foothill a mountain. Ain’t nothin’ there in my memory save a hole in a hill and a horizon all around it. A story ain’t got an end, but the interlude to this beginnin’ does. You see, I was born to a pack I ain’t ever known save for a mother and later
    <Faolan> to a dream of a cut»»w
    <Faolan> cont»» white fae…bon autre de raison. Cher, those days be a heaven and a hell for those that survive what happens after the happy days fade. Gun shot took my ma and a unyielding rail a steel took my mate to a wasteland a misery this old soul got caught up in…but that a story beyond that. He would look to Atraya with anticipation of what she would say or ask next.

    * skydancer ears twitch slightly as the younger fea lets out a breath causing her to turn, briefly to give the other short nuzzle then sets her nose upon the trail and pads along it without hurry but but inevitably drawing closer.

    * Atraya her face would be pointed in his direction indicating she was listening intently to his words. She picked up on his origin and thought quietly upon it. She’d never been to the desert but the picture in which he painted by articulating it’s detail she could feel the very heat off the sand on a warm day. There would be a visible frown upon her face at the mention of his mother and mate. A »»
    <Atraya> »» thread she shared with him already. “I am sorry that was written in your story Phoenix. No wolf should know the bitter steel of a mans bullet nor the violent tearing it does to loved ones. I know this feeling well… I still know of it.” she wouldn’t divuldge to much to the new male, besides she only just met him, but he could perhaps tell that she too was heartbroken but not just for the »»
    <Atraya> »» dead, but for the stone of her heart left missing still. Perhaps this wolf had come across those very tracks? One more thing, she thought, one more thing to ask. No… she shouldn’t ask. She wouldn’t ask. Not yet. For now she kept herself pose while she had the internal monolouge to herself before offering. “Though these are not my lands to claim yet, and if it is no harm you mean to my »»
    <Atraya> »» family, then your presence is welcome to reside within. My name is Atraya… Alpha of WolfSpirits.” she pointed herself north now, back to her pack. “I look forward to more stories Phoenix…” and she paused now in her blindness to look out and wait. Would he have anything to say or add as well?

    * Kova an ear turned towards the direction of skydancer. It would seem that now she decided to go off and look for their alpha “Just becareful…It’s dark and who knows what’s out there…”

    * skydancer ears turn back at kova’s words and then pauses her rright paw raised slightly as she swongs her head around.’i will. “she calls back then turns back on her path and pads of once more.

    * Faolan would offer a steep dip of his gaze to the offer of her name after having listened intently to what other morself a story she shared in her words and between them. There was somethin’ there but he could tell little of it beyond assumption. No, no…ain’t no use in assumin’. No good story was told like that n’ survived long. A story beyond another, cher, but I owe you something
    * Faolan handsome cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» for a story you just shared. A name was a story afterall… A stone a metaphor like a flower. Mais, I reckon there a half a story I know n’ another I don’t, but I hear tale a two a some called Wolfspirits. It surprise me some to see a pack in these ruined stones; surpise me somethin’ fierce finding that name floatin’ on around like a wayward feather a some great hawk.
    <Faolan> At that he’d cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» plant himself back upon his haunches. Dis seem like a chance to tease an end alright. Maybe then the ol’ grump would have him move somewhere south? I gathered from tha others and from what I saw that you’ve been havin’ troubles a what you reckon to call “unnatural” kind? He’d gesture back towards the north and to the carcass of a bear neither one of them could see
    <Faolan> You fell what some cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» would call a “brother bear” up there…a protector a sorts as the stories go, but I gather there a story in a story here.

    * Atraya when Phoenix lowered himself into the snow she would turn her head to hear it better. She ensured it wasn’t approaching steps of paws. When it was clear he seated himself she would look back to him all the same an injured wolf could. Upon the mention of a floating feather caught in the wind with the same name as she held caused her to perk. She took a step forward and stopped. Hope… was it »»
    <Atraya> »» hope? “So you’ve heard of others with this name? Tell me…. would they happen to be a pair of males?” that hope would be dim at best and her tone conveyed that, however, there was a moment of distraction as he asked about their troubles. “Our troubles seemingly belong in our book. A constant chapter in this pack’s life…. but nothing in which we cannot over come. We’ve over come many »»
    <Atraya> »» unnatural kinds. This one… no different. But to this end…. ” she paused peering down “This end is different.” there was a long drawn out pause but when he mentioned ‘brother bear’ she asked quietly Brother bear?

    * skydancer padding through the snow se can essily see the tracks atraya made clearing running into thins along the way and even those signs hadn’t been there her noase tells her enough.

    <Faolan> It was then that Atraya would take note of the male’s scent. The wind finally betrayed him long enough to offer up his own and what he had recent traveled with. There were some 5-6 different scents on him, but none outright familiar save for the common flora along his path towards the south. There it is, cher. The nerve to hit to strike hope. I see many a’ males in my day. They the
    <Faolan> ones cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» split off from a pack here, a pack there; searching to make their own home. You wantin’ a stone but I ain’t knowin’ what the other is to you. Fair ‘nough. I still owe a debt. I hear tale of a quartet of bears in four directions of this here earth. They called the Brother Bear. I never had a want to see ’em but le Conteur once told a fine story a one. If you have set yourself
    <Faolan> at odds with them, cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» then a missin’ stone be the least a your worries, cher.

    * Atraya would seat herself just before he began to offer up his words. The discomfort in her face would betray her internal feelings when he revealed, by scent, he’d not come across the ones she sought and the hope in which she held once more became a mere flicker deep within. “Fair enough indeed…” she offered in kind. She didn’t expect him to run into them. When he described the bears »»
    <Atraya> »» and what he’s heard she would give a nod of interest. “My dear story teller…” she said now rising once more while lowering her head to help herself up before she rose it to address him. There was even a hint of a chuckle behind her words. “…. sight is not the only thing I would be willing to give for my pack and my family.” ‘If you’re willing to blindly follow, then blind you »»
    <Atraya> »» become’ her sisters words recalled to her ” If it’s a bear we’ve poked from all four corners of an ancestral realm or otherwise…. then may the stick we once held remain broken, for we didn’t prod first. But alas…” a long draught of air was taken in before an elongated sigh escaped her. “.. should trouble want to find us, I would want to know.”
    * Atraya there was no instruction to her sacrafice. The only thing she’d tell was the world became amplified. The wind wasn’t just a nice breeze across her face but an overload of information. The scents became richer, the world became louder, and her heart remained ever steady. Beyond that nothing had changed within her save for the continual erosion of hope for that missing stone. Not even a flower »»
    <Atraya> »» of such grandure could help quell a heart so longing. However a promise she made long ago kept those very loose, broken, and shredded threads together. It would be the only thing to hold her back from continuing to follow the path south. Phoenix had offered quiet a bit to her and so she offered what she thought equal to such story sharing well before he requested it. “Faolan of Starfall and »»
    <Atraya> »» Earth. Of WolfSpirits.” his name came as fluid as the crystalian waters that flowed through these icey valleys. “.. my mate.”

    * skydancer as she draws closer she starts to catch some wolf scent though with the direction the wind blows it’s proving hard to tell which wolf it is she she’s scenting. but then the sounds of voices reacher her ears. not but atleast two. and both she recognizes even if the brutes voice takes bit longer.

    * Faolan thought back on the time he had heard of the bears and of the story of the first demise. He wouldn’t tell her the name that this story was entertwined with. To do so would be to risk summoning her. Thankfully that devil witch wasn’t good at readin’ thoughts. The Morrigan. A man ain’t fit to be in two places at once, so he took away from that memory and firmly planted himself to
    * Faolan the cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» conversation before he heard her mention a name. Ah, mon petit…I hear tale a that one, but that’s just it. I ain’t ever reckoned it to be real. Nah, cher, I ain’t ever put a face to a legend like that. I never reckoned to put a face to your own name to be short of it. What of the other? I reckon there another this one traveled with? I give you lagniappe…a little
    <Faolan> somethin’ cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» free.
    * Faolan was not yet aware of any other nearby, but he was on the right side for a quick get away if the need arose.

    * Atraya an ear flicked to his words and she took them as they where offered. Information. Even a little tid bit of it she garnered as something. When he confirmed he hadn’t seen Faolan she would offer to him another and final name (for now). “Rook of Starfall and Earth. Of WolfSpirits…” she wasn’t aware of skydancer approaching either. Concentration upon their conversation has kept her occupied. “my son.”

    <Faolan> There was something there, be it in the name or the few other words she used and continued to use that turned the tone of his voice. There was a moment of realization, encapsulated in word or two before the mind caught up with the tongue. There ain’t a worth in half knowin the story. Would he finally have an end to the story he’d been tryin’ to tell? They say a rook always comes
    <Faolan> home to cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» roost, cher. If he is to you what you say he is, then a rook come. He was dangerously close to becoming a part of the story and that just would not be. What else he knew was left in the intervening silence for her to grasp at. A story for a story. You told me much, but I told you all I care to for the worth of it. You want answers I ain’t priveleged to give for the
    <Faolan> worth of those stories cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» outmatch my own. A story worth the invitation, it here somewhere, cher. You find it and bring it south to the Storyteller n’ he tell you ’bout your lost stone…

    * Atraya transfixed upon his words she was entirely solid. Unmoving and unwavering to each word he offered. A clue. A hope. Like one holding a tiny ember and blowing ever so gently upon it’s amber hue, causing it to dance and ignite with brilliance again. “Be still heart” she had to remind herself. The sincerity in his voice and tone would however quell a skeptical mind and she seemed to let herself slip in guard just slightly. “A story for a story….. I’ll be sure to bring one worth telling in exchange for a stone….” and that is where she left it. Her own tone held a little more life to it this time. The hour was late and she grew tired. Her face had throbbed with the movement of emotions and so she would depart with good manners. A bow of her head and a turn of her frame before she would respectfully depart his presence but not before glancing over her shoulder briefly “Your aura is nice…. like a lunar flower.” and with that she would start her blind walk back. She hoped to follow in her own footsteps to avoid crashing into any more trees. There was much to think about and the blindness she experienced would not be the cause of her running into things.

    * Faolan would dip his gaze deeply again and let her leave in the silence of thought. There was much to dwell on, not least of all the information that he had gained. It was time to return to the ol’ grump and give to him a story worth tellin’; a story worth hearin.

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