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Role Play Notes | May 27th, 2019

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    RP Log Begins

    * Atraya had been resting for the entire weekend it would seem and only now did she begin to stirr from her palce of a top the bone pile. A long sigh escaped her as she would slowly begin to flutter her eyes to open.
    * Kova would be patroling the fringes of the cave, her hues narrowed on the horizon as she seemingly was waiting for the others to return. The darkness having playing tricks on her, she thought, but she would just be getting used to the scents and smells by now.
    * Ayaka had traveled back along the cave system after finding the beautiful haven within its depths, now, she would be settled best the entrance to those caves, silvery hues watchful as she flicked her ears this way and that. She could see several wolves moving about, and she hadn’t caught any fresh scents of either the bear beast or Calder. With a soft chuff to Kova if the fae should be nearby, she would rise to pad softly
    * Ayaka toward her, eager to share her findings and go investigte more. She was, however, worried of leaving for too long, for she knew Fianna would not leave Atraya’s side.
    * Kova an ear turned to the resounding chuff of another and she would turn to see Ayaka. She swung her tail slowly behind her and chuffed back, now, moving to close the distance between her and nuzzle her in greeting.
    * Nightshade opened her eyes and heard some sounds around her where she layed with Darth and Kajika aswell. She stood up and shooked her pely clean ” look who’s awake” she joked at Darth and scanned who was rising from the slumber and made a loud yawn.
    * Fianna would indeed be resting in the spot she had only vacated once in the last day or so in order to sake her thirst. The rest of the time she had been protectively curled around Atraya’s inert frame, keeping her groomed as much as possible. She seemed protective of the Alphess even of those of her own pack who she did not know well… And whenever anyone approached her ears would go back in warning, though for the most
    * Fianna part she just wantched everything with staring orbs, deep and golden, sorrow darkening their depths.
    * Atraya huffed against the darkness before she would shift once more, grumbling against the uncomfortable pillow that was the bone pile. She would dip her head down a bit to ensure that her frame would not be contorted by the odd thing about her neck before her eyes fully opened. Depending on who was around or even close, they may see her start to wake.
    * Darth would look around as other members of the pack began to awaken. He looked at Nightshade and smiled. “Yes, you are awake.” He chuckled as he joked with her. He stood up with her and stretched out his legs and continued to look over the pack around them.
    <Atraya> Meanwhile in the back of the cave Calder was making his way from another path that lead from the east back in. There would be something dangling from his mouth but his frame seemed less then presentable as usual. The darkness concealed much of what held him there.
    * Nightshade facepawed with the words from Darth. “no goofball didn’t ment myself” as she laughed about his reaction and nudged him. As she had rised at her fours she would chuffed to the rest of the pack to greet them aswell. “Hello everyone, hope that we are fully charged, what’s the plan?” she looked to how everyone was finding their position. “I hope she is allright”
    * Ayaka was focused for the moment on Kova, thus missing the moment when her alphess’ eyes should open. “Hello sister.” She would breath softly as she nuzzled the fae warmly. “I have a place to show you. Kajika and I explored the tunnels some, as you know, and we found a place… Wonderful and strange, much like we have encountered on this adventure already. ” She paused and glanced Kova over some. “Have you had any more…memories?”
    * Kova would have turned an ear toward Ayaka and nose her lightly, wondering how she was. She brushed her nose along her’s lightly to take in whatever scents and smells she had upon her. ‘Oh? yes I would like to see.’ her attention seemingly drew away for just a secone to see that Atraya was finally waking and she smiled knowing that Fianna would take good care of her as well as the others. »»
    <Kova> »» Nightshade’s voice resounded against the stone and she dipped her head to her in a greeting aswell – happy to see more of the pack awake. She would look then to Ayaka. “I haven’t” she replied lightly.
    * Fianna was curled around Atraya when her mother’s eyes would open, possibly for the first time? She nearly jumped in excitement, yet remained still, treating the fae carefully, almost as if she were fragile, and her voice was hesitant, as if afraid to hope Atraya might actually be waking up. “Mother?”
    * Atraya shifted once more until she felt the air against her face that belonged to the wilds and not her nightmares. She hears a familiar voice and as she awoke she would see Fianna nearby. She smiled softly “Fianna?” her tone light as if somehow she was seeing an image of her mind rather then the real thing.
    * Kajika[zZz] is now known as Kajika
    * Ayaka would nod in thought, still curious about why Kova might have had Kova’s memories of this place or previous place. Had the fae been here? Shifting she turned to glance around. “I do not want to be gone long.” She murmured,”but if we leave now we can be fairly quick I think.” It was then she would notice Atraya stirring and she would perk, eyes brightening, stepping toward the Alphess and her daughter a few paces before
    * Ayaka glancing to Kova. “She wakes!”
    * Nightshade looked over at Darth and still wondered why he was actig so close at her and moved her head back again at the darkness ” Is that Atraya?” she asked to who had heard the sound, it was long time ago when she heard the alphess. Trying to puzzle things out she tilted her head questioned “Wait. so he wasn’t lying, but then… what is she doing here?” as he perked her ears to listen closley to the sound. Should she stay
    * Nightshade where she were or follow Ayaka and Kova? Yet she was flabbergazed.. but stunned by what awaits more beyond the darkness.
    * Fianna couldn’t keep her tongue from licking Atraya’s cheek again and again, joy that her mother recognized her, that she was able to speak, bubbling through her. “We are here to rescue you mama. I.. The bear is so big.. ” She laid her ears back. Trying not to overwhelm Atraya just as she woke. “Mother so much has happened.” She paused, one question foremost in her mind. “Do you know Calder? He says he is promised something.
    * Fianna He says there is a story I’ve not been told.” It seemed important.”‘Mother how do I get this horrible thing off of you?”
    * Kova nodded to Ayaka and nosed her “Let us go” she said in lightened but eager tones. She turned to where Ayaka had looked and smiled equally as excited. ‘Oh, finally!;
    * Atraya would offer a smile realizing it was in fact Fianna and nosed her gently “Oh my dear…. I am so glad to see you. Are you here alone?” it seemed that she was unaware of all the others who where gathered around her. “Calder?… hmm, No. I don’t recall the name?” she would slowly roll her shoulder against a bone and grumble against the sharpness of it before she rolled back to her »»
    <Atraya> »» belly. The chain now becoming a realization to her. She blinked a few times before wondering what on earth happened to her.
    * ShukieAFK began to hear voices in the distance, having attempted to follow calder’s trail. She had to give the male credit, his trail vanished. She paused at the pool with the pointy crosses sticking into the ground, seemingly haphazardly tossed into the earth. If one stood back, it looked more like the swords were guarding the pool. Despite the rusted surfaces, the edges had retained their
    * ShukieAFK sharpness which she found out the hard way.. a small bit of scruff sliced off. Pausing she looked what she could at her fuzz now upon the ground a few stray hairs upon the blade trapped by the rust. If this was similar to that which held Atraya captive.. perhaps it would serve to displace the bear holding her captive. She would need to get help from one or two wolves to, hopefully, pull
    * ShukieAFK one if not two free of their embrace in the rocky shores. Sword in stone anyone?.. Lifting a paw she ‘carefully’ tested the rest finding the top and the outstretched shorty arms would not cut like the long shaft did. Rising up she flung her weight at the hilt, paws outstretched. Had she not been quick enough, it would have swatted back at her in retaliation as the earth was not so easily
    * ShukieAFK pursuaded to give up its treasure.
    <Atraya> Shukie would find that Calders trail didn’t go in and out from the main entrance from where they had entered initially. But it was to the back of the cave to the east. The scent of Myrkeer was unfamiliar again and lost to the smells of the must o fa cave.
    * Kwa`ani nearly jumped up out of her hiding place upon the narrow ledge deep in the shadows when she heard the faint raspy voice of her mother. oh how she longed to leap free and join her sister. Calming herself as quickly as the excitement rose, she easily recalled Shukie’s lessons that no matter what to remain silent and motionless. The one thing she did not have control over was the now
    * Kwa`ani dried mud »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» flacking off her fur, which in time would let her own scent start to escape and drift.. tho only if there was a breeze or she moved needlessly. She willed her mind to focus on fia and atraya that they might feel her nearby but that was the most she could do. Her ears twitched back and forth as her eyes continuously shifted trying to keep track of pack.
    <Kwa`ani> *flaking*
    * Nightshade glanced at Kajika and Darth, yet her curiousity took the control abour her decisions, maybe they were not wisely but she heard the familiar voice in the distance, a voice what she hadn’t heard for a long time. Trying to find out where the tracks of Calder or Fianna would lead to, she careful and softly took steps forward. ” H-Hello? Atraya? Ayaka? anyone?” Not only the pitchblack darkness wouldn’t fear her, aswell what
    * Nightshade was there, and especially she hoped not to been mistaken by anyone else. “Is everyone oke? ” she asked softly into the direction of the others.
    * Kajika would be stirring from sleep, his tail flicking first over his nose which was an unconscious action but just enough to bring him out of the depths of the sleep that he was under. He could hear the sounds of a few others nearby, and the scents that hung in the air were stirred about, suggesting that others had come or gone and wouldn’t be found in the cave. Even when his head was
    * Kajika still down, his ears flicked back and forth over his head for a few moments, gathering what they could about where he was even before his eyes would first open.
    * Ayaka would glance around for Shukie before she would turn to lead the way, wanting to run it by the beta first, especially to make sure someone would be on watch here. Did she see the fae? Her white tail would hang casually with a single flick as she glanced around, trying to spot the dark beta. She hadn’t seen nor scented Kwa`ani yet, and she worried about the fae. Hearing Nightshade she glanced at the wolf not far off. “Hello Nightshade.”
    * Fianna situated herself so she could look at her mother’s face better, shaking her head some. “No, the pack is all here,” She paused, a mournful note in her tones. “Except Kwa`ani, rook, and… And papa.” She seemed to be fighting back a whimper. “Mother the bear said… He said I gave him papa’s ashes in return for you. I didn’t know..” Her voice dropped to a mere whisper, Laden with something akin to guilt.
    * kamaitachi woke up unsure of where she was for a moment. But seeing the pack around her she stood up and stretched. She would look Round for Darth wondering if he was still with the group
    * Nightshade heard the voice of Ayaka and walked at her side, when she arrived closed at her she gently nosed her and asked “Is our alphess there? What could bring her into this sitaution?” she asked as he bow her head a bit lower, This was all so odd… it almost looked like a nightmare. Behind her she heard some movement sounds and looked who it was. “Hello Kajika” said she when she saw that it was him who stirred around. A heavy
    * Nightshade sigh slipped through her muzzle “Ayaka, what if we end up all bad? Is calder really helping us?” When she had the conversation with Darth about what happened, there were some doubts bubbled up by her and him aswell. she once more sighs and lowered her head more and tail between her behind. “What if everything was a big mistake… what if” she pauzed her words and thought ” What If he wants to remove Fianna from us?”
    * Shukie tried again and again to make the metal thing move beyond it’s trying to hit her back. She made the round of trying to move or break free all the swords seh could find. Most fought back valiently, even losing a few more strands of fur in her battles. She was not yet aware of Atraya’s awakening nor kova, Ayaka, Kajika and Nightshade moving off. She had remember how a yote had fallen
    * Shukie on a branch when she’d gone to drive it out of their territory. The branch was sturdy enough skewer the yote clear thru and poke out the other side. If they had to fight grouchy these must might come in handy if they could prop them up on an angle. With each attempt a metal ping would be hear. Not likely close enough for anyone with the main pack to hear, only those that might stray
    * kamaitachi saw no signs of her brother but saw night close by with a chuff she stood up and padded towards her. Unaware of what had happened so far
    * Atraya there was a long drawn out pause in her expression and she would narrow her eyes in almost blank confusion. “What do you mean his ashes?” she wnow pressed her tired paws into the bone pile to find herself in a seated position.
    * Kova would look to Ayaka for a longer moment before she would make note of her sister, Shukie. She swung her tail slowly behind her and would be excited, no doubt, that Atraya had finally woken up. Kwa`ani would still remain a mystery to her for she didn’t smell the yearling yet. Nor Calder or Mykeer but she didn’t take her chances on misfortune. It was Nightshade’s tones that drew her attention »»
    <Kova> »» to the fae slowly. She tilted her head in quiet thought before offering “So far he’s not led us astray… so, we can only hope that he will continue to do so.”
    * Atraya + she wouldn’t be able to smell nor hear Kwa`ani just yet and she would make note if Fianna’s assessment to those who where still missing. ( stupid enter >.< )
    * Kajika heard a greeting from not too far away and he turned his head to the sound of the voice when he heard it. He could recognize the voice immediately and ended up yawning first but half chuffed, half sneezed a greeting back. The dust and dirt triggering the sneeze more than anything else, and his head shook when it came out and he huffed air out of his nose one more time for good
    * Kajika measure. He wasn’t used to sleeping on this much dirt and the age of the cave they were in wasn’t helping. From where he was laying, he decided to stretch out more before he would get up.
    * Shukie huffed, sitting back on her haunches pondering how to remove them from the earth. She’d been gone long enough. Rising not yet ready to admit defeat she would return to where the caves intersected. SHe marked the entrance tunnel to the cave with the pool. She no longer bothered to keep her paws silent upon the cavern floors, nails clickety, clicking on the stone where the earth had
    * Shukie been brushed away. Anyone coming towards the tunnel intersection would hear her and possibly scent her
    * Ayaka didn’t see Shukie for the time being, wondering where the fae was and what she was bout. Thinking for a moment, she missed Nightshde’s questions, only belatedly realizing she’d spoken when Kova answered on her behalf
    <Ayaka> /me nosed the fae then glanced at Nightshade
    <Ayaka> ((gah))
    * kamaitachi seeing no-one she got curious and decided to pad forwards to where fianna had disappeared. She smelt the others around but not seeing them and only hearing waterfalls she padded towards where she last saw fianna going
    * Ayaka “I agree. Calder seems trustworthy so far. We have nothing else to go on. ” With that she would nose Kova and turn to head into the caves, calling to Nightshade as she did so, “you are welcome to come with us, if you can maintain stealth, for I do not wish to alert anything in these caves of our travels.” She had taken note of Kajika nearby, and was glad to have a pack member stay with the others. If he was nearby she
    * Ayaka would pause and alert him that she was showing Kova the haven they’d found within the caves.
    <Ayaka> ((end))
    * Kwa`ani watched as the various pack started moving about. She would remain as she was until she got a signal from Shukie or mayhem erupted that she would have to take action.
    * Fianna would hear various snatches of other conversation echoing about the cavern yet her focus would be solely on Atraya for the time being. She did catch sight of Ayaka and Kova heading into the caves, then nosed her mother. “It’s what the bear… Who I can only assume is this Mykeer, he said that.” She laid her ears back. “I don’t know if it is true.” She huffed, pawing at the chain as shifted. She too sat up and moved to give her mother a bit of breathing room though she kept close. “Mama how are you feeling? Are you okay? I wish I had food for you…”
    * Kova would wait patiently for Ayaka to lead the way. She was standing beside Nightshade and Ayaka within the large cavern, covered in waterfalls and a large bone pile in the center where Fianna and Atraya where laying. Atraya had a large metal thing about her neck that tethered her to the wall. They where still trying to figure out how to remove it. As it was, the other wolves would trickle in if they followed the path. She gave a dip of her head to Kajika as she noticed the male within the larger cavern. She would be ready to depart as soon as Ayaka led.
    * Atraya her eyes narrowed even further at the thought. Ashes. What did that mean? Had something happened to Faolan that she was unaware? Regardless, her heart sank even deeper then it was. The depths of her emotions would remain at bay, however, as she felt the familiar tingle of heartbreak resurface. Fianna would reel her back as she offered that question in which she knew she couldn’t rightfully answer. “Let’s figure out how to set me free.” she said now tilting her head and extending the chain as far as it would go, causing it to snap up flinging bones and debris about. NO doubt causing a lot of noise. There was no sign of Calder nor Myrkeer. “There’s much to discuss and talk about, but let us do it when I can move.” she didn’t seem to mention food at that current moment and not being able to navigate the caves herself, she didn’t know how far they where in. No sense in sending her family to unknown depths to find food in an unknown land.
    * Nightshade as she would watch closely, there was a huge distance between her and where she thought would lay, her memorie was that she was next to Kaji, but it could be the cave that plays tricks with her mind, as example the glowing mushrooms. She moved slowly with Ayaka and Kajika now nearby after she responded to her ” I won’t, and I understand..but to me..He gave me nothing that cold chills” now she was closing by she would follow them. “This cave played some tricks with me, I thought for a moment that Kajika was next to me” She nodded to them and as when she had moved between them, a scent of the alpha was recognized by her nose “Thought that we needed to it was placing further than this”
    * Ayaka would be quick in her step but light of paw, retracing her path from the previous time, ever so quietly as she went, eyes alert. As before she found little noteworthy until up ahead the sound of water could be heard in the distance. Follow this, she kept along the pathway until it opened up into yet another, different cavern from the one the rest of the pack was in. This one was green and growing, full of life, with a large tree near its center. As she slowed at the entrance she would look for the deer she’d seen before. Especially with Atraya waking she knew they would need to find food..”Kova this is it…” She murmured, the view astounding her just as it had before. How was this haven within these caves?
    * Nightshade smiled with a answer when she looked at ayaka ” Can’t find the words for it, it beautifull! almost to good to be true, How is this alive in those weird caves, Even the glowing mushrooms made me think that i’ve eated the wrong mushrooms” she joked and followed her.
    * Fianna stood, nodding to Atraya and moved to inspect the chain, remembering what Kova had told her before
    * Fianna “Mama is there a… A key thing for this that you know of? Kova said something of that sort.. A human thing, whatever those are. Have you seen one?” She looked around, scanning the bone pile as if she could find one there, before looking to the other wolves around the cavern.
    * kamaitachi moved slowly around the corner nor sure of what she would find. This was the way fianna came though and she was curious about if she was ok or not
    * Kajika got up and shook himself off, sending a small amount of dirt back where it settled again where he had made his place of rest. He made his way over to the group settled around the contraption and within its grasp, Atraya still lay. He dipped his head to her and looked around to see those who were gathered around her. It looked like they had just been talking amongst themselves
    * Kajika but the topic didn’t seem like it was something that would bar him from joining in and listening, chiming in whenever he could, but he certainly didn’t know more than Fia might know with as much that Calder had talked to her or her other sources.
    * Shukie paused when she scented some of the pack not far off. Still, unlike the trio in the distance, her claws clickety clacked upon the stone. She wanted any and everything around to know she was there, ready and waiting, even going to far as to issue a normal chuff which would echo loudly off all the various cave walls… giving a confusing echo that none would really tell where she was and the howl originated. If she heard any response from the trio she might go in that direction otherwise she would make her way back to where the pack was. She stood now where the caves branched out.
    * Atraya made a mental note of who exactly was around her and dipped her head with a fondness for their presence. She was glad to see that there where so many here. “I’m not sure…” she said now turning to Fianna before looking around her “I haven’t been able to properly look around for anything that could be useful. Perhaps you can go beyond this bone pile and look where I cannot reach?” she shifted her paws beneath her, wobbling against shifting bones, as she would aim to get down off the pile. It was unstable and uncomfortable. She heard a chuff, however, reverberate off the walls and she paused to turn in it’s owners direction – she tilted her head to see if she could see Shukie and offered an easy chuff back.
    * Kova continud moving along the cavern path that Ayaka had found with Kajika. She would dip her head to Nightshade quietly and kept her tones low and to herself for now. She rounded the bend and would be greeted by an unwordly sight. What on earth? She blinked a few times and even found their prey among the gathered moss and earth. She tilted her head to Ayaka in almost disbelief to this beautiful place. What struck her most, however, was the tree. What an odd place for a tree. She glanced around to the caverns ceiling to find there was a small opening at the top which allowed some sunlight to filter through, albeit a shaft of light, but enough to coax life out of the darkness. The deer however seemed to look different then their usual ‘hunt’. They where much darker in color and their eyes some what milky. She looked towards Ayaka in disbelief but excited as well. A new world! She leaned in closer to Nightshade and Ayaka, whispering ~ How odd and beautiful this place is…~

    As the trio of wolves Ayaka, Kova, and Nightshade stood amongst the oddly undworldy place, they would make note that near the tree’s most extended branch that hung alone there would be a flicker of light every now and then that might catch one of their eyes.

    * Fianna would would hold Calder in a corner of her mind all his own, as she had waited and watched over her mother, and even as she scanned the other wolves she would look for his frame among them, hopeful and worried at the same time. He still held many of the answers she sought. Finding Kajika rising she chuffed to him, hoping he could help them free Atraya somehow, though no doubt he’d already been mulling the problem over. As her mother spoke she would nod reluctantly, not wanted to leave her mother’s side, yet she would free her if she could. Hopping down from the bone pile, she would begin to search in a ring, ever widening around the chained alphess.
    * Ayaka would refrain from answering at the time, worried such noise would alert things she didn’t wish to alert. Eying the deer more closely she crept several yards into the cavern. What was wrong with their eyes? Perhaps eating these things would be a bad idea but.. “Do you see the deer?” She whispered to the other’s. “I wonder if we should attempt to catch one. This place seems almost too.. Reverent for a hunt.” Scanning the
    * Ayaka tree next she noted the glint along the branch above. Could she get there for a closer look?
    <Ayaka> ((end))
    * Kwa`ani ‘s heart pounded in her chest seeing Atraya moving about, just far enough away that the voices didn’t travel. She easily heard blabber mouth’s call but knew it was not the signal. Her tail swished, the only movement and one that hsould not have occurred but seeing Atraya and Fianna moving aroundmade her over excited that her tail took on a brief mind of it’s own until she tamped a hind paw on it. Hopefully, no debris tumbled downward.
    * Kova would remain beside Ayaka and Nightshade when something caught her eye. The faintest of glints. She turned her head to address it with her eyes fully focused and tilted her head. It would glimmer then was gone. An ear turned to Ayaka’s words as she would now focus on the deer. Her own eyes narrowed as she would observe them in the shadows. “Perhaps.. but I fear we don’t know these caverns at all, so, we would have to catch one quickly and avoid a chase…” she whispered before turning her hues to the glint once more “Then… there’s that?”

    As the wolves began to fan out in search of a key, they would find that despite the ever looming darkness soon upon the outside world it was still very much illuminated from the inside. Darker corners would still be visible to them and depending on where they searched each would find a different and unique trinket.

    * Nightshade couldn’t believe what she’s seeing and shakes her head ” I.. I guess so? Is this real?” She spoke while she was puzzled about and was wondering where Okkezzon went.
    * Kajika wanted to wag his tail more as he saw Atraya moving about as much as she could but fought back the urge. While she looked like she was doing better, he didn’t want to startle her with too much stimulation, and he was sure that her daughter had hardly left her side since she found her. He would take a step back when Fianna made her way around the chains, the bones shifting under her paws and he turned his ears away when they did. In his experiences, he hadn’t come across so many bones in one place and it was a little unsettling but he hardly let it show. He regarded the chains with a slight tilt of his head now. He hadn’t gotten this close to them so this was the first and closest that he had inspected them.
    * Shukie took her path toward the main pack at Atraya’s repsonce, not aware others had moved off into another area. Her black, shadowy form would materialize in short order, once again offering greetings to those present. She would take stock of where was there noticing her sister, ayaka and Nightshade were not there. Beyond the chuffs and nods in greetings she moved directly toward her alpha beyond glad to see her moving. Upon reaching the fae’s location she dipped ehr head, ‘my alpha’… taking in the collar, the rust upon it and following it to the source where it was held within the cave wall .. all before lowering her head to nuzzle Atraya, fia’s scent almost stronger than the alpha’s own. Shukie’s stature and posture was one of total confidence outwardly,.. inward…her mind raced and flittered from topic to topic.
    * Atraya would look to Shukie as she approached. Finally feeling solid ground beneath her, she felt relief. She would promptly nuzzle Shukie in a greeting, happy to see her as well. “Hello Shuki” her tones light and scratchy, but she was well and alive for the most part. “It is good to see you… and the pack.”
    * Kwa`ani did what she could to flex the muscle groups of her legs and frame to avoid cramps and moreso, ready to move. Oh how she wanted to move. Being all by herself, she watched most everything going on and.. she had only her own thoughts for company and distraction. Where was the hunk, she wondered? Was her father and brothers here too? What was that thing on the alpha’s neck? She too followed the clanky vine seeing just where it was protruding from the wall. Bones… bones.. bones everywhere one looked, like the blades of grass in the sweet valley or hunting grounds. Some where old and yellowed while others seemed brighter as if newer.
    * Nightshade ” we’re still in someone’s area, but collecting herbs wouldn’t do harm, but hunting? Not sure if it’s wise or even possible since everything is different from what we used to see before ” she whispered back and looked around to see what’s happening.
    * Shukie recalled stories Kyara had told of the humans using rocks to reshape rocks and flame to melt metal. Was their any fire within these caves and if so, how to get it to the alphess. would the heat burn her? That wouldn’t do at all. “alpha. There are sharp, metal human blades stuck into the ground? do you think they might cut that which holds you to the wall?” pausing.. “Maybe if we
    * Shukie can get you loose from the wall we stand a better chance of freeing you?” again she paused, not yet having spoken to Fianna. “What of faolan?” and where fao was usually rook was not far off. “Rook?” not finding even a trace of their scents. She hated bombarding Atraya with questions but it had to be done and might as well get them out of the way sooner than straggle them out.
    * Nightshade felt like she’s been dreaming, how is this real.. it felt way to be good as true for her. ” why do we trust Calder? I mean… it was been told that you never trust others easily or just never put ur guard down ” as she finished she would gaze around.
    * Kwa`ani would catch a few words here and there from Shukie. The others still fanned out as if searching for something? Scents ..maybe.. but of what? Her mother’s captor? Calder.. oh where was that mysterious brute? She’d lost a good portion of the longing for the male. She just wanted ehr family back again.
    * kamaitachi continued on to see a pile of bones and wolves before her. With a shocked look and gasp she padded towards it seeing atraya the alpha
    * Nightshade “if Atraya injured, herbs would good to gather” she would follow where Aya[dinner] lead them, she still had a ominous feeling about everything. Could they safe the alpha and return safely? Or would Calder jumped out of nothing? All she hope this would end soon as she huffs softly she asked herself ” isn’t it odd? “.. yes it was… but the most important was.. how.
    * Kajika made way for Shukie as she too made her way to Atraya. When she spoke of the spikes, he walked around it until he could see them more clearly. It certainly might be a good idea and worth a shot. They would just have to find something to pull them out if they dug further into the Earth than they were perceived to be. And would they be allowed to run off with Atraya now? He doubted
    * Kajika the herds were down here, even if they were forced from somewhere else, they wouldn’t naturally find themselves in this cave, and he hadn’t a hint if the Alpha Male was here, sight and scent alone had told him that even if he only got to encounter Atraya’s counterpart when they fought against the Morrigan.
    * Fianna would have searched among the bones as well as may be, moving on to widen the search, focused on her task. She moved toward the northeastern edge and corners of the cavern keeping out of the water unless it looked to be shallow. From there she would follow the walls, and if she came upon waterfall she would inspect the walls and ground around them before moving on around the perimeter of the cavern, using what light
    * Fianna she could to search for… What she didn’t know. Something that might fit into the thing around her mother’s neck. She took note of Shukie speaking with her mother, but kept at her search for the time being.
    * Ayaka took note of Nightshade’s many questions, yet she would focus for the time being on getting closer to to the odd and beautiful tree, where she and Kova had seen something glimmering above. For now, thoughts of hunting were set aside as she tried to find a branch of the large tree she could use to get higher and possibly find what had caused the strange glinting. Each step she took was carefully plves
    * Kwa`ani watched her sister join the search. When Fianna got to the waterfalls, she wondered if these falls were not unlike those back home that fia once spoke of when they were little… a safe place to go… a hole in the walls behind the flowing water? Wouldn’t it be strange if this was the back side to that one and the same waterfall? … chatising herself.. she mentally told herself
    * Kwa`ani not to be »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» silly.. there was no way this could be the same one. Dragging her thoughts back to the present she continued to watch.
    * Ayaka *carefully placed, and she would test out any branches before putting her full weight on anything.
    * Shukie ‘s mind drifted back to Calder and their brief converstation before he disappeared. What did Meykeer hold over Calder that he was doing the beasts bidding. And from what she could tell, if not for that unknown hold, he would be a far different wolf. She hoped to have a chance to talk with him again soon. As her thoughts drew upon Calder she belated asked of Atraya if she knew the
    * Shukie male?. now was not the time to ask why/how the fae got here… then again… maybe it was part of the ‘key’ to freeing her.
    * Atraya would look to Shukie as she finally found herself purchase at the base of the bone pile. There wasn’t anything readily available for her to pick, but she would look to the odd metal things pointing in each direction to those bone piles. Stabbed into the earth. “Possibly? I am not sure to be honest. As far as Faolan… I .. I don’t know. I haven’t seen him sense the clearing.” she said  in low tones, trying to recall what even happened to her but she found it hard to do so. “I don’t know where he is.” questioned hues fell to Fianna and to her words “His ashes for her life?” What did that mean. What type of ashes.
    * Kova her hues fell towards the large tree as she looked upon the top and glinting thing. How odd, she thought. She agreed with Ayaka but as well, Nightshade. They would need food but again they where in a cave with no sure way of navigating back to the others should they go spry into the darkness after a meal. She was hungry no doubt but the meal might be gathered another way – for now the glinting object seemed to capture her attention. She would brush her nose along Ayaka and seemingly would forsake her place behind the stones and start towards the tree for a closer look. It seemed she didn’t mind the potential of scaring the odd deer.
    * Shukie couldn’t really decifer the meanings of the riddles though her mind drifted back to when they were dealing with Morrigan’s minions. “Tit for tat.. is my guess”. her tones were gentle yet matter o fact. “Not unlike Morrigan giving the ultimatum to choose either one or the other but not both. But who the other one? and if one is dead and ashes already, yet another sacrifice? That
    * Shukie doesn’t make sense.” but what in this weird underworld did.. that thought came and went in a heatbeat. Even as she spoke she leaned in, tenderly nuzzling her alpha. “Calder, the brute that guided us to you. From our brief conversation, Myrkeer has a hold over him in some fashion or another but I was not able to find out before he slipped off.” The pugnant smell of metal made her nose
    * Shukie wrinkle up and ears flatten, even stiffening just the barest amount. “First, we get you free and food for all” they couldn’t very well fight, if things came to that, without nourishment. “What would you have me do, my alpha?” she asked as seh stepped back, taking in the locations of those within the cave she could see but not looking at all to where she knew kwa to be. In hushed tones that
    * Shukie went no further than Atraya’s inner ear. “Kwa is safe and well. I’ll tell you more of her deeds before arriving here.”
    * Fianna would continue switching her gaze between her search and her keeping track of Atraya who spoke with Shukie. Was the beta telling her mother bout Calder? She wanted to ask the dark furred fae where her sister was. Wasn’t the beta supposed to be looking out for her? Then again, she had heard her sister here… Hadn’t she? That night when she’d seen the bear and ‘sort of’ rescued Atraya? Fianna would huff a breath and
    * Fianna silent return to her searching, wishing she knew what a key looked like. She would scan Kajika from time to time as well, keeping tabs on those who were around.
    * Kajika wasn’t there for the instructions on what they would be looking for, but as Shukie and Atraya started talking in more hushed voices, he thought it would be better to make himself useful even now. Instead of asking, he decided to look for anything out of the ordinary, shifting bones this way and that cautiously with a paw at the edge of the pile. It looked like the bones belonged  to a number of creatures that he couldn’t discern. Through age and other natural forces, they were not all whole or otherwise in strange shapes like they were crushed. He leaned in to sniff a few of them, but the scent they carried was all the same while some bore the scent of some of his Packmates who had likely been stepping on or over them.

    The deer would have lifted their heads up from grazing to look upon the approaching wolves. They stood there for a long moment, milky eyes staring back, before they huffed and stomped a hoof in protest. However… it would seem as though after “showing who’s boss” to them, they simply turned and began to walk away slowly. With no other care in the world nor haste to their step to get away from the predators. As Ayaka and Kova would make their way closer towards the tree they would see that the odd thing dangling about in the lights shaft would be a small object, no bigger than a creek rock well weathered and washed to the shores spinning about on a piece of string. It would be elongated with a pointed end. Humans would no doubt call this a key. It would be tied up and hanging on the  furthest branch.

    * Atraya ‘s eyes would fall unto Shukie as she would let loose a low breath, a thoughtful breath. She was exhausted and tired but held her own. “Gather those who are here and look in the cavern for a key. These humans always have something that slips into the socket in the back…” she grumbled being confined to a humans bounds once more. “We don’t need to linger any longer. If Sky is around, have her go ahead and try to find Calders tracks and get him back here. If he is who he says he is…. he might be needed in more ways then one. I just wish-…” she paused “I wish I knew more. How I got here. All I recall was following the sound of what sounded like rook but to much my blindness, it was a raven leading me to a place of ice and snow that collapsed before my feet. Darkness… that’s all I remember until now.” odd that such a piece was missing from her.

    As the wolves would rummage around for something useful, there would be human trinkets scattered about. In Kajika’s corner there where helmets and armor. Even swords that where both stuck to the ground and laying about. Fianna would find much the same, however, something shiny and round would poke from the surface of a scattered yet clumped pile of bones. It was hard to discern what it was but it was shiny.

    * Ayaka would blink as she gazed at the strangely shaped item that hung from the far branch. To her eyes it looked similar to an oddly craggy and pointed rock, yet… She glanced to Kova. “Do you know what that is?” She asked softly, intrigued. It seemed somehow important, hanging there. Scanning the rocks and terreign, Ayaka tried to discern whether they could somehow reach the limb by climbing up rocks, or even low hanging branches?
    * Kova walked beside Ayaka and nosed her gently before peering up to the odd dangly bit above them. She tilted her head to the opposite side before she would look at it closer. “how… odd. It looks like a key, I think!” she said peering promptly to Ayaka. ‘Do you think..?’ she would look back up at it. A shaft of light would be casting right across the beautiful object that was almost in prestine condition, gilded with opal inlay.
    * Fianna it was shiny and pretty, like a very polished stone maybe? But shiny in a different way. She grabbed it up in her maw, if it was loose, and turned to trot back towards Atraya and Shukie, hopping back up on the pile of bones to present her find, dropping it nearby and nudging it forward, ears drooping slightly. Her own fur smelled only faintly of Calder now, and mostly of her mother. “I don’t know what this is, and I
    * Fianna don’t think it will release you mama, but I brought it anyway just in case.” She sighed.
    * Shukie nodded to Atraya. Taking a closer look at the back of the fae’s neck she did see a small opening in the collar, getting a rough idea of size both by the hole and the thickness of the contraption. “Until we can free you, do what you can to conserve your energy?” making sure her tones were not such to come across as an order to her alpha. “I’ll see to everyone and have them start
    * Shukie looking.” Her voice trailed off when Fianna arrived and presented the trinket, leaning down to sniff it only to find fia slobber all over it. “I don’t know what this is but you may be right. Perhaps it is part of many pieces we each must find.” her tones held confidence of her answer tho she really wasn’t sure. “Well done. Fia!” She nosed the faes and slipped off to let the others know
    * Shukie and that if they see Sky, to send her to me as i have a task just for her.
    * Kwa`ani broke down and tilted her head when Fianna brought something to Atraya and Shukie but she couldn’t make it out from her place of hiding. The movement would send a few pebble sized stones tumbling down
    * Atraya would perk her ears to her daughters discovery before nosing her gently then sniffing at the odd object. She didn’t know what it was, or, what it was for but the curious nature in her would paw and sniff at it again until she did her best to try and figure out what it was. She gave a simple nod to Shukie in response but nudged the object with her nose. However at the sound of pebbles clanking in an unusual fashion by movement she would rise her head and look. She figured it belonged to Kajika who was ruffling around as well but if Kwa`ani stepped into the light she would see her and smile quickly. ‘Kwa!’ she had no idea her daughter was here as well. Would her son appear?? her mate ? more of the pack?
    * Ayaka jerked her gaze back to the object as Kova offered her words. “I have never seen a key before… And I did not get a good look at the thing holding Atraya captive, but this.. Seems to be made out of similar stuff?” She tilted her head, stampimg a paw and giving the deer not another thought. “How do you suppose we can get it down?”
    * Kajika sniffed around at some of the odd things that he found. A lot of it was too straight-edged and looked to be sharp to be natural. It held a curious smell, but it wasn’t necessarily one that he wanted to roll around in at the moment. As he was investigating, he heard the excited sounds of what might have been something found. He lifted his head and looked over to see if they found
    * Kajika anything, and if wagging tails were an indication, it would look like they had found something. Although he paused where he was when he saw Kwa`ani appear as well and as his eyes confirmed that it was her, his tail was wagging too and he made his way back to where they all were.
    * kamaitachi would see others around atraya and would move over to them all “is there anything I can do? What are you trapped in? It looks human made but I thought nothing of humans were in the wild” she said looking tocthe others wondering if she could be of help. She knew a little about human things but not much
    * Fianna would stare at the item from different angles as well, but made nothing else of it
    <Fianna> /me would nose it to the side a bit, making sure it was tucked away safely if she should need to find it again, then was about to settle near her mother again, feeling restless and frustrated, hoping Calder would return soon, when pebbles slid nearby?! She whirled and stared in that direction though the light had lessened a bit, she could make out her sister! Chuffimg she would feel a gladness well in her chest. “Kwa!”
    * Kwa`ani would snarl, which happened to be outwardly done and not an internal one in her mind. This too would alert those near of her being present. MOre of the mucky mud began to drop from her fur as she moved, stretching out one paw and leg at a time, several times to get the blood fully flowing. After many moments she would leap down from her perch. “Hi All!” tail wagging herself as she
    * Kwa`ani drew »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» closer to the group she yipped to one and all. She lowered her head when she passed by th beta. “Sorry Shukie. I blew my cover.” her ears laid flat tho her tail still swayed in small swings. “Whatcha all looking for?” When she closed the distance she nipped Fianna’s scruff then nuzzled Atraya, glad to take in her mother’s scent once more. She leaned closer and tried to bite
    <Kwa`ani> the offending thing »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» but her jaws stopped at the hardness of the chain, eyes blinking in confusion. “What this?”
    <Atraya> As Fianna would pick up the trinket it would belong to humans at some point. It was a beautiful silver necklace that was fashioned into a torc. The two heads of a wolf met in the middle with beautiful blue gems within. The years of rust and dirt would be caked on the exposed part but the piece buried under the rubble would be almost untouched. It didn’t look like a key. Kajika would find that »»
    <Atraya> »» —. Meanwhile in the depths of the cave Calder would be making his way to the others. He had some distance to cover for the direction he came from would be further and deeper in the cave itself. He did his best to cover more ground but little did he know he was being led astray by the very path he was told to take. But what does that mean?
    * Kova would look up to the dangling trinket and then back to Ayaka. Her eyes wide with thought. “Ayaka, what if that is -the- key? We must go tell the others!’ she said with a low yet excited tone. “We need help reaching that..”
    * kamaitachi would see kwa and would wag her tail as more of the pack was coming. More wolves meant more help to free the alpha
    * Ayaka wouldnt have been part of the conversation where Kova had told Fianna that a key might unlock Atraya, and so when Kova spoke of ‘the’ key, she looked a bit puzzled
    * Ayaka “What do you mean?” She would ask softly even as she would take her sister’s excitement for what it was and turn to head back the way they had come, to alert the others. She would pad beside Kova, wondering, if they needed that thing, how on earth would they reach it? Perhaps find a long stick?
    <Ayaka> ((end))
    * Shukie had left Atraya and Fianna seeking those near to issue tasks to each. As she crossed kamaitachi’s path she would let the fae know to start searching for anything human made and small, drawing a pic with her claw in the dust. “It won’t be any bigger than that. Or, you might come across something else entirely.” She did not wait to confirm her orders to the fae as seh proceeded on
    * Shukie over to Kajika with the same orders. To both wolves she would caution them to keep their noses scenting and ears listening for danger or Calder’s presence should that pesky male return. She let both wolves know if they should cross his path to quietly come get her. SHe needed to get info from him, if she could.
    * kamaitachi nodded to shukie. “Thats a key shape. I’ve seen them before” she said as she moved off to find one or something that would unlock the metal things the humans used to hold her mother captive.
    * Kova would nod her head towards Ayaka before her paws would shift beneath her as she replied “Perhaps it’s what will open the thing around Atraya’s neck? It looks… shapely?”
    * Kajika squeezed his way in if he could sneak a peak without pushing anyone aside. When Shukie came up to address him and Kamaitachi, he nodded his head and looked back at the direction that he had just come from. “Human things?” he spoke quietly as he studied the shape, memorizing the outline of it. “I don’t know what those things are, but I found some odd things over there.”
    * Kajika He didn’t leave just yet as he stayed to listen, but before he would leave, he would lean over to nose Kwa on her shoulder gently and wagged his tail, happy to see that her and Shukie had caught up after all, not knowing how long she had actually been in the shadows.
    <Kajika> He turned and bounded back to where he previously left off, tail wagging as he now had an idea of what he was looking for.
    * Fianna would had used her paw and tongue to clean as much of the grime off of the necklace as she could, perhaps revealing some more of the trinkets beauty. She nosed it once more, before she turned to nip Kwa`ani back and nudge the fae with her forehead, leaning in to whisper. “Missed you sis. I’m glad you are okay.. Was that you when.. When the monster bear spoke to me? I thought I heard you. Did you see him too?”
    * Kwa`ani would return the nuzzles and greetings and at alla her sister’s run-on sentences she leaned in and nuzzled again. A simple, single word was given for the answer. “Yup” tail wagging, “missed you too! But shukie needed me for the longest of times.” she did not elaborate for now was not the time.
    * Fianna nodded, wondering at their adventures but knowing there would be better times for such tales. Settling by the trinket she’d found. She pawed at it a moment. Why did it look as if it should be worn? She remembered Calder looping the satchel around his neck, and how matcho that had seemed… She lowered her head and stuck her snout in the hole, lifting her head to try and get it to go over her head, ears pinning back as
    * Fianna she did but… Perhaps too small?
    * Atraya would look towards kamaitachi “If you can help the others possibly find a key?” she looked to the younger fae, recalling her in faint memory but she hadn’t seen the fae in sometime. She looked then to Shukie and Fianna.
    * Ayaka nodded to Kova as they moved back along the tunnels, her ears perked and nose twitching as they padded quietly back toward the main cavern through the tunnels. Would they scent Calder as he made his own way? She would seek out any scents that would offer information on who came and went as they moved on back
    * Kova would nose Ayaka lightly and would promptly follow after her. She would be eager to get to them now that they had a potential lead. Unknowing what they where digging out in the bone pile!
    * Shukie moved off in a direction she had not seen the others yet going over. As she came to the edge of the bones she would very methodically sift and sort thru them one by one until she got down to the earth itself. Then, she’d go on to the next bit in front of her.
    * Kajika rolled aside large rounded shape with a space dividing it close to the middle. What an odd thing to have in a cave like this. he thought to himself. He got as close as to sniff the edge of it but didn’t get much closer than that. Scattered around it were strange sticks that were made of a similar material that like everything else was brown in splotches all over. He did end
    * Kajika up getting too close to one that stood almost upright, resting against a rock and sent it clanging to the floor that made a sound that caused him to jump back suddenly and stare at it with wide eyes until he was certain that it wasn’t moving and wouldn’t make any more startling sounds.
    * Ayaka would eventually be nearing the cavern in which the main pack were gathered, having seemingly seen nor heard anything of Calder along the way. He had said there was another part to this, something he needed to get. When would the brute return and explain? Soon she would nose Kova as they reached the entrance to the cavern and move into view of the others. She took note of Shukie, Fianna, Atraya who was standing – a good
    * Ayaka sign, as well as Kajika kamaitachi and.. Kwa`ani? She chuffed softly to alert the other’s to their approach.
    * Kwa`ani lifted a paw and gently pawed at the weirdo thingy her sissa was trying to put on herself… “Now … why in blazes would you put that on your face!” teasing not aware of the thing Calder had carried around his. “Quite trying to get caught like mom is!” tho serious the tones were light and teasing

    As Fianna would swing the torc around her neck she would find that oddly enough, it fit fairly well. Clearly whoever wore this torc was either a very burly woman or a burly man with a large and thick neck. Or perhaps it belonged to something larger? Kajika on the other hand would clank the metal against the ground as one sword fell. As one of the swords fell, it would flick up a bunch of bones and coins would suddenly be flung up, twisting about!

    * Shukie paused in her rooting around in the massive bone collection at the rattle-me-timbers clanking that came from near Kajika. On seeing the sword thingy rattling on the ground and the sudden shower of even more things, her tail swayed now that one of the pointy thingys was freed from the earth. With a soft chuff she would off up a ‘well done’ to Kajika and to bring his finds over to
    * Shukie where Atraya was. During the pause she glanced around to the others and might even hear the return of Kova, Ayaka and nighshade.
    * Fianna would eventually succeed in getting the pretty piece round her own neck, twisting her head to try and see how it looked. Inwardly she felt it was nice looking, even if it was human made. She huffed and nosed Kwa`ani just as Ayaka, Kova, and most likely Nightshade appeared as well. “This isn’t attached to anything like mama’s, and much much prettier, see it even has creatures on it that look like us!” She murmured,
    * Fianna before turning to watch as Kajika alerted everyone within the cave system and beyond of their location.
    * Atraya would reach for Kwa`ani and nuzzle her gently as she was happy to see her! She would try to nuzzle her in a greeting before offering a low chuff to Shukie and then tilted her gaze to all the trinkets that seemingly appeared before her. How interesting – her eyes caught the torc around Fianna’s neck and she couldn’t help but admire it.
    * Kajika flicked an ear back as he heard the sound of was it praise? He thought that he had done something wrong, but when his eyes followed what had previously been one of the objects holding the contraption up and possibly together, he smiled despite himself as he now got to sniff all of the shiny bits and pieces that were now at the top of the pile, reflecting the light from behind
    * Kajika the waterfall. So much for being quiet, but at least this was a step in the right direction for them freeing Atraya!
    * Kova shifted her tail slowly behind her as she would walk towards the group as they seemed to re-enter the cavern. Just in time to hear the CLANKCLING! of a sword. She would leap up like a cat, surprised and hackles raised before she snapped her hues to the male. She gruuuued, huffing as she caught her breath. Phew! She would move alongside Ayaka and nose her lightly before bowing to Atraya and Shukie in respect to both. Atraya was up!
    * Kwa`ani huffed atta Fianna, shaking her head. “Going human are you?” this time she was serious, pretty or not. “You being claimed by them” not aware that calder was going to claim something from them. ANd there was Atraya fawning over the human things when it was a humans contraption that held her prisoner. What was wrong with these wolves. At mr rattle-me-timbers Kajika’s discovery, and loud enough that any and all could now discover or re-discover them she plopped her backside down after a long deep breath. Maybe there was something in the air down low that didn’t get to her. In her normal jovial tones, “Heya there kova, Ayaka. how’s it going?”
    * Shukie dipped her head to Kova then just flat out nuzzled her profusely having sorely missed her sister. “Have you guys found anything of interest… prey?
    <Shukie> (ugh! my turn for early return)
    * Shukie dipped her head to Kova then just flat out nuzzled her profusely having sorely missed her sister. “Have you guys found anything of interest… prey?” They all needed nourishment but they also needed to get Atraya freed as quickly as possible and before the myrkeer returned. SPeaking of the devil.. where the blazes was Calder hiding or lurking at. She was becoming annoyed with the
    * Shukie brute after their brief chat.
    * Ayaka would glance toward Kajika wildly as the sound lit up the othersise gloomy interior of the cavern, the sound harsh against the silence. Finally she relaxed again and just shook her head a bit, wondering at what had caused the sounds but more focused on sharing their news. Closing the distance she too would bow to Atraya, dipping her head to Shukie and Kwa`ani as well.”Alphess, I can’t say how happy I am to see you awake
    * Ayaka and up.” She would nose the fae gently if allowed and a wag of her tail would follow before she looked to Kova to share their findings, since she seemed to know more of human things
    * Fianna would double take at Kwa`ani ‘s tone of voice, unsure why her sister was upset. It was true that her mother was captive by something around her neck but… Fia had blamed the beast of a bear, not the humans themselves. In her mind, the Mykeer was to blame for all this, yet who was she kidding? She had no idea. “I’ve never seen a human. But I will never be claimed by one.” She announced to Kwa, slightly upset by the
    * Fianna inference. “It’s.
    * Fianna “It’s pretty, like the stars, or the lights, or a lake..” She murmured, brushing her nose long Kwa`ani’s frame. “It doesn’t smell bad…” She then perked to Ayaka and Kova, curious what they had found.
    * Atraya her hues fell towards Shukie and then to Ayaka and Kova as they seemingly returned from their scouting. She would dip her head warmly to Ayaka “I wouldn’t be without this pack..” she said in light tones. “I trust you are well? Did you find anything?” she offered in low tones.
    * Kwa`ani glared at her sister. “Maybe it was one of those that mom did the same thing and now she’s prisoner!” Huffing again, “You play with human things and go gaw gaw over them instead of still searching for the thing to get her freed!” yet another deep breath was released slowly. At her mother and alpha’s voice she stopped her antics to listen instead.
    * Shukie moved to Ayaka’s side and spoke quietly, “Thank you. Thank you for guiding the pack here and the tail to find you. You’ve done well!” Perking at the mention of them finding something, giving her attention back to her sister after a look to Atraya then back to the two faes. Rather than ask a redundant question she waited hoping for good news.
    * Kova swung her tail still as she looked to all that where gathered. She would only hope that the little trinket they saw in the tree was in fact a key! She would nod in agreement to Shukie’s assessment “Agreed!”
    * Kajika looked about the fallen object to see if it was age that caused this one to budge and if he could get another one dislodged and maybe a little quieter. The small things that had been thrown about with the elongated object falling were not anything shaped like the object that Shukie drew out in the dust with her claw. Instead all of them appeared to be round and had raised surfaces
    * Kajika on the side that was facing up. Were they magic? He couldn’t be sure but if they were, they wouldn’t show it even when he disturbed a few of them just to see what would happen. He knew he would have to reel in his curiosity at some point, but these little things couldn’t be that harmful with how small they were, could they?
    * Fianna huffed, but didn’t want to upset Kwa`ani further, family was more import. Bending she lowered her head so she could push the torc back off her head with her hind paw. Finally she turned and watched the other’s, moving closer to settle by Atraya.
    * Kwa`ani nosed and nuzzled her sister glad to see it off of her. “It is sparkly” lowering her head to sniff it. “could it be part of a whole?” again she affectinately nuzzled and swatted at her sister’s ear tip to settle beside her. “I’ve been watching all of you the whole time! But Shukie wanted me to stay hidded and i blewed it!” that was a good part of her huff, failing at the task the
    * Kwa`ani beta had »»
    <Kwa`ani> »» given her. “I was to be the surprise attacker if a fight should break out but now that’s not possible so i hopers we get mum outa here and everyone else.
    * Ayaka wondered if perhaps Kova wanted her to share the news, and after pausing once more she relayed their journey to the cavern, the haven they had found there, the tree within and finally the key glinting in its bows. “It is high up though, and I know not how it is t o be retrieved but..” She looked at Atraya,”Perhaps it could release you?”
    * Atraya would look to the pair before dipping her head “Aye – humans usually use a key to unlock these things. If you’re able to get it, it’s our best chance” she said with lightened and hopeful tones.
    * Shukie had been listening to the exchange between the siblings, her eyes going to where Kajika was moving about in the distance before turning her gaze to Ayaka and her announcement of finding the key but unreachable. “You’re sure its the key and not a trinket like what Fianna found?” smiling at the younger fae. She would wait to see what Atraya wanted done but there had to be some that
    * Shukie remained behind to protect Atraya. Not all could go. At Atraya’s words she nodded, “How many do you think it’ll take to reach it? or ideas on how to reach it?”
    * Kova an ear turned to Shukie’s words and tilted her head. Trinket? She would look then to Fianna and peer to what she might have? Oooooo. Shiny. @o@.
    * Ayaka turned to face Shukie, considering her words before responding. “It’s pretty high.. We might need to find somethinf to try and pull it down.. Otherwise I don’t know how we would reach it.. Any ideaa are welcome.” She would move closer and nose Shukie. ” And about what you said earlier, I did what I could to keep everyone together and safe. It is harder to lead than anyone knows until they’ve tried it.” She murmured.”You
    * Ayaka do a good job.” With that she would no doubt settle beside the others, ready to go retrieve the key on the morrow.
    * kamaitachi (wolf@sorcery-a0e.8qj.77.107.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
    * Shukie would lean in and gently nose Ayaka in a simple thank you. “You’re right about that” most of the wolves looked spent and near exhaustion. “Anyone seen any prey at all” and had no expectations that there was. The thought was spoken aloud tho with all the yawns it was not likely heard. *grin*
    * Kwa`ani was just glad to be with her family and for now she, too, would wrap around Atraya once the fae settled for the night. She glanced at Shukie, “I”ll nap a little if you don’t mind and then I’ll take watch so you can rest some?” offering up to take the duty on herself.
    * Fianna settled against Kwa`ani a bit as the night fell,taking with it what light the day had offered the caves. She would keep very close to Atraya as well. “Maybe..” She whispered to Kwa.”I don’t know if the trinket is significant. Probably just more of all the stuff around us.. Just.. Stuff. We will see..” She trailed off, hoping Calder would come back and give the rest of the information he had been withholding, and.. Well
    * Fianna part of her just wanted to see him again
    * Kajika paces back and forth in front of the object, studying it now that it was completely above ground and laid out on the floor. Sight and smell only revealed so much and he drew the line there as tasting it wouldn’t reveal anything more about it and he simply didn’t think it would be healthy. He chose to settle not too far from it, facing it with sideways glances to the others that were just like it. He would let this be the last thing he would look at before closing his eyes, at first in quiet contemplation in how to remove the rest of them but soon would turn into light sleeping snores.

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