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RP Log Begins

The cave remained dark and some what foreboding and the Myrkeer hadn’t meandered back for another visit either. What an unusual encounter and journey this has been indeed, but what was the reward at the end of this? Life lessons learned? Experiences gained for trust and love? Or was there some underlining this whole thing. Regardless the silence reigned over them within the cave except for the dripping of pockets of water, the musky smell of moss and the occasional clank of bone against stone.

* Kova would have been settled just near the streams edge to one of the pools that would have falling water descend into it’s depths. A low breath was given as her eyes narrowed against her reflection. Despite it being a cave she could still see fairly well within. She looked up to see who was around her.
* Fianna would be looking fairly ragged by now, her sides slightly thinner than before and her her eyes haunted. Despite this she’d taken pains to keep her fur groomed, and at least there was water to spake her thirst. For the time being she would be curled just near Atraya, trying not to fall asleep, for when she did she knew she would slip back into the dreams that haunted her.
* Atraya she would shift her tail slowly behind her in thought before rising to all fours from her rested place near the edge of the wall that held the chain against her will to be free. She would pause peering towards her daughter, Fianna. She nosed her gently “Fianna..” she whispered.
* Ayaka wouldn’t hear Atraya’s whisper to her daughter, for she was aways from the spot the Alphess remained chained. She kept her eyes on the cave beyond, her ears alert and her nose twitching. Despite how long it had been since anything had happened, she needed to remain vigilant, for who knew what might happen at NY moment?
* Calder whatever had kept him from the others did so with great care. The small token that he held within his jaws swung left and right as he would move with haste through the caverns to try and make it back to the others. There would be a different stride to his usual confident gait which caused his left side to dip down with great struggle before rising. There would be a low huff from within the confines of his throat as a growl escaped against the annoyance of movement but he had news to tell the pack.
* Fianna perked, lifting her head from where it had been resting across one of her paws. She’d been staring at the human torc baubble she’d found previously, wondering how such a thing came to be, when her mother spoke her name. She lifted her head and glanced toward the Alphess as she pushed up to a sitting position. “Do you need something mother?” She asked softly, honey gold hues glinting in the gloom
<Atraya> “Any news from the others on a key?” she said with a more desperate and parched throat. There was a lightness in her hues stil that held a great deal of hope.
* Fianna stood and moved closer to Atraya, licking the fae’s muzzle some and glancing toward the waterfalls around them. “No mama.. How can we possibly get it when it is so high? I think…” She looks at Ayaka in the distance, “Ayaka has been investigating but… I don’t know what she’s found.” She looked back at Atraya, eyes worried “Mama, have you had anything to drink?” She looked about for something to perhaps gather water in. A human trinket perhaps?
* Atraya would shake her muzzle slowly “not much but the cave water does fine.” she said in a low tone before looking to Fianna “Rally who you can and see if those gathered can reach the key?”
* Ayaka seemed to feel the eyes upon her momentarily, and glanced toward her Alphess and Fianna. When she realized they were awake and conversing she rose, stretched, and glanced around once more before perhaps spotting Kova and chuffing her way, before moving toward the other’s
* Kova saw Ayaka and would finally press her paws into the earth and rose quickly. She would follow after the fae and start towards Fianna and the Alpha. She would first brush her frame across Ayaka’s own lightly in greeting “Hello sister.” she said in low tones and perhaps caught wind of Atraya’s request.
* Fianna glanced around then, wondering if perhaps Kajika was there, or skydancer?
* Ayaka nosed Kova back, offering a tired smile as she made her way around a few rocks and stepped over some bones and other debris. Finally she reached the place where Fianna and Atraya were, and dipped her head low to the Alphess. “Atraya, while I have not found a way to get the key I have observed that there are many branchss, and the tree is large, some of the branches hang low and I wonder if perhaps, we can somehow climb it carefully. We will attempt it now, if it is your will and if you Kova, and Fianna are willing.
* Atraya would look to Ayaka and the desperation in her hues would no doubt speak louder then her words. “If you are able… we must try?”she said in lower tones. She wouldn’t willingly put her pack in harms way, but there was just something in the air she couldn’t shake.
* skydancer shifts slightly as she wakes before opening her eyes and looking about herself as the voices of her pack reach her ears. upon seeing everyone gathered near atraya she quickly rises and pads over her nail clicking softly against the hard rock beneath her paws.
* Fianna would be glad to see skydancer awake, for the more help the better. Something within her thrilled at the idea that the key they were after could indeed free her mother. Once she was loose of the chain, would they return to the territory? Or perhaps search for papa? Or the food source? So many questions but only one thing matter for now. Focusing she glanced at the other’s and nodded to them. “I am ready to do whatever is necessary of course”
* Kova listened to Ayaka’s words and gave a knowing nod to them both. She herself was ready and willing to tackle what needed to be done in order to ensure the freedom of their alpha. The freedom of their pack from yet another ‘task’. “I’m ready as well” she would say in a low tone that was still filled with eagerness.
* Ayaka would nose Fianna softly, then skydancer as well as the fae joined them. She hadn’t spoken with the smaller wolfess in some time and was glad to see her well. She wondered if Shukie had gotten. Around to asking skydancer to search for Calder but refrained from asking. Instead she nodded to Atraya and without further ado she would turn and make her way toward the cave system. She knew the way well by now. If they passed Kajika on the way she’d nose him and alert him of what the pack was heading to do. Hopefully the Mykeer would not choose that time to return.
* Fianna would nose Atraya once more before stepping forth and shaking her pelt as she followed Ayaka, afraid to be hopefully yet needing to be so, to keep out despair. She could hear the desperate tones in Atraya’s voice, and Calder had not returned to give them more information, so, it seemed the rescue would be up to them.
* Kajika ‘s frame would appear at the entrance to the cave, a silhouette only for a moment while his eyes adjusted to the light. When he could see again, he saw movement right about where Atraya was. It looked like she and several others were awake and after giving her some space to fully wake up, he was eager to actually get the chance to greet her. He made his way over, running up to the group and would sound out with a chuffed greeting through panting breaths as he made his way around, greeting everyone either with a nosing to their shoulder or noses. He wasn’t quite aware that they would be taking off again just yet, but with his motions and behavior, it didn’t look like he would be sitting down. He turned to see Ayaka as she started off with what looked like a destination in mind and he watched only for a moment before looking to see if the others would follow and if he should to. His tail still wagged to see them all gathered here that settings aside, it almost felt like things were how they should be.
* skydancer returns ayakas nosing with a brief toich of her own nose against the large fea shoulder realizing the other growing thinner which makes jer wonder about her own frame as she carried less reserve to begin with then the larger wolfs. just as ayaka moves off she spots kajika returning from another part of the cave system and wags banner briefly as the brutes chuffs,returning the nosing briefly before moving after ayaka.
* Kova would have made a mental note of all the wolves who where present and accounted for, for the most part, and when they all agreed to go along she would promptly turn on lithe paws and start off back towards the little sanctuary they had found. She would move with haste in her steps.
* Ayaka knew the path back to the cavern well for she had been there many times since they’d first found it, investigating the space and the tree. She would move on light paws, ever aware of things that could still be within the caves they didn’t wish to rouse, and she kept her senses open taking the paths as they came. As always, the sound of water guided her toward the peaceful haven and it was once they arrived they would see the tree, tall, ancient, and regal. This time she didn’t pause to admire it, but rather moved to where she’d seen the key before, glinting above. Then stopped to pint it out to Kajika and skydancer who had not seen it yet. “There it is.. Now to get it down. Any ideas? My own involve getting on one of the lowest branches and making our way up, but.. We are no the best of climbers.” Not like squirrels…

As the wolves made their way through the catacomb of winding stone and ice they would once more come upon the little sanctuary that Ayaka and Kova had come upon. Kajika as well would be familiar with this place as well after visiting and so far, it seemed nothing touched it to make a difference. There was something unknown here. Almost hard to touch with ones senses but there was something there. The trinket dangling from the edge of the top most branch within the gnarled tree would remain. It would glint every now and then from a small light source at the canopy of this open space.

The cave deer from earlier remained within the confines of the darkness as well, moving in and out as they pleased with no care or worry to predators. It would seem that they had taken residence here for sometime now and there was not much to worry in here. It would seem they where not phased by the wolves now standing in their domain. What about Myrkeer? Had he not taken a meal to them? What about the pile of bones within the main cavern? Who really knew.

* Kova once they reached the familiar cavern she would look around her slowly before she would look to Ayaka and then those who where gathered. “Sky is the smallest of all of us, maybe she should be some what at the end of the edge of the branch?” she looked to the others as she sauntered right up to the tree and rose a paw up and stood upon her haunches, peering at the glinting inviting object.
* Fianna had not been to the cavern before, and when they arrived she would move in with widened eyes, awe upon her features for with each new place they found it seemed some new beauty was unveiled. It was too bad that they had discovered this land w under such troubled circumstances. Shaking herself she eyed the deer beyond with a hungry eye, wondering why Ayaka and Kova had not yet hunted them. For now she tried to remain on task and stared up at the small trinket that was supposed this.. Key. “It sure is high…” She murmured.”If we climb., and fall, it would hurt.” But what else could they do? She stepped forward, “I can do it.” She offered.
* Fianna would speak the words in offer as she looked to skydancer, in case the fae did not want to. Kova was right though, she stood the best chance of not breaking a branch.
* Calder eventually crested through a small opening within the walls of the cavern to the north and slipped between the two waterfalls that fell into the main cavern. Perhaps close to where Myrkeer had disappeared. Once there he would immediately drop the token in his jaws and look to see who was around. There was one individual in which he sought after for first and foremost. Fianna’s scent is whom he sought now as he looked sharply around the cavern. Wondering who lingered still after he left. He hoped that none had moved off yet for there was still much to do. It seems he was to late for something as there was only one by themselves. His eyes fell upon Atraya still chained to the wall. He would nudge the little trinket next to a pile of bone before he started off towards her. There was determination in his steps as he would continue until he closed right onto her. “… you.” his tones where anything but formal or full of grateful intentions it would seem. Nothing akin to the tone he held with Fianna.
* skydancer as they approach the tree she keeps glancing toward not just beautiful cave but those relaxed deer, obviously nothing had hunted them for who knows how long. would even mykeer know such a thing. then ayakas words draw her attention to that strange little thing and studies the tree thoughtfully.” its very high, shame there is no birds about. “‘she says
* Atraya would have watched as the key hunting party took off on their short mission. Worry yet confidence stemmed in her eyes and she was just about to turn to start pacing when she would catch the glimpse of anothers shadow. “Well that was q-” her voice cut short as a lone figure emerged from the very darkness. She would narrow her hues to see who exactly it was. The scent and smell was familiar to her but only because it was still on Fianna’s coat. ” Calder, I presume?” she would say as-a-matter-of-factly like. She would stand her ground all the way up until he would get extremely close and her brows narrowed with warning.
<skydancer> thinking that even if opa raven or some such showed she had no food to share in return anyway. “I can certainly try.” pauses giving kova a look as the fea looks about ready to try and get up there herself. that odd sensation keeps putting jer of too constantly making jer want to look past her shoulder. was there ghosts, or spirits about? she’d never had any trouble detecting the ancient ones even before that one
<Atraya> There was nothin to disturb skydancer from going into the tree. Nor for any other wolf.
<Calder> He would slowly begin to circle Atraya knowing full well the range and extent of her movements. He would stop and look at her with his amber hues. Even his charm might be some what familiar to her. “It is.”he said with a low tone before he circled about before stopping just before her again. “Not set free yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before your pack free’s you, then that’s when the fun can really begin.” he circled again. “will wait and see won’t we.”
* Ayaka nodded and nudged skydancer a bit. “If your balance is good, I found a place where you can get into the tree from a patch of rocks.. From there you’ll have to hop from limb to limb and get higher. Toss it down to one of us perhaps and take care. Go slow…” wouldn’t want one of her pack to injure themselves with a fall, but chances must be taken these days and she was anxious to return to Atraya.
* Atraya didn’t seem amused nor intimidated by his tones. She would simply let him be ‘mysterious’. She’d find out who he was and what he wanted soon enough, but for now she was focused on the horizon. She was no fool either and kept a careful eye upon Calder’s frame and gauged his intentions. wouldn’t want one of her pack to injure themselves with a fall, but chances must be taken these days and she was anxious to return to Atraya.
* Kajika was glad to finally at least get to see the Alpha up close, but it looked like the group heading out had an objective in mind and an extra set of eyes might prove to be helpful in this situation. And as they approached the tree, it didn’t look like anything had changed, or at least not upond first inspection, but he was determined to get a closer look. He circled around the tree sniffing at its bark repeatedly. The same deer still made their way around ignoring them as they had and so he would pay them little mind. He kept his distance from them but stayed within comfortable conversation range with those also looking for this item called a “key”. Hopefully he would know it when he saw it, the diagram still in his mind from when it was drawn out for them.
* Fianna would shift and glance between skydancer, Ayaka, and the others. Her paws kneaded the earth and she would prance in place a bit as she watched to see how skydancer would approach the problem. She too would worry about her mother, for only she and Kwaani had seen the great Mykeer. She had no knowledge that at that moment Calder circled her mother, as the circle drew closed.
* skydancer deciding to interfere with the pack. suppressibg a shudder at the memory she pads up to the tree. tilting her head ever so slightly she’s after all no cat nor bear so that climbing style just wont work. still she’d heard some tales on her travels and. “no worse then any other wolfs” she comments dryly looking about for which rocks ayaka meant and upon spotting a likely candidatr heads towards them. “don’t worry.” she offers ayaka in a bright tone,”it’s no jarder then a rock ledge and I do those often enough” hopping up onto the first rock she does her best to look confident no matter that she is definatly nervous about this. but she doesn’t want the other to worry anymore then they already do. carryfully testing the first branch she then hops onto it. as her hind paw slips a little she simply places it back on the branch, just like a the boulder field she reminds her thumping heart and taking a steadying breath she lowers her haunches almost sitting while also looking up at her next branch aand hop. slowly she makes her way up trying not to look down too much and keep careful mind of her hind paws. upon reaching the xorrect branch she makes her way toward that odd glittering thing mindfull off ech paw, not a natural thing at all but something she’d learned none the less. reaching with her nose she nudges the thing loose and then looks down her banner waving happily.
<Atraya> There would be no indication that the branches wouldn’t hold skydancer’s wait the further she climbed. Once she reached the designated branch, she would notice that it would start to jar up and down a bit but no sign of it breaking would be made.
<Calder> would walk around Atraya and smile before he would abandoned her for but a moment. He would walk to the bone pile, pick up the little satchel and would saunter back towars Atraya. He seated himself just out of knowing reach. He tussled the bag this way and that before opening it. His nose would disappear half way into the leathery satchel before producing a shiny silvery object. He grinned before setting it down. “Right your past wrongs and I will set you free…” his paw came upon the silvery object in his paw before sliding it under it.

The key would sway this way and that and the branches skydancer

Artwork by rontarija

was daringly on would start to creek in an uncomfortable way. The key spun around this way and that as if it where to fall and justttt as skydancer reached the branch she was on started to crack. The key would be moving around in a hard circle before finally being dislodged and falling from the tree upon the stone below.


Clank… clank CLUNK CLInkkkkkkkk clink clink clik. It went until it rested in a patch of moss. The key would be beautiful upon closer inspection with intricate designs.

* Kajika paused what he was doing to watch as Sky progressively got further and further out along the branch almost holding his breath as he watched her. His nose twitched nervously, possibly even for her as she seemed to be keeping her calm about it entirely. Out of all of them to do it though, the smaller wolf seemed to be the best option for doing something like this. He silently willed her on until she managed to push it from the edge of the branch and watched the shiny object fall down and land with a soft thud against the earth where he went to sniff at it curiously. This is what they had been after and it had been right above their noses?
* Fianna watched with baited breath as skydancer wound her way along the branch, hearing it creaking and cracking the further out the fae got. She caught her breath once when she was sure skydancer would fall, but the fae caught her foot and continued. When the key fell her heart leapt. They’d done it! She moved beside Kajika and sniffed at the key too. “Hurry.” She huffed, excitement growing. Would her mother be free soon? “Let’s get back now and see if it works.” She looked to Kova then, “do you know how to used these?”
* Kova saw the key drop and would pace quickly around as if to catch it. She would watch it fall but lost it amongst the darkness. She would look to Fianna and then bark chuff ‘Nice work skydancer!’ she called out and eagerly awaited their return.
* Ayaka would feel pride at how their pack worked to overcome all the obstacles in their path, and even as the key fell she would keep her eyes on skydancer until the fae should reach the ground safely if she did, Ayaka would nose her and smile. “Good work.” Then turn to nod at the others as she noted Kajika and Fianna peering at the key. “Fianna grab it and let’s go.”
* Atraya would narrow her eyes at Calder. What game was -he- playing. All the same… freedom was now important to her more then ever and so she rose to all fours, dragging the chain along before stopping in a seated position just before Calder. She stared at him with her silvery hues. “Set me free and maybe I’ll spare your life…” there was no flowery eloquence to her voice.
<Calder> Tipped an ear back as if it to lean into the winds of the caves. “Hm… seems as though your little party has made it.” he grinned and stood up on all fours before slipping the key forward. It would be harshly ground against stone and bone before he lifted his paw up and stared into Atraya’s eyes. “I will have your kin and your wrong doings will be undone. With that he would promptly turn on his paws and peer over his shoulder “He’s coming.” and with no other words to be shared he would leap off back towards the northern exit.
* Fianna glanced to Kova and then Kajika as Ayaka spoke. She didn’t mind carrying it, but, glancing at Kajika she smiled at him. “Do you wanna do the honors?” She asked quietly, turning and ready to get back to her mother!
* Atraya there was a darkness within her that only boiled at the right time and this would no doubt be one of those times. She shifted her gaze from the male to the key and back again. She took note of what ‘exit’ he took before she would place a paw on the key and wait for the others.
* Kajika backed away from the key giving Fianna the room to grab it in her jaws and would turn to follow the group back to where they left Atraya. It almost seemed wrong though that he should be the one to carry the key, but he wasn’t going to stand there and debate it. So he nodded and took another step forward, grasping the cool metal in between his teeth somewhat delicately and would turn to start back at a brisk trot to go see how this worked exactly.
* skydancer couldn’t stop swaying her banner and not because of the same excitement as the rest. not that she wanted to show any of that. but , she’s pretty sure that branches are not supposed to make noises.. so now to back up, sloowly and never mind the creeking and cracking
* Kova would smile and sway her tail – she would allow hm as well if he desired. It was there she turned on swift paws to make her way back towards the cavern but would no doubt wait for skydancer to make it down safely first.

Role Play Continued June 7th, 2019

* Fianna padded quickly and quietly back through the caverns, leading the other’s back toward her mother. It was easy to follow their scents as they only recently passed through the caves, b it the journey seemed long, as she took care to move silently and kept her senses alert. Ever since she’d peeled herself away from Atraya, having rarely left her side since she’d found the fae, she’d been anxious to return to her, hating the idea of something getting to her while she was gone. At the thought she picked up the pace, glancing back over her shoulder to see if Kajika[deTail], skydancer, Kova, and Ayaka were still on their way as well. The key… It HAD to work..
* Ayaka had waited until skydancer had made it back down the creaky tree limb and back to safe earth before turning to pad after Fianna and skydancer, perhaps walking beside Kova well. She felt the urgency of being so very close to their goal, and being free of the caves at last, yet she wouldn’t jeopardize anyone by being hasty. From the pace Fianna was setting it seemed she too wanted to be back, but Aya could see the restraint the fae held, and smiled a bit to herself at the maturity the younger fae was growing into.
* skydancer pads after fianna her banner swaying slightly in time with her padfalls as they make their way through the caverns and back to their alphes. would the glittering thing do as they hoped. would it be worth the huge risk she’d needed to take.. even if not she feels she couldn’t have done any diffrent. they have to try everything.
* Atraya would have no doubt thought about the conversation she had with the brute. Something didn’t sit with her with him but she kept to herself about it for now. What concerned her the most, however, was the idle and sure facted face he made about “her kin”. What did that mean? What context did he serve? A frustrated gruff escaped her just in time to see and hear the wolves returning from their venture.
* Fianna would continue on until they re-entered the cavern in which her mother was chained. She’d let out a light chuff to alert the fae as she moved in, but immediately she scented Calder as she approached. This made her perk and she glanced around for the brute eagerly, yet it seemed they had just missed him. Disappointment flickered through her a bit but she tucked it away and headed straight to Atraya to lick her cheek. “We got it!” She exclaimed with a satisfied nod. “Well, Sky dancer did. Mother. Was Calder here?” She glanced around again, wondering why he had gone.
* Ayaka would glance at Kajika from time to time as they made their way back, seeing him adjust his grip upon the item. When they reached the cavern and approacbed Atraya, she would slow a moment as she too caught scent of Calder’s recent path. Finding his frame no where in sight, her brow lowered, troubled what had been his business that would take him away so quickly? Had he harmed Atraya? Her gaze jerked to the lead fae and she’d pick up her pace to make sure as she drew closer it seemed all was well# but why had he come back, and why had he not stayed?
* Kova would be following behind all the others after she ensured skydancer got down from the tree safely. She would pause near the bone pile looking at the chain and then the key that was brought back.
* Atraya shifted her hues to Fianna as she appeared along with all the others. She dipped her head softly and smiled, tail waving “Excellent” she said with what excitment she could with her tired frame but it was clear in her eyes. She shifted her hues back to Fianna and then to Ayaka a moment longer. “He was.” she said with a some what netural tone. Not happy, not terribly sad. It was as it was but more pressing matters where at paw now. “Give your key a try.” she said. She had something to test now.
* skydancer almost before reaching the cave where atraya’s is held she catches the first hint that calder had been for a visit causing her lips to twitch showing the barest hint of teeth before she manages to gain control. upon reaching the alphess she sorely tempted to check the othr over just to make sure calder hadn’t done any harm. “did he cause any trouble?” she asks stretching her nose forwar and twitching it lightly trying to scent.
* Ayaka would nod at Atraya’s words to Fianna and glance between the others, the key, and finally to Kova. “Sis, do you have any memories about how this might work? How is the key to get Atraya out of that?” She’d seen the hole in the metal around the fae’s neck and now she figured it likely the key should go into it somehow… But then what? Was that enough to get her free? Was it somehow magical?
* Fianna nodded at her mother, understanding that pursuing the story of why Calder had come should wait until after her mother had been freed. Did she catch site of what he’d left? Something glinting near Atraya’s paw? As it was she focused on the key they’d brought and glanced at Kova as well as Ayaka asked the question. Perhaps Kova would know how it worked. “Someone should try it.” She murmured trying not to be impatient. As she waited her tongue flicked out to run around her muzzle as if in anticipation, an ear flicking absent mindedly as she se heard the drip dripping of the water on the cave walls.
* skydancer to scent if any harm has been done. “i’m sorry we should’ve left someone with you.” she apologizes looking pretty chagrinned with herself. the youngster has a point she knows and stares blankly at the key thing. “does anyone have an idea on how to use that thing?”.. she trails off sstuddying the chain while there seems to be a hole there it so tiny..
* Atraya would have lowered herself down now allowing better access to the thing about her neck. She would tilt her head this way and that to shuffle it before saying “There is a hole in this contraption. If you put the key into it and gently turn in a direction facing you then it should hopefully unlock?” she’d been locked before and watched the humans do it several times to those who where captured.
* Fianna waited no longer, as Atraya answered Ayaka’s question on how to work the key she bent down and picked the thing up gingerly between her jaws and moved close to Atraya as she lifted her head to give access to the contraption, her first try showed she’d grabbed it wrong a.mnd she set it down to readjust, trying not to be impatient with herself. Finally she got the key into the small hole and craned her neck to unlock it, trying first one way, then the other
* Atraya as Fianna would tilt her head this way and that she would find that almost immediately there was no give. It went into the hole fine, but there was no play afterwards. If she put any pressure upon it to turn and move it about, she would find it started to become almost fragile in her jaws with a potential of breaking. “Click click clakkk” the key went around in the hole but nothing. With a low sigh she would narrow her hues before slipping her paw forward with the harsh sound of metal on stone resounding therein. She lifted her paw up to reveal another key (LEGASP). “… try this one.”
* Kova would tilt her head as she took a step forward watching the whole process. She took mental notes of everything. How a key even works. She was amazed that her alpha even knew how this thing worked but as well, pity and heartbreak filled her own as she could only imagine what would happen to one who was chained like this.
* Fianna just stared at the new key with a look like.. Where the heck did this one come from!? She glanced between Atraya and the second key several times in befuddlement, then seemed to shake herself mentally dropping the useless key she grabbed up the one her mother had just revealed, this time more sure of how she ought to do it, and slipped it into the hole, trying the same technique as before, brows lowered in concentration.
* Ayaka watches the entire scene with anticipation, her paws shifting on the bone pile several times as she couldn’t help the movement. When the first key proved wrong, and Atraya revealed the other, Ayaka blinked, her brow raising. “Where did that one come from?” She asked, not voicing the second thought, had the Alphess had it the whole time? What was going on here?
* Kajika had watched as Fianna made an attempt to unlock the device and he blinked for a moment as the object that was underneath Atraya’s paw held the same glistening material that the key they had found held. Had someone maybe given it to her? With them looking this entire time, it was unlikely that she had possessed such a thing from the beginning, but he would silently watch as his tail swung back and forth anxiously as he watched Fia try again with this one.
* Atraya looked towards Ayaka before responding ‘Calder.’ was all she said. She kept her head steady allowing Fianna the chance to work the new key. As she would put the key in she would find that it was far more flush and inserted rather easily. When she flicked her head about, it would resist going left, but when she turned it right, it seemed to give way allowing her the chance to turn it around easily enough. How many turns would it take?
* Fianna would dedicate herself fully to the task, her concentration entirely upon the odd contraption holding her mother hostage and when she was foiled turning her head left a low exasperated rumble escaped her chest. Turning it right then, she had to release the key several times to renew her grip on it before turning it further. As long as it continued turning, she continued working at it, the silence around her thickening but for the scratching of metal on metal and the occasional shifting of bones.
* Atraya a few more twists of the key she would find that it finally ‘grabbed’ something and fell further into the hole before the chain would unclasp itself and fall with a loud clank to the ground. The chain would follow in suit, clanking in a snake like motion and sound as it would fall from her neck and slip back to the wall before stopping when there was no longer tension.
* skydancer ears droop a bit as the key doesn’t appear to work but then atraya reveals a second one and at the admission calder brought it a soft rumvle might b e heard from her chest. what was that brute up to, always playing games stringing them along. sure they have their alphess back and sure he playyed a part in it. she still doesn’t trust the strannge wolf.
* Kova would tilt her head confused as another key was produced. What on? She blinked but as soon as the clasp around Atraya’s neck fell free she would jump back a little and wave her tail quickly. “At last!” she proclaimed with great excitement.

As soon as the chain would drop to the ground with a loud resounding THUD/CLANK the following sounds would start to approach from behind the waterfall once more. It was almost as if by command the beast from within was stirred once more. Bone would be heard cracking and breaking beneath great weight as it lumbered forward. A low growl could be heard as if it was his natural tone of entrance.

Clank. Clinkclinkclink. Bones would once more be scattered across the floor until they hit another bone pile or stone and stopped.

* Kajika ‘s ears could barely hear a syllable, and the uttered words he had to read from Atraya’s moving muzzle but when put together, it sounded like she mouthed the word ‘Calder’ and Kajika glanced around for the male. So far everyone seemed to have mixed views on him from admiration to distrust, but Kajika? He only seemed to think that the male was working with them with only something to gain further down the line, but for now, he seemed to be offering more help than maybe he would get out of it. Or was he? Kajika wasn’t sure and his thoughts were broken when the chains were suddenly released and they were pulled back to the wall and Atraya looked to be free! But it didn’t look like they had much time to celebrate as a loud sound could be heard just from beyond the waterfall, a thunderous sound making his ears fold back against his head and stare in that direction with wide eyes and the bones seemed to shake across the ground as the earth beneath them shook.
* Ayaka ‘s elation would be short lived for as the chain rattled and clanked it’s way off of Atraya, the more ominous sounds of heavy foot falls were brought to her attention.. The shuffling scatter of bones that preceded the Mykeer’s arrival like heralds before a king. She stood to her full height and stepped to the front of the bone pile, protectively placing herself before Atraya and Fianna as the threat emerged felt a growl rumble free of her maw just at the sound, and a feeling of heavy foreboding fell upon her. Is this what Fia had faced alone?
* skydancer relief quickly turns to worry as a already too familiar sound reaches her ear causing her to jump and spin,with a low warning bark, toward the noise. “watch out guys.” she says moving foward to block mykeer from their newly freed alphess though how much any of them could against, that..
* Atraya there was a short lived celebration as the distinct sound of something lumbering their direction would resound against the otherwise tranquil fall of water near them. She growled low and promptly put herself before the other wolves and ensured that she would be facing whatever was about to appear. She couldn’t recall what or who had even taken her here, but, she wasn’t about to let her guard down.
* Kova the celebrations indeed where short lived and she felt her shoulder press against Ayaka’s and Kajika as she stood beside them, ready to defend their honor, their family, and their names should it come down to it. The crunching bone was familiar to her and she could only determine that it belonged to the lumbering beast from before. She felt her resolve not give, but in fact, tense with readiness.
* Fianna had time for a quick elated nuzzle to her mother’s ruff and cheek before the heralding of the Mykeer began, the thudding of mountainous paws and the sitter of frightened bones. She new it immediately, swallowing down the natural fear such ominous sounds elicited. As several pack tried to place themselves in front of her and her mother, she would push forward to face the gigantic bear beast once again, eyes glaring her challenge. Why had he returned?

The wolves didn’t have time to “escape” or get ready to stand their ground if that’s what they had initially planned and within a few moments later Myrkeer would emerge into view once more. He cleared his throat before a guttural voice resounded against the silence.

“I see you found the key. Now is the time to repay the rest of your debt Calder. “You…. this pack….. ” he paused as he narrowed his eyes to every wolf there before adding “… follow me”.

Whatever of the pack remained, he would call forth. His eyes where demanding and offered no suggestion for them to choose to go, but rather, something pulled them to go. As if it was some unspoken oath or duty to do so. A respect their ancestors.

Clank. Clinkclinkclink. Bones would once more be scattered across the floor until they hit another bone pile or stone and stopped.

* Kova would blink a few times as the bear emerged with, well, a demand to follow. Any wolf in their right mind wouldn’t budge but there was something….else. She couldn’t place it but something beyond her own trust and instinct tugged at her. Her eyes darted now to Atraya to see what she would do. She kept herself at the ready.
* Ayaka eyed the large lumbering bear with the white eye. Here was truly a legend. An ancient. Who were they, these small packmates of hers, and herself, to stand against something such as he? As the Mykeer spoke, Ayaka sent a wish to the skies she could not see, that it wouldn’t come to that. What debt was he speaking of? What had Calder gotten them into? Or was this older than Calder? Was the debt be spoke of a legend itself? Ayaka took a single moment to glance around at the others, her hues falling on Atraya, and if the Alphess should step forward to follow the bear, so would she, for indeed she felt the compulsion.
* skydancer bares her teeth at the ‘pull’ almost instinctively backing up a step, if such a thing would prove possible that is,as she remembers another force forcing her to do certain things. “why won’t you just tell us what is going on” she asks in such a tone as to make clear she’s demanding an answer.
* Fianna ‘s eyes widened as the Mykeer spoke, as if a tale were being spun right before her eyes. Her bedtime stories as a pup seemed to have been lacking, and this.. This was real. She took a deep breath, looking around as the bear seemed to speak to Calder, yet the brute wasn’t there how was he so tied to her pack, yet before this, she had never met him? Standing tall even as she felt something instinctively pulling her to follow the Mykeer, she held back, for her mother was free now, free again to be alphess.
* Atraya well wasn’t that a fine how do you do. She for one didn’t like demands. Especially from something she knew nothing about or of. But then again this was a reacquiring theme with WolfSpirits as of late. Again another decision to fall upon her shoulders and the weight of it all would momentarily cause her pause. She thought this through as thoroughly as she was able until she would stare up at the giant bear. There was something oddly familiar about this creature but she couldn’t quiet place it. Regardless an answer would be given after skydancer’s. “I’m one of honor as is my pack. We would repay debts that where known to us to repay. Riddles and confusing ‘hear say’ is not going to suffice to command me to follow you.” a low growl escaped her before she continued “However….I will entertain this notion if it gets us out of this cave. If it does… then I will follow.” first and foremost her pack would be at the forefront of her mind. She needed to get them out of this unknown cave and back into the wilds. If anything where to go south the could at least have a chance at escaping. She also felt that if they did not follow, this creature would tear them limb for limb.
* Nightshade would rise her frane from the cold stone ground where she rested, she shook her pelt clean and glanced around to observe every new detail and remembered again where she were. As she was fully awake she chuffed a greeting to who was nearby.
* Kova shifted her hues from Atraya then to Myrkeer. She would feel the anxiousness start to boil to the top of her frame before it subsided once she heard Atraya decided they would follow. She would hold her resolve before looking to all the others. The alternative would no doubt be fighting this very large bear. A low breath was expelled before she would wait to see if Atraya started to move and only then would she.
* Ayaka would keep her attention on the large bear as he turned to shuffle northward, rumbling his commands as he went. She looked to Atraya, listening to the fae’s words and agreeing wholeheartedly. They were honorable, but did not go blindly into the dark. She would stand firm beside the Alphess as she made her stand in demanding more from the beast before them, but she held a sort of respect in her frame as well, respect for the creature that could kill her in one blow. As nightshade would wake, no doubt she would see the Mykeer’s hulking firm before the wolves gathered upon the bone pile. But Ayaka did not respond to the other fae’s chuff.
* Fianna would say nothing, for she stood to back up Atraya and what had been said was sufficient. She desperately wanted to demand more of an explafrom the Mykeer about her father’s so called ashes, yet it seemed now was not the time. Now, was to face what lay before them. Why did the Mykeer want them to follow?
* Kajika watched with his ears erect and his fur on the brink of bristling but when none of the others moved forward, neither would he. His ears would then pin back in suspicion when Atraya spoke for all of them and he would agree with every word. But the last good meal they had was not within the time frame of them entering this cave and he didn’t want to push herself too much in recovering from the weird contraption however long she had been there. There was still strength there, enough to fight for her family but he wanted to see them all leave the cave on their own. Not to mention the strangeness of the ‘land’ they were in was enough for a tree to grow but nothing in terms of the flora that could be used to heal any injuries. Looking up at the bear, he wondered if a fight was unavoidable however since the only way he knew that led to these caves was the icy slide that they came in from. His eyes narrowed as he weighed the options in his head even if he knew the final decision wouldn’t be his to make.
* Nightshade was shocked of the appearance of a big beast who was standing in the front of her and everyone else. Her ears flattened and her tail was low, a thrill of fear was been felt through her whole body as she slowly walked a few steps backwards. ” myrkeer, Ayaka? ” stunned by intensified fear she wasn’t sure anymore what their fate were. ” I’m scared. . . . . . ” she whimpers at the alpha female and who was there.
* Myrkeer would listen to Atraya’s words but give no credit or creed to it but simply turned on large paws and started off towards the caves exit.
* Atraya her eyes fell towards those who where gathered and she would seemingly give them all a knowing look of “Be on the look out. Don’t drop your gaurd”. Without another moment to loose, she would nudge Ayaka and whisper quickly “Have someone grab the keys.” and with that she moved off after Myrkeer.
* Ayaka nodded quickly to show she understood, Bending to the task herself since relaying the message would take longer. Gripping it between her jaws she scanned the other’s as she fell into line behind her alphess stepped lightly, eyes er alert and to the north but she would move just a step behind the Alphess once she xaugtu. As she passed Nightshade she would nod in answer to the fae’s question, gesturing for her to follow. It was normal to feel fear in the presence of such an immense beast.
* Nightshade still stunned and numbed by fear of the big bear didn’t understand what’s happening, be on the look out? Why was Atraya following him? She looked puzzled about the actions. ” I surely missed something.. what’s happening?” She asked confused ” I don’t get it… what does he want? ” as she saw that Ayaka turned around, she would follow loyal her with no doubt but still puzzled and complete confused.
* Kova when she watched Atraya start to go after the large bear she would take a slow breath before nodding, following after. She would look towards Nightshade “Come.. you’re safe.” she tried to reassure the fae that there where plenty of the pack there to help support her. To support one another. She saw Ayaka scoop up the key on the ground but turned to look at the key still lodged in the collar. She would swiftly move after it to pry it free from it’s hold. It was stubborn but a few twists of her head where made and she quickly moved after the others just before nearly tripping on the pouch Calder left on the ground the night prior. She would tilt her head at it before she would lower the key and then grabbed the pouch and key at the same time. She would walk to Kajika and nudge the male seemingly passing him the pouch.
* Kajika watched as the bear turned and started to walk off, seemingly unshaken with his almost unblinking stare. What do we have to lose? he thought to himself as he made his way forward after them. It seemed like Calder wasn’t with them now as he must have been before, but he doubted that the last time that he actually saw the male would be just that. So he focused on the darkness of the path that lay ahead, his light brown eyes adjusting to the low-light setting and seemed to reflect of what light there was up ahead as they followed their ‘host’ further into his lair. Since this was a part of the cave he hadn’t traveled into, his eyes were memorizing what details in the walls that he could in case they needed to return to this place that now felt more familiar and not nearly as foreboding.  Just as he was starting forward alongside them, he noticed the particular pouch that he had seen Calder carrying around his neck. He wouldn’t be able to fasten it around himself like the male had done, possibly with practice, but he quickly bounded over to scoop it up closer to the heavier pouch side so that only the smallest amount of the string dangled between his front paws. He would also dip his head slightly in thanks to Kova for passing it off to him, a good find it was even if he hadn’t seen its contents before but it would still prove to be a good resource going forward.
* skydancer glowers after big lumbering bear as he totaly ignores not just her but atraya’s words. as the alphess moves forward after giving the warning she hesitates not at all willing to follow something thats capable of placing a compulsion on her. however the lead fea has a point. they have to get out of this cave system, somehow and so she too follows but lagging behind a bit so she is last in line.

As the wolves followed after the lumbering giant of a bear they would feel the sense of calm despite being face to face a very formidable foe. The pace kept would be that of purpose and so there was no short and slow jaunt. He would lead the pack through the winding corridor of stone and water. He knew this place as if he was made of it’s very essence.

Whether or not the pack trusted him would be up to them, of course, but so far he had led them not astray in his words. What where they even going to? For what? So many riddles surrounded this pack at so many junctions. Why did this one seem different? On and on they would go until they started up a large ice bridge that was illuminated by a light source up ahead. A way out. The smell of fresh air assaulted their noses as they continued to climb up and up until freedom was just over the horizon. 

* Nightshade nodded at kova words and was slightly relaxed with her soothing words “I hope so ” and looked at Kajika sachets and smiled relieved ” ur right, aslong we do not challenge him.. but.. what if he leads to danger?” She chuffed while following ayaka Ayaka kova and who was walking that way.
* Fianna would take up the rear, feeling as if she wanted to be at the back to get a good look at things before it got a look at her. She admired her mother’s ability to assess the situation even after all she’d no doubt been through, even after being chained and u confort who knows how long, still she was wise and careful. Her her mother ever thrown herself to the wind? Surely it wasn’t just Fianna who the winds whispered to, goaded, prompted… She would follow quietly, watching the bear and her pack ahead as they moved onto an icy bride and freedom from the caves seemed bright on the horizon
* skydancer le opening everso slightly in a wolven grin. that thing could prove usefull or dangerous. depending on what is still in it. the thought spcertainly sobers her rather quickly even so she gives an enxouraging look toward fianna who seems to have joint her in the back.
* Kova would follow in line with Ayaka and kept her hues on the horizon and well aware of her surroundings. A low growl escaped her in thought before she stilled herself and continued with eager paws. Eventually they would reach the exit fairly easily enough and with no complications. The air was fresh and welcomed her with open paws! Oh it was nice. The bridge they where to cross however, was gnarled and unruley.
* Ayaka would flick an ear to Kova as they fae paced beside her after the bear, who seemed to have no doubts they would follow. That they ‘must’ follow. She was glad to see her sister had grabbed the other key, for perhaps it’s job was not done, as Ayaka had thought. But what did she know of keys? Did they open many things? She would steel her resolve and her bearing would show little of her hesitation in following now that the decision had been made. As the scenery would change and the expanse opened up into a bridge that.. Lead to a way out? Aya would scan the area to see if they were alone. did she scent Calder along their path?
* Kajika seemed to be the brightest at the discovery of the pouch that he now held up proudly and wanted nothing more than to use it to carry things. The winding path ahead looked almost unstable and he would make sure to cross it carefully. But was this it? Were they being let off the hook now, this debt hanging above their heads fully paid? As the air around them lightened up, his lungs would take in more of it as he took in their surroundings as well and he was more at ease about it, thinking more clearly than he felt like he ever had since he entered the cave what felt like several moons ago. They couldn’t make a break for it now, running around Myrkeer wouldn’t work if he took up the entire width of the bridge and anyone who might be too slow or last might not make it out without a few tufts of fur missing, even if the thought only crossed his mind for a moment. As he looked around, it looked like this would however be the only way forward as there were no other bridges or terrain high and level enough for even experienced goats to find a purchase.
* Nightshade looked around while they were entering a new area, as she investigated her surrounding her eyes felt on the icey bridges they were nearing, do they suppose to cross them over? It seem to be a bit unsafe for her. ” those bridges seems a bit fragile ” she grumbled while she followed.
<Fianna> as they left the cavern that had been home for the last week, would look for any way to leave markers for those who had not been present when the command from the Mykeer had been issued. Shukie their beta among them. She brushed her frame against anything and everything to leave her scent behind, tying to layer it over the Mykeer’s so the other’s would know they had followed. The story left in the cavern would no doubt confuse any left behind and yet sbe hoped they would follow.. As she looked to the Mykeer ahead she would catch skydancer’s encouraging gaze and nod to the fae, glad for it, as she continued to walk quietly along. As she moved, she kept watch for anything, and anyone, especially a certain ebony furred male.
* skydancer seeing the bridge like structure she pauses a moment and tilts her head briefly as it she takes in this apparent exit. but with the creatures previous words in mind she has the feeling it can’t be quite so simple. after giving a rub along a section of the caverns wall she walks after the others maybe walking a little faster to catch up but hurrying particularly as she makes sure nothing is sneaking up from behind especially

<Myrkeer> When all the wolves followed he would stop at the bridges edge and there peer down upon the wolves but mostly the alpha. “Remember the ruins in which you came upon before you even entered these caverns…” a question at first but it was an assumption he made. “That is where you are to go and that is where you must each bring a token of your soul.” his voice deep yet oddly soft. He turned towards the gathered wolves and waited until Fianna had appeared. IF she still wore the torc around her neck he would offer his tone light still “.. I see one has found one already.”

* Ayaka halted her paws when the Mykeer stopped ahead, wondering where the path they were on lead.. Did it perhaps take them back up above the icy slope? If indeed it the Mykeer spoke of the ruins they’d seen earlier the pack would need a way up. A way back. But what we’re these…tokens of their souls? Her gaze drifted to Fianna as the fae appeared, the Mykeer looking to the bauble around her neck. How was that a token of their soul.. Of Fianna’s soul? She didn’t understand and her brow would wrinkle in confusion, but she didn’t speak up, not yet. First she would look to Atraya, questions burdening her silvery hues.
* Atraya would continue to follow after Myrkeer and would pause at the bridge they now stood upon. She would let loose a low grumble but would remain calm for the most part. She would pause once they seemingly reached the bridge. She would tilt her head and look curiously towards the ruins ahead but the bridge to cross it made her slightly nervous. She turned to the rest of the pack and then back up to the Myrkeer. “Tokens. And what are we supposed to do once we ‘find’ them?”
* Nightshade listened what mykeer spoken to them, token of our soul? As she looked at Ayaka she questioned ” does he want us to sacrifice ourselves?” Not a single word was trusted but what did he mean. Making any commotion was bringing her in danger so she stayed quietly. Would they stay alive? What was been expected? All she wants is to leave asap this place.
* Fianna would eventually make it to where the other’s had halted to listen to the Mykeer. She shivered a bit at the words. And when the eyes turned to her, she stood firm and lifted her gaze to meet the great bear’s. Indeed, after she’d taken off the torc to appease Kwaani previously, she’d later tried it on again, feeling the item of some importance despite her sister’s misgivings. She’d forgotten to take it back off, and
* Fianna here she stood now. It was a piece of a soul? Surely not.. For until she’d found it she’d not seen it before. “Great bear how can this be tied to our souls?” She asked, braving the question, and what will happen when we leave them at the ruins? ” She added on after her mother asked her own questions.
<Myrkeer> He would smile ” Fetch them….. and I will make a promise to your pack.” and without warning a very large claw came down dangerously close to Atraya’s frame and anyone else who happened to be standing beside her. “.. that I nor Calders pack will not kill you all.” his tone and voice would threaten very much so the seriousness of their success.
* Kova didn’t like the sound of any of this. Why would they be doing this bear’s bidding? Was there some other motive to this? Some other means to an end of this? Why was their pack yet again involved in some mysterious ..thing. So many questions, so little answers. Perhaps this little side quest would provide those. She couldn’t help but feel her entire body tense when the bears paw came down with a trash towards her alphess and anyone nearby. She would almost leap but fained to do so.
* skydancer seeing the oversized bear stop she continues just a little longer closing the last of the distance separating her from the pack. at the creatures words though she tilts her head ever so slightly.”bring them to ruins.” she says in a quiet tone. “why there? what is so special about that place? she asks. “and what should we do once we get to the ruins?” she snaps her muzzle shut looks like her curiousity it is starting to run
* Ayaka had listened to all that was spoken, and the thing that seemed most important to her was what these things were, as Atraya had asked. “How will we know we’ve found these tokens?” She spoke up, flinching at the suddeness with which the paw came down. Certainly imminant death was nothing new on this adventure and she faced that particular thread with a mood of calm under pressure she’d had gotten better at since this trip
* Ayaka began.
* Nightshade was on a safe distance from the bear, safe enough that she wasn’t get injured by the slash of his claw. She saw how it was pulled down nearly the alphess and numbed all out, what in alphess name was this ? The threath the words everything what was been said.. an intense feeling of fear hit her body again and shivered.
<Myrkeer> “You will know..” he grinned. There was nothing more to say. They would either succeed or not. He gave the wolves no other moment of his time before turning and moving back from hence he came! It took but a few steps from this large beast to close the distance between himself and the cavern once more before he disappeared.
* Atraya would look to the Myrkeer the whole while and when his paw came swooping down in a threatful manner towards her own frame, she would tense just enough but didn’t seem to budge. As if some how she knew this great beast wouldn’t dare attempt such with her pack around. Regardless, she would entertain this and for good reason. She would let loose a low growl in an equal tone back “Touch my pack and it will be your last.” she turned to the rest of her family “Be still. Let us go to the ruins and see what things we can scavange for this beast.” she turned and awaited to see if thats what he wanted to hear well before he started to walk off. As soon as the bear was gone from sight she would promptly turn towards the pack and let loose a low grumble “We must entertain this for the time alloted. You will all go to the ruins and search for these trinkets. Fianna…” she called her forward “You need to make sure that Shukie finds you all. Please take another if you are able to make sure she knows where to go. I’m headed east. I will be a short time but look for me in 6 days time.” she would turn her frame and without much more of a question or answer to be given she had begun to start off at a sprint. She had -a lot- of ground to cover. Where was she going?? She was just freed and now, leaving the pack again.

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