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Chapter 14 – The Aftermath | July 11th-13th, 2019

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    %Fianna %Kwa`ani
    Kilmaten Nova Shakira

    The Next Morning

    [20:58] * Kilmaten rushed over and almost tackled his dad until he realised all the red stuff in his fur and
    snow and ice and stuff. "Are you gunna be okay dad?" Consern in his voice. He should be fine with all
    these wolfies here, right? They can finally eat right and rest right, so yaay!..?
    [21:01] * Shukie let the peace of hte moment wash over her, soaking it in for now. In time, she moved
    outside of the cave to Atraya's side once more. "It is done, my Alpha. Are we safe to partake of the
    bear's flesh as substinance for now?" Not entirely sure it was safe to eat but the pack needed meat and
    plenty of fresh meat at that. ONce Atraya would respond she would move off agian to check upon the
    injured. "Be gently Kwa`ani, she is in much pain, i have no doubts." She could see the wounds for herself
    in the light that was offered from above. First she would move over to Nova's position have easily
    followed the blood trail.. a rather large blood trail at that. They were so new to the pack she knew the
    pup would not know anyone aside form herself. In a gentled voice she chuffed in greeiings to the
    [21:04] * Kwa`ani didn't look up from her mother's side at Shukie's approach and comments. Food was,
    after all, the last thing on her mind. I'll be here to look after you mother. Miffed at her sister for taking
    off after that traiter ofa brute, calder.
    [21:04] * Atraya would nod to Shukie "Thank you" she whispered before lowering her head on her paws.
    Lids attempting to close. "I think for now… I will rest." she would find that darkness continued to hold
    [21:07] * Kajika 's nose twitched but couldn't necessarily respond for Nova in this instance. Instead he
    just decided to nod and directed him over to the side of the path that they had taken. They had a decent
    view of the bear's body and those around it from here and would keep Nova and Kilmaten company
    while overseeing everyone else. His mood visibly lightened up as he noticed Shukie coming up
    [21:07] * Kajika to check in »»[21:07] <Kajika> »» on them and stood up to nose the Beta as he let Nova
    down to rest, alongside Kilmaten if he was there beside his father. "That was a good fight, Shukie. How
    many others down there are injured? Are you injured? Is the Mykeer truly dead?" Almost at once, the
    questions poured out of him like a flowing river held back only by the condition he would be leaving
    Nova in.
    [21:10] * Nova chuffed to the incomming Beta, then turned to his son. "I'll be fine, little one. Don't
    worry about me." He sighed as he put his head down on the ground, looking at Shukie walking towards
    them, hearing all Kajikas questions, wondering the same thing. He felt pretty worthless, being taken out
    of the fight early, but at least the bear was dead. He still had no clue what all this about. "Someone want
    to fill me in on what this w
    [21:11] * Shukie nosed Kajika gently, "I am fine and was not hurt at all. Several are hurt pretty badly,
    Kova the worst after Atraya and Darth, who made the killing blow to myrkeer." Leaning over to nose
    Nova. "Welcome back and thank you for your help. If you'll allow, I'll see to Kilmaten until you are able
    to again as he knows me." glancing toward the pup if he was near yet. "The bear is dead and if not for
    everyone's efforts we would not have been successful." Again she nosted the male, "Thank you." she
    whispered quietly.
    [21:17] * Nova (Kilmaten) looked around at the wolfies now, then to Shukie as shs padded up. "Yes i
    dooo!" He beamed, glad his dad would be fine and he gets to hang out with one of the pack leaders.

    Sure this would mean that hed be some sort offuture leader in disquise! His tail wagged furiously with
    [21:21] * Kajika couldn't hold back another look of worry down to where everyone was and where he
    had placed the pouch with the water. He didn't stay until the very end so he wouldn't know if anyone's
    injuries got any worse. Had the quakes and shakes disturbed the water he had in the pouch? Admittedly
    it was not as full as when it had been filled, but there was still a good amount of the water left in there;
    for at least that is what he thought. If the shakes and paw stomps caused the pouch to tip over, then all
    of the water will have been lost. Panic only gripped him for a moment before he let his mind rest at
    hearing that Darth delivered the final bite that took the Mykeer's life and Kilmaten's excitement was
    almost contagious enough for him to deal with the water issue later. If at least half of the water was
    present and contained still then he would consider it a success if it meant that he got to take care of his
    packmates. He mentally took a mental note of who was in bad condition as well as the injuries he had
    seen, however small might at least need to be seen through to recovery even if time was the only thing
    that was needed.
    [21:30] * Nova returned the gensture to shukie as he got a bit more comfortable. "Yeah yeah, am I the
    worst one or are there others?" He questioned. If not, he would hope there was something to do for the
    bleeding, forming a small puddle on the ground below him now. "I think im gettin empty…" He said
    shakily, starting to feel a bit dizzy.
    [21:31] * Shukie watched Kajika only briefly, "go see to the others, I'll watch over the duo for now."
    doing what she could to put them all at ease. She leaned in and nosed Kilmaten gently. "Can you stay
    here and watch over your father?" her voice quiet and gentle. Such a young pup, ran thru her mind. At
    Nova's questions but more his voice, she turned back to the male. "rest, Nova. And worry not. we'll
    bring you food shortly." She said this more for Kilmaten having seen enough to guess the outcome
    though she could be surprised too.
    [21:33] * Kwa`ani watched as Kajika moved about, at last noticing the pup but would not move from her
    mother's side unless forced to do so.
    [21:36] * Kwa`ani + would rest her head upon her paws but would not sleep, at least not yet. Worry
    clouded her mind, her mother, sister, and what was to come next she knew not. Hopefully there would
    be more answers once the new day dawned.
    [21:38] * Nova (Kilmaten) "I can do that!" He exclaimed as he looked over to his father, who seemed to
    be a bit sleepy, along with the mess hes making. He nosed the ShukieWolf as he sat down next to his
    [21:39] * Shukie began pawing at what clean snow she could find and urged Kilmaten to do the same.
    "We need to stop the blood flow and the cold of the snow will help with that." Using her muzzle against
    the now fluffed white stuff she did what she could to form a sphere from it to move it back toward Nova
    and would begin packing the worst of his wounds, being as gentle as she could be. She knew the cold
    woud also dull the pain. Once their task was done, she urged his son to curl about his father as she too
    would do. SHe wasn't as sharp minded as normal but it was a rough night at that, rougher still on those

    [21:45] * Kajika looked to Shukie but only for a second before dipping his head slightly as he saw her and
    Kilmaten placing snow up against the wounds to slow the blood loss and ease swelling. He didn't wait
    for another invitation to turn and race back down the side of the ridge to the other injured wolves
    where he would go about making sure that their wounds were cleaned and do the same thing that he
    saw Shukie doing. He might also have to check for broken bones and slowly his practices were coming
    back to him as he ran. «end
    [08:27] * Nova had lay there last night after giving up on moving in great pain, his son sleeping a few tail
    lengths away now, not wanting to soak his fur with his blood. He drifted in and out of consiousness
    throughout the night, breathing getting lighter and lighter. He basically ran out of blood to spill,
    maraculously still alive at this time. There was no doubt in his mind that it was his time. He would soon
    join his daughters and mate in whatever lay beyond, and theres nothing he could do about it. The ice did
    help with throbbing and further pain, greatful for the wolves help the night before. He spent the night
    reflecting on his life, from his childhood, to him first joining the pack hes now with, to meeting his mate
    for the first time. He was deeply saddened that all surviving members of Kilmatens family would soon be
    gone besides hin, but he knew his son was in good hands. He tried to adjust his frame to be a bit more
    comfortable until his time comes, grunting and cursing at the pain, surely waking up Kil. He sighed as he
    saw his son stir awake, wishing he didnt have to see him like this. "Rest.. now… son…" he huffed,
    wanting him to hopefully look away. 'This sucks..' He thought to himself. He was fighting as hard as he
    could so just maybe… He could be a good dad for once. but no, he failed all three children, and his mate.
    He let out a few whimpers before going unconsious yet again.
    [08:29] * Shukie had slipped off during the night to check on the other pack members, the injured and
    her alpha while the Nova and the pup slept. She had noted, perhaps, that Nova's breathing had become
    shallow during the night. She was not about to let the flesh of the bear go to waste. She did not howl for
    the bear's spirit for the trickster had caused so much death and destruction. She filled her belly first then
    had taken a decent portion back to Nova and the pup where she had settled again before the first light
    of dawn breeched the horizon.
    [08:32] * Kilmaten woke up to the sounds of his dad in distress. He picked his head up to face him.
    "Dad..? Are… Are you ok?" he said with extreme worry. He was starting to look like that deer, and his
    dad surely wasnt food. "D… Dad?" He whimpered, nozing his dads barely alive body. "Hey.. wake up..
    We gotta go eat now." He said he'd be fine, is he just sleepy? Must be..
    [08:36] * Kwa`ani had not slept, vigilantly keeping watch over her mum. she'd seen Shukie go to the
    bear and rip free the flesh of the bear and just plain chow down. It was then she'd realized the fae had
    grown gaunt over the past months from her normal robust self she'd always known the fae to be. How
    dimwhitted she'd been to not realize Shukie had barely eaten that herself or others might have enough.
    Later, she too would partake of the beast's carcass and bring some to her mother if she wanted. few had
    had full bellies since they left… really, even before they left their home to follow after calder to find her
    [08:40] * Shukie shifted as Nova stirred and then his son. She had no doubts, even the night before, that
    Nova would survive his injuries. Merkeer had extracted a punishment from them regardless. Leaning
    over she gently nosed Nova after a quiet nuzzle to his son. "There is still warm meat here from the bear

    if you are up to nibbling some." she offered in between tearing pieces off for kilmaten. With the light of
    dawn she gazed about to see who was stirring tho her attention quickly came back to the pair beside
    [08:46] * skydancer wakes up and tries to sit up, causing a brief intake of breath because of her muscle
    having stiffend up. lying still for a few moments before making a second sttempt this time making it to
    all fours and limps toward where she sees shukie together with nova and his pup
    [08:47] * Nova still laying unconsious, but alive for the time being…
    [08:49] * Nova (Kilmaten) looked at the food but wanted his pops to eat first. He clearly needed it more.
    After nuzzling up to his second favorite wolfie, he pushed some of the meat towards his dads snout.
    Maybe smelling some tasty food would wake him up? He didnt notice Sky coming along to them just yet.
    [08:51] * Darth would wake up where he had fallen asleep next to his sister the night before. He looked
    around and suddenly, the events of the last night flooded back into his mind. He sat up whilst wincing
    from the injuries he’d received and looked to where everyone else was.
    [08:51] * Kwa`ani quietly watched as wolves moved about making no attempt to interact as she once
    again cleaned atraya's wounds as gently as possible before applying fresh snow to staunch any oozing
    blood and keep out as much dirt as possible.
    [08:56] * skydancer pads over a slow padfall at a time until she is close enough then pauses a moment
    to get her breath before chuffing a greeting not yet noticing anything ,off even as she continues to close
    the distance.
    [08:59] * Shukie was too young to recall the passing of her mother, tho clearly did that of her adopted
    mother, kyara. She had no doubts the pup would have a rough time of it. She decided candor was the
    better option instead of giving the pup false hopes. It was good he would learn the lesson of death, just
    unfortunate at the tender age he was. "Kilmaten," she quietly whispered, "Come sit beside me and fill
    your belly while you can." She would spot skydancer's approach but didn't greet her just yet. Turning
    back to Kilmaten, "I will not give you false hope that your father will live for his injuries are too great and
    too much blood has been lost. Just as when we kill an animal, it will bleed out, it's lifeforce ebbing in the
    process." She again paused to give the pup time to mull this over. "Be mindful of his injuries for his pain
    is great and part of why he does not awaken." She nodded toward skydancer but still did not greet fully.
    "Speak to him for his mind will hear you and say your peace and then just rest beside him."
    [08:59] <Shukie> *mind and heart
    [09:03] * Darth would see a small gathering in the distance as well as the blackened frame of the beta.
    He stood up and slowly started to trek towards them.
    [09:08] * skydancer catched part of shukies gentle explonation though ofcourse there is no easy or nice
    to tell such thing and for a young pup. it even causes her heart to drop and she's an adult.
    [09:16] * Nova (Kilmaten) nodded without a word to Shukie and ate a few bites while she spoke. He all
    of a sudden stopped eating when he realised his dad was pretty much like the deer, and the bear. "But..
    he cant leave yet. We havent found mum and sissies. They wont be happy either.." he pretty much

    whispered, his young voice breaking up. "Wh.." he sat up, not knowing what else to shukie, snd crawled
    over to his dads muzzle and nosed him. "Waki
    [09:18] * Nova (Kilmaten) – "Wakie wakie dad, dont go yet. I wuv youu.." He managed to get that out
    just as the first tear fell from his eyes.
    [09:19] <skydancer> not wanting to interupt the pups attempts to comprehend what he's been told she
    silently closes the distance briefly looking at shukie as worry clouds her own eyes but seeing the pups
    reaction she shifts her attention to him and gently noses him licking his ear comfortingly the same time.
    [09:21] * Darth would arrive in the vicinity of the group to hear the young pup. His heart sank as he
    stood there for a moment, seemingly debating whether to continue his approach. He soon chuffed
    towards the beta, and awaited her invite to join them.
    [09:21] * Kajika would have made his rounds about checking on the wounds that had been inflicted on
    the others. He wouldn't prod or poke anyone too much, at least enough to wake them, but while they
    were resting, it looked most of their injuries were visible. He was sure that there was something he
    could do, so while they were sleeping, he would be looking for things that could be used, something
    [09:21] * Kajika other than just snow he hoped could be found. He would leave the pouch against the
    same rock, propped up gently against it after he checked it and saw that most of the water that he had
    in it was still there.
    [09:21] * Kajika is now known as Kajika[CQ]
    [09:25] * Nova did in fact hear his sons words as he drifted into consiousness one more time. He did his
    best to lift his head and lick his sons muzzle, resting again and looking around at the wolves. "Fate.. has
    me in her grasps.. son. Theres nothing I can do. Remember.. to love everyone in the pack… Grow strong
    and do things .. I couldnt do. There are so many great teachers… I wish I learned more." He managed to
    get out, trying to bring a smile to his sons face to let him know not to worry.
    [09:29] * Shukie would nod to Darth at the sound of his greeting dipping her head that it was ok to come
    over. The pup would need to get used to the many different wolves of the pack and sooner he learned
    their scents the better. Sometimes, she was just too pragmatic in how she looked at things. Believe it or
    not, she did have a soft side. Only a few would remember Nova from years earlier for all the changes the
    pack had seen. He was all but pack before he'd left to wander. At Nova's stirring, her gaze shot over too
    him, glad he was waking some and seemed to hear his son. In a soft tone she whispered agains his ear,
    "Kilmaten will be taken good care of. Rest easy on that for I shall see to it." her warm breath much like a
    caress against his cheek fur, perhaps a comfort or at least she hoped.
    [09:33] * Darth would see the betas motion and cautiously approached. He didn’t say anything yet, as
    he knew he probably wouldn’t add much comfort. He hoped that his caring presence would bring what
    his words wouldn’t.
    [09:45] * skydancer shifts her weight slightly as nova attemps to comfort his son and only when he
    seems done does she lean in and nuzzle the gravely injured wolf carefull not to hurt him further or
    block kilmaten during these precious moments. don't worry. we'll take care of your son." she says
    unaware shukie does the exact same thing. now that she is so close the seriousness of the situation is

    glaringly obvious to her. maybe he was bleeding on the inside aswel and is no way to detect such a
    [09:49] * Shukie gave Darth a reassuring smile, "Well done! last night, Darth!" with a dip of her head
    regarding his prowess with the bear and his kill. Her expression had remained somber as was her voice.
    She knew each wolf would handle death differently. Lowering her head she tore off several pieces and
    would partially chew them for the pup for he was likely still having some of his food regurgitated given
    his young age. Quietly she spoke to Kilmaten, "Take in the scents of the wolves here for you will need to
    know and remember them." she didn't explain why she pushed him to do thusly but would in due time.
    [09:50] * Nov[a] : Kilmaten's eyes beamed at the sound of his fathers voice. "Dadd! I will! For you!!"
    Surely him waking up is a good thing, right? His attention was all on his dad, ignoring Shukie and the
    others. He gave his dad a few small licks. "But you cant go yet!!!"
    [09:59] * Darth would look to Shukie and nod his head. “I wish we could have been better, maybe so
    many wouldn’t be hurt.” He said solemnly in reply. He then looked down to the gravely injured wolf,
    who he had not met yet. But noticed that he must have had a history with the pack. He wanted to
    greet him, but didn’t want to hurt him further and knew now was not the time.
    [09:59] * Nova did smile at the sight of the wolves and their promices. "Thank you.. Really. Its nice to be
    part of a pack again." His eyes winced in pain but opened them again. "Kilmaten, I think its time.. for me
    to join the rest of our family. Remember, I love you. Forever and always…, to the moon and back.." He
    managed to get out before resting his eyes once more, for the last time. All his memories coarsed
    through him. Good and bad, New
    [10:00] * Nova – New and old. Major things and minor things. The spirits were calling him to join them.
    He lay quiet for a few moments, the smile continuing through the pain, the feeling of his son against him
    and the bond of the pack around him, eventually taking his last breath. Leaving his pup in good hands,
    and a great family to continue their legacy. It was his turn to watch over from the clouds.
    [10:00] * Nova is now known as Kilmaten
    [10:07] * Shukie felt as much as saw when Nova drew and then released his last breath. She did not
    move just yet toward either nova or Kilmaten. When the fur ceased to move over his chest she dipped
    her head gracefully and would then gently nuzzle Nova thinking that he found the pack but lost his life in
    doing so. Slowly she rose until she stood upon all fours, her neck stretching out and then down as a
    mournful howl began, her song she hoped would guide Nova to his family and ancestors, his lineage
    would continue on in Kilmaten. As her muzzle arched skyward, her tones would ring out across the
    [10:10] * skydancer ears lower as she becomes aware nova has drawn his last breath and lowering her
    haunches onto her hindpaws and lifts her muzzle as she lets out a mournful howl joining shukie in
    [10:10] * Darth would, upon hearing the betas howl, stretch up his muzzle toward the sky the best he
    could and would join in the course.
    [10:14] * Kwa`ani heard the beta's mournful howl signalling the death of male, Nova. Rising, she moved
    off a bit from her mother's side and she too, lifted her head in song for Nova, joining those over by him.

    She sang also for the pup, his son, and all he must now endure. Her howls would not fade until after the
    other's voices began to fade to which she then added one more crescendo before her song faded.
    [10:17] * Kilmaten smiled as his dad spoke, and licked him one last time. "I love you too, forever and
    always, to the moon and back." A phrase his dad has said a couple times before. He watched him
    eventually become motionless, tears flooding his eyes. "Dad..?" He said once again, nuzzling his lifeless
    body. He froze. His dad… was gone. He said he was joining his family… Did that mean the same for the
    rest? No, it couldnt be. He said they*that would eventually prevail.*
    [10:18] * Kilmaten – they would meet the back at their original destinaion. And his dad… he… no…
    "DAADDDYYY!!!" He screamed before bursting into tears. He would cry for a few moments before
    hearing the howls. His dad.. wanted him to be strong. He copid Shukie, and sung the best he could,
    listening to others join in, all while fighting back tears that he would eventually prevail.
    [10:26] * skydancer as the howls fade she bends her head toward the pup and nuzzles kilmaten
    comfortingly. "you're not alone. we're here for you all of us." she says in gentle tones her heart going
    out to the little fuzzball.
    [10:45] * Shukie nosed Kilmaten after it began to sink in, cementing things when she next spoke,
    "Klimaten, would you like to help me find a good place for him and we can cover him with stones to
    keep predators away?" not sure if it would help or not, perhaps give him more of a closure, "Maybe
    even add 3 more small rock mounds for the rest of your family even tho their frames are not here?" that
    way, when he was older if he chose to visit here, he would have all in memory in one place.
    [10:59] * Kilmaten cried once again for a few minutes. He looked up to Shukie beaming at the idea.l she
    offered. "Yh… yeah..!" He immediately felt a bit better, and began to sit himself up.

    Role Play Begins


    Chapter 14 – The Aftermath        

    [08:58] * Nightshade stood up and shook her pelt clean, she decided to rest for a while before trying to catch up with everyone else.

    [09:05] * Nightshade hadn’t moved that much, more walking around in the area to observe the happenings.  There was much blood and a carcass of the bear, sniffing around she would also find out some scents and lost parts of furr and some blood splats from the wolves.  Puzzling the situation… she lowered her ears with the realization that some might be bad injured. ” Hopefully the wolves will recover fully.. wished this never would happen..” she spoke while she turned around.

    [09:14] <Shukie> ::Nightshade would indeed see much blood, fur. Some of the pack would have minimal injuries or even none while others had taken a severe beating from Myrkeer. Morning would definitely shed a new light upon the scene. Crimsom stained snow was everywhere, in places it seemed thick for the amounts and a trail of blood would lead away from the frey::

    [09:17] * Kwa`ani remained protectively beside her mother barely tolerating her sister’s presence if she was nearby. She continued to work at Atraya’s facial wounds, still fresh and angry looking. Her expression would likely keep anyone from approaching should they dare.

    [09:17] * Ayaka lay near the ruins once more, her belly full of the bear that had she’d so much of her pack’s blood. She had tended Kova asmuch as she could, and wanted to check upon her Alphess yet the fae seemed to be resting, recovering from her own grievous wounds, wounds that would leave her forever changed. The thought of such a thing made Ayaka look at the world around her with new eyes, eyes that could see, and she wouldn’t take such for granted again. Rising she would look about to see who was around, hoping she could help somehow.

    [09:22] * Fianna was indeed nearby, still curled in the same ball in which she’d been the last day, having hardly moved but to lick at her own injuries. She would be awake, and had sensed her sister’s simmering anger and annoyance, perhaps even catching whatever glances the fae would send her way. She didn’t blame her sister for being angry, she blamed herself as well for her mother’s pain. Perhaps she hadn’t set in motion these events, but she had played her part and played it too well. A shiver ran through her, shaking her frame for even though she knew these things she could it get Calder off of her mind, the brute had gotten his claws into her heart, despite her good intentions. Eventually Fianna would crack and eye open and raise her head to glance at Atraya and Kwaani, saying nothing.

    [09:22] * Shukie and Kilm[a]ten had wandered the day before tho the pup had passed out and slept deeply. She had stayed close by, looking over the young one. Their path had weaved around the area and had found themselves not far from the others. Rising, she would gaze about seeing who stirred. Her mind was on the future and how to take care of Atraya until she became accustomed to the loss of sight. For now, she would encourage all to gorge upon the bear.

    [09:25] * Ayaka would take note of the wolves that were moving, or those that still rested as well. If she could see Shukie from her place, she would rise and quietly move to where the beta was settled, and sit beside her, her silvery hues watching without saying anything for a time. Eventually she would release a breath and watch the air puff away in the still chill climate. “Times have changed us…” She said, her eyes sweeping Kwaani and Fianna, before looking to Shukie. “We all have new scars, inside and out.”

    [09:38] * Shukie nodded to Ayaka, not bothering to speak instead, a quiet nod of agreement. She had tended to those she could whenever the pup dozed off which allowed her to assess the needs of the wolves under her care. After a time she leaned in and gently nuzzled Ayaka, “Thank you.” the emotion was very evident in her tones. “Thank you for all you have done, the pressures I put upon you so long ago to cover for me.” pausing, she sighed heavily, for her not being there and leaving another to take over for her. In a wavering voice, “I had not intended to be gone more than a couple of days….” her words trailed off. Once she regained her composure, for she felt responsible for all that happened to the pack within her care while the alpha was lost to them, with a gentle lick to the fae’s cheekfur, “Your prowress was what enabled us to find Atraya.” Pride was clearly heard in her tones. “Thank you.” She dipped her head, eyes closing briefly.

    [09:42] * Nightshade founded a blood trail which would lead her the way, away from where she was? Who knows. After a deep sigh she followed it with her head low of sadness. Will it lead to a safe location? And from who was the blood? Sniffing she tracked down the trail and set her way forward.

    [09:47] * Ayaka turned to look at Shukie as she listened, her own eyes solemn and serious. She didn’t fault Shukie in the slightest, trusting the fae to have done what she thought necessary. After a moment she would nod. “It was the least I could do, and I grew because of it. I have learned how better to lead, and how better to follow because I’ve seen how hard it is to made tough decisions.” She paused a while longer. She’d noticed Nova’s absence, and would ask on it soon, though she had already guessed what had happened. His injuries had been extreme. A pang shot through her. “Shukie.. All that time you were gone, what kept you? What happened? We feared for your lives.”

    [09:47] * Nightshade felt a deep guilt… for her she had failed, while the pack counted on her, she wasn’t able to take her turn. A steamy cloud appeared from her black nose and some snowflakes clinged on her pitch black pelt.

    [09:49] * Kajika made his way back to where the bear had been killed and so much blood had been shed. It seemed like it had even been more than when the Morrigan first arrived in the territory of the WolfSpirits. The fires that spread were more devastating to the landscape, but that was soon going to recover with time. Here however, the snow might be tainted red until it melted or new snow fell on top of it, he wasn’t sure. But he had been close enough to hear the howl but wasn’t sure of what it was for, but he was hoping that it wasn’t the worst. But it was a deep note of sorrow and several of them joined in and he had to hold his own in because he didn’t want to admit it to himself what he might already know. He was still on the mission of looking for anything that could be used for any of their injuries other than the snow on the ground. But he might have to go back a good amount of the way back to their old territory to find some of the things that he would recognize. But there was little he could do while looking far and wide since such a journey was what split him up from the group before they started fighting the bear. He made his way back at an easy pace, his head and tail slightly lowered as he made his way over the ridge and from the top of it, he could see that there were still a good amount of others that were still here, some of which were huddled in small groups or simply pairs. Fianna rose, slowly. Moving with studied stiffness she stopped next to Kwaani. Her eyes still upon her older sister, and ear flicking. “Kwaani..” Her words were threaded with torment. “I’m sorry.” The words almost to quiet to hear, but she wanted to try.. Perhaps the damage she’d done was irreparable. Why couldn’t her sister understand that her heart had claimed her? That Calder had made bad choices, had betrayed her, yet she sensed something lost within him? Some piece of him that was still trustworthy?

    [10:02] * Kwa`ani ‘s eyes narrowed even more when her sister approached, let alone spoke. Acid dripped from her tones, “Sorry gets no one anywhere.” Her eyes lowered to her mother’s face before slowly returning to Fianna. She too, felt blame, blame for not protecting her sister from what she had and still was going through. Blame for not … With a snarl she rose so suddenly that it would appear she would attack Fianna… All she did, however, was rise up to shake briskly.. sending what she could of the thoughts, feelings and anger away. With a snarl at her self she shook once more when it dawned on her, “You can have your stupid male. Go chase after him.” Time and distance had totally cooled the thoughts of the black male. Calming a bit, “Our mother is gravely injured, now blind.” She knew her actions and words were skipping all over the place, kind of skitzioid fashion and likely not making sense. In time her reactions would settle tho she remained cold. “What is past is. It is the choices we make now, going forward that shall heal all.” she blinked not sure where those last words came from. WIth a very long, drawn out sigh she sat, head bowed contemplating her own failures not considering the successes she had along the way.

    [10:07] * Nightshade eyes set on the horizon, she followed with her nose the blood trail. Those were mixed with new scents also. She stopped for a while to look behind her, was she being followed? Her ears twitched to scan the area.

    [10:14] <Kajika> The closest to him was Nightshade and when he saw her looking back in his general direction, he chuffed over to her to let her know that he was there just a moment before he would make his way over and nosed her shoulder gently when he got close enough. “Good morning Nightshade. I hope you are doing well.” All traces of his previous thoughts were behind him as he figured that even if there wasn’t anything he could do then that he would at least be able to do something now to speed up the recovery that the pack made. With the Mykeer now gone and not a trace of Calder’s own pack, he didn’t think that they had a time or immediate threat to leave this place now. Sure it did feel a bit like a long forgotten battlefield of two different eras in one place, but it felt a little more safer. “Were you about to go down to check on everyone else?” He paused as he asked this, looking over his shoulder at her while his body remained angled down the rest of the slope that led to those down below.

    [10:15] * Fianna didn’t feel anger pointed specifically at her sister, yet, anger she felt all the same, mixed with guilt, horror, loss and many other things she couldn’t or didn’t want to name. Love? What did that look like when it was not for family? How did one reconcile such a thigh when family didn’t approve? She growled at Kwaani’s words, the sound rippling through her rib cage and when Kwaani rose with her own snarl Fianna would the air beside her sister. More than likely neither knew the feelings of blame and guilt the other held, for it was hard to see past one’s own actions. “You see and hear only what you want to see and hear when it comes to Calder. He betrayed us, but why shouldn’t he have? He didn’t know us then, he didn’t know ME. He had his own future to follow. Ever since he met us, he led us to mama. Without him we would never have found her and yet you call him stupid?” She growled again, her frame tense and her eyes narrow. “What do you know of healing? Of my choices? You weren’t here.” She spat the words, her guilt fueling them. Her mother lay blind because of her choices.

    [10:17] * Shukie had caught movement from the corner of her eye near her alpha. Sensing but not close enough to hear the exchange she would well guess for the demeaner of both towards each other. She thought to intervene then decided against it for the fae’s would need to work this out for themselves. At Ayaka’s declaration, “Yes, we have all grown and perhaps changed.. changed for the better.” She too, had questions of what all the pack had suffered through in her absence knowing an idea of what transpired would help her to guide everyone again. “In seeking Calder and his path, we toppled from a cliff into a river.” the we being herself and Kwa`ani. “I lost my memory for a rather long time and Kwa`ani amazingly managed to keep me alive on path towards recovery and the general direction of the pack.” With a soft smile, “Without her, I’d have perished if not for her selflessness in caring for me.” .. this of course was a condensed version. “Most recently I was bound and determined to keep Kwa`ani separate from her sister’s location to ensure at least one if not both of the fae’s remained alive that the alpha lineage continued on should the worst occur.” Again condensing, “Not being aware of just what the role of Calder was, I was intent upon finding him to discover and maybe even aid in his, what i presumed, forced actions.” pausing she leaned in to nuzzle Ayaka before sighing heavily, “We have all been pawns” tho prawns would taste good..*grin* to something not of our doing and been made to take blame where we had none but for the whims of others.” her head drooped lower. ::*many would have to sort out their own feelings of inadequacies’ despite it truly being no fault of their own in most cases.*::

    [10:23] * Nightshade looked closely, where her eyes tricking her? ” Kajika! I’m so glad to see you!” She offered a gentle nuzzle when he was closing up to her, slowly she wagged her tail when she saw her good friend and replied with sad tone ” I’m well…I’m afraid that other might been bad injured..” she paused a bit while she looked at the ground, her tail  slowly lowered and continued ” Yes..I hope that they will forgive me.. wasn’t able to fight..  That Calder brought us in this horrible situation… look at all those blood…” shaking her head with growling tone…

    [10:29] * Kwa`ani snarled once more, fangs flashing and simply turned her back to her sister. With a glance over her shoulder, “You no Nothing of mine nor the sacrifices I made, the torture I suffered.” Her eyes continued to send daggers at her sister, “Go run away to your male.” The emotions ran high and would not calm for a good while. Inside she walled off her heart from her sister, a cold front all that would be seen or felt. She could go tit for tat on choices made, burdens taken on, doubts and self worth. Taking in a deep breath before letting it out slowly she moved then, resettling her frame around her mother’s head to keep any bugs, critters and dirt getting into the wounds. Each it seemed, was still focused up just themselves rather than look at everyone in the grand scheme nor that revealed by Caitlyn and Myrkeer. Unwanted, she did take in the news that without Calder’s help they would not have found their mother. “And just how do you think this has and will affect mother?” It was then she dipped her head to the side that she could not see fia nor fia see her face and eyes as she felt to silence. «end

    [10:38] * Ayaka perked to the sound of snarls, if restrained ones and her hues studied Fianna and Kwaani for a long moment all as she listened to Shukie’s shocking tale. Lost her memory? She looked back at the beta, seeing as the fae didn’t intervene between the sisters, perhaps she should wait as well, but it pained her to see the tension between them. Releasing a breath she curled her tail around her paws. “I am glad she was with you then, it was wise to keep another with you, and, while it seems perhaps the sisters have been separated too much… It seems to have been unavoidable. “Calder… It is hard to tell now that the bear has burdened us with his betrayal, the knowledge be burned our lands. Yet he helped as well, and puppets are we all in the hands of those with more power.” She looked at Fianna, then at Shukie. “If the male comes back… How should he be recieved?” She wasn’t sure, and would seek council from her friend and beta. “I am glad it seems your memories have returned. We would not be the same wolfspirits without you. As for our struggles while you were gone… The newcomer Okkezzon threw extra contention into things, but mostly it was just me pushing us ever on. I had toame the choice to leave some behind on several occasions, hoping they would follow our trails to catch up.”

    [10:41] * Kajika cocked his head slightly for a moment at the mention of Calder. It seemed like more of them had negative connotations of the male than he had. Maybe he hadn’t spent a lot of time around him and his thoughts were only contested by his presence when it seemed like he was trying to show off back in their territory and the tree. Looking back at it now, he could have laughed at Calder’s first look of surprise at seeing Kajika within the lands of the Pack, and since then, he had been using it as some form of leverage against him. But in his eyes, the male had done more than that as he had possibly risked his life for them, and even if things were mostly all settled now, he still didn’t know what he had gotten out of this ‘deal’ but they had been bought to make it in time to save one of their Alphas and some of the blood he smelled wasn’t from the bear or his pack so maybe a kill had been made before? That was nearly a full check in some sort of scoring book, wasn’t it? Maybe he would have gotten along with the other brute if he decided to stick around, but the last time he was able to even scent him in the air was during the fight, and he wasn’t going to go and chase him down if he believed he had reasons to be elsewhere. He wasn’t sure how he would explain any of this however so he decided to inform Night of some of the things that had happened. “Yes, there are some who are injured, but only a few who got hurt badly. And I was unsuccessful in finding anything that might help in healing their injuries, so for now we’ll have to do what we have always done when injured; keep it clean, keep off of it, and take it easy.” »»

    [10:52] * Fianna felt the frozen pain of her sister’s icy response, her own blood hot and confused. She didn’t flinch when Kwaani flashed her own fangs before turning her back, and though everything in her wanted to let loose her full frustration, to tumble Kwaani to the ground with another snarl of anger, she held herself carefully still, counting the moments that passed in heavy silence, until she too could let loose a breath of her own. It didn’t get rid of her frustration or even her anger, yet her desire to pass some of her hurt to Kwaani faded. She didn’t know if she could ever seen Kwaani’s point of view, for as her sister had said, she knew nothing of the torment her sister had gone through. Stiffly she would move to her mother’s head, refusing to acknowledge that her sister wanted to be rid of her. She set herself just beside her mother’s face as well, dipping to run a tongue along the Alphess’s cheek, one ear cocked toward Kwaani. Her action were tender, sorrowful. “MY male doesn’t want me anymore, Kwaani. So you don’t have to worry about him anymore. I was a means to an end for him.” She kept her tones as neutral as she could, trying to hide how deep the pain went under a mask of ice like Kwaani did but she was too hot, too full of emotion and no doubt it leaked through. She didn’t add that she thought there had been glimpses of something more. Her sister didn’t want or care to hear such things.

    [11:05] * Shukie perked at the unknown name, “Okkezzon?” not having scented any strangers recently. “One manages to do as needed” Again she glanced around, this time taking note of the bristling fur near their alpha. The tension was clearly felt even at the distance they were. “I believe this is something they need to work out on their own unless it takes a more serioius turn than just words and bristling fur.” For now, she gave no more thought to the faes. “Nova died yesterday morn. Giving his life for the pack and his son. Tho he never made that final step to become pack, in my opinion he did so during the battle. His son we shall take care of and teach as one of our own.” her tones had softened as she spoke and when the time comes, like the alpha pups and others, can choose to start the journey to become a wolfspirit.” her gaze going to Kilmaten for a moment. “We need a plan of attack, so to speak, of helping Atraya heal and lead the pack until such time she recovers, learning to ‘see’ fully without eyes.” even as she spoke, her mind drifted to her mirror image, Calder. “He, Like us and those gone before have been played. Still, in the end it is our own actions and choices.” Her head tilted slightly, “What hell might we have unleashed in destroying Myrkeer? Did we upset the delicate balance?” tho spoken aloud she had not intended to do so. “Soon, I shall need to get with Kajika on how the others fair; more importantly, what might be done for Atraya? If he knows of anything.” She knew the male was still learning things, having jumped in a few times to guide, much as they all needed guidance as they learned.

    [11:15] * Kwa`ani ‘s hackles rose slightly when Fianna sat beside her, only a low rumble in her ribcage the only signs that she remained near the tipping point when Fianna showed affection for their mother. In reaction, “I ‘can’t’ imagine why he wouldn’t?” her snide and no doubt cutting remark would be one she longed to take back when the fur had settled in the future. She was being overly harsh on her sibling, the soft hearted one of the pups but the fae needed taught a lesson. A growl issued forth, tho Fianna might think it for her, it was in fact one directed at her own self for her thoughts. Maybe, some of her reactions were because Fianna was always around their mother and she was left to her own devices that she now was so possessive of the opportunity to care for her mother. The opportunity to have time with mum, now once again interferred with by her sister. She’d grown up to be more of a lone wolf for the way things had transpired during their youth, learning early on to depend only upon herself. Self pity.. she blanched at thought. THe realization would not change her current behaviors yet.

    [11:16] * Ayaka felt another pang of heart at Shukie’s news, of Nova’s death. She suspected but had hoped Kajika was just perhaps tending him somewhere away, quiet. She bowed her head in quiet honoring for moment, remembering him from long ago. “I agree, he deserves member status in our memories.” She paused, looking around for the pup. “What is his son’s name?” She inquired,”How is he handling… His father’s passing?” She shifted her paws a moment in the snows, turning to.regard the red stained snows that were testament to their victories, and their failures. She noticed Shukie hadn’t answered her questtion regarding how Calder should be recieved should he show himself again, yet perhaps the beta was still deciding within herself as well. Perhaps such remained to be seen. The ebony males future actions, weighed with his past ones, would show how they should receive him. She would allow another breath to escape her muzzle, dipping her head to the rest of Shukie’s words. “It is good you are here to help lead and walk beside Atraya as she regains herself, as learns to walk her new and darker path.” Not for the first did she wish the alpha male were there as well. “I will do what I can as well.” She would add. Fianna did flinch then, at Kwaani’s words and tone, as she froze, frame tense and still. Was her sister’s hatred of her so deep then? Had she made such choices so as to place an uncrossable chasm between them?* she rose slowly from her mother’s side, moving several paces away to regard Kwaani for a moment, her own fur bristled, her guard the only thing keeping the pain from slamming her truly. “If that’s how you feel. then I have nothing left to say.” Her words were stark and each one slow and painful, anger and hurt making them heavy as stones. “Though I care every bit as much for mother as you, I will leave her in your care. I will stay away.” With that she left. Kwaani would take good care of Atraya, she never doubted that for a moment, and for now distance was all she could think of. She ran. Away from Kwaani, away from everyone. Her destination was not at first evident even to her, yet she took the path back toward the caves, back toward the bridge, and the cavern below where her mother had been held for so long.


    [11:19] * Nightshade walked next to kajika heading to everyone else. “Yess.. maybe some iced leafs  so wounds wouldn’t swell.. cleaning could be used with water.. bit besides that.. how are you? Where were you?” Worried she asked him while they might be not that far anymore.

    [11:35] * Shukie nodded quietly and after a fair amount of time, “It is not for us to decide how to receive Calder, that is for Atraya for she is the one most affected by all of this. Unless he returns before she has recovered, that bridge will be crossed then. We’ve too much to worry on for our own family.” It seemed the faes were about to break out into a fight, holding her breath one or both would back down in short order. Kwa she had come to learn could be quite stubborn at the most inopportune times yet would typically redirect after a while if given the time to puzzle out what ever was going on. “The girls are both having to deal with much with the loss of their father, two of their siblings lost or even dead most likely.” Gentled tones, “We all have seen and borne much over the years.” At Ayaka’s mention of Atraya new path, “Perhaps, in the darkness she will see clearer than all of us, if her injuries do not become infected.” All in the pack would be needed to assist in ways they had yet to do. After another long pause, “the bear meat won’t last long. We’ll either need to depart when it’s gone and hope all have healed enough to move or we’ll need to secure food and bring it back. I figure we have a few more days to before we need to cross that proverbial bridge.” A bridge they been on many times for the lack of large prey over the past yearish back home. Would the prey return now, was it worth returning to find no changes? As always the unanswered questions flitted through her mind.

    [11:45] * Kajika smiled when he replied but only faintly. “I am doing alright. Wish there was more I could do right now, but if anything, being here will be comfort enough. And I only managed to get the smallest tuft of fur from the bear but he never got close enough to actually hit me, so for that I am grateful. As for where I have been, I have been looking for anything that might help. I only went as far as just over the ridge. Maybe the cave had some moss in it, but I don’t remember.” He shook his head slightly before continuing and a slight shiver went through his frame, “But I don’t want to go back into those caves. The first time was daunting enough for me to not want to go in there again. And how about you? Are you holding up physically as well? And what about everything else?” He noted that she seemed more affected by the sight of all of the red snow than he would have expected. Even he was a bit shaken when he had arrived and they had suffered the injuries that they had already. »»

    [11:50] * Kwa`ani was taking shallow breaths for she was mostly holding hers. She remained silent, unmoving at her sister’s remarks, even when the fae rose and moved off. It was not until Fianna was a ways away she released the full breath, sides heaving for many long, full intakes of air. She had not yet recognized that it was fear that drove her repsonses and reactions. She didn’t like the way she felt but there was no help for it currently. As the air was released so was her tension, to a degree as she turned back to her mother to tenderly groom the fae’s fur, removing bits of debris, dried blood and dirt from elsewhere on the fae’s frame. She’d heard each, pointedly spoken word. each one making a sharp strike to her. SHe didn’t even know those feelings existed until that very moment. WHere had they come from.. was it part of Myrkeer’s doing even now? Tho it wouldn’t look it to anyone observing her, the effort it took to lower her frame was immense, the weight of all resting squarely on her own shoulders. «end

    [11:58] * Nightshade lowered her head “I’m fine, gladly didn’t got wounded, I stood on a safe distance and by everything what happened.. I froze and couldn’t manage myself to do anything ” she spook with a soft tone with a disappointing flow. “Mental…I don’t know… ” she sighed and agreed with his words.. thinking of going back made she shivers…only the horror thoughts… is enough to refuse. Nightshade looked at Kajika ” I failed into my own eyes…  but..I have no idea how to feel.”

    [12:10] * Ayaka nodded, acceptimg Shukie’s word on Calder. As Fianna stood and ran off, she rose, watching with ears perked. “It does seem so..” She responded to Shukie’s words. “Kova is the closest thing to a sister I ever had. I wouldn’t know how to help them through their tension and pain.” She huffed a breath feeling helpless. She didn’t take note yet of Kajika and Nightshade where they were. Focusing then on what she ‘could’ help with, she glanced around. “I can patrole for game, perhaps the rest of the blacktail herd from before will be bout still… Or the Caribou that I believe Calder’s pack was keeping somehow contained.. ” Her words faded. Where to start looking for those?

    [12:19] * Kajika moved a little bit closer to Nightshade, just enough to brush her shoulder with his own in an act of comfort. “Don’t take it too critically; you’re here still and healthy to help the rest of the Pack recover. If the need for a kill were dire and nearly everyone was injured, we would be at a dangerous crossroad; to hunt and possibly risk further injury or to let starvation run its course.” He knew or at least he thought that he knew that it would be better to take a chance at a hunt even if injured, but starvation leaves not even a sliver of one and would certainly not be a terrible sight to anyone else. Her words even sounded familiar to him as he thought back a little bit on his own history of standing by until it was too late to do anything. “So we have to do our best so that we can bring out the best in everyone else right now. That is how we can be of use until we are able to decide on our next move.” His own words could also be advice to himself that he was overcoming the struggle of believing it fully himself. He and Nightshade were just reaching the edge of the frozen lake where the bear had fallen and he would glance around to see that Shukie and Ayaka were talking while Kwa and Fia were both huddled close to the frame of their mother. Deciding it best to leave the two of them to the conversation that they must be having, he steered the two of them over to Shukie and Ayaka and would let out a small chuff to them once they were close enough. And even though he had stopped talking for a moment, he cast another glance at Nightshade just to see if she understood his words in that things would be alright.

    [12:20] * Fianna slowed her pace once she reached the downs lope past the ruins toward where the bridge back to the caves began. Once her pack and sister were no longer in view, her racing heart still thrumming with adrenaline, anger, guilt, and fear. Would her mother feel the same as Kwaani once she woke? Would it be best for all if Fia never returned. She carefully crossed the bridge, tail drooping low. The further she went the more her energy and high tide of emotion left her bereft and void.  Finally, she entered back into the cave system, the dimness and bones seeming an appropriate backdrop to her current mood, as she went to the bone pile and settled into her hunches to breath for a moment, her hues adjusting to the different lighting. The falls near the walls of the cavern helped to sooth away her thoughts, or perhaps just drown them out for the time being as she focused on the sound of the water. Remembering the peaceful cavern where they’d found a key within the tree, she rose again, this time walking more slowly deeper into the caves.

    [12:24] * Shakira , after waking in the root shelter she had claimed as her own, she would have wandered a few yards out from the root, leaving scent marks around the immediate area to officially stake her claim. After securing her safe Haven, she looked longingly up to the skies, taking note of the weather and how it may change as she prepared to set out to the east once more in search of any signs of the pack still being within the territory.

    [12:29] * Shukie rose as well, then spotting the duo moving about having her attention on Ayaka adn the two faes beside their mother. “Without knowing what they were saying, it will be difficult to help either of them. Hopefully, one or both will open up to someone. We’re all hurting, many i’m sure feeling failures or the blame for perceived actions/inactions. Perhaps taht’s what plagues the sisters?” She smiled at aya’s mention of her, their sister, Kova. “You’ve come to know my syster far better than I do any more.” She knew the bonds of siblings would withstand much but never break. “The girls just need time and some guidance when they are ready to listen.” Leaning over she gently nuzzled Ayaka, “I’m truly greatful for your bond with Kova. It was meant to be.” her tail swaying as she again glanced towards Nightshade and Kajika who now approached, greeting both if they drew near. “Hello Kajika, Nightshade.” She gave her attention first to Kajika, “Have you seen to those with injuries, our alpha’s injuries? She was nailed badly by all, I fear her sight being lost in trade.” She’d not had opportunity to send Kajika to Atraya and wondered if he’d checked on her himself when looking after the others? If that’d been where he was? Giving her attention back to Ayaka, “Aye, seeing if they are near or what direction they took will be good to know. I think it best I stay put for now.” Feeling her own guilt of having left them to their own devices for months on end. Realizing where her thoughts went, she gave herself a paw nudge to stop it.

    [12:29] * Nightshade returned a glance at Kajika and understood, his words soothed her a bit and chuffed towards a greeting.  Finally back with everyone. Her eyes took a good look at everyone and spotted some injuries.. as indeed he had said… some were very bad ” ohgod!…  how is everyone? What happened?! How is the alphess”

    [12:30] * Kwa`ani didn’t need the darkness of the caves for the shadows covering her within. She was numb for many reasons, losing herself in the tending of her mother until such time the fae stirred awake.

    [12:44] * Ayaka would momentarily turn her attention as well to Kajika and nightshade, offering a soft chuff as they approached and turning some to include them. She wouldn’t say anything as Shukie spoke to them, nodding in turn when the beta spoke to her. “I will begin patrole soon then.. ” She offered, glancing around to see where Kova might have gotten too, but then again the fae needed rest. She was in no shape to patrole.

    [13:17] * Kajika arrived and nodded to Ayaka as she set off for a patrol and didn’t think that sounded like too bad of an idea. But he had been out and about recently and Ayaka had been here with Shukie, watching over everyone else while he went looking for anything that might be useful in these seemingly barren lands. He also heard the last bits of their conversation before she addressed him and he shook his head. “No, I haven’t gotten the chance to check on her injuries yet. How bad are they?” He noticed that Kwa and Fia both left her side and now she lay, presumably asleep. “Out of all of the injuries we received, hers were the only one I didn’t get a chance to check,” he noted. «end

    [13:31] * Nightshade had seen kajika looking at everyone else and asked her tail flopped low when shukie spoke of a trade “trade? What do you mean? Who would do such a trade like that?” In what kind of weird dream are we now? It sounds like a weird ritual… ” can’t believe this.. ” she held  herself strong…because a howl would wake up maybe unwanted attention. She dipped her head “poor alphess… why is this happening to us, what

    [13:31] * Nightshade did we do…why the hell our pack” she spoke with emotional tone…

    [13:36] * Shakira sighed quietly to herself as she came out of a sudden daze, her mind having taken a wander of it’s own as she traveled at a somewhat leisurely pace while still covering a good amount of ground. As she passed through the most southern portion of the hunting grounds, she would veer to the north to continue her search, even with the little progress she had made in finding even a clue as to what may have happened to the pack in her absence

    [13:37] * Shukie nodded to Kajika, “Stay close for when she awakens that we can better assess the damages, at least within ear shot of a howl.” Her gaze followed the path Fianna had taken into the caves but made no effort to follow to talk with her, Kwa she left on her own at her mother’s side for now. In time she’d call to all once she’d had a chance to pester Atraya on how she wanted to proceed. “The next few days, I have a feeling, will be critcal for survival.” It was at Nightshade’s burst of questions, questions may had and were likely pondering themselves, “The why’s of it, is beyond me tho it seems from things shared by Morrigan and Myrkeer all of wolfdom has been pawns in their paws to twist and mold where possible.” Her voice was calm and quiet as she spoke, not emotionless but not given to showing extreme swings either. “Atray gave her sight in trade for the pack, assuming from what I understand to be the place of The Morrigan, who is in fact or was, Atraya’s sister our alpha thought had perished long ago.” It was not easy to explain. And truth be told she was still trying to understand it all herself.

    [13:39] <Shukie> :: Shakira would find that spring and early summer was starting to turn once scortched and burnt areas green with the tender first shoots of fauna breaking free of their ashen blanket. Depending on the fae’s route, she would perhaps come near to the Founder of the WolfSpirits resting place, Kovo. Would going there shed light to the fae or would she remain in darkness of where the pack went, to leave their long held lands.::

    [13:41] * Kwa`ani had remained curled about her mother now, pretecting and caring for her as best she was able. Her stomach rumbled for want of food but she was not about to leave Atraya’s side.

    [14:00] * Kajika nodded and would keep to her side. He must have also missed Kwa still by her mother’s side but the slight movement of another form beside her own white fur that contrasted her own which only could be Kwa who decided to stick around. He continued to listen to Shukie explain what happened to Atraya but couldn’t help but let out a small whimper when he was told that she would no

    [14:00] * Kajika longer be able »»

    [14:00] <Kajika> »» to see any of them or her own surroundings. “Then I will stay by her side as ordered,” he repeated for clarification and stood up a little straighter. “Maybe not as close as one of her own daughters, but I’ll make sure that nothing else happens to her.” The distance a howl could cover was a considerable distance but he wasn’t going to be much further than an eye

    [14:00] <Kajika> could register; it was »»

    [14:00] <Kajika> »» the least he could do. “And what of the Morrigan? Has she left again with any messages? At our last encounter with her, she said that it wouldn’t be the last time that we saw her, that her goal with the broken oaths was met but still not over.” He tried to recall more of the details, but he was no more able to remember anything more than he was able to move his own ears. The more important question in his mind would also be whether or not they were at ends with her or if they were mutual partners throughout this ordeal but he wasn’t sure if that question had an answer just yet known to any of them.

    [14:01] * Shakira would pass just a few strides away from the burial site of the former Alpha of the pack she had come to know, unaware that this was where the noble she-wolf had been laid to eternal rest. A shiver passed through her ruff as she somehow sensed his was a meaningful place, a sacred place. She had heard many stories of the great Alpha who had once led this pack, even once a story of how this land was not the packs first territory. A new shiver passed through her now, one of fear and uncertainty. Had this been what happened to the pack? Had the current Alpha’s led the pack away to a new home, leaving her and possibly others like herself behind unknowingly? The thought of there possibly being others left like herself sparked her to quicken her pace. Surely she couldn’t have been the only one still here, could she?

    [14:01] <Shukie> ::Kilmaten would waken, maybe, to find himself alone tho once he looked around he’d easily see several wovles nearby. Realization taking hold of his situation::

    14:06] * Kilmaten decided to sleep on the idea because he was emotionally exhausted. He stretched himself out as he woke and let out a little yawn. He slowly pushed himself upright and noticed Shukie diccapeared. Kilmaten quickly gazed the area and found a few wolves scattered about and wanted to find Shukie.

    [14:12] * Nightshade listened also to what Shukie explained and lowered her head ” If there’s anything I could do to help, I’ll lend my paws with pleasure, I’m sorry that I couldn’t help… physical I’m ok.. mentally I would take time to give it a place..” nosed Shukie ” how are you?” While she looked around she wondered where Calder and indeed Morrigan would be ” did the other left? Could remember that we had some new around us”

    15:06] * skydancer lifts her head ears swiveling alert for trouble even she looks around trying to spot if kilmaten is still near the place she fell asleep.

    [15:09] * Shukie nodded ot Nightshade glad of the offer. “We’ll be needing everyone’s help to care for the injured and weak. A blessing perhaps that you were not here for a part of the battle to help care for others as needed.” Nodding to the fae who now seemed on the sleepy side.

    [15:11] * Nightshade layed her frame next to Shukie if she would allow it, and rested her head on her front legs.

    [15:13] * Nightshade ( Quit (Quit: )

    [15:13] * Kajika noticed the arrival of Kilmaten and turns to let out a friendly chuff to the young pup. Just as he saw the white fur, he was reminded of his father somehow and wanted to know how he was doing. As Nightshade laid down next to Shukie, he would nose her gently as the group circle became a rotating door of conversations it seemed as more came to interact as others departed.

    [15:14] * Kilmaten wouldnt be too far from where he spotted Shukie. He grinned at his findings and started to hop over to the small group of wolves, a slight grin on his face.

    [15:17] * Shukie leaned over and nosed the fae gently, “rest well for when all are called upon to our next endeavor” her tones quiet. Again she looked around for the pup and to see if other’s stirred yet. It’d been a rough few days for all. They’d not be going anywhere until Atraya was ready to depart and if need be they’d hunt in rounds and bring food back to the masses here. Spotting Kilmaten heading her way she issued a soft greeting call to the youth while looking to Kajika. “You are well, I trust?” The group was nearer the ruins west of the bear’s grave yard, which now was being slowly devoured by the hungry pack as the night and day passed.

    [15:22] * Kwa`ani winched when she realized she’d dozed off during her self appointed pretoctor assignment. It was hard to sleep for the roaming of the pack but moreso her behavior toward her sister. Slowly her head lifted from her paws. Shifting slightly she moved so that she could lightly rest her head over her mother’s shoulders.

    15:26] * skydancer spotting first the rest then the pups somewhat clumsily approach and sits up quickly, or atleast tries to. instead a slight muffled grunt emerges from her throat as her muscles complain about such action. trying again bit more slowly she then chuffs a friendly greeting to the pup and then forces herself up and head to the small gathering a slow limping padfall at a time

    15:33] * Kilmaten eventually made it over to the wolfies and screetched to a hault. “Hellooo” he said and took a seat, tail swaying behind him. He looked up to shukie. “I think your idea was the best one.” He said as he looked around again to all the wolfies.

    [15:38] * Shukie flashed a smile at the pup, “Well.. helloooos to you toooooos!” leaning over to give the pup a gentle lick. “You do huh?” responding to his answer to the dilemma of the past day. “We can work on that shortly if you like, little one!” Lifting a paw she gently groomed a bit of debris from his fur before setting it back upon the ground catching sight of the fae approaching, easily noting the difficult movements, a quiet chuft to skydancer. Her gaze strayed to atraya and kwa and hoped the siblings worked things out sooner than later.

    [15:47] * Kajika nodded his head in response to Shukie’s question of his well being and huffed a light breath out. “I wasn’t able to get more than a tuft of fur off of that behemoth, but he was not able to do more to me either.” That part made him feel a little bit better as he realized his importance more than ever at keeping everyone as healthy as he could. He found it easier to smile as Kilmaten made his way over and just sat down amongst them. He also noticed Sky walking over and dipped his head slightly to her in greeting. Noticing a bit more of a limp from her than usual, he decided to ask with his head slightly tilted and leaned forward but pulled back a few milliseconds later. “Is your paw alright, Sky? Or is it giving you more problems after the fight?”

    15:56] * Kilmaten smiled at the news. “Ok!” After bouncing around for a second he would lie down at the paws of Shukie and wait until it was time. He wanted this to be awesome because his dad said he thought the ruins are cool, and they are.

    [16:08] * skydancer movement easing a little as her muscles loosen up a bit just when she reaches the others. “mostly just stiff muscles.” kajika she replies taking note of the pups antics which causes her banner to make little wag “hello everyone” she greets the entire group before shifting her attention to the pup. “and how are today little one” she asks in a gentle tone.

    [16:17] * Shukie didn’t for a minute believe that was just muscles on skydancer’s limp. “Take it easy on that leg sky.” her tones quiet. “We all need to heal quickly as possible.” Her gaze shifted back to Kajika with a dip of her head, “Everyone did just as they needed to do that Myrkeer was defeated.” If was tough not to become ‘infected’ by the pup’s bouncing and antics. “WE’ll go in a few moments, Kilmaten. Maybe we can convince Kajika to help as well to move your father to the top of the ruins and then we can cover him in stones to keep varmits away.” With skydancer’s paw acting up, it would agrivate the injury and muscles too much for the burial. “While we’re preparing Nova if you could keep watch over the bear’s remains and keep any birds and the like from feasting, that would be greatly appreciated. Maybe even take some over to Kwa`ani for her and her mother?” She knew Kwa would not leave unless forced too from her mother’s side.

    [16:36] * Kajika ‘s ears perked at the mention of Kilmaten’s father and his whereabouts. “I’ll definitely help move him.” His tone was a little saddened since he wished that he could have been there for the wolf in his last moments. There wouldn’t have been much that he could do, but at least make sure that the journey to whatever came next was started off on the right paw. “That would a great place to put him, overlooking this structure that lasted through the ages.” His attention looked to the direction of the ruins that was just mentioned and thought it a great final resting place for one who fought as bravely as if he were one of their own. Where is he now?” His attention went from Kilmaten to Shukie but it would be whoever said it first. He might otherwise guess that he hadn’t moved much since he last saw him but just in case he wanted to be sure. «end

    [16:55] * Shukie dipped her head to Kajika tho her eyes were upon the son, Kilmaten. “He is upon the slope yonder where he last laid when you tended him, Kajika.” her tones quiet and respectful. Rising quietly she stretched a bit leaning down over her fronts then arching forward that her rump sunk as her chest puffed out until at last standing fully. “Shall we?” As they began to walk, “I’ll tell you more of your father as time passes, for now, know he was a part of the WolfSpirits family and his brave actions and selfless giving of his life for you and all of us shows his heart and spirit is that of a WolfSpirit.” As her voice faded the group would find themselves over at Nova’s side, the snow still a crimson surrounding him tho fading as things melted. “Nothing has disturbed him that I can see.” She feared the ultra cold of the area would have frozen his fur to the icy snow beneath him. Turning to Kajika, “If we move in tandum and spread his weight upon our back I think can carry him easier than dragging over the ground?” To Kilmaten she gave him the honor of leading them to the top of the ruins. “Take it slow and lead us, Kilmaten.” rubbing her maw over the crown of his head. It had seemed skydancer had drifted off to sleep possibly.

    [16:59] * Kilmaten hopped up and followed Shukie, close to her side, over to his dad. He carefully listened at the short story of his dad and nodded his head. They arrived and he watched as they got his dad ready to bring him to the ruins. His quickly nodded his head as stepped in front of them. “Okaay!” He said and waited for them to be ready.

    17:23] * Kajika looked at his still body and worked out the details of how they would move him. “It is worth a try and I think it will work.” he said wish a curt nod. He studied his body one last time in an effort to familiarize himself with the wounds inflicted so that anything else in the future he would have something to compare it to. There wasn’t much that was done but if he had herbs

    [17:23] * Kajika or moss or »»

    [17:23] <Kajika> »» something, he might have been able to stop the bleeding at the very least. He looked up and gave another short nod as he lowered his head to grasp the scruff of Nova and gently picked him up high enough for Shukie to squeeze underneath. He wasn’t able to lift him very high, but it should be enough room for her to shoulder his weight until he could do the same and help her carry him.

    [17:32] * Shukie saw what Kajika was doing and quickly dipped low, digging a bit of the snow out of the way to make it easier to burrow under. It didn’t take much to do so with Nova being as lean as he was for the travel he and Kilmaten had been doing. WIth a soft grunt or two, maybe three she did what she could to shift his weight to her shoulders until Kajika was able to worm under that they would both lift at once. The wolfie pallbearer team would soon be ready to move forth, the first few steps would be awkward until they both managed to get into step, the steady paw treads heard for the crunching of the crystalized snow. To Kilmaten, “When you’re ready, we are!” doing what she could to have an uplifted tone. She didn’t howl but she did start to murr murr as if in song for Nova, a humming if you will to add more of a remembrance for his son.

    [18:03] * skydancer carries novas banner.

    [18:06] * Kilmaten` watched the pair hoist his father onto theor backs to bring him to his final resting place. “Then lets go!” He said as he started to walk a little faster than his walkong pace as he tpok smaller steps, turning his head to make sure they were okay with the pace he set. He didnt wanna do anything wrong.

    [18:10] * Shukie would grumble, audiably when skydancer ignored the instructions she’d given the fae. “There is little you can do to help with the carrying, Please see to getting some of the bear to Kwa and Atraya while we managed this.” Her tones were sharp and pointed but not so loud that Kilmaten would hear. “The remains needs to be looked after.” Her gaze as sharp as her tones. She was not in the habit of having her instructions totally disregarded. As the pup set the pace, it was one that was easily maintained. Echoing Kilmaten`, “lets go!” and the murr’g and humming commenced

    [18:16] * Kajika snaked himself under Nova’s body alongside Shukie, his shoulders readjusting the weight until he felt like he was able to move with it. He was a bit cold but that was just the outer layer of fur that was no longer warmed by any movement of its own. The first few steps he took were cautious ones as he went at a slow walk at first to stay in sync but when he felt more comfortable with it, he was able to take normal steps to keep up with Shukie. The tone she hummed was calming to him and he focused on that to keep a steady rhythm with the crunching of the snow underpaw. He almost wanted to join in but he wasn’t used to humming as he was familiar with making other sounds so he just carried his head high as he looked up ahead at the ruins as a guide. He did however find it easier to simply follow the sounds of Kilmaten’s pawsteps ahead of them so that he didn’t have to crane his neck underneath Nova’s body.

    [18:26] * Kilmaten` listened to the humming as they walked their way to the ruins that lay a bit ahead of him. Every now and then he would peek behind him to see how they were doing.

    [18:33] * skydancer drps the banner and stopd while her wimpering muscles are relieved about it.she is bothered ,so ‘you’ was the word she hadn’t heard properly. looking after the procession for a few moments her ears angled to the sides before turning and heading back to the bear and sits studying it. not at all sure if something that old can be save to eat

    [18:42] * Shukie was relieved the fae listened this time and gave her full attention to the path ahead with occassional glances to Kajika’s front paws to keep her strides as close to his as she could to avoid jostling Nova more than necessary. It would not take all that long to make it to the base of the ruins. She hadn’t quite worked out how to ascend with the body. As they were presently, he’s slip right of their backs. She signaled to Kajika to lower him down at teh base of the first steps. Once he was saftly to the ground.. “What ideas do you have to safely get him to the top?” She also posed the question to Kilmaten`. “Perhaps, Kilmaten`, you can go to the top and find the easiest way up?” thinking a pointed task good for the lad.

    [19:27] * Kajika started brainstorming methods of how they could get Nova to the tops of the ruins. It would be an interesting task and would thusly require an interesting solution. He looked down at Nova and then at the ruins. He didn’t want to jostle the body any more than necessary, But the more he thought about it, the harder he thought it would be to move him to the top without shaking him

    [19:27] * Kajika too much or »»

    [19:27] <Kajika> »» taking the rest of the evening to complete. He thought of the hallways and strange spiraling areas that led up to the top, but the view was amazing from there and where they wanted Nova to be. As Kilmaten would start to explore the ruins, his mind wandered to the various ways that he had seen something heavy carried. Both Shukie and he was in good health currently so that was one part of theequation that he didn’t have to worry about. Moments seemed to pass by and his features were drawn out that the gears were turning in his head. “What if we draped him over the side of one of our bodies so that he is perpendicular? The hallways are definitely wide enough for it but it is only the winding flat surfaces that I am the most worried about spacing. And maybe paw placement. It wouldn’t be much wider than they are, but it wouldn’t leave much room.” He said out loud finally. “And the other can trail behind and step in if they need to switch.”

    [19:37] * Shukie investigated the inside and outside. Hmm, it is narrow she thought. She didn’t see much around that could help them.. no blocks n tackles in this spiral. “I’ll be back shortly, i want to check the other, shorter ones.” As she started to turn around she stopped suddenly… yipping to Kajika to test his memory.. “In the caves, there lots of metal sticks and a couple round-ish, flat things….” looking to the male… “If we can free one of those, we could maybe load Nova on it and we push it up the spiral?” Otherwise, it would likely be to drag him up the stepping stones to the top.

    [19:52] * Shukie paused looking to Kilmaten` not wanting him in the caves, just because. ” Kilmaten`, While we finding something to hopefully get your father to the top without too much problem, you can check out the top and figure out just where you’d like to have him placed or run down to where skydancer is near the bear and snag a piece of the bear’s fur or a claw as a token to place with him as a token, or any other item you might want with him.” her tones were soft and gentle.

    [20:01] * Kajika almost jumped at the sudden yip and his ears and head lifted up while he thought about it. He had completely forgotten about the large spike things that they figured out were part of the contraption holding Atraya hostage. “That is doable. And you only want one? One would definitely be helpful but would two shorten the time that it would take to move Nova?” He asked as he figured out the best way back into the caves. Did he want to take the slide or did he want to cross the dangerous bridge? Either way he figured, he would have to cross the bridge to bring it back because he wouldn’t be able to carry it back up the slope.

    [20:22] * Kilmaten` was looking around the entrance for possile routs. The caves were easily wide enough for them. He was looking up when Shukie told him to do the same thing “Ok, ill make sure we can get to the top then.” He declared as he slowly started to go up the spiral walkway. He hoped they could figure out a decent way to get him up, he don wanna pull him up.

    [20:27] * Shukie gently nuzzled Kilmaten`, “You are being very brave, young one. I’m proud of you.” she would nose the pup before heading off to assist Kajika as needed. “I’ll send someone to keep watch from this side as well while you investigate.” She wasn’t sure this was just bravado or not but was glad to see him doing as well as he was. Perhaps it was just for being so new or who knew for sure but the pup. What other evil and destruction had he perhaps seen she wondered inwardly as they turned to head toward the cavern. As an after thought she realized it might lead her to Fianna who she’d not yet seen emerge since the tift with Kwa earlier in the day.

    [20:49] * Kajika decided that going back down to the caves might as well be fun. He stood there for a moment before Kilmaten would go to the ruins before he walked around them to where they had taken that fateful leap at Calder’s directive. That seemed like so long ago now. The paw prints leading up to the cliff side were a little faint but he was very familiar with where it was. He cast a glance at Shukie to see if she was ready to take the jump and after everything else, this seemed like a relatively fun part of their adventures here in this still strange land. “Would you like to go first?” He asked while he looked down at it.

    [20:54] * Shukie had moved beside Kajika to where they both stood at the precipess. WIth a shake of her head to which would be mistaken for a quick `no` she backed up several paces the lept out and over the edge with a yipppeeeeee!! resounding in the night air. It would not be long until full darkness overtook the hillsides above. Out into the air her body seemed to float at first then plundged into the darkness below to which a but of a thud could be heard as her paws landed, sliding the rest of the way to the bottom where she would await Kajika.

    20:58] * Kilmaten` made it to the top, finding the path for the most part in tact. He peered over the edge looking outside and saw a pretty good view, sun soon to set behind the mountains. He figured the pair below had gone somewhere so he decided to get cozy for a bit.

    [21:08] * Kajika watched her shake her head and then look down as he prepared himself to jump but then as he looked down again, he heard heavy pawsteps of her running and looked back just in time to see her jump over the edge just as she had before. Knowing what was at the bottom made it easier to jump, but he still wanted to slide down the entire way and scooted his paws to the edge of the snowy Earth and let his weight carry him the rest of the way forward. This time however, he didn’t splay his paws out to slow his descent and the smile started to grow across his features and just as soon as it had started, he was reaching the bottom again, landing shortly after Shukie had with a small spray of snow with him.

    21:26] * Shukie glanced over her shoulder in time to see Kajika taking the slide much as Manny, Sid and Diego had just before the ice bowl cracked open. ONce they were both at the bottom, her tail swayed briefly before she began to lead the way towards the main chamber wherein lay the weaponry of the ancient two leggers. Hopefully they’d find something there which would be of use. “I hope we can find something useful!” Her gazes was often beyond their location as she was also scenting for Fianna not having seen the fae come out. “How’re you holding up with all that has gone on?” she inquired of Kajika.

    [21:49] * Kajika nodded as he looked around the cave for any possible moss that might grow on the walls but found most of them to be dry and therefore void of any plant life. The pounding that they first heard when entering seemed to be no more as if it were linked to the hold that they Mykeer had on this place. When Shukie asked how he had been, it didn’t take him long to respond and he answered openly since he had nothing to hide about it. “Initially I was a bit bummed about all that happened recently with our injuries, Atraya’s eyesight and then losing Nova after everything else, but then I realized that things like this just… happen. I’m not new to injuries we receive, and I’ve been around to see the loss of a member of another member of the group losing their life, and while it was rare, I think I may have heard of a story of a wolf losing their eyesight so I know it is something that we can live with and I’m not worried about it, but just the timing of it all.” His nose twitched as he finished saying this and it seemed like a while for it all to be put out there, but just saying it helped and he looked up when he thought he heard a sound in these caves in his general demeanor changed to his usual head held respectfully high and his tail just as much so. “But I know that I’ll be here to help with anything else that rises and I realized this when I was talking with Nightshade about it.” He even thought about the positive side of his arrival in the fight and possibly the timing working in his favor. “And even though I didn’t do much in the fight, it seemed like after I joined in, our numbers were just too much for the Mykeer to focus on just one of us and we were starting to get more and more attacks in. And what about you, Shukie? As her second, it seems like a lot more of a burden might fall to you if you are now Atraya’s eyes.” He knew that all of them would in reality be her eyes and ears, but Shukie being the Beta would hold the heaviest weight in manners regarding the pack’s safety.

    22:03] * Shukie listened carefully to the male’s responses, quietly nodding though when his demeanor changed she focused both near and far inquiring quietly, “what did you see or hear?” She was not new to assuming the collar of acting alpha having done so often in the past when one or both had disappeared for long stretches of time, even before she was delta and as beta. “It is a mantle I have assumed often, tho this shall be very different.” she whispered, still listening for anything making noise. “Alpha is not a position I desire tho as needed I will do what is needed for the betterment and safety of the pack.” As he spoke of his timing to the fight she fully agreed, “Aye, all were in their right places at the right times for his defeat and even those not there was thus that more to help care for the injured.” As they spoke their path would have them to the pool where the pointy things were. “Lets see what we can find and get outa here. It still gives me the creps though I did place Caitlyn’s body within the cave with the deer, where in it was beautiful in this area of gray, black and white.”

    [22:08] * Shakira had taken time to track through the forest and dense undergrowth leading north towards the Hidden Falls. It was at the falls where she planned to turn in for the night, it had been a long day of traveling and searching, yet still she came up empty pawed. She passed quietly along her path, now setting herself in a straight shot towards the falls as she had become somewhat discouraged. “There must be others left here, I couldn’t have been the only one left behind.” She muttered to herself, surprised by how gravely her voice had become in it’s lack of use. Pausing briefly to shake out her coat and stretch out any soreness that may have set in during her trek, she took a moment to also acknowledge the beauty of her surroundings, remembering the many times she had taken this solitary trail.
    [22:13] <Shukie> ::The sounds of the rushing waters of the falls as the water flowed over the cliff side would perhaps be soothing to the fae. the moon would shine overhead creating a beauty in the spray of the falls.. a moonlit rainbow that few saw. Any howls sung would echo locally but not reach the whereabouts of the pack and any signs of their passing would long since have been overgrown with summer foliage. With the right perspective, she would see the rebirth of the territory that all the others would be missing.::

    [22:20] * Kajika turned his head back to Shukie, a look of dismissal on his muzzle already. “Maybe it was one of the deer down here then? Spooked by either them or something I thought I heard. But this place gives me the chills as well. Closed spaces in general I’m fine with, but I would much rather prefer the open spaces and a view of stars over anything else.” At the mention of Caitlyn, ; he tilted his head slightly while also looking at one of the long spike instruments still stuck in the ground. He had loosened one of them accidentally and the rest must have been tampered with when they realized their importance here. “Who is Caitlyn?” He asked. He felt like he should have known but the name was completely eluding him at the moment. If she was buried here then it must have been someone that they knew and were familiar with at least; the whole ritual being a final farewell of someone who is known and has a shared history with one or more of those present.
    [22:30] * skydancer lies near where they finished of mykeer her head between her paws and not at all sure if she wants to so much as touch it. letting out a slow breath she once again lifts her head looking around for signs of trouble then rolls slightly onto her right flank as she reaches for her midriff and set to cleaning out the cuts she received there pausing often rest her soar muscles having gone tail over rump from both blow and wonders if she might have hit rocks or clumps of ice along the way.
    [22:30] * Shukie nodded to Kajika’s suggestion of a deer. It was possible some had returned after being driven out. “Aye, the quicker we search and hopefully find something useful, the quicker we can depart.” She’d spent far Too much time in all the caves. “We used ice caves for shelter during the dead of winter up north along the coast for it was the only way to escape the hard freeze where even your breath froze before you exhaled. At his questioning of who Caitlyn was she realized he’d perhaps missed some of the explanations, if not all, of why they had been brought/summoned here. “Caitlyn, she is, well was.. Atraya’s sister who took on the path of The Morrigan in protection of the pack when they were young. Atraya thought her dead all this time and that was the first I knew of her having a sister.” It was as she was relaying the bits about Caitlyn that she thought she saw a flash in the distance. SHe stopped suddenly lest she lose site of it. “There… over there…” she intoned with her muzzle and a dip of her head, “there.. I saw a flash. It wasn’t narrow like the spikey things but wider.” She soon moved in that direction not looking to Kajika. the path would take her into the murky waters. Stubbing a paw on something submerged she had to stop, pawing tentatively at what was beneath. As she put more pressure on it, it wobbled and moved creating ripples in the surface. As it bounced at one end, the edge breeched the surface almost smacking her in the jaw causing her to jump back… the disc toppling below the surface again.

    [22:35] * Shakira sucked in a sharp breath as the full splendor of the falls came into view as she entered the small clearing in the trees. How long had it been since she had seen a waterfall? Months, possibly even a year or more. This waterfall had given her the peace she had yearned for when she first arrived in this territory. A sob Rose and caught in her chest as the emotions of her past threatened to surge to the surface, though she quickly forced them away. No use crying over what had been. As her eyes were held mesmerized by the spinning, sparkling water droplets as they fell to the small pool below, her heart swelled with pride for this breathtaking territory she called home.

    [22:51] * Kajika didn’t know how to respond to that news at first. He was definitely surprised and not sure what to make of it. It was enough for him to halt in his inspection of one of them, judging the size of it and how one might carry it back to where it was needed. There would be too many questions if he started asking even one and now wasn’t the time to sit around and discuss the matter but it did place a new perspective on the Morrigan. It wasn’t until she changed the subject to something that she saw that he was fully there again. His ears perked and angled forward to blink at it to see if he saw movement. When Shukie charged at it, he would slowly follow suit and stopped just at the edge of the water and circled its edge to get a better view of what she was doing. When he saw the shape rise above the water, he took his first few steps into the water and tilted his head slightly. Questions of what he just saw filled his head, replacing the ones about the origins of the Morrigan and he leapt beside her to offer to help. “It looks like you got something, would you like help in bringing it up?”

    [23:04] * Shukie placed a tentative paw upon the narrow piece. Again it rose at the other end, not unlike a slender tree would be but metal similar to the swords but thinner. It was slightly wider than herself was across, and about half her length or so it appeared in the murky waters. “I dunno what this is but maybe?” Moving around to the far side she pushed at it again from where she guessed the middle might be. At Kajika’s offer of help she nodded quickly, “Yes, please!” They would find it easy to maneuver once free of the silt that held it within its grasp. Perhaps it was a piece of a cart or buggy as the hoomans called them, things that the tall, lanky hoofed animals with sleek necks and long neck fur and tails yet very short fur on the rest of their bodies, a long nose not unlike a moose or caribou. Once it was pulled closer to shore there would be gaps between the pieces that ran the length, matching widths. Perhaps it was the oil on the wood that it was persevered and not rotted, who knew, certainly not her. It was not all that heavy once freed of the water. “Lets see if this will work?” She laid down upon the contraption to see how her own frame might fit. It was a tad short but if just the legs stretched just off the end, perhaps? she wondered.

    [23:18] * Kajika paced around the strange piece of material that reflected light even if it weren’t for the water droplets all along its surface still. “It looks a bit strange, but if we can bring this back with us, then it just might work!” he exclaimed hopefully. “It might be crazy enough that it just might work.” he repeated just a little bit quieter. He never thought he would end using anything like this to move anyone anywhere, but they were presented with a challenge that he wasn’t going to just think inside the box for a solution. “We might be able to get this back without taking too long, or would you rather wait until morning?” he proposed confidently. “I still have enough energy that I can take it back up to the ruins and check on Kilmaten.”In reality however, he just didn’t want to spend the night down here and saw a way to knock out two birds with one stone.
    [23:27] * Shukie tilted her head looking over the odd piece see that a part had broken off which left two openings at one end creating a cross beam of sorts. She was in agreement to get it out of there tonight not wanting to be underground any longer than she had to be. “I prefer topside to where I can check on the others and the weee one. She also intended to roll in the snow to get the stentch of the murkey water from her fur. “If we each take a side it might slide and would be a reasonable test to see if it’d work.” with a final look around then down at the contraption she hefted one side to begin hauling it out when Kajika was ready. “I hope to have kilmaten ready at dawn when the first light of day flows over the ruins that he’ll see what his father who shall rest here will see each day.” She was such a silly, sentimental fae at times tho it was something few would ever see.

    [23:43] * Kajika nodded and smiled at the thought. It would be the perfect way to place him in his final resting place and for his son to find closure. He took up his end and started to walk sideways with it before walking normally and just turned his head sideways. He had to open and snap his jaws quickly to readjust to the size of it which was a lot bigger than the small things he was used to carrying in his jaws but it was no more heavier than anything else he had carried, especially since the weight was split. As they made their way out of the tunnels, he felt more relieved at what they were doing and some part of him smiled as he had seen Shukie and everyone else’s interactions with the pup were all positive and the relief was shared knowing that Kilmaten would find a home here as he was told that his father once had.

    [23:48] * Shukie shared the burden of the ‘thing’ and helped to get it to the base of the hill where the ruins were that they could easily move it there at first light. “I dunno about you but I am suddenly finding i need to rest.” The adreneline of being in the caves had sapped what remained of her strength to do more on this day. She had since dropped her side of it which of course, would force Kajika to lower his as well. Leaning over she gently nuzzled in appreciation for his company and help with everything. “I’m gonna roll around a bit and scrape off this muck, then take a bit of a ‘cat’ nap.

    [23:58] * Shukie dipped her head in agreement, “And you! Thank you again for all you do and have done.” With that she rolled around several times until the bulk of the muck was gone, a trail in the snow to mix with some of the crimson that now faded some with the passing of the day.


    #Battalia | 7/11/2019

    * Fianna feeds fen Nova’s soul
    <`Fenrir> `Fenrir ruffles Fianna’s fur before devouring the offered soul. Good luck on your next hunt.
    <Shukie> she wants luck on this one first tho 🙂
    <skydancer> oh
    <Nova> McScuse me?
    <Atraya> LOL

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