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Role Play Notes | May 22nd, 2019

The wolves of WolfSpirits where held at another temporary stop, waiting in hope that the missing wolves of their beginning party would re-join them. Including the Beta. Darth and Nightshade finally rejoined the pack after a few days and now they aim to keep going. A new wolf, Okkezzon, had joined the group, a wandering male who was looking for a place to call home?




    @ApacheWolf @Atraya @Ayaka @Kova @Kajika @Shukie @Skydancer
    %Fianna %Kwa`ani +Nightshade 
    kamaitachi Okkezzon Calder

    RP Log Begins

    * Fianna had been up most of the night, ears perked and heart pulling her to continue her search for Atraya no matter if anyone else was ready. She yawned, sleepy but unable to rest. When would Calder return to lead them onward? If he didn’t come soon, she would go in search
    * Ayaka had finished soaking in the warm water for the second time earlier in the day. She was warm, rested, and more than ready to move on. Glancing around to see who else was awake, Aya’s silvery hues gleamed in the dim interior of the odd cavern
    * Kova would be resting just beside the pool near the others if they where still about. She had her head on her paws and twitched an ear to the sound of bubbling, jetting waters. She would peer open now, an eye flickering wider as she stirred from her rest. She seemed more tired then usual.
    * Ayaka rose from where she had been settled, seeing Kova nearby, eyes open. Moving slowly toward the fae, Aya nosed her softly when she’d reached the other’s location. “Hello sis. Do you think we should continue on without Calder?” After a pause she seemed to take in Kova’s tired demeanor. Nuzzling the fae she asked more softly. “are you okay?”
    * Kova would flick an ear towards the sound a voice and she let loose a yawn before swinging her tail as she recognized it to be Ayaka. She would reach over and nuzzle her gently. “I think—” yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. “.. if he doesn’t show soon we should. There’s no time to waste now.” she nuzzled her back again before rising to all fours. “Aye, I’m just a little tired.” she reassured her.
    * Fianna heard the conversation nearby and stopped the pacing she’d begun to turn towards them. When she noted who it was she padded forward, eyes bright and chuffed very quietly.  Paused when she neared, “I am ready to move on… My mother is close. I know it.” She urged, wanting to depart.
    * Ayaka nodded to Kova’s words, shifting to stand beside the fae shoulder to shoulder. “It has been a long journey, but hopefully this leg will be over soon as we find our alphess and out together the clues.” She looked to Fianna as the fae moved up to them. “Yes Fia, we agree it should be soon..”
    * Nightshade would awake next to Kajika and yawned widely, she opened her eyes and checked her surrounding to see if kajika is still next to her and other members.
    * Kova after she stood up she shook out her pelt quickly before looking to Ayaka and then to Fianna. She nosed the fae softly and nuzzled her in a greeting too “I sure hope so” she said in a low tone beforel ooking to Ayaka again before walking to the entrance and peering into the cavern. It would be well lit considering the time of day and she could hear and smell the musk of a cave system. »»
    <Kova> »» She took a deep breath again, held it, and then turned back to Ayaka. “I wonder where this leads..”
    * Fianna walked with Kova as the fae meandered toward the entrance. She glanced toward the eastern passage through which she’d seen Calder vanish. “Calder went that way.. But I doubt he would take the passage that leads to mother… ” Glancing deeper into the cavern she took a deep breath as if she could scent the proper direction, the one leading to Atraya.
    * Ayaka too followed the other’s the short distance before stopping, ears perked to listen to the sounds deeper into the caves. “As well I wonder what creatures might live within. And what is keeping our alphess. We should stick close together from here on out, though I do not know the way…” She sounded worried, and even she found herself hoping Calder would return to guide them,for the brute seemed to know which paths to
    * Ayaka take. Getting lost in here did not sound like a good idea
    * Nightshade weren’t aware of where Fianna , Kova an others rested, for what she figured out kajika and her were laying anywhere else, but through the new area, she still have hard times with coordinating
    * Kova would nod to Ayaka before letting loose a low breath before turning now to the horizon and back south. “Any sight of Shukie or Kwa`ani?” she addd firstly.
    * Ayaka sighed at the question
    * Nightshade “kajika are you awake?” She softly noses him to see if he’s sleeping or not. ” hmm.. still having issues with waking up in new strange areas..” she sighed while she looked around to spot any wolves around ” i could walk around, but…I would easily get lost” she mumbled.
    <Ayaka> ((woops))
    * Ayaka sighed at the question, for it had been on her own mind as well. She’d neither seen nor scented them thus far. “No, I have not. Have you? Fianna how about you?” She switched her tail once, turning to glance at the fae even as she then moved to face the south from whence they’d come. She wanted to go in search of the pair, yet it would be worse to leave now…
    * Kova shook her muzzle “I haven’t” she said with a sadden tone. She missed her sister and Beta of the pack and felt just a little warry moving forward but they needed to finish this quest and find their alpha and hopefully Faolan at some point too?
    * Fianna shook her head, tail drooping somewhat. ” No..” She murmured. “Nothing. Where could they be?” It was hard to be always be optimistic about her families health and wellbeing when they were constantly disappearing.
    * Nightshade walked slowly from her spot, trying to find any scents of the others, while she moved her nose toward the ground, finding a trail that leads to everyone else. ” where are you guys?” She called out nervous.
    <Kova> Nightshade would find that the rest of the group didn’t stray far at all from the cave’s entrance. In fact they where standing just in front of it.
    * Nightshade bumped in with her head at the wolves who would stand there in the front. “Sorry sorry.. still half awake half sleepy” she apologized for the bumpy accident and grinned.
    * Ayaka turned to glance at Nightshade as the fae bumped into her, tilting her head curiously. “It’s OK Nightshade.. Are you well? We will be leaving again soon so I hope you are rested…” She kept her tones soft, tail wagging once before turning to glance around at who else might be stirring.
    * Kova felt a ‘nudge’ to her side and promptly turned to see that Nightshade had bummed into her. She rose a brow and wondered if the groggyness has reached her to? Regarldess, she dipped her head in a greeting to the fae. “Hello Nightshade” her tone light but she then looked back to Ayaka. “I know this may sound silly… but…. remember that quest we ventured on a long while ago where we had to go through a similiar cave? We brought along some stones to help mark our path. Do you think it would be wise to collect some again? ”
    * Kajika wasn’t really asleep but was really letting his eyes rest for the time being. It felt like it was almost mid afternoon, or at least he thought it might be. His sleep schedule was off and the light that filtered through the cave wasn’t reliable or consistent enough to tell. He could use the excuse that he was watching over Okke to make sure that the male didn’t make his situation  worse, or it just got worse on its own, but he knew that he didn’t need someone constantly watching over him, just someone to check up on him and wouldn’t be too far away. His tail lifted off of the ground before flopping again but he lifted up his head to look around before he could spot who had just nosed him before but by now they had moved away and it was no one standing over or behind him but from the voice, it sounded like it must have been Nightshade as she looked around for anyone else. He would have responded but now it looked like she had found a few others by the mouth of the cave that they had come in from. Taking this as a sign that he would have to move at some point, he pushed out his paws in a long stretch which from his side looked like he was taking a leap over an object and rolled himself over until he was in a more comfortable position, blinking the sleep from his eyes which looked like it might take a moment.
    <Calder> The male had taken his time but as well, made sure to ensure that everything was put into place as it needed to be. He had been making his way from the south back to the north of where the cave was. He had something slightly dangling from his jaws that sung back and forth. It looked akin to a pouch of sorts that a human would use to carry an item for long distances.
    * Ayaka glanced away from Kajika as she took note of the males movement as Kova spoke. She considered, trying to recall the quest, then dipped her head a bit. ” Indeed that sounds a good way not to get lost but… It does sound as if it would take a long while to collect enough rocks, as well as carry them.” She sighed, wondering if there was anything easier. ” Perhaps our claws could make scratches on the walls of the cave passages we take…” She mused.
    * Nightshade replied to the two who got bounced by ” I’m ok,..I’m..rested well ” she greeted softly with a insecure tone.
    * Kova would pause in thought when Ayaka made her suggestion. She peered down into the darkness and it appeared most of it was harbored in ice. “You’re right..” she chuckled a little embarassed. “That’s much easier!” she looked to Nightshade, nodding and glad to hear she was ok.
    * Fianna had only been partially listening to the conversation, thinking about first Kwa`ani and Shukie, then Calder, unknowing the brute himself was perhaps heading their way. She kept her eyes scanning the area, the honey golden hues continuously going to the eastern passage in hopes Calder would reappear.
    * Ayaka nosed Kova quickly, “your idea had as much merit as mine, but we could at least give it a try. It is a good thought to mark our way so we can at least return here if need be.” She tilted her head, once again taking stock of the other’s, some of whom.seemed either absent, or asleep. It might not be so bad to leave a few near the entrance to watch for Shukie and Kwa`ani anyway.
    * Nightshade brainstormed about some options while she looked at the cave passage and. ” scratching could be possible, but why actually if I may ask? Also. Isn’t it dangerous since we might violence someone’s cave?”
    <Calder> He proceeded along the chosen route back to where he had left the others. The small satchel of sorts swung this way and that in his jaws as he kept a vigilant glance over his shoulder now and then. A long drawn sigh would be given from the small strap in his jaws as hill the others lept over would start to come into sight.
    * Kova gave a nod “Maybe only a few stones here and there, so as not to be an extra burden. If anything to mark unusual places?” she thought aloud before looking to Nightshade. “This is where our alpha is supposed to be… so this is where we go. Just go with caution.”
    * Nightshade ” something like mud? Or is it impossible?” She suggested.
    * Ayaka nodded to Kova, agreeing on the tactics chosen before glancing to Nightshade. We mark our way so we will not get lost. I doubt anyone will care a few scratches on the ice.” She would answer before turning to nose Fianna, who seemed absent minded. “Are you ready Fia?” She would look to Kova then as well, lifting her head to scent the area, did she scent Calder? Or was that just a remaining vestige of his scent from before? All the same she would perk and be watchful, head swiveling some.
    * Fianna would perhaps be the first to catch sight of the ebony male as he padded ever closer, and she narrowed her eyes to see…. Something odd swinging from his clamped jaws. Ears pricked now she nosed the other’s, “It’s him.” She breathed, trying unsuccessfully to keep her heart from jumping at the sight of him. She recalled Ayaka’s words from before and tried to remind herself to guard her heart carefully… Most carefully. So it was she held her gaZe neutral as she watched the male approach.
    * Kova would give a nod to both quietly. “I’m ready whenever the others are” she offered in a lightened tone to the trio before peering to Kajika as he too appeared. “I might go and collect a couple of stones really quick. I’m sure there’s some at the edge of this frozen lake”
    * Ayaka would perk to both Kova’s words as well as Fia Nas soft announcement. She’d seen Calder? Glancing around, Aya looked for the male, then nodded to Kova and glanced at Nightshade “would you mind carrying a few stones as well nightshade?” She asked
    * Nightshade nodded at the request from Ayaka “ofcourse I wouldn’t mind, if I can help .I’ll do it with pleasure” and walked next to her and awaited for the stones.
    <Calder> He would have found himself at the edge of the hill in which he had asked the others to leap. Perhaps his scent cast long to the wind for the others, but, it would be concealed partially by the fog that still hung low which masked the fact there was a ground at all. He would take a step forward before he would slide down the hill and land with ease along the ice. He felt the earth below his pads turn cold and slippery and with an elegant jaunt he would stride towards the group that awaited.
    <Nightshade> *waited for the stones to carry along
    * Fianna relaxed a bit as she hadn’t in fact seen Calder yet, the lighting perhaps playing tricks on her hopes. As it was she turned to glance after Kova and Nightshade who moved off to collect stones. “I will gather the other’s” She offered to Ayaka and turned to make her way along those who were no doubt resting, Kajika and skydancer among them to nose them softly, if they should wake and stir she would alert them of their readiness to move on.
    * Ayaka would be grateful to her sister and Nightshade to carry the stones, and as they moved off she would make a circuit of the area, stopping once more at the mouth of the cave where it seemed it would split. Keeping her gaZe roaming she would no doubt notice Calder whenever he would come into view.
    * Nightshade joined kova at her side to find any stones to bring with them back to the cave, while she looked around she said with a bit concerned tone to Kova “found anything? I offer my jaw to carry few aswell”
    * Kajika let another yawn loose yawn before pushing his body off of the ground. It looked like there was activity all over the cave as a few could be seen in the low-light settings and as he stood, dispersing themselves around the cave with a task in mind he assumed. Out of this particular group, he saw Fianna making her way over to him and nosed him briefly before making her way over to Sky to do the same. He returned the gesture and shook out his fur, freeing himself of any small debris and dust that might cling to his fur. It looked like it was time to go indeed and he flexed his paws ready to complete this journey and return their Alphas. And maybe find the whereabouts of the herd, but the Pack always came first.
    * Kova gave a nod to Ayaka as she too would be willing to do such a task. She would forsake their company for but a moment and meandered towards the edge of the ‘ice’ path and peer at the fringe. She looked to the banks now and sure enough there’d be loose stone and cobble. She would test the ice first and it would be as solid as the bridge they walked upon. She would move from her place and start to walk towards the embankment. Nightshade would no doubt see perhaps where she’s going and what she see.s
    * skydancer comes awake all at once at the sound of nails clicking against the cold ice as the owner approaches her. perhaps she is a little too tense. or perhaps not because even as she turns her attention towards fianna she detects calders scent causing her eyes to narrow briefly ‘hey fianna” she greets the other friendly enough even though both her ears are swiveled back alert for sounds from the outside
    <Calder> He’d continue to make his way across the ice path towards the crown of ice. The small satchel that dangled this way and that in his jaws would sway about while little beads clacked about at the base of the pouch. He continued to move along with seemingly no care to be ‘stealthy’ or harbor any other intentions other than quickly breaking the distance between himself and the group. It would seem he’d be making a b line towards Fianna.
    * Nightshade walked to the place where kova found some possible stones, as she looked how the wolf was trying to test the ice and pull of some pebbles or rocks, she grabbed some stones with her muzzle. When they’re ready with scattering enough amount of stones, she would wait and return with her back to ayaka. Would Calder already be there?.
    * Fianna would perk then as she found a fresher scent than that even her pelt carried as Calder clicked toward her across the icy landscape. Turning she watched him come, drawing herself up even as she felt like dipping her posture to his own regal frame, she held herself careful, eyes neutral. Whenever he should reach her she would then tilt her head to him in greeting, heart thumping. “We meet again Calder.” She would breath out, brow furrowed slightly.
    <Calder> His rigid frame would come to a slow halt before the fae’s as he looked to each wolf present. He made careful note of who was there but gave a formal bow to Fianna. The satchel in his jaws would be let loose and set to the side for but a moment. His deep toned voice would resound ~ Well met. Are we ready? ~
    * Kova the ice would be sturdy and hold their weight well. She continued to move along the ice until she reached the embankment. She would paw the surface to stirr the rocks there. She would do her best to pick smaller stones in order to carry more. She grabbed as many as she could hold within reason before nodding to Nightshade. She then turned and started back to the others, but her eyes fell to Calder. She felt her fur prickle a little but settle once more. She now made her way slowly to them.
    * Fianna stared at the odd item as Calder lowered it, curiosity pickling through her. As the brute spoke however, his deep tones brought her attention back to his frame. Glancing at the other’s who seemed to be mostly ready indeed, she nodded to him. “Yes.” She would answer simply. Then gesturing at the thing now laying to the side she would ask in a careful voice, “What have you brought?” When he would bow to her she would
    * Fianna instinctively bend her frame somewhat in a return bow, tail plumbing behind. She then would take notice of Kova returning.
    * skydancer turns around rather sharply as a soft clicking reaches her ears from behind and draws herself up to her full hight. ignoring the fact that she’s less then half the size of anyone else present. “hello calder” she says with a rather cold voice even as she places herself between him and fianna. just because he has knowledge that they need doesn’t mean she can’t think of how to best take him out if or preferable when the opertunity sho
    * Nightshade noticed that their pace slowed down and spotted a large black wolf in the front of them, also moving slowly with her muzzle filled with stones, she tried to hold back her grudge. Her ears flattened and the tail low she moved forwards and placed herself between everyone else.
    * Ayaka would have begun to close the distance between Calder, Fianna, skydancer, and the rest as well after her last circuit of the area to make sure all was well. When she noted that Calder had indeed returned she tensed a fraction, but was glad as well he was there to guide them onward. She took note of skydancers hostility but would keep herself neautral. She felt more inclined to be friendly for the the moment given his
    * Ayaka help so far, though she would remain very careful. When she would draw close enough she would also note the strange item the brute had with him, but for the time being made no comment on it. “We are more than ready to move on.” She would assure the brute as she halted nearby, whatching them closely
    * Kajika glanced at Calder’s frame for only a moment when he stopped in front of Fianna. It looked like he didn’t mind or perhaps didn’t care that neither he nor Sky were also there to ask, but he attributed that to the fact that Kajika himself wouldn’t pose any significant threat to the male and Sky still appeared to be waking up. It seemed like even his intentions were to see the Pack through this with his question he had asked. He was almost tempted to reach out a paw to assure her that it didn’t appear that Calder wanted to harm Fianna or anyone else here, but as they seemed to be drawing more attention to themselves, he only had the time to quietly whisper in her direction in order to maybe help diffuse the situation. “Sky, I think he only wants to lead us on our way. Maybe he just wants us to be done with our journey and return home so we don’t have to be in his.”
    <Kajika> ( diffuse +defuse )
    * Fianna had taken note of skydancers tone, perking as Kajika spoke as well. When they did and as skydancer tried to insert herself between the two, Fianna would step back, allowing the distance to be created as she tried to remind herself of her place in the pack. Alphas daughter, but not full pack, not yet. She would allow the other’s to control the conversation should they desire to, if C
    * Fianna C
    * Fianna *if Calder himself would allow it.
    <Calder> Expected all the glares and grumbles but the task at hand would be that. He looked to the satchel before responding matter-of-factly ~It’ll be something we will need once we’re inside. There’s more than just ice in there…~ he said ~ I will explain along the way.~ he move past Skydancer’s blockade and would brush his frame alongside Fianna’s own before he would head towards the cave’s entrance, allowing ample time for all who where to follow, to follow with him.
    * Kova would conitnue to hold onto the stones in her jaws as she would huff lightly before making her way back up to the icey walkway and watch as Calder began to lead the rest of them in. She couldn’t help but feel this sunk feeling. This expression upon her frame that would warrent caution. She would dip her head to skydancer and Kajika before she looked to Ayaka lightly. She idicated that Nightshade and herself had found stones and would hold onto them accordingly.
    * Ayaka would have listened to the snatch of conversation and as she met Kova’s gaze she would nod, glad the errand had been successful. As Calder moved off, seemingly renewing his sce.
    * Ayaka *his scent upon Fia ever so nonchalantly, Ayaka would nod to the other’s and pick up her pace to follow after. She would dig her paws into the ice and snow until she couldn’t, hoping still to leave a trial for the other’s *trail
    * Fianna hadn’t so much as stepped back when Calder was moving beside her, his coat rubbing along her own side and blending his scent once more with her own as he did so…and hers with his. She paused a moment, Ayaka passing by her as she tried to collect her thought and keep her expression neutral. She had to keep focused. Calder words of other things laying within caused a note of worry to strike through her, but she would
    * Fianna follow after Ayaka and the brute nonetheless, keeping to a respectful place among the pack so none felt they needed to worry. As long as they were on the way to her mother, she was happy
    * Nightshade walked to Kajika and nuzzles him gently, with her mouth filled with stones, she joined next to kajika again and followed where the stranger will leads us.
    * Kajika had just taken note of the burden that Calder carried at the dark male’s words. It seemed like an odd object, but it seemed to have something in it. If something was needed to rescue their Alphas, he was curious as to what it would be, maybe an artifact of a time long ago. Whatever it is, I just hope that it would be enough for all of us to cross whatever threshold is keeping our Alphas from us and not just one or two. he thought as he followed, one last look over his shoulder to memorize the features of this place so that maybe they could have one last place to rest before they made their way back. Possibly. It wouldn’t hurt to have a spot to relax one last time after the upcoming ordeal and before they would make their way back. He returned the
    nuzzle to Nightshade as he counted ahead to see how many they were leaving off with and would leave a scent trail for anyone else who would follow along the walls.
    * skydancer eyes narrow as calder o so casualy rubs alongside fianna as he is starting to lead the way and though she acknowledges kajika words with minimal dip of her muzzle she isn’t so sure though even she is reafy to admit that that seems to be the brutes current goal. its about after, that she isn’t so sure about. following the pack she too does her bit to add her scent to the trail they are leaving for those who are following behind.
    * Kwa`ani had sucked in her breath when the brute materialized out of the fog, his scent held within the fog. As quickly as he’d come, he’d all but vanished. She and ShukieDakota had been at the base of the ‘said’ overhang. Maybe he’s just plain missed their frames and scents because of the fog. Either way, she tugged at ShukieDakota’s scruff to silently get her attention then flashed her a look that they should follow all while her ears kept flattening, lifting, flattening and lifting praying the fae figured out to keep silent, giving the beta a vigorus headshake when blabbermouth started to open her maw. Even as she did that she tossed her head several times in a down and away motion and simply began to head after the hunka hunka burn’n love. She began to stalk the stalker leaving ShukieDakota to follow.
    * ShukieDakota ‘s scout training had kicked into high gear at the first faint sounds of movement knowing whatever it was would not likely be revealed in the fog. It wasn’t long after she first heard him, tho didn’t yet realize it was calder, that Kwa`ani yanked on her scruff nearly topping her over in the process. About to give the fae a dressing down she caught the flighering ears and before she could really react the fae had moved off already. Again she nearly called out to her when the wolf’s scent reached her, dampened by the moisture of the fog. There was nothing else to do but tag after the bark colored fae, keeping her paws soft upon the ground as they saught their ‘prey?’
    * Ayaka would be sure to lean against the walls of the cavern the deeper the group would go. If they ever took a different branch of the trail she would pause and lift her front paws up along the wall and draw them down the ice, creating two long grooves about a foot down the wall, hoping they would both mark their way back and guide any others of the pack onward. As she moved just behind Calder she would glance over her shoulder to keep track of the others, and one of the first times she did so she would spot Okkezzon, awake, looking groggy but trailing them all the same.
    * Fianna had drawn alongside Ayaka eventually and as the fae would scour the wall with her claws, she would watch curiously, taking notes and commiting the tactic to memory. She too would rub her frame along the wall, her scent, mixed with Calder, thinking of Kwa`ani as she did so. As she continued after the dark brute she thought back to his words of her mother, and how he was surprised she’d not told Fianna of this place.
    * Fianna What stories had she missed out on? What had her parents missed, that was no seemingly so tied to her own fate?
    <Ayaka> ((*so))
    * Kajika turned at the unexpected sound of claws scaping against a surface other than the one that they were walking on and saw Ayaka leaving scores in the wall and it only took a moment of thinking about it for it to make sense to him. The physical marks would last longer than even their scent trail could be picked up as there didn’t seem to be many forces in this cave that would disturb them. With that safety in mind, he felt better as they made their way deeper into these caves. The walls were still wide enough for them to maybe walk two or three abreast, but he found himself looking on ahead to make sure that it didn’t come to a choking point any time soon.
    <Calder> The resounding click of nails would echo across the walls of the cavern they where now moving within. There was a chill here like no other, one that would beg another to get closer for warmth but being as they where wolves, they would be fine, but with the season of spring on the quick horizon, they might not be as warm as they usually are. This didn’t seem to phase Calder at all as he proceeded along with the satchel in his jaws. His eyes narrowed, focused on the horizon, but every now and then he’d offer a warm glance to Fianna and maybe even a nuzzle here and there.
    <`Raven> <kamaitachi> /me woke up to find the pack had moved on. Setting the air it seemed they didn’t go far. Though they seemed to be headed deeper into the caverns. Standing up she began to follow the scent hoping she wasn’t too far behind. It was dark and she kept to the scent hoping not tovgwt lost. She hated being closed in by walls and her paws echoed around her. This didn’t seem right.

    As the wolves would start their way into the mouth of the ice crown cave, they would be met with the chilld of the air and an illuminated beauty. The walls where a bright blue and white hue as the light shone through the ice with a great vibrance. The smells within would be of a musk and cold but the further they began to go in, they would no doubt notice the subtle changes in the air. The scents as well. But could they place it?

    * Ayaka glanced at Kajika as they moved after Calder, allowing her pace to match his a moment even while she kept an eye on Fianna. “Have you ever encountered caves or caverns before Kajika?” She asked softly,”do you have any idea what creatures we might find in here?” She thought perhaps several kinds of large predators enjoyed using caves for dens, yet maybe not in such cold places.? Indeed she shivered once as she placed each careful paw, and the warmth of the hot spring seemed long ago as they continued on
    * Fianna would catch each glance that Calder afforded her, surprised by the warmth she saw there for he seemed more somber here, in heading into the bowels of the cave. Surprised truthfully, that he could hold any warmth for her at all. They knew each other so little.. Holding her emotions in check tightly Fianna would offer a smile in return, once, and if he’d nuzzle her she didn’t pull away, yet neither did sheean into him. He would no doubt sense the hesitant reservation she doggedly held between them despite her growing desire to trust him.
    * kamaitachi continued into the caverns. It seemed so cold. But not a cold she knew. It was a cold where these caverns had never felt sunlight. The chill went to her bones and she moved into a run. She followed the scent trail keeping her eyes ahead so she wouldn’t take the wrong turn if it happens ed
    * Kajika glanced up as he responded, a bit of controlled unease in his voice. “I have been in a few, but they weren’t my favorite place to hang around in for very long,” he told her. “If I had the option to spend a cave, it would usually be because of heavy snows and only when I was sure that the cave was unoccupied. But as a pup, I was told of a few dangerous animals like cougars, I got to ask a bit about bears before we fought against one a while ago but I think that they also live in caves. I just never felt particularly courageous enough to take one on in its home, so I preferred to sleep under a tree or simply whatever stars could be seen. Have you ever been in a cave like this before?” He in turn would ask her as the walls around them would open up even wider. “Or like that?” He corrected himself with one look over his shoulder to the much darker caves that they came from, not expecting to come out to such an open space. Are all of them this big? he asked himself.
    * kamaitachi really hated being alone all the time. As she went the cave flashed bluish color. It was so mesmerizing and beautiful but she could marvel in it. She kept up her fast pace starting to run a bit faster. Her claws clicked across the floor and echoed loudly. Still she wanted to catch up to the pack. The scent of the pack was getting fresher and she continued on. They were still a ways up and heard nothing but her own movements.
    * Ayaka nodded, not in answer to Kajikas question, but in contemplation of his answer had figured much the same as he’d said but her anxiety about what was ahead grew as he seemed to confirm her thoughts. When he asked his own question she shook her head. ” No. While I have of course come across them in my travels, I have always preferred the open skies..” Again she shivered, as if saying the words reminded her of the claustrophobia that was threatening her, even as the walls stretched wider and glistened in the large area.
    * Kova would have followed behind all the others and offered little in the way of conversation for the others who where talking, their voices bounced off the elegant walls and allowed her some insight into what they where talking about. She thought long and hard about what was in their future and only hoped that Calder wasn’t leading them astray for unknown reasons. That was a lot to put the trust in another wolf, but right now they where leaderless and she only hoped that those who where there to make the decisions, didn’t make the unwise ones. Including herself. She wasn’t aware her sister and Kwa`ani where no doubt just outside!
    * Fianna would inhale a deeply shocking breath of cold musky air, that seemed to fill her entire chest with biting cold. The air was still in here, no doubt lending to the muskiness of the atmosphere. The terreign here was difficult and she found she had to make sure of each step as she moved up and down the craggy ice formations, her own claws echoing the click of Calder’s own as well as those of her pack. An ear twitched as she listened for anything out of the ordinary… But what was ordinary here anyway? As the scent would give way to something new, Fianna would try to place it, glancing around her as she did so.
    <Calder> There would be no slowing of his pace nor much of a glance back behind him as he would make note of all the other wolves who trailed with his lead. The satchel remained dangling in his jaws lightly from a strap. They would continue down the small slope and into the mouth of the cave. The entrance would be cold and frigid with it’s welcome but the further they would go into the cave the ice started to turn into stone. A sign that it was warm enough done here that the grip of winter couldn’t hold it’s reign for long. The pouch in Calder’s teeth dangled this way and that until suddenly, in a violent shake of his head, the pouch swung around and wrapped about his neck before he promptly let go of the end. It would now be secured to his throat, but loose and easy to carry now as he would continue down the path. ~ I hope you are ready for what is to come, Fianna, Alpha’s daughter.~ there was an odd character like tone to his voice that might convey an uncertain eagerness yet worry within.
    * Shukie shifted her pace quickly but only long enough to block Kwa`ani’s progression. Once she was sure all were well ahead and out of earshit she whispered. “We’ve yet to be detected, lets keep it that way. Surprise will be on our side should the need arise and should we truly be needed we are close enough to provide aid.” pausing, her tones remaining hushed, not even another wolf or creature a foot away would hear her. “We will be the pack’s safety net, in a way. Be as soundless as possible, the urgency to find the pack is past, now its time for protection.” She waited to ensure Kwa`ani understood and had reigned in her eagerness. “we’ll find our family and alphas.” her tone was steadfast and resolute.
    * Kwa`ani had no difficulty displaying her displeasure when the fae blocked her path and was about to get real vocal about it when the beta began to speak. Her amber gaze had narrowed even as the reasons were whispered. Once she finally gained control she simply nodded. When Shukie’s voice once again became the matter-o-fact, punctuated tones she was used too, it began to dawn on her just how advantageous their positions could be. Her tail swayed several times as her ears snapped forward and waited for the fae to show what was to be done, if anything.

    As the pack continued to make their way down the corridor of ice and stone the air began to change. It was no longer a musky smell of ice and stone but rather now it smelt of a free flowing air and antiquity. The ground beneath them remained stone but the further they went down the ground began to turn into a squishy feel and the bioluminesence of mushrooms began to greet them. The scene that began to unfold before them turned from an ice sculpture to a narnia like wonderland. Shukie and Kwa`ani would seemingly go unnoticed by the others and their stleath seemingly would be maintained.

    * Fianna wanted to urge her paws faster, to walk shoulder to shoulder with the ebony brute ahead yet she kept her pace even, measured paces behind him. When he spoke she heard the anticipation colored with worry in his tones and the worry spread over her as well. It was obvious to her that being the alphas daughter was the reason for Calder’s interest in her, but did it extend any further than that? Thoughts troubled, she was silent for a while after his words, almost as if she wouldn’t respond, yet even though it hadn’t been phrased as a question she eventually spoke in turn. “I am ready to do whatever it takes to aid and free my mother, for my pack is in need of her, as much as she seems to need us.”
    * Fianna would perk as well when she felt the shift of the air and scented the shrooms as they came upon the sight that suddenly lent itself. A soft gasp was heard from her muzzle at the glowing fungi lighting the cavern. It was stunning.
    * kamaitachi continued on and soon came to the pack. She could hear them before she could see them and as she slowed at the back she looked around her. It was glowing mushrooms? She couldn’t think of what it was but it awed her. And made her nervous. “Did I miss much?” She asked one of the wolves that was close to her.
    * Ayaka would find her attempts at marking the ice for their trail thwarted as the ice gave way to stone, and as this happened she would shift tactics and try to make as large of marks on the moist dirt that covered the cave floor, knowing her claws were no match for stone. She would continue on as long as necessary, knowing Kova would place the rocks she’d grabbed as well. As the musky air gave way to the antiquity of their newest location, Ayaka’s eyes widened as she beheld the softly glowing bluish light before her. She missed the soft words that Calder spoke to Fianna, focused as she was on their trail and keeping track of the others. She heard kamaitachi speak, and her ears swivel led somewhat with her glance. “I suppose that depends on what you mean..” She said, even as she was glad the fae had found them and that she seemed unhurt.”Much has been happening.” Then she continued on for it seemed Calder had not stopped.
    * Kajika as Calder wouldn’t slow down his pace and Fia was right in tow behind him, Kajika cast a glance up at them. The mushrooms and environment smelled all sorts of different to him, and if he had the time, he would have rolled around in the dirt here and worn it around outside to share the glorious smells with the world! And as the cave changed around them, he couldn’t imagine anything living this far that made trips to the surface when the ecosystem at this level almost felt entirely different and in this time of year, if it didn’t get any colder or hotter, it would be the perfect environment for a number of creatures to live. But the lack of sun meant that the grass that would be cool to step on in a number of afternoons wouldn’t be there and would instead be replaced by these mushrooms which glowed in patches but he didn’t want to get too close to them but at the same time was fighting off the curiosity of what made them glow at the same time. Did they possibly hold medicinal properties? It was when Ayaka began digging away at the dirt much like she had been at the walls that he would jump at doing the same. He picked spots that were out of their way to dig a sizeable hole to leave behind before racing to catch up with the group.
    <Calder> Continued to move alongside the path and peered to Fianna before shaking his muzzle lightly, the little pouch dangled from his neck like a beautiful necklace. ~ Don’t be so quick to throw yourself to the wind daughter of starfall and earth….~ there was a seriousness in his tone, but as well held the empathy of trouble and perhaps even genuine concern.
    * Kova would shift her tail slowly behind her as she would make note of all the changes that occurred around them. She would brush her shoulder into Ayaka’s lightly before her eyes would widden slightly at the thought of the world ever changing in just a short amount of time. She would lower her head and place a stone just before the ice turned to earth. She ensured that this marker was well placed and visible in the light. She would quickly catch up to the rest and peer around the ever changing confined landscape. She couldn’t talk for the marker stones took up real estate in her jaws.

    * Fianna felt a humorless laugh escape her muzzle in a soft breath. “The wind? It has been my most constant companion during my life. Ever have I chased it, ever has it prodded me taunted me to push beyond my limits. It has whispered of stories beyond my ken, but never told them to me. It has heralded the new and taken the old, yet it has never deserted me.” She paused, watching him with a gravity that had grown more usual for
    * Fianna her, yet seemed older than her years. “Why would I be afraid of throwing myself to the wind?” It was a rhetorical question, for she knew what he’d meant, and as she finished speaking she would lean her head forward to brush her nose ever so softly along his ruff, as if in thanks for his words, however true the concern might be.
    * kamaitachi followed at the back of the group as they padded on. She would look around her. “What makes them grow?” She said curiously
    <kamaitachi> (Glow*)
    * Ayaka had moved on and didn’t hear kamaitachi’s question as she nosed Kajika glad the brute was being so helpful with digging the holes
    <Ayaka> **
    * Ayaka had her suspicions that Kajika was enjoying getting the scent of the dirt and mushrooms all over his pelt far too much but she didn’t mention it. In fact she rather enjoyed it herself. As Kova brushed her shoulder along Aya’s, she would reach out to nose her, possibly passing some dirt to her sister as well since she was basically covered in it from her markings. Finally, she trotted back up near Calder and Fianna in
    * Ayaka time to see the fae nose him softly. She growled quietly, enough as a warning and no more, moving closer to walk nearer Fianna again.
    * Shukie reassured Kwa`ani, “the scents are fresh. We don’t need to crowd the distance. Any comotion will be heard that we be needed.” She focused on her sister and Ayaka, having no doubts neither would sense her for the denseness and oddness of their current surroundings. Still, she tried. She tried to focus upon her alpha’s doing what she could to send phatom reassurances. Pausing in her
    * Shukie progression forward as the terrain began to change, the clawmarkings upon the walls soon would be lost when they reached the stone areas. Still her tones hushed when she paused next, “What things have you discovered in this strangest of all places of ice, snow, caverns and stone?” It was time to let the distance grow again, thus the pause to talk

    As the wolves moved further into the cave the earth turned to moss and flowers. The sound of clacking bones would break the otherwise deadly silence as they hung against the walls, and what little breath of air whispered past them chimed them against the stone. The further they went they would feel as though now eyes where watching them – but who?

    * Kwa`ani was antsy from the slow pace and constant stops. She trusted Shukie even more after the fae had in fact found the pack when she herself wanted to turn around to find the old trails. At the black fae’s question she blinked a few times. “Odd, *giggles* beyond odd in all it’s changes.” As she ‘actually’ thought on the question she would respond with unsureness of one being put on the proverbial spot. “Trust one’s instincts over heart but let heart also guide.” Sheeesh.. that sounded corny even to her ears after the sounds echoed aloud. “There are so many changes that to remain alert is paramount! lest we miss something or be taken by surprise? for all the constant changes around us.” They were not yet near enough to see the nummy, perhaps magical.. shrooms. Her gaze sought Shukie’s for confirmation or worse, to see she had failed with her answers. Swallowing a few times she did then look the fae directly, tho respectfully, into the obsidian orbs. «end
    * Kajika would nose Ayaka back when she nosed him and when he had made his way to the front again. The feeling of unstirred soil was just too much to pass up. The mushrooms gave way to another type of plant welcomed them. Flowers bloomed even here and he couldn’t guess how far they had traveled into or perhaps under the cave system above, but they were a nice sight to be seen nonetheless.
    * Kajika He couldn’t shake the uneasy feeling however that the faint sound ahead was anything good for it sounded like bones when struck against a rock or another hard surface. A whine almost rose in his throat and his ears flattened to his head, but nothing seemed to drown out the noise. He glanced around to see if the others heard it too and how they were reacting to it.
    * kamaitachi did not like this one bit she jumped at the clattering noises. She didn’t want to be Down here anymore. “Are we almost through this? It’s wrong down here” she would say moving alongside the wolves now wishing her brother was with them
    * Kova the world around her was changing and different but there was something she couldn’t mistake. Her sisters scent. She paused and quickly chuffed to Ayaka. ‘Ayaka!’ her voice no doubt carried to her and she spun around on her paws and looked behind her to try and focus in on Shukie?? Where was she? How close was she? Was Kwa`ani with her?
    <Calder> offered a some what coy smile towards the fae and continued to look forward. His ears twitched in the direction of clacking sound of bone against stone. They where getting dangerously close and his frame started to go rigid in preperation. He gave a simple nod to Fianna ~ I’ve watched you grow. You and your siblings. The wind is not what one should be afraid of, but where one may fall sometimes. Though you look before you leap, you have to know what the base is do you not?~
    * Ayaka paused, the noise of bones against the walls stirring a forboading within her, a twinge of fear running down her spine. “What is this…” She murmured. Who could have strung up the bones? The idea of humans began stirring in her mind, and she had to fight against the fear and anger that kindled at the idea, flashbacks moving through her mind. Was she allowing the pack to walk into a den of humans? This couldnt happen to her pack. Not again.. She didn’t hear Kova’s words at first nor scent Shukie on the wind. Her nose found only mushrooms, dirt, and antiquity. “I…” She began, walking onward slowly. “I don’t know..”
    * Fianna heard the faint wind chime sound of the bones against stone and she felt herself pull slightly against Calder before she realized it, drawing warmth from his frame for a brief moment until she felt him tense, mistaking it and pulling away to draw her own frame up tall and confident. She could do this… Her mother was ahead somewhere. Glancing sidelong at Calder. “I think by following you down that slope, I’ve shown you my answer to that question. No, the the end be nothing but jagged rock, if I can help by pack by leaping, I will.” She paused, though her pawsteps continued. “That isn’t to say I don’t look and learn and reason as much as I can. I do like to know my path, and the reason for it.” As she finished speaking she sent Calder a meaningful glance, then looked away.

    The further along the wolves would go the earth remained a moist mossy mess beneath their pads. The soft glowing mushrooms would be inviting to say the least but their smell seemed some what nose wrinkling. As the bones and decorations of old clung to their old fixtures, there would be a sudden resounding tone that would emit from the depths of this cave. A sound all to familiar to the wolves of WolfSpirits. Especially those who’ve faced off with such a foe. The deep guttered sound of a growl reverberated off the walls but this belonged to no wolf nor coyote but something very large and frightening.

    * Darth would wake up with a yawn that he thought could wake the sleeping spirits; fortunately, he was most likely exaggerating a bit. He did look around and noticed that no one was around, “Has Skydancer left me?” He asked himself before getting to his paws, shaking out and stretching his frame, sniffing the air and ground for any kind of scent trail, and once found would start on his way again.  Better late than never, I hope. He said as he started his trek.
    * Kova could no doubt sense the hesitation in Ayaka’s tones and voice as she would walk forward and brush her nose along Ayaka’s own. She did her best to ease what troubled her mind but they no doubt shared the very sentiments of such. She turned an ear back to the east and looked in the direction she thought she sensed her sister, Shukie? But it was there, that noise, that drew her attention from behind her to ahead of her. “What… was that?” her tone drew serious.

    As Darth would look for signs of life he would find that there where very dominate tracks that lead straight north from his current position. Though he stood alone, there wasn’t much in the way of desertion here as there was a path well laid for him to follow. Up and up through switchbacks he’d go as the tracks crested over a peak.

    <Calder> Offered yet another sly smile to her response and simply replied with ~ Good ~ he would proceed forward but when the resounding tones of something ahead of them stirred his senses he would stop dead in his tracks. He even put himself ahead of Fianna and brushed his shoulder to hers to divert her path away from whatever lay ahead. His tone deep as the satchel swung from his neck. ~ Stop….~
    * Ayaka would shiver and take momentary comfort with leaning into her sister’s frame and nosing along her ruff. Feeling a bit better with the contact, she stood straighter, head up and tail erect and as the sound echoed toward them… The ominous portentious growl that heralded what was to come, she growled back. Low and long her voice slipped softly into the empty space but she cut it off quickly, before it could carry far. “Whatever it was… Maybe that’s what has Atraya.” Her words were thick with worry. Moving then toward Calder she stared at him, eyes narrowed.
    * Fianna nearly runs into Calder as he diverts her path and forces her to stop. Even as she did so her hackles rose and her lip curled a bit at the sound the moved toward them. It was the sound of danger. Danger that was far too close to her mother, who was in it alone. “What’s going on?” She ground out in frustration. “That… Thing.. Is up there with mother.” She felt a sense of urgency overwhelming her.
    * kamaitachi wanted to turn and run but was frozen still. To hear her say the alphas were up there shocked her. She wondered if they really were up ahead. “I knew it. Calder led us into a trap” she said finding her voice and shaking on the spot. Nowhere to run And blocked in by walls. She hated this.
    * Darth would continue to follow the well marked trail left by his pack and follow it up the switchbacks that he would find. He didn’t take the time to look at the scenery or what may lay beyond him, he just knew the pack needed him and he was solely focused to find them again. His mind slipped to his sister and his friends and how he hadn’t seen them in a few days, which gave him a bit more determination to hurry along his way.
    * Fianna whirled on kamaitachi, tensions high and snarled in a low voice, angry the fae should say such a thing when her mother was likely just beyond. “He led us toward my mother. Just like he said he would. We knew there would be danger. It’s why she couldn’t come home.”
    <Calder> The two fae’s in the background would momentarily be drowned out as he closed his eyes and slowly began to humm. It would first be very low in tone but gradually it began to rise and rise like the hymn of an ancient warrior to the beat of a drum. Long drawn out ‘hmmmmmmmmmmmmm’s’ where made before his eyes opened and he turned to Fianna. He lowered his head and twisted his neck about in a circular manner until the satchel dropped at Fianna’s paws. ~ Time to prove yourself ~ his eyes fell to Fianna and only hers. He saw kamaitachi but disregarded her comment. She’d find out soon enough. They all would. ~ Ahead there is a platform with odd markings upon it. Mushrooms of light, like you saw when we came in, glow blue all around it. Drop this on top of that pillar. ~ he had a task for the others no doubt but that would have to wait. Especially for the other offspring of starfall and earth.
    * Kajika wondered if it would be the bear that they had faced off against when freeing their Alpha Male, Faolan several moons ago, or was it something else that awaited them? The bear itself wasn’t even the worst of their problems at the time but he could hardly let the being enter his mind now. He was able to gather his strength though, seeing Ayaka just ahead of him stand unfaltering
    * Kajika and challenging whatever it was made his nose twitch and he dug his paws into the dirt to push off if it should show itself. He knew Fianna’s words were right in that whatever that lay ahead, it was something that the Alphas, possibly even together, couldn’t escape from.
    * kamaitachi looked to fianna “yes he did but also to danger as well. Why didn’t he tell us something held her captive?” She eyed Calder and listened as he spoke. “Let him do it. Better him then us” as she heard what he said. She went quiet though as she realized she shouldn’t say anything but it was fear that made her speak
    * Shukie had not bothered to hide her nor have Kwa`ani hide their tracks. They were crossing over the shroom field and would soon enter the chamber of bone decorations. At the sounds of the distance growls, the bone beneath her paws rattled, perhaps ominously as well? The sound brought her head down, automatically picking a long one, weilding it through the air, intoning to Kwa`ani to select a sturdy one as well before they would tip toe through the tulips of bones as silently as possible. Still, she held them back.
    * Kova the stones she had brought with her along with Nightshade would have been dropped here and there to make suitable path back to others and visa versa, but now her attention was souly on the sounds ahead of them. What on earth was that. She could recognize it for what it normally was, but it was distorted by the stone walls and ice. She pressed against Ayaka a little more before she would hear the sounds of approaching paw pads against mossy moist earth. She spun around and half expected to see something from her imagination spring to life but it was her sister, Shukie! She gruuuu’ed and pawed the air and quickly made to close the distance.

    Darth would find that once he would get up and over the hill, the same landscape would greet him. A beautiful ruined structure of sorts would be in the distance. A human establishment some time long ago now abandoned to the wilds and earth. The path however diverted from that place to the north still. Fresh tracks from Shukie and Kwa`ani where made as well as kamaitachi and the others.

    * Kwa`ani grimaced at the feel of all the bones beneath her paws, the growl distracting her for a brief second. there.. a second growl perhaps… Every once of energy threatened to propel her forward, amazingly she remained put. Flowers were ahead, moss and then she couldn’t make out just what it was, instinctively moving closer to the beta. Their stealth approach had not been missed by the huntress,  the sudden gruuuus would cause her to stop in her tracks even recognizing them and began swishing the bone about thru the air incase it was an impostor
    * Fianna stared into Calder’s gaze for a long moment, her heartbeat the only thing she could feel as time seemed to slow at his words. Her gaze dropped to the pouch now at her feet, and slowly she dropped her head to grab it up between her own jaws, the scent of it strongly Calder’s own. Turning she looked as the other’s drew closer, knowing they’d all heard the sound. She must do this. Before anyone could hold her back she had slipped past Calder, paws. Beating a steady rhythm through the flowers and moss as until she was as a slow run, eyes on the path ahead as she tried to stay quiet.
    * skydancer despite the situation they are in her heart lifta as she too becomes aware of both shukie and kwa’ani her banner rising and waving from side to side in enthusiamand is on the verge of simply rushing in to greet her spirit sibling when fianna’s axtion draw her attention once more. “be carefull,young wolf.” she says softly almost breathingnit so as not to distract fianna of her all important task. giving calder an angry glare, shoes? or perhaps he’ll make a good hat.
    * Ayaka Things seemed to converge all at once and Ayaka did not know where to put her attention, for when she glanced north.. If it was even still north, Fianna was running with something in her jaws… Toward where the growl had come from.and then her nose was telling her… Shukie? Kwa`ani? Yet her duty was first to the Alphess and her offspring, not to welcoming those she loved, and so she would turn and make to run after Fianna, growling low at Calder as she neared. “Why send her on alone?” If she got no answer she would follow the fae
    <Atraya> Darth would find that once he would get up and over the hill, the same landscape would greet him. A beautiful ruined structure of sorts would be in the distance. A human establishment some time long ago now abandoned to the wilds and earth. The path however diverted from that place to the north still. Fresh tracks from Shukie and Kwa`ani where made as well as kamaitachi and the others. He wasn’t far now.
    * Darth would notice the strange structure in the distance, but would ultimately continue along the marked path. As he trekked on, he would wonder about how everyone else was. “I hope everyone is safe, I should have left sooner.” He would comment to himself. His pace still steady as he tried to both hurry and conserve at the same time. “No sense getting to a pack in potential danger if I’m tired out.”
    <Calder> His eyes fell upon Ayaka as she rushed forward to follow after Fianna. He didnt’ seem to stop her if she desired to go after her, but there was a stark and deep tone to his warning ~ It would not be wise to follow after just yet… but I cannot stop nor will stop you. ~ his black coat waved slightly against what breath whispered through these dark, icey cold walls. There was something within his eyes that hid the truth, but what?
    * Shukie pushed Kwa`ani back into the shadows having her roll in the musty dank soil of the shroom field to mask her scent as much as possible as Kova and now skydancer picked up on her presence. For now… she’d play off that Kwa`ani was not with her but give no explanations, leaving all to guessing. There was plenty of comotion in all directions up ahead, saving the exuberant greetings for later giving a heartfelt nuzzle to them. Her stare would silence them as much as was possible as her ears tipped forward, her incognitoness gone now making her way toward the others catching a passing scent of fianna. She would come to a halt taking in the full situation what she could.
    * Ayaka would halt her paws then, skidding to a stop in the dirt as she watched Fianna in the distance, seeming so vulnerable all alone. But there was steel within her as well, Ayaka knew. Closing her eyes a long moment. She finally released a breath and nodded to Calder. She would trust him as Fianna had done. For now. She began to pace, eyes on the fae as if she could help by watching.
    <Kova> “Shukie” she said as she came up to her and nuzzled her quickly. She didn’t see Kwa`ani right off and so, she aimed to greet her alone trying to do her best to explain the situation in a timely manner. “Calder led us here. He says Atraya is in here… ” she turned to look ahead just in time to see Ayaka and Fianna dart off. Ayaka having stopped near the large black male. “He’s there… ”
    Darth would find that he too would be met with a ledge. A ledge that seemed to hold skid marks of previous wolves that disappeared into a fog bank below. He couldn’t see nor hear the bottom but the tracks where clear as to where they went. Would he follow?

    As Fianna would make her way to whatever lay ahead, she would do so blindly. The pouch swung this way and that in her mouth and held a leathery scent to it. Clearly at some point this belonged to a human, but that scent was far gone. The resounding howl of wind would bounce off the walls accompanied by the sound of the deep guttered growls and Fianna would find they where growing louder the closer she got.

    The darkness would be pushed back by the ebb and glow of light. Blue beautiful light. The cave seemingly opened up to an internal wonderland of sorts. Waterfalls fell almost from all the walls surrounding a pool. Ahead of her would be a pillar and as Calder described it marked with odd symbols and glowing luminescent mushrooms and flowers. The growling stopped and the only thing to greet her was the sound of rushing water. An odd tranquility fell over her as all sense of danger seemed to disappear against the darkness left behind with the others. Ahead of her she would see there was a very large pile of something but it would be hard to make out until she got closer to the pillar itself. Objects unseen before lay in ruin to either side but to a wolf, it looked like a weird shaped branch stuck to one another firmly planted in the ground going the wrong direction. 

    * kamaitachi didn’t know shukie or kwaani was behind her. She was too focused on fianna padding away. She moved her feet to where ahe could stand near Calder but not too close. She watched as fianna got farther away. What was going to happen? She looked to Calder and back to fianna constantly. He was hiding something. She could sense it in a way. “If she gets hurt….” She growled low to Calder but held her tongue. She didn’t wanna say what she would do….
    * Kajika parted ways for Shukie as she made her way up to them to give her a good view of the situation as it stood. His tail wagged with fervor yet it hardly moved from where it was just behind his legs. He did no more than watch as Fianna made her way forward, only able to see some of what she might be able to see, but he hardly did any better in managing the strong feelings that he  felt; shock, fear, confidence yet nervous. They had trusted Calder and so far they had no reason not to. He just now turned his attention to him every few moments when her fur started to blend in with the soil and flowers and her heart, as pure as it was must have been glowing even brighter than the mushrooms. (<3)
    * Fianna held her jaws tight against the cloth of the pouch, eyes straight ahead as she looked for the platform that Calder described, perhaps seeing the blue lights of the mushroom ahead. Even as fear ran through her, giving her a silent speed, she kept firm her resolve to do this task, even as she expected another ominous growl at any moment, or even the beast itself coming for her. The sounds the self seemed closer, as if they would soon devour her. And then she broke into yet another beautiful scene, the growls ceasing and the sound of water soothing the thud thud thudding of her heart. She stopped, the pouch swinging from the sudden change of momentum as she took in the view, gathering her breath for the next few moments. Then, at a slower pace now she finished crossing the distance to the pedistle, eyeing the odd contraption as she neared, passing through the blue glow as she moved between the mushrooms, her steps delicate now, purposeful. What magic held this place? Where in all this wonderland was Atraya? She moved on, straight up to the platform she’d go, until she stood at its verge, ready to place the satchel as she’d been told.

    The darkness would swallow all the others save for Fianna and the place in which she now resided. There was nothing there to greet her save for the pedestal she was told to lay the bag upon. Not even Atraya seemed to be present.

    * Darth would stop at the moment he came to a ledge and would look beyond and see nothing but fog. He went around, looking for if any other path existed, but would find nothing else close. “They’re all crazy!” He said before pondering a moment. “And I guess that it makes me crazy too.” He said as he would attempt down over the ledge. “Here’s for my family!” He shouted as he finally went over the ledge in a slide.
    <Atraya> As Darth took the plunge over the edge he too would be met with the same thing all the others had been. A short free fall into nothingness and then he’d be met with a cushioned earth of snow beneath him, helping to glide him all the way down. He’d be met with an icy earth now as the ice crown cave would be just ahead of him.
    * Fianna drew in a deep breath then and leapt up onto the platform, padding to the center and eying the strange symbols. She didn’t understand any of this, she didn’t know the story her mother had failed to tell her. The part she played , she played blindly, yet play it she did. Placing the satchel gently down in the center of the pedistle, the blue glow and water all around, she released a breath when it was done and took several steps back.. Unsure what would happen as confusion filtered through her honey gold eyes. Still, she did not yet glance back.
    <Calder> Would hear the words of kamaitachi and simply bore a nod in response back. He said nothing but simply kept his eyes on the horizon. The wolves who stayed behind where not far at all from where Fianna was going. He had led them as far as he would go; for now. He waited with anticipation that could be seen shaking even his core.
    * Shukie would nose Kova again then shift toward Ayaka that she wa sbetween the fae’s if they were close. She would gently nuzzle Ayaka for getting the pack this far. She knew the two huntress’ would work together in her absence. Scenting more than seeing initially she boldly stepped beyond the two to stand head to head with her shadow, nearly a mirror image it seemed tho perhaps it was just the darkness creating an illusion. “What is your intent!” she demanded of the brute in stacatto tones, her head and tail high. “Where have you lured Fianna off too?!”
    * Darth would make it to the bottom, surprised to be alive; and would look around him. He saw the ice crown cave ahead of him and took a moment to take in the beauty. Was this where he was headed? He would soon find out as he would once again locate the trail left by his pack mates, and continue along the trail. He would however think it a bit strange for ice to be around this time of year, but didn’t question it for now. With his family’s scent and trail growing stronger and closer, he wanted to get back to them as quickly as possible. He quickened his pace a bit to cover more ground, but would check and make sure that he kept on the right trail along his way.
    * Ayaka could no longer see Fianna, her pacing continued as she felt worry blanket her mind and heart. Calder only stood, silently waiting..for what? What had he sent Fia to do? Unable to aid Fianna, Aya would then look back to where Shukie perhaps was making her way over, a gladness lightening the worry on her heart somewhat as she took note the beta was okay. She nosed Shukie in return, then made way for her as she moved closer to Calder.

    <Myrkeer> As soon as Fianna placed the bag upon the pedestal she would find there was still a moment of silence. The bag slummed lightly to it’s side for the weight of it felt much akin to a small kill. Something was in it, but what? The time spent wondering what was within the bag would perhaps catch Fianna and anyone else off guard as the very familiar sound of bone clacking against bone resounded from the depths behind the pedestal. There was a visible darkness where the water did not drape or conceal. Not even the water could mask the impending doom that seemed to start it’s way from the darkness in a slow, dragging manner.

    Crunch…. clack….. gmmmmmmmmm. Bone on bone would rattle and shake as something very large started to lumber from that very darkness. Mere moments would pass but felt like a lifetime and from that darkness two large eyes leered out and almost seemed to glow. Was this a nightmare come to life? Only pups dream of these things, right? They can’t be real?

    There would be another sound of moving bone until one skipped out from the darkness and skid across the earth just below Fianna and there to greet her in the light was a very large claw attached to a tan and dark brown paw. The shape was distorted from the darkness but within one swift movement she would be face to face with a giant. An ancient. The largest bear ever se


    en. It’s left eye would almost be milky white with age and old battle scars. It’s ears torn, it’s hide scratched, and what looked like poles stuck into it’s hide no sooner to be pried out but to belong to him in death. A deep growl escaped the depth of blackness and his face would be partially exposed to the light. The voice that came out of this beast was ungodly.

    ~ One of the children of Isilraica and Mean Oíche. ~ there would be a moment passed, his voice akin to James Earl Jones if a human where to hear it.

    ~ Come to bring me the ashes of her father……~

    * Kwa`ani used the distractions afforded by the beta’s arrival, greetings and questioning. SHe had just caught a glimpse of her sister hightailing it off into nowhere’s ville. Unless she was spotted she would slink her way around the others following after her sister. SHe’d not let her sister go it alone to rescue their parents and/or siblings all. She’d not seen the satchel, only scented calder and the others. Her fungus caked fur cloaking her scent. would she be successful at reaching her sister undetected during the distractions?
    <Calder> He simply turned to Shukie and gave a slow nod of his head and closed his eyes before looking ahead ~ To the Myrkeer ~ he would feel his frame tense once more at the fae, but he expected no less from her – or the others. What they would do would be up to them but he cautioned against any thing rash. Perhaps there was a reason he was so ‘calm’ about it but one couldn’t mask the intensity of the situation.
    <Atraya> As Darth slid to the bottom he would be met still with the greeting of a clear pathway leading to where the rest of the pack had gone. There was no deviations save for the small tracks from Nightshade and Kova who where looking for stones. There where some even left behind for him to follow if he desired to continue.
    * Kova would quickly follow after Shukie and when she looked out towards Fianna’s direction she looked to Ayaka with worried hues. Those deep baratones would pierce the darkness and she couldn’t help but feel the shiver of it. “I don’t like this..” she uttered and her hues fell quickly to Shukie now.
    * Darth would continue to follow the path clearly marked for him, and would make his way in the direction of the ice crown cave. He wondered how much further everyone was, but would continue no less.
    <Atraya> Darth would find the path was still left well marked. If he proceeded into the cave he too would be met with a landscape of ice and cold. There was nothing there to greet him but tracks of the pack and small stones for markings.
    * Fianna had never dreamed of something so nightmare-ish as the silence that fell over the area, nor the sound of the bones scattering, claws scraping. A bone slid to a stop just by her paws. A lump formed in her throat, sealing off the whimper that would have come as the paw landed in her view, the glow casting on it as more of the beast emerged. Surely this beast had just climbed out of Tartarus itself. Fianna couldn’t help the quaking that took her limbs for a moment when fear was all she could taste. It threatened her, gripped her, held her… Surely she was now facing her own death. And then.. An odd calm washed over her, a knowing that she was in the right place, doing the right thing. This… This was for her family. As the bear spoke, not even his words of her father’s ashes could phase her. Honey golden eyes swept from the small unassuming pouch, up the great length of the bear, and settled on his white eye. “I am who you say. And I have come looking for my alphess. I have come to reclaim her.” The quaking within her threatened to break free. But no, she would hold on a bit longer.
    * skydancer lets out a soft growl in agreement to kovas words and then looks toward shukie for direction even though her paws, shift. ready for action.
    * Darth would enter into the cold and dark cave as the trail from his pack led him there. He could feel and sense that he was getting closer with each step he took. He was careful as he padded through the cave, as he didn’t want to frighten anyone within, especially his pack.

    <Myrkeer> His eyes fell upon the satchel so lightly placed upon the stone pillar. A large paw came up from the bone pile it rested upon, sending a few more loose items tumbling down. One of his claws extended and the satchel would be picked up and brought to the beasts nose.

    *Hurfhghhhhhh Hurf Hurf…… Hfurhfhhhhhhh*.

    He sniffed the bag several times before grinning. “I see your male counter part has lived up to his half of the deal. Still one more half to go…. but… I assume that must wait. I am sad to see the only daughter here, but, perhaps soon that will change. I am glad you are who you say you are. Now I wonder if the rest who follow you are who they are, too.” his eyes leered upon Fianna as he looked over her frame as if some how he knew her.

    “I suppose you’re here for this…..a fair trade. Your father…. for your mother.” bones cracked and snapped as he quickly pulled himself back to balance in a seated position and with his free paw the sound of chains clacked and banged against one another as something being dragged along the remains of who knew what resounded. There hanging at the very end of this chain vine would be Atraya.

    A large structure was clamped around her neck and her body looked lithe and unkept but she was fed at least. There was visible damage to her body but to what extent couldn’t be determined in this darkness even with the illumination from what unknown source? He would lower his clawed paw down and Atraya with it. The bone pile was now her bed. The pouch remained clamped to his claw and he sniffed it once more before peering beyond Fianna. ” Calder… bring to me the other half of your promise or I will destroy -it-.” and without another word he quickly turned and started to materialize back into the darkness from which he spawned.

    <Atraya> As Darth continued along the path he would be met with more stones and fresh tracks. He too would experience the same shift in environment from ice to stone and then to moss and mushrooms that would glow against the darkness. He could perhaps soon, pick up the sounds of voices that sounded less then pleased.
    * kamaitachi heard nothing but something seemed wrong. Fianna hadnt come back. She turned to Calder “Where is she? What did you do to her? I want answers now. Why isn’t she back by now?” She began to tremble. She noticed shukie was now close by but didn’t look to her. She stared hated at Calder
    * Shukie shifted just enough to follow the youth’s path from the corner of her eye lest she give away the fae’s position. Instead she turned to Calder. “You have had us waste precious time to find our alphas. Are you so spineless that you do not help beyond perhaps saving your own hide? and from what? WHat hold has Myrkeer have over you?” .. what inded if that was the case. She would cast reassuring glances to all that were within her view before settling upon Calder once more.. her obsidian eyes were now bottomless black pits were he brave enough to look within. At kamaitachi’s demanding tones, the fae having no position worth mention in the pack would issue forth a snarl in the fae’s direction before once again locking gazes with Calder if he dared.
    <Calder> He could feel the stares from kamaitachi and the others and would answer in due time but his large frame pressed forward as he started to lead them into the den of the great beast of Myrkeer. “I’ve done nothing to her but simply brought what was needed to be brought. To bring all of you.” his eyes flashed towards kamaitachi and what bounced back would be something of a serious gaze. But it was Shukie’s tone that drew his attention back to the similiar black fae. His dreamy amber hues leered into her own as he spoke “Something none of you can repay should it be lost to Myrkeer. Follow what must be done and we will all walk away alive.” he turned to look ahead and heard the clank of chains and bone. “Your Alpha female returns to you….” his eyes narrowed and looked back to Shukie “You better go reclaim her before he changes his mind.”
    * Fianna “still one more half to go..?” The words that ground from.the beasts mouth both enlightened and confused Fianna greatly. She could assume that by her male counterpart, Mykeer could only mean Calder what deal had the brute made? What was he to get out of all this, surely he hadn’t orchestrated it all just to claim her, an alphas daughter? All thoughts left then when the great bear drug Atraya into the air, her mother dangling like more bones clacking on the walls before. She barely heard the beast speak to Calder then, for she had leapt forward toward the frame of her alphess, the whimper that had gotten stuck before now slipping free as she landed among the bones, slipping up to Atraya as the beast moved off. Fianna reached a tentative nose out to push at her mother’s cheek, another whimper, nosing the fae gently and.hoping against hope she would wake. Even then she was inspecting the vine von trap, and a growl passed her maw as she be
    * Darth would keep to the path and when he spotted the mushrooms; he pondered at them for a moment before he started hearing noises. He looked back toward the direction he thought they were coming from, and continued carefully along the stone path, a quickness in his padfalls, hoping he was hearing tones from his pack.
    * kamaitachi looked to shukie and remained silent and as Calder walked off and said what he said she slowly followed with the rest of the pack. She didn’t know who or what this myrkeer was but it did not sound good
    <Myrkeer> The chains would rattle as Atraya was left a top the bone pile. The odd contraption around her neck would be attached to a long and heavy vine that linked with the wall.
    * Atraya no stranger to the human contraptions she would lay there quiet and unmoving but perhaps it was the very voice of Fianna, a familiar voice, a voice she had not heard in so long that stirred her from whatever trap she was mentally in. Fianna would find that whatever held clasped around her neck would be cold and disgusting to the taste. Metal and rust is what she found to greet her the moment she bit into it and the material was stronger then stone. There was nothing given from Atraya except for her paw sweeping across the pile of bones to touch Fianna’s own. Atraya was alive. But what on earth happened ? Why them? Why now?
    * Ayaka perked to Calder’s words, turning to listen as he finished then looking to Shukie it seemed the brute thought it safe to move forward again now but he paused to allow Shukie to reclaim her authority here in the decision making
    * Shukie shifted from paw to paw for a few steps then looked deeper into Calder’s eyes, the bottomlessness of her black orbs softening slightly. “You were sent to fetch us, yes?” she asked tho it was now a rhetorical question. “Is there any reason you and any of your pack if any, (hesitantly said) could not join with us to work together rather than opposing?” Her gaze was now one of seriousness. SHe had noticed Ayaka’s movements, only a slight inclination given. “If you are willing and or able, what can you tell us about what we’re up against?” for a brief instant her gaze went toward wher fia was.
    * Kwa`ani continued to slip forth in the darkness, the sounds of the pack and their voices dimmed; the clang and clacking of bones, the sight of her sister upon a pedistal brought her up short tho she kept moving forward slowly now, stinking of rotted earth. WOuld the great growly one smell, see or hear her? Was this the sibling of the great beast from morrigan? In time she would perhaps find out. Would her mother or sister notice her. Was her father and brother held as well? The picture before her was growing clearing yet just as confusing as before.
    * Fianna would bloody her jaws on the chain before she would give up, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Then, her mother’s paw moved a fraction, and that was all. Setting about licking the Alphess all over, gently as she could, Fianna would curl around the fae and cuddle as close as she could get, still trying to clean her mother and sooth her as best she could. “I’m here mama. We came for you. We will get you free.” She murmured the words, resting her head on Atraya as she did so
    <Calder> He heard his name being called from the beast beyond the darkness and turned to Shukie and offered in kind, yet, serious tones. “I am and will help. For your pack’s sake. For…. ” he paused and decided better against mentioning a certain fae’s name. “.. for all of you. I have joined you thus far, I don’t intend to stop at this time. However I beg you get your rest now while you can. There is one more thing we must do but I am not sure of what that task is yet. Myrkeer will tell us when he will. I was told to bring the fater of the Mean Oíche here with his daughters and son and whatever pack will follow.”
    * Atraya Fianna would find there was warmth still in her body. Like a small sapling daring to grow from the depths of winters grasp. There was life. Always life. Her paw remained upon Fianna’s own and upon further inspection Atraya looked fraile and bitter. There wasn’t much else to make out in the darkness for tomorrows light would shed much more, for now they could rest knowing she was alive at least. She hadn’t noticed Kwa`ani’s scent nor sight just yet, for she was concealed with whatever the cave held. But maybe even a small amount of her knew and could sense her family near, more then what she envisioned, and that was enough to calm her.
    * Shukie nodded and then leaned in to nose the male should he allow it. “We are identical, in many ways then it would seem. I and the pack shall do all we’re able to aid you as you have thus far aided us. It is together the wolf is strongest!” After his declaration she then dipped her head and would let the pack know he is indeed, not our enemy. That could always change tho. But for now, his word was good enough. Turning back tho, “And what of Fianna?”
    <Calder> “She’ll need your help. All of the children under your care will…” and with that he dipped his head “I will return upon first light..” he didn’t want to leave much more room for conversation for there was something he needed to tend to and the urgency in his tone and body language spoke loud of it.
    <Atraya> Darth continued along the chosen path and by now, no doubt could see the others gathered in conversation. Perhaps just in time before Calder started to take off.
    * Fianna would remain curled by her mother for as long as she was allowed, and as she did, her fear slowly sinking back into rational thought she would lift her head and look around, taking stock of the area and finally finding Kwa`ani’s scent on the breeze. She perked but did not leave Atrayas side. “Kwa?” She whispered, wondering if it was a trick.
    * Darth would see the members of his pack huddled around, and upon getting close enough would quietly chuff his greeting. Upon seeing Calder, he bared his teeth. “YOU!” Was all he said, his former encounters with the brute were not good ones, and his mind raced about what his reason for being here now was.
    * Kwa`ani could see her mother and sister not far away. Only a light mewing would escape her maw confirming her sister’s thought. After taking care of Shukie and the long path here, she did not respond other than the light response, hunkering down in the distance to take stalk of the situation and perhaps.. direction from Shukie or her mother instead of creating problems rushing headlong into things yet unknown. For now, she’d remain tucked away in the darkness
    <Calder> Didn’t have time to meddle with a jealous wolf. Just because he looked -more- daper and handsome then a few males wasn’t his fault! Right? He could only give a glaring stare at Darth to the “you” bit but he was far to busy now to really stop and offer his own rebuttal. If Darth followed after, or do what he would, Calder would continue all the same and not engage the male at all.

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