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Role Play Notes | July 11th, 2019

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    @Atraya @Ayaka @Kova @Kajika @Faolan  @Shukie @skydancer
    %Fianna %Kwa`ani
    +kamaitachi +nightshade +Darth
    Calder Cwn Kilmaten Morrigan Myrkeer Nova

    Role Play Begins


    <Myrkeer> The cave remained dark and some what foreboding and the Myrkeer hadn’t meandered back for another visit either. What an unusual encounter and journey this has been indeed, but what was the reward at the end of this? Life lessons learned? Experiences gained for trust and love? Or was there some underlining this whole thing. Regardless the silence reigned over them within the cave except for the dripping of pockets of water, the musky smell of moss and the occasional clank of bone against stone.

    * Morrigan would have been within the ruins themselves looking for something in particular. She didn’t have sight but her nose could pick up on almost anything. ‘Hmmm… not here. HE must have it.’ and it was there the old wolf started back to where the pack had last left off.
    * Kwa`ani caught her sister’s scent and promptly forgot all about the pup and the other male stranger. With leaps and bounds she tackled her sister even as Fianna tried to slurp her muzzle. “SIS!!!!!!!!!!!” toppling over and pawing at fia excitedly
    * kamaitachi would wake up not seeing wolves right away and let out a chuff. She was still where they had flushed the bear out and wondered where everyone went
    <Shukie> ::For those within the caves they’d find Shukie’s scent upon the right side of the walls and the pyramid of rocks every so often::
    * Nightshade was leaving the entrance of the last cave/ruins, she whined while she was looking for Atraya .
    <Atraya> Nightshade would find that the scent of the pack lingered and was fairly close to the outside of the cave. They where nearby, outside, waiting for the Myrkeer to show up once more. If she followed their scents, and even the smell of a recent kill, she might find them.
    * Kova would have been resting after the hunt and taken what pieces she could to fill her belly. Satisfied she would have rolled to her side and lounged. However the scent and smell of others began to stirr her, and she woke. She blinked a few times and seemingly was embarassed by the amount of sleep she took. She rolled to her belly and stood, shaking out her pelt, she tried to gauge just what was going on around her.
    * Fianna would roll contentedly with Kwaani for a bit, scuffing snow into her ruff just like old times, licking and nipping at her muzzle a few times as well. For those few moments, she let go her worries over Calder and the Mykeer, and the craziness over the soul tokens, and ll the rest. She’d missed her sister. “Thanks for staying safe sis.” She finally pulled back to say, her honey eyes serious.
    <Calder> Whatever kept this male from the others for so long, would, well keep him. He had failed in finding a certain trinket but stumbled upon another and it was there the silvery trinket lay around his neck. He would be moving with a quickened pace from the east up the slope to where the ruins where. He knew the pack hadn’t moved and only hoped he could make it to them in time.
    * Nightshade watched behind her to see if she got followed, as a scent of the pack was getting closer, an other scent was also coming in.. blood? Something was murdered.. following the scent she narrowed her eyes to see if they’re close in the direction. Now she paced her movement and chuffed forwards.
    * Ayaka had licked clean the gash she’d recieved from the hunt, though it stung it wasn’t deep enough to e serious and had already scabbed over. As she noted Kova stirring, Ayaka would chuff toward the fae as she remained by Shukie.
    * Shukie nosed Ayaka gently, “It’s good to be fully with the pack again. I failed in what I set out to do tho I hope it was for naught.” As she spotted Ayaka licking a wound, she nudged the fae’s head aside to assess it and then further clean it between lulls in converstaion. Her own token, a wolf carved out of obsidian lay at her paws. She spotted her sister in the distance as well and
    * Shukie would offer up an exicted chuff before greeting others nearby as she nodded to hose making their presence known in one fashion or another.
    * Kilmaten frowned at the brown wolfies that ended up ignoring him. He decided that he doesnt like those oversized puppers. How dare they leave mid conversation!? Outrageous! He saw his dad coming over and leaped up on him, immediately forgetting about his brief conversation. “Wakie wakie sleepy head! Look at all the doggos!”
    * kamaitachi noticed others as she stood up now and sighed as they hadn’t left her alone. She let out a chuff as she looked around wondering what happens next
    * Nightshade focused on the horizon, she would see now the pack as her directions are right. Nearing up she would chuff towards to Shukie.
    * Kwa`ani mumbled briefly as she watched the golden filigred eagle feather floating down towards the snow having been knocked free of her scruff in the tussle. “I’m so glad to see You are safe and well, sister!” She was glad to see all that were nearby. For the time being, the reasons from being here were forgotten in the reunion.
    * Nova found his son charging at him, and flopped over to let him jump on him. He playfully gnawed at him and gave him a few happy licks. “This is pack life, little one. You will learn to love them all in due time, and become one of them.” Once finished speaking he pushed his son off of him which fell over, both getting up and shaking their coats off.

    <Myrkeer> The wolves waited long enough. He had been informed of who and what still lingered and it was now time the wolves faced off with the their destiny. The resounding crunch of snow would perk up the lounging wolves. They rested long enough. Tree bark would be heard snapping and breaking under great weight. The trees themselves looked like they bent against a great giant now lumbering towards them. Every wolf who was outside the cave and waiting would see this.

    * Ayaka allowed the beta to help clean the wound further as it was in a bit of an awkward spot for her to reach. “Faye takes us in strange and unloooked for directions sometimes, and we cannot predict how our paths will go. All the same I am glad your path brought you back to us,” She nosed Shukie softly before looking to the black wolf figurine at her paws. She hesitated… “Shukie. Is that your soul token?” Gear slithered
    * Ayaka through her. Atraya had seemed glad when they’d not found their own.wete these I’ll omens? It was beautiful nonetheless
    * Ayaka belatedly heard the snapping and ground shaking paws reps that brought the Mykeer hither, and she would whip her head around, eyes narrowed as she watched, knowing within who was coming.
    * Kilmaten would snap his head in the direction of all the scary sounds. What was thaaat? Nonono… He quickly dove under his dad for protection, poking his head out to see what was making all that noise.
    * Atraya would feel her fur begin to prickle. Something wicked came this way and she some how felt it was time. She pressed her paws into the earth and rose quickly. She would lower her tone and growl “WolfSpirits… be alert” she would warn to those who where chattering about as she focused her hues on the trees now breaking and moving against something large. She began to pace and listen intently.
    * Fianna too would have a moment of worry as she took note of the beautiful feather that floated from her sister’s ruff. Her own pretty torc had been taken by her mother and the Morrigan.who.. She glanced around.. Was that old white wolf here.still? Before she could ask about the feather though, the trees began shaking and the earth felt as if it were quaking with fear. She hadn’t been able to find time to acquaint herself with
    * Fianna th3 new pup.and brjt
    * Fianna brute * through the pack sure seemed to know him. When Atraya would speak she would leap r o her paws and pace to stand. E
    * Kova would hear the thundering sounds of something coming this way. She quickly stood up and looked in that direction. She felt her entire body begin to freeze as she prepared for whatever would come.
    * Shukie would brush aside Ayaka’s questions and reactions at the thundering that seemed to be coming their way. “It is a token perhaps, but it is a part of me, with or without a physical item. It is of Shuku’s past and thus my own.” As she looked up from the wolf figurine, she nodded in greetings to Nightshade and others near here. It was at Atraya’s growling command she was up and on her
    * Shukie paws, ready … she hoped … for what may come. She too growled warnings to those near or behind her.
    * Ayaka had seen Nightshade reach the pack and as the fae looked her way she’d nod to the wolfess before she too shoo
    * Ayaka rose to all fours to face the oncoming threat# a
    * skydancer_ looks past her shoulder at the nova and the pup, while they could use the exra pair of paws. “nova, get yourself and the pup out of here.” she say’s. “this is no place for a little one” she then quickly looks forward again intent on what might be coming but not moving yet as she waits for a reply.
    * ApacheWolf looks up, smelling the air, she streched out before flopping down. Peers down at her paws..
    * kamaitachi moved over to the beta and alpha and stood alert. She didn’t know if ahe could beat this danger
    * Ayaka Atraya’s warning spurring her to put herself at the ready. She would place herself in front of the small pup, and watched.*
    * Kwa`ani was like glue to her sister and when the fae moved she did as well until they reached her mother she would go to the opposite side of Fianna, her golden feather laying forgotten upon the ground.
    * Nova ‘s head snapped to the sound as well, feeling his son dive underneath him. He decided it would be better to go over to the beta, so he swatted a paw at his son to get up ajd follow him over to the small gathering of wolves to figure out what on earth was making that noise.
    * Nightshade perked her ears at Atraya her warning, she turned around . “Hmm.. ” she mumbled..”what’s coming?” She softly growled while she stood her ground.
    * skydancer being closer steps in front. “nova, seriously. you two need to get moving, now.” she warns maybe the brute big enough to push her aside if he so wished but not the pup. “that’s a over sized abd if he Spots you..” she trails of ominiously
    <Morrigan> Continued along the chosen path, slow albeit, but along she went as she did her best to make it back to the rest of the pack. SHe did her best to have a steady pace but she was old after all and blind. “I hope I’m not to late…” she grunted to herself.
    * Shukie saw Nova’s approach, also taking in skydancer’s ..command.. “Nova, find a safe place for your son and be ready to assist the pack as needed for it may be what saves your son’s life…” A parent would always defend a pup, as would the pack. “What comes, I don’t know, but be ready for ..anything!” They would be in the fight of their lives, and that of the pack as a whole.
    * Kwa`ani pressed against her mother’s side letting her know she was here as well, ready to face what challenges there may be. The alpha family was as together as it could be and it would see, the front line to what cometh for them.. from all sides it would seem
    * Fianna had had a too brief respite from the cares of the past weeks and even months, but the blacktail meat had done her good, infusing her with energy anew, and the will to stand firm against what evils lay ahead. She would defend her mother and pack with life and limb if need be. She felt Kwaani’s move nearby and firmed her own resolve. “When we stand together…” She said aloud, hoping her tones were firm and strong.
    * Fianna “Nothing can stop us.”
    * kamaitachi looked to the others that had joined by shukie and the alpha ” Let’s get this beast and hopefully live in peace” she said facing her fear though she wished her brother to be there but didn’t want him hirt at the same time.
    * Nova would look around once Shukie spoke, looking in the opposite direction of the noise. “Come.” Is all he said to his pup as he v lined it in the opposite direction to hide his pup below the nearest ridge.
    * Ayaka scanned the other’s. She’d heard Shukie’s hurried answer, and later when there was time she would ponder the beta’s words, but for now, they faced what was coming, however it unfolded. They’d known the Mykeer would return for his revenge, or whatever his true purposes were. But what had befallen Calder? Perhaps they’d ever know.

    <Myrkeer> Large lumbering paws would continue to press through the trees until finally that familiar overly large body would make it’s way into the open. His eyes narrowed and his breathe hot and heavy against the chilly winds. Even up here summer couldn’t touch it. He would be met with a pack of wolves. The same WolfSpirits as before but it seemed like some where there and others not. New faces he »»
    <Myrkeer> »» didn’t recognize. No matter… he would approach before stopping along a flat surface. There was a dead silence that washed over him save for his heavy breathing. Huff. HUff. He reclined upon his haunches and rose up to his full height, opened his jowls and let loose a deafening roar that only a old, large grizzly could. ROOOOOARRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrr! The wolves would feel the very ground beneath them shake and the sound of icicles falling from the ceiling inside the cave could be hears.

    * Atraya he finally came. She took a mental note of all the wolves who where there. She gave a nod to each before Myrkeer finally appeared. She stood her ground and felt her fur begin to prickle as she stood upon a level field of snow and at the other end the bear. She would squint her eyes only slightly when the bear roared a mighty call across the open expanse towards them. She wouldn’t waiver nor »»
    <Atraya> »» flinch much and allowed the bear to flex his frame before her lip curled in a low growl. She slowly began to lower her head before letting loose a powerful howl! The wolves around her would feel a spark of inspiration and spirit quench within them and no doubt the eagerness to join in would be strong. No… the need to join in was strong.
    * Kova felt her body shake only slightly to the roar as she watched the bear tower tall well over all of them. She would not move nor flinch either and felt her resolve hold for now. She would flick her tail behind her before she heard her alpha’s call. She couldn’t help it. Her spirit demanded her of this to respond. So she did. She lifted her muzzle and let loose a low, deep howl with her alpha! »»
    <Kova> »» This was -her- family. Nothing would threaten that.
    * Fianna marveled at Atraya’s tones for the briefed of moments before she too was caught up in the swell and tide of the pack spirit. She lifted her muzzle, the russet Browns and reds of her pelpt rippling as she took a half step forward and added her own rich tones to the rest, lifting her voice to a higher note to hold it, perking even as they sang their response to the grizzled grump.of a bear’s growl. He could not phase
    * Fianna them.
    * Nova had his pupper bury himself in thr snow so he would blend in, even though his scent lead right to him. He told Kil to stay put until he returned and bolted back to the group, wanting to make sure the monster didnt advance on his sons location. The roar sent his body shivering but just as much excitement as worry.
    * Shukie ‘s neck stretched out low, and with the movement her jaws parted, a deep and resonanting howl began, the pitch changing as her head slowly came up, neck arching towards the heavens above. The howl had a vibrato to it, not from fear but in singing to the ancients and all that came of before and would surely come after. It was a song of spirit, to the spirits. Perhaps it would help
    * Shukie guide Calder, and .. the Morrigan. They would either be of help or create a worse hell for them.
    * kamaitachi put her voice into the chorus. It filled her with strength and courage to defeat this
    * Kwa`ani ‘s voice sang of it’s own accord. What would be, would be. She was as ready as she could be and the months with Shukie would lend different thoughts than she would otherwise have had. Her own howls ended… “For Pack. For Family. For Life. For Love.”
    * Ayaka ‘s voice would join with the others as her own heart, too, would swell with the need to join with her pack in strength of song. She would hold her own notes as long as the other’s did, and her own courage would rise.
    * skydancer finaly seeing the pair move off and into hiding she pads forward to join the rest of the pack just as mykeer lets loose an almighty growl causing her to stop with her paws maybe a little wide as her body remembers the earthquake as the others start howling she too joins in, her howl pitched just a litle higher then everybody elses due to her small frame, not that she’ll let that stop her.
    <Myrkeer> Well the howling was not to surprising but a nice touch. He continued to lumber forward with his eyes narrowed upon the wolves before falling upon those who where gathered. His claws would dig into the snow and frozen ice below his paw pads and he spoke with his deep baratone voices. “I demand my payment. CALDER! I call upon YOU” his breath was seen whirling about as he exhaled deeply.
    * Nightshade throwed her head aswell with everyone else into the sky, and let a loose a deep low howl.
    * Nightshade throwed her head aswell with everyone else into the sky, and let a loose a deep low howl.
    <Calder> Had heard all the wolves calls and quickly aimed to close that distance. He would leap from one boulder to another at the ruins and land with ease. He finally found the trinket and it continued to dangle around his neck. He would come upon the pack now before almost pushing past anyone who was in ‘his’ way. The Myrkeer finally showed himself. Now was the time. Now was the time he could be set »»
    <Calder> »» free. He swung his neck around and the trinket quickly fell to the ground and he picked it up and made a bline for Fianna.
    <Morrigan> All the howls managed to help her now as she made her way to them. She kept her pace quick and it was there ‘his’ scent reached her. She lifted a lip and growled as she proceeded blindly. “No you don’t…. Not again.”
    * Kwa`ani glared when the Myrkeer roared for Calder… payment… huh… what… and.. calder… now Morrigan… she didn’t know who or where to snarl at first so just faced the bear, giving Calder the proverbial cold shoulder until he headed toward her sister. Whirling about she did what she could to block his way. “OH! NO! You don’t!” snarling at the male. “You will NOT harm her!” She’d
    * Kwa`ani just gotten her mother and sister back she would not give them up.
    * Atraya would be well aware of all the wolves near her. She felt her body shake and when the bear demanded of Calder, the mystery manwolf lumbering around with googly eyes for her daughters made her less then thrilled. Why was -he- responsible? She growled again and when the male appeared making a line for Fianna she would move to try and intercept him. “What do you think you are doing?” she’d »»
    <Atraya> »» be well aware
    * Kova her body tensed and when the bear demanded of Calder the confusion was well on her face. Why? She would turn to see the very male materalize out of no where. She blinked… where on earth? She felt her body tense as she stood shoulder to shoulder with Ayaka on one side and Shukie on the other if they allowed.
    * skydancer as calder tries to shoulder past her she swings her head around attempting to bite him even as her frame jus simply isn’t heavy enough to stay put.
    <Calder> If no one stopped him (he did feel the nip of air from Sky but didn’t seem to give her much other then a glance) he would make it to Fianna and if he managed to get cloes to her at all (hoping the others where all distracted by the Myrkeer) he tossed the trinket around Fiannas neck and quickly said “Fianna.. you must follow me now. Your families life depends on it.” he would wait very »»
    <Calder> »» little for her response. He turned then to the alpha, Atraya, and repeated “Please. We must do this. If you want your pack to live… trust me.”
    * Shukie took in the approach of the white fae, not putting it together who she was at first, just assuming yet another stranger that arrived in her absense; just where the pup was hidden as she began to move toward the alpha family. Without much thought she lept for the male, her mirror image, to stop his progression to the alpha family. “No! No you don’t!” She’d missed so much but without
    * Shukie reason to back off, she would not do so. Maybe, or maybe not the snapping of her jaws would catch some tailfur?
    <Calder> ++ When Shukie would leap infront of him he would be jarred back. His paw came up, the trinket spun about in his paw now. He would say with honest eyes now. “Please… please trust me.” his tones now a quiver. This was not like the male at all. His stoaic handsomeness was put in the backseat.
    * Ayaka would glance around at the bears words, spotting Calder and long last. She made no move but held her ground, even as she wondered where Kajika had gotten to.with his holy water. Perhaps he’d found a safe place to put it? She hoped he was OK even as she turned to pin her eyes back on the Mykeer…. Until she heard Calder urge Fianna to follow him. Her silver hues would then pin HIM. He had not led them astray.
    * Kwa`ani had jumped up before the male got to Fianna and seeing Shukie’s attack attempt she was walked over by Calder in reaching for Fianna. At his words to Atraya and Fianna she hesitated, her eyes going to Shukie, pleading for guideance but didn’t wait. In as commanding a tone as her mother, “Why!” ignorning the bear and all others. Tho the lumbering beast was anything but unnoticeable.
    * kamaitachi stood and watched Calder as he was summoned and to see him involve fianna made her edgy and a growl let loose from her maw
    * Shukie snarled realizing she has been on track to seek the male out as to why he was doing all this. The scenarios shaped in split seconds. It was his voice, the meekness. She glanced to Atraya, glad the alpha was present to make the decision to trust or not to trust. “It is Atraya’s trust you need above my own.” her statement sharp and steady.
    * Atraya there would be a waiver of her frame as she felt the tinge of burning rage well within her but she kept it subdued. Just in case something happened. “She goes then I go. Take it or leave it.” her chest pressed out towards the male and her tail rose quickly. She pushed her rank around despite this not being her own home. She would no doubt offer instruction to her beta and the others »»
    <Atraya> »» shortly, but for now she had to keep her pack safe.
    * Fianna had made her choice long ago. She would trust Calder, for good or ill. As the other’s made to bar the dark brutes way to her she shook her head, frustration welling. He was trying to help. Her own safety paled in comparison to that of the entire packs. She wouldn’t allow them to worry over her, when the bear stood before them clearly able to wipe them out with a single blow. She moved several steps forward to stand
    * Fianna beside Atraya, facing Calder if the others allowed her through. She watched the male, worried to see him act so differently now, his bravado replaced by urgency. “Mother.” She said once to Atraya. ” I am willing.”
    * skydancer jumps right after the brute but if not for the others blocking his path he would have succeeded and she about to ake a chunk out of his banner as his demeanor suddenly shifts and the the morrigan comes to the fray aswell which causes all her fur to stand on end
    <Calder> “Fine fine….” He grumbled at Atraya. He had expected nothing less in the way of reactions by the other wolves. He held the trinket in his paw and seated himself. His ears pinned back only slightly before he responded again. “If you do not come with me, Myrkeer will destroy your entire family. This I promise you.”his eyes turned to Kwa`ani, the other alpha’s daughter. Perhaps she »»
    <Calder> »» might be convienced to? Regardless, he had worked on Fianna as best he could and only hoped it would pay off. His charming eyes all the same but there was a hidden sadness behind those eyes. Was he sad at the prospect of the pack being lost? He turned to the others “For the sake of your pack… come with me.”if he was allowed and no wolf stopped him he would reach with his paw to place the »»
    <Calder> »» trinket around Fianna’s neck and if it went around her neck he started off towards the large bear.
    * Nova would be standing a bit in the distance, closw enough to hear what was going on. This beast was why the pack was so far from their homeland? This was a bad time to show up. He stepped a bit closer to be at the back of the gathered wolves, quite confused to whose going with what and where and why… brainfart.
    * Ayaka ‘s paws churned the earth beneath her at the turn of events. But if the Alphess had spoken. Who was she to say nay? She would not stop Calder, though as the trinket would slip over Fianna’s neck she would growl low. She too, had no deeper knowledge as to.what was truly happening, but when called upon to.give her all, she would. For now,that meant standing by.
    [13:03] * Fianna felt the silver trinket fall around her neck and nerves coiled in her belly. Was she the price then that Calder owed to the Mykeer? Was she to be a sacrifice? For as the brute took off straight toward the bear, she could think of no other ending. It was not his roguish handsomeness she followed now, though with the seasons passing it had not diminished. It was for the love
    of her pack. Without a backward glance she
    [13:03] * Fianna ran, paw after paw behind Calder, eyes set on the large bear ahead, and feeling the weight around her neck like lead.
    [13:04] * Shukie was Not as willing to sacrifice the alpha family. “First. Calder. Why Fianna and What purpose does it gain you!” SHe was wanting an explanation, even a small one that she Should give her Trust. She had missed much over the months, but perhaps that gave her a different perspective on the male. She needed more than .. ‘just trust me’ to give her trust.
    [13:04] * Nightshade watched how Fianna stepped next to calder ” we can’t nothing else than trusting the brute” she sighed while dipping her head ” I hope with whole my heart, that this comes to an end ” she chuffed to everyone
    [13:07] * skydancer ears flatten as the trinket settles around fiannas neck and she growls in frustration wishing more then anything that she could take the others place as she fears the worst. at her spirit sisters words and obvious distress she moves toward the larger fea. “I understand shukie.’ she offers in a voice with barely concealed frusration a the situation and presses her frame
    against the larger wolfs frame
    [13:07] * Nightshade whispered ” be careful Fianna ,.. please be careful ” as she stared at their moving further
    * Nightshade moved to Shukie and nosed her gently ” I hate the fact that we just need to trust without any good reasons to.. why is she needed?” She let a whiny chuff and bothered about the powerlessness.
    [13:13] * Nova is getting more and more confused as time goes by, noticing the trinkets around some wolves necks and wondering. Many different emotions coarsing through him
    <Calder> “Please.. for the sake of your family. You must trust me. That is all I can tell you.” he would look to Shukie and his eyes where no doubt sincere in his words. He would start off towards the Myrkeer and urge Fianna to follow.
    * Atraya would narrow her eyes and look to Calder and then to Shukie. She leaned into her and said “Get the pack ready. The bear will be ended.” she turned to watch the others and then look back to Shukie ‘When I give the signal… you’ll know what to do.’ she whispered to her what the signal was before moving between Fianna and Calder.
    <Myrkeer> Would be growing impaitent by now and he let loose another deep roar as he took a brave step forward. There would be a verrry faint sound of cracking beneath the surface of the wolves when he took a step. Where they on stable ground? Regardless, he was becoming irritated at waiting. “NOW” he ordered.
    * Shukie looked to the wolves near her, their questions echoing some of her own. There was Myrkeer on one side, the blind fae Morrigan and Calder. De Ja Vu. “If one goes, we all go.” doing her best to give the brute the benefit of the doubt. Of course, it would depend on if Morrigan and or Myrkeer allowed the rest to tag along or if they’d have to battle one or both to do so. It was at
    * Shukie Atraya’s bidding that she held back from following, a slight inclination of her head the only sign she gave to Atraya, Calder and the alpha family. Still, she couldn’t keep from snarling in reaction.
    * Kova she felt the intensity of the situation but when Calder was allowed to take Fianna forward she couldn’t help but feel anxiety. Was this right? She would let loose a low growl inkind with her sisters and would take a step forward when the bear roared again. She didn’t like being demanded of anything.
    * Fianna would have paused when Calder did at Shukie’s demands, her eyes meeting the beta’s and a flicker of fear showing there despite how bravely Fianna held her head up. She wouldn’t allow more of her fear to show, even if it was there. Turning now and giving herself no more chances to think, she moved quickly after Calder, thinking of her defiance for the bear and her desire
    for freedom for everyone, out from under the
    * Fianna thumb of the bear, the Morrigan, or anyone else. The anger kindled in her heart, help have her courage and her eyes glinted as she moved up besidr Calder, though it seemed her mother was intent on staying between them. ”
    * Nightshade hearing some words falling and catched up the word signal .” I don’t know if we’re I mean If I’m ready to fight that bear!” She yelped and looked confused at Atraya. “Are we… are we gonna fight”?
    * kamaitachi moved beside nightshade “stay by me and we will fight together ‘ she would nose her gently
    * Ayaka watched the exchange between Atraya and Shukie, wondering slightly at it yet she trusted them both completely to make the best decisions, should it come to attack, or not. She held her own ground and gave a nearly imperceptible nod at Shukie’s words.
    * Nova ‘s confusion turned into adrenaline quite quickly at tge sound of fighting this beast. Doing his best to not show his fear, he took a few steps forward to be closer to the others., now in the middle of the gathering of wolves.
    * Kwa`ani had not yet been blocked from going with her sister and mother. The more the merrier when a battle came was her thoughts and the alpha family would be as one that the pack would have a chance of surviving. She had second thoughts remembering all the times Shukie had kept her separate from her family as a safety of the alpha lineage continuing. “Be ready!” was all she said to those
    <Shukie> [13:45] * Kwa`ani around »»
    <Shukie> [13:45] <Kwa`ani> »» her. “For anything.” her gaze upon Myrkeer and the departing faes and tour guide, Calder.
    <Shukie> [13:47] <Shukie> ((Ack: mixed post for both shukie/kwa. scratch the last bit about hte gaze. that was Shukie’s))
    <Shukie> [13:51] * Ayaka would perhaps take note of Nova inching his way toward them all and she would take a single moment to brush his shoulder with her nose. A greeting after such a long while was worth the moment. “You have much to catch up on. But now is not the time..” She would murmur to him, eyes back on the Mykeer, as her alphess and alphas daughter..had Kwaani gone as well? Her
    <Shukie> eyes searched for the other alphas daughter in
    <Shukie> [13:51] * Ayaka sudden sorry.
    <Shukie> [13:51] <Ayaka> Worry*
    <Shukie> [13:51] * Nightshade nosed kamaitachi gently back and responded ” m’kay.. this is a neverending nightmare feeling ”
    <Shukie> [13:59] * Nova returned Ayakas greeting and gave a slight nod. “Apparently. Im sure ill learn a bit real fast.” He joked. “Im here to help, my pup is hidden over the ridge behind us.” He whispered, returning his attention to the bear and foreign wolves in front of him.
    <Myrkeer> Would wait with impatience as the wolves -finally- started to move forward. He growled low before watching the other wolf approach. He paid no mind for now and would look down upon Calder. “Is this a pure blood from the line?” he was bold in his asking.
    * Kwa`ani moved in tandum with her sister and the brute, refusing to stay behind unless forced by her mother. She nearly had stopped Calder from playing the ‘thing’ around Fianna’s neck. She would hear Myrkeer’s words. What was she… chopped liver… *ewwwwies..gross stuffs unless fresh and steaming from a kill*
    <Calder> Gave a quiet nod before stepping forward “Yes. She wears your trinket.” he said without even looking back. “Now…uphold your end of the bargain.” his voice and tone demanding now.
    * Fianna stopped beside her mother and Calder and lifted her head to stare up at the large white eyed bear, her glare evident, yet showing him the trinket nonetheless. She wanted to yell at the beast and ask all her questioms yet for once she remained silent. If this was her end, she’d go to it showing the strength of her ancestors. She flicked a quick glance at Kwaani, wondering why her sister had come yet grateful for the
    * Fianna added presence, and turned back to face her doom.
    <Myrkeer> Huffed and took a step forward before stopping before the pair. His large charcoal nose came to bsniff closer to Fianna. His hair unprickled and some what relaxed before he took a step back once more. He narrowed his eyes before letting loose a low growl with satisfaction. “You must be as blind as the Morrigan, Calder. I asked for two sense you failed the first time. Where is the other one?”
    * Atraya would narrow her eyes “other one?”. She didn’t like this at all. She would make a single glance over her shoulder to the pack just behind them now before looking back to the large bear. “You will get none of my family if this is what this is all about. If you think you’re about to sacrifice my family Calder, you are sourly mistaken.” she finally spoke up as slowly the pieces began to »»
    <Atraya> »» fall into place. At least she thought.
    * Shukie felt, more than saw Morrigan for her attention was upon the alpha family, Calder and Myrkeer. “Morrigan. TO what doom have you placed us in again?” Surprisingly, there was no malice in her tones, just straight forward questions. The sightless one was very much a part of this, she had no doubts but to what end… that was yet to be seen (pun intended). “Are you friend or foe this time?” again, her tones were flat.
    * Ayaka could hear the Mykeer’s voice boom and her ears laid flat as his great head lowered to.sniff at Fianna like some choice morsel, and appetizer before the main course. Anger at such treatment courses through her and she marveled that Fianna had been willing to stand up to it, no doubt because she believed it to be the only way to save the pack. Was it? Would the pack lose not one, but two alpha daughters to save the rest.
    * Ayaka No.. It wasn’t worth the cost. Not to Ayaka. She stepped forward, glancing to Shukie, worry evident on her face.
    <Calder> Huffed and felt his frame tense equally so before shaking his dark head as he felt that tension “You will get the one as promised. No more. This pack has suffered enough by your hand whether they know it or not.” he would feel the tension of glares upon him but he kept his eyes fixed on Myrkeer.
    * Fianna took a silent and unassuming step in front of Kwa`ani, trying to hide her sister from the Mykeer’s view, now wishing the fae hadn’t followed after all for it it seemed the beast wanted her blood as well. But h3 * Fianna but he wouldn’t have it. *
    * skydancer can’t be anything but proud of fianna even if as she wants to rush forward and pull fianna away, somehow. baring her teeth and takes a tentative padfall then attention is drawn by That one.’ feeling a spike of fear she steels herself then pads forward, toward the bear. “you’re going to get greedy in your old age?” she growls “that is too much.” feeling like even one is too much she keeps trying to think of a way
    * skydancer to do such a thing though times is running out.
    <Myrkeer`> Narrowed his eyes before peering to the rest of the pack. He looked as red as a tomatoe with anger but soon it subsided as he eyed Kwa`ani among the rest then turned back to Calder. He had to ‘think’ about it clearly and it showed by his furrowed brow. Finally he spoke..”Very well… the one marked I accept…. ” his lip turned slightly to the side before a large paw came to rise up and »»
    <Myrkeer`> »» it’s strike clearly aimed at Fianna.
    * Kwa`ani gazed between her mother, sister, Calder and the brute. “What do You mean,… you promised one?” Her tones colder than the oldest glacier. “We are not something to be bartered for your gain, Calder.” She was not a simpering pup any longer, not after the past arduous months. “Shukie saught you to do what could be done yet you…” Rather than take her venom out on Calder she turned
    * Kwa`ani it towards »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» Myrkeer just as her sister tried to block her. “We will not be sacrificed.” She didn’t try to puff up her frame, nor stand any taller for it would do no good. Her strength would be seen either way. Jumping infront of the raised paw… would she be in time?
    * Fianna saw the paw raise up too, sensed Kwaani’s movement and moved as well, straight for the Mykeer#
    * Fianna she moved in and tried to sink her jaws into his large paw even as it swiped at her, sinking claws and fang and everything she could into it. She would go, but not quietly.
    <Fianna> *
    * Nightshade was shocked of the move from Myrkeer. “Fianna!!” She shouted and looked with begging eyes at Atraya. ” please let this end.. ”
    * skydancer unable to hold back she darts forward and grabs the neares of the two sisers by the banner and attempts to pull her away not even sure one she got a hold of she simply tries to prevent mykeer from taking both. “don’t argue” she said her throat onsticted as her hart hurt for the other. she doesn’t to loose either.
    * Kova felt her body tense and when the large paw came up with the intention of coming down upon Fianna, she felt as though she would leap right out of her skin straight at the bear. She would feel her paws kneed the earth and almost didn’t wait for a signal to leap forward!
    * kamaitachi saw the bear go to strike and the others move towards them. With a growl ahe
    * Ayaka had looked and waited for Shukie’s move, holding herself back by sheer force of will, she trembled and a howling growl pulled from.her maw as she stamped her paws, looking to Shukie again, eyes wide, where was this signal?
    * kamaitachi (cont…) She would move towards it (end)
    * Shukie waited on Morrigan to show her part in this, if she even responded. The events were unfolding quickly yet Atraya had whispered for her to await the signal, thus she would keep everyone back. As skydancer darted past she would snatch the fae’s tail yanking her to the ground before she can upset the balance, growling low in warning not to overstep her place as she is neither alpha
    * Shukie nor beta, not even ranked. A staccato warning was issued, sister or not.
    <Calder> He saw Myrkeer’s paw come up and would prepare to swipe. He seemingly was also standing some what close by and for reason. He would only hope the pack would wait and see just exactly what would happen. He only hoped the others would hold their resolve.
    <Morrigan> Finally she reached the rest of the pack and when the bear was about to rise his paw up she barked “By the Old Gods and Ancestors, By the right of the Morrigan I command you to stop!” she pressed her blind frame past the other wolves having come from the east. Milky white eyes would leer out and peirce the darkness and the only thing illuminated to her would be Myrkeer. A soft red hue »»
    <Morrigan> »» and glow to it as she stopped just beside the trio. Just before anything ‘irrational’ would happen. She was just in the nick of time, too. The paw was dangerously close to Fianna’s frame. Clearly one strike from this beast would no doubt be fatal in the right place.
    * Atraya would leap forward and was about to twitch her ears twice but when the loud voice of another broke the otherwise chaos. SHe dropped quickly down just short of the bear as her hackles where raised. Her ears was back, however, in a near flicking motion as she readied to signal Shukie and the others. What on earth was this command?? She spun her head about to see Morrigan appear out of, well, »»
    <Atraya> »» no where.
    * skydancer doesn’t even feel shukkie teeth skimming her banner but as the morigan steps in she pulls up short and looks toward the fea, both stunned and weary of the motivations for this ones actions “why” she wispers the question not expecing a response at all
    * Nova was queitly watching everything go down. A new wolf appearing and a bear about to kill the daughter of the alpha that was about to do something and now we paused… His head started to hurt but shook it away. All he could do is wait for someone to tell him to do something.
    * kamaitachi stopped and watched in anxiety and scaredness. She didn’t know what was going to happen the anticipation was intense
    * Kwa`ani had no intention of sacrificing anyone except Myrkeer. Bear meat will taste quite good she thought but when Fianna tried to intervene, she lunged to try and knock her away from Myrkeer. It was at the commanding tones of a stranger, Morrigan, that her body went limp and dropped to the ground landing solidly on her paws, still hissing and snarling. Her eyes seemed to speak volumes
    * Kwa`ani to Calder »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» that’s she’d deal with him later for his part in this. Provided she survived it all. Each ready to die for the other, for the pack. *you shall not pass* echoed in her mind as she thew daggers with her eyes at Myrkeer.
    * Fianna things had passed far too quickly for Fianna to understand it all, hers was only to act during this single moment, and one she had thought to be her last moment in this life. The claws had gleamed bone white, sharp.amd wicked and she could almost feel the impact that… Didn’t happen? She held her frame stiff, as if she too had been frozen in time, her maw lifted in a snarl which showed her own gleaming teeth. Through
    * Fianna it all she wondered… How did Calder think her death would save her pack? Or was it her death he sought? She didn’t know, yet still, stubbornly, she refused to think he only thought of himself. Was her heart too far gone?
    <Myrkeer> It was like slow motion and he expected no less from the pack to react to his doings. Especially having no idea what and why this was all happening to them. His claw came dangerously close to Fianna’s face she could feel the heat from his body but it stopped just inches. His eyes narrowed as he looked up to the Morrigan as she appeared. The large bear narrowed his gaze all the same before his »»
    <Myrkeer> »» claw came to slowly rest back on the snow and ice. “How dare you interrupt this ritual. You know the rules witch….”
    <Calder> Heard the Morrigan speak up and snarled “No” before he too spun around and rose his hackles. He would snarl, his entire body changed now to defensive. ‘NO! you will not interfere witch!’ his body tensed as if he was to prepare himself to launch himself at the old blind fae.
    <Morrigan> knew exactly where to go and stand, it would seem, despite her milky white hues leering ahead of her at the red aura in front of her. She turned her frame now to face all the other wolves. “They deserve to know about this ‘ritual’. Before a choice can be made. Enough… is enough.”
    * Shukie growled for all to hold tight, almost in unison of Morrigan’s demands. “We wait! We move as one when I say. Others ignoring…*snarl* will be dealt with harshly for you may be the death of all to do otherwise!” agains she turned her attention to the sceen in the distance, keeping an eye and ear upon her alpha.
    * Ayaka nodded at the morrigan’s words. Enough WAS enough
    * Atraya would have been frozen as she came to a stop when the Morrigan seemingly came and commanded the bear? She would snarl before she would turn her eyes sharply to the bear. Yes.. they deserved an explanation. It was here she waited. Her ear still back, waiting.
    * Ayaka it was about time someone paused the show to explain, and to give them time… Time to perhaps stop.this wolftastrophe from happening, to stop the alpha daughter from.dying..

    <Myrkeer> Would take a step back, a paw held in the air lightly before giving a deep bellowed chuckle. “Alright then…. as you ‘command’.” his paw came to lower and his large lumbering frame would tower almost over all of them. “There was a secret pact that was made with the ancients and old ones of your time to keep the peace between two predators. In order to keep this balance between worlds, much of which I don’t expect you to understand, there was a truce made but it came with a promise. To ensure the balance of life here on earth was not disrupted by our power, a sacrifice was made by the first blood of this long tradition. This wolf becomes known as the Morrigan. Sight is taken but a great gift is given in return. They are the peace keepers of us all and ensure this balance always remains. That’s until your matriarch broke that promise. She killed my brother and thus started the great war. Whether she knew it or not, your pack was damned. Ever wonder why litters fail? Or pups die? Oh yes Atraya… you think you lost all your pups to the cold. To the hunger? To fate? Yes… you lost them to something and that was to me. The Morrigan makes sure the balance is kept.  Life for life. Sarafina knew this. The Shaman knew this. They all knew of this but could say nothing of it for the balance would be tipped. Which brings us to now…. ” his eyes fell to Calder. “Calder is Moon Shadows youngest grandson. Moon Shadow had pups with another female who gave birth to a male named Corven. He in turn had pups and gave birth to Calder. Calder was promised a wealthy pack and life after he completed his task of destroying the WolfSpirits pack homeland. He carried the lit torch and set your home ablaze. As instructed. He would be out for vengeance his whole life because he was fed lies that his grandfather suffered greatly by the pack’s legacy and aimed to destroy it. So yes….. your innocent male was part of the wolves who set the pack lands on fire.” Little did Calder know that he was being played like a puppet his entire life. So where all the others it seemed. He would pause in his lore to allow his words to sink in before he continued.
    <Calder> The large male had taken a step back as he listened to what the large bear had to share. Even he didn’t know all of this. He was told his entire life that in order to save his own skin one of the pack of WolfSpirits, by blood or spirit, had to be given up. But there was far more at work here and the sound of betrayl didn’t sit well with him. He took a step back before his eyes, once dreamy, »»
    <Calder> »» now cream with vegence. “Fianna… I…. I didn’t know about this truce. This pact. I was promised you. I was promised a new life and a family. I was promised life. If I did this I would be spared.”his tone would still hold that milky smooth gesture as he tried to convience her and the others he wasn’t the ‘bad guy’. Surely they would see now he was being played to. Just like them. »»
    <Calder> »» Right?
    * Kwa`ani became mesmirized as the ritual was being explained; standing shoulder to shoulder beside her sister, mother, if they were still near. “Our Father. What did you do to him? Where is he?” she challenged. To Myrkeer, “You may have taken the rest of our parent’s pups but you shall not have us, not any of my pack for we shall keep the balance, thrown assunder by yourselves.” At Calder’s
    * Kwa`ani speach she would turn on him now. “You ‘earn’ love and respect.
    * Fianna felt stones weigh her heart down the longer the Mykeer spoke. Her eyes moved to Calder, she stared at the brute for a long while, the chill breeze toying with her fur, playing with it, the winds taunting her as they did in her dreams. She knew nothing. She was nothing. Lifting her chin she looked away from the brute, centering her gaze back on the great bear. A part of her brain told her the bear was lying. Yet she
    * Fianna knew deep within it was all most likely truth. Truth that Calder had never shared. When the male spoke her name she turned to him, eyes blazing. “You were promised me, and so you sent the fire to consume my home? It nearly killed my pack. Why is your life so much more important? ” She was shaking, her hesrt crumbling, yet even then part of her believed that Calder was a pawn as well as she. That he hadn’t know the full
    * Fianna truth of what he did. Each of them made choices as best they could. She swallowed, caught her breath and looked away from the brute again.. Trying to figure it all out within herself. Her heart was treacherous.You cheapen it and your own life, for what.. pride… self…You are not worthy of a WolfSpirit as a mate.” now she did stand tall, resolute. He may have been played, but he made his own decisions and reactions. She stood, waiting for the rest of the speaches, Morrigan’s part.
    * Nova ‘s jaw nearly dropped at the story he was being told. He didnt doubt the legitimacy of the word sbeing spoken, but part of it he didnt want to believe. The packlands were burned? The pups killed for the sake of a truce being broken all that time ago? They didnt do anything. And now he wanted to take another? The thoughts that must be going through The alpha and her daughters minds. At the mention of the Alpha male he feared
    * Ayaka felt stunned as her own mothers name was dropped by the Mykeer. How in all the world’s had such a story played out? She didn’t claim to understand it all, yet she now found herself as part of it. “So now you need a new sacrifice?” She asked the Mykeer, lifting her voice. “And what would such a thing do for our pack? Aside from the heartbreak it would cause?”
    * Nightshade could not believe what she heard, why do we help someone who sets our homeland in fire? Played or not been played.. it can’t been forgiven or forgotten. ” I knew he wasn’t trusting .. I knew it…” she whispered and was stunned by the words.
    * Shukie quietly reassured the wolves beside her that until such time that Atraya signals to attack, we wait here. We hear what has to be said and what, if anything shall be required of us. “Be ready, wolves of WolfSpirits and those known to WolfSpirits. We work as one, not individually.” her eyes going directly to skydancer. At that, she turned her attention to those before her. The mention
    * Shukie of the Shaman rang a bell about the balance for in her subconscious this has been made known but not understood, and still wasn’t fully. Shuku and the Shaman, Kovo, and the other ancients. She knew it was ultimately Atraya’s decisions. She was not willing to continue to be played. *All things are not as they seem, look beyond the here n now* echoed in the deep recesses of her mind.
    <Myrkeer> chuckled as truths where finally unveiled. Like it or not.. this was their fate. He would respond in kind “You get the peace of knowing your entire home and family… as well as your legacy or any legacy you try to create will be torn from you.” he adjusted himself as a matter of fact like. “So… if you want to continue your balance, you know the price to be paid Morrigan…”
    * Atraya would remain standing there, her eyes full of defeat. Her heart sank just as much as Fianna’s. Perhapes even further. No… her pups died of natural causes. They where taken from her far to soon and it was nothing but the will of the wilds. Not some… unseen force. She would open her jaws to speak until he would speak again. How dare he presume her family would not defend themselves? How »»
    <Atraya> »» weak did he think they where? Whatever force would threaten them… surely they could end this pact to take lives. But then again… was 1 life worth decades of peace? Her eyes now shot to the Morrigan.
    <Morrigan> This would end one way or another before she took a step forward and looked up to Myrkeer. She turned promptly towards Fianna and would nudge the torc around her neck just so, so it would fall against her own neck so she could wear it. She brushed her nose along the fae’s frame as she felt the tension and heartbreak within the fae. There was a very quick second of kindness in her features »»
    <Morrigan> »» before she returned them to the usual “grumpy ol lady” look when she looked back to the bear. She stared at the bear. Her eyes would be of a deep blue and reflecting the very essence of her soul, nae, the soul of the pack within. “If it is blood you ask for payment of such a horrendous debt, then you will be taking mine.” there was nothing more to say or do but simply be. Taking a few steps »»
    <Morrigan> »» forward she would place herself before Fianna and stare straight ahead at the large bear. She knew the price well. “Go on child…. go back to your family. There will be times ahead where your life is worth far more then this old one.” there would be no arguing. No chance for her to offer a valiant reply. She stared up at the Myrkeer and gave a nod of her head. “I do.” promptly after »»
    <Morrigan> »» she looked behind her and straight at Atraya. “I call my sister, Atraya, forward.”
    * Atraya que the jaw drops and wild gasps of disbelief. Bug eyes and all. Wait, What??? sister? She had spirit sisters of course but her actual blood sister had perished long ago, at least that is what her mother told her. Who was this wolf? Why would she even begin to believe this was her actual blood sister. What was she being summoned to? She took a momentary glance back behind her, to her pack »»
    <Atraya> »» and to her family. The shock evident in her eyes but it would be short lived before she turned to move forward with confident steps towards The Morrigan. She would entertain this notion. She was curious to it’s outcome. There was no hesitation in her tone nor voice. “Who -are- you?” standing so close to the Morrigan she was afforded the chance to ask. No… demand.
    * Kova would blink as she looked towards the Morrigan, the bear and now Fianna and Calder. There was so much to soak up and in such little time. What on earth where they tethered to? Why them? Was it because their first alphess had killed an ancestral without knowing it? Surely? She would feel her entire body tense as she pressed her shoulder into Ayaka’s own.
    * Fianna felt more than saw the Morrigan beside her until the white fae was tugging on the torc around her neck, and she turned in surprise, simultaneously allowing the thing to be moved from herself to the other. The weight lifted was more than she had expected. She’d thought to die here. Why did this old one take her place? The words soothed unexpected balm over Fianna’s heart and she glanced at Kwaani, then Atraya, before
    * Fianna lowering her head and stepping back a few paces to allow the Morrigan the front. She didn’t wish for another to die in her place, yet, the choice was not hers, here. When her mother would move forward, Fianna took a step closer to Calder, her frame brushing up against his and she flicked him another glance, one full of confusion, anger, sorrow, hope? before she turned to watch, saying nothing else for the time being.
    * Ayaka would stand tall as she listened, despite all that had been revealed she was proud to be a part of this pack, here with her family. She leaned into Kova as well, feeling her sister’s confusion as her own rose as well. Who was the Morrigan to Atraya? Sisters? How could this be?
    * Nightshade would still standing on her place and will wait for any further actions. Quietly she watched and waited… doing nothing that will bring danger.
    <Myrkeer> Simply stood there and that impaitent expression began to wash over him again. He’d perhaps tolerate the explination before what was owed to him was given. In blood.
    * Kwa`ani watched, nearly lunged for Morrigan when she went to take the torc. It was when it was reavealed her mother had a sister, something she had not known before. What else didn’t they know as children of the alphas. What of the past had been kept from them? Confusion, disbelief, fear, dread. “The WolfSpirits are one, one family now, before and all days to come.” She glared at the bear.
    * Kwa`ani “If that »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» is our alpha’s sister, we have paid in blood already and we should owe you nothing more!” standing defiant as always
    <Myrkeer> He seemingly glanced upon the young wolf, Kwa`ani, and smiled “Silly child…. shush now.” as he placed a paw up to his mouth to make ‘shush’ motions he set it back down and that familiar cracking sound from beneath them would be heard echoing across a vast distance.
    * Shukie was anything but reassured, dumbfounded even at the revelations. “Patience, my family. No rash movements.” she spoke in hushed tones, confidence and strength exuding from every poor and fiber of her being.
    * Morrigan chuckled as an elderly wolf would. Yes there was -much- to explain. Little did Fianna and Kwa know they had an actual aunt. Her voice crackled with age but lathered in wisdom. “Yes yes… that’s right. I live. I am your sister. My name was once Caitlyn at some point in my life thread. Long lost but never forgotten and always around.” she would continue to look forward with milky »»
    <Morrigan> »» eyes. “And now… I must ask of something from you. For this deal to be finally done with and life can proceed on as it does unhindered.”she paused before turning to the pack.” You have vowed to protect your home and your family with your life. Mother had set in stone a great legacy born of blood and spirit, but one that would be fulfilled if asked upon to uphold with life. Now is that »»
    <Morrigan> »» time.” She would finish her words and offer little time between them for an answer to be given. “For your pack to live you must give your sight as I have. A trade must be given. To follow the blind is to become blind. To fall to darkness but not loose sight from your heart, spirit or soul. With this sacrifice you will become the next Morrigan. A wolf of great wisdom, knowledge, legacy, and »»
    <Morrigan> »» history. You will uphold your oath that you vowed to protect your pack at all costs.” her milky white hues now fell away from the pack to the Myrkeer and then turned to Atraya. That was a big ask as all wolves know without sight they become entirely dependent on their pack. But what if an Alpha looses her sight? “For your pack to finally be at peace I will give my life for your pack, if you »»
    <Morrigan> »» give your sight. Do you accept?” talk about a pivotal moment. Who was she to even proclaim such a sacrifice? She wasn’t even part of the pack? Perhaps it was some silver lining she knew she had to do well into her youth and made a promise to her mother, Kovo, that she would. That if this ever arose she would choose the next to follow in line and make sure her home was taken care of first and foremost. Kovo knew a lot of things and this was some how one of them. Protecting her family beyond the grave. Of course this was a choice that Caitlyn had accepted and a fate all her own.
    * Kilmaten noticed something a bit to his left walking around near him. What was that? A ground squirrel? A mole? A hare? He immediately began stalking it, the critter walking a bit closer to the group of animals in the distance, any panning eyes would easily notice the wolf at this point, due to pass them on the left, but not intervene as the critt
    * Kilmaten er would soon start away from the group.
    <Calder> Felt Fianna’s frame and would almost hold a disbelief stance but his eyes fell to the Morrigan and then to the Myrkeer. He knew better than to speak up for Fianna and the entire packs life was in this very balanced thread. It must be plucked just so, otherwise, chaos.
    * Kova ‘s breath stopped for a moment as she would take a step forward whispering ~ no..~ as she pressed her frame into Shukie and Ayaka’s own standing no doubt between the two of them.
    * Fianna ‘s heart was in turmoil, raging, like a sea amidst a storm. Her mother would have to lose her sight? How could this be? How would she lead them, guide them, teach them in the days to.come? Fianna’s whole being raged against this outcome. “Mama, no..” She said, stepping forward once.. “The pack needs you, your sight. Take mine. They don’t need mine.” Thud thud thud went her hesrt
    * Atraya listened to the demand asked of her. To save her pack she had to give her sight? What would the Myrkeer do if she didn’t? Why not end the beast and be done with it? Why all these riddles and prophecies to be fulfilled be asked of them without any sort of reward other than the promise that their pack won’t perish? They where the harbingers of their home and family not some mystical unknown. »»
    <Atraya> »» She could feel the emotions as hot as a summers day against her fur and she nudged Fianna lightly.”Do not fear, Fianna.” she tried to provide whatever encouragement she could. She knew in her own heart as a mother to all the wolves here that she was far less important then those around her. Younger and stronger. She was old, almost as old as her mother. “What is going to destroy my pack »»
    <Atraya> »» if I don’t agree?” she had questions, many questions, and demanded at least an answer before even entertaining the notion of what was asked of her. She still couldn’t believe her long lost sister was some how alive by another name.
    * Kwa`ani had a dumbfounded look as the history slowly began to be revealed. “Have we not given enough, that you now seek to take even more?” She gazed to The Morrigan, “You have given for us already and yet you offer to give even further. You are truly selfless in many ways yet you still take from us, our alphas.” she couldn’t hold back the snarl, the snarl shed towards Myrkeer, Morrigan,
    * Kwa`ani Calder.
    <Myrkeer> Spoilers. He huffed at the Morrigan and Atraya before he would growl with the usual guttered tone, letting loose a long vibration of breath in it’s wake “CHOOSE… otherwise I will!” he was now giving them no choice as he large paw came up once more and hovered over Fianna again. He grew impaitent now. Far to impaitent. Who was it going to be??
    * Nova hearing this plague talk made him think of his mate, and his two daughters he lost under a month ago. Surely thats just a coincidence, as they were far too north and not a part of the pack at all. A mind can wander though. He shook his head and ignored those thoughts and listened for a decision.
    * Fianna looked at Kwaani then, the vehement way her sister spoke worrying her. “Kwaani.. It’s OK. It’ll be okay.” She said, in the wake of her own mothers words. No matter what happened Wolfspirits would carry on. It always did. She looked up at the paw hoverng near her head, scented the bear’s heat and strength. She held firm, eyes on her mama. She was ready, even should her mother choose to.keep her sight.
    * Atraya would feel the urgency of the situation and her ear remained back, waiting to signal Shukie before she would turn and look to the rest of the pack now. She would look upon them for the last time and comitt their frames to her memory. If this was a sacrafice she had to make for her pack then so be it. She was sworn in as an Alpha by her mother and if this was one of those oaths to be »»
    <Atraya> »» fulfilled then fill it she shall. She didn’t have much time and with the time she had she quickly brushed her nose along Fianna’s frame, embracing her quickly “Do not fear.” she turned and walked to the pack who where just behind. She reached her other daughter and would brush her nose along Kwa`ani’s own, keeping her close in a hug too before she turned to Shukie and nosed her. “Do not »»
    <Atraya> »» worry.” she said with a half smile “Who knows what will happen after this? Something great… I just know it. WolfSpirits through and through. By blood and spirit. By oath I will do what it takes to protect my pack” she addressed all the wolves present before she went down the line and nosed each one of them who where there. She was already aware of what Calder has done. What the mystery »»
    <Atraya> »» “north” has done. It nearly destroyed her pack. Though they are strong, she wished this no longer on her pack. She turned and walked back towards the Myrkeer and the Morrigan. “I accept.”
    * skydancer_ listening to the history she folds her ears and as he alphess noses her she licks the alphesses jaw in response.
    * Shukie followed after in an attempt to stop her alpha. “No, Atraya. Allow me for you are needed far more than I. to guide and ensure all is as it should be.” Oddly, she held no fear for she’d lost her memories before and in time they came back. Thanks to Kwa`ani’s efforts she lived today. She looked to The Morrigan, Myrkeer. “Is there any reason it must be a family thing or can any of our pack assume this demand?”
    * Ayaka couldn’t truly believe this was about to be asked of her alphess, that she would soon be blinded. How little control they all had over the threads of their lives. Try though they might they were puppets in the grander scheme, played by those with power. What would it be like to hold powers of their own? Even as she thought it she knew they did have power. Power of the pack. Of love. Of family. And that was more powerful
    * Ayaka than anything. She felt pride then for Fianna, Atraya, Kwaani and all the other’s this had affect e most. They had been tried by fire. They would shine the brighter for it. Her gaze brushed Calder then, and what part would he play, with this was over? What of the promise given him? She wondered
    * Kilmaten tried to ppunce on the critter but it easily evaded the clumsy pup. He growled and barked in frustration, soon realising that wasnt a good idea, knowing his father could easily hear him if he wasnt brainwashed over there. He quicklystarted to retreat to where his dad had put him, not before stopping to see if he could hear what was going o
    * Kilmaten n.. From a ‘safe’ distance.
    * Kova would feel Atraya brush along her nose and she quickly returned the gesture. Her hues fell to her sister, Shukie, as she offered herself up upon that very platter. She turned to the Morrigan and Myrkeer. Waiting for a response.
    <Morrigan> One could cut the tension in the air with a butter knife. She relaxed but also tensed in a way that one who knew what was about to happen would. She would lean in and whisper to Fianna “Dont forget the token your healer was given…. that is very important. Especially after this.” her eyes fell towards Shukie “It must be the alpha or eldest…whoever it is. By blood or by spirit, it »»
    <Morrigan> »» does not matter.” and with that she stepped before the Myrkeer and awaited with no hesitation for what was about to happen.
    * Kwa`ani snarled at the old crone’s words of the oldest. Stepping boldly forward, “I, I am the oldest. You shall have take from Fianna.” Stepping in front of the beta, her mother and sister. “If that is what is needed, so be it.” She stood with eyes closed for a moment to ‘see’ what it was going to be like. She then stood firm
    <Shukie> *shall not*
    * Nova saw Atraya making quick rounds of sight farewells and nuzzled her as she came by. Soon after he heard light barks coming from somewhat behind him. “Son of a… Get over here!” He growled as he walked to the back of the group to get rid of his son… again…
    * Atraya she would look to Shukie and dip her head to her before looking forward and stepped towards the Myrkeer. She would offer in kind to her daughter “Step beside your sister and be strong. For me.” she nudged her lightly and looked ahead. She’s already lost much in her lifetime. The children she’d never raise. Her mate having gone missing as well as her son. She would shape and mold those »»
    <Atraya> »» who desired to see such growth. Life would go on as it would. Her mother would’ve made the same sacrafice if she would’ve known and she would too. She had an oath to fulfill and she would see it done. “I will be the one to accept.”
    * Shukie did not argue with the alpha, nodded instead and gave her a gentle lick, comfortingly. In hushed tones, likely heard by all just the same, “I shall be your eyes what I am able” her voice confident and strong. “The pack shall thrive as always.”
    * Kwa`ani whined but didn’t push the issue. “Mother…” soooo much of their history had gone unrevealed that to learn of things in this fashion…. She did manage to withhold the sigh, leaning into her sister after removing her head from over Atraya’s shoulders in a wolfie hug
    * Ayaka could only watch and listen. Listen and learn, learn and grow. She stood firm, witness to the sacrifice before her, and though anger billowed and brewed within her at the unfairness of the ire against her pack. But if they were to claim the strength of their ancestors, surely they would have to also claim their promises and keep.them. Lifted her head and raised her voice for her alphess, for the Morrigan, low and proud.
    * Kova there would be a shaking of her very foundation as she would keep her eyes focused on everything before her. She twitched an ear towards the howl of Ayaka and would let loose her own howl. A howl for family and for strength. Nothing would break them. Nothing.
    * Fianna had nosed her mother when the fae moved past her to stand once more before the Mykeer. She was a strong wolfess, one Fia wanted to be like one day. She would be strong for Atraya now, if it was the least she could do. As Ayaka lifted her own voice, then Kova. so too did Fianna.
    * skydancer ear flicks at the two low howls and softly add in her own
    * Nova looked to the others and gestured his pupper to follow him, once rejoining the main group he would ley out a howl of his own, along with his son joining in giving it his all, because pupper.
    * Shukie moved back only a few paw steps turning her gaze to Morrigan, “And what becomes of you when Atraya takes title of Morrigan? Do you perish.. or?” If Morrigan was truly Atraya’s sister, she was family and would need taking care of as well. Calder.. the decision was still out on the brute. SHe would await the fae’s response before howling along with the others, her voice one of
    * Shukie strength, love and courage for her alpha and all the pack. The loss of sight could be dealt with, it was any ‘other’ duties required of Morrigan’s replacement that bothered her. So many questions
    * Kwa`ani stood tall, lending her strength to those with Shukie, pressing against her sister, wondering what was to come next after her mother lost her sight. How could an alpha lead without sight she wondered. She had no doubts her mother was more than capable of doing so, but how… As the others sang to the ancestors so she lifted her voice in a delicate timber.
    <Morrigan> Smiled towards the older fae and beta of the pack. “My name… my earthly name is Caitlyn.” she looked ahead once more “Remember that name and whatever falls after that will fall.” the old white wolf moved and stood before the large bear as she finally looked ahead waiting.
    * Atraya she had little time to process everything, was this really her sister standing beside her? She looked older then herself. Regardless there was not much to be done other then this. She wanted it to end. No more. As she stood there she could hear the howls from her family behind her and it welled her heart full. Pride. Love. Family. True family. She had her own ideas and plans and whatever »»
    <Atraya> »» would unfold after, would. She would follow after the Morrigan and stand before her as ready as she would be.
    * Kova would feel her entire body tense as she moved closer to Ayaka and Shukie. Their comfort and presence no doubt a wash of reassurance. She still remained coiled for what was to come. She was well aware of the wolves present and kept her eyes transfixed on the bear and wolves. Their alpha. The pups and younger wolves.
    * kamaitachi let her howl join the others before going silent. She had never known this wolf but this was one she could trust. Morrigan had a nice ring to it
    <Myrkeer> Que the dramatic music. The orchestra plays in the background. The strings strum in a melancholy humm. The choices would be made and he was impatient. His large claws clicked against the ice and snow beneath him and when they finally stepped forward he would rise up like a towering shadow of foreboding doom upon them. Upon the whole pack. That very shadow would slowly eat away the light »»
    <Myrkeer> »» in-front of them as he rose, crawling painstakingly slow towards them. His tone remained deep as he spoke with a commanding voice “By the ancestors of those who’ve come before you, by the Myrkeer, I accept this sacrifice and exchange of oaths for lives spared until the next is named.” Everyone held their breath and in that instant the large lumbering bear, in slow motion, would fall with »»
    <Myrkeer> »» his entire weight as he added power to his thrusting outstretched claws downward. Both left and right, down upon the pair. In the blink of an eye half of Morrigan’s body would disappear underneath the bears paw pads with the very uncomfortable sound of breaking bone against ice, while the other claw came down upon Atraya’s face in a very calculated and precise manner. The claws would strike in »»
    <Myrkeer> »» the intended area and her face sufficiently raked.
    <Calder> Like being witness to a beheading he would flinch at the sound of breaking bone against ice. The older wolf disappeared beneath the large bear’s frame while Atraya stood there with a rake to the face. He would be tense and kept his shoulder against Fianna’s if only to offer whatever comfort he could. He was next, no? If not by the bear, then by this pack of wolves. He was responsible for so »»
    <Calder> »» much. He would have to atone for that. He waited however to see if any “mystical” power would come relieve this weight but as soon as it was done, nothing. He felt…. nothing.
    * Caitlyn lifeless the old fae would lay beneath the bears claw. The white snow and ice began to stain with the ever increasing pool of blood from the crushed she wolf. There would be no cosmic insight. No magical weight lifted as if somehow they felt any better. Or maybe they did but for different reasons. She had done it. She had finally fufilled her own oath to her family even though she never had »»
    <Caitlyn> »» one growing up. What one would do for such a concept. What one would selflessly give and sacrafice for those they love, even if they knew not she loved them.
    * skydancer steps in place not wanting to see but forcing herself to watch anyway as being the least can do for her alphess who is willing to sacrifice so much. as the bear comes down a soft whine escapes from her throat even so she doesn’t dare to move just yet. instead she waits for a sign anyhing a all before rushing to the lead fea side.
    * Nova stood in front of his son right before the bear came crashing down upon the two wolves. He made sure his son couldnt see what followed. Sadly he couldnt do much for the hearing portion. He saw it with his own eyes, though. A sight he surely would never forget. He would continue to stand in front of his son and block his vision while another wave of emotions flooded him.
    * Kilmaten reeaallly wanted to see what was gunna happen, but noooo. Dad had to ruin it! How could he!? Of course he has no clue what just happened, but the fresh smell of blood now flooded his muzzle. “Uhhh wuht just happened? Lemme see!”
    * Atraya the familiar burning sensation would wash over her face as she felt the claws come down upon her face. The resound of cracking bone and skull beneath power and weight would cause her frame to shiver. It had been done. She would afford the bear no other satisfaction this evening or ever. She let loose a low growl as she could feel the blood fall from her face. Her ear twitched back »»
    <Atraya> »» “Whatever legacy -this- is, WolfSpirits will see it to the end.” her pressed her would flick back and then forward twice. The signal had been given. “Your end…” she added with a ferocity that only their spirit knew.
    * Shukie lowered her head in honoring the fallen white fae vowing to take at least a token bit of fur back to lay upon her mother’s grave should they return to their packlands. Again she lifted her head in mounful tones for Caitlyn, sister of Atraya, daughter of Kovo. You shall be remembered. She began to move towards her alpha all but daring the bear to stop her, to give what help she
    * Shukie could for the wounds. Her gaze had been locked upon Atraya for what has just happened for otherwise she’d have missed the signal. And with that she called forth to the pack, “Now!” was all she howled.
    * Fianna would wait only as long as it took for the deed to be done. Her frame shaking against Calder’s, and surprised she still could draw strength from him despite the betrayal she felt. When her mother would speak, she would surge forward to push her frame against Atraya’s to help push her back away from.the immense dealer of doom. She tried not to look at the broken body of her aunt in the snow, her frame shaking, shaking,
    * Fianna but she would lead her mother to safety before she took her pound of blood from huge bear. She looked to Calder then, eyes narrow and depths glittering with purpose. “Calder.. Make a new choice now. Fight with us. Fight for us. Put aside vengeance. Help protect my mother.”
    * skydancer at shukies word she leaps forward though as she spots fianna lead her mother to what safety migh be had she gives a brief nod of acknoledgement to the young wolf. “choose wisely calder.” she warns in passing as she follows shukie ready to attack the mykeer.
    * Nova looked at his son once more. “You run as fast as you can back to where I said, and DONT COME BACK.” He demanded before turning back to the pack now ready to go. Kilmaten listened and ran, not wanting to piss off that bear.”
    * Kwa`ani had not been far behind her sister in going to her mother’s side. She had totally missed, mostly for not knowing what the signal was. It was Shukie’s commanding tones that she turned from her sister and mother to seek Myrkeer’s throat and hopefully avoid the massive paws. It was Shukie’s barked ‘now’ she did in fact lunge forward if only to take the bear’s gaze from the advancing
    * Kwa`ani hord of »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» wolves
    <Calder> He would hear Fiannas words and had no other choice but to follow along. For now. He had whatever life left to make up for the wrong doings and the sinking sensation of the play he’d been a part of his entire life would have to be mused some other time. There was nothing more given by this large wolf but a nod. He ushered himself towards Atraya and without much in words tried to guide her away.
    * Ayaka launched herself at the Mykeer in the wake of the soul wrenching crunch of bone that ended Caitlyn’s life, and stole from her alphess sight. As soon as Shukie’s command was given, the fight would be on and Ayaka had never had more reason to give it her all. She would race forward to join the fray and hopefully not get her own bones cracked in the process.
    * Atraya would feel something or someone brush against her, she felt defensive and vunerable and naturally prickled her frame but would move along to who ushered her. Calder? She scented the male but the smell of blood was far stronger now.
    * Shukie saw that her alpha was being tended to and paid the fae no more mind for the battle would commence. She moved straight at Myrkeer hoping to take the beast’s gaze away from the others spreading out to attack. She lunged not for vengence but to put an end to all this madness.
    <Myrkeer> Well this was unexpected. He was the mighty Myrkeer. He had his own oaths to fulfill. His own destiny. They DARE defy him?? If it was a battle they would wage then it was one he would willingly fight for. He drew back upon his haunches, roaring, as he would ready himself to strike at whatever small creature came his way.
    * Fianna would take a lingering glance at Calder and Atraya before turning, nosing her mother softly once. “Thank you, mother, for taking my place. I will try to be worthy of yours,and Caitlyn’s sacrifice. ” With that she gave Calder a look that said it all, and was off, a growl finally ripping free of her throat as she shot to join the fray. Hot on the wake of Shukie she would dart forth, fury and fire, reaching to dig her
    * Fianna jaws into the bear’s back leg.
    * Darth ‘s nose was flooded with scents, but one scent he caught right away was that of blood. He scrunched his nose at the smell, but would eventually attempt to find its origin. He found the scents strongest to the east of him, so began to quickly trek his way in the direction of everything.
    * Kova she wouldn’t have to be told twice and when the command was given their resolve would hold true and their strength, truerer. The howl would summon drums within her to beat in tandum with a purpose now. She was well aware of what they where standing on as the ice creeked and stuttered beneath them and she hoped this could be used to their advantage. It was summer after all and even though it »»
    <Kova> »» wasn’t as hot up here, there surely had to be some melt. She darted towards Shukie “Ice!” she gestured to their paws beneath them. Chaos no doubt ensued and she would quickly aim to surround the Myrkeer. No more. No more to any of it. She would steady herself and wait for the perfect moment to strike. When she saw an opening she lunged for a right flank.
    * Kwa`ani needed no encouragement from Shukie. Fates be damned, This was her mother and her pack, perhaps even her father’s loss, her brother?. This is for all that have been lost in eon’s past. She did not go directly to the bear’s side but lunged back and forth trying to keep him distracted as the other’s charged in. If he swatted her so be it. “I’m here ya big puffball!” she taunted.
    * Kwa`ani “Your flesh »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» will taste good and feed us for a long while!”
    * kamaitachi let loose her growl and would race towards the bear seeing the others attack she would go in for a bite. “This is for my family and my alpha” and would go foe what she could get ahold of
    * Ayaka would hear Kova’s words and inwardly think on it, perhaps they could get the bear to sink into the ice if they riled him enough? She moved when Kwaani did, taking the opposite side hoping as Kova did to distract from all sides. She would then lunge for the back hunch as well, teeth flashing.
    <Atraya> As darth would find the smell and scent of blood assault his nostrils he would no doubt hear the commotion going on just ahead of him beyond the ruins and on a flat, iced up lake. A bear, blood, wolves all gathered in a fight. It looks as though the wolves where attacking said bear.
    * skydancer takes note of kova’s words even as she focuses on the bear darting for to the right he suddenly cutting to the left and going for the opposite side of ayaka’s attack and forcing the bear to turn all the way aroud giving her extra time to back off to await her next chance.
    * Nova reared up as it was his turn to attack. Its been a while since hes been in a fight, and never one with this much risk. He charged, letting out a lowud growl, using Skys attack as a small distraction and went for the hind left leg, jaws wide open hoping for possible contact.
    * Darth would swivel his ears as he heard noises of what he assumed was a fight. He quickened his pace even more. He stopped suddenly as he approached and saw the scene before him. He took a moment to figure out what to do before rushing to the aid of his pack, seeing several of them already hurt. “What’s happening?” He questioned as he approached.
    * Shukie kept track what she could of the pack, her alpha doing what she could to keep the bear’s focus, distraction and misdirection… she saw that her sister and now Nova had been effectively ‘swatted’ by badass. For now she did what she could to get above him and push him towards the slope
    <Myrkeer> He would have gotten a few good swipes to a few wolves and dodged most of their attacks save for a couple who managed to land some pretty good blows to his frame but he would not waiver. He looked no less ‘tired’ then before. He let loose an earth shattering roar at the wolves as he swung his extremely large body around. His markins pulsating against his skin, as if some how his spirit powered »»
    <Myrkeer> »» his very being. Or maybe it was just adrenaline.
    * Fianna would have missed her own nab yet she had at least gotten out of the way of any retaliation in time to save her own hide. As the pack moved it seemed to e as a unit, a pack, as one. She would see the other’s purpose and moved up besidr Shukie to snap at the bear in hopes he’d back up.. Little by little. As the Mykeer roared her fur would ruffle and she growled her fury back, dodging forward toward his should while he
    * Fianna seemed distracted
    * Kova would come up short but in the blink of an eye felt the lashing of claws against her frame. She would be tossed until she slid across ice. She tumbled this way and that before she quickly pressed her paws into the earth once more and rose to quickly go after him again. Oh no, she wouldn’t rid her that easy. She would leap back to the group and once more lunge for a flank/lower leg! Darth »»
    <Kova> »» joined them just in time it would seem. No explination of what was happening, it just was. He either decided to join or not.
    * Kwa`ani had hunted enough with Shukie to second guess teh fae’s intent, she too began howling and lunging towards the beast doing what she could to remain out of paw reach for those claws would be deadly. As Kova went sailing and Nova she lunged forth to keep him from getting others
    * kamaitachi missed her target and got only a mouthful of fur. It was thick. She then went for a spot that didn’t have much hair if ahe could find a place
    * skydancer watching the action with steady eyes her frame loose and holding steady as she moves around looking for an opening and the momen she spots it she charges in again oppsite from an earlier strike to give herself time to run after her bite as she isn’t inclined to stay put and give mykeer oppertunity to actualy connect
    <Nova> [17:09] * @Nova unsurprisingly failed at his first attempt, being a little rusty. The bear raked his side not doing too much damage, but enough for two claws to cut him pretty good half the length of his frame. He growled as the others leapt in giving gim time to reorganize himself. He would go directly to the back this time in hopes that the bear wouldnt have time to swivel around and strike again.
    * Darth seeing no time to waste for a response, quickly took his stance and began to charge at the large bear. Though he wasn’t the best hunter, he was perfect at helping his family, his pack. He lunged forward quickly and attempted to grab and bite at one of the bears legs.
    * Kajika had gone off to simply rest after first meeting up with Shukie. His way back from his own searching had been more rushed than his journey out since he didn’t need to waste any time searching areas again. And he had gone off a little ways from the highest point that they first were able to see the ruins before settling down to rest. But feeling rested, he huffed and blinked his
    * Kajika eyes until he »»
    <Kajika> »» could see through his eyes which only let in a little light at a time until he could adjust to the time. It was late in the afternoon by now and he started to wake by rolling back onto his hind paws in a stretch. His senses were just starting to wake up as well and his ears rotated back and then forward while he yawned while his nose twitched. Nothing felt wrong, but then
    <Kajika> again, what felt right »»
    <Kajika> »» about waking up with this view that had replaced the Roghas? Still, something on the air seemed even more off than usual and he wouldn’t figure it out until he opened his eyes to check, willing them open and peering down through slitted eyes at what he might see.
    <Atraya> Kajika: Depending on where he was realtive to the rest of the pack, he would find like Darth did the smell and scent of blood on the wind and no doubt the resounding chours of chaos on the horizon. A bear was no doubt heard among the barking growls of wolves.
    * Shukie paced doing what she could to keep the bear’s focus upon herself as much as she could. Find his weakness, that was the thought going thru her mind. there was always a weakness. She began to taunt him trying to tease forth how he managed to become Myrkeer, that he must have been some kind of loser to succomb. Her taunts held a snide and mocking tone. “I’m over here ya big ox!” She
    * Shukie continued to try and drive him where she wanted
    * Fianna would have glanced toward Atraya and Calder when the other’s had gone in for their attacks, making sure the brute wasn’t making things worse somehow, before she turned back to throw herself once more into the fray, finding an opening and slipping in with a growl, feigning once before going in to grab at a paw as the Mykeer struck out, trying to time it so that she could sink her maw into the paw that had taken her
    * Fianna mothers sight.
    * Kova would have managed to get a little nip but dropped back quickly. She kept her body lowered and when she did, she would prepare herself to strike again. Her frame burning with the pain of the first strike for this was one powerful bear. She was determined like all the others. She lunged herself at the flank again in hopes to distract it for another.
    * Kwa`ani worried for her mother, kova, nova and darth who’d felt the bear’s wrath of being attacked. When she saw Shukie got his attention she tried to sneak in a chomp or two on his backside. When he got a swipe in at her sister that was it. First mum, now Fia… she redoubled her efforts going opposite of Kova
    * Ayaka had been circling, watching as they tried to ‘herd’ the Mykeer, with distractions, with threats, but they had a long way to go, and she wasn’t sure they’d ever get him to go.the way they wanted. She bolstered her resolve, growling ad she saw Fianna as well as others, her sister included, take injuries upon themselves. She would follow closely after Kwaani’s attempt, dodging in front of the fae before the bear could do
    * Ayaka worse, jaws bared and tried to rip into the Mykeer. “Blood must have blood.” She growled
    * Kajika ears suddenly came to a halt when he heard the sound of claws scraping against ice from what must be a large creature, accompanied by distant growling and barking that sounded familiar in a distant sense. The unmistakable sounds of fighting reached his ears and made his eyes widen as he looked about to see where exactly it was coming from. Just when it seemed like he couldn’t
    * Kajika see it clearly »»
    <Kajika> »» enough, the smell of blood, heavy on the air would surely lead him to where his Packmates must be fighting off something. Large. That alone didn’t leave too many creatures, so he started off at a run to join them in this hour of need but spun around quickly to go back to pick up the sachel that he had with him. It was kept safe under a few rocks for safe keeping, tented under
    <Kajika> the flat ends of a »»
    <Kajika> »» few of them and just wide enough for his muzzle to barely reach the edge of it with his frontmost teeth. He didn’t need to dig in it for long, but he used his paws to expedite the process and snagged it and spun back around before he was off. It would have been nice to howl to let them know that he was indeed on the way, but he was not going to put it down and slow him down,
    <Kajika> so it was all that »»
    <Kajika> »» he could do to encourage them to keep fighting if only in his mind.
    * kamaitachi missed once again as the bear fought back and got the tip of her ear splitting it a bit. She would then go for his shin hoping to bring him to the ground. She didn’t notice her brother appear at the moment
    * skydancer bares her teeh in satisfaction as she wirls around at the end of her attack run then steps lightly in place perhaps appearing restless but this action allows her to start moving in a radam direction much quicker as soon as she spot an opening she rushes in to attack his butt end and once again scampers out of the way.
    * Nova doesnt even know what happened, probably being slow from his injury. Whatever. Attempt #2 at the same strategy, letting himself recooperate energy before attacking again. Seeing the others being hurt and hurting the bear only fueled his energy.
    * Darth would be slightly kicked by the bear, but enough to hear things pop and crack that shouldn’t. He rolled across the ice before stopping and groaned as he got back up. He charged in again and would use the others as help in his attack. Jumping into the air, he once again attempted to go for a bite on the bear.
    * Kajika didn’t stop when he saw it, but it looked like just about everyone who had come on this journey was now circling a bear whose size and description alone only fit one bear that he had ever encountered. It didn’t look like it was the best time to come in but he wasn’t going to debate that with himself. The wounds on everyone’s pelts looked none too serious yet, but it only looked
    * Kajika like the »»
    <Kajika> »» Mykeer was bothered by them running around and trying to bring him down. He decided to quickly just place the bag gently down on the ground and would let out the howl that he had been holding back this entire time before launching himself at the Mykeer from the front, hoping to distract him and give anyone else a chance to sneak in and sink their teeth in if they were able.
    <Myrkeer> He’d roar with laughter “Come now little ones, you think you can destroy me??” spinning this way and that he started to move backwards, towards the center of the large expanse that lay before them. The sun was still high in the sky but soon it would start to fall behind the mountains.
    * Shukie was wise enough to know most if not all the wolves would see injury this night. she began to howl encouraging and giving all strength of purpose, a guiding light so to say. This time, she seemed to do as before only instead of dipping away she curled inward, springing off of her hind paws aiming for the source of bad breath to get a good bite into its nose, hopefully falling away
    * Shukie quick enough to avoid the front paws. As Kajika joined the fray, she lunged in
    * Fianna had yet to land a blow, and in her anger she’d gotten sloppy, the paw she’d gone for had instead clipped her muzzle and raked a nice scratch across it, leaking her own blood into her maw rather than the Mykeer’s. She growled and tried to push aside emotion. Instead using rational though. As Shukie grabbed hold she lunged for the bear’s tail end, and would hope to get a good grip on that, pulling and tugging if so.
    * Kova would have missed entirely. When she landed with nothing to show for it she would dodge to the left and right as she avoided another swipe. She growled and snapped at Myrkeer once more before she lunged herself at his left forearm.
    * Kwa`ani was impatient in may ways yet kept at the Myrkeer, striving to taunt and keep his attention away from the others as they attacked. Taunting seemed to be working except the others were getting swiped at. Myrkeer was not likely to run off yet if he did, he could return agian adn it needed to be over. At least Shukie gave him a bloody nose if only a small scratch in comparison. She
    * Kwa`ani didn’t try »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» to get a bit in, instead to draw his attention away…
    * Ayaka had tasted only a small amount of the Mykeer’s blood, not nearly enough for she wanted it to pool as Atraya’s sister’s blood now did, staining the snow. Mostly she’d just gotten off big clumps of fur. She would leap in now and try for the tender spot just inside the Mykeer’s elbow on his right front leg.
    * kamaitachi would get a bite to his knee and would hang on tight and bite at the tendon to bring him down or at least cripple him.
    * skydancer stumbling a little at the retalitory strike she never the less spins around then darts to the left and this time aims for the bears left flank while it’s looking the other way.
    * Nova once again got hit but not as severely. Same side of course, making the would worse. He shook his head and growled at himself for underestimating the bear in front of him. Once again more wolves were doing some good damage to the bear. Maybe at this rate they could take it down. He decided he would try to distract for the next attacker getting up close and making some noise, ready to dodge whatever he needed.. Hopefully..
    * Darth would successfully bite the bear and sink his teeth into him before having to let go and setting himself up for another strike. He would rush around and hopefully have stealth on his side while attempting to bite into his back from behind, Hoping to bring the bear down.
    * Kajika may have been a little too eager to join in the fray and didn’t get a hold of anything when he jumped in. If anything, his arrival may not have been noticed by the Mykeer until it was too late but it didn’t show any signs of being disturbed by the arrival of yet another challenger. But his arrival was used as he could see everyone around him landing successful hits and he settled
    * Kajika back on all »»
    <Kajika> »» four paws to look for another attack of opportunity. He certainly wasn’t going to land a successful hit if he didn’t watch the large bear that projected its attacks with his big paws that traveled in arcs almost slow enough to be dodged he noticed. But he had to watch out for them nonetheless. Watch! Wait! And listen! The words echoed in his mind as he watched as strike
    <Kajika> after strike, his »»
    <Kajika> »» packmates were darting in and backing out fast enough to cause some damage and not gain any themselves. He shook out his coat and snarled, teeth bared as he would try again, this time a little more in sync.
    * Shukie swirled her tongue around her mouth and then her muzzle coating her fur in the Myrkeer’s blood. She’d gotten lucky thus far, she knows. Still, she did what she could to keep track of everyone and their injuries sometimes falling back to check on them, most notably Darth. In time she lunged when she thought it safe to do so as Kajika sidetracked the beast
    * Fianna heard the rumble of ice underfoot, felt it tremor as the bear moved. She shivered, once, and dodged in, to take advantage of the distraction, try try again had to be her motto! Silent this time, she ghosted in toward the Mykeers back haunch, the part she could reach, and eyed their stage, where the ruins were, and where that slippery slope might be hiding. Whirling she tried to get a bit in!
    * Kova she managed to come up with a little bite and that was enough to help slow the beast down. She would do her best to try and help push him towards the center as they started migrating further into the expanse and open landscape. She could hear the snow and ice beneath them start to shake and tremble. She felt the courage and strength within her rise as she would leap once more for the »»
    <Kova> »» forearm. Perhaps close to Ayaka.
    * Kwa`ani ‘s tongue lolled to the side as she paced around the bear, hanging low at times flicking upward with spittle flying. taking the distractions she lunged in towards a tiny ear atop the fuzzywuzzy head
    * Atraya would be laying on her side as she could feel the warmth of the blood upon her face but as Calder remainded beside her, she would ask for him to describe to her what was going on despite the pain. She could make out smell and scents of blood. But whos?
    * Ayaka had released her hold on the bear nearly as soon as she’d drawn blood, for to hold on meant certain injury. When Kova danced in nearby she would offer am encouraging ghuff and a quick scan of the fae to note her injuries, all the while watching for her next chance. When it came she would redoubled her efforts on that forearm and go for the same spot again.
    * kamaitachi had bit into the tendon and muscle. Wether it went down it would for sure not have the use of its leg. As she dug into the muscle more she tugged hoping to get it off balance and on the ground
    * skydancer after getting a good solid chunk out of the bear she darts out of the way jus in time to feel the wind of a passing for claw swiveling around she side steps a little her banner up and waving slighly betraying a certain level of exciement even as she dances side passing behind ayaka whos atack gives her a hoped for opening and she darts in delivering a quick bite then dancees out once more.
    * Nova was successful in whayever he did, the bear seemingly inflicting self damage as his distraction didnt work for the next wolf that tried. He went again for the back, this time throwing himself up onto the bear to gwt higger up on his back and bite down as much as he can.
    * Darth would catch the brunt force of the bears claws as he swung around. He fell from his jump and yelped in pain as he hit the ice. He noticed his own blood dripping as he winced in pain, but had to get up. This fight is not over, he thought as he would focus on the bear, he narrowed his eyes before charging in to attack. Launching himself up to attempt to grab the bear with his teeth and determined to bring it down.
    * Kajika wasn’t having any luck in getting anything more than a tuft of the bear’s fur as his second strike yielded nothing. As he watched a little more, he thought that he might try to piggyback off of a swing that the bear made. So when the bear reared up for an attack against Darth, he jumped around to that side and would try to bite the bear’s paw when it came down. Hit or miss, he
    * Kajika would make his »»
    <Kajika> »» next move to see what could be done about the most wounded out of the fighting. He didn’t want to leave the fighting himself, the wounds after leaving but the current ones would only get worse if they all stayed. Once he was done attacking, he would try to move over to the newest wolf who looked the most injured that he didn’t really recognize with the adrenaline rushing. He
    <Kajika> knew however that »»
    <Kajika> »» anyone fighting against the bear was good enough to be called a friend in this instance and would cut the new wolf off from the bear before he could attempt to attack the bear again, or vice versa. He knew it wouldn’t be a welcomed gesture either, so amidst all of the fighting, he tried to make his features a little less gruff and would slowly walk up to them and would let
    <Kajika> them lean against him »»
    <Kajika> »» to ease the wait on any of their possibly injured paws. »»
    <Myrkeer> He would let loose a roar when the other wolves started to make a difference now in their strikes. Swinging a large paw he struck a couple of wolves but kamaitachi would manage a good bite to him. He tripped but quickly regained strength and rose up again. He was a big lumbering bear again. Oddly enough, however, he would have risen his hinds up and then slammed them to the earth below. There »»
    <Myrkeer> »» was nothing but a small tremor. The wolves wouldn’t even notice.
    * Shukie decided upon a new tactic and instead of darting too and fro, she instead rose up on her hind legs, snarling at Myrkeer to come and get her, setting up a possible attack from the pack. She’d need to be quick tho to avoid those huge paws. The injuries sustained by Nova were severe in protecting his son and aiding the pack, Darth making up for it shortly after. She howled encouraging
    * Shukie all, confidence given to the pack, praise of the pack’s efforts thus far. As the bear lunged she dove forward to slide beween it’s outstetched paws as he roared and dropped down. would she miss his paw strike?
    * Fianna would feel as if she were there merely for distraction, for all of her attempts landed on air. Her blood pumped and sang as she reminded herself that it didn’t matter who drew the blood as long as it was drawn. She couldnt spare a glance now for her mother, nor Calder yet she hoped the wounds dealt to Atraya would be cared for, would heal. She would call out with a howl of encouragement to those around her, was
    * Fianna the least she could do, her words lifting to the Mykeer as well. “You’ve taken from us what you will. We will show you the meaning of pain for you have no one. We are pack.”
    * Kova would come up with nothing and she would fall back once more. She would narrow her gaze to the body of the bear and did her best to dodge all the oncoming paw swipes. She would leap over a paw and lunge herself towards it’s flank again. She hoped her own strike would land true!
    * Kwa`ani took pride in the fortitude of the pack and just how they all worked together. Perhaps it was this that sent her foolishly in towards the bear’s check, leaping up at the alst second before snapping at the beast’s throat intending retribution for the injuries laid upon her packmates and family.
    * Nova woulve gotten thrown off the bear before he could get a grasp at anything with with his jaws. He tumbled anfew times before coming to a rest on his side, having the wind knocked out of him. A wolf he hadnt met before had come to aid him he thinks. He went to get up but immediately collapsed, pain surging through his right leg. He didnt know what was wrong with it yet, it didn’t appear broken. “Give me a minute.” He said between breathes.
    * Ayaka would see her pack falling around her, Nova was down and he’d not risen, her sister Kova was looking the worse for wear and she felt a growl rumbling free of her maw. She heard Fianna’s words and Shukie’s howl and steadied herself. Battle was never easy. It cost much. What would be the full price when this was done? She bared her fangs and tried to buy Shukie a bit of time for her stunt by leaping in front of the bear,
    * Ayaka barking out a challenge and snapping straight at his own muzzle, raking at his white eyes as the same time
    * kamaitachi as she damaged his leg to no return she went for his other leg in the same many biting down on it hoping to tear the leg apart so it would fall and never run again.
    <Kilmaten> Little did Nova know, Kilmaten wasnt racing mossballs down some hill, he was watching the whole fight in the distance. He thought his dad was awesome when he lept up onto the bear, but not so much when he got flown off like a leaf and didnt get up. He whimpered at the sight wanting to race over. But haulted for now.
    * skydancer as she dances out of reach once more she spots nova attempting climb ON? the bear brave, perhaps but definatly foolish, “ouch” she voice her no doub unheard sympathy. luckely kajija is moving to secure the injured wolf already and she focuses on yet another opening and darts in attempt to get a good bite in before pelting off and out reach where she can spi around in safety
    * Darth would grab the bear, and again sink his teeth into him as much as he could. He eventually had to let go; but would charge in for another bite toward the bears front paws.
    * Shukie heard the others howls, some howls of pain. As Ayaka distracted she did scurry free from Myrkeer’s paw thunder. She didn’t wait long to charge in again this time leaping towards Myrkeer’s back. With the injured numbers climbing she redoubled her efforts to land a good strike in this time
    * Fianna would finally land her own strike, to deal only a small fraction of the judgment she felt the Mykeer was owed. As the other’s fought and hurt beside her she went in for the paw that had swiped at her mother again, for oh she would dearly love to gnaw on it some
    * Kova felt another scrape across her frame and she tumbled once more. This time the burning more intense. No… she must not give up. Her will and spirit was far to strong but physically she could only do so much. She kept herself able and prepared and would quickly rejoin the fray. She circled Myrkeer and watched his movements before leaping for his lower back. It seemed their numbers where »»
    <Kova> »» starting to fall behind and this was cause for great worry.
    * Kajika tilts his head slightly but obeys the wolf’s wishes and quickly looks over his shoulder to make sure that the bear isn’t going for him with his back turned. He watched the rest of the pack doing what they could with tooth and claw and it was all that he could to just stand by to see if this wolf would let him help. The thought occurred to him that even a bit odd, he might as well
    * Kajika introduce »»
    <Kajika> »» himself but wasn’t sure if the introduction would be remembered after this ordeal. “By the way, my name is Kajika, and even though it looks like you’ve sustained some injuries, it looks like you’ll recover soon.” He tried to sound more sympathetic as his gray coat only showed signs of being alert and razzled, but other than that, he was still doing alright physically.
    <Kajika> “Do you want me to »»
    <Kajika> »» help move you to a safe place?” He leaned down slightly to smell some of the worst wounds on the wolf to see where most of the injuries would lie. The adrenaline in his body would slowly start to subside as he would deal with this first before returning to the fight.
    * Kwa`ani wasn’t winded but she was starting to feel the effects of the strain of the long battle and the enemy they fought. Still, she dug deep and followed after her sister and Kova seeing the injured fae land a whollop. She’d do the same if she could, her jaws at the ready as she lept for it’s back her paws wouldhopefully land solid enough that she could spring onto it’s head and knock it off  balance in the process.
    * Ayaka winced with every blow landed to her packs frames, for every strike rendered. She would maintain her focus, but it was growing harder by the moment when she felt that so many now needed aid, the alpha’s daughters ad they took hits as well nevertheless she would see that Shukie was free of the bear and go swipe again at the Mykeer’s face, if he wasn’t already blind, she hoped to make him so.
    * kamaitachi failed to get a hold as the bear stumbled and regained balance once again, she would then go for the leg again just behind the joint.
    * skydancer lets out an involentairly yelp as she is struck a result of being a fraction too slow with turning away after her jaws closed on nothing but thin air. quickly moving to secure a safer distance she then turns on her hind paws and moving a bit more to the right this time until prancing a little as she does so while looking for an opening as soon as she spots it she darts in then makes a beeling for relative safety.
    * Darth would miss the bears paws and chase back around to lunge himself up toward the bears neck, hoping to sink his teeth into something more vital.
    <Myrkeer> Again he would swipe and manage to nail a bunch of wolves but also get a few more nips and bites here and there. He was still on all fours, snarling and roaring at any who come near or dare a bite. He would rise up on his haunches and once more slamm his paws to the ground. The earth below them was hollow as little did the pack know they where standing on a large frozen lake. The resound of cracking ice beneath their paws would make an errie echo all across the horizon and beyond when he thundered his paws to the ground. However again, it would go unnoticed. In fact he slipped up just enough to miss his mark entirely.
    * Shukie had danced around no longer bothering to distract aside from preparing to strike. Too many were injured and badly. Time to end this as soon as possible. Her ears flattened against her head as the roar and temper tantrum started and ended. As he slippled slightly she lunged in again striving to rip opon the soft flesh of the nose to cause him difficulty breathing thru it.
    * Fianna would realize that that paw was truly the harbinger of doom and destruction and pain. The rib that had healed upon their journey north twinged in warning as she felt the paw connect with her side. Thankfully she didn’t feel it crack, yet. Rising shaken from the earth she’d met she managed to collect her shaken bones enough to growl out her defiance, moving in the wake of Shukie’s strike to try and rip at the bear’s ear.
    * Kova this was slowly starting to turn into a loosing battle. All the wolves no doubt had at least some battle wound to them, some even knocked out, but she would not waiver in her ferocity. Her body hunkered itself down as she would feel the blood dripping down her thick coat, perhaps indicating a rather deep wound. She limped around in a circle again and dodged the flailing paws as best she could before she went for a left lower limb.
    * Nova nodded to the wolf and looked down to his side, bleeding pretty good still from the 3 seperate rakes down his left side almost the full lengtg of his frame, not too deep to be life threatening. “Alright, Kajika, I think I can try again. And I’m Nova.” He said as he tried to hoist himself up again, using the other wolves body for support to lean on if need be. “My son is behind the action at the ridge over there. Make sure he stays there.” He huffed.
    * Kwa`ani shuddered at the roar, watching the Myrkeer again thunder and try to tromple the ground. Silly bear, the ground goes no where. She forgot how the ice and snow could take a life all its own when it came tumbling down. Seeing her sister’s deft attack she did what she could to deal it more. Again she lept for it’s back and hoped to open a bit of flesh upon it’s neck, first needing to get thru the thick fur
    <Faolan> The quiet domion looked on from a quiet copse of rock and tree that looked over a sizeable portion of the action, he did. The lookin’ wasn’t easy, but was a fair bit easier than a ro-day that took him here. Cooo oooh!, he thought to himself. Mais, I don’ think I wanna go down dare. Dat bear has an ahnvee for trouble. Nah, nah…he was no coo-yon. Dat bear had enough of them to be entertained, and dis here domion had enough of a view to thread a story or two together.
    * Ayaka ‘s attempt fell flat, but she didn’t mind for she hoped it provided another an opportunity, for each effort, each moment seemed like an eternity now. Her breath was coming harder now, her adrenaline still pumping yet her energy flagging all the same. Still she would oush forward for out of te lot she had little injury, she could goce more of herself than she had yet done. Spying a boulder nearby she leapt atop it and from.therr she would attempt to jump to the bear’s back and grip his neck with her muzzle, ripping and tearing for all she was worth.
    * Kajika as the ground beneath them shook, he thought nothing of it since all of his attention was split between the wolf in front of him, his back behind him and the bear that raised up and brought his paws down in an attempt to catch anyone under them. He almost visibly shivered at the thought before the wolf in front of him started to speak again. It sounded like a last wish being made but he nodded his head to show that he understood what he was being asked as he led the two of them a safe distance away from the bear. It sounded like the right thing in his head to say so he said threw it out there, almost on a whim. “A son? Well then you are going to have to introduce me to him,” he said lightheartedly. Despite his heart slowing down as his mind started racing, he knew it would take some explaining if he had to do it on his own, and worrying would only make him liable for mistakes. He cast one last sideways glance to see Ayaka as she launched herself from a rock and mentally cheered as she seized hold of the bear’s fur and likely used her weight to drag him down with searing teeth that brought down countless elk, caribou and other prey. »»
    <Kajika> ( Going over to the mentioned ridge )
    * kamaitachi found a grabbing point and sunk her teeth into the flesh feeling hot blood trickle her mouth. She would shake her head side to side trying to tear apart that muscle and tendon
    * skydancer feeling her teeth sink in and quickly shake her head. just ones to increase the amount of damage. even before she has compleeted the manouver her paws are already moving her frame away from there so as no to get bowled over as soon as she has enough distance she spins around and watches the bear for a moment her flanks heaving. with the bear looking fairly wounded she takes heart and after a few moments which only eit
    * skydancer because of how wnided and injured the bear is getting she once again dars forwart intenting on a good bite in his front paw
    * Nova nodded to the wolf, seeing now they were going to his son. “His names Kilmaten. I havent told him yet, but the reason we left our home was because his sisters and mother were captured and killed by humans. We came seeking my old pack out for safety. Looks like we showed up at a bad time.” He joked, limping his way to his son. He wanted to tell someone incase something happened. He could just barely see his sons snout in the d
    * Darth would miss the bears throat, but would continue to try again. Backing up a bit, he charged over and lunged himself toward the bears throat, hoping to get ahold of it this time.
    <Kajika> ( Nova cut: sons snout in the d- )
    * Nova – the distance, grin on his face that he stayed put. They still had a while to go, though.
    * Shukie again howled to rally the wovles, their enemy’s strength waining as was their own. She would do what she could to give encouragement and bolster any flagging to which darth managed to take the beast down. Her howl changed from that of encouragment to one of congratualtions. Even as she howled she began to moved around to all the pack, checking upon injuries. Seeing to each first
    * Shukie she then would move to Atraya’s side. In soft tones, “Alpha. Myrkeer is dead!” giving a moment for it to sink in. She gazed upon the fae’s face seeing injuries for what they were, holding in the whine that threated to be released. “Shall I do what I can to bury your sister, Caitlyn?” leaning down to gently nuzzle. “what else shall you have me do?” INwardly she wondered if she should still
    * Shukie refer to her as Atraya or Morrigan as she was to assume Caitlyn’s position.
    <Myrkeer> The wolves would put up a good fight and little did he know just how good. They fought long and hard for this victory and he wouldn’t have given up… not without a fight. His eyes drew back with the loss of blood as he tried hard to focus and concentrate but the wolves managed to widdle him down to nothing. Weak and still fighting, he had noticed a wolf who had been laying by himself. He »»
    <Myrkeer> »» seemed to limp himself towards whatever creature lay in ruin and try to take it with him but alas, his throat would be grabbed and he was thrust to the earth with a large thud. The ice below them rattled and shook, maybe even dared to split but it never did. It held up with great surprise. His eyes would flicker as his last breath was given “you…. have… made… a great mistake…… you »»
    <Myrkeer> »» will all… now suffer.” his eyes quickly rolled to the back of his head and he went limp. The wolves had won.
    * Fianna had managed to snag an ear before all went down, and she’d done it a good number too! That must have been why the bear faltered…right. She let out a vicious growl, and as the bear fell Darth at its throat, she tore the ear clean off the bear’s head, a ‘grizzly’ prize. Her side was throbbing as her old rib injury had recieved a nice wallop, and her muzzle stung. Other wise she felt a thrill thrummkng through her as
    * Fianna she too lifted her head to howl their victory, keeping the ear in her maw as she did so. Finally she moved toward Atraya and Calder, her coat streaked and farmed with blood to drop the ear at their feet. “You and Caitlyn have been avenged, mother.” She said quietly.
    * Kova the bear fell and her along with it. She slid across the ice and looked up just in time to see Darth make the killing blow. They did it. It is done. (insert frodo meme). She came to the realization on how much she was panting now as she tried so hard to get to all fours. She managed it after a few shaking wobbly sways before she too looked around to make sure everyone was ok.
    * Kwa`ani had been readying herself for her next attack when she heard first Shukie’s howls and then saw Darth make the killing blow! At last! She ran to her mother’s side, knowing other’s would see to those injured. She was not injured and would do what she could to take care of them. “Mum! what do we do?” totally ignoring Shukie’s presence and any others nearby for the moment. The Myrkeer
    * Kwa`ani continued »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» it’s threats until it’s last breath was drawn. She saw her sister tear off… an ear?… leaning over she whipsered, “are you ok?” when they were both there.
    <Calder> Saw Shukie coming and he rose quickly to all fours and backed up… waaaaaay up. He made sure to start putting as much distance between himself and the pack. In fact he kept his eye on the pack and when they managed, to his surprise, take the beast down he would have started to move away from the pack. He feared for his own life now and figured no amount of babysitting the alpha would redeem »»
    <Calder> »» the terrible things he’s done.
    * kamaitachi would let go as the bear perished. She was happy as she finally relaxed. This thing was done with and she was happy
    * Ayaka would fall from.jer perch atop the Mykeer’s back as he heaved his final breaths, and once she’d ascertained he was truly gone, she would move to Kova’s side, nosing and licking at the worst of her sisters wounds, grooming her quietly. “Will you be OK? Anything broken?” She asked softly, scanning the field of battle for the others
    * Atraya would have felt Calder’s presence but she could not see. Her eyes burning with pain and blood as she did her best to blink to no avail. It wasn’t until Shukie came up did she wiggle her nose to the scent of blood and when she came to nose her, it startled her. She relaxed and gave a quiet nod. For what her face looked like she seemed to respond with very little distress. “Please.  Somewhere… nice.” she wasn’t shocked entirely that they had beaten the bear but now, a whole knew worry washed over her. Something she couldn’t really place. However strength and courage for her pack was what she needed to be and she was proud of them all. She would lift her torn face up and let loose a howl to the skies in celebration for their victory. No more tethers. No more strings. No more threads not of their own making.
    * Kova shook her pelt quickly before she seated herself ensuring she not fall flat on her rump. “Yes, I’m fine. How are you? Are you hurt?” she said as she looked over Ayaka’s frame quickly. The pair had gone through much together through hunts, but this one seemed to do her in pretty good. Her thick coat would show signs of a deep wound to her left shoulder and along her left cheek but she was no worse for ware.
    * Fianna would glance to Kwaani as her sister spoke and nod, once. She was okay. But she had something to take care of, as she spotted Calder moving off she would leave the other’s behind and lope carefully after him. “Calder wait.” She called to him, her tones quiet yet strong. She wanted to ask him something, something she needed to know…
    * Darth would let go of the bears throat as the bear fell limp; he shuddered before collapsing onto the ice. He looked over the rest of the pack, many limping and seemingly injured. He saw his sister and began to make his way over to her. “Kamaitachi, are you okay? Are you hurt at all?” He asked even though seeing the blood from her injuries.
    * Kajika moved slow enough for Nova to keep up and would have continued going if the sound of a large thud didn’t reverberate both the air and the ground that they stood on followed by the sound of a howl and once again found himself whipping his head around to see what had caused both to find that they were connected as the Mykeer lay lifeless on the ground and the Pack was taking up a howl that he joined in as well, only stopping for a moment to do so. His tail wagged happily but it was still not the same joyous wag as other times. He turned to Nova to ask him something that might take out two birds with one stone. “Do you want to keep going to meet up with your son or would you rather stay here and fetch him a little later? It looks like the immediate threat here has been taken care of and it would be better to keep our wounded all in one place to watch over more easily.” He decided to quickly add, “I’ll go get him tomorrow with directions on where to find him and a message so that he knows to follow me back to you.” He didn’t know if Nova would make it all of the way back up the ridge and he wanted to keep an eye on everyone as well, all night if he had to. It was certainly the least he could do being unscathed as he was.
    <Calder> By now had made a decent amount of distance between himself and the pack. He knew Fianna would come after him and his stoaic nature would remain resiliant. He snarled over his shoulder while he continued to move “Get away from me if you know what’s good for you.” he pushed to make some what of a faster pace now.
    * kamaitachi looked to her brother “My ear is sliced at the tip but I’m just bruised and wounded” she wouls nose him gently
    * Fianna snarled back and quickened her own pace despite the pain in caused to her side. She tried to . overtake him, not caring about his snarl, her mind focused on one thing. “Calder. Please.” She was winded from fight, and all seemed to.habe come crashing around her despite their Victory she felt somehow.. Empty. Why had so much vengeance needed to be filled? She kept after the brute.
    * Darth would look around before nosing his sister back, “I think we all are, some more than others. But the good news is, we’re still together.”
    * Ayaka focused on Kova’s shoulder first, living it gently, tenderly, and then seeing to the rest. “I got no serious injuries, but you… You are not fine. You need rest. ” She sighed, sorrow over everyone’s injuries resting upon her yet she would do.what she could to help.
    * Kova would nose Ayaka “oh.. we’ve had worse.” she chuckled in what light heartedness she could make of this situation. They where successful for once. They beat their enemy. Where they finally free? She knew not of the right answer but would nose Ayaka again, grooming her frame. “Thank you, Sister. Know that I would do anything for you and for my family here. For this pack. For Shukie. For my home.”
    * Nova kept limping towards his son, they were about half way there when they felt the thud of the bear falling. Realising they won, he leaned back over on his good side. “No, he’ll probably mosy on over to us. Im out of energy.” For good reason, too. He lost a bit more blood than he thought, leaving a train in the Ice and snow from where he once was. Nothing too bad, right? He saw his son watching him in the distance and called for him, hoping he would hear him. “Im… I need to rest, get these wounds clean.” He huffed as he began to look over his wounds on his side for himself. Sure enough he’d see his son scurry on over soon enough.
    * Ayaka nuzzled Kova softly, seeing as most were being tended by those less injured, she opted to just settle for curling around Kova now for the time being, to let her heart and body settle, to absorb all that had happened
    * Darth would follow Kamaitachi over toward the alpha. He had not yet seen the Alpha’s injuries, but looked to his sister in shock when she mentioned such. “So, now what are we gonna do?” He asked as they approached the no doubt gathered group.
    * Ayaka continued to groom Kova. “And I as well. We are well matched, spirit sister. I am glad to have fought by your side again. And come out victorious. We found our alphess#
    * Kilmaten heard and felt the thud of the big bear dude and happily began racing over towards his father, not realising how injured he was. “You did it! We did it” he cheered as he raced over, tumbling over himself once or twice. His dad was so cool, he lept up onto that big bear and let him have it!!
    * Ayaka we freed her, and tho her site is gone she is still with us.”**
    <Faolan> An ugly thing dis fightin’ was Casser la paille…more than a peekon on the paw I reckon. He counted the injured and observed the hue’s of the coats but da scents were a thing a memory and nothin’ more. An all seein’ eye he did not have, and his vantage offered little more dan the ants at play, so to speak. Dat said, he was ke’n to know more of the aftermath; woulda found a reason
    <Faolan> to cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» scamper on down to satiate the coo-yon inside but he had his stories. Chat now…you gon find yourself with lagniappe…da gris gris for all da trouble mes pattes kept me out of. Yeah, dere be enough of a story to wipe da boude off dat ol’ grump’s face. He would turn away from the scene some distance from him and make his way back along his trail. A fleck of old dirty
    <Faolan> snow falling down cut»»
    <Faolan> cont»» the backdrop of old dirty rock. Yeah, dats what they see if they see me at all…
    * Shukie wondered where Kajika had gotten off too, assuming he was seeing to the injured tho would be little more than cleaning of wounds given their surroundings with little to no plant growth. She didn’t trust the area and began to usher wolves back towards the ruins themselves, fearing an avallanche or worse. She would then see to Caitlyn, searching for as nice a place a she could when
    * Shukie seh remembered the cave where the deer were. It was underground yet it held a beauty to it. Beauty deserved for the soul of the one who gave of herself for her family to which none knew until now. She did what she cuold to carefully begin moving the fae’s remains to the selected spot. It would take a while but she would see to it first. By then, Atraya and the others could be seen too.
    * Shukie The one question she had of Atraya, do they seek new grounds or return to their valley…. As gentle as she could she moved Caitlyn, no longer thinking of her as Morrigan, but the alpha’s sister and in her way, protector of the pack. She paused in her task to bow her head, eyes closing in honoring of the fae and her life long sacrifice. “Be at peace, protector of WolfSpirits”. She began
    * Shukie to slowly move rock after rock to place over Caitlyn until her body was buried in a protective shell of sorts. Once finished she simply sat for a time, obsorbing what she could.
    <Calder> Pressed on as he growled low again in warning “Go..AWAY” he said as he would move faster. She would no doubt be winded and tired. He on the other hand kept watch over Atraya but that was it. He had no other promises to this pack; at least not in that sense. He did this for her own good. For his own good. “There’s nothing to say… nothing I can say…. that will forgive or be »»
    <Calder> »» forgiven.”
    * Kwa`ani had watched as her sister ran after Calder then just shook her head. “Mother, what do we do?” leaning down to tenderly lick the fae’s muzzle, cleaning off what blood she could doing her best to not cause further pain. Quetly she would relay what she could of the battle and Myrkeer’s defeat, the condition of the pack that she knew of. “where do we go from here, mum?” it was a simple
    * Kwa`ani question, »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» not a pup’s whiney one, but concern for what comes next and how to protect their alpha. She’d become protective of Atraya, not ready to allow anyone near tho in reality couldn’t stop anyone either.
    * Kajika nodded at Nova’s suggestion of cleaning the wounds of any possible dirt. “Keeping it clean was only the second most important thing whereas the first was definitely preventing anymore.” He followed Nova’s eyes to the top of the ridge where he could make out the shape of a wolf watching them. And with energy that matched that of a newborn pup as he ran down to greet the two of
    * Kajika them. »»
    <Kajika> »» “You must be Kilmaten,” he said smiling to the wolf. “And yes, we did it!” His tail now wagged with a little more enthusiasm as now the words seemed to make it to reality and it finally hit him. “We really did do it,” he repeated a little more to himself than anything else. “Do you think you can lend a paw in getting your father back down from here? Going up
    <Kajika> is the easy part »»
    <Kajika> »» but going back down might be a bit more of a challenge.”
    * Atraya would give a slow nod to Shukie as she felt the fae’s presence move off. Her head shook just slightly against the pain but it would be a pure physical reaction as she started to lick her front legs, tasting blood. She had to be some what presentable and so she would work on looking like less of a mess. She’s been through worse but this would be somethign entirely different. The darkness that »»
    <Atraya> »» currently consumed her would be all she knew for now. The faces of her family and pack where fresh in her mind as if she only but blinked and held her eyes closed. There where faces, mere outlines and silhouettes, but they where there just… missing. When Kwa`ani came to rest beside her she grunted against the cleaning. It would be painful and Kwa`ani would find that there where decent chunks »»
    <Atraya> »» of her face carved into. She would stare out into nothingness before offering. “We go home.” it seemed like not much was left to go back to their old home, at least the herds had all but left. What lay for them here? They would no doubt be here for a few more days anyway. “We’ll be here for a few more days.. in the meantime, those who are able have them scout the surrounding area. See if »»
    <Atraya> »» there’s anything worth sticking around for.”
    * Fianna had wanted to ask him who had promised him what he thought he was owed. Who had told him he would gain her? Had it been her ancestors? Had they made such a promise? She had told him some.time ago that her family honored their promises. Despite what she had learned of the dark brute she still felt that was true, yet she didn’t know the full truth of things, didnt know the true Calder. Why did she still want to? She
    * Fianna couldn’t answer that. But she was tired, her injuries hurt, and she knew he’d escape despite her attempts to follow and so.sbe slowed. Watching as he continued on into the night. Even if the brute had done it for his own ends, he had fed them, guided them. And without him she’d never have found her mother. “I don’t hate you..” She murmured into the winds, though it was likely only the winds heard her confession.
    <Calder> He heard a faint tone behind him and only imagined what she could’ve said. He would scoff over his shoulder at Fianna he continued on. He needed time. Time alone. Time to reflect on everything. What a pawn he was and a pawn to the others. There was now more questions for him as well then answers. He was promised things but it seemed it was for the vise of another. All a ploy. Some part of him though feels attached to this pack now in some weird way. To what extent was to be measured with time.


    #Battalia | 7/11/2019

    * Fianna feeds fen Nova’s soul
    <`Fenrir> `Fenrir ruffles Fianna’s fur before devouring the offered soul. Good luck on your next hunt.
    <Shukie> she wants luck on this one first tho 🙂
    <skydancer> oh
    <Nova> McScuse me?
    <Atraya> LOL

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