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Role Play Notes | May 13th, 2019

The wolves of WolfSpirits where held at another temporary stop, waiting in hope that the missing wolves of their beginning party would re-join them. Including the Beta. Darth and Nightshade finally rejoined the pack after a few days and now they aim to keep going. A new wolf, Okkezzon, had joined the group, a wandering male who was looking for a place to call home?




    @ApacheWolf @Atraya @Ayaka @Kova @Shukie
    %Fianna %Kwa`ani 

    RP Log Begins

    11:10 AM 5/15/2019

    * Kova would be snackin on a small marmot that she caught the night prior but her stomach growled something fierce. SHe would be eager to possibly take down something larger. They where in the mountains as it where, and, she hoped maybe some goat would show up? Perhaps she’d go scout for some. But first… she’d look to see whom was awake.
    * Fianna hadn’t gone clear back to where the pack slept the previous night. What would they do when they found out what she’d done? She had needed some time to sort out her emotions, and also sort through all Calder had told her. His scent was heavy on her pelt, and the season still clinging to her made her want to run after him to stay at his side. Maybe even a deeper part than the season held sway over, but how could she know
    * Fianna while still held in its thrall? She inhaled a deep breath, the scent of the male there to remind with nearly every breath. Finally she rose, shook her pelt, and began decending the small hill, following the frozen creek which joined with the poole below
    * Kova an ear flicked to the sound of the world around her and if Fianna was gathered somewhat to the others, would she notice the fae making her way towards the frozen creek? If she did, she would no doubt start to make her way towards the alpha’s daughter with ease and curious hues.
    * Ayaka had kept very near the pool after the other day’s confusion. She hadn’t seen Fianna at all the previous day and her worry was high. Had they failed in protecting her? She turned, noting Kova moving nearby and swayed her tail once as she stood to trot over toward her sister, offering a chuff.
    * Fianna was not in sight of the others yet, moving slow on her downard path back to the pool, from where she’d met with Calder. She placed her paws carefully, finally nearing the group, and she heard Ayaka’s chuff just ahead. Nerves shot through her and she paused, trying to get up the nerve to return. Finally, she did. Head up, only her eyes betrayed her nerves and confusion, and the occasional flick of her ears showed as
    * Fianna well.
    * Kova an ear turned back to the chuff and she would pause in her stride and come to brush her nose along Ayaka’s own fur. She admired the strength she had during such a time that would see their leaders currently absent but she held in good heart that they where ok. Out there…somewhere… they where ok and they where coming for them. ‘Hello Ayaka. Rest well?’

    <Calder> The resounding drumming of his heart would be made as he moved along a familiar path further north from the current resting pack. He would be pacing along a small clearing while his eyes narrowed in quiet thought. There wasn’t much time now and the pack taking it’s time to reach the Mykeer had him worried. Worried for a few reasons. He continued to pace but wasn’t alone, it seemed, as a shadowy figure emerged from under a half broken pine that at some point in it’s lifetime, was ravaged by a fire. The voice low and deep, deeper then Calder’s.

    “Is it done?” the voice said before Calder came to a stop, seemingly already knowing the figure was there before it spoke from the creeping shadows.

    “Not yet… but I am close.” the other figured scoffed in clear disappointment. “You have only a short time now, Calder, this task will be seen done. I need not remind you what is at stake here…”

    * Ayaka didn’t answer immediately, nosing Kova amd brushing aginst the fae some before she stood still, watching Kova. “No.. not very. I kept watch most the night. Hoping Fianna would return. Did you see her yesterday at all? Or the stranger who bore the smell we caught wind of?” She hadn’t seen Fianna just yet
    * Fianna reached the pool between the boulders, finally catching sight of Ayaka and Kova not far away now. Circling the pool slowly, she alerted them with a halfhearted chuff, knowing her scent would preceed her, bearing Calder’s mark as well.
    * Kova would give a nod to Ayaka “I didn’t, but, there where strange scents on the wind as well as familiar ones. She must be near?” she offered to her. “She knew Shukie’s words well enough.” her tone light but as well, held a seriousness within them. It was there a familiar figure came forth from the shadows of stone and ice and it was there she chuffed to Ayaka and then towards Fianna to whom she now moved towards.
    * Shukie “we’ll get ahead of that *grrrr* brute, Calder” her voices wavered and faded as she tried to fly, mind you, not purposefully. The last thing she remembered, was summer saluting off the jagged cliffs and the sharp sting of winter’s icy waters of the raging river that had carved a path that would twist and turn. What was once a small fissure many many millennia ago was now a wide crevice splitting a mountain into two halves. Who had she been speaking too was lost within the confines of her subconscious that refused to release her to the present. Lost was the fact she was Beta of WolfSpirits, the pack on the move and searching for their alphas. She knew someone had cared for her but who she didn’t have a clue and when told repeatedly, the name Kwa`ani meant nothing to her. Just another wandering fae for all she knew, which was nothing.
    * Ayaka nodded, “strange scents indeed. Perhaps one of Calder’s pack?” She mused, turning to notice Fianna as well. At first she didn’t note anything off about the young fae, yet she was glad to see her safe! As she trotted beside Kova, the closer she drew to Fia the stronger her scent – and Calder’s became. Aya’s ears began to pin slightly back and her tail rose as she began to comprehend, to think of what had happened. “Fianna..” her tones were held carefully neutral, for the time being. She was not an alpha, not a beta. Only pack. How could they uphold the pack laws? The rules?
    * Fianna could see she’d gotten their attention, and so her paws fell still as they came toward her. As she followed them with her honey gold eyes she couldn’t help lowering her frame a fraction, as if in anticipation of a reaction similar to Shukie’s. She knew, in accordance with pack rules she deserved it. She had chosen her path for the time being.
    * Kova as she came beside Ayaka she too stopped just before Fianna, reaching over to nuzzle the fae and more so take in the scents that assaulted her nose. Was that… Calder? had they met in secert? Her mind racing now and with the season being as it was, she could only feel her frame tense at the thought. She pushed back her wild emotions and allowed Fianna a chance to even offer words of why Calder’s scent was on her and no one else so far. “Fianna.. are you well?”she questioned now with curious but questioning tones on different levels.
    * Kwa`ani was wise enough now even though she often tried to fly as a youngling pup. At first she’d followed the bobbing black form in the raging rapids below before even trying to scale down the vertical impass of the canyon walls. She’d slipped a few times herself but had managed to more or less keep her balance. How in the blazes those delicious sheep could scale such places was beyond her. Rocks  and debris sounded like cannon fired echoing down the cliffs. If Calder had been anywhere near he’d have surely come to investigage. But… Alas… That gorgeous hunk was no where to be seen. Her sister had better keep her paws off was all that ran thru her mind on that subject. With the circumstances, the fires of adulting had since subsided with the possible demise of their  Beta. It seemed like forever that it took her to get far enough ahead that she could plunge into the rapids and pull the limp, black form from what otherwise would be her icy deathbed. Pawing and kicking at the water, her paws at times smacking into submerged rocks and boulders stung sending rivers of fire thru her legs. At one point she nearly lost her grip on the beta’s scruff but for having  punctured the flesh to secure a full hold. What seemed like miles since she entered the water she would finally get the two of them to the shoreline. It was weeks that she cared for the beta, dragging her into a safe little alcove along the river’s edge. Unknowingly, the river’s path would have floated them well beyond Calder’s cosy little spot of mischief. Mice, a few foolish birds and the like were all she’d managed to sustain herself as the black fae laid motionless. When the fae began to come around she was beyond baffled that Shukie not only didn’t know her, but Shukie didn’t know herself either. She longed to howl for help but instinct kept her from it.
    * Nightshade would have been awaken and opened her eyes, next to her.. she saw darth still sleeping. She was a bit nervous when she thought about to move again, darth and she were laying close enough to the pack.
    * Fianna glanced between Kova and Ayaka as they two seemed to await her to speak. Finally, drawing herself up she nodded carefully in answer to Kova’s question. “I am well…” her voice was troubled. “You scent Calder, I know. I met with him, the day before yesterday.” His scent was thick on her pelt, under her chin, her chest, along her frame. She lowered her gaze slightly. But kept her voice firm. “I met with him to help my mother. The pack… it has not been moving quickly enough. Who knows how hurt she is..” again that tumbling fur coming to rest at her paws, as if fate had chosen her. “I had to do it, Shukie’s command or no.” She paused, finally meeting their gazes.
    * Ayaka was glad to hear and see that Fianna was safe, despite her tale causing Ayaka to tense and her fur to ruffle some. Despite the younger fae’s disobedience, the most important thing was she had not been stolen away, yet. She didn’t say anything in response, only waited, and flicked a glance toward Kova to gauge her sister’s own response. How were they to deal with this? Not for the first time, did she wish Shukie were here, and Atraya as well.
    * Kova the scent and smell of this would seem to stirr a knowing sensation within her. Nothing other than the season to blame for the feelings she now felt. Her fur prickled as the male’s scent was lathered more about the fae’s frame then usual. She as well was happy to see Fianna was unharmed, but there where questions. “What transpired between you and Calder?” she asked in a more serious, yet, light tone. She didn’t want to accuse of anything nor assume. If anything maybe Fianna had new leads they could go off on? Had he seen their missing Beta and Alpha’s daughter?

    <Calder> There would be a low rumble emitted from his chest “Remind me and it will be the last thing you do…” he squared his rather large frame up to the figure who remained in the shadows.

    ~ Good. The smell of her is upon you… let us hope the next time we meet the task will be done ~ the wolf, dark like Calder but perhaps even more so; much like the night sky, turned and started to limp off back towards the north east now.

    No other passing words where given but glares and distrustful statures. Calder returned his gaze back south to where the rest of the pack had been resting and remained standing there, staring. Something different pulled at him this time. It wasn’t the usual ‘task must be done’ look, but something…new. Emotion.

    * Nightshade stood up to clean off her pelt with a rough shake and yawned. Slowly she would walk a bit more closer and chuffed to the wolves who was awaken.. would they notice her? Or are they maybe busy and hadn’t noticed her. “Hello Ayaka and everyone else” she greeted with the hope to get a catch up from what she had missed.
    * Shukie felt the sharp jab of fangs in the skin of her neck but lacked any ability to react as she faded into darkness once more hiding from the pain. She’d go in and oout of consciousness over the first week of their disappearance, breathing shallow tho slowly gaining strength as the days progressed. Most of what woke her was the scraping of her body against the graveled and rocky ground as she’d been drug from the rivers grip. She and Kwa`ani would spend the next several weeks reacquainting as the young fae nursed her back from death’s grip. As time went on, her body would mend but her mind was far slower thanks to the multiple thumps on her noggin no matter how hard Kwa`ani tried. If she was indeed a beta of a pack she needed to find them. Each time she tried to focus, the darkness took her again and again. It wouldn’t be until Kwa`ani brought her several varmints for nourishment that she would regain a modicum of health. As Kwa`ani said they were to go north, they began to climb out of the crevice day by day for her movements were slow at best. Were they beyond the pack, behind the pack, near them… she knew not as she more or less followed the youth.
    * Fianna had an instinctive idea for what Kova and Ayaka were no doubt thinking. “Nothing happened.” Her voice finally broke slightly. “We just talked.. he got close, but he didn’t hurt me, at all.” She wanted them to know how she thought of the mysterious wolf now, how she felt she could trust him somehow, despite the fact she knew he could very well be untrustworthy. Everything in her longed to know without a doubt now that  he was good. Would she ever? She pressed in, hoping to make them understand, and at the same time herself. “He said much. He spoke of our pack’s legacy. He asked if I had thought of it at all. He said mama was still in the Myhrkeer, he promised to help us.” She paused again to assemble the rest of her thoughts. After a long moment, she took a breath and continued. “He said mama and papa knew of this place, that he was surprised they had not mentioned it to me. He spoke of them as if he knew them, or had been told of them. Then.. he said he was playing no game, but had come to claim what had been promised.” She broke off, remembering his dominate stance, his words, his scent. What would come next?  Fianna ‘s gaze flickered once and she slowly added her last memories of the meeting, the ones she was willing to share. “He said when I find mother I must tell her Moon Shadow has come to lay claim to what was taken so long ago… and.. that if we ever reach the Mykeer, he would see if I was worth claiming, as lore’s told.” She shook her head, frustrated. “What lore? I know I am an alpha’s daughter, but why us?”
    * Kwa`ani had been flustered and frustrated more often than not as she was thrust into being the one to chose what, how and where. She could only hope that as the days went by she’d find either scent, trail, or sight of the pack or the mysteriously wonderful Calder. Calder was the way to her mother and possibly father, so she bit back at the jealousy towards any that Calder found favor with.
    * Kwa`ani With Shukie being like a new born cub thanks to the fae getting a good case of dementia, she did her best to make sure they both had nourishment of some kind. She began to tell stories of the things Shukie taught her and her siblings, that she had nicknamed her blabbermouth for always giving instructions etc. She spoke of Kova her sister and Kovo the first alpha of WolfSpirits and they now traveled  to find Atraya, Kovo’s daughter and were to find the Meykeer. She thought it was a place but wasn’t totally for sure on that.
    * Kova an ear turned to the sound of a greeting by another. Turning her eyes she saw Nightshade grouping with the rest of them and she dipped her head to greet the younger fae before returning her hues to Fianna now. Interesting … she thought. Then frustration set in as she huffed and turned her head about in distrust towards the shared words. A wolf was able to keep any secert they wanted. All wolves had their own darkness and light from their past. This would be no different. She honestly was getting worn out by legacies and false promises for things they knew not of. Claiming and wanting to be claimed. A sigh of frustration turned to thoughtfulness as she looked back to Fianna, reassuring her she was not upset with her but in fact, glad she shared the information. She reached over and nuzzled Fianna, perhaps enough so that Calder’s scent now drew upon her own coat. Was this her way of saying “She would help disgues his scent”? Or something else. Regardless, she offered words in response to Fianna’s. “I’m sure our alpha is ok, and, if he is willing to help us get there then I will do what it takes. We need to find my sister, and Beta, Shukie. I’ve not seen her and it’s been far to long sense we last parted ways. I also worry for your sister Fianna.” a long drawn out breath was made again before she looked to Ayaka. “We need to keep moving. Whatever promises where made, where between Calder and whomever made them. For now, we must keep focused on the task.”  Upon Fianna’s last words she added “I don’t know… that is unusual.” her tones curious but as if somehow the name Moon Shadow struck a very odd chord with her. It was as if a string was plucked from a past not of hers. Wait… who’s? Why was she feeling this. She narrowed her eyes now lost in momentary thought. Nightshade might find an odd conversation to stumble upon was had.
    * Nightshade caught some flaws and words from a conversation they had but didn’t had no idea what kind of business they spoke of.. carefully she tried to listen but couldn’t understand what’s going on and said softly ” What’s the news? I like to hear some updates what I might have missed out” as she spoke her part, she watched around her and back at the pack “tasks? Shukie? What?” She asked with a confused and worried voice. Something was happened..but what?
    * Ayaka too felt the sway of the season upon her as she listened to Fianna’s story, but she was able to focus through it, to keep calm rather than allow any frustration to cloud her thinking. She listened then to Kova’s words as her sister spoke, perhaps noticing Nightshade as she approached. She offered a nod to the fae, before turning back to the matter at hand. “I too will not turn down help where it is truly offered. Fianna I am glad you are well. Guard your heart carefully for he is not of our pack, and we don’t rightly know what promise he speaks of. Time will tell.” Turning to Kova she saw her sister lost in thought. Nosing the fae she tilted her head, “what is it?” She asked softly, then shook her pelt. “I agree we must continue, and soon. It seems something has happened to Shukie amd Kwa`ani, for this was the place they would have tried to meet back with us…”
    * Fianna ‘s heart was beating a bit fast, the adrenaline she’d felt by retelling the story causing the emotions to well again. She lifted her gaze, as if she could find Calder in the distance again, sensing him somewhere out there. She inhaled Kova’s scent, glad to realize she was not seemingly in trouble for now. Yet she didn’t seem in any hurry to get rid of Calder’s scent, in a way, she felt protective of it and wouldn’t seek to mask it for now. She drew herself up then as Kova mentioned Kwa`ani , her sisters and the beta’s welfare still very dear to her heart. She missed Kwa`ani fiercely, and now that she was truly missing, she would add the faes to her list of pack to rescue. “Perhaps we should continue to seek mama first though?” She asked, “we at least have a heading for her, and time seems to be of the essence.” Something urged her on, to get moving again.
    * Kova would give a quiet nod to Fianna and then turn her hues to Ayaka “Perhaps this evening we may be able to set out again ? If not, tomorrow morning?” she would offer suggestions. “I was hoping to maybe find some prey for the pack.” she didn’t like leaving the feeling of leaving Shukie and Kwa`ani out there somewhere but she knew the pair would be in good paws with one another and only hoped they where ok. Not knowing at all what was really going on.
    * Shukie was slowly putting the pieces together from what Kwa`ani told her over the passing days, that turned into weeks. Nothing here was familiar. The more she tried to remember the more it made her head hurt, sometimes to the point of seeing bright sparkly lights in front of her eyes that sometimes made her dizzy. Her bruised and battered frame now only held traces of reminders with occasional twinges if she moved just wrong. It was on a misstep that she tripped toppling over, her head catching a smooth, rounded stone just below the surface of the snow. Blinding lights flashed before her eyes before the darkness once agian overtook her. It was at Kwa`ani’s fevered licks and light pawing at her side that brought her back awake. Her eyelids blinking as the brown hued fae came into focus.. “Kwa`ani?” her eyes almost constantly blinking, eventually slowing when both distant and near objects remained in focus. “where are we? where’s the pack?” Their current location was an open field where a winding creek flowed through it, spotted with trees now that they were out of the clutches of the crevice and its raging rapids. The scent of caribou was upon the winds farther up the valley, her ears flicking forward as her nose twitched while again glancing at Kwa`ani.
    * Kwa`ani was the slight whimper that halted her movements forward just slightly ahead of Shukie that caused her to turn and yelp as she wached the beta tumble again and this time didn’t move for what seemed an eternity tho in reality was perhaps 15-30 minutes or so. When Shukie came too it was the way her name was spoken that caused her to take a double look at the black fae as she responded with a simple “Yes, it’s me”. As the fae rattled off question after question she began to wonder if this was still the new Shukie or the one she grew up learning from. “Shukie, is that you? Do you remember yourself now?” each word grew fainter and fainter as her question was uttered. Finally deciding it was infact the Shukie she knew, she leaned in and nuzzled the fae forgetting herself in her exuberance that Shukie nearly toppled over again. “I’m sorry I had to bite your neck but it was the only way i could get you out of the water?” she knew the wounds had healed but wanted to apologize ahead of time. “You fell into the rapids not long after we left the main pack to try and get ahead of Calder or at least find out where he was leading us and determine if it was a trap or not….” she paused knowing it was repeat but if the fae forgot who she was she might have now forgotten all she previously said. “The rapids took us north…i think.. or mostly north. Since we went west i’ve been guiding us a bit to the north east.” She really hoped the beta didn’t get angry for the bite she’d inflicted. Her ears lowered slightly. Boy o boy was she glad Shukie was in fact back it would seem.
    * Nightshade “maybe better when Darth also is able to move” she softly responds to Kova words. “It would felt betrayal if I leave him behind if we move without everyone who’s not awake”
    * Ayaka considered everyone’s words, her gaze resting on Nightshade a moment. The two seemed constantly together these days, and she wondered at that, but now was not the time nor was she the wolfess to delve into it. She glanced to Kova then, nodding. “Yes, the sooner the better I think.” She agreed with a nod, glancing around to see of anyone else was stirring. “Perhaps we may find game on the way, the caribou are here somewhere, yet I am still leery of hunting large game that is not within our territory.
    * Kova would nod to Nightshade, understanding. It seemed the pair didn’t move without the other. “Aye, I agree” she said with a nod to Ayaka and nosed her lightly before Fianna’s hues held her own “Are you well enough now to possibly join Fianna?” her brows rose curiously towards her. The more the wolves there to help, the better. Especially larger prey.
    * Fianna too was following the conversation, despite feeling at sea with all the promises and lore that was happening with her near its heart. “Let us go now.. today.” She urged, tail lifting in hope. “I am well enough now. My ribs hardly ever twinge, and they feel as if they have strengthened much since I fell.” She glanced to Ayaka. “After speaking with Calder, who by his words is the sire of these lands, I do not think he would mind if we took food to sustain us. He would understand…”
    * Nightshade “did Calder makes a move towards us?” She asked at kova or Ayaka knowing that her words might not been heard due the busy conversation.. she waited patiently for a answer. Something was changed, there were words fallen about shukie and there was something around fianna.. the scent of the least Calder felt like a enemy for her.. was been stronger.. and why are they acting differently towards fi… “something wrong? Did something happen with fianna or shukie?.. might me a stupid thought but.. it seems that we only caught more danger when we close to him”.
    * Kova would nod towards Fianna and then looked between Nightshade and Ayaka, the pair who where awake. “I would not be adversed to moving today.” her eyes light. She then looked to Fianna at Nightshade’s own question.
    * Shukie closed her eyes as if trying to visualize what Kwa`ani said and what she remembered. Yes.. yes.. she’d let Ayaka know her plans to attempt circling beyond this Calder brute. Yes…her sister and most the pack had left their home not knowing if they’d return or not. “If I know Ayaka, Kova and a few of the others, they’ll leave a good trail with pleny of markers and signs. If we don’t find those we can also be on the lookout for any signs of Calder.” pausing for a bit, “You remember his scent and what he looks like, right?” Her gaze seemed casual tho intense to not miss any subtle signs the fae showed. “About how many miles would you guess it was from where I attempted to fly ..’yeah..she was making fun of herself’.. and where you got me out at?”. After the fae answered and at the Kwa’s mention of the neck bite.. ahhh..that explained the stiffness in her neck and the set of puncture wounds which were now healed. “No worries, Kwa. You did what you had to in saving my life for which I am eternally grateful for!” leaning she nuzzled the fae gently. “We need to figure out if we are behind, near or north of the pack and Calder. What say you, can you find his scent while i focus on our packmates’ scents?” Again, “Kwa, Thank you for all you did for me. I’m proud of you!” her eyes softened.
    * Fianna glanced at Nightshade as well, feeling if she needed to control her annoyance at the sense that Nightshade thought Calder and enemy. “No, Calder didn’t make a move, so far he had only conversed with me.” She drew breath, breaking off before saying anything else. She felt she could trust him, but no one else did, yet. So she would keep that part to herself. She settled onto her haunched then, curling her tail around her paws as she glanced between the others.
    * Kwa`ani didn’t detect but rather, felt, the intensity in Shukie’s questions. As she thought about the distance she closed her eyes to try and visualize it. “It was slow for me to traverse and a good 30 or more minutes to reach you for how fast the water drug you away…. maybe a good 10 miles or so?” It was at the metion of Calder that she perked and stood a bit taller and straighter, “Oh   yes..yes yes yes i remember his look, voice and scent. no problem at all” Catching how excited she became she forced herself to calm some. It was when Shukie praised and complimented her that she kinda sorta stuttered not used to receiving such. Resettling her thoughts, “Yes, I can focus upon his. Do we split up?” As she watched the Beta, glad to have the right Shukie back again, “We keep each other in sight… right? And what of that herd? we could sure use some decent food beyond varmits.” her head tilting slightly as she awaited a response to her questions.
    * Nightshade nodded with understatement. “Ok, I just don’t trust a stranger who suddenly decide to tell us what we need to do… I mean… nvm.. how are you Fi? ” she asked fianna, trying to build a connection with her and other wolves she followed her words with a kind smile ” just concerned.. “. Once she chuffed when she realized she missed a lot when she was staying behind. Also… she wished that she could be a bit more useful for the pack.
    * Ayaka glanced down at the pool for a long moment, as if it could shed light on their path. She then looked to Fianna and nodded some, “You may be right. In any case, he seems to hold some regard for you. I’m not so sure about the rest of us though. Still.. a meal would do us good. We will keep our eyes peeled when we head out, and with all of us, perhaps we can take something down that will fill our bellies.” The marmot no doubt had been made quick work of.
    * Kova gave a nod to Ayaka in agreement “Let’s see what we can find?” she grinned while waving her tail slowly behind her. “There has to be some mountain goat near or around here, or even deer.” she peered ahead to the horizon. It was some what barren but still, the spring grasses blooming below in the valleys could hold some promise, but, she wasn’t ready to back track either.

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