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Role Play Notes | May 16th, 2019

The wolves of WolfSpirits where held at another temporary stop, waiting in hope that the missing wolves of their beginning party would re-join them. Including the Beta. Darth and Nightshade finally rejoined the pack after a few days and now they aim to keep going. A new wolf, Okkezzon, had joined the group, a wandering male who was looking for a place to call home?




    @ApacheWolf @Atraya @Ayaka @Kova @Kajika @Shukie @Skydancer
    %Fianna %Kwa`ani +Nightshade 
    kamaitachi Okkezzon Calder

    RP Log Begins

    * Kova would be resting just beside an elongated lodge pine that was fallen over sometime ago and now decaying near the streams edge. She would have her head on her paws as she eagerly awaited news of their move again.
    * Ayaka nodded to Kajika’s words, and as he spoke, she seemed to take stoc of everyone who was around, skydancer, Fianna, and even Kova off a ways. She glanced at Okkezzon, as if silently assessing something, then seemed to make a decision. Rising she shook her pelt and lifted her muzzle to call forth in a soft howl, alerting anyone awake that she was hoping they would gather. It was time to move, for better or for worse. She looked then to Okkezzon, her silver eyes serious. “We are on the movr again tonight. You are welcome to walk with us, but be assured that we will not tolerate any kind of aggression against our own.” She dipped her head to him then and turned to see who would hear her call. Shukie had laid the burden of leading the pack onwards at her feet before she’d gone, and as much as she was able, Ayaka would carry it until their leaders were found.
    * Kova an ear turned towards the sound of another’s tones reaching her and now a scent that was unfamiliar to her would tickle her senses. She would rise from her rested position and stand on all fours, shaking her pelt quickly before looking out. She saw Ayaka and offered a chuff to her but the new male beside her would draw her now to close the gap between them.
    * Fianna , upon hearing the call bounded up from the floof of snow she’d been keeping warm, and trotted toward the group, ears perked and honey gold eyes burning with fervor and the desire to move on. She soon joined the group, skirting the pool quickly enough until she could better see and hear the others. Upon arrival she would halt just on the outskirts and wait for for further orders, running a tongue over her muzzle as she did so, and almost tasting Calder’s scent upon her fur.
    * Nightshade thought about her actions when Ayaka mentioned agression.. “let’s leave a trail behind for kamaitachi and Darth,” as she looked at his place, she decided to move with the pack. “I’m ready” and stretched her frame.
    * Okkezzon looked to Kajika, the brute stared at him for a long moment before looking to Ayaka. “You’ll allow me to follow?” That wasn’t too smart. “And what do your alphas have to say about this?” Okke shuffled to his paws, the side of his flank caked with snow. As powerful as Ayaka wanted to be seen, Okkezzon knew she wasn’t the alpha female. He trotted to her side curiously, his actions were as if they’d been friends since this is quite exciting.” His tail swished slightly behind him, a grin stretched his “lips”. He was bold enough to incline his head and sniff Ayaka before sidestepping away. “Don’t you think, Ayaka?” Okke’s ears were perked on his head, heart racing in slight nervousness as he was surrounded.
    * Shukie was no where near enough to hear the soft howl of Ayaka. She made quick work of their descent, and in the opposite direciton of the tracks. They did Not need to battle a hungry bear in the season of awakening. “That, my dear Kwa`ani, was the track of a bear. Not near as big as the one we fought so long ago. They were far enough away that she spoke in normal tones. “Shall we see if we can secure us a decent meal for a change now that i’m not a walking zombie with no mind or memories?” she made fun of herself for what was a serious situation, leaning in to nuzzle the bark colored fae and a playful tug on her eartip. In a sudden full out playful mood she sprang into a run, eating up the distance to the meadow below where bits of green were trying to poke thru their white blanket.
    * Kajika turned his attention back fully to Okkezzon, his eyes curious once again. As Ayaka lifted her muzzle to let out a howl, he would stand up where he sat, almost with a look of almost crestfallen expression but answered his question now that it seemed like they were 20 to 1. “Yes, my offer and hers still stand in that you are able to accompany us, since it still seems like you don’t mean us harm. We’ll even continue our game we have.”
    * Nightshade watched how okkezon observed Ayaka who was this strange wolf, sure kajika introduced him…but she simply didn’t trust him or knowing his intentions. She stepped forward and growled again and joined the question game. “What are your intentions? Why did you follow us?”
    * Ayaka swung on Okkezzon with no warning. Ears laid back and her head raised, teeth momentarily bared at him as she turned to square up, eyes never leaving him. Alpha or no, she was the one in charge for the time being. Not liking the sudden familiarity, nor the brutes tone she narrowed her eyes. “I offered as a courtesy to you, since you extended your interest, but do not test us.” She didn’t move, waiting to see what his reaction was, conscious of the other wolves around, but her entire focus was on Okkezzon. She had wanted to be friendly, but liberties could not be taken so soon.
    * Kova as she closed the distance between herself and Ayaka she would dart her curiously silvery amber hues towards the new male. There was an eagerness to her steps but as well, calculated as she approached the gathering. Especially after Ayaka’s reaction to the male. She would have felt the twinge in her paws to her sisters howl and begged to howl back internally but she knew better not to. Keep the voices down for now, she thought, was the best way to not be noticed by unwanted others. Her breath whirled about against the cool air and she fell upon Okkezzon. “Salutations… I am Kova, sister to Shukie Beta of Wolfspirits and sister to Ayaka, former huntress of WolfSpirits.” her head dipped in a mutual greeting before her hues fell to Ayaka. “I’m ready” was all she said. She was eager to move.
    * Kwa`ani was caught off guard in multiple ways, that it was a bear track but when Shukie nipped her ear and then sprinted off.. the game was a paw… not thought given to the fae being beta but just a run to run. Youth vs elder… she tried, paws digging itno and sending bits of snow flying behind her, now and again some pelting her belly from her front paws. At times she drew close to the black fae’s tail tip yet even as she did the fae would put forth a short burst of energy and change directions randomly.
    * Okkezzon seemed stiff at first, his tail slightly raised as a look passed over his features. His tongue slinked out to lick his muzzle of a bad taste forming, perhaps fear, but it was soon gone. “Showing your true colors I see.” He eased an uneasy smirk. “I was never testing you, to begin with.” He told while his stance showed he was ready to fight if Ayaka suddenly turned on him.
    * Fianna ‘s eyes widened at Ayaka’s reaction to the brute she had yet to meet, and she eyed him more warily because of it. What strange way was he thinking, to act so brazenly in the midst of a pack not his own? Still, she kept silent, more than ready to go as well, trying not to think for the moment of a certain shadow pelted male who’s scent she carried, would they see him on their journey today? Flicking her ears she took a subtle step closer to to Ayaka. Backing the fae up and staring toward Okkezzon curiously.
    * kamaitachi watched as nightshade walked off and looked to sky. “What happened and what’s been going on?” She said if the smaller far was still there
    * Okkezzon didn’t keep his gaze off Ayaka, despite Kova introducing herself his attention was focused on the female before him. Okke breaths seemed forced, his muzzle twitching, while his limbs itched for movement but he stood his ground, completely still. Okkezzon wasn’t stupid, they’d all turn on him if Ayaka decided to get a few harsh nibbles into him. He’d gladly return the gesture, he had nothing else waiting for him. Okke had to react
    * kamaitachi seeing as sky might be busy she turned to voices nearby and saw a new wolf among them and raised her tail as she padded towards the 2 wolves talking.
    * Shukie hissed outwardly when both a squirrel and a vole darted clear of them. Almost as soon as she hissed she perked. That meant there was prey about and perhaps they could find a meal afterall. Slowing her pace she started to turn towards Kwa`ani.
    * Ayaka flicked her ears, trying to figure out the brute before her, his cocky attitude one she had not often come across before. “So you say..” she murmured, her fangs no longer bared, as that had been only a warning. She had no wish to fight Okkezzon, as she hoped he had no wish to fight either. She had seen her share of fights, recent pack events with the Morrigan crossing her mind. “My offer stands..” she said at last, relaxing her posture slightly to further show the male she didn’t want a fight. “Have a care though, if you truly wish to see how a pack, ours in particular, functions, politeness is the best way to start.” She knew the entire pack would be wary of him for a while, yet she had seen many wolves integrate well with the pack, even if they didn’t stay long. As the tension hopefully ebbed slightly she would turn to glance at everyone, keeping her frame still at the ready, and one ear trained on Okkezzon. Glancing then at Kajika she spoke. “Lets keep to a similar grouping as before, with Kajika and Kova at the front, and the others in the middle, I will take the rear. For those of you who don’t know yet, Calder spoke again with Fianna, and we must keep an eye out for him still. He wants something, what we still . don’t know, though he has told her he will help us.” She waited then for any to speak up.
    * Nightshade heard kamaitachi asked about the thingies and responded ” nothing more than a disagreement with eachother” and glared back ” I don’t like this guy.. nope nope.. ” she growled and observed it ” Okkezzon it is? I’m wondering what ur intentions are, please give a answer to the questions” she spoke with a tone.. it’s not her position but…something at him didn’t was right.
    * Kova as greetings where then set aside she would nose her sister, Ayaka in greeting before taking note of Nightshade nearby to whom she also greeted. She would make note that kamaitachi was there as well. Oh, had she finally caught back up to the pack? She swung her tail once before it stilled and then turned her eyes to the north. North they would go. Anxious paws would kneed the earth before she would take her place towards the front alongside Kajika to help keep the pace. She didn’t seem to wait much longer for the others to fall into place before she began headed straight north. If Okkezzon wanted to respond to Nightshade and the others then it would be up to him. His actions would speak louder than words and right now Okkezzon had the permission from a member of the pack to proceed with them.
    * Kwa`ani was once again closing the distance to Shukie, her tongue lolling out to the side. She was nearly to the fae’s tail when Shukie hissed and unexpectedly turned in her direction. Too late, of course, to stop the impending collision. Legs and tails splayed in all directions as they came to a rolling stop. “wha.. what is it?” she rambled once she extracted her tangled paws from Shukie’s. Her ears twitched as did her nose as her gaze cast far and wide before reutrning to the fae as she stood, shook and waited.
    * Kajika was suddenly alert as Ayaka and Okke seemed to face each other almost at the brink of a fight, a scene almost replayed of a few nights between the two males over a different topic entirely. He would however take a step placing him beside Ayaka letting her and Okke know where he stood in the matter. The tension in his muscles relaxed as she gave them their orders on where they would be as they planned on moving on again and gave a short nod as he looked about the group around them. At the mention of Calder and Fianna having another chat and Calder’s intentions still unknown, he only blinked and tilted his head. It sounded good that he had agreed to help them, but at what capacity would it be?
    * Okkezzon looked to Nightshade, her question brought no surprises as he allowed a sly grin take hold on his muzzle. “My intentions?” He tilted his head, amusement clear in his eyes. “Well, I suppose we’ll never know what my true intentions are…” He drew his words out as he looked to Ayaka. “I’ll take you up on your offer, I’m guessing I’ll be placed in the back too?”
    * Shukie When she finally managed to stand and shake off she then nosed Kwa`ani. “I saw both a squirrel and shortly after a vole tho they were too far away to bother with. That means there is prey here, small perhaps but maybe something bigger.” Her tones were hopeful. “That felt good to just run for the sake of running.” Again she smiled to the youth. She nudged the fae to continue beside her and began to trek further into the open meadow. The bear not forgotten yet no longer in the forefront of her mind. “You keep watch to the right and i’ll take the left. It’s fairly open so not much need to spread out.” as her last words sounded she was already starting to walk deeper into the open expanse before them. Reality sinking in she kept trying to puzzle out if they were north or south of the pack and time was wasting. Her alphas needed everyone there, not scattered about.
    * kamaitachi looked to him then the others”in not walking by him but if you want me to keep any eye on him I well” she said looking to kova
    * Okkezzon “You believe you can handle me?” He stayed where he was, not wanting to suddenly move and have them all turn on him. That was still on the table after all. “You honestly think so?” He cracked a halfhearted smile.
    * Kwa`ani had to agree with the beta, the run had felt good, just to run for the sake of running. She found nothing worth anything. Still, she remained persistant in the vigil of prey finding.
    * Ayaka looked to kamaitachi at her words and flicked her tail. “You will be in the middle, as I said, if you wish to accompany us, as will Nightshade. We will leave a good trail for Darth to follow.” Looking to Okkezzon then, she shifted in almost a shrug. “You can walk next to me if you wish. Until you express the desire to join our pack, if you do, I will not assume to tell you where to walk. I only aim to help keep my pack safe and happy.” Seeing as Kova had already begun to move off, she would urge the rest to continue on as well, Atraya heavy on her mind, as well a s what they may face ahead. What did the winds and the north have to offer this time?
    * Fianna , knowing her place in the middle, like it had been all along, nodded an a knowledgement to Ayaka and moved to trot after Kova, picking a spot just behind the fae. She kept silent, her mind full for a time, then ventured. “How far away do you think this mykeer is?” Her tones were worried, for how much time did her mother have? Paws placed carefully, she would make sure to take no tumbles as they would again rise in elevation.
    * Kajika bounded ahead to make up for the short distance that Kova got ahead and fell in step with her as they led the way. By now he had completely abandoned his bundle but showed little to no remorse at all since he knew that there would be new and more lively plants and moss in the Spring that would appear soon enough. For now, he kept checking for easier roots along the mountain’s side that might be easier than the simply yet straight path that still looked safe.

    It was time for the wolves to move again, and move they shall. The path would meander and cross back here and there against the northern path but it still stayed true. The snowy world was there to greet them and as they pressed on they would again find no others to hinder them. It was a smooth move so far and they where very very close now to their final destination.

    They would continue to wind up a switch back until suddenly they where met with the sound of falling water. Just ahead of them would be a beautiful stream falling into a waterfall. There would be woods on either side and in the spring time no doubt a very beautiful place full of lush green and wild flowers. For now winter still held onto it for the most part but the path clear. They needed to go straight ahead and up the small ravine and follow the rivers course.

    * Nightshade steps up and asked “where do you wish me to settle Ayaka , and stepped between the rest of the pack
    * Kova perhaps got wind of Okkezzon’s words and no doubt struck a chourd within her, one that didn’t boade well for him maybe? or maybe not. She felt kamaitachi’s gaze upon her and simply nodded to the fea. When Fianna offered her question she would simply say in light tones to the alpha’s daughter. “I do not think we’re to much further now. All this traveling we’ve done, I feel like we’re close. We must be close.” she said in a low voice “I would imagine sense Calder has made his appearance sooner rather then later it leads me to believe we’re very close.”
    * Okkezzon invited himself to walk a little ways ahead of Ayaka, though he paced himself not to go too far without her. Okke figured she wanted him under her watchful eyes, it was like being a pup all over again under his mothers care. The brutes tail dipped, brushing his hind legs at the thought of his mother. His ears drew back in distaste and slightly slowed his pace.
    * Shukie glanced to the skies hearing the annoying cawing of a black feather, likely a crow as too small for a raven. Onward they trekked, the light slowly changing to a soft glow, the harshness of direct sun as it was dipping towards the mountain peaks. “If we don’t find something shortly, I want to move to the top of the next ridge and in a more easterly direction.” She trusted her
    * Shukie instincts on where to go. Backtracking just didn’t feel right. Maybe the pack had already been and gone to mykeer. so many possibilities which she kept to herself not wanting to worry Kwa`ani more than the fae already was. Their path searching for prey would take them towards a rather large and expansive lake with what seemed to be an otherwise impassible shoreline. The waters were a deep
    * Shukie emerald green signifying extreme depth and bone freezing cold that to swim it was an unlikely option as well. they had come down from the north side of the lake. It was beautiful and deadly. “Careful, Kwa`ani. We do not want to go into these waters. The green of the water indicates it is very deep.”
    * Nightshade made her place behind Kova and Kajika and in front of Ayaka , calm and peaceful she walked the journey to the final destination with trust in that Darth will find the way back. Meanwhile wondering deep into her own thoughts, she watched with full and she watched with full admiration and love around her and observed any detail of the beautiful landscape. ” this place is pure beauty!” She said while being amazed.
    * Ayaka made sure everyone had started onward before she too would pick up the pace Kova and Kajika set, making sure to allow her frame to rub various trees they moved past to leave a trail for Darth, as well as taking no care to cover tracks, all the easier for him when he returned. She did indeed keep an eye on Okkezzon but it seemed he was somewhat relaxed again and content to walk just ahead. She kept vigilant, watching as their path took them higher, though greenery began to color the white landscape. Her tail waved as a banner behind her, and she took deep breaths of the crisp air. Her posture was held slightly tense as she kept watch, yet her gait was lithe and agile as ever.
    * Fianna nodded at Kova’s words, though whether the fae saw she didn’t know. Her gaze lifted past those in the lead and she watched as they drew closer to a falls, and the ravine walls drew up higher around them, hemming them in. Calder, as was becoming ever more usual, was still on her mind and she kept seeking his scent, beyond what was left on her pelt. What was the mykeer? The mountain ahead? Or a specific place upon the mountain? These thoughts kept her busy, even as her paws trailed the others, ears flicking to catch the soothing sound of water as it fell. The sight of the green flowers was a welcome one, after so much snow, but she wasn’t sure she liked being in a ravine.
    * kamaitachi would continue on. They seemed close and this new wolf seemed off. Still she stayed silent a s continued on
    * Kova winding along the switch backs they would go until they where met with a beautiful view. This place seemed to capture her heart the further they went and she could only imagine the beauty this place held in the warmer times. She let loose a low breath before nodding warmly to Kajika as he joined them. She even reached out a nose to nuzzle along his crown lightly before looking to Fianna. She would be keenly aware of Okkezzon and his placement and she too would help keep an eye on him but for the most part they needed to move and she would try to keep up a some what faster pace. They where afforded the time to look around with their eyes but there would be no exploring today. Moving along the streams edge she noticed the path was visible and moved along it’s stream. She crossed over a boulder to the right and up and over she went, landing with ease on the other side. She pressed forward to the north until the wolves once more began to climb a little more in elevation. Just how high where they going? She did however enjoy this scenery as they passed and she made sure to mark their trail as best she could alongside Ayaka. No wolf left behind!
    * Okkezzon “Never been this far up north.” Okkezzon sounded. “It’s really beautiful here.” His expression relaxed as a genuine smile slide over his muzzle. Okke’s amber hues glanced everywhere, taking it all in as he ambled slightly ahead of Ayaka. He never turned to look at her once. “You know,” Okke settled his gaze ahead of him. “You never answered my question.”
    * Kwa`ani pulled up short when the lake appeared before them. It was as Shukie said, A most beautiful, deep green that paled nearer shore. The lake had an odd smell too it and steam seemed to rise off of it’s center. Turning to Shukie, “What’s making that mist near the center?” she didn’t try to move any further than the gravely edge. Off in the distance it appeared to be icy but that might be a trick of the light, maybe not.
    * Kajika trudged on ahead casting backward glances at the group to see that everyone was keeping up and that the pace he and Kova set wasn’t too fast or too slow. else. The nosing he felt along his head prompted him to look up and the sight he was met with parted his muzzle in the sight of undisturbed nature. He was used to some of the traveling that they had done and even what he had done on his own, but some sights like the tree or this waterfall were hardly matched anywhere. He would have to remind himself to keep going straight and not veer off to the left or right as he might have done if he weren’t paying attention or was simply wandering. But now he had a goal in mind, a destination in his mind that he wanted to reach even if he didn’t know what it would look like necessarily, he was sure someone in the group would pick up on it as they got closer.
    * kamaitachi saw the water before her and the steam rising off. “This place is pretty” she said glancing around her. She wondered how much farther to go.
    * Ayaka trusted Kova and Kajika to find the best path forward, concerning herself with making sure they were not snuck up on as she trotted after the others. The beauty hemming them in and all around them was eyecatching to be sure, and she released a long breath as she moved, glad of it. As Okkezzon spoke up just ahead of her she perked, looking his way. Assuming he spoke of his question about their alpha, she shook her head. “Until we can be more certain of your intentions, until you are more certain of them as well, we will not be sharing the whereabouts of others of our pack. You seem to have experience with other wolves, so you must understand my caution.” She spoke softly, glancing at the walls as she did so, wondering if there were eyes along their tops, or pathways through.

    <Calder> :: As the wolves would continue to make their way north they would find the world around them still held grip to winter. Even after traveling miles on end, it still clung to. The air was a little warmer however which held the promise of perhaps a snow melt soon. The sky would begin to harbor beautiful colors of a yet another dying day. The wind up here seemed crisp and welcoming. The sky equally as so.

    There where but a few clouds to really hinder their view and they could see for a long distance up here. The path would wind this way and that, meandering and becoming a good switch back but they where once more greeted to another beautiful sight, this one however might take the wolves back. The further they climbed the deeper they would go into “the north”. It was like whisps of  air and breath lashed out from the cold distance to greet them. Few tree’s made it up this far but the sight before them would be like no other. A ruined vestige of what once was a proud hold for humans a long long time ago. Pillars would jet out from the snow, proud and unwaivering, but crumbled by dust and ruin of age and time. Perhaps even war. What greatness was held within these stone walls? Or what evil? The wolves would make of it what they will but slowly emerging from the background would be a tempered voice that would resound much like a hymn of softness yet power. “You made it…” There standing behind all the others and closer to Fianna. Weird how he seemed to just appear out of no where but none the less, there he was.

    * Fianna kept along the path Kova chose, following the fae up and over the boulder, lithely leaping off on the other side, pleased when her ribs didn’t so much as twinge. Remembering the hope of the previous day to find any food that might cross their path as they travelled, Fianna kept her eyes scanning the rocks as well as their path ahead. The switchbacks drew her to breath slightly harder, yet she felt in good shape from
    * Fianna all the traveling of late. Cold tried to bite through her pelt, and yet her thick fur kept it at bay. When they came upon the sight that had revealed itself to them, Fianna would pause, maw open slightly as her tail hung limp in awe. What strange stones were these that they formed such a cave? What was such a place for? Walking carefully, almost reverently, she would come to a stop when the others did. When suddenly
    * Fianna ber mysterious shadow would speak from nearb she would spin towards him, ears forward and eyes bright. Involuntarily she took a step toward him before she halted again. “Calder.” She said softly. “What is this place?”
    * Shukie and Kwa`ani would not be ones to see the beautiful path the pack was on. Lowering her head she sniffed at the water along the shore, her head tilting finding it strange there was no real scents of anything. But what was that icy spot at the far end? and how could they get to it? “Lets back track just a bit and see if we can find a path that’ll take us beyond the bend in the lake
    * Shukie to the north and if notwe’ll figure out some way.”
    * Ayaka would be the last to come upon the rubble and ruin, though she did not know it for an old human stronghold. She too would come to a halt, feeling strangely exposed, distracted from the sight by her will to keep watch. Her frame was tense, and by the time Calder showed himself, she would move fairly quickly to stand near Fianna, placing herself with a small huff just before the fae, leveling her silver hues at the dark
    * Ayaka male. Too many unknowns to keep watch on them all, she felt, as she flicked her gaze once more to Okkezzon, hoping he wouldn’t choose the moment to make trouble, if that was his intent. She heard Fianna’s words and rather than ask her own questions, she waited to hear the male’s answer.
    * Kwa`ani glanced towards the outcropping of rock and stone. “You sure like scaling cliffs.. were you a mountain goat in a prior life?” letting a little humor flow. “ready when you are.. but can’t we soon find some food?” she was a tad whiny in her request as their running romp across the meadow earlier expended more energy but dnang it felt good. “I’m wasting away!” Truth be told, both were on the gaunt side, some of the sheen gone from their normally glossy coats. She sounded like a small pup ready to nip at muzzle for food instead of a 3 year old she was. She lowered her head as she realized what she was doing and quickly apologized to her beta. “Maybe.. maybe if we can squeeze by under that overhang we’ll find an easier path on the other side?” looking hopeful
    <Calder> “Welcome to Mykeer.” he said with a matter of fact tone but there was something therein that would portray that happiness that they finally made it. He would turn to the rest of all the wolves who began to appear and seemingly welcomed them with a dip of his head. He wasn’t sure how he would be received.
    <`Raven> <Larka> *kamai looked to Calder and held back a growl. He seemed too happy to see them
    * Kajika looked at the strange gray structure in front of him. It almost looked to be a short mountain or a large hill from here, but it’s appearance had too many hard edges and spires to be considered anything natural. He was studying it curiously when he heard the sound of snow shifting and moving with quick movements, he turned around to see Ayaka had taken a defensive position around Fianna, protecting her from one he had to side step around a member of the pack to make out who it was. He didn’t growl or make any outward signs of aggression save for his eyes narrowing just slightly and his tail made a few arcs behind his hind legs at the arrival of the dark-furred male.
    * Okkezzon allowed the air to whisp through his pelt, the feeling was distracting. He stood at an angle beside Ayaka, his hues blinking up at a strange wolf emerging from nowhere. “Eh-” He tilted his head, ears turning outwards. “Who’s that?” He asked Ayaka in a low whisper, he even glanced her way for an answer.
    <Okkezzon> Okke’s tail raised slightly, no longer did it hang at his hinds. He felt uncomfortable here, that evident in his eyes. Though his overall posture was its same carefree relaxed look. He dragged his eyes from Ayaka up to the unknown brute.
    * Shukie took Kwa’s suggestion and began to lead them toward the outcropping. It was too narrow to make it by unless they entered the water. There was no choice for it. “We’ll try to go around the rocks, before putting weight on a paw test the ground beneath that it is there and/or doesn’t give way. If we don’t feel anything at chest deep we turn back.” Her tones were stern yet soft, the import would not be lost upon them both. “In fact, get a good hold on my tail so if something happens i’ll feel the sharp tug and know to turn around and if i should slide into the water you might, once again, be able to pull me back.” Her tones were now more of a matter-o-fact, her gaze steady. Then she began
    * Fianna lowered her head slightly in response to Calder’s words, her heart rate picking up slightly. This.. was mykeer? She glanced around again, as if to reassess the place. As if she could find her mother here, see her even now. At the thought she took another step toward Calder, landing her beside Ayaka. His scent still held strong upon her, as she focused on him. “If this is the Mykeer, then where.. is my mother?” They could be in grandest of places, and still she would think first of finding her family. Her tail swayed once then stilled.
    * Kova would come up to the ruins and her eyes would go wide with wonder. What was this place? She’d not seen anything truly like it before, but, she was however familiar with human ruins. She would blink a few times, perhaps unbelieving of it until she would hear a voice and tone of another male. She recognized it for whom it belonged and she felt her fur prickle. What was he doing here? She would turn to look to Fianna and then to Calder. Her eyes darted towards Ayaka now.
    * Ayaka blinked, somewhat surprised at Calder’s answer. They had arrived, then. As Fianna glanced around, Ayaka kept her gaze on Calder, her hues careful but not hostile, yet. As Okkezzon murmured his question she paused, finally flicking her gaze to the brute standing beside her. “This.. is Calder. Whom I spoke of earlier.” She answered, and by the care with which she held herself he could glean they were not yet comfortable with this brute, either. Ayaka then glanced to see the readiness of Kova and Kajika should anything go south, glad to have them on her side.
    * Kwa`ani simply nodded and moved behind the beta, gently taking the fae’s tail within her maw until she hear Shukie reinforce the ‘hold tight’ part. It was growing darker with each step, each painfully slow step. A couple of times she felt sand squish between her pawpads and a hind paw struggled to find hard surface and not empty waters. Even so, little by little they would make it around the bend to  the sounds of rushing waters, the sounds not unlike those of the falls back home. ugh… back home.. would they ever go back? crossed her mind. As it did a front paw wooshed thru the water, eventually finding ground again. Patience was on their side and successfully rounded the bend. It seemed they would have to scale more cliffs before going furhter. Dropping Shukie’s tail, “What now?” slightly miffed, the darkness hiding the beauty.* Okkezzon Upon hearing this his ear dipped forward and he took a few subconscious steps, the brute ended up beside Kajika. Okke was most familiar with him and in the midst of the tense situation, he flashed Kajika a goofed look before stoically gazing up at Calder.
    <Okkezzon> He couldn’t help but recall how Kajika tried to say they seemed similar before, Okkezzon still, standing before Calder didn’t see the simularity. The brown wolf didn’t seem so prepared to fight like Kajika and Kova but he still stood his ground, unblinking.
    * Shukie perked at the sound that mimmicked the hidden falls back in the territory. “It looks like we can follow the shore on the far side for quite a ways and maybe a pathway will open up we can follow” She didn’t hesitate, for some odd reason the phrase.. `go the distance` echoed.. . Finding the narrowest part of the lake, the water a more natural blue here that she didn’t worry swimming it. “It is safe here, note the color of the water.” It was the sliver of the moon that cast upon the lake now. In she plunged, the icy chill making its way thru her thick fur in almost no time. With some hard paddling she crossed in no time. She stood upon the shore facing the way she’d come to track Kwa`ani’s progress seeing the fae was not far behind she began to shake the excess water
    * Shukie from her. Moving up a ways she dropped into the snow, rolling to let the snows cling and obsorb more of the water from her pellage. Clumps of fur were held fast by their snowball buddies. Once Kwa`ani made it she waited for the fae to shed most the water from her pelt.
    <Calder> His eyes would glide with an unknown elegance to them from one wolf to another as he would dip his head when Ayaka spoke of his name. “Yes… you are here.” he would then look to the ruins just ahead. “Within those ruins you will find your mother.” his tone seemed to hold a lightness to it, yet, seriousness as well. “Are you going to continue forward?” his deep tone would now look to each wolf, making note of “who” wasn’t there yet.
    * Kajika remained where he was glancing around now that they were told that this spot was indeed where they should be. He looked back at the shadows and shapes off in the distance and as Calder would answer, he noticed that Okke made his way up to where he was and a quick glance told him that the wolf would be able to hold his own if it came to a fight as it didn’t look like he would side with Calder which he had gotten to know in his series of questioning. He didn’t flash an obvious smile, but his ear flicked and inwardly he thought that the two of them getting to see each other was almost perfectly timed but didn’t say it. Instead, he almost expected for Fia to not give the distance another look if this was now all that possibly stood between her and her mother and would not be the only one to follow suite to ensure that she made it there.
    * Kwa`ani hrmft when Shukie told her to now swim the lake when just a few short moments ago it was stay out of the water. Was the fae going bonkers? Oh well, now was not the time to question things. As she plunged into the water she began wolfy paddling doing her best to keep her head above the water, ears laid back to avoid any drops of water from entering. Her frame rose and fell with each stroke, the water that felt subzero to her, sucked the heat from her resulting in her paw strokes slowing, her head sinking becuase of it. That woke her up enough that she re-doubled her efforts to reach the far side. Once she did, she shook and shook and shook some more to get the freezing water out of her fur. It was then she spotted the snowballs all over shukies body.. “What the…”blinking several times…”what ahppend to you?” she had not see shukie rolling in the snow.
    * Fianna gave pause, even as her heart told her to turn and race headlong into the ruins. “Is there something you aren’t telling us? What is keeping her there?” Her voice grew angry then and she took a step forward. “If you truly held good intentions, why didn’t you help my mother yourself?” She was grateful to him for guiding them there, yet frustrated that she still didn’t understand him. Helplessness thrummed through her and she wanted to growl at it. Yet she did not. Glancing at Ayaka, it seemed the fae was allowing her to ask her questions, and so she did. “What danger will we face there? What evil?” She stepped forward then, passing Ayaka until she stood chest to chest with Calder once more, golden eyes burning. “If you truly want to claim me, Calder, tell us. For I would not want my entire pack harmed just to save one.” Yet even then she would brave the evil alone, if it meant saving her mother.
    * Shukie saw the puzzled look, “The snow will pull more of the water from your fur.” She had watched Kwa and was worried for a bit that she would have to pull the fae from the lake tho soon saw it was a needless worry. WHen they were both ready she led the way again, looking for a passage or easier way around. After a few false starts she located what seemed to be a path. Ugency was taking hold of her deep within. Perhaps it was a sensation from her sister Kova. whatever caused it.. she forced them both to continue on. “we’ve been gone too long. We need to find the pack and soon!” They needed rest but she pushed them on.
    <Calder> So many questions and so little time to answer. His black fur would ruffle in the wind ever so slightly as snow flurries picked up and whirled against him. He would lower his head as if to look down upon Fianna when she brushed her chest to his. There was but a small grmpppf that rumbled from his chest. A tone however suggested he wasn’t upset or growled. Instead there was a serious glaze over his eyes that would betray his emotions in but a blink of an eye before he would dip his head and offered in a low tone ‘Follow me’ it was clear the pack wanted to continue, so, continue they shall under his guide. Perhaps all will be revealed as to why he didn’t lend himself beforehand.
    * Kova would watch the exchange between Calder and Fianna. She would let loose a low growl at how close the pair seemed to get and her fur prickled ever so slightly but she stood beside Ayaka and Kajika now as she watched it all unfold. What was this anyway? Why here? Of all places? Also what was Fianna refering to in ‘claims’. She thought back to their previous conversation but remained vigilant for now. While Fianna had her eyes on Calder, she would be looking upon stone and boulder. Where their extra eyes watching them?
    * Ayaka tensed when Fianna stepped forward, “Fianna..” the warning growling from her throat. The fae had asked good questions though and before she could try and pull Fianna away, Calder spoke. She had watched him closely, seen the emotion cross his face. Was he conflicted about something? Or did he truly care? Such things were hard to decipher. She would take note of Kova as the fae stepped closer. “We will follow.” She answered to Calder’s words, stepping to try and once more place herself between the two.
    * Kajika would have almost smiled at the questions that Fia was asking, hopefully all of the right ones that would get her to see her mother sooner again. He didn’t know that she had offered herself to him in return for her mother and father to return to the Pack but maybe in his eyes that was what it would take, Kajika just didn’t know. When Calder turned around to lead them away from their vantage point, he would follow
    * Kajika behind as one of the last ones to follow him, letting Ayaka take the front again unless he was called up.
    * skydancer awoken with a start realizes instantly something has changed and only a moment after that what it is and jumps up checking everything to see where everyone had gone. which way to go, but only for one heart beat to get onto her paws. who else has slept through the departute? she quickly spots darth and jogs toward his dark frame scanning for others between nudges she wanted to go after the rest but not about to leave anyone
    * Fianna , standing so close to the shadowy wolf, had seen his eyes glaze slightly with.. something. It had been such a quick flicker. What did it mean? And then he was moving forward, guiding them onward. A soft whimper escaped her muzzle, but she would not hang back now. Taking up a place just behind Ayaka a few paces if she could, she would follow onward, and everything in her wanted to lift her muzzle and call out to her mother. Something off seemed here… and caution held her voice.
    * Kwa`ani nodded in understanding after Shukie explained. But when she took off again she wanted to protest and she nearly started too then bit back the words. Instead, “What is it?!?” sensing a change in the fae. Gone was the pangs of hunger from days on end of little to no food to be had for either of them. Maybe Shukie had missed or maybe not but she stopped suddenly with a slight whine to her vocals as she called Shukie over. “Here! Here!” she pranced and danced around and around. All her woes only seconds ago forgotten. As the fae came over she back up a bit and intoned her head toward the trunk of a tree. It was there a large tuft of fur was held fast. The scent of Fianna was still upon it. She’d know her sister’s scent anywhere. “That’s fia’s fur!” her voice  rising in volume.
    * Darth would be awoken by the nudging of another. He groggily opened his eyes to see who it was and saw the familiar small frame of Skydancer, he stood up and stretched out his legs and frame before looking around and noticing that everyone else had somehow disappeared. He looked around for his friend Nightshade and his sister, whose scent had reached his nostrils as he took a breath. “Where is everyone? Did they take off without us?”   He asked the fae beside him.
    * skydancer only just keeping still and struggling In an attempt to hide her level of worry hidden,they needed everybody. “looks like”states hopefully calmly. “are you ready to go”she asks only spinningbonher hind paws and moving into a trot which in turn easily changes to alope only if the brute answers positively.
    * ApacheWolf looks up, smelling the air, she streched out before flopping down. Peers down at her paws..
    * Ayaka halted when Calder did, having nodded at Kajika as she’d indeed taken the lead, careful to keep herself between the brute and Fia, though she knew the others would jump in as well if needed. When the male spoke, and just as quickly vanished in a sheet of white, Ayaka started, blinking as if her eyes had deceived her. “What is this..?” She asked no one in particular, her hackles up slightly. But he had said Atraya was onward. She turned to glance at the others. “It is something we must all decide for ourselves, I think. No one will be pressured into going forward. This is beyond my ken.”
    * Shukie had not yet responded when kwa started going nutz! She made her way over quickly to where the fae was prancing about. As Kwa’s pointed out the tuft, she had in fact missed it. “That’s fia’s?” moving closer to scent the fur. “They’re ahead of us!” The relief was stronger than the worry they would be too late and overshadowed the worry. The moon shown just enough that she could see a straight path ahead, the sounds of running water faint thanks to being beneath the frozen surface except in a few odd spots. She recalled Fia saying they were to go straight north and this section was straight and north. trimmed by trees on each bank. Her pace was steady, not a run nor lope, just a steady gait that would allow them to move quickly with more stamina and eat up the distance.  “We go to the mountain in the distance” letting the fae know where they were headed.

    :: As Calder’s frame fell away from sight instantly and the wolves managed to make it to the edge they would find nothing but a blanket of white and howling cold winds to greet them. There was no sign of Calder save for what looked like skid marks from legs planted firmly in a downward slope — Did they have the heart to follow? To leap? ::

    * Fianna glanced at her pack, eyes somber yet decided. This is why she had come. For her there was no turning back. “I must go. Mother is further on, and Calder would not go, if it were to his death, I think.” And that was it. She leapt. For once did she truly get to fly with the wind? The cold bit at her deeply now, for Calder could not block it now. What would she find? What would find her?
    * Darth would nod his head to the fae and take off behind her; he knew she would be able to track the rest down better than he could. He kept up and would change his pace to match hers and follow her as they made their trek.
    * Kova looked between Ayaka and Fianna before giving a firm nod for herself. She too was ready to move forward and follow along. She would feel her entire body tense quickly as Calder would demand them to leap? Where? Why? She would blink as she watched the dark male disappear against a blanket of white and within a second after she would quickly bound after before pausing and finding her paws coming to skid the edge of a snowbank off into nothingness. There would be a firm nod of her head given to Ayaka and Kaj before she made her decision. She closed her half gaped maw and took a breath after rising a paw to the air before pulling it into her chest and down. She used her front and back paws now as a ‘sled’ as she would quickly fall into that nothingness.
    * Kwa`ani was not able to contain her excitement that they were on the right path after all. She would have to ask Shukie sometime how she knew they were going in the right direction. Her eyes scanned trees and snowy ground for signs of the pack as they strode forth on into the night. As Shukie plainly state they go to the mountain she quick seeking signs of the pack. She got us this far.. well… once she remember just who the blazes she was… She fell silent and paces beside the black fae.
    * Ayaka would hold back a shudder as Kova and Fianna made the choice almost simultaneously. She had made hers as well, yet she paused to glance at the others, at Kajika, “See you soon.” She murmured, then muttered, “I hope.” She then followed Kova’s lead, taking a more conservative approach to stepping off intk the white unknown, bracing her feet against the slippery icey slope, if thats what it was.
    * Kajika could hardly hear anything over the wind. He hadn’t heard Calder when he stopped at the edge of the cliff, but he could see the look of confusion on Ayaka’s features and when she spun around to address them, he stepped forward to look down to see what might lie below. He left plenty of room for anyone to take the jump and sure enough, Fianna was the first one after Calder to truly venture into the unknown. One by one, they took the leap and disappeared shortly after taking it, leaving much to the imagination of where they were taken off to. But as curious as the wolf might be, he was unable to pick out what truly lied in store for them. The uncertainty. A little bit of fear for it. There were certainly a few things he was unsure of and no one around now to ask these questions of, but he knew a few things and that was that he wanted to take care of this Pack, his new home and wherever it may lead him. He looked to Ayaka as she took off and closed his eyes before getting a bit of a running start before his paws left the solid earth and snow.

    Down the slope they would go. Depending on how they would venture of the ledge, they would find that the ‘fall’ wasn’t very far, and perhaps even fun. Even if one would leap off they would find their flight short lived and they would land suddenly cradled in the arms of puffy powder. One by one skidding like skies down a snowy hill.

    It would be a smooth and perhaps to them, even fun to slide down. Rook would surely be going “Faster faster!”.

    The snow was smooth as silk here and as they picked up speed it would only be for a short second before the “U” shaped hill began to straighten out and the snow no longer was beneath them but the sound and crunch of ice. Their claws would dig in to the cold frozen waters and when the ‘fog’ was no longer visible they would be greeted with a beautiful jetted and jagged crown of ice that exploded out from a frozen lake. There was a clear path to what looked like the entrance to some sort of cave? 

    * Fianna had indeed leapt, and with grace and poise too, landing after only a brief moment in flight. When her paws touched down, snow spraying her face momentarily, she was almost sorry the flight was over, but the thrill of the slide took its place. And then the ground was leveling and she found snow no longer, but hard unforgiving ice. Immediately her paws felt cold, and when she lifted her gaze, she beheld a crown, made of frozen beauty holding its realm before here. Her breath hushed out in a cold cloud, and even the air seemed to stand still here, after the slide. Heart thumping, she had just enough conscious thought to make way quickly as the others arrived!
    * Kova well this was…. fun? She hadn’t been able to really be herself for a while now, especially not the antics of a pup but she couldn’t help but feel the joyful tinge of playfulness upon her as she skid down the slope. Like skies her paws splay out before her to keep her balanced and the snow here was smooth and soft. She’d followed behind Fianna and though she couldn’t see her for a short time the blanket of pure white suddenly gave way to a beautiful castle of ice. Her eyes would go wide at the sight but as well, cautious. Fun time was promptly over as she felt her claws now scrape against ice. She skid to a halt just slightly beside Fianna and when she seized her projection forward she slowly stood up and looked upon the oddity before them.
    * Shukie began to slow her pace, eventually to a walk as the area they had come too was heavy with the scents of the pack. Why would they be just sitting here? the scents and trampling of snow would have taken quite some time. She began to search the area thoroughly stopping when she kicked something that was frozen. Pawing it she lowered her head and sniffed, the faint smell of a half eaten rabbit. When Kwa would come to find out why they stopped she all but forced the fae to take it before answering. “The pack was here and has spend a considerable amount of time in this area. There is also the scent of a stranger, a male.” She turned to Kwa`ani asking, “Is that scent Calder’s?”
    * Kwa`ani was indeed baffled at the fae stopping until it was explained and she looked around more, noting the trompled snow. She had tried to refuse the hare but opted not to argue. It’d take some doing to thaw the meat enough to eat any of it. Half way thru a crunch Shukie asked about Calder’s scent, it not sinking in at first the looked up… Moving to where the fae indicated she lowered her head and instantly stepped back shaking her head. “No! I don’t know that scent!” her ears flattening some.
    * Darth would look to Skydancer as she led; he had questions wandering around in his head and spoke easy to her. “Why would the pack leave us, Skydancer? I mean I’m new to the pack, so I don’t know everything. Don’t they care about us?” He asked the fae, trying to understand the pack’s motive.
    * Kajika ended up jumping off with his eyes closed but couldn’t help but reopen them again when he truly started down the slope. It wasn’t too fast, but he still found himself instinctually putting his paws out to slow his descent. If it was to enjoy it for a second longer or slow down, even he couldn’t tell, but by the time he reached the bottom, he was one of the last ones to make it aside from anyone else who would come in behind him. As their surroundings opened up more, he looked around at it, almost like a cavern. He shook out his pelt, sending any of the last light flakes onto anyone just in case they thought they were in the clear of snow from their pelts. His claws clicked on the ice as he walked around some of the rear of the group, doing a quick head count of those who made it safely.
    <`Raven> <Larka>  cane last of all. It was a strange place. As she looked around her curious but nervous. This seemed like a trap. She didn’t want to be surrounded
    * skydancer flicks one ear back following along the fast moving stream her paws hitting the ground in a steady rythm her ribs expending and contracting easily in time with her gait. ‘there is no telling how long we have to save atraya, if it is indeed saving that she needs.” she replies “every day we delay could mean something could happen to her and its up to each of us not to nap right theough a departing. i’ve been licky. umtil toda

    <Calder> Would have landed well before all the wolves decided to make the leap. He had turned to face the drop point and most likely places for landings and when he saw Fianna emerge first from the thick foggy soup he would smile. It was perhaps given to her alone and as soon as the outline of another wolf following shortly after his posture returned to that of a serious nature. He held an aura about him. One that almost commanded respect. Perhaps it was his looks or perhaps there was something else hidden deep within. He waited paitently to see all who would fall and leap to their unknown destiny. When he counted all the wolves above now below he would proceed forward. The wolves would hear nothing more then the very hushed wind still assaulting the top peaks but down here it was quiet save for the grumble of ice below their paws.

    It was very thick which suggested this ice had been here for a long time without melt. “Click. Clack. Click. Click. Clack.” his claws skid across the surface of the ice. He turned his head and began to speak “Mmm mmmm” he chuckled with grace “WolfSpirits does not disappoint. Remember what your old Alpha used to say. Remember the words of the ancestors. Remember the words of the heart. Though you do not know what lies ahead, you will never know unless you jump. Destiny and life is all about living and knowing who you will meet at the end is all the more humbling, is it not?” his brows rose as he smiled with a devilishly handsome grin to all the wolves who now followed. It wouldn’t take them long at all to really reach the other end of this beautiful crown lake and when they did he would turn and make his way to the left side where a small cove of rock and boulders crested over one another.

    It formed a natural hangover for the wolves and below it a blanket of grasses and leaves. The closer they would get to the crown the warmer it would get. The wolves would no doubt make note of steam rising from the earth and pools of warm water was there to greet them. Oh how it felt wonderful upon one’s skin and face! It was here he offered the pack a rest so the others could finally catch up.

    * Darth would nod his head; understanding what Skydancer had said and meant. He thought for a moment, and thought about what had occurred from the last stop. “Was it wrong of me to stay behind to make sure that a wolf wasn’t left behind?” He asked her; curious if he had made a wrong choice from his past.
    * skydancer moving along the stream at steady pace she allows darth time to think. realizing the moment she does so thst she is missing the crossing point she slows to a halt.
    * Shukie relaxed briefly before going on alert… yet another stray male.. *eyes narrowing at the thought*. Now that she’d stood still, the fatigue and lack of food would take it’s toll. Like it or not, stopping for a spell was unavoidable. Food and rest was needed or they’d be totally useless to the pack when they caught up. “Come Kwa`ani. Let us rest here tonight, we are not far from the   rest now. Finish up that rabbit and sleep.” Pausing, “Come morning we’ll follow their tracks, hopefully without any surprises.” and she prayed, some prey of substance to be had. Once Kwa`ani would settle she too laid down beside her, gently grooming the fae as Kwa worked on the frozen meal. After a bit, she rested her head between her front paws, ears on a constant rotation for sounds even as her eyes partially closed, seemingly relaxed tho in reality, anything but relaxed.
    * skydancer lt and while chexking to see if she can cross here as well shakes her head briefly. “no I don’t. it was a bit risky but then everything is. to pne degree or another. “it was a kind thing to do.” not wasting anymore time she kumpsmin and quickly crosses and after sh king herself dryish continues up the switch back on the next slope. moving as quickly and surely as the trails conditions allow.
    * Fianna would miss the brief smile Calder flashed at her entrance, but by the time he’d moved on, she had collected herself to move forward after him, glad to see the others all down safely as well. This place… it must be in lore and legend that she had just not heard of before. For how could such beauty be unknown? She, despite all the confusion and frustration along the way, was glad go have seen it all with her own eyes. She was a different wolf now, than she was before. No doubt they all were. Words seemed too rough for this place, so she had not spoken, yet when Calder spoke up the rich timbre of his voice made her frame ripple slightly as if she could somehow listen harder. Maintaining an even pace, Fianna focused on her mother, would she be just up ahead?
    * Kwa`ani mumbled about staying here but didn’t put up much of a fuss as exhaustion was beginning to claim her too. When Shukie began to groom her she did relax at least some, eyes closing to recall her days as a pup when all was just fine and dandy, her siblings all there and her parents. She knew things would always be changing… sighing heavily she continued to gnaw on the carcass, eventually falling asleep on it.
    * Darth would indeed take the time to think, nearly missing that Skydancer had stopped. He stopped just in time to keep from continuing and running the fae over. He looked to her and tilted his head in confusion; “What’s wrong? Why have we stopped?” He asked, not taking the time to observe the reason, as he had been following her.
    * Kova click click click her paws would resound against the thick ice below their pads. She followed the path but couldn’t help but feel a tinge of worry. She couldn’t quiet put a paw on it but it no doubt made her more vigilant. She twitched an ear to the sound of Calder’s voice and now listened to his words. Hum. Wise. She felt as though she’d heard these words before. Yet again she would be jarred into a memory that wasn’t her own again. Her eyes closed as if she could some how shake it but as quickly as it entered her mind it would be gone. She narrowed her hues after she opened them in perhaps akin to frustration. No, now wasn’t the time to dwell. Now was the time to save. When Calder seemingly led them to a place of rest her eyes fell to the pool. It was very warm here and…comfortable. She pushed herself past Calder and Fianna to investigate. She had to make sure it was safe! Pawing, pawing, she kicked over leaves and dirt to find nothing unusual. Tired and fatigue began to set in and so she seated herself. A low breath escaped her in the form of a chuff to Fianna and Ayaka as well all the others. ‘Perhaps some rest will do us good. Tomorrow Calder will take us to your mother.” her voice was demanding and matter-of-factly as she shot a glance in Calder’s direction. It wasn’t a request, but a demand. They all needed rest and the rest of the pack had to catch up.
    <kamaitachi> did not like this area. It seemed a bit closed in. The warmth called to her and she enjoyed it but she didn’t like the feeling she got in this cove like area
    * Fianna felt the warmth begin to thaw her, her nose had been numb, yet now tingling ran through as the cold seeped away. As Kova demanded a rest, Fianna felt her heart pulling her onward, her mother was so close she could feel it. Yet the fae was right, for Fianna’s tail and head drooped slightly at the suggestion of sleep and with a glance to Calder, she moved to settle near Kova, to rest. Just for a short while.
    * Kajika walked carefully over the ice, listening to the words that Calder gave them as they continued on. Sure enough, he found truth in them, as he always had. There was nothing wrong with that, in fact, it almost solidified his trust in the wolf leading them now. As they neared the last leg of their journey, Kajika glanced around at those who were present, those they had gained and those they had hopefully not too far behind. This would be a good time to get some rest as the moon cast a calm ambience over the surrounding area with the added steam, especially when the journey here wasn’t made in the warmest conditions. There were certainly a few characters that they would have to keep an eye on, but Kajika let loose a small yawn as he settled down a little apart from the group just so that he could see everyone.
    <Calder> Would watch the female move past himself and Fianna to investigate the little keep. He rose amused brows as he watched her simply lift a leaf or to before it was determined safe. The demand, however, caused his frame to twitch just slightly but there was nothing more but a nod given. “Rest. I will meet you all here in the moro.” and with little to no more regard to the rest he simply rose and moved to the east.

    Shukie & Kwa`ani Join The Others

    [10:41] * Ayaka sat facing the east, where Calder had last been seen. The steam from the pool heated thr air and it had been nice to be out of the frigid cold for a while, to let the pack rest. She had gotten a bit of rest as well, yet for the most part had been vigilant in keeping watch. They had reached the Mykeer, yet Atraya had not been found. She considered the events of late, her tail wrapping round her paws, and her gazr swept

    [10:41] * Ayaka those of her pack who were still resting. Glad that thus far, nothing had happened to any of them, yet she worried about Shukie and Kwaani, fear for their safety holding her.

    [10:50] * Okkezzon could be found in the corner of it all, he was hunched over attempting to lick his aching scars that burned more than ever before. A pained look stretched over his features as he gave up his third attempt. He laid in agony on his chilled flank, his chest heaved in frustration. The brutes ears folded back as he lazily gazed at what was all around him. The great pool a good distance away from his occasionally trembling bo

    [10:50] <Okkezzon> He was submerged in the darkest corner, he figured no one could see his silent suffering. He hoped no one could see this very weak side of him the truth was his scars weren’t completely healed, they kept tearing open, causing him more pain in the end.

    [11:40] <Okkezzon> (( Trembling body * ))

    [11:40] <Okkezzon> (( lol ))

    [11:51] * Ayaka didn’t see any others stirring, and she silently glanced over each, taking a mental headcount. Then, she glanced around for the new brute who’d tagged along with them, Okkezzon. He was a bit of a conundrum so far, and she was nearly positive his casual cockyness was a front for something deeper, no doubt from his past. They had had had stuggles in their pasts, and her pack had been the healing that many wolves needed.

    [11:51] * Ayaka Yet the brute seemed undecided, and she wouldn’t pressure him. The decision to stay was a personal one. As her gaze moved around the room, she narrowed her eyes, not seeing him at first glance. Upon closer inspection she found his huddled frame in a dark corner. She couldn’t make out his features, though she could tell he seemed to be trying to reaching something on his frame, something that was out of reach. Perking,

    [11:51] * Ayaka she didn’t move at first, watching him until she was sure. He seemed to be in pain. Rising, caution holding her frame to a slow pace, she approached – nails clicking softly on the ground and no doubt announcing her presence as she drew closer. As an unknown, she kept her guard up, but she seemed more relaxed than before.

    [12:01] * skydancer thefirst thing she notices about the area at the bottem of the slippery slope something she’d have avoided takingif given a choice in the matter. is the smell even as she moves along the tracks the rest of the pack has left behind then she spots another odd structure giving it a brief look before a look down shows the traxks are, gone. stopping rather quickly she looks about. tracks afterall don’t just disappear a  moment later he

    [12:05] * Okkezzon attention perked, his head rising quickly from where it rested. At first, he was unsure who was approaching him until Ayaka’s scent filled his nose. Even then he didn’t relax, perhaps he thought this was where Ayaka would kill him. It was unknown where these thoughts came from, probably from the pain scratching down his chest. He was vulnerable in this state, his heart began to race as she got closer.

    [12:06] * Okkezzon “Ayaka…” His tone wavered, pain evident behind his words he looked unsure. “This is unexpected.” He forced a coughed chuckle that resulted in him breathing heavily. He calculated her next movements trying to read her future actions. It was nearly impossible while he was simultaneously being distracted.

    [12:14] * Ayaka paused once she had reached a space withing 3 feet of Okkezzon. She stopped because she had no wish to make an injured wolf feel cornered, knowing the feeling all to well. “Okkezzon..” she said in answer, dipping her muzzle to him in greeting. Her tail was raised to a level with her back, but her head was tilted quizzical as she tested the brute’s scent, trying to decipher the nature of his injury, even as she looked

    [12:14] * Ayaka him over. “I can you are not alright, so I won’t ask how you are doing.” Her tones were calm, soothing almost as she tried to put him at his ease. “I’m only here to see if I can help.” She finally ventured. He had not shown any intentions of harming her pack, and so she felt for the time being, a willingness to help should he need it. Her gaze moved to his injury, if visible, and she took another step closer. “How long

    [12:14] * Ayaka have you had that, and how long has it been untended?” Her voice held concern. “Kajika is well versed in herbs that would likely sooth that… ” she paused and glanced around. “But here I don’t know if any of them can be found. I can at at least clean it for you.” Her gaze cut to the spring. “A soak in there could be healing as well.”

    [12:14] * skydancer ( has joined #WolfSpirits

    [12:14] <Ayaka> ((*”I can tell”*))

    [12:15] * skydancer is now known as Guest55021

    [12:22] * Okkezzon was hesitant in relaxing but he forced his head back down. He gazed ahead with a look that said there was no hope for his injuries in the end. As he laid he showed the irritating scars that cut down his underbelly, unsurprisingly a few were torn open from his movements. “It’s hard to keep track of them, I don’t know.” He answered her first question, his tone was calm but much different than before. It was rugged a

    [12:23] <Guest55021> r ears perk. there they are. lifting her head she is sorely tempted to set up a howl but supresses the urge instead twitching her nose informing her of the others nearness and starts to approach with some caution because she is expecting everyone to be a little jumpy. pausing a few of her own lengths away she lets out a quiet chuff and waits her ears swiveling attentatively

    [12:24] * Okkezzon didn’t seem to be listening to her anymore after her question. He was tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep peacefully in the dark corner. But that could be granted as his stomach constricted oddly causing his limbs to twitch. Okke grunted at the sudden movements and breathed restlessly into the chilled air.

    [12:24] <Okkezzon> (( That couldn’t be * ))

    [12:29] <Ayaka> ((Cut – *it was rugged a*))

    [12:30] <Okkezzon> (( It was rugged and edged with a pained husk. * ))

    [12:31] <Okkezzon> (( I wish it would show where you got cut off from, smh ))

    [12:38] * Ayaka watched him try to get comfortable. How had he acted so .. uninjured, the previous day? These were obviously significant. Again she held back a moment. It was never good to push an injired wolf beyond what they desired. Yet, he didn’t seem to care one way or another. So, she finally moved up next to him the rest of the way, reaching out to touch his shoulder just barely with her nose. “Let me clean them. Please.” She

    [12:38] * Ayaka wouldn’t press if he declined. If he had no desire to live, how could she convince him otherwise? But, the fact he had sought them out at all seemed to indicate  a part of him that wanted help. So, she waited, stepping back once to give him the option of declining her help. She sensed his disinterest, whether feigned or real, she didn’t much care at the moment.

    [12:46] * Okkezzon was quiet for a moment he seemed asleep his entire frame motionless. But he parted his forearms, the action causing him to seeth as a few scars stretched open, horrifyingly enough some scars could be seen tearing open as he further parted his arms. Okke focused his gaze ahead as he grounded his canines. He was suppressing a few whines, but a few slipped through.

    [12:46] * Okkezzon “Go.. easy, ok?” It strained him to break his focus and speak to Ayaka. It seemed like he couldn’t face her, no matter if she had a view of his features. This was jabbing at his pride, having someone see this weak side of him that he so desperately hid.

    [12:47] <Okkezzon> (( frame was * ))

    [12:56] * Ayaka moved in summary, dispensing with any more formality for the time being. The wounds needed cleaning, and for now she was the only one who could aid him. She didn’t mind at all, yet knew that to be on the receiving end of such care was difficult to say the least. Getting as close as she needed to to be able to reach his scars, she felt her fur brush his somewhat, yet she didn’t seem bothered. She kept herself as careful

    [12:56] * Ayaka as could be, licking the wounds clean one at a time, as well as she could, without tearing them further, as well as grooming the area around the wounds, where it would be hard for him to reach without pain. It took some time, since she moved slowly, but eventually she finished, moving back so he could right himself if he wished. She offered him a tentative smile, though she knew the wounds must be painful.  Perhaps in

    [12:56] * Ayaka time she would ask about them, what had happened, but for now, the fact he had let her clean them was enough. Now she settled down nearby, watching him but saying nothing. Perhaps soon she would wander around to see if at least she could find aloe, or mint..

    [13:01] * Okkezzon When it was over he relaxed his forearms, his breathing was still uneven and stressed but he took little note to it as he closed his eyes. His ears sprouted high from the crown of his head, he was alert but at rest now thanks to Ayaka. Perhaps a little bit of trust was built between them.

    [15:47] * Kajika woke where he had settled down, apparently next to Nightshade was the last thing he remembered. He had spent long hours awake watching out for the Pack and would have normally woken up to sounds but this wouldn’t have been one of them. His head lifted up and in a large yawn, he returned his head to his paws. It took a moment to grasp where he was, the pool and cool temperature contrasting the previous nights that they

    [15:47] * Kajika had spent out in the cold with the elements. With the realization that they weren’t anywhere close to home, his head snapped up to look around. He couldn’t tell just yet, but it didn’t look like they had increased in number, and there didn’t appear to be any new tracks in the snow leading over to them.

    [15:53] * Okkezzon All he could feel was the aching even as he rested or opened his eyes from his short nap. In the darkest corner, he was still, Ayaka coming into his sights he wanted to thank her but his throat was way too dry to utter anything. He held back for now and sighed through his nose. Despite his open scars being licked clean, it didn’t mean the bleeding would stop. It wasn’t a lot of blood he was losing but there was a th

    [15:56] <Kajika> (Cut at “there was a th-“)

    [15:56] * Ayaka shifted, raising her head as Kajika shifted slightly nearby. She had settled several feet from Okkezzon, after tending his wounds somewhat. Glad to see Kajika awake she rose and stretched, sending a gaze over the newcomer before moving toward Kajika. As she approached, quietly, she nosed him, settling onto her haunches nearby and speaking in lightly hushed tones. “Okkezon was wounded at some point and the scars look

    [15:56] * Ayaka like they haven’t closed. I don’t know how recently they were made, because I didn’t pry. I wondered if you had seen any herbs nearby that might aid his healing. I cleaned them as best I could. They seem to cause him a fair amount of pain.” Her voice trailed off and she glanced his way

    [16:01] * Okkezzon expression was grim, very different from his usual smirking self. He hadn’t moved for quite some time, the snow under soaked through his thick layers. Yes he wasn’t himself but this was nothing new, without the help of Ayaka he would’ve just laid there for a few weeks to bleed and heal over, it’s what he’s been doing most his three months of living.

    [16:02] <Okkezzon> (( Living away from his old pack. * ))

    [16:08] * Kajika could smell blood on the air now that he was awake which made him instantly alert. Had there been a fight that he missed? Or another threat that he wasn’t aware of. The best case scenario he could think of was that someone got hurt on the slide down here, but he wasn’t going to let himself get carried away with his thoughts, this was more

    [16:08] * Kajika of the time to act. He quickly got up and looked around the darkened cave and through the natural light saw Ayaka approaching him and would gently nose her back when she did. He raked his mind to see if he could think of anything in here that might be of use. He had noticed some of the scars when he met Okke but didn’t think they would cau

    [16:08] * Kajika se too much of a problem unless he over-exerted himself. “I’ll see what I can do. Thank you for doing whatever you could to help.” His thanks were sincere and he would make his way over to where Okke was settled, unsure if Ayaka would follow.

    [16:13] * Ayaka dippes her head, grateful that Kajika was willing to take a look. He had learned much about herbs of late and his expertise far surpassed her own in this area. She trailed after him, curious of what he would do, and also wanting to be available should he need help. For the most part, however, she would remain silent and watchful. Her silvery hues constantly scanned the area, especially that of the east where Calder had

    [16:13] * Ayaka vanished.

    [16:13] * Okkezzon ‘s ears rotated to the sound of Kajika approaching, a snarl ripped through his throat on instinct. Okkezzon’s lips were peeled back showing off his canines in a warning manner. He had yet to get a look at who was approaching, his mind was fogged with the overbearing instinct to survive. To him, whatever was approaching was going to harm him.

    [16:13] * Okkezzon He was in a vulnerable state so it was only natural for him to show this aggressive front, especially since he was still a loner.

    [16:27] * Kajika approached a little slower but wore a look of determination that didn’t look like he could be warded away with a mere snarl. The smell of blood was stronger as he got closer, and he didn’t know if any other creature lived in these caves that might be drawn to the scent of it and he didn’t want to find out. So he let out a small huff, not n

    [16:27] * Kajika eeding to remind Okke that he was in no position to put up a fight now of all times as he started asking what he could about the wounds. “Where is it bleeding the most?” He’d worry about the worst of the injury first and would work his way to the less severe, if it was more than one wound that he would be dealing with. “And I’m not going t[16:27] * Kajika o hurt you here, so relax or your going to end up bleeding even worse.” He didn’t in fact know the science behind it, but whenever an injured wolf tensed up for a fight, the adrenaline would start flowing, sure, but the bleeding would also continue and might get worse. As he said this, he looked around where they had settled to see if ther

    [16:27] * Kajika e was anything that could be used to stop the bleeding, although most of the terrain around them was rocky and didn’t look like it provided the appropriate conditions for some of his favorite herbs.

    [16:34] * Okkezzon Upon hearing Kajika it did little to calm him, same as his words. Okke gave no warning as he snapped the air just by Kajika’s muzzle. This was a mistake on Okkezzons part as a sharp yelp cut through his throat, the bleeding was much quicker now. But even then Okkezzon stood snarling at Kajika. “It’s..fine. Happened before.” He grunted his words, adding on a glare.

    [16:39] * Okkezzon he was a stubborn individual that only wished to walk the path he chose. This was nothing compared to how he got them. Okke released a strained chuckle, blinking past his urges. “I look like shit, huh?” He dryly smirked, head lowered as he trembled where he stood. “It’ll heal on its own.” He took one step and stumbled over his paws, blood splattered the terrain.

    [16:41] * Ayaka had padded closer when she took note of Okkezzon’s growing stress. She watched a moment, wondering if perhaps the other brute had out him on edge somehow, since he’d not snapped at her before. Trying to keep the peace she moved around to where Okkezzon could see her well enough. “Okkezzon, Kajika is trying to help. If you truly want to get over this and heal, it would be a good idea to let him. He has tended many wounds

    [16:41] * Ayaka already, Fianna’s broken ribs being just some.” Her tones were soft, yet her eyes were a bit hard. She knew the fear of feeling cornered and helpless, but it would be foolish to let bravado get in the way of healing. She settled beside him, hoping he would calm some

    [16:48] * Okkezzon He didn’t lift his head, he simply rotated to get a side view of Ayaka. “This has happened many-” He seethed. “-times. I had no aid then and I won’t need to now.” His mind wasn’t going to change, he strongly believed waiting it out like all the other times was the way to go, but it was different now.

    [16:48] <Okkezzon> Perhaps it was in the air around him but this could possibly be his last rodeo if he allowed himself to bleed out. Then he murmured something only a mad wolf would say. “Sometimes it’s better to just suffer.” It was below a whisper and struggled out his mouth as he settled down, leaning into his left flank. His back to Kajika, his limbs to Ayaka.

    [16:52] * Kajika only backed up slightly and he only blinked and narrowed his eyes slightly. He would have said something if Ayaka didn’t step out from behind him and speak the words that were on his mind. He almost let out a small, good-natured laugh. “I’ve seen worse, but this resistance that you are putting up is only going to make it harder for the both of us; for you when you end up

    [16:52] * Kajika passing out from the amount of blood that you lose, and me when I have to treat you when you aren’t able to tell me if I’m possibly applying too much pressure.” He thought back to the wounds that he had treated and now wished that he had kept his little bundle that would have at least had some dried up tree bark to prevent the bleeding. With his attention focused on Ayaka, he

    [16:52] * Kajika dared to lean forward to sniff at some of the wounds just to see if they carried any scent of infection that would make it harder to heal. “If by better you mean shorter, then yes. But you don’t seem much older than I am, so I intend to at least know that you have lived a full life. Just let go of your pride for just a few moments..”

    [17:00] * Okkezzon seemed to think it over, he, at last, closed his eyes sighing deeply. “Just a few more minutes.” He murmured, lowering his head to his paws, again a thin layer of blood began to surround him. The crimson liquid peeked pas his frame a few minutes almost over as he lowered himself to his flank and rolling over for Kajika.

    [17:00] <Okkezzon> A few minutes now up. The open scars seemed relatively cleaned, thanks to Ayaka, but there were a lot raking down his underbelly. And with a few bleeding, it was a horrifying image, it looked as if his underbelly had been shredded. “If it hurts..” He swallowed. “I’ll bite you.”

    [17:01] * Ayaka tilted her head to the side as she watched Okkezzon, his coppery blood scent hot in her nose as it twitched. She huffed out a soft breath, then shook her head. “No, it isn’t better to suffer if there something you can to do help yourself. You take it. You don’t give up.” Her voice hardened for a moment, then she seemed to take a breath of her own, working to keep the situation less volatile and softened her words. “This

    [17:01] * Ayaka world has something for you. Your past wasnt it. If you want a future you have fight for it, that is why our pack is here to begin with. We fight, all of us.” She trailed off as Okkezzon rolled over toward Kajika. “If you bite him..” she added quietly, “I’ll sit on you, and you might have less of an ear. Control yourself if you can.” Her voice moved into sarcasm as she sat back to watch, still ready to help if needed.

    [17:06] * Okkezzon didn’t say much in response, he simply smiled a longing smile at Ayaka’s words. He knew his past wasn’t the something for him, but the wolf he left behind… That was going to be his future. Just the mere thought of it drew his ears back, even if he wanted to say something he couldn’t, his throat was clogged with sadness and guilt.

    [17:17] * Kajika blinked but could agree with Ayaka’s words. Since she seemed to be keeping a good eye on him already, he was going to quickly run down to the water’s surface and check to see if there was any moss growing there. He dipped his head slightly and took a step over so that he could be seen by both parties. “I am going to go and look for some moss in this cave since I no longer have

    [17:17] * Kajika my bundle of herbs with me.” He didn’t blame himself or anyone else for that matter because to him it was the same forces that raised the stalks of flowers and other plants that he used that would then return and with time would yield new plants. He just hoped that there would be enough nutrients in the area to start such a growth and would first check by the water’s surface,

    [17:17] * Kajika some of the steam maybe hinting that it was too warm for anything to grow, but he still wanted to check.

    [17:22] * Ayaka settled onto her haunches as Kajika noted his task and left, nodding to him before glancing again at Okkezzon. She blinked in the dim interior of the cave, shifting slightly with sudden unease. She didn’t like to be enclosed like this for long and she was beginning to long for the icy cold again over it, so she could at least see the stars and feel the wind across her snowy white fur. But she remained, for her pack, she

    [17:22] * Ayaka did. Taking a deep breath to push down her sudden urge toward panic, she stood and began to pace. It wasn’t long though before she realized this would likely just make the brute mkre nervous so she sat down again, curling her tail round her paws, and focused on keeping watch once more.

    [17:55] * Kajika ran to the edge of the water, blinking through the steam peering into the water to see if there was anything growing on the dark gray rocks at its edge. But, there wasn’t anything there so he huffed and crossed the cave once more to the entrance where the largest source of light poured in and where they had slid in to see if there was anything growing on the walls. Knowing that

    [17:55] * Kajika he might not have much time, he scanned over the walls until… There! He saw something other than the rock’s hard texture at the bottom of the cave entrance and dashed over to it, seizing a piece lightly with his jaws and pulling away gently with it until a sizeable piece came loose.

    [18:14] * Ayaka couldn’t see Kajika well from where she had stayed, yet she could perhaps hear his nails click over the cave floor, faintly but there. She slid her paws along the floor until she was resting on her belly, tail curled around her left haunch and let a breath loose as she waited. Okkezon seemed to have fallen into a fitful sleep, and things were quiet for a time. She would lay therr and keep watch.

    [18:20] * Kajika picked out as much as he could. He was sure that it would grow back with time, but he didn’t skip out on the smallest piece that he could get his teeth on. Just when most of it had been carefully removed from the wall, he glanced back at the pile that lay just behind his hind paws and the small pile seemed to belie the amount that he thought he had collected. His nose twitched

    [18:20] * Kajika and he managed to pick up all of it with his jaws. He made a light trot back to where he saw Ayaka keeping watch and Okke who seems to have fallen asleep. He nosed Ayaka again and laid down the moss as he set to work on stopping the bleeding completely and ease any pain. “It is good to know that you were nearby and awake to clean the wound when you did.” He addressed to

    [18:20] * Kajika Ayaka as he lightly planted a paw on the slightly wet moss to hold it in place.

    [18:26] * Ayaka would turn her head to return the nosing ad Kajika returned, her tail giving a wag or two before stilling. “He seemed to be in plenty of pain, yet he holds such… aloofness. But it doesn’t seem real to me, for some reason. I wonder what happened in his past..” she murmured the words, placing her head on her paws to watch Kaji work.

    [18:42] * Kajika was used to sharing a story with anyone he was treating, or listening as a story was shared with him as was the case a few times. Since Okke fell asleep, he welcomed the conversation about the strange wolf. “I understand that he doesn’t want to give anything up, letting weakness show, or anything for that matter. I thought that he would have dropped the front sooner than he

    [18:42] * Kajika had, but it took him falling asleep to allow me to peacefully work.” He picked up another piece of moss and dropped it over the wounds, shifting it delicately even with his large paws. “I had a pack that I grew up with so that by the time I split from them, I was fully capable of taking care of myself. Maybe he didn’t get the same care, or he had to fight harder to find

    [18:42] * Kajika himself here?” He questioned as he looked over what he had done so far, checking to see if there was anything else he had missed. Most of the wounds were either covered with moss or were small enough that they weren’t worth the moss that he had gathered.

    [18:47] * Ayaka nodded without lifting her head, which ended up not looking like much. “So many of us have stories I don’t know.” She pondered, “Yours included Kajika. Sometime, when things are settled a bit more, I’d love to hear yours.” She was feeling contemplative, tired, and not a little ready for the long journey to come to some sort of fruition. She hoped Atraya was even able to be rescued. Which begged the question, what was

    [18:47] * Ayaka keeping her?

    [18:58] * Kajika smiled and sat back on his haunches, work seemingly over and with Okke sleeping soundly now, he didn’t want to wake the wolf to ask him how his wounds felt. He turned his attention fully to Ayaka now and nodded. “I will definitely share my story another time with you, and I am also curious about your own and how you came to the Pack.” He thought back to when he first met

    [18:58] * Kajika her that he may have shared his story, but he didn’t quite remember hers, but then again, there was a lot of story telling when he had first arrived and now he wasn’t 100% sure who he had shared his story with and at what capacity. And regardless of how either of them have made it here, they were here now and going to see this quest through and that all of their members would be

    [18:58] * Kajika together once more. “And feel free to rest whenever you need it, I was able to rest for a good amount of the day while you were keeping watch, so we can switch whenever you would like.”

    [19:01] * Ayaka nodded, grateful to him for the offer and showing it with another wag of her tail. “Thanks Kaji.” She murmured, already slipping into sleep.

    [20:25] * Kajika sat overlooking the lake once more, his attention on everyone settled around it as he had the night prior quietly contemplating. Feeling rested up, he wouldn’t mind pulling the next shift of watching to make sure that everyone was safe and that anyone else who caught up with them would be greeted warmly. He also wasn’t sure if Okke would wake up again anytime this evening, after

    [20:25] * Kajika fighting off the aid given to his injuries.

    [20:25] <Kajika> ::Okkezon would find that his wounds were covered up with freshly picked moss that was used to stop the bleeding and keep the wounds clean but would only work if given time to heal.

    [20:26] <Kajika> ::

    [20:28] * Kajika sat overlooking the lake once more, his attention on everyone settled around it as he had the night prior. Feeling rested up, he wouldn’t mind pulling the next shift of watching to make sure that everyone was safe and that anyone else who caught up with them would be greeted warmly. He also wasn’t sure if Okke would wake up again anytime this evening, after fighting off the aid

    [20:28] * Kajika given to his injuries.

    [20:28] <Kajika> ::Okkezon would find that his wounds were covered up with freshly picked moss that was used to stop the bleeding and keep the wounds clean but would only work if given time to heal. :: (repost)

    [20:29] * ShukieAFK is now known as Shukie

    [20:33] * Shukie and Kwa`ani had completed a thorough search of the last resting place of the pack, which seemed to have been for several days. She’d found two male scents she did not know. Some of the scents were long gone and others were more recent. Straggling pack she presumed. She called Kwa over to have her point out what scent was Calders. She had a fair idea for one scent was off, perhaps aged, infirmed or maybe on the mend. It was difficult to know. She could only presume that ayaka had taken it slow for Fia to heal more and to give stragglers, like herself and Kwa time to find them.

    [20:38] * Okkezzon It was cold, unbearably cold where Okke laid. Shivers rippled down his spine, corrupting his organs and forcing his frame to repeatedly shiver. He didn’t know why and when he passed out the only thing now was that he couldn’t bring himself to wake up.

    [20:38] <Okkezzon> For some reason the cold was biting at him mercilessly, eating away at his thick layers he thought for sure he was caught up in a blizzard. Just like last time, that treacherous memory was now becoming his recurring nightmare in his coma.

    [20:42] * Kwa`ani was getting excited now, her sister’s scent was there, and fairly fresh!!! But when she came to Calder’s, her tail began to swag with steady rhythem. Shukie’s voice and subsequent questions made her jump just a bit, lost in her daydreams of the hunk. “Huh…uhh….what’d you ask? I didn’t catch that.” nostrils flaring, the scent already starting to distract her tho it was recent,

    [20:42] * Kwa`ani it wasn’t »»

    [20:42] <Kwa`ani> »» fresh either.

    [20:50] * Kajika flicked an ear behind him when he heard the sound of Okke shivering, his ears alert to even the most acute sounds and easily so when it was this quiet. He turned to look over his shoulder at the male to see if he had woken up completely or just was stirring in his sleep. He tilted his head slightly when he couldn’t tell if it was either as he seemed to be shivering as if out in

    [20:50] * Kajika the cold still.

    [20:52] * Shukie narrowed her eyes for an instant, so fleeting it would easily be missed in the dark. “Kwa, which of these 2 scents are Calder’s?

    [20:52] <Shukie> (ug..early return)

    [20:55] * Okkezzon  suddenly whimpered, bits and pieces of his nightmare jerked his limbs. Wolves were surrounding him, clawing, biting, tearing flesh from his body the mental pain seemed never-ending. The worst part he didn’t even attempt to fight back, no he would never, not after what he lost.

    [20:59] * Shukie narrowed her eyes for an instant, so fleeting it would easily be missed in the dark. “Kwa, which of these 2 scents are Calder’s?” schooling herself to be patient. They were close, she knew they were having mentally ticked off all the scents she’d found. Once Kwa pointed out Calder’s scent, she gently nosed Kwa`ani and would start to follow what tracks Calder had left. It would have them winding up a snowy incline, long shadows casting towards them as if guardians of the gate when in fact they were rubble and ruins of long, long departed two leggers. Thoughts or scents of one always made her hackles rise and that was no different this time. Here, the scents were fresher, the snows trampled by several paws. SHe and Kwa would come to what seemed to be a ledge or drop off. She cautioned Kwa to stay put as she back tracked carefully seeking where the pack turned around but it didn’t exist… they just vanished! Their scents seemed to end at the ledge. Visibility was minimal thanks to a weird fog encompassing the areas beyond. “Kwa… I don’t know where they went? Did you find anythingz?” Still circling and circling at the ledge.

    [21:07] * Kwa`ani followed her beta, taking in the scents. They had to be close… “Is this the mykeer, do you think, shukie?” If it was maybe the pack ahd already found her mother, father and sibling(s). She could only hope that was the case. “Where’d they go?” even calder’s scent was gone. SHe was getting dizzy watching Shukie. “You’re doing that weirdo pacing again!” saying anything trying to

    [21:07] * Kwa`ani snap Shukie »»

    [21:07] <Kwa`ani> »» back to the actual here n now. She, herself, was starting to follow Shukie in circles. In one of their passes her hind paw lost traction to which she follow bumm first over the edge, front and back paws suddenly in the air trying to get a grip on something….anything… besides air. As gravity took hold, down..down… down she slide.. head facing the way she’d come..a howl

    [21:07] <Kwa`ani> crying for help was »»

    [21:07] <Kwa`ani> »» at first loud then began to fade as she slide on down to the bottom landing in a heap of timber toned fur.

    [21:10] * Kajika heard the sounds of whimpers from the poor wolf. It must have been something in his dreams he figured, almost like he was running as his legs ran in place where he was slumped on his side. Kajika only wished that there was something that he could do, but the valerian was one of the first things to completely dry up when he had it, and even though it had a very strong scent, there

    [21:10] * Kajika was no time in between moves to possibly find any. For now, all he could do was walk around the male up until he was just above him and lightly run his nose through Okke’s fur in order to groom him and provide some form of comfort through these fever dreams.

    [21:17] * Shukie didn’t really have much time to ponder let alone respond to Kwa`ani when the sound of debris rolling down a hill or hitting the bottom of a hole. In the foggy darkness she tried to peer over the edge, her front toes curling down and into the icy snow covered rockery, claws extended. “kwa!!!” Everyone disappeared and now Kwa had too… again seh called out to the fae with no response. Crouching down she slid a paw out into the air feeling for anything to rest a paw on, head stretched out into the void of darkness. The shift in weight was enough to send more debirs down the still unseen slope. Kwa was down there, maybe hurt or trapped or …. She didn’t let that thought finish. Lowering her chest to the ground on the ledge above she kept trying to sweep her front paws out and down hoping to find something solid. Inward thoughts admonished her. You fool! There’s ground there or the falling stones and dirt would make no sound. With a shake of her head she eased her frame forward and did the serpantine slither down the slope, front legs held out before her doing what they could to keep her from speeding out of control and a missed corner in a bobsled race. SHe hit an icy spot and lost control of the sled manouver and hoped! Kwa wasn’t where she was about to land with a swoosh of snow spraying out like a skier would send out behind in a tight turn of a slomn race. So much for grace and poise.

    [21:19] * Okkezzon The sudden contact of Kajika’s nose to his fur caused his jaws to slightly part. The dream was close to ending, the ending the worst part. Okkezzon moved his head to snap at something, anything, but all he could obtain was air. His head rested back down as he whimpered lowly once more before his whole frame was motionless.

    [21:19] <Okkezzon> His chest heaved as he breathed in and out in sharp manners. His body continued to shiver from the mental and physical cold. The dream passed this time but it would come again, and again until he woke which didn’t seem possible.

    [21:39] * Kajika as the male would snap his head up, he pulled his head back and glanced over him once more. Maybe it was just a reflex and Okke had little control over it consciously, but he wasn’t going to get injured now of all times. He waited for the breathing to relax more before he would decide on whether or not to provide what comfort he could hovering over Okke, or if simply being there

    [21:39] * Kajika to watch over him and share what heat his own body gave off was enough.

    [14:44] * Fianna lay curled near the eastern passage, close to where Calder had left. She shifted restlessly, eyes peering down the dim corridor though she didn’t move to get up. She doubted her pack would proceed without Calder, yet she was tempted to go exploring in an attempt at finding her mother.

    [14:49] * Ayaka had been making circuits of the chamber after having rested, relinquishing the watch to Kajika. It had been what she needed, to be able to close her eyes and not worry as she slept. Feeling much more rested and hopeful, Ayaka took note of Fianna’s location, as well as counted the rest of the pack to see if anyone else had joined them while she slept. Taking notice of Fianna’s  ead perked to the east, Ayaka moved toward

    [14:49] * Ayaka her and laid beside the fae, curling around her slightly in a fond gesture. “Your mother is strong. She is tough, and she will not let this beat her. We will find her her. It’ll be okay Fia..” she nosed her. “You hang in there too,  no more rash decisions huh?”

    [14:54] * Fianna felt more than noticed Ayaka’s presence as she lay down, finally turning her head to glance at the fae and flicking an ear. She didn’t respond for a while, knowing the white wolfess meant well. She couldn’t understand the tug on her heart though, didn’t feel what Fia had, both in longing to find her mother, nor in the way Calder pulled on her senses and heart. “I know it seemed rash… meeting with him alone.” She

    [14:54] * Fianna finally muttered, “but he wouldn’t hurt me.  I don’t claim to understand Calder’s plans, but I think.. it seems.. I’ve seen emotion in his eyes, he needs us as much as we need him. Maybe he needs me.”

    [15:13] * Kajika flicked an ear in his sleep when he heard a conversation not too far away. He was just about fully rested up now so he did his best to detect who it was from here, and he could only tell that it wasn’t Okke or Darth, at least he was certain about that. And it didn’t sound like Calder either, the voices were almost hushed, distant or both. He yawned and picked his head up, his

    [15:13] * Kajika tail falling off to the side and he blinked the sleep out of his eyes as he looked around.

    [15:13] * Ayaka could tell Fianna felt misunderstood, and she remembered how raw she felt when she’d lost her family. When she responded she kept her tones careful, considering. “You’re right, I don’t think Calder would hurt you. But..  Fia, using someone for their own purpose, and physically hurting aren’t so very different. Calder might be using you, you admit you don’t know his plans. I just don’t want to see your heart get hurt..

    [15:13] * Ayaka it needs protecting as much as your body.” She trailed off, hoping the other fae wouldn’t take the words wrong.

    [15:18] * Fianna was staring at her paws now, tail curled tightly to her flank. An ear twitched every so often, and her sides moved as she took slow breaths. Finally, she nodded, slowly. The ache inside sharpened as she acknowledged more strongly to herself that maybe she was being used. She had known it all along, but there were so many things to focus on, that she had lost track of the possibility. Still, wanted to give him the

    [15:18] * Fianna benefit of the doubt. How could she do that while still protecting her heart? Nosing Ayaka softly, Fianna sighed. “I understand, Aya.” She answered softly. “Thank you for reminding me, and for looking out for me. I want to be wise, like my mother, to be useful, and strong. Its hard to be all of those things at once..”

    [15:25] * Shukie is now known as ShukieAFK

    [15:28] * Ayaka ran the bottom of her jaw along the fae’s crown as she rose, adding a lick to her cheek for good measure and getting a whiff of Calder, though fainter now. She wagged then and took her leave, letting the fae alone with her thoughts as she made another circuit of the area, ears perked and eyes watchful.

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